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Uh, it’s SUPPOSED to be hard!

Here’s a blunt truth: It’s supposed to be hard. It’s SUPPOSED to be hard to start a successful business or create world-class art or be famous.

Ramit Sethi

Like most young people who are dumb, I entertained a lot of delusional ideas.

I was frustrated that the world didn’t recognize me for how great my “ideas” were. I’d complain about having to “put in my time” (shouldn’t I get to skip all that?? I’m so smart!!).

I even once emailed Guy Kawasaki, a famous Silicon Valley personality, and asked him how to get more speaking gigs. He replied and basically laid down the law by telling me (paraphrased), “You want to know how to get more speaking gigs? Then do something meaningful. Once you do, you’ll have more speaking invitations than you know what to do with. But right now, you haven’t done anything notable.”

It stung to hear that. Like a 14-year-old girl, I thought to myself, “he just doesn’t understand me.” But later I realized he was right.

*     *     *

That’s why it amused me to read a Reddit thread called “Millionaires of Reddit: How did you strike it rich? What did you do after you made your fortune?”

Some random Internet dude left this whiny comment, complaining about the “lack of capital”:

“If you don’t have access to capital you cannot become wealthy. You do not have access to capital unless your family is already wealthy and can therefore provide the capital.

Its easy to take a mediocre idea and make it profitable if you have the capital available to do it. Its nearly impossible to take a great idea and make it profitable if you don’t have capital no matter how hard you work.”


Right. The only thing holding you back from your idea is a lack of capital — EVEN THOUGH:

  • More than any other time in history, the average person can start a business for less than $100
  • If you had $500,000 in your bank account, what exactly would you do with it? If you ask these whiners a specific question about how they’d deploy their capital, they suddenly get very quiet
  • The “lack of capital” is a convenient excuse to do nothing since you can point at macro-economic trends and complain the world isn’t fair. Which is exactly what this guy does in the comment thread

Here’s a blunt truth: It’s supposed to be hard.

It’s SUPPOSED to be hard to start a successful business or create world-class art or be famous.

And to be blunt, if you can’t figure out how, you don’t deserve to play at those levels.

A famous venture-capital firm had an FAQ on its website. The question said, “How do we reach you?” and the answer said, “We don’t encourage you send your pitch unsolicited. The best entrepreneurs leverage their personal connections to get a personal introduction to one of us at the firm.”

LOSERS SAY: Waa, the deck is stacked against me. I didn’t go to Stanford! I’ll never do it! I hate the President for his tax policy! And then they go back to eating Chipotle.

WINNERS SAY: Shit! I don’t know anyone in that venture firm. I’m going to start meeting other entrepreneurs and learning how they did it. I’ll develop my pitch, refine it, meet new friends, friends of friends, ask everyone’s advice, make more changes, and finally get an introduction to a VC. And then I’ll make my pitch.

Exhausting? Good. It’s supposed to be hard.

I know dozens of people who claimed they wanted to go to elite universities like Harvard or Stanford, but when the time came, they didn’t apply, saying, “I could never get in.” Guess what? They’re right. And because they didn’t even apply, they didn’t deserve to get in.

If you want to start a business, the answers are right in front of you on sites like mine, If you want to understand venture capital, you can learn about every aspect of it from sites like Hell, if you want to learn how to tie your shoelaces in awesome ways, you can check out sites like this one.

The answers are in front of you. If you can’t figure it out, you don’t deserve to play at those levels.

Now, is everyone capable of getting into Harvard? Or starting a multi-million-dollar business? Of course not. But if your chief excuse is “I need ___” or “the world isn’t fair,” and you don’t even take a chance at trying, you don’t deserve it.

It’s supposed to be hard.

Same for starting a business. How many millions of people have said, “I’d start a company if only I had ___” (an idea, the time, funding)?

They don’t deserve the benefits of being CEO.

*     *     *

The beautiful part is, you can do this.

First, you’ve already far ahead of 99% of people, simply by virtue of reading material like this.

Second (I like this one), because most people are so horrible at taking action, by doing just the BASIC work, you can get disproportionate rewards. I call this the Craigslist Penis Effect.

Third, you know that unlike most people, who try to focus on a little bit of everything — let me save money on lattes! clothes! appetizers! — you understand the power of psychology and focus on a few Big Wins and psychological barriers.

For example, if you don’t have enough time after work, you could complain about or how your boss is an ass, or how you’re so tired after work…or you could test and implement a new time-management system and save 1 hour/day.

If you want to lose 25lbs, you could start by targeting just one thing — walking up the stairs at work — and reward yourself when you lose just 5lbs. For a lot of people, they’d rather dream about losing 25lbs than actually lose 5.

This stuff isn’t easy. That’s why so many people dream about writing a book, getting 6-pack abs, and generating passive income. They’d rather dream about being a millionaire then start earning $1K/month on the side.

It’s supposed to be hard. But if you can do it — if you can acknowledge your psychological barriers, build systems to help you become successful, and surround yourself with winners who will challenge you to do more — you can reap the truly disproportionate rewards of being the best.

I’ve been writing IWT for over 8 years. I hope I can help you become your very best self for years to come.

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  1. avatar

    I want to be be able to use the English language with ease, so I’m going to surround myself with English contents, continue doing flashcards and have at least two conversations in my target language a week.

  2. avatar

    I want to get three paying clients. I am going to do a free project for someone I admire so I can build a portfolio. I will also pitch potential clients while doing the free project.

  3. avatar

    Uh, it’s supposed to be hard. And (IMHO) it’s never been easier thanks to the Internet.

    More money! Asking for a raise (Wednesday’s the day and I’m all prepared).

  4. avatar

    Whoa, what did Chipolte do to you?

  5. avatar
    Meg Sylvia

    Thank you for telling it is as it is! Making the decision to put in the necessary work is uncomfortable, and it’s so much easier to make an excuse than show vulnerability and face the possibility of rejection. Most often, the only person keeping you from succeeding is yourself!

  6. avatar

    This year, I’ve been going to the gym 3x/week since Jan and began working at an awesome tech startup since Feb. I got control of my fitness and job search due to the interview tactics and behavior change tips from you, Ramit. Your advice works whenever I applied it. My next goal is setting up my automatic accounts after investing in your @Creativelive workshop (I’m from Vietnam btw, it was 1/2 my monthly income but I’m sure that if I apply your insights, I’ll be earning more in the next few years). Thank you for the wonderful work and please keep it up! 🙂

  7. avatar

    I want to quit by current job to work my business as my income. So I will commit to finishing the business plan and posting fresh content to the site weekly.

  8. avatar

    I want to lose some weight. That’s because I gained a bunch of flab over past 12 months doubling my squat and deadlift. I have moved to a different weight routine and switched to a calorie deficit diet. (Down 10 lbs so far) I will continue. To make sure I got to the weights on a regular basis I bought a weight set off Craigslist and have it in my garage. No packing a gym bag for me.

    I want to learn Mandarin. I don’t have a deadline for this though so I’m content to wait for Duolingo to release their Mandarin unit.

    I want to learn some carpentry, as a hobby. I have already built a workbench in my garage last week and bought the wood for a table. I have guests coming on Friday that need a place to eat, so the table better be finished by then. There’s no Plan B.

    I want to become more specialized in my career. I have already asked a senior person in my field where I should study. He pointed me to a website where there are hundreds of PDFs available for free. I have printed them out and put them into a three-ring binder. I’m already reading them and applying the knowledge there at work.

  9. avatar

    Great post, Ramit. Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings from the movie The Rock: “Losers whine about their best; winners go home and f–k the prom queen!” Those who make excuses won’t make progress on their goals unless they find a way to make things happen.

  10. avatar

    Awesome post!

    I realized most of what this post explains just recently (it was a big win, because having this realization yourself is a powerful experience). Doing something big is about making time for little things every single day, and setting the right goals.

    My goal this year is to successfully get my blog off the ground and grow a small group of loyal readers.

    Everyone else, keep working! It will come!

  11. avatar

    Twelve months from now, I’ll have finished my dissertation.

  12. avatar

    Come up with good business idea

  13. avatar

    I have amazing ideas bouncing around in my head that I never act on. Blogs unfinished, etc. by the end of 2013 I want to have 6 pet projects completed – if I do that I think one of them will be the idea that sticks and provides my 1k a month or gets me the next level or press/reputation I’m looking for.

  14. avatar

    Great and inspiring post, Ramit!

    I’m going to have 1 client this week (put my business out there just one week ago and will focus on getting my first client, so I can learn from it, get insights and then will build on my customer base).

    Thanks for saying it is hard) That motivates!

  15. avatar
    Kat Alexander

    Thank you for this inspiring post! I just paid off my credit card debt this month, am on track to converting my childhood home into a rental property by the end of the year (earned money on the side) and next fall I will quit my job in academia to spend one year traveling around the globe to work with and write about organizations empowering women. So excited!!!!

  16. avatar
    michiko i.

    my TOP priority this year is to start my online business and research&prepare for the freelance tutorial i will do when i quit my job next year.

    this way, i already have a foundation built for my next endeavors.

  17. avatar
    Braden Talbot

    I wonder what the “lack of capital” crowd thinks people did before there was all this “capital.” I suppose the magical capital fairy sprinkled capital dust over the first human who had little or no capital, and that person turned it into a profitable business.

  18. avatar

    This year at age 30, I’m committed to paying OFF my credit card debt I accumulated in my 20’s. I have a payment plan in place that will make this happen by the end of the year! Seeing my debt shrink month by month feels awesome!

  19. avatar

    I will get my third paying client for translation work.

  20. avatar

    My goal for the year is start building assets by once a month investing in assets
    What I will do is on the 12 of August and begin buying assets which will be an etf or a gilt
    I will also next weekend attend an assertiveness course to better deal with my emotions and say no to certain people the course will also help with my health
    I am doing this next Sunday night

  21. avatar
    Jenny Yearwood

    I am a photographer but I don’t know how to get more business. I went to school for this but I know nothing about advertising, spreading the word, meeting potential clients, etc… Help me figure out the steps to take to make my business profitable.

  22. avatar

    My goal for this year is to save up $5000 so I can take 6 months off work and devote myself to becoming an actor/singer.

  23. avatar

    I’m going to improve my time management by getting up as soon as my alarm goes off (rather than letting songs play), and doing my kanji flashcards after breakfast or as soon as I get home from work. I will also stop myself anytime I’m about to say or think “I’m tired”.

  24. avatar

    I want to start a successful online business marketing naturally occurring plant growth regulators.

  25. avatar
    Malinda Z

    I’m currently starting a business and finishing product development. I need to move into the next phase of looking for capital and actually promoting and selling the product. What is holding me back are my invisible scripts and fears about approaching people and self-promotion. I’m working on breaking down those scripts and perfecting my pitch so I’m ready when the time is right.

  26. avatar

    I have $4400 (25% APR) in credit debt and a private student loan for the amount of $3900 (10% interest rate). I want to pay the credit card debt off by November and the student loan off by March. The next steps are to map at all my expenses and see how much money after that i can use to pay off these debts. Then I’m going to start getting a second income doing another job and also use that money to pay off my debts. I’ll track everything with Mint.

  27. avatar

    I want to scale up my revenue for my side business by doubling the revenue, reducing overhead all while s scaling down the time it requires me to run it.

  28. avatar

    I want to improve my Time Management skills so I will commit to starting the working day with 30 minutes of solid work (not start with email, not start with news browsing, but start with solid work). I will track the days when I managed it on a piece of card and reward my self for streaks.

  29. avatar

    I want to go back to work after being home with my daughter for four years, and move to another city. I’ve taken a certificate program over the winter, updated my resume and linked in profile, and sent it to recruiters in that city.

  30. avatar

    I would surely like to improve and work over my time. If I manage that well many of my things can get accomplished.

  31. avatar

    I am going to fully define and find my target audience and learn how to reach them. (Right now my marketing efforts are a little random). Women and girls who love the portraits I do.

  32. avatar

    I want to start making money on the side.
    In order to do that, I’ll prepare business proposals for taking care of online and Facebook communication for several selected potential clients and present them my pitch.

  33. avatar

    Start my family catering business to making money on the side and pay down my Home Mortgage faster.
    I signed up for the Earn 1K program last week and am slowly going through the steps.

  34. avatar

    Lose the weight I’ve gained in the past few years to get back to my target weight and more importantly MAINTAIN. Do this by logging food and excising 2-4 times a week (already doing this).

    Pass a big/difficult professional exam I’ve wanted to take for the past 2 years.

  35. avatar

    I am going to change my career and transition to working as an Online Marketing Specialist. I’m going to research all the people I can find working in SEO/SEM in my city and reach out to them to meet for coffee and ask them for advice. I am going to get better at Natural Networking like you teach and learn how to not be awkward and shy in front of new people.

  36. avatar

    My goal is to stop the trajectory towards debt I’m worried I’m heading on. I’ve got your book on hold at the library and I’m going to start automating my finances when I get it.

    Another goal has been to get back into better shape. I want to lose fat and gain muscle as well as endurance. To this end, I’ve started walking with my partner every day after work. Right now, my goal is 2.5 miles through the course of the day (on my fitbit), and every couple weeks we step it up a little.

  37. avatar
    Mr. Utopia

    We live in a society that rewards mediocrity through the early stages of life. Everyone gets a trophy in little league. Everyone passes high school (you pretty much just have to show up and give a half-hearted try). By the time people get out on their own and face the “real world” they are used to the entitlements, hence the complaining when rewards no longer come easy. I’m generalizing about the entire population – of course there are always individuals who are passionate and driven (they work hard AND smart). I don’t think this will ever change, at least not anytime in the near future. We will continue to be an “instant gratification” society.

  38. avatar

    I want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar better. I have already taken a short class from Coursera to learn the basics, but I want to get more in-depth and learn even more. So I am going to look up guides for how to learn the guitar, and see what new techniques I need to learn or examples of songs that I can play to work on the things that I already do know. I will spend 20 min/day practicing these things.

    I want to learn more about designing websites, in order to be more valuable in my job. I’m going to use Code Academy, starting with their Web Fundamentals course, moving on to jQuery and JavaScript and eventually completing all 6 courses and creating projects along the way. I will spend 30 min/day working on this.

  39. avatar
    lianda Swain

    Get really clear on what it is I want to “go for!” I have a many interests that I want to believe that I can do all but don’t have defined goals for them. So what I will do is set a defined goal- short-term and long-term for each passion and decided which one I want to focus most of my attention on.

  40. avatar

    I’m going to be a successful earn1k graduate. I’ll know because in 6 months I will have earned 1,000 from freelancing as a business writer/virtual research assistant to some of my academia and professor contacts. Then I’m going to make that at least $800 from freelancing/month on top of my regular day job. Here goes…

  41. avatar

    Between now and Dec, 2014, I will save 2 years of income, at which point I will quit the day job and write full time. In the meanwhile, I will continue to hone my skills, practice my craft, and write my heart and soul out. I will write 3 novels this year, possibly 4, plus a dozen short stories. Next year I will write 6-8 novels. I can’t control the market or editors. I can control my craft level and output.

  42. avatar

    Hey, Joel! I’ve been playing by ear since middle school (I did start music lessons/piano at 4 so I guess I had a little help) but all of that is to say I wanted to see where I was fundamentally – so I took that course as well. We were classmates! That’s random I know; but keep at it. Music is my passion and it’s probably one of the few things that comes completely naturally to me, so I always want to encourage others to pursue it, especially when your fingers feel like they’re going to fall off. That’s when you just take a deep breath and slow it down a bit. Cheers!

  43. avatar
    Mera Featherstory

    I’m going to make a full-time income as a writer, writer for my own websites and mailing lists, submitting poetry and stories to magazines/journals, and self-publishing my own e-books, this year. I’ve worked for several years getting paid less than what I should, being inconsistent and finally learning what I need to do and actually doing it.

  44. avatar

    I’m going to learn Spanish and use it as leverage to get a raise or get a better job

  45. avatar

    I want to pay down my credit card debt. I already have read your book, taken a look at my current spending, and created a monthly pay off plan according to my needs. I’ll be paying the highest interest cards off first. Doing so I’ve already paid off my car loan, and by October I’ll have paid off two credit cards.

  46. avatar

    I want to pay off my credit card debit. I have a plan I’ve been working on and should be out of credit card debt by the end of next year. Then I will be saving to take the Earn1K class. I will be there in 18 months tops, and I can’t wait!

  47. avatar
    Mera Featherstory

    By the way, my next step is just to write and follow my daily schedule, with no excuses and knock everything out one-by-one, then to list what I need to do for the next day at the end of the night, what I did well today and wake up tomorrow and do the same thing.

  48. avatar

    I will get more interpreting work by the end of summer. To accomplish this I will earn medical interpreter certification and then market myself to local interpreting companies and doctors’ offices.

  49. avatar

    I am going to improve my time management so I am not constantly trying to catch up on my classes like last semester. I am going to start using Cal Newport’s fixed-schedule system and figure out the barriers that kept me from sticking to my schedule before by testing different triggers. My goal is to never go to sleep past midnight when it is not my choice (i.e. I have to stay up to finish work). I feel like I need to come up with another quantifiable measure but at the moment that bedtime is all I have.

  50. avatar

    In 6 months, I want to have obtained and retained 5 private clients.
    I will solicit nearby groups as well as the group I belong to by August 1.
    I will offer my services at an upcoming event in August.
    I will format a written training manual for multiple skills and levels to improve my consistency.
    I will continue to promote my group trainings for extra income, practice, and advertisement.

  51. avatar

    I’m paying off credit card debt. I’ve set up and implemented an automated plan to pay off my highest interest debt first and continue from there.
    I’m also working on getting a better job by using the Resume course, so once I land a new position, I’ll be able to put down more towards my debt and pay it off even sooner.

  52. avatar

    Here is my status:
    * Pay off my credit card debt – ever accumulated debt to begin with (I don’t live in the US and it’s less accepted here)
    * Find a better job – I am already VERY happy with my workplace, good balance of standard work hours, good pay and interesting work
    * Get a raise – I get a raise every year, and every 2 years I give my “why I deserve an even bigger raise” pitch

    Where do I want to improve:
    * Improve my time management – I know all the theory. It’s the action part that’s difficult.
    * Start earning money on the side – but I first need to decide that my free time is worth it.
    I think other things I want to improve in my life is to be a happier person, give more to others and learn to be less in control.

  53. avatar

    lose weight. Just that.

  54. avatar

    I want to keep learning and improving in persuasive writing, and want to get paid for it as soon as possible.

  55. avatar
    Sarah W.

    I want to improve by making more money at my day job. However, I recently asked for a raise using Ramit’s awesome tips, but got shot down nonetheless (even though I’m doing five other people’s jobs…) which means it’s time to find a new job!

    I plan to get a new job in the next 2 months by talking to recruiters, leveraging my network, meeting new professionals and continuing to make connections which might introduce me to a better company, and continually improving my resume if I do not get bites.

  56. avatar

    Figure out what I’m passionate about or at least what I’m good at doing, so I can FOCUS!

  57. avatar

    Oh, I see I missed the instructions at the bottom of the page.

    My #1 goal for this year is to be more happy, worry less and try being less in control.
    The NEXT step you’ll take to make it happen is reduce my surfing financial web sites to ZERO. It really does not good. It gives me an illusion of “knowing what’s going on” but I never do anything with the information, except worry more. My assets manager should worry about this.
    Another next step is to improve the separation between my savings and my monthly budget. It’s not 100% separate and it’s bothering me to enjoy more freely from the money left at the end of the month.

  58. avatar
    Adam Myhr (@CeridianMN)

    I will make money on the side. I will do this by selling my house and moving closer to work. The saved time (and expenses) will allow me to build savings more quickly, and dedicate time to writing a series of short stories. Those short stories will then become a unique compliment to a full-length novel, perhaps even a trilogy.

  59. avatar
    Steven Leconte

    I want to start a new business in a new industry in which I can leverage what I have learned in the earn 1k program and generate a 6 figure business within 5 years.

    To be able to do that, I will register my business name and start defining my ideal customers and services.

    Then I will talk to a few of them to get a good understanding of what exactly they are looking for and how I can position myself to offer it to them.

  60. avatar

    I want to get a raise and a position upgrade. I have to collect data to show my boss I’m doing a better job than which I’m paid for. Hence asking for a raise a job upgrade.

  61. avatar
    Geoff McNeely

    #1 goal: Launch Aid-Band on KickStarter.

    Next up on that is getting the KickStarter MVP prototype produced (in progress).

    I just learned the Ian knot. That’s some mind boggling shit right there, and since my shoelaces wear out faster than most of my shoes, that single tip will get me more mileage out of my best shoes. Thank you Ramit!

  62. avatar

    This year I planned to:

    1. Increase my net worth by $30,000. Met and exceeded goal and need to increase my NW by $9,000 more to meet new goal of a $50,000 increase.
    2. Reduce clothing purchases to 24/yr. Am on pace after Q2 checkup and this is proceeding.
    3. Quit buying yarn. Have only bought twice this year.

    I added two more goals after my Q2 checkup:

    1. Get three paying freelance clients. I have one and managed to raise my rates with her, am crafting a pitch for a second.
    2. Get a new job. I got laid off, so that lit a fire under my a**. Currently going through Dream Job.

  63. avatar

    I want to pay off my credit card debt. I have my finances automated and worked out a great snowball plan as I’ve got my debt spread out among three cards. One card refused to give me a better APR (despite a long history of on time payments and a good credit score and using your script) so I opened a card with my credit union that has an 8.4% APR and transferred the balance. I get paid weekly and got a raise this month, so combined with all the other preparation and a practical (read: not impossibly strict) budget I’m very confident this goal will be reached.

  64. avatar

    I want to get become a salaried web front-end web developer before 2014.

  65. avatar

    salaried front-end web developer*

  66. avatar

    I’m going to start earning money on the side. I recently joined the Earn 1K program and am close to narrowing down my 80+ ideas to one solid money maker. This week I will have my one idea.

  67. avatar
    Marshall Parker

    Over the past year, I have validated, tested & built a web app that now has a small but growing base of paying customers. It isn’t yet a $1k business (closer to $100/mo), but it is the start of something great!

    over the last couple of weeks, I have been preparing a new app that I have validated with my target audience, and I will be pushing a beta version out later this week to start gathering test results & feedback.

    I don’t feel it is ready, but I am pushing past the fear and getting it out there now, knowing I can improve & build upon it better with feedback from a larger group than just myself.

  68. avatar

    I have dreamed of making money with my sewing for years. But nothing seemed to work. Ramit’s advise on how to pick a money making idea finally registered and I think I have something that will work. However, loke this arrival says….it’s hard. I have been sewing like crazy and putting my products on but I wasn’t getting any results. So after a bit of whining myself, I started to search for ways to get advise. One thing I did which too me forever to get the courage to do was to email the most successful seller doing the same kind of items I was sewing. She was so nice and looked at my website and even emailed me back some great advise. I kept asking advise on different forums and finally got my first sale. Moral is..I couldn’t do this on my own and people are willing to help but you have to ASK!
    Thank you Ramit, sometimes your advise does sink in.

  69. avatar

    What I’m doing this year (and next, really): Losing weight, getting stronger, and planning a hiking trip to Japan

    My next step to making this happen: I’ve already been doing the losing weight & getting stronger part by working with a personal trainer 3x/wk. (Lost 20 lbs so far & can finally do squats & lunges again!) And since I set a goal for hiking in Japan, I’ve started doing newbie hikes of 4 miles up the mountain I live on, at least once a week (mimicking the first day or so of my planned Japan hike). My Next Step is to add another hike mid-week, doubling that distance (thus mimicking Day 2 of the planned Japan hike).

  70. avatar

    my first step in saving time when i go online is to read and answer e-mails from job searches and family. unsubscribe to time wasting sites. keep a list of jobs
    i applied for and keep notes of contacting HR for those jobs i have a real interest in.
    i also need to spend an hour everyday preparing for any interviews.
    thank you Remit, for the simple truth

  71. avatar

    Sorry, my spell checker had its way with me.

  72. avatar

    I want to create a passive extra income.

  73. avatar

    I paid off my credit card debt last year. This year the goal is to get £8,000 in savings.

    I clicked on the ‘I want more time / better time management skills’ link but actually I want better energy management. I love my job, I give it a lot, and I’m often drained when I come home. I have 2-3 hours, but frequently find I turn to energy-up activities like cooking and exercise rather than energy-down activities like… working on my side business.

  74. avatar

    This! The message really resonated with me and good to know I’m following the right game plan. For now at least.

  75. avatar

    I want to earn an extra $1,000 of income each month. I am getting a roommate in my house next month, who will be paying $600/month. It’s a small step toward my goal!!

  76. avatar
    Michael Stanley

    Thanks for this post. This is what I needed to hear when I complain to myself about how I should be running my business. The only thing holding me back is fear of rejection, but this post has pushed me in the right direction.

    Thanks again Ramit.

  77. avatar
    Aaron Wolfson

    My goal is earning my first $500 on the side. My next step is to discuss my pay-certainty-validated idea with a friend who is already making money doing it.

  78. avatar

    I want to pay off my student debt. So I’ve ordered your book for my Kindle, and I’ll read the first chapter on Wednesday evening.

  79. avatar

    I want to get out of debt. I have already gotten a higher paying job, but would like to find ways to earn more on the side. Also, my wife is starting her career after a few years in grad school, so we want to make informed decisions on how to best spend her new income.

  80. avatar
    Claudia Telles

    The goal for the beginning of the year was to be debt free. So I’m on track to be debt free by September and thanks to your book IWTYTBR I know what to do with the extra money. I’m 25 and I will have ZERO debt by September. 🙂 (no student loans, or car loans, or CC debt).

    Now my next goal is to travel more and I am creating a savings account solely for travelling while my business account will be funding all my retirement savings as well as my professional development. I can do anything, as long as I have a plan. 🙂

    P.S. Ramit you are outstanding and inspirational

  81. avatar
    Rebecca Egbert

    Wholeheartedly and relentlessly, I am taking this business to 6 figures and it will be meaningful (and ass-kicking) all the way. Thanks Ramit.

  82. avatar
    Chris What?

    I want to build a scalable system that will generate $1000 of side income in the first two months, and will allow me to “turn the dial” to $5000 per month. I’ve joined the Earn1k course and have created a list of freelance ideas. The next step is to narrow down that list to the top 3 profitable ideas.

  83. avatar
    Michael Miller

    I’m going to try to make my work more meaningful, change more people’s lives and get more speaking gigs. I love that advice.

  84. avatar
    Candice L Davis

    My goal is to make $1000/month from my writing. That’s not a lot, right? Well, it’s more than I’m making right now. Too much of my income comes from editing and coaching, and while I enjoy those things, I want to focus on earning more from my greatest passion.

    As soon as I submit this comment, I’m going to finish proofing my latest short story (under my horror/thriller pen name) and get it published to Kindle.

    Thanks for the reminder that I’m 100% responsible for the results I get in my life.

  85. avatar

    “Who else signs up to get berated by their surrogate Asian father?” — The source of our IWT family bond.

    In the search for my dream job, I’m going to look a little further ahead. I think I know the kind of position I want to hold several years from now, and I just realized I have someone in my network who does that! (So yes, Ramit, there is more to my network than I thought) I’m drafting an email to him right now 🙂

    It will be much easier for me to narrow down what position to take on now in order to get to where I want to be later, IF I know that I fit that future position and the in-between steps to get to it.

  86. avatar

    I’m currently making money on the side via Woot! I monitor the emails that it sends out, purchase products that I think people will be willing to buy and then sell them for almost double the purchase price (still at least 60% savings off retail).

    Working to steadily pay down my credit cards. They will be taken care of by April 2014.

  87. avatar
    Katrina Wolfgang

    My goal is to get myself structured, and start working on Corporate Wars. My friend Michael Kipp, who is in RBT and Earn1k, has been very supportive of my writing and life woes. Now that there is less stress going on on a social level in my life, I have time to start focusing on giving myself structure. I want Corporate Wars to be out on Amazon by my dad’s birthday, October 7th.

    I am going to write down a schedule today for meals, and for my writing. I decided yesterday that since I only have one desk, during my writing time I will turn off the monitor, put the keyboard on top of the tower, and write by hand to get my writing muscles back up. I know I get distracted by social media.

  88. avatar

    I plan to start earning income on the side and my first step will be to complete the certification course I just started, in a maximum of 5 months.

  89. avatar

    I want to become a more confident speaker, which will be really important when I graduate this Sept. I have begun volunteering for a charity and I lead a weekly discussion on current nutrition recommendations. I’m also taking acting classes! I have no interest in becoming an actress however, it has made me aware of the importance of body language and power of your voice. It’s really interesting and fun! I’m noticing the difference already.

  90. avatar

    I’m going to increase customer acquisition for my web app 10% each week.

    P.S. Thanks for waking me up and firing me up this morning.

  91. avatar

    I am going to develop a second income stream alongside my photography business. The first action steps of registering domains and outsourcing a logo from fiver taken, I have researched some affiliates that I have found helpful in my business (not photography related affiliates) and am preparing an editorial calendar whilst waiting for graphic design to come through. I am also roughing out a first info product that is photography related for my photography business as another income stream.

  92. avatar
    Marc W.

    Get self-esteem in my side ‘job’ I’m building. I will work at it more and try new techniques.

    Lose some more weight / get off some meds. I will continue eating right and go to the gym more.

    Get motivation. I will visit this post every week and encourage myself.

  93. avatar

    I am a photographer and I now own my own business. I want to develop the customer base who want me and are willing to pay for the mounds of hard work I put into making each customer feel like a star. I will market directly to seniors and their parents and offer a discount (session fee-not products) to the seniors in my neighborhood to get word of mouth going.

  94. avatar

    Hey Ramit, you are right that you don’t need much cash to start a biz. With my little cleaning business, I started by buying cleaners, brooms, garbage bags and other odds and ends. Cost me approximately 60 bucks.

    I started my biz by asking my landlord what he thought of a little biz idea. I got lucky because he needed a cleaner for 2 of his investment properties. Right place, right time. No great acumen on my part.

    I repeat people, 99% of you will never make a dime online! I won’t and I know it.

    But one thing I still have a hard time with that i think you should talk about is;
    most people are afraid to talk to other people they want to do business with.

    They are afraid of the evil NO word.

    I wrestle with it. I finally talked to a company I work for through my employer.

    I’m going to provide a free 2 week trial just doing litter pickup for them. If they like it, we’ll discuss numbers, if not I go on to the next possibility.

    Actually, I’m scared shitless talking to business people. But I do it.

    No, i don’t make a pile of cash in my cleaning biz, but I finally made my way in a real business, not this online bullshit.

    Thanks Ramit. We all need a kick in the ass from you including me.


  95. avatar

    This falls under “earning money on the side”
    Weekend before last, I made two batches of cupcakes and brought them into work. One of ladies in the office who had one happens to own a small diner and declared the cupcakes good enough to sell. Today she asked if I had figured out my per unit/batch costs yet.
    So my next step is to get those numbers together. My profitable idea may have just found me.

  96. avatar

    Things I want to do:

    Reach my weight goal of 120 lbs or less
    Pay off debt
    Get a six-figure salary job
    Buy a home
    Travel first class to my favorite places in the world
    Have a side business and/or a few passive income streams

  97. avatar
    Randy Dowell

    I have been living debt free for many years now. The only payment I have is my house payment. CC all have a zero balance. cars paid off in 3 years or better. I have rental property and other side incomes. I am currently looking to start another business this one is much larger than anything i have tried in the past. (heres where i become the whiner). I feel I have completed most of my “homework” unlike your blog, I do know how and where i would spend the capital needed. I have the contracts to supply certain firms with product. I have the location that can be used to manufacture the product. what I dont have is the capital. even liquidating everything I own i am still short. and yes my credit score is decent not great but its over 700

  98. avatar
    Melissa W.

    I will follow a systemized method to get rid of $5,500 worth of credit card debt. I want to reach this goal in 12 months or less. I plan to reread your book, apply the principles and automate my monthly payments.

    Thanks for reminding me that paying off the debt won’t be easy; but it I follow the right plan and overcome a few, basic psychological barriers becoming debt-free is doable.

  99. avatar

    I’m going to start making money from a location independent source so I don’t have to return to another 8 to 5 office setting that was draining my soul.

  100. avatar

    My goal is landing a new job that gets me closer to my dream job. To get there, I will network with (at least) 2 people a month until the end of the year. I will also follow those contacts’ advice (which so far has been to: research certifications in my field, read certain books, join a certain professional/networking association in my field).

    It doesn’t really FEEL like this will actually work, but I know enough about Ramit’s methods to know that they are thoroughly tested and reliable – and that if I follow his suggestions, I will be miles ahead of where I otherwise would have been.

  101. avatar

    I will get a job in my profession before the end of the year. I will do this by reaching out to law firms in the area to develop personal contacts, attending monthly held legal events to expand on those contacts, and volunteering for experience via the state bar organization.

  102. avatar
    Faiyam Rahman

    I’d like to start a business, but am still unsure what to pursue. I am dry testing a few smalltime ideas like paleo frozen “yogurt”, but none of them give me any real satisfaction. I tell myself I should pursue something small time first, so i can learn the tools and trade of starting a business and then have something to show to people as a credential when I pursue something bigger. I have a few big ideas, but am afraid to pursue them without any experience since I’m fresh out of college.

  103. avatar
    Megan C.

    I’m going to land the first sponsor of my side project. Already got E1K, got my 3-man team on board, and we are meeting Friday to discuss prospects and who we know.

    “Who else signs up to get berated by their surrogate Asian father?” I do, damn it!

  104. avatar

    I will find a workout solution I can commit to, by testing different options and keeping track of what features succeed in getting me to the gym. I actually joined a second gym to try both for a while and test whether a closer location or weekend class options work better for me. I will also say yes every time my coworker invites me to do yoga with her at lunch in the office workout room.

  105. avatar

    Best blog ever. Just so you know.

    I’m using Earn1k (and RBT friends) to become a self-employed English tutor. I will message a friend tonight who is one, to chat online or set up a coffee date. I want to ask her about structuring sessions, common issues, identifying receptive students, and what grades I can tutor at my current level, to demolish some invisible scripts.

  106. avatar

    I’ll get that awesome girl who seems far more than I can get,

  107. avatar

    #1 goal for this year: Publish a novel.
    NEXT step I’ll take to make it happen: Stick to my writing schedule of every morning before work and MTT lunch breaks, and stay committed to having something interesting happen in the story during every writing session, to keep up momentum.

  108. avatar

    I will pay off my credit card debt. I have all my bills and payments automated already, but I will target my highest interest credit card and go aggressively after that one, in addition to calling the company on Wednesday (my day off) using iwty scripts from your book!

  109. avatar

    Greetings Brock,
    I read your comment and was curious about the website you mentioned regarding the PDFs available to study to expand or specialize your career.
    Would you mind sharing?

  110. avatar

    I want to pay off my credit card debt Ramit but, I have to admit to lacking some of that vision you write about.
    I have no income, I want to give you an idea about how I will pay off my debt but, do not know where to start at the moment.
    Your advise seems great and I guess I’m just wishing I knew how to apply some of it in my life.
    Please Help…

  111. avatar

    I will pay off my car loan by the end of April 2014 by putting a small amount extra and paying off the interest every month as well. I’ve already shortened the loan by 9 months by doing this.

  112. avatar


    Couple of great resources for the business side of photography:

    – Any of Alicia Caine’s Served Up Fresh products
    – Psychology for Photographers blog
    – I Heart Faces community forum

    Best of luck!

  113. avatar

    Create a more professional image of myself …. in person and online. There is nothing wrong with flip flops and ponytails but I need to be able to switch to a “WOW” / ” High Performer” mode at will.

  114. avatar

    #1 objective: writing a book
    What I am doing to make it happen: testing recipes, writing, editing, photographing, designing, reading books and listening to podcasts about kindle and ebook publishing, working to increase my list, developing a marketing and launch plan with the help of my mastermind group (joined a mastermind group), learning about ecommerce, including legal aspects of online businesses. So no,it’s not easy, but it’s the most exciting, intellectually stimulating thing I have done in years!

  115. avatar
    Kim Cassidy

    I want to earn more money from my writing: i.e publish via Kindle Direct Publishing and get some corporate clients. I have already joined the Society For Technical Writers and the National Association of Science Writers.In addition, I have taken on more abstract writing jobs and created an online portfolio of my science and technical writing.

    You see, my other goals are to pay off my credit card and lose those final 15 pounds. (I’ve already lost 60! and kept it off for 3 years.)

    Now, most people would say to only focus on ONE goal. But, I do not see these as mutually exclusive goals. Far from it. They are all connected. Increasing my income from writing will help me pay off my credit cards. AND, it will help with the weight loss too as I focus on health, diet, and weight loss in much of my research and writing. So, there is incentive not only to keep off what I have lost but also to lose the last 15 pounds.

    They all work together.

  116. avatar

    Become better at time management. Right now I waste a lot of time flipping through news papers and checking email. I plan to reduce that gradually and focus on quality work.

  117. avatar

    Reconnect with and set up additional calls with friends, former colleagues, and contacts they recommend regarding how they got their jobs, what their jobs are like, and other advice (for jobs in my field). Brainstorm contacts and ideas for further networking eg industry organizations and events. Explore linked in further.

  118. avatar

    Who else signs up to get berated by their surrogate Asian father?

    My Surrogate Asian father who is close to half my age. I must be even weirder than you are. LOL

    I am going to expand the income that I am making by making the online tutoring part of my business work.
    So far I have created a method of payment to make it easy for clients to pay me.
    I have advertised on Craigslist to find my current client base. I will tweak that ad to target people who want different hours and see what works.
    I will include my web base option on my new fliers that I distribute to the local school.
    I will ask my current clients if they know anyone who wants a tutor and offer an incentive for the referral.
    I have posted a question on the tutor connections part of LinkedIn and I am taking note of replies along with thanking them for replying and adding them to the people I am connected to.
    I have written to some of the people who I know do online tutoring and I will learn from what they have tried.
    I will contact home schoolers in the area and offer them my services to expand the number of hours that I work beyond the after school bunch.

    My goal is to reduce the number of hours that I have to work on the side so that I have income to pay my bills and to start paying myself out of the business.

  119. avatar

    I have paid off Half of our debts, never had a real credit card just debit so no debt there. I make about 200 a month on on the side with little work. I have written some classes to teach at our local College annex, getting ready to pitch them and negotiate my financial compensation 🙂 reading your emails and posts have kept me motivated and learning. I decided to stop dreaming of someday and start making it happen today.

  120. avatar

    Stop feeling guilty about taking time off by being a more efficient time manager.

    I’m already testing my high productivity times for work vs. personal projects and figuring out the best time to hit the gym. Since I work freelance, having lots of unstructured time can make it feel like I never get anything done. I’m setting up more co-working dates, looking for more clients (when I’m busier, more structure happens organically), and even going to apply to some full-time jobs to see what it’s like to be back an office after all these years. By figuring out realistic goals for each day/week/month, I’ll be able to hit my targets without feeling like I’m wasting time when it’s time to relax. Considering that I usually meet my deadlines, I’m working on figuring out why I feel inefficient. Once I get that scoped, I think things will feel better, leading to a better division of time on and time off.

  121. avatar
    Laura Leigh Clarke

    I’m going to find and turnaround my first company in the $0.5m – $2m turnover bracket. I’m also going to increase my mailing list to 10k by the end of this year.

    (Another!) Great email today Ramit.

  122. avatar

    I’m paying off my credit card debt and laying out my running clothes every night so I have zero excuses to put them on in the morning and get out the door for a run.

  123. avatar

    In the next 12 months, I’m going to earn £40,000 profit with my business! So I’m working on my psychological barriers this week and crafting the perfect email to pitch to clients tomorrow.

  124. avatar

    Goal: Start a small business on the side
    Action: email 5 potential clients a day (I already have a proven idea)

  125. avatar
    Ayla P.

    I want to start earning some money on the side with the art I love to create, and hopefully after earning some small income on the side I can start my own business doing this.

    I have currently enrolled myself in the Stan Winston School of Character Arts online, so I can watch their videos in my free time to get my sculpting, molding, casting, and painting skills up to a professional level. Also, I have set aside a least 1 hour a night at 1:00 am after I get home from my current job to practice on my current project. I have a timer set every night to go work on this (I am currently working on a wearable prop reproduction of Samus’s helmet from Metroid). I figure that enough people are fans of this game that, even though this was a personal project for fun and to hone my skills, I might also be able to sell some of the reproductions. Even though I set aside 1 hour a night, after I get started I tend to work on it longer.
    I have currently left my 1 – 2 days off of my current job a week to do whatever I want to. That way if I feel like working on my art, I am free to do so, but this way I’m not obligated to, so I don’t end up stressing myself out over getting it done on days I’ve put aside just to relax. I have noticed if I try to make myself feel like this, I just get stressed out over doing it on my relaxation days and then paradoxically I don’t even start it at all.

    So there’s my current game plan, along with a personal psychological barrier of my own that I’ve set up a system to work around.

  126. avatar

    improve my focus and time management at work by bucketing activities at specific times and sticking to it.

  127. avatar

    I want to do all of the above so I started a course to get a certification, ordered my first business cards and am keeping my old car to apply that $ to pay for CC

  128. avatar

    Want improve my social skills. I’ve been called a socially retarded idiot by someone whom I thought was my mentor, struggled with relationships/friendships, networking, finding jobs. Too much time on the internet/gaming has left me handicapped in the real social world.

  129. avatar
    Tim Lawrence

    I am going to put systems in place for time management and help save money. Specifically, I want to create time for exercise and want to pay off my student loans and credit card debt. I also want to be a equestrian photographer making money on the side as a freelancer. I’m accomplishing these goals by listening to your audiobook, as well as others during my daily commute and am following the steps to automate my finances. I’m also reading your blog and watching your videos in order to better understand marketing and psychology; next steps include putting together proposal emails; getting more subjects in front of my camera for practice, and gaining a following on my blog.

  130. avatar

    I am going to set goals and schedule my time so I will actually accomplish my goals.

  131. avatar

    I am going to get better at building and maintaining my network. I’ve got a list right here of people to contact (nicely entered into Highrise by my coordinator), I’ve got Ramit’s “50 Proven Email Scripts” to crib from, and I’m on it. Hoping to become faster and more natural at this with practice.

  132. avatar
    Kate S.

    Make my squirrel game. Sounds silly but I’ve been talking about creating a game for years and that has become the example in my family of being a “sayer not a doer” so I’m doing it. Next step: Find the rules I wrote a while back and make something presentable enough to play test with friends.

  133. avatar

    I want to start getting some income on the side, to supplement my (occasional) work as a temp hire. To do this I will start on the E1K course, tonight. Yeah, the one I paid for a couple years ago and haven’t touched since.

  134. avatar

    I just joined my first startup and I am going to work like a dog to make it a success. I am so excited to be back at work doing something I believe in and also starting a business that may make financial life better for everyone! Thankful for the opportunity

  135. avatar

    Join the top 10% of businesses in my county

  136. avatar

    Start a business on the side

  137. avatar

    My goal is launch my ebusiness website,. develop patterns and processes to launch our Werewolf Howl business (animal blankets). I have already registered our domain name and developed 2 patterns. I need to develop 1 more pattern and learn word press (or hire someone to build my website).

  138. avatar
    Stacey Wilson

    I want to start earning money on the side. My son is starting Kindergarten, my daughter will be going to nursery school for a few hours 3x/week. I want to start the foundation now for a work-from-home business that will bring in an nice income by the time my daughter goes to school (3 years). I plan on finding my income-generating idea once school starts (hey, there is a LOT of stuff that needs to get done in the next few weeks, and my current job is Mom), and taking it from there.

  139. avatar

    I’m going to travel more by developing business out side my location.

  140. avatar

    I have been dissecting my inner scripts and plan to set up a system to work around them. I plan to contact two organizations this week regarding the feasibility of a part-time business with the people these organizations deal with. I plan to look into more ideas to generate different forms of income. I plan to reread the e-mails from you to gain more knowledge. I thank you for these e-mails as I have learned a great deal.

  141. avatar

    I want to start earning money on the side. I am already helping creative entrepreneurs for free : this way, I get experience, feed back and i can test my ideas. When i have gotten results with 12 people (i’m half way through), i’ll offer my services on my blog.

  142. avatar

    I want to find a job that I enjoy and that allows me to do the great work I know I can do. I’ve already identified the type of work that I want to do, and what an ad for my dream job might look like. Now, in addition to keeping up with the job boards most closely tied to the work I want to do, I’m also identifying specific companies/organizations that I would like to work for. My next step is to identify the top 10 organizations in the area that I would like to work for and what sort of work I would like to/could do for them.

  143. avatar

    I want to make money on the side, I have quite a bit off flexibilit in working hours at my job so I am going to research business ideas using your techniques

  144. avatar

    I got a raise a few weeks and my car is paid off as of last week. In addition to saving for a wedding and honeymoon for October, I am paying down extra money on the highest APR. I also recently switched banks from Chase to Ally and Capital One. I found Ally to have many more useful features. It’s very exciting.

  145. avatar

    Wow Ramit, I asked for more free content and you came back with this!

    Okay, of the 5 major goals I am working on, this week I am going to take small steps on all of them. I’m going to lose another pound, send the first email to the company that I want to be my publisher, get a time commitment from the friend who is going to help me paint my car, make another substantial Visa payment, and Oh wait the 5th thing is completed already. Smiling.

    My one major goal for this year is to get a book contract. So this week I am going to get that email out with the content I’ve been planning and working on.

    Going now to make that Visa payment.

  146. avatar

    I would like to find a new job. One that is closer to home and that will pay me more. I just updated my resume earlier today and I plan to publish it on various job sites tonight when I get home.

    I also want to start earning extra money on the side by starting my own small business in photography. My plan is to spend two hours this weekend working on getting my site up and running.

  147. avatar
    kathy j


    My #1 priority this year is to write a best-selling book on how to:

    -Connect your head and your heart to manage the fear and stress that can come with change
    -Be less of a douchebag to yourself
    -Shift from seeking external to internal power

    …using traditional medicine, intuition and modern project management…demystifying the woo, if you will.

    All of the perfect helpers are in my professional personal network…the answers are RIGHT THERE in front of me. It’s a matter of saying yes and kicking my #1 psychological barrier: fear of success to the curb. <—seriously, of all the neuroses, fear of success!? wtf! I would have traded that for like fear of sharks or something…anyway…

    Practically… the next step is finishing the book proposal and hiring my colleague who's been in the business for 30 years to critique and polish it. That will be done be the end of August 2013. Boom!

    Thanks for the inspiration and kick in the ass. (And yes, it's weird to sign up to get berated by a surrogate Asian father.) Rock on!

  148. avatar
    Jennifer Rodriguez

    I am going to start a women’s clothing line with my sister.

  149. avatar

    I am going to lose 30lbs by juicing fresh veggies daily, walking at least 10 miles per week, and getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep nightly.

  150. avatar

    I want to start writing, so tonight I’m going to set up a blog, just to practice and get some ideas down.

  151. avatar

    My #1 goal for this year is to develop my skills in data visualisation and explore it as a potential career change. My next step is to email a Director in my organisation from the Analytics department and see if they’re available for an informational interview.

  152. avatar

    I want get a job I love doing. My next step is to find out what opportunities there are in green tech by setting up informational interviews with experts in my area (or elsewhere).

  153. avatar

    I want to improve my time management. Well sort of. What I really want to do is sort some psychological issues holding me back so my time management strategies are more effective.

  154. avatar

    I’m going to improve my time management so I can reclaim 2 hours a week to:
    1. read more technical papers, and write summaries to share with coworkers/friends, and
    2. use deliberate practice to build my technical skills so I have better “muscle memory” for the common tasks I need to do.

  155. avatar

    I have recently read your book and have implemented it as of July 1st, so this has been my first full month.

    Two weeks ago I also subscribed to your Earn $1k program and am working on setting up side income. My goal for the next 12 months is to establish a side business that will net me at least $3k per month after taxes.

  156. avatar
    Rachel Fin

    I’m going to double my side business to $100k so I can quit my day job and focus on my business

  157. avatar

    In the past year I’ve naged to do a lot:
    With the help of your site, i got a new job at $10K more a year, and with the help of your book i am now completely debt-free! I’m buying myself a retirement account for m birthday (once I’ve saved up enough to start).
    In the coming year I want to set up new revenue streams. I’ve been afraid of doing this for crazy reasons – thinking i’d lose focus and then lose my job, or become a crazy Etsy lady (the ones with a bunch of pets who buy tons of ugly fabric and call themselves seamstresses).
    But I can do this. i have good skills, and i want more money on the side. And you’re right, i don’t have to worry that i’ll owe more taxes, because i’ll still be earning more period than i would have otherwise. It feels illy to say i’ve worried so long, but at least i can stop!

  158. avatar
    Dennis Raymond

    I have tried to operate 2 different businesses in the past 7 years, both of which failed within a year. One broke even from what was spent. The other was just lost investment.
    Now I would like to work on refining my management skills as a warehouse manager, and learn better time management.
    I always feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything, that everyone else expects of me. Hopefully I can solve this major issue.

  159. avatar

    As a new entrepreneur (May 2013) I am just finishing my first project and now focused on finishing the website and getting the next project in the door (testing for best results). I am also testing 3 other revenue sources (little tests Ramit!) to see what has legs. My goal is to continue building my client base and diversify my revenue streams. It IS hard, scary sometimes, but primarily exhilarating to be jumping into the deep end like this. Thanks for all your inspiring posts, and that of your readers.

  160. avatar

    Debt. I have some freelance hours in and when I finish the project on Thursday, and when I get paid I will first set aside the taxes, then pay off 2 cards. Can’t wait. That will leave just one more card to pay off.

  161. avatar

    My goal is to make some money on the side as a trainer. The NEXT step I’m going to take is talking to 5 of my friends about what their career pain points are and figure out if I can train them to overcome those areas. (Maybe they don’t want to be trained and they just want someone to take care of it. Another income opportunity.)

  162. avatar

    Move from subcontracting as an independent consultant, to having my own direct clients locally, and identify a way to generate an ongoing minimum income stream so I don’t panic when I am between projects.

  163. avatar

    Hey Ramit, although I want to start a business online for side-income what is keeping me is that most of the time I am not prepared for the risks and issues. After all it is an international thing and much of my knowledge and education is pretty limited to the time I do and the place I belong to. In this case I’m from the Philippines and I don’t know if I can keep up, succeed or even manage my time well completely.

    Your thoughts?

  164. avatar

    I love this post. No one wants to hear the hard truth, but reading this made me want to slap myself in the face! I can’t believe I’ve been letting my self slide in this way and it took reading this post to really accept it.

    I love my job, the people I work with, and the company I work for. My goal is to take my position to the next level by increasing my personal client base and doubling my sales within the next 6 months.

  165. avatar

    I am going to book twelve clients for the 2014 wedding season and not use my ‘lack of time’ as a reason I’m not getting my name out there.

  166. avatar
    Angela Parker

    I will increase networking and spend time improving my resume.

  167. avatar

    Sincerely I want a job, I am a recent college graduate, but I haven’t found one yet, but as your post tells, Do I had worked hard enough to get it? Have I taken the time to think trough and make a working plan to get it? Or all I had done is to whine, get frustrated and done other things besides that!? And had try to find work in whatever I could, even in what I study for, but lack of experience or proof of what had done/know or lack inspiration or what not had Kemp me from doing in it!? Perhaps these and more had been my own barriers, but I know that I’m not alone and I am not the only one, and with the help of people like you, Ramit, perhaps I can get that job and be successful in the goals I want. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! 🙂

  168. avatar
    K Taylor

    I am meeting innovators in the field of Exit Planning to learn how to educate owners of closely-held businesses about their options so they can feel secure about the sale/transfer/MBO plan for their company.

    My next goal is to follow up with all attendees and speakers I met at the specialized course I attended last week.

  169. avatar

    I want to be better at my freelancing career. I need to work on finding ideal clients that help me grow intellectually, socially and artistically. I want to work on more impressionable work that inspires others.

  170. avatar
    Kristel Taguiam

    I want to help my parents buy a house, they had nothing and worked hard their whole lives to stay in America. I’m going to finish school, travel, and live the life they’ve always dreamed for me.

  171. avatar
    Keikosuda Elizabeth

    I’m an actor in Los Angeles. My goal this year is to up level from costars to guest stars and book my first guest star on a television drama.

  172. avatar

    Wanted to start something after reading Millionaire Next Door it stated that entrepreneurs or rich look differently at risk. The rich are willing to take risks and consumers won’t they just consume. After reading this book I took my first step after 10 years of reading and working for someone else to do SOMETHING. I started an e book educating about the products I sell, I will have it done by August 15th and on Amazon by 1 Sept. I have no audience but that’s not the purpose I need to see something through and this is my first step!

  173. avatar

    I’m very close to being hired at my current Dream Job. It seems like the only remaining step is completing formalities. My next step is to adjust my time management from a focus on prepping for a Dream Job to starting a side business. I have already purchased Earn1k, but was waiting to sort out finding a legit Dream Job to really focus on it. I had already started a $3000 side business based on Ramit’s free Earn1k content. Once I have my new schedule in place, I’m planning on setting up specific times to work on starting another E1k business that fits my lifestyle a little better. Thanks Ramit!!!

  174. avatar

    Hey Ramit,

    I am committed to finding a way to get well and stay well. Also, to choosing an industry to work in as soon as I am well full-time and work on my business part time now.

  175. avatar

    I am tired of sucking at interviews for my dream jobs in a good organisation.

  176. avatar

    I am tired of sucking at interviews for my dream jobs in a good organisation.

  177. avatar
    Donna Ashenberg

    My new website, which launched TODAY will reach thousands of people, teach people to meditate, help people to sleep better, promote spiritual transformation and help people have peace and deeply connect to Divine Love. And I will make enough money to live on and donate a huge chunk to charity in the process.

  178. avatar

    I want to gain 16 new clients, so I’m going to set up a referral system with a well connected associate.

  179. avatar


    I have been a reader of your blog for a while now and have benefited in many ways from the material. I have also read your book. As a long time reader, I am all too familiar with the tone of your writing – sometimes I find it funny, sometimes not. Since it does not get in the way of the message, I do not give it much thought.

    Today’s blog, however, contains a line that is blatantly sexist:
    ‘Like a 14-year-old girl, I thought to myself, “he just doesn’t understand me.”’

    You probably meant it to be funny and self-disparaging. As a high performing woman professional, I have often seen sexism parading as humor. A lot of the time men are not even aware how very sexist their “jokes” are. Having read your material I know you are aware that the slightest tweaking of words can change perceptions and drive action. Women battle these apparently mild statements and their effects at workplace everyday. In fact women are often put down as being “too sensitive”.

    I could keep quiet about it or go find value somewhere else. But going away is not the solution – especially when this blog influences the mindset for thousands of young men and women, implicitly providing examples for what men can get away with and what women must “take in their stride” if they want to be part of the community.

    Sexism is hard to fight because it is so endemic – here is the case in point – you are a person well versed in psychology and have some very smart and high achieving women friends (eg. Marie Forleo). Here’s hoping this blog will evolve to be as intolerant of sexism as it is of whining.

  180. avatar

    Would love to save another 1 hour a day. Already squeeze in four as a mom and a full-time employee.

  181. avatar

    I want to work for myself. I have an idea that I really believe in, and I’m in Earn1k.. still breaking down barriers (‘I don’t have the time’, ‘what if I fail?’) but yes, the thing that would make me happiest is working for myself… which also means making more $ than I’m making now as well.

  182. avatar

    I want to earn money on the side and I have not a clue what I want to do to earn, what I can do to earn it. Nothing seems plausible–that is an obvious psychological barrier. I’m going to invest some time in journaling to do some interior housekeeping on this, and looking at Ramit’s information on Earning 1K.

  183. avatar

    I want to earn money on the side and I have not a clue what I want to do to earn, what I can do to earn it. Nothing seems plausible–that is an obvious psychological barrier. I’m going to invest some time in journaling to do some interior housekeeping on this, and looking at Ramit’s information on Earning 1K.

  184. avatar

    I want to earn money on the side and I have not a clue what I want to do to earn, what I can do to earn it. Nothing seems plausible–that is an obvious psychological barrier. I’m going to invest some time in journaling to do some interior housekeeping on this, and looking at Ramit’s information on Earning 1K.

  185. avatar

    I will launch my side business. Ive had the first product we built sitting on my desk for weeks. It just needs a few hours of work and it will be ready to sell. I will stop putting that off so we can start building more products.

  186. avatar

    I love that you asked what our #1 goal is for THIS year, even though there are only 6 months left. With less time to accomplish it, we might actually make some real progress toward it.

    My #1 Goal: Write book #2.
    Immediate Action Step: Write at least 500 words tonight before going to bed.

    And this part of your article is a conversation I have about once a month:

    // I know dozens of people who claimed they wanted to go to elite universities like Harvard or Stanford, but when the time came, they didn’t apply, saying, “I could never get in.” Guess what? They’re right. And because they didn’t even apply, they didn’t deserve to get in. //

    It’s crazy how many of my admissions consulting clients I have to BEG to apply to Harvard. People are very quick to say no to themselves without an outside party even having to do it. This year, HBS’s application has just one essay, so I think it will be a lot easier to convince clients and acquaintances to apply–or the change will simply make it a lot more apparent just how many people make excuses for not even trying to go after something they say they want. We shall see…

  187. avatar

    Short term- become a better speaker. Attend toastmasters Wednesdays, starting this week.
    Long term – extra income via food photography. Build portfolio by one item per week. Build brand on social. Make use of contacts and current position.
    Long term – brainstorm on passive income sources. Edited list of viable options by eod third Sunday in August.

  188. avatar

    This week I am completing one new painting. I will also complete my elance profile and come up with more focused ideas for work on the side. I have plenty of time after work to do these things.

  189. avatar


  190. avatar

    I have been learning to code using self-taught courses so that I can bring my web/mobile app business idea to life.

  191. avatar

    I am going to start earning money on the side by keeping a consistent job so that I can aid in funding my side business.

  192. avatar

    My #1 goal for this year is to be fitter, eat healthier and tone up. I want to lose 5-10 pounds and consistently work out 3-4 times per week

  193. avatar

    At first I was stuck between get a better job and pay off credit card debt. Then’ I waltzed getting a better, higher paying job, world solve debt problem as well. I want a job in Denver doing what I do now but making more as I know I am under paid. I know no one I’d Denver who does this so networking will be challenging but not impossible. I will stay by contacting the few connections I have and then try and spring off others via linked in. Next I will apply to job postings online, I know networking is better but people do find work this way. When I get an interview, because I know I will, I will apply what Ramit has taught me about competence triggers and profit. 🙂

  194. avatar

    For me, the phrase, “I am going to…” doesn’t work. It puts the action in the future and plays on my strong ability to procrastinate. I need to put the phrase in the present tense with action. “I am eating more kale.” ( I hate kale.) I realize what I’m saying seems little slippery-slopey into affirmationland, but it works for me.

    Thank You.


  195. avatar

    For me, the phrase, “I am going to…” doesn’t work. It puts the action in the future and plays on my strong ability to procrastinate. I need to put the phrase in the present tense with action. “I am eating more kale.” ( I hate kale.) I realize what I’m saying seems little slippery-slopey into affirmationland, but it works for me.

    Thank You.


  196. avatar
    Kimberly Duecker

    Since finishing my degree I am looking for a position as a business analyst or project manager. I also have a desire to start my own consulting company on the side and a website business as well.

  197. avatar
    Divine Steps

    #1 Goal this year: Give back

  198. avatar

    Stop waisting time on Etsy (ahh those tempting pictures) and redesign and launch my second business. I will also sign up to a photography course, to completely revamp my organic textile business. Once I have an idea I’ll commit to try it out first, before jumping on next one (I tried hand rolling a hem yesterday, which will take weeks and weeks to learn the skill!). Perseverance!

  199. avatar

    My #1 goal for the rest of this year is to earn $500 in one month with my websites.

    1st step to accomplish that? Get the hell off Ramit’s blog and go write some more content of my own.

  200. avatar

    Big Goal: Earn money on the side as an indie writer/illustrator.
    Action Step One: Finish draft by next Mon.
    Also, more market research: who reads in this genre and why they purchase. Same about my art style – and who would purchase artwork or books, not just look at only freebies. What kind of value does these have that I can bring? I’m figuring that out tonight.

    Worst case scenario: if my first goal doesn’t pan out, I’d still be able to find out what people would actually pay for – and cater to that.

  201. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    You remind me a character of Mr. Ahok Kumar in the hindi movie named
    Chhoti Si Baat starring Amol Palekar, Ashok Kumar, Asranee.
    Ashok kumar palyed a role as The Colonel helps Arun (Amol) gain confidence not only in love but also at work and in other matters.

    I don’t know if you have watched this movie or not. But I suggest others to watch it.
    After seeing this movie I always thought, if in real life, I could find a real Colonel to help me and people to learn how to handle life in easy way.
    After seeing few of your youtube videos, I feel like you are a real world Colonel.
    Not sure yet, but will find out 😉

    Your posts are inspiring.
    Now about my weaknesses I want to get rid of:
    By the time passes, I am feeling more and more conservative to myself. Restricted myself by not mixing with other people specially colleagues and in the office.
    While Socially mixing with new people I am finding it more difficult now a days.
    Specially, I feel that I am always out of topics, conversations, talks to initiate with another person.
    I don’t know how to continue the talk even after saying just hello/ or a greetings. I used to be humorous and easy going in my past.. but don’t know what happened to me 🙁

    Apart from this I want to do a business on my own to be rich enough to afford a basic wealthy life.

    Waiting for your suggestions..

  202. avatar
    Pernille Noerregaard

    I want to built my online business, so I’ve booked every Monday for the next 4 months to do list building activities like guest blogging and setting up new partnerships.

  203. avatar

    I am a single mother, a writer, and an artist. For years I have worked as a teacher. Now because of budget cuts teaching jobs are nonexistent and I am currently unemployed. I am viewing this setback as a gift. I want to create an abundant life that allows me to earn money to support my children through my design skills and writing and allows me more time to devote to my kids.

  204. avatar

    Need to revise this a bit–

    I am a single mother, a writer, and an artist. For years I have worked as a teacher. Now because of budget cuts teaching jobs are nonexistent and I am currently unemployed. I am viewing this setback as a gift. I am going to create an abundant life that allows me to earn money to support my children through my design skills and writing and allows me more time to devote to my kids.

  205. avatar

    That’s funny because I checked out the shoelace site and I also just learned the Ian knot 🙂

  206. avatar

    I’m going to make more money at my second job of teaching yoga by adding another class to my schedule and by working harder at getting to know my yoga students. This will help me in the long run because it is something I will be able to continue to do as I get older.

  207. avatar

    I want to improve my time management skill so I can practice writing, drawing, and make time to learn other skills as I work toward my goals.
    I’m going to research different time management techniques and implement what works for me.

  208. avatar

    Well that was a virtual smack down if I ever did have one!

    I want to take my time management skills to the next level!
    I also want to make an extra 1k on the side! So keep working on getting my ecourse done and ready!

  209. avatar

    My #1 goal: Train for the next 9 months for the CrossFit 2014 Open competition (Women’s Masters 60+). Today’s steps toward that goal are to do the exercises in my personal training plan, participate in the group WOD, and order the kind of jump rope used at this year’s CrossFit Games–so I will have been practicing with competition equipment in case meeting my “process” goal results in the additional outcome of qualifying in the Open for the 2014 Games.

    I love you, Ramit!

  210. avatar

    This year I am getting my dream job. It’s in the creative field. I have been busting my but for that last 2 years to sharpen my skills. I paid off my debt, optimized my salary at my current job and automated my savings, so that I have the confidence –and the cushion to take risks. Sometimes I am just vibrating with energy and smiling because I know that I am very close to my dreams!

  211. avatar

    I’m going to pay off all of my credit card debt by March 2014. I’ve created an excel spreadsheet with all of my credit cards & how much I owe & have decided how much to pay on each card per month. The card with the highest interest rate (which also has the highest balance) will receive the highest payment each month. Once a card is paid off, the money that would have been spent on it will go towards another card. I will automate these payments so I stay on course with my goal. I still need to come up with some sort of reward system once a card is paid off. Any suggestions?

  212. avatar

    Goal#1: Develop my skills and get certified at work (I just switched industries and have been saying i would study up and get up to speed faster but I haven’t been making the time)
    Action#1: Set aside 3 hours this weekend to go through 2 chapters in the textbook i got

    Goal#2: Fully integrate regular physical activity into my routine (like I’ve been saying i want to for months)
    Action #2: book 3 tennis matches in the next 2 weeks

    Action#3: will reach out to potential accountability partners to help me stay on top of these goals.

  213. avatar
    Jin Curry

    What I want to do is start a side business that is free information based, and that then has higher levels of product/consulting, which is where I intend to actually make the profit.

    This entails making a recipe/meal planning website based around the concept of freezer cooking. This would save my busy clients time and money, while lowering stress and allowing them to live life more spontaneously.
    All of the recipes would be well-organized and free, but once I have my clients enjoying that, I could offer them personalized meal-planning/consulting that meets their specific needs/tastes, and for local customers, hands on food prep.

    THE REASON I explain this is because my business model involves a lot of upfront work and a time period before I will ever see a cent of profit. The main barrier for doing this so far is my physical/mental health. It’s really painful and difficult to work through depressive episodes, and I can’t offer consistency until I handle this. It would be lovely to see examples of successful entrepreneurs who have dealt with similar situations, but I don’t know how to find them. Googling didn’t really find what I wanted…

    Either way, I will make my steps today to move forward somewhat. First, I will exercise 30 minutes today, mostly walking, to try and improve my physical health. Then, I will research other businesses similar to what I’m attempting and see what works and what doesn’t. Just one day at a time, I suppose.

  214. avatar

    I am going to start my writing and editing business within the next 3 months and begin earning money on the side. I’ve already developed my website copy and received leads from business partners. Eventually with this extra income I will pay off all debt, build an emergency fund and get serious about saving.

  215. avatar

    I want to be able to run my photography business full time and earn a decent living at it, from there I would like to build a course and help mentor other photographers to achieve greater success in their businesses. While I do this I want to build up assets that passively work for me and provide me with stability for the times that are tough in my business.

  216. avatar

    I am going to open my Etsy shop. I have 3 products already made and ready to ship, and have registered for my EIN. My next step is to open my business checking account and open shop!

  217. avatar

    I have been actively working on the transition out of my current job and on to the next opportunity. I actually had a pretty good run for 11 years right out of school. I loved my job so much that when I was on vacation I would start to wish I was back home so I could go to work! However, over the last year the passion has slowly slipped away and I am ready for a new endeavor.

    I have been searching since January for the right fit and I have made some progress. I know whatever I do will not have the same earning power–at least not right away. But I equate it to taking a step down to a lower plane that has a steeper slope, it may be hard in the beginning but it will be much better longer term.

    The biggest issue I have is mentally preparing myself for the change. I am almost there but it is a big hurdle. Thanks for the chance to publicly–albeit anonymously 🙂 –put this out there

    So to answer the question…Number one goal is to find my next business/investment opportunity. I am actively searching, networking with relevant professionals, and studying different markets. Its a pretty detailed process but I won’t get into all that here, this reply is long enough!

  218. avatar

    This was just the virtual smack down that I needed! My #1 goal for this year is to improve my time management. The next step that I’m going to take is to write down my entire schedule on Google Calendar and set up SMS reminders/alerts for an hour before my event(s) and 10 minutes before my event(s). I will set up a schedule for: waking up early (5 am on Mondays and Wednesdays, 6 am otherwise), writing down my class schedule, writing down time blocks to study for my summer class, exercise and meditation, and a time for extracurricular activities (including time with friends).

  219. avatar

    You already use English better and more easily than a lot of people who had the advantage of being born in America.

    This raises a point: another thing successful people do that failures do not. If you look at a disadvantage as the reason you fail, then you aren’t going to succeed. If you look at a disadvantage as an opportunity to learn a new skill, and then put in a lot of hard work to learn it – then you are succeeding already. The habit of work you develop there can apply to anything else that you need to learn or do.

  220. avatar

    Start a web based business on the side to generate extra income. My first step is to think of a name and best structure for the company.

  221. avatar


    I really enjoyed your book and now your blog.

    I love the TED talks – their ability to inspire and foster creative thinking is incredible. My long-term goal is to attend a TED conference. I have two steps I will complete over the next year:

    1. Apply to attend TEDActive for 2014. I expect my application to be rejected, but this will let me understand the process better so that I can submit a stronger application year after year if necessary.

    2. Find a connection to a past TED speaker. So many of them have inspired me. I would love to find that I know someone, who knows someone, who knows one of them. It is my goal to figure out that connection.

    I do have to disagree with you on one point though. I think the fact that the losers were eating Chipotle means they have one things going for them… good food 😀

  222. avatar

    My goal is to improve my health, especially to have more energy. My next specific step is to fire up the exercise program DVD I had good luck with in the past and see how I feel after working through it. If improved, I will commit to myself to using the program once a week to start, and increasing as I feel stronger and better.

    Baby steps, but that’s where I have to start.

  223. avatar

    Since the first step to pretty much everything I want in life revolves around being a master of influence, I want to learn how to become an elite salesperson and do so in a manner that I feel comfortable with. I consider myself to be a strong salesperson currently, however, most of how this is done is through using outdated sales techniques that anyone who has ever sat through a pitch can see right through. I am committed to becoming an EXCEPTIONAL sales person, that is a master of creating an environment conducive to my prospects buying, and not me forcing my product down their throat through a series of trial closes.

  224. avatar
    Barry Kearns

    I want to finish writing the book I’m working on, publish it, and have at least two complete strangers buy copies, and like it enough to tell friends and/or post a positive review.

    I’ll work upward from there.

  225. avatar

    My goal is to secure a better job with more responsibility. To achieve this I am going to complete Dream Job which I started earlier this year and reach out to 3 more Tier companies this week.

  226. avatar

    This post resonated very much with me. It’s like you took all these conversations/thoughts/ideas from my head and responded to them! Talk about the NSA listening in! 🙂 I do often think like this. And then need to whack myself for being delusional. It’s a daily whack too. A habit of thinking delusional requires daily awareness. Hearing these voiced aloud really makes it apparent how untrue these thoughts/realities are. Thanks so much!

  227. avatar

    I want to expand my network by making 4 strong new connections and add three high quality clients to my project roster.

  228. avatar

    I want to earn money helping 3 young freelancers of my area find great paying clients in their domain by first offrering them high quality infographics. So as next step I want to finish 3 awesome business card proposal I’ve starded to design and then reach them for a great presentation.

    You’re really weirdo enough to make me do some crazy meaningful work. Many thanks, Ramit.

  229. avatar

    I’m going to run my first half marathon in December. I’ve been running for years but never thought of actually going about this distance. But following your weekly e-mails and reading your blog was very inspiring what made me set that goal for this year.

  230. avatar

    I would like to generate $1000 in passive income each month.

  231. avatar

    I am going to improve my time management. Use 30 minutes a day, that was spent watching television, for exercise and developing business

  232. avatar

    I am going to figure out the freelancing thing once and for all and develop my graphic design career. I will fix my crummy website and porfolio, refine a presentation (elevator pitch, especially), and start actually approaching possible clients and contacts. Social anxiety is my biggest enemy in this and my goal is to gain control of the passive barrier it presents.

  233. avatar

    I want to transition to a job in user experience research. I have a coffee meeting set for Friday afternoon, and I plan to schedule at least one for next week as well.

  234. avatar
    Pete Nielson

    I am researching how to expand a photography business into a gallery and studio for public use. A rental digital and analog studio dedicated to teaching and developing photographic and digital skills that are not available in the surrounding areas. Please help me structure a to do list to move forward with locating the contacts and funding to start up.

  235. avatar

    My goal is time management – the first goal is to cut down on watching the television, especially shows that don’t interest me. I will sit on the couch with my husband and tell myself that we are spending time together by watching a show that I don’t care about, but that needs to go. I would also like to spend actual quality time with my husband, so goal number 2 is just that.

  236. avatar

    Kicking that fear of success to the curb is easier said than done, so don’t give up, even if it keeps re-appearing.

    I’ve found it useful to delve into where that fear comes from – for me, lots of grade-school experiences of being hated/targeted for doing well in school and making others look bad. Knowing where it comes from, and seeing that it’s not valid in my current situation, has been helpful.

    Good luck!

  237. avatar

    starting out is hard, following through is even harder. but once you have done it, it becomes easier each additional time. So start out and follow through, you will receive great benefits!


  238. avatar

    Looks like an interesting book idea.
    I’d love to know when it’s done, (my email’s on my website) and could be one of the first strangers to buy it. 😉

  239. avatar
    Sukhneet Singh

    I’m going to earn $5k total by the end of the year.

    The most I’ve ever had at one time was $2k, and I never invested any of it.

    Now, I’ve got a little over $1k in investments, plus $300 saved up. It’s slow going, but it’s great having a smaller goal that I know is within my reach (provided I hustle, since it’s supposed to be hard).

    Thanks again Ramit for continuing to add so much value.

  240. avatar

    It’s not about Chipotle.

  241. avatar

    My husband just scored a fat raise. To make sure we’re doing smarter things with it, I have an appointment for an hour’s worth of a CPA’s time later this month to make sure our tax planning makes the most sense for our situation.

    We’re also increasing his disability insurance and opening a HSA.

  242. avatar

    I’m going to research the hell out of a company that I’m interested in working at, and follow up with the man there who noticed me doing my current job.
    I will also make a list of other interesting companies networked with my current one and find a way to meet someone at those.

  243. avatar
    Pia Shome

    I want to get a better job and start a passive income source as well

  244. avatar

    I want to obtaint a new job, earn income on the side to be able to pay off credit card debt and create saving

  245. avatar
    amy zimmer

    I want to be an amazing teacher first, because that is my commitment for the next 10 months.

    On the side, I want to define my purpose and make the transition, whether it be teaching outside of high school (like middle school) or changing subjects (from Math to ELA) or something completely different.

    I will start with planning an awesome first week, writing an ignite talk to give my first day of school, and then making contacts with the other schools in my district to see if I can feel more at home.

  246. avatar
    Sabrina Calnan

    Great post. So true, and I love the call to action.

    My Goal is to switch out of my current career by the end of Feb 2014. I will dedicate at lease 20 hours a week to projects related to making that change -freelance work (getting appraiser’s license) and professional branding through the web to attact real estate investment capital and to build a successful self improvement website.

  247. avatar

    I’m going to write more. Next step: get on the exercise bike and dictate a new article (keeping active wouldn’t kill me either).

    Some of the most successful people I’ve heard of started out in very tough circumstances. I don’t necessarily want what they had (not the circumstances nor the fabulous success), but it goes to show that hard work can pay off.

  248. avatar

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  249. avatar

    Who else signs up to get berated by their surrogate Asian father?

    *points to self*

    This girl!

  250. avatar

    This year I’m going to earn more money on the side. I have joined and am studying your ‘Earn 1k’ course.

  251. avatar

    I want to take the Navy’s language test for French, so I’m tutoring a 10 yr old to keep me on track and hold my studying accountable.

  252. avatar

    My #1 goal this year: increase month over month visits and subcribers at Step 1: List out my next ten topics to write about on “Series: Falling in Love” Sunday video/blog posts.

  253. avatar

    My #1 goal is to make extra money on the side. My next step (I’ve already been working on this, so I have some steps out of the way already), is to actually meet with a potential client. This weekend, I’m going to send out an email to introduce myself and ask for a brief meeting.

  254. avatar
    David Hunter

    Rock on, Arek!

  255. avatar
    Esteban Martinez

    I want to start a side business to help me pay my art studies. I will set 3 hours of this Sunday to prepare at least one potential idea which I will test during next week, looking for at least the first paying client.

  256. avatar
    Shannon Lagasse

    Well, I read the “Craigslist Penis Effect” and it’s a damn shame comments aren’t still open on that masterpiece. I was laughing so hard at the metaphors, but really got what you’re saying. Putting in even a little bit of effort can have great returns in the society that we live in today (such as showing up early – so few people even show up on time where I work that showing up early is like “WOW.”)

    And I get the hard bit. I’ve tended to be an all-or-nothing person, working REALLY hard and then deciding that I couldn’t do it anymore. Now, I’m committed to taking action every day, even if it’s just one thing, that can help me to get closer to my goals.

    I keep track of when money is coming in, when money is due for bills, and have a time once a week where I sit down and go over what I’ve spent, etc. I use T. Harv Eker’s idea of the “jars” for splitting up my money (necessities, fun, long-term savings for spending, financial freedom fund, for giving, etc.) It took a little while to get used to, but now I can’t imagine doing it another way!

    Same with healthy eating: When I look at how I eat now compared to years ago, I can hardly believe it. Now, I eat appropriate portion sizes, eat what I want, and generally eat fruits, greens, beans, and vegetables. By making one change at a time (vegetarian, then vegan. Adding in raw foods. Making greens the base of every lunch and dinner. Phasing out certain foods.), I’ve found it much more manageable to eat the way that I do now.

    Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration to keep moving forward!

  257. avatar
    Barbara Schuyler

    Start a new business in real estate.
    In school now with exam scheduled for 12Aug.
    Excited & highly motivated!!!

  258. avatar
    Kidung Ajisurya

    I’m going to be confident talking to people, business people. I have now the mentality of asking question to the advance people. I am going to develop my skill more,

  259. avatar
    D. Hake Brinckerhoff

    I’m going to get my wed site up so I can stop relying on galleries to sell my work. I’m going to do the boring tedious work to do it right the first, second, third, or forth time, and make it look awesome with the help of my wed designer friend.

  260. avatar
    Nate Anglin

    Well said my friend, “And to be blunt, if you can’t figure out how, you don’t deserve to play at those levels.”

    Why we think we can be spoon fed to get by is beyond me. Have you heard this? If I just won the lottery I could retire and live the life I want too. Bullshit. We know that if you won the lottery you wouldn’t know what to do with the money, blow it and be no better off than you are now.

    Life is a practical series of life lessons. Being able to put in the blood, sweat and tears allows you to grow as a human. Always taking the easy route is a total shame and should be banned from existence.

  261. avatar
    Ryan Riehl

    My number #1 goal right now is to to learn how to acquire new skills for either freelancing or helping me get my dream job. I just finished reading Josh Kaufman’s new book The First 20 Hours. I’ll be using that framework. I’m considering copywriting, Ruby programming, or maybe something fun like guitar to start. I will keep doing this until I have a few skills I’m proud of.
    One reason I chose this is because I want the boost in confidence that comes with competence. I’m starting to do more relationship and connecting work, but I feel small when I talk with people.

  262. avatar
    Piper Valley

    I want to set up $2000 passive income monthly by the end of the year. I plan to live frugally for the next 2 mos using my savings to purchase vending machines which I will supply to friends’ businesses. I will then use the profits to purchase a few more machines enabling me to live without a job and devote the lionshare of my time to writing and selling screenplays.

  263. avatar
    Kate Loftus

    My goal is to get a well-paying finance &/or operations job at an exciting start up company where I can learn under one or two inspirational mentors. Last week I walked right into said company and introduced myself to their in house recruiter. I am now reading his book and will send him a brief, well written, personal thank you letter. I have also researched the founder of said company and have purchased a book on one of his favorite topics. I will send it to him along with a brief, well written letter telling him how I honestly admire his leadership style and how much I want to work for him.

  264. avatar
    Madeleine Craig

    I plan on getting a better job – working for myself! To do that, I’m working on better time management b/c, Ramit’s right: it’s hard! Businesses don’t build themselves. Websites don’t build themselves. Content doesn’t create itself. Planning doesn’t happen on its own. No one is going to get it done but myself!

  265. avatar
    Angela P

    Book and star in the paid television show of my dreams (well the one I love right now).

  266. avatar

    Hey Ramit. I have read your advice, and summerized it to suit my country. I have paid off 5200 worth of credit card debt and saved nearly 35,000.

  267. avatar

    Hi Ramit,
    I’m Olga from Spain. I’m one of a minority of people in Spain that can speak, read and understand English well, I consider myself very lucky because I can reach challenging web page like yours to try to improve my life and my incomes.
    I like learning and teaching languages. Now, I’m studying German and even considering to move to Germany to learn it.
    The point is, that I want to ask you something, an idea I have for earning money on the side. There is this very successful method for learning English in Spain created by an American English teacher who after coming to Spain in the 70s to practise his Spanish, has built his very successful teaching English Empire here in Spain. I think his method is very good and I even use it when I teach English to my students.
    Sorry for the long email. My idea is to ‘copy’ his method but all the way around. To teach Spanish to English speaking people all over the world. Do you think this is a good idea and do you think I can get in troubles due to the copyrights?
    Do you think it is a good idea? What would you do first thing is you were me?
    Thanks for your answer!!
    Olga from Barcelona, Spain

  268. avatar

    I will continue to grow my part-time network marketing business each day and devote the time and effort needed to achieve my goals. I will help other people see their goals and not just dream, but rather take action towards achieving those dreams. I am 22 years old and have a brilliant and financially-free future ahead of me. I will be driven and focused and not let any negativity affect my life.

  269. avatar
    Grace T

    I want to pay my credit card bills and invest in a trading company,I will continue to dream big and will have more patience to achieve my goal,.

  270. avatar

    haha! I thought I was the only one who noticed that dig at Chipotle. Only losers eat there… ?

    In all seriousness, “I will teahc you to be rich”, seriously?!! The author is a confidence man.

  271. avatar

    Great read!

    Goal: Make $1000 in one month period by August 1st this year. And consistently thereafter.
    Start: I”ve gone back as far as i can on your blog and i’m reading it until present day. I’m also on your waiting list for ZTL.