Look at this email from a cheap person

Ramit Sethi

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GET READY!! It’s not every day you get to see inside the mind of a cheapskate.

I’m in the fortunate position of getting to interact with thousands of people every day. Mostly nice people, but also derelicts, degenerates, delinquents, and life coaches.

Now step into my world.

Watch this email from a guy who negotiated a $110,000 raise, but won’t spend $1K on his own self-improvement.


I replied to Nathan: “Great job! BTW, $110K. Pretty awesome. When are you going to join my premium material?”

By the way, my question isn’t really about the money. I don’t mind if he joins my program, another program, or just buys a book. It’s about investing in himself.

He replies:


What do you notice in his email?

Look at the categories he put himself into:

  • “I am cheap”
  • “I still can’t buy a box of cereal unless it’s on sale”
  • “I am a top performer and…much of the content is redundant to my own skills”
  • “You could build Nathan’s Personal Dream Course…I’d have a hard time coming to grips with a purchase. It’s just who I am”

My final response:


Two months later, I heard from Nathan one last time:


This is an AWESOME first step Nathan took into rewriting his identity.

Not simply because he joined our course. I would’ve been happy even if he joined someone else’s material.

What I love is that Nathan took control of his identity. He said “calling myself cheap isn’t serving me any more, so I’m going to step out of that category and invest in myself today.”

We all have our own “self talk” we’ve created. Maybe for you, it’s not being cheap. What is it?

  • “I can’t talk to that barista, I’m an introvert”
  • “Sure, I’m a little overweight, but I’m not the kind of person (!!!) who’s going to eat carrots for the rest of my life”
  • “I’m not one of those ____”

Can you identify one of your invisible scripts?

Can you start changing just one this week?

If you’re curious, I recorded a video on rewriting your own self-talk.

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