It’s my birthday — Will you do me a favor?

Ramit Sethi


I’m turning 30 tomorrow.

My Indian mom is freaking out about me getting married, telling me it’s time to find a girl. I’ve been using our increasingly awkward conversations as a chance to test new scripts:

  • “It’s a big decision”
  • “Okay”
  • “I’m focused on my career” (winning script)

This is testing at the very highest levels -- against an immigrant mother with a singular, focused goal.

Anyway, aside from parrying my mom’s disastrously effective ambushes, today is one of my favorite days. I hardly ever ask you for anything, but today I want to ask for a favor.

Will you leave a comment telling me one thing that IWT has helped you do?

It could be paying off $50,000 of debt. Or negotiating a $30,000 raise. Or learning how to use psychology to work out, get more productive, or lose weight.

This is what makes writing I Will Teach You To Be Rich worth it.

All I ask is that you be specific -- include actual numbers. Share your story. There’s nothing like seeing what other people have done to change their lives.

Thanks in advance -- and here’s to the best year yet.

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  1. Q

    Hi Ramit,

    your blog has helped me to realize that just (automatedly) saving money is a big win and I will be able to reach 80% of my financial goals just by following that advice:
    I had my finances automated before starting to read this blog and was focusing too much on smart strategies to get a higher interest. This caused me to lose 15k€ in a lousy investment (that’s the circle of money: great investement consultant, great investment, great attorney :-)) .
    Now I am happily putting all my savings into a regular boring savings account, it will all go into one big purchase in 2-3 years: a house. I know (partly thanks to your blog) that it’s not a good investment but I don’t care too much – I am supposed to be “rich” in terms of my preferences/way of life not “rich” in terms of bank account.
    To summarize the journey that I made during the last 5 years (with foods for thought from your blog): Money is just a tool not a purpose.

    Congratulations – I hope you have at least as much success in your personal as in your professional life! All the best!

  2. Robert

    “Winners have systems.” My job brings me into contact with many time and focus stealing people. I have delegated unimportant tasks and automated routine ones to take back my time and attention.

    • Desi Doll

      3 Must Says:
      1. Thanks for encouraging me to go external. I went out to drinks yesterday when I sorta didn’t want to, and I met someone that works in the mayor’s office!
      2. Thanks for mentioning that we don’t need to have a “passion.” That’s too intense. We can have interests that we explore. I felt like there was something wrong with me because I don’t have a “passion.” Now I can let it go!
      3. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Ameena Falchetto

    Happy birthday for tomorrow Ramit!

    IWT has taught me a lot about focus and clarity (which translates to money) – the biggest thing you taught me was the importance of being ethical and only helping people who can afford that help!

    Have a great day tomorrow and don’t keep your mother waiting too long – what will people say 😉

  4. Benjamin Williams

    Ramit taught business process in Earn1K 2.0, with the E1K system I increased the pay at my last job an average of 6% a year where most people get 2.5% to 3%. Techniques within E1K that have been the most “profitable” are Briefcase Technique, Deep Client Research, and “Question Behind the Question”. Those skills dovetailed with Find Your Dream Job and I increased my salary 24%; I start July 2nd 2012. Have fun this weekend Ramit, I’m moving across the state.

  5. Eber

    I am in the same situation… and was born in the exact same day as you… June 30, 1982…. best regards from Brazil.

  6. Andrew

    Gave me the inspiration to focus on big wins, like refinancing my mortgage (saved $300/month) and negotiate my cable bill (saved $100/month), rather than cutting coupons (where I save around $20/month).

  7. Felipe César

    Habby Birthday Ramit!

    IWT has taught me about how to be a top performer. Now, I`m having a lot of preparation before anything like a job interview or anything related to my professional life. I also getting done a lot of more things with a better time management.

    I admire your incredible marketing skills and your search to commited people who really wants to improve themselves. I want to keep learning how to be a TOP performer and I intend to follow your guides

  8. Dominic

    Your site has helped me finally give up consuming information like the information addict I was and muster the courage and the intelligence of just doing it. The 85% method and Earn 1k motivated me to create my website and start contacting leads.

    Happy birthday!

  9. Blake


    Your blog helped me achieve the following goals:

    1. Start a side business which earns between 1-2K a month (for 10-20 hours of work)
    2. Increase my salary from 82,000 to 100,000 by asking for a pay increase at my former job and then leaving to take another, higher paying job
    3. Automate my savings with ING with over 15 savings accounts. This allowed me to take my dream vacation to Hawaii last year.

    I appreciate your insight. It has helped me focus on the bigger picture. Before reading your blog I was worried about cutting costs. Now I focus on how to earn more, spend my time more productively, and spend (by saving with ING) on the things I really want.

    Happy Birthday! Turning 30 isn’t so bad. 🙂


  10. Michael

    After reading your blog, I was able to negotiate a significantly higher salary at a new job that I really love.

  11. Brad

    Hi Ramit, your blog has inspired me to take more control of my bank accounts and research better options. You also persuaded me to pay off my new wife’s $13,000 student loan in full this summer. It was possible because of my automated savings plan and calling to reduce my car insurance rate by $50 a month and my Internet bill by $20 a month. Thanks for encouraging me to think about the “hard” questions and teaching me how to make good money decisions.

  12. u know it.

    dude, stop procrastinating and get married.

  13. Bryan

    Aside from helping me prioritize my finances your tips have helped me open my eyes to how I was breaking every rule in negotiating. You’ve given tremendous insight to how things work in the real world and above all given me a ton of confidence. And I negotiated better total comps for my last job interview which included $5k in moving expenses and an assistant. Thanks Ramit!

  14. Nick

    I will boil it down to two words: systems and action. Using your systematic approaches, I automated my spending, saving, and investing, and I became significantly more efficient in my job search. By taking action, I made incremental progress, which is infinitely more motivating than idle plans.

  15. Marc

    Thanks to IWT:

    – I’ve paid off $7,400 in debt over the last 8 months and am now debt-free.
    – Started earning about $800 – $1600 on the side through FYFPI.
    – Automated my finances, implemented conscious spending, and saved about $100 every 6 months off my car insurance.
    – Negotiated a 8% increase in my hourly rate 6 months ago that’s netted me an extra $2000 so far from a 30 second conversation.

  16. D Wilderness

    IWT helped us in closing a significant seed round for a new IT startup in Rochester, NY. Not NYC or Silicon Valley where startup dollars flow more freely. We are the largest venture of our kind in the city that we’re aware of.

    PS, our product is a great money saver, inspired in part by IWTY2BR philosophies. We’ll circle back around and tell you about it when we launch in August.

  17. Sally

    After reading your site, I was motivated to use my network contacts to find a new job, doing exactly what I wanted, for $10k more (total package) than my previous position, with far greater future earnings potential. I’m two weeks into the new position and way happier and better off financially that I was before I found your blog. Happy Birthday.

  18. Wes

    Ramit – by far the best thing I’ve learned from IWTYTBR is the 10 year savings strategy. A few years ago I found myself in a place where all the “normal” savings goals were taken care of, and I still had money left over. I used the 10 year savings strategy to identify what I should start saving for down the road. Happy birthday!

  19. Jefferson

    Bought the book because I have been reading your emails, just last night – started automating my accounts. You are the Man ~ Happy B-Day !

  20. Jeremy Wells

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy Birthday by the way. Don’t get married – it’s not cost effective haha. Anyway IWTYTBR has been a very strong influence in my life. It has helped me rid myself of over 30k worth of debt before my 29th birthday. I am now moving into 29 and 30 debt free with nothing but optimism on the horizon. Your teachings (along with Tim Ferris) are also helping me free myself from 9-5 (or at least work from home) all while hustling on my own side projects which including freelancing (which now pulls in more than my day job). I really appreciate your material and the Earn1k course is very informative.

    Thanks for all you do.

  21. Carla

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Dream Job has helped me focus my job search in a way that I had never tried and I am looking at industries and jobs I would have never found otherwise. I have used the Dream Job model to devise a weight loss and running plan and in the last 3 months I have lost over 15 pounds! Thanks Ramit!

  22. Ann Söderblom

    Hey Ramit
    Its my birthday tomorrow too!! cool :o)
    Earn 1K (and a lot of experience) helped me to launch a very successful business at the start of 2012. I pretty much doubled my 9-5 job salary 6 months after launching my business in the area of web & graphic design. Tonight I’m going out with my boyfriend for a fancy dinner to celebrate this amazing goal. Thanks and happy birthday! // Ann from Switzerland

  23. Michelle

    Following your advice for guest posting I sent out my first guest post request this week, and have made a list of several other blogs I would like to guest post on.

    Also, I reached out to one person I would like to have an informational interview with.

    Neither has panned out yet, so I do not have numbers for you.

    Thanks for the advice and have a wonderful birthday!

  24. Dan

    Happy birthday Ramit! I’m a long time reader of the site and you’ve helped me start (and continue) working out every day through simple subtle psychological means (I work out at home, and I just sleep in my workout clothes. No excuses!). My finances are completely in order and I’m only spending on the things I actually care about. I’ve aced every job interview I’ve had in the past 9 months because of your tips. So you’ve improved my health, my financial situation, and my career. That’s pretty much the best thing one could ever ask from a completely free site (well I did pay for your book, but completely worth it. I’ve also given it as gifts to others in need of some help). You rock, keep up the great work!

  25. Bob Palmer

    Being a father of 3 adult children (28, 26,23), one of which is married, your blog has helped me tremendously by supporting the things my wife and I have been trying to teach time since they were in elementary school. Your blogs, tools, resources are always spot on and gives us another voice to encourage and education our kids no responsible living, financially, but also in many other ways…so our thanks to you!

  26. JJC

    Happy Birthday. Great stuff on time management. Have a good year! Keep the good stuff coming.

  27. Will

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Your materials have helped me to earn thousands of dollars on the side, and to save and invest thousands of dollars. My wife and I were able to take a trip to Southeast Asia this year, even though I’m in grad school! Now, I’m using Dream Job to systematically find an incredible job. Thanks, Ramit!

  28. Aditi

    Your newsletter about managing email effectively has helped me a lot. I have learned to stop ‘multi-tasking’ so much and focus on one task at a time, it has helped me tremendously at being more focused at work. I have been pretty scatterbrained the last couple weeks, and that tip was just what I needed!

  29. Candi

    Every day, I see your tips, and it reminds me that today is another day where I have the opportunity to make proactive choices about my finances. Like Andrew above, I refinanced my house. I cut 8 years off my mortgage while retaining the same house payment AND I’m paying much less in interest. Next hurdle – the blasted cable company! Happy birthday! As for getting married, if you are as proactive about relationships as you are about money, you’ll BE the right man the FIND the right woman. Best wishes!

  30. Joey

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Here are a few things I’ve done because of IWT.

    – As a Canadian with no US credit, I started building credit by getting a secured card which I pay off every single day. My credit helped me secure an amazing apartment in Manhattan which is a near miracle.

    – Put $5000 into a Roth IRA lifecycle fund using Vanguard, all suggested through your book.

    – Started consulting on the side enabling me to earn a rate of $100/hour. About to take on a few gigs to earn an extra $2500 every month and a one time $15,000 contract.

  31. Steve Urquhart

    Hey Ramit,

    In a nutshell, your training and resources helped me to not only validate for myself the path to entrepreneurship, but also to create a model to train others in my state (Florida) on alternative work strategies, self-employment and freelancing.

    My model focuses on selecting a path, building a brand, managing the business, and selling directly to the market based on marketable skills. It takes quite a bit of inspiration from the model you’ve taught me, and it is making a difference here in Florida.

    Happy Birthday!

    All the best!

    Steve Urquhart

  32. Lindsay

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Above all else, IWT has helped motivate me to automate my finances. Before IWT, my monthly bill paying was a nasty mix of paper checks and a pile of utility bills on my desk and a couple of online accounts I had to remember to log on to. Now I have everything set to auto debit from my account, my paycheck direct deposits, and money seamlessly flows from my checking into several targeting savings accounts. Because we don’t have to think about it anymore, my husband and I have enough saved for a downpayment on a house, we’re ahead of schedule paying off student loans, have no more credit card debt (we never carried a balance on anything that bore interest but those balances are gone), and we’re on our way to building a solid emergency fund so we have one in place before we prequalify for a mortgage.

    Thank you for all you do! I know my comment is small compared to negotiating huge raises and starting a successful side business but having our finances in line has been a huge relief.

  33. Hungry Hippo

    Hi Ramit,

    I’ve only been treading your blog for a few months, but you’ve taught me to focus on big wins and earning more. So many other PF blogs only talk about cutting expenses, and I wanted to go to the next step. Admittedly I do need to make a move on side income, but I’m focusing on learning some new skills to apply to what I want to do. I’m also saving up so I can start investing. Oh, and you also validated the automation sysytem I’ve had in place for a few years!

    Happy 30th birthday! Hope you have many more happy and healthy years ahead of you.

  34. Justin

    I learned the importance of being conscious and non-passive with my money. Not just in terms of the cash I choose to spend, but also making sure that I don’t just sit around while others help themselves to my money (through subscriptions I don’t use, bank fees, etc.)

  35. Prescott


    IWT (and Dream Job) has helped me to double my salary- TWICE. But being rich isn’t just about the money, it’s about the lifestyle. IWT enables me to travel full time in SE Asia while cooking and filming for my culinary video blog ( before my next paying gig, which you also jumpstarted in Phuket… Happy birthday my friend! Hope it brings you even greater success in the coming year.

    Yours sincerely,

  36. Kristi

    Happy early birthday, Ramit! I’ve conducted marital therapy with too many couples to ever recommend marriage unless you are positive it’s what you want. That said, I’ve been happily married for 16 years. You’ll know it when you meet the right person. Until then, just have fun.

    As far as your blog, I love your honesty and humor. I’ve cut way back on work due to small children at home, but have found your blog inspiring. I’m on track to triple my income this year at my private practice. I’ve also become an ING sub-account addict, and we’ve been able to do some fun home improvements and are going to the beach for a week thanks to the savings. On the side, I write novels, and I’ve almost finished my new one that my agent in New York is very excited about. It’s been a great year for me, and I hope your 30th year brings great things for you! 🙂

  37. Nana

    Since starting reading IWTYTBR I’ve put into place and am still testing and tweaking with a solid system to lose weight. I have already lost 10 pounds and am well on my way to lose all the others I intend to, all with no fuss, in a smart and conscious way and testing every single script about it I can think of (you have to count calories, you can’t possibly eat sugar, you have to exercise like crazy). I will get to thirty thinner and richer (my next step is breaking into freelance translation) thanks to you! Thanks, Ramit, and enjoy your EPIC birthday!

  38. Adam

    Currently at $0 saved/earned due to IWTYTBR, but I do find the emails entertaining.

  39. Carolina

    Your website has given me hope. I just found you yesterday so I have not earned any money so far. But I have made a very very specific list of jobs and am doing the leg work to find them.
    Thank you!

  40. Matt

    I learned how to negotiate my salary and network with people. The free videos about salary negotiation were a tremendous help when I started job searching fall. When I joined Find Your Dream Job earlier this year, networking was the key thing in helping me determine what career I want. I’m now at a place where I am very happy and suits me very well with a very good salary too. It’s a huge jump from my previous job, and I’m better now because of it.

  41. Kaitlin

    Since reading an article about you on Gizmodo, I’ve been a huge fan of, as well as your book, which I own. Your writing has helped me to outline an extremely effective Conscious Spending Plan (altho I wish you book offered more examples of this for people in lower wage-ranges. I make 28k a year). Additionally, I’ve opened ING savings accounts for big future expenses and I’ll start contributing to my 401k when I become eligible for it in January of next year. Your approach to spending and saving has been truly eye-opening, and I am currently using your Dream Job materials to help me in my search for a job writing.
    Thank you, Ramit! Happy Birthday!

  42. Jason

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday, I haven’t implement anything new since I started reading you blog. I pay my credit cards off each month and I was already contributing to my companies stock plan and have mutual funds that I make monthly payments on in a TFSA (yay canada). I should be using this resource better and read everything you post but your tips do reassure me that I am doing a lot of thing right so far.



  43. Krystyna

    You’ve helped me to save time by deleting emails unread, unsubbing from lists that are worthless, and, sorry to say, most of yours go into the trash. Happy Birthday.

  44. Malik

    IWT taught me investing is not for the rich.

  45. Dan

    My wife and I have five credit cards between us. We read together the sections from your book on paying down the revolving debt and negotiating a lower interest rate. My wife had the higher rates, so we started there and have payed off over $3000, and reduced rates from low 20’s to mid teens. For my cards we’ve gotten down to 12.4% and 14.4% just by making some phone calls. We’ve also automated our finances, so no more late fees, and no extra thought/worry.

    The best thing I’ve gotten out of IWT, is relief from fretting the daily little things, by leaning how to setup and handle the big ones.

    Happy Birthday!

    • Kelsey E

      Hi Dan, you mentioned that you got your interest rates down on your credit cards—could be you be more specific about what that phone call looked like? 🙂

  46. magaly

    Your book and blog has inspired me to automate all my finances especially savings. Funny how i thought it was hard to save but once it was automated i don’t even think about it.

    Thank you and Happy Birthday.

  47. Kristine

    I used one of your blog posts that included a video of a salary negotiation role-play as a springboard for a networking discussion with a number of my female colleagues. We discussed how important it is for us to effectively negotiate our salaries, how difficult it is, and how helpful the strategies and techniques would be for future opportunities. The importance of being prepared for such a negotiation cannot be understated.

    I also used your salary negotiation techniques to coach my husband through a salary negotiation. With your techniques and our collaboration, he netted at least $5K – $7K per year more than he would have otherwise.

  48. lucio

    Hello my dear Ramit, happy birthday!

    i read your stuff because i love the therapy from a psychological stand point…

    Keep it up! And listen to your elders, its not all about money..

    Drink one for me will ya! I will Definately drink one in your honor!


  49. GDH

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your materials/courses/blog posts have helped me in numerous ways.
    – get my financial life on track with automation after graduating from college in 2010.
    – try out a computer repair side business with your Earn1k class
    – hustle my way up to more responsibility at my first job post-college (my last day of that job is today! – which leads to…)
    – switching career paths and negotiate a 10k raise with your FYDJ class materials/scripts. (starting my new job on 7/11, and I used your script from FYDJ to make sure I get reviews every 6 months instead of annually)

    Thanks for everything,

  50. L. Marie Joseph

    Happy Bday Ramit !!! I’ve been following your blog for 6yrs. I like how you do a post such as this every year

    IWT taught me to negotiate an increase an income

    Also to automate separate accounts

  51. Natasha

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!
    I look forward to your posts / emails daily. They force me to be more mindful of my spending and they are simply hilarious. I wish you lots of success and happiness for years to come.
    Thank You for being as awesome as you are


  52. Leah

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Turning 30 is a great mile stone, I’m 41 and I’m still ridin’ the wave.
    IWTYTBR has inspired me to take the (employer paid) classes that i’ve been wanting to do for years which saved me more than 2 hours every day in paper work. I’ve negotiated trade in services which also has saved me over $100 a month, and I’m continuing to be debt free.
    Oh and about your Mom, you’ll lose this fight. Where do you think you got your laser focus from? Resistance is futile………

  53. Kyle

    Hi Ramit-

    Happy Birthday. I have been impressed with your consistency over the years.
    Always solid ideas, and hanging right in there with the best of them.
    At your age, that’s rare. You’re rare. No, I don’t have tears streaming down my face and I’m not going to hug you. Back off!
    Have a great day!

  54. Raia

    Hey Ramit!

    Happy B-day!!! Party hard tonight and then from tomorrow on, sit and write another book (lol that will be awesome!!!!). Pretty please? ;)))

    Your book has given me a unique prospective of how to handle money in the US. We definitely do things a lot different in Europe. I recently immigrated to the US and I had no clue how my attitude should change. My hubby has just started working and it was up to me to “investigate” pension funds, 401Ks, benefits, etc, etc. Which we all know can be overwhelming. But thanks to your book I figured out how to manage the credit card and student loans and also invest and handle his 401K. Needless to say that when I start working, I will be following the same steps (as for now – back to school to earn all over again my dental degree).

    So have an amazingggggg day and an awesome party tonight. Smile, dance and stay cool!

  55. Vicent

    Your messages help me to keep the illusion on things (projects, work, life) and keep fighting even when the circumstances keep turning more adverse. Thx.
    Happy Birthday!

  56. ANN

    Feliz Cumpleaños Ramit!! Hope all your birthday wishes come true and more. You deserve it!

    I’m one of your ‘silent supporters’. I’ve enjoyed and shared a lot of your blogs throughout the years and I purchased your book, but I’ve not signed up for your courses. I found the inspiraion and tools needed to get rid of 10 grand in debt on top of saving 20% for a down payment on our home – all from your FREE material and your book too (which I shamelessly admit I never even finished reading because I got what I personally needed in the first three (3) chapters.

    So, thank YOU. And, once again – happy birthday – you sexy, single and modern wise man! 😉 Like I said, you deserve it.

  57. Michelle

    By seeing money as a tool I began to understand it and my own worth much better. I negotiated two huge raises in the past three years. I’m now making twice what I was when I started getting your newsletter.

    So THANK YOU. Have a great birthday!

  58. Kevin

    I’ll title this, “How Ramit Changed My Life”

    Conscious Spending:
    I’ve come to reject the notion that there’s certain things that people my age (22 in a few weeks) “need” and so I’ve cut spending on stuff that I don’t care about and spend it on what I do. Ex: I don’t like smartphones, so I don’t have one or a data plan.

    I don’t have to worry about saving, investing, paying my bills, anything. I check online once a week or so to see what I’ve been spending and make sure I’m in check but everything else takes care of itself. I have ING accounts for periodic expenses like travel and gifts so that I’m not hit with a big bill all at once.

    By coming up with a conscious spending plan and automating everything, I’ve been able to pay off ~$15k of student loans and contribute $20k to my retirement accounts over the past 4 years.

    Accountability Partners:
    I’ve used this mainly for my fitness and diet goals with a good friend of mine. Every week, I send an email with a training log and notes on what I ate. I don’t nitpick over counting calories so it takes a total of 5-10/day to write everything down. As a bonus, I email myself a copy so I have a training log that I can access at any time. I’m in the best shape of my life.

    Buying a New Car:
    I’ve learned that personal finance is just that – personal. Combining conscious spending (I don’t care about fancy cars, I just want a nice one that won’t break down and will last a long time) and Ramit’s urging to run the numbers, I found out that buying a new car would, over the long run, cost less than a used car, given my plan to drive this new Civic into the ground. Like Ramit, I used Fighting Chance to solicit bids from a number of dealerships. After sending the emails, I kicked back to watch a Duck Dynasty marathon and had all the bids by that night. Called the dealers up in the morning and went with the lowest one, paying about $900 under invoice. Plus, since my credit’s really good for someone my age (automated payments means I’ve never missed one), I snagged 0.9% financing.

    Happy Birthday!

  59. Lisa

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Only good things can come of your becoming a grownup. I definitely want to meet your mom!

    I don’t do credit cards. I call phone and cable company routinely to negotiate charges and have them explain the bills. I lecture my children about same and give copies of your book to all the nieces and young people in my life.

  60. William Wallis

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Since you asked so nicely, here’s one thing that IWT has done for me in less specific terms than you may like but it is what it is:

    IWT has trained me to identify instances where I am merely attacking a problem or task passively by just “sending out resumes” etc. So, when there is something I want, I ask myself “Are you taking concrete, aggressive action towards obtaining this?” I run this script through my head daily with regard to fitness and business goals. I also have realized as you said once that you can’t think your way out of things, you have to act.



  61. Jared

    You helped me decide to store my own ATV ecommerce site. Best decision I have ever made.

  62. Yitz

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your blog has helped me realize the true power of psychology and a proper mindset.
    With a proper mindset, there is nothing that stands in your way from accomplishing whatever you set your mind to.

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into your material.

  63. Magda

    Happy birthday!

    I paid off all my debt by earning on the side together with my husband, it was not much but in the meantime we also managed to pay for our Indian wedding and all our accounts are still in credit 🙂 we are also going for umrah, and that is not cheap but we were comfortable enough with the money to pay for everything and as it is important to us, certainly do not regret spending all that money.

    Your blog helped my brother get the salary he wanted, increase of 20%, benefits and it is the job he loves. I helped him write the emails to his new employer based on your scripts etc 🙂

    I am actually saving now, not just to spend, but for retirement.

    It is all going well! thanks!

  64. Susan

    Happy birthday tomorrow Ramit! I hope this coming year brings you much joy, much success, and whatever marital status you chose of your own accord. (Although frankly, your odds against an Indian mother (surely she hasn’t already contracted a marriage for you????) are tough ones to overcome.)

    Following your techniques, I made/saved an additional $7500 for a medical procedure that has changed my daughter’s life–probably even saved her life. What better gift could you give me? And this was just following advice from your book and your website. Heaven knows how many I might help if I ever both have the money and qualify to take one of your courses! (I do not currently meet one of your criteria for signing up.)

    Thank you, Ramit! Much happiness to you in the coming year.

    Say, did you ever think of using Raj’s technique (from “Big Bang Theory)? If your mother knew you could only speak to females when under the influence of dangerous health-altering substances, she might want to keep you single and safe. Of course, such situational muteness is very rare, but as a psychologist, I’m sure you can come up with a convincing argument. And since Raj can talk to his sister and mother, the fact you can talk to your mom won’t count against you.

    Or there’s the Gold Seeker strategy–all those women just want your money. Maybe that would set up a protective streak in your mom.

    Or does she just want grandkids? You could be a foster parent without marrying…or a Big Brother. A pet (which you don’t understand, but could be low-level maintenance, such as a Betta fish) might do. None of these involve marriage and would satisfy the grandparenting need that women feel at a certain age (trust me–I’m probably older than your mom).

  65. Katie

    I started reading your blog when I graduated grad school and was trying to learn more about money and actively prepare for having a legitimate paycheck. In the two years since I have graduated grad school, I have:
    – Paid off all of my student loans (almost $40,00)
    – Built up a $15,000 emergency fund
    – Built up retirement funds equaling roughly $40,000 (this was a big one, until I read your book, I just felt too intimidated to open a 401(k) or Roth IRA, I felt like I needed to know the perfect funds first and felt paralyzed to take action.)

    Granted, I’m fortunate in that I’m making a nice salary (although it seems like commenters here are all skewed to making around 6 figures, which makes it seem less impressive haha), but I still feel like I managed the transition from broke student to decently-money managed professional pretty well.

    I know this is getting long, but what I feel like you (and your courses) helped me with most was translating being a high performing student with being a high performer in the work world. I felt a little lost when I first graduated, the “adult world” seemed to have different rules and “success” was more nebulous than getting an “A”, but I feel so much more confident and comfortable now that I know the rules and can succeed.

    • Katie

      Also: happy birthday!

  66. JR

    I recently saw how powerful negotiation really can be.

    I was working for a while in Job A, which I didn’t really care for, so I interviewed for Job B. I got an offer from Job B, which was gave me more interesting job responsibilities, would help advance my career better, and came with a 12% raise. I immediately used Ramit’s scripts to talk about my value, and 12% became 20% on the spot.

    I told Job A that I had an offer and was seriously considering leaving. Rather than let me go quietly, they offered to restructure the work I was doing along with a big raise of 30%.

    Went back to Job B, told them of the counter offer and restructuring of job duties. They couldn’t match the 30%, but worked in some other incentives (cell phone reimbursement, mileage, flexible schedule to work from home part of the week).

    I ended up taking Job B because it allowed me to do work that was more fulfilling to me and gave me more flexibility than Job A. Without your material, I would either have just stuck it out in Job A or taken the initial offer of 12% from Job B. Now I am confident that I can do work that is meaningful to me while being paid fairly for it.

    As a side note, employer from Job A actually called Job B to tell them to back off. Once I took the new job, my new boss told me that this call made him want me even more because it told him I was an asset to have on board and worth whatever he could pay me.

  67. VM

    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for pushing me to automatic finances and a job change!

  68. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, from a mom who says something similar to her daughter. Roll eyes.

  69. Jess C

    The biggest hurdle IWT has helped me climb was
    Constant worry. Did I pay all my bills? did I save enough? Did I save any? At different parts of the month I’d often say- oh god, it’s the 22nd, did I pay this bill on time? Then it would happen again. That is what auto pay is for! I knew it was there all along why did I wait?

    With automation I know all my bills are paid on time, all my savings accounts are growing. (notice I said all my savings accounts. I increased my number of savings accounts from 1 to 4 just after reading IWT.)

    Next on my list of things to tackle is figuring out why I don’t go to the gym unless I have an appointment with a trainer.

    Thanks again for all you do. Happy Birthday.
    Jess C.

  70. Li

    Ramit! Your dream job techniques have helped me land 4 networking opportunities and probably saved me years in finding the right career path. Happy 30th!

  71. A M Clarke

    Your informative emails helped but it was mainly your book that helped me get richer. I wasn’t doing too bad before I read I Will Teach You To Be Rich, but I saw immediate results as I tweaked my financial life using the advise you had. Now I own my dream vacation property (foreclosure from one who should have read your book) minutes away from my favorite ski resort and mountain area!
    Thank you Ramit for your blunt force approach at finances. I thank you everyday for improving my quality of life and nearly eliminating the work to take care of it!
    Cheers!! Good luck with your loving mom!

  72. Chase

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I’ve only been subscribed to your blog for a short period of time, but everyday I look forward to new emails and posts from you. Although I’m just a high school student, your advice has really helped me in ways I couldn’t have foreseen. Since subscribing I’ve become more productive. Your Dream Job section helped to prepare me for interviews and assisted me in creating a masterful resume. I now use my very effective resume to land important opportunities and for that I am always grateful. Thank you for creating such an incredible resource that can be utilized no matter how old you are.

  73. Donna

    Happy birthday, Ramit,

    I have Postits throughout your book and have loaned your book to a friend and my next move is to implement some of your ideas. I am older and am, well, slower to jump into gear. I think the one thing that persuades me the most is your continuing enthusiasm and support and encouragement. That is infectious, and keeping the ideas coming is really what bolsters my motivation. So, thank goodness for minds like yours, practical advice like yours and for the heroic efforts to help me make my way in an increasingly hostile political, economic and cultural environment.
    Warm regards,

  74. KT

    Hi Ramit, Happy 30th Birthday! I used your automation strategies starting 4 years ago. In that time, I saved $15,000 for our wedding, paid off both our cars, and put $40,000 toward student loans. We’re on track to finish paying the last of the loans by the end of the year. It recently occurred to me that a lot of the same tactics you’ve taught me with money could be applied toward weight loss, so, there you go, you’ve also helped me to lose 15 pounds!

  75. megha

    A $24K increase in salary + 10K bonus.

  76. Alistair

    Happy Birthday and welcome to a new demographic 😉

    This last year I’ve finally put into practice your methods and (in particular) using the briefcase technique, I converted a client from just doing the occasional bit of IT support, to building and supporting a new website and more regular IT consultancy with them, and drip feeding new work to the website which will ultimately lead to a full eCommerce solution for them.
    going from approx £300 per year -> £2000 (so far this year)
    once things settle down a little i’m taking this forward to extra clients and a new SaaS project, which will hopefully enable me to quit my soul destroying day job

  77. A M Clarke

    Happy Birthday!!

  78. Chris C.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! I think I also started hearing a lot about setting down around my 30th birthday but if I remember correctly, I had a week long rager instead.

    Reading IWT has me thinking about my finances in a way that I understand. Saving money by not spending it on things I really wanted to do wasn’t working for me. Since changing over to more of an IWT way of thinking and automating our finances, I am genuinely happier and feel little guilt spending money on the things I care about (travel!) and I don’t waste hundreds of dollars a year on things that don’t matter. (bank fees, mostly)

  79. Dana

    Hi Ramit… and WELCOME to the good years. Above all else, you have taught me that serious business doesn’t have to be old man button down blue pin stripe suit boring. I appreciate that you have maintained a fabulous enthusiasm and a mild cause of the crazy Ramit while being totally successful.

    WELL done!


  80. Seth Pritikin

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Your advice on financial automation has helped me save quite a bit of time. I haven’t quantified it, but I feel I spend a lot less time (and the time I do spend is much more effective), and my finances are far less prone to missed payments or errors due to negligence. Stay safe!

  81. famiyesin . samuel . Deji

    After reading your blog. I was able to nagotiate a siginficantly higher at a new job tha i really what. And i have two wife i luv the small one than the first one, 3 of july is my birthday,i will be 40 years.

  82. Natalie


    I turn 30 today.

    Thankfully, my Mexican mother and grandmother are more than happy with my plans to stay footloose and wedding ring free so I can save my really good scripts for my boss.

    In the last 12 years I earned 3 degrees, travelled through every state in the U.S. (Next is India and SE Asia), lived in 4 gorgeous locations, became an aunt 3 times- well not just an aunt, I’m the Best Aunt Ever. Early adulthood was as close to a lark as a Type-A person can get and it’s been a great ride.

    Present day:
    I’ve been reading IWT while studying for the NY bar exam (I’m a masochist) and IWT has helped me lay the plan for the next and most exciting decade of my life. I’ve done all the grunt work, and now I’m really excited to take everything I’ve learned, the talents I’ve cultivated, my sparkling personality (Well, it’s sparkling if you’re charmed by bulldozers with a nice smile.) and use your strategies to blow it up.

    In 18 months all of my debt (except for my student loans) will be gone. I will have a savings. I’m starting a bi-coastal marketing consulting business on the side with a good friend in L.A. I have a great “starter castle” in Harlem and a few excellent job prospects lined up (the public interest law market is brutal).

    I’ve always been a hustler but IWT focused my hustle and taught me how to refine it, cut down on the struggling and get better results. Thank you.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday!

  83. DD

    Ramit – try “A lot of my friends who’ve gotten married early are getting divorced.. I don’t want to put you through that and want to be sure I marry the right girl”

    This reasoning to hard to argue with.. no Indian parent is going to say “Who cares about divorce.. just get married!”. I find Indian parents are more mortified about having a divorced child than an unmarried one.

    Happy Birthday. IWT has taught me (and constantly reinforced) the notion that you get what you ask for. There is a knack to getting exactly what you want by using certain scripts, strategies and approaches and you seem to have these documented in spades. The amount of valuable information you distribute for free is inspiring and the reason I believe you have so much success behind and ahead of you.

  84. Sunni

    All my financial accounts are automated and do the work for me. All! 100%! 8 for 8! All I have to do is check on them occasionally. Saves me at least four hours a week and endless amounts of stress slaving over them. Thanks and happy birthday!

  85. Steve Chayer

    Dear Ramit,

    At thirty years of age you are ready to marry and you should be married. You are an interesting, hardworking, vivacious man. You’ll make a wonderful mate and father. What joy you will bring to their lives. What joy they, in return, they will bring to yours. I know of what I speak. I am a very happy man with the most wonderful wife, Elizabeth and two sons Andy 19 and Denny 17. I’ve raised my paternal family and now I’m going to raise a start up family. Your mother is right. Listen to her and follow her advice, for you cannot purchase joy.

    Your promotional material makes me think.

  86. Olga

    Congratulations, Ramit, let your life be long, healthy and full-flowing!
    I used your advices on how to investigate and reach clients. My first application was nothing less then directly to you! 🙂 But I didn’t manage to catch your interest. Well, I did my homework, and again, and again, and at the fourth attempt I found my happy client, who said an immediate “yes” to my offer.
    Now I have my two-months old Internet project, which is practical and helps people, and has good bases for becoming profitable, and works for the promotion of my personal brand.
    Happy Birthday!

  87. Tish

    It has helped me keep a sense of humour when all tumbled down around me and pick myself up and refocus again.

  88. GK

    Happy birthday Ramit. I wish you get married this year (wish or curse?)

    I got to know about IWT late, probably very very late. 6 months ago I came across IWT and tried to cover little bit of archived blogs. But I did a good coverage I guess, about automations, nego, competency triggers, earn 1k, the famous latte.

    The one thing it definitely helped me was to spend 60$ a month on my latte. lol. It changed my perception on making money is all about being frugal. I started spending 60$ in a month enjoying the sip on latte and planning for big wins. I yet to be there buying manhattan apartment near yours, but probably towards that atleast inside my little brain. Its just a matter of when those thoughts erupt into action and make it happen.

    Little side bar – I reached 15 pull-ups in my gym. (did you get actual numbers? lol)

  89. Purvaj

    Have a wonderful birthday Ramit! My first and only negotiation up until now was my base salary, which I bumped up by $9000 thanks to those wonderful videos you had made on salary negotiation. Im just starting out with my first job after my masters and I am so glad I listened to you on the video! I look forward to starting work so I can save money to join your cohort and jump onto my dream job!

  90. Barbara

    Although it’s too soon now to give exact figures reflecting the difference, I’ve stopped spending time obsessing about tracking every measly expenditure and I’ve re-focused on the big picture. You’ve encouraged me to have large goals!

  91. Leah

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!!

    In just 4 months, I used your automation and ruthless lifestyle culling strategies to save over $3,000 in an emergency fund and start making automatic investments (of around $3,000/month) in my investment accounts. Big wins!

    I’m still in my 20s, and on a national level, I think our generation has a difficult road ahead (paying for the wars, the entitlement systems, etc.). I feel optimistic, however, about my own future, now that I have a system to take care of my own finances.

    Thank you so much for all you do.

  92. Shir

    By using the Briefcase Technique I was able to land a job that paid $70,000 in 6 months. It also kicked off my career as a successful freelancer. Thanks for helping me create a life in which I do what I love and get paid handsomely for it.


    P.S. Happy birthday Ramit!

  93. Michaela

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    Ramit, you taught me a very important and fundamental truth: it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it and who you say it to.

    Yes, i know that sounds cliche. And doing your research up front is key.

    I was raised to ‘ask and accept’ rather than to negotiate. And just this one piece of information has radically changed my outlook and my life. I’m not quite to my goal of economic freedom….yet…but, I’m on the right road.

    Thanks for being our virtual mentor!


  94. k

    Happy Birthday! and congratulations on taking the actions to produce a first rate life! Tell your mom that you will not settle for a 2nd rate mate! Your happiness comes first and sharing it with the right one will happen when the time is right.

    I finally found you, a person who mixes today’s information with yesterday’s lessons and alerts the public to give them solutions to create their best life.

    Thanks for being alert enough to listen to others, for taking the time to do all the research to improve your and others lives and for sharing most of it for free.

    Education is forever! Think twice – act once!

  95. Sagar

    Hi Ramit,
    Your website and newsletter has helped me immensely in managing my time well and starting to invest. One thing I can never forget from your advice is it is important to start and not to worry about perfection. It is OK to be 85% productive in doing something right now

  96. Jeremy

    Keeping up with your antics has helped me:

    Confidently raise my pricing in my side business – which will soon be my main business.
    Book clients at higher close rates, pricing, and with more confidence.

    Happy birthday, Ramit – and keep up the good work.

  97. Daniel


    Today marks the one-year anniversary for me opening a Roth IRA. I don’t put a lot of money into it, but I used your advice that sitting around deciding what to do and doing nothing is much worse than just going for it. I invest my Roth funds in a Target fund and have seen some pretty solid returns this year.

    I also opened an account at Charles Schwab and am enjoying no ATM fees and having all of my investment accounts in the same place as my checking/savings account.

    Happy Birthday!

  98. Kathy

    Hi Ramit — Happy Birthday! My favorite thing about IWT has been the change in attitude you have given me. Before IWT I was very immersed in other financial programs that talked about the latte factor and all kinds of crazy ways to save pennies. After doing this for a few years, I realized that I really was not any better off and I was feeling small, shamed, deprived and resentful. Your approach is so much better! Go after what you want, ask for the income you deserve and live a rich life. You are a rock star!

  99. Grant Dever

    IWT has taught me more about personal finance than 99% of the kids in my age group and this knowledge has helped me to make life decisions. I view money much differently than most people in this world because I have read both IWT and Your Money Or Your Life by Joe Dominguez. On top of that I’m interesting in developing a muse after reading The Four Hour Work Week by your body Tim Ferriss. I’m contemplating majoring in Economics after I’ve enjoyed all of these books about investing and money because truth be told I don’t want to work for anyone a single day in my life. I never read any books on business or personal finance until I read IWT but IWT was so interesting and fun that it just jump started my interest. For that Ramit, you will always be one of the most influential people in my life. I’m planning on big trips to far off countries and maxing out my IRA, while trying to graduate with no debt!

  100. Sudeep

    Happy birthday Ramit,

    Your communications help me to keep a pulse on my goal of balancing my work, finances for today and for future.

    your mom probably is leveraging some really time tested scripts that are embedded in the indian mom social DNA – I look forward to your post on it someday !

    Happy birthday again and keep on the good work!

  101. Colin

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    I am brand new to IWT, just at the tip of the iceberg. I have opened a separate savings account with automatic contributions, and negotiated a significantly reduced phone/internet bill.
    I am looking forward to much more!
    Thank you!

  102. Jesse

    The BIG 3-0…Happy Birthday!

    I started reading IWT toward the end of college in 2005. It was refreshing to read personal finance advice that was targeted toward my age age group. The biggest thing IWT helped me with was to focus on automating finances to make it a priority to save for important events.

    After graduating and landing my first full time job in the summer of 2006 I immediately focused on paying down debt and saving for retirement by automating contributions to debt, a ROTH, and 401k. I’ve since been slowly working toward maxing out the 401k. This was made a priority instead of buying new and fancy toys will all the extra income. It’s REALLY tempting to use the new income from a first job for fun rather than savings! Shortly after setting up the automation I was debt free and I’ve since saved 32k in ROTH and 106k in 401 and I’m only 28.

    The automatic contributions from checking to ROTH and 401k were setup in 2006 and I haven’t had to do much to them since. This allows me to focus on other aspects of life knowing retirement is chugging along slowly.

    Also, I used your advice to save for my wedding last year. I started saving automatically well before proposing so when the time came everything was set and we didn’t have to worry about money. The power of automation is amazing.

  103. jessica

    Happy birthday. You have blessed me so much. Thank you for educating me about time management. You are so awesome i hope you have a birthday as awesome as you are.

  104. Beth

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    I just consulted the file of tags and found your article on the <a href = "Myth of the Starving Artist” from 2010.

    I remember reading it and deciding that the best thing I could do as a person with a master’s degree from art school is quit apologizing for it in my head and use all the amazing things I learned there in my career — and everywhere.

    In art school, I learned
    a) how to be a master at critiquing things other people have made and being critiqued about things I’ve made. Art school photography class = master’s class in running and participating in meetings.
    b) to push boundaries and get people to express thoughts and ideas clearly — and be ready to be surprised and delighted by the outcomes. Your world perspective can be changed for the better by someone photographing half-sucked jawbreakers. This is also extremely helpful in the workplace — and I’ve earned my “troublemaker” reputation with pride. Making systems to pay consultants can be made with as much beauty as jawbreaker pictures — and should.
    c) everyone has an art. Find out what it is and let them run with it. Sometimes, that art is being a really good, nice, pitbull of an accountant, who will negotiate the best phone rate and make awesome spreadsheets.

    How have you really, really helped? I’m about to start grad school in the fall, in a joint Design/MBA program. All these art school/business experiments paid off. I see how I’m valuable and look forward to a career I know I will love, be able to contribute to society, and flourish.

    p..s. I also already have a “how to pay off grad school in four years after graduation plan” because of your blog. Thanks!

  105. andrea

    Your advice has helped me pay off $20,000 in student loans and I’m slicing away at a $5000 credit card bill from building my business. My business and I will be debt free by the end of this year. I’m in the transformational field where there is more meditate to attract what you want and not enough tell it like it is practical advice. Thanks so much for your blog and book. Happy birthday!

  106. Dave

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Your material gave me the confidence to ask for the salary and benefits I felt I deserved in a job interview resulting in a $20k raise and an extra week of vacation.

  107. ryan

    I automated my finances. Crushed 20k in credit card debt. Using your mindset theology i increased my flag hours produced by 280% and subsequently doubled my rate of pay per hour through negotiation. Thats an income increase from 30k in 2010 to finishing at over 120k in 2011. I maxed my roth and 401k and am now using your material on investing in rental properties. Ps i married my real estate agent. Thats what i call synergy.

  108. Eric Meserole

    Your book drove me to negotiate a raise at my current job and to optimize my banking processes and credit cards.

    Big Win #1: Using the briefcase method, I showed up for my quarterly review with an in-depth (11 pages) list of not just what I’ve accomplished since beginning at the company for which I work, but exactly what each achievement meant for the company and my plans for the future. Before leaving the review, my commission jumped from 0.5% of each sale made by my team members to 0.75%. That is roughly a 33% raise in my total income (no change to salary structure). This ONE TECHNIQUE, used ONE TIME, for a total time spent of LESS THAN 4 HOURS (preparation + presentation) has earned me an additional ~$3500 since February. ($875/hr? I can work with that.) I am positive it’s not the biggest win you’ve heard of with your technique, but in my world this is HUGE!

    Big Win #2: The steps your book outlines for automation of banking processes and credit cards was honestly just as big a win for me as the raise in my commission structure. Not only am I making more money because of the briefcase technique, but that money is direct-deposited into my no-fee Chase account (from which all my bills are automatically paid), and then distributed out to my no-fee ING Direct account for savings, as well as my no-fee Ally account for spending money (according to my conscious spending plan). And I only check-in to my accounts once every few weeks, just to make sure it’s all on track: no more checking balances every morning, stressing over bills, etc.

    Ramit, you changed my lifestyle and my relationship to money. Your book certainly lives up to its title. Thank you for everything.

    Happy birthday, brother, I truly hope it’s a great one for you.

  109. Matt

    I have used the scripts to setup informal interviews for positions I would never have tried to apply for on my own. I never knew it was so easy to setup and it took so little of my time. Also this gets me past just throwing my resume out into the world of cyberspace and “hoping for the best.”

    Thanks Ramit and happy 30th birthday.

  110. T-

    Hi Ramit – I first saw you on Biz Kids on PBS. I looked up your blog and then purchased your book to read on my kindle. I’m 40 and sadly I am not very knowledgeable about stocks, bonds, 401k and savings. We’ve done what we need to do to get by and live week to week. This is pretty sad since according to the wage earners in the US, we fall into at least the top 10%. Although, I find this fact hard to believe! I read your book and quickly realized how incredibly careless we are by not contributing the allowed amount for our company match with the 401k. I guess it took you to knock that into my head. Thank you. I still have so many questions and wish there was a one on one option with you for me and my husband! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one! T- PS I loved your spot on Biz Kids. I watch Biz Kids with my girls and love how they teach important information about money!

  111. Gina

    Happy Birthday!!! Apparently everyone is turning 30 this year. Thanks to you I have “Wowed” my new supervisor using the briefcase technique and automated my saving to do more of the things I really want to do…like go to Paris. I’ve also started managing my time much better. Thanks a bunch!

  112. Kalavathy

    Hi Ramit,
    Happy Birthday to you. This is kalavathy from India. Everday you give precious advice to me to become rich.I think this is the age so find a girl and marry her soon.. God bless you Ramit.
    My best wishes…All the very Best Ramit Sethi

  113. Ricky

    Happy 30th, Ramit! And Many More!!

    It’s a pleasure to leave you a post today. I don’t have enough time to list all of the ways your book has helped and will continue to help me, but I would like to talk about how 2011, “The Year of The Hustle,” and the simple notion of earning more as opposed to saving more, has really changed my life. The idea of earning money on the side really opened my eyes to a life where I could actually make a good living doing what I already have a talent for and enjoy. And through this, last year I earned over $10,000 on the side! And I’m just getting started! Instead of foregoing my daily latte to save for a vacation, new toy, or anything I may want or need, I can just put a few more hours into my side business. Not to overdramatize things, but honestly, I can’t thank you enough for changing my life. All I see now are possibilities and opportunities. In the near future I look forward to having my side business income eclipse my full-time income and facing the coveted decision of whether to continue working for someone else or making that leap to working soley for myself. Thanks again, Ramit, and have a Happy Birthday!

  114. kw

    One of the biggest wins I have had so far is cutting out distractions. Closing my email and IM so I can really focus and get work done has helped me to be much more productive in shorter periods of time.

  115. Stephen K

    By using the content contained on this site, in Ramit’s book and in the Earn1K and Dream Job courses, I have achieved some Big Wins. The highlights:

    – Automated my finances and changed to a credit card that works for me and earns me free flights
    – Achieved the goal of gaining 3 paying clients in my freelance business and earn 1k+ a month when I need to
    – Increased the client base in my 9-5 job by at least 2 new clients per month
    – Sent a cold application using Dream Job scripts to a top company within my field and am now part of a team of specialists working freelance for them.

    Not only has all this great content been of benefit to me, but also to my family. My brother is actually having to turn down job offers because his marketing materials and use of networking are so devastatingly effective.

    The icing on the cake for me just happened today. I met an expert within my field for coffee who has previously worked for one of my Tier 1 dream companies. By the end of our brief meeting, he had arranged for me to meet with the hiring manager in my dream job.

    Just a little over a year ago, I was unemployed. The game isn’t being played around me any more. To anyone reading this, invest in yourself, your future and start leading a richer life. Don’t put it off until tomorrow because it’s not guaranteed. If you’ve been deferring action saying that you “just need to figure it out”, forget it.. put a system in place and start right now!

    Ramit, you’re a ninja.. Happy Birthday!

  116. Brett Adamcik

    Happy Birthday! Your book helped me to negotiate lower prices on my car and house. I have also automated my finances to give me more free time and lower my stress over due dates.

  117. Lydia

    Happy Birthday! What you have done for me is to give me other ideas to consider; an additional “mastermind perspective” to draw from.

    Keep doing exactly what you’re doing – and more. You know how to succeed, you don’t need any of THAT sort of advice from me.

    But regarding the, as long as they don’t *arrange* a marriage for you… if it’s meant to be, you’ll meet the right person when and where you’re meant to. (So just like in business, the best way to make those connections is to *always* show up!)

  118. Gopi

    By setting up an automated savings plan like you teach in your book, I’ve paid off my student loans from the first three years of college (about $7000) a few weeks after I finished my junior year.

    I also got my first $1000 on the side last week using your Earn1k material. It’s just the beginning to starting to freelance, but I’m going to keep it going with your tuner strategy.

    I can’t quantify the value yet, but your networking scripts have allowed me to meet some incredible people. Your career advice combined with theirs will add up to several thousands of dollars in value over my career.

    Happy birthday Ramit!

  119. Ed

    I’ve used market testing to very quickly determine that two separate business ideas are not financially viable. Without testing, I would’ve wasted weeks or months down a dead end.

    Ramit, you and I share a birthday. I’ll be 44 tomorrow. So happy birthday to us both!

  120. Josh

    My wife and I have almost entirely automated all our finances using your tips. Because I automated my savings for so many years on your recommendation, we were able to pay for our entire wedding without going into debt.

    We are able to pay way more than the minimum each month on her student loans, so the amount of interest owed is nothing compared to what it could’ve been. I learned to be aggressive with debt from your blog.

    I have a healthy, growing 401k and Roth IRA, both of which I’d have been too intimidated to set up had I not read your blog and book.

    So far in 2012 I’ve earned an extra $5600 in side/freelance income that I wouldn’t have pursued seriously without your advising your readers to do so. It’s afforded us the ability to have my wife quit a job she hated and search for her dream job (which your live video talks on resumes and interviews helped with immensely).

    I’ve been reading IWT basically since you started the blog and, now that I’ve written all that out, I’m shocked myself how many valuable things I’ve gotten just from your free content and your book. I have never had the opportunity to use your paid courses, but even your free content has saved me thousands of dollars.

    Thanks for everything, Ramit!

  121. KWO

    I make almost 70k more than I did when I started reading your blog. I’ve had three jobs and each time gotten at least a 50% raise.

  122. Sal

    Happy Birthday Ramit..enjoy your special day,keep your mom in the loop,she shared and started this journey(your life) with you,and a famous song comes to mind “No Woman,No Cry”…”everyhing wil be alright” Thanks for caring and sharing,and for pointing out that hope is not enough,you have to love and live life,with action, now,and to stop the procrastination.You have certainly helped me get my priorities in order.Peace,wishing you, best life has to offer.Kudos to you and your team.Again,best wishes from Down Under

  123. Jacob

    Hi Ramit,
    Happy Birthday! I hope its a great one.

    I have been reading your book and the biggest help to me has just been how to talk to people. I am 25 and my folks pretty much did everything for me my entire life. With me out of school and in the real world now and my folks on the other side of the country I was pretty much lost financially before reading your book. My parents didn’t ever teach me how to talk to bill collectors, credit card companies etc.

    By following the script for negotiating auto insurance (30 Day Challenge), I was able to get my insurance company to knock $86/moth off. I always assumed that if I qualified for a better deal then they would just give it to me but that is not the case. Also, I was able to get my credit card rate from 25% to 13% on my main card just by calling and asking them to lower my rate.

    Your book has been a big help and I am defiantly hooked on the blog now waiting for more great tips.

    Thanks man,

  124. Brian

    Hi Ramit,
    Happy birthday to you! 30 is the new 20 – just ask Jay-Z.

    I don’t know how I stumbled upon your book. Actually, as I write, I remember. I was staying with a friend, and pulled off SO’s “Money Advice For The Young, Broke, And Fabulous” and read it cover-to-cover. Much of the information was garden-variety (pay high-interest revolving debts before lower ones, duh) and there was advice about purchasing cars. But consistent with the model you abhor, she preached a “death by lattes” message.

    I returned home and jumped on amazon, and your book was much more preferred by folks who’s considered SO’s. Read the reviews and purchased, and read it in an evening. (I couldn’t put it down.) As a small business owner and married guy who aspires to be a dad, I try to treat money carefully without sacrificing life quality. This is exactly what your book/blog endeavor to do, and I see it playing out in my own life.

    1. I’ve automated my finances. If someone deposits the usual amount of money in my account each month, everything is taken care of.
    2. I feel in control of my retirement accounts; no longer a black box, they are stuffed with a blend of index funds that have given me a ton of piece of mind, and growth, of course.
    3. I’ve started a tech-support (concierge-style) consultancy as a side project that’s grown into a business all its own. I started with the $1K on the side challenge and have watched it grow!
    4. Most importantly, I don’t feel as though financial discipline lives orthogonally with a nice home, decent car, or higher-quality clothes. The key is to find what matters and invest there.

    Happy birthday!

  125. Sam

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy bday! Tomorrow. Your site has taught me quite a bit, but for this I’m only going to pick one. Your Dream Job course was the biggest impact in that it enhanced not only my career, but my life as well and in that I thank you. I wish you well on your bday and I look forward to more great things.


  126. Allain

    Hi Ramit,

    I became frugal or should I say “more concious” about my spending. Its not that huge though but the lessons I learned can be applied for a lifetime. Thanks and happy birthday.

  127. Oz

    You’ve helped me to both completely pay down one of my student loans AND sock away $800 and counting as emergency savings… despite my being technically unemployed for almost that entire time frame.

    Happy birthday!

  128. Christine

    Happy Birthday Ramit! 30 was a big one for me too, same deal….now 30 years later, 2kids, 2continents, 2X’s….yada yada. You have helped me better understand the thinking of the job market. IWT book, blog, and videos have been seen multiple times. Greatly appreciate your practical direction. Wish I had the IWT knowledge 30 years ago since many entrenuer ventures (good and bad) have not netted stable savings. “In the black hole of doom” career wise and plan to send you an update with stats of how much your help changed that. Have a outstanding day!

  129. 1st Lt PT

    IWT has helped me to teach personal finance lessons to over a hundred young Marines.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  130. Richard Ford

    IWTYTBR has helped me get a bogus tax lien off my credit reports AND stopped buying $5000 of new equipment every year instead of having conversations for money with actual clients.

  131. steve

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    This Earn 1K alum took your niche strategies, and applied them to the day job in seafood sales. I have become the go-to guy on exports to Canada at my company. Overall, I have increased my sales over 12%, three years IN A ROW. This year could be the biggest yet. Thank you, sir!

    Ramit — if you are ever in the Boston area, please come to our home for an outstanding Indian dinner.

  132. Bucko

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Since I started reading the IWT blog, I negotiated a 25% raise (up to 50% if you include the performance bonus), then quit my job 6 months later (now) to go freelance while studying Chinese and programming. I also only check my emails once, or at most twice, a day. So far so good!

  133. Fitz

    Ramit though your mom’s desire is noble, don’t be stupid.

    Don’t get married.

    Getting married in India is different in America.

    People change and 2 out of 3 couples split up and the loser is always the man.

    Listen to Tom Leykis he has in internet radio show now.

    • Tyler F

      Seems legit.

  134. Sergio

    Hey Ramit

    You have taught me how to automate, use systems and go for the big wins. I have paid off $8k in cc debt, created 5 sub-saving accounts for my goals, maxed out my IRA for 2011 and 2012 and working on maxing out my 401k. Your behavioral change approach is what I enjoy the most. Thanks Ramit and Happy Birthday!

  135. Grace

    Speaking truth about money-hard truth. Making me think.

  136. EK

    Happy Birthday Ramit,
    Thanks for creating a true win-win framework.
    One of the main things I’ve gained is rethinking my approach to money and it’s place in my life & our family.
    There were dozens of times this year that I pointed to things that I did and said to my wife: this is direct influence of my Indian guy.
    Thanks for putting in the time to really research and think things out.
    The best to you and your family – both present and future.

  137. Chris Parsons

    Ramit’s Earn1k course helped my wife & I launch a successful freelance business, which we transitioned to a successful retail store. The IWTYTBR book & blog helped us save up the $15k we needed to put down for the retail business.

  138. Todd Medema

    IWT helped me up my already-good interview game, landing me internship offers as a college sophomore that were competitive with my dad’s (rather nice) salary

  139. Jennifer Lynn

    Hi Ramit, happy birthday, you crusty old man.

    Your website inspired me to pay off $15,000 worth of debt over the last few years, and to truly engage in my finances aggressively. Your site was a huge inspiration and stepping stone with learning basic but wise investment strategies, coupled with the psychological influence.

    Save us some cake, dear. =^..^=

  140. Peter Palumbo

    Hey Ramit! Happy Birthday brother.

    So when I bought your book I read it through twice the first month. I took notes and read it are fully the second time around. Then I also got an ebook version inmpdf to keep handy when mobile or somewhere where I needed to refer.

    The biggest boon I got from your book was automatic deductions and savings,all of my savings were set up like this in June of 2010 and even though I was laid off this past April I’ve saved such a nice chunk I’m sitting relaxed right now. Plenty in my 401k (money I never missed) and several sub accounts that makes my life easier to save for specific goals. That along with the investing index fund primer were best things I got out of your book.

  141. Kon

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy birthday for tomorrow! Your book and blog have had a HUGE impact on me. Since I read your book a few months ago I’ve:

    – automated my finances, all of my bills are paid on time and I save without thinking about it.

    – taken advantage of my companies 401k match (I now put away 18% of my salary)

    – used the briefcase technique to jump jobs to a much more prestigious department at work AND secured a $25k salary increase

    – used your psychological tips to put myself in a healthier environment that makes exercising seem normal

    Overall you and your blog have been INCREDIBLE! My future self is going to love you! Hahaha

  142. Cameron

    Just by using your free Dream Job material I was able to dominate an interview and land a great job. I was hired on the spot.

    Thanks Ramit!

  143. Graeme Bradbury

    One and a half years ago I saved up to attend the IWT freelancer course, then instead of doing the course took an opportunity to start my of business.

    I now have almost no debt (just 35% of my mortgage left) and can do things like buying an iPad as a treat when I feel like it.

  144. Andrew Crane


    Happy Birthday! I’ve gone further in debt. However, that has been to start a new business. It just launched today and I have been using some of the psychological tactics covered in your material to make sales and persuade people to rally around my cause.

  145. Mike G.

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You’ve helped me automate my finances, begin investing, and identify great financial products that work well for me (Schwab, credit cards, etc).

    Thanks to the Earn More Money series, I found a new job that is more aligned with my passion. I negotiated a raise that amounts to over $5000 when you factor in the benefits.

    Next, I’m finally going to tackle the Earn1k course now that my old job is no longer sapping the life out of me.

    In all, IWT has been a great blessing thus far. Thank you Ramit!

  146. Anonymous

    Watching some of your YouTube videos gave me the confidence to negotiate salary at a job interview this week. I already have a great job, but another company asked specifically for me… time to break out the big bucks!

    My husband and I are also automating our savings. His entire salary goes right to the bank.

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration, and happy birthday!

  147. Darren

    Happy Bday Ramit! Congrats on 30 years, they go by quick. I would like to say that although I cannot give you numbers as I have no numbers. I know that when I do get some numbers (I am just going into college) I will be practicing your advice. From your book, and blog I have learned more about finance and banking which are skills I will need soon down the road. Also, your advice and wisdom is much different from the frugal fony financial advisors I have also read. Thank you. Prov 13:11

  148. Karin

    So far you’ve opened my eyes to the fact that there are always possibilities to make money (…) and that frugality and making more money are 2 sides of the same coin. Still need to implement it but just realising it gives me energy and forces me to think in terms of possibilities and actionable items, not what I don’t have (yet). Congratulations !

  149. Mlt

    Ramit, your dream job taught me the importance of having multiple people review your work prior applying, how to network, and amazing interviewing tips. I just interviewed for my dream job yesterday, full well knowing that I was one of the top applicants from my networking and references. I should find out in the next week or so and owe so much to what I have learned from you! If I get this job, it will be a $10,000 pay increase and I will use that to pay off my credit card debt and student loans. Thanks!!!

  150. Kristi C.

    Happy 30 man!
    Earn1k and IWTYTBR gave me a ton of business-building tools to get me started with my own business and going independent. All our friends think we’re “rich” even though we do well but not amazingly so. We just know how to funnel and automate our money through investments and my dear ol’ American Express.

    You’re doing good things, keep ignoring the unwashed, whining masses! 🙂


  151. Elenor

    I am not in your demographic (56-yrs-old); can’t take most of your courses (still in CC debt); am not, and will not be, looking for a job as I inherited a small manufacturing company. I have been just staggering since my husband’s completely unexpected death last July. However, as I was completely emotionally unanchored; trying to pick up my entire life; realizing how unprepared we were for his death (despite actually trying to make sure we were!); unable to sell his motorcycle (didn’t own it), the car (didn’t own it), the house (not on the deed); and so on…. I ran across your blog.

    Michael had paid all our bills online (I was a “kept” wife who helped out sometimes in his business) — and while he gave me a status sheet every month for 14 years, neither of us thought to make sure I had the passwords to his online accounts! (I was not on his bank accounts.) I had his debit card, but no PIN. I could get onto this computer, but did not have his email password — and business emails came there. It took me a month and half to ‘break’ his passwords (thankfully, I knew his mind, and he’d left code like A**** and n**** in his bookmarks list).

    Reading your blog, and trying to figure out how to go on (there was only $120 (yes, that’s one hundred-twenty dollars) in his estate (no life insurance); and he had $49k CC debt — and, as it turned out: *I* had $52k CC debt!!) — was a big help. While paying the bills from his accounts (yes, probably semi-illegally), I set up my online accounts as you suggested, my automated bill-pay, my own tracking system for debts and payments. While trying to get his (now, my) company back on its feet, I kept reading the blog, and taking hope and support from all the successes people were having.

    I didn’t have to try to lower the interest on the credit cards — the highest was 9% (although I did try and fail on that one). The rest (some 12 of them, just in my name!) were below 5%; most below 3%. I also got a couple of zero-percent cards to throw $$ off the “higher” (9%) card. Couldn’t get it all paid off, but TRFed much of it. (Oh, the one I use all the time, which is 13.75%, I pay off every week or two and so have never paid any interest on it at all. And I use the (yes, minimal) cash back to “treat” myself (yes, it’s just a discount at Kroger, so I buy the fancy mint-water I adore and won’t spend “real” money on.) (I also divided up the cards in my payment scheme, so I pay the max I can on the larger amount or higher interest cards, and the minimum on the zero-percenters.)

    The court (thankfully!) has wiped out Michael’s credit card debts (an amazing thing called an Award of Year’s Support that exists ONLY in Georgia; in every other state, the credit card companies can take your house, and your family gets only what’s left over after they sell it out from under them!! Did you know that? Does anyone?). I’ve paid my own CC debts down to $42k, inherited the house, and have the bike on the market. I have replaced the old car (my mom loaned me the $20k to buy the new one free and clear. Yes, new, because I cannot handle ANY extra burdens — such as a car that is not warranted to the max!). Through this “annus horribilis” (to quote the Queen), your blog has been a welcome guidepost. I don’t follow all your advice (not all applies), but I consider it and let it point me in directions for further research. (I’ve also referred several friends closer in age to your demographic {wink} to your blog.)

    p.s., Interesting tip I learned: I had Michael’s debit card but not his PIN. Through research and thought, I came up with three possible PINs he might have used. I was whining to a friend and said I was going to the bank the next day, and would try all three PINs and then the bank ATM would eat the card. “No no,” says he! “Do NOT go to the bank, go to the gas station! You can put in as many PINs as you wish, and the pump will not eat the card.” (Thankfully, the third number worked, cause I had no fourth!) That allowed me (as legal treasurer for the company, albeit I’d never done anything as such) to write a check (“withdraw capital”) to deposit at the ATM to keep paying the bills off his account till I got those passwords figured out and could set up my own accounts!

    Happy birthday. Ramit. And thank you.

  152. Matt L.

    Thank to IWTYTBR, and more specifically the birthday boy, Ramit, I took away all the stress associated with working out. Rather than what I’d been doing in the past, saying things like, “I will work out three times this week!” I instead decided that I needed to find an actual way to motivate myself. I decided that I didn’t need to feel pressured by having a work-out deadline hanging over my head. I ended up getting a dog, which I figured would help motivate me, and over the last two months I’ve lost five pounds just walking and jogging with my dog.

    Thanks, Ramit!

  153. Paul

    Showed me the importance of big wins and automation. Through his book, he has taught me to separate my savings goals to stay focused on what is important. Ramit also gave me the skill be more productive with my time leading to negotiating an 8% raise with his word for word scripts.

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

  154. Brad

    I’ve used psychology and intentional barriers to exercise more.
    I really hate cardio – running is the worst, but I’ve always enjoyed biking.
    So, at the end of the spring quarter (I’m a grad student) I didn’t renew my parking permit, my city has a worthless public transit system. This has forced me into a few choices – bike to work (ideal), drive but park far enough off campus to not get a ticket (sucks), beg my wife to drive me (embarrassing) or drive and risk getting ticketed. I went from once a week riding to everyday. And now that it is super hot, I take clothes to shower/change once I get there, which has gotten me into the weight room for the first time in ~6 months. As you’ve said – removing barriers can be useful, but so can intentionally putting up carefully selected barriers. Money-wise this has saved me $125 parking, ~$100 in gas, + maintenance -> saving money was never the goal here, but I won’t complain about it.

  155. Ramanuj Mukherjee

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Reading your book, emails, and blogs have shaped up certain philosophies that I have about money and its value. It has led me me to make certain values to be a part of my everyday life – like negotiating down prices, now I do it all the time for fun (unless I think there’s a person on the other side who really needs the money, which is often the case in India). For instance, just the other day I negotiated Rs 800 off a Rs 5000 gym membership. I have paid back a significantly huge educational loan that financed my law school education in 8 months after a i joined a job, and I have quit to start my venture – and I think reading your blog had something to do with how aggressively I paid back my loan. I observed how you run and market your courses and now that I am in online education business, I follow some of your practices as reference point 🙂

  156. Jeremy Morgan

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Many years!

    I stumbled upon your materials just in time. They were a lifesaver. I have been in a good job but the industry is somewhat stalled and raises have been few and far between. There was a position opening in a neighboring department that was supposed to be a lateral move. Using the negotiation tactics you taught in the YouTube videos I was able to turn the lateral move into a 12% raise AND a $6,000 one time signing bonus. This from a Fortune 100 company that “regretfully does not give raises at this time” and “no longer gives signing bonuses.” Prior to watching your videos I was the picture of what you talk about. I hated negotiation. I even bought a new Saturn in 2001. This experience, however, was… dare I say it… FUN. I enjoyed the back and forth because I was prepared. I’m thinking of other areas where I can try some of these techniques out. Thank you Ramit. You’ve improved the standard of living for my family and I’m truly grateful.

  157. Dave

    Ramit today is my last day at my job. My side business has hit a point where I couldn’t juggle both, and it is no longer a “side” business.

    Its something I love, and its been with your help and motivation I’ve been able to keep plugging away where I feel comfortable (money, knowledge) making this jump.

    A big thanks from me, and a happy birthday to you!

  158. Tim McGuire

    Thank you for helping me to relax enough about money to make the right choices about it. Happy birthday to you and greetings to your mother who must be very proud of you. BTW, marriage is in itself somewhat of a financial decision that one might take seriously, but I understand the wishes of a mother. I have one myself. Peace.

  159. rbc303

    realizing I have an email problem….
    Which is the first step.
    I am now proud to say I am putting myself through email therapy and
    working towards freeing myself from email addiction.

  160. Rob

    Congratulations on your Dirty 30!!!
    Per your request:
    I learned to stop beating myself up about not paying bills on time, choosing to acknowledge my issue and instead setup a system whereby all my bills are paid on time automatically. Huge weight off my shoulders.

    I also managed to lose 30lbs, getting back down to a size 32″, by detailing out 4 different weekly meal plans and shopping lists. I never see the same meal twice in a month and it makes fine tuning my calories and macros a breeze. Huge weight off my…

    Long story short, thanks for the reality check.

  161. T.H.

    Your mini-course on negotiations gave me the courage to not be afraid of negotiating a higher salary ($13,000 more in my case). Watching those free videos and reading your material was the best hour I ever spent so far this year. It paid off so well and really built up my confidence when it came time to talking about getting a salary that I would be happy with. Happy birthday and thanks Ramit!

  162. Suzy

    Happy Birthday!

    I have learned by writing down what I spend that I am more aware and that helps me focus on financial goals. I love shopping so I need help putting the brakes on! My immediate goals are to save $ for the unexpected and to make it through the month w/o touching my savings.

  163. Vivek

    My favorite post of yours changed my mentality completely.
    Rather than focusing on saving every dime, you showed me how it’s more efficient and better to focus my energy on making more dime(s).

    Yet, still focusing on the big wins such as rent, loans and what not.

  164. huber

    Hazle caso a tu madre, no en el sentido de la urgencia sino en el sentido de la importancia. Para mucha gente esta decision es la que marca la vida en sus finanzas futuras tambien ( para bien o para mal)

    Creo yo que la principal virtud de tu esfuerzo, programa y trabajo diario, reside, entre otras muchas caracteristicas favorables, en que nos mantiene pensando dia a dia en como mantener bajo control las cuestiones que no siempre se perciben como importantes para la construccion de un patrimonio. Dia a dia es como se construye todo esto.

    Felicidades otra vez

    • CL

      Translation (with a little bit of license):

      Pay attention to your mom, not in the sense of urgency but in the sense of importance. For a lot of people, this decision is THE life-changing decision in their future finances too (for better or for worse).

      I think that the greatest virtue of your effort, program, and daily work is in, among other awesome things, how you keep us thinking every day about how to control stuff that we may not know is important for accumulating wealth. Day by day is how you have to build wealth.

      Congratulations again

  165. Dustin Yoder


    Your book is still the #1 book i suggest to people. It seems that basic finance is the most common problem I see out there with your professionals. For myself, I have saved of $30K due to automation (ie..not even noticing it was leaving bc of your book). The best part is that i began doing it when I could only do $50 a month while working for a non-profit. As my life changed, I increased my auto savings to where i now auto save $3K a month. Your the man and I hope to work with you soon….on my project i emailed you about ( i will reach out soon).

    Enjoy your birthday and tell your mom that finding a beautiful women as good as her is very hard now a days. She set the standards high!


  166. Stephanie F.

    Your Dream Job course is helping me get through getting my first job after graduate school. After practicing a ton, I’ve had two interviews that went really well and they are setting me up with more. Thank you!

  167. Karyie

    Happy birthday!! I don’t have numbers for you, but you inspired me to leave my well-paid and abusive boyfriend. You emails gave me the confidence to believe I deserved better in life. Thank you.

  168. Brian F.

    I learned that everything is negotiable, and your biggest negotiating mistake is just not negotiating. I was accepted to my top-choice medical school along with a $10,000/year scholarship (for four years) and was also accepted a few weeks later to a second school along with a $5,000/year scholarship. I wasn’t going to attend the second school anyway, so I could’ve just stopped there, but instead I called them up and told them about my bigger scholarship from the first school, and a half hour later the dean called me back telling me they had quadrupled my scholarship to $20,000/year. The next day I spoke with the dean of admissions at the first school, my preferred school, and told him what the second school did. He immediately offered me an additional $10,000/year to match the second school’s offer. I would’ve had no idea that my scholarship was negotiable at all or that these schools I worked so hard to get into would fight over me, but with almost no work I was able to save $40,000 in tuition over four years. (I’ve also used, “What can you do to help me get this fee waived?” successfully once or twice, but that’s a much smaller win.) Thanks, Ramit, and happy birthday!

  169. John Liddle

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    Your book, downloadable materials and blog have helped me better to organize my finances and to stay on top of them more easily.

    I like your intelligent approach and your relentless focus on what works. In my opinion you are performing a very valuable public service.

    I met my mate when I was 40 and she was 32. The wait was worth it.

    Best wishes,


  170. Amy

    Used your script to get a late fee removed from my credit card. I’m a fairly new IWT reader and am looking forward to using more of your systems in the future. Thanks and happy birthday!

  171. Shashi

    I haven’t red your book

  172. Samantha

    I was able to automate my finances; now I don’t have to worry if I’m saving enough to take my trip abroad, because I’m automatically setting aside enough each month and still making ends meet!

  173. Michael Lindsay

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    One of the things I’m really excited about was the encouragement I received to really know my finances, my credit score, debt, the good, bad and ugly. I faced my credit score, and guess what? It wasn’t that bad. Now I’ve automated my bills so I don’t panic each month, all month, about what I’ve paid and what I haven’t, I have an automated plan, so I can now look ahead, tweak my system, and feel a sense of control and peace. My immediate goals are to plan for my retirement in a systematic way, and I’m not scared of it.

    Michael Lindsay

  174. Joshua

    Hey Ramit,
    In the past four months, I have used your product on time management to really kick things into gear. I am a music teacher, and your blog helped me realize how big my network already is from being a student for so long. I used the connections you helped me see to reach out to people who knew how to get students and learn from them (even getting 3 customers that they couldn’t handle anymore!).
    Using their techniques (and yours) I was able to get phone numbers for over 30 jr. high school parents, lock down 5 more students, obtain a teaching space for free, and get my musical life back.
    I also used your material on resumes and interviewing to get a job. It’s only selling phones , but I know without your stuff I probably wouldn’t have been able to get the job. Really more than anything it all taught me that any one idea that you actually put into practice is worth millions that you write in a notebook, and for that there is no way to thank you enough.

  175. Theresa L

    Happy Bday Ramit! Thanks for obliterating lame excuses, which has caused me to end relationships with people who waste time and money.The Holy Spirit has given me greater visions and plans to achieve short term goals.Putting out tenants, enlarging family living space, planning regular meetings for my home based business. Thanks for the coaching.

  176. Rong Liu

    Hi, Ramit,

    Happy Birthday!

    I like your blog postings because it is a mixture of fun, inspiration, and insight. Making people smile while reading what you have to say is a good talent to keep.

    I like your “brief case” video clip. I thought it was effective. Interviewing for jobs is generally a buyer’s market, unless you are a super star like Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. You need to do everything you have to do to show that you are eager, interested, and qualified. You need to get into the interviewer’s head and sit in his/her chair as a human being to really understand what is needed, what helps, and why your teachings, and the different technques taught by other coaches and experts are effective. Thanks and keep up your good work.

  177. Terrell

    Earn 1k helped me start my freelancing business after I left my last job. It gave me the confidence to set a high hourly rate (against everyone else’s advice!) and still get work. I was making about $26/hour at my corporate job and then I turned around and charged them $60/hour when I left. I also learned helpful ways to find clients through your course. Thanks and happy birthday.

  178. Barbara Zaha

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Best solution for your mom issues is to bring home a girl who is the complete opposite of what she imagine’s a future daughter-in-law to be like. Act like its serious and mom will relax and let you do your thing . . .

    That’s my gift to you for giving me the gift of realizing how very deep in trouble I am financially and professionally. So please say a wish for me, too, when you blow out the birthday candles on your cake!


  179. Lirie

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I have not been an active voice on your blog, but have been attending webinars and have been following your emails for well over a year. I have learned so much from you and appreciate all your advice.

    Since “knowing you” I have re-written my resume so that it reads like a narrative; every word on my resume exists only to describe the one line description of myself. It is clear, strong, interesting, and straightforward.
    In April I left a Freelancing position with a global branding company for a full-time position, a $20,000 pay increase, and full benefits at a competing company. Thanks to your webinar on how to negotiate pay, I did not state any salary range during the interview although I was asked several times. I also do design work on the side, currently have two great clients, and volunteer for another which I enjoy doing very much.

    This year my goal is to continue paying off my huge student loan debt (which I automated the payments thanks to you) and begin to increase my credit score. I do not have bad credit, just not enough credit. Also, want to open an online savings account, and will be doing more research into a Roth IRA.

    Thank you Ramit! I hope this year is your best yet!

  180. Kevin Sterling

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I love your streamlined banking advice and investment tips. My financial life is wayyyyy simpler than it used to be and I’m saving some coin each month!


  181. Jules

    Happy birthday Ramit. Since joining Earn 1K I’ve doubled my income through my side gig. This month my side gig brought in more than double my monthly salary.

  182. Martha

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! I use free material and purchased 6 week time manaagement course. I’m working through it more slowing than 6 weeks, taking the time to put in place and use the techniques I’m learning before moving to the next lesson. I am determined to make changes, ultimately to making more money. Getting control of my time, so far by using a task list, managing email and, most important, setting detailed goals with individual steps to meet those goals, with a time scheule in which to meet them, has had the biggest impact so far. Thank you.

  183. Aaron D.

    Although I’m sexier than Ramit, I have to give him mad props. He inspired an overall shift in the way I see finances, value, and negotiation. I’m now more empowered when it comes to money, and also…

    – I increased my annual income from <$50k to $135k
    – I paid off student loans of $33k in 1 yr
    – I now max my 401(k) and have an IRA

  184. Aaron D.

    And happy birthday, and thank you.

    Write another book!

  185. Brian Harnish

    Dear Ramit:

    Happy 30th Birthday! I am a young professional college dropout. I’ve read many of your postings from your blog and I am currently reading your book, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”. Undoubtedly, I’ve learned a lot about conscience spending, saving and investing. More importantly (in my opinion), I’ve gained a different perspective and better understanding on what it actually means to be “rich”.

    In my workplace, I understand “the game that’s being played” more clearly. Which in-turn, has given me more confidence (odd but true), and leverage at times. I’ve busted my butt using your techniques and now I am getting a promotion… no word on a comp increase yet tho.

    Lastly, I must admit I’m not saving and investing at my full potential… but I am on the right path now thanks to your material and your strategic thought process.


    Brian Harnish

  186. Bunny

    Ramit, I have learned so many things from you. I bought your book the day it first came out. I have learned to automate my finances…what little I have. But that lead me to better planning too. I have learned to not give up on what I want…it is an ongoing process of tests until you find something that works. I test ideas all the time and now don’t beat myself up when something doesn’t work. Just move on or tweak it some how. I have a long way to go but most of all…you taught me to not give up.

  187. Jason T

    I just discovered your site yesterday. Now, I’m not the “I’ll-figure-this-out” type of person anymore.

  188. Bunny

    And by the way, happy birthday. It’s my birthday today too. don’t worry about mom. I have a son a out your age and he isn’t married yet either. There is plenty of time for that. You don’t have a biological clock to worry about.

  189. Helen

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your automation techniques and credit card scripts helped me and my husband to pay off over $80,000 in credit card debt and other personal debt like auto loans. Now the only debt that remains is $104,000 in student loan debt. I feel confident that we will be able to pay that off in the next two years.

    Thank you!

  190. George Mihaly

    Ramit, I shared your FREE youtube videos on interviewing with my dad and he landed his target job. Not only is my mom super excited that my dad has consistent work, but my dad is now more confident speaking to people, and incredibly thankful to me for pushing him to watch, re-watch, and put into action the advice your share in your videos. Thank you so much & have the best birthday ever! -George

    (Note-I was born in Slovakia and my family is first generation here in the US)

  191. Eileen

    I read your article on barriers and how small wierd things can hold us back. Mine was working out – so I get my work clothes ready in the evening, put them next to the bed and got a coffee pot I could program. Now I get up and slip into my workout clothes, hit the gym and come home to a fresh cup of hot coffee. I’ve lost 30 lbs, three clothes sizes and sleep like a baby! Thank you so much. It made such a wonderful difference in my life.

  192. AK

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    learned about IWT through an interview with Ramit in Fortune or some similar magazine. Through that article and IWT I learned the importance of systems, and do have $100/week moved to my savings account, till there’s enough there for emergency fund of 6 months to a year. This is good system for me since I don’t normally think about my finances, so putting things on auto-pilot is good.

  193. Bendik L.

    Happy b-day!
    The story of ur dad and his floor mats just won me several thousand more dollars in advertising. Really awesome.

  194. Scott

    I have successfully re-negotiated short term debt, automated almost all of monthly expenses and started a U-level correspondence course to become a mortgage broker. I haven’t studied at this level for over 30 years and I am loving the challenge. I have also lost over 30 lbs. and I am fitting in an exercise program to boot. You don’t get all of the credit, BUT the steady diet of reminders is a MAJOR contributing factor to my staying on task with all of these things. I also work full time in retail boat sales, and expect to have completed the course and be registered before September. Thank you.

  195. Alex

    1) I have opened a Roth, started investing in lifestyle funds, and am saving for retirement.
    2) I no longer have any guilty feelings while spending my money, because I always set aside my fun money for the month (guilt surrounding spending – on anything totally unnecessary to survival – used to be a HUGE issue for me).
    3) I have been introduced to DailyWorth (awesome!) and Tim Ferriss (for the first time in my life, I can almost see my abs!).
    4) I have changed my hobby (teaching free group dance classes) into a source of side-income (paid private classes).

    Room for improvement:
    1) Stop giving so many concessions during negotiating.
    2) Build my dance classes into a business that actually makes me more than just chump change.
    3) Networking. Ramit calls it, I find myself saying “I’ll make that list of people I want to talk to AFTER dinner/the lesson/work/…”

  196. David

    I was unemployed/underemployed for 6 months last year. Got on the DJ program and two months later I had a great job with a great company. Easily the best career move I have made.

  197. Antoine


    I found your website googling methods to get rich. Since then I have bought your book, logged on to your webinars and read numerous invaluable insights from your mails. My greatest take so far is financial automation, and being selective in my focus.

    Happy Birthday

  198. Anna

    Happy birthday to you, and happy savings to me! I’m about to turn 30 myself, and this week I opened up my first ever Roth IRA, with 1000 shiny dollars I was able to save in part thanks to your advice =)

  199. Kate

    Just ONE thing?

    1. By automating my finances, I’ve had an emergency savings account that has saved my bacon twice in the last year.

    Okay, I gotta add:

    2. Using your natural networking tips (and the video on meeting famous people), I have landed a new job within a week of starting a job search, and now have started getting offers when I’m not even looking.

    3. Using your negotiation techniques, I have discovered that in some situations, it’s not possible to get the salary any higher because of arbitrary corporate rules about what my position “should” pay — which has helped me understand that it’s time for me to make the move to the next tier in my industry.

    Happy birthday Ramit — hope this helps convince your mom you’re doing the right thing!

    P.S. I know you asked earlier for people to post a video testimonial, but I have to tell you — I would NEVER post of video of myself to the internet. I am a huge fan of the internet and the exchange of information that it allows, but the population of free-roaming assholes who like to trash everything? I keep my distance from them, and I definitely would not put up a video of myself anywhere they might get at it. I know you like data points, so there’s a free one, for your birthday.

  200. Danil Watson

    Ramit, Happy 30th Birthday! I appreciate the amount of no-nonsense/blunt/ingenious information you’ve shared over the years. As a mom, I know your mother is extremely proud of your success. Congrats & keep up the great work!

    Your blog & IWTYTBR book has been our Bible in getting out of debt. My hubby & I paid off close to $45k in 5 years. We now only have 1 creditor (our car we purchased this past December). Not only that we have about 95% of our finances automated and spend less than 30 minutes a month managing our accounts. My bff & I have also partnered and started a business on the side with the main financial goal being to be able to work from home comfortably and raise our kids within 2 years.

    There are no words that can express how much your information has changed our mindset & our lives. Thank you!

    Kindest Regards from Chicago,


  201. Chris Montone

    Happy Birthday Ramit! IWT has fundamentally changed how I think and handle most aspect of my life. Here a few examples.

    1) On a monthly basis I spend about 15 minutes in my mint account and look at my largest expenditures and my re-occurring expenditures to see if I can reduce my spending or eliminate them all together. I focus on big wins only.

    2) I used to commute over an hour each way to work because I had cheap rent. I really looked at what it was costing to commute that far and I moved within walking distance to work. I know save several hundreds a month on gas and car expenses not to mention the extra 2-3 hours a day to myself.

    3) I’ve used the scripts and tools to apply for jobs and connect with pontential mentors. I’m still weak in this area but I was completely afraid to even try before.

    These are just a few examples. When I first start reading IWT I was probably a C- or even D person as Ramit would call it, now I would say I’m a B-. Looking forward to being an A+ some day. Keep up the good work, people in the self help and information industry need to model you.

  202. RS

    Ramit has:

    -Saved me at least 2 hours a month for the past 2 years (Two WHOLE days of my life!) thanks to his advice on automating bills.

    -Given me the tools that helped me rock a group interview from the first minute til the last which helped in my acceptance into a prestigious graduate fellowship program.

    Happy Birthday Ramit, keep up the good work and create even more exciting, stimulating and thoughtful ways to make our lives better.

    Robert S.

  203. S

    Happy Birthday. You deserve a big birthday celebration tomorrow.

    I am probably your mom’s age group and my origin is from the same demography, so I fully understand her side. I came across your website accidentally. I am searching jobs for several months now but the age discremination is there whether one admits or not. I enjoy reading your blogs and it helps me when I go for interviews with the list ‘What I can do for them’. With my years of experience it is not hard to make such a list, but never occured to me this way before.

    By the way, your mom is right, marriage is a wonderful thing and you are her sucess story!

  204. Alex

    1) Happy Birthday!

    2) Automating finances clears up my mind to focus on earning more income

    3) the Earn1k program was amazing! My biggest takeaway was using the briefcase technique to position myself as an expert in my field.

  205. Jonathan

    If I could distill all of Ramit’s advice into a single sentence, it would be: Life is better when you are in control of it.

    Thanks for reinforcing this idea. Thanks for showing me that invisible barriers, while easily overlooked, can just as easily be overcome (systems!).

    Thanks to you, I automated my finances and eliminated nearly every ounce of stress that previously accompanied it. I now have a 3-month emergency fund, and am on track to eliminate 27K of student loans in two years instead of 10.

    Happy Birthday!

  206. micha

    Hey Ramit! Happy birthday!
    I´ve learnt so many things here, but the most useful to me as a freelance web designer was to learn how to negociate with customers. Thanks to that i´ve been able to only keep the best paying, less annoying ones thus increasing my income in at least 40%

  207. Jenn

    Your blog has taught me to pay attention to money. Instead of spending so much on needless things, I now have a budget and spend only what I need and will open my first savings account next month.

    Thanks for the great info and have a wonderfully blessed birthday!

  208. Sue

    Hi Ramit,

    I signed up for one of your courses a few months ago. Earn1K. After completing the course, I went on to find 3 new clients netting in $4,500 of investment money.

    I run a side business acting as fund manager. Earn1K has taught me how to market my skills, identify potential clients, and to funnel in the right ones. Most important of all is to just take action, always deliver value, establish a relationship based on trust (not just sales), and provide solutions to people’s problems.

    I’m now working on a website about personal finance. My husband and I have been talking about it for the past 2-3 years but we just never got around to it. I’m just going to take action and just do it. We’ll see how it turns out.

    Another thing I’ve learned from Earn1K is to look for many ways to earn. Have multiple streams of income outside my 9-5. Being laid off once was enough of an eye opener to realize I can’t depend on my job.

    Happy Birthday

  209. Dave

    After we were both laid off from crappy jobs roughly three years ago, my girlfriend and I had less than $200 between us. We couldn’t get unemployment and we didn’t feel like we were appropriate for welfare, so we brilliantly spent our days just freaking out and sending off hundreds of copies of our loser resumes. Eventually, she became a full-time university student (no income) and I got a $10/hour job in a creepy sleep research lab. I bought IWTYTBR because of its silly day-glo cover and the jokes in the first few pages, and read the book over a week of meager brown bag lunches at work. Your suggestions made sense and were stupidly easy, so I immediately implemented them and got my gf on-board as well.

    Three years later, she has new math and physics degrees from the best university in our state, and a cool new job in a history museum. I work in a much cooler research setting. We now make over $80k/year (with full benefits) between us, rent a house in a great area, and regularly go on spontaneous fun trips. I just checked my savings accounts and they total over $14k–along with another $12k of investments in Roth IRA’s and the like. She’s got another $5k+ of savings and investments, even though she has only been working again for about six months. I bought her a ridiculous platinum engagement ring after negotiating 85% off, and we can painlessly afford to pay for our wedding ourselves.

    Oh, and I also did your Earn1K program. Yes, I earned $1k–and more–and am working on my own fun business on the side.

    Not too bad for three short years, if I can say so myself. Sorry for the long comment, but your stuff has genuinely improved my life far more than my business Master’s degree or any other money/career advice I’ve seen. Thanks for being a normal, smart-ass person.

  210. Lala

    Dear Ramit,

    I’m still a student in an art school but thanks to you I have been extremely focused, understanding the difference between maybe a commercial aspect of art (no shame in that) and the fine art part, and how I might want to combine both in the future.

    I started selling my secondhand clothing and stuff I don’t use instead of clogging up my space and it has me helped tremendously! I became more conscious of my spending, and if I want something new, I’ll sell something old/unused.

    Also lately the advice on email was very helpful.

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

    Have a good one!


  211. Gary Coutard

    Party hard, Ramit!

    Thanks to the Brief-case Technique I was able identify my dream job (clients) and leave my crappy old job on good terms; by using your psychology tips and losing the “I-I-I” factor I maintain a good relationship with my former employer. Brief-case technique also allowed me to negotiate a severance pay of 50% my monthly paycheck when the offering quote was 0.
    Preparing for job interviews before hand and using a Game Plan has increased my Client-landing by 30%.
    Networking and Email scripts got my my best 2 clients so far!

    After the party, come back to sanity and keep the tips coming!

  212. Sydbrrtt

    IWTYTBR motivated me to put myself out there to make more money instead of cutting coupons. In addition to a day job, I’ve co-founded a startup, started my own consulting freelance and I started doing work through a contract agency. I’m now averaging an extra $4,000 to $5,000 a month through contract work alone.
    This time last year I was happy to buy 10 tubes of toothpaste for $2 with coupons.

    So thanks for the inspiration.

  213. Tim of Angle

    Dude, listen to your mother. I’ve been married, and I’ve been single, and MARRIED IS BETTER. Marriage is like LASIK — you’ll eventually do it, and you’ll kick yourself for every day you delayed.

  214. Ola

    Well, I just subscribed yesterday and haven’t had a chance to delve into the site yet. But anyway, wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!

  215. S

    happy birthday Ramit!

    I have been reading Ramit since–not sure when, at least a year and maybe two. I have not taken any of the full-length courses because I have CC debt, but I can swear to the value of the material!
    I have made about $2000 on the side working from home.
    I used the Pre Dream Job email scripts to get some very cool informational interviews.
    I read a book Ramit recommended: “the Power of Full Engagement” which is awesome and addresses making changes by creating rituals that have meaning for you, rather than trying to muscle through on willpower, which studies show is in limited supply for us humans.


  216. Megan

    Paying off ALL my credit cards. And that’s no small amount. And paying down quite a bit of a home equity loan.


  217. Mr. Wonderfull :)

    IWT has helped tremendously! In my last year of college I purchased your book. Before reading it I never owned a credit card and had monthly fees on my bank account. After reading it I followed the weekly program and eventually set-up my own personal automated system! Using your book and web material as references I negotiated out of hundreds of dollars from overdraft fees my bank wanted to charge me! I dropped my old bank for a high-interest (FREE) checking and savings account. I also TODAY, negotiated a raise with my employer! Thank you IWT!

  218. PW

    Firstly tell you mom there is a 50% divorce rate, maybe she will give you a break!. The main thing you got thru to me with, via your blogs, emails and your book is to invest $ monthly into an emergency account and other sub accounts, which I am doing at Ing. I have also negoitated some bills, credit card fees down. But best of all I like your style, like don’t waste my time and get rid of the credit card debt. Hope this helps.

  219. Brent

    Only got introduced to IWT a couple months ago. So far it’s more about what I’ve ‘unlearned’ rather than learned. I’ve been on a diligent quest of self development and evolution for about a year and a half now and your writings have helped me break down the barriers that plague the majority of the population. At first I didn’t like how you refer to the “unwashed masses” but upon further inspection I’ve concluded that this term is appropriate. The term sounded a little condescending but yes, majority of my peers, my social circle and the general population spend zero time and effort investing in themselves. Instead they are pacified by sports, entertainment, and over priced drinks at their local bars. Not to say we shouldn’t indulge in a little nightlife, but don’t leave self-investment on the backburner! This leads to a life of mediocrity at best and a failed life at worst. Happy birthday and may you have many more!

  220. Tulio

    Happy birthday and thanks for everything! I’ve been following the blog for 2.5 years, have read your book and have taken the Productivity Pack course. All are amazing. I have automated my financial life and saved thousands of dollars per year, I have implemented testing, productivity techniques and behavior change to work and personal life with deep impacts on all areas. Couldn’t thank you enough.

  221. Eleanor

    Happy Birthday!
    Your blog & programs have helped me:
    1) save $20,000 this ytd;
    2) & earn +$2,000/month 1k program; (1+2 subtotal = $44,000 for 1 year)
    3) wake up & smell the coffee – make decision to aim Way higher (Dream Job), (previous position put me in the red monthly as I was investing $ in losing venture, now aiming for six-figure salary that will get me the contacts & buoy me along for next entrepreneurial venture);
    4) have a good time while following the system & sticking with it (priceless);
    5) develop long-term approaches (system) to identify errors, opportunities and improve performance (Dream Job). This system has helped in ALL aspects of my life & amazingly I can afford to do a lot of stuff that I thought was out of my reach!
    6) Negotiate out of any credit card late fees or charges (saved: $25/occurrence + %/day), save on upcoming move ($200), phone bill ($40/month;= $480/yr), and the list goes on.
    7) (odd number for good luck): thanks to the great program Dream Job – in “Natural Networking”, I parlayed my way into high-level meetings and met great people (long-term investment). It is so exciting & fascinating that whenever I think of it, I just grin ear to ear, knowing that success is on the way 🙂 – Thank you & Happy birthday Ramit!

  222. Karen

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    I have learned how to take a different approach to finding my dream job by contacting local leaders in my fields of interests, and they’ve been receptive! Thank you for all the help.

  223. R S

    It makes me laugh.
    Thanks & Happy Birthday!

  224. Brad

    I saved about 600 dollars this year by negotiating and using the 85% principle.

  225. Brit

    Hi Ramit-
    I am a career counselor, employed by a non-profit, primarily tasked with counseling TANF recipeints (aka welfare) toward self-sufficiency. I won’t lie, its a thank less, depressing, low wage job. Your blog has changed my life in a number of ways:

    1) I automated my finances. My $1500 in credit card debt is gone, I use my credit card for groceries and pay it off in full each month. (actually I put $300 on a whole foods gift card with my credit card each month, then pay off the credit card the day after and only carry a whole foods gift card in my wallet) I save $150 per month automatically. I almost have $1000 saved. I put $600/month on my debt…thats 25% of my income. The main thing though, I don’t obsess over my bank account. I don’t check my bank account every day, or multiple times a day, I used to. I FEEL IN CONTROL.

    2) I am starting a side business. In property management. I’m already the manager of my apartment building, so my rent is only $600 (split with my bf) He’s meeting with the building owner today to negotiate handling the landscaping for an additional rent deduction. I’ll let you know how that goes.

    3) I feel empowered to double my income (from 30,000/yr to 60,000/yr) within a year as an independent property manager. Its weird, but one of the motivations is to be able to write into this blog and share my success story. Look for that in 2013:)

    Thanks Ramit & Team!

  226. Melody

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    I want to thank you for reminding me that it is truly “up to me”!
    As for you getting married, Ramit, you simply cannot marry just anyone. She must be as happy and helpful to others as you are. She also must be good enough for your mothers blessings. This is no small order! Think BIG! Tell mom you are still searching for someone as wonderful as her. No one else will do.
    Again Happy Birthday!

  227. Catherine

    You’re really funny and you make me laugh … Good Job!

  228. Julian

    Finally realised i was just an information addict and rarely acted on anything! Previously always focussed on “finding my passion” rubbish rather than getting out there and doing something, anything, while earning money! Just bought an existing business, and developing to make 1-2k a month in my spare time.

    Thanks for your continued bluntness! & Happy Birthday!

  229. Ryan Son

    Congratulation Ramit
    If, if you felt vacant or sad in this great day, I hope my comment can be helpful to make you feel better.
    What you did and do told me the truth I tried to ignore- fear to be more specific for my career.
    After I read your blog, I stared changing my habit to keep comfortable situation in my room, and tried many things to apply in my life.
    I met friend to broaden the network, I researched my client’s problem and built the better solution to make my client happy, tried to negotiate the salary from my presentation.

    It was huge change for me.
    And I know your valuable efforts to create this system.
    Through this comment I want to show my appreciation to you and what you did until now.

    Again Happy Birthday Ramit

    – Ryan Son from Korea

  230. Derek

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy Birthday! Your advice was instrumental in helping getting a new job that paid $17,000 more per year. I don’t think I could have hustled and put in the full amount of energy required to wow the department head if it hadn’t been for your lessons. I also haven’t been calculating how much money you’ve saved me by negotiating for everything and eliminating fees. You are one of a kind and I can’ thank you enough.

  231. Lacey


    IWT helps me walk a direct path to achieving financial success. Thank you! Since IWT I’ve raised the bar in my career and salary. By doing so, this automatically translates over to all areas of my life. Life is great! Happy 30th!

  232. Brolin Walters

    Ramit – Happy Birthday!

    IWTYTBR has helped me do the following:

    Automate my finances; lower my auto insurance by 50%; rack up 10s of thousands in rewards points; pay off 3k in debt & save 5k in about 6 months; teach my friends how to negotiate for 10s of thousands in more in salary (scripts); and got things in motion for creating a scholarship similar to the one you used to have.

    The hundreds of comments should be a testament that you are doing things right! Keep it up!

  233. Lucy Ra

    Awww, the big 3-0!
    Well, Ramit, the biggest difference you made on me was with the Dream Job course. I don’t have a story with numbers just yet, but I know I will have one very soon and it’s gonna be big!

    2nd biggest – investing. Thanks to that I’m not stuffing all of my extra cash under my bed. Retirement funds close to 100k may not be much, but feels pretty good for a gal in her late 20’s.

    Your mom loves you and she just wants you to be happy. Be nice to her but go with your gut feeling.

    Have an awesome and memorable birthday!
    We are so glad you were born 🙂

  234. isabel

    IWT taught me to take risks to the point of failure. If I’m not getting rejections and failing then I’m not risking enough. I’ve learned to see failure and rejection as proof that I’m trying hard enough to reach limits. Limits teach me to try new things.

  235. Varaneka Laxmi

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! I am really grateful for your negotiation techniques and sharing your preferred investment checking/credit cards.

  236. Jennafer

    Ramit, honestly, you haven’t helped me with much. It’s not you, though, it’s me. I literally have no money for you to help me figure out how best to spend. I know what I’m exceptional at, and it’s not in demand. I simply am a dud “student”.

    You do keep me upbeat by picturing a time when I’ll be able to use your advice… You do a great job with those who are already on their feet, helping them go much further.

  237. Dani

    Your blog and your book have raised my financial knowledge from 0 to a higher-than-average baseline. Not high – I still have plenty of work to do especially in investing – but higher than average!

    Earn1K helped me cut loose a side business that I had been doing for FOUR YEARS that was only making me $120 a month for anywhere between 8 and 32 hours of work, to focus on bigger wins.

    The Dream Job course has been the biggest success for me. I used to rely on better-than-average (which is still pretty crappy) resume and interview skills to get my fabulous $15-to-$21-an-hour nonprofit admin-type jobs. I was terrified of networking, especially because I didn’t really understand what it was.

    I needed to begin a new job search, because my contract ends in the fall. I guessed that I would be looking for something similar again, maybe putting more energy into my writing in my free time so that I’d feel satisfied with my life. I was flipping mentally through a lot of other jobs too that I had no idea how to get and didn’t really have the skills for.

    Through the exercises in the Dream Job course, I started looking at marketing jobs – something I had always dreamed of doing, until I chose a college that didn’t have an advertising major. (You can see how much effort I put into researching that at the time – I could have majored in communications, but I didn’t know that could lead me to the same places.)

    I discovered that there was such a thing as social media strategists and community managers, and realized that I had been doing that kind of work for literally half my life – on the side, for fun, for my own businesses, as part of my regular jobs, and that this was something I loved doing, was passionate about, and was very experienced with. Just the first two informational interviews confirmed that I was already doing the work, and taught me how to sell myself. I am still in the process of doing informational interviews, but I’ve already been contacted by two recruiters who saw my new LinkedIn profile, (much more targeted and focused, thanks to the Dream Job techniques!), for pretty high-profile positions.

    Meanwhile, most of my coworkers are still trying to figure out what kind of jobs to apply for, and looking at low-paying jobs that require much less experience than they have. Our current job? Helping people figure out what they want to do with their careers and how to get there! Oh, the irony.

  238. Galen

    It’s tough to pick just one things because over the last year, I’ve learned a brazillian things from your blog, book, and newsletter: to cut out the unimportant things more while focusing on the things I really enjoy; to focus on the big wins and big savings instead of the minutiae; to make systems instead of “trying harder”; to focus on making myself a top performer and looking at what I offer instead of what I want; and to not put up with bullshit, to name a few.

    The biggest one though, is learning to systematically test things instead of waiting for the right answer to just magically come to me. It really helps to be more effective and not waste time.

    Thanks for everything! I don’t think there’s anything you could say to your mother, though–don’t waste your time!

  239. Andy

    Happy Birthday!
    The biggest thing I got from IWT was learning to automate as many things as I can. Set up a system you believe in, trust it an let it go.
    The next thing I need to do is take the advice and find a new job situation.
    Happy Birthday and don’t go to Vegas and accidently get married. 🙂

  240. paisley

    Your work has helped me IMMENSELY. I have followed you for the last 6 months while trying to find my dream job in my industry of visuals/window display. A week ago I was able to accept a job for an incredibly perfect position after successfully negotiating salary there, against several other offers. I would not have achieved any of this (or even known where to begin) without IWT. I begin my new job in midtown Manhattan July 9th!

    Thank you thank you thank you,
    P.S. My potential future mother-in-law is 1st generation Korean, and my boyfriend will be 32 this summer, so I understand your sentiment exactly.

    • Paisley

      P.S. I decided to pay off my outstanding college debt in one lump sum three nights ago after re-reading parts of your book(!) I am 13 months out of school.

  241. Alex Daniel

    Hi Ramit,
    Happy Birth Day ! Listen to your mother, make her happy you will be glad. Honor your parents, I am from India and with 3 grown up kids age 26,24,and 22 . I am encouraging them to learn from you some of the things you recomend. I am trying to follow up with some of the positive things I read on your blog. Thanks, keep up the good work. Alex
    PS: I hope you won’t use any fowl language, remember you have a great following.

  242. Natasha

    Happy Early Birthday Ramit and THANK YOU!!!

    I started reading your blog in Spring of 2011 and got a hold of your book which has really helped me to take control of my finances and my career! Not only have I adjusted my investments to be more profitable in the long run, but I’ve also landed my dream job which is a place that I not only love working at but is also where I’m getting double what my previous salary was!

    I’m still working on my credit and getting rid of lingering debt while working on a freelance idea to up my income even more, but I know for sure I’m on the right track, which is far more than what I could say about a year ago. Your work has really made me stop and think about my own psychology on finances and how to take control of my life in general. Thanks so much Ramit and here’s to many more years of success to you and others who want to make a positive change in their lives!

  243. V

    You helped me realize that will power has it’s limits. Automation of tasks is an excellent way to getting things done and avoiding everything between intention and execution. HAPPY B!

  244. Ryan Flynn

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    You’ve taught me so much, but the biggest is the framework you provide for a fully automated financial system. This has gotten me saving for short term goals, making monthly retirement contributions, and spending guilt-free.

    Hope it truly is your best year yet!


  245. Cat

    One of the biggest things I’ve learned is respecting my time and knowledge. I’m a helper and before I wanted to help everyone and never had time for me and what was important to me. Now I choose what to take on and also “test” those asking for help. I ask them to follow up in an email outlining the help they need. Most people never bother to follow up. Elevating the type of people I had has given me better opportunities, new friends, and a lot of growth in my life.

  246. Anne Briggs

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    You are important to me because you challenge the notion that personal finance is uncool or only for old people. You want younger people to learn how to do well no matter the economic climate and I love that energy and enthusiasm. But I have to say that I am with your mom on the settling down aspect. You have no idea the personal finance challenges faced by families today and we need your help in this area!

  247. Reem

    Happy Birthday Ramit.
    There is no specific thing that I could value about IWTBR, except the fact that it always reminds me that if I want to get a bargain, whether it’s a dream job, a salary increase or a bill reduction, the most important thing is to get in touch with the Human who’s controlling my issue, and basically put myself in their shoes and build my case accordingly!

  248. Deborah

    Automating my finances means I now know what I am saving and have some peace of mind that an emergengy won’t take me out. Paying off $8,000 of credit card debt in the past year is empowering. I have also been inspired to set up an Etsy site which is a work in progress, and sell over $300 in books through the Amazon merchant system – which all goes to the credit card debt! Big wins for me!! Also going through the Productivity exercises, and already implemented the “time blocking” technique at work to tackle work tasks more effectively.

  249. Don Jacobsmeyer

    Of the many things you’ve taught me through IWT, the most important thing I have learned is how and why creating value is so important. When building any kind of relationship establishing true value that the other party actually wants is my target now. Having that clear definable goal has let me break down some barriers to move forward to chase down goals and meet/talk to people with purpose.
    I appreciate all your help and words of wisdom, free or paid. It’s great that an educated honest person is setting out to deliver this kind of content to people.
    Happy Birthday,

    Don Jacobsmeyer

  250. Geordan Ganka

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I want to thank you for the productivity course. I have been using time-blocking in nearly everything I do in work and study and I have realized that the more I focus on one task at a time, the better and more efficiently I perform. It saves me time, energy, and enhances my results too.

  251. John

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    IWT has helped me set up and automate my accounts (definitely my favorite thanks) and pick winning credit cards. I enough the psychology material as well but the automation and best credit cards has definitely been my favorite/biggest win.

  252. Shiva

    Happy Birthday, I found this webside yesterday and hope I will learn alot from you.

  253. Igor

    Hey Ramit,

    Sure, IWT has taught me to automate my money, pay off my debts ($15k), negotiate my salary ($85k + stock and benefits), and give me financial freedom that I would’ve otherwise been squandering as a bleary eyed 25 year old.

    This in and of itself is something I am extremely grateful for – thank you.

    However, I attribute so much more to you Ramit. You are my personal psychological guru. Your passion for behavioural studies and understanding the psychology behind why people do what we do is so contagious.

    Since becoming an IWT reader I have learned to dig deeper. I have learned to analyze not only _what_ I do, but _why_ I go about doing it. I have the ability to analyze which aspects of my life aren’t working out for me, how to address the problem, and how to create systems to make them better. This skill set is some serious next level $#!%!

    Happiness is hard work, but IWT served as my launching point for learning how to be happy every day. I feel on top of the world because I am confident in myself and the systems I have developed to improve myself for the rest of my life.

    For these reasons I will always be an IWT reader – thank you Ramit, and happy birthday 😀


  254. Terri Layne

    Since you blogged about how not to check your email, i have unsubscribed from at least 10 sites that were clogging my email and deleted probably one hundred more. That is a small amount compared to the 45000 I have, but it’s a start! Now go out and get a date! 🙂

  255. HD

    Refine and update my negotiation tactics.

  256. cadiz12

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    One thing your advice has helped me do is pay for our rather big Indian wedding without having to spend a dime on interest.

    Good luck. Indian mothers are very persistent and extremely clever. I have one, too.

  257. Catherine Chen, Health Coach

    Hey Ramit,
    Happy Birthday!!! OK now business: After reading your book and implementing what you taught, I now have a Roth IRA with a couple thousand dollars and a few more going in thanks to the automatic investment I set up. I also have multiple savings accounts for different goals, and again thanks to automatic savings, have more than $1k saved for my future wedding, my future dream apartment in NYC, and have been able to fund my new career path. Thank you for all you do – I am more at peace with my money now than before (even though I am a graduate student)!

  258. Alicia

    Happy Birthday!

    I just stumbled onto IWT at the beginning of this week, and you’ve already inspired myself (any my fiance) to automate our bills and rework our budget so that we can set aside $800 per month! This is now going to be split up for a car downpayment, emergency fund and vacation fund!

    Thanks and have a wonderful birthday!

  259. Rodolfo

    I don’t have any numbers or big direct changes from your website, it’s been more like little tweaks, and, most of all, just a different way of looking at money (and life). It’s helped me feel more in control and more confident that when I do little things, I’m doing the right thing.

    Anyway, some years ago you mentioned in some article that a good investment would be to take out a mentor (or just someone you could learn from) for dinner and pick their brain. I’ve done that to great success. Whenever I meet someone new (most recent example was a new colleague) that I feel I can learn from, I love inviting them out for coffee or dinner, just the two of us, and observe/study/draw in their energy, hear about their past, and get some valuable life lessons about how it is that different people built up their skills, or just become successful in their area.

  260. Javier

    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, dear Ramit!!!

    I cant`t tell you great stories of thousands of dollars earnt, but with FYFPI, E1K and your blog and newsletters, you helped me to change radically my mindset and make my work overall more valuable as it used to be. I am an independent musician, actually very good in my niche and thank you ardvices I can see the benefits of taking money seriously. Have a great birthday and THAN YOU for so much inspiration! Feel free to listen to some or all of my TANGOs at

    Best wishes, Javier

  261. Tim

    Your blog has helped me to focus on the big wins. My wife and I have grown our income from $70k 2 years ago to almost $200k this year. We’re also in the process of reducing our spending on house/car by almost $800/mo, while spending almost the same amount on the travelling that we love.

  262. Jesús

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy birthday!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

    Thanks for help me turn into positive and stop feeling alone by finding people that believes everything is posible.

    Enjoy your first 3, very good things are waiting for us!!!



  263. Jorn Trommelen

    Resume writting

    Unfortunately I could not attend that webinar (time difference), but you uploaded a part from it where you dissected your old resume, which was GOLD.

  264. Vicki

    I used some of your techniques and got my partner, who never rocks the boat about anything, to negotiate $350 more per day for a part-time job we contract. I am making about $3000 more per month with this.

    BTW, my husband’s first wife’s mother is a match-maker in Delhi – I could introduce your mom. Or I could set you up with my daughter…. Nah, just tell your mom you are busy with your career and will marry when the time is right.

  265. Tom

    I have been using ING’s automated savings accounts for years because of your blog, and I set up a Schwab retirement account last year after reading your book.

    I negotiated a raise, more than 10%, about a year ago. Earlier that day I read the chapter in your book about negotiating.

  266. Julia

    Ramit, I made you a video!

  267. Amit

    Your blog taught me – importance of automatic savings – improving my credit score – increasing my limits on cards – being organized. I passed your blog to all my friends n family, so they can benefit just like i did.
    Cheers, hope you find the right life partner.

  268. Mini V

    Hi Ramit,

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

    I have been reading IWT blog since 8 months. I followed your advice on automating bill-payments, savings and investments. Now, I just don’t worry about missed payments or disciplining myself to transfer money to my savings account.

    But the biggest success has to be taking the leap and joining your Dream Job course. The course helped me redefine my thoughts and my approach towards my career. I successfully negotiated a 17k raise above my current salary, which is a big deal since I had never negotiated for a salary ever in my life. Since then, I have been recommending your Dream Job course to all my close friends.

    Thanks a ton, Ramit.

  269. Maximilian Wilk

    Hello ramit,
    happy birthday. i hope you have a great day.
    i started this year with little knowledge of how to manage a business, or how to even start to create one.
    after reading your newsletters, and taking up a selection of business and marketing courses online with udemy, i have now created my own company, and have vital knowledge of how to perform with optimum results.
    your newletters are great because they give me a push in the right direction, and encourage me to keep succeeding.
    i always had idea’s but rarely put them into practice, within the first 5 newsletters you sent me, i have dived straight in and grabbed as much information and resource as i can to help with my learning.
    on monday, my team will spendthe irst day in our new office, and in august, wehave the official launch of our public events.
    we have our industry magazins helping us promote our events, and sponsorship from related businesses. if i hadnt of come across you, and signed up for your newsletters and I will teach you… i would be wasting mydays doing minimal activities and making music.
    you ave given me direction and i really appreciate it.
    if you happen to be in england over august, i welcome you to attend the official launch of my company in oxford city on the 25th. we will be holding a massive party at one of the top clubs and are gong to celebrate.
    thank you so much for making URBAN FINESSE happen


  270. Hendo

    Happy birthday Ramit. Don’t get married until you find someone you’re happy to make time for (potential for another script?) Fight the good fight! I’m 30 and my parents remain fixated on me buying a house rather than getting married.

    What I’ve done with your work: used your scripts to change preparation for job interviews – I had no trouble getting interviews, but suck at actual interviews. It helped me get a dream job interstate in a different industry.

  271. Francine Zephier

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

    May your birthday be as special and rewarding as you have made the lives of others. May you spend your day in the company of those who love you and those whom you love. May the years that follow continue to be the fulfillment of goals and dreams. May you be well.

    I have learned to automate many of my monthly payments. This has helped me to not worry about payments being delayed or late fees being charged. I have learned a lot of other things as well but you asked for one thing we have learned.

    I have no doubt that when ou do marry you will have thought out every detail possible in advance just as you have done with your finances. Lucky the one that you eventually marry. Ah, but your mother already knows that.

  272. John

    You have introduced me to Social Triggers and 3 Tiny Habits. Both very great resources to add to what you already provide. Up until a month ago all i did was consume what you put out. That was when you posted something on 3 Tiny Habits that i finally did something about. I joined that very simple program. Since completing that and liking the results i have gone back over some of your past material and read/re-read it taking notes and finding things to implement. I have contacted my first 10 important people for coffee talks. I got one response. I have learned that networking is just another word for service. Once i clear out the credit backlog (or you change your no CC debt requirements for your programs) i will join Earn1K.

  273. Lauren

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

    I used your taking someone you admire out to lunch advice and it had an unexpected twist – I had seen an article written about a woman who was doing something I dream of doing – teaching teens to knit as it relates to fashion design (I am a professional fashion designer in NYC and recently started my own business designing knitting patterns targeted towards younger girls) so I e-mailed her asking if I could take her out to lunch to learn more about what she does. She ended up asking me to come teach an all day workshop to her group of teens this coming Fall, and is paying me as a professional guest teacher! I am thrilled and so happy I took your advice to be bold and reach out.


  274. Jeremy

    Happy Birthday Ramit. I used the briefcase technique to land a $2500 one-time gig. I responded to a help-wanted ad, met with the customer, and left. Two weeks later I contacted them again with an already complete product (pulled it out of my briefcase, as it were) and negotiated payment in full. Thanks for the advice.

  275. Lucie

    It gaves me the confidence to negociate $2000 more for my annual raise AND a bonus of $2000 !

  276. Ed

    Got your book several years ago and automated my savings and now have a ton in ING, as well as investments. I joined Earn1k 7 weeks ago, and just today actually closed my first deal worth over $5k. Look at that, the course paid for itself multiple times over and I haven’t even completed it yet! Cheers on your Birthday!

  277. Annika

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    How have you helped me, let me count the ways..
    1. Now that I’m strating my first serious business, your early Earn1k program, webcasts and all the free case studies are teaching me about finding a niche and owning it. I’m a lot more confident about my target market, thanks to you.
    2. DreamJob – the free content from there has made me realise that even in the low-paying jobs I’d been aiming for (waitressing, catering) what employers want to hear on Cv’s and interviews. I also earnt about $50 for some English tutoring, in which I basically ripped his interview answers & CV to pieces, having just watched your free training! He definitely got a lot more value for money than just English!
    3. You have completely influenced my mindset about money! I started reading your blog at 18, having just left home and started uni, I had no solid financial ideas. I understood the concept of budgeting and saving, but had never made it work. Now, I understand that in order to save more money, you have to make more money. I understand why automating your finances is important. I understand why most people are not top performers. You’ve triggered my interest in entrepreneurship and behavioural psychology, leading me to start my own personal training business – by your 31st I expect to be able to give you solid numbers on its success. Consider myself, at 20 years old, a young mind firmly moulded 🙂
    Enjoy your birthday, say hi to Maneesh from me!


  278. Susan

    1) My friends give dumb financial advice.

    2) Saving money isn’t as important as learning how to make it (ie: saving on lattes, luxuries, etc)

    3) You say, “I want to kill myself” whenever someone on here does something stupid.

  279. Nicole

    IWT has helped me pay off $12,000 of debt and made me financially responsible. I’ll never get myself into debt again!

  280. Christie M.

    Above all, IWT has entertained me, made me laugh. I love reading Ramit’s post first and foremost for the entertainment value.

    IWT has also given me more confidence and motivation than I already had, and I had a lot.

  281. Allison Blair

    Hi Ramit,

    My husband and I read your book before we were married. My husband had over $12,000 of credit card. In just 1 year after reading your book (and Tim Ferris’s “The 4-Hour Workweek”) we had $30k saved up. I was able to quit by “desk” job and start my real estate career and we are ready to purchase our first rental property.

    Thank you for your systems!

  282. Charlie Hoehn

    Because of Ramit, I’ve been able to land multiple dream jobs (including working with Tim Ferriss for three years and helping him write a bestselling book). One of my biggest financial accomplishments has been setting aside more than $10,000 in my “Black Swan” or “Stupid mistakes” fund. This alone has given me a lot of peace of mind, and I never would have done it had I not discovered IWTYTBR. I’ve also saved hundreds with Ramit’s negotiation scripts.

    I’m glad to have had the opportunity to work with Ramit on the marketing of his book and other projects (especially while filming the Suze Saga and “Let’s Get Rich Bitch”).

    Happy birthday buddy!

  283. Stacy

    Negotiating a 15% raise!!!

  284. matt

    Ramit taught me that Indian guys can be great at sarcasm.
    But seriously, the money automation post ( ) is pure, simple and effective set-and-forget systems thinking. If everyone learnt this in high school, they’d have a shot at getting their finances sorted from the outset.

    happy birthday you old bugger.

  285. Kelci

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    I think maybe the most important thing I ever learned from you was to take the chance and talk to the pros in the profession I aspire to. I’ve already spoken with two pro comic artists AND was introduced to literary agents who specialized in graphic novels! Without your email script I used to contact these people, I would have never gotten this far. Now I’m getting ready to pitch my book to agents!

    Thank you so much for being awesome!


  286. Andrew

    I read your book two years ago. Then I took my income from ~$60k to ~$85k (a job switch and some side work), paid off $45k in debt, paid ~$3.5k for an engagement ring, ~$12k cash for a wedding, $3k cash for a honeymoon, paid off my wife’s ~$10k student loan, built a full 6 month emergency fund and ~$15k in retirement accounts. This took two years.

    Then I lost my job, and it didn’t even phase me, because I was ready. Now I’m going on interviews, negotiating with confidence, and in a position to wait for the right job.

    My wife and I enjoy living without debt, and without fear. Next stop, Porsche 996 Turbo. Cash of course.

  287. Luke

    Ramit’s a cancer? BIG SURPRISE.

  288. Justice

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I love how you leverage psychology to help people make their lives better in their finances and work. I’m using a tip I got from your interview with BJ Fogg about the power of small wins to change behavior to help myself get in shape and reduce my stress at work through getting better organized. Sorry I don’t have hard numbers for you, but from looking at the comments you’ve got plenty of great testimonials to cheer you up!

  289. twong

    I’m a 23 year old Dream Job student and I’m using Ramit’s natural networking system to setup meetings with experts to find my dream job.

    So far, I’ve conducted 3 rounds of informational interviews, reaching out to about 10 people per round. My success rate is 30-40%, which means I’ve talked to 12 experts either in person or over email.

    I’ve refined my dream job from “being an investment analyst at an investment firm in Toronto” to “a software developer doing capital markets/investment IT at a pension fund or an investment bank in Toronto”.

    The most important thing is that Dream Job is slowly turning me into a capable networker. I’ve always been very uncomfortable meeting new people, so I’ve missed out on a lot of tips, info, experience, or just stuff I’ll never be able to figure out on my own. The Dream Job program gave me the what, how, and why in just the right quantities to change my behavior.

  290. Wes

    Completely transformed the way I manage my finances. I’m 28 and have savings, investments, and am months ahead on my bills for the first time.

  291. dave

    Happy birthday, Ramit. Just started reading your book and blog last week, but I’ve already learned a lot. Hope you have a special golden birthday (30 on the 30th).

  292. Don VanDemark

    Using the techniques in the free programs, I had the confidence and time management ability to pick up another $15k of freelancing work last year. The confidence was the biggest piece.

    However, there is one scenario (maybe others, but this is the only one I know of) where making more as opposed to cutting more hurts and it bit me this year. Making that much more affected how much financial aid my daughter got for college. I’m not saying that’s wrong – if I make more, it makes sense I have to pay more – but it did mean my gains were about netted out by that fact. The fact that I used that extra income to try and put myself in a better debt position doesn’t matter. Therefore, I’m now stuck in the same boat again, trying to figure out how to pay for college. Earning more was a wash.

    Ramit, that’s not a knock on your work – which helped give me the confidence to get there – it’s simply a potential negative side effect and I wanted to point it out. Happy birthday!

  293. Jon

    1) I used your “How NOT to read your email” book you sent to your mailing list to add about 3-4 hours of productivity time to my days. I was wondering why i got to a point where I wasn’t getting anything done in finishing my website, let alone programming for forex robot. It turns out that when you have email alerts on your smartphone or you have your email client “always on” your computer, you can get VERY EASILY distracted. Now I do my best to no longer even open email box until AFTER I accomplish at least one goal that morning.

    2) I also have taken your Big Wins manifesto and have begun explaining to my subscribers how forex trading for the long term has everything to do with not being frugal, and instead focused on having sound mechanical SYSTEMS that can be repeated and accounted for (even automated). I have also shared with my family how this gets done.

  294. Bradley L. Bowers

    You have inspired me to do what I say I will do, and to be mindful but never fearful. This means more than you know.

  295. Jay

    Hey Ramit,

    I wanted to thank you for both Earn 1K and Dream Job courses. Both are awesome. I still go back and use key pieces all the time.

    IWTYTBR and your courses helped me make major changes 2 years ago that have boosted my annual salary 50% and helped me get to now – I’m about to get the biggest promotion of my career thus far. I don’t believe I would have gotten this far this fast without your help.

    Your methods and practices have given me the confidence to take charge and really accelerate my career. Thanks again and Happy Birthday!

  296. TY

    Firstly, huge congrats Ramit!! Go out in style for your birthday!

    Secondly, HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks for your advice! My wife and I have totally revamped the way we deal with our money. Talking about money is not as awkward as it used to be, as now we have a great guide to move us through our finances. We have implemented strategic plans to consciously spend.

    Beyond that, we both learned one simple, yet very poignant thing about how we manage our money thanks to your incredible book (note: it is prominently displayed in our apartment): Being honest with yourself about how you are spending is crucial to future financial success (of course, success as defined by the individual person). It’s shocking how simple that is, but for whatever reason, I can say that we were not honest with ourselves. It’s all about behavior change!!!

    Seriously man, you rock!!!

    – Tay

  297. Dan

    Hey Ramit,

    Your book helped me to automate my finances, saving me ~5hrs a week of moving money back and forth, paying bills, etc. Cheers for that!

    Thanks and Happy Birthday,

  298. Ashley

    The game. I finally realize the game that is being played around me. Thank you.

  299. Michael Walek

    Ramit, your book “I will teach you to be rich” was the first book of many, I have read on finance last year. I used many of your techniques and websites to automate and visualize my spending habits (, being the main one).

    I am subscribed to your newsletter, which both teaches, and inspires me to reach for my dreams.

    I hope you continue to reach your goals, and most importantly enjoying your work/life.

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    Michael Walek

  300. Charles Selig

    Wow. I’ve been following you for some time. You have great “out-of-the-box” ideas on getting ahead in life (finances, work, etc.). Here I am reading “The 4-Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss and I see excerpts on you on how you wanted to gain weight. Talk about a motivational factor to change my lifestyle to lose weight. Thank you.

  301. Erica

    I have had a lot more success negotiating. Getting reduction in fees, charges when service sucks …. facing down the CEO to ask for a promotion.

  302. Crystal

    Thanks to you Ramit, all of my bills are on auto-pay and I no longer pay late fees…


  303. Marcia

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

    The biggest item you’ve added to my arsenal is confidence. It’s a confidence that comes from knowing what needs to be said in different settings to get the results I want. I know that following your techniques will land me my dream job at my dream salary. I am doing networking using emails and telephone chats because I am seeking a job out of state and not in my field and I expect to close the deal on my dream job in a few weeks.

  304. Rob Kabrich

    Your book helped me pretty much the way you intended it to. I am almost 30 and had no clue about personal finance. I literally did all of the steps you talked about. Your book helped me learn about credit, know my score, I didn’t really have any credit, and now I am building good credit. I set up and am maxing out my company’s 401k as well as building my Roth IRA. I automated my savings and have several savings accounts for different goals, such as a motorcycle maintenance fund and a skydiving fund for my upcoming 30th, and have steadily been building up an emergency fund. I also customized your envelope system and have been able to have guilt free spending, which is huge for me. Your book also taught me how to prioritize and changed my relationship with money, I now see it is just a tool for the things you want. I actually am able to afford a personal trainer and have been able to keep progressing towards my fitness goals as well because I learned how to manage my money so much better. Your 85% approach has also helped in every other aspect of my life as well. Your book totally changed my life. Thank you.

  305. Derek B.

    IWT helped me move past my barriers of reaching out to my network, which helped me find a new job with a $10000 salary increase.

  306. Brie B.

    I used IWT resume techniques to get a job (not a great one, but considering my qualifications, it’s about as good as I could reasonably expect), I’ve organized, if not automated my finances, and I’ve started a Roth IRA with automatic transfers on payday (although I need to change banks so it doesn’t take three days to transfer from my checking to my investment account). Thanks, Ramit!

  307. Janet

    Hi Ramit,

    Since I started to use your materials six months ago, I have used connections for the first time in my life to get interviews. I have never had the personality that draws people in, so I thought I would never be able to use social skills to get where I wanted to be. Although the process of meeting with new people is still very difficult for me, I have gotten three interviews for great positions so far. It’s a modest start, but it has meant a lot to me.

    Thanks, and happy birthday!

  308. Megha


    Happy Birthday !

    Earn1K has happened to me at just the right time. I am well on track, clocking 2K per month. There are learnings aplenty.

    The biggest thing I have gained from you is confidence. Not the kind that comes from a gut instinct (that I had) but that comes from ACTION and seeing its results. Also, the one comes from feeling part of a global tribe of people who are creatively carving out their own professional lives.

    You have re-enforced the power of simple actionable steps that create terrific results if done consistently.

    Thankyou and I hope you have your best year yet !


    P.s. Damn ! You are a few months younger than me and yet I have got tons to learn from you 🙂

  309. Feanna

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    I am a stay at home mom of 3, with a business online, and before I started reading your blog I had no savings. Now we have 500.00 per month going into a Roth IRA so we will max out our contribution limit for my own Roth IRA. We have also automated a few other savings account so when the kids get of age they will have enough money for a car and college. We are going to be having a forth child soon, and we have no debt, so I am not worried. I too turned 30 this year. You may want to listen to your mom, you don’t want to be old before you have kids.

  310. AJ

    I’ve learned from the book to make sure my system is tight and it made me make sure to negotiate for my last job offer which was $6K in my pocket!

  311. Sarah J.

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for delivering fresh, no-bullshit, thoroughly grounded advice through emails again and again.

    I love your emails because they are insightful and true like my spiritual woo-woo teachers, but you make me laugh with your “kill me now” and “i hate you” lines. Ah, a breath of fresh air.

    You’ve helped me get really real and cut the crap in my own mind around not only money but time management and life in general.

    THANK you!!

  312. Alison

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Thanks for the 10,000 in emergency savings, never worrying about paying car insurance, negotiating for my company to pay my phone bill, and that 15 pounds I’ve lost so far using “removing barriers to exercise” in place of “remembering how bad I feel when I go to the gym and therefore decide not to go in the first place”. I schedule time to run outdoors and have made changing into exercise clothes the necessary intermediary outfit between work clothes and pajamas. Also, the briefcase technique has landed me an interview with an amazing company in my dream city.

  313. Sherry

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    I am 45 and have just sold my company after 10 years of working my ass off. More fun than that I sold it to my older sister which means I got to give her a lot of advice for the last year. I am in a different position than some of your readers, but I still need the reminders to help me keep focused on the things that really make a difference in my finances and I really appreciate the dispassionate way you look at subjects like homeownership, spending a large amount of money on your interests. I pass your e-mails on to folks all the time who often just don’t get it, but to those who do, it’s gold.

  314. Warren


    Happy belated birthday. Today I just got a 20% raise at work and I attribute a significant portion of that raise to the lessons and skills you taught me through your blog, book and programs. Every day I find myself thinking about concepts you discuss and I see myself growing and leveraging them in multiple areas of my life.

    Thank you so much and keep doing what you’re doing.


  315. Patrick McDonald

    In the past year, I successfully paid off my car loan ($8,000), my student loans ($10,000) and have started saving for an engagement ring, all on a teacher’s salary.

  316. Patrick McDonald

    P.S. Happy Birthday

  317. Tristan

    Happy birthday! So far I have:
    -Moved all my savings to a high interest (6%+) online account
    – Got a new client (~1K) freelancing on elance, advertising where people are looking instead of cold-contacting
    – Updated my flagship product’s sales page to resonate more closely with it’s intended audience (‘get in their heads’)

    This week I will:
    – Start negotiating my rent with a specific strategy in mind
    – Advertise to share my broadband at home, monthly saving ~$35

    Thanks and have a good birthday!

  318. danny

    You helped me to make money into something that I controlled in the most efficient manner. You did the leg work for me. Took the existing knowledge and made it accessible

  319. Mary

    Happy Birthday!
    It’s been a couple of weeks since I first stumbled on IWTYTBR.
    I’ve learned to get very specific in identifying my target market and not try to reach everyone.
    It has helped me clarify things and actually see a way of moving forward.
    The BJ Hogg interview was very helpful too.

  320. Mary

    happy birthday to Ramit ! Your web helped me many thing !

  321. Kim

    IWT has taught me how to look at budgeting in a way that has allowed me to enjoy my life and still reach my financial goals.

  322. srinivas


    Thanks a ton, your advise has helped me to start an investment account and start saving without worrying a lot ( 85% solution)

    This is a big win for me.

  323. anita

    Happy birthday Ramit!
    I’ve automated my finances after reading your book. I now have different savings accounts for different types of spending. I also found a new job and used your techniques to negotiate my salary. Thank you!

  324. Valerie

    I’ve learned to set up and implement systems for the things I want to accomplish, and despite some initial skepticism, I now truly trust in those systems because they have enabled me to dominate. Thanks, Ramit! Happy birthday!

  325. Diana

    Dear Ramit!
    Happy birthday to you!!! I wish on you 30 year old you will find a good girl, which will be your wife in future….. Many thanks to you for your books and your blog, i really learned many useful things for me…You’ve helped me get really real and i changed my mind in a good way, i learned many good thing, applying this tools with positive results, despite of different country economy.. Thank you for your great systems!
    Happy birthday dear RAMIT!
    Diana from Kazakhstan

  326. Sally

    Happy Birthday!
    The strategies IWT use made me think in different ways.
    thank you.

  327. Jinesh

    Hey Ramit,

    You have changed my attitude towards self, a change in thinking process. Your posts are blunt & direct, no beating about the bush. The posts on psychology cuts the crap & asks tough questions that matter the most.

    Happy bday. Cheers.

  328. Raul Felix

    I used your strategies along with David Ramsy’s strategies to get out of $10000(credit card, car, and personal loans from family) of debt, save $1000 for Emergencies, funded a motorcycle trip around Italy for 21 days that cost me $5000 and now I’m working on an Emergency Fund of $12000. I’m at $4000 in right now. I discarded the whole making a budget thing. It was too frustrating keeping track of every penny. Annoying. Very annoying. So I decided to start focusing on the big wins. One of the big wins I do is that as soon as I get my pay check, it usually varies a bit depending on how many hours I worked that pay period, I put $1000 to $1200 into my savings account. Since I have no bills right now, the rest of it is pretty much guilt free money that I use for food, dinners out, boozing, traveling, or whatever cool guy stuff I want to buy. If it runs out before my next paycheck. Oh well.

    • Raul Felix

      Also, today is my birthday also and I’m 26. Great day to be born. Your family is not the only one that is pushing him to find a woman and get ready to settle down.

  329. Teressa

    ¡Feliz (belated) cumpleaños Ramit!
    I don´t even know where to begin, I feel like I’ve learned so much from you since I began reading IWT. I suppose that the most important thing I´ve learned is how to be more productive and also how to get inside clients´ heads in order to give them what they really want (which has resulted in a successful side business that will generate over $1000 for the first time this month).
    I also appreciate your sense of humor and your way of making topics like personal finance and investing (which can be not only confusing but also quite dry) easily understood and even interesting.
    So thanks again for everything and I hope that this year brings you lots of happiness and success. And hey, it’s your life, don’t get married – or do anything else for that matter – unless you really want to.

  330. A

    Who negotiates a 50% raise at their new job???? I do, thanks to you. I start next week – can’t wait. THANK YOU!

  331. Vanessa

    Awwwww come on! 335 comments and not one proposal?? I expected more of IWT readers! 😀

    • dani

      Happy Birthday Ramit! I have the perfect birthday present for you. Take me home to your mom as your “fiancee”. What I’ve learned from you is I am everything she won’t want for her son, so she’ll run shrieking in the night and leave you alone for at least ten years before mentioning marriage again.

      Okay, I also learned to negotiate a completely perfect used car (according to my mechanic) for under $5K, including taxes, title, and license. And tell your dad I got the floor mats, too!

  332. Erika


    First, happy birthday to you. The 30s are great! At least, mine are 🙂

    Secondly, using your material I have learned how to recognize and get rid of time suckers at work, increasing my productivity by at least 10%.

    I’ve also started (like just started) to set up my side business. I used your FYFPI material to mete out what I could do to earn side income. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Thirdly, my mom pressures me to get married as well and she’s Indian (American Indian, not East Indian) so good luck with that. Go ahead and do it, let me know how it works out (hahaha!)

    Osda Nuwati

  333. Maureen

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    Your work has helped me to see my real marketable skills, and I have helped two people through job-seeking, interview processes. I also have a son and now I can just forward your posts about spending and saving instead of nagging him. He’ll listen to you!

  334. Tim


    Using your simple scripts for negotiation and interviewing, and some of the sample YouTube videos from DreamJob, I managed to land a 45K base salary (double my previous base). And since it’s a sales job, there is a potential for six-figure earnings based on commission. I beat out some 10-15 other candidates for this position based on two phone interviews!

  335. Annie Hawkins

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    A simple system–I now have my clients’ information all in one place, and it’s with me wherever I am–no more having to search peoples’ email signatures to find their phone numbers. I learned this in the productivity pack and those minutes a day I save not having to redundantly search for info do add up.

  336. Jeff

    Hey Ramit! Decide drop you a message here. Receive your email to note down a message. Decide do so, realise yesterday was my birthday and surprise that Today is your birthday. I am pretty inspire to start the blog and your ideas are refreshing. Thanks for it!

  337. Mark

    I have completely automated my finances and tell everyone how much more powerful it is than, say, even using billpay. I finally invested in a Roth IRA (target retirement fund) in 2010. I switched accounts to ING. I have raised my credit card limit every six months from $5k in 2010 to $30k a few months ago. I’ve been paying extra on my minivan, and I just paid the last $2500 yesterday-14 months early!
    Ramit, you should consider marriage. That and having kids are the two most rewarding challenges in life.

  338. Rob

    Hey Ramit-

    Shot a quick 3-minute Thank You describing my wins since 2009 using your material (first your book, later you blog):

    * Paid off $60k in debt
    * Big win on job: two title bumps and 35% higher total comp. Actually turned down job offer for another 30% boost on top of that (that job offer was classic briefcase technique).
    * Saving now almost $3000/mo
    * One thing I didn’t mention: almost $2k/mo spending money to do *whatever* with. After housing, groceries, etc.

    Thank you, and happy birthday!

  339. Dave

    Hey Ramit,

    From following your advice, I’ve been able to remove willpower almost completely from my life. I’ve been dieting and exercising effectively (lost almost 5lbs. of fat since starting less than 3 weeks ago) and have no desires to betray or deviate from my regime. If you make choices before hand (in my example to follow the 4HB diet) then you can eliminate willpower by making things black and white. It’s way easier to do something when there is no gray area for interpretation.

    My co-workers keep telling me I have amazing willpower (this week at work, 2 lunches out, company brought in cold stone creamery catering, pizza fridays, etc.), I always tell them it’s not willpower, I simply know I can’t eat that stuff during the work week so I don’t even worry about. This principle is slowly migrating to other parts of my life and has HUGE benefits.

    Thanks Ramit and Happy Birthday!

  340. hessa

    Thanks to you and BJ Fogg, I have taken small steps to make exercise a daily part of my day. OK, so this is not a financial benefit, but it’s huge in terms of making changes in my life as a whole.

    Happy Birthday!

  341. Raj

    There are a few great things you’ve taught me Ramit. One would would be the idea that you find your passion by trying lots of different things and another would be that it’s better to do something once (like jogging once a week) then to not do it at all because you’ve convinced yourself once is not enough.

    Happy Birthday Ramit, hope you’re having a blast 🙂


  342. Nico

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I bought your book, read the first chapter on credit cards, and just finished applying to the credit card that will fit my needs.

    Hope you have a great day and thanks for your invaluable advice.

  343. Catherine

    Hard to choose just one thing, but since you want specific numbers, I’ll pick working out. Thanks to you, I overcame my mental barriers to going to the gym and paying money to a personal trainer. (My frugal upbringing would have told me: You can work out at home, for free! But I never actually did it.)

    I had to make it a routine, a part of my life that I did without thinking about it, and that’s what worked for me. Yes, the personal trainer is expensive, BUT, I can afford it, and more importantly, I’ve now been lifting weights for a year and a half. Incredibly, I can now deadlift more than my body weight!

    I have put on lots of muscle and I’m fitter, happier, and more even-tempered than I used to be; plus I never “pull a muscle” anymore.

    Rather than just talking about how I “should” really work out, and then beating myself up for not somehow being able to do this myself at home without spending any money, I just sidestepped the whole mental mess and did something productive about it.

    Thanks, Ramit, and happy birthday!

  344. Will I Am

    My one take away:

    Taking “Micro Steps” towards anything you want to do.

    Earlier, like most of us, I used to put things on back burner.
    But nowadays, I make it a point to commit a small step forward(how much ever small it is).

    Definitely has significant improvement over a period of time.

    You are a great inspiration, Thanks

    Happy B’day!

  345. MAUREEN

    RAMIT….you are an amazing resource.
    I have automated my bill paying…what a load off my mind
    I am saving at least 1K per month (more when possible…i work on commission)
    and…after reading all the comments I am inspired to read you more often and implement the systems I have been resisting.


  346. Daien

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I tend to take things very slow, so while it may seem like a small win compared to some others, I am now able to call and request reversals (and always get them!) on fees. Thank you!

  347. Jenny Shaw

    My husband and I have paid off approximately $32,000 of debt in two years because of the strategies we have learned from your website. Our finances are all automated, our two rewards-earning credit cards are paid off in full each month, and we are on track to have enough in our “Baby” savings account to cover my unpaid 6 week maternity leave in October.

    We have targeted savings accounts set up for our goals that are funded automatically. Once the remaining $6,000 in debt is paid off – in October of this year, coinciding with the birth of our son – we will start putting that money towards a down payment for a house. In 3-4 years we should have a 20% down payment saved up so we can purchase a home in the low $300,000 range in our area. Our incomes would allow a much larger mortgage, however we do not want to take on so much debt.

    Your advice is helpful and your writing style and voice is entertaining to read. I never mind being called out when I’m doing something idiotic and you’re not afraid to do so. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I got a marriage proposal on my 30th – it’s a great age to get married – but as a man, you’ve got plenty of time!!! Your biological clock won’t run down for decades!

  348. Kaz


    Your website and classes have helped me organize my life. Your material is first rate; you forced me to challenge my beliefs in what I can accomplish and where my time could be spent. The power lies in actually doing things instead of just consuming material. Thanks again,


  349. Andrew Richardson

    Hi Ramit,

    IWTYTBR has helped me land several clients on the side who have made me about $600, $1200 and $250 so far and I’m still talking with them about continual projects.

    I’ve also nearly doubled my annual salary by landing a new job using scripts provided by your blog (I made $15,000 last year with no benefits, got a 30% raise at my current job, then landed a new job making $41,000 with nearly every benefit under the sun). That along with the fact that I’m moving to Pasadena! Thanks!

  350. G. A.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    The Dream Job course was absolutely worth every penny. My success story:

    While taking the Dream Job course, I applied and interviewed for a dream job. I made it through several interviews for a position that was a stretch. While i didn’t get the job, i learned much from the experience – my 1st attempt.

    On my 2nd Dream Job attempt, with another employer, I crafted a killer resume (modeled after Ramit’s), and utilized several of the key elements of Dream Job including natural networking and front-loading the work into 2 excellent on-site interviews.

    After spending 50 HOURS preparing an hour-long presentation for the final interview, I got the job! One of the interviewers commented: “that was a slamming presentation!”

    Not only did i make a solid career shift into a Dream Job, but through negotiation i was given $20,000 in stock and a 21% raise in salary from my former position!!!

    Thanks Ramit, and Happy 30th Birthday!

  351. Andrey

    Starting from the first video with you which I watched (the one with Chase Jarvis), I became your regular reader. I read all your emails and blog posts, every line, and even try to read between the lines. This is extremely useful and truly mind-changing.

    To be honest, I haven’t yet earned a cent by following your advice, but I am sure that monetary benefits will come when I start taking actions. And I will.

    Thank you for your hard work and happy birthday!

  352. Grace

    I don’t have much numerical proof. It’s more abstract, but I have realized that I can work freelance and I also learned about the importance of having diverse income streams.

  353. Ian K

    I learned the coolness of systems and the weakness of willpower.
    Thanks and happy birthday Ramit.

  354. Srikala

    HI Ramit,
    Happy Birthday and have a great 30th year birthday!
    Since subscribing to your site, I have learnt so many new things that I wouldn’t have ordinarily. A few I can think of right away
    1. Focus on Big wins. Automate finances
    2. Choose 2 things to save money on.
    3. Time management
    4. Closing the loop and more
    Thanks and Keep up the good work

    P.S Hey why don’t you create a course on how to find your soulmate and get married!! Will help me as well 🙂

  355. Jen

    I started reading from a decent place financially, so where you helped me the most was actually in weight loss, applying two of your main ideas:

    Ignore the minutia and take action (ie, stop comparing Zone vs South Beach diets and searching forums for the optimal number of reps per set – especially while you are sitting on the couch scarfing Crunch N Munch. Listen Chunky McMuffin, go make some real food and get off your ass!). I would seriously hear your voice in my head.

    Set up systems to succeed – figuring out how to become a healthy eater and consistent exerciser required designing and implementing systems so that my default was to do the healthy thing before I could change my mind (wake up then exercise immediately, get home from work then chop dinner veggies immediately). Now I do these things as if I had always been this way. It is as automated as I can be without upgraded microchips implanted in my brain.

    Results – In less than a year I went from 150 to 105 lbs (a much healthier weight for me), from 0 minutes of exercise per week to 300 or more, from nuking Hot Pockets to sauteeing kale, from chronically depressed to annoyingly optimistic. You were not the only source of help I had, but in terms of the big picture and finally taking action, you really got me off my ass.

    Thanks and happy 30.

  356. Ada

    Immigrant moms are Ninjas at marrying off their young– you don’t stand a chance.

    IWT has helped me get my debt under control, which is awesome, but most of all, it has made me a better friend. I know exactly how much I can spend, if I can afford to go out, and I have a subsavings account for far off events to which I’ve committed. I never flake out because I can’t afford it. And it feels fantastic!


  357. Will

    I greatly reduced my 401k expences and time spent evaluating different fund options by moving 100% to the target date retirement fund. (fidelity 2025)

    You saved me time and money…thanks and happy day!!!

  358. becky

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday!

    IWTYTBR changed my life, hands down. Since reading the book, I paid off ALL of my student loans (community college, 2 years at UC Davis, and 2 years at San Diego State for a Masters) – it was almost $20,000, in a little less than 2 years. I also saved up money for my wedding (married in 2010) at the same time. I have no credit card debt, a low mortgage payment (in California large city, my half of the mortgage is a little under $500), and I’m taking my first trip out of the country (Europe!) later this year. I’ve also saved up over $50,000 in my retirement funds (Roth IRA and a 403b), and have about $8,000 in an ING account. For reference, I currently make a little less than $70,000 per year, and my husband around $80,000 per year (we keep most finances separate).

    Ramit’s book taught me how to automate my finances and control my money in an easy way that takes less than 30 minutes a month to manage, is stress free, enjoyable, and productive. I researched credit cards and got one with great cash-back rewards (currently redeemed over $1,000 in cash back reward gift cards). I auto-pay every single one of my bills with my credit card and then pay my three credit cards off 1x per month. I auto-deduct money from my checking account on the days I get paid to go to my joint savings account with my husband, my personal savings account, and my Roth IRA. My 403(b) is auto-deducted from every paycheck.

    My attitude towards finances has also changed. I no longer waste my money on cheap crap – I save my money and spend it on things I love – good wine and cheese, clothes from my favorite boutiques, and vacations, after all the bills are paid. I have recomended his book to several people and gotten nothing but positive responses. Thanks for changing my life Ramit! You kick ass!

  359. Brian

    Ramit your book is PRICELESS!!! It’s worth it’s weight in gold!!! I’m from Southeast Asia and I never thought I’d get great advice reading it. I started investing in Stock Index Funds and voila a 10% return in 4 mos. I’m taking your advice about cost-averaging my investments. Also, I started negotiating credit card fees and finance charges when I forgot to pay on time. And the banks waived it for me. They’re afraid of me now….very afraid. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

  360. Nellie

    Hi Ramit! I bought your book in 2009, and in the fall of that year (when starting my first job) I followed your instructions: I set up a separate bill pay account, a savings account, and a checking account, I had my paychecks direct deposited specifically into each of them, and set my bills to automatically pay from the bill pay account. It’s now been two years, and I’ve never been worried about whether I will have rent or my other bills paid. Also, because one of the bills I automated was a credit card I overused in college, I’ve paid off over $10,000 of credit card debt. (I tend to raid my savings account more often than I should, but I’m learning.) I’m so grateful to you and your work. Happy Birthday 🙂

  361. Heidi

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for your un-‘common sense’ approach to all things $$$, especially given your ‘youth’ (tell your mother this reader doesn’t think you’re old at all…besides guys have the biological advantage of ‘no hurries/no worries’ (assuming you want children some day:) specifically: (1) You have helped me come to value my contribution to the world by taking my services to a higher level of integrity/predictability/delivery, (2) You have helped me lift my sights about my potential earnings, and (3) You are a trustworthy resource I can return to again and again about myriad topics–thank you, thank you–Heidi

  362. jaina

    put worring aside = rethinking

  363. Jennifer

    I used to never spend money on myself that wasn’t a bare necessity because I viewed it as a waste, no matter my income. Now instead of saying “I couldn’t afford this” I ask myself “How can I afford this?” Example – I wanted a $300 long coat recently, and covered most of it by asking my boss for overtime and extra shifts, pointing out to him that we had hit a busy period and at least 2 of my coworkers were starting vacation soon. Before reading this site, I would have just run off of scripts like:
    1) It is wasteful to spend money on something just because you want it.
    2) Go for the cheapest option, quality and aesthetics be damned.
    3) Income is fixed, so if you need money, just wait patiently for your next paycheck.
    4) Don’t bother your boss, just passively wait for raises or overtime opportunities.
    I’ve used some of your other tips on automation and saving money, but your ideas on setting aside (or earning more) money for guilt-free personal expenditures have improved my quality of life the most.

  364. Ravi

    Received my paycheck yday and immediately transferred about 50% of it to another account which I maintain to meet automated expenses/savings etc. The sheer bliss that comes from this simplest of money management tasks is something that I can credit you with – Thank you and you must be partying now…enjoy it for what its worth…must be a million bucks, for sure! HA!

  365. A-ron

    Apart from radically changing my financial life for the better…

    I’ve saved around $30k over the last 2+ years, most of which is a company 401k, but I count it. And almost all of it totally automated.

    Probably not as specific as you like, but it’s reduced my stress around my finances by at least ten fold. My bills are all paid on time. I’ve paid down almost $5k in credit card debt, and about $5k in student loan debt, all over the course of the last 2 years. I no longer worry about how I’m gonna get by from month to month, where I used to spend willy nilly. Now, I set aside plenty of extra spending money, with reserves, so I don’t even have to think about it. This alone may have added at least an extra 5 years to my life.

    Happy B-Day, don’t get AIDS.

  366. Mike Ruiz

    Automation is the key that I have learned from your posts and your book. As you say, willpower does not work, systems work. I have used your techniques to:
    -Automate and organize my ING savings to work towards long term goals: car, loan payoffs etc.
    -Earn my 1st 1k on the side, and pay for the computer that I am typing this comment on.
    -negotiate a raise of $7500 at my job
    Thank you. Thank You. and Thank You. Don’t forget to hit the buffet at the Winn. It is choice

  367. Ryan

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    After reading your book back in 2009. I fully automated and organized my financial accounts. Paid off my student loans and car loan which totaled ~$13k combined. I dumped the credit cards that weren’t giving me decent rewards and found better ones (btw I’ve never had CC debt). I max out my 401k and IRA each year and put the rest into savings and only spend on the stuff I care about guilt free. I’m saving ~$40K/yr.

    You’re Earn1K and DreamJob tools have been excellent. For example, I’m currently working with a friend on a design project and using the 1K lessons to help guide us in our research in developing a consumer product. I’ve also been using the Dreamjob techniques in interviews with Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies so far and my interviews have improved dramatically. I use examples to answer question and now answer the question behind the question. I’m extremely happy with how my skills have improved.

    “Where do you want to be a year from now?” is a question you posed during during your 1K course work as a way to motivate. I thought this was an awesome idea. Instead of making a bunch of pointless goals, I now ask myself this question at the beginning of the year, decide on where I want to be by year end, and then start mapping out how I’m going to there. My ISEI Scholarship for engineering undergrads in California is part of this years map. I emailed you about it earlier in the years and it’s just about ready. Applications start in September.

    Thanks again Ramit!

  368. Sameer

    Hii Ramit

    Your book IWTUTBR has taught me to think about opening another bank account that would help me earn return on my deposit rather than have an account that charges me every month. There is a lot more I learned from your book. I really liked the phrases you use when negotiating with banks and credit card companies.

    Thanks a million for writing such an invaluable book backed with solid research and people testimonials. Hope to see more of your books and will definitely buy them and recommend your materials to my friends.

    Advance birthday wishes to you and may you be better than you deserve!

    Cheers , take care and wish you the very best with all your future endeavours.

    Warmest regards
    Sameer M

    Happy bithday to you Ramit


  369. Kirk reeves

    Hello Ramit. Your blog has yet to help me but I thought I might help you by telling you why your mother is bugging you to get married. I believe you are her only child and she wants you to get married so she may have grandchildren. That is part of the matriarchal instinct all woman feel. You are not going to give reasons or excuses without your mother feeling hurt. The best way I think to handle it is to use your enterprial skillls so can work out a solution both you and your mother can be happy with.. Just a thought..

  370. Vaibhav

    Writing great blogs is a huge learning. The language, the format and the simplicity through which you convey the message is great.
    Also reiterating multiple basic concepts like taking action or being specific pushes you and reminds you to follow through rather than ignore or forget these basic things in day to day work life. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful year ahead.

  371. Sahaja

    I have to say, your book was a god send to my life. I worked with my family to pay off 10,000 in debt, opening a saving account with IMG, and have now moved forward in med school. I now have only one credit card and have also increased the amount of tutoring I am doing to increase my income.

    Thank you so much for changing my financial life and therefore, my life as a whole.

  372. ntwari armel brousel

    hi RAMIT,
    i hope you are performing well.
    my dear sir,i thank IWT has given me an experiance about life ,how to pay off debt, how to earn money,and to make me laugh,dear sir i appreciate you once are my best teacher in this world.

    my dear sir,
    i also wishing you a happy birthday,i hope you begin a new life,god gives you another life,being a teacher is not easy.IWT change my life.
    i wish you all the best,ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY.

    god bless you.ARMEL.

  373. Johnny Mean

    Hi Ramit,

    I initially started following you post a spinal injury that left me bed ridden a number of months. Unable to work worrying about finances.

    From learning your process focused approach and having invested in your book, Earn 1 K course, and Dream Job course I have gained much insight into the riddle of personal finance.
    Some results:
    Debt free-Amazing feeling
    Credit score above 830pts. 50 points up in the first 6 months of your teaching
    Massive networks for new career path.-I am now seen as a conduit for adding value.
    Considered a local expert in my passions.-Geography and reputation constantly expanding.
    Amazing wedding and rings (Paid up front)-Really allowed me to enjoy the event.

    Now I am now positioned to leave to travel Asia in September for a year with my wife. And will come back to a new job opportunities I am eager tackle paying higher than my previous role.

    These would not have been possible without your influence.

  374. Sarvesh Kanodia

    Hi Ramit,

    Firstly, thanks for all your materials. With regards to the question on how your materials have helped me till now – i think they have helped me develop a belief that i can get my dream job provided i am ready to work hard for it. There are times when you give up and blame it on the economy or poor network but i now believe that if i can use the learnings from your materials then my dream job would be in my pocket in a few weeks time. Thanks again for all the wonderful materials that you have prepared.


  375. Nick

    Ramit’s blog has helped me to understand the psychology and the framework behind how I make decisions. When I was deciding on my last career change, I took money out of the equation and tried to understand my motivations. I choose to go with a startup making $60,000 less than the other two offers I had at the time. I work more hours now, but lover my job and have learned more than I ever would have in the other positions. Being happy at work translates to being happy at home as well.

    I should also note that the reason I had these offers if from following Ramit’s advice related to negotiations and job hunting.

  376. Marcel

    Happy Birthday!
    Your productivity package saved me not 1 but 2 hours a day within 1 week. Your book made me focus on what succes means for me personally. Your emails keep me focused on what I really want with my life.
    Thnx and good luck with your mother.

  377. Clare

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! I was celebrating mine at the same time. Besides automating my finances, which has taken a lot of the stress out of my monthly routine, my biggest wins have been about negotiation. From my internet and cell phone bill to my credit cards, I’m been practicing. This just paid off with my biggest win yet, I bought my first car. I took your suggestion and bought the package from, and applied your concept of “cut ruthlessly on the things you don’t care about so that you can spend extravagantly on the things you love.” After weeks of research, pouring over Consumer Reports, crash test and dependability ratings, and insurance claims, I finally pulled the trigger this week and bought my new Toyota Corolla. For me, despite what other “experts” might have said, it made more sense to buy a new car because I could get better financing than for used. The rates I was researching from banks for used cars were at 3-4-5%, while Toyota offered a financing deal of 0.9% for 60 months. Plus, it allowed me to treat the purchase like a commodity, since it would be the same car no matter which dealer I bought it from, so I was able to solicit bids from 7 different dealers to find the best deal. This is by far the biggest purchase of my life, and it just feels great. I got exactly what I wanted: a safe and dependable car that will last me for many years, and a payment of around $300 per month. And I used your tips on shopping for the best deal on insurance as well. On this new car purchase I saved over $5500:
    $1500 on the car through negotiating
    $1400 on insurance by shopping around
    $1600 on financing by weighing my options
    $600 on the extended warranty through negotiating
    $400 on my first two years of maintenance (covered under Totyota Care)

    Plus, my savings will increase over time as I keep on top the insurance negotiation, and depending on what type of repairs my car will require that are covered under warranty, since my extended package covers me for 8 years/75,000 miles.

    Win. Thanks for your help, Ramit!

  378. Ian

    You helped me automate my savings. Thanks and happy birthday!

  379. Sonja

    Since started reading your mails and blog I changed my way of thinking. Thanks to that I change some of my bad habits. I am getting earlier now every day and use more of my time to work on things I love, like writing. (Before I used excuse that I work all day long and I don’t have time. Seems familiar?) I don’t think much now about how to do things, I just do it. I stopped being passive. I am using some of tactics on work: I am putting reminders not to forget important things at work, for example. It is still work in progress, but I see things are changing for me. Thank you.

  380. AJ

    I bought your book (kindle version) and read it twice. The first time, I was just going through the pages and getting more and more excited to turn a page. The second time, I bought a small note book and took notes and also write my plans along the way. It has helped me to have a plan about my finances in general. I knew I had a retirement account with my job but I didn’t know where it was or what it was being invested in. Now I got full control of it and choose what index funds it is invested in. I also opened individual brokerage account and am investing. I wish I read your book before I bought my new car seven months ago. Cause I could have done a lot better. I have also automated my savings and I think of money in a completely different way. Thanks so much for all your help. Happy 30th birthday.

  381. Joanne

    Happy Birthday. Thanks very much for your posts and book. Two concepts I’ve learned from you that have helped a lot – fixed schedule productivity and realizing that its not lack of information its lack of implementation. Giving projects a fixed schedule allowed (forced) me to finish at least two projects more than anticipated over the last 2 months. Realizing that its lack of implementation forced me to pick a time management strategy (fixed schedule procuctivity) and start using it. Thanks again.

  382. Peter

    Sorry its late, but your blog has helped me to prepare my finances and be debt free and be a reliable resource for friends looking for assistance in doing the same. I guide them to your blog and act as support to make sure we are all following through with our goals! Wouldn’t have known this much without your help!

  383. Amy Driscol

    Happy Birthday!
    I’m still in the middle of other steps – but I did automate my finances. So now, I don’t worry about bills anymore. I’m also saving money every pay towards my first investment – index funds.

  384. Inge Theuer

    Dear Ramit,

    Congratulations on your birthday!

    Using your own words “winning script”, I suceeded at losing weight by changing my “whining script” (I’m too fat, my clothes don’t fit anymore, etc., etc.) into my “winning script”, i.e. I’m a determined person, I was born to win and so forth.

    Best wishes.

  385. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! My latest IWT win just came through earlier this evening. I was approved for the Starwood Preferred Guest AmEx credit card! My company may be able to let me work from a company apartment in Brooklyn for a week every couple of months, so long as I pay for my own meals and transportation – and airplane tickets is a huge win for my credit card rewards to cover. I am so excited for my credit card to arrive because this it’s the next step towards helping automate my goal to travel more and live/work in NY.

    Thank you so much for all of your advice and dedication to this blog.

  386. Sanjay

    Happy Birthday Rammit.

    I mainly use your content to help me ask the right questions, whether at work or at home.

    A specific example is at work, where one of our clients started seeing about a 10-25% drop in monthly marketing campaign generated revenue.

    With other teams not finding any immediately obvious explanation, I started asking questions like what behavioural changes could be occurring to staff or customers to cause this?

    The result: A seemingly insignificant change had made collecting marketing information from new customers less convenient for staff, and we saw declining marketable customers from the process change.

    Detecting these changes in human behaviour creates millions of dollars for our clients all the time.
    Thanks Rammit.

  387. Alpesh

    After reading your blog I came face to face with my own reality that there is hope. I realized that after paying off my debt it’s possible to live a life where my mind isn’t focused on never enjoying my life but rather consciously spending my money. Thank you for this new perspective which has encouraged me to get out of my debt of 20k which I have negotiated down to 17.6k and automated my payments for the next 1 year to get down to 7k total debt.

    Also recently started testing some consulting ideas to bring in more money and hoping to find something that people are willing to pay for that I can provide as a service. Put up a couple of ads lets see what hits (app sumo business blueprint ideas)

  388. Corinne

    This website has helped me increase my credit rating by almost 70 points in 2 months. It’s not perfect but it’s “Good” for the first time in quite some time. I’ve also started investing and taking savings seriously. I’ve also gotten a new job and I think it was in part because I’ve developed a new attitude about myself and my future.

    I’m midway through my 20s and I finally feel like I’m doing something positive with the (limited) money I’m earning.

    • Corinne

      I should also add a couple things:

      1) I stopped ignoring what I spend every month. I was never overspending (and I started saving as soon as I got my first job out of college), but I always wanted to ignore how much I made/and spent because I never felt I made enough and I hat to pay back college loans. But I’ve since stopped that and I feel better about where I am (which is not that bad, I only have about $12000 left in loans and no cc debt).

      2) Happy birthday!

  389. Lean Ni Chuilleanain

    Belated happy birthday, Ramit! Welcome to your 30s 🙂

    Reading this blog and your book made me realise what’s possible in the sphere of money. I’m slowly implementing your advice.

    On the money side, it may seem a small thing to you and many of your readers, but last year when I negotiated a six-month credit card rate drop, from 19% to 4%, in order to help me pay off the balance, I broke through a script that probably goes back four generations in my family (“we don’t negotiate – in fact, we don’t ask for anything if the answer might be No – and if the first answer is No, we *definitely* shut our mouths and go away forever”). I used several scripts from your book word for word.

    I paid off the balance before the six months were up, by the way, and now have a small but growing savings account.

    Meanwhile, since the start of 2012 I’ve used insights from you and BJ Fogg to solidify a set of habit changes that have given me a daily creative practice. I blogged about this a couple of months ago, and I can’t exaggerate how important it’s been to me. So, yeah … thanks for that!

    Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take your writing in the future.

  390. Matthew

    Thank you. I have, over and over again, failed to follow your advice. Still, just reading your inspiring words has made me more motivated and focused to achieve the goals I had already set for myself. I have not made leaps and bounds toward astonishing income gains, but I’m starting to pay off some debt, working harder, and happen to be making about 25% more than I was at the job I had a year ago. Your simple words of advice have been a reminder to me to do more. I’ve started running, eating healthier, and, overall, am living a more productive life.
    Thank you,

  391. Lola

    A mix of your ideas and MMM’s (Mr Money Mustache) has helped me do this in the past 2yrs:

    -Increase salary by 5K
    -Save additional 36K in 401K
    -Pay off remaining student debt of 14K
    -Lose 20 inches of fat by learning to get into an exercise habit and healthier eating habit (this took over 6 tries btw)
    -Learn copywriting (I’m approaching potential clients)

    Happy birthday. And a big thank you!

  392. Rebecca

    I first learned of IWT 6 months ago. In that time, I’ve accomplished the following:
    – Was promoted. Salary is still pending, but I expect it to be a $15-20k raise when the company had layoffs in February, and has frozen the wages of most employees.
    – Landed ~10 interviews with fewer than 15 job applications thanks to natural networking. I also realized that the reason I couldn’t land the job, is I was going for the wrong job title. I’ve adjusted accordingly.
    – The only “cold” contact that I used got me an interview I’m still going through — I”ll let you know if it works out.
    – Negotiated a deal on my cable (saving $450)
    – Negotiated bank fees and charges (saving $30)

  393. Pete

    Happy 30th.

    Your book IWTYTWR was awesome. After reading it I was able to start getting my student loans under control, start saving money and eventual begin investing. You book is my go to graduation present know for anyone i know finishing high school or college. Awesome book. Cant wait to see what else you publish.

  394. lin

    It has taught me about automating my finances which is obviously your goal and it has encouraged me to find new sources of money.
    As you said, if you cant save money then find more.
    So within the last 3 months i managed to make my first extra 1K outside of my normal day to day job. Maybe it seems like a small amount to certain people but it has helped me pay for my hobbies and i no longer feel bad to spend a little extra on that special dinner or that pretty dress.
    Now with that extra income I have managed to save more of my monthly salary while spending just the same amount i did before.

    Thank you Ramit and Happy birthday!
    may you find that Asian-family-approved-girl-that-you-love!


  395. Eric S. Mueller

    Ramit, sorry I didn’t leave a comment before. I had hard drive issues.

    The single most valuable concept I got from you is automating my finances. I’d been terrified since my days in the Navy when my pay got screwed up and my car insurance (on auto-draft) got cancelled. But remembering to write checks and make payments was starting to take up too much time. Your book convinced me to give autopay a shot. I now spend very little time thinking about regular bills. I think water and sewer are the only bills left that refuse to allow a 20th century or later method of payment.

  396. Zhanna

    Ramit, Happy birthday!!!
    You asked for one thing but you see how hard it is for us to keep from listing))
    – I have started my credit history in US by applying for my first credit card(it took me 10 minutes to choose using (also – registered there, great tool!!). All because thanks to you I realised why I need it and what to do with it.
    – my best achievement so far that thanks to opening a saving account I was able to join FindYourDreamJob program! I saved considerably for the first month
    (around $1000 and PS. I have never saved a penny for all my life!!!!). I am on the 2nd module and very happy already))! Will report on results later)!
    Again Happy birthday and good luck with your plans, goals, dreams!

  397. DeeAnne Hedrick

    First, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. Secondly, you have given me the wisdom in several areas: job seeking,saving money is a definite sure win, how to properly do my resume’, and so much more. You have really made a direct difference in my life.THANK YOU!!!
    Thanks to you, I have cleaned up what I spend money on every month and actually have some money at the end.
    I pray that you continue to be happy and have the best of luck with your plans,goals and your dreams. Congrats Ramit!!!

  398. Will

    First of all I would like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. Sorry I couldn’t respond earlier but I was too busy taking top of the class for mag particle and dye penetrant inspection last week. Second, I would like to thank you and your course for giving me room to breathe again. I was really hating my 45 on and 14 off schedule and always just hoping diving would either pick up, or maybe one of the many resumes I sent out would get noticed. I have just started your program so I might not have a lot of details yet, but after simply talking to the right people at other companies, I have had 2 interviews with a few more possibles. And I haven’t even started really networking yet. Actually as I am writing this last part, I have been talking to an old friend who is wanting to talk to his guys about me working with his company. I can’t even wish you a proper Happy Birthday and Thank you letter without your advice working. Thanks again, and, maybe bring some less than desirable women home to meet mom, it worked for me, and I’m 35 and still unmarried.And I’m from Tennessee, teenagers get married there all the time, its like a cool thing to do on Friday or something.

  399. Nathanael Ligon


    You helped me to completely restructure my financial life, get away from stupid, harmful banks, automate myself, max out my IRA, save effectively, keep track of my money, save, and spend on what I really want to spend on. I’m a USMC Sergeant and I buy your book for my Marines whenever any of them asks me for financial advice. Happy Birthday buddy, and thanks for everything.

  400. Nick Peddle

    Thanks to you I enrolled in my hospitals 403b after I found out they match up to 6%. I now have free ATM withdrawals world wide via Schwab. Best of all I feel like I am heading in the right direction to scoring a dream job. I emailed a guy I bussed tables with back in the day. He is now a higher up in our hospitals cardiology dept. and gave me some contacts to the dept I am trying to get into. You are the reason I joined Twitter. That sounds silly but your advice holds a lot of weight in my eyes and I trust you.
    Happy Belated B-Day

  401. Jayprakash

    Dear Ramit,
    Bahot Bahot Shubhkamanaen….(Many many wishes) be a bigger,stronger, and give something valuable materialistic or thoughts property in others life…TAGADA raho…(Be happy) .

  402. Sarah

    Because of your book, I have been automatically saving 30% of my paycheck for the past year and a half. I have an emergency fund, a gifts fund, and a wedding fund (I’m not anywhere near getting married, but I’m preparing!).

  403. bingbong

    Post-IWT, I have been accepted to every interview I’ve had.

  404. Agota

    I work as a full-time freelance writer now.

    Your material has helped me to kick-start my writing career, by helping me to:

    – Land a lot of small, one time writing jobs.

    – Land a big client, who’s currently my main client, who’s paying me a very nice rate and values my work.

    With this big client, I e-mailed them, they didn’t respond, I then read something from you on features vs. benefits and pitching clients, e-mailed them again, voila.

    I’m slowly, but steadily stabilizing my finances (I’m paying off my debt and I’m about to start building an emergency fund).

    More importantly, I get to..

    – Live a location independent life (currently I’m staying in the sunny Valencia, Spain).

    – Have a total control over my time. This allows me to work on building a business of my own. Well, and to sleep as much as I want, which is huge for me.

    – Write for a living. I get to do what I enjoy and what I’m good at and people pay me for doing it.

    This is priceless.

    Thank you so much, Ramit, and happy birthday! 🙂

  405. SimonB.

    If optimizing for happiness, go into a stable relation w/o children to get a “high score” on the bottomline of happiness, life span and experienced quality of life (popular science results from a year ago or so).
    Re costs effectiveness, _cost_ effective is living in a ghetto. (But optimizing for income you’d benefit more from rich neighbours.) In general, the more people living together the higher your divisor to costs for housing with heating/cooling etc and better chances for savings from effects of scale. Just sayin’…

  406. Marco

    Because of IWTYTBR I implemented a simple system (4 different money transfers/month) to automatically save towards short and long term goals, since 2007.

    Additionally, I am able to stick to investment strategies I plan, not letting me be influenced by media hysteria. I have lost money because of that, but I know it’s the right long term thing to do: low commissions index tracking funds. I have never sold! Just buying, every month, for 5 years now. Because I’m on a buying period (for the next 15 years) I’m kind of happy when stocks are low because I can buy cheap 🙂

    Thanks, Ramit.
    PS: 15k saved (total current assets); diverting 20% of my wage every month.

  407. Akhil

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

    I automated me savings which has helped us save consistently. Your insights into negations, productivity, behavioral change have been invaluable. The confidence gained due to the insights provided have been invaluable.

  408. Christine

    Happy Happy Belated Birthday!

    Coming from a background where fiscal management literally meant counting coins to make purchases and pay down bills. Your email messages and info on the site have helped me transition from approaching finances with a sickening fear to steadily cultivating a logical and healthy relationship.

    Thank you for your steady personable insights, they are quite helpful and I always look forward to seeing an email from ‘my good friend Ramit.’

  409. DEEZY

    What I want to know more from wit how can I obtain a higher salary in Florida. I have never made more than 26000 a year. I am a recent older graduate and I have been to countless interviews. Do I have to leave Florida for better pay. I major in accounting.

  410. Tamara

    Hi Ramit. You have helped my husband and I automate our finances and we are set to pay both of our car notes off a full year sooner, as well as pay off our credit card debt (almost $10,000) by the end of next year.

    When you made Find Your First Profitable Idea $1 I jumped on it and devoured the information. I could not join the Dream Job or Earn 1k programs due to my debt so I took what I could get! Thanks to that, I have launched my color consulting business on a small scale. I remember your words 3 customers makes a good idea and $100 makes a profitable idea. I have had 4 customers and I’m 2 away from my first $100, and then I will raise my rates a little.

    Thank you for everything you do! Especially tips on earning income on the side, job hunting, personal finance, and behavioral psychology/procrastination.

  411. ER

    I’m a little outside your demographic. I’m the right age, but I don’t want a career. I enjoy my hobbies (art & writing) and I’ve found that ladder-oriented jobs drain me too much to do the things I love. I’d rather do menial work, work whose ladder is only lateral (serving).

    But I DO want to be comfortable financially. Your blog and book have showed me how. Last year I was ill and had to cut back on work, and I totally made it without tapping into savings or credit despite the drop in income. I just weedwacked my expenses until everything fit.

    More recently, I’ve been able to dump $1,500/month on my debt thanks to your advice + 2 jobs + being a no-cut-&-color gal. (Merciless!)

    I’ve thought about turning one of my hobbies into side income. My main obstacle is that I don’t believe I can do it. But you’re bashing my brain into the sidewalk a lot, and these comments are encouraging.

    Happy belated birthday!!! I turned 30 a couple years ago and leaving my 20s behind felt awesome 🙂

  412. DW

    Two years ago, I was a PhD student, earning $1,200/month, working 50h/week, and trying without success to make money on the side.

    Thanks to your blog, I finally managed to find a side business idea that generates income (and to graduate). I now live exclusively from this income, and make $10,000/month, while working 20h/week (I guess I could work more hours and earn more, but at the moment I don’t want to!).

    I used to be always broke, but now I have several savings accounts with some money, bought a house (with a small loan) and I’m getting married in a few weeks. I thought I would have had to save money for years to be able to do these things!!

    Also, I now work from home, so I don’t have to commute 2h/day and save a lot of money on my car (parking + gas, so about $400/month). With the extra time, I started doing other things I always wanted to do but never had the time/money, such as growing vegetables, going to the market, to the swimming pool, reading novels, cooking, etc.

    Oh, I also cancelled all my credit cards!

  413. mi

    Ramit has opened my eyes to credit card perks – such as coverage for rental cars when you get into accident when the full rental cost is paid by the credit card. He also helped me save and manage $ better – introducing to amazing programs like Mint and Awayfinder.

  414. Rachel

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Belated Birthday! IWT has helped me automate my finances so that I am well on my way to pay off debt from my divorce and have a nice savings started. I’m close to being out from under the financial stress I’ve struggled with for years.

    Thanks so much!


  415. Vinay

    Just one sentence: Test your assumptions (and assertions).
    This explained all the fickle decisions I was making. It got me into the Indian Institute of Science as well.

  416. Tanuja

    Hi Ramit –

    I know I’m a little late on this, but first of all, Happy Belated Birthday! I think the main things you have helped me with is automating my savings and helping me find the courage to move forward with building my business.

    By automating how I save money, I was able to save about $5k in under 6 months. I’m proud to say that I have no debt at all, have a healthy 401k and now am on my way to saving more and more. The other great thing I have been able to do with your help through the Earn1K course and just by reading your blog posts is to gain the courage to continue to build my business. I still can’t afford to quit my full-time job, but I did want a richer life and I was able to negotiate one. Last summer, I negotiated to work from home on Fridays and a decent pay increase. Later this year, I will be working from home all days of the week and becoming largely location independent which was a huge goal of mine before I turn 30 – two years ahead of schedule! 🙂 This will give me more flexibility to work on building my business even further and to experiment with different product offerings. I’m also a huge fan of Tim Ferriss, so I’ll be re-reading his book to help me automate more of my schedule as well.

    One more thing – I have really enjoyed reading your gender and money series. I haven’t really made any comments b/c they are always closed by the time I get around to reading the posts :-(, but I find this series of topics to be extremely interesting. I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to gender roles – I’m well educated, earn a decent income, own a business, am independent and single, but I do find it sexy when I know a man can financially take care of me. To be honest, it has a lot less to do with the money and lot more to do with the fact that they are creative enough/motivated enough/intelligent enough to make a good living. What’s even more hot are entrepreneurs. Being Indian, my parents have always discouraged me from both being and entrepreneur and dating them because of the supposed lack of financial security…but the truth is, I think they’re super hot because not only are they creative enough to come up with something that can make money without being dependent on a job, but they are also generally survivors and don’t often play the victim. I have this type of personality and generally prefer these qualities in a mate also. Also, a practical reason that I want my not-yet-found future husband to earn more money than me is that I want the option to be able to stay at home with my kids for at least a few years while they are young. Family has always been really important to me and I would just love to spend a few years at least fully dedicated to raising my kids.

    Anyway, those are just my thoughts. Thanks so much for all the great and interesting content you produce and I hope you have an incredible year!

    All the best,

  417. Ryan

    Sucesses from IWT:

    Me: +$25,000 from a job change/ yr (2 yrs elapsed so far)
    Wife: +$20,000 from a job change/ yr (2 yrs elapsed so far)
    Debt -$15,000 since began actively managing savings/debt payments
    Savings +$5,000 in cash
    Retirement +$25,000 (probably with 5% growth for 30 years = $140K when I retire)
    Money on the Side so far $300

    So in short Ramit you have so far made me about $250,000!

    Thanks for your help and motivation.

    P.S. this amount doesn’t include what you helped do for my brother, he also is making more money.

    Happy belated birthday.

  418. Sareen

    My birthday is the day before yours!!! 🙂

  419. Sugandha

    Hey Ramit, Belated happy birthday. I don’t know how old this post is (since there is no date on this) and I can’t give you a specific story of how your blog has helped me, but I do glean useful nuggets from it all the time.

    And yes, I do understand the point about Indian mum getting on to your case.. good luck from a fellow Indian in Canada!


    It’s difficult to find well-informed people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  421. Aundrea

    It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I
    am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us.
    Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  422. fioricet

    Right here is the perfect web site for anybody who hopes to find out about this topic.
    You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would
    want to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject which has been written about for ages.
    Great stuff, just great!

  423. Pab

    As the song says ‘Don’t worry, be happy”. Happy Birthday…