Tonight, a live master class on hustling: How Noah Kagan turned a single cab ride into a $250,000+ payday Maypurge

Ramit Sethi

Think back to college and that class where you studied a book you’d already read. “Ugh, I’ve already gone through this,” a lot of students said. But then, in the hands of a master professor, you saw the book in an entirely new light. Nuances, details, entire themes — a superb teacher can show you things you never noticed.

There’s nothing like hearing from a master teacher — especially when it comes to hustling.

So tonight, I invited my friend Noah Kagan — founder of Appsumo (great deals), formerly of Facebook, Mint, and Gambit — to share 3 stories of how he’s hustled to turn rejection into success, earn ridiculous amounts of money, and befriend hard-to-meet people.

Noah Kagan

This is a Master Class on hustling, including:

  • How he got rejected for the job…and still became employee #4 at Mint
  • How he turned a single cab ride into a $250,000+ payday
  • How he convinced a famous venture capitalist to give a $25,000 speech…for free

You’ll learn:

  • How to separate yourself from people who claim they want to hustle…but never take action
  • Techniques to turn anxiety into action — using online tools and psychological mindsets
  • A LIVE experiment where he’ll show you how easy it is to contact important people — and get a favorable response

Noah also recorded a Master Class for Earn1k, which is very expensive, but tonight I convinced him to offer this to my readers for free.

Details of tonight:

  • What: Noah will share 3 stories of hustling, psychological techniques, and then leave plenty of time for Q&A
  • When: Tonight (1/12) at 6pm PT (9pm ET)
  • Where: IMPORTANT: Sign up below to get the secret URL
  • Will it be recorded / waaaa I am in Europe / waaaa other excuse. Please don’t ask about recordings or rescheduling it. If the topics above are important to you, I trust you’ll find a way to be around tonight. Noah’s tips have been priceless to me and I’m asking him for a big favor to appear for you.

Here’s the link to attend:

(In addition to the webcast link, you’ll also get all-new material about hustling, psychology, earning more, and becoming a top performer):

(Can’t see the form? Click here to sign up for the webcast on hustling.)

P.S. Make sure you’ve added your best example of automating positive scripts by leaving a comment on Monday’s post. Remember, the best entry by tonight (1/12) gets an iPad and a 15-minute call with me.

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  1. Heather

    Ramit–I assume you meant “will NOT be recorded”?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Thx fixed

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  3. Leila

    I keep seeing “Here’s the link to attend:” without a link! I’m a subscriber to your newsletter, but it’s not in the emails I’ve gotten either. I want to listen to this – can you send the link to me?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Look at the huge box below that line. And if you can’t see that, look for the line, “Can’t see this form?”

  4. Leila


  5. Megan

    ok I put my name & email address into the form on both your blog post and at the “can’t see this form?” page, and when I submit the new page is blocked by my company’s firewall. does signing up get me an email with the link, or was it on the page I can’t see? Thanks!

  6. Marianne

    Waaaaaaaaa…some of us really do want the info, but really, there’s no way way to be on the call live.

  7. sambista77

    Is he single? JK!!! Life is short, keep it light, and keep in mind:
    “SABKUCH MILEGA” = Anything Is Possible 😉
    See you’ll at f@#$ing 4am!!

  8. Not coming back...

    What..!? Some of us would love to attend but it’s just not possible. There’s no reason not to record it for us, and your response is waaaa!? That’s just too arrogant… Good luck with your site – it will surely continue it’s success with this kind of empathy.

    • Kev

      I agree. I’ve been very into Ramit’s suggestions since I found his blog a month ago, and I’m halfway through his book, but this arrogance really rubs me the wrong way.

      People who really, truly live life to the fullest will naturally encounter difficulty changing plans with less than 8 hours notice.

      Ramit, whether or not it was your intention, I think that comment was offensive to the type of ambitious, passionate young adults that you seek to cultivate on this blog, with your book, and on Earn1K. For us, it isn’t simply a matter of turning off the TV – it’s cancelling meetings with mentors, backing out of community meetings, or just not checking our feed readers every hour on the hour.

    • Brutus Beefcake

      Way to focus on the important things. Do you want to make more money/handle your money better/lead a better life, or do you want someone you’ve never met be polite to you?

  9. Mindy

    I’m of two minds about the waaa comment: Agreed, if it’s important you can usually find a way to do what you want.

    However… my case, I work until 6 pm, then have to drive myself home, but first have to get groceries (yes, it *has* to be tonight because of my schedule and route this takes me closest to the store I need this week, which of course is maximzing my gasoline and time use……money-saving principles, are they not?).

    Perhaps if I had had 24 hours notice, I could have switched after work activities. Still, I cannot be home and in front of the computer until 7 pm PST on Wednesdays, and as I work for a doctor, my work schedule is NOT flexible.

    On the other hand, there are always opportunites via Ramit; perhaps I can particpate in something else.

  10. Jason

    Do what’s most important to you. If it’s not this, it’s not this. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that. Be confident and purposeful in what you choose. Understand that when you make a choice, you don’t get to have the thing you didn’t choose. And be OK with that. As Mindy said, opportunities are everywhere.

    Or, you know, whine and pout and take your ball and go home.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Jason is very wise

    • Jason

      It’s only wisdom when you take your own advice. That’s what I’ve been working on this week: not just knowing the answer, but using it. So far so good.

    • Anonymous

      What the heck, Jason and Ramit. It’s not about being “purposeful,” it’s about people not being able to come close to optimizing well because the webcast wasn’t advertised with sufficient notice… and there’s no obviously good reason why it *wasn’t* advertised with more notice. If there really wasn’t a reason, then it’s just unnecessary waste. It’s like hiding all the good products in a store so most people can’t find them. Lame analogy, but the point is that it’s okay to be irritated when good opportunities are missed for no good reason.

  11. PersonalFinanceBlog

    Husting is one of those things that brushes people up the wrong way, a very delicate subject…

  12. Simon Potts

    Im in Australia, and I am taking time out of working to be there. (Granted I run my own businesses but still…)

  13. Dusty

    Had plans, put them on hold, tuning in. Git’er done or go home. Let it happ’n capt’n.

  14. Alex Shalman

    My finger hurts from hitting refresh.

    Taking time out of my busy dental school schedule. Studied extra hard, with extra focus, and took less breaks, to clear up some time now. I’ll also be staying up a bit later than I’m used to (I haven’t even been staying out late on weekends for social activities – bed at 10pm, up at 6am), but screw it, let’s do it 🙂

  15. dp

    hey ramit,

    im reading these comments, and im kind of curious: have you ever tried to link comments to e-mails/ip addresses/some other identifier and charted how long people stuck around based on what keywords they use in their comments?

    i know in some of your e-mails, you talk about how you can tell whether someone is the type to get something done based on the language they use (i WILL do xxx vs i’ll TRY TO do xxx)…just wondering if youve ever tried analyzing your comment threads in that way…

  16. rackgen

    Finally was able to make up for this webcast.. with 3 alarms .. still worth it.. thanks Ramit / Noah…!

  17. Richard

    I couldn’t make it because I made a choice to be at a lunch with a guy who did his doctorate in mental toughness and resilience. I’ve now scheduled to see him in 3 months time to give him a detailed run down on how I’ve built my mental toughness plan and what I’ve done to hustle better.

    I really wanted to attend this too.

    Oh wait, I effectively DID.

    I contacted a friend who I am also a mentor for, he had time, he’s taken 5 pages of notes and is going to give me the take away points AND he got a kick out of it.

    Bam. I got to do both.

    Stop whinging people.

    Also I tried to find a way to record the webcast (I couldn’t find one, could others let meknow if there is a solution for this?)

  18. Blake

    I really need to start checking my personal email/twitter before 11pm. 🙂

    Still doing the webcast tomorrow night?

    • Blake

      Oh, just to clarify, I’m not griping. Thanks for all the great free content, Ramit. Like Jason said, we choose our priorities… and now, I’m going to go prioritize sleep.

  19. Ujjwal Trivedi

    I believe you can do that using following steps

    1) Download and install VLC media player. It’s free. (
    2) File -> open network stream.
    3) Put the webcast URL in the HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS field.
    4) Under “Advanced options”, set the “Save stream”

    I have to try them myself to be sure tho.

    • sai

      So did you record the webcast?

  20. Alex

    Well, what about recording it for the people who were too busy out hustling to check their email, and didn’t see the invite until hours after it finished?

    • Richard Y

      Hire someone to read check your emails for you if they are that important.

  21. Rob

    What about those who actually real committments and obligations? Who have to be at work at the time of your “Master Class”? Or who have to pick up their kids from daycare and feed them and bathe them and get them off to bed? You think you’re so friggin great that we will just drop and ignore and neglect everything for your wisdom?

    Your marketing tactic is very reminiscent of religious cult leaders! They also demand absolute devotion. “If you don’t drop EVERYTHING and follow me, … well then clearly you are not worthy and/or you don’t want enlightenment and salvation, and you will go to hell!” Or worse, you will never know “how to separate yourself from people who claim they want to hustle…but never take action.” So, go ahead be a loser who doesn’t “hustle”.

    I was beginning to get curious about your website and message. Now, … not so much.

    • Cat

      Ramit offers all the other content for free that is pretty much as effective, offered 24/7 on this website for anyone to check and implement at their own leisure and you’re complaining that he didn’t go out of his way to make sure that you receive the bonus? Dig up Noah Kagan’s information and email the guy yourself with three well thought out questions (i.e. not “what did you talk about in Ramit’s webcast”) if you think you absolutely need what he has to say rather than relying on the rest of the world to serve you everything on a silver platter.

      You’ve been had by marketing in general if his wording has gotten you so worked up. Read between the lines and think for yourself rather than taking everything at face value.

      Other people have posted the gist of the webcast too in the comments. If you’re concerned about the experience of the actual webcast, there were some technical difficulties with the webcast, a huge majority of people in the chat were complaining about the sound levels/echo, the chat was a mess, people can always find something to complain about if that’s what they end up focusing on. Noah’s a super energetic guy and jazzed about what he does despite many failures and rejection. He’s also full of dirty humor and a lot of quick jibes. Hopefully that’ll help you piece together the overall experience of the webcast.

  22. Aurelius Tjin

    about the “waaa” thing, …I say,he is being true to form. The topic is about “hustling”, the invitation is “hustling” as well. and you’re right PersonalFinanceBlog, hustling can rub people in the wrong way. However, in retrospect, for those of us who are pressured to produce result, do employ hustling one way or the other.

  23. B

    I’m also incredibly devastated I missed this. Such bad timing for me. I did receive your email days in advance, and even worked out what PST time would be for me in Australia, but I still missed it. My state Queensland. has just gone through a severe natural flooding disaster and today I’ve been engaged in evacuating and clean-up, helping the parts of my neighbourhood that has been inundated.

    I’m really disappointed that this wasn’t recorded. As I’m in my 20’s, I finally felt like your website and resources were starting to go in a very valuable direction for my personal growth. Ramit, I’ve already learnt so much from you. I’m disappointed with such severeness and I hope in the future you make such incredible resources more accessible.

  24. Hariom

    Like so many others I also missed the webcast last night due to work…….

    Old Script: Woe Is Me…..

    New Script: People are happy to help me. (Thnx Ramit)

    So with the new script in mind. I would really appreciate if those who attended the webcast last night give three to five key points that they took away from it. You can put it in a comment here or just email me at: @ gmail

    Thank you very much all you kind people 🙂

    PS. Dear Ramit and Noah since you obviously attended last nights webcast I wouldn’t mind if you emailed me the top three to five things you were hoping to impress upon your audience.

    • Stepan

      Hey Hariom,

      The biggest things I took from the video was :
      -Try to live every day as if it was the last day that you had
      -If you want to do something, don’t do it later, do it now.
      He talked about how he was talking to one of his friends on the phone, and he said ” I missed you last week man”, and his friend told him “Why are you telling me this week”
      -Hustling means going ahead and doing it.
      -Don’t take no for an answer.
      -Respect other people’s time, and respect your own time.

    • Cassandra

      I respect your pro-active and positive post! That is a major difference between successful people and those who wait for success to find them! The webcast was an opportunity and every opportunity is not accessible to everyone. If someone was unable to listen to it, then they missed out. There will be other informational webcasts in the future. Rather than whining about what you missed, you pro-actively requested information from what you missed. Kudos to you!

  25. Pete

    Last night Noah mentioned a couple must reads…I missed the title right before “Only the Paranoid Survive.” Did anyone catch it?

  26. noah kagan

    Books / Movies to watch!

    only the paranoid survive by andy grove

    extraordinary measures with brendan frasier


  27. ramiro

    @Pete, it was the movie Extraordinary Measures, and before that it was the movie Rudy.

  28. zachary

    I agree with the comments that there are ways to get the information even if Rambit didn’t record it. After all did any of his “extraordinary” information instantly turn into enlightenment? My answer nope! I have taken his earn 1k and b1k course, its the action that you take that counts, absorbing all the information is just consuming and not producing. That is my thoughts. Cheers and best wishes on everyone adventures!

    For suggestions, on options, there’s is the library with free books an any subject. Contact mentors yourself. And well figure out how somebody else can record the wecast for you too. Again best wishes to everyone.

  29. Ramiro

    @Harion, personally what I took away was the whole approach from Noah, it basically boils down to an attitude of not giving up when you run into a roadblock, and go around or jump over the roadblock. I think it aligns with the idea of testing assumptions, meaning, not discarding an idea before testing it. Noah also embodies hustle, so it was easy for him to convey it. As a side note, I think that the energy element is very important, and he exuded energy in the conversation. I think that’s the approach one needs to take, being excited about what you are going after. The thing that is important to touch on, is that each of us get excited about different things, and are motivated by different things and each needs to go after what gets us excited, not follow the path of others just because it’s the cool thing to do. The other thing is that money alone is not a motivator to most people, at least in my case. Money as a means to an end that is worthwile to us is what can have more meaning and can lead to ultimate success. I don’t know, just some thoughts in response to yesterday’s presentation, which was very enlightening.

  30. Anthony


    This interview sounds like a winner. However, I can’t listen in, as I’ll be in a meeting with a successful investor who’s mentoring me on raising private funds for my nascent real estate investment company.

    A replay link would be greatly appreciated.

    All the best and Happy New Year.
    Anthony Russell

  31. Tiffany

    I will say it is disappointing that the classes are not recorded. Things do come up, like emergencies such as last night, but luckily that not an every day thing. Honestly, I would like to listen to them in the morning when I am at my best. I can hardly focus at night. Sorry, that’s how I built. Regardless, I may miss or gain some, but it be nice if you made the resources available instead of the attitude of leap through hoops of fire and if your “awesome” enough you get to be in the club. Your goal is to be selective and that’s fine. Its still disappointing though.

  32. Tiffany

    Oh, I forgot to say, listening/thinking of ideas at night keep me up at night and I can’t sleep. It happens enough as it is and while in a way its good, I’d rather get sleep and deal with it in the day. Its not easy and I suffer the next day, and sleeping pills don’t work. Sigh.

  33. Henry

    Does anyone have any notes on how Noah became Mint’s 4th employee after getting rejected?

    • Eric

      He hustled and bought the founder some underwear.

    • Blake

      I can’t see that particular tactic working for just everyone… Even so, maybe I’ll start offering underwear to interviewers and see how it goes.

    • Cat

      Another one of his big points was doing the necessary work before it was requested – he had different layouts and setups for advancing Mint’s marketing after being told that he was unqualified, and had basically told Andrew (of Mint) that he was going to do a week’s worth of work without expectation of compensation and if Andrew liked what he saw he could hire him on.

      (Ramit’s question paraphrased in the chat before he gave up on it: How many of you have done work ahead of time for the company/party you’re interested in?)

      Obviously, he got hired. One of his biggest points was having the persistence to go back to the person who did the rejection and get an explanation for the rejection. That alone reopened many avenues of communication for him because it showed that he took the time to care as well as improve his next followup.

      Not sure if the underwear was this case, it might’ve been another story but his point about that was being attentive to what the other party would be interested in, and catering to their interests and passions to show that you truly care about having an authentic relationship with them.

  34. Sophie

    Damn it. I missed it :/

  35. Eric

    Yes, that approach is ballsy (pun!), but the point was to differentiate yourself. Give a book. Send snail mail. Stand out and make whatever you do relevant to the person your are trying to start a relationship with. Doing whatever everyone else is doing will not get you noticed.

    And in all seriousness, Noah was rejected from Mint on the first go around because he didn’t have the marketing experience they were looking for. So he made a deal with the founder, did work for the Mint of his own accord, providing ideas, mock-ups, etc. and then went back to them with it. Basically, let me prove you wrong approach and it worked.

    For those who missed the streamed event, Noah did put up some examples for his stories ( They won’t necessarily make sense out of context, but ask away and I’m sure people here would be willing to give recaps/more details.

    • Eric

      Meant as a response to Blake…

  36. Hariom

    Thank you Stepan, Ramiro, Cat, and Eric for giving us some ideas from last nights session. I think the main takeaway is that Hustling is “GOING THE EXTRA MILE” as Napoleon Hill spoke about for so many years (

    Thnx Noah for the Book/Movie recommendations. I’m looking forward to reading Andy Grove’s Only The Paranoid Survive.

  37. Pramit

    I think I missed the part on how Noah turned “a single cab ride into a $250,000+ payday”, or was it not mentioned during the webcast? If it was mentioned, can someone briefly summarize it for me? Thanks!

    • Cat

      I want to say it was the running shoes guy – Noah had approached every angle he could think of and eventually found out the guy liked running, got him the running shoes he wanted for 15 minutes of his time in a cab speaking with him. Also sent him a subscription to Runner’s World so there’d be a monthly reminder. I could really be scrambling this one up though, been a bit of a long day.

  38. Blake

    No webcast tonight?

    On the 10th, you said tonight would be a live webcast:
    “Thursday: LIVE webcast where I’ll do live teardowns of your invisible scripts and show you how to take action with them (keep your evening free)”

    Or was it rescheduled to Wednesday and its the one we are talking about here?

  39. Russell Nomer

    Rather than complain about missing the call, my late comment is a questions to the folks who made the call:

    Can anyone out there comment back with one thing from the call that really stood out to them and provided value? There are so many different aspects to hustling, that it would be interesting to read real feedback from the folks who actually made the call.

  40. Jesse Mutzebaugh

    Could you NOT give me the iPad and extend the phone call to 30-45min please? That is WAY more valuable to me than another apple product. Thanks.

  41. Joe

    Kind of a shame it wasn’t recorded, given how easy it would be to do so. It’s a little ignorant to think that people will “just find a way.”

    For all the other expertise you seem to have, this experience in particular is quite questionable. Especially for new readers.

  42. Chick J

    Good Day Ramit,
    It was a very rough day, Wednesday. Working at 5:00 am for 11 hours, bad snowstorm, had to shovel for two hours. But I had been following your incredible emails and articles. I am so impress by your deep insights and excellent writings I had to watch the webcast. So I stayed up. (I am on the east coast.)

    It bored me silly. It felt like listening to an old man remincing on his life. Just talk and wandering. Maybe I was too tired to follow it.

    But I am reading a book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. He had section that people’s expressions influence people thoughts. When you write you only show your best work while on video, the slips and ramblings come through. ( A few other writers I like don’t come across well live, either.)

    I have been putting into practice your ideas and seeing a great improve in my thoughts and life. This webcast was the first thing I came away with a negative from you.

  43. Nayland House

    Shame this wasn’t recorded, so much vital information. But I guess, not recording it, is good for marketing and also providing some sort of mystic as to want went on during the webcast.