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My honeymoon in India

I Will Teach You to Be Rich CEO Ramit Sethi documents his six-week honeymoon and shows you how he chooses to live his Rich Life. Learn more about his travels in India.

Ramit Sethi

I always talk about living my version of a Rich Life, and I’m so excited that I get to share a small window into that with you in the form of my six-week honeymoon. There were multiple stops.

Cass and Ramit on their honeymoon in Italy

My wife Cass and I got to share an experience of a lifetime with our parents in Rome, Italy. Then…

lions on kenyan safari

We’d always dreamed about going on a safari. And now?

Ramit and Cass at the Taj Mahal

This was a really special part of the trip for me. I always knew that I’d take my wife here on a honeymoon (even before I met Cass). It’s where I went with my parents to visit when I was a kid, and it’s where I learned about seeing a different part of the world, a totally different culture, about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. I couldn’t wait for Cass to experience it with me — and for us both to see a different side of India that we’d never seen before.

We started in Amritsar. As I walked around, I noticed families and friends standing around and catching up. I loved how warm it all felt. It reminded me of my family visits to our Sikh temple every Sunday when I was a kid. A couple of interesting things I’d like to share with you about Indian culture:

holiest temple in India

exploring Amritsar

Guard at the entrance

people washing their feet before entering the temple

Ramit and Cass in India

Indian Art

people entering Langar hall

A “langar” is a free meal that every Sikh gurdwara serves to anyone — no matter what religion they follow — everywhere in the world.

Here in the langar hall, people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and gender — rich, poor, men, and women — sit together and eat the same food that is served for free by volunteers. About 50,000 people eat here on an average day — 100,000 on a busier day! On my visit to the langar hall, we got to take a peek in the kitchen where I’ve never been before:

man making chai

volunteers making roti

Cass had the chance to help make roti as well.

By the way, they actually have a roti-making machine that makes 6,000 rotis per hour (!), but people still make them by hand because they want to volunteer. It’s as simple as that.

volunteers washing dishes

What an amazing testament to the power of community service.

Volunteers preparing food

This experience made me realize that I had been eating this food all my life and am just now getting to appreciate them in a whole new light.

This was an amazing part of our Rich Life — to be able to share culture and food and religion together.

Ramit and Cass drinking Chai

And that was just the first day!

Now … allow me to introduce you to my new favorite hotel in the whole world.

Udaivilas in Udaipur, India

Fun fact: Many top hotels in India were actual palaces that kings once lived in. This one is different: it was intentionally created to be a hotel.

entrance to hotel in India

WOW. Plus, something amazing happened when we checked into our room the first night…

Cass and Ramit are showered with rose petals as they enter the hotel

I love it. At every hotel we are getting the royal treatment because they know we’re on our honeymoon, so they send us champagne and gifts, and put us in a secluded part of the hotel — amazing attention to detail.

Cass in front of pool at resort in India

On my Instagram stories, I showed some of the behind-the-scenes amenities at these hotels. I used to skip the things they offered because it was too expensive, they were ripping me off, I could do it myself … etc. I ended up not doing them at all. Now, if I know there’s something I want to do and they’ll create an unforgettable experience, I do them — even if they cost a little more.

Put another way, I had someone write me and ask, “How do I find deals on a luxury trip like this?” My answer: If you’re taking a luxury trip, you’re not looking for a deal.

And of course, let’s not overlook all the amazing food I had here. Here are a few of the specialty Indian dishes I want to share with you:

Golgappa an Indian snack

The way you eat golgappa is to take one of the crunchy fried balls, fill it up with the chutney, and eat it — it’s sweet and spicy at the same time. Most non-Indians haven’t tried this, but you’ll love it.

pappard, a crunchy Indian snack

Rich Chicken Curry in India

Kulfi, a pistachio pudding

And one of my favorites…

Ramit eating tandoori chicken

So good that I was getting delirious! If you watch my stories, I could barely talk.

I mentioned we wanted to balance luxury and local culture. One of the things we did in Udaipur was visit a local woman’s home for a Rajasthani cooking class (we call her Auntie out of respect, though we’re not related).

Cass learning how to cook Rajasthani food

Rajasthan is a northern Indian state that borders Pakistan. Because of the climate and for historical reasons, Rajasthani food was often traditionally made so it could last for days and eaten without heating.

Butter chicken with potatoes and mixed vegetables

We sat with this Auntie for hours and had a chance to hear about her life — how she arranged a marriage with her daughter, how life in Udaipur is different from Delhi (where I’m used to), how they eat. It gave us an awesome insight into her day-to-day life.

Ramit and Cass with Rajasthani Woman who taught them cooking

One thing I want to show you is the crowds in India. Your first reaction might be overwhelm or chaos. My take: If you look closely, there is charm in the chaos and throngs of people.

Travel in India -- Instagram

Walking through markets in India

Walking through markets in India 2

During my time here in India, I showed you a juxtaposition of having absolute luxury against bustling local street culture. Why?

You can decide what your Rich Life is. If you want to stay in a luxury hotel, you can. If you want to eat street food, you can. If you want to do BOTH, you can.

I want to show you that a Rich Life can be multi-dimensional and complex … because it’s YOURS. YOU get to define what your Rich Life looks like.

Honeymoon Highlights

Cass drinking chai

If you enjoyed this, I’ll be posting the last of my Honeymoon Diaries in Thailand next. You can also follow along in real time on Instagram (@ramit).

One of my goals is to show you how I live my Rich Life — and to encourage you to decide what your Rich Life is. Maybe it’s a long honeymoon, or working from home, or starting a business. You decide.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment below or DM’ing me on Instagram (@ramit).

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  1. avatar

    Hi Ramit! New reader here. I am already a fan. I look fwd to read and learn more from you this year. Also, congrats on the wedding and the fab honeymoon.

  2. avatar

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to you Both.

    I am your fan.

  3. avatar
    Excellence & Success

    Congratulations! Wish you all the happiness in the world with your beloved wife.

    It's really inspiring how you were able to accomplish these things you've been dreaming of, it's nice to see you happy Ramit. You've always provided so much value to us, you deserve it all!


  4. avatar

    Love this and seeing your travels on Instagram. I've been able to travel a lot, but only a few times to different countries. India is now on my must list! But my No. 1 rich life goal is to start a business that I can live off of and grow.

  5. avatar
    Norman Eng

    Ramit, congratulations! It was great being interviewed by you last summer in Brooklyn and to see you married and enjoying the rich like in Kenya, India, etc is so awesome to see. My wife Susana says hi too!

  6. avatar
    Leigh Espy

    Love this so much! India is one of my favorite places to travel, and your descriptions are spot on! Thank you for sharing your honeymoon with us! It's beautiful!

  7. avatar


  8. avatar

    Superb. Love, people, culture, food, success. Inspirational!

  9. avatar
    JASPAL & satwant

    Seen the beutiful pictures. This is the right way to enjoy HONEY MOON. You have found the beuty of India. People are nice & accomodating but you will have to be very careful in dealing with them, especially when doing business. The way langer is served without knowing the religeon need appreciation & any body, whosoever, he may be,while visiting gurudawara at any time can get the langur & can stay in gurudawara without any payment.
    Next time when to happen to visit India try to visit one of the village in Punjab & you will find different way of life & love.

  10. avatar

    Hi Ramit!
    Watching your diaries on your honeymoon have given me some great ideas of things to look into while I'm traveling!

    For instance, at this point in my life, a Rich Life to me means being able to enjoy an absolutely stunning meal at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, even though you couldn't get a reservation for dinner for 8 months after his Las Vegas location opened, and still managing to get a reservation for dinner on 6 hours notice. Turns out, that traditional dinner hour starts at 5pm. If you are willing to enjoy an early dinner, at say, 4pm or 4:30pm, you can grab a reservation for a spot that is open, despite what the "books" show!

    A Rich Life for me is looking at Paris and wanting to enjoy a trip to the Eiffel tower and a recommended dinner at 58, while still wanting to be able to have an excellent time within my means, so picking up the Paris 6-day pass for 244EU, to save time on lines, and money on admissions to all the venues I want to see, without spending extravagantly on these places.

    It means spending the money on something that I truly want to spend it on, while finding ways to save on things I don't want to break the bank on. Luxury and living at the same time. It is through your blog, your tips, tricks and courses, that I've been able to redefine a Rich Life for myself. I don't skimp on something I truly want to do, such that the experience I actually want to have is there. I do find ways to save on things that I don't want to cost extravagant amounts, so I can spend the money where I truly want to spend it.

    As I continue to grow in my career, my finances, and my life, I've been able to hone in on what is truly important to me and some areas that I can simply let go of, and that don't need to look a certain way.

    The balance you and Cass have on your honeymoon is an excellent reminder that you are the architect of your life and your experiences.

    Congratulations to your both and wishes for many happy years living your Richest Life!

    A Rich Life is planning to enjoy the luxuries that speak to you and balancing it with neat experiences that carry a more modest price tag.

  11. avatar
    Margaret Buj

    Loved the article and loved your insta stories. Congratulations on your marriage!

  12. avatar

    I'll be honest; my real concern is: Did either of you have any stomach issues with regards to the food? I'm hoping to go to India one day, and definitely want to experience authentic food, but also don't want one amazing meal to incapacitate me for the remainder of the trip!

  13. avatar

    This is so lit. Recently hit Amristar (ancestral home) and it was a truly spiritual experience. Glad you guys were able to make it.