Recap of week 1: Automating successful scripts

Ramit Sethi

We’re at the end of the 1st week of my 30-day course on hustling your way to the top.

I recorded a quick video for you on the progress of the challenge, as well as the winner of the iPad and 15-minute conversation with me.

(This is taken in my SF apartment…I’m trying to avoid the NYC snow right now.)

Notes from the video:

  • Key insight on this week’s automated positive scripts: Stop telling me what you’re GOING to do
  • Winner of the iPad + 15-minute conversation with me
  • Next week: Psychology
  • Special guest visitor (one of my mentors)
  • I just released bonuses for download

The course outline, once again…

– Week 1 – The invisible scripts of luck and success. DONE.

* How to ace the world’s toughest interviews
* 3 Case Studies: Ordinary people using extraordinary scripts to hustle

– Week 2 (NEXT WEEK) – Psychological techniques to dominate. Use concepts like cognitive dissonance, the Fundamental Attribution Error, and techniques from the worlds of social influence and persuasion to hit your goals.

– Week 3 – Negotiating your big breaks. I’ll show you how to negotiate to get higher hourly rates, to get meetings with top executives, and how to convince people to pay you for your valuable services. Including ready-to-use scripts and case studies of people using them.

– Week 4 – Creating your first big break. There are fundamental differences between people who win and people who dream. I’ll show you characteristics of both.

– Week 5 – Earn1K 2.0, the most comprehensive course to hustling your way to earn $1,000/month on the side, is released.

See you next week.

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  1. Alex Dumitru

    I’ve just signed up. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before, but I really like all the tips you’re offering on your blog. Hopefully I will be able to increase my earnings and save more this year.

  2. David

    You hustle harder than 99% of anyone I know. Really inspiring

  3. Frank Taeger

    Hardcore, I failed, but feel the need to see now what I HAVE done.

    I wanted to demonstrate to myself how I am going to get into a team of very sophisticated psychological coaches and consultants.

    I have gotten the managing partner on the phone and she will sit down with me for coffee. I haven’t sent any application papers yet, but she agreed to sit down after I do so. Thats a start.

    Next to that I have decided that I want to learn more about coaching to become one of the best coaches on this planet.
    What HAVE I done?

    I have secured an interview with one of the most succesful implementation specialists for coaching in February, have identified two more places I can go that I can write about as a journalist. I have therefore deepened contact with two providers and have expanded my network considerably with some of the best in this field.

    I am not next to my ultimate goals yet, but these steps and thinking about what I have done have shown me that I AM moving forward with my goals.

    Thanks Ramit!

  4. danielle

    Hi Ramit, love your tactics on getting people moving. Taking action is the secret, of course it is not really, but somehow it is. “And by the way do it in a smart way”….is that what you mean by that there is a whole other story going on around you….because i didnt realy get that part ..or did i. Or can someone else who is reading this enlight me?

    Actions taken:
    put out an profile on datingsite for only 48 hours (to get the speed up to react) to get a date…and will have 2 dates next week.
    Ramit because of reading your blog and emaillist (thanks to TimF ) it became more clear to me i need to take action if i would like to have love in my live. Datingsite is one place to start. If anyone has hustle tips they are welcome. I also know I have gor guts to do stuff, even though i am scared sometimes. So why not use this guts to have some fun and test some things… Great idea Ramit. Thanks
    Hi Ramit, love your tactics on getting people moving. Taking action is the secret, of course it is not really, but somehow it is. “And by the way, do it in a smart way”….is that what you mean by that there is a whole other story going on around you….because i didnt realy get that part ..or did i? Or can someone else who is reading this enlight me?

    And i just realised because of the story of the winner of this week i am already working on second most important goal..
    I know i want to mean something in Sustainability area, i am investigating my niche. In order to investigate or grow towards my niche I am working my way in as a volunteer for a consumer platform for sustainability. Following people in this area on twitter and they follow me back. Signed on for a leadership program in order to grow myself and find a way in a more powerful network. Read blogs about sustainability.

  5. Tracey

    Self confidence is a major contributing factor. I’ve been reading Ramit on and off for years and never implemented any of his strategies. I rationalized that I was a perpetual loser, and that these were all great things for someone really together and talented to do. As a consequence, I’ve struggled as the low employee on the totem pole with the lowest salary, most hours, and least fringe benefits. At home I just left the big pile of bills sit there for MONTHS unopened because I was too scared to face my own debt. And I’ve let my personal life and family ties go to hell because I was so used up at the end of every workday.

    Ramit’s posts on testing assumptions really caught my interest. I’ve been saying for the past year that I needed to find another job. But I never bothered looking very hard because the whole idea of looking for work in this economy depressed me. I realized that I was making a lot of negative assumptions. One, that there weren’t many opportunities to choose from. Two, that I wasn’t a very qualified candidate and would get blown away by the competition. Three, that the opportunities close to my rural home paid way lower so therefore I’d never get a get a job closer than a 50 minute commute that paid well.

    I didn’t post my assumptions, because I wasn’t sure I could stick to testing them or that I’d fail – that self esteem thing again. But thanks to Ramit I started doing things differently. I created a resume that didn’t just focus on my strengths, it yodeled that I was a super-awesome employee. I did this by having a positive coworker who really has her shit together look over my resume and cover letter and suggest adding some obvious stuff about my capabilities that I never even thought of mentioning. And then I went the extra mile on a job I had applied for weeks ago (dropping my resume into their resume database, that lovely black hole of hope), by hunting around for some HR email addresses and sent a polite “follow up” directly to them, mentioning that I had submitted my resume on X date and restating my strengths in a detailed cover letter on what I thought made me stand out as a candidate.

    I got a reply email that weekend to schedule a phone interview, and a day after that, a call to meet with the CEO. I was really stoked that I had used a winning mentality to reach out, and found immediate success. 11 days later they offered me the job – 5K more a year than I make now, 30 minutes closer to home, and a benefit package that blows the shitty one I’ve had completely out of the water.

    Thank you for making the idea of focusing on talents and success rather than negatives and failure so completely obvious and easy!!

    • Ramit Sethi

      I think I love you

  6. Pramit

    I’ll be honest. For some odd reason, just typing out my week 1 results made me feel “accomplished”, so much so that I felt comfortable not actually following through on what I said I’d do. And, as much as I hate to say it, I was running 80% for the iPad rather than to improve myself in some way. Now that the first week’s contest is over, a part of me is saying, “screw it, you’re still too young for this stuff, just go back to normal and watch more TV”. Then I feel guilt wash over me – “god damn it – Ramit has been hustling since friggin high school! If I can’t reproduce that kind of effort, I’m lacking in some major way!” I’m guessing this is the stage when a good amount of people turn into haters, but I don’t plan to. I know that if I were Ramit, I’d step back, think about what I’m really getting at, and try out the next few weeks, with or without posting my results.

    Anyone else feel the same?

    P.S. I’m expecting an “I think I hate you” from Ramit =P

    • Stepan

      Hey Pramit,
      Try completing Scott’s goal workbook. It gets you motivated and forces you to make actionable steps that almost insure you will follow through.

  7. Susan

    I am old enough to be your mother and am a long-time fan. On the day your book was published, I posted the Amazon review that still comes up as “the most helpful favorable review.”

    Re: negative invisible scripts. In my experience, manipulating reality may be easier than changing a script. You simply have to recognize the script so you know what aspect of reality to change.

    For example, here is my script about getting up before dawn: “It’s ‘wrong’ to have to get out of bed when it’s still dark.” This script was getting in the way of my progress in learning to play cello, because leaving practice til after the end of my workday meant I was too tired to practice consistently or effectively.

    After many months of resisting the idea of getting up early to practice before work, I accepted my negative script and began looking at how to change reality. I came up with the idea of using an inexpensive dawn simulator connected to my existing bedside lamp that I equipped with a 40-watt bulb. “Dawn” for me now begins to break every morning at 4:30 and peaks at 5:00.

    Although I have a back-up alarm clock set, most mornings I don’t need it. The gradually increasing light wakes me up. It feels “right” to me to get up when it’s light.

    Accepting my script and manipulating reality has fixed my practice problem. Since mid-October, when I implemented this solution, I have practiced all but a handful of days. And yes, I track whether I practice each day.

    Key, though, was recognizing the script.

  8. Lindsay

    The winner did a great job!

    I’m excited for your guest speaker next week. I’m not really interested in any of the financial aspects of this blog, i just come for the reminders to push myself and not just take the lazy way through life like most other people. The psychology behind all of it is really fascinating.

  9. Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    never underestimate yourself and overestimate others, never ever…

  10. Sal Jumat

    Hi Ramit,

    Good stuff mate. Got your book and I am loving it. You’re just giving out gold nuggets.


  11. Nayland House

    thanks for the recap – your giving so much away we can lose track of what we’ve already received. Any chance of replaying the webcast with Noah? I know you must have secretly recorded it.

  12. Jessica H.

    Oh goodness! That’s terribly exciting!

    I do want to say, though, that taking action has been its own reward. It’s so easy to avoid actually doing things, but NOT doing them has an immense psychological weight. For me, taking concrete and specific and TIME-LIMITED action was like pulling a giant burden off my shoulders. The most important lesson I learned last week wasn’t actually the one I set out to learn (though that helped too!). It was that spending ONE HOUR can get me the results I want. I don’t have to let the game take over my life to play it better than anyone else.

    Thanks, Ramit – for everything.

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  15. kasiviswanathan

    what a amazing kid you ahve posted really i feel positive after seeing that footage thanks

  16. Michelle

    Just reviewed the Week 1 Bonus material and I had a “light-bulb” moment… Time + ENERGY!!!! Finding time to commit to earning 1k is one thing, finding the time when I have the ENERGY to be effective is a different matter!

    *shakes head* I don’t know why I didn’t see that before! Great interview / discussion with Tim, BTW!

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  18. laxika

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