Quick favor for my birthday?

Ramit Sethi

I turn 31 this weekend, and I was thinking about all the cool things that happened in the last year.

In the last year, I got to build an amazing team behind IWT that’s helped us grow explosively and help millions of people live richer lives…without cutting back on their lattes.

I got to take incredible trips:

This is me in a Black Hawk helicopter

But best of all is getting to test my psychological chops with the most formidable opponent of all: an Indian mom who’s dead-set on getting me married.

In the last few months, I’ve stalled her (“I have to focus on my career”), bewildered her (“How do you know I want to marry…long pause…a GIRL?”), and even bet her $1,001 on who I will NOT marry. Yes, my Indian mother seriously bet me money — the first bet she’s ever made.

But the thing I’m most proud of is the results the IWT community has achieved. In fact, I now have 2 people on my “testimonial” team, whose entire job is to manage success stories like these.

I love it because 10 years ago, I could have never done what I do. But today, we can work on living a rich life together.

So it’s funny that every year, when my family asks me what I want for my birthday, I never have a good answer. The truth is, I have everything I need.

But I will ask one thing from you:

All I want to know is, how has I Will Teach You To Be Rich helped you?

For my birthday, will you share one specific thing that I Will Teach You To Be Rich has helped you to do? Maybe it was paying off your debt, earning more money, or finding a Dream Job. Maybe it was handling money better with your partner. Or even mastering your own inner psychology. All I ask is you get as specific as possible!

I would love to know, and it would make my day. Just leave a comment below.

And, as always, thanks for reading.



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  1. brandy

    Helped my husband (unemployed and underemployed for about 8 years) find an awesome 6 figure job! Priceless 🙂

  2. Amy

    The best thing I’ve applied from your material is getting all my bills lined up to be paid together at a predictable time every month. Stress levels dropped from having a well defined schedule and I get a warm fuzzy feeling from watching my fat bank account balance the other 3 weeks of the month!

  3. SarahL

    Ramit, your fantastic subscriber newsletters taught me how to focus on the job skills I wanted to use, craft a killer resume, nail the interview, and get hired in a professional job outside my field after 5 years as a stay at home mom. To put it mildly, you are the bomb-diggity. Happy birthday!

  4. Kacie

    Happy birthday! Hope it’s a wonderful year from you.

    I’m a SAHM (a 2yo, 4yo and one on the way) and have no interest in launching a business for myself right now. However, I’ve used a lot of your advice from your book for just managing our family’s finances.

    For instance, your automation techniques? Gold. Saves so much time and it works.

    Though your ideas are primarily geared toward people working for themselves, I’m trying to see if I can broaden some things to fit my life today.

    p.s., celebrate with a Taco Bell Mexican pizza! I triple dog dare ya.

    • Kacie

      *for you. Geez.

    • Jamie Giedinghagen

      How do I *like* this comment??? I think I’m also going to get a Taco Bell Mexican pizza for Ramit’s birthday.

  5. Pauline

    HBD! I learned a lot thanks to you, mostly about human psychology. I had the basics of finance already but it is impressive to see how with just a few triggers you can change people’s behavior, get them to pay you more, hire you out of 10,000 contractors, and so on. Thank you for that.

  6. John

    IWTYTBR has helped me setup a financial system. You also introduced me to BJ Fogg so you get some of the credit for my new tiny habits. I’ve learned how to Negotiate through No-Stress Negotiation. I had a successful negotiation with my boss and am taking on new projects (that will result in increased pay).

  7. Daniel

    You’ve taught me that paying off my credit card debt is vital, but use the leverage the credit cards give me in order to reap the rewards that they’re baiting us all with.

  8. Luke

    Your book saved me HUGE over the years. It has been the best investment to date yet! One of my proudest uses from your book was when I got my current 29k in person, $16k internet price vehicle knocked down to 12k after running my last car into the ground (literally was worried about the check engine light popping on again at the dealership) I made the sales person, and his boss, sweat

    Thanks again for the advise you give, and Happy Birthday

  9. Rose Dela Cruz

    Hi Ramit, you have helped me a lot in realizing and reminding myself to never forget what I really want in life. I’ve always wanted to study and live in Italy for at least a month, and ever since I picked up your book and subscribed to your website, I think I’ve gotten closer to achieving it. I’ve always thought that I need to wait to pay off my student loan first, and this has held me back, but your advice about paying it off aggressively, and getting a credit card that gives travel rewards, are helping me realize that no, my dream is achievable and I don’t have to wait for too long. There are a lot more things I need to do, yes, but at least I’m on my way there.

  10. Drew Curtis

    Automate my finances, negotiate credit card interest rate from 12.99% to 6.5%, and I will be using the briefcase technique today when I speak to the CEO of a new debt management company.

    Thanks Ramit, Happy Birthday!

  11. Justine

    First and best thing I learned from IWTYTBR was how to automate my money and bills. It’s allowed me to get out of debt and start investing. Thanks and Happy Bday!

  12. Ed

    I haven’t read through the first chapter of your book yet because I am an idiot, but before I started negotiations with my boss, I looked over everything I could find on your website and your YouTube videos.

    I am now immediately making $35,000 more per year than I was 2 weeks ago, have 5% ownership in the company, and get a percentage of company revenue (not profit).

    I have a feeling I might be on the extreme ends of things, but either way you look at it, you helped me get what I wanted!

  13. matt

    IWTYTBR helped me plan for retirement and get me a job paying me what I’m worth when I was content with mediocre pay for so many years.

  14. Andrew

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    The IWT book helped me completely turn around my financial life from stressful and poverty-ridden to automated and saving money, even though I’m a poor grad student.

    RBT has helped me forge some incredibly valuable relationships, destroy a few huge invisible scripts, and learn how to add value to top performers.

    Dream Job helped me get off my butt and get a job that pays me triple what I currently earn as a student teacher/tutor. I start in August.

    Earn1k helped me turn my $20/hr tutoring side business into a $50/hr tutoring side business. I am also developing extras for my students that I plan to turn into a product after enough feedback and tweaking (an ebook, maybe, or an online course)

    Thank you for everything! My life is better because you IWT and all you

  15. Kaye

    I’ve learned that the time spent on things like salary negotiation and starting up a business have way bigger payoffs than the time spent on frugal living (like couponing and shopping at thrift stores)!

  16. Andrew

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    The IWT book helped me completely turn around my financial life from stressful and poverty-ridden to automated and saving money, even though I’m a poor grad student.

    RBT has helped me forge some incredibly valuable relationships, destroy a few huge invisible scripts, and learn how to add value to top performers.

    Dream Job helped me get off my butt and get a job that pays me triple what I currently earn as a student teacher/tutor. I start in August.

    Earn1k helped me turn my $20/hr tutoring side business into a $50/hr tutoring side business. I am also developing extras for my students that I plan to turn into a product after enough feedback and tweaking (an ebook, maybe, or an online course)

    Thank you for everything! My life is way better because of IWT.

  17. John Sawers

    I learned to break out of the scarcity mindset while looking for a job, to realize that I’m in demand, and I have some control over the process. On my next job hunt I won’t even need a resume. It’s a revolution in thinking.

  18. Sam

    Automate my finances to help pay down my debt.

    Happy Birthday.

  19. Colby

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your comments and challenges in RBT has helped me to craft stronger questions, surround myself with people more aligned with the life I want to live, and push through the reluctance to speak up even if the thought isn’t perfect. A colleague from pre-RBT recently said that I come across as a completely different person-much more confident, relaxed, and open. Thank you!

  20. Eric S. Mueller

    One specific thing IWT did for me was getting me to overcome my fear of automating my finances. I was terrified of it because of a bad experience in the Navy, when they screwed up my paycheck just in time for my car insurance to auto-debit.

    But now, I have a system in place. I keep a spreadsheet that tells me how much needs to come out every check into a seperate account. All of my bills get paid from that account. What’s left in checking (however little) is mine.

  21. Stocky Malone

    Helped me take my freelance grant writing rate from $20 to $35 per hour (even though Ramit claimed in a recent email that people won’t pay for this skill…)

  22. Jamie

    Your Earn 1K on the Side program has helped me break through “Levels of Abstractions” that often drain motivation. It has enabled me to GET TO WORK on building a side business. Thanks to you, I’m more consciously building a system to get inside clients’ heads, write effective emails, and keep trying harder…instead of giving up. THANKS!

  23. Alex

    Happy Birthday!

    IWT Book
    – Set up Vanguard acct and automated savings to it.
    – Learned about credit score, etc and got all that stuff in order

    – Took skills from my full-time job and put it into some contract work. Since 8/12 have earned 3K from one client so far. I would’ve earned half that much if I didn’t watch that bit about determining what my rates would be. I originally was going to ask for half as much as I did.

  24. Shamsa

    Since treading the automating finances I have been able to save about $2000 a month vs $1000. By not seeing it I don’t spend it. It’s so much easier than creating and maintaining a budget. My next step is to tweak it so I have different accounts to different expenditures that may not be routine so I don’t feel bad about taking money from the cookie jar.


  25. Chris Yeh

    Getting started on your birthday early, eh?

    One of the most important things I’ve learned from Ramit is that you can be good-looking AND succeed in online marketing. Gives hope to the rest of us.

  26. Jess H.

    Here’s my year to date:

    1) Landed my first big contract for my freelance business – six figures.
    2) Hired people to work for me.
    3) Landed my dream job at more than double my current salary.
    4) Negotiated a 10% bump over the initial offer.
    5) Got compliments from my new supervisor at my “masterful” negotiating and interviewing skills.

    And it’s only June!

  27. Matt

    I’m working on a spare-time project that I needed to do some research for, well outside of my training/expertise, and also outside of my network. IWT helped me to ignore my invisible scripts (“why would a doctor spend time talking with you about this project?”) and just make the call and ask for some help. And of course, IWT helped structure my request for help so it was well-received.

    As it worked out, I had a great lunch with a specialist MD, who was enormously helpful to my project.

    (And here’s a little bonus, because it’s your birthday, Ramit. At the lunch, I used the “Briefcase Technique” and showed some of the in-progress work on the project, which I think re-calibrated the doctor’s impression of my seriousness/capability regarding the project.)

  28. Pat

    IWTYTBR has helped kick me in the pants about getting my finances on track. Happy Birthday, Ramit!

  29. Matt Becker

    IWT was the first place I learned about automating my money. It was also the first place I learned about having sub-savings accounts. I’ve implemented both and it’s made my financial life much more organized and much less stressful.

    I also watched a webinar and stole some of your email scripts for reaching out to and following up with professionals we wanted to meet. I used one of your script to get informational interviews with about 10 different financial planners so far (the field I want to move into). I admittedly haven’t committed to making the career switch, which I believe is the only reason it hasn’t gone further. But the script had about a 90% success rate in terms of getting a positive response.

  30. Daniel Blanchard

    I’ve automated my finance following IWTYTBR book and cut down credit cards debt from 57,000$ to 32,00$ in a year while only spending an hour a month on my finances, liberating my wife from the task in the process. We are both most welcome!

    Thanks you, and happy birthday!

    – Daniel

  31. Mickey

    Opened my mind to the psychology behind ‘persuading’ myself to take action

  32. P

    Id like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the invaluable tips on testing a whole bunch of stalling scripts on my mom (Indian!) about the Mega M. I’m happy to report that its been 2.5 months since any mention of the M word from her…and she’s still talking to me…WOW! Thank you!

    HBD Ramit! Have a great one.

  33. Ryan

    I send out about 6 cold-emails to people in an industry I thought I might want to work in, got responses from two of the people, had an informational phone interview with one of them, and eventually decided that I didn’t really want those jobs after all, and I moved on to other things.

  34. Rus

    Amsterdam trip via automated savings.

  35. Kiriko

    Since reading IWT and joined Earn1K and Brain Trust, I’ve gotten my finances in order, started a side business with my partner that made us 20K last year and continues to grow, and helped me leave a 26K/yr job for a 56K/yr job. My demotivating background scripts (that kept me in a constant state of apprehension/delusion about my financial and business situation) are dropping off the more IWT material I read and apply. As a result I feel empowered and very excited for what the future holds. Happy birthday Ramit, and thank you for your work!

  36. Pablo Gutiérrez

    Hi Ramit,

    I have learned to have a solid finance system that gives me freedom and confidence. Now I know how much I am spending in each category (food, parties, transportation, etc). Finally, I am investing my extra cash and having great results while I’m sleeping.

    It’s my birthday too! So have a great day and I hope we meet one day.

    Best regards.

  37. Dan Cardenas

    Helped me get the confidence needed to advance in my career and increase my salary…best part is I continue to grow and this site has been a key contributor to my success. Thanks again Ramit.

  38. Cole Van Vlack

    In my job as a post-doc you helped me get a 20% starting salary with the No Stress Negotiation course. When that was complete, I was able to negotiate another 10%.

    Your productivity course helped me gain ~2 hours a day, which really paid off when I was finishing my PhD thesis after my wife and I had a newborn.

    Happy Birthday!

  39. Stephanie

    I used one of Ramit’s email scripts to land my dream job at one of my industry’s top companies in my city. I sent the CEO an email asking to basically pick his brain about his business for 15-20 minutes. Suprisingly, he agreed and was so impressed by my thought out questions during our talk that he offered me a job on the spot, never realizing that I essentially tricked him into an interview.

    I started in January and couldn’t be happier. Not only have I found my dream job that pays awesome but I’ve also found a mentor.

  40. Esther Hsu

    Ramit, your articles, books, and interviews with other great entrepreneurs in the space have introduced me to the first steps of getting my life together, breaking down psychological barriers (invisible scripts) that have held me back for a long time and helping to build up my self-esteem. I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing or planning to do with my life, but hey.. this is a start!

    I never though I could learn how to handle my finances. In fact, during this last year, I drove myself very close to debt, even after a friend of mine gave me your book – thought it was cool, but I didn’t actually seriously read it until now. And now book is starting to help me climb out of that hole.

    The Brain Trust group has been an amazing resource of not only knowledge, but a channel for connecting with others I want to learn from. It’s helped me realize that it’s okay to struggle, because so many other people are go through the same things I am.

    Through listening to your interviews with Ben, Gretchen, Chris, James, etc. I’ve also started learning the importance of truly connecting with people and am starting to have more confidence in doing it. Learning that it’s the things we do every day that matter and to not turn down that invitation from a friend to go to a party even if only stay for 30 mins.

    Thanks Ramit, for building such an awesome business, and have an awesome bday!

  41. Craig


    Thank you! You gave the courage (and the knowledge) to ask for not only a a raise, but also a promotion this year. I kept thinking “make Ramit proud” and I did.

  42. Andre Vaughn

    Hello I am new to your blog and it seems very interesting. I will definitely re-visit for the different tips and insight on making money. Happy Birthday to you and thanks.

  43. Ana P

    After writting a really long comment, I’ll just make a long story short.

    I am one of the most financially aware 26 yo I know (and I’m not even close to where I would like to be!). A lot of it is on you. I have been reading your blog for 3 or 4 years now, and as soon as I got my very first proper job, I bought your book.

    I managed to save, in 4 months, enough to buy a (used good) car. I need it for my second job (that starts in less than a month). I blew all my savings on it, but guess what! I actually HAD savings for it!

    So, you gave me the most valuable gift of all: knowledge!

    Happy birthday!

  44. Timothy Moser

    Besides instructions for getting all my personal finances in order, Ramit first opened my mind up to freelancing and online business. I have no idea where I’d be right now without IWT, but I know now that I am unemployable, and I’m so happy to know that. The world is so much bigger than I thought it was.

  45. Craig

    Hi Ramit,

    I owe you a big thank you! I used the material on your site to negotiate a 10K raise and a promotion. All while our executive team is currently on reduced hours and pay due to the company’s financial situation. They put another department under me without giving me any compensation. I turned that around as an opportunity to ask for a promotion to director and a $10,000 raise. That’s a big win and one of the biggest raises I have ever gotten.

    Being a software developer and a people pleaser, it is really hard for me to stick up for myself and confront people above me. I used your material on negotiating salary and also the knowledge that I’m providing measurable value to make my case. At first they didn’t want to give me a raise, just a promotion. I got them to agree to both by knowing that I could easily walk away and find another gig (using your material). I had to negotiate directly with the CEO. When I noticed he was nervous and I wasn’t, I knew things were going to go in my favor. I don’t think I could have done that without the confidence I gained from your articles and videos.

    Thank you. You have altered the course for my family and taught me a valuable skill!


    P.S. I got a latte on the way to work today.

  46. AMB

    Found my dream job. Between salary and benefits I went from $49,000 to $93,000 a year, not to mention a job that I like going to everyday. I have since received a $5,000 raise in my first six months due to the additional tasks I took on. Additionally, the company (a non-profit) has given $2500 worth in bonuses in the last 8 months. Finally, I work from home. It was the tips from Dream Job on researching and prepping for my interview that got me there. Thanks Ramit!!!

  47. Rob Fredericks

    Happy Birthday Ramit. I’ve been reading your material for the past year and the best way I’ve used it is me and a close friend of mine came up with a financial system for myself. We used ideas and concepts from several different authors (you included). I started using this system in May of 2012. In the first month I found $300 that I was just spending without realizing it. I took this extra $300 and applied it towards my car payment to help pay it off. In the past year I’ve opened an IRA, paid off my car, and built a custom PC. Before I used this system I would have said all of this was impossible to do. The way the system works is I split my monthly income into four buckets. These four buckets are: fixed costs, investments, savings, and guilt free.

    Description of what goes into each bucket
    Fixed costs: anything you know the cost of for the current month.
    Examples: monthly bills
    Savings: the amount I want to put into my savings per month
    Investments: the amount I want to put into my IRA every month
    Guilt free: money I can spend on what ever I want.

    I have a spreadsheet that I use with this system. It has all of the buckets, current balances in my bank accounts (in real time), and fixed costs that are in the current month. It’s 100% accurate, there is no longer a need for me to check my bank accounts to balance my checkbook. In fact I don’t really need the transactions part of my checkbook anymore. My spreadsheet keeps track of all of my transactions for me. Quite an amazing system. Couldn’t have done it without your material.

    Thank you.

    Rob Fredericks

  48. Malini

    Auto-deduction for automatic savings. Simple but brilliant! Less reliance on willpower but more so on a system.

    God Bless you Ramit, and Happy Birthday! May you always be happy, may you always be healthy, and may your life and the lives of your loved ones always be filled with love, joy, happiness, and … yummy food!

  49. Malini

    Oh yes, and through your Brain Trust program, you “introduced” me to James Altucher… whose blog in turn helped me more than anything… his words helped me get through my depression and healed me. Oh ya… and he also reminded me of my childhood love of games and backgammon! God Bless!

  50. Josh

    IWT has taught me to pay for value. Instead of trying to make the most of free material, I have really learned to take advantage of other people’s obsessions and time to help me get to where I want to be. I’ve learned that I can’t do it all alone, and even if I could I don’t feel like it. I’ve invested in myself by dedicating a specific savings account for it, paying for multiple IWT programs, taking mentors out to eat, and even as far as going back to school. I can honestly say that before becoming a reader I was really self-centered and believed that only the people who can do everything without help are worth anything. I’ve since made a huge shift in my framework and now know that no one can do it alone, and that has turned impossibilities into realities for me.

  51. Leah

    Happy birthday!

    When I picked up your book and started reading your blog, I already had most of my finances in place, my dream job, and a side gig. What really helped me was guilt-free spending. I will pay off my house mortgage by 2019, I was making all my financial goals, yet I still felt guilty for spending the other money I had, enjoying my life. No more! I’m much more focused on having a rich life. Thank you so much!

  52. Daniel

    In the last year, since you’re 30th birthday, I finally started taking action. This site lead me to quit my job that I wasn’t overly thrilled with for a better job. Some of the perks are.

    – Better people.
    – Significantly more time off.
    – More respect in my department.
    – $51,000 more in salary!!!
    – People who see me now say I’m like a new (much better) person since I’m no longer stressed all the time.

    Had it not been for this site, none that would have happened.

    Thank you and happy birthday!!

  53. Matthew D. Huff

    Helped me get out of my comfort zone and start working on starting a side business. I’ve been using your scripts and ideas to reach out to professionals and freelancers in New York who are doing things I find interesting.

  54. Sonia M.

    Happy 31st birthday Ramit!

    It’s hard to pick just one. I’d say it’s the whole Natural Networking and closing the loop shift in mindset. I’ve always wanted to connect more with people in my field and professionnally in general, but never knew how. At least not in a “clean” way.

    Shifting my mindset and applying the techniques have contributed in me having a richer life. For instance, if it had not been for you, I never would have spend a week with a dear friend who visited me from Ottawa. She left yesterday. We had lost touch about 5 years ago, and reconnected through linked in, which I only signed up for as part of DJ. Not only that, I am a better friend now. Not just to her, but everybody. The whole “adding value” concept has helped me come out of my shell. I’m still an extreme introvert, but I know how to be in social situations now and leave most of my awkwardness at home.

    PS – If you think your thirties are great so far, wait until you hit 40, it’s even better!

  55. Kris French

    All of your content has given me an incredible amount of ideas and the confidence to start my own business. I have a meeting with my partner to kick things off on Monday. Can’t wait for this journey to begin. Thank you for everything.

  56. M.L

    I learned to stop taking myself for granted at my job by realizing my true worth to my company.

  57. Eli

    I must have watched and listened to the tear-downs and hot-seats on the Interpersonal Skills course a dozen times. The biggest lesson to me was during one of the “Ratesh Hot-seats.” The student was struggling with how to tell a co-worker his idea was poor (in this case, measuring a website’s success by how many hits it received, without considering revenue or other important metrics).

    Ramit’s suggestion was, instead of challenging the idea, to ask more general questions, such as “how do you think about metrics, obviously there are all sorts of metrics one could consider,” comments that open up the conversation without attacking the idea frontally. I use this principle every day.

  58. Sachit

    Here’s one – IWT has led to a complete change in mindset of how I approach work and life. Specifically, it’s helped me get to work with someone I’m super inspired by.

    Oh, and using negotiating mindset and principles – I negotiate 85% off a medical bill, got a $25 overdraft fee reversed, etc. etc.

  59. Pramit

    Your material is helping me to become a top performer. For example, I add value to busy “famous” people without expecting much in return — a strategy I used to great effect with my professor, the former editor of a popular magazine, and a Thiel 20 Under 20 Fellow. Taking your courses (DJ, E1K, etc…) lets me play a game that none of my 22-25 year old friends know exists.

    Happy birthday, Ramit! I look forward to seeing what’s in store for the IWT empire in the coming years.

  60. Angie

    Hi Ramit,

    Just over a month ago, I discovered your blog. I poured over the content while waiting on your book to arrive from the library.

    Full disclosure: I’m older than your target audience, but for the first time in my life, I have the opportunity to have complete control over my finances. I’ve been devouring personal finance information for a year now, but felt overwhelmed and a bit paralyzed at the possibility of making the wrong decision with my money. So I read, and I learned a lot, but did nothing else. Your blog changed all of that.

    Once your book arrived, I was immediately inspired into action and did the following:
    – established new checking and savings accounts which earn interest
    – set up a Roth IRA, with automatic monthly deposits (I already contribute to a plan through work, but they do not match additional contributions.)
    – set as many bills to auto pay as possible, with my car loan receiving an extra monthly payment to help eliminate that debt
    – set up a sub savings account for those “once a year” expenses like license plate fees and tax preparation fees, with an automatic deposit from my checking account
    – set up a ‘discretionary checking’ account for my fun money: going out to dinner or buying myself a treat (again, a small amount automatically deposited into this account)
    – set up a checking and savings account for my teen daughter, but most importantly, I’ve started sharing with her what I’ve learned from you

    As someone who has contemplated starting her own business for years, after getting my personal accounts in order, I signed up for your “Find Your First Profitable Idea” course. (Again, I’d read…A LOT… but couldn’t manage to take that first step.) I’m now excitedly working my way through the course and taking steps to make that dream happen.

    Ramit—you may not be changing one woman’s life by making her your wife, but you’re certainly changing many others by inspiring them to stop simply absorbing information and to start actually DOING something with it. What a difference you’ve made in my life in little over a month. Talk about mastering inner psychology…

    Thank you & Happy Birthday!

    • Shea

      Love this comment. Just bought I Will Teach You To Be Rich — only a couple of chapters in but that list above is inspiring!

  61. Dan

    I’ve taken your advice to heart about having a rich life. I’d previously saved quite a bit despite making a good income. I would occasionally deprive myself of experiences because of the anxiety around whether I’m saving enough. Now I have a good balance of saving and spending on experiences that truly matter to me. I loved your book and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. Happy birthday!

  62. Tony

    I used FYFPI to bring in side income so that I could live more comfortably during a minimum-wage internship in NYC. Good times. Now I’m on to Earn1k, and I’m realizing how crucial it is to properly define your target market. It’s difficult to do, but so important.

    Also, having automated finances is pretty dope.


  63. kelli

    Happy Birthday! Your emails are a daily pep talk to say the least. I’ve both broadened and focused my thinking, and am challenging my ‘scripts’ too. Thanks for making it clear, logical and possible.

  64. Julie Stremfel

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!! What a great feeling to be able to say ” I have everything I need” That’s so wonderful! YOU are helping so many people! You’re a wonderful man. I have been sick so I have not been able to try it. Do you think it would work on Doctors so I could get my surgery I need?? Have the BEST Birthday Ever!!

    Julie Stremfel 😉

  65. Najlaa

    Finally i understood, whats meaning of credit, and how to stablish a good credit history, as i recently moved from a middle east country, where there is no credit cards debets at all.

  66. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday!:) I hope you are enjoying your day & celebrating it with loved ones!:) I am handling my money better. My next goal is to work on the wealth part of it & become debt free.:) That’s is where I need the extra help & guidance to achieve my goals. Have a wonderful Birthday!:)

  67. Arielle Hale

    IWT has taught me to automate my bills, how to invest for my future through a Roth IRA, and how to spend money on myself first by automating my savings. I will also be out of debt by the end of this year.

  68. Shawn

    I’ve been able to increase savings for my retirement by 20%

  69. Sarah

    Happy Birthday! I am still in the process of reading this book, but it has been helpful for me in getting serious about my finances. As a 30 year old, it’s time I do that, but I haven’t had anyone to coach me through the steps I should be taking in terms of dealing with debt, setting up accounts, investing etc. It seemed overwhelming and your book has helped simplify it with steps in plain English. Within the last week, I actually LOOKED at the details of my checking and savings accounts which I’ve had since I was 18 and realized my dad is still listed as joint on them! Ooops. I ran my credit report and it prompted me to take action and write a letter to a creditor and close a store account I didn’t even know was still active. I set up online checking and savings accounts and am investigating rolling over an old 401k plan into a Roth IRA. I looked at my income and where my money goes and set up a plan to ensure I am covering my expenses, paying down my debt, and also saving in a way that will earn the most interest. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get organized and serious about my finances.

  70. JanPattersonRN

    Happy Birthday.

    IWT has given me hope that even as old as I am, and as specialized, I can clean up my late-acquired student loan debts, keep finding work I love that pays me well, and be paid for sharing my knowledge and expertise as a Registered Nurse with over 3 decades experience, instead of aging out of active practice and ending up broke and alone.

    Blessings on your head, m’dear.

  71. Dom M.

    Get all my financial accounts lined up and automated finances for saving. Also the book IWTY was one of my favorites and guiding points for success. Thanks and talk to you soon Ramit.

  72. kapil bhatia

    I learnt a lot of things but primarily I learnt “how to teach” and “how to write emails” from you.

  73. CLehn

    Though I am still reading the book, it has helped by:
    – giving guidelines for myself to manage more properly
    – motivation and basic knowledge to build a foundation
    – help convince my partner of how much work needs to be done
    – become more strong and persuasive in bargaining
    – how awesome you are for being a great guy

    I am a male who is only 21 years of age, but you have paved a guideline and route for me to build a healthy foundation. I have no one else to help tell me these things so you inspire me to do better. I have even taken the push to write an ebook for my personal training experiences. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration.

    Favorite quote from Ramir: “Be specific.” Okay although it is not a quote you know what I mean. Your explanation to break it down and think deeper has helped me in all aspects in life.

    You are the best. Thank you for being you!

  74. Alexa

    IWT was the first blog I read about freelancing and working on bringing in that extra $1,000 a month. At first I didn’t know what to do and thought that I would never be able to make an extra 1k a month. I have finally broke down those barriers! Last month I made almost $400 freelance writing and this month I should easily be able to hit the $1000 mark. I have stuck with my rates and found clients who WILL pay me what I want. It’s great to feel in charge and empowered!! Thanks, Ramit. Happy Birthday! You’re awesome 😉

  75. T

    I got a job working for a billionaire right out of college. I just graduated a month ago. Can’t reveal any more details to preserve anonymity, but Dream Job is what kickstarted the process in which I began reaching out to people who eventually guided me to being at the right place, right time to get this job.

    You’re the man!

  76. Kevin

    After reading IWTYTBR I automated all of my bills and monthly saving. I now rarely think about my finances, always have guilt-free spending money in the bank and I’ve beefed my savings account up with thousands of automatically-deposited dollars. You’re the man, Ramit.

  77. Priyanka

    I was able to negotiate for a higher salary assertively.

  78. Evan Mays

    Subconsciously gave me new strategies which were instantly implemented.

  79. Abbie

    Ramit you’ve encouraged me to get off my ass and look down ANY avenue to make my dreams happen.Thx! Happy birthday!

  80. Dan Barry

    Hi Ramit! Happy birthday! Found you a couple months ago when a trusted friend and productivity geek shared your “Dinner for a year” contest. Been tuned in ever since. Your material’s biggest help in my life so far? Well, you’re getting me to confront psychological blocks that have kept me underemployed for a year and a half now. That’s huge. And a few days ago, your two-prong payability test helped me refine my marketing — I’m now designing an entire campaign targeted to clients who are the best match for me. It was your material that made me realize that the particular demographic I’m targeting even existed. So thank you! Hope you have a great day!

  81. Christin

    Automation and negotiation changed my life!

  82. Guillaume

    The blog and the book helped me understand investing (and start to do so!), lean towards NOT owning a house, get a $2,500 increase on a job offer (plus moving expenses and an extra week of vacation!), negotiate internet bills (and get out of a contract without paying the stupid fee).

    Happy Birthday!

  83. Donna

    Happy Birthday Ramit,
    You’ve been an inspiring example of what’s possible for me as I create my first business at the age of 57. You’ve given me practical approaches to keep expanding my thinking and helped me to explore new ways to monetize the business while sincerely being of service to people.

    Thank you very much, Ramit,

  84. Daniel

    IWT helped me understand how to invest for my future (indexing!), automate my finances (auto savings!), and (most importantly) the ideas (and I didn’t even take Dream Job) helped me land a six-figure dream job right out of college.

  85. Ray

    I have learned that I can save money . Automatically . And , I can invest for retirement , without expensive help , or great risk , at little or no cost . I now have a path towards a better retirement . Not perfect retirement , but a start . This is HUGE for me — Thank you Ramit

  86. Aaron Benitez

    Hey Ramit,

    Although I have not enrolled in any of your programs yet, I’m a big fan. I’ve been reading your posts for more than a year now. I find them very amusing and inspiring. The whole psychological framework you always talk about is one of the things I usually find myself talking about too. So, let’s say every time I read your work I feel like I connect with an old friend whom I admire a lot. What you are doing is not about making people richer – it’s about changing the world. And I like that. Happy birthday from hot and sunny Veracruz, Mexico.

  87. Alan Neal

    So far, Ramit, you’ve done absolutely NOTHING for me. I don’t even know who you are!

  88. Marie

    Automating my finances has allowed to me start paying down my student loans (highest interest, of course, which still accrues interest on my dime while in school), invest in a Roth IRA, fatten up my savings account to 3k while throwing the rest at the student debt, and get a few high quality life-lasting items for myself- while still paying rent and bills, all on my crappy graduate student salary. Yippee!

  89. Amanda Wintermans

    IWTYTBR has helped me to form myself an idea on how I want to design my professional life and it has given me some ideas on how I can do that and what things I have to keep in mind along the way. (I’m just eightteen, so I’m only at the very start of my professional life.)

  90. Emma

    It probably sounds very strange, but your videos on interviewing have helped me in my everyday communication with customers via email, which is what I do for a part-time job in my family’s business (I haven’t even graduated high school yet, so I haven’t used the techniques in actual interviewing). The response I’ve gotten from customers has been amazing.

    For example, I had a customer email wondering about an expensive product we sell. My reply actually convinced her to buy the product, just by focusing on how it could help her – something I’ve seen you discuss in your videos on interviewing. Before watching your videos, I probably would have told her about the product and what it was used for – not what SHE could use it for. She replied to my email within minutes and said I had “talked her into buying it.”

    Thanks for taking the time to do all those videos, and happy birthday, by the way!

  91. Peggy

    Ramit – IWT has taught me to be responsible for my financial situation. Over the last few years – with your guidance – I’ve applied for many jobs, got a few interviews and ended up increasing my hours at both my part time jobs to increase my income steadily- albeit not largely. My husband has been doing this also. We are in our early 50’s with two boys in university and we are planning our golden years. Both of our boys also have two part time jobs. IWT has taught us all to take responsibly for our selves – including needs and wants. My husband used to roll his eyes when I would say “my friend Ramit says …” but not so much anymore. Thanks.

  92. Laura

    Hi Ramit!

    It brought me back the belief that I’m not the only person in the world left who feels the need of changes and is so clueless about what to do next and what is the better way to approach it.

    Thanks and Happy Birthday!

    Btw: I don’t know if you are married, but if you are not – you don’t have everything! That’s the general belief, isn’t it?

  93. Akash

    Greetings Sir.

    I stumbled on your website about a year ago, full of doubt especially at the name of your blog. I managed to crawl out of my hole of preconceived ideas about onlone frauds and realise that, actually, what you were saying was an application, gonzo way, of all principles I had learned through Dale Carnegie and my recently completed MBA.

    Yes, gonzo way. Because to tell people that a pay raise is actually about starting off with respect, even when you know that you are grossly underpaid, is one hell of a psychological barrier for most.

    Thank you very much for persuading me to get myself out of my comfort zone and go and speak for myself – I have started several ‘somethings’ on the side, and went out to my boss for explaining my need for a deserved but long-outstanding raise: most of these initiatives failed, but at least I now know that unless I make a move, my work (and certainly not my work colleagues) will not speak for me, unless I make a voluntary, deliberate, focussed way of delivery this message accross to someone specific. After lots of sacrifices over the past 15 months, I have finally been able to pay ALL my credit card debt, had it cancelled out, and now I’m saving for securing a spot on your IWTYTBR course.

    So, you’re past the figure of 30. Beware, this is a potentially painful milestone, especially if you happen to marry before 35: you’ll find that the slightest lapse in working out will have massive consequences – I’m speaking with experience of marrying at 30 and now with two lovely children, but with a badly neglected physique. Just be ready for a huge change in your routine.

    And, happy birthday. Keep up the great work.

    – Akash

  94. Erik

    Helped me manage my $$!

  95. Elsa

    Happy Birthday!

    I have learned how to really focus in and figure out who my target customer is. Also, your video discussion about having enough energy, not enough time to finish tasks was a real eye-opener.

    Thanks much!


  96. Iain Taylor

    Hi Ramit,
    I am reading your book for the second time now, it’s simply brilliant.
    The one key thing that you and the book have helped me do was to reduce the APR of the credit cards I have. This has now led to implementing an advanced finance automation process.
    Thanks Iain.

  97. Emi

    In IWTYTBR I learned that I had to eliminate the things in my life that don’t give me results but I was doing them because of “society’s standards” (in other words, what I am suppose to do without questioning it, such as “business cards and facebook page are the first thing you should do when starting a business”), and improve on the things that I believe will get me better results in several aspects of my life (80/20 strategy).

    PS. What on earth where you doing in a Black Hawk helicopter? Is that how you were trying to escape your mother?

  98. Shirley Goff

    Automated my bill paying. Simple but wonderful.

  99. John Comberiate

    I’ve been reading your blog for almost a decade. Originally, I was a programmer sitting in a cube by myself all day. Now, I have my dream job running my own business working my way up to a six figure income. Happy Birthday, and thanks for all you do!

  100. Merrett

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    It’s actually not IWT that has helped me the most but rather, your no BS, non-PC, humorous way of being that inspires me to do the same. I often find myself holding back, not wanting to offend anyone but then not feeling like I am really being myself. Seeing you do this and be successful I think reflects a new generation and new way of doing business and I want to be part of bringing down the shields of inauthenticity. Thanks for leading the way!

    And, since it’s your birthday I will add that you’re kind of a hotty!

  101. Elie

    Happy birthday Ramit! DJ helped me get a 6 figure paying job right out of college!

  102. Sean

    There was advice from you in (I believe) a blog post to prepare a typewritten brief when going to a client meeting or job interview and bring it out to refer to at some point in the conversation.

    This was excellent and valuable advice.

    I can point to two deals (one client meeting and another a job interview) where this helped create tens of thousands of dollars.

    Not that it falesely conveyed organization and preparation, but revealed them in just the right way and at the right time.

    Great tip.

    Thank you and happy birthday.

  103. Mukesh Sethi

    Hi Ramit,
    Wish you a very happy B’day hope you have a great day.
    I picked up your book “I will teach you to be rich” coz I wanted to see how my bro that is you (same last name as me) has written a personal finance book.
    Honestly I was impressed with your humor and the examples you gave in the book, which although I knew most of them coming from similar Punjabi Indian family (I grew up in India and came to the US when I was 25) and how wasteful Americans are.
    Although the things you taught I knew most of them but never systematically analyzed like you did in the book, The book was a great inspiration to get my butt up and start following things and structure which anyone who is a smart and responsible would know but being lazy they don’t follow.
    I am happy for your success and wish you the best.
    I also wanted to take your “How to get your dream job course” but its kinda expensive and not in my budget right now, so maybe next time.

    Big fan of yours and follow your webcasts and blogs regularly.
    I like your style of humiliating so people do something and not just sit and complain.

    Good luck bro.
    Mukesh Sethi

  104. Ilana B.

    IWTYTBR helped me to come to terms with the idea that wanting more is not a crime against humanity.
    More importantly, while I knew that the only thing stopping me was me, IWT is slowly, but surely kicking my butt over that psychological barrier.

  105. Melissa

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    *Take action
    *Speak with authority and interest
    *Ask for what I want (lead to a raise)

  106. Kate

    I loved your spot on weddings and savings. I always thought $20,000.00 for a wedding was insanely expensive… until I started planning. I liked your practical approach to this and have always kept this in mind since!

  107. Jim Matthews

    “you’re customers don’t care about you” , actually this should be reworded to “your customers don’t care about you’re problems” Your customers don’t care about your drama, your overhead, why you couldn’t get the job done, etc. In short no one wants to hear your bitching in life in general, and especially in business. That’s what service really is, getting the job done without the drama. Look to Trader Joe’s or Stabucks, you will rarely see them rattled by customers. WHY? because they are well trained and have exceptional management. Happy Birthday, Sarva Mangala!

  108. Ilana B.

    Happy birthday! Wishing you a great day and a successful year! May it be the best year yet!

  109. Paul Weinberger

    Saving an hour per day.

  110. Shana

    Ramit, you have helped me focus on making more money instead of living on a budget, penny-pinching etc. I truly RESPECT that you told me I could not take the earn 1K when I told you I have credit card debt, but could pay for the course from money in my savings account. I ended up taking your Find your first profitable idea course. Well that course paid for itself immediately. Now I have a side business with 1 client that generates $900 a month for 15 hours month. The opportunity feel in my lap. If I had not being following your blog, I probably would have turned down the opportunity. My goal for next year is to double my revenue. Ty and have a awesome birthday!!!!

  111. Jessica

    It helped me realize my professional worth and how to act aggressively, yet politely, to make other people see that worth (2 raises in less than six months!) and helped me defeat some of my negative inner dialogues.

  112. Janet

    Happy Birthday and many more, Ramit!
    You have given me the self confidence to find a niche and make some extra cash PLUS I am having mega fun doing this. God bless!

  113. MiKO

    IWT helped me to stay open to understanding how people that I am not like think and do things. It’s good to be open to new ideas, and it’s good to appreciate different approaches especially when they are successful.
    You are building something good with your business, that is a service to all kinds of people. I’ve appreciated your point of view and applied it in my cover letters, resume and networking. I don’t get stuck in conversations, and I do find ways to share with others the help that I’ve received (from you and others) when possible. Networking isn’t such a bad word after all.
    Your mother (and family) must be so proud of you. I look forward to my adult son’s birthday in July, a bit more informed about what a bright young man is ready to hear from his mother.
    Thanks and Have a Happy Birthday. May the celebration go on and on.

  114. Zoe Neill

    You are exceedingly persistent. That itself would be sufficient. You’re also extremely hard-working and never ‘not at work’.
    Your methods would be difficult for me to employ as a general practitioner in the UK NHS, but nevertheless interesting.
    Get married and have kids, Ramit, and you’ll realise that they are worth more than you can ever imagine earning. Make your mother happy.
    Happy Birthday, Zoë

  115. Roberta

    I’ve learned how to negotiate better looking for a job and with starting a sideline business. Too many times we count ourselves out based on bad scripts that are outdated and don’t serve who we are now. In terms of exercise, I love the example of the woman that couldn’t do 3x a week of exercise but hadn’t considered 1x or 2x instead. Do something not just all or nothing and being flexible is essential.

  116. Garrett Daun

    IWTYTBR has taught me many profound lessons over the past 3 years. I have even achieved semi-passive income, after applying the techniques consistently for over 2 years. Every aspect of my business has been influenced by what I learned in the Earn1K course. Most recently, Ramit has inspired me to aim even higher, for luxury markets as a consultant. I continue to apply what I learn on a daily basis. So thank you and happy birthday.

  117. Mike G

    Automate my finances, pay down almost all of my credit card debt (on track to be debt-free by Halloween), leapfrog my teaching career by years using your free advice, and earning over 1k on the side using only free advice. I’m still digging out of that hole, but on track to doing bigger and better things!

  118. Brandy

    I learned to focus on the big wins, and not to sweat the small stuff. We segregate our savings into categories, which help keep us on goal for the things we want. I loved your book, and love your advice. Happy birthday.

  119. Chris

    Automated my finance and got me thinking about how the systems in my life can help or impede achieving my goals. I’m really learning to make strategic investments that will help me get there. A really simple example: If I want to get fitter, riding my bike to work would help. What got in the way of me riding my bike to work each day is I did not having a bike. I realized the reason I didn’t have a bike was because I felt all the deals I saw on craigslist were crap and the bikes I saw in shops didn’t seem worth it. So I finally decided to go outside the city and spend the time finding a bike at a good price. Net result: great bike, great price and riding to work every day! Also a lesson learnt: I paid $225 for my new bike, instead of $450. But it took me 2 years to get the bike as a result — would it have been worth getting the $450 bike to be able to bike to work for the last 2 years? Yes! So here’s the lesson, make the strategic decisions early and often. Figure out your invisible barriers and dominate them.

  120. Agnes Kowalski Santiago

    Ramit, happy birthday. I bought the book. I took action immediately simply by using the scripts and asking as you recommend in the book. I got fees refunded for the last 3 months in my bank account, I got my cc limit raised which helped my credit and gave me some breathing room. I automated savings with just 20/mth and set up 2 other accounts so I’m ready to invest. Set up my child’s college savings plan, knew what the hell I was talking about and more than the clerk at the bank thanks to your book. Opened an ing account, no fees!, my husband opened one up too. Negotiated my job to pay for my transportation. Am working on building a side business. Have a plan to pay off all my debt in 18 months. My husband read the book and we are able to communicate about money without ripping each others faces off. Your book has changed the course of my financial life and in turn life in general from lost and confused to focused and determined.

  121. Lisa

    No, kidding – I’ve had to stop taking new clients for a while due to the shoo-in success of your briefcase technique. It makes total sense to everyone. *Thank you* and happy birthday!

  122. Chris FW

    I used an email script that ended with, “no response needed.” To impress a hiring manager. I got the job. Now working on the no stress negotiation course.

  123. DonnaJ

    Happy Birthday! Using your course to upgrade my online sales skills. Already a consultant to businesses from start-up to $1m +, I want to learn how to increase their online revenue. Just started the course, but the best thing that’s happened so far is: when I found out your target market is 25-35 men. Ha! I’m a 50 yr old woman. Love that I feel right at home with your presentation. Have a great birthday, Ramit.

  124. Peter

    I partially implemented your basics in your book. Of the part that I did implement, turned out nicely, and of the parts that I didn’t, did not turn out nicely. You helped me gain an overview of my finances. I now know what to do to finish off the job. For the record, there’s a little bit of slack when you have automatic bill payments. A bill date is not a due date.

  125. Rob

    You’re advice helped me negotiate a better salary than what I would’ve accepted by avoiding to give a number. Your book helped my personal budget by giving a guideline of how to allocate my money to savings, investments, living expenses, and fun stuff.

  126. Jennie

    It helped me automate my retirement savings. Got my account all set up with weekly withdrawals from my checking account set to max out by the end of the year.

  127. Luke


    Your materials have helped me automate all of my finances as I started my first full time job out of school. All my bills are on auto pay and savings and retirement automatically deducted, so now I only have to spend maybe 10 minutes a month on finance stuff. And I feel more confident about negotiating away fees and other things, thanks to your articles. And finally, your investing ladder helped me figure out where my next dollar of saving goes. And the best part? Now people come to me asking for advice 🙂

  128. Lenina

    I started selling jewelry on Etsy. I’m paying off my debt. The most important thing was taking action instead of just being anxious about it. I’m happy to find out people are glad to pay for what I do and that’s for sure a (much needed) self esteem boost!

    A big thank you and happy birthday!

  129. Sterling

    Happy birthday Ramit! I hope you stay single until you find the right one. Your book, e-mails and site have helped my family streamline our finances, upgrade our credit card and take a lot of money stress out of our lives. Thank you!

  130. Chris

    While all of the advice about automating bills and collecting rewards was helpful and certainly appreciated, I found the statement “negotiate like an Indian” to be the most valuable of all. Since really taking those words to heart and realizing just how often I have left money on the table, I now drive a bloody hard bargain every time I negotiate a deal. It’s saved me thousands, for just a few minutes of extra effort, and it’s loads of fun when done correctly. Thanks, buddy.

  131. firesheep67

    Happy Birthday!

    I only receive your free content, but read every email eagerly and your method of cutting directly to the chase has helped enormously in re-framing how I approach my family’s finances to how I go after the next stage of my career. Also love your sense of humor!


  132. Ben Weston

    I connected with a community of people that have helped me believe in my ideas and turn them into a reality. For example, my idea to teach guys how to feel confident dancing started from just mentioning it off-hand at an RBT meetup. It’s since, because of the community, grown into a reality where I have actually helped men get compliments from women on how good they look dancing. Thank you, Ramit.

  133. Noah

    Gave me the insights to nail an interview for a job that I knew I could do but on paper looked unqualified for. Thanks, and happy birthday!

  134. Onno

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Thanks for your efforts in setting up IWT. The program has really helped me to become aware of my ‘internal scripts’, and, slowly but surely, challenge and change them!

  135. Sunil

    After reading your book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”, I started to save part of the monthly pay package. This habit has allowed me to build a successful business, live a richer lifestyle and not be worried about finances any more.

    Thanks for writing good and well researched articles on this website. Really enjoy reading them and learn a lot from them.

    Good luck and Happy Birthday.


  136. John O'Connor

    Happy birthday! In the past year, my wife and I have automated our finances thanks to your book. She also more than doubled her income using the Dream Job course and we’ve been able to start planning for starting a family because of it. This year has kicked so much ass. Thanks for helping us take steps towards a ‘rich life!’

  137. Ellen

    I’m still studying medical coding for a 2nd career, but a firend and I have both been convinced that it’s the focus on speaking to people active in the field that opens the door to a job. She has got a job following your rule and I’m defining which communities of coders I will access. Thanks.

  138. Mark


  139. Robert Seymour

    I have been better educated about the value of consulting for businesses to help them be successful.

  140. Bibi Gnagno

    Helped me get my ish together and get off my butt and actually pursue a side hustle that makes money. Start owning my own life and making it happen with some guidance from your blog, it’s definitely possible!

  141. Nancy

    It got me through my divorce! Within a year, I was able to budget and live within a significantly reduced income. Going from a six figure household income to only a disability pension wasn’t easy, but I have survived and haven’t missed one bill payment!

  142. David D

    Happy bday!
    1.automate more of my life
    2.not sweat the small stuff
    3. Share your knowledge with my students
    4. Talk with my family and friends about money.

  143. Pamela Slim

    Your stellar consulting advice at the start of 2012 helped me to thin out and focus my product offerings, raise my prices, strengthen my brand and improve my results. I am so appreciative of your generosity, and impressed with your wisdom at such a young age. I may be a bit bitter that you are only 31 and so smart, but glad you are in my corner.

    Happy birthday and big hugs!

  144. Natalie

    Even though I have a background in FInance and Economics, until I started reading your book and blog, I was incredibly afraid of personal finance. Thanks for helping me change my perspective and giving me the (palpalble and comprehendable) tools to tackle my financial situation. I’m 22 and already have a grip on how I am going to finance the rest of my 20s. I’ve shared your book with many of my recent-grad friends. We’re all VERY grateful for your ability to add humor and relative ease to the process of setting up a financial base.

    Thank you!

    Thank you

  145. Carolynn

    How has IWT helped me? Let me count the ways, from just the last year alone:

    -Paid off $10k in debt.
    -Lost 10 pounds.
    -Ditched 90% of the toxic people in my life. Not counting relatives, of course, but I limit my time with them, and some of them I’ve actually turn into more optimistic people with the super ninja moves I learned from Ramit. My grandmother’s always trying to convince me to play life small so I’ll be “safe”, but with some psychological hacks she’s now more likely to agree with me when I tell her about the (smart) risks I’m taking. Last night Grandma actually told me she was proud of me. NEVER HAPPENS. ALERT THE MEDIA. Disengaging from toxic people has hands-down been one of the most powerful strategies I learned this year.
    -Neutralized a bad situation with an office bully, who doesn’t even come near me anymore.
    -I have 20 people in my network I can think of off the top of my head who I could call today to go drinking or help me solve a business problem.
    -I got the word this month that I’m being downsized. That day, I got 10 calls from my network asking me how they could help me find a job.
    -I am so organized it sickens and/or sparks envy in the hardest of hearts. My bills and savings are automated. I keep detailed files on all my freelancing clients in PBWiki and Google Docs. Appointments, client meetings, phone calls? Programmed into my iPhone calendar. People are bewildered as to how I get so much done every day, saying I must have incredible willpower. Yeah right, I use systems.
    -2 years ago, I was slaving away at a $10/hour job. Now I just raised my freelancing rate TWICE this month and am earning $350/project. Clients don’t blink at my rates. This week I earned on the side what I make in 40 hours at my office job.
    -I went to Canada last month using savings. It’s the first time I’ve taken a trip without touching a credit card.

    IWT ingrained in me the value of STRATEGY. In the past I always looked for tactics, but tactics miss the forest for the trees. With strategy, I’m confident now that I can meet any situation and figure out a way to deal with it.

  146. Simon

    The budget idea for household spending. Really helped me to focus on what’s important and got me guilt free spending! 🙂

  147. p_mwilliams

    I learned from IWT not to hold myself back from opportunities just because I feel I might not be good enough for it. It’s much better to let a potential employer tell me no rather than rule myself out completely.

    As a result, I took on much bigger projects than I previously had and built a strong portfolio. Now I’m freelancing with a large company doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to.

    It’s a great feeling to know all the hard work I’ve put in is steadily yielding results, and IWT continues to help me along the way.

  148. dhani

    Í learned tons of things, but a few of the things that changed the way are work where:
    -ask my clients there budget, a few times I made more than if I had offered a price first.
    -choose my clients, this made all the world of difference, I work with people I like and they refer me to the same type of people

  149. Abby

    Freeing me from financial fear and anxiety for the rest of my life. More colloquially: teaching me to do awesome things with money so I can do awesome things without worrying about money.

    I discovered your blog in December 2009; I’d graduated college that spring. My financial management strategy was “panic.” I saved some money but I had no idea what I was doing and I scrimped all the time without understanding why. My first apartment was a converted garden shed with two pieces of furniture and I ate so many scrambled eggs because they were cheap protein that they still make me sick.

    Fast forward to today. I have cash savings equivalent to 50% of my annual salary for specific savings goals, maxed out my IRA contributions every year, and live a “rich life” on a nonprofit staffer’s budget: beautiful 1BR apartment in an expensive rental market, horseback riding, and fun vacations with my friends every summer (last year New Orleans; this year the beach).

    If you’ve got me this far on my salary at a nonprofit at 25, I am super excited to see how you help me later in my career.

    But most important, if you’d told me this in December 2009, I would have laughed in your face and said there’s no way it’s possible.

    So happy the joke is on me.

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    • Lenina

      “Freeing me from financial fear and anxiety for the rest of my life”
      That’s just awesome. That’s a great gift!

  150. Bunny

    I have automated all my finances. Started an automated saving program and the most important thing has been how to elvauate money making opportunities and keep trying. I am a mother of a 30 year old son and I tell him time and time again…marriage is over rated. Don’t do it unless you want children.

  151. Alex

    Your emails picked me up when I was feeling low. That’s one of the greatest gifts anyone can give.

  152. Julie

    Dude – you are simply very amazing!
    I’m 50 years young – so I could be your mother! I have a super cool 12 yr old son of my own though – so I’m good!
    I have found you to be a total inspiration for living a great life! I love that you have done your own thing throughout the past 31 years – and I say bless your loving mom! She obviously did a great job and loves you.
    So you will find a woman who is as lovely and as great as she is…
    I know some fabulous Indian women here in Chicago – and India. Long explanation – but I’m sure your mom doesn’t need help! I’m here if she does…
    Peace and big birthday happiness to you!
    Thank you Ramit!

  153. Rob Smith

    I took the Resume Course and used the methods learned there to create an online resume. The online resume turned into a Resume podcast, and the resume podcast has turned into a lucrative side business that will net me 2x’s my current income in September through the sale of advertisements on the podcast.

    The whole website was designed to archive what I know, what I’m learning, and track my growth. It has been amazing. It will change my life beginning in September when the advertisers pay (they have all paid 50% down to reserve the spot).

    Without the resume course, I never would have stepped out there. I never would have explored what I’m worth. And I never would have asked myself, “what is my industry missing that I’m uniquely geared to provide.”

    Happy Birthday, Ramit. Thank you.

  154. Shaeema

    lol..Mrs Sethi … I enjoy reading your mails, keeps me motivated with the things I am achieving, recently started reading your book and taking everything in as it comes. Happy birthday Ramit.

  155. Paul

    You’ve helped me understand the importance of negotiation. I’ve committed to honing this skill in life, with regard to the work I do, planning salary negotiation, dealing with financial institutions, making major purchases, etc. I’m an active reader of your newsletters and I loved the IWTYTBR book. Thanks for the great content!

  156. Jillian

    Happy Birthday!
    I have been receiving your emails for about six of months and I felt I needed to leave my first comment since its your only birthday request. One of the best things I learned was helping me realize my own barriers that I need to overcome. After reading a few emails about it, I realized I would always makeup an excuse on reasons why I could not do something. And I still find myself doing it. But I know just by reading all you’re emails, I have gained more valuable knowledge compared to all my years in college. The best part about it, is that your free emails are such a blessing when I’m paying all of my student loans back. Ramit, all high school students and college students need to read your blog as homework!!! Thank you!

  157. Christie Leonard

    Your ideas on mastering your own psychology have been very helpful.

  158. Gary Scott

    Your success is not only inspirational and empowering, but most importantly, your clarity and communication style demonstrates that it is ATTAINABLE !
    Your message is compelling and it resonates !
    Well Done !
    Take the day off and celebrate your life. You deserve it !

  159. Simon

    The “85% rule” from your book helped me kicking in and start doing things, instead of procrastinating (been doing that for 10 years!) I am in the process of fixing my finances and lost almost 40 kilos in the process. Oh, and I stopped being scared by indians! I must confess it, please don’t take this in a bad/racist way!

  160. Chad Swiatecki

    IWT has taught me that I can succeed without relying on a day job for “stability” (like my parents and family have constantly preached) and that I’m the one who determines how rich of a life I’m going to live.

  161. Jill

    Your blog post on getting inside your customers’ heads helped me write the advert which got me 4 clients for my side business.

    You get me to think ‘screw it, what’s the worst that could happen?’ and say yes to things, even if I’m nervous. And you convinced me it’s OK to just be pretending to be confident, even if I’m not feeling it.

    You rock. Happy birthday.

  162. Deborah Hall

    I found my market: persons with a need and desire for what I offer, and the ability to pay for it.
    No more fuzzy thinking. I’ve got what they want. And it gives me joy.
    Thank you.
    You also p____ed me off. You made some stupid put-down of some “old lady.”
    I thought: I’ll show HIM who’s old 🙂
    I’m 64 and I’m on my way to becoming rich. MANY of your ideas are helping me.
    THANK YOU!!!! You are a genius at growing rich people.

    • Simi

      “I’m 64 and I’m on my way to becoming rich.”

      I love this! Thank you for showing me it’s never too late.

  163. Kirsten

    So far I’ve used Dream Job scripts to network into a completely new, proof of concept position that starts at the end of August. I’ll have two months to prove my worth and move it to full time. I’ve also gained so many amazing friends and mentors from RBT, people that are worth their weight in gold. I just got off an Invisible Script Demolisher session, and I’m kind of in awe of the realizations I came to in the last two hours. Definitely feeling like the best is yet to come!

    Happy Birthday!!

  164. Sarah

    Thanks to the Q&A session with your personal trainer friends – as well as your repeated rants about people who manufacture excus s when confronted with a golden opportunity to improve your life – I learned about Paleo diet and did my first whole30 (super-strict Paleo for 30 days), which had me sleeping better and feeling better than I had in over a decade – plus I shed10 lbs and at least one dress size.

    The new energy pushed me to start Crossfit, and begin reaching out to friends I’d lost touch with while living abroad.

    This newfound energy plus the need to make healthy meals also got me out of the office at a decent time, got me cooking again. My husband was thrilled to have a wife home before 9 pm, as well as with the home cooked meals.

    Next goal is to channel newfound energy and optimism towards: completing dream job! Your mantra for this year, living a rich life, really struck a chord as my life was on the impoverished side at the beginning of the year.

    So thanks a lot Ramit, and have an amazing birthday

  165. Shivs

    I used your Dream Job videos to become a much more prepared interviewer. I did not get my Dream Job and will need a some more experience before I do because I’m still a college student. However, I did get my FIRST internship by starting a conversation and having a guy on the inside do all the work to get me there. It may not be where I want to end up, but it is a fantastic stepping stone and has done a great deal for my confidence. Thank you and have a great birthday!

  166. Fel

    You’re just the bomb, dude! Your advice has literally made me thousands of dollars in just a couple of months.

    I recommend you to the world over, and will do so until, you know. The internet pitters out of existence.

    Have an AWESOME birthday. xxx

  167. Graham

    Where to begin?

    -Helping me completely understand how credit cards work and what I can do minimize fees and improve my credit score (lowering APR rates, increasing limits etc)
    -helping me fully understand the importance and inner workings of 401K’s and Roth IRA’s (I used to be a “invest in real estate” kind of guy, but your book shook that belief to the core, and I am now rethinking/regretting some past decisions)
    -the simple notion of what actions contribute to disproportionate results; working twice as hard before hand to get 5X ahead (asking real questions about the wants and needs of the situation).

    Yup, I drank and the Kool-Aid and am praying at the Church of IWT; eat it Rich Dad!

  168. Isabelle

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Over the last year, I’ve:
    – lost 10 pounds
    – made $15k freelancing
    – started exercise 3 times per week
    – got my conscious spending plan in order
    – changed my mindset
    – and more

    Thank you for all you’re doing, for all of us

  169. Rachel Karl

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! I would have to say that I’ve been inspired by you. Also, have improved my psychology around running my business, raising my rates and delivering better customer service. Also, I used your negotiate tools and have lowered our cell phone and insurance bills. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the great work!

  170. Jasmine

    Happy birthday, and thank you. There have numerous posts that kicked my butt into gear just when I needed it. Also your email series, completely changed my emails. On top of that, I’ve been using your book to change how I handle my finances. So thanks!

  171. Graham

    And I still stand by the notion that you should do a workshop with Jay-Z’s sports agency; think about the exposure + insane street cred.

  172. Jen

    IWTY helped me take action on some financial goals, mainly some retirement/savings goals. I decided to work on some things I enjoy, like writing and landed some freelance writing work. I think IWTY motivated me to take some small, consistent actions toward my future, both financially and career-wise.

  173. Kristen

    I took the Dream Job course last year and landed a job that I thought was my dream job from all the interviews I did, etc. Turned out it was the completed opposite and I was miserable. However, using the lessons I learned from the course I have now landed my dream job and am earning $10k more than what my original goal was. A lot of it is do to networking and keeping good relations with previous bosses, but what really sealed the deal was the briefcase technique. It was a great feeling being asked “what would you do to improve marketing strategies?” and say “As a matter of fact I’ve prepared some ideas for you.” BAM. It was awesome. Thanks Ramit!

  174. Richard Keller

    I Will Teach You to be Rich basically taught me how to grow the hell up, financially speaking. I approach life like a game: its all about finding the strategy that results in a win. 4HW helped me figure out time management, so the next step was managing my money. In the year since I was recommended IWT, my credit score has improved by over 100 points, and I haven’t really changed my spending habits, just developed better strategies.

  175. Mustafa

    In a video, you mentioned the importance of fundamentals over tactics, using the example of how Andre Agassi could kick your butt at tennis even if you had an expensive racket and he had a crappy one. I had been spending time looking for tactics to help me complete my grad school work, but it turned out I was actually using that as a distraction from the actual work. Recognizing this encouraged me to focus on what really mattered- getting into a state of focus on my actual work and staying there, instead of over-worrying about efficiency, productivity, and shiny new tactics. Thanks Ramit!

  176. Cailey

    Helped me to realize that it was possible and okay for me to leave behind the corporate rat race to work in an environment that I love. Just left my Fortune 500 job last month for a small tech start-up, and I’m loving it! I’m excited to go to work everyday now!

  177. Cailey

    Helped me to realize that it was possible and okay for me to leave behind the corporate rat race to work in an environment that I love. Just left my Fortune 500 job last month for a small tech start-up, and I’m loving it! I’m excited to go to work everyday now!

  178. John Bardos

    The single best piece of advice that you offered was that cutting out a latte a day is not the best path to success. You taught me that concentrating on earning more money is far more effective.

    That simple mind shift allowed me to quadruple my income in my last business.

  179. Lee

    I took your Dream Job 2.0 course, and haven’t finished it. It was not working out for me to get through the assignments. It was no fault of yours because the course material was top notch.

    I have spend the last 25 years of my life self sabotaging myself. I graduated from a great university with a great degree, great job, and wonderful salary, but I was frustrated because I can’t get that more I from my job. So I signed up for your course. I realized that the first week of dream job, that one week of focusing on my psychological barriers wasn’t enough. Dream job encouraged me to go deeper, so I stopped the course, and went to a doctor to address my problems. I have a severe anxiety disorder and it is taking me a lot of time to make the changes, but if it wasn’t for dream job, I wouldn’t have gotten started in the first place. I understand now how my psychological barriers have been holding me back. I have a long road ahead of me, but when I reach a good place in terms of my anxiety recovery, I can finally move forward in dream job.

  180. Optimal

    Successfully negotiate for lower commissions stock brokeredges, optimize efficiency by unsubscribing to emails that no longer suit me, close any distractions and segment time for greater efficiency. In sum I am accomplishing more in less time and my income has increased accordingly in a clear uptrend.

  181. g

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Wishing you a fabulous year ahead .. and a lovely person to get goofy with, before this decade ..!

    I will stick to one specific thing _this_ year .. its gotta be that 40k raise .. not the raise per se, though it is a wonderful thing, you made us come out glowing on the other side going through the learning process .. thanks a ton! 🙂

  182. Rachel B

    Your No-Stress Guide to Negotiating helped me negotiate a 7k raise (28%!!) last year, and I believe the confidence I gained from that helped me land a new job where I’m making well over 2x what I had been making less than a year ago!
    What you teach WORKS. I’m going to be debt free by April, thanks to you.
    Happy Birthday!

  183. Bethany

    Happy birthday! You’ve helped me learn to more effectively negotiate money as a freelancer. I know that my time is valuable and now I can more easily stand by my worth. I share that video you made about how to outsmart a recruiter with anyone who’s on the job hunt and now know to never put down a number first. Thanks for all the useful tips and strategies, they’ve helped me focus on what I want and how best to achieve it.

  184. Daniel

    You helped me realize the power and importance of paying off debt. Looking forward to Earn1k after I’m in the clear.

  185. Chris Hess


    You have done a lot to help me and my family. From helping with basic personal finance to earning more money on the side. I think, looking at everything, the ONE thing that made the biggest impact is the idea of automating your finances. Not having to think about where my money goes or even worry about 99% of my bills.

    Thanks and hope you had a great birthday.

  186. Dave K.

    After reading Ramit’s book, I decided to automate my accounts. After doing so, my wife and I were able to save $2000 and go on a nice vacation without worrying about putting it on a credit card.

  187. Josh

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Ramit, your material helped me get over a scarcity mindset I’ve had since childhood, when my mother would always order water instead of soft drinks at resturaunts and was constantly fearful that there wouldn’t be enough.

    A recent Heidi Grant Halverson book has made me realize that my mother was prevention focused, while my dad, being entreprenuerial, was promotion focused.

    It was not a good money mix. The climate of fear about money really permeated me.

    I naturally gravitated to Dave Ramsey and others preaching the frugality gospel for a while, and in an early twenties fit of personal finance curiosity discovered your book at about the same time.

    It took me a while to fully realize that your message was different.

    I think that was part of a tipping point for me.

    I realized that I could turn the energy I’d been using to pinch pennies and worry toward creating value for other people (at scale, even!)

    So I started a business, and while I’m still frugal within reason (start up mode baby!) I’m not ruled by fear to the point that I let it paralyze the creative part of my mind, the part that sees opportunities that aren’t there instead of financial bogey men.

    So thanks for that.

    This is gonna sound crazy, but I think you are making history with your message and the way you are delivering it. I love the research based approach as well as the the use of new media to get these timely and vital messages across to the masses.

    So thanks man, from the bottom of my heart, and happy 31st!

  188. Clint

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    Thank you for all you do. You have helped me understand myself and others better. I have become better at breaking down psychological barriers that used to stop me from acting on what I want and leave me in a state of limbo and anxiety. I feel lot more confident in interacting with others and am constantly learning more.

  189. J H

    Happy b-day, Ramit!

    I signed up for your Dream Job 2.0 earlier this year. While I still in the process and I have not found a DJ yet, the course materials has helped in an unexpected way.

    Using your techniques, emails and language, I managed to get the attention of a hospital’s department head in order to provide some sought after services for my daughter. In fact, this service is not even launching till January of 2014! Just like there is a hidden game for jobs, there is a way to advance my cause for a loved one.

    Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the day!

  190. teresa willis

    In the past two years I’ve gotten out of credit card debt, automated my car payments, saved money for traveling & my wedding. My husband saved enough money to buy us a used Jeep, the right one we need to get us to the places we like to go to explore, camp & take photographs.
    I also pushed through some of my `I’m not good enough’ barriers and joined photography on-line groups where I’ve made several new friends who give support & honest feedback.
    Yesterday, while pooling it w/ friends to cool off from this 106 degree heat, I pulled out a board game I had made several years ago, with the intention of getting ideas on how to revamp it into a web game that the general public/children can play. They said, `You made this? This platform is brilliant’.
    I was stunned to receive that kind of feedback. Maybe it is a good idea.
    Then we brainstormed for about 2 hours on how to develop it. So I plan to continue on breaking thru my confidence barriers and use the Ramit material and resources to keep defining & launch this creation – find programmers, developers, etc.
    Plus it was good to get feedback from people who actually understand technology and how to make it work for you. I’ve been having to catch up a lot in that arena.
    Anyway, that’s the goal for the next few months but it started with reading the `IWT’ book.
    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

  191. Basti

    IWT helped me setup a financial system, focus on the big wins and negotiate with a whole new mindset. Automating my finances alone saved me countless hours and worries, time that is much better spent with my wife and the kids. Thanks a lot and a happy birthday.

  192. kat

    My husband and I debated whether we could afford your Dream Job course – we actually took the money out of our wedding fund last summer when we were engaged. However, I secured a job increase at my last job and nailed my interviews at my new job. Importantly, I had the courage to take a bit of a pay decrease to move to a more Dreamjob-like position. Also, I am pretty sure that I’m the most highly paid person at my level at my new job thanks to your negotiating tactics.
    My husband secured two raises and a promotion using your techniques. In total, the Dream Job course paid for itself many many more times over which is more than I can say about having additional roses in my bouquet with the same amount of wedding fund cash!
    Your stuff works and you also took away my latte guilt. Cheers for that!

  193. Seth M

    Happy Smurfday Ramit!

    Just want to first say “Thanks”. The past year since discovering your material has been absolutely amazing for my personal growth. One of the things that I learned from IWT material is the importance of focusing on the things I can control and what actually matters, rather than all the other nonsense people say is important. While that hasnt manifested totally in full automation, a raise, or a Dream Job… yet. I am definitely feeling the growth and getting results. For example, Im starting to get out of my own way and network, even reached out to a few VIPs who appreciate the value I am better able to communicate and have been really insightful. Even surprised everyone at my job by taking initiative and leading a workshop attended by professionals in my field who are all in higher positions than I am. Couldnt have generated the cajones without ya! Thanks a ton man! Enjoy the shit outta your B-day!!!

  194. Devi

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I am grateful for your website, books, and programs. Since May 2013 IWTUTBR Book:
    1. Paid 6 k off in debts
    2. Communicate assertively and respect myself more.
    3. Cleared out most of the grey areas in my business.
    4. Negotiating a deal to open a business in Kerala
    5. Lost 12 lbs.
    6. Have a system in place to lay the financial foundation.
    7. Got REAL and cut the BS
    Thanking U, Sincerely Yours,

  195. James


    Here are a few things:
    – automating my finances and my wife’s so we’re meeting savings goals
    – having creating and inspiring conversations with my wife about money (it’s no longer a chore)
    – making £500 from tutoring

    But perhaps the biggest thing has been principles:
    – “a little every day” (linked with the power of routine) and
    – automate to take the energy out of thinking

    I apply it all the time. It’s been really useful with my writing and my website where I post one-sentence daily insight 8am every day. I schedule my posts a week in advance and WordPress does the rest!

    Thank you for your refreshingly straight-forward writing style.


    PS As a British-Born Indian…I love all the references…

  196. Vols

    While I am an Earn1K and RBT member, I have never paid for any Dream Job or Negotiation material. However, I do read all of your blog posts, emails, and attend your live webinars. With that said, I was able to utilize the techniques that you give out for FREE to achieve the following in a 3 month timeframe at the age of 24:

    Internal Promotion: Successfully network into an internal promotion that provided a 14% pay raise. As an entry level worker out of college, I was also the first person to earn an internal promotion (salary AND title) in my peer group at my company.

    External Promotion: Utilized networking techniques to connect with a VIP at at one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world. Leveraged this connection to receive a job interview and ultimately an offer with a 34% pay increase. The job is primarily for people with 8-10 years of experience (and an MBA), but I got it at age 24. Additionally, this is in a top tech city that has a 20% less cost of living than my current city.

    Keep in mind both of these happened at the same time and ultimately I had to take the external promotion due to money and prestige of the company. Actually, all of this worked so well that my biggest stress was balancing the internal promotion and external offer simultaneously.

  197. Zaki

    I got idea from the book that I never thought I would do. I negotiated for pay rise. I was hoping for 15k increase but I instead I got 17k increase. I didn’t do any of the scripts as I don’t like to talk much to my boss… That one idea is from the book, if u are interested which technique that is, check it out…. It was risky but it worked!

  198. Michael

    Happy Birthday Ramit !

    You’ve helped me to stop living in dreams and to take actions, Thanks a lot !

  199. Maureen

    My job is to connect people to the information they need to make their lives better. Ramit’s books, blogs, and website are great resources to help people get started rethinking how they are spending their money, spending their time and living their lives.

  200. NancyE

    Hello Ramit,

    I’ve been meaning to share with you for a while that you are an inspiration to me! Your blog has been on my radar for a couple of years and I don’t always have time to keep up with it. Lately I’ve been paying more attention again, since I am working on growing my career again.

    It’s time to define my dream job! Your insight and delightful approaches demonstrate to me that I can do all this and enjoy the process! I’m much more “thrifty” than you are, but I would like to wear nicer clothes and have latte’s too. Thank you for enriching my life by increasing my means. I hope to meet you someday soon! I live in Florida, and will travel. 🙂

    Warm regards,

  201. Joe

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    The aspect of my finances that has benefitted the most from reading I Will Teach You to Be Rich has been my savings. I had most of my bills automated already, but after reading about ING Direct in the book, I decided to open up a savings account, and start automating deposits.Furthermore, I divided my account up into 10-12 different funds so that once I got a lot of money saved, I wouldn’t be as tempted to blow it since I would have to be taking it out of a fund set aside for a specific purpose. Dividing my accounts up like this also made saving kind of addictive- I tried to come up with as many things as I could to save up for, hen I would increase my amounts deposited into each sub-account by small increments. Also, any time I cut an expense, it went into a fund. For example, once I got rid of my $100 per month satellite bill, I started putting the money toward the travel fund in my savings account. In the 5 months since I’ve read the book, I went from saving a few hundred dollars a year to saving just over $450 every two weeks.

  202. hakeemoladipuposalawu

    hello Ramit ,i wish u happy birthday and prosperous years ahead,ur keynote about how to b rich changed my mindset abt sucess and i ve been working on it bt in my country(Nigeria) most of ideas re not very easy to implement bcos there is no readily facilities to work with but am able set off bill as scheduled,thanks

  203. Rickard

    If you’re looking for bite-sized testimonials, I can’t really provide. It’s like when something big changes about your attitude or your “frames” it trickles down to almost every part of your life.

    I can tell you that at 26 years old I’ve found full time employment for the first time in my life, I’m thinking about work, value and money in completely new terms and I feel an intense optimism about the future.

    I’ve studied a lot of material similar to IWT so it’s hard to say specifically where the credit lies. But I feel that your material has been immensely helpful, both the free stuff and courses I’ve bought.

    So thanks Ramit, and happy birthday!

  204. Andrew Slominski

    From your Success Trigger on worrying: I’ve cut down my stress level at work immensely by simply focusing on the things I can control. Instead of focusing on the behaviors of everyone else at work I focus on myself. I’ve reduced conflicts with coworkers, I’m able to put work behind me when I get home, and best of all, now I TRULY look like a stand-out at work for being relentlessly positive.

  205. Logan


    It has helped me pay for a wedding, buy a new car, and multiple other things. It has also helped me network and get a much higher salary.

  206. Anne Straub

    I gained insight into some of the ways I undercut myself and I’m working on building different patterns of behavior.

  207. kathleen

    having my savings account automated gives me a feeling of safety knowing my nest egg is there in case of emergencies. thanks ramit! happy birthday!

  208. kat

    Ive just read your emails… im not rich yet…

  209. Don VanDemark

    No one specific item but in general, gave me the motivation to become more entrepreneurial which has led me to being a founder of a promising startup on the side.

  210. Edward

    Since taking Earn1k last summer, I’ve worked on an exciting project, and now am part of the next phase team and we are forming a startup and obtaining capital to take it to the next level. I have ownership in the new company thanks to great work I’ve done and good relationship I have with my clients.

    More importantly, I feel more confident and decisive in my overall life. This has helped me in my day job, as well as other aspects of my life. I feel more in control, confident, and happy as a result. I no loner feel slave to my corporate day job. Ihave more options for the future, and look forward to what unfolds on my side business I’ve built from my Earn1k skills.

  211. Noë

    First of all happy birthday.

    I never thought that psychological factors are so important in how we communicate and how we make decisions. I always thought that if I am good in what I do I will get payed more. I learned that is totally not true.

    Thanks to you Ramith, and through your 1000 on the side course I know now in what direction I should move.

    Many many thanks for that.

  212. Laura

    Not that you need your head expanded even more, but doing your Dream Job course has made me panic A LOT less about finding a job after I graduate.Talking to fellow students my age who don’t even have a CV, I’m confident that I’ll be waaaaay more prepared for job seeking when the time comes.

    I even met someone with my dream job on the LinkedIn group and I quizzed him about what I should do to prepare for my graduate job, and that information has been invaluable in giving me a headstart.

    Thanks Ramit 🙂

  213. Tanya

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    March 20, 2011 my total debt (all credit card) was $25,019.55. I purchased your book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” in April 2011. I had no savings and no 401k accounts. October 16, 2012 my total debt was $16,749.61. Today June 30, 2013 my total debt is $6,045.38. I have a Capital One 360 (formerly ING) savings account and two credit union savings accounts and over $20,000.00 in my 401K account. Today I would be closer to my Zero Debt goal but I took a two week Portuguese language course in Brazil in 2012. I will be totally debt free December 2013. January 2014 I plan on starting a Vanguard Roth IRA. My 1/2 Marathon running shoes are the color of your book.
    God Bless You Ramit! You are a true Earth Angel! I hope that your Birthday is filled with Big Fun and Great News!

  214. Kim D

    Happy Birthday RS! I am much older than your target audience, but still receive many challenges from your viewpoint. I want to thank you for your reflection on just doing the thing ( like your parents marrying first then falling in love) and then allow opportunities to reveal themselves as we are being and doing ‘ in the trenches’ instead of ruminating on the great thing that will occur eventually when we find the perfect career/mate etc. This has turned out to be true in my life. Sorry to badger, but As wife of almost 30 years, and a mother of 3 I am entirely on your mums side with respect to you finding a lovely wife.

  215. KG

    IWT has convinced me to stop thinking about the future and retirement as some far-off fairytale, and start preparing for it.

    It has also helped me to decide to stop thinking of my art as just a hobby and begin working towards making it my trade.

  216. Kristin

    Recently after reading some of your emails on taking risks I applied for a very good job that could increase my income 2.5-3x and really advance my career. I didn’t think at this time during my training in a residency program I would be allowed to apply since I have 1.5 yrs left in the program, but when I brought the idea up to my mentors they were very supportive and encouraging. I am now waiting to hear back about an interview. This could be a pivotal point in my career and advance me years before what I was anticipating.

  217. James Maarsten

    Dear Ramit:
    There is one thing I adhere to it is this:
    Marry the right person. This one decision will lead to 90% of your happiness, or misery.
    So as for Ma, (or would that be: Mah?): just tell her that you’ll marry when your heart is set, not her’s. And if you do marry, let’s see what she says when you tell her that you’ll decide when it’s time to have children, or not! 😀

    As for what you’ve done: you’ve given me food for thought.
    This year is the Year of the Water Dragon, it is the time when we’re all forced to move, or be moved!
    As for myself: I’m getting out of Stinktown (Las Vegas) permanently, and embarking on a career as a Sonogrpahy Technician. This is no easy road, as it was advertised, and it is frought with it’s own peril. For me however, it is my exodus to salvation!
    Now if only I could get the girl I’d love to marry, to marry me!?! 😀

  218. Christine

    I found the gumption, direction, strength, and will to leave a stupid, dead-end job, and to start my dream job. Moreover, this choice to start over changes the course of my life entirely. Thanks Ramit and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  219. jessica laine

    happy birthday ramit. since i read your book and became an RBT member in november 2012 i have: automated my finances, saved 20k and doubled my income. i’m still working on the guilt free spending (i was raised catholic).

    i see opportunity everywhere. i stopped trying to network. instead i develop relationships with amazing people and all of a sudden find myself surrounded by people i love, trust and respect.

    thanks for giving me the opportunity to THANK YOU.

    ps. i think it’s interesting how often you mention marriage. i can’t help but think there’s something important there. i don’t know you personally, but i find it hard to believe you really want to keep “stalling”. so my birthday wish for you is to meet a special lady who changes your mind about relationships. and hopefully makes your mom very happy… and maybe even $1001 richer 😉

  220. Francesca

    Ramit, I used your scripts to get a substantial raise in my day job, while your entrepreneurial emails helped me start a business on the side that put an extra 15k in my bank account last year.

    Thanks. And happy happy birthday!

  221. Michael Addis

    I learned about the relationship between negotiation and confidence. Thats a big one. My birthday was this weekend as well!

  222. Ben

    IWTYTBR has helped me conquer a job interview.
    It has also opened my eyes to the fact that a game is being played around me, of which I don’t know the rules.
    Thanks Ramit!
    May the coming year be even better than the last one! XD

  223. Bobby Grimes

    Ramit you taught me to face the hard cruel fact that I have built my life on credit and borrowed money. The fact I have been paying interest for 25 years made me sick. I have begun to focus directly on paying off my credit/debts and not borrowing more.
    Mahalo Nui, Bobby G

  224. chris

    Hey Ramit,
    Your newsletters/material gave me wake-up call and got me off my duff, write down what I want and improved my negotiating skills such that I got the promotion I wanted.

    Enjoy your birthday…..just keeps getting!


  225. momotchi

    hi ramit,

    it motivated me to re-start a photo business from scratch by myself, after 5 years of launching and running it succesfully with my previous partner and our separation. you gave me my
    focus back.

  226. Gina T


    You motivated me to get my butt moving and automate my finances to finally unload some debt. Also, after I read your book, investing for retirement finally made sense. I had been struggling with it for a long time and now I understand. Thank you!

    I hope you had a fantastic and memorable birthday weekend.

  227. Ms Hanson

    IWT reaffirmed what I’ve claimed for years – that clipping coupons and shaving fractions off an already tight budget does not equal earning more money. Period. And Ramit knows that the cost of something has little bearing on the value.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit. Live long and prosper!

  228. Betsey


    A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope your day is full of fun experiences, joy & happiness. Cause that’s the way birthdays should be!

    Advice about mom’s: don’t let your mom rush you. It’s your life, you’ll get married in your own time. Now, teasing her and making bets, that fun! I hope I have that kind of fun relationship with my sons when they grow up.

    Your work and material has done a lot for me in the short time I’ve been around it, but the biggest take away that I have from your work, Ramit is that it is actionable. And if the material itself isn’t actionable enough, then you have a follow up email the next day in your program that will kick my but into taking action, I need that. I’ve consumed so many other programs where it’s just “here’s an idea, implement it” without any “here’s how” or think about what you need to change in behavior to do it.

    Another huge thing you’ve done for me is given me exposure to the amazing people in RBT. I have made so many friends and acquaintances in the subgroups in the last few months that it just amazes me. I can support others and they will support me right back about writing, my business ideas and even health and fitness. I love it!

    So thank you so much for bringing your message, ideas, material, frameworks and your heart into what you do. It shows.


  229. Carolyn

    Hi Ramit!

    You’re so hot!! You shouldn’t have any problem finding a cute girl to settle down with when you are ready!! (I’m from an indian family as well, though I do not look it with lighter hair and skin, however my parents also want me to settle down since it’s been 6 years since my divorce. Believe me, I know that feeling of pressure! GEEZ!!) Good luck with that!

    I haven’t taken any of your courses yet, but just reading your emails and blogs have opened my eyes to new possibilities and given me the motivation and courage to change things. That is why I continue to subscribe to your emails. My life is in the middle of many changes for the better because I have started taking action instead of thinking about it forever and waiting, while I mull over all the possible outcomes.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  230. Kevin

    Happy Birthday!
    I have been wanting to share this with you and what a great chance to do so. Back in March around my birthdaybI set a goal for the year to get my dream job. I have listened to a few of your webinars and read a lot of you materials. I
    I set a goal a long time ago to be a hospital executive by the time I am 40 yr old. I used a number of networking techniques and some interview techniques. I landed my dream job as a hospital exec. In April, what a great ride. Now I am looking forward to getting my bills figured out and automated.
    I so appreciate your help and inspiration.

    Wishing you a great Birthday and a wonderful year.

  231. Fiona

    Happy Birthday!!

    The number one thing you have helped me do is realize that collecting information is absolutely worthless. It’s the application that matters.

    Automating my finances and setting things up so that they’re not willpower based had vastly decreased my stress and increased my results.

    Thank you for ALL that you do!

  232. Elze

    Happy birthday Ramit
    It was amazing to read the difference you made in so many peoples lives. i think you impact is that you kick start most of us into action, if it means just organizing our finances or applying for a better paying job. Maybe it is just to realize that we have the choice to live better lives and to be open to create those opportunities for ourselves.

  233. Maggie

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    In less than a year, your advice has helped me get a new job (with $10,000/year more) and pay down an additional $10,000 of my student loans! Because of your book, I finally understand why I need a credit card to build credit, why paying bills on time is not enough, and how I can set up savings now in my 20s to prepare for the future.
    Most of all, your webinars, posts and book have helped me gain confidence and fight back against those invisible scripts that have kept me stagnant and afraid – things like “but you NEED savings because if you loose your job you’ll be out of work for months” – I have enough to be comfortable, and because I’m a huge asset to employers I am free to keep mine/get a new one. Also the famous “student debt is good debt, keep your savings and don’t worry about paying it down” – you showed me my money market acct is losing me money in addition to the loan interest I have to pay. I’m going to be able to pay off ALL my debt next month – and while I always wanted to do it and felt motivated, you gave me the tools.

  234. Garfunkel

    Happy birthday, Ramit! You give valuable peeks into the subtle mechanics of life. Thanks a lot 🙂

  235. Heather

    IWTYTBR has:
    1. Given me the courage to start my own business, and return to school.
    2. Put fire under my feet to work for my goals.
    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Thank you for sharing so much with me through your website, emails, and videos.

  236. David

    Happy Birthday Ramit

    I haven’t bought any of your products yet but I stay on your mailing list. Occasionally you get upset with folks like us and tell us to $#!+ or get off the pot. The details you provide in your email were enough motivation and encouragement for me so that:

    Last year I quit a job I had worked for 6 years and had hated for about 4 years and 10 months. I moved to a far more successful and growth oriented company, bumped up 10 K in salary, cut my total daily commute time from 3 hours to 50 minutes and now carry a third of the negative stress I used to.

    I’m ramping up a new skill set in order to drive out a product idea and will be looking at earn your first $1000 probably later this year.

    Thanks for all you do.

  237. Alex

    Happy birthday dude.

    The one thing Ive learned from your material is that everything is a system and once you hack it, you can make it your bitch 🙂

    Here’s my quick story: When I first read IWT, I was 4 months out of college but I got myself a job paying over 200k. In the next 11 months, I paid off my student loan and personal debts ($90k), took 2 months worth of vacations, and have gotten half way through my personal project (a mobile app) that Im hoping will eventually be the source of some passive income. All this while getting my credit score up 150 points. Meanwhile, I recommended your blog to my closest friends, three of whom also went on to negotiate raises and get better jobs within months of reading your material.

    I also learned from IWT that to live the rich life there is no one thing you can do. There are many things that need to work in sync.

    Thanks man, enjoy your day.

    PS. Indian moms are the best!

  238. Ryan

    Where to begin?

    1. Helped me set up and automate my finances, and taught me how to think about saving money, BEFORE I finished undergrad — absolutely priceless and something I see so few of my peers doing. I’ve since gotten a handful of people to buy your book, including my boss!

    2. Taught me how to negotiate in a way that honestly treats the value on both sides of the table. Totally changed my reality about how negotiating is supposed to work.

    3. Gave me a framework for thinking about how to get an awesome job, which I’ve seen been able to help other peers with. In large part by referring them to your material.

    Hope you have an awesome 31st. Few people can say they’ve helped make so many lives better at your or any age.

  239. Andy

    I didn’t discover your material until March of this year, but once I dove into your material, I found a lot of answers to some really important questions. And these weren’t limited to my finances. Sure, your material helped me streamline my money, pay off my debt, and find money I didn’t know I had–but more importantly it helped guide me to thinking about the future. I began saving for what I really want in a way that doesn’t really change my overall lifestyle–just the way I take care of my money. I opened savings accounts for specific goals and established a retirement account, making commitments to pay myself every month, and I feel like I’m making progress. I now feel a little more in control of my future, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks!

  240. Pete Springer

    IWT taught me that achieving small goals really adds up. For example, earning an extra $100 a month on the side and saving an extra $50 a month leaves me with more in the bank, and more to spend each month.

  241. David Bracetty

    Over the past 3 years, I’ve watched Ramit’s videos, webcasts, and blog posts. My utilizing the briefcase technique, referral system and learning how to interview I was able to land a dream job working as a Public Relations Coordinator without previously being employed in that position before.

    We all have skills that are unique to us and that make us different. Thanks Ramit for helping me realize that I can be valuable to a company and how to show them how I can help them.


  242. Nat

    I learned that I will never have to worry about getting a job again, even one out of my experience range.

    Thanks so much Ramit.

  243. Michael

    You helped me to understand how testing works with companies and how i can apply that as well.

  244. Lorie

    Happy Birthday!

    Let me just share how much your information has helped me see where I want to be, debt free! You’ve helped me set that goal, and I have set other goals for myself after I reach this one.

    Thank you so much!

  245. Ryan

    Thank you for helping me stay on top of my finances. I was even able to help others create a better financial plan with your excellent advice!

  246. Joana

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy birthday! I’ve managed to negotiate a 23% raise and a promotion. Looking forward to learning and applying some of your other advice!

    Thank you

  247. Simon

    Happy Birthday! I’ve been a reader for your blog for a year or so, have just finished your book (the UK version!). I found the most useful learning was the briefcase technique and other job interview skills which improved my performance no end. I have also started implementing some of your advice from IWTYTBR. Sorry that’s two things…hope you don’t mind.

  248. Alhassa

    I have learned a lot about money handling. This has helped me to make some money and able to save a little.

  249. Pat

    The biggest thing that I Will Teach You To Be Rich has taught me is how to break things down to the root “why” to be able to find the motivation behind the action. That’s the only way to truly change and it has helped me make more money, be more successful, motivate and lead, and prioritize my life!

  250. AJ

    I think testing is a big one. I’ve been researching and testing ideas, and I finally found a big winner. I taught a class at the public library. The librarian said she’d pay $150 for the 1 hour class, and now I’m a vendor, which means I can teach that class (which is all planned out) plus a number of similar classes at 10 libraries in the network. I’m really excited about the hourly rate and all the possibilities. Happy Birthday, and thanks for all you do!

  251. Justin Dux

    IWT has helped me write more professional emails.

  252. Silvio

    Your thoughts about behavioral change are highly useful + everything you said about resumes. Thanks al lot for your work.

  253. Matthew

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I’m not sure where to begin because I’ve learned so much since becoming a reader January of 2012. I’m a Earn1K grad and Dream Job grad and I’ve learned so much in both of those courses.

    The biggest area that you have helped me with is my mindset. The mindset of being a top performer and what is takes to be a top performer. Looking back to the pre-Ramit days I was definitely in a haze (you may call it the unwashed masses haze) – not seeing the game being played around me. Now I know the why, what, and how to achieve what I want to achieve. It truly is awesome!

    Thank you Ramit!

  254. Caro

    You’ve made me push my boundaries, and I want to keep going.

  255. Johnny Mean

    Well Ramit, the impacts have been on a behavioral level that have resulted in the following over the last 4 years:

    -Debt free(From the IWTYTBR book), even living in the most expensive city in North America.
    -Had a dream wedding, including underwater photo shoot (IWTYTBR Book)
    -Ran a successful side business (Earn 1K)
    -Took an 8 month trip of SE Asia with my wife.( IWTYTBR Book)
    -Came back to dream job offers (6 figures) and secured a position starting at the end of summer.(Dream Job 2011)
    -Using Natural Networking-Met Scott H Young who has become a really good friend.(Dream Job)
    -Became focused on adding value and eliminating toxic people.(RBT)
    -All this after a spinal injury and being bed-ridden for 6 months. I didn’t let that script change anything.
    Happy Birthday! My sincere thanks-beers on me when we get together!

  256. Roman

    Hi Ramit’s mom,

    Ramit helped me make a great first impression with the founder of a company I would love to work for. Ramit’s briefcase technique helped me stand out and make a good impression before I was even ready to interview. Now I’m studying to get ready for the interview, and then I’ll have my dream job.

  257. Adam E.G

    The biggest things I’ve learned through IWTYTBR is mindset. Yeah there are lots of tactics, word for word scripts etc but altering my mindset from “I need to be an expert to do ____” to just getting moving and doing whatever it is you want to do (in my case it’s license my products/ideas to companies…) the expertise will come. This has opened a floodgate of possibilities that tactics just couldn’t penetrate before. Thanks you sir. This site was a big part of that process.

  258. Nick

    Your How to Find Dream Job webinar …

    After I edited my résumé with your tips I was overwhelmed on LinkedIn.
    It made me realize I have a choice of who I want to work for and not for the forage employer that gave me an offer.

    I recommended you site to three of my friends.

    One took them time and they were pleasantly surprised by the results.

    Another friend of mine, I used your tips to help them and it helped them find a job quicker than most in this craptacular economy.

    Most of all, Happy Birthday Ramit!

    With high regards,

  259. CC

    My life was a mess in a rut. I am a newbie to this whole concept, and I’m not the fastest moving turtle, but it’s a start. For now, I can report that I feel inspired, and I haven’t felt inspired for a long time; and I now have hope, hope that this inspiration and the things I am learning from you, Ramit, is just the start of getting another chance to sculpt the life I want for myself! Thank you…and Happy Birthday!

  260. Rebecca

    I learned to take control of my finances and my career. No one else is going to do it for me.

  261. Ronald Fox

    Happy Birthday!
    I’ve learned to appreciate your matter of fact, no nonsense approach to taking on any issue, and I’ve learned we can always do more. Thanks!

  262. Courts

    You have encouraged me to put myself out there, be confident and not give up on my dreams. You are definitely an inspiration and I read and appreciate every email. Thank you & Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  263. AMC

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Well, I must say I have been reading your website only for a week, since I watched a rebroadcast of your course at creativelive. I can’t believe how valuable is everything you’re sharing!

    So far I have learned that what I wanted to sell my clients was actually what I would like to buy myself, I wasn’t paying attention to them and now I CAN SEE IT!!!

    I can’t even express how grateful I am for your amazing work. Hopefully I’ll write my achievements soon enough.



  264. Richard

    For whatever reason, your blog and book have been the only thing to ever get my spending to be less than my earning. Without that, every other piece of advice or action you have is pointless. I could have gotten a higher paying job and just spent more. I could have negotiated lower fees and still spent more.

    For the first time, last year, I spent less than I earned.

  265. Craig

    As a teacher, I think that teens often learn more from HOW I teach than by WHAT I teach. Likewise, there is much to be learned from you in HOW you run your business: you are guided more by courage (love?) than fear; you give people a voice to speak openly about your products and ideas; you are generous with samples of your products; you acknowlege mistakes and continue to grow; you are more focused on building a successful enterprise than on counting your money, and so forth.

  266. Ed

    Took on Ramit’s Negotiation course and have 2 standout results:
    -with just one phone call with a verbal briefcase, got a $12k discount on the land I bought
    -Challenging my self imposed limits on believing I am a junior employee, applied for a mid-level position; now pending the offer and a $16k pay raise.

  267. Ash

    Woohoo, got the book a month ago, got motivated. Already kicked down my credit card debt that I’ve been sitting on for 2 years by 1/3!

  268. Eleanor

    Since taking the Earn1k classes (and several other seminars), I’ve come to a lot of realizations. That my mindset of feeling “guilty” is far more venomous than I first realized – that I was really limiting myself by not trying to break the barriers of my current job, and gave me tricks and tips to find my dream job.

    You gave me some reassurance and clarity that the ideas in my head are not just thoughts; that I can take action and make extra money on the side from something I love to do.

    You taught me that talking to people who have higher positions/recognition than me and creating a personal relationship is the best way to get to know people, and it gave me the courage to reach out to several people to help in my goal of becoming a freelance graphic designer!

    You even showed me ways to renegotiate my salary and find a dream job – things that I thought were impossible without years of work experience and prior knowledge under my belt!

    You’re helped me keep a goal-oriented mindset so, while I’m paying off my student loans and saving up more money that I thought possible, you let me see my true value and potential.

    Thank you, Ramit, for helping me. For helping all of us! Have a wonderful birthday weekend, and a fantastic year!

  269. Annabel

    I think the most useful thing I have been reminded by Ramit over and over again is to address my audience appropriately i.e in terms of benefits. It’s so simple, but people so rarely do it effectively. I find if I do it, I stand out.

  270. Alexia

    Found my dream job – running my own bikini company. And still drink lattes (well, Americanos to be exact). Thank you!

  271. Monika

    IWT has helped me identify and overcome psychological barriers to living a richer life. And the scripts aren’t too shabby either!

  272. Annabel

    Ps forgot to say Happy birthday and thanks for the advice

  273. Janie

    I am smarter, sexier, more confident, and more powerful than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m questioning assumptions, raising the bar, and taking more control over my life and my self. And I frequently credit you – aka my “Indian Boyfriend” – with being an early and continued influence in that growth. So, thanks. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Ramit

  274. Shashi

    Ramit , I am beginning to appreciate how inflation ( ” financial rust ” ) and management fees ( levied by investment experts ! ) erode into earnings in the long-term . Thanks for your newsletters .
    May all your noble intentions become reality .
    Happy birthday and a bright future !
    Shashi , from Johannesburg , South Africa .

  275. Jody W

    Happy birthday! I read your book several years ago. I am older than your intended audience (I’m 39) and I already knew a lot of what you were teaching, but your voice was one that resonated for me. I took the leap and became a dream job student last year and although my new job isn’t exactly my dream job, it has extended me in many ways I could never have imagined (professionally, personally, even spiritually!) I have a confidence now that I never had before. I know that if I were to lose my job tomorrow, the road to find a new one would be short.

    What I really appreciate about your work is that there’s an underlying soulfulness to it. Yeah, you’re cocky and offend some folks along the way, but I genuinely believe that you want people to enrich their lives in more ways than just getting a new job, making more money, etc. I get the sense that you want people to strike a healthy balance on a personal level and in the greater world that we all exist in. I know I’m better off because of what you’ve taught me…thank you!

  276. Blake Giesbrecht

    Happy Birthday!

    I can spot loser scripts in my own speech (and others!) and instantly get to the real problem (i.e. saying things that sound legitimate to myself to let myself off the hook and knowing its BS)

    I also focus more on earning than saving- Life has gotten a lot more fun! (this year alone have made 25k on the side and projected to make over 100k by the end of the year)

    Perhaps one of the greatest things I’ve put to use though is your teaching on how small physical barriers can get in our way psychologically. I often think of your story about exercising and laying out your gym clothes the night before. I’ve used this knowledge many times on myself and others with great success.

    Many thanks for your work,


  277. Babatunde Jaiyeoba

    Happy birthday….junior brother!
    Got more confident through you in doing my personal business beside my employment! Continue the good work. I wonder how we can get the hard copy of your materials in this part of the world.

  278. C

    happy 31st..long life and prosperity

  279. Ray

    Yo Ramit – Happy Birthday!

    I have read your book, AND listened to it probably 3 or 4 times now! I enjoy your sassy, to-the-point writing style, and the content and advice even more. Thanks to you I am much more conscious of both my own money and our family finances, I now have a no-fee checking account, am monitoring my retirement funds etc. etc. You have been an immeasurable help to me. Thanks much!


  280. Shea

    For your no-bullshit approach, tough love, & brutal honesty — I thank you.

    I’m 23 and you’ve made accomplishing financial freedom practical and tangible. My goals and dreams are less daunting and I am confident that I can manifest my reality.

    I remember Maya Angelou saying, “I am human therefore nothing human is foreign to me.”

    If you can do it, so can I. So can we.

    With sincere gratitude and humility,

  281. Ian Robinson

    You’ve helped me in understanding personal finances. I’ve automated saving, reversed every bank fee from that time forth and am earning 1 k on the side. You the Man!

  282. Wes

    Very good advice, raised salary by $40k in anout 6 months. Good structured advice.

  283. Jay Tan

    My dreams so as to vividly place in a goal is to build an online & offline network of business partners.

  284. R

    Helped me automate my accounts and save more than $100,000. Now if I can just get it together and go through the E1K material and make 1k on the side …

  285. Chris

    Hi Ramit,

    I landed an awesome job using the free material from Dream Job. I crafted an excellent résumé and learned to how to talk in interviews. Now I work for the most valuable company in the world in a store where we do a lot of clapping. Now I’m working on Earn1K so I can have a business if my own.

  286. Jordan Spuck

    Ramit, your website has helped me in negotiating rates with cc companies, and helped me in my negotiation with employers. In general, my confidence making business deals has increased significantly.



  287. Kayll

    Using the free material from Dream Job, I negotiated a higher salary for my awesome new job.

  288. RobertoD

    Celebrate! You deserve it! Thank you for your no-nonsense style, your positive and can-do attitude. I’ve almost double your age, and will take your courses when slow down my overseas working. I do enjoy all your emails and tid-bits you provide. They make us to reset, to challenge what we do and know. Keep going, too many people can benefit from you.

  289. Arden

    Just reading your emails leaves me in a positive mindset. I admire your attitude and confidence.

  290. Marie Chaisson

    This year IWT has helped me to better understand and connect with Millenials, which actually helps me greatly enrich my career. Kind of a random achievement but very helpful!

  291. Sacha

    **Happy Birthday**
    How to be tactical and to really think about the way we present ourselves and our businesses.

    …get married already – give your poor mother some grandchildren ;o)

  292. Jack

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Your advice and guidance has been an indispensable part of our lives as we’ve grown and come to manage our finances like a well-oiled machine and made freelancing into a full time, 6-figure a year gig!

  293. elizabethM

    I took a risk and got out of a dead end job and increased my income by 17% to pay off a lot of debt. Now am better prepared for the next hurdle; finding a job I love with an even better salary!

  294. MsCommish1

    Ramit reminded me to say thank you to people. I usually say thank you but after hearing a very interesting talk he gave about building support systems, brain trusts and creating value he reminded me to reach back and say thank you to those who might have helped me in the past. It was so simple but so piognant for me. I went ahead and did it and rekindled old friends and I’m still doing it. It feels good to say thank you out of no where, people really appreciate that. Thanks

  295. Lori

    A couple months back I applied for and got a new position at my current company, but the salary offered was below the external posting. Using the briefcase technique, I was able to negotiate a salary that was almost 10% more than that offered and in the middle of the external posting range.

  296. Pamela J. Stubbart

    Using the Briefcase Technique, I landed a cool part-time, work-from-home position that allowed me to stay in New York City instead of moving back home to Georgia with my tail between my legs. I continue to use IWT advice to hustle side gigs and get control of my financial situation. Many thanks, Ramit. Happy bday.

  297. Shawn Sakamoto

    Earn and maintain a 790 FICO score

  298. Linda Giella

    I’m constantly quoting you and referring people to your website — people who are either still in, or just out of college… telling them I wish I’d known these things when I was 21!

    There’s still more I’m learning from your newsletters though I’ve been in business a relatively long time. Like not listening to certain bad advice from so-called “experts”… And having “scripts” prepared before meetings or interviews. Golden!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Thanks again.

  299. DJR

    The DJ course and your videos have given me a hunger to find not just any job, but my dream job. I probably would have settled for less otherwise

  300. Rosalyn

    I learned the sheer joy of smart, automatic money management. I’ve recommended your materials to my daughter who will never have to unlearn the counterproductive ideas and bad habits I used to have. I can’t say thank you enough! Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

  301. Jill

    I have gained confidence in my ability to manage my own money and goals, and I have a significant amount of money saved in a Roth IRA, which I contribute to automatically.

  302. Margaux

    Happy Birthdaty Ramit.

    I wish you everything good because you have helped so many people including myself. I had a successful business in the Caribbean (I HAD my dream job already) until family members became sick and I was summoned to come home to take care of them. This happened at the height of the “Great Recession.” I had been living off the (fire) sale of business and after three years and two deaths in the family, I was financially and emotionally drained. Your programs and your “kick in the pants” approach gave me courage and new perspectives about creating the next chapter in my career. I currently have a new direction, brand new goals and am looking forward to my NEXT Dream Job…free of debt. Thank you so much….You are truly awesome.

  303. Ramesh Kumar

    From IWT, I learned to automate my finances. I save money in an online saving account, pay my bills automatically, have a budget. I max out my 401K, max out my ROTH IRA and invest left over money in index fund (namely VTSMX) on my own as well. My finances are doing quite well thanks to IWT.

    I even followed the same car buying strategy you outlined in your book and saved over $1800 using that method. Most importantly, I use conscious spending to spend money on things I love like tennis equipments and don’t feel guilty about it.

    I have a software developer job in bay area that I love already. But I will be encouraging my wife to join the dream job course when she is ready to start working.

    I hope to join your brains trust program soon as well.

    Thanks ,
    — Ramesh.

  304. Randy Martin

    One thing I really remember that you said in one of your emails was about getting frustrated with things and instead of grumbling about why someone would set up something as stupid as that, stop grumbling and try to figure out why they did set whatever up the way they did. That’s been helpful. I tend to be very critical of stupidity, but now I try to figure out why. Sometimes there may be reasons.

  305. Kevin

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I used your negotiating advice to secure a $6,000 raise this year and I love my automated financial system.

  306. jim noel

    installed a wordpress blog/website
    bought some walnut oil artists paint and have begun to paint with them after years of frustrating acrylics,
    started working with a friend who wants to rep my art and get me shown locally
    all this week!
    and just from reading your blog and watching your videos
    thanks Ramit
    jim noel

  307. Koby


    Your materials have:
    1. Encouraged and helped me to recognize the most important thing in life – people.
    2. Given me useful options and goals for reconnecting old relationships and creating new ones.
    3. Help me rekindle my passion for self-improvement, I am more alive now at 40 than I was at 31. 🙂

  308. Jennifer

    IWT helped me land a great new job with a Fortune 200 company and snag a 22k raise. Thanks Ramit.

  309. farah

    taught me briefcase technique which recently landed me a job offer after using it at the interview

  310. Tanya Harris

    It has helped me view saving money as fun–like a game. Happy birthday, Dear!

  311. mike

    I bought the DJ Sessions course. It helped me with my interviewing skills, and most importantly…I learned to speak with more confidence…both in interviews and in social conversations

  312. Marcos Garcia

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich has helped organize my debt and make payments on time. It has also helped me think about my finances differently. I am looking into some long-term money plans. Thanks, Ramit

  313. Michelle Bartley

    Happy Birthday!! I’ve learned how to handle my finances better and I’m paying down my debt!!!

  314. T

    Your book is absolutely revolutionized not only me and my wife’s financial life, but also that of our friends and family. I have bought several copies of the book to give as gifts as well as discussed your blog with a fair share of people. I will keep spreading the Ramit gospel as long as possible because my wife and I firmly believe in your mission. Keep up the AMAZING work Ramit!!! Happy bday!!!!

  315. Sam

    Thanks to your advice, my girlfriend and I opened up savings accounts, brokerage accounts, and contributed to them regularly. I’ve passed along the advice to friends as well. Thanks a bunch, Ramit! Happy birthday.

  316. Joeyboi

    Happy BIRTH-day to you and your Parents, RAMIT!!!

    I hope they are proud and happy for you while pushing you to be the best you can be!

    2-years ago i took a week of vacation and used it to learn more about money and your book i read the most quickly and took action on immediately.

    Right now i am living a dream i have thought about for decades–extended travel to my favorite countries –because as soon as I read about your multiple accounts ideas, i started a travel savings plan along with making sure i was up to date on my retirement savings.

    Automation I finally was convinced of by you and passed on your book to my brother in law who got excited as well. It has made all the difference!

    My personal savings (above and beyond retirement) has increased 300% since reading and practicing the IWTY principles! And I have a whole new view of myself in relation to money!

    I am WAY older than u, but like how crass you talk, and it helps me get over traditional latte starving counting, though I know what I spend as staying conscious about my spending is key for me…having done cash since 1995.

    Yet I was convinced to try credit again which sure helps with travel! Now I have a low interest credit card 2-yrs ago and pay off monthly, and my life dream trip is pre-saved and pre-paid as much as possible while knowing upon my return it will be paid off. I am no longer controlled by fer of debt… I just plan ahead!

    I had a latte in honor of your advice this morning…and this was before reading your email tonight… as i would have thought i had to wait for retirement to travel abroad like everyone else in my family had!

    Am happy as a clam and not stressing in this very expensive region. I am splurging on what brings joy, and definitely packing my lunch at the breakfast buffet,too, as that also fits into my value system.

    Amazingly, I can see traveling abroad can become part of my lifestyle, and it will not cause me to suffer in savings, bills, or monthly expenses.

    I have a whole new outlook on money, savings, spending and living thanks to your writing and you-tubing!


  317. Troy

    Happy bday man. The most valuable thing I learned was automating my savings. Can’t thank you enough


  318. Kerry

    You have taught me how to save and prepare for my future. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  319. Thomas

    Happy Birthday Ramit, you crazy bastard!
    This year I paid $$$ & enrolled in Earn 1k, DJ & Brain Trust. I have improved my network by following up with former colleagues and co-workers over the last 3 years. Specifically, the Closing the Loop Technique has been highly helpful in the last two weeks. Today, I closed a loop by emailing a former supervisor who guided me in seeking a promotion. Have a wonderful birthday and do a shot of tequila for us DJ’ers!

  320. Jordan

    You helped me negotiate a raise when I really didn’t think it was possible.

  321. Aimee

    Thanks Ramit … for being the Indian cousin I never had, who kicks my sorry ass into doing something positive! Just reading your book and emails helped me and my family get our collective financial rears in gear enough to buy a house. Have a happy birthday!

  322. Daisy D'Achiardi

    before i read I Will Teach You To Be Rich, I had no control of my finances, and like many, i just shrugged and said “well ill get to it later im so far in debt i don’t want to think about it. I was 24 and a half, 5k in debt and paying too much interest on my auto loan. in 6 MONTHS i wiped out my credit card debt and refinanced my vehicle to cut my interest in half. I have savings in the bank, and opened my retirement account(i never thought i would have one). I learned how to take control of my spending by budgeting, and i will never go back to shrugging my shoulders and waving off my responsibilities. ive organized even my mothers finances, and im currently following the Dream job course, a GREAT opportunity to learn more. i cannot thank YOU Ramit enough for opening my eyes and mind. forever in your debt, and the random person from a gaming website who saved my life by telling me about you. 🙂

  323. Marissa

    At a time in my life when I’ve assumed responsibilities far more typical of my parents’ generation than my own–raising my teenage sister and caring for my 85-year-old grandmother–your Dream Job emails have helped me to remember that I haven’t “settled down” yet. Even though I have a job that I love, at an institution that I believe in, with a boss who believes in me and is committed to my development, the attitude behind your emails reminds me to continue to live with a sense of anticipation. Neither the difficult nor the incredible parts of my life are the last word–the best is yet to come. For this sometimes very middle-aged-feeling 24-year-old, that’s a precious gift. Thank you.

    Happy birthday, Ramit.

  324. Jim C

    Hey Ramit, ITW and the associated 1K course have again really drilled home the need to focus and prioritize with a constant long-term goal. Sales are picking up, I am getting more done and enjoying (instead of dreading) all the challenges. Thanks for the reminders of what is important in life (happiness, friends and life itself) and hope you have an awesome birthday with your friends and family!

  325. Robin


    I signed up for your email list on June 1st, 2010. Since then I have paid down nearly 10K in credit card debt, set up automated deposits into various savings accounts, started my side business, made an extra 6K last year and then got laid from my full time job of 11 years this spring. Because I had all that work done and business in place, in two months I landed the most lucrative client to day and am now making MORE THAN TWICE what I made before the layoff. And doing it working from home in my pajamas. It might be your birthday, but I got all the presents. Have an awesome year, Ramit. I’m toasting to you! Thanks for all you do.

    For anyone wondering. I did this all on the free material alone. ALL OF IT.

  326. Robin

    “to date” not “to day”

  327. Stephen Harbort

    Have not done the program, finances ok and am managing. Found daily posts fantastic in giving me a great attitude. Love your comments on marry , a girl?
    The daughter uses this on her grand ma

  328. Steve O

    After buying Ramit’s book, I used his scripts to avoid fees and negotiate a lower credit card rate (saving maybe $150). I also have used his investment advice as a sort of anchor in my thinking about investing and automating.

  329. Heather

    The biggest gift IWTYTBR has given me is your negotiation scripts! For someone naturally shy and easy to intimidate, learning how to ask for what I want from my phone company, insurance, bank, etc. and stick to my guns is a HUGE deal.

    A few months ago I had couple of automated transfers that didn’t quite line up right, and I got dinged with an absurdly high NSF fee. Thanks to Mint, I knew right away what had happened, so I called my bank up, told them I was a long-time customer and that it was the first time something like this had happened. “I’d like the fee refunded.” The rep told me no, but they could give me some reward points instead. I said no thanks, I wanted my money back, and if this rep couldn’t help me, I’d like to speak to someone who can. She put me through to a supervisor but said, “They won’t be able to help you either.”

    Right. The supervisor offered me more reward points. “Would Ramit accept reward points?” I thought. “NEVER.” Then they offered half my fee back. Then they finally refunded me the whole fee.

    The feeling of triumph after I hung up was GLORIOUS. And that was just the most recent time your scripts have saved me from wimping out. It’s not just about money, it’s about feeling in control of my finances and not letting huge companies kick me around. The confidence and skill to stand up, ask for what I want, and actually get it is something that I’ve carried over to a lot of other areas in my life. So thanks for that, Ramit, and happy birthday!

  330. Scott

    Ramit, with your help I learned to become more social and land my first job out of college at a major firm. I’d say the social skill bits helped the most. You made me realize it wasn’t all about my grades (which were awesome). I look forward to learning more from you about how to kick ass at work and earn the recognition I deserve. Happy day!

  331. Jonathan A

    Bar none – automating my finances has been the most amazing thing ever.

  332. Parker

    One of the most valuable things I’ve learned from IWT is a new way of thinking about my resume. I now think of my resume as a narrative that tells the story of who I am, what I do, and why I would be a good fit for whatever position I’m applying for. My resume (and everything about how I present myself) is 10x better. Thanks!

  333. Mixed Media Michelle

    IWT has taught me SO much;
    – better to earn more than spend less
    – best $20 spent is to buy coffee and learn from those who have gone before us
    – manage energy levels, not just time
    – to start a business on the side, get customers first, then a website

  334. Megan

    Ramit, the one thing I Will Teach You To Be Rich has taught me is how to question my assumptions about the best way to manage my money and my career. I had trapped myself into a mindset that my options were very limited because…well, because reasons! Obviously! I was trapped! Except, I wasn’t, and I’m not, and I have you and IWTYTBR to thank for that. I’m at the beginning of my journey but I’m seeing so much more clearly now. Thanks, Ramit!

  335. Andrea

    You’ve been an incredible contribution to my life by calling me out on time wasting bullshit that just gets in the way of actually building the good stuff.

  336. Lauren

    Happy Birthday,

    Thank you for teaching me to turn a D to a C! That means instead of downing what a successful company is doing (as if you know more than them) you turn that into curiosity and ask yourself why would that company do that? And how could I use that tactic for myself?

    Great Advice!!

    Lauren R.

  337. judith a shimel

    best wishes to you, Ramit —
    last year i offered you my, my little cousin and a beautiful, brilliant Indian Caribbean college student (from me to you) but you never got back to met…
    heck, you could have them all (of course i haven’t talked to them about it yet)
    nonetheless, happy birthday!
    you have helped me make a big commitment by signing on to the earn iK class. now all i have to do is live up to it.
    my premise was this… if i earn 1K while the class is going on, then i would have paid for the class. in the first three weeks i pulled in $300. recently i pulled in another $1,200 in sales, some part of which i will claim for myself.
    so… i’m working on it

  338. claire

    Happy Birthday Ramit

    I read every single email from you and it has brought my financial goals to the top of my priority list. I have also initiated and lead many honest discussions about money with my long term boyfriend. I have started a small project on the side counseling friends about my travel miles hobby and how to travel for nearly free… its still a small project that I plan to monetize. Anyway I dig your material.

  339. Eleanor

    Happy Birthday!

    IWT has helped me value my time and make more money. In the last year, my income has gone up 112% doing less work (20% less at least), enjoying life more. Most importantly of all, it has helped me learn how to focus on big wins – a massive psychological boost.
    Thank you Ramit !!

  340. Michael

    Hey Ramit.

    Happy birthday! IWTY has helped me in many ways, some of the major ones being:

    1) giving me a good start to automating my finances, including great accounts that I still use today
    2) kicking my ass on getting an IRA (something I’ve been avoiding due to my ignorance, but which has quickly accumulated much more money than I thought possible)
    3) giving me the support that I needed to save large amounts of my income each month when I had a job, which helped me survive: losing my job, 2 moves, and entering graduate school.

    There are many others: salary negotiation; real networking; giving me the courage to shoot e-mails to people who do what I want to do, and the tools to do it well enough to get me a meeting with them; and many other tidbits I pick up here and there.

    I have only used your free material, and it has changed my life. I am currently entering a doctoral program, and plan on taking your course the day I have more money than it will take to finish my degree. I can’t tell you how much I hope you are still around then, and how much I appreciate the time and effort you take to provide material that changes my life, free of charge. Truly. Thank you.

    Enjoy your celebration, and I’ll have a beer for you.


  341. Judy

    Helpy husband find a job he love!

  342. riadh berhail

    hello happy birthday sir i want to get some advises to earn money please and good luck

  343. Vicki

    Helped me be more clear about what I want at work and be able to state it clearly and, often, get it. My relationships with my “supervisors” have improved a lot.

  344. Joann

    I purchased IWTY (the actual physical book) [w/ a coupon – I was super-proud of self for that!] about a year ago. I don’t earn enough money to sneeze at, but via the book, I understand that I am at the beginning of a ladder that I *can* climb. Even with what little I have, I’m starting to automate, one debt at a time, only what I can handle. I’m doing it via my own on-line bank account vs. handing the auto debit over to someone else. This keeps me more in control of the situation. Some day I will see you at your summit. I look forward to your emails. Happy Birthday!

  345. Alex

    Happy Birthday!
    IWTR – Has helped me find a dream job.

  346. Madelyn

    You are witty and hilarious and it’s the only reason I’m able to continue to read a column about money, a topic which I would otherwise pretend to ignore.

  347. Lukas

    You have helped me learn the psychological portion of money management. After reading your book and then getting involved with IWTYTBR website, I have become a better person financially. Thank you and Happy Birthday

  348. Martin

    One thing I was already doing when I first read your work, was freelance video/photography work on the side. Your writing helped me realize that I was doing something right. Your writing also confirmed that it is better to try and earn more than to just cut back.

    One thing I learned from your writing is to just start small, about five years ago I started depositing just $10 a month into an IRA. Ten bucks. I now put in more because I don’t miss it. Now that IRA is worth several thousands.

  349. Emcee

    You helped me get my finances in order. Paying off my debt by earning more instead of saving on little things.

  350. Grant

    IWTY has taught me how to think about being “rich” as well as some good ways to automate my finances to make saving money easy.

  351. David

    Your programs are the excuse for me to stop making excuses and take control of not only my finances and career, but ultimately my life.

  352. Cory

    Setup Bill Automation, Ing Direct Accounts for saving/spending. RBT tips are useful, and Behavior Con should insites to experts
    for web tracking, FYFPI – Filtering possible ideas to charge it services. All will be useful at somepoint in my life. I consider myself
    a long term investor in Ramit’s products.

  353. Maria

    С днём рождения! Or Happy Birthday as they say it back in my home country. I hope this upcoming year you find something to wish for, a new challenge, an exciting problem to solve (I’m sure you are a sucker for those). Thank you for writing, you’ve inspired me to pay off my debt, take a risk and move to a new position, all the way across the country. You cannot imagine how excited I am for my upcoming trip from DC to LA. Your advice certainly helped me get more organized with my finances and get on track of living independently while doing a heck of a good job at that too! Спасибо! Yes, you guessed it – it’s Thank you! this time 🙂

  354. Bill S.

    I’m not sure I can credit your program with directly helping me land my new, dream job, but I do read and follow your emails and they do influence me and my process – job search and otherwise.
    This past year landed a job I’d be happy to retire in – a dream job – unless something even better comes along some day; you never know.
    Keep up the good work.

  355. Doris

    The good: I now automate everything to do with finances, even reporting.

    The great: I’ve shifted everything over from no-good, under-producing investments into Lifecycle Funds. I’ve even used these for my kids’ RESPs (Savings for university – Canadian thing). No more sweating out asset allocation. Yes!!

    The best: You’ve inspired me to move forward with the book I’m working on and expand it to my real passion: Teaching women (via workshops and web-based courses) to become financially smart by protecting themselves, figuring out how money really works (i.e. it’s a powerful tool, not a boss) and growing their stash so that they can lead inspired lives.

    Not bad for one book. Well done.

    Now tell your mom you’re far too young to have children. Look up the average age of fathers in America. I’m sure there’s a stat somewhere to suit your purpose. Good luck.

  356. M

    Happy Birthday!

    I used some advice of yours to negotiate the salary of my current position, and got more than what they had originally offered me.

  357. Seth

    Keep focus on big wins/things that matter. Gave up trying to get my family to turn lights off (electric bill is $180/mo) and shifted focus to wasted food and our $1000/mo food bill.

  358. Zac

    IWT has helped me understand the steps I needed to take to get my finances back on track. Now I’m well on my way. Thank You.

    Best wishes on your birthday*

  359. Eric

    That living a rich life and getting aligned to be financially independent in the future doesn’t have to be complicated.

  360. Kem Taylor

    There is more than one thing! Have a killer resume and got two raises and a promotion. Also found my dream job-industry and am taking an intensive course to put me in a position to get whatever job I want. Thank you and Happy Birthday.

  361. Jesse

    Started with the IWT Book, as per the recommendation of someone dear to me. Since then I’ve had a better handle on my finances, saving and keeping more money than I ever have.

    Moved onward to take the Earn1K Course. Both of these sources has really allowed me to take control of my future, and I have more confidence in where my life is going in the last several months than all 26 years of life before that.

    This is just one more person whose life has been changed for the better.

  362. Kim Dahlgren


    Happy birthday! I’m not quite sure what led me to you originally, but I’m glad I found you. You inspired me to start my own website and business, Cake & Class. Thanks Ramit!

    Kim Dahlgren

  363. David

    I appreciated (and am now acting on) the “in your face” reality of needing to deal with the issues that will have the biggest impact. I am currently taking extreme measures to improve my credit score in order to best take advantage of refinance and/or other opportunities that may arise.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I stumbled across a website called that I thought you may or may not be aware of. It was recommended to me by an employee of Navy Federal Credit Union, which I thought was very nice of her!

  364. Anna

    Ramit, I have your book and still working on finishing it. I had attended two webinars you had for us and was very amazed at the program you have to offer. I would love to sign up for the dream job course. However, I still have cc debt, and as you said that they need to be paid off first. The lessons I learned so far from the book and your e-mails are very helpful. They give me a guide on where to go with my life. I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for all the free material you had share with folks like me. Though I can’t really afford your programs right now, I am surely hoping to be in a position to afford them in the future. Thank you for the great advices you had shared. Happy 31st birthday, and may you become even more successful than you are today.

  365. Nick

    The 85% Solution is a great rule of thumb, it’s a principle that can be applied to any aspect of life. Rather than endlessly contemplating (trying to “think it through” to perfection), I’d rather begin it now and end up “85% right”. After all, you’re not evaluating accurate data until you’re “in the field”, collecting it yourself.

  366. Edith

    Happy Birthday! Single best take-away from the early presentations was how to negotiate a better rate of pay. Used it in a job interview. Fumbled the ball when they called me back to offer me the job- but got what I wanted within a few weeks, while hours were being cut elsewhere in the office. Thank you!!

  367. cliff samuels jr.

    Using your program, achieved a 20% salary increase from a goverment agency in Michigan.

  368. Susan

    Happy birthday Ramit! You’ve given me so much through your blog and emails, but I’d have to sum it up as empowerment. Putting your tips and advice to use, I’ve eliminated all my personal debt and got a significant raise and promotion last year. And that’s only the beginning, in my opinion. Thank you!

  369. Jackie

    Automate the shit out of my finances. Basically everything is on autopilot so I can spend my time doing the things I like to do. I don’t even pay attention to it… 401K, Roth, savings… and just last week I checked, and I’d passed the 100K mark! Didn’t even know it! How automated is that shit?! Happy Freaking Birthday.

  370. Nicholle

    Happy Birthday, Ramit

    You have helped me:
    – negotiated >30% salary increase
    – earned over $1K on the side since launching my business last year
    – stop wishing and star doing
    – effectively and non- creepily network

    You’re awesomesauce. Thanks does’t even begin to cover it.

  371. Brian

    Hi Ramit! Happy birthday! Your advice on negotiating a raise made a huge difference in my life and I am grateful that you share your experience with us!

  372. Angelo Simpson

    Hi Ramit,

    First of all, I wish you lots of health and continuous success.

    One thing that helped me a lot from I Will Teach You To Be Rich was Earn 1K. Last year I negotiated a salary increase of 1.8K per month. Since I knew that it was possible to make it happen I decided to go on a side business and I am now making an additional 1.5K in average per month. However, I have not stopped there… Two months ago I got into a second side business, which is giving me around 250 per month but it is developing nicely that I forecast it will give me another 1.5K in the next 10 months.

    Thank you Ramit!


    Angelo from Panama City, Panama

  373. Jim

    I was isolated- now I have 5 or 6 top performers to bounce ideas and get advice from.

    I had no financial future- waiting for returns for jobs from the email black hole- Now, I’m planning a world wide marketing plan. I am now a top performer and the money will follow.

    My invented product passes the two step test: 1) Can they buy it? Of course, 2) Will they buy it? I’m sure they will- you will if you ever use cycling in your exercise routine.

    The established system of HR will not allow me to do what I’m trained to do. So what! I’ll thence do, and am doing, exactly what I want to do- and I’m the only person in the world doing exactly what I do- I’m the best.

  374. April

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!! I know you’re looking for comments that would support the content you provide, but to be honest, you have supported, through your delivery, that being unapologetically you, is the best you. Yup, that’s it. Just by being you, you have inspired me. Have a great Birthday and go find a beautiful person to love and who will love you AND your mom! 🙂

  375. Doreen

    Your book has helped me tweak my financial planning and keeps my dream of having my own business alive. I also have found myself thinking in an expanded way…more outside the box, if you will.
    BTW, Happy Birthday.
    You may want to remind your mom that you are trying to find a woman with comparable high caliber like her…and that is hard to find! She wouldn’t want you to just marry anyone! LOL!
    Good luck!

  376. Andrew

    Using your free material, I secured a $5K signing bonus. ANY signing bonus post-layoff is unheard of, but by applying the tip from a Dream Job course teaser video, I used data from and your language about “the value that I can add” and “finding a number that we agree is fair” to secure it.

  377. Jo Ellen

    Happy Birthday! Ramit you rock! You taught me how to control a job interview and make it work for me. Your info also gave me the courage to do my own biz.

  378. Susie

    You’ve taught me how to think like top performers think, which has in turned changed my actions and motives into those that top performers take as well. Thank you!

  379. James

    Happy Birthday

    Just paying off my credit card debt was huge …

  380. James

    Happy birthday, and thanks for giving me that nudge necessary to automate my finances (because seriously, it’s not that hard no matter how “busy”/lazy you are), to wise up and stop working at a startup where I was being treated like crap so I can focus on more rewarding things ie. my own Earn1K-sized efforts.
    Even though I constantly blow-off your sales copy because I don’t think I could get value from your courses (self-doubt is a bugger!) I really appreciate the way you try show how it can all be done if someone takes the right approach and attitude.

    Keep up the great work.

  381. May

    You’ve actually improved the quality of a whole category of conversation with my husband. He’s an entrepreneur with a background in finance, and just for shits and giggles I started regurgitating stuff I’ve learned from your site. His vigorous nodding encouraged me to actually internalize your points so I can respond intelligently when he asks my opinion on something business related. I’m still in the reconnaissance phase of starting my own business, but thought you should know you can add relationship guru to your CV.

  382. Bryan Lowry

    Using credit cards with perks and benefits.

  383. Laura Latimer

    I view money different now, feel more in control which is beautiful. You broke it down in such a perfect way.

    On Creative Live- you inspired me and taught me a lot about Marketing, starting a business, taking the jump!

    Thanks, happy birthday!

  384. rebecca

    your no excuses no b.s. approach has worked on me to stop making excuses and get to doing something. i have cut cost ruthlessly to get out of debt then start savings. i am reading and following the steps of “think and grow rich” by napolean hill. i have written 3 classes to test out, and this week i am finding a location to hold them. i already have a lead on a great location. thank you for giving me the kick in the pants i needed to identify my goals and go after them.

  385. Kirin

    If I didn’t live in Australia, I would marry you Ramit! 🙂

  386. Hugo


    Amongst all your truly great material is the most valuable service you offer. You hold up a mirror, showing me all of my negative stuff which stopped me starting a business before. Once I conquered the inner critic, the magic happened.

    Thanks again, and have a great birthday!

  387. Bi Ying

    I finally worked up the courage to face the fact that my current job is not my dream job and I’m taking concrete steps to change that situation. The Dream Job course is really helping me stop “nodding and shrugging”. It’s scary, but it’s all for the better.

  388. Purti

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your blogs and courses have helped me in many ways – most specifically and the best one was to help me find my current job (which I love) – very thankful for doing your Dream Job course!

    Much love and thanks a lot for writing and producing such good materials and courses!

  389. Hil

    YES!!!! SO MANY THINGS but the #1 is getting me out of the “save and cut back” mindset and into the “EARN MORE” mindset! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU S**Y BEAST! (don’t get married til you’re ready! Your mom will LIVE until you do!!!! :-* )

  390. Karen

    After reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich, I finally got my stuff together to start contributing to my 401k and get my company’s match. Before reading it, the whole process of figuring out where to invest seemed too complicated, but the book helped demystify the process.

  391. Justin Barker

    IWTYTBR has pulled me out of near homelessness twice now. (After the first time, I got screwed by a roommate. Him not paying and then moving out drained my accounts.) I feel confident about my the direction I am heading financially which increases my confidence in nearly all levels of my life. I went from being days away from being homeless to on my way out of this deep hole and having a new business venture launching publicly on Halloween. I’m excited and feeling happy about my life and it’s direction for the first time in awhile. Thanks a thousand times Ramit and Happy Birthday!

  392. Joan

    Hi Ramit,

    Your book inspired me to start my own personal finance blog because you wrote your book like such a normal person that I realized I don’t have to sound like an expert to write about personal finance. Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂


  393. Max

    i’m a relatively new reader and i’m still making my way through your book, but i’m already completely re-evaluating my approach to finance and credit. i’m letting go of a lot of the “old wisdom” and thinking about how to tailor an automated plan that works for me (and my personal gen y psychology) as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

    to be honest, looking at my situation in the starkly honest light you shine on it has made me a bit worried (i was very short sighted in my 20s), but i am hoping to find solutions and advice on further reading to get me to where i want to be.

  394. Jenn

    Helping me use skills I already have to earn extra money on the side and start toward building my own business.

  395. Bryan Fulton

    You have taught me how to break down my story of me on resume and interviews allowing me to seg myself apart from my competition. Thank you


  396. Joy

    Hi Ramit,
    You helped me consider my interests as an option to make money on the side. I didn’t really think about that until your Earn 1K course.
    I also see myself as a business person who is fully capable of creating my own success, finding the people I want to work with and not waste my time on tasks that lead to nothing.
    You have made my learning enjoyable with your cut the crap audio lessons.

    I hope that you enjoy your birthday! You are quite the inspiration. You deserve a lot of real joy.


  397. Diego

    I’m very glad to share that today, I actually got paid $300, which in my currency, added up to reach my first 1K working on the side, running workshops on a subject that I LOVE!! 😀 😀 😀

    The most important lessons I learned are to move from the “saving” only mentality, cutting back on lattes and using both sides of the toilet paper, to actually earning more money, identifying a demand for something I can provide with quality and take chances to go out and do it, not feeling guilty to charge about it, and doing your best to build relationships and provide premium quality service.

    I actually moved from a hopeless guy with a lack of perspective, stuck in a dead-end job, to one who is building a country-wide network of customers ( many becoming new friends), now thinking about forming a team, going to the web to launch products and hitting the big bad corporate market as a service provider instead of an employee.

    Thanks a lot Ramit, and happy birthday!! 🙂

  398. Annie

    After reading IWT, I talked to my fiancee about it. He disagreed with most of it, and further outlined some things that I didn’t realize we had polar ideas about (example: he plans his life around buying stuff. I’d rather travel). The ex also – and this is a huge one – had zero transparency with finances. Lied through his teeth and wanted receipts for everything, presents had to ‘paid back’.

    I’m detailing these things because they are an example of a very unhealthy financial relationship.

    Now, I’m happily with someone who agrees with me on the sensible ideas in your book, among other things. Money isn’t everything but it can destroy or build many things.

  399. Michael @ The Student Loan Sherpa

    Happy Birthday!!

  400. Quickgunmurugan

    I’ve been the same firm for almost 10 years and have a job that I love + colleagues that I trust and respect. Its a global team and I need to move around every few years to stay relevant. But moving is expensive (and I’m not just talking about the cost of flights, shipping stuff, etc) and the burden has been falling on my shoulders. This time I negotiated a deal where the company picked up ALL the costs. How? I followed your advice and went in prepared. No, over-prepared. I had all the numbers (from my own experience as well as from other data sources) on what it would cost as well as solid justification about why it would be worth the money. And I summed it all up with easy to read charts and bullet points on one single sheet of paper. The briefcase technique. Took months of negotiations but ultimately, worked out. I just moved to Hong Kong a few weeks ago.

    Thanks for the regular advice bro. And have a great day and an awesome year ahead!

  401. Michael

    Happy Birthday Good Sir!

    Dude hit me up if you’re trying to get married to a south indian girl. I’ve got girl cousins on DECK!!! (Or we can just get married no homo but at least now there would be tax benefits!)

    I don’t know where to start. I think the biggest success for me after dropping racks on all your material is my ability to test everything and to create systems. My network increased by 20% in one month of networking and I’ve had interviews for jobs without even sending in 1 resume to a recruiter/job post…(I haven’t even hit em with the briefcase technique yet…they ain’t ready for all that). Furthermore, talking to people saved me years of working in the wrong industry and I’ve developed high competence triggers by meeting people regularly and recording what works/doesn’t work. Rescue Time is my boy, Smart Sally is my girl. I even used free earn1k material and made an iPhone app for a 49ers player (couldn’t agree on a price after 2 weeks so I moved on). I can go on and on but you get the idea. Thanks a TON for everything you’re doing for us. I hope you realize you’re the 1% that’s effectively helping everyone in some of the most important areas of life. Don’t let up; keep grinding! #teamNoSleep #breadOverBed

  402. SCheng

    You’ve consistently made me laugh, and taught me a surprising amount about Indian parents. (And, of course, you’ve helped me learn how to be financially accountable to myself, which is something no one else has ever managed to do!)

  403. Bill Fisher

    Helped me realize that thinking and dreaming about the things I want would never work until something I did every day moved me in that direction.

  404. Ross

    The bit about earning on the side and quit worrying about the lattes. I haven’t taken any of your classes but just with the freebies and strategies found in your emails in 2 years I have gone from $0/month to $3k/month in extra income.

  405. Nan

    You have encouraged me to think more creatively happy 31st, the best is yet to come

  406. Jonathan

    I learned the power of automation. I learned about indexing. I learned that finance is all about behavior and psychology form iwtytbr.

  407. Nikki

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

    Even though I haven’t been able to afford your program, it has given me something to shoot for. I’ve learned a lot from your emails and videos. I know that I’m not stuck in the situation I’m in and your information give me, not only hope, but also the stepping stones to change this life and get the one I’ve dreamed of. Thank you for everything you do.

  408. Jennifer Castillo

    The most immediate thing I did with the Negotiation Class was to research salaries for a new position. I asked for between 10 – 15k more than I had planned. I got 15K more than expected. I continue to use what I learned in the class. Thanks for giving me the tools to ask for more!

  409. Steven Chan

    Happy birthday, man. I learned a lot from your lectures, your interviews…and it’s been inspiring to me. You have posted on numerous solid habits (e.g. read a book or two a week), habits of successful people, that have helped me improve myself and get myself into the self-improvement mindset. I’ve enjoyed your programs as well.

  410. mel

    wow!!! Happy Birthday!!!

    I’ve started reading your blog last week – and whoa… i can’t believe that i’m handling better negotiations with a certain client just by testing your advice and applying psychology. (I am a freelance architect) and just recently got a call to someone who wanted to do her interior and expansion of her house. Pinch me. I can’t believe i’m NOT dreaming!

    I still have a lot to learn but heeeey – results in just two weeks? That’s INSANELY AWESOME! my favorite lesson was the invisible script so far. I tested that theory on my work. My belief is that if i could just find the 2% we agree on, i can give 98% of my effort.

    It worked surprisingly well. I, CAN’T. BELIEVE. IT WORKED. SO. WELL. within a span of 2 weeks, there are results. and it’s so freaking evident on my client’s smile of approval.

    dude… these lessons are wickedly cool. no professors have taught something as vital as these in my college and wow…

    I’m still learning the “how to earn 1k materials” – and other stuffs like networking- I’m taking small steps but eventually I know i will get there. Haven’t tested the other theory- but maaaaannnn, i’m so excited to try them!

    everything – JUST EVERYTHING you’ve shown us – produce results. and when i mean results – i mean AWESOME, SATISFYING results.

    I’m hard of hearing – and negotiating with clients was really hard for me. I still have a problem from time to time, but your lessons gave me an edge – and a chance to compete with other business (architectural) dealers who don’t have any disability.

    my journey is still a long way, but i’m confident i’m on the right track. and for that, Sir Ramit – Thank you. i am forever in your debt.

    Dude, you are amazing. I wish you happiness and all the joy in your birthday and the years to come. You got one bright future. Go for it.

  411. Virginia

    I’m just getting started, but the most important thing I’m getting is relief from the psychological barriers that have kept me stuck. And I had an incredible aha moment about natural networking. While sitting at an annual meeting for an organization I occasionally volunteer advise, I realized that I was surrounded by people that most people in this field would kill to have access to. We all have an instant connection because we care deeply about the people this organization serves. And one of them heads two publications that you’d recognize if I mentioned. And when she saw me again after meeting me about a year ago, she knew my name, remembered what I’m interested in, and still has my card in her Rolodex–and remembered what was on it! I was flabbergasted, and I also thought of you: ‘Wow! Ramit is so right! You’ve got all the mentors you could possibly want right here! And the Editor-in-Chief of — knows who you are!’ I will NOT drop that ball again–I’m keeping the contact warm. And thanks to dealing with the psychological barriers, I’m not afraid that I’ll be imposing on her. Happy Birthday, Ramit, and thank you so much for gifts you give us all year. I hope the coming year is wonderful for you. And keep fighting the good fight against that wonderful opponent–your mom. The very best thing you can do for your future wife is to get married when you’re really, really ready.

  412. Mick R.

    Every time someone (or myself) says “we should plan to do [something]”, I now realize that this is just adding an additional step towards reaching our goal (of getting that something done); whether or not you said this directly, I credit it to you.

    Now, instead of just planning to do things eventually, I make a point to move ahead and take action, or actively engage in prioritizing and make the decision NOT to worrying about thing at all.

    Happy Birthday, and many more!

  413. Lara

    Negotiate a higher salary

  414. Joe

    Happy birthday!! IWTYTBR helped me start off my career with confidence. I had my first real job lined up when I read the book and now I never worry about missing a payment or not saving enough. It is all automated, and working for me. I can focus on my awesome job and having fun in my free time. The emails keep me motivated and provide great perspective.

  415. Jennifer D'Souza

    Happy Birthday Ramit and all the very best in the year ahead filled with God’s choicest blessings of good health, peace and happiness. God bless you and all your loved ones.

  416. Marcus Goh

    I just turned 31 too, so happy birthday 82-er! IWT has taught me the importance of automated systems and by a corollary, habit formation. It’s also shown me how lazy I am too, and that every little bit, no matter how small, does count towards progress.

  417. Kevin

    Happy Birthday.

    What my wife and I have learned is how to value work that we do, how to position, sell, and understand that some people will be ticked everything isn’t free, but that’s okay!

  418. Dinesh J Ranka

    Dear Ramit,

    You have been a huge source of motivation. Whenever I feel low or lost, I just read through your e-mails.

    Learn a lot.

    Wish really get out of the scripts I have written for myself and to meet you some day.


  419. James Wyatt

    IWT has helped me realize how capable I am of living a rich life by revealing my own invisible barriers an teaching me about self-motivation.

  420. Yousuf

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    You helped me impress my current manager at my job interview by using the Briefcase Technique.

  421. Kimberly

    You have helped me think bigger! I used to strive to achieve six-figures, and now I see that I can achieve much more! Your blog posts are inspiring and looking forward to you new content for the 2013-2014 year.

  422. Phil

    Ramit, you have allowed me to not stress at all about my transition from the military to the civilian world because I know I can get a great job if I apply your techniques or I can even start my own business if I want. If I decide I’m doing this, nothing is going to stop me, and I’m not going to accept failure, then I know it will happen. Thanks!

  423. Stephen

    Have a blessed birthday, Ramit!

    First off, your money automation strategy is killer. Saves me time and makes me feel in control.

    Second, you helped solidify in me the importance to truly understand the underlying currents of people’s choices, including my own.

    Lastly, your videos and insights on negotiation and communication will improve how I (an introvert) interact with others.

  424. Joli

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

    It made me think about how I have misused credit cards. I need the courage to make a start at reducing my debt, but I feel so overwhelmed.


  425. Catherine

    Happy birthday! When I was your age I was married and had two kids already! 😉

    IWTYTBR helped me negotiate with my company — which NEVER funds employee education — to fund me getting a certificate in a programming language.

    More importantly, I feel that I’m in control of my career path rather than being buffeted by the winds of fate and lucky to have a job at all.

    Now, when I hear coworkers or ex-coworkers stuck in that conventional thinking and whining, I just shake my head and keep on doing my thing. Nothing I say can help them. But you’ve helped me, so thanks!

  426. Shetu Shah

    I am regarded as a top performer at my company, but I didn’t know what to do with the status. I love working at my company, but I was looking for a change from my current role.

    IWT, specifically RBT, encouraged and prepared me to look for a new role both internally and externally. The support structure broke down invisible scripts that were disqualifying potential roles; one of the monthly interviews instilled a “no regrets” philosophy and pushed me to go for it.

    I applied for roles within and outside of my company. I got multiple interviews. I got an excellent offer (negotiated using No-Stress Negotiation skills) that I was minutes away from accepting. However, a former manager found out I was looking and gave me an outstanding offer. For a company that typically gives 8-10% raises when people get promoted, I was able to secure an effective 30% raise plus bonus, all while landing an amazing job that leap-frogged me into the C-suite.

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Interestingly enough, you gave us the gifts.

  427. Kevin

    IWT has opened my mind to different ways on how to look at money and how to view life in general. Thank you Ramit and happy birthday! My B-Day is coming up in two weeks as well.

  428. Deanna

    Just one way that you’ve helped me, off the top of my head, is automating my accounts. I actually HAVE savings accounts (plural) because of you, and those helped me survive in the 6 months I was unemployed.

    Happy birthday!

  429. Ian Rich

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Thank you for all of your great free material, and recently the 50 Email scripts. Putting your advice into practice has begun to make me more confident in myself and my future, which is a big deal for someone who has been too timid to put themselves out there. Thank you!!

  430. Nicklas

    Living in Denmark a lot of the principles are a bit intangible for an early twenty-year old, with free education and health care making life pretty easy for a young person. So a problem like getting rid of debt is completely foreign to me, aside from one or two friends buying furniture they couldn’t afford. I guess now that I’m seeing the world and will have to grow up and pay the highest taxation in the world, getting educated in investing is a good idea for me.

    I have applied some of the principles taught in the book, like automating bills, and reaping the benefits of using a credit card. The Danish credit cards have no where nearly as many benefits as the US or UK ones, and setting one up is damn near impossible if your not done with school and all set in adult life. Gaming the system a little bit I did succeed though, being the only person in my social circle under 30 using a credit card as opposed to a debit card lol.

    I think because a lot of the concepts are so hard to translate to my kind of society, capitalist US vs. socialist Scandinavia, my main takeaway from all the awesome material is instilling a financial growth mindset and relying on me and myself for financial security and not the system or some company.

    I am currently going through a lot of your material on investing as I have most of the other concepts down, and looking forward to keep on learning from you.
    Thank you Ramit.

    (If there are any other Scandos out there who have had success in applying the principles, especially on investing and international credit cards, I’d love to hear from you.)

    – Nicklas Kingo

  431. Eric Todd

    IWT turned finding my first job after graduation into a manageable step-by-step system.

  432. Aaron pearson

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To be in your shoes by 31 I would feel homered. Anyway, I feel you have helped me in many aspects of my life, not just financially. But with your book and emails I have been able to lead a better life financially and efficiently. I have also been able to help out my friends in these areas as well. That is what life is about, right? Helping others, giving back more than you take? I think so. So thank you, Ramit! Keep up the great work.

    Oh, and you’ll find the right gal. Someday.

  433. megha

    IWTYTBR initially helped me get a 22% increase in my salary in just one year – and that was from the free materials! Now im using the Dream Job modules to help me figure out where I want my career to go next. The free and paid materials have given me DIRECTION where I would otherwise be spinning my wheels. Thanks!!

  434. John Correia

    I feel grateful to have come across IWTYTBR. It has helped me to focus my own thought processes relative to money. However, what has been most important to me is how it has shown me the importance of teaching my 16 year old son how to think about money, his future, and how to plan for retirement. I hope that getting him started now will provide him with the tools and habits to make the right decisions while he is young and compounding can work to his favor for a rich life.

    Thank you for your continuing help.

  435. Sue Kopca

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I used your scripts to negotiate credit card late fees on two different occasions. It worked smoothly both times. I love reading your material.

  436. Roopkamal Gill

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday!

    Your material has helped me a lot since January of this year.

    First, your advice to automate our finances has helped me immensely. I would literally worry about paying my credit card bill starting about 4 to 5 days before it was due. I knew the payment was coming up, but I would wait till the last day before paying it. This happened every month, and twice, I was a day late making payments. Now that my cards are automated, I no longer get a sense of dread when the payment date comes around. (On a side note, one of your newsletters stated how we should talk to credit card companies to negotiate the credit card fees. I was able waive the fees).
    I also joined your Brain Trust in May, and was able to meet you at the SF meetup. The interview with Gretchen Rubin was incredibly insightful. Her research fascinates me. One key point she brought up was admitting and accepting you didn’t like something will make you happier. Once I accepted that it was okay that I did not listen to the amount of music all my peers listened to, I stopped worrying that others will judge me. Another great thing about the Brain Trust community is that members give constructive criticism and will hold others accountable when needed.

    This is just two examples, and this year is only half over (literally, lol). Your blog and other products will help me accomplish much more this year. Thank you!

  437. Neal

    I have always equated a job as security for the present and for the future. It is hard to let go if that security blanket. What I learned from earn 1k and IWT is I am not bound by any lone job. I have a choice in what I do and how I do it that gives me the security to pursue what I want.

  438. Aisha

    Happy bday!

    I haven’t taken your program but your emails are freakin amazing. They have helped me tons. I love the way you write. You are the only person whose newsletters I actually read. And you are super entertaining.

    It really inspired me how to write newsletters for my new job.
    So good job sir. And have an amazing bday 🙂


  439. Monica

    You helped me perk up my courage and walk in that negotiation room to ask for more money. You help me stopped disqualifying myself before the opponent did. You taught me that everything is possible. The change of attitude and confidence is not measurable by money.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  440. Ting-Ting

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    I might be the only or one of the few teenagers who actually read I Will Teach You to Be Rich. For one thing, I seriously don’t have the money to afford your courses (YET, but I will, it’s on my bucket list!). We share one thing: Asian parents. Seriously, I would definitely sign up for your course with my parents’ help but they’re really skeptical that it’s a scam so I’ll just use my own money, when I have it.

    Anyways, just reading your daily emails made me realize what a slacker I was and how much potential I had. I used to never seriously care and was content with just have a okay job the rest of my life but then I realize that there are more people who are like me and they’d been able to do incredible things too with your help. So I thought, so could I!

    So this summer, I’ve decided to change myself and use my time wisely: read good books, exercise, be happy, and the biggest thing: develop habits of a successful person.

    I don’t remember the habits but I noticed a lot of changes. Like, I’ve found more time in my limited time, worked smarter (more efficiently), earned some extra bucks, and found myself wayyy less stressed than before! And it’s amazing!

    My friend, whom I’ve not seen since a long time ago, told me that I’ve changed and am now more confident than before (seriously, I was shy as heck) so I guess just reading your stuff and following your advice made me change into a more confident person. I don’t know how. Don’t ask.

    But I guess, more than anything, you’ve made me laugh (this might not exactly be important to you, it is to me) and mentally plan my future!

    I hope you enjoy your 31st birthday and let us know about who wins the bet! Thanks!

  441. Eden

    Has helped meto go niche with my product. Before hearing/ reading your thoughts on this I was all over the place – which was actually draining energy from growing the business.

    Ramit, thank you for doing your thing and benefitting us all. Thank you for being our Indian dad and reminding us that next year we will be one year older. What are we going to do?

    Happy Birthday!

  442. Jens

    In the last couple months I’ve started to think about my financial situation. I found your book and blog through lifehacker and your tone and attitude have given me a positive outlook on my own personal finances. I’ve finally begun to take control of my money. I’m just starting. The path seems a bit daunting with all my student loan debt, but I’m actually doing something about it. I’m being proactive with my money for the first time rather than reactive.

  443. YogiZoli

    Most important thing IWT tought me is to figure out WHO am I targetting?

    I’m especially thankful because I had struggle to choose from lots of ideas which made me stop before I even begin my freelancing. His ideas helped me a lot, now I become laser-focused on what I want and what I offer and most importantly: who I target and how.

    I also learned:
    – focus on my clients needs and their benefits instead of my service,
    – family and friends have no clue about business and pricing, never give a damn to their opinoin, also if they share all the time,
    – become better copywriter and always over-deliver unexpectidly, as Ramit does all the time.

    IWT helped me to figure out what my clients really wants and get into their heads.

    Don’t let Ramit’s emails unread! His emails are the first which I open every time and I highly recommend you to do the same!

    HBD Ramit! 🙂

  444. Andrew D

    Happy Birthday! To put it shortly, your blog has started me on my path to financial well-being. I started out doubling down on paying off debt, and trying to get my financial life in order.

    However, I may be a medium-failure story. I used to read your blog religiously, but definitely haven’t as much lately. I’m balancing a lot more in my life and am slowly carving out the time for really focusing on living a rich life.

    Regardless, your blog has been very enjoyable and I’ve had a many good laughs from it. I’ll be back soon, so keep it up. Thanks and again, happy birthday!

  445. Jason LeBeouf

    The book was great, I have given away at least four copies to friends and family. I liked that the book was easy to read and enjoyed the personal antidotes and humor. The biggest take-a-ways for me; calling my credit card company and asking for increased maximum limits, I have almost tripled my borrowing capacity in the last 18 months. Automating my finances and taking advantage of credit card rewards. The advice to maximize my 401(k) contributions. I enjoyed learning about investing and really positioning myself to focus on the big wins. I have decided to wait to purchase a house and no longer see a home as an investment. Overall I have a greater consciousness of how to manage money to build wealth thanks to you. Thank you.

  446. Ivan Valles

    Happy Birthday!

    IWT has helped me immensely. I used to be mostly passive on things like finding a better job, or being better at my current one, creating a business. The way you have helped me is to develop a different inner dialogue, and people around me notice the difference in my performance. Everything from my job to my relationships has grown, and I’ve gotten to a better place in my life. I am 10 times happier than last year, and I look forward to being 20 times better by next year. You’ve helped me grow, and develop the mindset of constant improvement. Thank you, and have a beautiful year.

  447. nainesh

    pls teach me how to be rich by using your tricks pls help me

  448. design by behin

    Happy birthday Remit!

    I still have lots of reading to do, ( your emails) but I like when you talked about if you have a question from an expert, what it is that I can offer that person in return? and how to approach them. Still practicing it! and hoping for a good result one of these days! Behin.

  449. David

    Happy birthday!

    IWTYTBR (book and website) helped me negotiate lower rates on several bills as well as negotiate a $7K raise at my day job, which has so far helped me pay off over half of the credit debts I’d dug my way into. I’ve also started doing freelance work on the side.

    Thanks a lot, Ramit.

  450. Rodolfo

    Automate bills.

  451. Keoki

    Your book inspired me to automate my savings and start up a retirement account.

  452. Lisa

    Hi Ramit,

    I’ve learned that it’s not enough to work hard and hope for someone to notice me, and that I’m not at the mercy of hiring managers and interviewers. Since I began reading IWT, I’ve learned that I can’t allow my shyness to be an excuse for not networking, and IWT gave me the framework to begin networking effectively. As a result, I prepare for interviews in a completely different way than I had before, in order to direct the conversation to my advantage. I’m much less nervous when I walk into an interview now than I before I started reading IWT.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

  453. Nancy Ging

    IWTYTBR helped me set up automation of my bank accounts. I’ve also done more negotiating with my bank to get better rates. You mentioned some possibilities I wasn’t previously aware of. Happy birthday, Ramit!

    • Nancy Ging

      Plus, you’ve made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion (such as the psychological contest with your mother–hilarious)! Happy birthday, Ramit!

  454. Joleen

    I watched that video with you and Chase Jarvis the night before I got a call to do a quote on this huge project. I just recently started my small business and wasn’t expecting a call like that yet. So that video helped me so much on ‘pricing’ my work and time and not to quote too low even if it’s your first major project. I just felt like I was more equipped to handle that kind of proposal. Thx:)

  455. Rupa Patel

    I’m starting to realize what is preventing me from doing things well that I know I am capable of doing well. All the psychological hurdles in the world can still be worked through, rationally and unemotionally, and allowing yourself the time to get to a deep understanding of WHY you are falling back on old habits and automatically trusting scripts that you consciously know don’t work. Success will likely follow you then, but the hurdles have to be overcome first for the success to be more than circumstantial.

  456. Nemo

    Narrowing down to one thing that has helped me is difficult. If there is one take away that has resinated more than anything else is that we should continually invest in bettering ourselves. I recently am back in school to finally finish my Bachelors degree that is long overdue. My mentor sent me a link to your blog and i have been hooked since. I am now looking at filtering ideas for starting up a side business to earn extra money while holding down my regular job, for now, and finishing school. I am starting to act on my desire to lead a rich life and improve myself because i can finally see the payoff.

    Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  457. LKay

    Things I learned from your book/blog/lessons:

    -nothing so scary about credit cards- you broke it down a lot better and more clearly than my family who gave mixed messages of ‘GET IT-BECAUSE.’ and ‘DON’T- BECAUSE.’ and also through your book I’ve started an automatic payment for all my school loans-heck, one of the loans even lowers their APR a bit if you enroll in autopay.

    -When I got my first art-related job, there were a combination of stuff I applied from your stuff to getting the job: I sold my skills and most importantly had a ton of suggestions on how to help this start-up company with their upcoming project. I also negotiated (for the first time) my hourly rate (at 22 an hour) which made me feel great that my skills are worth at least this much and can only get better. I really feelike had I not taken your lessons before that, I might have been contented with like 10-15 dollars and been stressed working 3 times harder and being stressed on top of handling finances.

    I also appreciate your advice on keeping close tabs on one’s network, and got 3 referrals from it; 2 one time projects and 1 freelance gig.

    Right now I’m slowly going over the lessons of earn 1k not just for the extra money income but really understanding how to sell myself better and how to narrow down my targeted market. I also want to reread/go over yours and Tim Ferris’ stuff on improving my productivity and motivation.

    Anyway, bottom line- Happy birthday and thank you for all the work you share and give to us.

  458. Jon

    2 things:

    1) The focus on the BIG WINS. Combining frugality with spending money on the things you love. Not bogging yourself down with details UNTIL you get the basics and core level things in place. It is very true that we have a tendency to busy ourselves with UNPRODUCTIVE minutiae.

    2) The importance of implementing systems / automation vs trying to chase luck-based tactics. Bonafide systems give you REPRODUCIBLE results, which is worth its weight in gold. A lucky tactic may work today, but what about next week.

    3) You use real examples are are not afraid to offer specific advice.

  459. Mike King

    IWT has helped me by giving me a new perspective on the job market and my career. This new perspective led me to a change in career direction that has proven to be very beneficial.

  460. Dash

    Happy birthday Ramit. IWT has helped me confirm im on the right track with my finances. Thanks heaps.

  461. Bharath

    rapid testing and iteration and moving from one idea to another

  462. Dennis

    Hi Ramit,

    I think the best thing your site has taught me is how much that I can do myself. I guess that falls under master your inner psychology. I immediately recognize excuses I use and see how I can test those excuses to see if they hold true and then proceed to master what I thought was impossible or the “I’m not that kind of person” type. It’s not that you specifically wrote about it in an article, it’s the tone of all your articles that shines through. Great job.

  463. Jip

    Greetings from Singapore Ramit.

    You’ve taught me that all is a battle within ourselves, between the two ears. If one can improve their self worth, they can change their life. Thanks.

  464. Judy

    Hi Ramit and Happy Birthday.
    Automating finances. I was already doing it but I’ll move it to a whole other level.
    Finding only ONE HOUR per day to earn extra cash. Breaking it down to such a specificity helped me realise that it is do-able. I am using this to finish my Masters, then I’ll write my book.
    Plus your emails are fun. Full of typos (hehehehe…) but fun. And that’s also freed me psychologically because it’s helped me realise that as long as you excel in your area of expertise, you don’t have to bog yourself down with other stuff.
    Here’s another birthday gift: When you are doing a really important presentation and you need to be sure your copy is perfect, I’ll do the editing for you, for free. Howzat?
    Baraka. (That’s ‘Blessings’ in Kiswahili).

  465. Rici

    Ramit!!!! Tantiiiii Auguri! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Happy Birthday!
    You are incredible! If this is really your only wish! Well I think during the last weeks your input has helped me to channel the amount of ideas into some basic dreams I wanna work for. I have them on my windowsill and in my calender. They helped me to keep in mind what I wanna fight and work for. Some days these little hints have truly helped me to get my work load done in a better way. I enjoy reading your arguments about how to spent more on the things you love and safe on the rest. This is basically what I did for a longer time, but know I can put words to it.
    Oh and I enjoy reading your catch lines, address lines in your mails. They are just super good!
    I hope you have a good one! Many happy returns!

  466. Ilovelisa

    It’s my birthday as of 12:18am, so for less than an hour. Guess how old? Thirty Fun (31). But don’t worry, I take great care of my most important asset: my skin. As a result I get carded for lighters. Which is funny as a non smoker. Ha.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your confidence and story telling videos. Thanks.

  467. Jeanette

    Happpy B-day Ramit!:)
    Hope you will get a great day!:) And thank you for all that you share and do!:) Got some nice insights from you:) So thank you:)

    All the best.

  468. louise

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I hope it’s a good one!

    You helped me get my dream job with the most awesome company on the planet, in a city I love, and helped me pay off my debt and get my confidence back. It’s almost unbelievable, I have to keep pinching myself that it’s true.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  469. Kerry

    I’ve been fascinated with your posts since I first came across you on Social Triggers a year or two ago. I’m a 40-something mom living the US expat life in Cape Town, and always considered myself outside your target market but had fun learning anyways. I love the psychology made evident in your writing and have used your negotiation techniques in my own business.

    The biggest help from your teachings just came through for my family. My husband was being heavily recruited for an interesting position with NASA back in the US. The benefits were so good that there was nothing more to ask for but I coached my husband on how to ask for more salary using your techniques.

    Some academics have huge issue asking for more money as they think they will be taking needed resources away from the “mission”. My husband loves what he does and often seems happy to take whatever he is offered to work his dream.

    It took some patience to shift his mindset but I finally got my PhD husband up to speed on your methods. He went in to the salary negotiation and came out with an immediate 10% increase in starting salary. So before we even step foot back in the US, we have a substantial additional amount each paycheck that would never have been there without asking.

    And this was negotiating with government entity almost completely hamstrung by the sequester.

    So thank you very much for that! The extra cash will make repatriation to United States from from a living abroad much easier.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit. Good luck with your mom 🙂

  470. Fly Dimond

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ramit!!! 🙂
    I negotiated a 20% salary increase on some freelance contract work that I recently undertook after listening to Ramit’s negotiation tips. I followed everything he said and it worked a dream!!!!
    THANK YOU Ramit!!!! 🙂

  471. sonal

    First of all many many happy returns of the day 🙂 ..
    Thank god , Except Home loan , there is no other debt on me and I always spend within my means (i.e maximum of 50% of my earning , I can spent). I learnt there is no shortcut to earn money as well as there is no need to spend money in one single day. Its a process in which we learn how to make money and also we cant save by cutting all our expenses in one day.

  472. Ngoc

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I still remember the first time I got here, I took a glance at the posts and wondered why they were always long long long… but after subscribing to your newsletters I came to realize you had a good reason to write such long posts.

    Through time your long posts have been helping me understand what’s going on in my head (invisible scripts), how to deal with those and flip them to make my life better! I also understand why some people do this, do that, why some have always been failing and got stuck in their career and personal lives. I used to be in the same situation but now I no longer am, thanks to IWT!

    And hey, IWT also helped change my view about money – in a more positive way.

    Thank you so much Ramit, for your amazing work. Wish you all the best!

  473. Faiyam Rahman

    Helped me, a 22 year old recent college grad, get to know the framework of personal finance. Optimized my credit cards, got an awesome checking account, setup concrete savings goals, and even invested in a 2055 lifecycle fund via my Schwab Roth IRA. I’m dominating all my friends in the personal finance arena, and it feels good.

  474. Rachel

    Happy Birthday, Ramit. Your advice in Earn 1K helped me return to teaching English to French students, something I had given up as it definitely wasn’t my ‘passion’ even though I am good at it. Starting with volunteer teaching in a French nursery school, in 1 year I have ended up with flexible teaching hours in the local university and some keen private students (well, their parents are keen). The extra 1K is more like 5K this year. Thanks for provoking me into action.

  475. Monis

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday or Eid Milad Saeed as we say it in Arabic. Hope you have a great birthday experience. I have just signed up for the Dream Job course after reading your newsletter for many months. And I am already very excited at the change that I will bring into my life because of your training.

    You are a God send for many souls as you are truly helping us live the Rich Lives that we have all dreamed about. I am glad that address the social & psychological aspects of behavior change which is the most important in order to reach our goals. I am so glad that you did not become a banker or consultant after Stanford. I am reminded of the Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots, where one of the characters, Fuun Sukh Wangdu, goes on to become a genius inventor whereas his competitor becomes a banker in San Francisco. You are that Genius Inventor who will help so many people change & live better & richer lives. And that is what I want to become one day as well. I am sure you know of the movie I am talking about.

    Have fun on your birthday and keep changing the world.

    Monis from Dubai, UAE

  476. Maxime

    Helped me :
    – land my first client
    – better talk with my wife about money
    – manage energy levels instead of time

    And I’m still learning.

  477. Bel

    I actually don’t do your exercises but I read your mails as an example of great work. Keep it real!

    Congrats and Happy B-day!


  478. Robyn

    I love all your insights into the psychology of financial decisions. Being a procrastinator, automating my bill payment has saved money I would have paid in late fees. I also have used the “negotiating like an Indian” tactics from IWTYTBR to renegotiate cable and telephone contracts. Relatively small stuff compared to getting a better job or higher salary, but really, really helpful! Thanks and happy birthday!

  479. Raphael Soares

    Happy birthday Ramit!! You helped me to get a job. Now that I got a job you motivated me to start a business on the side.

    So, how did you helped me? First things first, I came across your blog since I was searching for tips on how to write/present a CV. At that point I was looking for a job for about 3 months.
    Of course after coming across your blog I changed much more than my CV. as you can imagine I adapted my CV and presentation letter to the job I was applying to. But the game changer that I noticed was to prepare for the interview. For my the tips you gave on the “Master the art of interviewing” were priceless and even changed my mindset. Especially when you say that the interview is for both parts to figure out if the job and company one is applying to is a good fit. I always saw the interview as an interrogatory where the company evaluate the candidate. Stupidly I had never seen it as a way for me to also figure out what they really want from me and what can I get and expect from the hiring company.

    Here are the questions I thought about and the answers I prepared:

    Talk a little bit about yourself.

    During the last year I had been working with my father. The company he works for opened their first branch outside Portugal and he challenged me to help him in the process. He works for a money transfer and exchange bureau and they opened 2 branches in Brussels. After that experience I spend some months traveling around Europe and Africa.

    Talk about your professional experience.

    Great question! I have been working since I´m 16 years old. Since them I also have lived in 3 different countries. (I said that because my CV is all over the place and i didn´t want to look like a job jumper)
    I started working with my family on a money transfers and exchange agency, after that I went to the UK to invest in my education and had a series of jobs as a working student.
    After returning to Portugal I worked for my father again until I found the opportunity to work for an online platform called Vortal were you could apply to public and private procurement.

    (If the interviewer asked to develop on those experiences or why I left those positions I also had the answer prepared)

    Why should we hire you for that position?

    Based on my work experience I believe that costumer care and back office are the functions I´m more comfortable with and were I can deliver great results. On my experience with the online platform Vortal I could develop the ability to best understand and guide our costumers to the more suitable products within the company.

    I prepared other questions but what I wrote was what she asked me. Not only I did some research on the hiring company but also found the Linked In page from the interviewer that called me and scheduled the interview.
    I noticed she got really engaged with me once i told her i have being working since I was 16, I guess it´s the power of a narrative that captures people.

    Thanks once again for all the value you give us. Keep the awesome job!!

  480. Katie

    You taught me how to manage my money without tedious budgeting and create a financial plan with my husband. You’ve also given me the confidence and tools to create a rich life on my terms – without working 80 hours a week. I now understand that the invisible scripts I believed my whole life are WRONG, and I no longer listen to the well-meaning advice of mediocre achievers. I feel armed and ready for adulthood now and will definitely be your student for life.

  481. Kazuo Nakamura

    Ramit and his team helped me land my dream job. I was a struggling vet with no idea what direction to take, and the course he developed changed my life. I went from $200 a month to $7,000 a month after taxes. Your son is helping a lot of people, and the work he does enriches the lives of those who choose to take action and take their lives in a more fruitful direction.

  482. Rita

    Thank you for making your Find your dreamjob content available for everyone, I prepared to a job interview very seriously with them, which resulted in getting the job within 5 minutes into the interview. With your advice and strategies, I believe I entered the interview room with such confidence and enthusiasm, I projected my “no doubt” attitude so well, the third question I received was “When could you start?”. Lesson for life for me that thoughtful preparation brings the amount of self confidence which is necessary to success.
    Have a great birthday, you surely deserve it!

  483. Akshay Nanavati

    Hey Ramit. Happy birthday! I hope you had an awesome weekend. Loved the pic in the Black Hawk by the way. The biggest thing you have helped me to do which I can’t thank you enough for is build on the idea of implementing systems. Since I began using systems in my life and removed the element of thought from my daily actions, I have begun a regular meditation schedule, ignited my exercise routine (on path for my first Ultra this year), gotten more clients in my business, on path to publish my first book later this year, been cave diving and have traveled to 2 new countries this year so far, and 2 that I have already been two. I will be traveling 2 more times later this year as well. So A LOT of good things are happening. Thanks Ramit!

  484. Marcel Reining

    Happy Birthday,
    You keep me focussed on the things that really make me feel I am having a riche life.

  485. Terry Gillespie

    Ramit, I have done what you suggest most of my working life and now I am a well-off retired person. People, listen to Ramit! You will never learn to be rich from a poor person.

  486. Chris Ryman

    Ramit, happy birthday. The reason I love your material, and continue to give you $ is because You showed me how to automate my finances, for free!!! This is one of the biggest wins in my life, because I’m not rich, but because of IWTYTBR I can live life much less worried about my finances. Now I’m able to save $ and spend lavishly when I want/need without any regret/worry/hesitation, because it works.

  487. Stephanie T.

    You point out simple things (not that they are all easy) that anyone can do. You talk about finances I’m a way that keeps everyone awash! Happy birthday!

  488. Ghada Shams

    Hi Ramit! Happy Birthday! So now that I know you are Cancerian I understand why you are so good at what you do . In addition to your diligence and hard work , YOU ARE BORN WITH A NATURAL TALENT FOR FINANCES AND PSYCHOLOGY so after all YOU MADE THE RIGHT CHOICES! This is something I have learned from your work and I can see how it has worked for you! I now am more vigorous in my attacks on my psychological barriers, and I understand to a much better extent my husband’s financial mindset; There are a few other things that I am still working on so I will keep them for your next birthday or maybe Christmas, Enjoy your birthday and maybe if your mom won the bet it wouldn’t be such a bad idea: after all you are the one who taught the ” Just- Do- It-Technique’ and asked us to take the plunge! Ha Ha !

  489. Melissa

    The best thing you’ve impressed upon me is the need for review. So it’s not just setting a goal (daily, weekly, etc) but reviewing those process of hitting the goal to see what the big picture result was. It is interesting because sometimes (often) I meet the goal I set but realise upon review that there is more to be gained that I saw at first glance. It has also helped me focus on what is actually bringing return – in other words achieving a goal that does not actually move things toward the bigger picture is not necessarily a valuable achievement.

  490. Dom

    happy birthday!!
    odd that I’m the one getting the present….your book has helped me in a number of ways for various parts of my life’s outlook: the main takeaway?
    confidence and assertiveness plus the rewriting of your scripts/stories we tell ourselves.
    winners have systems!!
    thank you
    p.s.: will have a margarita in honor of your birthday!

  491. matt

    Helped me get my personal finances in order. I have everything automated now and it has helped tremendously with the stress I was having. I’m now reading in to Ramit’s success triggers, to help with my aspirations of becoming a business owner. Thanks for all the info Ramit.

  492. Pat

    Automated my finances and gave my self more time, less anxiety. Got more confidence to earn a bit more on the side . Just enjoy your writing, and able to have a book to share with a young person just starting out. Thx

  493. Caitlin

    Enjoy the new year!

    Thanks for the automation system for bills, most of all! And thanks, even, for the biting humor, and the insights into psychological barriers..

    And further beyond, the detailed tips to help fulfill important strategies!

    IE, How to e-mail busy people, scheduling in time to work on financial projects/phone calls.

    You must have a great team!

  494. Sara

    What is the balance between building a savings, paying down student loans and paying down a mortgage?

  495. Jonathan


    Happy Birthday!

    Used the briefcase technique to get a 40% raise.


  496. Lauren K.

    IWT has helped me advocate for myself. I negotiated for my salary and allowing myself to search for my Dream Job.

  497. Rick DuVall

    I might be the oldest person following you. At 55 years old, last month I celebrated my 33rd year of marriage to the same awesome lady. We have always been focused on handling my finances and have always been blessed with good jobs, however I always pick up some jewel from everything you write. Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday!

  498. Sambath

    I believe the very first time I saw/heard about you, you were promoting your then, brand new book IWTYTBR on Attack of the Show. Since then, I’ve gotten married, paid off a combined $12,000 of consumer and student loan debts and found a job I enjoy. It’s not my dream job, but I know I’m on the right path to a richer and fulfilling life because of the things I learned from you.
    To be honest, I’m one of the earn1k dropouts, but the things I learned from the course, I preached to my wife and helped guide her to earn $10,000 on the side.
    So a happy belated birthday and a very big thank you!

  499. Aminu M. kodel

    From the land of Africa.
    I have been on your mailing list for a while now , in my effort to make my life more effective . I was introduced to your site by a friend . Thanks I did not even buy any of your package because of change rate from naira to dollar .Non the less i’m able to use some information from your newsletter to established a small fish hatchery with a small scale iceblock production outfit . Indeed you spurred me up & you make me think and act differently . ‘Thanks a billion times once again . Please accept my best wishes for your birthday celebration & many more productive years to come. From ; Aminu kodel .

  500. teri [a foodie stays fit]

    Happy Birthday Ramit! You inspired me to stop accepting requests from companies to review their products on my blog without additional monetary compensation. Aside from the extra cash, it’s also reduced the stress in my life with my side job because it’s limited the number of products I have to cover on my blog.

  501. nicolas

    Helped me understand why i was always spending more and more and overdraft every month even if i doubled my income !

  502. Matt Willis

    Happy birthday. 🙂

    I started with IWTYTBR just because I loved the way you “encourage” people to take steps they need to take to improve their situations. 😉

    Since then I’ve used your advice to rock at my job, increase my income, optimize my savings, and go from being over $10,000 in debt to being close to $10,000 ahead in 8 months. Still got a long way to go, but I’m definitely much better off now than I was a year ago!

  503. Deborah

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    Your book and blog helped me to:
    1. Get completely out of debt.
    2. Give me the kick to start my own business.
    3. Automate my finances and save time.
    4. Negotiate better (still room to go there – practice!)
    5. Introduced me to other interesting books and blogs.
    6. Provided insight into how our heads get in the way of accomplishing our dreams.
    Thanks so much – and don’t let mom rush you to get married!!!

  504. Alex Girl

    Hap to the B, Ramit! While I have yet to invest in your classes (though I’ve come thisclose to pulling the trigger a few times) your newsletter has made me think smaller. This can seem counterintuitive when it comes to earning more (whether its more money, free time, etc), but b/c of you I learned it’s all about building up small changes. Through your newsletter, I discovered Tiny Habits and gave it a shot. It helped me incorporate sit-ups into my morning routine which has helped motivate me to go to the gym more regularly. Thanks, Ramit – enjoy your birthday!

  505. Dom

    IWT has taught me that you shouldn’t just settle in life. IWT proves that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard and learn and acutually USE new strategies for success.

  506. Lara

    Helped me land a dream job by using only the free material.

  507. Oksana LaRue

    Ramit, Happy Birthday!
    IWT had taught me practical things-opening all on-line banking account-which was kind of scary-no checks in a small town in Kansas..but I love it. I am using my credit card for everything under the sun-paying it off every months, of course. So I am building my credit history and earning points, does it get better than that? does! I learned how to negotiate with credit card companies-already increased my credit limit 🙂 Thank you! Tell your mother “hello”-sounds like she ready loves you!

  508. Melissa Reinwald

    I’ve learned that you can’t wait for people to notice how great you are…you have to not only tell them, but tell them in a way that makes them think they’d be missing out on the biggest opportunity ever if they let you go. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  509. Ashley Jones

    Happy Birthday Ramit! You’ve helped my husband gain confidence to communicate his value when applying for jobs and throughout his career. You’ve helped me understand a lot more about psychology and creating my own opportunities. I’ve also gained confidence from listening to you as I practice & test different things and learn from the results. THANK YOU!

  510. Shane

    One simple thing…automating our budget/expenses/bills. This has given me so much more mental bandwidth! In addition, even though this year has included the addition of triplets to our family and the new reality that my wife now is a stay-at-home mom, we have still socked away nearly $20,000 in our savings. We haven’t even begun to explore side-jobs yet….but we do have a framework to overcome our own internal barriers thanks to your articles!

  511. Jessica

    Your negotiating course helped me receive job offers at 25 top companies in my field! By following your steps and using your scripts, after only 3 months of being with the company not only have I been seen as a top performer, but I recently have been asked to completely change the entire organization’s existing procedures/culture to be more efficient and am implementing my own based on what I’ve done thus far!

  512. Ted

    Your book, among others, helped me feel confident about leaving a job that was making me unhappy, and to pursue a portfolio of projects that do make me happy.
    Your resume makeover and email scripts have helped my two kids (college senior and recent college graduate) create wonderful resumes, connect with job opportunities, land a paid summer internship, and be accepted at a summer institute at the Stanford business school. Thanks much. Happy birthday.

  513. liz278

    I’d like to say I’ve cleaned up my debt because of you, or launched a successful business. These are goals, but as of yet they are unfulfilled. What you’ve done, though, is kick my ‘ yeah but’ excuses to the curb. You’ve hardened my attitude toward my own choices. You’ve instilled a critical approach to my mindset and I believe it’s improved my outlook. Happy 31st birthday.

  514. Mary Houlihan

    I learned how to write a cold e-mail to potential buyers that always gets a response. Thanks Ramit!

  515. Andy Batchelor

    Your courses, emails and blog posts have helped me quit my job and start an online business (which became profitable in the first year) in an industry in which I had no prior experience or skills.

    Happy Birthday!

    Hope you have a great day.

  516. Leslie Uhl

    You have helped me think about how I speak to others, what I do think of as my “dream job,” and how to present myself in any area of my life.
    Thank you!
    Happy Birthday, and good luck with your mom!

  517. Vicky Doing

    hey Ramit, Happy 31st Birthday! and congratulations on your boarding the black hawk and most of all on your successful recognition on Forbes magazine. All your efforts are not in vain! cheers!

  518. NS

    – Started a semi-automatic investing habit
    – Set up notebook systems to track and analyze new work/ life habits
    – Mindset changes, including the need to remove barriers to action, how to start habits, the Tuner Strategy for reaching long term goals, and the importance of testing to find what I like to do/ testing in other areas of life such as diet
    – Natural Networking brought in one unanticipated job interview offer via e-mail
    – Learned how to “niche-down” and “be ultra specific” when looking for target markets and niches

  519. Eddie Siluano

    Ever since I picked up your book, it has motivated me in getting out of debt and staying away. I’ve since eliminated several personal loans and store cards and on last leg to eliminating a credit card. I will be done by end of year.
    Thank you for the lessons and inspiration.

  520. Lisa

    Happy birthday! I left a miserable job, “Ramit-ed” (yes, you’re now a verb to a friend and me) the interview for the new one, then negotiated a better salary. Enjoy your success and your birthday!

  521. Alex

    Hey Ramit.

    Happy birthday!

    You’ve helped me accomplish something in 3 words:


    I have now saved $2500 over the last year that I’ll spend on a nice summer vacation. All without knowing about it. Because it’s all setup and done for me in a back-end process, just like you show us to do.

    Thanks for that.

    Let me know if you’re ever in Stockholm and I’ll buy you a pepsi max at some bar 🙂

  522. The other Angie

    The tip to end each sentence on a low note has assisted me in keeping control of customer service calls, especially with men, who tend not respect perceived insecurities. I still have a few years to research business ideas before I retire.

  523. Erica

    I have found many of the techniques helpful – the psych ones for starting a new exercise program and making other changes in my personal life, the negotiation ones, for strategically asking for a raise at my job.

    Happy Birthday!

  524. Patric

    amit, IWTYTBR has helped me in so many ways I don’t know where to begin. One specific thing it’s done for me is convince me that I can be truly successful – even as a 45 year old. I approach potential ideas with a conviction that it can be done, and I no longer view setbacks as failures, but as teachers. I’ve become far more flexible in my thinking about myself, and far more forgiving of errors. I used to give up so easily, but now I’m staying at things until they work, or else changing direction if that’s what is called for. I’m finally investing in myself because I believe I’m worth investing in. Thanks Ramit, and Happy Freakin’ Birthday!

  525. Will

    After waiting to take Ramit’s Earn1k course, I finally gave it try and learned how to take one idea (instead of having multiple), actually determine which one was viable and within an 18 month period, scaled the idea into a $200,000 annual business, ALSO while having it be my side income along with my day job.

    Happy birthday Ramit!

  526. Rosie

    I am not afraid of people saying “no” to me. Who cares if they say no- it will not stop me from trying to do whatever the fuck I want to do. Serious personal growth this year (quit my job and got a job teaching social entrepreneurship in Bali, Indonesia!!, saved thousands of dollars, & am living the dream)- thank you, Ramit & happy birthday.

  527. Michael

    Ramit –

    Your material has finally resonated encouraging me to invest in myself early on in my career. I contemplated purchasing the Dream Job course for 6+ months (for a variety of reasons) reading your emails, testimonials, case studies and success stories and recently decided to jump on board . I am looking forward to digesting the information utilizing your advice in a real world setting to further my career having an expert team, with proven results and strategies, in my corner.

    Happy 31st.

  528. Cat Aboudara

    Happy Birthday! I have a new and much more grounded perception of wealth and how to attain it. I’m also not so afraid to take more risk because I know I can test the response and move onto something else if it doesn’t work. Failure is now not trying rather than trying and getting a poor response.

  529. Mae

    Happy birthday! So far I’ve read your book – I was interested in your book to learn about retirement accounts, it let me learn enough to open a roth IRA

  530. Andrea

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    You’ve helped me manage my finances more effectively and I know exactly what date my debt will be paid off…and it’s not that far away:)
    You’ve made me think, really think, about my habits and behaviors. I’ve chosen to stay at my current job for the moment…but it’s been a choice and I’m aware of my reasons for staying.
    Thanks for the awesome work you do!

    I would have a Taco Bell Mexican pizza in your honor….but seriously, I just can’t bring myself to eat anything from Taco Bell. Bad for the body, bad for the self-esteem (completely stolen quote from some comic talking about eating at 7-Eleven.)

  531. Suparna

    Happy birthday! You helped me automate my budget and stop stressing out about the little things that would not make a financial difference.

  532. Erica

    Happy Birthday! Where to start? I would echo what Cat Aboudara said above. I have a better, more positive and realistic understanding on what “rich” means to me. I am getting better at evaluating decisions and running the numbers more instead of relying on the conventional advice. I am working to automate my finances. I am able to organize my thoughts into strategies and tactics better and force myself to think strategically. I am s-l-o-w-l-y learning how to meet my friends where they are when they ask for advice. And I recently negotiated a 65% raise with taking a new job and have helped a few friends negotiate raises too. And the vast majority most of this growth was the result of your free material…thank you for putting out such quality material!!!

  533. Mia

    Happy birthday Ramit! Hard to believe you’re so young.

    The best techniques I’ve learned are those in your book — automating finances. You simplify everything! As a student, it was also useful to see when I should pay my debts versus invest. I’m hoping that your techniques will lead me to land a super rad job when I graduate and pay off my debts quickly.

    Thank you, sincerely.


  534. Nadia

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Wow, I can’t believe your only 31 years old, and you’ve accomplished more than most. Only thing left to do is make your mom happy, good luck with that!

    Your articles have helped me to realize that there is a game being played around us, and if I want to get ahead in life I can’t just be a spectator and wait for opportunites to rain down on me. Plus I’m learning not to disqualify myself and to have laser focus.

  535. beth

    Learned the difference between strategic and tactical and when to use what.

    Learned to recognize my limiting beliefs when they rear their heads and know what to do to address them. (Similarly, learn how to help my students move through their limiting beliefs.)

  536. Josie

    Feliz cumpleanos Ramit!

    I am a bit new to IWT but where do I begin?…
    It started with lowering my APRs with simple phone calls, using credit cards to MY benefit and changing my mindset from just frugality to earning more. I just started one of your courses and I am already feeling different with regards to my confidence, productivity, and focus.

    Thank you!

  537. Ade A

    Literally just started the Earn1K course and I already feel powerful messages and inspiration that I can apply to my everyday life. I can’t wait to uncover the limitless potentials within myself through the program.

    Thanks Ramit.

  538. Mary

    I finally started automating my savings! In a year I saved about 5000 euro’s. This wa not my goal, because I had to dip in at some point. But I took comfort in the idea tha t85% is better than 0% anyway :). I added that principle to more things in life now as well, exercising too! So what if I’ve slipped twice with my schedule? I’ll just start at it again without feeling too guilty.

  539. Cristina

    You helped me to find a new job! Thanks, and happy birthday!

  540. Jennifer

    Happy belated bday! I hope you enjoyed your special day.
    Thank you for teaching me about testing and asking the right questions.
    I tried one small test to 10 people and had 3 responses.
    You inspired me to rework my strategy. I am going to try again this week.

  541. Naoki


    This past year has been a quite challenging one. After filing for bankruptcy, and starting over I decided that I did not want to make the same mistakes in the past. I wanted to save money and start investing, but I had no idea of where and how to start investing. So, I scoured the interweb and stumbled across your blog. At first I thought to myself (Wow, really another get rich scheme?!) but something drew me in to read what you were talking about. I read it, and read over it again. I couldn’t believe it, you actually made SO much sense, and on top of it all I hadn’t even come out on pocket yet. I soon after purchased your book and was amazed by the new knowledge. I started automating my financial life and am steadily making progress towards my goals, even though I’ve had a few set backs recently I’m still as determined as ever to continue forward!

  542. Mandy

    Just a single mother trying tiger my life back together after a divorce and cancer. At my ropes end with bill and not being able to do as I need to to.

  543. Nicole

    I learned to stop taking it to heart when people criticize me for trying to think, or do, bigger things than they are comfortable with. I’m not afraid to admit I want to go for the bigger goals and make a bigger impact in my work as a journalist and as a health care provider.

  544. Greg

    New to IWT, but looking forward to the briefcase technique this week!

  545. Goldy

    Happiest Birthday Ramit!

    You have given me the courage to take action in my life and stop waiting for something to happen. You really are the best!

  546. Hilary Corna

    IWTYTBR has helped me 1) budget enough money to write my book & 2) strategize and negotiate approach to Toyota get them to sponsor my book tour. Oh, AND best of all, I met Dean Soto through you.

  547. Yaw

    Happy Birthday Ramit. It gave me a sensible plan about negotiating – especially with the credit cards. I never thought it was possible to just call someone up and say, “hey, I’d like my interest rate lowered” and have them respond affirmatively.

    There’s so much more I need to work on – and so many more psychological hangups I will have to demolish. But IWT has definitely been a good resource for me.

  548. Raf

    Ramit the biggest thing that IWTYTBR has helped me is changing my mindset. Before I was so passive and thought “if I work hard I’ll get to where I want”. Yes working hard plays a factor, but your mindset is even more important. I want to thank you in helping eliminate my invisible scripts and move towards living a richer life. Happy Birthday!

  549. Lisa Hugh

    Hi Ramit
    Happy Birthday!

    IWT has impacted my work and life in quite a few ways.
    Here are a few.

    Competency Triggers – I used to be nervous and uptight about my appearance when going to interviews, meetings, networking events etc. I think I came off as nervous and incompetent. I changed my style of dress from “convervative” to a more comfortable, sexy, businessey look and felt more comfortable, more social, and more outgoing. Much better reception.

    Psychological Barriers – I am a dietitian and counsel patients regularly. I have started pointing out their psychological barriers, like “I can’t eat healthy; I don’t cook; its just me; I can’t cook for one.” Why not?


  550. Svetlana

    Started a business that is now generating upwards of $40K in revenue.

  551. Tania

    The IWT material helped me to fully embrace my desire for living a “rich life” and living the life I want by changing my inner psychology and letting go of all the guilt around my spending habits. I am taking steps through the Earn1K course to start a side business to pay for my lavish lifestyle. I love being part of an unconventional community which creates possibilities of abundance rather than focussing on the doom and gloom of worldwide recession and lack.

    Happy Birthday!

  552. Stacey

    Happy birthday! Your programs helped me feel more confident in my ability to find and get my dream job, and your book inspired my husband to learn more about investing and become more involved in our joint finances. Thank you!

  553. Maya

    You’re only 31?! After reading your book my husband and I have invested almost $80K in the last couple of years with automatic transfers to a no-hassle low cost balanced growth fund with Vanguard, and have taken charge of our 401Ks with Lifecycle funds.

  554. Mandana Yousefi

    Oh let me count the ways…

    Your book assured me that I was not alone in feeling scared and intimidated by my own finances. You broke everything down to a level where I was confident to make my own decisions, without referring to anyone else. It gave me the financial freedom and confidence to move out of my parents home and into an extremely expensive apartment/lifestyle in Washington, DC. I’m sure you know, that is a huge deal for an unmarried, Iranian daughter, even if I am 26 and have a stable, well paying job.

    Perhaps the best part is that I have become so confident with my finances, that my parents are confident that I am doing well. They believe that they don’t need to budget a safety net for me into their own finances/retirement plan. This is probably the best gift a child could give to their parents in today’s age.

    Thank you so much Ramit. With all of you’ve done for us, everyday should be celebrated like it’s your birthday!

  555. LaViva Primm

    I refer candidates and the staff of the career development program in which I work to your material to support the concepts we teach.

  556. Rob Mosquera

    Your briefcase technique was used by a young lady in our office when she interviewed with me… even though I already knew what she was doing.

    On her first interview she asked me what kinds of projects we were working on at the time, so I summarized them for her. Then when she came in for the second interview in person, she busted out a stack of research she had done that was helpful to one of our main projects.

    So, you have indirectly helped me by training her to think outside the box, and get the job with us. Now I’m the one who is thankful, because she has been an outstanding new addition to the team!

    She has followed your work for a while, so thanks for training and sending us a great gal… and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -Rob M.

    P.S. I like your investment advice, but need to go deeper into your other work, I’ve heard it’s great from several people.

    P.P.S. My mom wants me to get married now too… but my dad says wait until I’m at least 40! I’ll probably just split the difference 🙂

  557. Marshall

    Ramit –

    You’re just an entertaining guy to watch!

    You know some stuff about people and I respect that. You’ve done your homework.

    What have I gained? I feel like the ability/willingness to test things… to look at things not as a final product, but as a test… then to test, test, test and learn and modify, then test, test, test.

    Have a great bday man!


  558. Heather

    Afte taking your negotiation course, I had the confidence to negotiate my most recent job offer by calmly and politely (but firmly) going through the terms in turn. I wasn’t able to budge the salary but secured a $15K signing bonus and consideration for a raise at my mid-year review. This is of course after networking to connect with the company and make the case to hire me in the first place – Ramit’s material was immensely helpful here too.

  559. Olivia Ong

    Ramit, I just want to let you know that you’ve helped me overcome my own fear and self-doubt to starting my own business. I’ve decided to start freelancing and focusins on my business plan and product, if that if that means 1 day a week is dedicated to this.

    I was paralyzed by fear and too worried about what other people would think of me. By building my own systems, and acknowledging my fears, I’ve been able to take the first steps towards my dream: To Have my own clothing line.

    I know I have a long way to go, but I now feel confident and sure of my future. Thank you so much Ramit!

  560. Michelle

    Oh man Ramit, where do I start? I’m sorry this was a day late. I was at work all day on your birthday yesterday.

    I started by reading your book. Now finances are automated and we’ve automated certain other parts of our life so that we know we come at or under most of our spending goals. The meal plan I found, especially, is a life saver. This as me on track paying off my debts. I’m on track to pay off my car 2 years early!

    Dream Job has been incredibly worthwhile. I’m sure now based on research – and not just gut instinct – that I’m on the right track. I’ve started networking and gaining knowledge from people in the field, and that has been amazing. That is about where I’m stuck for now until my contract with the Coast Guard runs out.

    And RBT has been incredible! I’ve just started there and Terri’s NDZ is keeping me accountable. I lurked for a few weeks until I was comfortable making an introduction, and I was thrilled to learn that I can make some new contacts in the economics field through the group! And Raj’s book recommendation has been incredible so far! I am devouring it and wishing I’d had it the first time I went through college. I’m immensely happy that I discovered it before graduate school.

    All in all my life is moving in the directions I want and I am happier for it. You’ve given me the tools to get there and an amazing community that I can support and be supported by. That is priceless, and I thank you and your team so much, Ramit!

  561. SamB

    In the past 8 months I am a different person. I may be late to the birthday bandwagon, but thanks should be given.
    -The good: I have raised my salary from 25,000 to 40,000 per year, tripled my 401K, lost 20 pounds, took a 2 week vacation to Mexico without debt, raised my credit score by 117 points, and saved enough money to buy a car with cash.
    -The better: My friends want to know what I’m doing, I’m in a position to take over my new dream job, I feel healthier, my find is free to get excited about life instead of worried about money, I have too much free time, and people want to pay me for some of it.
    -The best: I’m not afraid of trying (because if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing however the hell you can get it done), I’m not afraid of failing (except for failure to act, because how much worse could it get), and I’m not afraid of succeeding anymore.
    Because if there’s one thing that crippled me before IWT, it was that I was terrified of what my life would look like if I were thinner, smarter, better paid, more confident. And now I’m all of those things, and just as awesome as before. So thank you, Ramit, and happy birthday!

  562. Angela

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    You’ve definitely earned your way into my inbox–of all the emails I subscribe to, yours are the only ones I ALWAYS read.

    You’ve helped me identify and crush my invisible scripts, gain confidence in negotiating and interviewing (Briefcase Technique is gold!), and get it through my head that just because I’m an artist with a feeler-type personality, that doesn’t mean I can’t be smart and strategic about my life and money. You’ve also taught me to stop feeling guilty for buying lattes (and other absurd behavior) and start focusing on big wins that actually matter…which has me feeling much more empowered and effective than worrying about the coffee beverages I so enjoy 😛

    Many Thanks!

  563. Marissa

    Happy birthday!

    Thanks to you, I negotiated a higher salary and set up systems for breaking down and completing projects instead of relying on memory to track of details. My boss considers me a top performer.

    Current goals: demolishing invisible scripts about not being good enough in my job and field, and testing more systems to deliver more value to friends, family, and clients.

  564. LeAnn

    Hey Ramit,

    I can help get your mom off your back by letting you put me on mine. Marry me!

  565. dudeasincool

    Thanks for making me a better negotiator. Happy Birthday!

  566. Ishtar

    Happy Birthday! Your book and e-mails have helped me manage money better and helped the people around me do so as well. Currently not employed so working to start my own business and loving having full control over all aspects of business.

    I plan on buying your plan soon. Would love to know your opinion on whether you think someone young requires more work experience before starting a business on their own?

  567. Justice

    Ramit, Happy Belated B’Day! I always read your emails, and there are nuggets in each one that resonate with me. I re-read to find the ways to enhance my negotiating skills, customer relations, re-build my confidence, and demolish the invisible scripts that hold me back from reaching my future goals. Keep up the great work, and continue being the motivator for all of us.

  568. David Coulombe

    IWT helped me to become a top performer at my job.

    My attitude towards my manager is much more proactive and my work is aligned with his objectives.

    Thanks Ramith.

  569. Carol

    Happy birthday! Your recent article “3 Critical Mistakes I Made When Trying to Grow My Business” really hit home with me. As a part-time freelancer and parent-on-the-scene, I feel caught in this terrible spot where I cannot earn more because I cannot afford childcare. After reading this article, I have come to realize consciously (oh, I have known, though) that I am treading water in my career and I am not happy about it. And with this realization, change can begin…

  570. Priti Mehta

    Happy Happy Birthday Ramit!!!
    To sum it all up IWTYTBR has given me CONFIDENCE.
    From managing finances to networking it has given me the confidence to go forward in the world.

    You are right… it is not all about money, but money makes life alot easier.

    As a young woman it gives me comfort in knowing that there is a system for my finances which is not scammy or devious.

    Thanks again Ramit!! Happy Birthday!

  571. Christopher Johnson

    Happy Birthday, Ramit. Beyond the usual refreshing, motivating kick in the ass IWTY2BR has continually provided for my career and educational pursuits (for instance, beginning a prestigious MBA program at the college where I work — tens of thousands of free dollars, just sitting on the table for the 3.5 years I’ve here), your “tolerate no bullshit – you’re in charge” attitude has helped me recover from congestive heart failure. I went from being on a transplant list in November to doing five miles a day on the treadmill and in the ‘real world’, increasing the intensity as I go. My doctors are astounded 🙂

    And if you’re truly considering non-girl options, I’d like to throw my hat into the bin. (Who could resist the Blackhawk photo? No one, that’s who.)

    But seriously, keep up the good work — and Happy Birthday, may you have many more.

  572. Michael

    Happy B-day! 🙂
    IWTYTBR inspired me too automate my finances (saving) and got me started investing in the stock market. Thanks!

  573. Nicole

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    With your book I was able to eliminate my credit card debt, set up an automatic system to pay my bills, and save money for emergencies, vacations, and holiday shopping. I feel like I’ve only recently hit my stride by changing how I absorb self development material, how I manage my time and energy, and just letting myself relax and have a good time.

    Thank you, Ramit!

  574. Lauren

    Let’s get to it – since your request for a birthday gift is rather easy:

    * I started a (profitable) business on the side and easily earned my 1st 1k doing something that I loved doing. I also have been able to get valuable feedback and have made changes to the way I do business based on that feedback (what clients to say yes to, what rate to charge, etc.)
    * I negotiated a higher salary and more appropriate title at my 9-5 job and started doing things at work that I actually enjoy.
    * My husband and I paid off all of our non-student loan debt. And automated our finances.
    * I also brag WAY too much about IWT. I have shared the site and courses with family and friends. I am even taking some of the things that I have learned (and have worked for me) and going to visit my mom to have a week-long boot-camp session about finances and life in general. My parents are nearing retirement, and it is important to me that they can take care of themselves.

    Next on the agenda is to build our savings and change our view on what being broke is. I think that rich is relative, and I want to change that number for our family. As I explained it to my husband, when we were young $.10 was poor and $20 was rich. As a broke college student, $20 was poor, but $100 in my pocket was gold. I don’t want to live like a broke college student, so I have made up my mind to keep setting the “poor” bar higher and higher by changing the way that I spend, save, and make money.

    Thanks Ramit – and have a great 31st! Can’t wait to see what more you have in store for your followers.

  575. Daniel

    Helped me recognize “top performer” behavior to master my inner psychology.

  576. Alex

    Happy Bday Ramit! I’ve learned many things from you over the years but the I would say that being a better negotiator would be the most valuable to me. I’ve always had the “keep your head down, work hard” attitude believing that some day someone will recognize the things that I do. I realized after reading/watching your stuff that I needed to make people realize and get out there. I was able to find a better job, negotiate measuring my performance, and got a parking stall! (which some employees were not happy about). Thank you so much for all that you do. Enjoy your birthday.

  577. James H.

    My time here helped get me a new, six-figure job in NYC! Enough said. 🙂

  578. Lauren

    You have helped me be more responsible for my money, career and life with less work! Happy birthday!

  579. Nicole

    Congrats on Forbes and HBD!
    I am new to IWT community, however so far the upfront no-excuses attitude and can-do approach is awesome, and your last webinar was extremely insightful too.

  580. Sarah M

    You have taught me that managing money doesn’t have to be difficult. Systems work! Happy Birthday!

  581. Cierra T

    Happy birthday! IWT has helped me gain more confidence regarding money matters in general, and has encouraged me to go after my financial goals.

  582. Marianne P

    Hi Ramit,

    Last year I responded to your birthday request and told you how I had increased my salary by not revealing my previous salary, even though several recruiters passed on me when I refused to reveal my salary. This year I’ll share my boyfriend’s story. I’ve been repeating your wisdom to my boyfriend while he looked for another job. I told him to hold his ground and not accept the low salary that was initially offered to him by one company. He tried to negotiate a better deal, but was unable to reach an agreement with the company and walked away from the offer. For weeks, he agonized over the decision and wondered if he should have just accepted the offer. A month or two later the SAME company called him back. They offered him a higher position which allowed them to offer him a higher salary. He accepted and is very happy with his compensation package. I really do love your finance advice!!

    Hope you have a great Birthday!

  583. Jackie

    Get a promotion, raise and helped me realize that I really can start my own business without quitting my current job. Now I just need to pick an idea and get started. Thanks so much and happy birthday.

  584. Dianne

    Your advice to create desirable change by tracking two significant variables. I like financial advice, but this focus gave me better than money: going on a backpacking weekend last summer, with a teacher I admire (Andrew Skurka) at a good, ripe geezer age. Focus points: steps walked per day, interval workouts per week.

  585. Malia

    Negotiated a 5k raise which may not seem like much, but had I not asked, I would have gotten the same as everyone else. I was turned down the first few asks, but kept pressing in a diplomatic way while present the different facets that justified a pay increase.

  586. David

    Happy Birthday Ramit, IWT taught me to move forward on a side business idea I always had brewing but never pulled the trigger on.

  587. Michelle

    Happy Birthday! With your strategies I have automated my finances, paid off my crushing debt (finally) and can now use my salary to pay myself instead of debt service. I’m now on track to get a certification that should increase my salary by $15-20K (I’m proof you can still be underpaid in the 6 figures range.)

    Thank you Ramit!

  588. Kayla

    I had read about Automating your Finances for a couple years, but this year I actually put it to action. Now I don’t fuss about making budgets and keeping track of every dollar I spend. I sleep well knowing that my money is automatically going into the right accounts (including my savings account) and my bills are being paid on time. Happy Birthday Ramit!

  589. Sonie

    SET UP a financial monthly plan with my husband, starting earning an extra 3K thanks to Ramits “EARN 1K” tips, learned how to PAY OFF my credit card debt NOW and not a year from now! Awesome creative live class and awesome content Ramit…thank you …

  590. Jax

    IWTYTBR helped me improve my credit score 146 points. There was a collection on my credit report for a bill that I’d never received and that went to a collection agency. I hadn’t realized I could dispute the entry on my credit report. Thanks to IWTYTBR, I disputed it and my score went up an amazing amount. Thank you Ramit! Hope you had a great birthday.

  591. sheena

    Happy Birthday,

    I hate you ( only because I haven’t been 31 in such a long time); Anyway, I’ve learned how to automate my finances. I’m starting small – my phone bill is now automatically paid by my credit card. But, I’m working on it. I’m trying to check out your book again so I can read it again. Thanks Ramit.

  592. Sherene

    Happy Birthday!
    The first thing that resonated with me was your comment – there is a limit to how many expenses you can cut out from your life, but there is no limit to how much you can earn.
    Coming out of a rather difficult 20 year marriage I committed financial suicide to keep sanity and joy in my life. I love that what you talk about is possible and hopeful and that even a old lady such as myself can start cobbling together a secure financial future.
    Thank you. Happiest birthday

  593. Julien

    Because it’s my birthday today, and because of wine,
    i’ll just tell that you give me the force to continue and grow up !

    Hope that in 3 years, i’ll be on the same helicopter and cheer up
    with you for my 31 😉


  594. Luke

    Hi Ramit
    Happy Birthday. I bought you (and me) a present…I bought a copy of your book from Amazon 🙂

    Thanks for the emails, the 1K stuff really helped focus my goals for the next 12 months when I did the goal setting workshop.


  595. Katie

    My boyfriend and I recently moved in together and plan to get married next year. Luckily, we have the same views about spending/saving money, but we’re reading IWTYTBR together to give ourselves weekly goals so that we can have our finances in order before we tie the knot.

  596. Elisabeth

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich taught and motivated me into setting up a Roth IRA as well as increase my contribution to my 401k. Both are automated. Thank you Ramit!

  597. Andrew


    Short story time: I randomly ran across your IWT book while looking for financial advice on the internet and decided to read it, among many other books. The thing is that although I am a biomedical engineer who can design, develop, and build some really cool stuff, I never learned a dam thing about what to do with money once it started to roll in. What lured me into your book was you cut through all the crap I see in other books and you get right to the point, how do manage my money to do what I want to do opposed to the other books which just speak of how to make more money, how to save for retirement (blah, blah, blah).

    Since reading your book I have reallocated my money into appropriate accounts and started investing short and long term. Furthermore, this newfound education of my finances enabled me to take a 5 month European and North American adventure full of sightseeing and the occasional volunteer event. This trip is now nearing it’s end and I have now started to look for my “Dream Job” using all of the material you provided on your website. Not knowing any better I would have thought you tapped into my mind to see what I needed help wit, but I know it’s much, much more than that. I realize you are tackling life problems just like I tackle medical device development. First you identify a problem that will help people; second, you research, design, and test the shit out of your prototype; third, you repeat step 2 until it’s perfect; and finally you are able to relish in the fact you are providing something that actually helps the world while making some money. Not a bad way to live, well done sir!

    Thank you for being you!

  598. Susan

    I’m a saver, but it helped me invest and launch a business. Each year I expand business services and past employers are now my clients. I couldn’t be happier!
    Happy Birthday and thank you for information that is real and useful.

  599. Liz


    I copy/paste something from the 50 Email Scripts about once a month. I use them when I can’t spend a lot of mental calories crafting an email, or when writing the email is hard for whatever reason (nine times out of ten I’m trying to politely decline something).

    Best birthday wishes.

  600. Sabrina

    Hi Ramit,

    First off Happy Birthday! When I think about what you have taught me there isn’t one thing that comes to mind. I would start off by saying that you have given me the motivation and push I needed in my life to believe in myself and my side business. I have read every one of your emails and I always take into account what advice and tips you offer. I admire your dedication and it gives me the want to push myself!

    Keep it up!

  601. Chris

    Gave me the peace of mind knowing I did the right 20% to get me 80% of the way there.

  602. Rich

    Automating my finances, focusing on earning more and not so much with cutting back on daily spending and investing more.

  603. Mehrdad

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Your insight into psychology, and how we can hold ourselves back, or propel ourselves forward, has given me great catharsis in my day to day affairs.

  604. Cat

    IWT has helped me grow more comfortable with the idea that it’s just as possible to earn more as it is to cut back. Frugality was always my wealth-building tactic. But being open to creating/finding ways to bring in more money while doing more of what I love has made hard work a deliciously gratifying experience… Which will be detailed in my next book!!
    Thanks, Ramit!

  605. Ginelle


    I met you at a NYTimes event and, well, got your book from the library. I was $28k in debt, so I think you can forgive me for that one. I was in the hole living the artist life and I came to you for advice. Using just your free stuff within in a month I negotiated a job that doubled my highest salary ever (I emailed you personally about it), the I finally dug myself out of debt a year and a half after that. I am building my emergency and my retirement looks pretty damn sexy for someone who’s only started, when she just reached her 31 (though she desperately wanted to in her 20s but didn’t have the Ramit system in place). Now I am automatically saving a lot of the dough, the money that was going into my debt and now working out the plan for how to transition back to creative life without sacrificing earning power. Guess who is solvent and can now do the $1k course. This girl!! Thank you and Happy Birthday. You know, you look more handsome the more wealth I accumulate

  606. Minie

    I had a goal to make $100K this year, even though at the time I was making a salary of $80K.

    With your negotiation tips, I was able to exceed my goal and score a salary of $135K!

    Thank you and Janam Din Mubarak 🙂

  607. Lynne

    I’ve learned to automate my bills so I can have more time to put towards my dream job – starting a photography business and learning to become better at my craft.

    Oh, and I read your post about your mom wanting to get you married off. I know how she feels. I have a 31-year-old daughter who I wish she’d find somebody to be happy with, too! Care to meet her? (ha ha). Hey, moms just want their kids to be happy, just saying. Seriously though, Happy Birthday Ramit! Thanks for the tips you provide.

  608. Kristy

    I first checked your blog out in 2008, very shortly after I had graduated college. I was making a crap wage (less than $10.00/hour) at a job I didn’t love, that required mandatory overtime. I had some student loan debt, some credit card debit, but was saving successfully on my own. After reading your blog, I employed a strategy to pay off the largest debt + interest rate combo first, then the next, and the last following. I actually resolved about half of my credit card debit while still saving and maintaining at this crap job.

    I got a new job, and moved to a new city. I was making roughly double my original wage, and employed a 50/30/20% split for needs/wants/savings (although honestly, I want more savings – so it ended up being more like 50/20/30%). I finished paying off my credit cards. I first checked your book out from a public library over a winter holiday. I ran the numbers and put together a monthly expense estimate. I figured out how much money I’d save (or lose) if I paid off my student loan early. I scheduled calendar reminders for when to pay down money if I had extra, and when to pull credit reports. I spent on things I love (farmer’s market, great kitchenwares). I didn’t on things I don’t care about (television). I saved an emergency fund that covers half a year’s income. In short, I got it together, and it felt like I did so fast.

    After about a year and a half, I got another new job (conversion from contractor to full time role with the same company), and moved to a new city. This time, my living wage didn’t go up very much, but my benefits did – by over 2x. And I knew how to manage my money and prioritize. I got settled, calibrated for new living expenses (much higher rent, public transportation, nights and days on the town), new living timetables (commute), and re-ran financial numbers. I doubled down, and started to save for retirement more seriously. I maxed my employer contribution two years in a row, and earned some great performance bonuses through my new employer. Last year, I somehow made just over 100k.

    I probably could have started out stronger by not lowballing my wage on that first job, but feel like I have done well in leading a rich life so far. I’ve been out of college for about 5 years, live in the most expensive city in the United States, and am worth 160k as-is. I maxed my employer-sponsored 401k in early April, so everything else income-wise this year is gravy. I’m pre-saving for a big life event like a wedding or a home (I don’t even have a boyfriend, but I know they’re expensive and that it’s something I could want), my next car, my next computer, insurance.

    Now I’m looking to double-down on career, and ensure I’m doing things I really love – at work, and away from work. I’ve got a stable support system, and good financial backing to help me get there.

    All of this was done with your guidance. Thanks for continuing to point toward the next step.

    P.S.: I’ve definitely recommended your book to people in my life, have given it as a gift, and seen it in others’ homes. I’m hoping it has paid off for them as much as it did for me.

  609. Mariya


    It’s hard to pick just 1 thing that IWT has helped me with, but the overall theme seems to be communication. Your scripts have introduced me to (and allowed me to stay in touch with) all types of interesting people, and keep opening even more doors. Your social skills mini-course in January was perfect, especially as I was starting at a new school at the time.

    I owe a good chunk of where I’ve gotten so far to you and IWT.

    Have a very happy 31st birthday, and congratulations on the spread in Forbes!

  610. Juan

    It helped me to master my inner psychology to improve my social skills in my personal life and workplace

  611. Malla

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    No question – I automated my finances and started focusing on how to earn more money rather than just penny pinching and cutting back on lattes.

  612. Mike R.

    I bought your book and it sat on my toilet for months. Once I finally opened it, it gave me a reasonable plan to look at my finances. I used it to automate my finances, set up sub accounts for specific savings goals. I have also used the info from your blog to start a business with my cousin and earn my first (and more) 1k.

    Thank you for what you do,
    Mike R.

  613. Andrew Zimmermann

    Hey Ramit,

    You have helped me in more ways than one and all of them have helped me to live a richer life.
    First of all, you inspired me to get in touch with a person who I highly respected…Your very own mentor BJ Fogg. Since then, I have been flying down a path of study in behavioral psychology and applying it to my life to get my finances in order (debt free and established savings accounts for all the things I want to do as well as investing). I have also found my dream job as a behavior design consultant for companies in the health space (signed my first clients already working with a partner) and I am also using what I have learned to start a business on the side helping others do the same thing aka exposing them to your and others teachings on creating systems and designing behaviors that can transform people’s lives.

    So thank you very much for starting me down this path and I am sure we will cross paths in the future.

    Happy Birthday

    Andrew Zimmerman

  614. Philippe


    Happy Birthday Ramit !!!

    Your book helped automatizing my finances and get me started with investing. Your Dream Job course helped me land a job in Canada (I am from France).

    Thank you !!!


  615. Abi

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    The best thing was that you encouraged me to take responsibility for my own financial situation. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I’m working on it, and I feel like I can achieve my goals thanks to your advice.

  616. Christine

    I grew up being that kid that got the school turkey. You know every Thanksgiving when the school has a food drive and everyone brings in a can of expired vegetables and the school generously hands them out to the less fortunate. I was that kid. Every. Single. Year.

    Your irreverent, four-by-four bang the Truth over the head approach to money and negotiation taught me things that my parents couldn’t. As a direct result of reading your emails I negotiated a contract so strongly that the company asked me to write my own contract and send it to them. I did and they only removed one line from the contract – the exact line I had put in the contract so we would have something to negotiate out of the contract.

    In another instance I was hired as a consultant. I charged 3 x’s what I initially thought I should charge. I took your advice and instead of just guessing, I actively asked people what they would pay for this service, what other people were charging for similar services. And then I pinpointed the hell out of my proposal to her. I offered solutions to her problem and told her exactly how we would get there. She didn’t even ask me how much I would charge. And when it came time to pay, she handed the fee over without blinking.

    I’m working on a small scale and I love what I’m doing. I love choosing who I want to work with. I love getting paid to do things that other people only say they wish they could get paid to do. And I’m glad my children aren’t the ones getting the Thanksgiving turkey.

    Thanks for making my life more fun with your irreverence and your information. And, yes, you should thank your parents for your good genes that don’t just stop at your teeth. Happy Birthday Ramit.

  617. RLB

    I have gained a great deal from your courses and have not yet scratched the surface of all of your material as I am still in the early stages. Specifically, I have spent more time focusing on taking action and sharing that mentality with loved ones. I have also been able to reinforce some things that I have previously learned and now look at certain interview questions with an entirely new perspective. Congratulations on the positive impact you are making on so many people, happy birthday.

  618. kb

    Happy birthday!

    I’ve been a super saver, but your book makes me feel proud of being smart and responsible with my money. I used to feel guilty about splurging on things that were important to me, but now, I budget for fitness and travel while realizing that buying clothes are not that important to me. I am much more fulfilled in life with what I have. I am rich, even though I don’t have millions of dollars in the bank. Thank you for your straight-forward and honest approach!
    -kb 🙂

  619. Rachel

    You have helped me to understand why people buy, and why people don’t buy. I now have a method to market my talents to those who want it – for a premium price. It’s been very inspiring and I tell everyone about it. Thank you!!

  620. Diana

    I learned living a rich life is achieving a lifestyle defined by your definition “rich.” I also learned many strategies on how to step up my game in my finances and personal life. Thank you Ramit! send you peace and happiness.
    Happy Early Birthday!!

  621. Rachel

    The most helpful thing so far was the idea of automating my finances. I took a long time but I am finally out of debt as of April. May was my birthday and I splurged. What a nice feeling to be able buy things outright, without have to put it on a credit card. Now I want to build up my emergency fund from three months to six. This has helped my radically lower my anxiety about money, but also lower my stress about my job. I know I have no debt and and a cushion to depend if the worst happened. I need to start working on the basics now, like having a résumé ( or resumes ) ready to go at all times, networking ect, how to handle workplace politics and survive without having to keep a bottle of pepto bismol handy. Thank you for your ideas and explanations, they have helped me improve my finances. Happy Birthday!

  622. Elizabeth

    The Briefcase Technique is amazing–it completely shifts the dynamic and flow of the interview to a more peer-to-peer and collaborative discussion. You can showcase your creativity, initiative, insight and what you can tangibly offer the employer to get away from surface platitudes. Excellent results–even though I did not get the job, I made a lasting favorable impression on a leader in my industry. Thank you Ramit and happy birthday!

  623. Bevon Scarlett

    This program has given me a better understanding of business operations and also how analyze a market.

  624. Bhoopathi

    You made a profound impact on my life, Ramit. In managing my finance, career and social life, I do far better today than what I used to be before meeting you. Thank you so much Ramit!

  625. Sarah

    Since my first encounter with your blog in 2008, I have used IWT material to help me pay off $72,000 in student loan debt, more than double my earnings, and increase my net worth over four times. Keep it up Ramit and have a wonderful Birthday!

  626. Lauren

    First of all, I didn’t realize you’re only 2 months older than me. I’m both impressed and insanely envious…but Happy Birthday!

    I read IWT when I was 26 and I’m not sure that I could give you just one way that it helped me. So, I will give you more than one:

    1) At age 26 I was working for a non-profit organization, making NO money and routinely overdrawing my account. I had no idea what a 401K was much less a Roth IRA (I’m still not 100% on that by the way) BUT, now at 30 I have 33K in my savings account, 45K+ in my 401K and a few thousand in my Roth IRA.
    2) Before IWT, none of my bills were set up for automatic payment and I would sometimes, forget or pay late. NOW I have everything set up for automatic payment, including bi-weekly deposits into my ROTH IRA & Savings accounts. I also started paying into my 401K and increase my contribution by 1% every year. Currently I am putting 9% of every paycheck into my 401K.
    3) I just bought a new-to-me used car. A 2010 hybrid Lexus to be exact and I would not have been able to do that if I hadn’t set a savings goal. I was able to put over 10% down for a smaller monthly payment. I will overpay every month to pay towards the principle and pay off the car faster. I would not have even had this thought pattern if I hadn’t read IWT.
    4) I went from a clueless 26 yr old who didn’t want to think about personal finance becuase the idea was daunting in and of itself, to feeling secure about my future. I have a cushion and I owe it to IWT.
    5) I only wish that I had read it sooner. I have given this out as gifts to several people over the years. Thank you!

  627. Andrew C.

    IWT helped me in many ways such as: mange my money, create a conscious spending plan, negotiate my salary, and begin a business. These are all great things, but what IWT helped be with the most is:

    “Thank you Ramit for helping me though a tough time. That tough time being: taking 5 college classes in the summer and getting my BA in Computer Science, Finding a Job 2 months before I graduated with a $3k bonus, and most of ALL, helping me though all these while my Mother was in the hospital with Cancer. Thank you.”

    How did you help?
    You helped me to get my screwed up and un-organized college life together. I learned “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Another year from now you will be a year older, what are you going to do? Take things one at a time. Define your rich life, or else you will never reach it.” After reading your book and taking your courses, I was determined to finish school so I could get a job to help my Mother with the bills and also spend more time with the Family.

    I not only wanted for me to live a Rich Life but my Family as well.

    P.S. My Mother is fully cured of cancer! Thank God! ^_^
    Thanks again Ramit!

    Andrew C.

  628. Ray Saunders

    Not sure if this is as specific as you were looking for, but in the course of reading your emails, I have gotten more in touch with the “hidden barriers” or “inner voices” that keep us from truly exploring our options. I find myself asking “why not?” and uncovering do-able ways to work around the obstacles that find their way into my mind.


  629. TG

    Happy Birthday Ramit – I want to see statistics behind your advice(s). Do people really achieve what they claim with your course? I want you to share some real numbers, % increase in net wealth.

    • Rebecca

      TG, statistical outcomes are impressive, but the results may be in smaller benefits as well, losing weight, getting out of personal debt, or the fellow on this site who got a $10,000 raise. I have gained confidence (how to measure?) to assure that I go to CO-present at the next big meeting on work that I have personally accomplished, not just the program director presenting my work in with his. These things add up in ways not always reflected in statistics. .Let you know at my next promotion…

  630. Danae

    A belated Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    The best thing IWT has done for me is help me overcome my invisible scripts. I’m a SAHM who wanted to earn a little money on the side, working in my PJs from home and — most importantly — as my own boss. I had an idea for an Etsy shop but had to overcome these invisible scripts first:

    – I don’t have skills anyone will pay for
    – I’m not an artist
    – What if no one likes my stuff?
    – I don’t know how to run a business

    My first product failed. Maybe it was the wrong market or maybe my product was already too freely available, but no one was buying. More invisible scripts:

    – No one wants to buy my stuff; I suck!
    – Even if I eventually get a few sales, I can’t make enough profit for this to be worth my time
    – I’m a failure

    I kept reminding myself that this was all just testing. I had tested my first product and it didn’t work, so I needed more ideas. I decided to try my hand at digital subway art printables. More scripts to overcome:

    – I’m not a graphic designer and everyone will know it
    – I won’t be able to do this without expensive software that I can’t afford
    – People could do this at home themselves; they won’t want to pay me to do it

    My printables starting selling and I considered adding prints but that brought up more fears and insecurities (I don’t know about printing, I don’t know about shipping, I’m going to screw something up and my customers will hate me, etc.) In the past I would have allowed these fears to keep my from trying. With the lessons I’ve learned following your blog over the last couple of years, I approached each one as a learning challenge instead. I told myself that I could figure out how to do this stuff, and I could develop the skills I lacked.

    It has been exhilarating! This year to date I’ve made over $2000 in profit and have a thriving little Etsy shop with 100% positive customer feedback. I love working for myself. I love making money at home in my PJs and knowing that I provide a service that people appreciate and are willing to pay for. I love having a flexible schedule that allows me to remain a SAHM. And I’m spending the money on stuff that matters to me — high-quality education for my daughter and family vacations.

    Thank you, thank you for your wonderful (and funny) advice. Working on getting my husband to follow you so he can get out of his incredibly stressful and thankless job.

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

  631. Amanda Sweat

    Your work has helped heighten my financial and personal awareness and how critical these things are for personal welbeing and success. I am 20 years old, a college student, and in the process of learning more about myself and how to succeed. I am far ahead of my friends and peers.

  632. Devon

    The principles I’ve learned reading your site taught me to correct my invisible scripts, to test my hypotheses, and to ignore the naysayers. Surprisingly, the biggest results haven’t be financial at all. Instead, I’ve used the same logic to quit smoking and lose 30 lbs — odd for a site largely dedicated to finance. It goes to show that mastering your inner psychology is essential to all sorts of areas. Thanks a lot, Ramit!

  633. Robin B

    One year ago this month, my husband and I stumbled onto IWT, and signed up for your 1-week MBA email series. I still remember that feeling of excitement and hope, that just maybe we could learn a few things that would help us as freelancers, and help us move past our years of worrying about money and feeling rather undeserving/useless/clueless/etc. Since then, between the two of us, we have done Earn1K, started DJ, and joined RBT, the latter of which just makes the former two a million times more powerful. Because of your work, I’ve been able to do some serious invisible script smashing, and I had a LOT of them. We’ve learned how to manage our time, be more productive, deal with clients effectively, negotiate for higher rates, build relationships with local VIPs and top performers, believe in ourselves. Over the past few months, we’ve been securing our own, amazing, PAYING clients for the first time ever, and the last two months have been more lucrative and rewarding than any in our nine years of marriage. You have set in motion something powerful, something I never thought I could achieve because I was always the “clueless artist type who sucked at business.” Thank you for what you do, and thank you for building this community for us and teaching us how to really kick ass in the world. 🙂

  634. Jesús

    Happy birthday!!!

    what you share, makes a great difference on dealing with the troubles I found during first half of the year, most important thing, I keep going! Amazing things are going to happen soon, I’m sure.

    Have tons of fun!!

    All the Best,


  635. DC

    Happy Birthday. I have gotten my only credit card APR reduced twice, Thanks to you

  636. Sandy TH

    Whenever I have anxiety, I calm myself down my listening to the materials in DJ 2.0 as well as from when you were on Creative Live. It’s a way to calm myself down and it reminds me that everything is going to be ok. Thanks Ramit.

  637. S McI

    My primary interest was to learn what I might be able to share w/my children as they strive to get their first job & how to move up to what they really love to do.

  638. Reggie


    Great book. Recognized significance of spending lavishly on things you cherish, while cutting drastically the cost of things you do not. By prioritizing, you’re able to live well while staying within your means.

  639. PW

    I realized how very hard you work to achieve your goals. Your focus and networking and interviews have opened my eyes to the constant motion, moving forward, connecting with people with wonderful enlightening materials, you book, have all proven to be valuable. It has moved me to a new direction that has made a huge impact on my work, and kept me motivated to keep at it. Happy Birthday. And thanks.

  640. Camilo Oliveira

    Hi Ramit, I learned a lot about how to manage my money and not be managed by it. How important is to bring value first, and then good things happens later (good price and relationships).
    Also, your emails and blog posts became the subject of many conversations with friends and family throughout the year.

    Happy birthday and thank you for everything.

  641. Michele

    You helped me on a personal level. Helped me to take action, stop waiting to figure it all out, and know learn that being overly nice is not helping me in any ways…Smiling is still important. I recently got engaged with my long-time love and I believe your words helped with that. Happy Birthday.

  642. Teresa

    An article in Fortune Magazine told me about IWT and Ramit. Signing up for his regular emails brought inspiration with each email! He blends in a lot of wisdom in each email in addition to offering his programs, so even if you don’t subscribe to a program, he is giving valuable insights for free. I was a paying member of Ramit’s Brain Trust for a few months to help return the favor of his free advice in the listserv emails such as being very specific about strengths and relating them to accomplishments in your brief cover letter with resume! This helped my resume fly through HR layers to reach the hiring manager for my great job! Thanks, Ramit – happy birthday!! Compliments to your parents for raising a fine son.

  643. Long

    I love underlying theme of your blog: behavior change. Ever since reading your blog, I managed to get myself to exercise 3x/week, sleep better & more, and develop habits that help me work more productively. To me, you’ve used behavior change as a very effective channel towards personal development and change. Thanks Ramit and happy birthday 🙂

  644. Joann Alejandro

    I have learned two main things so far:

    1. I have defined with my girlfriend what does it mean a “rich life” to us and how can we move in order to get there.

    2. I have learned the importance of better understand other people point of view so you can adapt it and give them what they are expecting to receive. It found me a new job in a different sector of activity, I’m starting on September.

    Your lessons are great! Thanks for everything and happy bday!

  645. Umar

    Hi Ramit,

    Many wishes for your birthday! The one thing that I got from IWTYTBR is that I have started being more focused in my career and trying to live a more complete life rather than a dull unfocused one.

  646. Rhonda

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    You have given this widowed single mom HOPE that life will not always be a struggle. I am working on it!

    oh! and I have a lovely daughter. You should meet her! 🙂

    And, give my love to your mom. She sounds VERRRRY familiar!

  647. Sean

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    Your course helped me land a 10k raise.

  648. Rebecca

    Two things:
    You helped me understand the difference between being a responsible consumer (yes) and penny-pinching frugality (yuk), which I will never practice again.
    Overcoming personal psychology: You helped me overcome my fear of increasing my automated savings by asking me to examine the fear. To overcome the fear, I found I had to 1) Stop running my checking account down to nothing, which was a necessity when I was poor, 2) Set up a smaller “escrow” savings account for emergencies, so I didn’t touch my “real” savings account, and 3) Get comfortable with carrying some cash, so I left my checking account alone for small purchases.
    Thank you Ramit!

  649. Dave

    Your material helped me to think bigger and overcome some of my personal fears to secure a new job that will increase my income by 100% over the next year. Cheers

  650. mila

    Reading your articles help me adopt a bit more courage to face problems and take the initiatives of handling them, instead of waiting for others to solve it. I’m still a bit behind in trying out your techniques but, I thank you for setting up some pathways 🙂
    Have a great birthday!

  651. H

    Belated Happy Birthday, Ramit! Over a year ago you shared some profound tips on how to approach performance reviews. I followed your advice to the letter and received the best performance review in the half-decade I was at that company. Unlike past reviews where it was impossible to measure what was achieved in a workplace where work is endlessly repetitive, I framed everything I achieved on the job based on the most important measurement of $uccess the company had, as you advised. I saw total comprehension and satisfaction in their eyes. For the first time, I had questions, facts (ie salary, job description, industry research), and clear ideas and goals where I would like to grow my responsibilities at that company, rather than ask management for subjective suggestions on where to improve. The resulting discussion made me realize that no matter how much they appreciated me and how much they were willing to compensate me over time, there was no further growth for me there and gave me the courage to quit and create a dream job for myself. So thank you for the wealth (of knowledge) you share with everyone and please send my thanks to your parents for raising an outstanding and driven human being!

  652. tv

    Hi Ramit! Congrats on the success. All of your free material is gold but the most valuable for me, has been the psychology of negotiation. It’s helped me increase my salary over $30K in the last 18 months. Think about how many latte’s that is… thanks!

  653. Prithi

    Hi Ramit, Happy Birthday! I learnt many things from your mails. But most importantly I realized what I really want to do with my life, about which I have been thinking for many months. Thanks a lot. It’s a great relief when one finds out what to do with ones life… Great job.

  654. Kathie

    Happy birthday, Ramit! I read every email you send! All of them, all the way to the end! It has helped me break my anti-me psychology, and work harder on figuring out where it is I want to go. And next month, when my husband’s company closes his facility, we’re going to use your lessons to look for new jobs for both of us! Thanks! 🙂

  655. Mike

    Happy birthday Ramit!! Becoming part of the IWT community has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. When I first stumbled on the site last May I was on the verge of a layoff of a job I was unhappy with but stayed because I didn’t think I could do any better. Ramit’s lessons showed me how to capitalize on my worth and and market myself. But the biggest thing I learned is to ALWAYS negotiate!! Don’t lay down on the first offer. I walked away with a job I love and earn more than 20k more than my last job. Thanks Ramit!!

  656. Valerie Francisco

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I made a quick video testimonial on how you helped change my overall approach to living a rich life:

    Thanks again, and have an awesome 4th of July.

  657. Brian Paul

    Ramit! Your book taught me how to establish fool proof “systems” to better focus my spending and you’re emails have inspired me to start a business and better market myself in the workplace. Thank you!

  658. Keanna

    So many things! But if I can only choose one, creating and sticking to a plan to reduce credit card debt, including getting my interest down by more than 50%!

    Thank you!

  659. Kimber

    Happy Bday Ramit – I also turned 31 a couple weeks ago and finally joined the Success Triggers course – I was introduced to your site by a friend who’s been at some of your dinners. The course is my new therapy. At first I felt like it was a rehash of many things I know, but now I’m taking small actions. I’m building my online portfolio and just landed a book research project that will be a testing ground for improving my emails and interviewing skills. I’m recognizing the value of an experience or action isn’t the money necessarily – but opportunity to gain MASTERY.

  660. Olivia Chu

    Hi Ramit and happy birthday! Celebrate big with a ton of sparklers! 😀

    The biggest thing that I’ve taken away from all your free material, book, and Dream Job course is the confidence I have in myself that I will find my Dream job and I will live a fulfilling life (which is a huge rich aspect for me) if I follow the systematic approach you’ve created. Although I’m coming from an unconventional path-a part Asian who’s technically haven’t graduate from a specialized art school- I’ve carried the invisible script and stigma that I’m a huge failure not worth investing in.

    But the Dream Job course, the Productivity pack, and your book are all something I’ve invested in. I’ve automated my finances, began networking with all sorts of people. In fact, via the email scripts, I have a coffee meeting with a former level designer at a game studio next week for sure. I’m working on getting about 4 more and working on getting introduced to the Director of Development in the art division for a huge game publishing company in the Bay area. My goal after this round is to really nail down closing the loop since the past two times I haven’t done it as elegantly as possible.

    Your graph of a top performers progress through their life was life changing for me. That It’s totally okay and normal to have a career path that looks non linear and crazy-as long as that crazy is getting you higher and higher to where you want to be.

    People sometimes think I’m really lucky in the way that I’ve been networking, having shining reviews on my LinkedIn profiles from all upper management including directors, and the way that I’ve landed my past two jobs, but it’s not because I’m so much better but because I’ve continued investing in myself in fantastic material you’ve complied and keep making. Some people with their degrees from the same school don’t recognize me anymore-whereas I used to be the example of the worse student in class, I’m now the go to person in the workplace for my department, shocking many people considering I begin handling lots of supervisor/lead duties in less than 6 months of joining the company and that I’ve worked with the CEO on frequent tasks given to me when my supervisor isn’t there.

    Sometimes, when I’m in the trough of failure, it’s SO hard to keep reminding myself that applying all this knowledge is hard and will take time and testing on my part. And even if my other friends seem to be shooting up the career ladder, I’m not a failure for taking my time to work hard on the front load of work before I jet off-it’s only a matter of time. And it’s not just money that’s going to give me a rich life-it’s the fact that I have time to exercise the way I want to and to deconstruct and destroy the barrier that’s kept me from creating art of any kind for over a year. After ordering a small sketchbook and pencil from Amazon on Monday, I just did a quick drawing last night but I couldn’t be prouder of myself for taking that tiny step towards creative recovery.

    Thank you SO MUCH for all the work you’ve done. I look forward in having a huge, HUGE success story that I can share with you. 🙂


  661. Ben Davidson

    I’ve learned plenty from IWTYTBR and the related courses, but the information on personal finance has literally changed my life. Between getting 90% of my fees reversed, getting my credit expanded on a regular schedule, and personal budget tactics, I use your material at least once weekly (though often more often than that).

  662. Tara

    Hi Ramit,

    I’ve learned a lot from you, and feel great after your amazing “pep talk” emails. Specifically, instead of feeling like I would never have my dream job, I started building my dream on the side. In less than a year, I have doubled my income and have my dream career. I regularly turn down work I would have grovelled for a year ago!

    Happy Birthday and thanks!


  663. Graham

    Happy Belated Birthday Ramit!

    Your material helped me change my psychology about weight loss. In the last year I have lost 45 pounds while gaining muscle, because I finally acknowledged that I should invest in myself and that 30+ years of bad habits were too hard for me to overcome without help. I paid for a program that helped me change my nutritional and exercise habits. Not a meal replacement thing or a fad diet, but something that helped me modify my behavior to DO what I already KNEW I should be doing.

    Thank you for the encouragement to actually invest in myself to reach my potential!

  664. Teri

    Help my kids to plan for their financial futures better than me.

  665. Deniese

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    One of the best thing I learned from you is on my Resume is to write about each job title a description on what I did helped achieve results by this or that amount. It really impressed the people reading my resume and pick up the phone to call me for a interview!


    I am a retired English teacher in Mexico. I find your information right on. I have gotten my daughters to get their accounts in order and computerized. They are working to improve their credit scores. One is working on her second record (first one JENN 14140) ave her your advise on how to meet famous people and ow to write an e-mail and she has gotten more interviews. My second daughter has used some of your advise to get her clients to choose her modeling agency more often and to pay what she is asking.
    I am sending the information to them or explaining it to them as I read it.
    Thank you.

  667. Jeremy

    I think the technique or skill set that has helped me the most so far has been learning how to connect with busy people, especially via email. Ramit’s 1-2 Punch has been powerfully effective in establishing a dialogue with people I have wanted to connect with for a while, but they were too busy for me previously. The 1-2 Punch gets through every time and they have said that they appreciate that I respect their time by getting right down to business. Emailing busy people to help lay a foundational rapport with them has opened up a few doors for me that I thought were off-limits.

  668. Sunil

    Just think more in terms of “why not” rather than “I don’t know” and then put something off.

    Lost 25 lbs in 2 months (which was a bit too much weight to lose, but I wanted to see what I could do), wrote & negotiated contracts with the government contracting reps and won 2 major deals, and I am on retainer at another client site.

    I think and act with more confidence. As well, I learn to “read” a situation and the anticipated reactions, helping me with a prepared advantage.

  669. M.C.

    well, tell me where to start and then I’ll tell you my success story… 😉

    I guess getting your book would be a good place to begin. 🙂

  670. M.C.

    oh, and Happy Birthday!!

  671. Terri

    Your advice helped me get my finances in order and actually SAVE money automatically. I’ve also started a side business which enables me to pay off my bills and travel more often!

    Thanks Ramit and Happy Birthday

  672. ArchiVision Directory

    Wow dude, did you realy fly with that Black Hawk?

  673. DP

    Exposing the hidden barriers that prevent us from reaching the great goals that we want to reach, thus allowing us to the freedom to live the life we dream of.

  674. Maria Magana

    I learned that guilt made me feel unworthy to earn more money. Now I am on it!!

  675. Kwame

    IWT has helped me automate my finances so that I can save for a wedding, a house, a trip to china and retirement. Because I know appreciate systems, I am working on a system for exercise, personal development etc.

  676. Lea M.

    Happy Birthday to You Ramit, full of accomplishments for your new year!
    One thing that particuliler IWT helped me to develop: my knowledge of English. Yet it is known: French people do not speak English. Well, yes, it is possible.
    Make a small thing, it increases the confidence. Which helps to make another little thing. Which increases confidence. Thank you, “guru” Ramit 😀

  677. Kevin Brennan

    Dream Job led me to sit down one Saturday morning with an expensive triple espresso, and do the dream company and dream role exercises. 3 months later I had the job, and so a visa to stay on in California for another 3 years.

    Best wishes for the year to come Ramit!

  678. Jennifer

    Happy belated birthday, Ramit. I get great enjoyment from reading your writing; it’s always entertaining and enlightening. You remind me that it’s ok to be brash. Your business advice is solid and delivered in a way that gets people’s attention. I appreciate what you do and how you do it.Thanks for doing what you do.

  679. George

    Sent one email from your 50 email scripts PDF to a photographer I admire, we met up for 15 minutes over coffee which turned into an hour and fourty five. He gave me some great advice that saved me a whole year of going down a wrong path and gave me solid advice on what I should do instead.

  680. George

    Sent one email from your 50 email scripts PDF to a photographer I admire, we met up for 15 minutes over coffee which turned into an hour and fourty five. He gave me some great advice that saved me a whole year of going down a wrong path and gave me solid advice on what I should do instead.

  681. Ross

    Happy Belated Birthday Ramit! The automated savings strategy outlined in your book has been unbelievably useful. My biggest savings goals to date (other than retirement) are my vacation fund and my “new macbook pro” fund. Not only is it painless, it’s also really gratifying to be saving for thigns that are important to me! Related to this, the free copy of YNAB I got from your earn1K program amplified the effect of your financial advice for me. Earn1K easily paid for itself just from giving me access to YNAB!

  682. Matt

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You have helped me tremendously in many areas, but the most important is assisting me in finding my dream job. All your tips and videos of calling me out for the poor habits that get in the way of accomplishment really went a long way for me this past year since I watched you on Thanks for helping me keep my head up and convincing me to believe in an attainable rich life that I’m in control of!

  683. Katherine

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    IWT has taught me many things, but one thing is I set up automatic payments each month into a separate account that now has a big chunk in it without even having to think about saving.
    IWT has also taught me the importance of proper networking and connecting with people which has become priceless. Thanks so much!

  684. sterkly affiliate network

    I always used to read post in news papers but now as I am a
    user of web thus from now I am using net for content, thanks to web.

  685. Maneesh

    For giving me hope, and getting me to open an investment IRA, online saving account, and talk to my gf about money matters. Thank you

  686. Graeme

    Im now focussed on delivering and action as a daily routine to form outstanding habits due to 1k course

  687. HKG

    Happy belated B’day Ramit!
    My father first passed me an article about you when I was visiting my parents in Asia. I bought your book when I came back to NYC and it is currently covered in notes and falling apart. The advice was so simple funny and straight forward. Your book, blog and video courses (I just signed up for your brain trust) have really helped me take steps to transition out of the vicious low-self esteem cycle I was going through most of my twenties. I kept at jobs or internships where I was getting paid next to nothing. Following your advice and your resume makeover has gotten me off an a much brighter path towards my future.

    I also love that you rebelled against a lot of conventional Asian…especially Punjabi parent stereotypes and joke about it all the time. It makes me put even more trust in you because I don’t feel like I am the only one not in medicine, banking etc. It definitely gives me someone to look up to.

    Best Wishes.

  688. Karina

    Automating my fiances and the art of negotiating a rise! Have a fantastic birthday!

  689. Tracy Lehmberg

    First of all, a happy belated birthday! Your coaching and mentoring encouraged me to go after a 100% commission based job that will allow me to live where I want, and live the rich life I want to create. Indeed the job will be a challenge, but your content helped me erase the mental barriers that I had erected. I thank you for that.

  690. Betsy

    Happy birthday, Ramit. IWT taught me to face life with a different and better mindset. Your cool attitude inspired me to just be myself and not think of what others will think about me as long as I know I’m doing what’s best for my life. May God bless you!