New ebook: Recession-Proof Your Career

Ramit Sethi

Today, I’m thrilled to unveil a free 30-page ebook for anyone who wants to recession-proof their career.

If you’re a recent college graduate, you’re probably struggling with finding a decent job in this down economy. In fact, it’s tough for anyone right now. Just like with personal finance, most of us will shrug our shoulders, accept the circumstances, and assume there’s nothing we can do but wait out the storm (and complain about taxes).

Stop complaining and start dominating

The reality is that it’s actually possible to improve your personal situation and get the job of your dreams, within a year of college. My friend Charlie Hoehn was able to do exactly that, and I asked him to write an ebook on how he did it. I’m putting it up here for you because it’s one of the better things you can read during this recession.

The ebook contains the techniques he used to guarantee himself any kind of work he wants over the next decade — pretty cool since he’s continuing to work with me on several new projects. And as an added bonus, I’ve included a short video of Tim Ferriss and me discussing how Charlie approached us, and why his technique was especially effective.

How Charlie made the approach

Rewind to about a year ago, when I got an email from somebody named Charlie Hoehn. He’d recently graduated from college and wanted my help to work with Tim Ferriss. He mentioned that he had some feedback for “I Will Teach You To Be Rich,” and in a followup email, he sent me several details. It ended like this:

How I can help you: The answer to this is something I’ve struggled to come up with for both you and Tim Ferriss….shooting/editing video, and creating niche social networks…

Only a few months later, I left this LinkedIn testimonial for Charlie:

“Charlie is one of the most talented marketers and entrepreneurs I’ve ever worked with. First, some of the results he helped drive:

* He was one of the chief strategists to make my book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, a New York Times bestseller, Wall Street Journal bestseller, and #1 Amazon bestseller
* Wrote scripts, filmed, and edited comedy videos that were collectively seen over 80,000 times
* Managed a team that created several new innovative strategies for book marketing

More importantly, Charlie understands the importance of blending strategy with rapid tactics. I feel comfortable calling him, giving him a high-level idea, and asking him to come back to me in 48 hours with a proposal for how to implement it. In fact, after working together, he now suggests ideas to me, then implements them completely on his own. He’s resourceful (he’ll take a high-level idea and flesh out every detail/resource needed to dominate it), detail-oriented (he edited our videos even further when I thought they were good enough), and versatile enough to create marketing strategies and write comedy videos. A true gem. I highly recommend him.”

How did Charlie do it? How did Charlie end up working with me, Tim Ferriss, Tucker Max, and several other popular personalities?

As iwillteachyoutoberich readers, I thought you’d enjoy this because it’s a fresh spin on the popular drivel of “find your passion and the money will come.” WTF does that mean? Where should you start?

What you’ll find in the 30-page ebook

  • Why CareerBuilder and Monster are useless during a job hunt (page 8 )
  • The most painless method for getting a job right out of college (page 9)
  • The best graduate school you can attend… free (page 11)
  • Specific email script to reel employers who “aren’t hiring” (pages 13 and 27)
  • Using specific skills to earn more…which seems obvious, yet most people never do this (page 19)
  • How to fix the mistake that affects many college graduates in their job search (page 21)

Recession-Proof Graduate

Click “full” to see this full-size. RSS readers: Click here to read it.


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  • Continuing interviews with successful entrepreneurs who are working their dream job.
  • Case studies of people in their early 20’s who have accomplished, in just a few years, what most people accomplish in 10.
  • Specific tactics and scripts to implement the principles in the ebook

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  2. Mario

    Is it just me, or is the youtube video private, and so we can’t watch it?

  3. charlie


  4. Stephanie PTY

    “Unless your name is something like John Smith or Megan Fox, you can usually own your top Google results within a few months.” Sadly, that’s pretty true for me. It’s very hard for me to compete against Stephanie Collins, the champion body builder (who shares not only my name, but my birthday as well!) or Stephanie Collins, the woman who threw her baby out in a trash can. It stinks.

  5. Stephanie PTY

    Charlie, I really appreciate that you included Step 4, “Find a way to pay the bills, and cut costs.” So many people who tackle this topic ignore those of us who graduated with debt or have other obligations that make earning money a top priority. It’s refreshing to see someone finally recognize that fact and address it in a non hand-wavy fashion.

    This is a solid ebook – thanks for putting it together!

  6. Andrew Parkes

    Recession? What Recession?

  7. Spencer

    Thanks Charlie

  8. Writer's Coin

    I’m with Charlie 100% on the importance of having a blog. To my mind, it can make a much larger impact than any resume. It shows initiative and gives potential employers a window into who you are and what you can do. Oh, and you’re also building up a new skill and experience.

    Nice job on the PDF. As a copywriter, I’m all over these tips.

  9. Jared Goralnick

    There are some fantastic tips in this book. I’ve had some recent people apply for jobs with my company and I gave them advice when things didn’t work out that wasn’t necessarily very clear. Next time I’m going to send them this book. Scratch that, I’m going to send them this book now.

    If you’re unemployed or thinking of getting a job in the next decade, it’s worth checking this out as it’s a quick read. You need to differentiate yourself, and this shows you how to do it.

  10. Tim

    Thanks in advance for the ebook

  11. Candice

    Looking forward to the e-book, Charlie.

  12. JH

    These tips are outstanding. Thank you!

  13. Chad Jewsbury

    This ebook is fantastic! Really Enjoyed it and learned some great techniques.
    Question for Charlie – At what point do you advertise or offer services for skills you are in the process of learning? IE.. you’re learning web development and want to get more practice. How much should you stretch to gain those skills through those work experiences?
    Any thoughts? 🙂 Just don’t want to get in too far over my head if I’m sidestepping into a new field.

    Thanks again for the great ebook! And I’ve added your RSS to my google reader.. Great stuff.

  14. Jeff

    Looking forward to reading; appreciated!

  15. rob

    How do i download the e-book?

  16. Craig

    I am also wondering how I download the PDF.

  17. Dre

    great Ebook, reminds you that we’re still on a crisis.
    Thank you!

  18. Dieter

    Thanks heaps

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  20. Steve O

    Thanks for the post, Ramit, and great book, Charlie!

  21. Erica Douglass

    re: how to download the PDF — some ad blockers are really aggressive and block Aweber opt-in forms. (Adblock Plus for Firefox is one such ad blocker.) If you don’t see the “Get the full ebook + bonus tips” box at the bottom of this blog post, turn off your ad blocker and refresh the page.


  22. Aliaksandr

    That’s interesting why do you make it obligatory to jump through hoops instead of just giving a link? There are a lot of disposable email services around to funnel your future marketing efforts into void.

    • Ramit Sethi

      I think giving your email address to a site you trust is a small price to pay for something we could have charged quite a bit for. If you don’t want to, nobody’s forcing you to.

  23. Charlie

    @Chad – “At what point do you advertise or offer services for skills you are in the process of learning?”

    Great question. At some point, you obviously have to make the leap and offer your skill. You’ll reach that point when the confidence in your abilities (that you’ve been slowly building over the course of several months) finally clicks, and you’re “ready.” It’s a matter of being honest with yourself about how confident, skilled, and valuable you are.

    Maybe I can clarify with a personal example. I was offered a role to design a company website, even though I’d never designed one before. But I knew I had enough experience in Photoshop and enough knowledge in web design principles to pull it off, and I was forthcoming with the employer about my lack of experience and coding skills. We set a slightly lower rate that we were both comfortable with and felt was appropriate, then I got to work.

    So just be honest with the person you’re doing the work for. Many people are willing to let you learn and gain experience on their dime if you’re honest and can somehow prove to them that you’re likely to pull it off.

  24. Kevin M

    I tried Erica’s procedure and still don’t have the link she refers to…why not just have a simple way to download the PDF? And when you say to enter your email below…where exactly do I do that?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Try now please — the form should show up at the bottom of the post if you don’t have Adblock enabled.

  25. Brad

    I cant get the link to work for the Ebook. It goes to slide share and seems to connect and do nothing.

  26. David M

    After trying Erica’s approach I still don’t have access to a place to enter my email address. Any suggestions?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Sorry about the inconvenience, David. Can you try using a different browser?

  27. Kevin M

    Got it now, but it took a couple of refreshes and a double-check to make sure AdBlock was off. Thanks.

  28. Robert

    Great insight as usual Ramit!

  29. Chad Jewsbury

    @ Charlie RE:@Chad – “At what point do you advertise or offer services for skills you are in the process of learning?”

    Thanks for the response. It’s amazing how perfectly your ebook applies to me and my fiance in a not-so-intended way. We are currently living in South Korea for a year and half teaching english (My degrees are in Music and Audio recording… :-). We’re here to travel and save up a bunch of money before we get married next Summer.
    Anyways.. I’ve been trying to find ways to get freelance web and audio work while over here and haven’t been able to find much for me on odesk or other e-freelance sites. I’ll definitely be trying out these techniques soon. No better time than now – full time job that’s not hard and lots of time to work on projects for free 🙂 Perfect!

    Again, Thanks.

    And thanks to Ramit for posting this.

  30. Guario

    Interesting, I will read this and see how it can help me.

  31. mr poofert

    thanks charlie

  32. Flexo

    I signed up — looking forward to reading through the e-book tonight.

  33. Enrique S @ The Corporate Barbarian

    Thanks for the free book. I can’t wait to start reading it.

  34. Tim

    Thanks for the book

  35. M. May-Lee Sia

    Yo, Charlie, I loved the philosophy of this book! Everything about willing to work for free, pursuing the field you are interested in, and creating good content — plus ignoring all the “normies” who think you should be doing things such-and-such way cause that’s what THEY did hits right on the money.

    I’m not a college grad, but I’m a music manager and turned my musician (link above) from a virtual unknown to an independent, professional musician — something we were told COULDN’T be done. We followed many of the principles you’ve suggested. When you work in the Arts, it’s ALWAYS a recession.

    Thanks so much for this book. It will keep me from feeling like an outcast looney as I pursue my dream. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

    People, dreamers, anybody: follow Charlie’s book. I am going to forward it to all my family and friends who scoffed at me for doing what I love for the past five years and now are jobless and rudderless.

  36. Joe Sack

    Thanks for the free book!

  37. Kyle

    Definitely spent a few minutes forgetting to disable AdBlock. Thanks guys.

  38. Joe


  39. Mary Ann

    It seems like I’m going to be alone in saying this, but almost everything in the ebook is a re-hashing of what’s already on this site. I found the book to be content poor and mostly filler. If it had actually useful content it might be able have been able to serve as an effective marketing tool for this gentleman.

    I was willing to give out my email because Ramit is a trusted source and I love his book/blog. However, I’m going to direct future mailings from this guy to my spam folder and hope Ramit doesn’t offer anything else from him. Very disappointed.

  40. Matt

    @Mary Ann
    I’ll agree with you in saying that Ramit has touched on the importance of working for free more than a few times.

    But to say that his eBook is content poor and a re-hashing of what’s on this site? If you look at most of the comments above yours, you’ll see that it’s been useful to more than a few folks. And it’s not a marketing tool. It’s the product of much experience and research. Go to Charlie’s delicious tags to see what I’m talking about.

    Not to mention, who do you think inspired Ramit to write some of the “work for free” posts? Right. Charlie.

    I have a question for you: What is your job? Have you worked for free? Do you wake up excited about the challenges of the day ahead of you?

    Also, I’m pretty sure you can just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. It’s much easier than setting up your spam filter. 🙂

    Great work Charlie!

  41. Kristen Sullivan

    congrats you guys!

  42. Charlie

    Mary Ann- What content would have been useful to you? Or what sections did you find particularly weak? If you give me some specific criticisms, I’ll be able to understand where you’re coming from.

    And I have zero intention of spamming anyone, but go ahead and unsubscribe.

  43. Sandro

    I’ve been wallowing away a dead end job way beneath my skill set now for 2 years, after graduating with an MBA, because I just haven’t been able to “get” it. After carpet bombing resumes over and over again through, Monster, HotJobs, and various corporate websites, I found myself blaming my resume, the economy, my skill set, my location, just about everything but my approach.

    Consider my eyes open in that regard.

    Now I do have a couple questions, and if someone reading these comments have feedback I would appreciate that just as much as I would from Charlie.

    1) How important is it to involve yourself in the industry you would like to be in? For example, let’s say I am interested in marketing financial products/investment vehicles to people in their 20s. It’s my passion, it’s where I want to be. Would free marketing work for a blog about purchasing your first home be worth diving into? Free marketing work for a local financial planner?

    2) As far as freelancing goes, do you chase through networks such as Elance? Or do you focus on building a relationship and hoping freelance and contract work comes your way? What’s the best approach?

    Thanks a ton for the book- signed up for the e-mail list!

  44. Charlie

    Hey Sandro-

    Thanks for the comment. To answer your questions:

    1) I think it’s pretty important, but the best move is just to explore your options and get your hands dirty in a way that’s not going to destroy you financially. That is, don’t do so much free work for just one person that if it doesn’t work out, it will be a huge deal. I never put all my eggs in one basket — much like investing, you need to mitigate your risk. Start building momentum slowly, then ratchet up your efforts when you’ve found the industries you enjoy the most.

    The most important thing is just to get started. You’ll see within a few weeks if you enjoy that field, and whether or not the person you’re working with is worth your time. Like I said in the e-book, go after people who’ve already attained success. They’re the most likely to repeat their past behavior. If it’s just some random blog with zero traffic and low quality content, then it probably won’t pay off anytime soon. Choose wisely.

    2) I don’t chase through Elance. People on there are just looking for cheap deals. What I do is make proposals via email, and show the people I’m reaching out to what I’m capable of (i.e. my portfolio).

    Elance is only helpful in seeing what kind of workers / skills employers are consistently looking for. You don’t want to be hired through that site, because you’re at their whim. You should have control of who you want to work with, so find the people / companies you’re most interested in and be proactive by reaching out to them. Prove to them how worthwhile you’d be to work with, and develop a relationship from there.

    Best of luck, and keep us posted on your progress!

  45. Mary Ann

    (1) I’ll be honest, my attitude was colored by having to give my email and then being informed I’d been signed up for something. I feel this tactic is agressive. I’ve had a much more positive response to people who’ve been linked to on this site or appeared in Ramit’s youtube videos. From there on out I had a more negative view of everything. It also didn’t help that Ramit hadn’t had an actual post in 2 weeks (no money diaries doesn’t count) and this was what showed up.

    (2) Working for free, cutting costs, and making yourself useful to other people in specific ways has been discussed on this website.

    (3) I think that targeting the people you want to give you anything in a way that speaks to their interests is common sense. Maybe I’m alone in this ? I’ve gotten scholarships and internships even when I didn’t have the prettiest CV out there by using this method. I think anyone asking the question “why should they pick me” should arrive at the conclusion that this is the thing to do. I was hoping for some novel insights from your ebook that I hadn’t picked up on my own or from the websites I’d read when I googled “how to get a job”. Maybe not content poor but novel content poor ? Hmm. I’ll admit I’m being harsh, but #1 sets up VERY high expectations.

  46. Charlie

    Alright, I understand. Thanks for the response.

    Yea, it was kind of aggressive to ask for an email address. I can appreciate that. But we wanted to see how many people really wanted more career advice (it’s a lot), and that was the most obvious way to measure it. Also, Ramit was pretty clear that people should sign up if they wanted a copy of the book PLUS bonus content. Otherwise you could have read the full e-book embedded on this post — no email sign up required. If this career advice stuff is common sense, you can unsubscribe to the emails (which will probably arrive once a month after these first few weeks).

    Regarding it being “novel content poor”… That is fine, but if you’re looking for new ideas, then you also shouldn’t be reading Ramit’s or any other good personal finance blogs. Ramit has emphasized so many times that there are no secrets to personal finance, and that investing shouldn’t be exciting or sexy. Same rules apply to career paths. The principles I laid out aren’t novel, I agree, but they work.

    And as for the #1 bit… I’m a marketer, not a writer : )

  47. Aria

    This book sounds great – can’t wait to read it!

  48. Jason

    The book was interesting, but is almost inapplicable for people with technical skills to be used in an office setting. For example, a network engineer is not something that you can do virtually. Companies will normally hire the best engineer they can and pay accordingly. As a recent grad, I was hoping for some tips to compete with other engineers that have more experience. Sadly, the advice given was not appropriate. This book only seems viable to those looking for marketing or business jobs. Please note this to your readers appropriately.

    In short, an interesting but disappointing read.

  49. Laura N.

    I agree with Mary Ann, and I don’t as well. This isn’t a radically new method of doing things, it’s just that Charlie has the chutzpah to go in a direction that many students aren’t confident in going. It takes some serious thought to get to where Charlie is in my opinion, and as a college career counselor, not many of my students are there yet. Some are, and they are hustling up incredible opportunities for themselves.

    It’s easy to give this advice to college students, and I hope that a number of them pick up on it. You know what I really challenge you to do though? Come to a campus for a day, not to be a speaker, but to do the job of a career counselor for a day. I’d like to see what you think about working with students of all levels.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Being a career counselor is a thankless job and I couldn’t do it. That’s part of the reason I started this site — so the most interested people would come to me, rather than me having to beat down door after door.

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  51. Ben

    If that’s what you got out of the book, you totally missed the point. This can apply to pretty much any job. For example (and pretty much as far away from the business world you can get), I’d love to get paid to go far away hunting trips and then write about my adventures. Following Charlie’s advice, I could start a blog about my own local hunting experiences and even submit some free stories to hunting magazines. On the off chance one of my stories gets published and lots of people start looking at my blog….

  52. Sabrina

    Hells yes

    This ebook represents the strategies I used both in my last year of college and my first year out of school and I haven’t had to use an actual .doc resume file to get work in well over a year. I wasn’t going to leave a comment on this post initially, but after I got a call last night from a friend from college looking for work. I realized she probably wasn’t going to implement any of my suggestions to blog or cold-email/call for info interviews and was growing numb to my rants for her to “hustle” and so I simply sent her this link. So THANK YOU.

  53. Ryan

    Looking forward to sharing this with my brother!

  54. aaron 8 Pillars

    I really enjoyed the e book. I think in order to be successful or learn new things there is never a one stop shop. I think Ramit and Charlie have offered something that is very valuable. Never too much of a good thing. Thank you guys for creating a lot of value, I never tire of good ideas. There are many aspects to personal finance and a good career.

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  57. T

    Glad to receive the e-book when you’re able to send. Thanks!

  58. Rahul

    Great stuff! I liked some of the stuff in the book especially the way Charlie got acquainted with you and Tim. Though I’m lucky enough to have a job lined up I’m sure I can also use Charlie’s methods in different areas. For instance I’m starting work at a consulting firm where it can be challenging to land the kind of projects you want (especially as a new hire). I used some of these techniques as an intern which basically meant doing some work in addition to what I was assigned. But hey it paid dividends.

    @Ramit and Charlie – I was hoping for some advice on the area too. I have been doing some research on certain topics and wanted to get in touch with senior folks from the industry to know their initiatives in the area and also probably help them with some findings. Do you think similar approaches will work here too? These might probably be senior industry execs who’re not open to conversation as say Ramit and Tim.


    • Ramit Sethi

      Rahul: Stay tuned for a detailed ebook I’m working on with dozens of examples of how to get in touch with busy people. And Charlie’s working on a book, too, which I’ll feature here.

  59. Frank

    Look forward to reading it.

  60. Erich Stauffer

    Thanks for helping Charlie with this ebook. You’ve inspired me to continue writing. I really like the tone that you and Charlie use. It is very “Guy Kawasaki-like”.

    It took me three times as long to read this ebook because I kept stopping to check out the links and/or posting quotes from what I was reading – a sign of a really great read.

    Thanks again!

  61. Ram

    I look forward to reading the book

  62. Nila

    Thanks for the ebook!

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  64. Phillip Harrington

    Looking forward to reading the eBook.

  65. HollyS

    I have a year to go before I graduate, but I’m glad I read this when I did.

    I already know how valuable a social network can be. My boyfriend landed a great job right out of college with UNDER a 3.0 GPA – by talking to people when blindly sending out resumes for hours was getting him nowhere. And it’s not that he just happens to have great friends – he goes out of his way to attend things like summer robotics conferences where he’s often one of the few college-age people there. I’m shy, but I realize that getting out there and talking to people is extremely important.

  66. Mike

    very interesting stuff. would love to get a downloadable copy.

  67. Mike

    I would like this ebook

  68. Charlie

    Guys- if you want a copy of the book, enter your name and email address at the bottom of the post and we’ll email it to you.

    Or you can just read the book up top — it’s embedded in the post.

  69. Jose Maestri

    OK here we go, couldn’t enter this through Feedly. Now I know better ; )

  70. Mike

    Ah, Ok. I was under the impression that you could get our email address from the email field.


  71. nate

    Isn’t it illegal for commercial companies to have people work for free? I believe the law requires at least minimum wage…

  72. Matt

    @ nate – I have my fingers crossed that you are a typical reader and left that comment so heavy laden in sarcasm that I mistook it for being serious.

    If this is an honest concern for you, rest assured that you won’t be breaking the law, as you aren’t an employee. You are a “contractor” (I believe, I’m no legal expert, so don’t quote me).

    The bigger point is that you’ll most likely be working for individual people you respect, and not a corporation. For instance, you’d want to pitch Steve Jobs (a ridiculous example) and not Apple.

    Also, it helps to quit worrying about the rules. Part of the fun of watching your rule-abiding jobless friends is breaking the rules and landing a dream job or kick-starting your career.

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  74. Jonathan

    This seems like it would be useful for not only me but some of my friends.

  75. gerardo ochoa

    wow… really good

  76. kevin

    hmm.. is the email supposed to get sent immediately? i entered my email yesterday and still haven’t gotten anything..

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  78. Laura

    Charlie, I finished your e-book and loved it. I agree with you that blogging has many benefits.

    Running my blog has opened a few paid freelance opportunities (which is always welcomed).

    Taking your advice, I’m learning some HTML following W3 Schools Curriculum and will try to get certified by December. It’ll be helpful for my own sites and future projects.

  79. Ezra

    Looks interesting, thanks

  80. John

    Thanks – look forward to receiving a copy of the ebook.

  81. Micheal

    Really interesting, Thanks so much

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  84. Ashutosh

    would love to read it as I’m an out of college MBA and still waiting for the company I was selected from the campus to ‘call’ me.

  85. To start or not to start blogging? « Blogtastic

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  89. Sherelle

    Can’t wait to read it!

  90. Stephen Wooten

    Haha. This CNN post made me think of this blog post:

    She’s taking complaining to a whole new level!

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