New live webcast: “How to Land Your Dream Job in 60 Days” (Wed night)

Ramit Sethi

If you’ve been reading random bits and pieces of my career advice — like how to find your Dream Job, how to negotiate your salary better than 99% of people, the actual emails to reach out to VIPs and sidestep the horrible online-application process — this Wednesday night, you can catch up on ALL of it. I’m giving a live webcast on saving months of time in your job search. RSVP here.

I know in the past, on email lists I’ve been subscribed to, I’d sometimes read a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Sometimes, I wished they would just point me to ONE thing I could read/watch for an hour to catch up on everything. If that’s you, click the link above to RSVP for Wednesday.

Btw, the reason I’m doing this presentation is an article I read that almost made me throw up.

From the article…

“47 percent of respondents said they spend at least 10 hours a week looking for work, while 20 percent spend double that amount of time. And 45 percent of respondents said they spent this last past Labor Day looking for work.”
[My thoughts: 10 hours per week — doing what? Tweaking resumes? Like everybody else? Reading job boards and praying a hiring manager will write back to you? If you do the same thing as everyone else, expect the same results: no call back.]

“Most unemployed questioned [in the survey] say they are ‘disappointed with the jobs available and are waiting for the right one to come along.’
[My thoughts: Where’s this job going to “come along” from? From the sky? Notice how passive most job seekers are: They go on some job-search website, submit their resume, then wipe their hands together as if they’ve done some great task. They actually believe companies will be looking through thousands of applicants and plucking their resume out from the crowd. Even as you read this, you know that’s not likely. So why do they keep doing the same thing everyone else does, even if they don’t get results? Because they don’t know any other way.]

“Among respondents, 60 percent reported feeling confident in their ability to sell themselves to employers but said that they can’t get past human resource managers to achieve that.”
[My thoughts: This part may have confused me the most. If they are “confident in their ability to sell themselves,” who are they selling to if not the HR managers? And if you feel you cannot get past HR, it’s a good sign that you shouldn’t be dealing with HR anyway! The best jobs don’t happen from submitting job applications online, or waiting for HR to call you back. They happen through personal relationships in a way that most people have never seen. I know, because that’s exactly how I got job offers at Google and many other top companies.]

A lot of us are in this same position. We’ve been searching for weeks, months, maybe years for the perfect opportunity. For a lot of us, it’s this passive thing that we do — after an especially frustrating week at work, or when we stop and realize we don’t want to work here for another 5 years.

But it comes and goes. It’s like a half-hearted workout regimen: What’s the point?

I have a totally different way of identifying what your dream job actually IS (without having to go to grad school), then showing you how to get the job without sending hundreds of resumes into the black hole of doom.

It’s worked for thousands of my students in virtually every industry — even for people without much experience, or people who wanted to switch industries entirely.

This Wednesday, I’m giving a live presentation: “How to Land Your Dream Job in 60 Days”

You’ll learn:

  • 7 Job Search activities that are a complete waste of time (see above — it’s insane how most of us continue doing what doesn’t work)
  • How to leverage the “Craigslist Penis Effect” to stand out from all the other candidates. Yes, I said it
  • A step-by-step strategy to find your Dream Job that you can implement right away

This event is free, but you do have to register to receive a private invitation:

Special Notes:

  • Sorry, this will not be recorded. One night only.
  • I’m reserving time on this webcast for a live Q&A with attendees so I’ll be answering the best questions about “What IS my Dream Job?” and questions on interviewing, negotiation, and networking.

Register here:

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