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I’m paying your rent or mortgage for a month

Ramit Sethi

Every so often, I run a fun contest to share part of living a Rich Life.

In the past, I’ve given away things like $1,001 cash (Indians always add an extra $1) and 2 round trip tickets anywhere in the USA.

Recently, one of my co-workers sent me this recent study showing that over 75% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck — meaning nearly 1 in 3 people would be completely broke if they lost their jobs tomorrow.

What would happen to you? Some of you have already automated your savings and investments.

Whether you have or not, for most of us, our rent or mortgage is our biggest monthly expense. It’s the first thing we think about paying every month. But what if we could pay it off and have money left over to spend on the things we love? What if, even after paying off our fixed costs, we could feel in control of our money?

This month, I want to give one of you a taste of that financial security.

I’m going to pay someone’s next rent or mortgage payment up to $2,001. Totally free. No strings attached.

What will you do with all the money that you save? Will you let it be a one-time windfall? Or will you set up systems to automatically handle savings, investments, and spending going forward?

Enter now:

By the way, if you join the contest and refer the grand prize winner, I’ll give you $2,001, too, to say thanks for helping me spread the word.

This ends ends September 2nd and it only takes 5 seconds to join.

That link again:

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  1. avatar

    My husband and I are moving to Oregon this year (not for work, just because we want to!). He’s leaving first, in a week, to start a new job. I’m leaving 6 weeks later, and working on getting a new job. But that does mean we’ll be paying 2 rents for the first time since we were dating.

  2. avatar

    I’d use it on plane tickets to visit a friend who is moving to Austria. Auf wiedersehen, New York!

  3. avatar

    My boyfriend and I would add it to our savings for a down payment on a house that we want to buy within the next year.

  4. avatar

    I would put it all in savings.

  5. avatar

    We’d take the 10-year anniversary weekend getaway we never got to do.

  6. avatar
    paula s

    I would do some much needed home repairs

  7. avatar

    Will save it by putting it in an index fund

  8. avatar

    Invest the windfall into my long term savings Vangaurd fund (with emerging markets down – but expected grow back in the long term, this could be a good time to invest).

  9. avatar

    I’d use the money to help pay off my truck a couple of months sooner. If I had this I’d have my truck paid for by the end of the year!! Just in time for the new baby to arrive.

  10. avatar
    Ivy Perez

    If I win, then I can finally be more aggressive with Ramit’s six week program. I can add some money into the online bank accounts, and finish paying off my credit cards (now that I lowered the APR.) I swear that book is gold, but it’s taking me more than six weeks to finish! Being a grown up isn’t easy, but good advice helps!

  11. avatar

    I’d use it on rent.

  12. avatar

    I would put the money I saved toward the mortgage.

  13. avatar

    I’d use it to pay down our highest interest rate credit card – it would be the gift that keeps on giving (paying off a 28% interest rate is no joke!)

  14. avatar

    I would use the extra cash to help pay for grad school

  15. avatar

    I am younger and live at home. Being a young entrepreneur does have its benefits, such as zero rent or a mortgage. If I were to win this contest I would ask you to trade me as the winner and send the money to my father to help him and my step mom pay their rent. He is a correctional officer, which does not make a lot for what they have to do and my step mom found out a couple of months ago she would be losing her job after being their her whole career. I believe they really need this, it could relieve stress and allow them to focus more on how they will survive a lose of a whole income. Good luck with the contest!

  16. avatar
    Maggie Smith

    I will most definitely use the money to pay down some debit. We not only live paycheck to paycheck but we are in financial ruin.

  17. avatar
    jeff bannan

    i’d tithe 10 % and split the rest between;
    dinner w/ my wife (about 5%), 45% to a small bit of credit card debt that is almost paid off and 40% invested in lending club notes.

  18. avatar

    I’d pay down the credit card debt!

  19. avatar

    Ramit, I am terrible with money. I usually do the wrong thing when I get a windfall. Last year, my husband and I emptied out our retirement monies to fund a business that didn’t take off quite the way we’d hoped.

    But, I recently committed to paying off our high-interest credit card, and to start saving. So, I’d put one-third of the money toward my card, and another third into an emergency fund, and the last third toward my business so I can make more money. I believe it is possible to learn from mistakes, and to do better in the future, so…

  20. avatar
    David Hermon

    I would use a portion of the money to pay back a relative that loaned me some money recently and put the rest toward a Discover card bill.

  21. avatar

    I plan in investing this amount in two area:
    1. Market my business online to increase visibility and footprint
    2. Invest more in myself to be more equipped and adept to new ways to be profitable.

  22. avatar

    Windfall goes to pay off the student loan baby!

  23. avatar
    Anya Uche Felix

    I will want to get some photographing equipments.

  24. avatar
    LD Singh

    Hey Ramnit, I’d use the extra cash to fund some online income initiatives I’ve been looking to invest in. I want to diversify my income and make money through establishing authority websites on niche topics. A lot of these sites have already been set up by people and just need work in terms of SEO and content. I have skills in both. The extra money would go towards purchasing a site and beginning work on it to get it ranking and pulling in the funds through affiliate marketing.


  25. avatar

    Half would go to student loans, half would go into savings. Which would help my emergency fund be finished!

  26. avatar

    I’d have a better relationship with Sallie Mae!!!!

  27. avatar

    Maybe you can fine tune your business model with app sumo’s “how to make your first dollar”? Less expensive than Ramit’s products and you get coached by Noah Kagan without paying extra.

  28. avatar

    I’d use it to buy my next 667 lattes @ $3 each (kidding)

  29. avatar

    I would add it towards my $5K emergency fund

  30. avatar

    i will let this be a down payment on my 3 country 21 day Asia journey!

  31. avatar

    Since I still live at home, this would be more for my parents than me – but that means money they can use to pay down credit card debt, take care of car issues, groceries – you know, the normal OTHER money concerns!

  32. avatar
    Helene Caura

    Since I don’t have a rent or mortgage to pay anymore (yes!) since this month, I’ll save half of it, buy a TV and sign up for this class I want to take on humorous writing. And also a bottle of good Champagne.

  33. avatar

    I would invest it towards getting coaching to make my business more profitable, more quickly.

  34. avatar
    Aryeh Kunstler

    If I with this contest, I’m going to take half of the amount I’d be saving ($1,000.50) and putting it in my rainy day fund. The other half, will go towards a little getaway for me and my wife as I’ve been working all day and almost all night and barely get to see her.

  35. avatar
    Parker Moffat

    I would put that money in savings so I could help pay for my wife’s college education.

  36. avatar

    Hi Ramit. I’ll use most of the funds to pay down my wife’s student loans, since her rate is a bit higher than mine. I’d take $500 of it and put it into the bank account of my 18-month old son. He’s got a nice balance growing and the plan is to grow it exponentially. I will teach him to be rich!

  37. avatar

    As probably many of your other students and disciples will do, my plan is to put the money into my start-up venture. My goal is to transition out of the corporate world and into the land of hard work and prosperity doing something that I absolutely love, providing products that benefit and enrich lives. Through your teachings and those of my successful parents and grandparents, I have learned how to stretch a dollar and how to enjoy the fruits of my labor. It is only a matter of time until we launch and until we can pay this generous offer forward.

  38. avatar

    Save it! I graduated school 2 years ago and still haven’t saved for 3-6 months in case I lose my job.

  39. avatar
    samantha scroxton

    I’d pay back everyone who has lent me money to move for my new job!

  40. avatar

    I’ll use the extra money to pay my girlfriend’s rent (she’s living paycheck-to-paycheck dangerously) and give most of it to my mum for groceries. Saving the rest for when I’ll be needing it.

  41. avatar

    I’d use it for my start-up company! I threw myself into this without realizing the different costs that would come up. Still, very excited to get started!

  42. avatar

    Based on your advice, I am paying down my credit card debt and starting an emergency savings fund enough for 3 months of living expenses. I’d take the rent money saved and put it 50% towards my credit card debt and 50% towards my emergency savings!

  43. avatar
    Africa Archield

    I want to invest in myself and my company by investing in one or more business courses (mindset & strategies) that sparked my interest.

  44. avatar

    Two tickets to visit family around the country over the holidays!

  45. avatar
    Rebekah Shalom Alcantar

    This past week a friend of mine (who has her house and car’s paid off (she and her husband work 9-5 jobs and NOT are independently wealthy) was sharing with me their strategies for getting out of debt and paying off their home and vehicles. She said years ago they attended a wealth seminar and learned to create different bank accounts for “funds” such as a savings investment account for “education” and ” Home” and “Health” and ” Universal Gift Charity Fund” and she setup her bank accounts so when she and her husband received their paychecks the money was automatically transferred into these savings investment accounts and they budgeted to live off the remaining amount. If my rent/living expenses are paid for a month I would be able to channel that money into accounts to begin savings in this same way. I’m a single mom so money for savings is a rare gift and not something I have been able to do as of yet.

  46. avatar
    Michele Gazzolo

    I would use half to build a website for my design and copy-writing services,
    and half to make a proper video of my daughter for the Voice.

    Michele Gazzolo

  47. avatar
    Macy K

    I’d use the money that I save to refill my emergency savings fund. I got a letter from the IRS this month that my taxes from 2010 were wrong. After looking into it, it was a typo from my accountant that now cost me $1200. Not easy to budget for things like that.

  48. avatar

    Hello Ramit,

    I would either invest into my business or use it to move to where I really want to be living!

    Thank you so much!
    Have a beautiful day!

  49. avatar

    I would invest the money into advertising for my new business, so that I can make more money!!!

  50. avatar
    Erasmo Martinez

    I will use the money to pay for the Make $1000/ month I program I signed up for . I will use the rest to pay for a new suit for job interviews and some additional materials on how to land a great paying job.

  51. avatar

    I will get all the babysitting I need for my (seven) kids in order to smoothly launch the business I’ve been working on in the last few months!:)

  52. avatar

    I’ll treat the money like income. I’d put a percentage towards tithing, a percentage towards savings (i.e. travel, future house downpayment, wedding), and a percentage towards my Roth IRA. That would probably leave me a nice chunk of change which will then go towards savings again, a credit card bill, and furniture. Yes, I said furniture. I’m moving into my first apartment and need to buy every piece of furniture for every room.

  53. avatar

    Put it straight into savings.

  54. avatar
    Reilly Beard

    I would use the extra money to put in an investment account to help increase our savings

  55. avatar

    easy — student loan — worth every penny but when I look forward to drinking a very expensive bottle of scotch AFTER I remove that debit from my life.

  56. avatar

    I will put that money to good use by investing it to eventually buy a home.

  57. avatar

    I will use the extra money to pay off some existing bills.

  58. avatar

    I would put some into an emergency fund – prob about 50% and the rest I would look to start investing.

  59. avatar
    Alex Moga

    I’m working on a screenplay and am traveling to interview people for research.
    While I’ll be taking on some work to keep money coming in I will be dedicating my time and energy largely to write this work (biopic of Prabhupada).
    It’s a risk I’m totally confident in taking but I’m counting on cash flow not being high during this incubation/writing time.
    Ramith you cray and I love your humor. Keep doing it big and confident and hope we can meet one day.

  60. avatar

    Pay part of next month’s health insurance bill…. and buy your book.

  61. avatar
    Anna Pollock

    Ramit, you should pay my rent because thanks to following your advice, it’s now really cheap! I am just in the process of moving so that I can save money for what I really want to spend it on. In the move, I’m getting more space, better location, and friends close by, all for about $500 less per month. Now if you pay my rent, I’m going to use your gift to help myself remember that I have the power to move beyond living pay check to paycheck.

  62. avatar

    I would use the extra money to buy furniture for my new apartment and college textbooks

  63. avatar
    TJ Gaylord

    I would use the cash saved to invest into my membership site that hasn’t been built yet. It is an education site that I am very passionate about. #letsdoit

    I’m ready if you are!!!

  64. avatar
    Peter Metzger

    I’m starting a new (dream) job on Sept. 9, so the extra cash would help bridge the short pay gap and everything else would go into our short-term savings buffer. I’d like to build that up to the point that we can pay all our bills from it and then let paychecks refill it each month (rather than waiting on a check to come through to pay bills)

  65. avatar

    I’m looking to buy a vacation home/rental property in the Rockies so I would use this extra money as part of my down payment.

  66. avatar

    I would save it until “Earn your first 1k on the side” re-opens and spend it on the course! I really wanted to join last time but didn’t have enough savings.

  67. avatar

    I will invest the money in several memberships in pro groups around the country to take my earn 1k project to the national level.

  68. avatar
    Corey Donohue

    The least sexy thing to do with extra money…pay off my credit card debt. It’s not glamorous or anything but it’s necessary.

  69. avatar
    Ian Pickering

    I would put the money towards the medical bills we have accrued this year that have derailed our budget.

  70. avatar
    Tea Gongadze

    I would use part of it to pay off my student loan and with another part I would want to get in Ramith’s dream job course.

  71. avatar
    Melanie O.

    I would apply it as an additional payment towards my husband’s student loan.

  72. avatar
    G V

    I’d put most of the money toward retirement, and maybe kick a little bit toward our basement remodel project.

  73. avatar
    Rosanna Thomson

    I’d put it towards getting a professional design done for the website for a new business idea I’m working on with two friends. I’d buy some clothes for my first baby, who’ll arrive in February. And I’d spend the rest on flights to take my husband to Paris – he’s never been!

  74. avatar

    I would pay off some debts and use the rest for my wife’s 40th birthday.

  75. avatar
    Jordan S

    Half for my loan debt, the other half in my porfolio.

  76. avatar

    It will speed the process of me being able to take a course I am saving up for. Rent in New York is a good portion of my income . . . until I work my way to rich.

  77. avatar

    I’d use it to move myself even closer to clearing out all of my credit card debt. I would be able to put a huge dent in the card with the highest interest rate – moving me at least 3 months ahead of my goal to be completely credit card debt free! I already paid off one card in record time using your principals a year ago and I’m on track to be fully cc debt free within the next 2 years.

    I was just laid off a few months ago, and because of your tactics, I’ve been able to start freelancing in my field (a dream of mine, even though right now it is only part time) while looking for full time work and NOT go in the red and still lower my debt.

    Thank you!

  78. avatar

    I would enroll with my wife in workshops and support groups for couples dealing with infertility and thereby work on increasing our coping skills and happiness.

  79. avatar

    I’m going back to school to get a degree in Health Information Management. I was denied financial aid so I have to pay all expenses out of pocket. It would be nice to be able to apply my house payment to pay for school and books.

  80. avatar

    I was put on bedrest 4 months before my due date, so had to stop working and my company is small, so they do not have to compensate for disability and NY disability is a joke compared to the salary I am no longer getting. Due to your “I Will Teach You to be Rich” tactics, my husband and I have saved a good portion of our money ahead of time, but it still sucks to lose out on 4 months (7 months if you count maternity leave after birth) worth of our 2nd income, especially since we are also unexpectedly expecting twins. So a savings of $2,001 will be hugely helpful for us!

  81. avatar

    I am graduating with my PhD in a year and will likely have a bit of a gap between finishing and a job. I will stash it away for the case of needing money during that gap.

  82. avatar

    Put it in savings.

  83. avatar

    That would go towards helping the family. Without the family, I wouldn’t be alive today. I would like to return to school for another major which would lead to a better career. I got some debts to pay off which would really ease my mind. Help my sister too and a good friend as well.

  84. avatar
    Alex Clifford

    I’d spend the money on going on the Uncollege gap year to meet the likes of Peter Thiel and other top business people –

  85. avatar

    I was thinking about using it to pay down some credit card debt, but to be honest one month’s rent isn’t going to really make a dent. Instead I think it would be helpful to pay towards a GRE prep class.

  86. avatar
    E T

    I will use the money saved to book my tickets to Tibet and Shirakawa-go in Japan.
    I’m 21 but already burned out from the hustle and bustle of New York. I need to go hide in the mountains for a month or so.

  87. avatar

    I would use the money I save to pay off my auto insurance for the year, allowing me to save over $100 a month on that expense.

  88. avatar

    I’d treat it like income: a fixed percentage goes towards emergency fund, another fixed percentage goes to donations, and in this case, the rest would go to the big purchase fund. Next big purchase: a couch! (I just moved from a shared-with-roommates to a by-myself situation, and now I need a couch.)

  89. avatar

    It’s not glamorous but I’d use the extra $ to pay down a credit card balance

  90. avatar

    I’m currently a Dream Job student.. gonna use it to buy a 1 year LinkedIn Executive subscription to accelerate my networking efforts.

  91. avatar
    Carl Schanz

    My rent is $554 a month. I would use it to learn web design on Then i would have promo materials printed off so I can start my own web design firm and leave my current job.

  92. avatar

    You rock with your generosity! I would use some of the money to grow my business because ultimately I want that to pay for A LOT of mortgage payments. And pretty sure I would use the rest for my daughter’s wedding later in September. She’s our older daughter and first to get married so quite an overwhelming experience helping to plan AND pay for it.

    Take care and keep doing good 🙂

  93. avatar

    I want to invest the money into my photography business. I started out photographing every thing that paid– weddings, products, bridals, engagements, models, children, pets, babies, families, seniors. I then narrowed down my services on my website to just babies and families. Now I’d really like to focus on just newborns.

    It is the work that inspires me and keeps me going. It is also where I give my best and do my best work. I think that my work has a lot of potential, but I know there is a lot more I need to learn when it comes to working with such delicate little people. I will not try anything new that I am not sure I can do because the safety of these little lives is most important.

    I would love to take a hands-on mentoring workshop with a photographer about three hours away in Austin, Texas who specializes in newborns and teaches newborn posing, but right now everything that I earn is going into the family budget to help with our necessary expenses while we pay for my husband to go to school full time.

  94. avatar

    I’d use it to support my family of six.

  95. avatar

    1) Extra 2 payments on my car
    2) Invest at most $100 on stock (binary options and penny stock) , which I have been researching for months
    3) Put the rest into my fund which I plan to invest in a start up later

  96. avatar

    I would use the money to make a double payment and get it paid off a little quicker i am down to 12 months of payments left. i try to pay an extra payment on all of my expenses or debts as often as is possible. when one is paid off i use the money i save to pay on another, using the snowball method to pay them alI off.I bought my house from a relative for the back taxes that were owed of 5,000. It is valued at 25,000. so its a great opportunity for my family to stop paying rent and use the money we save to pay off debt and live a better life, a richer life.

  97. avatar

    I’d make an extra principal payment on my mortgage!

  98. avatar
    Amy O'Rourke

    I would use the money to

    1. Pay off my credit card
    2. As savings towards my own car (currently leasing with my sister)

  99. avatar

    I would use it to pay down my credit card!

  100. avatar

    I will start my cattle business, as $2,000 is the exact amount I need to start.
    I will use the remaining $1 to buy me a cheap win for celebration, because I 101% sure the business will succeed.
    Thanking for giving me my seed fund.

  101. avatar

    I will use it for my annual trip to India for which I have been saving and to pay a designer to make me a nice logo for the new service that I came up with in the Earn 1k course! 🙂

  102. avatar

    I would invest it in my micro business!!!

  103. avatar

    I would us it to buy an electronic cutter that I need to start my heat press business. I’m really close to starting it up and just need that final investment.

  104. avatar
    Tana (like Montana)

    I am turning 40 in November, so I would take a portion of the money to take a mini-cruise somewhere for the weekend without my 2 sons. Then, I would take a portion to fix the 2 giant holes on the staircase in my new house that my now EX-idiot roommate caused by having a fat drunk idiot try to get a box spring up the steps, getting it stuck and then thinking shoving it really hard into the walls would help to dislodge it! Then I would save the rest.

  105. avatar
    Victor Cruz

    I will use it as a savings starter.

  106. avatar
    Rachel Shirey

    I would use the money saved from my mortgage payment to hire a contractor to construct an extra bedroom in my townhouse basement. This would allow me to rent out that space to a tenant and thus offset my ongoing monthly mortgage payments for years to come 🙂

  107. avatar

    I’ll put the extra money in my new business, which I started two month ago. With all the savings, I don’t need to have a second job until everything is set up.

  108. avatar
    Kristi Helvig

    I would put the $ into marketing and PR for my business. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  109. avatar
    Jeff Gibbard

    I would hire someone to build out 2-3 of my side projects that are intended to bring in passive income.

  110. avatar
    Frank Lin

    If I won the money, I would invest it into what I love. I would be putting the money into my small business to give it the extra out of pocket boost for my continued efforts on rebranding and expanding. I have partnership in a sign shop that I have been taking part in putting back on track, which I have been loving so far. Not only is it a small privately run business, we also host programs for underpriviledged youth in the area to learn different job skills and teach them elements involved with a small business and the industry of sign making.

    As the shop improves and does better, it just helps me out more financially to put more money in other things I love, such as fixing things for my car and traveling some more before the end of the year.

  111. avatar
    Eoin L

    It would pay for a holiday cycling around New Zealand.

  112. avatar

    part towards growing my business and part towards my kids’ birthday parties this fall. the rest would be saved for future business expenses

  113. avatar

    With the money saved, my wife and I will pay off a credit card. We recently purchased our condo and made upgrades to boost the value and make it our own. We used some credit cards to get some points we later plan to use for travel. We have developed a plan to eliminate all of our credit card debt in a year and the money that we could save from you paying our mortgage will allow us to pay off one of those credit cards, which in turn shortens our timeline to being debt free.

  114. avatar

    Snowballing – first I’ll pay the rest of my credit card debt, then I can put in extra payments on my student loan. Soon I will have enough tucked away for the “emergency savings”- and with that comes a huge sense of relief. I am soooo on my way to solid finances. Thanks Ramit, automation is AWESOME!

  115. avatar

    I would use this to jump start my emergency savings fund.

  116. avatar
    Amber Baldwin

    When I win I’m going to use it towards a vacation in Hawaii. I’ve been planning a trip to go once I meet my weight loss goal of losing 120 lbs. I only have 31 more lbs to go before I’m at my goal weight. Very exciting!

  117. avatar

    I would set up a savings account for my baby niece so she can grow correcting all the mistakes I made had I read “IWTYTBR” earlier.

  118. avatar

    I’d use the money I save to help pay off a course I’m taking to get a better job and increase my income potential! I could also put some towards fleshing out a side project designed to bring in passive income. 🙂

  119. avatar

    My husband and I are already saving up for a downpayment on a new house — this would be a great addition!

  120. avatar

    Mount more consciousness-expanding workshops like the Gateway Voyage that I am offering in Chicago at the end of October using Hemi-Sync, featuring a method of discovery where you can explore different states of consciousness through direct experience.

  121. avatar
    Mary Ann

    Save the money 🙂

  122. avatar
    Sheryl Schelin

    I’d use it to pay back friends who’ve helped my daughter and me out in the past.

  123. avatar

    Student loans! The money would knock down my student loans a little bit more and help me get down to paying more principal and paying off the student loans sooner!

  124. avatar
    Franky De Jesus

    I’ll use the money all of it to fund my onkine business. I already have a plan in plafe and all i need is the fund to put that plan into action and that money will be a great start for mw and maybe i’ll be successful with that money.

  125. avatar
    Tiffany T

    Top out my HSA. Instant tax benefits. Cushion for medical expenses. Boom.

  126. avatar

    make an extra mortgage payment

  127. avatar

    i’ll use it as tuition for Ramit’s program and the rest into my investment account!

  128. avatar
    Sarah Morton

    I’d use the money to buy plane tickets to my brother’s wedding in Thailand.

  129. avatar

    I would use it in additional to some of our savings to make our first floor livable before our baby arrives.

  130. avatar
    Derek Pahl

    Would use it to pay down student loans as that’s the last part left to get out of debt!

  131. avatar

    I would either put my money in my savings or have my car fixed up so I wouldn’t have to use my student grant refund to do so!

  132. avatar

    I would put it towards my student loans to help pay them down.

  133. avatar
    Cat Pratt

    I’d invest the money initially and then plan a trip to India.

  134. avatar

    I’m already a good little saver and overpaying my mortgage as much as possible whilst single, before kiddies come along and destroy my bank balance.
    I have quite high standards for bringing new possessions into my flat, and to be honest, am not lacking anything right now.
    One of my best mates is unemployed at the moment and running low on funds, so I’d treat him to a little trip away; that way he could relax and enjoy himself properly for one weekend (and fully focus on being a good wingman!).

  135. avatar
    Mike Wroblewski

    I’d use half to pay off my only remaining credit card and the other half to pay for the I will teach you to be rich class to help kick off a new side income business. I just shut down a couple very low profit businesses where I had trouble with my drop shipper.

  136. avatar
    Adrienne Diekmann

    I will add my rent money into my fund that will finance me after I quit my current job to pursue my career as a singer/actress!

  137. avatar
    Diamond Wells

    I would put it into my God child’s college fund. I want her to somewhat smooth sail through her college years much easier than I did.

  138. avatar

    As an Asian, I’ve always wanted that experience of a life time: TO MOVE OUT. Seriously. I’d use this money to move out of my mum’s place and really put myself out there to learn exactly what I need to know to make it in life as I do the things I love for a living. Give me a chance to learn and expose myself to the world.

  139. avatar

    This would be great. I’d use the extra windfall to finish paying off my credit card debt and get my finances back on track and automated a couple months earlier!

  140. avatar

    I’m going to San Francisco in November, and besides going to the main event I’m out there for (a literary charity dinner), I’m also meeting and working with my boss and hope to meet with other folks in the technology/startup community. Some of this money would go to meeting them, buying them a drink, and generally picking their brains since I’m out there once a year at most. I’d also use it to stay there a little longer, pick more brains, and generally get more out of the experience.

  141. avatar

    I would use part for a nice dinner out and then the rest to paying down my credit card.

  142. avatar

    I would use it to help me launch my new product on my website so I can get it out to people in a good way.

  143. avatar

    I have been saving my money to buy real estate. Since the real estate market is slowly coming back, I would definitely invest my money into the real estate market.

  144. avatar
    Ealasaid Haas

    I’ve already automated much of my financial life, so that’s not an issue. I do, however, have a cat with lymphoma and not enough in savings to pay for alllll his treatment — this would go a long way toward covering his treatments while I badger his insurance to process my claims.

    Once I got the claims money back from VPI, I’d probably do with it what I do with other “windfall” / health insurance claim cash: most goes to paying off my debt, and the rest is split between my little-but-growing savings account and my slush fund.

  145. avatar

    Pay off debt!

  146. avatar
    Pete M.


    Thanks for the all the advice and information! I was reviewing your blueprints and just wanted to note that some of the information was out-of-date in the PDFs. See below for my notes.

    Rung 3: Open up a Roth IRA (see page 83) and contribute as much money as possible to it. (As long as your income is $101,000 or less, you’re allowed to contribute up to $5,000 in 2009.)

    Note: Current contribution limit for 2013 is $5,500 ($6,500 if you’re age 50 or older). Also, there really isn’t an income limitation any more. One can contribute to a non-deductible IRA (which doesn’t have an income limitation) and immediately convert to a Roth IRA.

    Rung 4: If you have money left over, go back to your 401(k) and contribute as much as possible to it (this time above and beyond your employer match). The current limit is $15,500.

    Note: Current contribution limit for 2013 is $17,500 ($22,500 if you’re age 50 or older).

    Thanks again and keep spreading the gospel of good finance!

    Oh, by the way, if you pay my mortgage for a month, that money would go straight towards my Roth. Lately, I’ve been concentrating on generating tax-free income within the Roth via covered calls and cash-secured puts.


    Pete M.

  147. avatar

    Since I’m planning to pay my mortage in three months from now, I will save that money for “bad days to come”. I have always kept savings since you never know what’s going to happen next day. I’m an entrepeneur by the way…

  148. avatar

    I would put it into savings for a downpayment on a house.

  149. avatar
    David Longsmith

    Split between:

    A nice family dinner out
    Vinyl records

  150. avatar

    I would use it to put the money towards hiring an investment / financial expert whom can teach me how to start having money work for me instead of working for money.
    Right now I am a teacher, and I love the act of helping people, but I don’t love constantly being in debt, so I would put the money towards hiring an expert in earning a higher income and who can teach me how to quit being a moron about making good money.

  151. avatar
    Allison Varner

    I’d put the money towards my future rescue Golden Retriever and the rescue that he/she will come from. They do so much for these dogs and only ask for a few donations for special needs Goldens.

  152. avatar
    David Kinskey

    Put it away to spend on next year’s honeymoon. 🙂

  153. avatar

    I’d use it to put towards plane tickets so my wife and I can join the rest of my family celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday in Ireland. We’ve been saving all of our extra $$ in order to have 20% down on our next home, and I refuse to touch our emergency savings.

  154. avatar

    I would use it to pay off my credit card debt, and then automate what I would save on their monthly payments toward a rolling fund that could finance enrollment in personal finance courses.

  155. avatar
    Chris Fallon

    I’d sign up for the make $1k course with some of the money and take a trip to Costa Rica with the rest.

  156. avatar

    I would use it to rebuild our emergency savings after my recent job transition from software consulting to independent financial advising.

  157. avatar
    Marc-Olivier Schwartz

    I am currently starting my business, so I will use half to pay my rent and I will invest the rest in my business to pay a developer for two months.

  158. avatar

    Pay off a credit card!!!

  159. avatar

    I’m currently living rent-free for the next month or so, so I’d put it toward my new apartment when I return to the states. What’s extra I’d split between savings and my business. Thanks!

  160. avatar

    I would purchase the inventory of tshirts for my new line.

  161. avatar

    I will use the money to pay my rent and food cost.

  162. avatar

    I would like to use it to set-up systems. I am living paycheck to paycheck – but recently paid off my credit card debt – this money would really help me towards a new system for moving forward.

  163. avatar

    I would put $1000 to my sons 529K, invest $500 in marketing my side gig to increase my financial control, and use the other $500 to invest on personal development – Earn 1K.

  164. avatar
    Yossi Mandel

    It’ll pay for the earn1k course and school tuition.

  165. avatar
    Jay Trotsky

    I would use the money to pay down credit card debt.

  166. avatar

    I would go shopping for myself! I know that sounds a little frivolous, but after 6 years of putting a child first, I am in dire need of new hot wardrobe to go with my new job & expanded freelance offerings!

  167. avatar
    Ryan Kulp

    I’d hire a designer to piece together wireframes for my mobile app idea!

  168. avatar

    I would go to Disneyland in Paris and than travel around France for about two months.

    I would also split the money into single dollar bills and wear it as a money suit. I have never seen anyone with a money suit.

  169. avatar

    Use it as a seed fund for starting the “online business” . Will be used to cover the initial operating costs – hosting charges and sales/marketing expenses. Before the funds dry down, will earn enough form the online venture to support and sustain myself. Eventually will be free from the day job.

  170. avatar
    Auni Moin

    I would join Ramit’s next course that would give me a better direction on which career best suits me, and also take a few courses I need to learn more about the digital ad sales industry, which I joined this year.

  171. avatar
    olivia rossetti

    College funds!

  172. avatar

    I would pay some more Ramit’s training, some gear for photography and part of it would add to my bank savings.

  173. avatar
    Jill B

    Take half and add it to the money in a small 401(k) account from my last job—in both senses of the term..the job I just left to take my part-time company full-time to do the work that I was put on earth to do, and then open a Roth IRA. Then, divide the other half of the money by six and invest it in the Roth IRA over six months to establish the important habit of an entrepreneur investing for the future.

  174. avatar
    Wendy Kelly

    I would set $45 aside in hopes that a spot opens up in the Brain Trust. I really can’t afford it this time (I know…priorities…but I am homeschooling my 4 boys and, really, there isn’t anything left over for investing right now.)
    I would then get a haircut 🙂
    Finally, I would pay off our credit card debt.
    Thank you!

  175. avatar

    I would use all of the money to pay down credit card debt.

  176. avatar
    Norman Snead

    I lost my job in January 2012 and have been unemployed since. I am 58 years old and cannot get anyone to hire me. I am very qualified for many positions, am highly educated, energetic, management experience, etc. I just seems that people hiring cannot get past the age thing. We have been living off of my wife’s income ($26K/yr) during this time, and our retirement savings which are very close to being gone.
    It would seem that I have several things working against me. My wife makes too much for us to receive government assistance, the longer I am unemployed the harder to find employment, and my age. It is 4 years before social security can help, and I have used up all the unemployment insurance that was available to me. Having my rent paid would give us the opportunity to spread our very tight budget for another two months. We would use the extra money to buy food and pay expenses. Thanks for the opportunity Ramit!

  177. avatar

    I’d use the money to invest in my business. Yes I could pay a bill or two or stash it in the bank, but by investing it in my biz it will allow me to create some efficiencies that will provide a better return in the long run.

  178. avatar

    I’d pay off my credit cards and put the rest into a high-interest savings account where I am building savings to start my own business.

  179. avatar

    Hi Ramit, what a cool contest! I’d use the money to pay down our ridiculous amount of student loans, so that we can fund a proper college fund for our 4-month old son in the hopes that he can graduate debt-free! Thanks!

  180. avatar

    We have our first baby on the way. and as we keep finding out, health insurance barely covers related costs. We would use this money towards care for our newborn

  181. avatar

    I would give 10% to my church or to someone in need. Then I would put the rest toward paying down principle on my mortgage.

  182. avatar

    I’d use the extra money to make a big payment on my student loans.

  183. avatar

    Investing in passive index fund for my kid college fund…he’s 3 1/2 but it would be a good start!

  184. avatar
    Tony Pennuto

    Add it to my savings for my little brother to pay for college.

  185. avatar

    I will some back into my savings, and use the rest to boost my business – get some much-needed new promo materials, a new mat for my clients… etc.

  186. avatar
    Leslie Galloway

    I’d use the extra cash to help pay for all of the back-to-school expenses, and the rest would go to pay off debt.

  187. avatar
    Susan Roth

    I am moving in September and I would use this money for my security deposit. This would put less strain on my finances and I would start a savings program.

  188. avatar
    Chris K.

    I would use the money to start my side business that you’ve inspired! I want to start an aftermarket parts company for the new Tesla Model S electric cars. My rent is 800 and I would use the other 1,201 to finance my prototype and first 10 or so units. I would sell on the user online forums so marketing would be free. In fact, I’ve already TESTED on the forums with a pre-order and the demand is there. I estimate I could gross $20-30k in 3-6 months on just one part alone. No one else is doing what I want to do. I would blow your 1k/month out of the water 🙂 I just moved to Atlanta, as I heeded your advice about moving to a place with more opportunity. I’m 27, my college debt and credit cards are at ZERO by using the tactics in your blog and book.Thanks for kicking my ass and continuing to do so. I look forward to being one of your success stories. Cheers!

  189. avatar

    I am expecting my first child on or around October 15th, 2013 so i would pay my rent so i can afford to be on maternity leave for 6 weeks to take care of my newborn son!

  190. avatar

    My wife and I would put it into a saving buffer to help cover expenses as my paychecks do not fall at regular intervals.

  191. avatar

    I’d use the extra cash to pay off a credit card that’s been hanging around a little too long at just above min. each month.

  192. avatar

    I would use this money to go visit my friend in Berlin! I’ve implemented most of your suggestions from IWTYTBR and am building my emergency savings and retirement. It’s really exciting to see the numbers growing! I’d like to have some more fun with my money and a trip to Europe would be perfect.

  193. avatar

    I will use the money to give the debt payoff ‘snowball’ an extra push down the hill.

  194. avatar

    I’d use it to pay down the mortgage–thanks, Ramit!

  195. avatar

    I would put it towards paying off some of my credit card!

  196. avatar
    Ben Louie

    I’m going to use the money to buy a new laptop, invest some of it in my retirement fund, and use the rest of it to pay off my student loans.

  197. avatar

    i would use it to fund a trip to a place I haven’t yet been in the world. More likely a continent I haven’t been to yet. I would also invest in starting a blog.

  198. avatar
    Dan @ Casual Kitchen

    Easy. I’d pick up $2k worth of a regional bank preferred stock. With the latest increase in interest rates a lot of these have sold off to the point that you can get reasonably secure yields as high as 7%, which is all I need to reach my financial goals. It’ll be an (automated) gift that keeps on giving.

  199. avatar
    Lindsay LaVine

    I would use the money to help pay off my student loans.

  200. avatar

    I would like to use it to tackle a house project, buy a few stocks, get my husband’s car fixed and save the rest in our emergency fund.

  201. avatar
    Darrell Crimmins

    I plan on using the money as part of a down payment for my first multi family building, with which I will use to fund my son’s college expenses.


  202. avatar

    I’d retire my student loans that much faster.

  203. avatar
    Kristina M.

    I’d invest that money so that it can grow so I can work towards getting more financially independent. Thanks

  204. avatar

    I would add it to my emergency fund in case I lose my job or otherwise can’t work. Boring, I know.

  205. avatar
    John Morey

    I would use the extra money to help fund some plumbing repairs that I need to do in our two upstairs bathrooms! Thanks for the opportunity.

  206. avatar

    I would use it for our April wedding, which we are contributing $2,000 toward each month. I am embarrassed to admit that since it seems frivolous, but this has been a big learning experience and saving for a wedding has helped my fiancé and I start from a place of being extremely open about finances and aggressive about reaching common goals. Ramit, you are so right — like most people we are having a $30K affair, which we didn’t save for in advance and are paying for 100% on our own. I couldn’t stop laughing at your wedding post, as I always swore that “I have simple tastes and am a smart person so there’s no way I could even spend half of what these suckers shell out.” But then you realize that it costs a lot to rent a venue in a major metro area, that you want to feed people more than cheese cubes after they flew across the country to see you, and on and on. But at least we’re having a 16-month engagement and paying cash!

  207. avatar
    Ashley Readings

    I would pay down debt. Plain and simple. I have been building my business, with a lot of your help (DUDE – MY PRICES HAVE DOUBLED!!!!!), and I’m excited to be able to make bigger investments in my business. But a bit of credit card debt (from when I was charging next to nothing!) is still weighing me down. It’s almost gone and the money from a mortgage free month would give me the wiggle room I need to tackle it before I head into slow season.

  208. avatar

    Ramit! Wow, thank you so much for this offer. If I could get my rent paid even once, I would seize that break and immediately put my next paycheck into a high-yield savings account. I read your book in 48hrs, loving every minute, but — even though you insist that “starting an account with $50” is enough — I’ve felt nervous to have even that much out of my main checking account, because it’s currently hooked up to all of my bills, in case a surprise charge comes and I need every last penny. It’s never happened as I would never let my accounts get that low, but I just get nervous. If I got this generous break, I would suddenly have a WHOLE PAYCHECK to put into brand new, all online, no-fee, high interest checking & savings accounts with ZERO worry. I would be able to get my new fiscal trajectory started right and I would thoroughly enjoy an excited, mature peace of mind. Thank you so much for your consideration. Have an awesome Monday.

  209. avatar

    I will take that money and put it into savings, to make it work for me.

  210. avatar

    Hi Ramit!
    Thanks for hosting such a great competition. I would use the prize to help complete my transition from the world of employment to self-employment through consulting and freelance work. I move to Buenos Aires from London in October for 2 months so any additional cash would be a big help. Plus I will probably end up partially spending the money on IWTYTBR products so this could be a great way for you to win my business!
    Thanks for your consideration and ever-helpful insight, keep it coming,

  211. avatar

    Finish my second jewelry collection and get it out to my retail contacts!

  212. avatar

    I would use it to pay down debt my wife and I have accumulated on a credit card. This debt is one of the biggest hurdles before starting a family and $2,001 would be a huge chunk taken out of it.

  213. avatar

    I would use the extra cash to invest in myself through Ramit’s Earn1k course.

  214. avatar

    I would spend it on traveling its something I’m saving up for now but with a very tight budget it’s slow going haveing one of my biggest bills taken off would be nice.

  215. avatar

    I would use the money to buy home school curriculum for my kids!

  216. avatar

    We put all our spending on credit cards to get rewards and then pay it all the way down the next month, but it sometimes gets out of control because its so easy to spend. We want to start using cash, but we don’t have the monthly income to start using cash AND pay down last months spending.
    I’d use it to pay down my credit card and get out of the “Pay next month” cycle and start on a cash budget. I love the CC rewards, but I know I’ll save more by not spending as much by using a cash budget. Seems counter-intuitive, but I know what works for me psychologically.

  217. avatar

    After reading your book and following much of your advice, I’d open up some accounts that will put me in a smarter position since in about a week my paychecks will be half of what I have been making for our busy summer season and I’ll once again be battling with the threat of debt if anything emergency related comes up in the next 10 months. *both crossing my fingers AND looking for a new job*
    I’d be able to fix and sell my unreliable car and trade it in for something I wouldn’t have to dump extra cash into on top of gas and maintenance each month. I could also finally put some money towards a trip I’ve been dying to do since I could remember but have never had the chance…travel anywhere outside the US and I have the opportunity to go out to England for Christmas nearly expense free minus the plane ticket-which I couldn’t afford otherwise. It’s would be a huge leg up for anyone to win this! Thanks for the opportunity Ramit!

  218. avatar
    Eric Oleson

    Over the last several years I’ve become energized by leadership assessment and coaching. Therefore, I would invest the money in myself by enrolling in executive coach training. This would enhance skills I already possess and also position me for further advancement.

  219. avatar

    I would deposit half the cash into a savings account and invest the other half in marketing for my art photography business.

  220. avatar

    I wil probably save the money. I just bought new furniture (being delivered this week) so I’m trying to save any extra money that I might have.

  221. avatar

    I would add it to my Dream Job Course Fund, which I am saving up for.

  222. avatar

    I would use the extra money to put towards debts– pay it off faster and spend less on interest! Saving $$ all around!!

  223. avatar
    Robert Richards

    Honestly, with a new baby I would probably put the extra month rent (we already negotiated a below market rent for our area) towards plane tickets to show off the new kid to both sets of parents who conveniently do NOT live close to one another. We may even pay for the plane ticket for our other child instead of sending him by bus.

  224. avatar
    Richard Stephan

    I’d use it to open a Roth IRA with Charles Schwab.

  225. avatar
    Marquita Atchison

    With the extra cash I will pay my tithes and my electricity bill…

  226. avatar

    Hi Ramit!

    Great contest! I hope to hold a contest like this someday soon, by the grace of God!

    I would tithe to my church, invest in a business coach to rock out my business, and save the rest for a rainy day for my husband and I. =]

  227. avatar

    I’ll be honest. I’m getting married next year and the money will go towards that…it’s an expensive business!

  228. avatar

    I would put the extra money towards my student loans! Since I just entered grad school and am planning on paying off my undergraduate loans still that would be amazing.

  229. avatar

    With an extra $2,001 I would go visit my grandmother for her 90th birthday and take at least $1,000 to put into my Infinite Banking account.

  230. avatar

    I recently moved to a new city, (Dream Life plan underway!) and it pretty much wiped out my emergency savings. I’d use the money to replenish my rainy day fund.

  231. avatar

    I will add it to my savings for a summer course on a university in Paris that I want to attend. Finally decided to persue my dream career. I’m half way with my savings and this would bring me closer to having the full amount. Applications start in March.

  232. avatar

    I will use it to travel, partially for business, partially for fun!

  233. avatar

    I’m getting married next month, and legally jumping from zero mortgages to two. (Eeek!) The wedding itself is all budgeted but maybe we’d splurge on an extra hour of open bar, and put the rest in the honeymoon fund.

  234. avatar

    I would use the money to help automate my finances. The only road block I’ve had so far to setting up the system is having enough money at the end of the month to setup my atuo pay account with Paypal. Once that is funded everything else is ready to set and forget. Then I can finally have enough “breathing room” to make my web consulting business closer to a reality. Now it’s just a part-time “hobby”.

  235. avatar
    Ruth V

    I would put it in my tax free savings account (Canada)

  236. avatar

    I’d put it towards my wedding next year – we’re having a very inexpensive event because I refuse to go into debt even a penny for it. Then, with the money I’m planning on saving over the next year, I’d put extra towards my student loans.

  237. avatar

    I am almost completely out of debt! YAY ME! I have worked $75,000 in debt down since 2009 to now just a little over $2,000 remaining! My paying it off strategy is totally working, and I am so proud of myself, but I have sacrificed being able to save very much in order to do it. What I really want to do now is beef up my savings and spend a little bit on developing some passive income streams. I am living quite frugally and $2001 would sure go a long way toward accomplishing both of those things. Thanks for the contest and the chance to win!

  238. avatar
    Tracey Hoyle

    I am currently unemployed. Last week I spent a good chunk of my savings on car repairs, so I would use the money I saved on rent to replenish my savings account.

  239. avatar

    I’ll be using it to get caught up on my budget, what ever is left goes back into my business.
    That’s a good place for it to be and g(r)o(w). 😉

  240. avatar

    I would use it to do some much needed car repairs and pay down on some debt…

    Not really exciting, but def something that is needed! 🙂

  241. avatar
    Josh S.

    My retirement savings, credit card payments, and some investments are currently automated, and I’m doing okay financially in a non-high-paying field.

    With windfall money like this, I’d hope to give ~$100 to charity without feeling like I was being fiscally irresponsible. Since I’d won a contest on a personal finance blog, I think I’d try to invest an additional ~$200 or so in personal improvement: books or courses I might not have purchased otherwise. The remainder would be invested in low-cost index funds, which will eventually help lead to financial freedom!

  242. avatar

    With the $2000 saved, I would buy 1.5 oz gold bullion from apmex. Stocks are running at all time highs (due for a serious correction), CDs yeild a whopping 0.3% per year. When the stock market correction happens, all else goes down with it except precious metals which go in the reverse direction. So, its guaranteed to double in the next 2-3 years.

  243. avatar

    My mortgage is pretty inexpensive. I’d treat it like any extra income take half and put it into my Future Fund (savings for big discretionary items) and use the other half to increase my budget in a fun area, like vacation spending.

  244. avatar

    Pay down my MBA loans.

  245. avatar

    It would be £400, so not a huge sum, but certainly more than a drop in the ocean on my current wage! I think I would either:
    Spend it on equipment for my band (in ear monitoring system)
    Spend it on personal development (additional to the Earn 1k course I’m doing now)
    Put it in savings ready for when I quit my job to start working full time on my own personal business (that I’m starting up thanks to Earn 1k).

  246. avatar

    I’m going to add this money to my “Australia” saving account for an year trip I’m planning!

  247. avatar
    Chris H.

    world cup 2014. big trip. need funds.

  248. avatar

    I’d use it to pay on other bills! Thanks for the chance to win!

  249. avatar
    Sherrie Montgomery

    Save it for our children’s college or put it towards repairs in our house –

  250. avatar

    Putting the sum towards my student loans!

  251. avatar

    I’m a full-time graduate student in the alternaive health field, and am currently subsisting on a combination of student loans, tutoring and teaching. Aside from school, my biggest focus is trying to build a practice that I can expand once my degree is in-hand.

    Most of the work I do is internet-based, and last week my geriatric computer froze and unexpectedly shut down twice during a student–not great news, to say the least. With the money I’d save from next month’s rent, I’d be thrilled to purchase a new computer! At the very least, it would keep me connected with the students and clients I already work with, and enable me to continue to build my business. I’d be most excited, though, for the ability to build a website, something for which my current computer doesn’t have the capacity. Excited for the possibility!

  252. avatar
    Chris B

    It would go into my currently very anemic emergency fund.

  253. avatar
    Kimberly McAfee

    Ramit, I would do something terribly boring…first 10% to my savings, and the balance to my debt. Last month, I finally put the credit cards in a drawer and am living off what I make, putting 10% from every paycheque into savings (which will actually go toward my debt (~$5,000), but for the month I get to watch it grow and see what it will feel like to have “extra”). I am dying to start my own biz but feel trapped by debt and lack of savings. This would give me some much-needed breathing room, and a step in the right direction. (My largest expense is certainly rent as my small flat with 3 dogs n 2 cats costs me over half my income. I need to get some space, out of the city, but am tied to (dependant upon) my job, and living paycheque to paycheque, for now.)

  254. avatar
    Ben Brown

    The amount we pay for mortgage would be perfect to kick start the promotion for my new book How To Play Guitar; The Ultimate Beginners Guide. I’ve got some good free content for lead collection, the book is live on Amazon (Kindle with videos and updates) and it will tie into my website. Got a tech person who’s working to put it all together for me but it would be faster if I could pay in advance and throw some google adsense toward it.

  255. avatar

    I’d use the money to pay off medical debt and $1000 towards an emergency fund.

  256. avatar

    That extra money would go towards student loan payments. I’m on an aggressive payment schedule to have those paid off in 3 years so I can start focusing on putting my money elsewhere, and that extra cash would go a long way towards moving that debt-free date up!

  257. avatar

    Recent grad here.

    I would set aside half of the money to build my six month emergency savings account (don’t want to be on the wrong end of the statistic!), put a quarter of it towards a training session I’ve always wanted to take, and put the last 1/4 into my NY fund for a trip I’d like to take next month!

  258. avatar

    I would pay down a loan.

  259. avatar

    I’d buy some lunches for mentors, and invest in some strategic marketing courses to bring more value to small business clients (to help them grow their business faster and more strategically).

  260. avatar

    I would purchase the flip page software for my eZine Your Wellness Guide.

  261. avatar
    Alicia Garcia

    The amount we pay for our mortgage would be a great help in updating our house. We are currently saving up money to put a deck on the back of our house, and a few other things to our front and backyard as well. We’re trying to make it nicer for the time we’re here and easier to sell when that time comes as well.

  262. avatar
    Laura Truitt

    This amount would almost wipe out my student loan debt! Yay!

  263. avatar

    I would invest it in my freelance business and then a vacation to celebrate!

  264. avatar
    Marina G

    I would use it to pay off some of my student loans. It seems like only the interest is being paid off and with a huge payment I could make a dent in the principal.

  265. avatar
    Bo Link

    I’ll use it to payoff more of my credit card debt. This way I’ll be ever so closer to actually being able to sign up for Earn1K.

  266. avatar

    My mortgage is $1901 per month. I’d pay off $1000 worth of credit card debt, then put the other $901 into my bill pay account, to cushion it for the months when my electric bill is higher than average!

  267. avatar
    Goomatie Deba

    I would pay towards a credit card as I’m aiming to be debt free accept within the next 2 years. For the pass 5 years I’ve been so close to being debt free but something unexpected always happen and I end up helping my kids and here I am back in debt again. My old card was totaled in June so now I have a high car payment to deal with.

  268. avatar

    I will use it to make an additional payment on mortgage principal.

  269. avatar
    Brad McCarty

    The biggest obstacle to being financially stable is debt. My wife and I are paying ours off, slowly but surely. Instead of taking a few monthly payments toward removing one debt, what we pay in rent each month would enable us to pay off two debts entirely.

  270. avatar

    I would like to start a trust in my brother’s name who passed away at the age of 23. Its 10 years now..and I have been thinking of starting a trust since then…if I get this money, I would start a trust and lay a foundation for it.

  271. avatar
    Ryan P

    Winning the prize would allow me to setup my own Roth account which I’ve always wanted to do. The company I am employed for matches dollar-for-dollar on 401ks, no limit (seriously) so I strive to put as much as I can in there which leaves me nothing left for a separate Roth account. Having both will help hedge my bets in the future so no matter what happens to taxes I can be covered!

  272. avatar

    This is how I would break it down:
    30% and put it to my student loan debt
    30% and use it for our wedding
    30% and put it towards a house down payment
    10% for a nice night out with my fiance.

  273. avatar

    I would use the extra money to re-enter a college degree program without having to use student loans.

  274. avatar

    I would split the prize into quarters:
    – 25 percent towards my son’s 529 plan. He goes to college in two years.
    – 25 percent to make a principal-only payment on primary residence
    – 25 percent towards savings for a rental property purchase
    – 25 percent to finance a long-weekend beach road trip with my family

  275. avatar

    We would save it for December. This money would give my husband and I the chance to fly home for Christmas.

  276. avatar

    We’re recently retired and considering a move to Costa Rica. It will go into savings and then be used for travel / moving costs.

  277. avatar

    I would take the money I would normally pay on rent and put it into my savings/emergency fund. I got into an accident last week, so my emergency fund was drained to fix my car.

  278. avatar
    Jean F

    My mortgage has been paid off for years and I have no debt, but my house could use some work. Part of the prize would go toward that and the rest to savings.

  279. avatar

    I would use the money to invest in retirement. I just recently finally was able to open a 403(b) account at my institution, and I’d like to be able to contribute more to it if possible. I’m not anywhere near what the employer matches because of my rent actually. It’d be wonderful to be able to invest more for my future. Thanks!

  280. avatar

    I’d put it in my house-down-payment fund.

  281. avatar
    Priya Bradfield

    I would save it for the next mortgage payment – and sleep a little better each night.

  282. avatar
    Pascale Louis

    I will pay down credit card debt

  283. avatar
    Crystal C

    Awesome giveaway! If I won, I’d use the savings to make THREE extra payments on my student loan!

  284. avatar

    I’d buy a bed so I can quit sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

  285. avatar

    We’re in the middle of renovating our house, so it would definitely be spent at either Home Depot or Lowe’s!

  286. avatar
    Priti mehta

    I would fly out to San Fran and scope out the area. I am looking for my dream job and want to relocate, but before that I need to make sure I want to move to the area.
    My brother may be moving out there as well, so I would meet up with him and talk to him and see if this is the best choice for us as a family.

  287. avatar
    ashok kumar

    I would take 2 week break from work. And volunteer in a rural school in India

  288. avatar

    I’m actually unemployed, because I left my job in Boston to move to San Francisco. I’m learning computer programming so I can become a software developer. Thus, this money would purely be for covering my monthly expenses! Cheers.

  289. avatar

    My ex owes me money and property and I’ve sold most everything except the small harder things. I owe my lawyer more than my rent for letters that are ignored. My health isn’t the best and with no insurance I can’t afford the care or meds I need. I do want to start a savings plan…

  290. avatar
    Mathilde Sabourin

    I’ll be able to save up for my upcoming wedding!

  291. avatar

    Will use it to start and automate a college savings plan for my daughter.

  292. avatar
    Jenn Burwell

    Mortgage is $1355. Will use the “bonus” to finish the 2nd floor of our house. Completed it will give our home 2/3 again more space and increase the value of the house by 1/2 again as much. Increasing the value will allow us to say goodbye to PMI and hello to lower payments. But, we will pay same amount and voila, mortgage will be paid off sooner.

  293. avatar
    Dennis Demori

    I’d use the cash to pad my emergency fund.

  294. avatar
    Dain Miller

    Hey Ramit and Team,

    I am a 25 year old who just moved from Chicago to DC to work in the government. Going from an apartment with my girlfriend to a condo, as it was the only thing we could find. Our rent has gone from 860 to 2000 a month, and it has been very difficult on us, and we are definitely living paycheck to paycheck – so I understand where everyone else is coming from. I am the sole breadwinner in our little family.

    BUT the more important part is how I would ‘use’ the 2,000 USD savings. I would essentially be able to put it into our emergency fund and pay off debts, getting our travel fund all that closer to a reality. We are traveling to Iceland for a month in June of 2014, hell or high water. I am working with 2 clients as a developer along with my full time job to make sure that happens but still very close margins. If I were to win this and have you pay the 2,000 rent for me I could then use my 2k as a bit of padding in my accounts to help boost future potential. We would be all that closer to a drive across iceland following the ring road, and a roadtrip around the US. Obviously though, a very practical need for most of the 2k I would have would be to pay off existing medical bill debts (I roughly have 4 – 5k in miscellaneous debts), but am working to pay them off.

    A dreamer in debt.

  295. avatar
    Kristin Friedersdorf

    Hi Ramit, I would spend the saved money in a few different ways. First, I would like to start buying some essentials of a new professional wardrobe: such as all the classic, practical pieces of clothing that add to a polished and professional look! I would also like to invest some of the money in a cooking course– either a knife skills class or a pastry course. This is a goal I have had for awhile, but these courses can be quite expensive!

  296. avatar
    Emily H.

    I’d put it toward all of the travel I’m having to do for grad school. It’s eating into my budget!!

  297. avatar

    This would be amazing to win. Even better if both of us in my household won! 🙂 If I were to win, I’d use the windfall to pay back a substantial debt I owe.

  298. avatar

    I’d use the money to fund the unexpected move I have to make in October, all because I unexpectedly met and fell in love with a man my landlords dislike. Rather than just let both of us live in the multi-bedroom apartment I’ve been renting from them alone for almost three years, they advised me to “find new quarters”. He’s a long-haired motorcycle guy, and they are a VERY conservative couple. He’s also got a prosthesis on his right leg (he lost part of it in a motorcycle accident in his youth). They actually mentioned that one of their concerns was that the apartment was inadequate for “someone with a disability” (which is not only completely untrue, but highly discriminatory – I could easily sue them and win). Instead, we’ll suck it up and make the move even though we can’t really afford it right now – this money would take the extreme stress out of the scenario for us and help us get our life together off on a much happier note.

  299. avatar
    Barbara Ducharme

    I would use the extra for planned home improvements,thank you!

  300. avatar

    My wife and I just bought our first home and I’d use the money to make an extra mortgage payment!

  301. avatar
    Scott Golden

    With a new baby on the way, I would use some to furnish their room and invest the remainder in a college fund for them. I know the sooner my Wife and I can start that saving, the more likely it will be that we will have enough to afford their college without leaving mountains of student loan debt.

  302. avatar
    Josh M

    Enroll in a professional development course (teacher).

  303. avatar

    I will save the extra money until I see how my 2013 taxes turn out now that I have a rental property. Then I will know if it’s worth it to pay down the rental mortgage principle so I can refinance.

  304. avatar

    I’d use it to publish the book I’m writing!

  305. avatar
    Agris Taurins

    Honestly, I’d use the windfall to help pay down some CC debt. Maybe some day I can get rid of it and be allowed to take one of Ramit’s courses.

  306. avatar

    I would love to fix our patio doors that has a shattered pane. It would be so nice not to have to tap into my emergency fund for the new doors. Crossing my fingers**

  307. avatar

    save 10% and pay back my sister for the computer she bought me last month, (because mine died and I needed one)

  308. avatar

    Well, I just got engaged! But we have a ton of bills…mortgage…car loans..student loans..I don’t know what this “Extra” money you speak of is 😉 there wouldn’t be any!

  309. avatar

    I would use it to kickstart my savings!

  310. avatar
    Kathryn Atkins

    My husband and I would add the money to our new car savings fund. Both of our current vehicles are paid off and we are hoping to upgrade my car (a 2-door) to something more family-friendly.

  311. avatar

    Winning this would be such a blessing! My 17 year old son has saved $1000 to get a car and I would put this toward our match for him so he can have something decent. It would rock his world and help me out sooo much with transportation! You are so awesome to do these contests and whoever wins will benefit, indeed.

  312. avatar
    Amber Hawley

    Honestly I would leave half of it in checking to replenish the cushion we always kept there but has all since disappeared after having my son (the loss of income and no maternity leave b/c I own my own business) and the other half would go to pay off high interest debt, as we already have some investments and are throwing away money on cc interest.

  313. avatar

    I have recently caught up on all my bills. I am still playing with my budget but if I won this, I would definately add it to my savings.

  314. avatar

    Buy a different vehicle…much needed

  315. avatar
    Daniel Jack

    Dear Ramit,

    I want to take this time to let you know that God sent me to your website. One day recently, during a time of prayer and meditation, God said to me, “22,000,000. I didn’t know what it meant. So, after wondering about it in my mind for a bit, I “googled” it to check the web for possible news stories that spoke of this quantity.. Like a neon sign, the only thing that really stuck out on the page was “The $22 Million-Dollar Man – I Will Teach You To Be Rich” headline. I explored it and was so pleased and fascinated to learn of your story, CD Baby founder’s story… What I have gleaned already is invaluable. I can relate to you. I have dream job also. I’m following my dream to be a Medicaid certified personal care home provider for the developmentally disabled (DD), where I would open my home to DD individuals and care for them- for starters. I’ve already begun investing time and money into doing necessary repairs to my family home.

    If I were to be granted the funds, I would put 10% toward my existing savings plan, 10% towards giving, invest in supplies for making my home more “handicapped” accessible and any remaining would go towards inspection fees. I’m on my way. In any case, just know that however it turns out, I’m in awe that God led me to you and just thrilled that you are strategically giving others access to this unique view/practicum of how to live their lives “out of the box.” God bless you and yours.


    Daniel Jack

  316. avatar
    Hank Bowry

    We’ve automated our savings and fixed costs…we’ve negotiated, raises, promotions and bonuses over the last year.

    So with the cash, I’m going to take my wife to Paris for her 30th Birthday.

    Thanks in advance.

  317. avatar

    I would use it to help fund prototyping for my fledgling product business. I’m aiming to launch the company before the end of the year and a little extra cash would go a long way towards getting it off the ground.

    I work full time and am launching a side business to help bring in an additional income stream.

  318. avatar
    Leanne Richards-Williams

    I would use it to launch my business in teaching basic computer skills and providing a virtual business incubator to individuals living in rural communities across Jamaica.

  319. avatar

    I’ll use it for a family vacation.

  320. avatar

    I would use the money to enroll in one of your courses, most probably Earn1K!

  321. avatar

    I will be saving up for a trip to Japan in the winter!

  322. avatar
    Lucien Lee

    I’ll spend it on whisky and tobacco.

  323. avatar

    I would use most of the money to start an Roth IRA account. Then use the rest to buy a deep freezer and storage shelves, so I can stock up on meat and groceries( the cost of food is expensive).

  324. avatar
    Thomas Gravel

    I’d rent a Can-Am Spyder and take my girlfriend for a week-end trip in the Vermont State.

  325. avatar

    I would put half in my savings, and the other half would go toward my student loans!

  326. avatar
    christopher aragon

    I would put about 75% of the money into savings and the other 25% into my roth/ira. Gotta plan for the future.

  327. avatar
    Scott E.

    I would use about half of the money to get a Playstation 4 and a few games. The other half would go in my ROTH IRA.

  328. avatar

    Simply pay off 3 car payments.

  329. avatar

    I’ll save it since I’m currently between jobs. Well, I will have a nice meal and save the rest 🙂

  330. avatar

    In order of priority-
    Kiddo’s college fund
    Retirement supplementation
    Vacation savings
    Date night / romance my wife fund!

  331. avatar
    A Wong

    I’d use it to extend my runway to kickstarter a board game I’ve been working on.

  332. avatar
    Mary Kate

    We would work on paying down our credit card and loan debts so that we can try to avoid living paycheck to paycheck. It would be nice to have money at the end of the month rather than month at the end of our money!

  333. avatar
    Quertel The Turtle

    I would invest the money to build a good blog cum website, along the design lines of but for holistic/alternative health and I would start to position myself as an expert on natural health topics. I have much of the copy written already. Then, in a few months time, I would work on a natural health book synopsis to pitch to relevant publishers.

  334. avatar

    I would finish my bathroom. It was a “do it yourself” project that we couldn’t “do ourselves”. We need some cash to pay someone to finish it.

  335. avatar

    mortgage owes $28,000 5% interest

    car owes $14,000 3.75% interest, old 16year old car died bought out of neccesity plan to keep for 15 to 20 years it is a honda accord. made $10,000 down payment purchased December 31, 2012

    rental property 14 units 2 duplex owes $58,000

    Would like to have additional $2001.00 to add to current 500.00 motgage payment to knock payoff down from 5 years to 4 1/2 years. The plan is after paying off home mortgage and extra car payments should be able to make large rental property loan payments to pay off in a few years and the plan is to pickup 1 additional property each year to build rental income as well as work income.

  336. avatar

    My husband and I are self-employed. It’s not exciting, but we’d put the money toward paying our taxes. And maybe use some of it for a really really nice dinner.

  337. avatar

    I will use it to set up an investment account for my twin sons to teach them about investing.

  338. avatar

    I’d use it for a plane ticket to NYC for the holidays and save the rest!

  339. avatar

    I’ve already benefited from automated finances and am in a comfortable place, considering various ventures while taking an extended vacation. I’d probably put the money into good meals with good friends.

  340. avatar
    Megan Goodell

    Whoa, having relief from a mortgage payment for one month would be incredible. With the money saved, I would get my credit card debt completely paid off, and put the rest in my Roth IRA. Here’s to the future!

  341. avatar

    I’d take the extra cash and put it in my savings account.

  342. avatar

    I would use it to pay a programmer to build a new WordPress plugin that I’ve designed. I would to parlay the investment into a useful tool that could help other people working on projects like mine while providing a bit of ongoing extra income for me. 🙂

  343. avatar

    I’d make another dent in my college loans.

  344. avatar

    I’m cash flowing my bachelor’s degree, so an extra mortgage payment would go straight into tuition.

  345. avatar

    I’d put the money towards my car, moving me closer to my goal of having it paid off by Feb 2014!

  346. avatar

    I would start my savings for graduate school

  347. avatar

    I’d use the money on classes and materials to increase my skill base.

  348. avatar

    I’d invest in some photography classes!

  349. avatar

    I would add my saved mortgage payment to my savings account 😉 That would be a nice contribution.

  350. avatar

    I would use that money to pay off a large chunk of debt!

  351. avatar

    I have been following Ramit’s advice for several years now – so I would use that money to take my third vacation this year – a trip for me and my daughter to Arizona for a fun fall visit.

  352. avatar

    I’d put $1500 towards maxing out my Roth contribution for 2013 and the rest I’d put towards a flight from Boston to Detroit to visit my family over the holidays. Flights from Boston are ridiculously expensive!

  353. avatar

    As generous as the winnings of this is, I would use the money to get started to ensure I don’t have to enter a competition like this again. I will finally start a business or freelance company so I can get out of my 9-5:30 job and gain some freedom. I will create better work and be happier for it. Everyone’s a winner!

  354. avatar

    Take a vacation!

  355. avatar

    I would use the money to test a business that I’ve developed. I’m thinking half for a direct mail campaign and half for usability market research. It’s a risk, but there’s a compulsory market for continuing education credits which is undeserved by poor usability models. There’s a viable opportunity for six figures if I can tap into what this market truly wants and refine my system to provide the best user experience.

  356. avatar
    Marc Tellez

    We’d put it into our maternity leave savings to supplement our income for next fall. Our goal is to save an additional $10,000 before next September, as I will be returning to school part time in addition to my wife taking leave. We have a plan to reach this goal through automation, but the forward momentum of a $2000 gift would give some wiggle room for the unpredictably predictable contingency expenses.

  357. avatar
    jeanette milling

    I would get caught up on past due medical bills , and school supplies for my child going into high school .

  358. avatar

    I would put it towards a big chunk of debt for my student loans. Been trying to pay off that thing for 10+ years and that would be a huge advancement!

  359. avatar

    Definitely some non-college-level furniture. My boyfriend and I moved in to a lovely place together a few months ago, but don’t have a bedframe, and our sofas are just the saddest. We’ve been out of college three years now–but can’t afford the upgrades we’re hankering to make. Bother!

  360. avatar

    I would use it to pay off what is left of my student loans- I am so close to being done with them!

  361. avatar

    I would use it to pay down debt, best way for me right now to fix my finances.

  362. avatar

    I need a new roof, so this would help with the cost! Thanks for the opportunity!

  363. avatar

    It would go straight to paying off my smallest student loan and start a snowball on the next one!

  364. avatar
    Kal Yash Inc

    I’d invest in my startup.

  365. avatar
    Nancy Mate'

    I plan to spend the money I will save my mortgage payment on my website. My website is in a pre-launch state and I am not employed. My plan is to launch my website before I return to work next month. I also enrolled in an MBA program at UCF, which will begin in January. Winning the mortgage payment would be a huge help with my uncertain financial near-future!

  366. avatar
    Sandra V.

    I’d use the money for rent and to pay down my student loans.

  367. avatar

    emergency savings

  368. avatar

    I’d use the money to fund a 2 month stay in Amsterdam to serve as apprentice for a well known florist and/or participate as a volunteer for a flower parade event in order to improve my flower arrangement skills so I can turn my freelance leisure activity into a start up. The experience gained would benefit me as the skills gained would dramatically differentiate my services on the market (I am based in a ~100.000 inhabitants town in southern Romania where the flower arrangements market is rather homogenious at the moment).

  369. avatar

    I am the CEO of the daily photo journal startup @ShutterCal – I quit my job to dive into my venture full time in December with a 1 year budget to make it happen. I’ve completed a business accelerator and am in the middle of raising my round. It’s getting TIGHT economically this fall. Every penny counts as keep myself afloat while building my business. I’d use the extra cash to fly to San Francisco to meet, pitch, and finalize the various angel investors on my list. And also to visit the offices of successful YC CEO’s I’ve been in contact and taking advisement from.

  370. avatar

    I will use the money to pay of credit cards.

  371. avatar

    Hey Ramit.

    I’d split the money. 1/2 would go towards paying off my highest interest grad school loan, and the other 1/2 would go towards the wedding that my fiance and I are planning.

  372. avatar
    Christine Dew

    I will buy annual passes to Disneyland for myself, hubby and son (we just moved to Orange County, CA) and the rest will go into savings.

  373. avatar

    I would ISA 60%, put 20% towards my holiday savings, 15% towards tango classes and blow the last 5% on dinner/cocktails.

  374. avatar

    My husband and I are taking a few trips in the next few month and could use the extra money to offset some of those expenses (Nicaragua, Cabo, Houston, Vegas, yikes!)

  375. avatar

    My brother, girlfriend and I all share an apartment together. My girlfriend and I just broke forcing us to sub-let the apartment and find a new place to live. I have successfully automated my bills and credit card payments, set up my 401k and IRA, and paid off almost all of my debt through your guided help. I have yet to come up with sufficient emergency savings so this is a definite stressful time being forced to move out. My goal is to have a $10,000 emergency savings account to be secure in any situation.

    If I were to win this contest it would be a blessing, but I would honesty just pay it forward to take the 1k a month course te next time it come around. I was unable to this last time due to obvious financial strain.

    Thing will work out either way, they always will. Thanks for this opportunity to win!


  376. avatar
    Lisa S.

    I will use the funds to finish the final phase of my mobile kitchen so I can get my business rolling out into the community and start making an income that will be reflective of all my hard work, ambition and abilities. This mobile kitchen is just the first step of a much bigger picture, as outlined in my business plan.

  377. avatar

    I would put this money toward my student loan debt. Since I am pursuing my Master’s degree at the moment, I am in deferment – but this money would go a long ways toward the interest that continues to accumulate!

  378. avatar

    I’ve been wanting to start an Etsy business and I would use it for this, to generate more income and have fun at the same time!

  379. avatar

    A month without rent would allow us to make a dent in our debts and raise our credit ratings so finding a better place will be easier and possibly even qualify for a mortgage.

  380. avatar
    Michal Lynch

    I’d open retirement accounts for each of my 3 children. I might hold some of it in a separate savings account, giving my kids each the option to earn the rest of it as a match fund for whatever they invest in those retirement accounts, to get them in the habit of investing!

  381. avatar
    Amanda B.

    I would put it directly into savings or maybe make a double mortgage payment for that month. It’s been a goal to make 1-2 extra mortgage payments a year.

  382. avatar

    I’ll use it to pay for classes that I need to take to get my dream job!

  383. avatar

    I’ll be using the savings to augment funds I’ve already got set aside to attend an awesome two-week presentation mastery workshop that’s part of the action plan for my side business. That side business is going to be my primary business by December. Can’t wait!

  384. avatar

    Travel. Travel. Travel.

  385. avatar

    I would definitely setup the automated finances plan you lay out in your book. Put some towards savings, pay several bills to get ahead and put the remainder in my investment account.

  386. avatar

    I recently made the decision to leave my current job in pursuit of a web development position which requires me to augment my technical skill set. I would use the money to fund some of my “reach” actionable items for achieving my goals for the next three months.

  387. avatar
    M C

    I’d make a nice healthy deposit to my Roth IRA.

  388. avatar

    I’m going to use the saved money to pay my car insurance for the year, rolling over that money to pay down some debt.

  389. avatar
    Sean Wilkins

    I’m moving next month and would love the cash for a mover and a housewarming party. Thinking about doing a whole pig roast!

  390. avatar
    Svetlana Yanova

    We are saving for a trip to Disneyland! 🙂

  391. avatar

    I would give the money to my parents so they could put it down towards the mortgage of their house and breathe easy, even if only for one month. It would help them tremendously.

  392. avatar
    Cruz Hernandez

    I am unemployed since April, so I will use the money to relocate to another state where I have a employment offer! Thanks!

  393. avatar

    I will sign up for Ramit’s Dream Job course! (And buy a latte with the extra 3 bucks.)

  394. avatar

    Last year April I was laid off from my job. With a combination of missing work due to illness and my freelance work not taking off, I was already in pretty dire straights financially.

    Long story short, it took me a full year to gain steady employment again. Now I’m four months behind on my rent and $8,000 in debt (being chased by creditors) aside from that.

    I would use the $2,001 to pay off my back rent so I don’t have to worry about the possibility of homelessness any longer. That being settled, I could funnel my freelance work into paying back debt (on an automated plan, of course!) and get out from under the high interest rates.

  395. avatar

    I’m trying to move to Madrid next month, this money would be a huge blessing so I could stress less about my start-up living expenses.

  396. avatar

    $200 into my sons 529 college fund
    $200 into my retirement account
    $200 for a taking my wife to a nice dinner for our anniversary this month
    $250 for continuing education materials related to growth as a manager
    $55 to fill a random in need persons gas tank at my neighborhood gas station(I see people putting $3/$4 in their tank almost every time I go

  397. avatar

    I am moving to Spain in pursuit of my dream career. I am taking my daughter with me, but leaving my husband behind in Amsterdam. Having rent covered means we can fly back and forth more often to spend family time together. Now that would be a rich life!

  398. avatar

    I would use it to pay down a CC.

  399. avatar

    I would put some of the money towards my savings, some towards paying down my student loans, and some on guilt-free spending!

  400. avatar
    Renee Lee

    Probably into the “savings jar” for a new roof.

  401. avatar
    Erica P

    I would like to say that I would save all the money but I would totally use it to take myself a on a nice vacation somewhere. I would use half and then put the other half into a starting an IRA for me. I think I’ll go to Disneyland where I can be a kid for a while. Thanks!

  402. avatar

    straight to the savings account!

  403. avatar
    Katie N.

    I plan on putting the extra money toward my goal of opening a Roth IRA before the end of this year.

  404. avatar

    financial education, so I can dig myself out of this hole

  405. avatar

    I’d use it to take a trip with my husband to Monterey Bay. We’ve been planning ot go and haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  406. avatar

    I’d use the savings to help my girlfriend pay off the remaining balance on her car and put the remainder towards her upcoming certification exam fees… all minus a bottle of Highland Park 25 year old for myself.

  407. avatar
    Adana Wtn.

    Quite honestly, if I were to win I would get my own place. I’ve essentially been couch surfing on and off since 2007, and I’m tired of it. I’ve been hired and fired, I’ve dabbled with way too many business ideas, and I’ve moved back and forth across the country. I realize from listening to you that I have a huge fear of failure, in the form of embarrassing myself. I keep telling myself that I need to have enough money to get my own place and have it fully furnished the day I move in. That way I don’t look like I’m struggling anymore — I look as though I just magically arrived. But now, I’d be happy sleeping on the effing floor as long as I had a place to call my own. A nice little studio apartment with a bath tub, stove and refrigerator would be perfect. For me, that would put me on the path to living a rich life. Because to me, a rich life means having a place to call me own.

    Thanks for the help, Ramit.

  408. avatar

    I’d let you pay my rent for month, that way I could put my money toward a kundalini yoga teacher’s training. 🙂

  409. avatar

    Health is really important to me. Instead of doing groupons for yoga studios, I’d buy a year membership at my favorite bikram studio in the city.

  410. avatar

    Our very old fixer-upper needs all new windows and other miscellaneous upgrades to enhance living conditions and increase its value. My husband is a carpenter and is remodeling it himself but we could really use the help with the cost of materials. He also needs to contribute more to the small retirement savings he currently has. I think in either case, the $2001 would be well spent by us!

  411. avatar

    I would use the money to make an extra mortgage payment for the year!

  412. avatar
    Tom Feliz

    I would put it toward building my side business and paying off some loans.

  413. avatar

    Hi Ramit

    I’m Jamie’s fiance. We’ve already been great at saving for our wedding: we’re paying for it all ourselves, we’re not taking on any debt, and we are still contributing to our respective retirement funds. It’s not always easy, but it feels right. Our plan is made possible by the advice we’ve read in your book, so thanks!

    If we won, the money would enable us to shore up the remainder of the wedding fund. We wouldn’t have to worry about saving enough in time for the big event, and we might even put it towards a honeymoon and continue the celebration.

    Thank you.

  414. avatar

    I would put it toward the money I need to make some necessary home improvements – adding a second bathroom so six of us don’t have to keep sharing one bathroom.

  415. avatar

    I would use it to pay my startup’s developers. My co-founder and I have been bootstrapping our company and thus have passed on the luxuries of life in exchange of growing our idea and hiring the best developers, who have also been working on our product for much cheaper than their usual rate since they are so committed to our idea. I would definitely use the extra money to help push our business forward and reward those who have been working hard for us. In the bootstrapping startup world– 2,000 can go a LONG way. I’m willing to invest this money now since I know it will go a lot further in the long run.

  416. avatar

    I would use the money to save for a down payment on a bigger house so my 2 young children can actually have their own room and a backyard to play in before they go off to college.

  417. avatar

    I would payoff my last remaining credit card, automate all payments. set up my 10% “pay me first” account, decide on how to invest, and finally breathe knowing my hard work has paid off and the extra money might just get me a virtual assistant so I can work my mojo rather than spinning in overwhelm.

  418. avatar

    I would use it to pay the incorporation fee for my own DE corp so I can work for myself.

  419. avatar

    I’m starting a master’s degree program this fall. One month’s rent would put a small but nontrivial dent in tuition fees/student loans.

  420. avatar

    I would put it in my savings account!

  421. avatar

    I would invest the money. add it to my investments.

  422. avatar
    Nicole Schussel

    If you paid my rent for a month, I would put it in my credit union savings account – we are REALLY close to achieving our goal amount for a down payment on our first home!

  423. avatar

    I would use that money to buy a crib and other furniture for our first child, due in January. So excited!

  424. avatar

    I’m saving (monthly) for a balloon payment on my property in Mexico which is due 18 months from now. This would certainly help!

  425. avatar
    Ted Martin

    Push up the automated debt payoff and get a jump on having my finances on auto-pilot

  426. avatar

    I would use the money to help my younger sister pay for her college tuition at BU. Being an out-of-state student is very expensive.

  427. avatar

    I am about to wipe out my savings, except safety buffer and pension pot, as we are buying a house and shortly having a baby. It would be extremely easy to spend this on either the house or the child, but I’d rather put the $2001 towards re-building some more liquid wealth and therefore financial freedom.

  428. avatar

    I would put the savings into paying off the mortgage payment. That will lower my mortgage debt.

  429. avatar
    Cynthia Freese

    Over the past few years I have been working extra hard to reduce stress in my life. I would make an extra principal payment on our mortgage. My goal is zero debt!

  430. avatar

    I would give it to my cousin who needs gallbladder surgery. She doesn’t have health insurance.

  431. avatar

    I would buy more Tesla stock.

  432. avatar

    I have a shopping wish-list of software to create online programs for my business. Winning this would put me almost a year ahead of my current savings plan to pay for these!

  433. avatar

    I’d split that cash three ways …
    a portion to my dad so he can do anything he wants with it without thinking of denting his bank (which happens at times for bills), a portion to my mother who does everything for her home, who is so timid in nature to want anything for herself (village girl ;p ) (I’d want her to get any material things or experiences she hasn’t had). To see these two people happy who are close to me.

    And a portion to me so I can settled some debt, spend on some sick mods for my car (daily drive project build) and save, cause that much here in SA will do wonders.

  434. avatar

    I’m starting a new business venture and will put the money into the necessities to get started.

  435. avatar

    Most of it will go toward debt repayment, and the remainder will beef up emergency savings a bit.

  436. avatar
    Daniel Jones

    We don’t live paycheck to paycheck, but we did just buy a house, so we’ve got less cash around than usual. I’d put the money in our savings account.

  437. avatar

    I would invest this money. I am a buy and hold investor and have done well in the market, but it does sometimes limit my liquidity and my options for investing other monies.

  438. avatar

    I’d use that money to contribute towards my Roth IRA.

  439. avatar

    Getting out of debt can be a slow process. I would use the extra cash to pay off a large chunk.

  440. avatar

    First of all I would be really happy and grateful! 🙂 I would treat the money wisely and if I got the chance I would ask you for advice on what to do with the extra money. If not, I would follow your tips on automating my savings and investments and maybe I would invest a little bit in my new startup. It would definitely make a difference, for both me and my girlfriend.

  441. avatar
    Denise Pouchet

    Half goes into savings to rebuild devastated nest egg, half goes towards the medical bills which caused said devastation.

  442. avatar

    I’d use the money to invest in my website.

  443. avatar
    Erika Block

    I recently purchased an old cheese factory (which I am turning into an art center) in the beautiful, creative community of Door County, Wisconsin. I would use a month’s financial reprieve to invest in more things for our visitors to enjoy, such as a sculpture garden, a meditation area, or an art library.

  444. avatar

    I am busy building my new career as a visual artist and will use the money to fund new art work and business investments (equipment, etc.).

  445. avatar

    I would put the money into a car repair savings account for when my car inevitably breaks on me.

  446. avatar

    I would add to my emergency fund and take a portion of it for a vacation fund.

  447. avatar

    I’d use the money to make a large payment toward the credit cards I hold that have a high interest rate. They were run up very high after I was laid off and we depended on them before we got stabilized again and now the interest eats up much of the monthly payments I make into them. If they were paid off we would have a lot more disposable monthly income, so I’ve made that top priority for now.

  448. avatar
    Maria Moreno

    Easy! My dream is to have my Boutique on Wheels! I make Textile Jewelry and I do have an online store, but my real passion will be my Tutti Frutti Boutique on wheels!
    Will be my Kick-starter gift.

  449. avatar
    Nitya Oberoi

    I’ve learnt that the most valuable lessons in my life come from experiencing new things, places and people through various travel experiences. I’m taking the next big plunge into my wanderlust from Nov 2013 to March 2014, where I will be biking and backpacking through south east asia. During this ‘recharge trip’ I hope to do some self-improvisation and research into how I can dedicate my life to solving something other than first world problems.

    Although I aim to keep my trip expenses minimal, I will need to supplement the mortgage my husband and I pay in NYC for 5 months and this would be the ideal fit. >-| cheers to a ‘richer’ life.. in any which way or means.

  450. avatar

    You are wonderful! You have a big heart, and sounds like you have a good mind for business; especially for the win/win situation! Good luck to you and thank you for the inspiration!

  451. avatar

    Open up individual 401K through Vanguard and set up monthly contributions!

  452. avatar
    Ericka Coburn

    I would catch up on all the rest of our bills. Living paycheck to paycheck is hard and often doesn’t work when you have children and are under paid.

  453. avatar

    I was out of work for six months; one month’s rent would be greatly appreciated to help me get out of my over draft and get above ‘0’ line. Then I would put half on credit card and keep half in a just in case account. Some breathing room in the finance dept., would be a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you for your offer!!

  454. avatar

    I’d use the money to pay back a loan that helped us get through a rough spot.

  455. avatar

    Would put it back into our house to help fund the new geothermal heating system we are putting in this fall — no more anxiety that our 60 year old oil burner will crap out in the dead of winter!

  456. avatar

    No B.S., but I would use that money towards your Dream Job program. I still say I have no idea what I would like to be when I grow up. I’ve read all the books, taken career tests, one said I should be a forest park ranger (I live in NYC). I need answers Ramit!

  457. avatar

    Pay off credit card debt!!

  458. avatar

    Nothing fun unfortunately! Just had a midyear check up with the accountant. Apparently we don’t have enough being withheld for taxes! Ugh! Gonna put any windfalls in a savings account to mitigate the blow next April.

  459. avatar

    You sound like someone I might like to do business with-
    I am also interested in affiliate marketing; I have some leads and ideas you may be interested in. Please email me; we may turn out to be good connections for each other!
    Wahe Guru,

  460. avatar

    Pay down other debt

  461. avatar

    I’d use it to pay off some of adoption expenses now, so I can make my wife happy, which will in turn make my life happy.

  462. avatar

    I would use the money I save to put towards a down payment for a house so I can stop paying rent.

  463. avatar

    I will use the opportunity and financial reprieve to work on a project that i’ve been building part time, to get to the MVP stage, and start socializing it so that i can raise further funding (angel, initially) to fully complete it. It’s been a sustaining passion for a long time, but i’ve had to work during the day to earn money for life and bills, but were i be lucky enough to win this prize, a big burden would be lifted, freeing me up for more valuable work. Thanks for the opportunity!

  464. avatar

    Hey Ramit
    just like last time, I’d use the dosh to kick start my app building business.

    I think you do a business course about marketing or starting up, so I might use this dosh towards that.

    This is the start of an ever green business, plus it’s FUN.
    So it should appeal to you 😉


  465. avatar

    Replenish our cash advance fund so we can start this fall ahead of the eight ball.

  466. avatar

    I would use it to pay off a chunk of a large co-insurance (medical) bill that has been hanging over our heads. – That would be a huge relief!!

  467. avatar

    I would put half of that money in my savings account and put the rest toward my credit card bill.

  468. avatar

    Im 25 and I plan to save half in my online savings acct and use the other half to pay off the remaining balance of 1 of my student loans. I paid for college out of pocket and without any cosigners for my loans, and it feel like I have been paying my student debt forever. I have finally gotten one of my student loans under $1000 and would like to just pay it off before the year is out.

  469. avatar

    I would use the money to go on the vacation we have been waiting to take for the last 3 years (and counting).

  470. avatar
    Dack Phillips

    I’d use it to boost my savings which have taken a hard hit from a lot of unexpected expenses I’ve had in the last couple of months.

  471. avatar

    Sounds like you really like coffee!
    I am getting wary of starbucks. Lately they have been trying to buy up all the franchises they sold, and now they are going to a rather silly policy of the baristas having to cover all their tattoos. Since easily 40% of the american adult population now has tattoos, this is rather dumb, and I am thinking about investing in local coffeehouse startups. What do you think? You might invest in starting your own co-op coffeehouse! Keep in touch!

  472. avatar

    Pay bills.

  473. avatar

    Take my wife back to LA where we met bartending many years ago to celebrate 25 years together.

  474. avatar

    I would use this to buffer my checking account and get the finances completely automated.

  475. avatar

    I would use the money to quit my job and pursue real estate full time. I have my license and would love to get started, but don’t have the savings to afford not making any commission the first few months.

  476. avatar
    Jennifer Nolte

    Well my rent payment is equal to one of our debt payments, so I would probably throw it at that. Maybe use $200 of it to pad the mini-accounts my boyfriend and i both have here and there, to increase our total savings (which is in a sad state right now, unfortunately).

  477. avatar
    Kyle Del Bonis

    Pay off the credit card debt I accrued while being unemployed so I can spend new savings on tools, such as IWT classes, to learn how to create automated cash flow ideas.

  478. avatar

    I would fly to see my girlfriend. We are doing long distance relationship for over one year. But none of us have either time or money to see each other.

  479. avatar

    I would take my passion/career one step further by buying that new lens that I have been wanting so bad.

  480. avatar

    I would add to my savings to get closer to the 6 month pad that I need. Been hit with “unexpected” expenses like glasses for kids and changing medical plans.

  481. avatar

    I would spend it on getting an eye exam and getting 2 new pairs of glasses. And go to the dentist for checkup and cleaning. I would buy a new, larger external hard drive for my computer. Anything left over? Put it in savings so I can take a trip over winter holidays. That’s what I would do!

  482. avatar

    I would use the money to invest in my business, specifically in marketing.

  483. avatar
    James Lepine

    I would put it in savings. We had to completely liquidate our assets when I sold my house last year. Yep, I PAID 8 grand to sell my house. I badly need to rebuild my savings.

  484. avatar

    Thank you, Ramit!
    I would save some, and use the rest to invest in a couple of companies that are right on the cutting edge of some real game changing technologies.

  485. avatar
    Tyler Colley

    I will use the money for student loans.

  486. avatar
    Elliot Robins

    After rent is paid, I’d put the extra money in an account and use it to test as many business ideas as possible (validating by setting up a ghetto landing page before rolling out the product/service, etc).

  487. avatar

    I would definitely use it rebuild my e-fund.

  488. avatar
    David D

    I’d put it towards a nice date with my wife, a few things for the baby and invest the rest in my play fund.

  489. avatar

    I’d use the extra money to make an additional mortgage payment!

  490. avatar
    Christina Scott

    With 2001 dollars next month, I could actually pay off 2 credit cards… COMPLETELY!!! I have paid them down enough that that would completely eliminate 2 bills going forward. Thanks for the opportunity:)

  491. avatar
    Kristi Hines

    I would put it towards outsourcing some design work and other tasks for my business so I could focus more on growth and less on tasks others are better suited for.

  492. avatar

    I’ve been thinking about getting certified as a SCRUM master. I would most likely put it toward a workshop for that.

  493. avatar
    Nguyen Nguyen

    Just moved back to my country of birth, Vietnam after almost 19 years away to pursue a visual art career. Graduated college without any debt. I have basics to start working and taking on jobs as a freelancer in Ho Chi Minh City. I would spend the money to pay for a few months rent since it is significantly cheaper compared to US dollars, about $100 a month. Also finally purchase that hot shoe flash, and put the rest in my Ally savings account.

  494. avatar

    I’d use the money to get caught up on the bills I don’t currently have the money to pay.

  495. avatar
    Kartikeya Bhalla

    Though I should probably use it to cover rent during the lean season. I will spend half of it (if it’s $2001) on a ticket to the US to meet you (Ramit) in person so that I can see how these principles can be applied in India! Believe me, some work and some don’t.

    The other half will be invested in equipment useful for my freelance gig.

  496. avatar

    I would just like to be able to do something fun with my son.

  497. avatar
    Jeff Brown

    I would use it to pay down my mortage so I could quit paying PMI, seven years before the bank has me scheduled to stop.

  498. avatar
    Dilenia Frias

    I would use it to pay down my Discover card which currently has $2 available credit 🙁 I took time off from work to study for the bar exam. I took as little time as I felt I could while still studying enough to pass. But because I have been living paycheck to paycheck for some years now and don’t have an emergency fund I ended up maxing out my Discover card. I’ve worked really hard to re-establish good credit and the fact that I am now using over 25% of my available credit is really bothering me.

  499. avatar

    I’d use it on major home repairs.

  500. avatar

    After I take my gf out to a lovely dinner, the rest of it goes into savings to lessen the stress and worries.

  501. avatar

    I’ve been Unemployed for some months, and I’m going back to college this fall to finish out my degree. Having exhausted my savings and taking on loans, a month’s reprieve from rent would let me catch up on bills that need to be paid.

  502. avatar
    Kevin Bowen

    I’m going to use the savings to purchase an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 that I will use to create a side business designing and printing posters that appeal to a niche market on Etsy and other art/craft sites. Then using that to move into creating custom art prints for interior designers and popular vintage shops.

  503. avatar
    Deb Belluomini

    Well, let’s see. I just lost my job that I’ve had for 19 years last month and instead of just getting another ‘job’ I want to do something that matters – that I love and that makes the world a better place. So, I’ve started to complete an application for a Kiva Fellowship (, per Chris Gilleubeau, with the hope of devoting four months from January-April 2014 to helping disadvantaged people in some part of the world that lacks the amazing opportunities we have here in the U.S. I could sure use some help paying my mortgage during those four months, since a Kiva Fellowship is strictly a volunteer. effort

  504. avatar
    Carrie Shuffles

    I would pay off my higher rate credit cards with part of it and use the rest to go towards savings. It would make a HUGE difference.

  505. avatar

    I’d use it for creating a huge high-class networking event in Dubai (where I will move to soon for my Masters) and parts of it for investing in my own start-up (e.g. servers, special effects, etc.)

  506. avatar
    Dale A Dunham

    I’m working on small steps, one being an emergency savings buffer. After beginning your IWT book this January, I’ve successfully automated and created a plan to automatically transfer funds into a savings account I would have never even worked on with willpower- I’m almost reaching an emergency savings goal for 3-4 months, which if I win, I will contribute the $2,001 funds to it.

    Once beyond that, I will dive into investing/retirement, and that extra push will certainly aid with that goal.

    Thanks Ramit!


  507. avatar
    Justin Kinard

    I’d pay other bills. Not exciting, I know

  508. avatar
    R Brown

    I would use the money to pay another month’s rent.

  509. avatar

    I’d do the same thing I did with a recent bonus from work – split between paying down a credit card, padding a savings account for a move that’s coming at the end of the year, and some for a new outfit.

  510. avatar
    Michael Wywrot

    I would use half to save and half to pay off the last little bit on a credit card that disappointingly lingers around.

  511. avatar
    TJ Lee

    I’d like to use all the extra money I save to pay the fees of my Dream Job course. It’s a little hard being a student still and fronting the money. This will definitely help tremendously!

  512. avatar

    I’d save a third, pay my credit card off with a third and treat my son to something special, maybe a train ride outside New York City. He loves trains!

  513. avatar

    I’ve been following Ramit’s advice for the past year or so, and I’m happy to say if I won, I’d use the extra money to pay off my very last debt in full! Hooray!

  514. avatar

    Living in San Francisco, I would definitely use this to pay rent. SF is great, but dang is rent expensive!

  515. avatar

    I’d use the extra money to take my family on a baby/toddler friendly vacation or an 5 year anniversary get away. Good luck everyone!

  516. avatar
    Mary Lynn Halland

    I’d invest it all in a no-fee, stock index fund with a long-term horizon. Then when I retire I could afford to take a(nother) wonderful trip somewhere special. (Don’t worry – I’m not putting off all my travel until then). This is what I always do with “found money” – invest it for the future.

  517. avatar
    Darcy McGowan

    I would use the extra money to pay off some of the medical bills we, put on our credit card since my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November.

  518. avatar

    As a single mother living paycheck to paycheck, I would invest in products for my own business. I work as a nanny and I cut hair on the side. I want to start cutting children’s hair full time and open a little studio. I would buy a new pair of shears as I desperately need some, and other tools such as drapes, towels, a chair, etc.
    Winning this contest would put into motion actions that would change the future for myself and most importantly my beautiful 7 year old daughter.

  519. avatar

    The $2001 would go straight into our savings fund for a down payment. Saving for a down payment while prices and mortgage rates are going up is a challenge!

  520. avatar
    Marcus Staples

    Very easy…if I win I will take the whole 1,300 and invest it in NOK stock. This company is poised for a comeback and I’m telling everyone I know to invest in this former smartphone leader.

  521. avatar

    I would save half for an emergency fund then use the rest on a home improvement project currently in progress.

  522. avatar

    I would apply it to my tuition bill.

  523. avatar

    That’ll pay my rent for two months! 🙂

  524. avatar
    Fredrik Eklund

    Buy my womanz something pretty!

  525. avatar
    Brad Draeger

    I would use part of it to start testing MUSE ideas using the tips learned in the 4 hour work week. I would also spend some taking my kids to see Chicago and New York. The rest I would save for the next time Success Triggers opens up. I didn’t mentally commit to changing before the deadline.

  526. avatar

    I would invest into computer programming software or training to help me develop apps or I would invest into photography and video equipment and training because I want to present people’s lives in an interesting perspective.

  527. avatar
    Willie George

    I know it sounds cliche, but I’m going to Disney World!

  528. avatar
    Haley Searls

    I am currently saving every penny I can for two separate adventures. The first, a trip to Japan to see the love of my life. He’ll be gone 10 months and I’d really like to surprise him for his birthday! The second, and much more important adventure is an internship I applied for. If I get it, and have enough money to survive on, I’ll be traveling the country for 5 months spreading information about, and raising money for, North Korean refugees. It is my life’s goal to save as many refugees as possible, and I am extremely proud to say im finally tackling it! With an extra $650 (its not much, but I don’t make much) I could have enough to take on that internship and start saving for my ticket to Japan!

  529. avatar

    I’d pay off the last of the debt incurred during my husband’s recent unemployment. Freedom!

  530. avatar
    Mitzi Fisher

    I would save the money for Christmas. I have 4 grandchildren to buy for.

  531. avatar

    I’m moving from the west coast, to the east coast – this additionaly cash flow would be put towards moving expenses!

  532. avatar
    Bryon Smith

    Honestly, we do a good job of “living within our means”, but found out we have our third kid on the way. I would use this money to finish off our debt and emergency fund, then start to work on a side-business I’ve been looking to get into. Baby number 3 permitting 🙂

  533. avatar

    My cc debt is gone, so this windfall would go to my student loan balance.

  534. avatar

    I’d use the money to pay for the process of trademarking my business name.

  535. avatar

    If my rent were taken care of for the month, I would buy a nice six pack of beer and a good meal to celebrate, then pay off one of my small credit card balances with the rest.

  536. avatar

    I would enroll in Spanish class to better engage my clients and coworkers. The rest would go toward cooking, painting, and other artistic classes and local tours to enrich my life and de-stress. Id love to paint a picture to hang on my wall!

  537. avatar

    I would use the money to pay for a certification class in childbirth education. This would be a perfect compliment to my doula and bodywork services and would allow me to add another income stream.

  538. avatar

    I would jump-start my emergency fund.

  539. avatar

    I would use part of it on my credit card and the other part to help pay off my new denture. Thanks for the opportunity.

  540. avatar
    Sarah van o

    I would pay extra on my highest interest credit card bill (even though it is automated) to significantly lower it. I’d also pay off the rest of my 6mo auto insurance payment, take care of that months car payment, and go out to a nice dinner with a great bottle of French wine with a friend as a treat.

  541. avatar
    Megan deBoer

    It would propel me to automate an additional $75/month payment to our mortgage to pay it off sooner (this is on my list, just haven’t committed yet). Our short term savings is in pretty good shape (9 months living expenses, emergency fund, and revolving savings are all at the level we want them to be) but I would put $500 to each of our Roth IRA accounts. With the remaining $925 my husband and I would take a trip together, the first time in many years. I am pretty sure that at this point in our 14 year marriage it is the best investment we could make.

  542. avatar
    Marie L.

    I would definitely put the money into an emergency savings fund. I am one of those that live paycheck to paycheck and it is incredibly stressful. I would be thrilled to have something put away. 🙂

  543. avatar

    I’d use this money to get over the hump with opening an investment account–I’d be able to pay the initial fees/investment and then start a trickle from monthly cash flow.

  544. avatar

    10% would go to buy some stocks on Sharebuilder while the rest would go into our savings towards our of saving $20K before the end of the year

  545. avatar
    Elizabeth S.

    I would pay off my remaining credit card debt from college and use the rest to start a retirement fund. With the debt paid off I would have a much easier time saving money each month and contributing to my retirement.

  546. avatar

    I would put half in savings and use the rest to take you, Ramit, out to dinner.

  547. avatar

    I would use it build up my earn 1k business.

  548. avatar

    My rent isn’t that bad. I recently moved from southern california to seattle and did my best to plan for a long runway. So I would use the extra cash to invest in myself and the people around me including: buying ~20 books ($400), hosting 2 events ($1000), following up with one-on-one brunch/dinner with 10 interesting people ($600), and putting some money back into savings ($1).

  549. avatar

    Ramit- I’d use the $900 bucks you’d save me and to help pay off a medical bill for our daughter that passed away after 19 days in the NICU. It would make a difference to our family. Thanks for your great book, I’ve bought a couple of them for friends and family alike. Great resource. Thanks. God bless

  550. avatar

    I will have extra money to pay off my student loans.

  551. avatar

    I would replenish my savings with $500 and buy a plane ticket to visit my family!!

  552. avatar
    Jose C Lopez

    I’m in the process of paying off my credit card debt as I’m getting married in spring ’14. I would use the free month of rent to pay down 1 of my last 2 credit cards. It will significantly put me ahead of my wedding budget plan. Here’s to winning the contest.I can dream can’t I?

  553. avatar

    I would use the money to go to school. I am going back to school to become a nurse. The money would go towards tuition and books!

  554. avatar

    I would invest in myself by creating an interesting people fund where I could meet people across the country and take them out to coffee or lunch.

  555. avatar

    Vacation to Cabo.

  556. avatar

    I would put it in the (meager) savings account I have set up to one day put towards a downpayment on a house for my 5 year old daughter and myself.

  557. avatar
    Geraldo Aguilera

    The biggest thing for me is getting ahead of some credit card debt. I have small balances across a few cards and I could wipe it out with extra cash. I think I’d take About half the money and wipe out the small balances and take out a third of my bigger credit card debt. If keep the other half of the money to have as cash on hand to refinance my house. If I can refinance based on the estimates I’ve seen I could reduce my mortgage by 400 bucks. That would be huge and allow me to wipe out all my debt in six to 10 months

  558. avatar

    I recently bought a house and renovated the basement to create an apartment, to help off-set the costs of home ownership. If I were to win, I would use the extra money to invest half in my retirement savings and half as a lump sum payment toward the renovation loan. Not very exciting but I believe in investing when interest rates are low, while at the same time, would like to get rid of debt as soon as possible. This strategy would allow me to do a bit of both, which would give me huge piece of mind. 3 great outcomes all for the price of 1!

  559. avatar

    Vegas, baby! Just kidding. I could totally use that in a Roth IRA. A little more retirement savings means I sleep a little better at night.

  560. avatar

    There are about 100 ways that this would be useful. I am currently working on my Bachelors degree and this could help pay for one class (they are about $1,500 for 3 credits). I am, also, expecting baby #2 in a few months and will have expenses there. We are outgrowing our home and will need a bigger place in a few years. We are trying to pay down our mortgage so that we are not underwater and this move will be possible.

  561. avatar
    Carlos Urbina

    SInce I am a newcomer to this country, I don’t own a car and is not easy to find a convenient rate. So, I am saving to put as much downpayment as possible. And those 2001 extra bucks would be great towards that goal

  562. avatar

    I would use the money to pay for Dream Job 2.0, so that I can get help in my quest for a more fulfilling job and also use some of what I learn for my side business.

  563. avatar
    Elisha Wellerstein

    I would invest the money into renting out a small space in a large local mall, to advertise my business. I am an attorney with a solo practice, and the $2K would buy me 2 weekends in a mall that has over 130,000+ visitors every weekend. I think I can turn that money 10-fold in those two weekends.

  564. avatar
    Maria F

    I would pay ahead on my daughter’s tuition.

  565. avatar

    I would save it for next month’s mortgage 😉

  566. avatar

    My husband and I are saving to build a house. We would put the extra money into our savings account!

  567. avatar

    windfall goes to pay credit card debt

  568. avatar
    Rakesh A

    Will use it towards starting my own business.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  569. avatar

    To go to the Lean Start Up conference in New York and to host a champange soiree while there.

  570. avatar

    My husband and I just purchased our first home, which required major renovations. I would use the extra cash to pay off a credit card we used for renovations.

  571. avatar
    Natasha Haastrup-Huang

    What a great surprise it would be to win this contest!!
    My husband & I are expecting our first child, so the extra finds we would have for the month would go towards the nursery (50%) and to follow your lead, the other would be saved (50%) in an account for the baby, so she can have a good financial start 🙂

    Thank you!

  572. avatar

    I’d invest it in your Earn 1K on the Side to help launch my love and compatibility coaching business. I really value family relationships so I’d also like to use the money for a trip back east to reconnect with them, which I don’t normally allot for with my limited funds.

  573. avatar

    This is a great contest and I’m really enjoying all of these responses, they are great motivators! If I were to win, I’d invest in my health by hiring a fitness coach for 3-6 months. I am generally an active, healthy, fit person, but I’ve been a bit derailed over the past year by a lingering health issue. The health issue itself is nearing resolution (woo hoo!!), and I’ve been blessed with great insurance and manageable co-pays, but I could really use the help and advice of a fitness pro to help me get back to feeling great.

  574. avatar

    I would use it to pay off medical expenses, then use what has been going to medical and redirect it to regular deposit of savings.

  575. avatar

    I’m getting ready to move, and like most people at this point am feeling very cash poor. So, I would split the money several ways:

    – savings (for most)
    – credit card payments on all cards
    – rental truck expenses
    – ingredients to prepare a homemade thank you meal for all my moving helpers!

  576. avatar

    I am going back to school to finish my degree and am having to pay it all out of pocket so tuition is where it will all go towards.

  577. avatar
    Paula J.

    I would buy a refurbished MacBook Pro so I can take my business to the next level and better use all the tools I have available to me. I would buy an iPad, to enhance our homeschool experience. I’d also invest in an entirely unplugged weekend at the beach with my family, since we didn’t get to go this year.

  578. avatar
    Jatin Patel

    With $2001 I would pay my mortgage for the month, put an extra $250 in my IRA, and donate $2511 to a teacher on

  579. avatar
    Mark Duray

    I will buy tons of food so we won’t have to constantly try to figure out what’s for dinner.

  580. avatar

    I would put up a new room divider for my roommate so my cat stops breaking into his room. I would love some japanese sliding doors that he can lock. We have regular sliding doors now, but my cat is so aggressive he’s managed to slide past them. My roommate is so cool about it but I feel terrible.

  581. avatar
    Jatin Patel

    Typo $251 not $2511

  582. avatar

    I would drop some money in savings, pay a few bills, and take the wife out for a nice meal.

  583. avatar
    C F

    Use it for my wedding!

  584. avatar
    Jose Medina

    I would actually catch up on bills and my mortgage since I am one payment behind and don’t want to lose my home. Anything left over for my soon to be one year old boy and my wife. Maybe it can help stabilize our relationship be happier and not have money problems.

  585. avatar
    Lisa Braithwaite - Public Speaking Coach and Trainer

    Hubby and I have been sharing a car since his finally gasped its last breath a couple of months ago. We’re in the process of researching new vs. used and other factors (and he’s getting some really good exercise riding his bike to work), but the $2,001 would definitely go toward the purchase of a car.

  586. avatar

    I have now working again after being travelling and job hunting for four months. It would go straight back into my savings to try and rebuild my savings account!

  587. avatar

    I would use it pay down my2nd mortgage of 47k that I am being charged 15% on. The payments are interest only payments of 588./m. I can’t seem to get any headway on it. I could really use the cash as every year they charge me $750 to renew as well…..gggrrr..Crossing fingers, thinking positive, praying!
    Thanks Ramit you are a star I my eyes!

  588. avatar

    My husband and I are moving in less than a month and are completely stressed about covering our mortgage, renting a new place and paying for moving expenses. This would help tremendously.

  589. avatar

    Recent medical expenced took $1500 out of my emergency fund, I plan to refill it

  590. avatar

    Add it to savings for rainy day fun funds.

  591. avatar
    Reuvenia Burch

    I will use the money to help replace the motor in my Saturn L100. The motor blew and the extended warranty company Endurance refuses to fix it so I have to pay for the repairs!!!!!!!!!! Be careful of some extended warranty companies!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes research doesn’t reveal a problem until it’s too late.

  592. avatar
    Pam L

    With the money saved, I would add to my emergency savings and my Roth IRA.

  593. avatar
    Jason B

    Gold. As many grams as I can buy

  594. avatar
    Stefanie Chase

    2013 is the Year of Paying Off My Debt. I’ve made some stumbles along the way but I am doing MUCH better than I ever have been. This money would go towards my credit card, bring me that much closer to financial freedom.

  595. avatar
    Mindy Evans

    Unfortunately I am among the paycheck to paycheck crowd. I have no money in savings. As a matter of fact, I frequently have to borrow money from a check cashing company to make it to the middle of the month. Once I’ve paid rent and babysitting, I can’t pay for groceries. If I had the extra rent money, I would put it a reserve savings account so that I could have a backup when I need it. In addition to the rent money, I’d be saving $45 a month on the check cashing fees which I could add to the reserve every month. A win all together I’d say.

  596. avatar

    I would use $750 to pay rent, $250 to help out with bills, put $250 into upgrading website (graphics), spend $250 advertising my consulting services and put the remaining $501 into a savings account.

  597. avatar
    Jacki Carr

    I would put it in my high market savings – as you suggested.
    My boyfriend and I plan to move to Colorado within the year – future planning!

  598. avatar

    I’d use the money to go to MAGFest and get to meet my colleagues and my inspirations in person.

  599. avatar
    Suzanna Torloni

    We would likely use the money to help fund our wedding (less of a chunk out of our savings) or invest it into a class to improve on my web design skills possibly even wordpress templates.


  600. avatar

    I’m trying to save money for an epic new years trip to new zealand, this would be a big help obviously! – Ravi

  601. avatar

    My wife and I are planning to move from Tampa to Austin because Austin has much better job prospects for me (internet marketing) and a great entrepreneurial climate for the business she’s starting. We’d use the cash to offset our moving expenses first, and anything left over would help capitalize her business. Either way, it would all be invested in our future!

  602. avatar

    I would use $2001 to push my new marketing company over the starting hump.

  603. avatar

    Roth IRA, baby!

  604. avatar

    Will use the extra money to pay for my advertising for my studio.

  605. avatar

    I am quitting my full time job in mid-October to work with my partner in a reselling business. I would use the money to pay my mortgage for a month, and make the transition to self-employment easier.
    Thank you!

  606. avatar

    I’ll go to Paris!

  607. avatar

    It would go into my savings account which later would be transferred to my Roth IRA.

  608. avatar

    I would use the extra money to pay for part of my son’s college bill. I don’t want him saddled with big student loans when he is just starting out!

  609. avatar

    The money would go straight to our doctor who will be delivering our third baby in December.

  610. avatar
    Joshua Grigonis

    Start a mobile development side business, first focusing on iOS, gamifying children’s learning. Well, the business is already started, but an infusion could help get it over the hump.

  611. avatar
    Rachel Gawell

    Pretty easy to answer this one. Household of two freelance musicians = we would use the money to pay off some bills!

  612. avatar

    I would put it in my “kitchen renovation” fund.

  613. avatar

    I would use the money to finish our upstairs renovations to the house. We need to save about the equivalent of one mortgage payment before we can move on to the next phase of the project.

  614. avatar

    I would invest the money to save for my daughter’s college tuition 🙂

  615. avatar
    Michele L.

    I would use part of the money towards Christmas, part for savings & the other 3rd towards spending $ in Hawaii. Our trip is already booked. 😉

  616. avatar

    Ballet classes to prep for a film I’m working on….dentist fees I cannot afford right now, and maybe a weekend trip to Catalina to relax for a second!

  617. avatar
    Hannah Ransom

    I would take another month off trying to find a day job and work my butt off with my business!

  618. avatar

    I’d make a huge student loan payment.

  619. avatar

    I will invest the money into my non-profit organization, Imagine Co.
    It is in its infancy; only two months. We create learning experiences for students of all age groups throughout the province. Additional services are offered to schools and teachers to improve professional pedagogy; including but not limited to curriculum and lesson planning, classroom management, classroom design, bulletin board design, life-based learning, and more.
    I believe in the power of imagination and creativity. And that is what Imagine Co. strives to foster in kids.

  620. avatar

    I’d sign up for Earn 1K and Ramit’s Brain Trust.

  621. avatar
    Mary Ellen

    I would put the money towards attending a friend’s wedding in Mexico next year!

  622. avatar

    I would buy a bottle of 30 year old Brora and pay the best caterer i could find to make one hell of a meal and invite two of my closest and oldest friends over for dinner and a rare scotch tasting.

    Just to say I love them.

    I don’t live pay to pay and am very lucky to be in a position to treat “found” money as something to have fun with.

  623. avatar

    I would put it into a Roth IRA without question!

  624. avatar
    Jenna E.

    Right now we are living paycheck to paycheck. We just bought our first house and we are house rich but cash poor. We haven’t been able to save any money at all really. So I am pretty sure most of it would go to savings so we can have some cash to fall back on…

  625. avatar

    I will use the extra money to invest in my new business. It is such a coincidence that I got this email today while I was thinking that I need money to start my new business idea but I’ve been having to put it on hold because of rent and utilities. This will be such an incredible opportunity for me. You and your staff are genious for thinking of this AWESOME idea. You guys rock! Thank you!

  626. avatar

    I will pay back the $500 I currently owe to a friend.

  627. avatar

    I would use it to help pay off my student loans! Fingers crossed!

  628. avatar

    I would use the money to stock up my cupboards, refrigerator and freezer with food and then take my family to a really nice dinner

  629. avatar

    Ramit, I’m not even going to BS you with the many investment or miraculous things I’d do with $2k more in my pocket. I’ll use the extra savings to pay off the next month’s rent.

  630. avatar
    Christina Colston

    Well, I am getting laid off my job in a couple weeks so actually I wouldn’t do anything with the extra money besides save it!!!!!!

  631. avatar

    This will help me pay back most of my savings for the $2700 in car repairs I needed to have done to my car today. Love and Blessings to all!!

  632. avatar

    I would use portions for different things. A few hundred would go toward paying ahead on my partner’s student loans, a hundred or so toward a great animal charity like (focus on pet adoption/making shelters more effective and helping out after disasters), $80ish toward a great party with friends, some for membership in a professional organization I’ve been considering, and the rest in investments.

  633. avatar

    I’d use half for fun… SHOES! and save the other half!

  634. avatar

    We are already working toward paying of the mortgage next year. This will help speed things up! Thanks Ramit!

  635. avatar

    I’d use the money to take some classes on basic home repair and to buy some tools. I’d love to start making repairs on my home myself rather than overpaying someone else to do it for me!

  636. avatar

    I plan on putting $800 towards your dream job course, the other $200 into savings.

  637. avatar
    J Fisher

    I will go to as many concerts with friends that it will pay for.

  638. avatar
    Y. Kahan

    Obviously, should I win, I’ll put the unexpected money into my rainy-day fund–especially as it’s been dangerously depleted over the course of the past several months.

  639. avatar

    There are a bunch of things on our to-do list for the house, but first priority is getting our carport boosted and the supports replaced, before it all comes crashing down.

  640. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Will be putting this money in emergency fund.

    Thank you

  641. avatar
    Lori Wightman

    We’d use it to pay off some debt….making our “3 years til completely debt-free” come a little sooner.
    Which would also free up some money for home improvements that are on the horizon.

  642. avatar

    I am a student so I don’t have any extra money right now. The saved money would be used for my gallbladder surgery. Thanks for opportunity!

  643. avatar

    The true and unexciting answer is that the money would help me in my efforts to pay off my credit cards.

  644. avatar
    Jessica Bowen

    I’m a college student about to start my last semester before I graduate. I’m trying to start a home business, but finances are always on rocky ground and extra money is never available. A boost would help me be able to fund my ideas, so that I can keep myself on a roll with my business after college. Eventually I hope to own a business that pay employees living wages with great benefits, so that I can keep spreading love and opportunity.

  645. avatar
    Vea Snowden

    I am a single mom, BLESSED to have 2 youth in college and 1 junior in high
    school, the cost for an education for these kids is outrageous! student loan
    debt of the charts. I would try and offset some the cost with half, and put the
    other half to work. The money must work as hard as I do !
    Thanks for the opportunity, and your comittment to give back!

  646. avatar

    I would use it to put into savings so I would be able to move to LA in the next year to further my career.

  647. avatar

    I’m setting it aside for international travel!

  648. avatar

    I’m putting it towards that every looming debt load that I so desperately want to eviscerate!

  649. avatar

    I would save 90% and spend 10% improving the comfort and function of my home and office.

  650. avatar

    I would use the money to reduce debt and start saving for my children’s college education.

  651. avatar

    My best friend’s getting married next year, I’d save this for upcoming travel/wedding expenses.

  652. avatar

    My boyfriend and I have been saving up to buy a house for the past two years. We just moved this past weekend to a new place in order to really save up and buy a home next year. Since the move, our rent has overlapped about two weeks and really did a number on our savings, also with having to buy random things here and there and unexpected expenses, we have really did a number on ourselves. 2000 would pay for one months rent which would go directly into our house savings. It would replace the money that we had to withdraw and then add a little bit more. We are really looking to stop renting and actually put our money into equity.

  653. avatar
    Christine M.

    I would use the money to pay off a credit card. Thanks for your generosity!

  654. avatar

    I would put 1/2 into savings and 1/2 towards a trip. I love to travel.

  655. avatar
    Christine Daley

    I will use it to pay off my Amex card!

  656. avatar
    Andy R

    I’d use it to pay for concept/trial clothing items for my wife’s clothing line idea.

  657. avatar

    I would invest it in the business that I’m starting up – It would be a nice boost.

  658. avatar

    1/3 training, 1/3 Roth, 1/3 debt redux, and somewhere in there 3% for glad giving – it comes off across the board it the others

  659. avatar

    I will use the money to pay off credit card debt.

  660. avatar

    I would make an extra mortgage payment to pay off our mortgage faster.

  661. avatar

    I’d pay for my dog’s hospital visit, then spend the rest on booze.

  662. avatar
    eric f

    I would take the earmarked rent money and be able to start purchasing inflation adjusted securities, and also pay for a cheap weekend going to las vegas. The planning and fun option 🙂

  663. avatar

    Put away some cash for a rainy day!!!

  664. avatar

    I’d use the extra month’s rent to be able to pay for home studio photography lighting and a Steadicam Merlin so that I can gain more freelance work doing what I love.

  665. avatar

    I would invest in Ramit Sethi’s program and start building a website community that will change the world.

  666. avatar

    Hi, Ramit,

    I would use it to pay down some debts that have been lingering for a while and get some coaching to improve my business.

  667. avatar

    I would use it to pay off the last remaining $337 owed on one of our cars and be completely debt free (will be paying off this vehicle within a few months anyway, but the sooner we are out of debt the better). That would be an awesome feeling! Then, use the rest to celebrate.

  668. avatar
    Jennifer Woodward

    Pay off our quad – then use a few of the monthly payments that were going to the quad to buy tickets to Maui next spring.

  669. avatar

    If I am chosen, I will bring me closer to paying off my bills. The sooner it happens, the sooner I will be able to start saving to start a business and utilize some of the advice that I’ve read from your book and emails I’ve received from you. I’m so motivated and excited to be free from debt and not being a slave to someone.
    Thank you.

  670. avatar

    Unfortunately, my husband and I are in that 75%. With the mortgage, student loans, car payments, and childcare, we are constantly in over our head. We’ve cut out a lot of extras, like cable and gym memberships, but we can’t get ahead and it seems like a losing battle. There have been months where we paid our bills, and didn’t have enough money for food or gas, so it went on our credit cards. If we didn’t have to pay for our mortgage for a month, we would put that money towards the swelling cc debt.

  671. avatar

    Save up around 70% of it and the rest to be invested.

  672. avatar

    I would use the money to do the legal work to start a international business in my field. The money would cover the paper work with a lawyer and a CPA thats familiar with American businesses in that country. If there is some money left over that will go towards visiting the country i’m planning to do the work in. The work i’ll be doing is an untapped market in that country in an area i have experience with. This can help me get a step closer to being financially independent by increasing my revenue streams!

  673. avatar

    I would use it to help pay for a new roof since I have a large hole in my ceiling

  674. avatar
    lewis roa

    I would use it to hire a foreign programmer, leech this websites idea, and start my own contest where I’d pay for 2 months of rent instead. ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

  675. avatar

    I would use it to keep me going while I look for my job using Dream Job.

  676. avatar

    Some of it would go towards a minimum fill in our propane tank, the rest into savings!

  677. avatar

    I would use the extra money for books needed for the upcoming school year!

  678. avatar

    I would use the extra money to pay off my credit card then close it for good.

  679. avatar

    I’m a college student and broke so I don’t have much to spare. With this money, I would start a Capital One savings account and start my Roth IRA so my finance system is ready to go when I actually get a job.

  680. avatar

    I am working on paying off a credit card I opened to buy furniture when I relocated across the country that has a 0% APR for the next couple months. I would put my rent money towards this credit card to avoid getting slammed with interest charges later.

  681. avatar

    I will use half of the money to pay off debt and the other half will go towards my emergency fund. I’m just getting serious about my personal finance and I have a long way to go but your blog has been very helpful.

  682. avatar

    This past year me n my husband have made it our goal to be debt free! With a family of 5 and income under 25,000 a year. We’ve manage to pay off all of our debt and the remainder is our student loans of about 70,000. Point blank. A months paid rent or more.. will get us closer to that goal as we are determined to be millionaires one day!

  683. avatar

    I’d use it to help my dad pay for my mom’s health costs. She has early onset dementia and he’s not able to retire because of the bills from taking care of her.

  684. avatar

    I’d use the money saved on rent to fund a business venture which involves travel. There are 3 places I want to go this October and teach workshops as well as visit friends. I would use this money as a safety net for bills during that travel month which would give me some peace of mind to expand my business and go for it!

  685. avatar
    Stevie P

    I would finally be able to put some money in the bank as a buffer zone. NYC rent is too damn high! haha

  686. avatar

    I recently started reading your blog and got your book. I am diligently following your advice on pretty much everything you say on your blog and in your book. If I win, I will put the extra cash in one of the index funds.

  687. avatar

    If I win, I would invest it in a CD or other lucrative investment that earns decent interest so that I can have a cushion when I move to CA to start my own business. I currently am miserable in my job and know that I need to have my own business teaching music to students and parents who truly appreciate the value of music.
    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this contest.

  688. avatar

    I would use it towards our debt pay down. We use YNAB and love it and are almost towards the living on last month’s paychecks goal and we are also paying down debt using the snowball method. We are almost to both of these goals!! And I’m not going to lie, we would probably use about $150 of it to get a babysitter and have a (sushi) dinner where WE are the ones being loud and dropping stuff on the table, not our 2.5 year old.

  689. avatar
    Emily W.

    I would use this amazing gift of extra money as follows: 1/3 into savings, 1/3 into school loan payment, 1/3 into car payment.

  690. avatar

    I would use the money for Facebook ads 🙂

  691. avatar
    Yvonne Halling

    I already have my savings automated, so 10% would go into my financial freedom fund, 10 to my “save to spend” account for my next holiday, and 10% to my spiritual teachers 😉 The rest is for me to have fun with! I hope I win 😉

  692. avatar

    I would use some of the extra money to get caught up on bills and put the rest away in savings for a family vacation with my three boys.

  693. avatar
    Vichelle Mixon

    Hello and thank you for this opportunity. I would save a 1/3 of the money to cover part my rent for the following month, 1/3 toward entry fee into a fashion event/trunk show for the holiday season, 1/3 toward the materials needed to stock my holiday show booth or marketing materials ( postcards, ads, etc) whichever I needed most. As an artist my life is very hand to mouth. It would give me a chance to be ahead the following month easing my tension around paying bills etc and give me an opportunity to create more capital through a sales opportunity at my busiest time of year. Ease tension, less stress, make a sounds decisions. I am the type of person who would pay the favor forward as well. I believe sharing and helping others when you have good fortune is how we can be the change we want to see in the world. Being generous creates abundance. Thank you for choosing to help someone. I think it’s pretty cool.

  694. avatar
    George Brisbin

    Use it help my wife start up her business.

  695. avatar
    Anne Botha

    Easy, I would use it to grow my business. I am looking at hiring a content writer to take over the work I am doing right now, to give me more space to work on refining and automating other parts of my business. I already have it on my roadmap, but the investment cash would give me a headstart to bring someone online much faster.

  696. avatar

    I will automatically set up a system and repay remith to be part of his strategy club or by his books and cds to learn from the best and maybe join a seminar that his doing in america.

  697. avatar

    Kick start the kids 529 plans!

  698. avatar

    I’d get a third for savings, I’d take another third to buy supplies for my business and the last third to help pay the credit for our new car. 🙂

  699. avatar
    Christopher Todd Waters

    I recently had to leave my university due to them continually raising the costs of tuition; I just couldn’t afford it any longer, and I couldn’t even take out any more loans.
    Now I am trying to take some courses at my local community college, and if I were to win this contest, I would use the money I saved to pay for classes to help me get certification to further my education, and business skills.

  700. avatar

    I would use the extra money to pay for my wedding.

  701. avatar

    I would pay off more of my student loans 🙂

  702. avatar

    I’d use it to take my wife on a nice long weekend getaway!

  703. avatar
    Sarah H

    It’ll enable me to finally write the screenplay I need to get an agent and find sustainable work in my field. I’ll also be able to eat, a good thing.

  704. avatar

    I would use the money to buy an electric wheelchair for my well deserving Mom.

  705. avatar

    If I would win this contest.I believe it would be enough to develop an application that helps to learn. It’s meant especially for children and students, but also for adults. I am not a programmer myself, I only have the idea and the design written down. Well to be honest, first of all I would get myself a big box of strawberries for $21 and make a nice juice out of it and drink it until the last drop.

  706. avatar

    To be honest, I would buy copies of your book and distribute it to family and friends I love. In that way they can invest in themselves, leaving me less to worry about and more to save. Learning is more valuable a lesson than anything else.

  707. avatar

    This would help in my savings (trying to save 50,000 to buy a little cottage) and help towards paying off my debt the ex left me in. One step closer is one much appreciated step.

  708. avatar
    Leola Ray

    Although there will not be any extra money because of being unemployed and more behind, I would have some money to make a car payment.

  709. avatar
    Jenny Eggert

    My goal is to get caught up on bills so I can start my daughter a college fund, and have some money starting to build up in savings.

  710. avatar
    Nan Peterson

    I would use the savings for camping and riding my motorcycle. I love to travel and visit the small towns that make America so unique.

  711. avatar

    My wife and I would put it toward our daughter’s first year of ballet class. This would make our savings account happy, not having to tap into it in order to pay!

  712. avatar

    I saved money for my daughter marriage.

  713. avatar

    I would probably put $1000 in savings and another $1000 to pay off my credit card.

  714. avatar

    I’ll invest in financial education to upgrade my skills and achieve a passive income equivalent to my rent so that I don’t need to spend my own hard earned money on rent.

  715. avatar

    Emergency savings needs restoring.

  716. avatar
    george neare

    Put the money down on a piece of property and flip it.

  717. avatar

    I am in a sweet situation only paying $100/month rent. If I win, I will put that $100 in savings until the end of the year, when I will put 5k in my Roth IRA and 5k in my husband’s. (For us, it’s faster to do all 5k at the end of the year compared to setting up automatic payments that may end up going over or under if we forget when to start or stop them.)

    I am also saving for a car, hopefully a 2010 or later Prius since they get good mileage and I like them on an emotional level. I’ve learned to just admit when something is emotional for me- sometimes it’s worth paying for just to feel good, and sometimes it’s not.

    I think at the end of the year I’ll have more than enough for those investments and the car, and we already max out employer matching, so I may start adding to my Vangard 401K that I have from a previous employer. It’s already set to auto-balance my investments but it doesn’t have a whole lot of money in it yet.

  718. avatar
    Chuck rynoweb

    I’d use it to pay for the girlfriend’s car repairs that is her primary transportation that’s down until we can get enough to front parts and some elbow grease labor 🙂

  719. avatar

    I will put half into savings and invest, and spend another half on traveling to see my family whom I have not seen in a long while because they live on the other side of the globe!

  720. avatar

    If I win I’ll take 20% and put it in savings (already maxed out the roth this yr) and use the rest to take a long overdue euro vacation

  721. avatar

    Your offering would go to 2 kind souls (independent business owners) who’ve opened their home to me to pursue my own business building initiatives as a life coach. They haven’t asked for rent yet, which is a real act of generosity. The money I’d save would go to paying back a few family members & friends who have helped me financially while I’ve been building my dream work and service. (The rest of what I’d save would go back into my continuing to be a member of your Brain Trust!)

  722. avatar

    My wife and I would love to stash an extra rent payment in our savings so we can be ready to pay moving expenses as soon as that just-right-for-our-family home goes on the market!

  723. avatar
    Desiree Marshall

    I pay $1300 a month for rent. I work paycheck to paycheck at my job as a community organizer. We only recently were paid for the month of July, and haven’t been paid for August yet. I’m really unhappy and unsatisfied, and want to make a change. I want to do something that makes me happy. I want to go to barbering school and get my license. But it costs $3000. If you pay my rent for a month, I plan to use that money towards the cost of barbering school.

  724. avatar

    Great contest, and incredibly generous too! I would use the money saved to pay off my loan, a credit card, and have some much-needed dental work completed 🙂

  725. avatar

    I really need the help. I was on disability for 6 months and they cut me off completely. I now have a job and I’m getting back on my feet, however, I am facing eviction. I worked out a payment plan with the property managers office, though I’m working hard to make the money so we are not homeless ( its just me and my daughter) I still have much more to pay.
    I’ve sold everything I own to pay June’s rent. The money I will save if you pay this months rent, will be put towards my savings account and the light bill. If its a large amount I will invest in flipping a rental property and have create passive income.
    Thank you for your help

  726. avatar

    I would use half to pay down some of my credit card debt, and the other half to begin coursework on my non-profit management certificate program.

  727. avatar

    Hey Ramit,
    My wife and I are building a house right now, that generous offer of yours will go towards a little bit of luxury to our modest house. Perhaps a hardwood deck and BBQ area.
    You the man!

  728. avatar

    I would save it towards a down -payment on a Brooklyn apartment.

  729. avatar

    The extra monies would mean I could open my business one month earlier. I could have the side income that I have been working on for months.

  730. avatar
    AJ Francis

    It will go in the new baby fund or the trip to Peru fund.

  731. avatar

    I will use the money I WON’T be spending on the mortgage to pay for improv training classes in Chicago!

  732. avatar

    I’d use a couple hundred toward starting my passive online businesses. The remainder will start my family’s emergency. With staffing reductions looming, it’s becoming more and more important to have this.

  733. avatar

    Also, I have no idea why this:
    is my picture.

  734. avatar

    The extra money would go towards my student loans and towards my wedding/honeymoon next year!

  735. avatar

    Hey Ramit,

    I would use the $2,001 to pay my tuition. I am international student and tuition is extremity high. I don’t have a mortgage to pay and my rent is not even close to $2001 :). So all savings goes directly to my tuition. Help me get rich this month please.

  736. avatar

    Peace Ramit, I would use the money to pay off some of my daughter’s student loans and help us to get back on track after a brutal 4 year divorce where we lost many people and things dear to us. peace…

  737. avatar

    I will use the money to prep for the new baby that’s on the way in October, or maybe use it to advertise my business, or to update a computer, or to tune up 1 of two vehicles. I Have about 12 things that I could put it towards so I shouldn’t have a hard time spending it:)

  738. avatar
    Krista B.

    I will use the money towards my spring break trip to Europe in March.

  739. avatar

    How boring I feel after reading the posts of others… I’d probably pay my regular mortgage check that month too, in addition to your check, and pay off the principal a little sooner. Then I could enjoy the free month when I’m finished paying off the whole loan!

  740. avatar

    Pay my BNI dues

  741. avatar

    I would use the money to pay off school loans.

  742. avatar

    Hi Ramit!
    Well, I recently read your book and I’m trying to earn something on the side by building an online niche website, so I would use around the 60% of the money to make that faster (for example paying freelancers to write good articles etc.). 40% would be to buy nice things for myself (clothes, hair dressing etc.), as I’m not earning enough for guilt-free spending and I miss that!
    I have a baby daughter and I can’t come to the States now, otherwise I’d just use it to buy one of your courses! 😀

  743. avatar
    M. L.

    I’d put the money towards a couple of months worth of my undergrad & grad school loans!

  744. avatar

    I’ll be “investing” in a short weekend break at the hotel around the corner, 2 days boarding for the dog, and a new pair of shoes and if it’ll stretch a suit. Currently job seeking for something more fulfilling and I’m running on empty here.

  745. avatar

    I would put that money all in savings. I have less than a thousand dollars in savings, which is sad considering I am almost 30.

  746. avatar

    I would save it towards the down payment to buy the house we are currently renting

  747. avatar
    Deborah Jones


    Thanks for running this contest again. I would give my son $50 to open a Roth IRA, add to my IRA and the rest toward my fund of saving 6 months of rent for emergencies.

  748. avatar

    I wouldn’t spend it. I would invest it in a mutual fund.

  749. avatar

    I’d apply the extra money to debt!

  750. avatar
    Hermes Camacho

    30% will go to my Roth IRA, 30% to our child’s 529, and the last 40% toward our bootstrapped music education startup.

  751. avatar

    I would use the money saved on medical school applications… all those fees (and plane tickets for interviews when you get them) can really add up!

  752. avatar

    I would pay down debt and use the rest for marketing my martial arts & massage therapy business.

    Thank you for your generous experiment ~ great idea!

    Inspires me to “pay it forward” as I grow more successful!

  753. avatar

    I would start a 401K for myself since right now only my husband has one and contribute 50% to my childrens 529 plan.

  754. avatar
    Joel Álvarez

    Like you sad most of us live paycheck to paycheck. Constantly I ask myself how can I multiply my money. How do I make it grow. I still don’t know the answer to those questions but I also don’t have the currency to try to explore some options. The fear of not having enough money holds me back from taking some risk. I want to take risks but I also need the money to so. To answer the question I would use the money to explore some of those options. Maybe invest it to at least double it.

  755. avatar

    With the money saved, I’m planning to put it toward my credit card debt.

  756. avatar
    Sharon Allie

    I would pay off a credit card I’m working to eliminate.

  757. avatar

    I just started a new job, so I will actually have some cash to start my emergency fund, add to retirement savings and pay down our debt! I would love to have more $$ to pay down the debt and start our emergency fund. I can’t wait to get our massive cc debt paid off.

  758. avatar

    By total chance, I know that guy above, Hermes Camacho. I was a counselor at a music camp when he was a kid. Great musician and human being. If he wins, it will be money well invested. For myself, I’m on the edge of singing up for IWT. It seems oriented toward sales, however, so I’m waiting for an edge where I can integrate my interest in creating things (I like) with selling things (I don’t like). If that doesn’t transpire, the money goes into investments or into house payments.

  759. avatar
    David Stygles

    I would spend it on our new bundle of joy that will be joining our family in December this year. Babies are not cheap and saving a months of mortgage would be a fantastic way to get a head for once.

  760. avatar
    Natacha Yacinthe

    Hi Ramit. If(when) I will, I will buy your new product, put $500 to continue to contribute towards my scholarship , and add the remainder to my 457.

  761. avatar
    Craig Rieser

    Hi Hermes – good luck! I left a comment below yours… a few others inserted before I could hit reply, so I’m now 7 or 8 below yours. I hope you’ve been well and life is grand!

  762. avatar

    Thanks for hosting such a great contest! I can definitely understand living paycheck to paycheck.

    First, I would donate $201 to charity and put $201 in savings. Next, I would use about half the money to pay myself by paying off high interest rate credit cards and smaller bills. They always seem to be the bottom rung of the payment ladder and honestly they are a chain around my neck.

    I would invest part of the remaining money in my side business to reach out to potential clients.

    Finally, I would use last bit for my family. They are the reason for everything I do and without them I am nothing.

    Thanks again.

  763. avatar

    I would pay down the mortgage, I want to own my house ASAP!

  764. avatar
    Darren (Green Change)

    I’d use it to buy fruit and nut trees and various other materials to speed up the implementation of my permaculture plan. Once you get a good permaculture system going, it drastically reduces your household expenditure and lowers your cost of living.

  765. avatar
    Liz Sandiford

    I’ll spend the money I save on next month’s rent on a vacation. It’s been too long since I went anywhere!

  766. avatar
    Stephanie Hebert

    To put into my savings to afford living in my condo 🙂

  767. avatar
    Karen Diaz

    I would use the money to take my family to Columbia next summer. Between mortgage, savings, and monthly bills there is nothing leftover for the travel we crave. We have been trying to teach my kids Spanish so taking them to meet their family in Columbia would be educational, filled with love, and create memories we will have forever.

  768. avatar

    An extra $1300 in my coffers would allow me to step up my wardrobe for my new job that starts next month. I know how important first impressions can be. i know how appearance can set the stage for future success. I also know how old and worn out my clothes are now. I’ll do this update regardless of winning, but winning would certainly increase the scope of what change I can make.

  769. avatar

    Hey Ramit, I would put your financial gift towards a triathlon bike.

  770. avatar
    D Lucero

    If I won, I would put the money towards paying off credit cards. It would be such a huge help!

  771. avatar

    I will use it to clear out my credit card debts so I can start fresh and finally kick start my saving plan.

  772. avatar
    jason san agustin

    Pay off some dept.

  773. avatar

    if you paid my mortgage for a month, i would use it to bail my ass out of the precarious situation i am now in because i got pretty screwed over by my realtor, who took advantage while i was in a spin over personal issues – i’d get my car fixed up so i can sell it, which means i will be able to pay the next couple months’ mortgage payments while i’m job hunting since i just took my house off the market and moved back into it (in the state i thought i had left behind forever). it’s been one of those years that didn’t quite work out the way i expected :-/ lol. i’m working on halving my expenses right now, and i’m trying really hard to hold it together and put all the pieces back together, but it’s all dependent on finding a roommate ASAP so i can start the chain of dominos – once i have a little cash to fix my car, i can sell it, which will put some money under my butt while i find a job, which will keep me from living under a bridge! haha. hopefully 🙂 thanks for the awesome contest, ramit!! 🙂

  774. avatar

    I would use it to start snowballing my debt. Despite automating my finances and working to increase my income, I cannot seem to make a dent in this ball of debt. Not having to pay rent for a month would let me give that debt a huge kick in the pants and help me to see some real progress!

  775. avatar

    I’ll pay for my tuition.

  776. avatar
    Don McAvinchey

    Hey Ramit,
    My daughter is heading to USC to their theater program in January, and has been saving up to pay her share of the expenses. It’s an awesome opening for her, and will lead to her pursuing her dream of becoming a professional actress. I went to India this past month to give lectures on Gandhi’s philosophy, well received, and due to visa problems had to buy a second ticket. In the process, I borrowed some of the ticket cost from my daughter’s personal school fund, which I will use your rent check to pay back, and help her fulfill her dream of theater school! Thanks for that!

  777. avatar

    I’d put 1/3 in my emergency fund. I’d keep 1/3 in my checking account to create a ‘cushion’ to protect me from overdraft and I’d spend 1/3 on me, hubby & the kids.

  778. avatar
    Cat Aboudara

    I would buy a tablet compatible with my systems at work. It is one of my saving goals in Mint. I’ve already signed up for remote access at work and I am testing out a few days working from home to see if I can make it work. I am paying down debt from a cross country move and feel like having a tool like this to help with remote access and then creating a plan for a side business would help me make more revenue to finally pay off ALL of my debt and then get me on track for the next big life goal.

  779. avatar
    Jeff Jewell

    We had to replace the transmission in one of our vehicles last week… it wiped out the progress we had made with our Emergency Fund and savings towards an upcoming vacation. I will restore those funds if I win.

  780. avatar

    I would use the money I saved that month to clear some debt, and focus on growing our marketing business

  781. avatar
    Chris Wachter

    Invest in building iPhone apps

  782. avatar
    Savannah Auch

    I will use this money to repair nerve damage in my back that happened when someone hit me with their car and ran. I cannot work until my back is healed because sitting is incredibly painful. Im a picture and sound editor in Los Angeles, so sitting is something i cannot avoid but i am blinded by pain and had to resign from the best job of my life because because I started randomly screaming in front of my clients. I will use this money to heal as i am uninsured.

  783. avatar

    Oh yeah! In addition to my previous comment. I’d also stop being so damn cheap and buy a copy of your book (as opposed to borrowing it from the library for the umpteenth time)!

  784. avatar

    I would add pay off one of my student loans. Once I get rid of my student loans I will be debt free. I am on track with being debt free by January 2015 so this would help me get there a little faster!

  785. avatar
    Jacquelyn Escandor

    10%- charity
    60%- emergency fund- since i had zeroed
    out my ef after a family member got
    30%- fun- have a nice special dinner with
    my husband daughter.

  786. avatar
    Joe Shoemaker

    I’d add most if money to my IRA. The remainder I’d spend on electrical work our 111 year old house desperately needs. Apparently one outlet per room was “the rich liffe” in 1902.

  787. avatar
    Jessica Ellis

    If I won, my husband and I would be able to use what would be our rent money to buy groceries and new tires for our one car we share as winter is coming up fast and were running on no tread. With me losing my job we have been unable to save any money for tires and have been unable to buy real groceries. We literally live on Ramen noodles. My husband had to take the slack of me losing my job by getting a job himself after not working the last year due to being burned over 40% of his body and insurance not paying a dime for his medical bills. Having one month of rent paid for us would be a blessing!

  788. avatar