“Ramit’s Shark Tank”

Ramit Sethi

One of the things I love about Shark Tank is the brutal honesty that entrepreneurs get.

Shark Tank is the TV show where entrepreneurs go in front of judges, pitch their idea, and either get laughed out of the room…or a major investment.

Here’s a 10-year-old getting $60,000 from Daymond John for her lemonade stand.

Think about how rare it is to get honest feedback from somebody who knows what they’re talking about. These days, people are so nervous about giving candid feedback that they hide what they really think in politically correct, polite words. Giving candid feedback doesn’t have to be rude. But it does need to be honest.

I think the very best people CRAVE honest feedback, even if it stings a little bit, because that’s how they improve. They don’t want a bunch of people telling them they’re great, they’re beautiful, etc.

In other words, stop blowing smoke up my ass! I know what I’m good at. I want to know how I can improve.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a Shark Tank-style event, LIVE, for you.

I’ll take your idea and do a teardown right in front of your eyes. Some of the ideas will get a gentle “idea makeover” where I show you how to take them from mediocre to millions of dollars (just like I’ve done with over 15+ products at IWT).

Others will just be horrible and I will tell you the honest truth. I’d rather save you the time than give you false hope.

And I’m going to give the person with the best idea full access to my step-by-step course for starting an online business: Zero to Launch.

My hope is that some of you will take a huge step forward in creating your own online businesses to live a Rich Life. Because I know that when I was starting out, it was incredibly valuable to get honest feedback from somebody who’d been through it before.

As I said, my goal with this series is to SHOW you how to live a Rich Life. Not just write you emails, but to actually force you to step up and take action.

Others read and read, letting blog posts wash over them like a warm shower. If we’re in this together, we know we can’t just do more of the same and expect a different result.

So I want to challenge you —

If you’ve ever wanted to travel and continue earning money while you sleep, is it time to do something about it?

If you’ve ever wanted to build something beyond a 9-5 job, is now a good time to build it?

Most importantly, you already know what a Rich Life means to you. Are you ready to do the work to get it?

Got these delivered to my hotel I swear we did more than just eat in Vegas

A photo posted by Ramit Sethi (@ramit) on

To me, a Rich Life means getting In-and-Out burgers delivered to my hotel when I don’t have time to go to the restaurant. What does it mean to you?


How to be on “Ramit’s Shark Tank”

Submit your online business idea here. I will be going through all of the submissions one-by-one, and I will pick as many ideas as I can fit into the Mon 4/27 event.

If you’re just getting started and only have a “starter idea,” that’s fine. I’ll tell you if your idea is worth pursuing and how to improve it.

If you already have a site or business, great. I’ll show you how you can 10x your results.

Next week, I’ll let you know how you can reserve a private invitation to the online event. Today, I just want you to submit your business idea so I can choose a few to work with live.

Put yourself out there. Share your business idea now.

P.S. Don’t have an online business idea yet? Not a good excuse. Watch the video I shared on Wednesday to find a starter idea. Losers wait for the perfect idea to fall from the sky. Winners start somewhere, then improve the idea bit by bit.

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