IWT’s 11-year anniversary

Ramit Sethi

One of my fantasies predictably starts with food. I’ve just finished a hard workout, and I’m sitting in my gym eating a burrito w/ double chicken. As I get up and start to walk out, there’s a massive meathead bench-pressing 320 on my left. He’s mid-set and suddenly, he gets stuck and starts groaning really loudly. He’s pinned down and the bar is about to drop on his chest.

I’m already heading towards the door to go home. Seeing this happening, I don’t break stride. I just walk past him and, with my right hand, pick up the 320lbs, and rack it for him. He’s panting. I pat him on the shoulder and say, “That was a tough one, bro. Keep working at it.” The burrito never leaves my left hand.

Well, that’s one of my fantasies. I guess my other one is having the job of my dreams. And today is the 11th anniversary of having the job of my dreams…one that lets me help other people live a Rich Life.


We’ve have learned a lot in the last 11 years — had a lot of successes, lots of mistakes, raised $300,000 to help build schools around the world, and built courses that are changing the lives of so many people.

3 things I really want to highlight today.

First, the most fun part of this journey has been expanding the definition of what a “Rich Life” is. We started with personal finance, but in recent years, we’ve covered careers, starting a business, salary negotiation, psychology, even fitness and food. And lots more coming.

Second, you might have noticed that a few years ago, I started referring to the IWT team. IWT is no longer just me. We have dozens of IWT team members in areas like technology, product design, visual design, operations, automation, and customer support. They are amazing, and we couldn’t create this material without every one of them.

Finally, a huge thank you to you for reading. When I first started writing in 2004, nobody read this blog. It took me a long time to get my first comment, but after that, I saw how awesome this thing could be. What I never expected was to end up building a community of millions of people around the world who all want to live a Rich Life. Did you know IWT readers had dozens of meetups last year? Or that there are IWT readers in almost every country? This totally blows my mind. Thank you for reading.

Lots more to come. For now, have a great Friday and a great weekend. And thank you.


PS – What’s one thing you’ve learned from IWT? I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below!

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  1. WIlliam Maloney

    I owe at least 80% of my personal AND business success over the last 6 years to IWT.

  2. Géraldine

    I learned that money is just a number : you can make and spend as much as you like. Saving is not “not eating sushis” and earning more is not “begging for a raise”. 🙂
    Now, I make way more than I ever dreamed of, I have a cleaning lady once a week and buy wonderful dresses. My business is awesome and growing.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the hard work, Ramit. Happy birthday to you and all the IWT team.

    • Sarah

      haha! I always suspected you were an IWT/ZTL student, because of the way your Comme Une Francaise emails always seem to read my mind/anticipate many of my questions about French. My focus these days is learning German, but I do love the real-worldness of your videos.

  3. Ashley Webber

    The best thing I have learned is not to sell myself short. I used to think there more limits than there are. I always believed in investing and value but since I am thrifty wouldn’t charge enough. I wouldn’t pay someone else to do something because it was a “waste”. Now is quite different- I just got paid handsomely to spend a month on a yacht in the south of France, my website will be done my a professional at the end of this month and I hired a stylist because honestly accessorizing is hard and I can’t learn and do everything at once.

  4. Adam L

    Finding a dream job and salary negotiation! When I found the perfect engineering job designing data centers in the city I love, I also negotiated a $13k pay increase (21%) over my previous job. Then, just 3.5 years later after a couple of standard raises, I negotiated a $12.5k pay increase (nearly 15%) to remain at the company I love and increase my management/business development experience!

    Travel has also been a huge benefit of my job, and the bonuses from using credit cards with rewards have further increased my family’s ability to travel and enjoy a rich life!

    Thank you, Ramit and IWT!

  5. Aaron

    That I am a disappointment to my asian father, but with hard work, I can be less of a disappointment.

  6. Shirley Wu

    I learned how to have focus and vision. By focusing on things that I envision in my rich life I was able to stop investing my efforts in things that don’t matter. I also learned to ask myself better questions and be more aware of the “real reason” why I’m doing something versus just aimlessly wandering through life. Thanks for everything Ramit! Congrats on 11 years and many more to come!

  7. Chris Hanson

    One thing I learned from IWT is that one can draw readers in by being succinct and humorous (even snarky), but to always be direct and honest.

  8. Colleen

    I learned about great copy. That you must tell a story and create clear pictures in the reader’s mind that they can really relate to. Like racking a barbell with one hand and holding a burrito in the other. Vivid! Thanks Ramit.

  9. AJ Angus

    Always negotiate! With credit card companies, banks, hotels, jobs, home purchases. LIFE IS A NEGOTIATION 🙂

  10. Denise Atkinson

    I purchased your book a few years ago, for my 31 year niece, who is wildly successful in her field. She has benefited by putting her finances in order and seeing a ‘bigger picture’. Recently I ‘dog sat’ at her house and read your book and jotted down your web address. I am 67, recently widowed, finding myself with time on my hands, I am ‘jill of all trades’, master of a few.

    I am inspired by your website and want to know more.

    May we all serve………Denise

  11. John Nguyen

    Frontloading the work and doing most of the work beforehand.

    Going from D to C thoughts has been revelatory in many cases.

    Social fluency is a skill that can be practiced and improved.

    Naveen has a shit ton of BMWs.

    Being surrounded by a group of driven people has been a blessing.

  12. Christina

    I owe getting a 50% raise and being able to work remotely to IWT. I have learned that I can always negotiate my pay, and anything else related to my employment. Thanks, Ramit, for making my life far better than I could have imagined it.

  13. AJ

    1. Systems and Strategies
    2. Development and Validation of Business Ideas
    3. Self-Improvement towards Mastery (Baby Steps)
    4. Taking Action
    5. Staying Close to the Inner Child
    6. Positioning
    7. Pushing Limits
    8. Financial Intelligence

    Thanks for creating IWT. As we say in Nigeria, you try pass.

    • AJ

      I know you said one.
      One of the things I have learnt from IWT is to over-deliver 😉

  14. Hannah Ransom | Natural birth control teacher

    Always be improving and you can learn ANYTHING.

    It sounds simple but when you are brought up a certain way you think you should just be naturally good and bad at things and to not really bother trying.

  15. Lourdes

    First and foremost, congratulations and happy 11th anniversary to Ramit and the IWT team!

    What’s the one thing I’ve learned from IWT? It’s hard to pick just one, but if I were to make a concise statement on my main takeaway: I realized that a lot of great career and business strategies stem from psychology. Understanding what a busy person, an employer, or a potential customer might think or feel and approaching them accordingly, in a way that makes it easy for them to engage with you, will take you a long way.

    I am so annoyed that I didn’t stumble upon Ramit’s work until a year ago. He and IWT could have saved me so much pain. However, I choose to think positively so to flip that script: I am so glad that I stumbled upon them when I did. Last year, I negotiated a 20k increase in starting salary just using Ramit’s free materials online. Today, my inbox is blowing up with e-mails from top leaders in my profession and I’ve secured multiple interviews within a week of deciding that I was going to conduct a dream job search. Additionally, I am very excited to be starting my own side online business using ZTL and ZTLA. I see more great things coming ahead not just for me, but also for Ramit and the IWT team.

  16. Kristi

    I am much older than your normal audience, I am almost 50. I found your blog about 6 years ago and then immediately bought your book. I come from a long line of horrible money managers and had fallen into the same traps they did; I didn’t know any better. I absolutely love your approach and your delivery, and what I have learned is how to set up my 3 boys for success in their lives and to break the mold of what I grew up with. Second, because of you I have spent some time in the past couple of years thinking about what I would like to be when I grow up and learning how to make it possible. You rock. Thank you, and keep on keepin’ on!

  17. Bonnie

    Hi Ramit,

    I have learned that psychology has very hip and interesting applications to the business world. I also love your commitment to excellence in every aspect of your presentation. Thank you and I will continue to follow your work.

    Bonnie Kennan

  18. Sarah

    “It’s not you that needs tweaking, it’s your process”. This has made me more resilient when dealing with setbacks, from healthy eating to injury rehab to learning how to program.

  19. Rob

    Natural Networking.
    and thank you for Olivia Fox Cabane.
    As always I apologize to my surrogate Asian father for being such a disappointment.

  20. Juan

    I’ve learned many things from IWT, how to make my C.V. and toabehave in a job interview. But, it had helped me the most in overcoming my shyness and being able to talk to other people easily

  21. Mary Catherine George


    I have learned that a rich life is about taking extremely small steps that slowly became integral to my life. Whether it is finances, business, health or my personal relationships – I learn by taking those small doable steps – like you did putting your gym cloths closer to your bed.. to get you to start working out – or taking those small steps in automating my finances – small steps towards building a business. It is how the big leaps happen by taking my small doable steps.

    BIG THANKS and congrats on 11 years of success.
    Mary Catherine

  22. Diana

    To believe we all can live a rich life … whatever rich means for each of us.

    Life is a test, give yourself permission to fail.

    Patience and consistency.

    Thanks you very much for adding these ideas to my life.

  23. becky

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  24. Hilary B

    What HAVEN’T I learned? The material from IWT – the book, the courses, the emails, and free lessons – are all batting 100% for me.

    From turning my personal finances and philosophy around, paying off credit card debt, negotiating salary raises, learning genius marketing/business strategies, and most importantly realizing that I can have more control over my future than I previously believed. Basically not being a wimpy weirdo victim with bull shit excuses anymore!

    Of course, I still have a long way to go, but I know that I can get there with hard work, patience, and smart decision making.

    I am a Ramit and IWT evangelist. I don’t know how many people I recommend to your stuff. Most don’t take advantage and it is truly their loss. The ones that do thank me profusely. I tell them “I appreciate it, but thank Ramit!”

    Keep it coming Ramit! I hope to meet you one day and thank you in person for all that you’ve given me.

  25. Jess Crees

    One thing I’ve learned from IWT is that I am in control of my life.

    It’s down to me if I don’t feel confident, it’s down to me how a job interview goes, it’s down to me if I’m not earning as much as I want. If the people I’m spending time with aren’t any good for me, guess what? That’s down to me.

    All of these things I can control and change. Don’t wait around for great things to happen to you, make them happen.

  26. MIMI

    I love that I can never remain stagnant reading IWT material. It pushes me to want more and to do more. Keep it Ramit.

  27. Guillermo

    Stop being scared. That’s what IWT has left me.

    All the business advice is great and I have applied the money saving strategies, but taking those chances and doing something with my life, not being scared of failure.

    I was once Ramit, fearing that if put an e-book for 4 bucks people would chastise and hate me. Now I know that if I’m worth it, I can charge it.

  28. Arvid

    The power of a top-performer community. RBT and IWT-FIT are really the mastermind principle of Napoleon hill crystallized into one of its highest forms!

  29. Andreas Louca

    By far the most important lesson I learned from IWT is to work deliberately and methodologically. Being in the Zero to Launch course and being involved in the community has really increased my work ethic and level of quality. Ramit’s no BS approach has cut through my procrastination and mediocrity.

    Happy bday IWT! Thanks for existing.

  30. Jen Turrell

    I first read IWT in 2011 and automated my personal finances. Then I started applying similar principals to business cashflow and other areas of my life. I feel like that was the point when I was able to pick my head up from dealing with the day to day and monthly cashflow issues and could start thinking about and taking steps towards wealth accumulation and accomplishing long term goals. Life changing. Truly!

  31. Alison

    Over delivery is the most powerful and overarching takeaway. It all started with the briefcase technique. I’ve landed jobs that have increased my earnings several times.

    Also I love your constant questioning of belief systems. I find that to be a powerful tool. As I create a new life for myself I am careful about how I’m talking about it because I know I can talk myself into believing anything. Is this serving me or is it limiting me? How can I overcome this idea that I am buying into that is stopping me from (fill in the blank).

    Thanks Ramit!

  32. Ishwar

    Hi Ramit,

    Your automation of finances has saved me from much frustration and allowed me to save an emergency fund – which has provided much stability and breathing space in phase of unemployment. In a word – priceless. Started reading your stuff years ago, brought your awesome book, the Dream Job and now in ZTL courses. Congrat on hitting 11 years! Business longevity is a sign of sustained excellence so well done.


  33. Sally

    Just one thing??? After taking a few high-ticket courses and being so overwhelmed, thinking I had to do it all, ZTL and your emails have saved my sanity. I’m now working a plan of the really essential stuff and putting everything else aside – I may or may not get to it later. I thank you for the roadmap and the confidence to follow my own voice (and yours, of course!).

  34. Elizabeth

    How to finish what I start. Thank you Finisher’s Formula!

  35. Fabian

    Invisible scripts.

    There alwayw was this feeling that the world works differently from what I “perceived”, but you turned it into certainty. Understanding this feat alone means that I can find and rewrite these scripts to, well, change the rules. Thanks for that.

  36. annie

    When I’m stuck I sometimes ask myself “what would Ramit do?”

  37. Uche

    Did you say one thing…a trailer load more like it. If I put it in a few words I have learned to test every water before knowing whether to knock it off or build on it. So far I am able to deal better with personal relationships and have a clear line drawn when it comes to my finances and unlimited rich life

  38. Pamela

    I’ve learned so many things. Today I learned that I need to start a “stupid comments” archive to laugh at how ridiculous people can be when they clearly didn’t read the material or understand what is being discussed. In the past I’ve learned that you can in fact get what you ask for, and that if you aim high you can reach that mark. I’ve also learned that jumping into product development before exploring whether or not there is a market for said product is a humongous waste of time and energy (and money) – I know a lot of people who do things like this and who never sell more than 4 or 5 items/products. IWT is a kick in the butt – in the best of ways!

  39. Tara

    The thing I have learned from IWT–which was a big revelation for me–was about the existence of Invisible Scripts. Learning to see them and then have to deal with them have been empowering.
    Thanks IWT!

  40. Rob

    The most important thing was negotiating my salary. Never would have been willing to ask for more if I had read about it in IWT (and gone through Dream Job).


    When I first logged on to IWT, I thought it was just about becoming rich financially. The title is “I Will Teach You To be Rich” after all. But, after reading more and more posts I realised that being rich means a variety of things. One of the most important things I’ve learnt from IWT is the power of psychological barriers and how to overcome them to achieve your goals.

  42. Shaquille

    Hi Ramit,

    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now, and thanks to your advice, I have started reaching out to people in an effort to get my dream job. I know that you have got most of your work down to a science, but it’s still weird to me how your work inspired me to take action right away, and how what you has taught has been working for me immediately.

    Anyway, thanks for this great resource!

  43. Phil

    I learned that I make the rules. Most people are oblivious to how much they control their destiny. If I think working 40 (more like 60) hours a week is stupid, then I can start my own business and DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

  44. Felicia

    Hi Remit,

    I have used your salary negotiation to the briefcase technique to your “how to find a profitable idea” strategy. I bought your book years ago and still reference it to this day. I feel like I have evolved with IWT as you have as well.

    I love your straightforward, no BS, approach that is so fresh and so current. You truly understand your clients and give us exactly what we want. I am learning from the best, thanks so much for all that you do.



  45. Adriane

    Dear Ramit,
    You are a true inspiration on nearly a daily basis. I love reading your emails, blogs and books.
    I am working on vamping up my online presence now, as previously most of my business came from other sources. Your sharp wit, on-camera presence, and no-nonsense approach to the issues is fun and intellectual as the same time. Simply put: Your are awesome!

  46. Izzy M.

    Your book and personal finance course saved me from money-related anxieties. There is so much information out there about how to handle personal finance and yet I still felt lost. All I would hear is “budget and pay of debts” but once I started any budget I would quickly get overwhelmed. Your system was so simple…

    50 – 60% Fixed Costs
    10% Investments (5% 401k, and 5% Roth)
    5-10% Savings
    20 – 35% Guilt-free spending

    That’s it.. super simple.

    I sat down immediately and calculated everything. I felt liberated! The chapter held my hand and walked me through the process of making a spending plan step by step. I didn’t realize how much money I had access to because I mismanaged it for so many years. That chapter alone has allowed me to save up for my dream vacation AND I’ve been able to pay off some lingering debt. My money-related anxiety is gone and as a result, I’ve been able to perform better at my job. This led to a promotion with a 30% raise. I can’t thank you enough for making me feel in control of my finances for the first time in my life. I’m looking forward to investing in your next course!

  47. Matt

    You don’t have to be an expert. Helping people get results is all that matters.

  48. Christian

    DO IT!!! 🙂

  49. Marty

    Persistence, planning, preparation are key! Congrats!

  50. Jonathan

    Automate your finances! That and the fact that 80% of the work is done before you ever step foot in the room.

    Those two nuggets alone helped me create a nice investment portfolio and have helped me launch my dream career.

    Thank you so much Ramit for sharing your gifts with with world.

  51. Vickie

    I’ve learned so much from IWT. I wish I could say I’ve been here since the beginning but I’ve only been reading your stuff for a little under a year now.

    Number one takeaway? That I don’t have to be an expert to start freelancing/my own business. And that I can use that to propel myself out of my day job and into my ideal life.

  52. Khizer

    Invest in yourself. It’s not enough to be “passionate”. You have to create a workable system that let’s you live the life that you want to really live.

  53. Traci

    I’ve learned that anything is possible with a lot of hard work. Thanks Ramit!

  54. Aaron

    Charge what you’re worth and never apologize.

  55. Devesh

    Optimize for big wins.

    Start a business, scale the business to 6 figures, enjoy working from home even know people say “that must be nice” or “you’re so lucky”. 🙂

  56. Vernette

    You don’t have to wait to start living a rich life…you can start now (except if you’re in credit card debt…then you have to deal with that first) and investing in yourself is non-negotiable…that would be my biggest lessons being part of the IWT Tribe.

  57. Jane

    Congrats Ramit! I’ve learned how to be a top-performer and a hustler across a lot of areas in life. Thanks for your great material – looking forward to what’s next!

  58. Amar

    To respect and study top performers of every field.

  59. Dawn

    One thing? How to build systems and processes.

    But there’s more, I’ve learned not to put any limitations on myself, to focus on providing excellent service and not my own ‘wants’ as they will come at one point provided I have a system. Thank you Ramit so much for your insightful, funny posts. Keep them coming.

  60. Emily

    Ramit, I am learning more from your example than from your content. Your content is good, but its main virtues are being intelligently curated and readably expressed – none of it has so far been new to me. The reason I carry on reading is that your persona is compelling – despite being quite obnoxious in certain ways – that your curation and expression of what I’m sure must only be aspects of your personality give me confidence that our uniqueness is what people are ultimately buying, and that if I can express myself authentically as well as coherently I can shape the career I want.

    Tl;dr it’s more about courage than about content.

  61. Kat

    I’ve learned so much from Ramit and some of the amazing people who help him, but the most important thing IWT has taught me is that my dream job exists, and I can get it. It won’t happen overnight, and I’ll have to break all kinds of barriers and shred all kinds of scripts, but the simple fact that it exists provides me the sledgehammer and chainsaw I need.

  62. Cody

    Learning the principles of personal finance and progressing that to completely automating my finances has been a ridiculous life changer for me. It has literally made a six figure difference in my life, and will ultimately be the system that creates a millionaire out of me.

    It’s hard for me to really imagine how people manage their money without automation in place. What a time drain, and what a discipline drain that must be.

    IWT blows me away. It sounds crazy to think about it all starting with a book, but choosing to follow Ramit and the teachings of IWT was likely the best education decision of my life, and that includes my getting my MBA.

  63. Brian


    I’ve learned how to raise the rates and value of my service in my organic gardening business. I started at $10/hour and am now making $35/hour. I’ve also learned how to pay down my credit card debt completely, achieve a 800 credit credit score, and get my available line of credit up to $27,500.

    Thanks so much for education that when applied – WORKS!

  64. Alexie

    I’ve been an IWT reader for only about a year, but my mindset now compared to a year ago is completely different and a lot of it is due to what I read here. First of all, I actually read each email because I feel like I am hearing from a good friend. What you write about psychology has been the most powerful for me. The example you’ve shared of the woman who had a goal of running three times a week and saw no point of starting with running once a week has been life changing for me. I have thought the same thing- what’s the point of only exercising one time a week or only getting a few new clients in freelancing? I have put so much pressure on myself to do what I do all at once, fully, straight from the beginning and this way of thinking has kept me from pursuing growth in specific areas of my life. My old way of thinking has been challenged by reading IWT and continues to be! I have let go of a lot of that pressure and enjoyed living my life right now. I have also actually made steps towards starting my own business which I don’t think I would have done without the influence of IWT and Earn$1k. So thank you for doing what you do! You are helping people, and you have certainly helped me, not just in making more money, but in changing the way I think! That’s pretty powerful!

  65. Jackie

    I learned it is okay to go ahead to start building credit. I used to fear getting a credit card because I was a student and I did not earn much from work. So far having a careful track of credit card was very helpful! Also reading IWT book helped me to jump start my roth ira- something that my old cautious self will never do.

  66. Anthony

    Only came into Ramit’s World a month ago but have learned a couple of important points about how my small online biz is scaling year after year:
    1. The importance of excellent products. MVP is done now it is time for more quality and also more conversations with users.

    2. Virtous cycle: Had not heard of it but it all makes sense now I think about how my business and all businesses scale. The concept applies to all things too like, health and fitness and relationships. Look into it! The exact opposite to a viscous cycle. Cheers

  67. Jordan


    Even if I were to discount every single thing you’ve blogged about these last 11 years, I would still be left with one amazing takeaway:

    Action trumps inaction.

    Thank you for what you do.

  68. Eusebio

    We shouldn’t manage time, but energy and motivation. Nevertheless, if we get overworked and stressed, the answer isn’t more motivation. It’s choosing to work on the right things. Priorities.

  69. Karen

    My one thing: to introduce myself as an author rather than a writer. I get a much more positive response and it takes the conversation in an entirely different direction.

  70. Terrin

    I’ve honestly learned how to help other people with the plethora of information I’ve learned through IWT. It’s not overly emphasized on the site aside from the obvious fact that Ramit is helping us, but the theme of helping others is there. I’ve been able to help reach their dreams by showing them how to approach them differently and it’s opened peoples eyes to do things they never thought possible. Concepts as simple as find someone who wants to buy it first (make sure there’s a market), then you’ve got something to build on.

    The bonuses for me have been realizing Ramit has things in common with me like 90’s R&B and cartoons like Duck Tails…. an appreciation of a well executed outfit both casual and professional (especially when they’re tailored right)…. and a fascination with the subcultures created around hobbies and luxury products like the people who collect limited edition sneakers (me) or buy Japanese RAW denim and don’t ever wash them so they wear into the shape of their bodies naturally (not me). If I was to ever work for IWT it would be researching such things, they fascinate me and take up too much of my internet usage. So, it’s refreshing to know I’m not alone.

    Congrats Ramit! I’m sure you’ll wind down from celebrating with some Luther Vandross or New Edition.

  71. matt

    That having a surrogate Indian parent is probably not nearly as authentic as the real thing but it’s pretty awesome.

  72. Caitlin Skidmore

    I’ve learned so many things from Ramit and IWT over the years. One of my favorites is to take one tiny baby step at a time. Before, I would spend so much time overthinking, or worrying, and not doing. When I started breaking things down and moving one tiny step forward at a time, big and amazing things started to happen. Happy 11 years, Ramit!

  73. Julien

    I learned how to become a top performer which has resulted in multiple raises (5x in under two years) and I’m now the most senior person at my company (besides the CEO) despite being the youngest. Love IWT and everything it has done for me and countless others!

  74. dumbasscafe

    “Keep working at it bro.” Hahahaha. That was awesome!

  75. Nicole

    I’ve learned in my freelance writing work to not waste time on the bottom of the bell curve. If clients don’t understand the value or quality of my work, I’m not going to waste my time convincing them.

  76. David Byrd

    Two things I’ve learned from you. Actually more than two but here are the two I value the most. The Briefcase Effect. I tried it and it has worked very effectively. I have also learned a great deal from the email scripts. Especially how to get busy people to respond. Thank you.

  77. Sylvia

    Congrats on 11. (it’s better ’cause it’s “one more”). Thank you for all you do Ramit.
    The most valuable thing for me that you shared was that you can tell about people on how they eat their chicken wings/drumsticks. As soon as you shared that, I knew you nailed it, because I’ve been paying attention and it’s soooo true.
    The other high value for me is when you pointed out that you can only save so much, but there’s no limit to your earning potential. Well said.
    Thank you for pointing out how it’s done. Love the honest , straight forward approach and no BS style.
    Congrats again.

  78. Liz

    Yay 11!

    One thing I’ve learned: how to negotiate in a way that will hopefully make my surrogate asian father proud. 😀

  79. Paul

    Wow, look at all those positive comments, Ramit! It must feel pretty damn rewarding knowing you’ve touched and inspired that many lives. Congrats on 11 years. What an accomplishment, and only more great stuff to come.

    Some of my favorite lessons of yours came from free material. #1 There is no such thing as a magic bullet, so stop looking for that “one thing” that will make everything better. #2 Quit with the excuses. If you didn’t do it, it wasn’t a top priority. #3 Everyone is focused on what you can do for me, so show them already.

    I work at an ad firm and am, needless to say, pretty stoked about your copywriting course. For someone that literally writes the most brilliant sales copy I’ve ever read, I can’t wait to see what you’re brewing in that think tank. I’ll be one of the first to buy!


  80. Laurel

    Don’t think outside the box – throw the boxes out!

  81. Akshay

    Learned that there are things, skills which we possess be it small or weird can be monetized and being good at something is enough rather than being expert

  82. Shaurya

    Your material made me realise the importance of systems in our lives. Productivity is not just about willpower…..

  83. Rohan Chaubey

    I never strategized anything. And didn’t focus much on networking. But from the time I started reading IWT, I learned how to network and talk the right way. 🙂

  84. Bret S.

    Only ONE thing? Geez! I guess how much psychology is intertwined with every single action or decision we make — or fail to make. It’s one of those things that we never think about or realize, but that makes instant sense the moment someone else points it out to us.

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

  85. Mario

    To overcome the thousands of barriers that exist in our way to success. Thanks from my heart Ramit!!

  86. Rod

    Advance preparation and over-delivery – I know that’s 2 things but when done right, they’re inter-related.

  87. MNSR

    What I’ve learned from you is that a generous guy can succeed! Thanks for being such a vibrant example.

  88. Oleg

    #1 thing I learned from IWT: it’s my own obligation to recognize the invisible game being played around me, and to create the best possible opportunities for myself.

    Here are 3 specific things I did to apply that mindset:

    I used techniques from Earn 1K to 10x my freelancing rates in about 2 months, when everyone around me was whining how there aren’t any good high-value clients.

    I used Ramit’s free advice on finding a Dream Job to get 2 job offers with ZERO full-time work experience – one of them at my country’s biggest tech company, another one at a marketing / online course startup.

    I applied parts of Finisher’s Formula and Success Triggers to become more productive and do 100x more work that I was used to (before, I thought I was lazy and there was nothing I could do about it).

    So, basically, in many ways Ramit and IWT helped me build my life the way I want. Which is why I’ll remain a student for life.

  89. Jessie

    Dream Job advice! One that stands out is the one about the “I, I, I syndrome” and how people talk about what they are interested in when asked the question, “where do you want to work?”. I am still learning to really think from the other person’s point-of-view and not get so caught up in my own inner thoughts and worries.

  90. Graeme

    Hi, just a quick query – I have recently moved to Darwin in Australia. How would I go about trying to meet up with other members of IWT also enjoying life at the Top End?


    • Adrienne

      I recommend joining Ramit’s Brain Trust, where you get access to the Facebook community of IWT students that has people from all over the world. You can find local meetups or plan your own through that great network.

  91. Ana

    IWT taught me that if I move, I can get anywhere. I became fitter, more in control… Still working on those, but the most important things is that I am seeing results! Thank you!

  92. Josh

    What it means to be a “top performer”, the “game” being played all around us (that media, news, and the mindless chatter of the “unwashed masses” hides), and that success is deliberate and systematic. Earn1K, Success Triggers, and ZTL. I love IWT!

  93. Jennifer

    Focus on the big wins! It makes all the difference.

    Thank you for all the ongoing super material. Congrats on 11 wonderful years and sticking with it. You’re a staple to keep me learning for life, a rich life!

  94. Debashish

    11 Years! Wow! Congratulations, IWT team and to you Ramit!

    The one thing that I have learned from you is to always go after the big wins and not sweat the small stuff (like saving money by cutting out my daily cup of coffee).

    Every week or so I use the big wins formula to make decisions about my business and life. Whenever I’m stuck, I think about which option would help me reach my big goals and it helps me avoid getting stuck in low impact, mundane stuff.

    Love your blog posts, videos, and courses. Keep them coming. Here’s to another 11 years of exponential growth!

  95. Cedric

    “Don’t look for ways to spend less… find ways to make more”

  96. Ashley

    IWT has taught me to not be afraid to invest in myself.

  97. Alixandrea

    *Laughs* great fantasy Ramit.

    I’ve learned loads from you over the last few years, but the one that has completely changed my life is the D to C principle. I can’t tell you how different my outlook is now since I started employing that.


  98. Bence

    To have a huge respect for yourself and charge accordingly.

  99. Jackie

    I have read your book. It helped me to find different tools to organize my financials like SmartPiggy ( a savings account online) and start a credit card. I am hoping to see a book edition tailored to creating and starting a business online- it will be a wonderful way to support someone who lives from paycheck to paycheck. In your book you mentioned a lot about how online businesses helped to add income but little about how you manage to sell product and etc etc.

  100. Nicholas

    Here is what I have learnt from your work Ramit.
    How to make money consulting through my own business.
    How to save that money to go on a European holiday for a month.
    How to automate my business so I could relax on that holiday and not work.
    How to think about taking time off to relax. Its an investment in my mental state, you can’t do you best work if your stressed out.

    And how to think about a Ritch life. It is a life of balance, time to do what I want and the resources to fund what I want to do.
    Not a million dollars in the bank and no time.

    Keep it up big guy.

  101. Mary

    I have learned the art of asking for lowered rates. Despite only subscribing to Internet service and not bundling with other services, I recently secured a rate decrease from $61/mo to $43/mo (current advertised rate for this service: $84/mo), earning me a few hundred dollars a year!

    I have also been encouraged to pursue my second online business venture, after having successfully earned $2000/month over the past year with my first business. Looking forward to scaling my second business up for more steady, less work income!

  102. Samantha

    I learned so much about myself through you. The biggest thing is knowing that a rich life might look completely different than my parents’ and my friends’ idea of a rich life, and that’s totally ok. Thanks for helping me come to terms with that.

  103. Sanjib

    Hi Ramit,
    I have started following your blogs/posts very recently. You are really doing an amazing work… I liked this fact most ‘only tactics cannot help one achieve his/her financial goals’….million dollar statement….

  104. Adrienne

    I’ve learned so many things, but the biggest that comes to mind is to first ask the other person what they have in mind for money when negotiating salary/fees. I’ve been pleasantly surprised on multiple occasions that they have a number in mind that much bigger than I would have proposed.

    Thanks for helping me build my own rich life for years so I’m in situations where people are giving me more money than I anticipated! 🙂

  105. Ilan

    I learned the skills to start mastering the game being played around me. I went through one round of Dream Job and now get paid double what I used to a year ago. I’m looking forward to applying the principles and techniques to my next career move.

    thanks Ramit

  106. Yuri Kruman

    There is a great deal of amazingly helpful materials I’ve used over the last couple of years – starting with negotiation tactics, financial planning, plus a lot of other great lessons. This has also become a model for my own blog to help people with changing their habits of health, wealth and productivity. I also often cite Ramit for his personal finance tips (although of course IWT has long moved past just that).

    Ramit and IWT Team – here is a HUGE thank you for doing everything that you do. The material is always high-quality, insightful and cuts through a great deal of BS out there on the subjects it covers – in particular, mindset.

    May the entire IWT team gain twice the blessings that you give to your readers!

    Not that I really need a surrogate Asian father, but Ramit is pretty solid in that starring role 🙂

  107. H

    dude.. I would make an RBT post about this but here goes..
    I learned I need to take freaking responsibility/ take risks and put my reputation on the line. I used to avoid supervisory/ management positions and training others tbh I can’t even remember what I used to say to myself for years– something tragic like only wanting to be accountable for myself and my own duties… ugh its damn shameful

    Lol i remember emailing u and thinking oh shit i just got shot down– and then the AMA happened and it became so clear about the “one idea/ one book” so facepalm worthy

    I’ve only been about the site for 5-ish months 🙂 life transforming

    hopefully it’s clear how important the first paragraph is in terms of my trajectory, i now put my own money on the line/ run my own offers creating my own messaging. I remember reading material from rich schefren on what an entrepreneur is and closed it down “that’s not me”.. after going thru an “ok, ok what if…theoretically i didn’t avoid risk/ taking responsibility and putting my reputation out there could i see myself as an entrepreneur” the result a resounding YES. So thanks Ramit (and RBT where several months of reading allowed me to put the question to myself that fateful day)

  108. Maurice

    After devouring your book and ebooks, following and using your advice, and reading your newsletter religiously, I cannot pin point one thing. Clarity in all things is how I feel.

  109. Terri

    Ive learned a whole new attitude towards money, earning potential, confidence in asking for the income im worth, automating my bills, and understanding whats in customers heads. I learned that cutting back on starbucks, and depriving myself of little things that make me happy, is not the way to expand my income, to followi my interests, and quit wasting energy on things i dont like doing. That there can be a structure built towards my financial future, and to focus on it if i want to go where i want to go. And i really really like the way you talk, your sarcasm and humor keeps me interested. You feel like a friend.

  110. Rod

    The most profound lessons have been about psychology, and “definitions” of things in life: money, time, rich, etc.

    Ive already learned from the past 10 years, and truly appreciate it. Will be there for the years to come.

    Thanks Ramit!

  111. Dev

    I’ve learned many things. However, at this time, the most relevant one is that, despite how “crazy” my idea sounds, since there are people who are willing to buy it… I could potentially make it the dream job I want it to be.

  112. Patrick

    I’ve learned:

    It’s OKAY to ask for help when wanting to making drastic changes in your personal or professional live.

    It’s OKAY to want to do things differently than the rest of the herd.

    It’s OKAY to have invisible scripts in your head.

  113. steve

    Dream Job – helped put it all together for me resulting in a 21K increase in salary. Learned to not just throw spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, but to target, and to effectively network.

    I had a failure last year, started throwing spaghetti against the wall, then read all of my DJ notes again. Through specific targeted networking landed an interview and written job offer in a week’s time.

    Now on to other aspects to further achieve a Rich Life – one that is purposeful, and fulfilling!