My birthday

Ramit Sethi

Is it weird to wish myself a happy birthday?

I turn 32 on Monday, June 30th.


The conversations with my mom have become increasingly hilarious. No matter what we’re talking about, she manages to masterfully weave in an Aesop-style fable about the importance of getting married right now.

Ramit: “I’m going on vacation for my birthday.”

Mom: “That’s so great. Where are you going?”


Mom: “You know, travel is great to do when you’re young. I was talking to Muninder Uncle and his son, Raj, is going on a trip with his new wife. Did you know he got married? He didn’t WAIT like all those other people…”

At this point, I’m just amazed how someone can take the most mundane topic — hanging up art in my bathroom or buying new pants — and subtly transition the topic to anything they want. Are all women born like this?

Me and my mom

In turn, like a master fencer, I have become skilled at imperceptibly parrying her matrimonial references and deftly changing the subject.


On my birthday, I’m asking for one favor. Just one.

Can you tell me how IWT has changed your life?

It could be getting a $5,000 raise, or starting a business, or paying off debt. This year, I’m especially interested in hearing about how you’ve mastered your inner psychology — whether that means you started going to the gym, or learned how to handle the naysayers in your life, or made more friends.

This is all I want for my birthday, and these stories are the reason I have my dream job.

When I say I read every response, I mean it.

If my material has helped you in ANY way, please share your story here.

Thanks, and as always, I’ll talk to you soon.

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  1. Ibukun

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I got married about 6 months ago… Loving it! (Mum is right.. lol)

    Ok.. at the ‘free’ level, I used your briefcase technique to increase my job offer salary by 11% plus additional bonuses before even resuming work.

    HR couldn’t understand it, CEO was more than happy.

    • David Hunter


      One (of the many) thing you’ve taught me is…

      Be YOURSELF!

      Sounds simple, right? Wasn’t for me. I always thought I had to conform to others and how they work, say, do, etc. Can’t act yourself around so and so. Blah blah blah

      I watch you swear, tell people off, and you keep moving forward to bigger and greater things, along with your growing audience.

      I’ve adapted to being myself. And the people around me don’t like it… Fuck ’em! I’ll peel out and leave dust in their faces while I keep moving forward!

      So, thank you, Ramit! Keep on rockin’!

      Happy early “coming out of your mom’s vagina” Day.

      David Hunter

    • Anna T

      Happy Birthday Ramit,

      I started investing in myself by buying your book which arrived today, and finally pay off my remaining debt!

    • Michael

      Hi Ramit, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

      I ‘d like to say that your material has helped me open my eyes, I believe that one of the clear changes in me are that I am now more resourceful and have a better understanding about business/psychology and my mindset. Becoming aware of powerful barriers has been a very helpful in my life. I must say that having just started dap plying your material ion the past 7 months the notable changes have been psychological and I have been increasingly setting up foundations and seeking systems to perpetrate all areas of my life.

      Although I haven’t started a business yet, or have gotten a raise I believe that your material has allowed me to have the potential to do this, being part of ZTL has actually been the reason I’ve attended meetups for the first time and meeting people in my lo cal are like Enocj Ko was an eye opener. That experience also allowed me to go to meetups to do with UX Design (my target career). Had I not started ZTL may be I still wouldn’t be going to networking functions.

      Funnily thing though, now that I’m more knowledgable about money and finances after reading your book, I notice all these people who don’t know what saving accounts are, or don’t have credit cards because they’re scared of them and these things now annoy me. Like seriously you are 22 and you don’t know what Savings accounts are for/or how they work)?? They’re an acquaintance so I didn’t shout him an idiot.

      Anyway my point is that I feel like I have gained more of these qualities of ‘ seeming wiser than my age suggests and you Ramit your material has had a part in that.

      Have a joyous birthday and elope forward to hearing from you again!


    • Ray Harvey

      Happy Birthday Ramit!

      Beware, your dear Mother only wants grandchildren so she can “Sugar’em Up”, shake and then hand them back to gleefully watch how YOU cope!!

      Last week I earned almost complete autonomy in my current role, was given a $1000 discretionary budget…and handed a $200 cheque.
      But the best part…I had an offer from a brand new startup in another industry and the salary will dwarf what I’m getting now!
      I honestly haven’t begun to use the tools yet…I’ve just really taken to heart your overriding theme in relation to work, that we almost always under-sell ourselves!!

      Tell your mum you’re more into guys these days!! That should buy you a little time until she figures out you’re lying /:-)

    • Jessica

      Well, you haven’t changed my life per say. BUT, I do find your journey incredibly inspiring and fascinating. I enjoy reading your emails every now and then and it gives a lot of food for thought. If anything, that’s something! Thanks for sharing your work with the world and Happy Birthday.

    • Katana

      Your site has helped me because I commented on something and it sent traffic to my artist’s website 😉 seriously though your voice gets in my head and I am like self, wTF are you doing right now! Get up and do something! Thanks!! I love the no bullshit talk. Oh, and your email script helped me compose a few direct emails that got responses. Thanks for that too. You are so helpful!

    • AmyM

      Happy birthday!

      I just wanted to thank you. After reading your book I realized a few things. First, I already knew a lot of that stuff. But more importantly, I wasn’t DOING most of the things in the book. Your rather blunt writing style was a kick in the pants for me to get off my a$$ and DO something. So I’ve automated all of my retirement planning and some of my regular savings so I already have enough saved up for my 6 month emergency fund and then some. I decided to revisit a business idea I had a decade ago and retooled it so now I’ve got my own business started. It hasn’t made any $$ yet but hey, I just opened a bank account for it the other day. And I began a blog to share my experiences and thoughts and kind of let it hold me accountable to keeping up with my goals. Thanks a bunch!

    • Kelli

      Happy Birthday, Ramit! You make it very clear how to snap out of small-minded thinking and habits, to own one’s own power and think bigger already! And I’m finding it extremely helpful in many areas. Thank you! Enjoy the beach. 🙂

  2. David D

    Happy bday!

    I have used your materials to improve my email communications, which has led to an increase in my response rates to parties, requests for help, and my survey research.

    Also, I have used it on my wife…don’t tell her…to get her to agree to my crazy shenanigans.

    Lastly, I have used several postings and some of your videos in my classes to engage my students about topics on life, negotiation, and getting what we want.


  3. Ashleigh

    I used the Briefcase Technique to go from being a part-time department assistant at a university to being Director of Communications for a religious organization.

    I even told my best friend (who’s a chef) about it and she snagged a sweet job running a corporate kitchen despite being only a year out of culinary school.

    Crazy part is I’ve never purchased any of your products. This is all from your free stuff. Truly a testament to how dope your content is. Thank you so much for everything, Ramit. I hope you have an awesome birthday. 🙂

  4. Joel

    Happy birthday,

    I got a $2000 raise when nobody else in my department got anything. Like zero. I was the only person in Canada who got one.

    Five months later I quit to become freelance. Went from $84k full-time to $125k with lower taxes (incorporation) and more control over my hours.

    I asked (since I was leaving) why I got a raise when no one else one. My boss said that I was the only person who focused on getting better (Year of Mastering Your Craft) and becoming a top performer. I didn’t complain about doing things outside of what was ‘normal’ for my role or the training/expectations she had of us.

    • Dan

      Hi, Ramit
      Happy B day. Ive used overnight resume makeover to land a great job, with an 8% increase in my pay. Not an insane amount but definitly worth every penny i spent on the course.

    • Joel

      Adding to it – Inner psychology stuff:

      I’ve also automated my loan payments, education contributions, retirement savings etc.

      I’ve identified why I don’t go to the gym, and after a few mistakes, found that purchasing basic equipment for my house worked much better. I work out at least once per week – just by buying a bench press, a skipping rope and clearing some space in my rec room.

      Briefcase technique was a mixed bag. It helped get me a 6 figures consulting job in a desired field (trading floor). It also back-fired when I used it, when the employer’s job description deviated from what he actually wanted. Lesson learned – listen more before launching into a solution.

      Success Triggers – I made significant changes in my life and created something, a side project (see website), that I’m really proud of, even if no one else uses it. I’ve had industry leaders contact me about it, and it’s worked as a “Whatz that” for work colleagues who I haven’t been in touch with for years.

  5. Anneke

    I’ve only used your free material, but you’ve massively shaped my thinking about wealth, my career, and working with people. In one post that stands out, you asked something like “What does wealth mean to you?” I thought about that for months, and my answer totally changed what I pursue and how I pursue it–and I’m having success! Some techniques that have helped along the way include thinking of my career (and life) in terms of measured tradeoffs, focusing on big wins, and using some modifications of the briefcase technique. These are all uncomplicated concepts, but it would’ve taken me decades to come up with them on my own.

    I am so much happier and confident now because of your work. Happy birthday and many, many thanks!

    • Anneke

      This is the post I was thinking of:

  6. melanie

    thats awesome! my goddaughters bday is on the same day… she’ll be 7 🙂 I live in Germany and finances are mostly automated anyway and people are sceptical of credit cards (i.e. sadly not too many great free card bonus deals..) but I did enjoy reading ur book and love the way you deal with haters and bad ppl in general. So I learn a lot just by watching you teach and implementing psychological mindset shifts. such as the ones u teach in ZTL. you truly show what can be reached in life when you create the right thoughts for yourself and your life. ur good natured at heart and really love to help ppl. thank you for your work! 🙂

  7. Claude W

    Happy Birthday : D, Your Momma is on the ball, Marriage has changed me for the better, 4 years on June 5th. With 1 son, 19, 3 daughters 14, 9 and 5 and one to enter the world on July 4th, 2014. I have been blessed. I also started to workout and I feel so much better every time I do and to the naysayers as well. : D Have a gr8 trip I hope with my hard work and dedication I too will be able to take my wife and children overseas to see the world, Peace and God Bless!

  8. Anonmana

    Happy Birthday! I’m going to focus on two key mindset shifts that I’ve had:

    1. The idea that “a year from now, you’ll be a year older” so what are you going to do? It’s always better to start something (even if you fail) than to wish you had started.

    2. The concept of taking small steps towards your goals. Breaking your goal down into bite-sized steps is much easier to commit to, and allows you to course correct along the way. You gave an example of a friend who wanted to start running, but wouldn’t do it because she could only run once per week. Running once per week would be better than not running at all, but she saw it as a waste of time.

  9. Casey

    Happy birthday! 6/30 is my husband’s birthday too! I have taken the plunge and have started to pursue a career path that I am interested in. I am working one full time and one part time job now – one to pay the bills and one to gain experience in the field in which I wish to transition. Before your motivational/instructional videos I was afraid it would be too hard to balance 2 jobs or that I wouldn’t like the new field the way I was hoping I would. I was right on one account, it’s EXTREMELY hard! The difference is, now I am just not afraid to face the challenges to get what I want. It turns out that I am actually really good at the part time job and am thriving in it. I have already been offered permanent positions at the new company, but they pay substantially less than I am making now. I need to figure that one out soon!

  10. deborah

    Changed my script and started going to the gym for the first time in my life. Lost 10 pounds, another 10 to go. Got myself a great job at a great company. Next?? Get lightening to strike for the 2nd time in my life and meet the love if my life for the rest of my life!! Happy birthday, Ramit! If you believe in Karma, you have a ton of blessings coming your way!

  11. Frances

    Happy Birthday!

    I love reading your emails – you’re very humble while giving wonderful advice on how to achieve our goals.

    Marriage can wait, Mom. 🙂

  12. Tyler Merry

    I am debt free, 7k pay bump at work. started a side hustle and am currently making an extra 100-400 a month.

    also we share the same birthday…. I am june 30 as well!

  13. Candace W.


    We share the same birthday! I will be 34 on June 30th. Hope you have a great one, I know I will. IWT has helped me start my own business and to help identify my love and passion for photography. I always wanted to have a business and I thought “Why not?” So I did and I’m so glad I faced my fear. I still have a lot to learn but I couldn’t be any happier.

    Happy Birthday!

    Candace Woods

  14. Heather

    Happy Birthday!

    I started following your blog a few months ago after reading your book. In the last six months, I have changed my relationship with money (to a positive one!) as well as my spending and saving habits. I quit my job that I didn’t like and landed a new one that I do like and make more money. I plan to pay off a credit card that’s had a hefty balance for 10 years by the end of the summer.

    Thank you for all that you do. Enjoy 32!

  15. Matthew

    I have altered my habits into healthyer living, still a working progress but it develops more everyday. I have become more in tune with spirituality and my inner voice. Again progression on a daily basis. Living for the moment and only the moment. Happy Birthday, enjoy the beach!

  16. Clara

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Maybe you should take your mom’s advice, haha!!

    I wouldn’t say IWT changed my life 🙂 I mean, change doesn’t happen in a day, right?
    I’ve been thinking a lot about conscious spending, and it’s actually been pretty hard to decide what I really care about because I have a lot of varied interests. I defaulted to something I say all the time, which is I prefer to buy organic and yummy foods than spend my money on the sick bed in the hospital later. (New take on apple a day keeps the doctor away, ha!) So recently I signed up to pick up my farmer’s market groceries through Even with a kid, I take so much pleasure in a culinary challenge of creating something healthy and delicious. But I will also allow myself the luxury every once a while of getting my dinner delivered through (Time is more valuable to me!)

  17. Charlene

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    Reading IWT helped me in a number of ways. Most importantly, IWT and many of your Dream Job-related posts remind me to value myself and “pay [myself] first.” For me, this also means not settling for whatever salary an employer seems to think I deserve. Now, in my search for a new job in a new city, I’m calculating what level of pay I’m comfortable with, based on models in IWT that incorporate investing, saving, and guilt-free spending. And I refuse to settle for less. I want to live a rich life and now I have the tools to do so – not just information that you provide, but advice that helps me to identify my own psychological barriers.

    Thanks for all you do, Ramit!

    P.S. Let me know if you need someone to marry!

  18. Marek


    On one hand, IWT changed completely my perspective about Networking and how to approach my job search through a sales perspective, by the way this is not very common in Spain. I found all the negotiation tips very valuable.

    On the other hand, I loved the section on the book IWT focused on how to diversify your investment portfolio.

    Greetings from Spain!


  19. Jesse

    When I started reading IWT, I had just begun to work for myself as a virtual assistant. I lacked self-confidence, grit and awareness of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

    6 months later, I’m much more confident in myself and in my ability to get what I want in my life. I am living on my own (not in a relationship) for the first time in my adult life and happily so, which is something I never thought would be possible. And I much more freely let people into my life, which is something I did not do before, because now I feel good about what I’m doing.

    Thank you for your frank, down-to-earth wisdom and for putting yourself out there so others may enjoy success in their personal lives.

    May this birthday find you blessed and well!

  20. krizia

    I used your idea of not cutting back in my life by limiting how I spend but increasing how I earn.
    It’s now my personal mantra and it has changed the way I see things in my life.

    Thanks Ramith!

    Maligayang Kaarawan!(Happy Birthday in Tagalog)


  21. AJ

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT helped me land a job that not only was a pay and position increase but also pointed my career in the direction I wanted it to go. Additionally, it has helped me keep my focus when I am frustrated by trying to start a career at 35 years old. There are days I get VERY frustrated by being at the bottom, but your information has helped me stay focused on the goals and realize the longer term possibilities rather than being too focused on momentary frustrations.

    Thanks for what you’ve done!

  22. Farooq

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    Your book and program have helped me pay off debt, automate savings and budget properly.

    And for that I offer you my sincere thanks. Best wishes for #32!


  23. Joseph

    Ramit, Happy Birthday my friend.

    It is in some way a celebration of a moment in the past but it can also be seen as a celebration of the fact that you are alive! 🙂 You have helped a lot of people. Good for you man.

    You have reminded me countless times that no matter how in our heads we can get, the world and people in it, are here for us.

    Your approach is the human approach, with MAD hustler charm and skill! So when are you getting married again? 😉

    A smart man once said, there was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.

    Enjoy life, which I am sure you do very well… it would be a pleasure to discuss this whole game with you one day.

    Happy Birthday to you man, everyday.


  24. Jesse

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT has changed my life by teaching me to stop thinking it’s all about me and to add value for other people. That is a short sentence by the principle was like the cartoon light bulb over my head being turned on.

    Thank you for your products,

  25. Lindsay

    Your book on personal finance is what has helped me the most so far – now all my spending is guilt-free. Before, I would make myself feel terrible when I spent any money, and would agonize over justifications for every purchase I made. Thanks, Ramit! Happy birthday!

    By the way, my husband used to roll his eyes a bit when I shared your stuff with him – he kind of had the impression that you were just hustling people for your online courses. But the other day I was emailing him diaper price comparisons and replied, “As Ramit would say, let’s stop focusing on minutiae and focus on the big wins.”

    YES! I finally converted him.

  26. Mani Canaday

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Your insights have helped me in so many ways, but I think the most significant is that I’ve stopped being so damn afraid all the time. I was afraid of failing, afraid of not having enough, of not BEING enough. I still feel the fear from time to time, but I push through and do whatever it is that I want to do anyway, and life is changing in some really incredible ways.



  27. Cristalia

    When I graduated college I was looking for a book that would teach me how to manage my finances and, yes, to become rich so I found your book at a B&N and bought it. A few years later I gave it to my husband and he loved it. We learned so much from negotiating our new car at the dealer to me getting a raise at work and much more… Thank you Ramit and Super Happy Birthday!!!
    BTW, moms are always right. 😉

  28. Samantha

    My brother handed your book I Will Teach You To Be Rich the semester before I graduated from college and it helped me to be courageous! I took control of my finances and I’m about to launch my own business. Since then I have passed on the book to 3 people and had the opportunity to meet people from your Brain Trust Group. I’m looking forward to joining 🙂

  29. Nina

    Happy birthday 🙂

    Ok, so IWT has changed my life initially in that I went from not taking my finances seriously and being utterly unprepared for the future and often randomly worrying about that to knowing exactly how my situation looks, having savings for my pension sorted and maxed out, and doing a little funds investing to boot.

    Now recently I have also registered my side-business, so I can legally do freelance work. I have also signed up with a career coach whom I will soon start with to investigate just what I want out of work and my career as a whole. Very much still finding my way there but I dare say that IWT in part gave me the confidence to take the plunge, not to mention made me feel like it is ok to not want to be a 9 to 5 office slave and that this does not at all mean that I am lazy or spoiled as I used to think. Rather now I see it as me critically questioning how life works and put my smarts to good use.

    For the future, I hope to find my way in life with my career, and further increase my income so I can save even more plus of course buy some nice things for myself without throwing my money away for status or showing off.

  30. Noel

    Happy Birthday Brother~

    A lot of your material on better social skills has helped me. Particularly the “Small Talk” idea (that you’re “relationship building” vs “bullshitting”). Also your “Brutal Honesty” approach to one’s self and with others. Definitely has helped w.r.t. communication and making connections.

    Hope you have a great birthday!

  31. Frank


    This year alone your No Stress Negotiation course helped reframe my entire mindset for how to be a top performer at my job, and helped me negotiate a promotion and 30% salary bump on my terms, working in the area of my company I’m most happy with today.

    In RBT, I’ve used an accountability partner to help me reach my fitness goals of getting to the gym 4 days a week and lose 30 pounds.

    It’s been a life-changing experience with both of these products and I look forward to continuing to leverage both of these for more success. Happy birthday and thanks again for all you’re doing!


  32. Clare

    Ramit, I am trying hard to have a year of mastery. Next week I am going to master driving a boat. A feat I have put off for years!! I am also going to find my dream job before 2014 is over. Happy b-day!

  33. Mevonnie

    Hello Ramit!

    First, Happy Birthday. Your material helped me do the following:

    Free level:I realized there is another world of professionals out there who are making a difference and living the lifestyle that they desire. No need to choose one from the other.

    As helpful as the free information was, I realized that without investing in myself, I will not grow to the level that I seek. Therefore, I need to make a concious decision and investment to change

    I joined RBT in May 2014, and since then I have started a private clarinet studio, where I am now making an addition $150/month. In addition, I have started my own subscription box company, been building my audience, and I am set to launch in mid July.

    Ramit, thank you for the straight talk. It made me get up off my ass and get to work.

  34. Michelle

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Thank you for teaching us lots of good stuff 🙂

  35. Mira D

    So far its been a free ride. As a hard core Gujju I’ve been frugal and pro-markets all my life, so that continues. But where you did help was open my eyes to the opportunities that abound for topline growth. Right now all I have is this KNOWING, I don’t know what exactly I will do with it. But I know I will.
    And your mom is right.
    Will wish on the day, too early.

  36. Alfredo Lopez

    Hi Ramit,

    First of all Happy Birthday! I’ll also be turning 32, but not until November. I’m really grateful for the work you do because, more than anything, it’s helped shape a different mindset for me. One that is much more active.

    Before, I was always generating great ideas, and daydreaming about them. Now, I’ve been able to make many of your strategies and techniques, and applied them with success. These include your methods for getting a raise (I negotiated a $10K salary increase for a new job, without having worked a single day), as well as negotiating all kinds of utility bills, thanks to many of your scripts.

    The change has been psychological, which I know figures heavily into your message. All I can say, Ramit, is thank you. I hope you have an epic birthday!

    A fan

  37. Liz

    Two things come to mind… one is that you introduced me to the work of BJ Fogg and the power of tiny habits. The second is that I’ve become much more aware of some of my own internal scripts that have kept me from really going after a significant income boost. (The most striking of these was, “I don’t want my son to end up being an entitled asshole!)

  38. Vigil

    Happy birthday! I used your tips in one of your YouTube videos “how to negotiate salary when you’re underpaid’ to get a 30% raise.

  39. Dan

    I live in the midwest and so of course, I have a backyard. Much as my father did before me, and his before that, etc. I also have a son — four years old. And all my life as I grew up I understood the fundamental truth that as an Real Grownup With A Backyard, I had to own a lawnmower, and had to mow my own lawn.

    So I think it was last summer. I was driving home. I remember exactly where I was when this occurred to me as I thought about whatever it was you had sent out that day: I don’t have to mow my lawn. The lawn has to get mowed but I don’t have to do it. I could pay someone else. I make enough for that. Etc.

    And very rapidly this turned into what I’m actually writing to tell you: I still mow my lawn. But now I do it because I want to, not because I have to. And what’s more … I want my son to grow up knowing that he owns his life — his life does not own him. He doesn’t have to mow his own lawn just because his dad did.

  40. Natasha

    Happy birthday Ramit!!
    What you wrote about invisible scripts helped me a lot 🙂 I made more friends, significantly reduced procrasrination and my work got done a lot faster and a lot more proficiently
    PS My birthday is tomorrow 😀
    PPS Yes, most Indian mothers are just like that. I’ve seen it happen more times than I can recount. Good luck.

  41. Harold

    Ramit made it easy to automate my finances, as well as prepare for finding and interviewing for my first full-time job. More importantly, he boiled down the two processes into easy-to-understand steps that get you 90% of the results with 10% the effort. Abstracting and learning from the techniques he uses to create these strategies was worth even more than the strategies themselves.

  42. Joce

    Ramit, you inspired me to slow down and negotiate a lower price for the car I am about to buy, instead of just impatiently going for a higher price!

    I have been inspired by other tips of yours too and plan to dig in deeper into your content in the future and put more of your advice into practice.

    And I am generally inspired by your passionately and consistently helping others by providing so much free content, writing a book, marketing yourself.

    I am an entrepreneur too and know it takes a lot of heart, strength, courage, thought, time and effort to wear so many hats and keep churning it out and shining your light like that. Beautiful!!

    Great act of self-love to ask for these comments as your birthday gift. Happy birthday. I am 30 and personally finding my 30s so far way more “together” and mature and compassionate and wise than my 20s (especially early 20s). Many perks to aging…and some countries…including the happiest Blue Zone countries…really revere their elders for good reason 🙂

  43. ES

    How did IWT change my life?
    I used to think and then maybe act.
    Now I think and act, and then think again and then act again, etc.
    IWT is hands on and street smart. No fluff.

  44. Emily

    Thanks to your negotiation advice, I’m making 45% more today than I was last year. Thanks again, and happy birthday!

  45. Hollie2

    Happy Birthday and best wishes to you in all your endeavors! What you have shared on your website has changed the way I think about myself and my abilities completely.

    I love having my house cleaned and my groceries delivered to my door. NEVER thought I would allow myself to have those things. OH yes, now I do!

    I struggled to find time to floss everyday and exercise was non-existent. Learning about habits has changed my whole daily routine! I floss every day! I exercise every day! It didn’t happen overnight, but habits take time to form. I started small and am so happy with my progress!

    I’m still learning and growing from the information I have learned from you! I did the Finishers program and loved it!! Still implementing those things into my business and am so excited about the results!

    I am a sole parent of 3 kids and could use 1,000 excuses and be a special snowflake person and I do see so many out there who do. But every time I think of an excuse I can see your look and hear your words and it reminds me of my greatness!
    With Gratitude,

  46. Jesse R.

    IWT allowed me to bust free of my spirit-crushing office job, discover that what I want most is to become location independent, and find enthusiasm and joy in learning about self development and personal finance.

    Big things: I’m traveling to the other side of the planet (NorthEast U.S. to SouthEast Asia), I’m building a personal life and career according to what I want (as opposed to settling on what life gives me), and take pride in being a learning addict.

    Little things: Became very meticulous with money, lost patience for beating around the bush in terms of negotiating and excuses, and I now floss regularly.

    Here’s to another year of changing people’s lives for the better!

  47. Alexandra

    Happy Birthday! Your e-mails have helped me think differently, think of other ways to make money, and also value myself and my skills more than I have been.


  48. Joe

    IWT has helped me a ton. I used to be that guy that always overdrew his account and could never quite figure out why. I was spinning my wheels and only succeeding at digging myself in deeper. Thanks to IWT I automated my finances, optimized my retirement and knew that I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted with the remaining funds. Also, your career advice (especially the resume advice) helped me double my income in one job move. Thanks a bunch from my whole family (my daughter particularly appreciates that she can eat food without her parents having to decide whether that will postpone bills).

  49. Jansen

    Hope you have a happy birthday, Ramit!

    IWT is the gift that keeps giving. Your insight is very practical and straightforward.

    As a matter of fact, I remember coming across an article where you discussed ways to get around our shortcomings. Most people go on about willpower and just “making” yourself do stuff, but you went into actual solutions, like identifying the problem point and addressing it. Suddenly, figuring out how to get myself to do stuff turned into a challenging game with myself, rather than a futile battle over things as fleeting as motivation or willpower.

    Here’s an example: I use a necktie for my stretches twice daily, which are necessary for preventing terrible back spasms. Doing them consistently was always tough — that is, until I decided to leave the necktie in front of my bathroom door. Now every time I get out of the shower or finish brushing my teeth, I see the necktie on the floor, making it much easier to segue into my stretches.

    It’s such a simple shift in mindset, but it’s really powerful!

    Now I’ve started getting up earlier (keeping my cell phone in the bathroom means I have to physically get up to check my e-mail), and meditating daily (phone app that includes a 10 minute meditation exercise + headphones). My sleep has gotten better, and I feel more inclined to take risks than I used to (Making more contacts + Finding ways to offer value to people without expecting something in return = An actual gig in interpreting for a biotech company!)

    That’s not to say I don’t fall off the wagon from time to time, but I’ve actually come to expect it now, and start the process over again if I discover one of my systems has broken down.

    Thanks, Ramit!

  50. Pamela Slim

    Ramit, you and IWTYTBR have helped me in so many ways over the years!

    Happy Birthday!

    Probably my most relevant tip has been your advice about focusing my efforts to fewer products and services, which increased that income stream by at least 50%, reduced headaches and confusion, and strengthened the message of my brand.

    But I would have increased my income by 90% if you had just been married. C’mon, hurry up.

  51. Adam

    Your book showed me the way to sort my finances and I can now move forward in my life with confidence that I’m doing the right thing.

    More significantly, you showed me the power of tuning into my invisible scripts and I find this useful in all aspects of my life including my relationships, work, sports etc. I now notice these in other people as well and this enables me to advise my friends better.

    I’ve also learned the importance of setting up systems, and not relying on “willpower” and “motivation” to get the important things done.

    I can’t thank you enough for these, these concepts have a powerful multiplier effect that will pay back for as long as I’m on this earth!

  52. Jackie

    Besides all the obvious: helping me get clients, get out of debt, make more money on the side, etc., the BIGGEST thing that your site has taught me is how important it is to find what your own personal definition of wealth is. Before, I thought that because I didn’t have all this fancy crap that I wasn’t truly “wealthy”, but after reading your site for so long, it feels so damn good to be able to pick up the tab once in awhile when I’m out with good friends and other small things like that. That makes me feel so much better than some fancy watch, and ultimately, happier.

  53. Michelle

    Happy Birthday! 6 Fig Consultant has made a huge impact on my business. I had a client who was paying me pennies to edit business cards for them because they were hiring a bunch of new employees. I realized their business was growing tremendously but I wasn’t sure how to capitalize off it. Fortunately, I had just started your course and went from small one-off projects with the client to then creating a new business service in which I was hired on a retainer to then landing my first $20,000 contract with them (or anyone for that matter). So I took the client from a couple hundred to tens of thousands thanks to you. So, thank you and enjoy the beach.! 🙂

  54. Scott

    Automated my finances, landed my dream job with simple tactics, and I feel I just have a better understanding of people’s behavior and how to communicate more effectively. I think just knowing these things has boosted my confidence at key times and has had the greatest benefit.

  55. Adam

    Happy birthday, Ramit!
    Been reading for years. The overall big win you’ve given me is understanding my own psychology, how I’ve held myself back in the past, and how to change my mental game. Number two is understanding OTHER people’s psychology.
    Earn1k helped me turn my freelance rate from $40/hr to $75. Even better, when a great opportunity fell in my lap, I understood how to leverage a freelance gig into a full-time trusted advisor role, because I could look beyond my own wants and see the big picture. Then, from solo consultant to favored vendor, now with eight employees. That was awesome.
    Likewise, 6FC has helped me up my game with better proposals and understanding how to move up the value chain. Still absorbing all those lessons but I know I’m on the right path. So, happy birthday dude! Thanks for all the help!

  56. Susan Parker

    Happy Birthday Ramit, Had to write, your birthday is the same as my mom’s and my daughter’s is the next day. You fall right between my daughter, 33 on Tuesday, and son who is 30. I am extremely impressed with your success and love reading your emails, especially the stories about your mom. Loved the one about flying first class. As for me, you are an inspiration. I am just finishing a book to be published later this year and plan to do a series of talks on the subject (Power of the Seed: Oils for Health and Beauty). So have a great day and thanks for what you do.

  57. Robert Jones

    I was first introduced to you through an article you did with Fortune Magazine in 2010 or ’11. I was intrigued, so I began reading your blog. At the time, I was in essentially a secretarial position at a law office in San Francisco, making 38K per year.

    I liked your blog, so I invested in your book and began putting some of your ideas into practice. I started thinking about things differently, and thinking bigger. I decided GET OUT of the dead-end job I was in and start putting my skill-set gained from years as a residential transaction paralegal on the East Coast to work for here on the West Coast.

    I am currently the #4 Realtor in production in all of Oakland, and in the top 20 of the entire East Bay. I’m over 14Million in production and as of today, and since January 14 (through June 14) have earned more than I would have in 3 years at my previous position.

    My mind-set improved, thus, my station in life improved. I’m also now involved in coaching, am mentoring other agents, still teach jazz guitar on the side, and am exploring opportunities as a Voice Over Artist (to put my years of being a band-leader, front man, and MC on the East Coast to work in a different and more lucrative form).

    Ramit – your work was introduced to me a perfect point, and definitely corrected my course. Yes, I do still want your 5K. I’d like to take the entire sum and invest it directly into my business. And yes, if you like I can also take you out to a very nice lunch.

  58. Simon

    Happy birthday!

    I used your earn1k course to land a permanent contractor position that pays me about 50% more than the average income for my industry. I have saved $30k in the last 12 months. I plan on staying in this job for another 12 months then go nomadic for the trip of a lifetime.

    I am ashamed to admit that I have also bought your ZTL course and so far done nothing worth talking about with it. But I will, I promise you that!

  59. Jim

    Mindset. The biggest takeaway I have taken from you, your site, and even the people who frequent here is mindset. By taking the time to learn more about it, how to utilize it and how to understand it better it’s impacted every portion of my life. In doing so, has led me towards a more rich life. The impact has been on everything from relationships, to health and success. Thanks and have a great birthday!

  60. Kathleen

    All the best to you Ramit and Happy 32nd birthday.
    I have been reading your emails for quite some time and I find you to be a very upbeat and positive and truthful person.
    Keep up the good work and keep smiling.
    Now if I was only younger!!!! Ha ha

  61. Sowjanya

    The thoughts on many of the topics you touch came t my mind often but I would brush them away as they were ” too much ” to handle, but through your sessions/ videos I now have to courage to DWELL on them at least and am sure will more forward on them soon . Thanks for what you do and can connect with your Indianess very well since I am one too !

  62. Susie

    You define and inspire “ballsy.”

  63. francina

    Ramit your work has helped me follow through on projects i start.

  64. Omar

    Thanks to IWT I stopped over analyzing what to do for an Online Business and finally got out of my head thanks to the Zero to Launch Course.
    I have learned how to Set up a website in minutes, how to promote my business and create value in the real world.
    Those are the visible facts, but what IWT had really taught me over months of emails and blog posts was to dispel all the mythology regarding money, success and the nature of Online Businesses.
    What cain I say… Ramit is just the surrogate Asian father I never had!

  65. Annie

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    IWT has changed my life in several ways but most recently, I used your negotiation material to begin to practice with the ultimate goal of negotiating a raise at work. Just last month I successfully got a promotion and a 25% raise (yes, I was that woefully underpaid after being too afraid to negotiate the job offer) with additional benefits after I was already told that there was absolutely no money available for anyone in the company to get a raise.

  66. Aria

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    By far what I have gleaned most from your emails is the self-confidence to deal with naysayers AND establishing and clarifying boundaries – especially on the spot during a conversation (a deficiency I’m improving). This takes quick thinking, which is good exercise all the time. You’re encouraging & reminding us to sharpen our wits and forethought continuously. Thank you.

  67. Darin Klinger

    In 2012, I invested in the “Stress Free Negotiation” course and I was able to secure a job offer with another company in my industry for $24,000 more than my previous salary!

    I cannot think of another investment with that kind of return. From that point on, I have compounded my income by continually negotiating raises (3 since 2012) and I have been able to take on new responsibilities as a top performer.

    Thanks Ramit, and Happy Birthday!

  68. SB

    IWT got me automating my Roth IRA contributions, and also negotiating harder for raises. So thank you for this, and happy birthday Ramit. When you get married make sure you find some one as passionate as yourself.

  69. Cj

    Believe it or not, I actually met you back in ’06 at a conference in San Diego for Credit Unions seeking to target Gen Xers at the time. Your insight was profound and your charisma as a young speaker even back then, was impressive.

    Fast forward to 2014, I was at a point where it was time for a shift. I felt like I had accomplished all I had previously set out to and was looking to change my career from the ladder focus, which I had climbed, to the difference focus which would let me impact the lives of others. However big, however small, in my community. All while finding the flexibility, salary, culture & leadership team I desired to work with. The word desired, became key to that process because I had gotten stuck in the rut that so many of your emails often discussed. Where you’re doing because you’re “supposed to” because you’d be “crazy not to” want the next level.

    What I learned from you, was in every subsequent email after I subscribed to receive them and I also purchased a course which allowed me to shift my thinking, free myself from the “should” to the “truly want” perspective and while these words may not have been used in your course, the concepts within every lesson and the way you’ve presented them, change the game. In fact they teach you to take over the game. Not just win it, but own it.

    Since then, I’ve acquired the exact position I wanted in the exact location (minute from home), ideal culture, leadership, salary was 10% more than I asked for, flexibility even better than I imagined.

    Ramit, in case you were truly wondering how many lives you’ve changed, I’m sure there are many. But don’t forget the so many more who benefit from the ones you’ve shaped. I’m impacting lives. I’m making a difference. I don’t play the game, I own it. Thanks to you.

    Here’s to another year of living life as you breathe it – one transformation at a time.

    – C. Wallace

  70. Melinda

    Happy early birthday! After I came back from a trip to Europe, my boss told me my job was being eliminated. I immediately put out my situation to my network very non-smarmily, and that same week, had two interviews, one offer, and a second offer this week. I even managed some negotiation after watching your scripts with Susan. I will be buying a car in the next month, and I also plan to use your material for that. Thanks very much for putting great free material out there. (I also bought the Earn1K stuff a few years ago and it helped me start teaching violin on the side, but saying, “Thanks for letting me pay you!” seems weird. How about we just say, “Thanks for everything!”) Please eat some yummy cake.

  71. R

    Hi Ramit and Happy Birthday! What you have accomplished before turning 32 is mind boggling, and I have the feeling it is just the beginning.

    I love reading your posts. You have a wonderful can-do attitude and not the kind that’s all mumbo jumbo. You deal with the psychology but in a different, more useful way, and you also help people understand what they have got to do differently–that sitting around wishing and hoping and waiting for things to change won’t work. I like that–it has the ring of truth in it.

    Now if only I could be 32 again and avoid all the stupid mistakes I’ve made over the years. But that’s wishing, and not even worthy of a birthday cake.

    I want to be rich, but I’m far from it. On the other hand, I want to be rich by doing what I love–and I’m doing it–it’s just that so far, the cash hasn’t started to roll in. Probably because I’m an artist at heart.

    If you could, in some future post, please discuss the phenomenon of friends who drop out of your life or turn on you, because you are trying new things and no longer think rich people are bad. In fact, kind of want to be one. Actually, really want to be one. And the old friends are maybe threatened by that, or see you as a traitor. How do you deal with the hurt that this causes?

    Cheers to you, Ramit. You are an inspiration.

  72. Lisa

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    You’ve helped me negotiate a 10% raise, negotiate fees, network more effectively, and become a top performer at work.

    But I would say the two most important things you’ve taught me are these:

    1) INVISIBLE SCRIPTS: You taught me to identify my invisible scripts so that I can take steps to test them and face them head on. This is SO HARD but I know the payout will be huge if I keep at it. THANK YOU for continually challenging me in this way. I never knew how much I needed someone to call me on my psychological BS and dare me to overcome my own weaknesses!

    2) SYSTEMS: I’ve learned from you is the importance of building SYSTEMS to achieve my goals. I have a system to automatically meet all my savings goals, both big and small. I have a system for make sure I spend a set amount of time every week pursuing my dream job. I developed a system along with my husband to make sure we get our chores/errands done every week.

    Creating systems definitely feels less “exciting” than taking dramatic action spurred by a momentary swelling of internal motivation, but I’ve definitely learned that systems are a heck of a lot more effective in the long run – and that is the most exciting to me, because then I can actually achieve my goals!

    Thank you!

  73. Megha

    1. used the briefcase technique to get a 22% raise in my last job.
    2. then used the negotiation techniques in your Dream Job class to negotiate a 36% raise in my next job
    but MOST importantly,

    used the techniques in your Success Factors course (and generally through your emails) to CUT OUT ALL people who were only adding NEGATIVE value to my life (those same people are now asking me how I scored such an awesome job with a huge increase in salary). AND best of all, I don’t feel guilty about cutting any of these people out.

    Thanks for the early 30th bday present Ramit.

  74. Rusty

    I am a ztl student and have taken my career and future earnings into my own hands this year. I am a farmer by profession and have had some tough experiences with markets and weather in the past. I decided that I didn’t want to let something completely out of my control determine my future. I signed up for zero to launch back in April and am currently working towards building a profitable online business. Thanks Ramit and happy birthday.

  75. Laurel

    like you need more happy birthday wishes!!! =)~ So you already know about my plans to start a B&B next year, which is the only thing that is keeping me from dashing my brains out at my current job! Your book (and subsequent blog/emails) keep me on track and keep reminding me that I have an actual future outside the proverbial rat race – don’t stop writing and sending !!!

  76. Sheila

    Happy birthday!

    I would say two major things I’ve learned from IWTYTBR are budgeting and negotiation.

    In your writing about budgeting, what really stood out to me wasn’t that you should spend so much on wants and needs ect, but that you should budget for the life you want. Before i read your book and blog I made decent money but I never kept track of it so it was hard to find the money to travel. Once I created a budget, I realized how i could change around where I was spending, which allowed me to go to both Switzerland and Italy in the past year.

    Negotiation really came into play when i moved to a new company about 2 years ago. If I hadn’t read your scripts and practiced what I wanted to say I don’t think I ever could have gotten that 14K salary increase it it’s made a huge difference in my life.

  77. Beth

    I’ve been one of your followers for a number of years. IWT & Dream Job have helped me with two jobs. The most recent one a year ago. I constantly think now about how a top performer would handle a situation. And I’m quoting you to my 17 yr old son who wants to major in psychology. Most of the conversations go like this…”You know Ramit went to Stanford and ended up making his own degree with psychology and computer science and now he has his own company.” “Yes, Mom, you’ve already told me a dozen times. He always trying to sell you stuff, sucker.” ” You know instead of assuming that I’m a sucker maybe you should look into it.” “Yeah, right.” I’m waiting for the day that he comes back and tells me that your stuff is useful. I know I have found it to be very useful, but you do need to decide that you are going to work at it.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  78. Amy

    I first bought one of your courses (negotiating) about 1.5 years ago, then followed it with success factors. The last year has been transformative for me, to put it mildly. I was able to change a dead end job into one with exponential growth, in part thanks to my ex mgr leaving. I received a promotion, and am now considered the sme in my group, as I continue toward my next career goal of becoming a pm. I have a mgr now that values my contributions to the group, have been recognized for performance by our sr vp of finance, and really feel like I have a chance now to make any dream I have come true. Things on the personal front are great too. I’ve joined rbt, and have found some great insights to use in my relationship and improve on my weaknesses. Thanks and happy birthday!

  79. Timothy Moser

    IWT first opened my mind to running my own business and defining my own life. Earn1K got me earning money on the side tutoring back in 2010, and since then I’ve scaled myself to teaching thousands of people online and working for myself. I never plan to work in a job gain.

    I’ve learned many things from people connected to you, Ramit, such as Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn, but for me, it all started here.

    Happy 32nd!

  80. Jordan K

    IWT helped me increase my salary by $73,000! I learned about the game being played around me, I learned that there are infinite sources of wealth, and I learned that I don’t have to be the best at my job, I just have to be the best at showing other people how good I am. There are a ton of other people way smarter than I am doing better work than me, but getting paid less because they don’t know how to sell themselves.

    Happy birthday Ramit and keep the good advice coming!

  81. R

    By the way, Ramit, I have two lovely daughters.

  82. Sipiwe

    Happy Birthday!

    IWT has helped me be a lot more conscious of my spending and judicious in my automation. Thank you!

  83. Jo

    For years I’ve been dominated by negative scripts.

    I tried positive self-talk, I tried ignoring the negativity… I tried exercise and what not.

    It didn’t work. My doubts, my indecision, my fears generally got the better of me. They squelched all my willpower and action, even when I really took action. I began to believe that willpower and action were overrated – and when that happens, you’re in real trouble.

    Your technique of acknowledging the scripts and responding to them with my wisest self is among the most useful tools I’ve ever used. It really helps.

    That, and of course, being grounded in genuine faith.

    The net result is that I’ve been able to complete applications I had been putting off for years. I’ve been able to reach out to people and genuinely come to understand that most people are looking to help.

    So thank you. Happy Birthday.

  84. Amanda

    I’ve started a Tupperware business and this has been slow before but immediately when I started watching your videos my business has increased

  85. Fel

    Birthdays are the best. Where’s your Tiara?

    Let me count the ways you & IWT have helped me–

    1. Value over cost mindset = priceless. I invest heavily in myself now with no qualms and consistently reap rewards 10 fold because of it

    2. Book buying rule = That mindset led me to reading like I used to when I was a kid and coming across some of the most game-changing books of my life that have altered the way I think about everything (Art of Learning, Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Game, to name a few)

    3. Abundance mentality = used to have really intense anxiety around money but that mindset has really helped me work through it and turn nervousness into action

    4. Knowing how to make money, consistently and get paid what I’m worth = 6FC/ZTL are some of the best investments I’ve ever made and I listen to that material weekly/bi-weekly for reference

    5. Value of delegating = this was something I learned in ‘theory’ a long time ago, but you provided a picture of what that actually looks like which has helped me hire a cleaner, bookkeeper, VA, coach etc. (Also thanks to 6FC, which more people need to be in, like today)

    6. Enjoying everything I buy, earn, and receive guilt-free = especially if you grow up middle-class and are used to people saying things like ‘what a WASTE!’ when they see the price tags of things, it was so hard for me to buy the things I wanted even when I could afford them! Still something I’m working through, but that mindset stays with me. I particularly love it because it’s so non-dualistic and non-judgmental. You love expensive jeans? Awesome. Want to fly first class? Do it–and you provide all the ways that it makes sense to do those things.

    7. Positioning = Probably one of the single most important business and marketing skills I’ve ever learned from you aside from copywriting. Again, 6FC and just being exposed to your own positioning on products and services

    8. Strategy = You were the first person to define strategy vs. tactics for me and since then, it’s been a quest for me to devour every strategy book and apply it to everything I do. I’ve also found this to be an immensely powerful life skill that lets me laser-focus and seriously play my cards right. It’s so easy for me now to identify what’s worth pursuing, what’s not, and having frameworks to make those decisions which can at times be incredibly complex.

    9. This one is the most important for me: what GREATNESS ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE. I’ve never had someone expect excellence from me the way you have. It’s so clear, specific, and deep that it’s impossible not to apply and hold myself to those standards. I feel deeply indebted to you for that because it changed everything for me so profoundly.

    10. I never comment on blogs. But this is worth it.

    Happy Birthday!! I think you are fucking one of a kind.

  86. Lynzie

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Make sure your cake is delicious and your beer is cold.

    So I’ve always been an “I’ll probably do it later” kind of gal, but since reading your blog I’ve actually cared about thinking of a dream job. I didn’t even think that you could have a “dream job” anymore than you could have a pet unicorn. So while I’m not at my dream job juuust yet, I know what I want and I know how I can get it.

  87. Robert Harlan

    A truly Happy Birthday to you my friend. It would be great to have a social event to meet up with you and thank you personally for your efforts. The thing that really struck me was the inner voice you echo out to all of us. What are we doing ? How do I get the skills to be a more marketable employee ? How to engage with others and keep things in balance. Last July I took a 22 week CompTIA A+ IT class during the evening. Yes I did get certified and in part it was your voice that changed my direction in life.

    I have a lot more to go, but this certification was the crown jewel to add skills to my resume. I will continue with taking additional classes or exams to further my career in this field.

    Thank you Ramit.


    Robert Harlan Jr.

  88. Omari

    Hey Ramit,

    I’ve used your material to help tell my story as The Corporate Dropout by creating the first ever digital soul experience.

    more to come…


  89. Helen

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    There’s so many ways your stuff has made big differences to my life, but the biggest so far is your Overnight Resume Makeover – alongside other free stuff around Dream Job – helped me to get a job I love (as the manager of the person in the job I originally applied for because they thought I was so fabulous!) and move to a city I love living in (after 5 years of living somewhere I didn’t feel at home)

    I’m now slowly working through ZTL, the material is already making me more awesome at my day job and with the long term plan to help people get the most out of their lives, while I get the most out of mine too…

    …And one day when I have kids, and I’m able to drop everything for the afternoon and to go and see them being a unicorn in the school play, I’ll tell them it’s all thanks to their surrogate Asian grandfather Ramit 😉

  90. michelle

    Wishing you an awesome birthday 32! so young, but so wise :)..Seriously, what I have learned so far and put into practice, go for the big win. be consistent, give value to others as a way of being, not just saying so. I have learned a lot, and I love the ‘special snowflake and all the other ways that people (including myself) disable and dissect why…………Just keep on.
    BTW—no time like the present to find ‘the one’ could be your big win next year……………….
    Hope you enjoy your deserved vacation.

  91. Jon

    Helped me feel comfortable asking for what I’m worth, even after multiple raises. Always focus on the value I can provide to my customers and seeking new opportunities and gladly accepted payment in return.

  92. Bryan

    I used some of your techniques from the negotiating a raise class when negotiating for salary at my new job. Got a 10k bump. Danke, and happy birthday!

  93. Kimberly

    Ok. After having debt due to medical issues (the big C) AND having my salary frozen during the great recession (I work in the family business so no raise negotiating for me), I realized I couldn’t afford your course. (Hey you DID say, pay off debt first,) What I DID do is purchase your book I Will Teach You To Be Rich with an Amazon gift card I had gotten for my birthday. I read it in two days. By the end of the week, I had negotiated down interest, automated my finances, maxed out the total contribution I could make to my 401k, and signed up for your newsletter.
    I still have medical debt to pay, but I’m in good health now and making great progress on my debt. My biggest takeaway from the book is that there is always SOMETHING more I could be doing besides whining. And, to that end, I am now eying starting a side business of my own.

  94. Aniesa

    Happy Birthday! Your material has helped me to build more confidence in going for the jobs that I really want and expressing my abilities without selling myself short.

  95. Ken

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    Your blog and book have been inspirational to me. I’m already a business owner, (a gentlemen’s club, actually! And, yes, it’s my dream job…) But many of the things you teach about psychology help me every day in managing the girls and the rest of my help. Mostly, your success, and your teaching about maintaining the right attitude have helped me to continue to believe in myself and those around me who are actually striving to improve.
    Thanks for all of your hard work, and hope you enjoy your time on the beach for your birthday!

  96. Marcelo

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    About 2 years ago when I first saw the brief case technique I used it immediately and got a new job that not only meant a double promotion but was also double my salary at the time.
    I have now quit that job and I am involved in other projects, but I’ve kept using the technique ever since then.

  97. Pam MacCollum

    Happiest of Birthdays to you, Ramit! May this year bring more joy than the last!

    Your request of birthday present is quite unique, and for this reason, I am happy to present to you:

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich, in particular your courses on Negotiation, Dream Job, Success Triggers, And Brain Trust, have been exceptionally helpful in the past 9 months. Your email series on Mastering One Thing pushed me to get on board with my goal to get in better health. Starting in December 2013, I began an eating regime that saw me start dropping pounds – 17 by the end of January to be exact and a total of 3 pant sizes to date. You recently challenged us, along with Jay Abraham’s interview, to start getting in tune with our goals and doing one thing today to get going. I started a Learn to Run program in January, on my own time. As a result of this specific challenge I made an appointment to utilize the three free trainer sessions that came with my gym pass in January, and now have a strength program to compliment my running and move me towards my goal of running a 5km on September 20, 2014. Moving on to my finances, I have recently completed tranfering my auto payments off my credit cards and into my checking account. This way I can see where my money is really going and finish paying off the credit cards.

    As if this isn’t enough, I have been using the skills learned in your negotiation course to work on my next raise. Additionally, through Dream Job, I am systematically mapping out my next move. And, just yesterday I was able to pen a deal with my current employer for an overtime project that will raise my income 16% over the next 3 months, with options.

    Through the course and groups I am now a part of, I am systematically working through brutal honesty on many aspects of my life. Working on training where I stand, ,so I break out of the “have to be a in a gym to work out” script and psychology. Now getting out of abed a full 30 minutes earlier than before, thanks to RBT. I am systematically finding and destroying invisible scripts I’ve allowed to hold me back – for example, “I’m just like my father financially, so I’ll be running in the recurring debt wheel forever!” Nope! I’m not like my father! I’ve identified an issue and I’m 19 months away from completely obliterating this debt!

    Negotiating items has become easier and I’m getting more successful at it – having Rogers Cable provide channels I’ll actually use free for 6 months instead of their scripted offer that was useless to me. Lower interest rate on my debt and lowering my insurance, thanks to your teachings.

    I cannot say enough about how I’m changing because of I Will Teach You To Be Rich website, book, blog, RBT, Dream Job, Success Triggers etc. I feel like I’m in complete control of my life. I feel like I can only get better from here. I feel like I’m on the cusp of some even bigger breakthroughs.

    So, while this post is your birthday gift – from me to you – your material continues to gift to me an awakening I didn’t know I was needing, skills I didn’t even know I could have, let alone be good at, and clarity in my life that I’d been longing for.

    Happy Birthday Ramit – and thank you!

  98. Dewey

    I have been following the big wins manifesto. I have successfully automated my finances and savings and I have been saving without any effort. Currently working on my credit score, but I have used the briefcase technique and started taking action of running a business on the side.

    • Dewey

      I noticed on the comments people wishing you a happy birthday. Your birthday is on June 30th, I will wish you a happy birthday on that day and not a day before 🙂

  99. Laimonas Simutis

    Happy Birthday!

    Biggest win would be this. Before learning from your materials, if I wanted to start a new habit or get better at something, I would pick an approach, fail at it, quit, then some time later try again, but with the same approach. Now when I start new habit, I set simple goal, track if I did it or not, stay non-emotional about failure to do it, analyse why I failed, readjust, and try again until successful.

    Other changes:
    – much more aware of the internal dialogue and catching instances where I want to “scold” myself
    – much more aware of negative self-talk coming from others
    – more planning with tasks that I know how to do

    It has been great. Thank you!!!

  100. D

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    One concept that has really stuck with me is the fact that we’re cognitive misers. To change habits, we have to change our environment to help us there, not just plan to do in through willpower alone.

    Last week, my boyfriend came back from the dentist with the news that he had FIVE cavities. That’s pretty outrageous. So, we started a plan to brush our teeth for 2 minutes, 3 times a day and see if it makes a difference at the next dentist appointment. We set up a jar in the bathroom–we add a quarter for each time we brush our teeth for 2 minutes that day. If we do it all three times, we get a bonus and get to put in $1 for the day. If we do it 0 times, there’s a penalty and we take out $1. When we save up $20 we can take ourselves out to the movies 🙂

    It’s been almost a week and we’ve had perfect compliance since then. The prize jar helps, and brushing our teeth together helps (“you’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with”).

    Over the past year, I’ve also set up my Roth IRA and automated deposits every month.

    Thanks for your awesome material!

  101. Satish

    Hi Ramit, happy birthday. It is not at all strange to wish a birthday to ourselves. I read your emails on a routine basis whenever I find them in email box. Of course they contain useful information. One sentence was very striking and that is “we say I will prepare 100% and I will try it, but this way we will squander our time. Whatever ability we have, we have to try with it and add additional percentage to it.” This idea gave me an encouragement. Thanks. Once again I wish you a happy birthday.

  102. jen

    Happy birthday! Yes, women have that power but men do too 🙂

    I think the best thing I’ve learned from you is that bullshitting yourself is not a life strategy. (And thanks!)

  103. Louise

    Hi Ramit,

    You helped me get started in my consulting business by teaching me to take the idea and put it to the test with 3 clients. Once you have three clients, then you know you’re on to something.

    Thanks! And, Happy Birthday!!

  104. Mike M

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You have changed my life for the better. Since I found your site, you helped me to start thinking a lot about what I want in my life and how I am going to achieve it. What you shared regarding your parents always asking you about what you are willing to do to be where you want to be in a year’s time has really changed my perspective and mindset on going about things.

    Then, I finally decided to take action. I signed up for your ZTL course and have been working hard on creating a system to being where one step closer towards where I’d like to be. I do not think I would have discovered a way to go about my professional and working life to create success without landing upon your material…or it would have taken me a long time to do so.

    Thank you so much for all your help and being a genuine surrogate asian father to us all!

  105. Sarrah

    I used your 1K On the Side – Productivity Pack to hone my time management skills and figure out where my time was being wasted and how to maximize the time I was spending on projects. Because of that, I quit my job and landed a better one with more benefits, higher pay, and greater flexibility.

    Using the free videos, I also decided to start taking responsibility for my life and the decisions I make, and I’ve been happier since doing so. I didn’t realize how stressful it was, always looking for outward for someone to blame rather than looking at myself and fixing my internal scripts to reflect what I actually want the outcome to be. My insomnia is gone, my weight has stabilized, and I am way more fun to be around.

  106. Ty Summerlin

    After moving from New York to Okinawa, Japan and then to San Diego, all within the course of 18 months (my wife is a general surgeon in the US Navy), I used your techniques to overcome my fear and doubts about starting an online business that can follow me anywhere (as a military spouse, this is now a necessity). I had a life-changing experience several years ago after I started working with the world’s top prosthetics practitioner (located in New York) to develop fitness programs for amputees. Aware of my impending move to Okinawa, we discussed starting an online fitness program for amputees all over the world (and even met with the global director of gyms for Reebok about a potential partnership) but, for a number of reasons, we lost touch after my move.

    After moving abruptly from Okinawa to San Diego, I subscribed to your site and got back the ‘eye of the tiger’ I once had as a professional and business owner. As part of the IWT money/risk management process, I landed a part-time consulting gig in my former profession that gives me the freedom, time, and money to focus on building my new online business which will be launching January 1st…Infusionsoft rules BTW!

    Thank you for everything Ramit – raising a vodka tonic to you tonight…your birthday is also my wedding anniversary, so probably two or three VTs!

  107. Corinne

    Happy Bornday Ramit! Hope you have a big one!

    IWT changed my way of thinking about how to do business and how to think outside of the box!

    I started taking pole class lessons and at one point, ‘had’ to come to the decision of paying for pole classes or school classes. School won out, but I missed pole so much! The exercise, the confidence, the empowerment, and just the sheer coolness of it.

    Thanks to you, I remember that it isn’t always about the money and learn how to market my skills. I offered to work in the studio a couple of hours per week in lieu of paying for lessons. The email I sent the owner impressed her so much (I let her know my skill-set and suggested things I could do around the studio vs. ASKING what she needs help with) and she let me know she’s been wanting to start an e-commerce site to expand her brand. I now get to help her with that, make commissions, and still take pole classes for ‘free’.

    Thank you Ramit and again, happy birthday!

  108. Jason

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I’m on your book material and have negotiated down my cable bill to less than half of what I was paying. Also have begun automating finances, savings, and am starting my business using your principles as well. Thanks for everything you’ve done, great information that helps me kick myself in the ass to get started!

  109. Dave

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Thanks for an awesome year!

    I secured a job with a 15% pay increase using the briefcase technique. I also had coffee with a VP level person and am currently closing the loop.

    Hope your vacation is a blast man!

  110. Robert Putt

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Your Mom’s the best, you should include more of her commentary.

    I used your briefcase technique and got a 30% raise on my starting salary and better benefits at my new employer. They were truly amateurs and it reflected.

    Enjoy the sun.

  111. Greg

    Happy Birthday!

    IWT has raised the bar in nearly all aspects of my life.

    I look at money differently and my categories of spending are now nearly identical to I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

    I was laid off from my job and used lessons from Earn1k to carry my family 3 months on freelance work and more than doubled my standard rate.

    One of the companies I contracted with hired me full-time with a $28k increase in salary compared to the job I was laid off just months earlier.

    Finisher’s Formula keeps me a top performer and I’m looking forward to the future with ZTL.

    Thanks Ramit and IWT team!

  112. Willie

    IWTYTBR was a gateway drug to realizing that I could make subtle changes in my life that would drastically change the way I viewed myself and the world. From shifting my personal finances to spend lavishly on the things I love while cutting costs ruthlessly on the things I don’t (can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that quote with friends) to developing self-discipline sufficient for studying for and passing the exam to become a diplomat, your material has helped me more than you’ll ever know. Cheers to you, and Happy Birthday!

  113. Caitlin

    Tell your mom thanks for having and raising you! So nice to hear a dude grateful to his mom, even if she is persistent about… a certain subject.

    Thanks for pointing out and sharing links/videos/webcasts that have useable content–practical tips as well as systems. The automated system for paying bills took a load off, and I love tweaking it to fit my needs. The links to freelance financial challenges and (what’shername’s bit on) the productivity course have been slowly panning out for me. She suggested some great books!

    Thanks for highlighting how one has to deal with inner psychology to do the mundane tasks that lead to having a rich(er) life.

    When I was cleaning my kitchen table of some notes I made when figuring systems out, I realized how valuable those tips are to me. I stuffed the “worksheets,” ie, back-of-envelope-notes, into your book (that I bought out of guilt, but well worth it) and now have a treasure trove of notes and tips to keep on tweaking.

    Enjoy your day!

  114. Diego Castro

    Thanks to your material I got my first job having just a prior internship and without finishing my college degree.

    Happy birthday Ramit and thanks for everything!

  115. Rick

    For me, the most impactful way that this site and Ramit has changed my life, is simply in working on being a top performer. Ramit speaks a great deal about finding a dream job and doing what you want in life, but a big thing that often gets passed over on the way, is just the satisfaction that comes from knowing you do good work. I’m happier then I’ve been in quite a while at my current job, and my performance has been out of the park as a result. I know that soon, I’m going to get really hungry and then I’ll finally be ready to take the next steps towards doing what I want to do. Happy Birthday Ramit, and thank you.

  116. Amit Kumar Agrawal

    So here goes..

    I had seen the video : How to negotiate your salary with emphasis on proving that you are a top performer.
    I got the call from the vice president in Norway absolutely unannounced and he wanted to discuss my salary with me for the new job. The only thing i focused on was being a top performer and it earned me 1 year extra hike of 20,000 Kr.

    All thanks to you.

    I joined the organisation and after joining came to know that the vice president with whom I negotiated my salary was responsible for strategy and negotiation and one of the hardest negotiators in the firm !!

    The real impact was (apart from the increased salary) it actually opened my eyes to “Its possible to negotiate something with everyone !!” . Now day’s its kind of becoming a habit (last i negotiated a shoe from the company show room doen from 120 Euros to 85 Euros) which I never would have attempted before.

    So wishing you a Very Happy Birthday.

    Regards from Norway,

  117. Robert Ahdoot

    Dear Ramit,

    Happy Birthday! Safe travels. We don’t know each other, but I’ve become a huge fan of your work, style, and what you offer to improve the world.

    That is my biggest gain from you. It started with your 99U speech, discussing J Abraham’s “strategy of preeminence.” I’ve always known deep down that my clients are lifelong partners. But articulating that, aloud, to them, has elevated my presence for myself and for them so greatly. It leads to the authority of saying/doing/writing anything I want to, with the clear mutual understanding that my work and intentions are to improve people’s lives, in the long game.

    That’s my next takeaway from you. You have established your authority, under the transcendent banner of improving people’s lives. I do the same, and I look ahead through the kaleidoscope of my life/career and strive to model my decisions through your framework of independent-mindedness and entrepreneurialism. I even gave my notice at work to do so, leading them to offer me a part-time gig, which is what I asked for initially but was denied. Embodying a bitch-no-more mantra has so much to do with you. Thank you.

    Look I know you get a lot of mails. I’d appreciate a response but would understand if you didn’t. Thanks for reading.

    Yours warmly and respectfully,

  118. Courtney

    After my divorce, I was in tremendous debt thanks to my ex’s profound level of financial irresponsibility. IWT helped me automate my finances and pay off $40K of debt in 3yrs. Amazing!

    IWT has also helped me become a more confident negotiator which is a big deal for me because I’ve always been the introverted type who tended to shy away from negotiating. In my side business, I charge what I’m worth instead of charging what I think a client might be willing to pay.

  119. Caitlin

    Fuck, where do I begin? I’ve been following you for so many years that you’ve influenced me in countless ways. It’s true. I hang on your every word.

    Lemme see, off the top of my head:

    doubled my income
    found my dream job — twice
    built two successful startups
    wake up at 5am every morning to go workout (learning how to obey my alarm clock was a big deal)
    learned deal with people who hassle me to have kids (I’m good, thanks)
    paid off credit card debt
    got over my fear of starting conversations with people I don’t know
    got better at making new friends and staying focused enough to grow those friendships
    save more money
    learned how to relax in uncomfortable social situations
    interview like a pro — both job and media interviews
    I could go on for an hour. But you know, I have a job to do and lunch to eat.

    So yeah, Ramit, I’m clearly a fan. Your wisdom doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I hope you have a fantastic birthday vacation.

    Thank you for showing me the way!

  120. Dodie Jacobi

    Many happy returns Ramit!! I celebrate you and the gift of automated personal finance as your greatest contribution (thus far.) I celebrate your mama as potentially the next greatest gift – I love your stories of her heartfelt wishes for you, how you balance being a loving son with your individual life purpose, and how funny the juxtaposition of these two perspectives. Though my dear folks are no longer living, and left an indelible legacy of life lessons and best wishes for my life, the challenge of individuation is universal and connected to life purpose. Parental influence is so profound, whether conscious or un-, that I would love to see you share more in this realm. Enjoy your time at [Beach Location!]

  121. JT

    Habits. I had them, good and bad, but they didn’t mean all that much to me – until a webinar you gave some time ago, something to the effect of ’28 days makes a habit’.

    Shortly after, I downloaded an app called ‘Habit List’, and incorporated it into my daily life. I started small, tracking habits like ‘Read 30 minutes each day’ or ‘floss daily’.

    This has been so successful, that now I observe habits and implement habit tracking for almost every area of my life that I want to make a measurable change in. This includes: tracking food intake and gym attendance to reach health and physique goals, tracking sales activities to improve my sales funnel, tracking booze intake to stop being such a lazy bum, and the list goes on.

    The best part is, after a few weeks, the new habit replaces the old habit, and I get excellent long-term results from what feels like a nominal amount of effort spent.

    If there’s one piece of knowledge that has brought me the most value, it’s this.

  122. Steve

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    Your CEO model made it possible for me, my wife and kids to move from coast to coast. We live a MUCH richer life now — and we were doing fine before!

    Thank you for all of the tools over the years! I still review your Success Triggers videos – a year after I bought them.

    All the best,


    Menlo Park

  123. Josh


    Thank you for:

    – giving me the tools I need to make discontinuous jumps in my business through Earn1k which enabled me to double my existing rate and book an $11k job the week after I started it using ONLY the briefcase technique (seriously, I’ve never even made it to the end of the course, something I’m rectifying right now).

    – the permission to be where I am financially. To hold off even on even some positive purchases such as education courses because having credit card debt tells me I’m not ready…and that’s fine and a strong motivation to clear the tables guilt-free.

    – teaching me to think in terms of value instead of cost. Ruthlessly cutting the non-valuable to be able to spend consciously and generously on the valuable. Side note: never thought twice about buying a book since learning this lesson.

    Those are just three major things – I couldn’t even begin to comprehend how your education, hand in hand with everything else I read and absorb and discover through analysing and testing has changed both my work and home life.

    Thank you again. Have a mightily happy birthday!

  124. Harrison

    Your mom might be the reason I now have no financial stressors.

    Seriously. She may be one of many influencers that made you want to start a ridiculous finance blog and write a book that helped me turn $3k into $6k in a year just by automating.

    So I turned right around and invested that into your courses.

    Because of them, I earn an extra $1300 a month that keeps me in tasty beer and coffee. And eliminated my concern for making rent ever again.

    Dude you’ve given me the tools to earn a living in ways that people effusively say thank you you saved my wedding and oh my god thank you you helped me fit back into my high school jeans.

    You’ve helped me actually help people do things they deeply care about. That’s some bad ass teaching.

    Thank you.

    So happy birthday Ramit! And a belated happy Mother’s Day to your mom.

  125. Adam

    I’ll relate the same story here that I told the person you had interview me way way back in the day when I somehow managed to get two free copies of your book after it first came out. (I don’t think you ever used the interview)

    “Doing the Math”

    This was before I think you got into a lot of the psychological stuff (at least when you didn’t go as deep into it), but you can see the relevance now. The key to me was to not make an emotional decision with money, but to do the math first and see if it makes sense. This helped me not trade in a car when it made more sense to keep the one I had after doing the math and realizing I wouldn’t save as much per year as I had hoped. This helped me go ahead and pay an ETF to verizon to get out of an expensive contract I didn’t need because I did the math and realized I’d make that money back well before the original contract would expire. There are countless examples, but you get the idea.

    Oh and happy birthday.

  126. Sthuthi

    Hi Ramit,

    This is such an easy question to answer, I am glad you asked:

    IWT came into my life at just the right time. I had graduated with a degree in a field that wasn’t doing so well, and I was struggling to find employment. While I was happy for my friends getting jobs and moving forward in life I couldn’t help feeling stuck, and questioning my purpose/abilities/self-worth. It was time to make a change.. I knew it, I was just too chicken to do it. I coffee networked my way from an unemployed pajama wearing new grad to a happy paid intern with full time prospects in a field that I find exciting and full of room for growth. Your lessons taught me skills that helped build my confidence. That attitude shift that allows me to go to work every day and know that I deserve to be there is everything!

    As someone just starting out a new field the willingness to learn and try new things is everything, so I took your lessons on personal development and becoming a top performer to heart. I just received this feedback at my midpoint review: “Eager to learn, has a great attitude and is pleasant to work with, willing to jump into just about all projects, cares about delivering quality work, goes above and beyond expectations, asks great questions, end result is exactly what I needed”. Needless to say I am pleased that your guidance and my efforts are paying off 🙂

    I have always been a person that needs variety to stay interested. The idea of earning a side income/ pursuing a passion with commitment from your Earn $1k course inspired me to put some of my skills to use. I started freelancing on the side just to keep my design skills fresh… not only did these gigs help me become more proficient at the software I was using, but they opened the door to some cool professional opportunities. Also, its great to be able to bounce insights and ideas between my professional and freelance lives and watch them both benefit from the process.

    So, in short, IWT has helped me find my confidence. The funny thing is, I haven’t even taken a course from you yet. I watch your free videos, read your emails, and took notes from the Creative Live seminar. Hopefully one day, i’ll be able to afford it 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

  127. Julia Davis

    Happy Birthday! Your honest spirit, diligence, and independence has been an inspiration. I am on my way to stripping my old way of thinking what makes one happy and working toward a more thoughtful impactful life. Have a lovely weekend.

  128. Candace

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I bought your DJ course last year and went through the rigors of your different modules. I just got an offer for my DJ position last week in a completely different career track, same industry, with no direct experience, through networking, understanding the needs of the company and scenario planning for the interviews. They are offering me a 20% increase in salary with better benefits and I will be negotiating the Ramit way. Before I would have just blindly applied to positions that I think I am qualified for but now I know ‘the way’ and that is way more powerful.

  129. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I have an Anthropology degree. A lot of people told me that liberal arts and social science degrees are worthless. Well, Dream Job helped me get a 6x hourly increase from my previous job, launching me from one of my poorest of my friends made up of attorneys and engineers to one of the most well-paid. I get to work with great teams, including a company VP, and make recommendations at a strategic level for a well-known and well-established tech company. Your material has taught me that only the sky’s the limit.

    Many thanks.

  130. Joe B.


    Happy Birthday! Your material has been immensely helpful for me. I’m a student in your Dream Job course, and learning that there is a system that I can employ to find my dream job has empowered me in what I previously felt like was a hopeless situation. Your lessons about choosing a Job Title, and Company, as well as Natural Networking seem so obvious in hindsight, but I had so many mental barriers in the past that were holding me back from doing anything to improve my situation. I haven’t found my dream job yet, but your material has given me hope and a path to concretely improve my situation, and for that I’m truly grateful.


  131. Alex

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I purchased Earn1K 2 years ago and now earn an extra $1200/month from freelance work. It was a huge relief when I was able to prove to myself that I could find a way to make income independently from my 9-5er.

    I remember cramming Earn1K videos/worksheets hours before my first freelance consultation. Every note on my phone started with DELIVERABLES DELIVERABLES DELIVERABLES. Without having it as a guide, my focus would’ve been on the wrong things and I might not have been able to reach a deal. I also would’ve undervalued my work, as pre-earn1K I was thinking to quote a price much lower then what I actually asked for.


  132. Dave

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT has helped me in multiple areas in the last year:
    I landed a new job that will pay me $30k more than my previous one (and another $7k raise next month).
    I used your personal finance techniques to automate my finances and help me start saving/investing so I can reach my financial goals.
    Finally, I started a side business that has already brought in $2k worth of profit.

    Thanks and cheers!

  133. kr

    Dream Job: I started implementing the DJ system as I was interested in switching career tracks. At one point a coffee meeting led to a job opportunity. I let my boss know I was pursing it. I got a 5k raise and a title bump just for taking coffee meetings.

    ZTL: I’ve been wanting to do my own thing for a while, but Earn1k didn’t fit for me. I haven’t been able to settle on anything, there’s just too many options, too much info. ZTL has allowed me to focus on something that I enjoy, that there’s a market for, and for the first time I’m actually building something and pursing my dreams.

  134. Lisa

    Ramit’s Bday List:

    Thanks to you I:

    -Landed dream job
    -Negotiated $7k pay raise
    -Automated finances
    -Started going to gym minimum 3x/week
    -Improved networking
    -Enjoy Starbucks whenever I feel like it, guilt free

    Happy Birthday!

  135. Samantha

    Happy Birthday!
    I have been afraid to fail for so long that it was holding me back from trying to succeed! Your coaching has helped me see through that inner psychology and now I’m set to begin my dream job in August!
    Thanks, you’re Awesome!

  136. Keisha

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    As a recent graduate your email scripts helped me get informational interviews leading to real interviews without submitting resumes. Dream Job articles helped me realize the path I want to take as well. Above everything else I realize when a mental barrier is preventing me from doing something I want to do, and I test the best ways to work around them now.

    Thank you.

  137. Eva Spitzer

    Happy Birthday Ramit,
    I read your book about five years ago, and have read your blog and emails ever since. After reading your book, I got all my finances in order and saved enough money to quit my job and freelance. I then took your Earn1k class, which helped me find lucrative freelance work that lead to a new job that paid 50% more than my previous one. I continued to save money, and *after getting married,* we negotiated down the cost of our house by 20%, and then renovated it. I always call and get credit card fees removed, although small savings here and there aren’t that important compared to big wins. I cut costs mercilessly where I don’t care– I drive a 14 year old car– which allows me the big wins– I quit my job and am currently working full time on designing my own brand of beautiful women’s socks One of the hardest things with starting a business is hearing no constantly, but I know not to listen to the naysayers and to focus on adding value. I’m not crushed by criticism, I consider it, address or ignore it, and move on.

  138. David

    I wanted to find a way to invest regularly without having to spend all of my time thinking about it. Ramit’s book taught be about index funds and lifecycle funds. Now I can spend my time focusing on the projects I care about but knowing that I am putting money away wisely for the future.

  139. Peter

    Hi Ramit and Happy Birthday!

    I bought your IWT book and because of it was inspired to open an online savings account and set up some automatic saving via direct deposit. Not a very large change, but every little bit helps in saving.

  140. Rebecca

    You’ve given me the gift of creating my own system of financial stability and the financial guidance only one other person on the planet would have been able to give, but he isn’t here to do so. For that, my gratitude goes beyond “thank you.” You’re always my first stop when I’m looking for insight.

    May your 32nd year be brilliant beyond your ability to predict or conceptualize.
    Let magic in, daily.

  141. Jim Luoma


    Read IWTYTBR and also paid for the Earn $1K class back in 2011. Only completed the first week or two of the course material (my bad) but I used the lessons I learned from the course and your book to get a 50% raise at my company before eventually leaving them a year later to start my own consulting firm and a small construction business.

    Since I read your book four years ago, I’m earning 50% more at my full-time job, own a rental property, have quadrupled by retirement savings, and have a small business I operate in my spare time that should earn me en extra $50K on the side its starting year alone. My goal in the next 2 years is to work entirely remotely and move the family to a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Thank you for all your help Ramit and Happy B-Day! I’ve been an avid follower of your content for the past 4 years and never dreamed I’d be where I am today.


  142. Nikki

    My friend showed me your salary negotiation video. It reassured me and gave me ways to frame my request so that I could be open and assertive but not defensive. It went great and I got an immediate 7k raise even after they’d just given me a raise and a promotion. I’ve shared that video and advice with a half dozen other women and everyone that asked got similar raises. We’re all young so just think about how that salary increase is going to result in a higher salaries for the rest of our lives and the knowledge that it can be done well will keep us negotiating more often.
    I like reading your stuff because it helps me find even more ways to be intentional about how I approach all aspects of my life. Everything is awesome.
    Happy birthday!

  143. Jack

    Happy early birthday Ramit! Thanks to some top performer level preparation and new negotiations techniques, IWT has gotten me a great new job along with a 33% increase in salary. I’ve also started to book freelancing gigs as well as started on my own online business. Both are still in their very infant stages but at least now I’m willing and motivated to work towards it. Understanding my own psychology and a bit of that of others around me really puts me in a much better position to understand what’s really going on and how to best address the situations. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you’re passing on to us readers and students! Have a great birthday and have some beachin fun!

  144. Crystal

    Ramit – You’ve enabled me to increase my salary by $11,000 in the last year and a half. I’ve used your negotiation skills, done a ton of upfront research, and been more mentally prepared for whatever may come my way. I’ve also challenged my own invisible scripts and become more confident in my abilities and what I bring to the table at my job. Thanks for everything, and have a wonderful 32nd birthday. My (32nd) birthday was last month… it’s not so bad to be in your early thirties!

  145. Taylor Dinges

    Wow. IWT has done remarkable things for me, but more importantly it has done more for my family and friends. I implementing everything from IWT, used the scripts, talked to my financial adviser and it worked 100% of the time if I followed your advise. When I attempted to deviate, I had negative results and immediately went back your scripts. I can not believe that the information in IWT is not mandatory in high school and college.

    Most importantly, I force fed/spread the word to all my friends and family and everyone was very receptive. Being a young professional, the information you provide is essential to having a basic yet extremely solid understanding of your financial position.

  146. Raghavan

    My big IWT take aways have been:
    1. Take action
    2. Focus on big wins
    3. Testing

  147. Lindsey

    After taking your Dream Job course, I feel insanely more confident in my ability to find a Dream Career!

    After I went through a two-month process of interviewing for a “Dream Job” which turned out to be a bait-and-switch, I felt so defeated.

    However, within days, I had 3 interviews for amazing jobs (instead of what I probably would have done before, which would have been to take that less-than-ideal job since, at least it was a job)! All of this was thanks to the system. I have trusted it, and it works for me.

    Now, I am able to be confident in waiting until I find not just any job, but the RIGHT job! I am now breezing through networking and interviews because of the knowledge, mindset, confidence, and techniques that Dream Job has shown me.

    I would not be here if it weren’t for you, Ramit. You have changed my life. THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  148. Michael

    Braintrust interview w Romainello – bought the book, started the program. I’m better off physically than I have been since my second year of college and I just finished week 3! Never would have considered that book without that interview, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  149. Ruben

    IWT has changed my life — to say the least. I mean that as a long time follower since the early stages of your blog. From your early personal finance tips to your career advice, I have taken them to heart and have executed much of your words of wisdom with great success.

    Your book became my financial bible (top notch bathroom reading) and motivation during harsh times. Not only did you help me change the way I treated my money, you also forever changed the way how I FEEL about money.

    Straddled with student loans, credit card debt and other miscellaneous expenses, I’ve been able to pull myself out of my mountain of debt I accumulated during my early 20s. Your pieces on automation and maximizing streams of additional income resonated with me as I took advantage of your Earn1K program. I’ve been long out of the woods but my journey to financial stablity has barely started.

    Utilizing your crafted techniques, I’ve negotiated a 15K increase in salary and muscled my way towards my desired position. Acknowledging the invisible scripts I’ve subscribed to most of my life, I work to change my behavior to dispel these scripts such as the need to spend money on top brands.

    Your message is never cheapened with click bait material or TOP 10 lists. NO NONSENSE is what I think when I read your emails.

    I could go on and on but the most important thing I’d like to say is THANK YOU. Thank you for opening our eyes towards self-realization to take charge of our lives.

    Happy birthday Ramit

    – Ruben

  150. Matt

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your material and courses have helped me in so many ways. Here are the biggest ones that come to mind:

    1. Breaking my habit of jealous self-talk. I was always looking at what everyone else was doing and coming up with BS excuses why they were succeeding in areas that I was struggling. I don’t do that anymore. I’ve taken to heart the “Iceberg Effect” and know that almost all of the successes I see and read about are achieved though tons of hard work and past failures. Now when I see these it just inspires me to work even harder.

    2. Building a network of people through the ZTL and RBT communities who I can reach out to with questions, frustrations, wins, and fails.

    3. Biggest of all: I used the Briefcase Technique to negotiate a promotion and 25% raise in the fall of 2013.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Matt M.

  151. JK

    Happy birthday Ramit!
    I love your idea of testing a hypothesis. I am still looking for my dream job, but I started to contact people in order to make career goal more specific. It’s nice to know that you will never fail by testing your hypothesis (e.g., if your strategy didn’t work, that means you learned what did not work). I am extremely introvert and tend to get tired easily just by talking with people, but I pretend that you are my career coach and that you told me to talk with others. Thank you so much for all your help!

  152. Natacha

    Iwt has changed my life forever by giving me the hard simple basics to change and improve my life as often and as deep as I want for the rest of my days: don’t BS yourself with excuses, invest in yourself, focus on the same thing over time and TEST to gain knowledge and momentum!

  153. Michelle Dunlap

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Where should I start talking about how you and your material have helped me? I’ve used your book to automate my finances, and have paid off my car and 80% of my credit card debt so far! I’ve used RBT to expose myself to new people and ideas, and to hold myself accountable with my NDZ group. I’ve used Dream Job to laser in on the career I want after careful research, and am using natural networking now to find out more about individual places to target. I’ve opened myself up to serendipity by talking with my new Captain about my school and career plans – he is putting me in touch with Economists at the State Department and RBS’ NYC offices. My friend is putting me in touch with his cousin. (And Raj has offered to connect me with some contacts as well, which I need to follow up with him on.) I’ve been unafraid to reach out and take risks, which is seeing me applying to an online Master’s program to further develop my analysis skills and help me further build my network. I still have a lot more to do to get to my Dream Job and really create a a full life, but I am well on my way so far thanks to you!

  154. Eloy

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    My life has changed a lot since I introduced testing and little bets. My wife loves it, instead of making changes and thinking that they will be for life she knows that if it is nonsense we’ll try other thing.

    Kind regards.
    Eloy Ruiz

  155. Carla

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I read and enjoy every one of your emails.

    You convinced me of something I was skeptical of — that taking little baby steps first and instilling those as habits, instead of going all out and failing time and again — has a higher likelihood of success, long term.

    Accepting this has allowed me to stop the cycle of a long, drawn out planning phase, then revving up, psyching myself up, busting out of the gate . . . and then crumbling under the inevitable complications and pressure. Don’t have to do that anymore, plus I’m finally making steady progress. What a relief!

    Thanks for this and all the other insights you give us, which are usually pretty simple yet deceptively powerful. Have a fantastic b-day!

  156. Dave

    Found your book after you did a guest post on the blog (I think it was 2009). Read the book, loved it, started following the site. The book alone changed how I thought about money (used to worry constantly about it) and brought quality to my life.

    Then over the years of reading your material I realized the biggest lessons for me: build systems and testing.

    Examples of building systems:
    – Through a guest blog post on your site I bought Four Hour Body (used to be 240 pounds) and was able to build a food system with Tim’s rules and am now a healthy 160 (THANK YOU)
    – Used to have erratic sleep patterns and always woke up feeling like crap, now I am a 10:30->6:00 machine and have zero problems falling asleep or jumping out of bed
    – Used to end some of my work days feeling like I did not accomplishing anything, built a system to start my day by always tackling one small task, and finish the day with a “work journal entry”

    Test everything. Building a system isn’t enough, just like making a plan, it will be wrong. Test it, iterate, improve. Such a basic concept that I use at work EVERY day, yet never applied it to my life. No longer. I now have the confidence in myself to apply these ideas to any part of my life. Duhigg talks about keystone habits, I think there are keystone systems as well. Once you see it work the drive for more is palpable. I am no longer dismissive, just curious (damn right Success Triggers).

    One thing I would like to end on is a major side benefit I have picked up. References to great minds. My Kindle is filled with an unofficial “Ramit and Friends Book Club” collection. Tim Ferris, Charles Duhigg, Cal Newport, Seth Roberts, Dan Ariely, Josh Waitzkin, and so on. I doubt I would have been exposed to any of them if I had never read that guest blog post of yours.

    You deserve your success and I will always be grateful for everything you have done for me. Happy birthday dude!

  157. Rico Pagliuca

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I feel odd posting this comment [about how IWT has changed my life] since I have yet to pay you a damn thing. Due to debt, fear and untreated ADD I’ve yet to be in a place where I can actually pay you for the content you generate.

    I have, however, used some of your information for my own personal benefit. And I read every email. The negotiation tips you’ve offered for free, and the interview you did with that one gal [i cannot place the name] where she shared her experience really have helped me feel less like a slime negotiating.

    I’ve gotten value for nothing and I don’t intend to keep our relationship so imbalanced.

    I hope you have many other excellent trips ’round the sun, and that you wife it up sooooon [or get your mom off your back…. ha!]



  158. Karl

    More than anything, IWT has given me the confidence that I can take more control over my lifestyle and earnings. I always thought I would just wind up working for someone else my whole life, but now I know I can have so many more options.

    Happy birthday Ramit. I hope you treat yourself to a great experience that you will share with the IWT community.

    Take care.

  159. Mario Lopez

    Hi Ramit! Happy birthday!!
    Your material have been very helpful for me, specially Ramit Brain Trust and The Finisher Formula. I am very spiritual but spirit by itself doesn’t work for get a job or create a business. Your material has an important role in my life, it is the Clint Easwood part, the yang element, the action instead of contemplation. It has helped me to find a very good payed job. Thanks soo much!

  160. Brandon

    Ramit, everytime you ask this question, I kick myself because I know I should have an answer on how the Earn 1K course has changed my life. But the truth of the matter is I still haven’t gotten all the way through the course (bought it 3 years ago).

    But that’s not to say that I haven’t been helped. I have actually used one of your free techniques to get a $10K raise in my job. So, I can without a doubt say you are the man. I may not always know where the most beneficial piece is going to come from (bought another course from you also), but I know there’s always going to be something I can use.

    Happy Birthday Guy!!

  161. Robin

    Happy birthday! Your posts about psychological barriers have been very helpful. And your hacks for making/changing habits, automation, making good choices, and time management. Your posts are refreshingly free of frugalism. And they’re funny, so whether I learn something I want to use now or not, I’ve been entertained. Thanks!

  162. Aaron

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    Just want to thank you… alot of your content has helped me tremendously. Recently I took action after reading your post on why we settle on the big things in life, and decided I need to do something about it. I have been at my job for 6 years as project manager, over worked and underpaid for my role. I could easily coast just getting by for another 6 years here.

    After taking a couple of my key network friends out for lunch I started the process. I used the briefcase method laying out presentation of case studies how I’ve executed projects as well as preparing a full project plan for my merge in. I then followed your instruction for negotiating during interviews from your youtube channel. Im happy to report I just inked a contract for a new aerospace company and more than doubled my salary, more vacation time and quarterly bonus on top of that.

    Thanks for the inspiration and help

  163. Keith

    Hello and Happy Birthday Ramit!

    When I started following you and reading your material, I was at a very low point in life. Your insight led me through a lot of introspection. Fast forward several years, I am in a job I really like, making more money than I have in the past, and am happy.

    Thank you,

  164. John

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I’ve used your book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” to turn my finances around and it has changed my life. I have also successfully landed my dream job at a tech company in NYC as an Interactive Designer! The past 9 months since I started reading your material, it has changed my life around 180 degrees!

    Thank you for always kicking me in the butt,

  165. Therese

    Happy day of birth, Ramit!

    IWT has changed my life in more ways than I can name, but there are two core concepts that have had the biggest impact on me and on my life:

    The first of these concepts is the importance of really understanding and getting into other peoples’ heads — whether in work, business, in love or in life-at-large, learning to do the “deep research” and frame things from other peoples’ points of view, in their own language, and in consideration of their burning pain points has been central to EVERY big change I’ve made in my life and my business since I began learning from you in 2009.

    Second, the importance of connecting with people (i.e., “natural networking”) has also been huge and has allowed me to expand my (initially almost non existent) network in ways I never could have imagined possible.

    As a result of implementing both these principles (+ more), I’ve transitioned from being a “nobody” with “no” connections working a mundane accounting job, to today running a part-time business that adds value to peoples’ lives, that I’m insanely passionate about, and that allows me the autonomy to work on my own schedule.

    At the same time, I’m getting paid to work for (and directly with) one of the top influencers in the blogging space who I’ve “idolized” for years.

    I’ve developed a network of people whom I’d never have previously thought myself capable of connecting with — CEOs, authors, “VIPs” and more who seemed vastly out of reach have now become some of my best friends and mentors.

    I’ve had work published on The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and other dream blogs like The Daily Love.

    I have more confidence in my own abilities than ever due to understanding my own invisible scripts and psychological barriers.

    In short, I am a different person living a different life.

    I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t be here (or anywhere remotely close) if it weren’t for what I’ve learned from you and your material.

    Thank you from the bottom of my <3!

    *<:-) Therese

  166. Elliot

    Happy Birthday Ramit! How did IWT help me? Well, I’m not sure it did but getting married did! Imagine what will happen when you get married! You’ll take all of what you know and take it to “the next level” as they say.

  167. Will

    Happy Birthday, buddy…

    I was saving this for the Friday Brag, but since you asked: We got invited to speak to a $9 billion (billion with a b, as in “bout to crap myself”) company. This was because I was massaging our existing clients through questions about what made them happy, what they liked about what we were doing and all the other stuff Ramit says to not ignore. Then Boom! They said we should speak with a company they work with and we asked for an introduction. They did and we were in!

    A couple of weeks later we were at their corporate offices wishing we had taken medications that would stop up our systems as apparently $9b firms seem to cause gastro-intestinal disorders in small companies. They had lots of questions, but had mentioned that the referring company had spoken highly of us not just because of what we do everyday, but because our massaging them gleaned data that no one else had simply asked before. I wanted to start blurting that Ramit says that your existing clients are a gold mine for revenue, AND to experiment with everything, but I held back. However as we were chatting and showing them the data, they took the bait and asked for data that I had intentionally held back. I said, “Let me show you something…” and pulled a briefcase technique on them that had their financial team (and my business partner) waiting open-mouthed like I was about to pull a magician’s assistant out of my folder beside my chair. I paused again, laid it on the table, and at that point they were so ready, so focused to see what we had that for the next 15 minutes, all they could do were to ask buying questions. Non-stop.

    It’s going to take some time for all that to flesh out. Still, even were it to not be realized in the end, your research, insight, and suggestions are getting us into better and better clientele by the day. They like what we have to say, and what we say and do is now constantly getting tested, studied, and refined.

    You da man, and were I on that beach; I’d buy you a drink.

    Happy birthday,

  168. Nathan

    Congrats Ramit!

    I don’t think I would have gotten back into a professional field without you’re material.
    I had a adventurous dream job, that blow up in my face. Afterwards, I was way to shocked to push myself again. This “Year of Mastery” has kept me grounded in the knowledge that if I want success I’m going to have to get overmy failures, learn from them, then push on.

    “Navigating the maze of life, means taking at least a few wrong turns. ”

    You’re a great person,
    thank you,
    Nathan R

  169. Stephanie

    Happy (early) birthday! I’ve been meaning to reach out to you for awhile to let you know how IWT changed MY life. I just landed my DREAM JOB by using every single technique in FYDJ, increased the salary on that offer by leveraging another offer I had, and truly pushed through my fears of networking to become a networking master. I also negotiated my past job’s salary up an additional $7k from what they were giving me in my annual review last summer.

    Truly, these are all thanks to your advice.

    Oh, and I booked 4 nights in Waikiki Beach, HI for my honeymoon FOR FREE thanks to your advice to use the Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX. That’s just a little bonus.

    A HUGE thank you, and happy birthday!

  170. Analise Smith

    I read ‘I Will Teach You How To Be Rich’, and COMPLETELY changed my financial game. I’m 27 and have now maxed out my ROTH IRA two years in a row. I was a good little disciple and told all of my friends who had a very puzzled look on their faces when I mentioned an IRA; might as well been speaking german. My best friend downloaded your book and opened a ROTH, not to mention my boyfriend (well I kinda made him). They both are now spreading the word about you too. THANK YOU for writing such a funny, relatable, and understanding financial book. Happy Birthday!

    • Ana

      I totally get you! Here, in the other side of the Atlantic, I only know two people our age (27 here as well!) who actually care about personaly finance! I read IWTYTBR, and I made my friend do it as well! “Why are you saving for retirement now? You are so young!” Oh well 🙂

  171. Jax

    Happy Birthday and Thank You Ramit!

    The No-Stress Salary Negotiation Course has made me a superstar at work. A little guidance from you helped me find new purpose and become an fountain of ideas and creative solutions. I’m making things happen and being recognized for it. We haven’t had THE negotiation yet, but I’ve scored a new certification on the company’s dime, and I feel confident about the potential here. My ideas and documentation are regularly knocking the boss’s socks off. In his words, “This helps me advocate for you.”

  172. Khoco

    Happy Born Day Ramit, your free material aided me in helping my 17yr old son totally niche down to his “perfect” job by asking key questions ruling out all the Jobs he didn’t want and then fine tuning it so he was able to say with confidence all the reasons why he’d make a great Beta testing Gamer!

  173. Simone

    You have helped me to automate my finances; save more money; go for the big wins; go for my dreams; and make more money with my side hustle! Thank you.

    Happy birthday Ramit!!

  174. Ben

    Productivity pack and ZTL student here, but what has impacted my life the most was your use of psychology to turn basic financial advice on it’s head. I’ve been reading along for probably 7 years or so now, and while I can’t take advantage of all of your material for myself, I’ve used a lot of it in my work. I work in public health, and your material motivated me to study behavior change and psychology of health and I’m now working in Iraq to end discriminatory gender practices such as female circumcision through educational programming improved by in-depth psychological research on the reasons for various decisions leading to the continuation of the practice. This is only one of several such projects, so know that your reach and influence has gone far behind telling me why the “Debt Snowball” is actually a good technique to impacting the health of victims of Saddam’s genocidal campaign against the Kurds and refugees fleeing violence from the current conflict in Iraq and Syria. Bet you didn’t think you were such a humanitarian, huh?

  175. Liz

    IWT may have taught me how to approach debt, finances, and negotiations, but the absolutely biggest lesson was to not sweat the small stuff. Eff the $2 iced coffee, it brings me happiness. I’ll work on rocking my side hustle instead of agonizing over the nickels and dimes.

  176. Jeff

    Happy Early Earth Strong Ramit!

    So IWT has had a dope impact on me!

    Your Scrooge Strategies helped me to save over 2000 on upgrades I made to my car by using the multiple saving account technique, using points /ff miles and waiting to see if better deals arise.

    I got a new in Dash DVD stereo for 660 (retail 1400) by using these methods, when I was all set to use my $600 saved up to buy a lesser model and pay for installation etc.

    Your Earn 1K helped me to actually write pitches for freelance work!
    I blog and do social media management. I was taped to promote/evangelize for a getaway weekend company that was having an annual event. I got paid $500 for those services, and when the owner informed me that he does the social media for the brand but doesn’t have time….

    I offered to do that too for an extra 500!

    So I earned 1K on one project!

    The techniques work, and have refined me to think and be better professionally.

    Enjoy 32!


  177. Arvind

    Your material helped me focus on what’s really important to me and got me to start taking action on those things. It helped me get rid of information paralysis and ‘not knowing what to do.’

    At the end of last year, right before I joined Finisher’s Formula, I had lost about 90 lbs of weight and was starting to think about my career after 2.5 years of stagnating. I decided that I wanted to do SOMETHING, but a start-up didn’t work out the last time I did it, and I wanted more control over my time. I didn’t know what to do next; my parents were telling me to get a PhD or an MBA, my friends were sort of echoing that sentiment with MBA talk, but I had no idea what to do; I only knew what I didn’t want to do.

    As a result of taking your courses I got much more clarity on what I wanted to do, I started small, focusing on productivity and inculcating systems and habits to improve my output. I reconnected with old friends and acquaintances and am maintaining contact with them to further my own goals. I learned so much about the importance of education (real world education, not college) and I’ve put myself on a path towards where I want to go. I’m not there yet but to answer your mantra (A year from now you’ll be a year older) I am a year older than I was a year ago and I am in a MUCH better place in every way.

    I still have a lot of work to do; my job is still the same and I still have a long way to go on my ZTL material, but I could not even be in this situation if I had the same mindsets, systems (or lack thereof), and productivity level that I had a year ago.

    Thanks, Ramit, for changing my life.

  178. Suzy

    Of course, Happy Birthday!

    I am retired so I am not looking for a dream job, etc. I like reading your advice on spending and organizing my time. I also think I got a great pot roast recipe on your site some years ago!

  179. Steady

    Got a great job with a salary that doubled the one in my former company. Moved to another city because of this and I’m meeting amazing people and making friends along the way.

    Thanks for your inspiration and wisdom.

  180. Marsha from

    Thanks to the Finisher’s Formula, I now floss every single day.
    My dentist thanks you.

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

  181. Joe

    I’m working my way through Earn 1K and Success Triggers. I have discovered I have a lot of invisible scripts and the material is really helpful in overcoming them. When it came to freelance work I used to think, “I can’t do that, I don’t know how to [SKILL SET], I can’t use [SOFTWARE]. I’ll never make any money and die alone in an alley where squirrels will eat my eyes.” The IWT blog and courses have made me realize how ridiculous I was being. This year I have done freelance projects that I didn’t completely feel qualified to do, and asked for way more than I thought I deserved. Clients have not only paid without question, but have been happy with my work. Thank you for having material that is both clear and actionable.

  182. Cathy

    Of all the things I’ve learned from Ramit, this is the one thing that has changed my life the most:

    “Success in life is directly proportional to the number of awkward conversations you’re willing to have.”

    I have this Ramit quote on the wall in my office and on the fridge in my home. It has affected every personal and professional relationship I have. I have taught this to my children. I have modeled it for my team. And it is completely true.

  183. Dustin

    Just this week I took a new job where I negotiated an over $16,000 per year raise. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do so without your material.

    I recommend you to friends and family constantly.

    Thanks Ramit!

  184. Ram

    You have helped me better negotiator and think in terms of value creation rather than make more money.

  185. Carmen

    Dear Ramit,

    Earlier this year, I was looking at ways to justify asking for a raise. I came across your website, watched some of your videos, and took a lot of your great advice.

    This ended up in me getting a $7K or 16% raise! I am happy to say that I am one of few people I know (That are not an engineer or something) who are only 30 yrs old and are making over $50K per year.

    You have great advice – THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep it coming!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  186. Kevin

    You have made me realize that I want to work for myself instead of someone else. Joining ZTL was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I won’t give up, and I will be successful. Hopefully, I’ll be able to look back at my life before IWT and realize what was missing in my life.

  187. Sarah D

    After years of reading IWT and your free material, I was finally inspired (by both the course material and my current career situation) to sign up for Dream Job. This changed my life profoundly. I followed your steps to the letter, and was prepared for a long but rewarding battle to obtain my dream job – and to my pleasant surprise, got it in just five months after starting the Dream Job course. I owe you a detailed explanation of how the course helped me and I’ll provide some soon in the Dream Job feedback fields, but I am happier and more advanced in my career than ever before. It is a true success story for the Dream Job course. I was skeptical that a course like Dream Job could work for a new lawyer – but it can and does, beyond what I had even hoped was possible. Keep the great stuff coming Ramit! Happy Birthday!

  188. Phil

    Ramit, the biggest way you’ve helped me is by confirming my belief that it is not that difficult to find/create a job in this world that you enjoy and adds value to others’ lives. I already knew the old “you’re not supposed to enjoy work” mantra that some people preach was BS, but you’ve only confirmed how ridiculous and close-minded it is. Thanks a lot!

  189. Paula

    Happy birthday Ramit!
    I used to spend a lot of time thinking about how my money was working for me (even though I’d started saving/ investing early and had automated most of it). Reading IWT helped me understand that it wasn’t enough to have set things up correctly, I ALSO had to stop worrying about them, enjoy my life, and then *spend* my money on the things that would make me happy. You gave me permission to spend and save at the same time. Thanks for that 🙂

  190. Chandana

    Hi Ramit,
    Best Wishes for your Birthday!
    Even though I am older than your average readership, and very successful, I have learnt many things from you.
    Recently, I went out on a limb and got a personal trainer. I am already a fit person, but want to kick it up a notch. I have an injury for which I am getting physical therapy, so I wanted to do something that would take my mind off it, and keep me from feeling sorry for myself.
    Earlier, I would have balked at paying such a huge amount, but I decided that it was worth it for the focussed attention, and I am sure it will pay off in a big way. I’ve only been to a few sessions so far, but am loving it.
    Keep up the good work!

  191. Allyson

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    Always figured you were a cool Cancer (my bday is June 29th, so cheers!)

    I bought Earn1K about 2 years ago, and am now free-lance writing (~$1500/month) thanks to you. Still in debt, but wow! am I grateful for your course. While it’s not financially possible now, I look forward to taking another to take my freelance biz to the next level. Thank you for your dedication to your blog, business, and students-

    May this be the year that you find your fantastically-cool, brillant, loving, and knock-your-socks-off true partner!

    Waiting to hear your good news (no pressure, just good vibes),

  192. Rachel B

    I started following your advice in 2009, and took your No Stress Negotiation course, which enabled me to successfully ask for a raise. Today I am totally debt free, and making nearly 3 times what I made in 2009. Life feels pretty good right now. I’m getting married in September, and it seems crazy that I actually have the money to pay for it, without going back into debt!
    Happy Birthday, Ramit! And THANK YOU!

  193. Jesse Anderson

    It’s my birthday and I wants to know how I helps you 🙂

    I’ve done Dream Job and found my Dream Job. Along with that I got a big raise. More importantly, I broke through many mental barriers.

    I taught my wife some of the tactics and she got her Dream Job.

    My family is much better off financially now. Thanks Ramit!

  194. Ashley


    Your material has gotten me to speed ball paying off my student loans(almost there), open up an emergency fund account, set up automatic payments and start contributing to ROTH account as well. As soon as my student loans are paid off I plan on starting to invest.

  195. josh


    Congratulations on celebrating another birthday keep up the awesome work. Through your awesome material (RBT, Earn 1k) I am now 90% of the way to launching my first venture on the side.

    I am going back through your earn 1k to nail down what my benefits are not features and how to position myself.

    Thanks for kicking me in the ass to get it done.

  196. Natasha

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I’m a young reader who first learned about you by buying your book “IWTYTBR” at Legalforce (Palo Alto location).

    Your philosophies about personal finance and business are guiding me for a better life. I have a couple job interviews next week and I am going to apply the briefcase technique! Your newsletter is one of the few that I subscribe & read on a daily basis.

    Thanks for the awesome videos & blog posts.

  197. Juan

    Your insights have pushed into what I feel is the right direction in my life, is something very hard to notice for me, but I feel there is a constant force that joined previous experiences and is guiding me toward a person who can communicate with other people.

    I feel communication is the key to ease your path in life, and Ramit advice is one more step in the road.

    Thanks for your energy.

  198. Brandon

    Ramit, IWT was the first website I ran into about 8 months ago on this “genre” of material and you have opened my mind up to so many learning opportunities which have completely changed my life because of it! I read every IWT newsletter and do my best to proactively accomplish what you challenge your readers to do. In turn I have also subscribed to a few other newsletters/youtube channels which all challenge me to be a better me. I no longer waste my time doing pointless things, I’m now scheduled and busy from 8-10 which is a little much, but it’s just for the summer (internship) and I spend all my down time in a new productive way that I actually enjoy instead of watching Netflix or some other time waster. I actually cancelled my Netflix account (still entered the contest btw) because I haven’t used it in months! I feel self sufficient and motivated which is something I always thought I was until I actuall became it. I landed a promotion at work, and a leadership position for my internship, and have a job interview with a real career option in my field on Tuesday! All this came as a result of me reading your material many months ago and proactively taking control of my life instead of being reactionary. Thank you Ramit for the little push that got me going. Now as a reader and frequenter of you and those other mediums I follow not out of necessity, but because I know there is value in what you guys say (it’s like my morning paper).



  199. Kit

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I’d like to thank you for changing my life in one sentence, actually. I’d just been introduced to your material and was reading around, and I ran across a passage where you were talking about people who say they “should” do xyz. And you used the phrase “loser language” to describe the word “should” – it seemed like that was just a throwaway turn of phrase to you, but to me it was a major thunderbolt moment. I’d always been a total “should” victim, because I genuinely thought that a sense of obligation was a moral virtue and the right way to make yourself do things (shh, stop laughing at me, I know).

    But I read that, and I kind of sat up in my chair and went “Hey! This guy just called me a loser!” Followed a split second later by “Shit, I don’t wanna be a loser! What does he know that I don’t and how can I learn it?!” I’ve been a fan ever since – and I’m a hell of a lot better about not feeling like I SHOULD do anything, but I still get more stuff done! I did the Finisher’s Formula course, and while I still procrastinate from time to time, my approach to handling it when it happens is much healthier and more effective than it used to be. My worldview is still very much a work in progress, but at least now I AM making that progress and I feel I owe a lot of it to IWT.

    So thanks so much, Ramit, for that time you called me a loser! 🙂


  200. Chris

    Hey Ramit – Happy b-day. I’ll turn 32 a few days after you on the 4th of July. No beach trip for me this year, but I was truly able to tell my family I have everything I need and no birthday shenanigans or presents needed this year.

    I’m one of those freeloaders who stays on your mailing list and returns to your site because of all the awesome free material you give away. I can say that I was able to both land a job right out of college (not easy today, especially not when you graduate college at 30!) and negotiate a 33% raise at my one year point with some of the scripts and tips you have made available. Whether it’s a business strategy, just a way to help people, or both; keep doing what you are doing.


  201. Chaz

    Happy birthday! I have benefited greatly from your help in this last year. I left a job and negotiated a 40% raise from my old job to my new one! and it was my dream job. Now I am slowly working through zero to launch. Thanks again for all the great material.

    I will be turning 30 on the 3rd of July and will have to take your advice and go to a beach somewhere to celebrate this last years changes!


  202. Leigh

    Happy birthday Ramit! Earlier this year I negotiated a $15,000 raise using your techniques. And you helped but me on the road to getting my finances in order when in one of your emails you said that you absolutely would not allow for someone to pay for your course on credit. I was like, “look at this opportunity I missed out on. Girl get your house in order.” Thanks a bunch and happy birthday!

  203. raoul

    You’re just awesome and your stuff are too! I learned a bunch of thinks about personnal finance, business, blogging, traveling, helping others, …
    thank u

  204. raoul

    happy birthday 😉

  205. Carolynn

    Where do I even begin? Here’s where your material’s gotten me just this week alone:

    -$3k of new business. I’m officially making more money as a self-employed businesswoman than I do at my day job (which I’m probably quitting in the next 3 months)

    -Despite the income, I now have MORE time to spend doing whatever I want. Tonight I’m taking my 91-year old grandma out to dinner for her birthday. I couldn’t do that when I was working crazy hours at my first corporate job out of college.

    -I’m buying my first car … again, thanks to the income I’m making “on the side”

    3 years ago, my debit card would bounce when I tried buying coffee. Now I’m buying a car because oh yeah, it’s normal to have an extra few grand in my checking account. Do you know what this has done for my relationship with my dad? It’s huge. He’s proud of me.

    In the last 3 years of following IWT, I’ve gained incredible mentors and colleagues. I’m talking creative directors at ad agencies whose work regularly gets covered by HuffPo and CNN, copywriters pulling in 6-7-figures a year, opera singers, journalists, people selling real estate in Silicon Valley … you know, people who are supposedly impossible to meet, let alone work with or meet for coffee.

    My social skills are much better than they were 3 years ago. I stopped rambling, learned how to listen to people and how to pitch, how to find people who could teach me to dress.

    Your material taught me how to create systems to reach a certain goal, even if I currently don’t know how to do something. Now I know how to test something, when to change direction (or abandon something), and how to prioritize.

    IWT is about learning how to bend reality to your will instead of relying on guesswork and a prayer. This is massive for my peace of mind. I can wake up in the morning confident that even if I’m not sure how I’m going to do something, I know how to create a system and make the right relationships to help me get there.

    Thanks, Ramit. Happy birthday 🙂

  206. Jo Jo Fildi

    Well Ramit, I think I will remember your birthday, as it’s the same day as my first born daughter- she’s going to be 9.

    Just wanted to first of all wish you a wonderful day, and also to say that I’m on your Z2L program, and we’ve made so much progress over the past month with our business, that I’m finally starting to believe that I could be one of those people who jet around the world with my kids to far off places, and blissfully work from a laptop anywhere in the world.

    I’ve had to listen to your videos over and over again, to really get a hold on what I’m learning, and how to implement it. It’s a joy really.

    So a big thank you Ramit.

    best wishes

    Jo Jo

    p.s: we got our first troll today- ha, we must be doing well (lol)

  207. Cat

    Congratulations on 32 revolutions around the sun Ramit!

    What IWT has given me? Making being laid off the best vacation and challenging game I’ve ever had. (What people aren’t happy when they are unemployed and searching – I was totally happy!)

    Being able to cross off working at the Smithsonian, ie being a nerd herder off my bucket list

    Moving across country and experiencing a new way of living and finding my place within it.

    Joining RBT and meeting and being constantly challenged by incredible positive people who are making me a much better version of myself.

    Thank you and happy birthday!

    Yours in curiosity,

  208. Corinne Espinoza

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Your material has helped me focus and prioritize my goals; it motivates me daily, keeps me on track and helps in logistical ways (increasing income) as well as psychologically (not feeling guilty that I am not a magical creature who can do everything on the planet at the same time, including relax). P.S. Ever think about getting a wife and settling down?

  209. Ana

    First, yes, we do have a gift, I can make anything you say look like you just called me fat. I don’t even think I am fat! I have the theory that all these skills improve A LOT once a woman becomes a mother.

    Now, your birthday gift!

    I could make a list (I LOOOOVE lists), but let’s go with the most important one.

    You know all those people you talk about that are constantly claiming they are on a diet, but are still fat, because they reward themselves with a chocolate every day? Yes, I hate them exactly like you do.

    Until one day I noticed I was one of them! Worst nightmare ever. I was saying to myself (and everyone who would hear me) that I wanted to start running. But I never started. On the 1st of February I went out for a run. But it was cold and rainy and painful! Really good excuses, right? Wrong! I marched to the sports store and bought a “wind and rain coat” for running. On the 2nd of February, I had no more excuses. And the weather was great.

    Where do you enter? CUT THE CRAP! Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s worth it. Also, “the biggest obstacle between you and your goal is yourself”. Something like this.

    You like number, right? I had an increase of 1000% of the time I could run non-stop. No, I am not admiting what is the original number!

    This is just a (really important) example (for me). But the value is to cut the crap. Do you have an excuse? Good for you! Now find a way to go around it and try again. Until you make it. (Because being stubborn is also a really good quality!)

    Happy birthday!

  210. Christine

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday!

    I’m part of your ZTL and RBT programs. I’ve learned that (proper!) marketing isn’t scammy — it is getting the word out to the right people so I can help them solve their problems. It is a big paradigm shift for me.

    I’m also excited to join a community that can help me launch my online business.


  211. Bradley

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    The list of things I’ve learned from you is too long to put here, but the main three would have to be:

    1) The power of Big Wins
    2) The importance of systems
    3) Networking/cold emailing

    Thanks for all that you do!

  212. AJ

    Happy Birthday! I started with Earn1k and also bought Dream Job. I wanted to make some extra income, so I started a business (Castro Valley Game Library), and I paid it off. I’ve already made thousands. This is definitely a dream job. I get paid to help families play games together.

    My latest community event was a giant outdoor snowball fight with 300 fake snowballs. I also do weekly events for a client ($50/hour for 90 min. events/1x per week & I can bring my kids). They book 8 events at a time and have renewed since Oct. I can also expand to the other 9 branches in the network. They didn’t think they were paying me enough, so they gave me a raise.

    I got a scholarship to go to a national conference in my field, and I got hooked up with a free trial for awesome web-based platform (
    I have pictures of the items I lend at, and my website is being designed. I just rented out my first event (supply) package. I feel really good about this journey. Thanks for your help!

  213. RMF325

    Happy Birthday Ramit; may all of your wishes come true!

    Your material has helped me in so many ways; I’ve got my money automated, I have a Schwab checking account (best checking EVER!!), I have an AMEX Starwood Preferred card that I use a lot. I took your negotiating class and learned so much from that; have used that knowledge many times. I learn something from you every time I get an email from you; it is always great stuff. And, I found out you have a little brother named Maneesh, and he’s helping me learn/do all kinds of things too!

    Enjoy your birthday trip, and I’m looking forward to more and better stuff from you!

  214. Ashley

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!!

    I hope reading these comments about how IWT has impacted us really is a great present for you.
    Where do I even begin to describe the ways in which you, your team and material has helped me? I’m part of 2 classes and don’t regret joining either. Even though I have yet to get through all of the lessons from these classes, I have already learned so much.
    You have taught me to let go of all the junk both mentally and physically in my life and free my mind of worthlessness. You have taught me to buckle down, decide what I really want, make a realistic plan of action and FOLLOW THROUGH with it!! With tips from you, I’m moving to Spain in a few months!
    With your help I’ve gained confidence and done a lot of self-reflection; I have never known myself so well!
    Thank you Ramit, for continuing to share such valuable knowledge with the world. I for one know that my life is richer because of you.

    Cheers to another incredible year!

  215. Joanna

    I signed up for a finisher’s formula. I went through half the course when I recall reading/hearing something in the lines of ‘motivation is rarely a problem, execution is’. Man, has it changed my perspective.

    For 5 years I’ve been trying to lose weight. I know I could do it, because I’ve done it in the past, but it just wouldn’t happened. I blamed myself for not trying hard enough.
    I realized that all this time I was doing the same thing: start exercising, eating better, etc. Pretty much the same that I did before. Except my life changed (where I used to walk to work 15min I now spend 2h in the car), I ate more because my job is more stressful and I became a stress eater. The old way simply didn’t cut it.
    So I decided to change my approach completely. I googled, found a personal trainer within 3 minutes walk of my house!! I started lifting weights with him where I didn’t think it’s something I would ever do. He keeps me accountable about what I eat and how much I exercise and all that started 10 pounds ago. The progress is slow, but it’s there and I’m happy I found execution path that works for me THIS TIME.

  216. ArvidV

    Hey Ramit,

    A happy birthday!

    The one thing that was huge for me was the Achieving Mastery (and why there are no shortcuts) from the succes triggers program. It helped me get into the mindset of continuous action. And while I still look for hacks, I now also value the longer term perspective and have given myself more time to develop and build both the internal and external habits and beliefs on my path. Like you say, at one point I only wanted to know the hacks and the tactics instead of the long-term hours and strategies.

    • Linda G

      The way you refreshingly bust popular myths about money and work.
      Your negotiation tips, and ethical use of persuasion.
      Your being an example of what you talk about.


  217. Etan

    Happy Birthday, dude!

    You’re up there w/ Seth in my book in terms of the amount of valuable insight you consistently provide to your readers.

    I needed to get some ridiculously high bank fees waived and your advice worked. Something that I’ll never forget ( ’cause those fees truly burned my soul when I saw ’em).

    The fact that I could recall learning something I read by you, then was able to easily find it, AND have it ACTUALLY WORK is essentially what everyone in this space aims to do and you do it well.

    On top of all the ridiculously on point psychological and human behavior stuff (can you tell I enjoy that s#!t?), you’ve got one of the dopest blogs, man

    I’ll bet that’s the only use of ‘dopest’ you’ll get in these here comments.

    Thank you, sir and keep it coming.

  218. Maria

    Happy birthday!

    The most important thing that I have got from your material is a better relationship with two casual acquaintances, who are now dear friends who constantly challenge and support me. I mentioned something at a party (honestly can’t remember what) and my friend asked “Have you heard of Ramit Sethi?” I had already done a few of your courses, and one thing led to another and now three of us meet weekly to discuss where we are, what we are doing, what we need to do to get where we want to be, how, exactly we are going to do it, hold one another accountable when we are not living up to our own expectations and remind each other to give ourselves grace when it is required, what good books we have read, what are our invisible scripts are, and how to handle those things that limit us. It is a place where we are all comfortable being brutally honest and completely vulnerable. It is absolutely amazing, and all of it facilitated by the question: “Have you heard of Ramit Sethi?”

    Thanks for doing all that you do.

  219. Giviz

    Love your videos about social skills and I will be more than happy to watch more of them. I’m ready to pay for that 🙂

  220. Jamie

    My new cover letters and resumes I created after working the Overnight Resume program got me a new job with better pay, benefits and future.

  221. bevan

    I accidentally subscribed to your email list, since then I’ve read IWT, put $5000 into an index fund and I’m making regular donations toward my future, AND IT FEELS GOOD!
    You really have changed my life and ideas for the better, all it took was a little guidance, and someone to say “yeah, it’s ok…”
    Thanks buddy, Happy Birthday

  222. Daniel

    IWT has given me a perspective that has allowed me to be perceptive of where and how to add value in every circumstance. In terms of what that has helped me accomplish, I’ve used the closing the loop technique to secure a position on the founding team of a charter school as a 19 year old college student.

    Thank you for all the content that you release, it truly has been a blessing.

    Happy Birthday gangsta.

  223. Tage

    With your help I’ve automated many parts of my financial world (e.g. auto pay all bills, keep “never used” credit card open with one monthly auto payment to maintain credit history, auto contribute $ to retirement before it hits my bank account) and realized that many things can (and should) be negotiated such as bills, transaction fees from banks, and salaries & benefits). I’ve even started placing all my loose items (keys, wallet, and phone) in the same spot every night so I don’t continually waste time looking for them in the morning.

  224. Esme

    Happy birthday!! Having discovered this blog was probably THEE best non therapy therapy I’ve ever received..LOL!!

    I’ve realized a few things… 1. Everyone has opinions- duh. How I take what they say and re frame is MINE to keep. 2. I’ve started going to the gym and… I gave up soda! 3. I started investing in me
    =) Es

  225. Peter Christensen

    My big takeaway from IWT are mental and attitude changes.

    My career and life are not following a set path – they are mine to shape and determine. Skills that I thought were fixed and innate are malleable and improvable. Big, audacious goals can be accomplished, but only by building habits and systems and following a sustainable path. Find the real reasons and limitations, and act based on those, not the (lame) surface excuses.

    Life is still challenging, but I feel empowered to face it, rather then waiting idly for someone else’s outcome.

  226. Steve Hopkins

    Hi Ramit, HaPpY bIrThDaY!
    Long tine subscriber, I have your IWTYTBR book. But I havent purchased any other offering . I relate to much of what you write becasue of other advanced courses on adult learning I’ve taken over the last almost 20 years. I’ve revisited that content often, on Attitudes, and Accountability, and Purpose and more, and I use it almost daily in some way. It has become embedded in my personality.

    Your writings offer a reinforcement of those learnings, and the bonus is they come with your snappy personality!

    My side business (see website – hint, hint), is a physical product offering that I handcraft, and I’ve told myself that most of your writings and offering s are more for content and services. See, that is my story I tell myself. It may not necessarily be right.

    However, I still find value in your opinions and humor in your approach and beliefs. I find that stimulating, and in turn it adds value to my life.

    Here’s to your next 30+


  227. David Tang

    Hi Ramit, I hope you’ve a great year to come. I’ve been a student since 2011. Since I’ve read blog I started reading books again. (I’d stopped when I finished law school). Before I had a script that I read all day (for work) and so was too busy to read for fun. Now I realize I simply wasn’t prioritizing and making the time for it. The books you’ve suggested have been transformational on a personal and professional level (you and those in your community introduced me to Cialdini and Abraham and Ellsberg and Neil Patel). R6FC (the course) and RBT (the interviews and the FB community) have changed my mindset in so many positive ways: I now understand the psychology of growth, I am more selective in the way I choose new clients, I have learned how to network, how to build systems, and I’m more relaxed understanding everything has a process and my systems can be improved with attention and a couple iterations). Happy Birthday, my friend!

  228. Nina

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    I have not tried it yet.


  229. Steve

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

    Like Caitlin above, cannot begin to list the many ways in which I have benefited from IWTYTBR

    Based on just your free material

    – Started growing my professional network by reaching out to people and giving to them.

    – Have started actively (sorta) working on my personal business. Key delay is number 3 below

    – Have applied briefcase technique 3 times in 4 years to move roles. Have almost tripled pay in the time. Have chosen to put personal business plans on hold until I can execute effectively at new job and have bandwidth to grow a business at the same time

    thanks Ramit and team.

  230. Tracy

    Got me a 12,000 dollar raise! Happy birthday my dude.

  231. Dragon

    IWT has taught me to lay off the daily lattes, pay off my house years earlier than my friends, and to subscribe to your newsletter so I can laugh at ridiculous but hilarious pictures of a grown man on a child’s float and learn practical financial skills at the same time. How do you like that for a run on sentence? Not to mention you’re HOT!


  232. Janet

    Happy Birthday. I love reading your stuff. Your Mom looks great. Even though I’m probably about her age your advice helped me open my Etsy shop as a side business where I make a couple of hundred extra a month and more during the holidays. And when I first started, I asked your advice and you wrote back to me personally and told me to narrow the focus of the shop to one thing, which I did and you were right. (Of Course)

  233. Michael

    I have focused on my inputs rather than others outputs, low and behold I am now 2nd within my team for performance.

    Email is a way of passing off someone elses todo list by adding it to mine. I took the decision to see how many people actually chased me up. Out of 30 plus email senders only less than 1% of emails were deemed important enough for followup. I now wait for the chase and focus on my agenda to ensure full productivity. No longer am I the slave of other peoples to do list.

  234. Jane

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your material has helped me SO MUCH over the past 5 years:

    – Your book helped me automate my savings so I could afford to quit a job I hated and not worry about income for a few months

    – Your salary negotiation material helped me become a true top performer/hustler and negotiate a large salary increase at one job

    – Earn1K helped me start my own consulting business AND art business (despite parents with negative invisible scripts about art and making money) and have the confidence to charge what I’m worth

    – Dream Job helped me figure out what is most important to me (flexible schedule, work/life balance) and improve my natural networking skills

    – ZTL has helped me understand the value of creating great content and building an audience before even offering anything for sale. Using your techniques, I’ve recently started writing one blog post and sending out an email newsletter every 2 weeks for one business (I am still in the early stages of my actual ZTL idea!). I have a small audience now, but they are engaged – I easily see the importance of quality over quantity.

    – I also recently started working out regularly (finally!) and feel great

    Looking forward to what’s next for IWT!

  235. Janet

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

    Get married whenever *you* want!

    After I read one of your articles, I was thinking of ways I could make an extra 1,000 a month . So far this year (2014) I have made 10,000 a month. Thanks, Ramit.!

  236. Shiri

    Hey Ramit!

    First of all, Happy birthday! Wishing you all the best in health, happiness and success.

    I love reading the comments here. It’s hilarious to see so many people say you’re mom’s right, yadda yadda. While I’m sure you wouldn’t have mentioned this if you actually cared what people responded to it, I find it funny that people think they can tell you when to marry, what to do with your life, or just give you unsolicited advice when they have no authority on the matter (like the bike shed phenomenon that you and Derek Halpern talked about in the latest RBT interview – it’s easy to have an opinion on whether you should get married or not).

    This relates to what I’ve changed, specifically in regards to inner psychology: thanks to your material (Dream Job, first module), I’ve built much healthier boundaries between myself and the outside world, especially my family/mother/siblings. This has manifested in actual tangible improvement in my quality of life, but the mindset shift was key. Without the invisible scripts demolishing that was a direct result of your material, my life would have been completely different today (in fact, I believe I mentioned this to you in person when we met in Boston at the event).

    This has tied into a larger theme of aligning my actual life with my inner view of myself, and how I want to live. You’ve mentioned this several times, and specifically with regards to aging. It was actually my 30th birthday yesterday, and I wrote a lengthy RBT post about this journey:
    (link only works for RBT members)

    Again, wishing you all the best for your birthday! Have a great day and a wonderful year.

  237. Lisa

    I am learning to automate my finances in order to be able to spend more time focusing on the truly important things in life.

    Have a very happy birthday Ramit!

  238. Andy

    About 2 years ago I took your dream job course. It directly lead me to one of my dream jobs that I had for close to a year. I ended up clearing close to 6 figures. After the contract ended I took a 6 month vacation to Colombia….Back in the US now where I wait to start school.

    This all started with a friend telling me about the IWTYTBR website and book…Made me take a hard look at my life and what I wanted. Freedom was at the top of that list. I’m not free just yet but I am working on it. There is a possibility I could have gone this far without Ramit, but the reality is no other person has forced me to be accountable and ask the tough questions. Everyone else will sugarcoat reality…

    The material has the ability to change your life if you are up for the challenge. If you are lazy this material is not for you stick to menial work or collect unemployment.

  239. Ann

    Happy Birthday!
    You gave me the confidence I needed to raise my prices. I increased my prices 483% (so basically, I was working for peanuts). My current clients seemed happy to pay my price because they appreciate the value. I felt like I was giving such a deal.

    Even though we have never met, I just felt like you were a good friend giving me good advice. That’s really cool. Thank You!

  240. Joslyn

    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy [beach location].
    You helped me to become operations manager at work, get into business school, and successfully break up with my ex after trying for a year. Your writing helped me identify small changes to work toward these bigger goals. Thank you for your hard work and contributions!

  241. Catherine

    Its the funniest thing.. I connected with your email distribution randomly through a friend of a friend.
    I am a stay at home mom and I don’t always read your emails but when I do, I am always pleasantly and positively intrigued by your thoughts.

    You are an extremely funny, smart and bold guy!
    Happy Birthday Ramit!

  242. Andrew

    There are a few things that you’ve helped me wrap my head around. I automated my finances. I stopped worrying so much about my website and business cards and started getting clients, successfully.

    The biggest thing is realizing that I need to test everything. I look at every business negotiation, or introduction, as a chance to test the way people react.

    Thanks, and happy birthday.

  243. trevor

    Dude, Happy Birthday!

    From IWT, I’ve become a master negotiator. Literally, I end up negotiating everything and asking for discounts everywhere. Thanks man.

  244. Jen

    Hey Ramit!

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!

    There are tons of ways you have helped me in my writing/consulting work, both large and small, but two from just this past year stand out: Using techniques I learned in your Earn 1K course, I landed two clients almost effortlessly–one was a $4,000 project, and one was a $19,000 project. Couldn’t have done it without you–now learning how to apply your methods to product creation in Zero To Launch.

    For anyone out there wondering if Ramit is the real deal–he is.

    Again, happy happy birthday!


  245. Hema Patel

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Thank you for a fresh new perspective on personal finance. I have read many books on this subject and your book is by far the best that I have read. I am also taking the DJ course and I am knocking down those barriers and learning to play the game. I have also automated my savings to fund my retirement. Thank you very much and I can’t wait to read your next book (hope you are working on one).

  246. Ted

    The biggest thing has been fundamentally understanding Mental Barriers. Before reading your blog I didn’t know they really existed. By understanding this, my Problem Solving Abilities and Follow Through has gotten much much better. Thanks Ramit! Happy birthday.

  247. David W

    Although it’s hard to hit on only one thing that you’ve helped change my life with, I’ll say that is the relentless focus on psychology as supposed to the tactics. I have found this to be incredibly powerful in being able to affect my behaviour and helping influence others.

    Happy Birthday Buddy!

  248. unaeze

    it have giving me sense of focus in life happy birthday friend.

  249. Rita

    I learned a lot from IWT but the most important thing I learned was that fear was holding me back. I have an idea of what I want my life to be and I know how hard I have to work for it but I don’t or I didn’t until I watched you on talks at google and discovered IWT.
    I never knew what it was that was holding me back and now I do. That’s very important. Now I know what to do do I’m not so lost…
    You’re job matters.
    Thank you.

    Early Happy Birthday Ramit.

  250. Robyn

    Dear Ramit, How you’ve helped me – let me count the ways!
    That seminar you did with BJ Fogg, where you talked about taking baby steps? “Floss one tooth.” That got my novel finished this year, man.
    Automate? Bang – 20% off the top without thinking about or missing it.
    $4000 increase for the asking, working at home whenever I want and a review in 6 months from your negotiating seminar.
    So many great interviews, software, scripts. And I’m just about to lean on you for how to get into Stanford for my 17 year-old.
    If I had your energy, I could rule the world.
    Happy Birthday! – Robyn @

  251. Kelsey Jones

    I found out about Individual 401(k)s, which I had never thought to even research before listening to the audio version of your book. Since I’m a consultant, I just always figured I could only have Roth IRAs since I didn’t have a single employer. This alone has probably just made me a millionaire by the time I retire!

  252. Taylor

    I’ve just started with your materials, but the “it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough” has been a big game changer in getting my online business actually going, instead of just sitting on the sidelines. Hopefully by your next birthday, I’ll have a big number to put behind it 🙂


  253. Amber A.

    Hey Ramit!

    Happy Early Birthday!! Love the photo with your Mom. She is adorable!
    I have used one of your books to start paying off debt, to get fees waived, and start saving for the future. I have also used your material to make a big change that happened a few months ago: moving from Chicago to Nashville.

    Thank you for everything. Have a great birthday!


  254. Tonette

    Happy birthday Ramit! Thanks for your materials and for the dedication you put in your work. One key takeaway that I have learned from you is to start now and progress no matter how small the baby steps. Since I started, I’m going on a roll and little by little moving forward towards my goal. Thank you! Good health and happiness to you. Bless you!

  255. Rachel

    Happy birthday Ramit! Over the last year and a half have negotiated an 18% raise, automated all my finances, started a Roth IRA, and started using natural networking to do deep research. While everything has taken some time to come together, I have particularly made a lot of progress the last few months in exploring new interests, meeting new people, and taking manageable strides towards a much bigger goal!

    Thanks for all of your valuable material! Worth every penny.

    Happy birthday!!!!

  256. MJ

    Last November I was very frustrated with my job (part-time retail sales), and a little lost for direction, as I realized earlier last year that my own business that I’d been trying to build since at least 2006 wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I joined one of your webinars for the Earn1K program and started watching & reading a ton of your free material. Around the same time I found a job listing for a local part-time job in online marketing at a firm where I had acquaintances. I studied your Briefcase Technique material and aced both interviews. Started the job in January, quit my retail job soon thereafter, as the hours at the new job quickly ramped up. Now I’m on full-time salary at the new job, but also have about 3 clients of my own on the side – the first two I gained by using techniques from Earn1K, and the 3rd was referred to me by my first client. I’m making about double what I was making 6 months ago. It’s still not where I ultimately want to be – I went from about $20k/year up to almost $40k, but like you always say, it’s the first $100 that’s the hardest.

    Oh yeah. And I cut my cell phone bill in half & reduced my credit card interest rates thanks to your negotiation tips. Happy birthday!

  257. Donna Schwartz

    Hey Ramit – we share the same birthday – Happy Birthday to both of us!
    IWT (Instant Networking Course) helped me to network with a well-known saxophonist on the west coast, who will be looking into getting some gigs for me.
    The ZTL course gave me great clarity and access to a system that will help me determine which online product I want to sell first.

  258. Robert

    Happy Birthday Ramit! The best part of the DJ course so far is that it’s giving me a system to work with. Before I started I knew that there had to be a better way to approach the job application process but was paralyzed by the fear of failing and not knowing what steps I needed to take. I’m only at module 3 but at least I now feel that even if I do screw something up I’ll be falling forward.

  259. Bryan

    Happy Birthday sir. Your deserve it. Ramit, your online videos and materials did the following for me…

    -Got me a job when I as unemployed
    -Changed my habit to be a top performer at work
    -Got me a 20% raise at my new job in 8 months
    -Landed me at a dream job within 3 months
    -Automated my finances to be net worth positive for the first time in my life
    -Made me more confident and sought after

    In short, you made me step up…and it feels good. Thank you.

  260. Ran

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I wasn’t really planning on share anything, but I figure it is your birthday and I should thank you some how for all the help I got from your materials. I have read your book, signed up for DJ, success triggers, finisher’s formula and RBT.

    I have been applying some of your changes to my life. I think the most influential mind switch I have is the “add value” mentality. I went from I, I, I syndrome (trust me I wanted and still want a lot of things, but usually you don’t get them and I get angry blah blah blah), to every time I want something, I start thinking about how I could add value to people, to my boss and company. This is a powerful switch, I started to think about how do I make other people’s life easier so one day in the future they might help me with my problems. I have been using the “closing the loop” with add value, and now I am grabbing lunch with the CTO of my company.

    Also I love the idea of the briefcase technique. It is add value to other people, it is also this “I did all the homework for you and all you need to do is say yes” strategy. I love it! I have tried this with my boss and it just changes your way of doing things.

    Dream job is in the making, I am now doing natural networking and iterate on module 2-4. Will let you know when I have the shiny title and the actual numbers.

  261. Bonnie

    Magical & miracle-filled birthday to you, Ramit! You have provided so much magic for so many these past few years!!!

    IWT has inspired me to live with courage, strong in my sense of worth, clear in the value I provide, and authentically sharing when asked. I agree with many of the other commenters that your example is what has energized me to do more, push myself outside my comfort zone and expect more of myself and others.

    Enjoy your day and know when you find the right one (for you AND your mother) you will both know 😉

  262. Rob

    Just started my new job last week. Was offered a salary that was a $5,000 raise and was able to increase that to an $8,000 raise. Working for my dream company and the only place left to go is up!

  263. Lidia Marina Hurovich Neiva

    Your advise is always full of wisdom and enthusiasm.
    Geat thanks for sharing your knowledge and inspiring so many lives, including mine.
    I am more focused and productive, day after day, happily painting and working at a job I love, where I deal with art and design, the income is not still what I want yet, but I’m learning and working on that.
    I would like to share one of my paintings, they express much more that words.
    Congrats again and blessings for your and your mother too!

  264. DB

    Happy Birthday! A few years ago I got a job that made $10K/yr more than my last one when I used your interviewing/ job hunting material. I also have learned a lot about budgeting and managed to pay off my 5-digit credit card debt using material from the book!

  265. Efren

    I wish you a happy birthday! The biggest benefit I have received from IWT is learning how to think differently about spending. Two months ago I was finally able to pay off 10k in credit card debt. I did this by using a system to automate my finances which I learned from IWT.

  266. Rebecca

    Apart from the boring (though life-changing) things like automating my finances, you taught me that I have worth as an individual, not just whatever the going rate is for my job in my area. You also taught me the importance of negotiating and I managed to get an extra $10k/yr in starting salary at my latest job!

  267. Ben

    Negotiation. Serious improvements in how I approach this, and that I see negotiation in many more places than I used to.

  268. Imran Khan

    IWT helped me get out of my complacent habits and forced me to look for a better job. Now I work for a top 20 company in the greater Atlanta area. I do less work and get paid 25 percent more for it.

    Thanks Ramit.

  269. April

    Happy birthday Ramit!
    Your book taught me to stop listening to my parents’ financial advice, which was equivalent to burying my savings in the backyard. Your blog and videos gave me the skills and confidence to negotiate a salary increase at my first “real” job at a company where I was told by a current employee that they don’t negotiate entry level salaries–and I got it!

  270. Pete Springer

    Turned your earn $1K program into a earn $2K/month program. That gave me financial cushion to creatively expand my main business, which is earning more as a result of the investment I put into it. You helped give me the insight and push I needed to do that.

    Ramit – you’re inspirational and unique. I read “I Will Teach You to be Rich” a couple of years ago and I’ve been a fan of your work ever since. You tell it like it is and that’s so appreciated. Your advice is rock solid.

  271. Andrea

    IWT has changed my life in four distinct ways:

    1) The regular emails keep me grounded and remind me that, even as a member of the performing arts industry, I am a businessperson and should treat myself as such.
    2) IWT reminds me that I am just like everyone else: my mental battles are the same, my ability to overcome them is the same, and my potential to succeed by effectively using my talents is the same.
    3) I have developed a Ramit-esque voice of reason in my brain that both keeps me from procrastinating and motivates me to do crazy things, like starting an online business I hope to launch by the end of the year.
    4) When it comes to finances, I used to be, as we say on Passover, “the one who does not know how to ask.” The IWT book taught me not only what questions to ask, but how to answer many of them.

    Thanks for everything, Ramit!

  272. Justin

    Ramit, Happy Birthday!
    You have helped me to keep my eyes open to the possibilities. You have helped remind me of how I used to think when I was in my early 30’s.
    The good news is my 40’s are great and getting better.

  273. Christina

    I bought your book “I Will Teach You to be Rich” about two years ago, and I really did think it was a scam, so I threw it away.

    Then a friend gave your book again, I actually read it, and then I practically lived on your blog and YouTube content. I used your exact scripts and suggested that landed me a $15,000 raise, and then I trained my boss (just how you suggested) to allow me to work COMPLETELY from home, even though the rest of my co-workers still all work at the office.

    Your videos have also taught me to “fake” being extroverted, which has helped me start my side business.

    Pretty much anything good financially in my life has come from you.

    So thanks, Ramit, and happy birthday!

  274. Mike


    Since 2012 you have helped me successfully identify and crush so many invisible scripts I probably should have been keeping a list so I could recount them for you now but if I had to identify the spark that lit my fire, it would have to be the following question:

    A year from now you’ll be a year older. What are you going to do?

    When I actually sat down and thought about that question, the answer was pretty clear.

    Since then, by using E1K I’ve acquired my first client and have two more in the funnel (my closing skills are still weak) which is something I couldn’t have imagined being possible even 2 months ago.

    More than that, you’ve given me the gift of sight which has enabled me to see the game being played around me. I am now able to make a conscious choice that I don’t want to play by the rules made for me by others and I’m in the beginning of crafting my brand new rich life.

    Now I have one question for YOU, Ramit: you have a brand new your spread out ahead of you and twelve months (and three days) from now you’ll be yet another year older. What do you want to be doing on the eve of your 33rd birthday?

  275. Cameron

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich has changed my view on finances and helped me get a simple and better grip of my managing them. The philosophy of focusing on big wins has been huge. I have quite my job and since and gone after what I actually wanted.

  276. Becky

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I got a Kindle for the Winter holidays in 2010, and the very first book I bought was IWTYTBR. Life changing! I immediately opened up high-interest savings accounts and starting saving for my life goals, which I NEVER thought would happen, namely: traveling to Europe. I also paid off my student loans early and before the age of 30 (made it by 4 months!), and am currently “living rich” – which meant that this year alone, I took a trip to Hawaii this year with my Grandma and her boyfriend (she hates when I refer to him as her boyfriend because “he’s 87 – not a boy!), take several weekend camping or hotel trips in California to areas I haven’t explored yet with my husband, which has been phenomenal. Best of all, I have a retirement account that rivals people I know that are 10-20 years older than me, AND I’m in the process of purchasing my dream home on the Sacramento River (the views are STUNNING), which I never, ever thought would happen in my current career as a public health worker. I can truly say that Ramit’s advice on saving and salary negotiation have CHANGED MY LIFE. I recommend his book and website to anyone looking to get their finances and goals in order and use his advice on such a consistent basis it’s become second nature.

    Thank you Ramit for changing my life. I love you! Happy Birthday!

  277. Rita B.

    Hi Ramit,

    Wish you Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!

    Your material has overhauled my life. The greatest benefit is discovering my own definition for a ‘rich life’. From being a complete couch potato and junk food connoisseur, to being a regular walker and green smoothie evangelist, it was quiet an enlightening journey. Now, I whole heartedly believe that HEALTH is my primary WEALTH. Next up, slowly moving towards the 80 10 10 Diet.

    Your focus on meta-messages rock!

    Thanks for daring to be brutally honest despite all your vulnerabilities. 🙂

  278. Owen

    This spring I started success triggers looking for a chance to invest in myself and “optimize my psychology.” By the end of the first week I had realized a huge flaw in my thought process. I had always assumed that my friends had a cut and dry view of me, and changing myself would make them not like me. If I wasnt the bearded fat man in the group I didnt have a roll. Success triggers made me think about how other people see me and made me realize that my friends will love me for who I am, that is what makes them my friends. I started going to the gym the next day, I have been working out for a few months now and I am down 20 pounds while adding a lot of muscle, I can run more than a mile without walking, I am working toward running a 5k, and I feel better about myself than I have in a long time. Happy birthday Ramit, thank you for everything, and PS thank you for making me feel like shit because at 28 I am nowhere near as successful as you were at the same time. I guess I just have to keep on chipping away at it.

  279. Eric

    I’m more of a passive reader because I love taking your material and using to springboard some of my own pursuits for things like productivity and approaching human problems with a psychology-focused mindset.

    Your material influenced me to go grab some books on habits (The Power of Habit is my favorite), and I use those to make unbearable tasks more bearable to the point that they can actually became habit. By making more drudgery into habit, I find myself keeping mental energy high throughout the day, which in turn makes me more productive and ready to keep going into the evenings. I have slowly added time for contributing to open source projects into an evening or two each week.

    I take some of my new knowledge in psychology to apply it to software usability and documentation best practices for my work as a software developer at Amazon; and I take some of the communication skills to say no to more projects to focus on getting the things that matter done. My improvements have been significant enough to warrant my manager letting me know to expect a promotion in the next cycle.

    Thanks for providing the material that has helped me so far, and please providing the same great advice that I have seen from you.

    Have a happy birthday!

  280. Krystina

    Happy Birthday,

    I realized that the people that are always finding their dream job are the people that have the courage to go for it, even if it doesn’t seem like any one else around you is going for it. Playing it safe will never get a dream job, because most people are playing it safe. You taught me to have courage and to think for myself.

  281. Andie

    Feliz cumple! Happy Birthday!

    My crazy and loveable Indian friend, Jerry, who I am now happily dating again, introduced me to you. I was very skeptical, to say the least, when he suggested we listen to one of your podcasts. Although immediately, I was drawn in and taken aback at how much your ideas and concepts make sense. They work!

    I have absorbed a lot from reading your free materials and watching your videos. Because I implemented revised thinking and strategies in my life style, I am a new woman. My friends and family have noted a newfound spark inside me! *snaps*

    Just a few examples include actively practicing Spanish on a regular basis with the goal of becoming fluent and revisiting my birth place, understanding and signing up for a 401(k), learning about a totally new career of great interest, on course to gaining a new skill set I need to make a job transition, and being OK with buying more expensive clothes that help boost my confidence as a working professional.

    And, I am sure there is more!

    My confidence level has always been good but I now possess one that does not worry as much about money and what my parents want of me. I am able to better focus on what really matters and live in the present. I have it all written down. I am so excited for what the future holds!

    The life I lead today is a much happier one!! *sighs* 😀

    I hope your birthday is sunny and bright like you!


    PS: Your mom sounds super sweet ~ Remember, Ramit, mothers know best!!!

  282. Jessica P

    IWT (as well as IWTYTBR) has helped me become more of a forward thinker– business, personal dealings, and certainly with gaining more and more respect from my peers. It’s amazing how even some of the leaders in my chosen field are asking MY opinion– and I can only hope that’s the tip of this year’s iceberg. Thanks for all the advice, Ramit!

  283. Michael

    Happy birthday Ramit. I have learned many things since I bought your book back in 2008.

    1. I have saved quite a few late fees from credit cards by using the script in your book.

    2. Learning to identify invisible scripts, its astounding how often we hear them. Its also interesting when I catch myself repeating the same scripts that I heard from one of my parents or a teacher and realizing that they are total bullshit. Thanks for opening my eyes to the game we all play with ourselves.

    3. How to automate my finances so they are paid every month and my money flows to where it is supposed to go without me thinking about it. I also have now made sub-accounts in my ING (now Capital one) savings account for different intermediate and long term goals.

    4. I hate negotiating and purchasing a car. I just bought a car using the website that you posted about in your blog. In the end found that enjoyed the process much more than I thought I would . I also knew I was getting the best deal I could, a couple thousand under invoice.

    Thank you for what you do and keep up the good work.

  284. Patti

    Hey Ramit, Happy b’day. Love your mom. Was thinking about you last week. I’m way over your target age group , had my own business, now “in transition” as my career has gone the way of obsolete. I find all your stuff valuable and have shared it with my younger friends. But last week, I was able to adopt the got-nothing-to-lose attitude and reach out to people for help on a personal issue, people in big places, way richer, more powerful, more together than I will ever be. But as I did it, you were on my mind because I knew that strength to get outside of myself and just do it came from you. They did help me in some amazing ways and I’m proud of ME for going out of my comfort zone on this one. Thanks, Ramit.

  285. Allavali

    Hi Rami…
    Many Many Happy Returns of the day… 🙂


  286. Ankur Verma

    Ramit, you are just fantastic. Have a great time on your birthday.. and especially enjoy your mother’s food!

    You techniques helped me become a top performer in my organisation and in the process of landing up a great offer..

  287. Ann

    Hi there and happy birthday!

    I’ve got 15k raise after watching your videos how to negotiate and to be self confident.
    I studied the list of mental barriers and forced myself to do the opposite every time I had negative
    self talk. I watched your videos over 3 months prior to my annual review. I applied the techniques at work and in my personal life everyday. “Let them say “no” first” was my motto. I had a mind set that I’d ask for 15k raise. When the day came to negotiate, my boss asked how much raise I wanted. I was so nervous to say and had following gazillion thoughts in my mind within 30 seconds: “I can’t ask for it,
    he’ll say no, I don’t want to look desperate, am I asking too much….” then, I thought I’d let him say “no” and asked for 15k raise. Guess what happened next? No questions were asked. The answer was “yes”.
    I was super nervous and was ready to justify my request, luckily there was no need for it.
    My boss said he believes in me and wants me to feel appreciated. That was his incentive for me to work harder. He got what he wanted: I’ve been working a lot. I got what I wanted as well and love my job, so I don’t mind working extra here and there. On the top of all, the extra work I do, does nothing but contributes in my personal and professional growth. So, thank you Ramit for your materials to make people’s lives better!

  288. M S

    Feliz Cumpleanos Ramit,

    Wishing a million more friends in the coming years. I admire your generosity, and the genuine passion towards your work.

    I have learned you’re guidance is truly at a higher plane. That you’re Inspirational is an understatement. You’re profoundly touching on an energy within the self so few of us even realize its there or let alone know how to tap into it.

    May your next 30 years continue to surround you with all that you seek.

    Much love to you !!!

  289. Olga R

    Hi Ramit! Happy early Birthday!!!

    I started your program only 4 weeks ago, but it has already changed my life. I don’t know where all the confidence came from, but it did! I have been following your advice and already got amazing results. The program was a great catalyst and pushed me to explore what is out there. I started reading books on the topics that you bring up in the modules, listening to podcasts, attending events, and meeting great people. I just came back from a networking event and four people asked me to email them my resume. Another person offered to help edit it. Incredible! Thank you so much for all your great advice! I am sure that I will be able to land a great offer soon.

    Enjoy your trip!

  290. Duke

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I have yet to get any results from your materials, but I’ve only recently started to take action. Although it isn’t directly one of your lessons, I’ve learned from you to take things slowly, have less expectations for the immediate future, and learn to play the long-game. It has given me a lot more confidence and motivation, knowing that I will eventually get there (likely faster than I can imagine), as long as I take the small steps now instead of waiting and dreaming for the big rewards right away.

  291. Dude

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    Your material has made me insist on earning what I deserve. And people are more than happy to pay. Thanks for instilling that value in me

  292. Tenisd

    I started to manage my money so much better and almost have payed off all the debt 🙂 So thank You Ramit and happy birthday 🙂

  293. Akash

    Happy birthday, Sir!
    32 already? So it’s already 2 years I’m avidly reading your peregrinations through life?

    Thanks to your free stuff (I’m of Indian origin like you, ha!), I’ve been able to:
    – start working out every day – even when I was sick – it’s now an overpowering habit
    – eat better
    – sleep better
    – dealing with negative creeps without emotionally exhausting myself
    – focussing on my priorities.

    Keep it going!

  294. Alwin

    Happy bd Ramit,

    Your book turnd my live around.
    I went from barley surviving with my last job to tripleing my salary.
    I payed of my depths start to save up to start another buisness hope that Will be next year.
    Using skills that i know already to get a seccond income to pay my bills.
    It wont stop here still have many ideas to Go to.

  295. Stuart

    Happy Birthday.

    I have not bought any of your courses, but I have used some of the ideas you publish on the blog. Thank you for that.

    I think the most important one happened at the end of 2013. I am self employed and I work in marketing. I was trying to find the “system” that would enable me to easily and reliably grow my client base. I had tried a number of different approaches (cold emails, space ads in 2 newspapers, classified ads, social media, pay per click and SEO) and just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. With hindsight, I think it relates to the mindset of my target audience – I live on a fairly small island and actually they mostly do business with people they already know, because they know everyone, just not me…

    The idea behind earn 1k – as in, would life improve if you just earned 1k per month rather than trying to earn 100k and failing – really resonated with me. So instead I focused on just trying to meet enough people that I could add 1 new client per month. Now at the end of June, I still don’t have the system I was looking for, but I have 6 new clients and my invoicing is up by almost 2,000 euros per month.

    Thank you very much!

  296. Lena

    Happy Birthday Ramit 🙂

    I did Earn1K and I learned a lot! Above all I think I made the first decisions about my online business – what I wanted to do, my target market, … – I learned what to focus on and also that it was possible to do this because you were the first person who convinced me to buy something online without sounding bad – I love your copy 🙂

    Lots of love and thanks a lot!

  297. Vaibhav

    Happy Birthday. I’m sure you have inspired many people like me but your blog has been a game changer in my life.
    From understanding the psychology of taking decisions, conducting oneself, setting systems, organising tasks, running an enterpreneurial business, the importance of doing things timely, to writing clever funny witty blogs and much much more, IWT has really enriched my life. You are one of the few who genuinely cares about creating value and not taking it.
    All the revenue that you generate running IWT and its success must be great but looking at the comments above, how you’ve improved the life of so many of us is truly invaluable and is what you will keep with you lifelong.
    Thanks for being a serious positive inspiration in my life; at such an early age you have achieved a lot, wish you all the success and prosperity in future.
    Keep writing and all the best for marriage, trust me its more than worth it!

  298. Mike

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I recently landed my dreamjob, using the briefcase technique, putting in 80% of the effort outside the interviews plus of course using competence triggers!

    PS. I didn´t have the right education and I had less branch experience than the colleagues. Despite that, thanks to your help I am one of the highest payed in the team now. DS.

  299. Anadrag

    Happy birthday! You helped me gain confidence and negotiate in a masterful way, so I managed to get what is more than a double of the average salary for my job in my country, but the best part is that I also got an incredibly flexible working time so I can be with my kid and enjoy life 🙂 How great is that? I love ya!

  300. carlo

    i’ve started reading your materials some months ago, some days prior to my negotiations with my employers. i’ve studied, prepared myself and I asked for a raise with confidence.
    I was ready to negotiate with both (i work two jobs) but in the end it went much smoother than I expected.

    I’m already thinking about the next steps and the next review: i’m going for consecutive raises every year.
    Thanks for giving me the extra push that I lacked, and the guidelines to manage the negotiations.

    32? man, you’re younger than me… talk about humbling…

  301. Arthur McCormack

    Dear Mr. Sethi,

    First and foremost I wish you an early Happy Birthday, as well as congratulations on your ever increasing success. At the tender age of 32 you have accomplished much in the business arena, and I can only presume that this is true also in other areas of your life, even if not yet in marriage – to your mother’s dismay?

    I recall once a blog post you wrote about what people viewed as being successful – the details of the post I cannot recall – but what I do remember was how you succinctly you observed the self-centered nature of most all respondents, and how they missed the point considering the needs and wants of others as the path to success.

    That observation proportioned me an epiphany about achieving personal success through serving others.

    I have long known that my forte lies in providing service to others, but I had become despondent about achieving any degree of financial success by this means.

    Yet, your observation suggested to me that maybe, just maybe, there was a way to be of service and still make a good living – you renewed my hopes and that was the impetus to renew my search for a financially fulfilling career in service of others.

    Well…thank you.

    As a result of that epiphany, I resolved to open my eyes and ears to opportunity. As such, I happened across an interview on NPR a few months ago portraying the resurgence of butling.

    I am happy to share that, come September, I will be heading off to the Netherlands where I will immerse myself in learning this noble profession…I have not felt this level of excitement for anything in my professional career for as long as I can recall.

    Again, may your birthday be joyous and may you enjoy many more years of health, happiness and prosperity.

    Yours in appreciation,

    Art McCormack

  302. Rory O'K

    I’ve gone from 0 to a fully automated savings and investments plan, as well as starting my own business. Life changing stuff. Can’t say better than that. Thank you Ramit!

  303. Hazel Hardie

    All the best people have their birthdays on June 30th! I’ll turn 34 next Monday, which sounds really old when you’re 18, but I’m just starting to realise how much fun being in your 30s is – and it’s all thanks to you and your positive attitude!

    Keep up with the great work, you’re an inspiration to me and thousands of others.

    All best wishes,


  304. Robert

    Hey Ramit,

    hope you’re having a great bday. For your mom’s sake I hope you meet a nice gal too 😉

    I’ve done the dreamjob 2.0 course and was able to land my dreamjob as a data analyst for a gaming company (in a different continent speaking a different language)… the most valuable material for me was the: 1) Email scripts 2) Marketing Materials and 3) Interview Prep ( i had 25 interview questions prepared and was able to answer every non-technical question 110%)

    Thanks Ramit. Keep up the great work!

    Sincerely, Robert

  305. Rashina

    Hi Ramit,

    Although I’m currently a student and don’t necessarily have a full time job to speak of, reading your posts have inspired me to believe in myself when no one else will. Although there are clearly countless problems that professionals face on a day to day basis leading them to underestimate their own professional value, I think that university can also be a pretty tough experience, particularly when you’re surrounded by people that all want to do well and are likely to belittle what you can achieve as a result (I have found that this primarily occurs amongst people that don’t value themselves enough either). It can be difficult to believe in one’s self and have people try to tread over you for that very reason, and reading your articles has really confirmed to me that I have reason to believe in my dreams and has convinced me of the power of words as a highly persuasive tool. I thank you for that, because I believe it’s something that every young, ambitious undergraduate should be aware of and it’s certainly changed my outlook.
    I also think that your bold, no-nonsense approach has, in itself, been a demonstration to me that being yourself and trusting that you will be good enough is an important thing in our society.

    Thank you for everything.

  306. Farvin Kadir

    Happy birthday, Ramit.

    First of all, thank you. Yes, you did change my life when I stumbled upon your site in November 2013.

    During that time (Nov 2013), I was still in my ‘delusional phase’ as I have just graduated in June that year. Got a job in October with a sub-par salary. So, what do most fresh-grads do? Yes. I did it too – I was looking for quick ways to make money. As a 25-year old man, I kept on searching for tactics to achieve that ‘dream’.

    Then, I found your site.

    As sceptic as I was, your site still intrigued me. So, I signed up to your newsletter. I noticed something different about this random Indian guy I found on the Internet – you are not like the others.

    Fast forward to today, as one of your Zero To Launch students, you made me think differently about everything. You made me start. You changed my perception on starting a business. You changed the way I look at money. From wantrepreneur, I am slowly changing that to entrepreneur (At least, I see it progressing that way) You taught me about trusting in a ‘system’ and be methodical. By the way, ZTL is the first personal investment I have made.

    I have not found a person on the internet that is as honest as you are.

    Although slowly, you really changed my life, specifically: my mindset and attitude.

    Again, I want to personally wish you a happy birthday and thanks for being my ‘virtual’ mentor. 🙂

  307. Sven

    Hi Ramit, Happy Birthday!
    Although I do not live in America, your advice is very much useful across the globe (as you can read from other responses). I’ve used your free tips to negotiate a raise and help me organise my finances. Love your video’s and used them a lot.

    Thank you very much Ramit and keep up the good work!

  308. Lola

    Hi Ramit, Happy Birtday!
    You helped me find the courage to start my own business on the side.

    Thank you

  309. Kate

    I’ve used the briefcase technique to get jobs (and come second in others… Never mind! It’s all experience).

    I ask myself constantly ‘What is the real reason I’m not doing / doing X?’. What is the script? I love the concept of scripts, I studied these in sociolinguistics when I was younger. Your material makes great use of them (understatement).

    ‘Make habits, practice planning, practice focus’ is a mantra I use and apply.

    ‘Get three things done’ – narrow down the priorities – and have an accountability partner.

    When you want to contact a VIP have a point and think about what you are offering them. Also, make your emails very clear.

    Negotiate on your credit card and bills etc. When I came to your work I already had negotiating for your work conditions down (volunteered with a union for 7 years) but I never thought of negotiating in my personal life much.

    Probably the biggest change though has been the realization of very basic marketing – to sell a product you need to solve a problem that a client has, who can pay you – and the realization I was severely undervaluing my own skill set and that I could and should be charging for my services in a completely different way. This has had a flow on effect to my confidence, as I realize I’ve got plenty of great skills and they are worth every dollar and more to a good client!

    So a huge thank you and happy birthday Ramit!

  310. Sagar

    Since my inbox is consistently updated with ur emails, I treat u as a close friend. So first of all, wish u a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY buddy..
    I read ur emails about 50% of the time. I also trust u and ur piece of knowledge. But I regret to say I have not utilized much of it. I have confidence that my inbox is filled with great material. So that makes me feel secure 😛
    So thanks Ramit. Its up to me now to take action. You have done 100%

  311. Di

    Happy Birthday, I hope you had a fun one. Get married with you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t rush it. I told both of my kids that marriage can wait – enjoy life first.

    BTW, marriage and kids can be a big money drain, LOL.

  312. Jonathan

    In short, IWT has taught me to switch from worrying about my money to thinking about my money. That minor turn of the dial has made all the difference. I jumped on the IWT bandwagon when LifeHacker featured the book. Back then my credit score was 501. Just got a letter in the mail it is up to 708. Thank you, Ramit. And happy birthday.

  313. Meredith

    Applying your e-mail scripts has made me a more effective and efficient communicator; I will be sharing your tips with international grad students at the university where I work, to help them realize the value of scripts in all areas of life. I’ve also stopped stressing over a $3 cup of coffee or other daily ‘luxury’ expenses, realizing that focusing on finding ways to make more money is a MUCH more enjoyable way to live than sweating every dollar I spend. I’m also aiming higher and validating my own dreams as legitimate much more than I ever have. Thanks, Ramit! And happy birthday!

  314. Austin

    I made contact with a VIP in my field and am now exchanging emails. We’ll see where it goes.

  315. Kory

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    I bought your IWT book and immediately read it and put it into action. Because of you, I don’t worry about my day-to-day finances because they are automated. It has made my life so much better. I have more time to spend with my wife and two children, and we have the process in place to be able to go on a vacation every year, which was my wife’s goal. Thank you, Ramit!

  316. Stephen

    Happy birthday dude

    I’m a DJ and ZTL student but haven’t (properly) applied things, and yet with my recent job search I kept feeling like you were standing there saying “get more”. End result, a 30% rise over my current salary in gross terms, more when you look at the extra days holidays, or the yearly bonus, or the extra perks.

  317. Eleanor

    Happy Birthday!

    I am due to graduate in a few weeks and I am very lucky to be in a position where I don’t need a job straight away so I have been using your email scripts etc, to gain work experience and find out what is out there rather than applying for any old job. It’s not a huge life-changing thing yet but I am confident that this way I will find the right position for me, and if it weren’t for your blog I probably wouldn’t have the guts to be voluntarily unemployed!

  318. Will

    I negotiated working from home full time when my child was born. I now get to see him throughout the day and haven’t missed a single milestone. Being able to do this is worth more than any raise of salary, but I also was able to get that and have paid off all my debts and set up a strong financial platform. All motivated by IWT. Thank you.

  319. Black and Blue Man

    IWT continues to give me hope and food for thought about various aspects of life. I admire what Ramit has achieved and continues to achieve, and I hope he keeps on succeeding.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! 🙂

  320. The Anti-Conversation

    It’s hard to count the ways in which IWT has changed my life. In fact, it’s hard to think of one way. Hold on, let me do some deep mental digging…

    Ok, I’m back. Man, some of things lying around in my head are scary. Like, why would I think dangling my privates over a functioning sausage grinder was fun. I don’t remember it well, but, wow, yeah.

    Oh, how has IWT changed my life. I did find a couple of things. One) I feel freer to do the things I want when I want to do them when I’m not thinking of other things to do, things that I don’t want to do so much, but still like to do on occasion when I’m not doing other things I really want to do. And I have the money.

    Two) girls are WAAAAY more attracted to me when I tell them I’m friends with Ramit[1]. I mean, they’re like, “totally!” and I’m like, “hell yeah!” and they’re like, “let’s get married,” and I’m like, “what?” I have to swim through a sea of women every day just to get to my car to go to work. It’s absolutely crazy. Thanks IWT!

    Finally, three) I feel less tolerant of bad marketers. I mean, who else can take the words I use to describe problems I think I’m being told I have and use them to sell me an expensive course? I’ll buy that damn course and I’ll love it. And if I don’t love it, well, there’s probably something wrong with me. There is. I’m a sucker.

    Now I’m depressed. I think I’ll dig a whole, jump in, and hope someone comes along and fills it back up. But hey man, happy fucking birthday!!

    [1] I’m not actually friends with Ramit. I typed in a question once in the one of those live webinar sales pitch things and he read it. So I feel closer to him than most. So me telling girls I’m “friends” with Ramit is just a little white lie that don’t hurt no one. I think.

  321. gisella

    First things that come to my mind:
    1. learning to be patient – trusting the system instead of needing tiny daily rewards while losing the big picture in the meantime.
    2. joining a program with a personal trainer (that I had never considered doing) to help me reach my fitness goals.
    And so far, I’m really satisfied!

  322. Shea Jackson

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy early birthday!

    I wanted to say thank you for helping me to feel empowered with money management — so much so that I was able (at 24) to pack up and relocate across the country to NYC.

    You even welcomed me on Instagram! See, you do have a heart 😉

    I’ve taken Success Triggers and been inspired to read The Power of Habit based on your love of BJ Fogg. Early morning gym time is my next goal — working on it now. Slowly but surely. It’s a keystone habit that will greatly improve the quality of my life & health (more sleep!, more freedom for fun stuff after work, less guilt clouding my head space).

    Thank you for the book that made reading about personal finance enjoyable. And has made me 90% more financially responsible than my counterparts. Roth IRA – check. 401k contribution – check. No credit card debt – check. Credit score: 759 – check (and though that one pesky point away from an A+ kills me I just had my cards double my limits again! Thx IWT).

    When your parents aren’t good at something you want to be good at, you have to find your own mentors. I’ve found that in you.

    If you’re ever in West Village I would love to treat you to Jack’s Stir Brew (10 Downing). It’s really good even if you don’t go with me. Good people, good vibes.

    ALSO: Saw Marie Forleo on 7th Street about two months after moving here. I found your site through a MarieTV episode where she interviewed you.

    Life is really good these days.

    ENJOY YOUR TRIP — conscious spending at it’s finest!

    All my best with love,

  323. R

    While battling some tough personal circumstances, I used a lot of the free material on your website to reframe my professional narrative, reposition myself and find a great job despite not being the most obvious candidate – now almost two years later, I am kickin’ it at work.

    I bought some courses which helped in focusing what I want that helped open my mind to other possibilities outside what is a very specialised profession. WHen the time comes, I will be ready and confident to take my life in another direction.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

  324. Zach

    Ramit, your material has helped me kill my finances and rock my career for most of my twenties.

    * Coming out of college, I used your book to set up a solid foundation for my finances, pay off student loans, and save $100K+ in my Vanguard account. Even better, I’ve given away more than a dozen copies to friends who are curious about how to handle their money better.

    * Used your free negotiation material to negotiate a 32% raise with the president of my company. Even better, this higher wage level carried through to my next job, so I’ve been “reset” to a higher salary tier for the course of my career.

    * Used your free Dream Job material to get a new job position created for me, doing the work that I wanted to do instead of the default, less-exciting work that was handed to me.

    * When it was time to make a big change, I bought your Dream Job course and used Natural Networking to get an interview at an AMAZING startup within two weeks. When I interviewed, I killed it because I’d already spent 2+ hours over coffee asking detailed questions to both their sales director and product manager…and then had my friend at BCG drill me for 8+ hours to polish my interviewing skills. When I got the offer, I used your negotiation material with the COO and got the salary I wanted, plus equity.


  325. N

    Happy birthday!!!

    This is kinda embarrassing but after finding your website, I did something I have put off for almost 9 years. I went to see my dentist. It sounds so simple but my fear kept me back for so long. Your tough love approach got my butt moving and it was such a huge weight off my shoulders. And it wasn’t even as bad as I thought it would be. I also finished my resume (after procrastinating for 2 years) and started applying for jobs that same afternoon.

    Hope you have an awesome birthday. 🙂

  326. sonia simoes

    I’ve been following your blog for at least 6 years. When I turned 30, I made it a priority to manage my finances like the grown up person I was. But everything about finances beyond a basic checking account seemed daunting. Suze Orman was good, but I always felt like she was shrieking at me. The only advice my parents had was “Save your money!” You seemed like a peer that could trust and spoke a language I could understand. I started with little steps: paying down my debt, opening a retirement account and automating my savings. I pre-ordered your book and still recommend it to everyone who asks me about money. I recommend your blog to everyone that asks me about starting a business or negotiating a raise or looking for a new job. I look at decisions in terms of “big wins”

    In the intervening years, I moved from housesitting and temping to getting married, starting a small business with my husband, and ultimately moving to NYC and, definitely helped by tips from your videos and articles about “Landing Your Dream Job,” getting a great job that I love here.

    There’s SO MUCH information out there, but it’s impossible to know whom to trust. Your information is clear, smart and salient. I have no doubt it’s worth every penny. Getting my finances under control and learning how to negotiate has ultimately given me greater confidence in life and a better life. Thanks for being the Indian big brother that I needed. Happy birthday x 1000.

  327. Seth

    1. Earn more, don’t just cut spending.
    2. Focus on big wins.
    3. There are games being played all around you (e.g. negotiations, interviewing). Learn the rules & get in the game.

    Thank you, and Happy Birthday-

  328. Seth

    thought of a couple more:
    4. Look for and implement systems. Our family now has a “vacation checklist” that is a written list of things to do before we go out of town on a trip (e.g. return library books, clean out car, rent dvds for kids). Some “systems” like this are so simple, but so helpful.
    5. Consider high & low competence triggers. Love this idea. Had a work meeting this week with a new partner and got some new work clothes beforehand so I’d send a positive signal. Helped boost my confidence, too.

  329. Danny

    Hey Ramit,


    I’ve used your teaching and techniques for years now. Starting from control of my budget, automating my finances, interview techniques, salary negotiation and more recently Zero To Launch. (That last one is building slowly)

    But the most helpful your teachings has ever been was the first summer I read and applied the teachings from your book. I was the weird grandchild reading and highlighting your book at the family reunion. I was enthralled. I made notes of everything that I needed to do and within 2-3 months I had applied all that I could. I no longer have college debt, credit card debt and I now own a sweet car that i use to take my friends and I skiing.

    Some time ago I met one of the most interlligent, driven and beautiful woman I’ve ever come across. It was right the new year and we were talking about our resolutions. One of mine was to read a book that has positively affected someone I knew or a recommendation from a mentor. After I got her recommendation she asked me for mine. I told her it was I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I assured her that I am a personal finance geek and it’s ok. I gave her a quick list of stories and accomplishments that I made with the help of your book and she appeared enthralled.

    Shortly after, she told me that she was moving away. I immediately made her a heart-felt care package for her move that included your book. (My personal notes, post-its and all) We kept in touch for months after and our relationship steadily grew. She tells me all the time that having the book is like peering into my mind and how I think about the world now. I think about the future and consequences of my actions and how to best make my next steps. I think she’s a fan of yours now too.

    To round it up. Even though we live 5 hours apart we make it a point to see each other as often as we can. And soon I’ll surprise her with the move I will make near her thanks to the new job i negotiated for using your Brief Case technique.

    Thank you again for every piece of advice, email and class. It truly helped me turn my life into one I want.


    TL;DR – I gave your book as a gift to a girl and she became my girlfriend because of it.

  330. Will

    Hey Ramit – Happy birthday!

    – I have used your free material to help my wife and four friends prepare for and kill interviews using tactics from the briefcase technique and especially the how to negotiate section of your site. They have all gotten promotions or new jobs with 5 – 15% in salary increases.

    – I have used your free material to automate my finances, dig myself out of a huge (30k) amount of debt, and invest stress free. Five years ago I couldn’t imagine having any savings and now I have a six month emergency fund and a quickly growing retirement fund. I even spend consciously so I never feel deprived and I’m not bleeding cash on stuff I don’t care about. Using your negotiation material (again) I have saved myself thousands in fees and random rate hikes. I even refinanced my home and cut 15 years off of the life of the loan saving 200k in interest over the life of the loan before you even factor in the 3% rate reduction from 6.25 to 3.25 I negotiated. To top it off I found some fine print that resulted in a free premium checking account with interest at the bank we refi’ed with. I ended up negotiating hard with the buyer and ended up making a 70k profit on the house when we sold it in January.

    – The crowning achievement has happened 8/13 – 11/13. I was approached by a huge silicon valley company and used your interview, negotiating, and briefcase techniques (most of the work is done before you ever set foot in the room was CONSTANTLY in my mind…) to pass 5 rounds of screening and phone interviews, ace the onsite interviews, and have the recruiters and hiring manager begging to know what they could do to make it work out when they offered me the job and the first offer was low. I negotiated a 30% salary increase over my current job, a lucrative sign-on bonus, some additional time for relocation, and a stock package that is too good to be true. The craziest thing is that I never even applied. I used your resume improving techniques to customize a series of resumes specifically customized to the jobs I was going to apply for and immediately got hits from some of the biggest tech companies in silicon valley begging me to interview. I even found ways during the phone screenings and interviews to find out exactly what they were looking for and paired that information with notes I took during the phone interviews to prepare. I was more than ready for everything that came my way when I was onsite.

    If I hadn’t started reading your site I’d still be one of those guys saying that the lucky rich people who go to the Stanfords, Harvards, and MITs of the world are the ones who get these insane offers and tons of money thrown at them to get them in the door. I’d also be sitting and planning myself right out of doing anything and making excuses as to why it is someone else’s fault or that’s just the way of the world.

    Thanks so much for convincing me that nothing was stopping me from being more successful but me. If you’d like to discuss any of this in more detail I’d be glad to talk what specific techniques I used and how I applied them.

    Your material helped me totally transform my life. I can’t overstate how much impact you have had on me.

  331. Colby

    The biggest impact has come from your advice on deliberate planning. In just the past three months, I’ve used your framework to get these three wins:

    (1) Swim 4+ times per week, which probably exceeds the number of times I’ve exercised overall since graduating high school.

    (2) Earn a promotion along with a 30% raise.

    (3) Hang out strangers through meet-ups and closing the loop with interesting folks.

  332. laughingMouse

    You have given me the belief that if and when I am ready to go freelance, that I can nearly guarantee my success using your principles! It will be much less scary than before I found your material.

  333. Wayne

    I got fired.

    Felt sorry for myself for a day; then started looking for opportunities. Found one a 13 hour drive from home, much better than anything around here.

    Will soon move, along with teenage children. My family has commented that this isn’t like me, it’s a risk and I’m quite risk adverse.

    Found a good job, will likely earn a 6 figure raise. (Based on performance, not salary like my old job.)

    Build good habits, be willing to work and take risks; I’m excited for my future.

  334. Deidre

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You have taught me that when I’m told that things are set in stone, they really are… stone that I can form and fashion any way I like, if I so choose to embrace the challenge! Thanks so much.

  335. Akira

    Your interview with BJ Fogg inspired me to take the following route rather than my usual route of rushing and inevitably failing:

    I have some fitness goals which include being able to do: one-arm pullups, handstand pushups, and pistol squats. But rather than go to the gym for two hours a day, I workout at home for 20 minutes a day so that I’ll actually do every workout (and enjoy it). Even if it takes me two years to get to my goals, I’ll actually get there now!

    Thanks, Ramit, and happy birthday!

  336. Thomas

    Happy early birthday Ramit! You have accomplished a considerable amount for someone turning 32 and I hope to say the same for myself when the time comes. I was first introduced to your material at a small real estate seminar in which Sharran Srivatsaa discussed personal finances for realtors. At the end of the seminar he awarded those who asked questions with a copy of your book. I started reading it that night and I’ve been reading your other material ever since. As an accounting and finance major I am familiar with a lot of the personal finance material, but the productivity and execution are where I have trouble. I always found myself a few days late to enter your programs, so when ZTL came along I jumped on it. I’m not proud of the effort I put into the program, but the lifetime membership will allow me to really get after it when the time is right. Something I plan to start later this year. Another attraction of purchasing ZTL was the fact that I get the Finisher’s Formula free at the end of the course. I know it’s ass backwards and ironic, but I want to complete the FF curriculum before starting in on ZTL. There’s nothing specific here about how you’ve helped me, but I want you to know that you are in the process of helping me and I appreciate all your hard work. When I contact you later this year I will have a much better success story to tell. Thank you and enjoy the birthday festivities.

  337. Scott Welch

    Happy birthday!

    There’s many things I’ve learned from IWT, but the biggest right now has to “getting inside your client’s head.” In my case, these are my boss and the executives of my company. This one little nugget can be quite difficult to figure out, but the rewards are tremendous. When you have your COO call a meeting and mention how much your work has been noticed and what you see as your future in the company, you know you’re on the right path.

  338. Gina

    It has changed my life in so many ways…I’ve followed his advice which has led to some great lessons, new connections, and pretty cool experiences. Just to list a few…

    Gained experienced in fashion marketing/PR simply by reaching out via email (with the help of his 50 email scripts) to a start-up now being documented by CBS

    Natural networked my way into shadowing a professional clothing stylist as well as getting offers for two paying gigs (with no real experience). The shadowing was beyond eye-opening as the stylist shattered a number of myths such as working as a freelance fashion stylist means you have unstable income (She’s only been out of work once and it was only for about a month in the last 20 years…what recession. She also lives in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boston) For anyone thinking it’s a shallow industry…my shadowing was helping her pick clothing for a chorus of blind students performing with Sly and the Family Stone for a 70’s themed gala.

    During the midst of an “Is this freaking crazy” moment to pursue this career, I reached out to the author of what is known as the stylist career “bible”. I would have never done before reading his advice. I told her a little about myself as well as how much i’m enjoying the guide. I also asked is my decision crazy for my age. She responded back almost within an hour. Her response to paraphrase a pretty lengthy email was “Absolutely not. Work the plan and it will work out.” She’s an expert (she owned an agency for stylist who worked with a number of celebrities) and her response killed any doubt and credibility my naysayers thought they had.

    Networking is now actually natural. Almost reflexive. I reach out to authors and those in the industry fearlessly but prepared. Utilizing the information in dream job, I found myself on a call with an Account Executive at one of the top PR, Marketing, and Advertising agencies in the world. At the end of the call he requested my resume to forward along. I also, was directed away from working for an agency. He was “impressed” by research. The following week had a call with a former communications manager of one of my dream job companies, who again requested my resume and offered awesome advice.

    Thanks Ramit for offering advice that enabled me to move past fears, false perceptions, and naysayers. Honestly, knowing that people really want to help those putting forth effort has been pretty life changing as it’s opened up a world of opportunities.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  339. marko

    I stopped being a latte saver, I stopped counting pennies and losing dollars.

    I started several new bussines, the most of them have failed, but now i dont wait for the perfect timming, I ve become an action man… my life is full of new experiences. and eventually someday my rate of succesfull projects will be amazing.

    Thanks and happy Brithday

  340. Emily

    Ramit, HBD! I use IWT principles in so many areas of my life these days. Do the deep research up front, understand your audience, systematize your productive efforts, think about the OTHER person and add some freaking value to them before you go around asking for things. Over this past year, I particularly used this advice in writing a few choice applications, and bam! IWT totally helped me get a Fulbright Scholarship! I have dropped my corporate gig and leave the country in a week. SO INCREDIBLY PUMPED and so glad to have IWT influence my life. 🙂 Thanks for being awesome.

  341. Matt

    I’ve doubled by salary in the past 4 years using your techniques and Productivity pack. I’ve also got a huge jump start on retirement thanks to your book. I can’t thank you enough.

  342. Anshu

    As a new business owner is a field totally unrelated to my field of education and day job, I was overwhelmed with advice and things to do. I kept reading random articles on internet and tinkering here and there not really knowing what I was doing. However, I came across Ramit’s advice of “Find 3 paying clients” Not 1, not 2, not 10 – but 3. It was so striaghtforward and specific that I could narrow down my focus and do it within a couple of months ( yes that’s what it took). It felt great to have someone pay something for my ‘hobby’ something that I would happily do for free. Fast forward two years – I’m close to selling my 500th items. I have followed many of Ramit’s suggestions along the way – I have tested and tested my sales pitches and now have multiple email scripts that have great conversion rates. I also followed his advice of just buying the book someone trusted recommends. I have read many of the books that Ramit has recommended and some of them immediately paid for themselves ( eg. Roger Dawson’s book on Power negotiation).

  343. Amit

    Ramit has helped me get off debt, and organize my finance. I was always terrible with money and my parents never taught me the value of money.
    Ramit has also helped me open my own bartending business.

  344. Satya

    Happy birthday! I’ve purchased several of your courses, and happily so; the one little tip in your book to put my chunk of savings that I was too lazy to do anything about into a life cycle fund paid for them all. Hello, compound interest!

    Thanks to E1K, I started pulling in money from home, on my terms, while my kids napped. But furthermore, I learned how to test my assumptions and see new possibility everywhere.

    And with ZTL, I’m learning how to use my strengths in order to provide real value, and solve real problems for people in an enduring way — not just making a quick buck, but building a legacy. The feeling of knowing I can make a living for my family while doing so is incredible.

  345. Yousuf

    You helped me serve my employer better be learning to get in their heads.
    You helped me start a freelance business.
    You helped me improve my relation with my spiritual teacher by getting in his head and trying to do things for him before he asks me.
    THANK YOU!!!

  346. MaFer Cedeño

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Dear Ramit, I beliave the most impact I have got from you is to know that it’s posible to develop an extra job, well payed, from the skills I have.

    I didn’t believe someone outside a formal job would pay for any of my habilities.

    But your true, you just have to try, go there and be sure what are you offering.

    I also have payed debt, several times, and them got in debt again (sorry, it turns out that interest of credit card is arrown 25% but the inflation is over 60% so it’s worth it)

    Best wishes!!!!

  347. Nelson

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!

    I really hope you have an amazing birthday on monday and I want to thank you very much for all the hard work and smart work you put in helping your students.

    Man I know it isnt easy all the time, I know it’s been quite a journey for you but I’m pretty sure your family, your team and yourself included are really proud of what you have built over the years.

    What I have learned from you is to focus on big wins and create systems instead of paying attention things that don’t matter like the “tactical hell” you always mention.

    I have also learned that we have to take the time to create world class products that will pass the test of time and that are proven to provide results for our students/clientes/customers/etc.

    Thanks so much for holding this vision for yourself and for all of us that follow you closely.

    You have made a HUGE difference in thousends and thousends of people and you should be really proud.

    Have an amazing birthday and make sure you invite us all to your wedding haha.

  348. Kevin

    I’m always looking for new ways to think about money and aquire wealth. IWT has opened my mind to ideas that I could have never imagined. Thank you for all the info Ramit and Happy Birthday!

  349. SS

    You’ve helped me automate my finances, get rid of my student loan debt, and save more than $50K in retirement savings since 2009. Your courses have also helped me increase my productivity, become a top performer at work and increase my confidence.

  350. Josh

    Your material has helped me to go from wanting to take action to knowing how to take action to get control of my life and take it a direction I want. Priceless!

  351. harsh

    happy bday ramit………ur views and ideas have helped me change my vision…….cheers

  352. Nancy

    Hi Ramit,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work that you do. You have been instrumental in helping me reconstruct my inner psychology to work in my favor.

    The value that I have gotten the most of out of reading your material is how you talk about mindset and eliminating your limiting beliefs and getting out of your own way. I used to take whatever I could get in life, be that in work (I never once asked for a raise or negotiated my salary), dating, or friends. I’ve learned, thanks to you as well as some of my other mentors, that the underlying reason why I wasn’t getting as much of what I thought I deserved was because deep down inside, I didn’t think I really deserved it. I had so many insecurities governing everything I thought and did that were ingrained in me and I didn’t even know it. I grew up very much with a victim mentality and used to think that life just happened to me, and that life is supposed to be a struggle.

    That has changed so much. Your material had gotten me started on mastering my inner psychology. How the things I used to say to myself about how I couldn’t get or have or do something is really all just head trash. I’ve been doing lots of work on myself especially in these last two years and the biggest thing for me now that is a breakthrough is that I no longer dwell in a victim mindset. Now, if I say no to something, I especially make a point to say that I don’t want to do it, as opposed to how I used to say that I couldn’t. I think of ways to find solutions to problems instead of bitching and complaining about them. I no longer worry about what people think of me, if people don’t like the fact that I’m improving myself, I know that what it really means is that they’re really insecure in their own selves because the fact that I am trying to make progress in my life only highlights to them what they could be doing with their own lives if they just paid attention.

    Most of all, because I’m so much more confident now both in my own skin and what I do, people treat me a whole world differently. Negative comments no longer bother me, I politely brush them off and go about my business. If I ever underperform in some respect, I take full responsibility for it. I no longer make excuses for anything and instead make choices. You’re right, you inner psychology really does change when you start to look at things differently. And when you are confident in yourself, other people become confident in you too. Your outer world really is just a projection of your inner world.

    So thank you for not being another personal finance blogger. Thank you for drilling down to the basics of mindset instead of giving us tactics. Thank you for helping to challenge our thinking. And also, thank you for introducing me to Marie Forleo. That woman has changed my life as well.

    Happy happy birthday and many many more!

  353. Eric S. Mueller

    Your material got me to automate my finances. Even better, I opened a separate checking account for bills. Every paycheck, 1/26th of all my bills and subscriptions for the year goes into that account and all my bills get paid out of it. I either use web bill pay or have the check card for that account charged. I almost never have to think about my bills now.

    I’d been afraid to automate for years. In 1993, the Navy screwed my paycheck up and I didn’t get paid, but my car insurance came directly out of checking. I had to scramble to get the auto-pay stopped before it bottomed out my account which would have cost me some fees plus the canceling of my car insurance. Took me until about 2011 before I was willing to try it again.

  354. Kelli Law

    Because of emails, I could no longer go back to the same old boring life working for someone else. I started my company and although it has truly been an uphill battle simply because it took me so long to get the right team, I’ve finally been able to manage never thinking small again. I only surround myself with people whom I want to live like. My life has purpose and through my company I hope to make a little dent in the world and improve brands where I can because I think if you have to work for someone it might as well be an inspiring brand that has a purpose.

    PS. Happy upcoming Bday. I’m a June baby too….

  355. MiKO

    1. Revamped and condensed resume to 1 page.
    2. Paid off not so huge student loan. (Career change)
    3. Became more reasonable, calm and successful in negotiations.
    4. Asked for a raise and got it. (Retail)
    5. Interviewed for a tech job after not having done so in years.
    6. Not bothered by what other people are doing so much!
    7. Considered the leverage car buy.
    8. Asked to be paid for the project, vs hourly.
    9. Started a mastermind group for a small group of women.
    10. Returned to Blogging.
    11. Began Guest Blogging.
    12 Give of my skills without expecting something in return.
    13. Became more serious about finances.
    14. Treated myself after successes.
    15. Learned to negotiate like an Indian.
    16. Learned to laugh more at your jokes.

    I must be honest, some of these things are endorsed by others, as well.
    But IWT was the first book that I read that helped me to follow you and others.

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Ramit!

  356. st

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    I signed up for your newsletter ~2 years ago as apart of my Denny-Hatching (read “business-stalking” ) Strategy and even bought a random $100 booklet during a sales process checkout. At the time i was investigating tons of online businesses in various industries looking for common patterns & yours was 1 among ~250.

    Right off the bat, the sign-up bonuses you gave were miles ahead of most of those businesses. In fact the only ones to beat you were Jay Abraham & a couple of copywriting Gary’s (from my p.o.v). Over the years I’ve come to trust your word and might actually qualify as one of your biggest business stalkers.

    The 3 things I’m most thankful to you for are:

    1. BJ Fogg & Derek Sivers – incredible finds in your sign-up bonus. There’s a road i’ve wanted to take all my life – but was unsure about how to break through the walls. With BJ Fogg’s material i’ve tiny-habitted my way through some challenging goals and am now snowballing ahead. Sivers’ book notes are way smarter than mine – i use his as a ready reference all the time.

    2. Constantly tightening method & material for optimal, measurable change – or mastering the outcome based approach. I’m a big-data geek but since I can’t afford most of the useful big data tools – i learn’t how to build my own algos using open source material. That coupled with actual work increased demands on my time which left me in a catch 22. Without the extensive exploratory research I wasn’t delivering juicy results to my clients, but with the research I had little time left for clients. I’ve studied your method & material extensively to continually tighten my own approach to outcome based problem solving.

    3. Pushing the limits on networking. I’m prone to NOT getting it right most of the time. Day one i’m be super confident & owning up my authentic self. Day three, i’ll over analyse the hell out of the situation. Anything that can be deleted – tweet, post, update – will be deleted. Day five, my defences are up in the stratosphere. Day seven, i’m back to owning my authentic self. It’s a cyclical comedy. But at least i’ve started putting myself in tougher situations. Like writing to people or striking up conversations with new people. I’m still a bit green at this. But I’m tiny-habiting my way through it.

    So far i’ve only used your free material. Its not that I’m ungrateful for your work, its just that I’ve been investing in other material that’s more immediately applicable to my business. But you are on my October wish list and am looking forward to buying at least 2-3 mid value courses from you then.

    Thanks again for sharing so much of your business acuity for free.

    Happy b’day.

    P.S : Please also share strategies on master fencing the marriage pressure. And yes, all moms are like this. Wait till it gets to the point where watching news about a missing airplane triggers the “well at least they have each other” discussion. Now you know she really means business.

  357. Sherly

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday! I hope your mom can see that even without a wife yet, her son is loved by many people he helped throughout the years.

    Since I first start receiving your e-mail, your thoughts inspire me to do more with my life. Your book is not just an eye opener but also helped me to see beyond just today.

    I used the tips in the book to start paying down my credit card debt and so far I paid off two credit cards out of 4 total and close it down (newer credit cards). I also automated contribution into savings account no matter how small. Then I also take a look back into investment account and had planned to learn some more in investing my money (taking some investing classes provided free by the financial institution).

    Most of all is the psychological impact from reading your materials even the free ones. You make me see that there is more to life that is worth fighting for than just following the daily mundane routine. I love reading your e-mails because they make me think and inspire me to do more, make changes in my life no matter how small to live better, healthier, and happier.

    Therefore, Ramit, I wish you a very happy birthday. You are the most talented, smart, funny, and inspiring person I’ve ever known.

    Thank you for all the materials, they do make a difference in my life.

  358. AC

    I was offered a raise last week so I asked for more, stating the value I brought. THEY countered their original offer with a lot more (an additional 8k) without even asking me to counter. Obviously my value was there as they definitely added a premium in their counter.

  359. Andrew

    Took your course and took action, continuing to do so. Stopped “shoulding” all over myself and moved forward with creating an email list, creating an article per week, helping those who are also interested in my niche. It’s slow, since it’s a small niche and I feel like I’m learning to ride a bike again, but the wheels are spinning and I’m noticing other areas where I can apply what I’ve learned. Thank you Ramit, Happy birthday!


    P.S. I didn’t get married until I was 38 and now have a wonderful family, so you still have a little time if you use my life as a yardstick, but I don’t think I’d mention that to your mom…

  360. Paul

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    I am taking your success triggers course. Used your from D to C technique to try a self hypnosis course to loose weight. I’ve lost 15 lbs so far with no particular effort. Used your brutal honesty technique to change how I was working for my lawyer exams – this took me from freaking out that I wouldn’t get anything done to passing them all.

  361. Tom

    Hey Ramit, early happy birthday! You’ve helped me automate my finances and given permission enjoy $3 lattes whenever I want. I appreciate that. Your book has become my default gift to anyone graduating high school or college (even friends abroad) because no one else is teaching young people about money the way you are. FYDJ helped me land a fulfilling job with a leading environmental conservation group in the country as their unanimous top choice and on track to secure up to 50% more salary by next year than my previous job. This Mexican pizza is for you man, cheers!

  362. John Garvens

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Keep fighting the good fight against your mother’s matrimonial references.

    I automated my personal finances, started a side business as a digital marketing consultant, and landed a sweet job at an awesome company. Plus, people in my network continue to reach out to me with new opportunities. In short, life is awesome.

  363. Megan Goodell

    Your materials have inspired me to really get my fiscal s*** together! Being a woman in her early 20s, I wasn’t that financially literate and had no clue where to start with making smart investments or how to make a game plan for paying off debt. After reading IWT I was able to set out my budget for the next year and finally have actual dates in mind for when I will have my debts paid off. It’s great to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂 Thanks, Ramit! Happy birthday.

  364. Nir Chezrony

    Happy Birthday!

    Your material has helped me in so many ways. Let me start with the quantitative gains: Negotiated a $5000 raise, started a $1k/month side business, automated my finances to save $750 a month, and negotiated down my cable bill for $30/month savings.

    As far as qualitative gains: helped me stop pursuing bad ideas, focus on what works, help me get in to people’s heads, not fear imperfection, have confidence in my product/services, see my own growing value over time, made me see what makes a valuable friend/acquaintance, and gave me a method to make myself more productive and accountable.

    Now that I’ve sat down to write this all out, it’s made me realize how much growth I’ve undergone since starting to read your blog and buy your products. Thanks Ramit, you are a life-changer.

  365. Michelle

    Happy Birthday Weekend, Ramit!

    Over the years that I’ve been following your blog, reading your newsletters / book and signing up for a couple of your programs, my life has definitely taken on a different trajectory. Thanks to you, I’ve begun taking a more systematic approach to analyzing my business, my money, my habits, and how I go about doing things in general. I’ve also begun to redefine what it means for me to have a rich life and to be successful. You’ve given me the courage to seek help, reach out to others and try try try, just to see what works.

    You’re a life- and game-changer, Ramit, and I’m so happy to call you my surrogate Asian father. Thank you!

  366. EM

    Ramit – reading IWT and taking the dream job course, the main thing I’ve gotten out of your material is the psychology of money. More specifically, how people will spend money for the things they want in life. I’ve noticed that with myself and have since then transferred that to my job in sales. Taking what you’ve taught me, I’ve been able to maximize my sales!

  367. ES in Columbus

    Happy Birthday! Tell Mom you are waiting for the RIGHT woman, and that takes time. She wouldn’t want grand babies affected by divorce, would she??

    You will hear this a lot, I am sure: The biggest thing you have challenged me to do is get off my duff and DO- not just THINK about doing! I make my lists, then prioritize and dive in. For a life-long procrastinator, that was freeing!

    Also, deciding what would a rich life look like, to me? With a sizeable inheritance, I have been able to bless many. There are few (if any) loans/gifts/purchases I would ever take back! I also came right back and negotiated a raise on my temporary job. Next step: deciding where I want to move!

  368. melissa

    your book “i will teach you to be rich” has made a tremendous impact on my life. one of the key takeaways was the idea of automation, out of sight out of mind, which cannot be more true. you can’t spend the money you “don’t have”. another thing is opening an account with schwab where ATM fees are reimbursed and international fees are waived. i can’t tell you how amazing i feel everytime i go on vacation and am able to freely use any ATM. i totally agree with you, if i could i would TOTALLY marry my bank!

  369. Jenny Ji

    Happy birthday petal 🙂 my favourite thing is the briefcase technique you showed to Chase Jarvis. What a great idea! I do this normally anyway in my snooping of a company to make sure I have a kickass presentation when I get there…. but actually letting someone see that in an interview?
    And my other favourite, is looking at not skipping things and having to write down everything I spend… I’d rather just earn enough that I don’t have to worry about it. And that is a very cool feeling indeed.
    Very cool! thanks Ramit. Happy birthday you big legend, I’m grateful you write on the Internet x

  370. Scotty G

    Hi Ramit, happy birthday! Since finding out about you through the 4hr work week book, and reading your IWTYTBR book, this is what I’ve changed in less than a couple years: completely free of all consumer debt, a career I absolutely love and a recent $7K raise in said new career, healthier lifestyle and in the best physical shape of my life, and an ability to appreciate the current moment. Far better decision making, and most of all, the ability to lead by example to my friends and family. Your work has had a ripple effect within my network of rad people. Thank you

  371. Eric


    I started reading your material a little over a year ago, and it has fundamentally changed my life and psychology!

    I read your book and used it to optimize and automate my finances. From reading your posts I found YNAB and use that in conjunction with your principles to dominate my personal finances. I am seen as a personal finance expert by my friends, and I spend my money extravagantly on the things I love and I cut costs mercilessly on the things I don’t.

    I used your free Dream Job material to land a job in order to generate extra money to afford the paid Dream Job Course. I used the paid course to score my first Dream Job right out of college at a huge tech company in the Bay Area! I’m now applying your material to score my Dream Promotion/Next Dream Job within the next 12 months.

    I’m now going through Earn 1K to launch my own personal freelance business. Originally I was going to provide public speaking consulting/coaching, but now through market research, I am switching gears to offering dating coaching for young silicon valley software engineers and computer programmers.

    There are countless benefits my life has seen thanks to your virtual mentoring! I am a completely different guy psychologically. I dominate my mental barriers and invisible scripts, I get started on things instead of waiting around to get my ducks in line, I’m comfortable getting something 80% done and moving on, and I love failure because I know it means success is around the corner. I’ve become more productive than I was a year ago and I’m data driven enough to prove it. I love testing the shit out of everything and arguing decisions with real, concrete, results.

    Women find me irresistibly attractive, I have money in my pocket to live the life I love, and I have the confidence to believe I can actually achieve my goals.

    Happy birthday Ramit, my life has been drastically impacted by your teaching. Looking forward to another year of domination.

  372. Arun

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    You achieved a lot in your 30s and have inspired lot of people via this blog and your book. You are a really life changer.

    Keep it up.

  373. Tony

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I like how specific and intense you are regarding business practice. There is a lot of fluff in this world and in a few weeks I will be starting my own consulting business. I have one client.

    I am excited to learn more from you and in my small way, possibly contribute to your ongoing success.


  374. Peter

    IWT has helped me to think on a more systems-based & strategic level in all areas of my life. Financially, professionally, health-wise and even romantically, oddly enough. By implementing a systems-based mindset at my job, I have been able to leap-frog other people and add more value to my company. I now have my finances in order as well, and am systematically paying off my debt and planning for my future. I wish I had been taught this materials as a child in a way, or as a teenager. Its a shame I am only learning how to live truly successfully now at 27. I hope to pass on this incredibly valuable material to my children and to anybody I know that might benefit from it. It is a great way to live, thank you Ramit and happy birthday!

  375. Yuridia

    Happy birthday!
    Yes, your material provides motivation and tactics. I’ve landed the job I wanted and 9 months later I’m using your tactics to persuade my boss that I deserve the manager position. I’ll soon find out if I got the promotion!

  376. Jared

    Happy Birthday, sir. I used your negotiation strategies to land a 33% salary increase when I changed jobs.

  377. Andy

    Afternoon Ramit,

    I used your savings advice my first year out of college starting a new job. Since starting I’ve saved 10k in my roth IRA, and 10k in savings. Also, I managing to move to SF to pursue a management career with the company.

    Thanks for all the great advice!

  378. Simon

    Happy Birthday Ramit. I’d used a lot of your free material to go from someone struggling with job interviews to getting four offers in a week and a huge boost in confidence. This also led to me negotiating a pay rise three months later, and within this job, improving many of the ways we do things. I’ve also got your book and have used that in my life as well. It also led me to “invest in myself” in the shape of your ZTL course… I’m not as far on in that yet because…get this…I got married in April(!) but am learning from every module. Getting married is great but only when you find the right person…I’m nearly 40 and it never felt the right thing to do previously…so keep enjoying your life!

  379. Iva

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!

  380. Valeska


    All I can say for now is that it changed my life more emotionally than finantially. Sadly, I’m currently unemployed and the difference between the currencies between here (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I am from) and the USA are huge, so, to make such an investment in dollars would have been too much for me. But let me say I DREAM about your course Find Your Dream Job; I am 38 and I still think I haven’t found my path, and your inspiring emails make me feel motivated to keep trying. Right now I am in a depressive state and even had suicidal thoughts, but then reading YOU it’s like a fuel that keeps me going, and believing that at some point I will make things right, and my actions will create reactions that will make me achieve what I want. And it’s simple, I don’t even aim at being rich! Just comfortable enough with the economy (not like now, that my mum became a widow and we are full of debts) and with my life. Unlike you, I do want (a lot!) to get married and have a family. And I think it’s all connected. So, thanks for the hope you give, even when you’re tough and not giving a “pat on your backs”, you’re a person that I admire a lot. Besides, you’re cute. =)
    May you have the best birthday EVER! Celebrate a lot, and let us know! Namaste, feliz aniversário!

  381. Shary Raske

    Thank you for connecting me with some of the most brilliant minds in the world, including yours! You model for me standing in your greatness. That is the inner psychology I am claiming: that I have something of great value to give my customers. Watching you provide great value inspires me. I appreciate your humor, your integrity, and your business savvy. If you ever get married, then the next artful dodge will be, “You know your cousin Raj just had twins and you know I AM waiting to be a grandmother.” Enjoy your birthday! Mine was last week and I threw myself a surprise birthday party, and boy were my guests surprised and delighted! Continued success, Ramit.

  382. Mike

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You’ve given me the strategies and systems to fix my finances and learn more about myself.
    You’ve given me the confidence to take a sabbatical from my 9-to-5 so I can create the kind of rich life I want to live.
    And most of all…
    You’ve given me a MASSIVE kick up the ass to take action!

    Huge thanks, Mike

  383. Christine

    Happy Birthday Ramit from good’ol BK!

    First things first I redesigned my whole financial management system because of your advice and have saved waaaaaaaay more money than I would have if I didn’t automate.
    I can’t bullsh*t myself (sometimes I still do but I am aware of it instead of it being a habit) anymore because I now know about invisible scripts that I now have the tools to break them down.
    You have given me such a big gift there is still more for me to implement which I look forward too.
    My family which I still live with tends to not pay any attention to the stuff I talk about or recommend; especially my sister. So to my delight she was talking to me about a book that her coworker was recommending to her (she hates to read) for personal financial management and it turned out to totally be IWTYBR.
    Now let’s pray that she open’s the book.

    Thank you & I look forward to even more birthday wishes!

  384. Kat

    I hope you have a wonderfully happy birthday Ramit! The most quantifiable thing that has changed in my life since starting your program is that I am now officially vegan. This is thanks to your lessons on breaking invisible scripts (It’ll be too hard because I travel all the time, etc.) and the wonderful RBT guest Kris Carr who’s work focuses so much on nutrition and real life experience that it made the decision easy. Thank for discussing invisible scripts and for creating a wonderful community.

  385. Pascal

    Hi Ramit,

    The biggest change for me was automating my finances.
    Before I was tracking almost all my spending and always had a sense of guilt when buying something. Now I’m saving a fixed amount for what’s important in my life (investing in myself, travel, house) and don’t feel guilty anymore when spending a lot on what I like.
    I have almost a fully automatic system and have the feeling that my finances are managed well without checking my accounts all the time.

    Thanks a lot and happy birthday!

  386. Sarah

    I am using your book to help me save up to move out of my parent’s house and into my own apartment. I am also using your advice and spread it to my friends. Also I am planning on buying more copies of your book and give them as gifts to my friends.

    Happy Birthday!


  387. Pete

    How has Ramit helped me, let me count the ways.
    1. Taught me a system to find a profitable idea and get my first client.
    2. Changed my approach to networking by removing the “sleazy side” and offering value to those you meet.
    3. Focused my attention on income generation to achieve financial goals
    These alone have helped me see a happier future where I will live a rich life and they give me confidence now!

    Thank you Ramit!

    Happy B-Day Ramit!

  388. Pete

    IWTYTBR , seriously helped me get my financial life together. Its not perfect but after 10 years+ of having student loans in default, no credit, no credit card, not money in the bank. Now my credit is in good standing and working towards a better score everyday. (Currently at 722) Student Loans are under control and more on the way to being payed off. Your book is the book they should give every high school graduate. Thanks and happy birthday.

  389. Heather Ross

    IWT changed my life in the following ways: (I am paraphrasing your advice)
    1) Your advice: Make extra money on the side.
    I stopped whining about my husband’s lack of ambition, low pay rate, and our accompanying financial woes, and started a business as a career coach.
    2) Your advice: Don’t be an information junkie – do, don’t just read.
    In addition to starting my business, I went back to school.
    3) Your advice: Deal with and change your inner fear.
    Even though I was scared, I returned to school to earn my degree in business administration (I am 49). This also involved doing some other courageous things in order to get the money for school. Going in with an incredibly low GPA and only 9 credits from the year I spent in college when I was 18, I am now an honor student, on the dean’s list, with 41 additional credits under my belt (after only 12 months of school!). I am using this education to fill in the gaps in my knowledge base and boost my self-confidence. It is also increasing my access to mentors. I have made a shift from thinking/feeling “not smart enough” and “poor” to thinking/feeling competent and strong.
    My life is richer, my prospects are great, and I am enjoying the journey. I applied for a job/possible internship, and have already prepared my briefcase presentation. Thank you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  390. Allan

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    Yes Moms can be difficult to deal with, particularly when their perception of what is good/right for you differs from your own. Mine is over 70 and still trying to work out how to tell me what to do. 🙂

    I’ve bought a couple of your products and regularly read your blog. How have you helped me?

    * You have introduced me to a number of great and helpful writers whom I would otherwise not found (eg Naomi Dunford – ittybiz).
    * You have helped me realize I am not that far away from the success that I am looking for.
    * I feel less overwhelmed by work to be done after finishing the Finishers course – Detailed planning and compiling a strategy bucket for later has helped me better concentrate on things that matter right now.

    I recently watched your video on the Briefcase technique. I have got to try that – perhaps adapt it for stakeholder management in my current job – have you seen that done elsewhere?

    All the best for your birthday – I hope you had a wonderful time.

  391. Robert

    Since I have been reading your material, I have stopped thinking *I* was insane (crazy maybe…) I love that you call people out on their sh*t, you speak truth, and if people are not ready to accept it, you focus on those who are. When I listen/read your stuff, it is life affirming for me.

  392. J. Raju

    Hi Ramit …. Happy Birthday … Knowing you, I’m sure you gonna have a blast and yet enrich yourself with the experience …
    Well, Your blog has helped me and I look forward to your mails and the associated comments on various issues … Yes, I have not joined or taken any professional assistance so far but you never know … I might plunge into your courses when I get that trigger … I have had some mind-blowing experiences, upheavals in personal as well as professional life and am certain I am not made for the ordinary stuff … Just ironing out few hurdles while on my way to yet another roller-coaster … In Singapore at the moment and am looking forward to reach the Moon & beyond !!!
    Your mails have certainly helped me to believe in the unbelievable and a Big Thank You is what I can offer you on your Birthday … Have a great day and Life Ahead and be the silent killer that you are … making a killing of a difference in some lives … Brgds, Raju.

  393. Amir

    happy birthday ramit!

    Your work have inspired me to better my career. I still havent internalized all your material in DJ but the ones that i used have made me get better positions in 2 companies and increased my base salary by 77% in the space of 2 years! It made me a better person and more aware of the choices i made, to the point that sometimes i play the ‘What would Ramit say’ game before making decisions.

    Your material have proven its worth that i do not hestitate to buy Earn1k early this year. I would probably buy ZTL once i act out on Earn1k and see the results soon. Bottom line, your teachings have made a great impact on my life and im sure countless others too. Here’s to a more prosperous year ahead for you. Cheers!

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  394. Yoshiko

    Happy Birthday!

    I am currently in the process of interviewing, so I found your DJ material incredibly helpful, especially when it came to interviewing! The feedback I have gotten so far is that I impressed everyone I met with. I am also a steadfast user of timeblocking, and now I am testing different ways to improve my sleep habits.

    Thank you for wanting to improve people’s lives and I wish you another fulfilling year and life.

  395. 3 unconventional things I learned about failure | I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    […] P.S. It’s my birthday. I only want one thing: Tell me how my site has helped you in the last year. […]

  396. Dominique

    Happy birthday!

    You have taught me to reframe things that don’t make sense to me. To ask why before I dismiss something. This has allowed me to be empathic with people who let their doubts get in their way and give advice that at least is on the same page as them rather than being incomprehensible or seemingly impossible to them. It has also allowed me to uncover a few techniques that I would have missed especially in how to be more effective at work. Observing people who were obviously faster than me, looking at their strange habits which made no sense, but then the penny dropped and I figured out how those habits translated in a more streamlined work process with less decisions required.

  397. Mira D

    Many happy returns.
    Have a splendid year!

  398. Yo

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    Hope you’ll have a wonderful day… With joy, laughter, and one peaceful moment with your mom but without the “gonna-get-you-there-talk”…

    As for the main change that occurs since I’ve come around your blog and and courses, is mindset revolution, evolution and re-volution. I explain: I’m great a innovative thinking as they said but I’d never come to finalize the execution process. Too much of a perfectionist. Led me nowhere and couldn’t even put a name on that. Now, I do. That’s a revolution.

    But I’ve since learned to take action, in setting up tiny habits, and systems that got my savings in check, my daily workload more organised and things done! And that, my friend, is a biggy in terms of personal evolution…

    Re-volution is part 3. I’m implementing faster because I now, have cleared my goals and I learned to reach outside my little world, surround myself with like-minded people and take no B*** excuses to let others do what I should and can do for own my life. don’t know if it does make a lot of sense, I guess what I’m just trying to say is: thank you!

    With my deepest gratitude,

  399. Sandro Paolini

    Holy Shit! This page is AWESOME!

    It shows me, that even if i doubled my income with your brilliant brief case technique above my own expectations, that i sit in a fine self-made cage, because i don’t move on, because there seems like there is no necessity, no burning fire.

    I tried for days to read all feedbacks on this page and made a lot of notes. I see the burning is inside of me and i want a lot more and i have all what i need with your inspirations and informations. This time your readers and their results inspired me to get back “to work” and move on with ZTL. My priority list is set up new to really DO IT!

    I read since years and the mindset to really get into the customers head is the most interesting for me. My IT-Clients don’t want to know, what i’m doing, they just want to see the needed solutions and i’m happy to bring them with me.

    And i’m amazed and thrilled how you tied self-improvement to a really measurable part, your income. All the self-help industry is not very good in really showing how your life gets better. Thanks for your good work. I mailed you after the creative Live Workshop, that only your information made me able to live the 4HWW.

    Happy Birthday! I’m inspired how one man can influence thousands of people for the better.

  400. Ati Aziz

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    IWT has changed my life by giving me the biggest gift I thought I would never have – friends, families, colleagues, brothers and sisters that I could confide, exchange ideas, learn from and be honest to – through Ramit’s Brain Trust (RBT).

    I don’t think I can put it into words how RBT has changed my life – it’s not about money, it’s not about career and it’s not about success – it’s just this state of my mind that I could make everything happen and work according to what I value the most.

    It’s the most powerful and liberating feeling to believe and be convinced that you’re in control of your life.

    Receiving your emails are always like receiving advice from a brother – so keep being you Ramit, and again, have a blast 32nd birthday!

  401. Michele

    Happy birthday! This is so you. What do you want for your birthday? Pages and pages of praise. Nice!
    You changed my life by completely changing my perspective. I already knew most of the stuff you taught me, but I had no possible way of tapping into it. More importantly, I didn’t have the confidence to go after better opportunities and demand what I want. I was incredibly lucky to have a good friend introduce me to an amazing company, but I’m the one who earned the job, because you prepared me! I handled a coffee meeting with the CEO which turned out to be my job interview. I met with every executive with ease and confidence and I enjoyed the process. I love my job so much and 5 months in, I’m doing really well! I hated my previous job so much, I would have taken anything my new employer offered me, but instead I successfully negotiated more money and more vacation. This has not just changed my work life. It changed me in subtle but incredibly important ways. And when I met the right guy, I was ready and able to present my best self and really enjoy myself around him. We’re really happy. I’m not a millionaire, but I’m so very rich and very grateful. The only stress I have in my life is worrying about other people who aren’t as happy as I am. You’ve helped me attain everything I’ve ever wanted. Now my goal is to do the best I can to help those around me do the same. Thank you!!! Have a great birthday.

  402. Katherine

    I asked for a raise when I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    I have asked about promotions in a structured way that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    I have thought about the psychology of work far more than I would have otherwise.

    I have set up informational interviews (successfully!) when I wouldn’t have had the courage to do do before.

    I have become more aware of my strengths and limitations.

  403. Griffin

    doubled my salary since reading IWT over the last few years.

    Also began working out on a regular basis, and recently I have converted to a morning workout up at 530am twice a week.

    I told a friend I didn’t want to go to the Bar for the NBA Draft last Thursday night b/c I was planning an am workout and he said to me… What happened to you. ( I sucked it up and did both b/c I do like having a few thurs night beers even if it makes friday harder)

  404. Elise

    A very happy birthday to you, Ramit! Your emails often make me laugh aloud, and that has definitely helped my life. I appreciate a lot of your free materials, like “How to Charge What You’re Worth”, etc. I’m grateful for your blog and emails, they make me think. My own mom gets very tired of my quoting you. “If I hear you mention that man’s name again” she says…

    Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights with the world!

    Blessings to you for an even more fruit-filled year,

  405. Samuel

    Happy Birthday.

    I’m really happy to see what you’re doing. It’s great. I feel richer already by knowing it.

    I can’t really line out which changes where how much influenced by you. You certainly have a positive impact on various aspects of my life. I’m very happy.
    I really like your Braintrust Videos. They influence me.

    Thank you.

  406. Anna

    Hey Ramit!

    Happy, happy birthday! Sending you big virtual hugs and tons of warm wishes!

    You material has been a game-changer for me in doing freelance work. It’s helped me negotiate a higher salary at my bridge job, stand behind higher rates with clients, negotiate price increases with clients, and let’s not forget helping me get my cable bill down. Every time I hit a professional road block, I turn to your material.

    Thanks for going after YOUR dream job so you could help me create mine some years later.

    Happy Birthday Ramit!


  407. Mohammed

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday sir, wish you the best!

    Like a lot of other people your material has really opened my eyes to many things, especially budgeting. I graduated last year and of course coming out of college and getting a job meant I would splurge on EVERYTHING! But first I needed a job! My brother in law gave me your book for a graduation present and he let me know about your briefcase technique. He has his own company and said he’s still waiting on someone to use that method on him and he would hire them on the spot! I came to a interview which I was under qualified for and got the JOB! I must admit, I ignored your book for a bit and splurged thinking I was invincible, but then I realized i’m still living pay check to pay check. I started referencing back to the book and now within the past 2 months I have set myself up to be get out of debt sooner than I thought. I analyzed what I could give up and what I wanted to keep and made sacrifices on certain things. I cut down going out by 50%, which was a BIG WIN! I realized not getting a appetizer was not working and slowly every week I cut down my spending. I can go on and on how I have made improvements on things here and there but I think you get the point :). My next step is starting your “Find your Dream Job” course, which I will start in October. I’m sure it will take me to the next level as you’re book and briefcase technique did for me.

    Thanks again and Happy Birthday!


  408. cukamunger

    I really enjoy reading your blog/book/course material. I have found that your advice helps me to refocus and move closer to my real goals. Shoot, it helps me take a look at what my real goals are.

    1 example: I am a horrible sales person (so I went into engineering), but I broke out of my shell and went for the Hawaii vacation. I posted on Facebook, emailed, and texted many of my friends. Most thought it was a scam, but I convinced about a dozen people to sign up. Didn’t win, but I tried.

  409. Iluska Ikeda

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    Your site has helped me the most with picking the right ideas and validating them. I’m the kind of person who has a bazillion ideas and actually tries them out, sticking with them for far too long. But I had never tried to validate them first (duh………..), and so most were a total and complete flop. But since finding your site and signing up for E1K, I wrote a list of ideas, picked the ones that fit the criteria you discussed, picked one and validated it! I feel dumb for not ever having done this before. I’ve since been working on finding leads and so many people have shown interest. I’m still working on closing the deal better, but I’ve already gotten 4 clients, which is more than the goal of the 3 first paying customers.

    ps.: I have a whole army of women in my family who would have had the same reaction your mom did. So maybe all women are born like this? Or maybe it just happens as we get older?

  410. Matt

    Your product (site, stuff, messages) is Grade A, it feels good to see someone producing quality. You’ve encouraged me to sharpen up and get to the point where I can take Earn1K. Keep doing what you do Ramit.

  411. Susie

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I finally got around to reading your book last year. I am slowly implementing your suggestions and working toward a more automated and stable financial system.

    Thank you!

  412. Antti

    Happy birthday!

    You and BJ Fogg have helped me to start excercising. After I read and listened to you I started to think why I don’t excercise even though I would like to get in shape. I noticed that I especially hate that I have to take a shower after doing anything physical.

    With your baby-steps advice I deviced a plan that I would use crosstrainer just for 10 seconds before my evening shower. Just 10 seconds! I was sure that I could do it no matter how tired I am. And as you predicted it almost always leads to proper excercise and my stamina has already gotten better.

    So thank you for your baby-steps advice 🙂

  413. Marcos

    Your site lit a fire under my butt to get cracking on living a rich life. It’s incredibly positive and optimistic which is absolutely contagious. I’m more organized, I’m making more money, my art is reaching more people, I was been able to use the suitcase technique to get well-paid work during the time I was unemployed which was crucial to my financial and emotional well-being. Thank you, Ramit. Just wanted to leave this note of gratitude.

  414. Athena

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I have been “Shoulding” myself less and I have been more courageous. Thank you for helping me be more comfortable in my own skin. Aloha, Athena

  415. Jordan

    Happy Birthday! I turned 32 on June 27! 🙂 Anyway, I’ve had one of the worst years on record, really, really bad. But I’m not going to talk about it at the risk of becoming one of “those” people you spoke about in your email today. My point is that I used some of your scripts you provided in a video to get hired on as a freelancer for 2 different clients. They don’t pay much, but it’s better than not getting paid at all which is what my alternative would be right now! So thank you, and again, happy birthday! Enjoy the beach!

  416. Tia Richards

    Hello Ramit you have CHANGED MY LIFE COMPLETELY, I’m currently employed full time at the “No.1 hospital in America” yet still underpaid for the cost of living in MD and was always looking for a “side gig”. I also attend school for fashion which I’ve always loved and wanted to take classes fresh out of high school but my parents convinced me to do otherwise so for years I sit unfulfilled in the life of healthcare. It was May 8th I was reading “Daily Worth” as I do every morning and read your article “I will teach you to be Rich” so I did the firs couple days of exercises and reading. So I was online fumbling thru some DIY ideas, had to take a semester off from fashion school due to financial reasons. I didn’t have a lot of money and wanted to create something neat for my mom and 2 Aunts for Mother’s Day. So I made them all 3 clutch bag purses out of kitchen placemats since I wouldn’t have enough money to get a lot of different fabric and supplies, I added a few of my own personal touches, like a contrasting lining, cell phone pocket, button closure and flower décor, took pictures of them put them on my facebook and Instagram and the response was GREAT!!! Since May 8th, I have submitted my designs for FASHION WEEK and they were accepted and my collection is called “K2C” (Kitchen to Catwalk) Clutch bags. A friend of mine, I haven’t seen in a year came to visit saw my bag took pictures with her phone and showed her co workers, I got an order for two at $50 each (paid up front) I met my girlfriend gave her the 2 bags and the next day 8 more orders. Also, I applied for a seasonal position at Nordstrom (where I have applied 4 years in a row) mothers day week and was hired on May 29th (MY BIrthday), I have been doing exceptionally well and the manager there has given me great praises and a card of appreciation already and asked if I would like to stay on past seasonal, I have now developed a blueprint to design hand bags and my goal is to submit them to the Nordstrom handbag buyer. So I Thank You, THANK YOu,THANK YOU!!!!!

  417. Nancy

    Small change but important – just automated all my payments for the beginning of the month! 🙂

  418. Adam P


    Even though I haven’t attended your classes, I have, over time, changed myself reading your material and emails. I don’t always comment but I do read.

    Over the years from when I was around 18 I wasn’t a completely negative person but occasionally had negative thoughts.

    I can now say, I am 99% positive all the time. It has taken a lot of mental captivity and surrounding myself around positive, forward-thinking, smiling people.

    I am a business man and have had those friends say “that’s a stupid, crazy idea and it’ll never work.” I believe in myself when I have an idea, find the correct people to implement those ideas and show those naysayers I was diligent and precise when utilizing my idea in the world.

    I think it is good to listen to others, especially if they have experience in a specific field, but it never means they are 100% correct all the time.

    Your writings on business, social engineering, positive thinking and all of the above have helped shape me and I really appreciate it.

  419. charmaine jones

    hi happy birthday to u GOD bless u

    • charmaine jones

      i dont understand and me try try not get thrughter not rich??????? need ur help me and am deaf please try me

  420. Dana

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Above all, you make me laugh, so thank you for that. I always enjoy reading your blogs and find them worthwhile–even the very, very long ones.

  421. Alexandra

    In the last year, I got a 19% raise at my 6 month review (I only got the 6 month review because i negotiated it into my offer, thanks to your material) and I moved up into a better role and got more respect from my coworkers when I showed them I was a top performer (not just telling them i was, but really proving it).

    Also, I know you aren’t in the official relationship advice business (though maybe you should be?), a lot of things you wrote about helped me decide to get out of a dead relationship and stop settling for crap in life in general.

    Thanks for that! Hope you have a kick-ass birthday.

  422. Paul

    When I was negotiating my last job change, your insights on top performers helped me completely change my approach. Previously, I had been motivated to “answer the interviewer’s questions”, but this time I turned the tables. I went into the interview with a presentation which showed them what their job required and how I met their needs. When I finished, the one interviewer asked the second if she had any questions. The second one said, “he already answered them all”. Thanks for encouraging the top performers to stand up for the dream jobs that they have earned.

  423. Kris

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I have recently become a rabid reader of all your free content. I haven’t made any money on it YET, but you have definitely inspired me to think bigger, understand my customers better, and come up with some strategies for creating a bigger and more reliable income from my freelance business, two of which I’m developing right now. I’ve also added a few positive habits to my life, after watching the video on habits and realizing how important they are.

    Thanks for all you do!

  424. Sierra

    First off, Happy Birthday!!

    Your daily messages are very inspiring! They re-direct us to a much more obtainable approach. Sometimes my mind is so jumbled with the excitement of many different ideas that I don’t formulate a achievable plan. Thanks for breaking it down and helping to guide us through the steps to a successful future!

  425. Jim

    Happy Birthday- I am hugely entertained by your demented writing. See you around.

  426. Natasha

    Happy Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Wow, where do I begin? I came upon your blog while doing some research on how to start investing a few years ago. I was hooked by your approach on how to handle finances and even more so on what it means to live a rich life.

    I’ve read your book, applied those methods and saw an immediate change in the power of automation, no matter how little I had. I continued to read your posts and implement the psychological changes you taught us and changed the way I thought about various aspects of my life for the better. I even landed a dream job I wasn’t sure I could have, taking me out of the Midwest and into the coveted Bay Area. I’ve been thoroughly going over your Earn 1K course and challenging myself to push beyond my comfort zone to keep gaining those big wins.

    Thank you for teaching me how to grow, how to be brutally honest with myself, to dust my shoulders off and keep learning to do this the smart way, not the hard way. Thank you for teaching us all that a rich life is possible and for sharing so much of yourself with us.

    The best wishes to you and may you be blessed with another full and even more prosperous year!

  427. Lukasz

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    I think without your help it would be much more difficult, timeconsuming and painful for me to figure out how to sell online.
    Thank you!

  428. Brian

    I’m down to $1,200 of CC debt from following your advice and also realized I needed some help, so found a great mentor in my area to help me with some psychological trauma that has been getting in the way of my learning and growing rich in the ways I’m reaching for.

    Love the no bullshit approach. Your information and website is not something I just skim. I look forward to becoming a student in the future after I get my credit card debt paid off!

    Happy birthday to you and Shamoo! That picture is EPIC (:

  429. Mary Greene

    Happy birthday, Ramit! No, not all women are like your mom. . . for better or worse. Just don’t wait so long to marry you believe you deserve a perfect mate because you are perfect. That approach leads to nit-picking and isolation.

    Thank you for insisting on rational action to feel and do better.

    Mary Greene

    • Brian

      Great take on that Mary. I have a similar version of this myself and also appreciate what you said about “not all women are like your mom”. And it sure does, been there myself.


  430. Jill

    Ramit, Have a Happy Birthday!

    This past year of your life, your emails and videos have inspired me to realize that there’s more out there for me. And, yes, maybe I CAN do it. Yes, I’m still lame sometimes. And, yes, I can be the perfect example for some of your “lazy” examples. It’s nice that you call me on my bullshit, though. Now I’m off to work on my budget, while you, sip some margaritas and ENJOY your day.

  431. Anderson317

    Finisher’s Formula gets results. My primary goal from FF was to raise the amount I grossed at work from ~$130k in 2013 to over $200k in 2014. Halfway through the year, I’m at ~$90k. Not exactly where I want to be, but significantly ahead of where I was in 2013. Plus, I have the tools and mindset to check in and make the necessary changes in order to pick it up more in the second half of the year to meet my original goal. I am also losing weight and keeping my house in order even though I have three kids under age 4.

    Happy Birthday!

  432. Julie

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!!!!!

    I would have to say that the biggest thing you have taught me is that there is no such thing as failure– only feedback. By opening my mind up to finding the best way to accomplish something, I am no longer only focusing on the goal but rather the process which for me has made a world of difference. I got a job, I am starting a side business, and I am having fun doing it all rather than getting tripped up in every little pit hole. Also, by focusing on the big wins and creating strategy, I am getting out of my perfectionist “analysis paralysis” and actually accomplishing my goals!

    Thanks so much!

  433. Kavita

    Happy Happy Birthday Ramit.

    From another Indian woman and a relationship expert, you better get on that marriage thing:) Totally kidding.

    The way you have changed my business in the last year is by giving me more freedom. I launched my first my first ALL digital product (Zero to Launch), called Meet The Man Who’s Made For You. I now have a way to keep making reoccurring revenue without having to devote my personal time. The first launch yielded me $12,000. That is just the beginning. I am making tweaks to it and launching it again at the end of the year. You have also personally challenged me to come up with my own answers. This I really appreciate because you so easily could have answered it for me, but honestly I came up with better answers and results in the end. Thank you so much for your work, being so honest, and sharing your stories!

  434. Deborah

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    Your blogs, email and programs had a big influence on my past year. I started my business in June of 2013. It was a bit scary, but also super exciting. The life of an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, as I am certain you know. Those “up” weeks are great! But, the “down” weeks filled with self doubt and negative self talk are a challenge for certain. Invariably, one of your positive and encouraging emails would arrive during a “down” week, and change my mind set to positive determination. Thank You!

    I also joined Earn 1K this year. Honestly, I am good at my craft, not bad at business, and was struggling with marketing. This course has helped me tremendously, especially because I relocated to the mountain west last fall, and that forced me to market in a “foreign” market. Earn 1K has been a great roadmap to move my business forward.

    Thanks so much & happy 32nd!

  435. Rochelle Toll

    Happy Birthday! I have been getting your emails for years. My boss announced he was retiring and looking to sell his business..I truly believe your emails gave me the knowledge to know this was a great oppertunity for me. Coming up with the 100k by the end of this month will be the biggest challenge, but again, I want this and your emails have taught me how to get what I want.. We will seen what I have learned by the end of July!
    Happy Birthday..and thank you!

  436. Steph

    IWT has taught me what I’m lacking to change my habits. I finally put in the effort to find a reward that works for me (mini marshmallows!) and ended up doing GREAT last semester, without missing class, which is a really big step for me after repeated lows in school.

  437. Miho

    Happy 32, Ramit! 🙂 The IWT Website was very helpful to me to stay grounded and, of course, to succeed in my job application & interview. I was looking for a teaching position in college, but using IWT principles and adopting the idea of how top performers could act or think in a given situation/interview worked perfectly for me. I was trying to get a position where my dissertation research was not very relevant to that position (…relevant in a sense, but not very consistent) – while there are so many applicants applying for a single position, my question was how I can make my application strong enough or stand out (though I have some weakness: my dissertation research and a job offered do not match nicely). I carefully read your articles and watched some videos and applied all the techniques and ideas (—at least, I did my best) to my job application (CV, application letter, interview…). My application letter/CV got stronger and I was able to get a job. Thanks, Ramit. I’m now your student:) taking Success Triggers and Brain Trust programs.

    I wish you all the best, and enjoy your B-day!

    Thank you, again.

  438. George

    Ramit, your site opened the world of the mind to me. I’ve spent about a decade trying to figure out how to get past many of my core problems (or even just figuring out WHAT these core problems are), and somehow I stumbled onto your site first through finding something you wrote about laziness. As I perused through some of your other blog entries, I started to realize just how incorrectly I was looking at the whole picture of how we operate (which is understandable, since it’s the same picture we grow up hearing about and/or just assume to be true without doing much leg work to test its veracity). When you talked about how everyone KNOWS that fast food is unhealthy, yet we all eat it anyways, that really opened my eyes to exploring how and why the brain ACTUALLY works the way it does and why we behave in the ways that we do.

    This, in turn, has led me to making MUCH better, faster, more permanent progress in getting past my own inner demons. So thanks for that.

  439. Kelley Goes

    Happy birthday! IWT has elevated my communication skills to new heights. Just reading your emails – how you structure them, your phrasing, use of personal/impersonal examples, vernacular, tone and pacing – makes me a better speaker and negotiator. You have a gift for blending that which we probably already know intuitively with new content and using one to reinforce the other. The topic of the “lecture” is almost immaterial – briefcase technique; non-latte factor; finding time; defining the actual goal in precise language that lends itself to constructive action – it’s all relevant to every facet of life and easily translatable to implementation. So, yes. I have used your job search suggestions to make a career change and negotiate the deal I wanted. I have whipped out the solution from my briefcase and solved the problem even before that problem hit the table. I evaluated my goals, personal and professional, and made them articulable in short, declarative action-oriented phrases. All well. All good. I still think the real gift is watching you take the platitudes of life-coaching and turn them into persuasive, productive talking points. You are a master communicator. You make passing mundane principles through the prism of your worldview to produce a marketable rainbow look easy – and it’s not.
    Best wishes for your birthday and the year to come!

  440. Renee

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Your material has helped me to land a promotion at my current job within 6 months of being there! I started off as a regular employee a year ago and then I became a top performer, letting all of the higher ups know that I waned to move up as well. I had never had any managerial experience in my life but my boss saw that I was doing so well and decided to make me a manager! I have received a lot of training and workshops to help hone my managerial skills as the company I work for takes the job very seriously. The only thing that I don’t like is that I made more money as a regular employee then I do as a manager, but here is the thing…I don’t do it for the money, yet. I’m doing it so that I can gain the skills I need so that I can have something meaningful and worthwhile to put on my resume and to tell future employees about in interviews so I can land a job that will pay me much more. I don’t think I would’ve known what to do if it hadn’t been for your material, especially having been right out of college at the time. This was a year and 6 months ago and now I’m looking to move on to something better…thanks to you, I have added a large skill set to my resume. Thank you, Ramit! ^_^

  441. Kara

    Happy Birthday, dood!
    I’ve been following your blog and getting your emails for years. LOVE your insights; I’ve applied them both in my professional life and personal finances. This past year I bought your zero to launch program. While I’ve been a bit slow with it, it’s really made me critically think about what business ideas I could feasibly make work and how to make it happen. Now to just get off my procrastinating tookas and do it.
    Soak up some rays & enjoy your day!

  442. Rachel

    Happy Birthday Ramit. Thank you for your blog and email messages, they are funny, insightful and inspiring. I love seeing “behind the curtain” of success, and appreciate your honesty and integrity. Rachel

  443. Jasmine R

    Happy Ramit! I hope it is as rich as you are 🙂

    I am so thankful for your site because I have learned a ton, starting with the world of finances. I have always been one to be tight on my money and save; however, learning about automating, how to look out for 401ks, and even a better approach to saving money has truly been eye opening for me. I do not have a job and steady income flow yet (in grad school) however when I do I’ll know what to do!

    Also, your networking techniques “close the loop” etc, has helped me reach out to my Stanford alum and other HR people that I never thought I would get a change to talk to. It hasn’t landed me a field placement or internship; however, it has given me insight from a lot of the advice they have to give.

    Thank you so much for your site, and I will keep following+trying the things I can!

    Jasmine R

  444. Jacqueline

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    First, it may not be all women, but most (especially mothers) are notorious for that, myself included. With our kids, we cultivate it from a young age, otherwise you end up spending an hour listening to a three year old tell you about the flower she found and never get to ask her to clean up her crayons. Instead, after listening a little about the flower, you mention how pretty it is, just like the pretty picture she drew earlier. Then you use that to point out the crayons still need picked up. Voila, habit formation (on many levels, actually!)

    As for what I gained from IWT and You, my first thought is the ability to complete long-term projects. I signed up for Finisher’s Formula in November. Seven months later, I’m still going through and picking out new things from the course to implement in my life. I’ve built some fantastic habits and made progress in my long-term goals. I’ve met a few shorter-term ones too, instead of letting them slide. Thank you so much for that.

    Enjoy your beach and your birthday!

  445. Kate

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Wow, what a shame that no one responded to your request 🙂

    One thing that changed my life this year? Testing. Just the mindset of “okay, set a goal, test one possible route to reach it. Evaluate your results, adjust, test another route.”

    A year ago this week, I was just finishing my first month at my then-dream job. Literally, a job I had used Ramit’s free Dream Job material to pursue, and got.

    But I had some free time, so I started using testing to develop my work portfolio. Test, evaluate, adjust, test, evaluate, adjust test. And by September, I had a portfolio that was strong enough to land me an amazing opportunity — cowriting an episode of a television show. And again, I used testing, and again, it worked really, really well — and I got to cowrite another episode. So as of today, I am a member of the Writer’s Guild and on my way to building a career as a working TV writer.

    (Ramit, I know you love quantitative data, so fyi, barely 300 people qualify to join the WGA in any given year; by comparison, approximately 250 college football players were drafted into the NFL this year. So getting into the WGA is just a smidge easier than becoming a professional football player. Needless to say, I am very glad I started using testing this year.)

  446. Dennis Willis

    Tiny Habits are HUGE.

  447. Josh Stein

    Happy Birthday! When I took my current position, I used your recommendation to simply negotiate for more money – I had an amount I needed that I wouldn’t leave my (then) current position without, asked for it, and got it. Was less stressful than I thought it’d be!


  448. Junaid Dawud

    Last summer I did a pretty crazy expedition, so one big goal for this year has been to finish the book about the trip. Your emails help me to act on the fact that the book won’t publish itself and sit my butt down to work on it.

    Happy Birthday!

  449. Chelsea

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I received a 30% raise and am on my way to becoming an expert in my field. I’ve also come to realize through reading your material that there’s nothing “wrong with me” when i fail regularly to get up early to work out, make my kids lunch the night before, or make other adjustments in my regular daily routine that have been on my list for years. Your info on behavioral psychology really takes the emotion out of the challenge and leaves you more with an equation that’s far easier to manipulate than the weight of months of assumed procrastination and laziness.

    All of that and your witty & straightforward delivery is truly appreciated.

  450. Tracy MUrray

    Happy Birthday. I am saying something that may be akin to blasphemy on your site but I do not read your words because I want to be rich, or because I want to change. I actually just enjoy your writing style.

    I get your newsletter and sometimes I click over to your site just because you seem like a cool guy. In my real life I have always enjoyed being around dynamic fast moving personalities because it is an excellent counter-balance to my rather calm personality. I use to get my fix of energy from people I worked with but now in a different job I have to look elsewhere. So, the change you make for me is that you remind me how much I need that in my life and to make sure I go find some energy occasionally.

    I hope your birthday is wonderful. I will turn 50 this year so 32 sounds so very young to me. Enjoy every minute of it!

  451. Beatrice Lugano

    Happy Happy Birthday Ramit!
    I started in November IWT Earn 1K on the side course, and I think that the best thing that you taught me is to have confidence in myself. With the briefcase technique i closed my first three contracts. This month i doubled my income and I’m thinking about raising my rates for september.
    All of this working from home (before Earn 1k i was a stay at home mum)
    Thank you!

  452. Olga

    First of all – happy birthday!

    Here is what IWT changed in me:

    1) Natural networking. This was a huge mindset shift, as I used to – like may others – understand it as getting not giving. And giving is so fantastically liberating! IWT made me ‘go other there’ and and say Hello to the word. It also made me believe that I have something interesting to share, even when I’m not the best selling author, CEO of one of the Fortune 500 companies, or whoever else we identify as typically ‘successful’. So I’m now googleable (blog, linkedin – thanks for the DJ group BTW!). I try to share with others what they may find useful not only online but in various different ways. What’s more, I’ve actually met a natural networker today and it was a real pleasure talking to someone who has been doing for years what I’m learning now.
    2) I managed to figure out what I want to do within the next 5 years timeline, based on my current strengths. Another great change in the way of thinking – I do not need to commit to one job/role/place for the rest of my working career. I not only know what I want now, but I also defined how and where I want to implement the strategy, and adjusted my online profiles so they fit it and tell a coherent story.
    3) James Altucher – I found his blog thanks to you and I must say I love his long posts that make me think for long after reading them. So like in the inductive effect, what I learn from him is owed to IWT.

    These are the big 3 things, but there are also multiple tweaks, like identifying the reason why I didn’t want to be paid more than others (sic!), improving my social skills in general, understanding the importance of practising (the process that cannot be avoided even by, or especially by those who are the best), and many others. All of which I find much more enriching than additional $Xk pay raise. All happened within the last 3 months. Thank you!

  453. Alan

    Dear Ramit, It’s my birthday too! Happy Birthday to both of us!

  454. Peggy

    Happy Birthday! And thank you for all your informative, interesting emails. I followed your advice about going for big wins, rather than little sacrifices. As a result, in the past year, I have recovered over $500 in overcharges, questionable fees, and mis-charges from my cable company, internet provider, banks, and other businesses.

    I guided a family member through the process of using “natural networking” to resolve a difficult business issue.

    And I have shared your information with other family members, some of whom acted on it, and some didn’t. But, I act on any of the information that pertains to me, and it works! Thank you so much!

  455. Ru

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Things I learn from you:
    What you did: respond to my email with 10 minutes
    What I learned: responding emails to your (potential) clients quickly always builds goodwill. Even if the response ends up being “I don’t understand, call me” or “No”. I respond to my gen-y clients much quicker.

    What you did: reframing the importance of psychology in your various webinars.
    What I learned: reframing the same message over and over again improves execution. I didn’t finish all the DJ modules but the psychology part of it made me mentally stronger going up against HR and I finally got the job that gets me the lifestyle I want.

    What you did: write emails that sound human feels like getting emails from a friend that cares and is rooting for my success.
    What I learned: supporting my friends instead of focusing on just myself. It was really hard but I had to un-learn the importance of money. Un-learn the psychology effect of $80K vs $100K is not much. What’s in my bank account doesn’t matter as much as maximize the dollar utility. I ended up with a job with better pay $6K and more savings in my account for travels.

    What you did: the story of you responding to dumb emails that ask “should I do A vs B,” “should I buy C vs D”…etc “Should I buy that business book even though Amazon gave it crappy readings but I really curious to see anything applies to me”,, endless decisions. You said to just buy the book, spend the money so that you can look back with no regrets. If the book is crappy, now you have an experience to match your opinion.
    What I learned: shorter decision making process. The DM process now is what experience, what do I want from this? Money is not an issue. I read more now, I spend less on the things I don’t care about, and more on reading because I stopped worrying about wasting money on poorly rated books/potential new job/fear of meeting new people that will eat up into my personal time.

    So, thanks! Happy birthday! Older = wisdom = richer in life = more to share. Sharing is caring and so many many many thanks. Please continue to work hard(er) on the email distribution list. I want to read more stories, more insights, or even just more questions you have for the rest of us to respond.

    I read every one of them. They make me laugh, pause, awkward, uncomfortable, smile and just feel myself to again to go on with my pursuits everyday.

  456. Rachel

    I’m utilizing the Swensen model of asset allocation in my retirement portfolio now. And I whine less. (I reserve the right to be a special snowflake.)

  457. anne

    happy birthday, Ramit!

    Your material has – slowly – taught me to have more faith in myself and my capability as a self-starter and potential entrepreneur after 30 years of working for other people. It’s also given me amazing material for my work as a coach and trainer – and I refer my clients of all ages, plus my friends, to your site all the time.

    Thank you!

  458. Cherry

    I am great at making the list and doing everything on it. I realize after reading your email today that I just don’t do that for a big goal. I get overwhelmed with a big goal and haven’t broken it down into the necessary steps to feel like I am actually making progress. So I ask myself today, why can’t I dream a bigger goal? Maybe because I have to figure what to commit time, energy and money to??? It is easy to navigate the small tasks and feel good about accomplishing something while avoiding thinking about big goals that are scary.

    On negotiating/saving money. I really hate comcast and saw that even with their “discount” deal, my monthly bills edged up a few dollars a month. Since I didn’t really want to call them and say what is this all about, it gave me the will power to call and say I just wanted their cheapest package. I save time and money not watching some of the dorky lame shows and the monthly amount hasn’t budged since I did this. I have paid a set amount for Netflix for years and just wanted a comparable cheap steady bill for cable. Now I don’t have to dread the upcoming end of my “discount deal” and the necessity to call to negotiate a lower price. A neighbor did away with cable entirely and uses her computer access to see other programs, which is another choice I have should I decide to break all ties with TV and ads.

    Another thing I have learned slowly is that I wanted my husband to want to be savvy and save money and that was not a criteria for him. I was mentally beating him up for not trying to do something so important to me and since we are retired, he isn’t likely to change so I should just let go of changing him or judging him for not wanting this the same as I do.

    I also can just appreciate that meeting with friends even just once a month on a longterm basis gives me the equivalent happiness as 2times my yearly salary – something I read in 10 1/2
    Things No Commencement Speaker Has Ever Said by Charles Wheelan

  459. Will

    You’ve reminded to get a steady foundation (and get out of debt) before I try to heap to much on my plate.

  460. Andrew Ecklund

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Since discovering your site in the last year (my first year out of college) I have built a financial system that runs on its own, and has allowed me to save 10k in 9 months, majority of which is in retirement accounts invested in lifecycle funds. “My” system follows the one in your book completely, it has made me 100x more comfortable financially, and has allowed me to intelligently help friends with their finances – I have saved my friends thousands of dollars in student loan interest and years of payments, just by having one discussion. Most importantly, I don’t sweat over the money I do spend, which is truly a rich life.

    My psychological win was removing myself from the situation, and allowing the automated finance system do its job. However, I still struggle with setting up my own systems, and what that truly means. I bought ZTL but have done nothing to work on it. Im assuming its half fear, and half a failing system. I’m not sure what a system for productivity looks like, I get discouraged, and then I’m back to fear. Either way, the work you do is amazing, and truly inspiring. Thank you, and seriously I hope you’re having an amazing birthday.

  461. Em

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    I’ve taken several of your mini-courses, actually working through one now. Although you don’t date things, I’ve notice how your presentations have improved drastically over time. Lesson learned: Don’t wait until things are perfect. Go ahead and start selling, as long as the substance, the value is there.

    I love the online savings accounts so I can save for different goals easily.

    Now working toward living a rich life by doing what I enjoy, earning what I need to earn to do the things that are important to me, guilt-free.

    There’s more, but I’ll keep it short and get back to my goals! Happy Birthday!

  462. Hannah

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday

    I’ve learnt to lead a rich life by taking more holidays, and you are directly responsible for making me join a choir – although I’m not sure my husband feels the same after been forced to attend my concerts and being subjected to our rendition of wrecking ball
    Random perhaps, but that’s the way it is

  463. Annie

    HB Ramit –

    Maybe a year ago, I wrote you an email explaining how I penny pinch to save money and manage my earnings.

    I also said that I probably wouldn’t take one of your courses because of my frugal lifestyle.

    However, since that time, I’ve adapted my approach and found the way to balance living well and maintaining a strong financial foothold.

    But now I’m ready for the next step!

    With a solid job and paycheck, I want to set up a system to create a second revenue stream. Your daily emails remind me that I can do it – and should. And this time, I’ll be looking to invest in myself (through one of your courses) to make it happen.

    Thank you! Love the blog.

  464. Mike

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    Thanks to IWTYTBR, you taught me to automate my finances and enabled me to give fearlessly. Thanks to your teaching on savings goals, I realized I need to increase my income and some freelance opportunities have come out of the blue.

    Enjoy your birthday!!!

  465. nysofmind

    Your advice simplified my overcomplicated thinking and helped me slim down the barriers that exist to perform any meaningful task. I just got started with investing in the stock market and this site is a major influence on getting me started. Thank you.

  466. Rebecca

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    Your material has helped me a lot! Most recently, though, the company for which I work had a major executive transition, and I was presented with a new boss (who was also one of the new executives). I had been doing work above my title and pay grade for the last 6 months, carefully collecting my successes and making connections. When I had my meeting with the new boss, I had no qualms about stating that I expected a raise and a new title and had the scripts and evidence ready. Oddly enough, I never needed the evidence to get the raise and title change, and I think it was because I was relaxed and confident. Two plus years of metabolizing your material (book, E1K, DJ) allowed me to walk in to that meeting knowing that I had nothing to worry about – I was one of the most productive employees and I had a system for finding another job if need be. It was a perfect (and pivotal) moment for me.

    Sometimes I am in disbelief that I did that because I had always been pretty timid. I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that before I embarked on my IWT journey, so thank you! The confidence feels fantastic!

  467. Heather Craik

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I’ve been consuming your content for years, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned a lot of benefits before in your birthday posts (automation transformed my finances, the idea of 3 paying customers has helped me start two businesses successfully, and it’s always nice to know that I have a surrogate Asian father out there willing to kick my ass).

    Here’s one you might not see commonly.

    I finally got to the point around this time last year of wanting to purchase a course. Specifically your course. But we had some billing issues, so that was a no go. About 6 months later something similar happened. (Quick note: my billing situation is a little odd because I was immigrating at the same time, I hear its fine for most people)

    Fast forward to now, I didn’t sign up for any courses, instead electing to do my best with the information I already have. As a result I started a side business that is now making enough to cover my bills each month; I haven’t built a website for it yet and its a WordPress based company – the idea that it works better than my main business boggles the mind. I also scaled back my internet use and consumption of information to about an hour or two a day.

    I’m more focused than I’ve ever been, more profitable, and its from information I garnered from you (and others) over the past 5-8 years. All by actually doing the work.

    So in a way, thank you for the billing system being a $*T@#! – it forced me to follow through and I’m in a better place as a result.

  468. Dan

    Happy Birthday Dude! 🙂

    Since reading your blog, I have:

    1) automated my finances even more than i used to
    2)got off my ass and started going back to the gym 3x a week
    3)got off my ass once again and have started the process on finding my dream job which I should have started FOUR YEARS AGO!!!!!
    Thanks for all your hard work! Loving the blog and the free vids…

  469. Alex

    Happy birthday!

    I’ve been reading your book and have automated all of my bill / CC payments and got all of my accounts in proper order, so they’re just managing themselves for the most part at this point.

  470. Atalia

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!!

    I’ve been following you for over five years and between your free material and Earn1K/DreamJob, I’ve found a lot of confidence in myself and feel like I can catch up in a lot of areas in my life. I feel properly equipped for the “real world”, unlike how I felt when I graduated from high school, and subsequently, college.

    That’s given me a sort of confidence I’ve been missing for years and while I’m not quite where I want to be nor as successful just yet, I know I’ll get there in time if I put a lot of effort in the right places. Thank you, and I hope you’re enjoying your birthday!

  471. Marcel

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I have only recently started to follow your blog, and yesterday joined E1k. So, what I have learned rom you so far has been a lot, jam-packed into a small window of time. The key thing that made me go for E1k was learning how to get into the head of your ideal client/customer. How to really target your ideal customer, get into their head, and figure out what they need.

    Looking forward to telling you about my accomplishments on your 33rd birthday!

    Have a great year ahead!

  472. Shirley

    Hi Ramit … I’m old, happily married, incredible kids with awesome families or significant others on the way to becoming families, successful in business, looking at the last 5 years of my career … so in answer to your birthday present request … what I get from reading you is the benefit of your energy, enthusiasm, and insights into human nature and thus business trends. I love your style of being full of yourself (which I believe you’ve properly earned the right to be) and transparent. I wish you nothing but the best and happy birthday!

  473. chlo

    Happy bday! It coincides with starting to read your blog, but ever since, I decided to make sure I keep moving in the direction I want to…even if its small baby steps every day. I applied this to having a cleaner condo, working out, and career change tasks. Sometimes the task is tiny, like 1 plank each side, folding 10 peices of laundry and follow up on 1 email, but when I start, sometimes I end up cleaning for 1 full hour etc. Momentum!

  474. Angela

    Happy birthday, Ramit!!!

    With your productivity material and your book, I’ve destroyed my three page task list that used to leave me in utter despair/overwhelm and in less than twelve months, my husband and I will be debt free.

    That’s how you and your work have changed my life. I am so grateful. Hope your birthday is utterly awesome!

  475. Selena Soo

    IWT has been the biggest influence on my online business. I love the way Ramit connects with his readers by telling powerful, memorable, and often hilarious stories. And I am constantly learning from him. Even his free material is superior to 99% of the paid content out there!

    So far, I’ve purchased seven of his courses, which have been the best investments I’ve made in my business. He’s showed me how to move up the value chain — from $30/hr to up to $2000/hr in a two-year period.

    I was a beta student in his program Zero To Launch. Because of his guidance, my very first online launch generated close to $150,000. I can’t thank Ramit enough!

  476. Tod

    Happy Birthday Mate,

    You are a recent discovery for me…

    Your website and emails have got me thinking about how to be more effective in reaching my goals.

    Many happy returns : )

  477. Maja

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Thanks for all of your emails, insights and advice, they have been truly invaluable to me and my business. Everything I read from you really makes me think differently and I continually learn a lot. I am currently reading your book and have already automated all my banking which has given me so much peace and clarity around finances. Your email scripts have been extremely useful and effective in getting what I need from the people I contact. I’m truly grateful for your powerful, inspiring content and wish you a really fun, relaxing and joyful birthday. Thanks for inspiring and educating! Your work has helped me in many, wonderful ways to grow my business and as an individual. x

  478. Tim

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    Your site has helped me overcome the “woe is me” mentality and take charge of my career. I overcame the fears of starting a new career and decided that I’ll be in control of what I do. That way I can’t blame anyone if it fails, like I have been doing. In short, your site kicked my butt to the point of me ignoring it for a while…but the psychology was sound and really helped me overcome many unfounded fears.


  479. Jim

    More of the same encouraging stuff. I’ve listened in for a couple of years. It’s usually content of something I’m in at the moment that has been helpful. Like now- like you, I’m doing a new thing. Some say it’s great, some say what’s wrong with it.

    I used to waste time arguing back after straitening their “facts”. Now- I know they won’t be my customer or client anyway – and reference their comments (I know others will think same thing) to my presentation accordingly.

  480. Paris

    Happy Birthday!
    I picked up a copy of your book earlier this year and I felt that I was reading something that finally made sense and could work for me.
    Since then, I have set up a conscious spending plan and paid down 50% of my credit card debt already. I’m looking forward to being completely done.

    Thank you

    I’m currently living abroad and have a job that I love. More adventures and stories to come.

    Thank you

  481. Kip Mistral

    Ramit, I am continually refreshed and amused by your irreverent and very worthy philosophies regarding life, doing business, relationships and everything in between. The more shocking and outrageous you are, the more realistic and practical you are at the same time. I really admire your spirit and your conviction that you own your own world.

  482. Patrick Millerd

    Ramit – have a good day and great year.

    Your emails and site are a reality check. It’s good to get some thought provoking, positive truth in the mishmash of junk!!

  483. Martin

    Happy Birthday,

    Your material has helped me in many ways. I started flossing! You introduced me to the work of Cal Newport and that was incredibly beneficial. It was material that I wish I had had 20 years ago. I started a do later list which has allowed me to actually finish things that are important to me instead of starting many things and finishing none. Thanks.

  484. Tiffany Dawn

    Happy birthday, Ramit!! Your material has helped me take control of my finances. I set up automatic savings accounts, which ensured that I was able to afford my recent wedding. I joined RBT and met a great accountability partner who has really pushed me to think purposefully about my tasks each week. I have become more observant and have better insight into why people act they way they do, and I know better how to interact with people.

  485. Yvette

    Happy Birthday Ramit

    Your Book “I will teach you to be rich” has profoundly changed my life. I was up to my ears in debt. Now I am paying it down (still a little way to go but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel) and everything is automated. I’m getting more and more practise at negotiating like an “Indian”, which for a middle aged caucasian women is an interesting and challenging thing!
    I love your practical commonsense No BS advice that I can put in to action. And that is the key, you have a way of explaining things in a way that I can take action.

  486. Doug

    Happy Birthday!

    I subscribed to your email list about 6 months ago and since then I’ve got my ducks in a row to go back to school for my masters. You’re emails have helped me prioritize pursuing my goals over the security of sticking the crappy just out of college job I was in. I’m happier and I feel like I’m actually working toward something meaningful again.

    Thanks a ton for all your great content.

  487. J.C. Avila

    I’ve learned to take deliberate and methodical action toward my goals. To set up systems to start doing what I’ve been day dreaming for long time. To invest in me and believe that I have something that makes me a top performer.

  488. John Morey

    Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a great one.

    I’ve learned to be more aggressive and do what I want to do in my work, home, church, life. I still lean toward being acted upon instead of acting myself but it keeps improving as I keep reading and get older.


  489. Roman

    Happy birthday!

    The best thing I learned from you is the briefcase technique. I’ve used it and gotten great responses. I’ll use it again on any interview I go on in the future. It got me to think about what the employer wants.

  490. Kimber

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I also turned 32 this June. I’m thankful for IWT slowly reeling me in with your book and later with Success Triggers & ZTL courses. I’ve learned to invest in myself and that I’m worth it – that I can consciously and systematically tackle mental barriers that have held me hostage for years. I am re-defining myself with confidence to actually talk to strangers, send unsolicited emails, provide VALUE and successfully build relationships where I was held back by fear and thinking ‘I’m an introvert’ – or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I don’t know how’. Taking action, especially when it’s uncomfortable, has proven that I can redefine myself and tell my inner naysayer to shut up long enough for me to feel mastery. Realizing that I have to strategically pursue – not wait for opportunities to drop from the sky opened the door to contributing to a book, getting private fitness clients, and interacting with famous wellness experts with confidence & my real voice.

  491. Greg

    I love how you turn sales to love. Just like now: this page is the smoothest and most enjoyable “give me a testimonial!” request I have ever seen. I have learnt many tips and tricks from you how to be less confrontational when critical, asking more gracefully, being less rude yet effectively communicate what i want. It helped me to get along in my job, and I could find mentors, cooperation partners that was always a big challenge for me.

  492. Benquo

    You gave me one exact lime to use, to start conversations at conferences, networking things, and similar events: “so, what brings you here?”. Not always the best thing to start with – but it’s *something*, and it was something I knew how to say – because you gave me all the words.

    I used this line, a lot, and started getting more comfortable introducing myself to strangers. I started riffing off it, saying different things that accomplished the same purpose, once I’d seen myself regularly succeed at starting conversations with strangers.

    Recently, I found my girlfriend a mentor by accidentally introducing us to just the right person at her work holiday party. I couldn’t have imagined myself doing this before. Thank you.

  493. Mohammad

    377 $ is what my wife, our toddler and me were living on when I read your book on march 2014. 188 $ were rent and the rest some how was for the rest of the month. As I was jobless since January, this money was the scholarship money my wife was getting. In addition to that as a foreigner in Turkey I had no work permit. Starting with this information, how you think your book helped me?, take in account that I’m not allowed to have a credit card neither, because i don’t have a permanent salary. Back in my homeland I have student loan that I have been paying for god knows how many years, monthly payment is 120 $ that I was paying from the money we received as gifts when we had our baby born which is meant to be his money (imagine!!!). So can you guess which kind of help I could get from your book???? I can’t use credit card and I can’t have saving accounts or any of the programs you described and I can’t pay my debt which is the advice you start with and keep reminding of.

    What actually you helped me with is something psychological. “STOP DENYING THE CAUSE OF THIS INNER STRESS I HAVE HAD FOR MANY YEARS”. I treated money as if it didn’t exist in this world, specially that I’m one of those people who hate capitalism (not that I follow any other -isim). I find it much more inspiring to deal with non materialistic things, like relationships, nature, biology and real stuff. It makes me sad that money and advertisement made people loose track and forget about some basic needs, specially investing care into each other, that’s still what I think but in my case, while still living money-dependant, there is one major thing here (money) that i’m not paying attention to….

    I was, as we say in Arabic: “like a deaf in a dancing party”

    I have 2 bachelor degrees of Psychology and Musicology, experience in making movies, some very successful years of experience in Management. In addition, many self taught skills from the modern world of web development, photo & video editing and many knowledge and skills from the sustainable and ecological life (my passion) which I don’t want to count and make this massage longer. Any skill or problem you handle to me, I am able to teach myself and bring results. That’s how I am in all my previous jobs and why my managers always wanted me to stay, why i didn’t want to stay? because it was not paying off and I didn’t realise this fact completely, until I’m finally teaching myself about MONEY (My agONY) through your book.

    I’m not that young single anymore which relies on pushing his materialistic limits, I have so many ideas and i’m reading many many practical books to make our dreams of sustainable life come true, dreams that are all getting blocked by the financial barrier.

    So, I started the 6 weeks program, it’s even easier for me to accomplish because I can’t do much of the advices which I read word-by-word. First, I called the bank and asked them how I can abort this money they withdrew every half a year, it was not easy with representatives who don’t speak english but I finally figured out how and did it. that’s 50 $ less a year, small win.

    The major breakthrough for me was that I got my first ever independent freelancing work as a garden-designer. An opportunity that almost slipped out of my fingers because I was still in the previous mindset of not hunting my opportunities but with Ramit in the back of my head I got to challenge myself. In your book and your blog you teach and emphasise the potential in freelancing as a way to earn more which can be done even without any skills at hand. What if I have skills at hand??? what am I waiting for?

    Guess what also, In this same project, I asked for a raise after the customer embraced improvements on the project that I proposed after a while from starting.

    I’m sure you think I’m your good student 😉

    I have one more..
    Setting financial goals, which you emphasise as well, got crystallised for me in my first goal of paying my student loan on my birthday which is one week before yours. guess what, It’s really happening Ramit. I’m not sure what will be after I will put all what I earned these 2 months in paying the debt, it’s a restless feeling of not knowing what will be next when i am on the edge while also a husband and a father. But when you are on the edge, you are pushed to challenge yourself and cross your borders…

    So, I really thank you and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wish that your mom’s dream of getting you married will also come true. it’s a great thing and it’s also great to be a father. Non of those are easy but there is no better project in life than those natural roles we are meant to fulfil of caring and living for other people more than for ourself.

    p.s: sorry for all the wrong punctuations and so on, due to my dyslexia

  494. Layne

    I am an Earn1K member – and I will admit I have not used the program to it’s full potential – however – your free emails (and I mean MOSTLY the emails!) have given me so much advice and courage – that I am a degree-less, ballsy, dental assistant – who pushed a lot of limits and became a marketing director for a exponentially-growing-multi-practice-specialty-dental-company. Less than a year ago I was busting my ass working 40-50 hours a week – now with my guts and then my followup with performance (build 6 months worth of stats to present when asking for a raise – I learned that from you) I work part-time in the very same company – 20-25 hours a week, and make more money than I made a year ago working 40-45 hours a week – due to a raise in salary and performance bonuses. (and NOW I have set myself up for my Earn1K business on the side with this free time) 😀 Thanks, Ramit

  495. Charlie

    I used your free salary negotiation techniques to get a 13% raise and place myself in the top 10% of income earners in my field/location.
    I also used Earn1K to find gaping holes in my service offering. I’m working on a new offering that adds more value to my target audience now.
    Thanks for everything.

  496. Judd


    IWT has made me question some of the things I thought to be true, clearing my understanding of how things really occur (such as your post regarding thoughts dictate actions which create results vs small wins creates beliefs which strenghtens aligned thougths and so on).

    You have assisted in me gaining clarity in how I provide effective training for my trainees to get the results they need, and I’mtaking the same claity into business.

    I hadn’t thought I’d use the Dream Job program you run (as I was just going to go straight into business), but I can see how I could get my dream job AND create an aligned business.

    Much appreciate the authentic approach you take. We all need challenge in order to grow.

    Enjoy your birthday mate.

  497. Justice

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Thank your mother for the gift of life. Thank you for your straight-shooting talk, and encouraging material. You present scenarios that we all have endured and you provide ways to work with them, around them, and to better them. I get stuck, then I read your material and find the light at the end of the tunnel. Many more Happy Birthdays!

  498. jj

    today is my birthday.

  499. Olivia Richardson

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy Birthday (belated by a few minutes, heh.)

    This year you helped me take responsibility but you also gave me an action plan that helped break the cycle of the same tired, plug in my resume and hope I land a company that is right for me- bit. I’ve been decent at getting some interviews and doubled my salary but this year with DJ and IWT:BT I’ve killed it in understanding the target companies and roles right for me.

    Plus you’ve helped me put action into the words “giving”which has led me to meet some cool people who I couldn’t be more thankful for. I read a story today about a kid who worked so hard at getting good grades – he got all A’s and his principal called him into the office to announce having the highest GPA. His father was there and when the kid told his dad the good news, the father emptied his wallet and paid each student in line that was to speak to the principal. That story of the spirit of giving reminds me of you.

    Thanks Ramit.

  500. Kristiyan

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    I learned so much from your material in the past year. The greatest thing for me was learning about the invisible scripts and barriers and how to notice them in real life. This enabled me to conquer my fears, finally get out of my comfort zone and take part in the summer Work and Travel program. Now I’m here in the USA (I’m from Eastern Europe), working a summer job, getting some real work experience for the first time in my life and loving every minute of it!

    Thank you for everything that you do!



    happy birthday, mindsets have changed, creativity has taken a leap all thanks to your inspiring and non-sugar coated lecturing.

  502. Winifred

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I only recently came across your material. The most immediately useful thing in the articles and videos so far has been the ideas around client psychology and studying the specific target market to find out what they really want and need. This is helpful to me on several levels. I appreciate your generosity and what you have offered for free, thank you. It makes me feel like I could be getting a lot more done, that’s a good feeling to be more motivated and confident!

  503. Anonymous

    Happy 32 ! Ramit
    I’ve used your email scripts, followed up with Prof B J Fogg(by becoming a subject in his tinyhabits program), learnt about behavior (trigger, motivation, ability) and the 6 factors that influence behavior.
    In addition, I’ve stopped taking things at face value and try to see what the big game is. Been successful at least once understanding the inside game. In the process of inculcating habits consistently. Though you are younger than me, I think you have been my biggest life coach.

  504. Joanne Wong

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy Birthday!! I had subscribed to your email since 18th May 2014, about a month plus ago. I knew about you last December from my cousin which been using your material to pursue his dream. A little information about me, I’m a 22 year old, I didn’t go to college due to financial problem and I had been working for 3 years plus.

    How your material change my life?

    Your material had taught me about financial, now I had my financial in control which is automated. I have my savings, my investment and etc. I do not need to worry that I couldn’t pay for my rental. Your material make me understand psychology about money which is VERY useful for me.

    Kuala Lumpur

  505. Vikas K


    From your book, I learned the strategies of automatic investing. Also it helped break down a psychological barrier in regards to getting in shape. I had read some of Tim Ferris 4-hour body book prior to discovering your work, but your mention of essentially “putting your money where you mouth is” resonated. I went from keeping a $30 monthly gym membership than I never endorsed to starting a personal training account ($200/month) and using just party of the “Slow-Carb” strategies to dieting. I was able to quickly lose 20-25 lbs, start wearing clothes only possible in grad school and overcome the stupid psychologic barriers that kept me from the gym.

    I was never the skinny Indian kid you mention in you text but soon after I got over my fears of “i don’t belong in this gym” and started noticing physical benefits. After realizing this, I started to dig deeper and realize that much of your professional advice had merits to someone in medicine. I am at the beginning of working on these, so thanks for the useful advice. I also have attempted to indoctrinate some younger cousin’s with your material when I saw they had a penchant/desire towards self improvement. I figured if it took me till age 30 to realize all this. I should coach them through ages 18-25, so they will hit my age with all the tools to succeed. Cheers brother!

  506. Shaeema

    Happy birthday Ramit 🙂

    Taking note of the details are important. That if you want it you have to put in the time and effort and still following you for constant motivation for the goals i will get. Thanks

  507. Glenn

    IWTYTBR has helped me start a new business and helped me break some psychological habits. I you once said that people who are inclined to make money will spend money.
    Happy birthday.

  508. Olek

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You helped me with fixing up my personal finances. Thanks a lot!

  509. laure

    Happy Birthday!
    I listened to the material pre-earn 1K and the interview with Chase Jarvis and it gave me so much more clarity about where I wanted to go. I also started on something I was procrastinating about.

    Thanks Ramit!

  510. Lyle

    Many happy returns, Ramit. I may be a day — or 55 minutes — late, but I’m no longer a dollar short. Your blog has inspired me to work hard to get out of debt, even as I support family members who are a bit down on their luck. Thanks for the “way” and encouragement to walk it.

  511. betsy

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Thank you for sharing valuable information to all your readers. I learned how one doesn’t have to suffer being at the bottom and that there’s nothing wrong with aiming high and wanting the good life. A lot of people have negative issues regarding money and carry these with them for the rest of their lives. I’m glad I got my financial issues checked and now am trying to not be ordinary just like the rest – living paycheck to paycheck – but instead going for what matters most in my life.

    Happy birthday again. And listen to your mother!

  512. J

    Sorry to arrive late to the party. I hope you had a delightful birthday.

    Briefly, your material has shown me that even social retards can change the way they relate to the world and become confident, effective and successful people. Wait! I didn’t mean that the way that it sounded…

    If the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome had been developed when I was younger, it might’ve saved me a lot of headaches and heartache: it seems to describe in specific ways how I’m wired differently from other people. Many of those close to me are perplexed about why I’ve been a failure all my life. Your material has given me hope that I can learn to put my talents to good use and to learn the social skills necessary to navigate the workplace, the marketplace and the lounge. It’s also introduced to me the notions of experimenting with one’s own habits to see what results they produce and tweaking them to achieve the best results, and reinforced my sense that sensible, workable systems can help people continue to progress toward goals at those times when willpower alone is inadequate to keep going.

  513. Tate

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.
    Your material has helped me in my career and communication skills. Your concepts about “Getting inside their head” and “Confidence triggers” have helped me communicate with my boss and clients a lot better, and as a result they have more trust in me and I have a higher perceived value in their eyes.
    Thank you!

  514. Charles

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

    I learned so much from you.
    I was afraid of contacting people. I remember the first time I wanted to send an email to a busy person, it seemed so hard, and it was just a few months ago. Now, if I would like to contact people, even if I’m not sure if this is a good idea, I still do it.
    I didn’t experiment so many failures before knowing you. Thanks to ZTL and its community, I’ve learned how to plan failure, to accept it and to learn from it. This is really awesome. A few days ago, I realized a recent experience was a failure, but so far the word didn’t even pop in my head because I though it was really a test, an experience that makes me learn!

    Btw, funny story here. I’m working on my Vision and was talking about it to my accountability partner. I wanted to ask him how to turn things more exciting, like for example improving my English. He told me “to impress and speak with girls!” and I replied to him “Well… I actually wrote ‘to speak with Ramit'”.
    You’re life changing to me.

  515. Russell Davis

    Your book and blog changed my life by getting me interested in saving . I have become debt free and created a network of savings accounts, have invested my superannuation better and will soon be getting my own stock portfolio. You have given me enough skills to improve my confidence and also you motivate me to work out. As a skinny guy, seeing your own thin to fit transformation is inspiring.

    Also happy birthday

  516. Christian

    Happy Birthday, Ramit. Simple thing, but when I tried asking my bank to refund my overdraft fee (using your script) and it worked, my view of the world tweaked. I’ve realized that few things are fixed, and what we get is simply what we are willing to negotiate for… since then, my monthly revenue has quintupled, and I’m raising my rates every month. Next step: no rates!

  517. Raphael Soares

    Hi Ramit,

    Sorry for the late reply. Happy birthday and wish you all the best!!

    The main aspects that your material have helped me were:
    – realizing you can make money with the skills I already have
    – shifting into a do it mind set
    Now I have better perspectives for my professional life!


  518. Amy

    Happy belated birthday, Ramit!
    Your site has helped me realize that I hold myself back with doubt quite often- still not ready to do anything about that 😉
    Your book has tremendously helped change my mind about spending money and saving money. I’m still working my way out of debt, but I’m so much closer to that goal than I was when I bought the book two years ago. Everything is automated and that fact alone relieves more stress than I thought possible.

    Thank you!

  519. Achraf Berrissoul

    Hey Ramit, To be honnest you have been a trigger for me to go get “self-help”. Through you I found amazing people that changed the way I live. Not saying that you have not played a role in that, but I have since then calibrated my readings to the people I felt more tuned with my needs. For me, Ramit, you are a negotiation teacher. However, cheap as I can be, I go search for free learning sources first. So, end up not taking your classes. But still, I come around here often and get the general feel before I go somewhere else. Happy Birthday.

  520. Tracy

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    This last year, has been a big for me. I moved, started a new job, only to have it eliminated. I’ve jumped into Dream Job, and want to find a job that I can deliver amazing results to the organization, and I have fun (plus make money while doing it).

    Thanks for the blog entries and the classes – you’ve reaffirmed a lot of what I already know, and introduced me to new ideas – much appreciated. My kids often exclaim, “I’m tired of hearing about Ramit!”

  521. Birgit

    Happy birthday Ramit,

    You changed the way I think about investing in training of myself.

    I booked a communication training ‘How to talk to men’
    Great!! Makes my life more enjoyable each day. :-)))


  522. Meg

    Happy birthday, Ramit! The single biggest thing that has helped me was just a two-second clip in one of your videos. That’s all – two seconds – but it was my Oprah-esque AH HA! moment.
    I work at the Smithsonian and from the outside, it looks like I have amazing job. It IS a pretty cool job, but it doesn’t feed my soul. I had this idea that “starting over” meant that I would go on to perform my same job function at another government agency, in a bigger office, at a higher grand level, etc. In the context of your video, however, it was clear that you meant that it is now common place to complete stop doing what you’ve been doing for ten years and go out and learn how to do something completely different. I’m now on a path towards a career in humane law enforcement by volunteering with two great organizations in my town and have signed up for training in the field.
    Two seconds gave me hope and told me it was ok. Thank you so much.

  523. Louise

    Happy birthday Ramit.

    Your site has taught me a lot about risk, failure, and investing in myself. I’m a much better person for it.


  524. Natasha

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    My name is Natasha, and I have been half-assing your material for (I am ashamed to admit this) 4 years. I received my first iwillteachyoutoberich email on July 13, 2010. After you have stopped swearing at the screen like a good surrogate Asian father, please read the following two words. You stop reading after that:

    Thank you.

    Because even with my unmotivated, lazy half-assing, your FREE material has changed my life. Phone calls with customer service reps are a pleasure (for me at least). The power of the call tracking template remains strong. There is nothing quite like countering lies with names, dates and customer service rep IDs. Your advice on the power of customer loyalty has saved me thousands. Thanks to your frank discussion on home ownership, I avoided buying a house I could not afford. What has benefited me the most is your allergy to bullshit. You are the little voice in my head ripping apart invisible scripts, excuses, and general bullshit of all kinds.

    This list could go on, but as you are a busy man. I am not going to waste your time.

    One of your free videos encouraged me to take a moon shot and write down the exact description of my Dream Job. Even writing it down was scary, but I am going to go for it anyway. So… Thank you.

  525. Rima

    Hope your birthday was amazing!

    Your posts have opened my eyes again to all the possibilities. We are in the land of opportunity if WE do something about it!

    Your mom is right … go find a gal as great as you!

  526. Ramesh

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Belated Birthday

    I read your IWT book long time back. I have conscientously followed your investing ideas in that book. I have invested in the stock market since 2008 and my portfolio has done very well since I automatically invested through the downturn. Many thanks for your book. In fact, I even followed your car buying method in that book and saved over $2000 over the dealer price. This is example of focussing on the big wins you frequently talk about. This has allowed me to eat out more, spend on things I love like tennis and for my family vacation trips.

    I am also a member of RBT and I loved your interviews of Naveen Dittakavi, Jay Abraham, Derek Halpern. Insight from these awesome interviews about producivity, facing failure, psychology of various things have been priceless. BTW, I too graduated from Stanford in 2005 (MS in computer science, not undergraduate though). You mentioned you graduated in 2005 from Stanford in Naveen Dittakavi RBT interview.

    I also have taken your finisher’s formula course. Since then, I have made a habit of cycling regularly to work, properly planning / executing software projects for work, organizing my daily activities.

    Thanks for your great work.

  527. Meggie Sophia

    Ramit, Happy Birthday!

    Can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve gone through my emails and thought about cutting you out, but ALWAYS….you always snagged me with a provocative, challenging thought and I couldn’t bring myself to unsubscribe. “There he goes again, pushing my buttons……”

    Good thing!

    Hanging around you has been changing me….without me hardly knowing it. But I count you as one of the “positive” people in my “circle”, even though we haven’t met in person.

    And because of your acerbic kindness in ALWAYS telling me the TRUTH whether I want to hear it or not, I’ve been slowly coming out of my coma …lol….

    You have helped me BELIEVE IN MYSELF, and I’m seeing some exciting changes. So now people I meet are making comments, like, “Then why the hell are you working in a grocery store?” I’m starting to think like….

    …like an entrepreneur instead of a drone
    ….like an investor instead of a consumer
    ….like a powerhouse instead of another power drain
    …like I can really GO somewhere….

    I make my own magic!

    Thanks. What you’ve done for me is priceless (thank God I finally listened).

  528. Shanae

    I realized the importance of action. It’s great to have a good idea, but no action means no product. Happy Birthday…

  529. Dustin

    I reached out about one of your higher end products and why I wasn’t going for it. You replied back and I bought your book; I have been getting my finances under control for the last few months. I still have work towards that, but I was impressed you actually replied back to me. Thanks for your book. It’s great! Your emails are full of great information. I hope your birthday was exceptional.

  530. Darryl

    Happy Birthday.

    Ramit you have done an amazing job at establishing fertile grounds for personal growth and at times witty insights that make everyone’s business life a bit better. Your embrace of actual proven methods as a basis for this has made learning the material and engaging that much easier. For me the support group and testimonials have been helping me hang in there and give things a real shot at working. The site has helped me this year by allowing me to get involved on so many levels in regards to the things I commented on and I’m working on getting more involved as I develop my business.

  531. Aoife

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Thank you for all your work. My biggest takeaway was “It’s not a failure, it’s a test”. That has been a massive reframe for me. Thank you!

  532. Nicholle

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    This comment comes belated because I wanted to take some time to put together a thoughtful answer.

    You have helped me:
    1. Negotiate – a 33% raise in 2012, $25 off of my cable/ internet bill in 2012, two free months of cable/ internet in 2012, a 50% salary increase and work-from-home benefits in 2014 (I was hired while 7 months pregnant and they happily help my position until my maternity leave was over -bonus-)

    2. Earn extra income on the side: – I was able to “get my first 3 paying clients” and “earn my first $1K in 2012 (I’m up to 5K on the side now)

    3. Be less awkward – speaking more slowly and deliberately (with LOTS of practicing in the mirror) so that I am taken more seriously professionally and personally

    4. Provide greater value – launching a life coaching program under the title “The Anti Coaches” that forbids affirmations and provides clients with ONLY actionable, habit building material that builds results instead of cognitive dissonance.

    5. Be a do-er not a dreamer – somehow reading your book and blog gave me a sense that I had permission to go for my dreams and stop only talking about them

    My next step is to use your book to get out of debt. Up until very recently, I was holding onto my debt and I finally feel like I’m ready to release it. After I get out of debt, I plan to join your Earn 1K course.

    Thanks doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    Hope your birthday was the best yet.


  533. Joshua

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy Birthday.

    Your site was very helpful in making me choose entrepreneurship. I heard about you through your friend, Tim Ferris, and both of you show that hard work applied to practical ideas (and marketed correctly, to the right people) can have a huge impact on a person’s quality of life. I like your abrasive personality, because a lot of people provide an “always professionally polite” persona in their work. You seem like a jaded bastard, in the best way. You know how to be useful and make money being useful, but you don’t force yourself to paint the world through rose-tinted goggles for other people’s sake, and that is a rare and beautiful thing in the business world. That inspired me, as an angry jaded bastard, to not give up and to press forward with planning a business.

    Thanks Ramit, and good luck taking all of Oprah’s money.

  534. Devon


    Over the past 18 months or so, I’ve used the principles you teach — experimenting, mastering your own psychology, and applying systems instead of willpower — to quit smoking, lose 40 pounds, find an amazing girlfriend, and (most recently) land a much better job with a $16,000 salary increase.

    I accomplished all of that stuff using your free material alone. (OK, I bought your book, but I haven’t joined any of your signature courses.) Why haven’t I bought into your courses? Eh, honestly, ‘cause I’m cheap and lazy and I thought I could sort things out on my own. (I did sort things out, but I suspect it took a lot longer and proved much harder than if I had just signed up from the get-go.) Now, I think I can go even further with more in-depth guidance from your courses.

    For a moment, though, I want to recognize that the quality of my life has skyrocketed over the past year or two thanks to your work (and the work of people I discovered through your blog). Thank you tremendously.


  535. Ania

    Happy birthday Ramit! It’s a funny dynamic, a total stranger yet I sincerely wish you the happiest birthday.

    I can’t tell you how much your site has helped me over the past year. I’ve listened to many of your videos multiple times as inspiration while working on my portfolio – working towards my dream job. Today I had coffee with the CEO of a really neat company and it went very well, he’d like to see my portfolio and continue the conversation.

    I’ve really tried to internalize a lot of your lessons in how to prepare and consider the company’s perspective, needs and fears; but more so overcome my own deep-seated personal scripts. You’ve helped me see personal development in a new, actionable way. Thank you for the ongoing lessons (and laughs). I wish you the best year yet!

  536. Tomas

    belatedly, but sincerely – all the best for you. May you keep changing people’s lives for a long time to come.

    (Fun fact – I got married this Saturday 🙂

    As for the change IWT has brought me – it’s been by far one of the top 3 most profoundly changing and benefiting sources (and there have been many). In the year or so I’ve been following your material, I have changed and developed far more than in the many previous years.

    I believe it’s the sum of what you put in your material (both free and paid). It’s a combination of great form (making it accessible and digestible) and f*cking brilliant content. The depth and quality is unlike anything else I have found so far – and this is what eventually led me to purchase you Earn1K. Then the rest followed – Productivity Pack, Success Triggers, Finisher’s Formula and Zero To Launch.

    Oh no, I have not yet gone through all of them. I’m digesting them gradually, taking notes, implementing this and that, tracking, evaluating, moving forward. Lifetime of learning ahead of me & a treasure trove of material to draw from.

    And, truth be told, the psychology is one of the most important aspects for me. The very basis upon which everything else stands. The very place full of holes I can now, thanks to you for a major part, fix and make solid and firm.

    For that you have my deep thanks.
    If you ever happen to visit Europe, stop by Bratislava, Slovakia. You’re my guest of honor 🙂

    Once again – happy birthday, sir.

  537. Sarah

    Hi Ramit,
    Happy belated birthday!!! I came across your blog about 4 years ago and I’ve gleaned so much from it and from your book! One of the most valuable things that I learned is the concept of automating my finances. In addition, I love the notion of “big wins” (like saving on insurance, my car purchase, rent etc.) though I gotta admit, there are some “small wins” that I enjoy, too. Finally, I’m not sure what to call it, but I adore the notion of spending (responsibly) on what I love – and the importance of how that may be different for each individual (whether on partying, molecular gastronomy dinners (guilty as charged), or travel (totally guilty)). I’ve shared all that I’ve learned from you with my wife (we got married last year after being together for 12 years) and she digs it, too.
    As far as marriage goes, it feels exactly the same as just living together, but it certainly is a smart thing to do if you find someone who you feel “right” about. That said, it isn’t for everyone – and there is a “seriousness” to it, that can be scary. In spite of that, though, it is one of those things that gave me an awesome, natural rush!
    I wish you all the best! Thank you for sharing all of this awesomeness with your readers, I know that I really appreciate it! Hope your birthday was fantastic!

  538. Lucy Ra

    Happy B-day to the creator of IWT!
    I’m celebrating with a %5 raise thanks to Dream Job!
    This is after getting a raise in the beginning of the year + a bonus. (This is after taking Dream Job and getting into a new role with %20 raise). And we are in the talks for a promotion at the end of the year. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, thanks Ramit!

  539. Mrudula

    OMG so many people posted comments .. Wishing you happybirthday and telling everyone you helped them.. !! I read n listen to you.. my best to you… you make me think and many times I agree with you.

  540. Scott

    Ok Ramit,
    I know this is late, but here is your birthday wish. How have you helped me, let me count the ways.
    First, my cable bill is half what it used to be, and will never go up from there thanks to your scripts. This was free material and proved that you had some credibility to me.

    I used your briefcase technique, and prepared for my request by pre-qualifying what it would take to get a raise as a top performer. 140k to 165k. Yes that’s so far 26k on the free material. Per year.

    Then your free material encouraged me to ask for the consulting gig. From contacts I already knew. I just got handed 100k per year. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! I just had to talk to some one. WTF! The same contacts literally just called me for a one time 15k job, which is really a 30k job split 50/50. But I don’t care because it is getting my name out there, and getting me experience (with support from someone with 40 yrs in the industry.) talk about street cred…. And it will lead to more 30k opportunities. Every single month (or more!)

    So, amidst all the distractions, I started Zero To Launch. My first paid product. I am still proving my concept in module one. But I BELIEVE. This will be my beat all end all. I will contribute at a level unforeseen, and my students will get sooo much value from my courses.

    Let’s add this shit up. For free, you just helped me get at least 300k more per year. I am positioning my business to way exceed this income level.

    Thank you, for showing me the way. Thank you, for giving away so much that enriches my life. Thank you, for freeing me. Oh yeah, and happy belated birthday!

    Student/Teacher for life,
    Scott Whalen

  541. Shawn C.

    Hi Ramit – Happy Belated! I’ve been thinking about what I want to post on here for awhile but I think it’s simple: the financial foundation I’ve laid because of your book will change my life. Thank you so much for empowering me with this important knowledge. I’ve always been frugal, but now I feel powerful – it’s a much better feeling 🙂

  542. Missy

    In the three years that I’ve read IWT and bought your products (a few small products, RBT, and newly ZTL), I’ve accomplished many things. I’m not sure what percentage you can take credit for, but here’s the long list anyway:
    • more than doubled my salary, earning well over 6 figures before my 26th birthday
    • lost 20 pounds, hired a personal trainer, and found easy ways to eat (more) healthily
    • set up a separate savings account and IRA (which I will soon have to change as I’m now above the earning limit!), and automated all of (most of) my bills
    • opened an SPG card and recently stayed at a Luxury Collection resort in Hawaii using only points (so, fo’ free $$$)
    • was selected to go to Korea, all expenses paid, to mentor startups in an accelerator program for a week
    • successfully changed jobs 2 (technically 3…but one was an acquisition, so it doesn’t really count), each time getting clearer on my goals and passions, not to mention significant salary bumps each time (including the acquisition)
    • and many other subtle and significant mindset changes around value, work, money, people, and relationships and so much more!

    So, thanks. And even though this is very belated, Happy Birthday!! (Geminis are the best) 😉

  543. Josh

    Hey Ramit,

    Dude Happy Birthday! Awesome awesome guy you are, I gotta tell ya, it’s fantastic that you’ve offered so much to us in terms of action steps and information. Overall from everything I’ve learned, I’ve gotten better at socializing in general, turned myself extroverted in a positive direction and made over $700 from a freelance job. I can’t thank you enough for all the information. Wish you the best my friend.

    Peace, Josh

  544. Simon

    Hey Ramit Happy Birthday!

    I hope the celebration was a blast and you didn’t had to do any cooking.

    Thanks to your constant motivantion I have quited a good job for an awesome dream job, launching my own company and earning 60% of my previous (low) salary, in a single contract.

    Thanks so much for being that Surrogate Asian father for all of us.


  545. Erica

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Where to start? For one, I have negotiated a raise that almost doubled my previous salary, increased my understanding of personal finances and automated my finances, have a much more mature and clearer sense of what being “rich” means to me, am quicker to identify my and my husband’s invisible scripts, adjusted how I give advice to people when they ask for it, started investing in myself (instead of feeling bad spending money on things I wanted to learn), improved my networking skills….the list goes on!

  546. Will

    Happy BDay Ramit!
    From your material, I’ve been able to command new jobs (with your free material alone), build a side business that generated $200k using your Earn1k program and get my finances on autopilot.

  547. Susan

    Happy Birthday first off.

    Ramit- My husband and I are our favorite. 🙂 We have bought several of your programs.
    Most of all—- you have helped me be the voice in my journey of being my husbands business coach.( “Ramit Said….” is the only real way to get him to listen now). lol
    Its been a long long road. When I finally showed him your courses, he had light bulbs going off how to FINALLY be more professional and think of more strategic ways to grow his ( our) business.

    There is still much work to do, but you have changed our lives in many ways – ie: getting us on the same page, mostly in the area of becoming “higher performers!”

  548. michael

    Happy Birthday! Love your blog, long time reader, really have enjoyed it.

  549. Marisa

    I know this is very, very late, but I wanted to tell you, Ramit, that your advice got me a 20% raise about a year and a half ago. Then I applied your Dream Job advice to apply for a postgraduate course at a very good university. It worked and I’ve been accepted!

    Two years ago, this would have been unthinkable and beyond my wildest dreams as I don’t have a conventional undergraduate degree and this is a prestigious school. I needed to write good letters, submit a good resume and do well at the interview and I did!

    Now that you got me in trouble, you need to give advice on how to save and earn while living as a poor, full-time student!

    Thank you for the high quality advice and for sharing your entertaining and genuine personality.

  550. Casey

    I think it is safe to say, you have all the credit to steering my mind towards not just thinking but acting on positive financial concepts in my life. Many small steps to small/big victories which are addicting and grow into larger steps. Thank-You Sir. Although there has been little apparent change in my life, there has been a trigger in my inner psychology to begin changing the inside which, one day, will explode and be extremely evident on the outside…

    Many think there are overnight successes, but in reality there was a change long before in their psychology and behind the scenes that nobody notices at first glance.

    Go Ramit
    -Enjoy this day because you have helped countless people in this world!

  551. Kristy Lee

    Anytime I feel overwhelmed, or “stuck” in my job (which is truly a J-O-B), I read or reread one of your emails and it inspires me to continue to work towards something else that I enjoy. There is always enough time in the day; it’s all planning and investigating your motivations.

  552. Alejandro Bravo

    Hello Ramit,

    Happy (late) bday!!!

    Here it is:
    your emails changed my life because they helped me to find the courage to change my job twice. Now, I have found a job a lot more demanding but that I enjoy. Your book in the other hand, is changing my family’s life, we are now organized to pay our debt and start to build our financial system for today and our future.

    Thanks for all the help and your hilarious emails, I enjoy it so much!



  553. Draven


    You’ve changed my life for the better with IWT materials.

    All the FREE emails, all the FREE videos on Dream Job and Negotiating, and the transformational content from Success Triggers I’ve invested in.

    You’ve helped to frame my mindset from scarcity to abundance, trusting in my own self worth and immense value of my skills and experience.

    Honestly, you’ve rubbed off on me for the better.

    I promise, one day in the near future, you and I will have a chance to shake hands, high five and chime glasses over a toast to IWT.

    Big love & fist bumps,

    ~ D

  554. David

    Hey Rmait, Thanks to your site, information, emails, and webcasts regarding small businesses and credit scores among other things, I was able to get married and buy a house. I am now working through your Zero to Launch course and mapping out business plans. Thank you for the time and energy you and your team commit to your dream.

  555. sumo logic

    Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely
    long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any suggestions for beginner blog writers?
    I’d certainly appreciate it.

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    Je vɑis ԁire que ce n’est gսère fauҳ !!!

  557. Jenelle

    Super Late but Ramit your words help me get my shit together You always have a message that is on time. I admire your candor, honesty anf your straightforwardness. Thank you for helping me from afar.

  558. Almeda

    Hey just wanted to ive you a quick heads up. The texzt in yoiur post seem to be running off
    the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to
    do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to
    let you know. The layout look great though! Hope yyou get the issue solved
    soon. Cheers


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  561. Pab

    Happy Birthday friend! 32 is the new 22…still very young!