It’s my birthday. 3 things I learned

Ramit Sethi

Today is my birthday. Every time one of my friends has a birthday, I ask them to share some birthday wisdom, so today I wanted to take a second to thank you for reading IWT and share a few lessons I’ve learned in 34 years.

1. Look beneath the surface of “catch phrases”

“What’s your greatest fear?” When I used to hear people ask me this godforsaken question. I guess I never really understood it. I would say, “Nothing” and they would look at me like I was crazy. I thought fear meant an animalistic, physical sensation like some predatory animal was chasing me. It turns out fear is a lot more subtle. I’m afraid of being ordinary. I’m afraid of thinking small. A lot of us are afraid of failure, or looking stupid, or of our friends thinking we got “too big for our britches.”

“What keeps you up at night?” Another phrase I didn’t understand. Dumb & Literal Ramit was like, “HUH? I SLEEP GREAT!” Well, now I get it. Maybe it doesn’t literally mean what prevents you from going to sleep…but what is on your mind ALL THE TIME? For me, it’s not revenue or launches or my protein powder. It’s people problems and people management (the special challenges that come with growing a company).

“Keep trying new things.” There’s another phrase I’ve been thinking about: “Keep trying new things.” On the surface, it sounds so normal — duh, of course I should keep trying new things. But think about our daily schedule: Most of us go to work, come home, maybe work out or watch TV, then do it all over again…for the rest of our lives. Maybe there’s a 1-week vacation thrown in there every year.

And yet a tiny change can change everything.

A few days ago, a reader sent me a link to an old IWT article he’d stumbled across, written back in 2005. Check it out:



Just like that. No 3-week launch with all the bells and whistles. No affiliate promotion. Just a simple mention, like “Oh, btw, now this site will also be about personal entrepreneurship. Cool?”

Such a small post for such a historical shift in focus that’s now led to millions of readers focused on more than just cutting back on the price of their breakfast cereal.

I think that for a lot of us, huge changes come from simple decisions. A decision to go to a yoga class, or hire a tutor to learn Spanish, or make the decision to be happy.

That little blog post was a great chance to sit back and really appreciate how far IWT has come in the last 12 years. I hope it inspires you.

2. Make yourself proud

I loved this email I got from a reader, Pete R.:

“Hey Ramit,

I did a talk yesterday to some high schoolers on career advice (I mentioned
your book and site on my recommended reading list) and had a moment that
made me think of you. A lot of my talk was about not being afraid to be
exceptional, to be above average and to stand out. In the Q&A afterward,
one of the girls asked me “so are you a top performer?”

I didn’t even flinch. I said yes without a moment’s hesitation. I said
everyone in my company was, it was the benchmark for even getting in (I
work at XXXXX). The look on everyone’s face was intriguing. They were
shocked, but it wasn’t a “he’s full of himself shock”, they seemed shocked
because I didn’t try and downplay it, didn’t have any false humility.
Almost as if they were thinking “wow, can you really just be like that?”

It was like me saying it was telling them it was ok not to be average. The
level of engagement and questions after that definitely went up.

I’ve been thinking about that constantly since it happened. I find it very
interested that it seems to just be imprinted on the majority of kids that
you’re supposed to be average.

Thanks for reading, NRN.



I love this for so many reasons.

First, society highlights superstars, athletes, and CEOs…but the minute you try something different, you realize the world wants you to be vanilla — they love celebrating, but nobody likes seeing how the sausage is made. It’s no surprise that we tend to do what everyone else does.

Second, when was the last time we actually said, “I’m proud of this”? For most of us, it’s been months…or even years. We’re socially conditioned to not say we’re proud of something we’ve accomplished or to downplay it.

I think that if you focus on doing something interesting, you get really good, and you tell people about it, then one day you wake up and realize you’ve accomplished something meaningful.

I never started IWT to turn into this big thing. I didn’t even know it would be a business! I just wanted to share what I’d learned about personal finance with a few of my friends. And now, I’m proud of what the IWT team has accomplished.

3. Everyone has something they “know” they should do…and they’re not doing it. Including me and you

A few days ago, our Product team did an icebreaker. The question was: “What surprising thing has working at IWT taught you about the people around you?”

Now, inside this small group is some of the best talent on applied psychology anywhere in the world. They know why people do what they do, they have access to test data and stories that nobody else does.

So we had a fascinating discussion on what we’ve learned about human nature.

One of the answers was, “Everyone has something they know they need to do and they’re not doing it. Including all of us.”

That level of compassion is something I didn’t have in my early 20s. If you couldn’t get an A…well, just try harder. If you couldn’t lose weight, well…you probably weren’t trying hard enough.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve learned that we all have a few things we’re great at…and at least one big, glaring thing that we think about every day of our lives.

For some people, it’s being unhappily single: “Will I ever meet someone? Do I have any time left?” Etc.

For others, it’s their looks. “Am I too short? I weigh too much. Sigh…there’s nothing I can do.”

What is it for you?

When I was in my early 20s, if some guy had just come up to me and said, “Dude, I know you think about being skinny a lot. Look, it’s so easy. Just count your macros, increase your calorie count to 3,500 calories, and lift heavy,” I would have looked at him like he was speaking alien.

We all have struggles in our own life. I have them, you have them

But just telling people the facts isn’t enough — even if you’re right. Like it or not, facts are overrated in persuasion. But meeting people where they are, giving them a vision for the future, and moving them a little in the right direction — not from A-Z, but maybe just A-F — can help tremendously.

Anyway, just some thoughts to share on my birthday today.

If you’ve read along, thank you.

For my birthday, I don’t need any presents. But there’s one request I have: If you’ve enjoyed IWT, please do me a favor and leave a comment on how IWT has helped you. That would be the best birthday gift of all.



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  1. Vanessa

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    IWT has fundamentally changed the way I think, and equally as important, the way I listen. I have become more sensitive and aware of what people are saying, how they are speaking, and (here’s the big win) what they REALLY mean by what they say.

    I’ve learned to identify my own thought patterns and mental barriers, and while I’m still working on getting past them, the mere identification of each of them is been a huge and helpful step for me.

    Your articles and videos have also proved to me that the world is vanilla and even those who want the best for you and want you to “succeed” will push you towards mediocrity. Once my eyes were opened to this, it blew me away, and I have seen this happen time after time in my life. Play it safe. Don’t disrupt. Do what you’re told and you’ll be just fine. Your lessons have taught me that, yeah, I will be just fine by doing all of that. And I’ll also be boring. Well, I hate boring. In a world where this is the constant message, I’m working, little by little, to break that, all thanks to you, Ramit!

    • errgerg


    • ddfdseef

      sorry i was just trying how to comment have a nice day Vanessa

  2. J. Money

    Happy birthday, homeboy!

    still waiting for you to rock a ‘hawk like a true baller though… they go well with beards, ask the girls 😉

  3. Jon Atkins

    Happy birthday, reader for many years here. Courage to quit day job, quadruple salary, and focus on earning more opposed to spending less. Thank you!

  4. Dave Lane

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Your material has been a constant companion throughout my career and adult life, and I’m very grateful for your dedication to top-quality, motivational support!

  5. Steve

    Happiest of birthdays to you amigo!

    I’ve always believed that “knowledge is power” is an incomplete quote. Knowing is never enough unless you actually do something (or stop doing something) with it. All of your learnings include not only strategy and human psychology, but very practical, specific, actionable advice on how to apply things.

    Too many people attempt to “motivate” others with happy quotes on social media, which sound great and are easy to shake your head in agreement on, but are ultimately useless. And frankly, annoying.

    As a (fellow?) weirdo obsessed with human performance, your writing has helped me stay accountable by just thinking “what would Ramit say?”. Please keep up the great work man.

    • Carmen

      >Knowing is never enough unless you actually do something (or stop doing something) with it

      I feel this fits the current millennial generation (which I’m apart of). We have all this knowledge but, don’t do jackshit with it because we have created a gazillion negative scripts on why we can’t do anything with it.

      >Too many people attempt to “motivate” others with happy quotes on social media

      There’s a subreddit on Reddit called /r/getmotivated and it makes the front page regularly. So many times I’ve been tempted to give them a Ramit styled schooling on so-called motivation but, knowing Reddit, they’ll cynically complain about it all in the name of motivation (Being cynical and angry “motivates” them).

  6. Carmen

    IWT has helped me be completely honest with myself, brutally honest, when it comes to my behaviors/actions.

    It wasn’t always an easy pill to swallow.

    Also, a note on number two: How can one really go about being proud of what they have accomplish without being that obnoxious, cocky jerk?

    I got my fair share of obnoxious, cocky jerks in my extended family and it’s a complete turn off.

    Anyway, happy birth day Ramit. Thank you for this blog, your book, and your courses. Crap, thank you for just existing.

    You’re a God send.

    • Carmen


      Lately, I’ve been sharing some of your material, Ramit, with my mom. She likes what she has learned so far and I think she might be slowly taking it in and maybe one day, she’ll apply it as well.

      I’ll get her to the dark side eventually.

      Once again, thank you for all you have done.

    • Jenni Juhl

      Carmen, I love your comment! I especially loved the question about #2. I always put being proud and being haughty or obnoxious in the same category but i’ve learned that being proud with grace and compassion are completely different then being cocky. I always waited for people to give me “permission” to be proud of my work by practically begging for their approval/love but that said more about me than it did the people I wanted that “permission” from. People who are proud do so with confidence and that confidence lights them up and they tend to draw confident and uplifting people to them. I love that saying: You will be like the 5 people you surround yourself with the most. Surround yourself with others who are proud of their “work” and they will be proud of you and give you that “permission” to be proud and confident and then you can spread that “permission” to others making this world a little less vanilla one person at a time!

  7. Jeffrey

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I’ve learned a lot from you and IWT resources. I’ve reorganized my banking, I’m moving in the right direction for my ZTL stuff, and I’m understanding more about psychology in business. I love what I learn from you, thank you so much.


    • Alex

      This site has helped me so…much. For the hardest thing for me is being a fuck up.reading the posts have marked out a good few silly people in my life. An I thank those that have kept up the good work telling great story’s. I would like to ask all those that have invested more than time. Would u advise wiping ur gadgets etc? if u thought someone or people could poss hack ur email,Mac,iPhone? As a lot of folk think it’s hard to do so. Struggling with who is more important in bitter circles. Again for me an poss others. It’s hard work being a fuck up. Letting those that care down 24/7😔

      I guess that’s why folk care so much bout this site? Best motivation words I can add for many topics is, Lifes too short. Don’t start fires!less u can put them out.u never know what’s round the corner..we all make mistakes in life. Nones perfect. Those who have the time maybe are perfect in the own minds & reflect on silly cyber bullying to possibly release there issues an feel better bout them selfs.

      Happy birthday slick,hope it’s a good 1

  8. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!

    I’ve been getting your emails for YEARS, but I finally took the jump and joined Zero to Launch. My health isn’t the best, so I’m working through it at my own pace, but I’m so glad to have a clear path to go down, and I’m so glad it’s a teacher I trust guiding me 🙂

    • alixes

      Happy birthday wish u many more

  9. Lily

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Your copywriting course has been, not only wildly beneficial for my company – but also personally – I’ve found something I really enjoy doing, and am really good at. I appreciate your honesty and humor, and I’m so glad a colleague shared your site with me. Have a terrific day!

  10. saleem rana

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    Your lessons have inspired me to think about things more deeply and then condense my reflections into actionable steps.

  11. Laura Pestronk

    Happy birthday Ramit!
    Your blog posts always strike me as completely honest and it moves me how much great information you actually give away for free- in each and every email you send! Your passion to help others is so apparent and it really inspires me to follow my passion of sharing what I’ve learned -especially financial advice, but also love and life advice- with others without an agenda.
    I have so much to catch up on with your emails and posts- you’ve given so much information out, I feel like I have to go back for sure. But thank you for never making any of your marketing feel scammy or untruthful. Everything feels very genuine coming from you. And thanks for reading every email. That’s quite a mighty task and I stand in awe!
    Happy birthday once again!


  12. Josh

    Ramit, your courses and blog posts have helped me, and many others, land *amazing* jobs. I’m working for a dream job that pays 3x what I was earning two years before I started, and it’s fully remote, so I’ve been able to travel the world. (I spent six of the last 12 months outside the USA).

    Tons of other stuff, too, but I think 3x’ing my salary and traveling the world is a pretty good start.

    Thank you.

  13. Anthony

    This is one of the best emails/articles I’ve received from you (and everything you send is GOLD).

    It’s a great refresher on the basis of not just your business, but the entire psychology of myself and fellow readers on constantly growing, learning, and achieving more.

    Every time I read one of your articles, watch a video, or listen to you on a podcast, I am reminded that I am not crazy for wanting to be 1% better every day.

    Thank you for everything.

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

  14. Lois Baron

    I know a lot of stuff — and want to DO more stuff — and I love your approach to the whole shebang. I like it that you call people (including me) on their BS. Happy birthday and keep going!

  15. Cameron

    Doubled my salary and have had regular 10-15% increases per year.

  16. Bryan

    Happy Birthday Ramit. IWT has gotten me out of debt, helped me negotiate multiple 30%+ raises, be a better manager and executor with systems, increase my productivity 100%, introduced me to people way smarter than me, and constantly pushes me to strive for more. Thank you IWT.

  17. Nicole Maki

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    I’m a new reader, probably only six months, and I always read every email you send. As I’ve been applying your advice to my life I keep finding myself leveling up on success, health and happiness. I recommend your writing to everyone who will listen.


  18. Sol

    Well, this one certainly resonates with me. I look back at all the major decisions I took that gave my life a different direction, and they don’t seem like the huge things they actually were.

    I think that happens because we make those decisions when we are ready to face them. Changing careers, lossing weight, talking to people. They seem so simple but we already did the mental “work” that prepare us to take action.

    I’ve subscribed to IWT recently. It’s not the first entrepreneur and financial website I’ve seen, but somehow I’m hooked with all the content. It feels genuine, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

    So thank you for that. Really. And happy birthday 🙂

  19. Paul

    Modeling your quality of content. I had a personal blog for awhile before I began writing at Typeform. There’s a ton of lessons to be learned here, but the main thing is to help (or entertain) the reader as much as possible. Too many to name.

    Happy b-day dude.

  20. Cat Aboudara

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Three years ago, I moved across the country to take a job at the Smithsonian and have been living the mantra – Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone. I’ve met friends and mentors who keep me accountable on a weekly basis and pushing myself beyond that comfort zone. I’ve been growing more in the last three years than I did in the past decade. Two major milestones are in the works and just around the corner that I never thought would be possible and it started with the dream job course. Which is still material, I use on a regular basis especially for networking. I also joined IWT Fit and Project Burn and I’m down 17 lbs and 22 lbs to go and I feel amazing eating better food and exercising on a regular basis and I see that reaching my goal by 12 2016 is totally possible. What’s more, is my friends LOVE the dinner parties I throw because my cooking is better so double win cooking healthy and being able to be social. Thank you for your materials and constantly pushing the needle, it’s helped your students like me do the same.

  21. Dustin Amberg

    Thank you, Ramit! And Happy Birthday!

    1. Self-Awareness of what I truly want out of life.
    2. Weekly reminder to make someday, today. – Start my online business
    3. Financial awareness. AKA pay off my cc debt. Halfway and counting down the months. Thank you!

  22. Jay S Inamdar

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Thanks for the constant stream of high quality content – not just phrases and calls to action but digging deeper into the psychology of why people think they want to improve but rarely convert that into action. Avid reader and look forward to seeing your next piece!

  23. Jerry

    Hard to articulate how much you and IWT have forced me to rethink a lot of what I “knew” about life: how adults are supposed to earn money, what we’re supposed to want, how to go about getting it. In particular, you’ve piqued my interest in getting a better understanding of the psychology of what drives and motivates us, and how what goes into making lasting change in my own life and the lives of others.

    Happy birthday, Ramit. Hope it’s a great one.

  24. Nina

    I always downplay what I accomplish. When other people comment on my achievements, I don’t know what to say. How could society have conditioned us not to be proud of our work and be so ashamed of our failures?

    I joined the IWT reading list past December, and honestly wanted to quit my job 2 weeks later to join ZTL ) Love so much wisdom coming in emails, but shared in such simple yet meaningful terms. Every time I get your email, I want to share at least 1 part of it to my friends on FB. I especially enjoy challenges like finding extra $1K of cash or crazy fitness workouts )

    Happy Birthday and best of all!

    ps. and I know what I should be doing, but I’m not doing it.

  25. Anthea

    Happy birthday, and thank you for the excellent email today!

    I have to admit that I have not yet purchased any of your products, but your free material is such great value that I try to share it any time I think a friend might be open to the message, and I try to give feedback any time you ask – and I evaluate every launch to see if I’m ready to buy (and commit the time/energy to make it work) yet.

    Let’s see, ways your free material on its own has changed my life:
    *Helped me change the way I approach job opportunities, in order to land in the best, most challenging role I’ve ever had. I love my boss, my colleagues, and I’m learning and growing every single week, if not day, even coming up on my 2-year anniversary.
    *Helped me see the value of coaching and take the risk of investing in working with a nutritionist. I made progress, then stopped seeing her and backslid, and just signed on again to get back on track, and we have discussed a less-expensive long-term option for accountability once I’m there.
    *Helped me to understand the psychology of advice and persuasion, and to move away from my old “default answer” of “they’re stupid” to a commitment to trying to understand *why* people disagree with what seems obvious to me – this has helped me to have civil political discussions with people I’d like to remain friends with. 🙂
    *Helped me identify my own mental roadblocks in approaching entrepreneurship – which is still very much a work in progress.
    *Provided a sense of accountability in terms of being honest with myself about what I choose to do – or choose not to do – and why.

    Thank you!

  26. David Wagner

    Two of the biggest takeaways from your ZTL course (so far) are:
    1) It has helped me begin to adopt more of an abundance mindset,
    2) I’ve also embraced the need for immersion, and to validate my ideas without jumping in blindly or backed by faulty assumptions.

    P.S. Happy birthday!

  27. Tyler

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT has taught me A TON! But the biggest thing it has taught me is something I try to live by everyday now.

    It’s this: Success is hard. But, the beautiful part is that we all have some type of skill, or ability to learn a skill, to get there.

  28. Em

    Happy Birthday, Ramit. Thank you for your gifts, talents, skills and knowledge you’ve worked for, refined and shared.

    One important take-away is to focus/concentrate on the important things. It may be important to me create flawless (this or that), but taking the time and energy to do so may not move me forward. Spend the time and energy to get things done as well as they need to be and focus efforts on what will take me and my work to the next level. Just make a decision and get on with it!

  29. Archana

    Happy Happy Birthday, Ramit!! 😀 I hope you are having an awesome day today, just as every single day should be!
    I am student of DJ and ST; thank you for all the help you have provided.

    Great write up…what I really liked about this article and the other articles from you(including the one on food) is, I believe you speak straight from the heart and what you truly believe in at that point.

    The part in this article about “it is ok to not be average” really spoke to me because I feel the same way most times! I feel like my thoughts/actions/ambition is somehow “weird” and “not like everyone else does it” and it is hard “fitting in” in that sense. I am glad there is still a large community out here that gets this attitude and is ok with you not being average.

    PS: Ramit, If there is any direct way to send you a quick email, would you be so kind as to let me know. I have a burning DJ question I have not found the answer to, and a quick word with you would go a long way in ensuring this is not “keeping me up at night” anymore 🙂

    And if you do not read this, still, thanks for everything, have an excellent bday week and hope you treated yourself to a Fitelligent desert 😉

  30. Gayle M

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    Your email today was just what I needed to hear. You unblocked a few things that I’ve been struggling with! I have a tendency to believe things are more complicated than they actually are and your email offered insight. Thanks again.

  31. N

    Ramit. Happy Bday. im fairly new to following your emails and helpful information. The only comment i have at this time is that your advice and ideas simply reinforce the ideas that i have in my head and how I should think or react toward my goals. My primary goal is to stop being a slave to someone elses dreams and live mine. In order to do that i have to remain confident in my plans and try to surround myself with like minded people. This is what is most helpful to me.

  32. Alfonso

    Happy Birthday Asian Father!

    Your work keeps me questioning about my confort zone, about what action I take to control my life. It’s not always nice to look at this self questions, but certainly, it makes things more interesting.

  33. Alex

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! I’ve learned more about copywriting, marketing, persuasion and how to launch a product through observing your e-mails and letters. You content and material is amazing, but watching and studying the techniques you imply in the midst is even better. I’ve grown so much learning from you and I appreciate the lengths you go to create a remarkable product for your students.

    One thing that I’ve learned is that we all need a clear plan to move ahead and it’s better to spend the time, energy and resources on a proven methodology than to just go at it with no clear direction. Your programs and systems certainly provide that and now I’m challenging myself to create the same type of systems for my audience and students.

    Thanks and all the best!

  34. Alex

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

  35. Enver Nigmatouline

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    I love all the useful information that you give regularly. I actually changed my copywriting style to match yours, and I’m seeing results already. So, thank you very much, Ramit and have a great birthday.

  36. Jesper

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    You have mostly helped me with automating my finances, which has helped a lot.

  37. Kristen

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    IWT has helped unleash my inner ambitious self. I always knew I had the potential to be something better than what I am now and your material has helped guide me in the right direction to accomplish the things I want in life. I’ve been able to get my dream job, tackle student debt, negotiate bills, the list goes one. And I never imagined myself creating my own side business but here I am working towards that!

  38. Jordan

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    Glad I discovered you watching a Chase Jarvis Live interview several years ago. In the ensuing years I absorbed as much of your material as I could on everything related to finance and entrepreneurship. It’s the only business education I have, but enough for me to gain the confidence to launch my own architecture studio a few years ago. Business is strong and I could not have done it without you. I appreciate all you do. Happy Birthday Sir!

  39. Shane

    Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been reading your site since before the “2007 guide to kicking ass” and have incorporated your content so deeply into my life that it is hard to identify the daily benefit I receive.

    I do know that I can directly attribute multiple raises and promotions to the briefcase technique and other advise. Your book provided me with the basis for my automatic finances and investment allocations.

    I’ve also purchase a few of your smaller courses. All of which have dramatically improved my performance.

    Thank you!

  40. Ann Albers

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Thank you for being one of the angels on earth that is shifting the paradigm of marketing and money-making away from the old manipulative based strategies that turn human beings into objects to be used, into one of adding true value, treating others with respect and dignity, and acknowledging that we all have gifts and talents to share with the world.

    I have lived this way for years, have a great quality of life, and my needs and wants have been met. However, after producing 84 episodes of an internet show that is creating phenomenal effects for viewers, I had a deep desire to get the word out to more people. I asked my angels to guide me and the next day received an email introducing me to your site.

    The quality of both your heart and your work impresses me. I am taking my sweet time going through the course, as I have a life filled with other passionate projects, but I savor each bit like a tasty morsel, digesting it well, and looking forward to more. God bless you, may all your dreams come true.

  41. Terrance

    IWT has shown me that my future can be more and how it can be more. Thanks

  42. Martine

    Happy Birthday!

    IWT has taught me to think systematically about every aspect in my life that I want to improve, and no to believe ‘the hype’ of little tricks. Whether it’s about saving money (that’s where I started), earning more, or starting to exercise….it all has benefited from a strategical approach.

    In addition, your networking scripts really helped me realize I had to change my approach when I started looking for non-academic jobs after my PhD.

    Finally, your ZTL course (which I almost quit after some unexpected set backs) showed me that I have something valuable to sell, and that if I do it authentically and strategically, it can be a success.

    So thanks!

  43. Adam

    Happy Birthday!

    Zero To Launch and Accelerator. Enough said. You are way undercharging for the value they’ve provided my wife and I.

  44. simon

    Happy Birtday, Ramit!

    Simon from Costa Rica here.

    Your material has help me move from employee to self emplyed and how even hire a couple of persons. Now I am living my dream of having a full remote opperation and I am writing this words from a coworking place in Chile!

    Thanks for the awesome impact you have in so many lifes, including my own.

  45. Chad Frisk

    I’d say that the most valuable thing I’ve learned from IWTB is that admitting I don’t know as much as I think I do is actually healthier and more productive than doing the opposite.

  46. Aubrey

    I accidentally came across IWT when I was looking for negotiation tips for business – and WOW did I get more than I ever thought I would! Any new question I have, I immediately go to IWT resources, because I know it’ll be spot on and really effective. It’s not about fighting for your position, but persuading others to see it.

    Thanks, Ramit!

  47. Ohita Afeisume

    Happ Thanks for being y Birthday, Ramit:

  48. Andrei

    Hi Ramit!

    You’ve changed my perspective on life dramatically: systems, automation, habits, the game, ignoring things that don’t matter, and probably hundreds of other things.

    Thank you for enabling my happier, more productive life.

    Happy Birthday!

  49. David

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

    Thank you for what you do every day. I am a ZTL student. In literally 6 months you and IWT have reinvigorated my passion for pursuing my goals.

    It’s not just motivation, which your insights do provide; it’s the system of small actionable steps that provide me the pathway to reach my goals.

    I look forward to your emails and the value of just having someone to keep me challenging my thinking and confronting my invisible scripts and comfort zone.

    I am farther along today and creating different habits than I was six months ago, thanks to you and IWT.

    Best wishes my friend, Enjoy!

  50. Matthew G.

    IWT has taught me to be brutally honest with myself and take ownership of my action and inaction. If I fail to do something, I no longer make excuses as tthe why I couldn’t do it; I accept that I didn’t do what I had committed to myself to do, and I set a new goal and move on. I may not be where I wanted to be, but I’m way farther ahead than I would have been.

  51. Gisella

    Happy Birthday!
    the most important thing I learned from your posts, experience and courses is that (any of my) goals can be achieved by using an effective method, working step-by-step, and a ton of persistence.
    It definitely changed my way of working – which was quite inconsistent and confused ! Thanks a lot, Ramit!

  52. Colby Eklund

    Happy birthday! I have been reading your blog since I was in college and you have truly taught me so much about personal finance. Buying your book was one of the best things I did for my personal growth. I was able to start my professional career with a great understanding of what I needed to do to automate my savings and plan for retirement. Fast forward to now and it is clear that my early understanding of managing my money has paid off. More recently, I have enjoyed reading all of our emails in regards to having a rich life and how different that can be for all of us. Thank you for the 10+ years of wisdom that you have shared with me!

  53. Danny Margulies

    I used to think in terms of “How can *I* start a business?” “How can *I* make more money?” “Why can’t *I* be someone who is uber successful like the superstar entrepreneurs I see on TV?” … You made me realize that the answer was to focus on others instead. Find out what people want, then find a way to give it to them…that is the key to success. It’s not magic, it’s about helping people and making an IMPACT. Thank you and happy birthday!

  54. Brian M McCarthy

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    Thank you very much for all of the inspiration you’ve provided me. I’m making progress in bringing change to my life everyday and I have you to thank for it!

  55. Cora

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I’ve been reading your stuff in the past few days and I LOVE your stuff approach!
    I can’t wait to join Zero to Launch!! When will it open please?

  56. Gui

    Even though I did not joined any of your courses, your emails, Remit, helped me grow my business here in Brasil, inspite all struggles of a non-entrepreneur community. and helped get things done!

  57. Kyle Gordon

    !Feliz Cumpleanos, Ramti! Thank you for continuing to message me after I had been foolishly ignoring them. This was a gut wrenching call to the reality of my financial and social security. I was internalizing a little too much and the post today has changed my life for the better. I was insecure about following my instincts because of how others might perceive me, whether it was settling for something less than or being an arrogant dip stick. I had lost myself it seemed. I’ve learned that before I can have any success in the world, I must serve my family, friends, & neighborhood first. After a long hiatus from the workforce because of these reasons I’ve decided to apply at our local neighborhood bar and grill and work my way up from there. I look to start an online store for some of my art that I’ve been letting get dusty which has taken on a life of its own in the form of me being able to help other while explaining it, though not as articulate as you, Ramti. Thank you so much for continuing to message me even as I was ignoring your previous messages. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

  58. Kehinde Hussein Buari

    Your work taught me how to write with the reader in mind. Happy birthday, Ramit.

  59. Hilal

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I have been following you in the last couple of months and 2 days ago I have registered to Dream Job course. You have been helping me a lot to realize many emotional barriers and inefficient approaches I should work on to improve many aspects in my career and life. I had a meeting with my professional career coach this morning and when I told him my recent decisions, acts and planning , he was really impressed and congratulated me asking how come I could achieve such a sparkling and remarkable change in my approach in ”such a short time” adding he was even learning from me… I smiled and told him that I have been following you, your material and Dream Job course which already gave me a lot of insight and ambition to finally take an action and work hard for it! THANK YOU!

  60. Brandon

    Ramit, I hope you have a Happy Birthday!

    I’m in your “Find Your Dream Job” class, and it worked for me. I’ve been in my Dream Job for two years now. You and your team’s work has blessed my life in huge ways. So when I wish you a “Happy Birthday,” I mean it, and may you have many, many birthdays in the years to come!

  61. Joanie Dhillon

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I actually only recently stumbled across IWT as a recommendation from some friends, but I’m so glad that I have. Last year, I decided to finally leave a very cushy sales job to peruse my entrepreneurial venture of creating an online, leveraged business I can work from anywhere in the world. I now coach high-ticket sales people within my former industry to be the top 1%. It’s been a blast of a ride over the past year and we are growing like crazy! What I have loved most as of late is observing how you have built your brand/business empire to where it is today and analyzing your sales funnels 😝. I hope you have an amazingly beautiful day today!

  62. Susan Cousineau

    IWT and ZTL have engendered a shift in my thinking, from looking at hurdles to digging out solutions, going around obstacles and asking my way through them. When I “finally launched my business”, within hours I realized that putting up the page and making a big announcement had been too early – but I could re-evaluate instead of stew in feeling foolish. I sat down and analyzed carefully what was the right thing to do (put an offer out there) and what wasn’t (I still don’t have a firm grasp of what my people want or are looking for). So it’s back to the lessons. Knowing that I can keep iterating this process and getting better every time makes me leap out of bed… rather than crawling, feeling like I’m just going to always be struggling. Thanks for a stellar set of tools, concepts, mental models, and community.

  63. Matthew

    IWT has taught me the concept of being a top performer. That wasn’t even a construct in my mind previously. Now I know that I can take on whatever challenges I choose by putting top performer mentalities into play and working hard.
    Thanks for everything you’ve done for us, Ramit. I hope it’s a great birthday for you!

  64. Bekah

    Happy Birthday!

    I haven’t taken the plunge to buy any courses yet, but I read your book and some of your blog posts and the information is extremely intriguing to me. I finally automated all of my finances, which is super helpful, and I’m starting to think more critically about things and break goals down into actionable steps – it is super helpful!

  65. Geraldine

    Thanks to the revenue I made from a course created from scratch with ZTL in 2015, I offered a computer to my dad, a laptop to my brother and and IPhone to my mum last Christmas.

  66. Wayne

    Happy Birthday! Here are a few ways that IWT has MEASURABLY helped me:

    1. A while back I shared with Ramit a plan to use applied psychology for a diabolical purpose, and he immediately banned me from the IWT email list. Guess what I learned: I MISSED THE HELL out of receiving daily emails from Ramit, because just those alone add more value to my life than anything else I read on a daily basis. I also learned that I need to think before sharing some of these deep inner thoughts. I’ve always had a tendency to be impulsive, but no one ever took any sort of action towards me that effectively curbed the behavior. Ramit did. Thank you, and thank you for finally putting me back on your list.

    2. Don’t compare yourself to other people. For the longest time I never bought a course or invested in myself because my psychology was this: “How many students of this person have become as successful or exceeded the success of the teacher?” In other words, I wanted the mentor of the mentor so I could reach his level of success, but that turns out to be a vicious cycle. For example, I’d think: “Well taking this course offered by Ramit isn’t going to make me as successful as he is no matter how hard I work. In fact, it puts him further out of reach because it adds to his level of success.”

    Man, I had some f*@#ed up stuff going on in my head . . . . And what I’ve learned is that I need to get the most value out of the investments I make in myself. I read somewhere that the only person you should ever compare yourself to is a previous version of yourself, and I think I’ve learned that in a palpable way through IWT because of all the people I’ve seen Ramit help.

    So Ramit, thank you and happy birthday.

  67. Jaeze

    You give the gifts of vision and hope, Remit. Happy Birthday. From your first lesson you taught me to focus on 3 things to do the next day, tell myself to do them and then get up and do them. I learned that you can think about what to do for ever yet focusing on three action steps moves you yo your goals.

  68. Murphy Leigh

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    You have really helped me — a new college grad with middle-management types for parents — stick to my guns about being exceptional and not settling. Tuesday I had an interview as a videographer, and next week I have an interview at a marketing firm. I refuse to take a job that doesn’t serve my ultimate goals, and that insistence and resolve is in major part thanks to your presence in my life.

    Thank you, hardass Asian Dad!
    — Murphy

  69. Ryan

    IWT has taught me why and how to take control of my life. IWT is a simple manual without gimmicks or “hacks” on how to achieve your best self and The Rich Life ™. It boils down to this: Do the Work… or don’t, it’s up to you.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

  70. Dror Lewy

    First off, Happy Birthday!

    I would be a pleasure for me to leave a comment as I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and videos. They aid in shifting my consciousness and I feel exhilarated every time. “But enough about the ‘feels,” I hear you saying to yourself. You’re so right! It’s more about mindset and taking action, even the smallest kind. Thank you, Ramit!


    Happy birthday Ramit!
    I´ve been following you for less than one year but wow, I still can´t believe how much I have done because you questioned my comfort zone. By daring and doing I have improved, it was not always nice but it´s a path that I have started and I don´t want it to end. Have a great day!

  72. Ian

    It’s all in the psychology. I’ve shifted my mindset towards living a rich life. More importantly, I’ve redefined what the concept actually is and changed my perspective on what it takes to achieve that. It’s not a full steam focus on cutting back on everything, but putting in the effort to creating value for others and helping others achieve their goals. It’s all a work in progress and the journey is long and hard, but it’s worth it because mediocrity and ‘what if-fing’ are the alternatives.

  73. Darshan

    First off, Thanks Ramit for sharing your thoughts on your birthday – have a good day & a great year ahead !
    This one simple email today shows that you genuinely care & are committed to the IWT audience.

    For me, the most impactful IWT input award goes to the line about information addicts in one of your emails,
    where you stated that you sit on your throne of success & productivity-airily waving off another bunch of
    “hey look ! more shiny new information/data to digest/absorb/analyze/understand but not act upon !” people.

    Being a (Recovering) Information Addict myself, that one statement really impressed upon me the need to
    TAKE ACTION, NOW ! so that I can set right my habits, achieve my goals & work towards fulfilling my dreams.

    This is also helping me overcome a very, very strongly ingrained trait of perfectionism which was rooted in the fear of failure & uncertainty – because of the realization that taking action can either result in goal achievement (success !) or uncover a shortcoming, which can then be healthy food for the information addict/analysis part to create a better approach to again, ACT UPON.
    The key shift in focus was on taking ACTION & not get mired in the fog of information & analysis.

    I intend to use this approach in both my personal (health+exercise) & professional spheres ( job interviews which i`m giving shortly ) & will make sure to share more insights & success stories in the near future.

    Wish you a Happy wala Birthday Sethi Sahab !

  74. Jill

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    IWT has helped me normalize an action-oriented, excellence-oriented mindset. With this, I have:
    -become super fit (now I have the body of my dreams and I’m way more confident);
    -landed 35% and 25% raises (the 25% I didn’t even directly ask for–they just want to keep me that badly);
    -landed a job I’m pretty happy with, and in the process escaped a crappy underpaid one;
    -booked myself to do an art show (I’ve dreamed of “being an artist” in some capacity for my entire life and now I’m doing it);
    -and began an incredible personal development journey that is making my life better in every way.

    I recently got feedback from my mentor that was essentially: “I’m so impressed–you really engage with your development. A lot of people just consume and consume this stuff but you actually put it into action and I can see you’re getting results.”

    While I totally own this mentality now, IWT was the first place I ever encountered it. I believe taking responsibility for oneself and rising above the “victim mentality” is the key to a satisfying life.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  75. Adrián

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT is helping me to pass from planning, reading, analyzing to start to act. Thank you very much. ZTL is my next target to build my online courses business.

    Enjoy your day!

  76. Silvia

    You are just brilliant! keep up your amazing work year after year 🙂 Feliz Cumple!

  77. Miriam

    I’ve applied your article on Big Wins to cleaning my house.

    When I clean a room, I look around and ask myself “What’s ONE thing that will help improve the look of the room the MOST?” Usually it’s pretty obvious. Then I do it. Then I keep repeating the question and following through until either a) the room is clean, b) I’ve run out of energy, or c) I’ve run out of time to clean. Even if b) or c) happens instead of a), the room is still noticeably cleaner than before.

  78. Daniel

    Hey Ramit,

    Happy birthday from me as well. IWT has helped me realize a great deal about looking at careers and education from a different angle. I work in a sector where it is normal to get several Masters degrees and PhDs. Through reading your advice on career building I realized that degrees wasn’t necessarily the only factor that got people ahead but rather having a personal vision of what you are trying to accomplish. Identify and narrow down your goal and then go for it. Because of the alterations you sometimes have to make that plan changes as well. Anyway, the key takeaway so far has been to value myself as a professional regardless of how many degrees I or somebody else has accumulated but to trust in my skills and foster them.

    Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for doing what you do!


  79. Sahil Ramchandani

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You’re teachings have helped me shift my mind sets to I can’t do that because to how can I do that? Because of you I realized the power of networking and that itself has helped me get gigs at some of the top venues in NYC as a DJ.

  80. Josh VanDeBrake

    Happy Brithday Ramit!
    First off, I open and read 99% of the emails I get from you. Reading your emails and blog posts has gotten me thinking about how the world isn’t going to just throw opportunities at me; I need search out opportunity and pursue them. Since reading you book, my finances are almost all automated, and I have begun taking steps into changing careers. Also, the briefcase technique… It may seem so simple to a casual reader, who never does anything about it, but it’s a powerful tool! Especially to someone who is looking to make a career change (in a new role or industry)!

    thanks for all your awesome content, and again happy birthday!

  81. Paco Macias

    Jumping out of bed everyday

    Happy birthday, keep impacting.

  82. JJ Gilmore


    I don’t usually write comments on the website of people that I follow, however, it is your birthday and I feel impressed to express my gratitude to you.

    What you are doing here is really great! The marketing, the content, the sizzle of the steak is too much for me to not want to explore your emails/website. I have applied the $1k challenge and have seen great results! I have read your book and love the wisdom you impart. I am following you through subscription, and it’s always a breath of fresh air to read and not feel like I’m being pitched something in every email.

    Thank you for your vision, your content and the passion you put in your work/life’s purpose. It definitely has inspired me to be more!

    Thank you and happy birthday!

  83. Nick Pumper

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! I’m an undergrad, and I’ve been a reader my start of high school. Since then, I’ve internalized one lesson: success isn’t accidental. It seems so obvious, but so many of get caught up in our dream worlds and fail to do what matters RIGHT NOW. This ranges from eating healthy, to building credit early on, to setting up personal systems for success. So thank you, and have a lovely day!

  84. Hilde Goorts

    Happy birthday Ramit !
    ZTL made me take the first steps into something I wanted to do for so long. Thank you for that.

  85. Shingo Tanishima

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    IWT has taught me to learn and evolve over time and be a better human being. Early on, the book and courses bought (Earn 1K and Dream Job) were mainly to improve my own financial situation (which it did). Over time, the information and courses provided went beyond the financial scope and into overall well being. I did IWT Fit and Food and both helped break barriers in working out and eating (eventually I did hit a wall in the courses but breaking down the barriers were significant in the progress of my well being).

    My favorite thing that IWT rolled out was the Pencils for Promise charity giving. Charity was one area growing up that I never focused on. Even though I donated to charities throughout the years, the Pencils for Promise activity drilled the most important thing a person can do – once your own means are met, the biggest impact a person can make in life is to help others. So now I donate to charities much more frequently in the past (even if the amounts aren’t significant), especially for charitable activities that my friends participate in (races, etc). Thank you IWT for making me a better human being.

  86. Lizelly Mezq

    Feliz Cumpleaños, Ramit!

    I’ve only been following you and gobbling up all the interviews/articles I can find for the past couple of months, but I’m absolutely LOVING what I’m learning. Looking forward to joining the team in the near future—once I’m debt free—but for now I’ll keep on reading whatever you send my way.

    May your day be blessed with much love from those around you.

  87. Kaleo

    Hau’oli La Hanau, Ramit
    (Happy Birthday in Hawaiian!)

    I ran into your work 4 months ago, and already I’ve drastically changed how approach life. From getting a new job as a graphic designer to now going to the gym 5 days a week for the last 3 months, IWT has taught how to shape my life by designing systems that propel me forward. Wish I had learned these things in middle school….

    Thanks, Ramit!

  88. Tim Martin

    Happy birthday!

    The biggest benefit I’ve gotten from IWT so far has been the salary/raise negotiation advice. Negotiation is very difficult, and last year I pushed my superiors for some big compensation changes… which I received! Ramit, your advice on how to prep for this, and the examples of specific language to use, were instrumental in helping this happen. Thanks!

  89. Manish

    Happy Birthday, Ramit Sir.

  90. Chris

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Your emails are the only ones I read word-for-word. Both to hear your perspective and to check out how you structure them!

    I’ve done two of your short courses so far. Super helpful – punchy, truthful and engaging.

    I love following your success and getting glimpses into your methodology and mindset. Oh… and also that Jay Abrahams is one of your mentors. That makes me one degree away from him, right?

    Much health and happiness wished for you for the year ahead!

    Chris from Western Australia

  91. Nell

    Remit, I love the constant theme of self empowerment that you work from. There is no ‘quick way to riches,’ or ‘just do this MY way,’ or needing to take on strange and alien mindsets. You approach people at their level, “What do you want?” and “What are you capable of?” in such an accessible way.
    Even though I have not taken advantage of any of your paid training sessions, I always appreciate your willingness to be transparent about your own experiences, opinions, and assume that we are all able to do what we each need to do to accomplish what we want to accomplish, once given some hints about the steps involved.
    Thanks for sharing the wisdom as generously as you do all the time!

  92. Maria

    Hi! At first, happy birthday. I’m a teeneager at high school so I can’t actually fully apply all your tricks and ideas about finance to my life but reading daily and weekly your emails has really contributed to my positive approach to life and the ambition to have an extraordinary future.

    I wish you success and happiness in your life

  93. Raghav

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    The one thing above all the commitment to making others successful and the richness it adds to our lives.

    Thank you!

  94. Anedra

    Dude, your life has inspired me to go from ordinary to extraordinary. I now know that I can have the life I dream if I get up and do something about it! Happy Birthday! Keep being you!!

  95. Uche

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your emails are always so inspiring and motivating. Pushes me to be a better person.

    Wishing you many more years! Have an amazing day.

  96. Myra

    Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!

    IWT has taught me to think different also. I don’t put things off but go ahead and get started on them. I started an exercise program a couple weeks ago at my friends new gym. I am doing some marketing training to promote my business. I see a different future than I saw a couple years ago!

  97. Catherine

    Happy birthday Ramit!
    I read very word of your emails and posts. Your stuff never gets boring! I’m excited when I see something in my inbox from you!

    “Meeting ppl where they are” is my mantra and I was happy to see you write it, as I think too few ppl know about it.

    I especially liked the last paragraph in your birthday email where you talked about moving ppl from A-F instead of A-Z….that was a good reminder since I’m often frustrated that ppl don’t “get it” and that its so hard to bring them up to where I am on a subject.

  98. Shelley

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Listen up, people! You will learn a lot just from his emails – just think what the course will do for you! 🙂

  99. Wayne H


    The greatest gift was finding your site. IWT has helped in a plethora of ways. IWT has reassured that you don’t have to do everything right now… It helped me to not be judgemental but understand why people speak or behave the way they do… It helped to set small goals – cooking just once a week, one meal. A even better it helped me was recognizing my own behaviors.

    Some of these crazy reality shows show people helping other people. The interesting part is when the camera turns around to them. That’s when you see who is really messed up.

    I even send a lot of IWT articles to my children’s email. When they turn 18 and need to reference some good information- they have it. Even though at age 4 my daughter negotiates like an Indian. After all the goal is to make them better than me…

    But Ramit – Happy Birthday!

    Your brother from another…

  100. Mo

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    Your book is amazing and opened many doors to me about financial topics.
    Thank you for your inspiring emails and informative website.

  101. Seth

    When I picked up your book about four years ago as a completely broke music school graduate, I would have never imagined that in such a short period of time your material would change my life in such a profound way.

    Since reading your book, I have gotten finances in great shape and have been aggressively paying down my student loans and saving a bit of money each month at the same.

    I took Earn1K back in 2013 and joined ZTL a little over a year ago.

    Your material helped me build a freelance career as a musician and also build my marketing skill set that I have created a business around.

    I have a blog that consistently funnels client work and even speaking gigs my way from a list of about 670 people (and growing all the time!).

    I’m even working with a writing coach write now and just completed the first draft of a book about helping other musicians get started freelancing.

    To top it all off, I am building good exercise and eating habits thanks to IWT Food and Project Burn.

    It kind of blows my mind to think about how much my life has changed from being a completely broke music student working in a parking garage.

    Thanks so much for all that you’ve done for me over the years with your work and I look forward to attending events in the future and getting to shake your hand to thank you in person.

    Thanks Ramit!

  102. Junaid Ali

    IWT has been tremendously helpful when it comes to changing your mindset from “I can’t do this” to “Hmmm. I am not able to do this the current way. What other ways are there?”

    Mindset is the key to getting stuff done. Having the correct attitude towards personal entrepreneurship.

    Still trying hard to get into the right mindset and IWT has been helping a lot in that regard!

  103. Becky

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!!

    Your posts have shown me that it’s ok to not accept the status quo that we’ve been fed for years (buy a house, “don’t leave your job ever!!”), and that success is defined differently for everyone.


  104. Bret

    Ramit you are right people do not want you to be “better” than they are. I love reading your material!

    It has been a fun journey since I have started reading your material in the last 2 years I have quit my job where I was under valued, started not one but 3 companies. Have been able to let my wife be a stay at home mom, her big goal, and have started to live the rich lifestyle that I have been wanting!

    I have found that most people ask how did I get here I tell them that I just did it! Aka action is key. You can plan all day but if you never act on any plan your plan was nothing more than a waste of time!

    Look forward to more

  105. Atam

    IWT is the one site that knows EXACTLY what I am thinking and addresses not only the action steps but the mental challenges that go along with them. Ramit doesn’t BS and try to convince you into some positivity crap. The biggest insight I’ve taken is how to make change and for me, that’s making the smallest step I can and slowly building on that momenum.

    Btw buy Fitelligent when it reopens. 1000000% worth it.

  106. Barb

    I’ve stopped lying to myself by thinking, “I’ll do it later.” No I won’t! So now I either do it right now, or I let it go. This has helped me most with housekeeping, which has been the bane of my existence. My house is much more presentable much more of the time, and I’m not bogged down with the mental clutter that comes from living in a messy place. I can’t tell you how much this freedom means to me, and how gratifying it is to know that I now tell myself the truth!

  107. MH

    IWT has helped me articulate and discover some of my biggest fears. The fear of being average, the fear (and shame) of thinking big, the fear of failure. I just read Ramit’s bday post and realized that I hide my “big thinking” even from my family… probably because at the same time I am afraid of failing.
    Self knowledge is probably the biggest skill that IWT helps me hone, it’s uncomfortable and painful sometimes, but it makes me better one day at a time.

  108. Trevor

    Happy BD Ramit.

    IWT has helped me cut through a lot of bs in my life. You’re the real deal, thanks!

  109. Nate

    Ramit, your emails and courses have made me get off my ass and stop believing that life just happens to you, and made me be a lot more thoughtful and proactive about what I do each day.

    Specifically I loved reading your negotiation scripts verbatim off of my screen while negotiating salary with a recruiter over the phone. While she’s giving excuses, I immediately scroll to where you have that excuse written, and when she’s done talking I read verbatim the response you have in the PDF. Then she gave me more money. That was a hilarious moment for me.

  110. Kabura

    I am a thinker, I like to ponder things but that has gotten me nowhere. I started getting your emails 2 months ago and the main thing I have learned is that I must do the WORK!!!! There are no shortcuts…good news is, yes I do the WORK and with the right mindset I can actually enjoy the “GRIND”

  111. ben

    IWTYTBR has taught me to improve my finances, personal life, and how I see the world. I’ve changed jobs, make twice as much money, and actually spend it on things that make me happy like spur of the moment taking my boys to a conference on technology built for kids. I’ve also gotten to personally lead other people to this place and seen their lives improve as well.

  112. Shaz

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Your course has helped me to shift my focus into the right direction. I’ve learned that planning for a success is not enough, I need definite strategies to execute my plans and you and your contents have definitely taught me to create just that and more! On a slowly but surely pace, I’ve made 5figure in sales rev.

    May He blesses you with great life and happiness!

  113. Alex

    When I first graduated and IWT was still heavily personal finance: 1) automate savings; 2) index funds, all day long.

    After re-discovering IWT’s increased coverage of topics, so much more. Just a few I can think of:
    – Lesson #3, definitely. We all have things we should be doing but aren’t, and usually an onslaught of additional facts doesn’t actually change that.
    – That technical skills matter, but they are only the starting point for being a top performer.
    – Pure, white-knuckle motivation is fleeting and unreliable for consistent behavior changes.
    – Don’t dismiss things as an excuse for inaction. My personal favorite: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” “OK, so how do you get to know more people?”

  114. Jamie Sue Brooks

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! I’m fascinated by your posts, full of insights, some of them laugh-out-loud funny. I appreciate your energy and your compassion. Reading your posts over the last six months or so has helped me look at where I am and what I’m not doing–and why. I spent a lot of my career working on college textbooks, as a designer, art director, and production manager. I got to spend a few years making trade books, too, which was more fun and more stressful. Last year, after a trip to the Eastern Sierra, I came home and helped my partner put together a book of his photos. I wasn’t ready to do any writing for the book, so we researched quotations to go with the images. Designing and producing this book is something I’m really proud of. And, of course, next time I’d do things differently (I’m working on that right now), so we could make the book available through Amazon.

  115. Mary

    Happy Birthday Ramit,
    So happy to be IWT reader. Thank you for your every email. They inspire me so much. Things which seemed impossible, unreachable for me are so clear, so near and possible now. I have a different mindset now. And all these in a few months ( I am your subscriber since December). I wish someone tought me all these years ago.
    Wishing you the very, very best.

  116. Craig


    Thank you for your wisdom of helping and showing me to take the top performer path in DJ, and in RBT. It was great to meet you in person on the ZTL/IWT meetup on Tuesday, January 26th at the Hard Bar Room in NY this year.

    Learned about modeling top performers that are playing at a different level than average peers in emails, jobs, health, and more. Also learned that it is okay to come out of the comfort zone, even to meet people like you and others.

    Ever since April 18th – now, I am averaging over 12,000 steps a day, without going below 10,000 once.

    Thank you for wishing me a safe trip home during that night.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Thank you for your humanity and honesty.

  117. Nilesh Jaitly

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I am 19 from India. I am a videographer but I am really shy to approach clients because I keep on thinking ‘I am not good enough’ thanks to you I have taken first step of the never ending ladder of success. I’ll make sure to let you know about where I go with my career

    Thank you!

  118. Sarah Wellman

    Your courses and writing have inspired me to take action — and when I don’t, to take responsibility for that and think about how I CAN Get from A-F. Because A-Z is daunting, but it’s not impossible. I learned that through doing Dream Job when I was certain I’d taken a terrible career turn I could never look back from. Now I look forward.

  119. Mutasem

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    Most recently, I have been using your material on networking and getting a job. I am just getting started here but I have had three people respond to me and set up times to talk. Thanks for that.

  120. Violeta

    Happy birthday! Your website and your messages made me get rid of my credit card debt. Since you’ve always said you didn’t accept people with credit card debt in your classes, I worked my way to becoming eligible. Mission accomplished, thank you very much for the motivation 🙂

  121. Kristyn

    Wishing you a happy birthday, Ramit! IWT has illuminated the path from idea to profitable business. For years, I knew there was something I needed to be doing, but was too scared and doubted myself. And for a long time, it was just easier to stick to the status quo. Your blog posts and ZTL have taught me that it’s ok to take calculated risks to build something that will provide the freedom and flexibility I seek. Someday, I’ll be a top performer. The journey to that place is proving to be pretty sweet, too. Thanks for all that you do!

  122. Sarita

    Happiest of Birthdays! You’ve taught me that “action is character. ” You’re truly fire in the form of a human. You helped me with my relationship with money, some friendships, and with balancing my energies at work. I light up like Fourth of July fireworks when I test your suggestions because they WORK (briefcase technique, getting a huge promotion and over 25% raise, and copywriting). It almost feels like magic. Thank you Ramit.

  123. adil

    Happy 34 Ramit.

    IWT has helped me by showing me that there is whole another world to getting the results that you want. Also showed me how people behave and why they do what they do. Mind -boggling stuff.

    Keep up the great work, my Asian mother from across the sea.

  124. Michael

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. I have been reading your e mails for several years now and although we have have little in common on the surface ( I am a woman who will be 70 this year, I don’t face book tweet or Twitter ). I have enjoyed watching you grow from a distance. I think the best thing I have received is the ability to relate and enjoy a perspective other than my own. It is always useful and keeps me young.

  125. Nayeli

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I’m a fairly new ready (a little over 6 months), and I just love everything you share for IWT readers. I’ve applied many of your suggestions and slowly starting my entrepreneurial journey.

    I’m working on being a good candidate for Zero to Launch, and as soon as I’m ready I’ll be joining! I want to be able to live the rich life (at least my definition of such life) and enjoy life more, and I’ve seen that with your advise I’m always just a little closer to that goal.

    I recently bought your book and will start reading it and implementing your strategies this following week.

    Although, I have yet to achieve tangible success, what has changed the most within me since I started reading IWT is my mindset. I feel more confident in my abilities and know that I am able to achieve my goals (you’re giving me the tools to do so), as opposed to the meek person I was before…who wasn’t aware she was afraid of success.

    Thank you Ramit for everything that you’ve taught me these past few months, and have an awesome birthday!

  126. Amanda

    Wishing you a very happy birthday, Ramit! Thanks to you, IWT has enriched my life in many, little countless ways. Your constant reminders about finding my own Rich Life have pushed me to see the world in new ways and to see myself in new ways. While you have a lot of big changes, it’s been the little things that have had the biggest impact – such as incorporating box breathing into my every day schedule, starting with just a little thing here or there (for example, I wanted to do more pushups, so I started doing 5 pushups a day instead of thinking about doing 20), hooking me up with an accountability partner, helping me with my work through E1K, and, most recently, launching Fitelligent Food. Thank you for all you’ve done and keep going!

  127. Josh

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    The vast amount of value you share gives me hope that one day I will be able to share what I know with the world, and build a life around it.

    Thank you.

  128. Julie

    Happy Birthday Surrogate Asian Father Ramit!!!

    I have learned so freaking much from you, I don’t even know where to begin. So, here is my list in no particular order:

    – oftentimes what you need to hear isn’t what you want to hear
    – don’t spread yourself too thin: focus on one Big Win at a time
    – putting in the effort before anything will make you stand out head and shoulders above the crowd (and will place you in the best negotiating position possible)
    – You aren’t that special– no one is! Get over yourself and take the advice or strategies that apply to you and use them.
    – There are a million ways to be generous– always be generous when you can be.

    there is so much more but these are the ones I think about on a daily basis.

    Thank you again for everything and Happiest of Birthdays!!

  129. Alex

    Happy Birthday Ramit! 34 hey!? Sounds scary, yet also thrilling.
    IWT has helped me realize that it is entirely possible to start our own lifestyle business and to live life on our own terms, not someone else’s. They’ve pretty much installed that belief in me hahaha! I’ve seen over and over the success stories of ZTL graduates who have launched successful online/lifestyle businesses that are scalable and love them, which tells me that if they can do it, why can’t I? Ramit doesn’t sugar coat things to make us believe that building our own start-up is easy and a walk in the park, which I appreciate, but also that with smart and hard work, dedication and perseverance, a life of our own design is achievable. I have that entrepreneurial spirit that wants to live how I choose while scaling to making as big a positive impact on those I can, and I know IWT can help me get there, along with other influencers I follow. If we have the right mindsets and believe from our heart of hearts to our core, we can do so much in life.

  130. Aswini

    Hi Ramit,

    Wish you a very happy birthday. I like you read your mails…but haven’t gotten a chance to read your blogs 😋

    One day I found out that I am the least paid in our team and while googling for escalating this issue, I read your negotiation skills and watched few videos and it helped me in the salary hike and salary adjustment – I got 15% hike that year and it got streamlined then after. A big thank you! You were so right about women don’t negotiate!!! It was my first negotiation and it was so damn victorious!

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Thank you,


  131. Vicky

    All the best on your birthday, Ramit! I’ve been reading your emails for a few months and it’s coincided with a period of huge personal growth for me. Despite being self-employed for a number of years, my previous self-talk was “shy and struggling single hippy mother to 3 young children with no time to pursue my true passion”. Thanks to your confidence-boosting, straight-talking content, I’ve totally reframed that and have now:
    Put the systems in place to streamline my whole life;
    Paid off my long-standing overdraft to the tune of £1600;
    Honed in on a business idea that fills me with pure joy in its simplicity yet profitability;
    Created a realistic (modest, if anything) projected cashflow for a 2017 product launch that is more than I even dared hope to earn last year.

    The best thing has been that – rather than be sidelined by the extra work and care I’ve put into my business – my children have also benefited from the new habits I’ve developed. I’m starting to believe I really can “have it all” without compromising on my lifestyle or ideals.
    Hoping you’ll open Call to Action again soon so that I can utilise your copy writing wisdom prior to finalising my new product.

    Thank you!
    Bold, successful (if slightly eccentric) entrepreneur following her passions whilst also providing for her 3 children.

  132. Melissa Rodriguez

    I love reading your articles. I just have a question. How do you define “residual income”.


    Melissa Rodriguez

  133. Emmanuel Shall

    Well, to be honest i can’t say i read every message i get from you.
    However, if i get to read it, it is always meaningful.
    What cimes to my mind then is; if this guy is as busy as he says he is, where on earth dose he get the time to develope the content he shares?!
    But then I realise that’s who a giver is; one that shares, no matter how he/she may have.
    You have given quite alot and I appriciuate you.
    Keep up the good work.
    Wishing you a very happy birthday with many happy returns.

    Let me cease this oppurtunity to pray for you.
    Bcuz a great guy like you should not only be great in the world, but also in God’s kingdom.
    If you are not yet saved, I pray that you will make Jesus the Lord of your life this year. So that if I don’t get to meet you on earth, we will sure meet in heaven!

  134. Khoi

    Happy birthday man. I’ve been following along your journey for years. Love seeing the growth and how far IWT and you have come. It’s hard to nail down the ways IWT has helped me, but I can’t thank you enough for all that you do in helping teach, inform and inspire. It’s great stuff. Hope to shake your hand someday.

    Enjoy the day and the weekend!

  135. Jem

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I have learned so many things from you, and I’ve shared it with friends and family and watched it improve their lives, too. Your website is one of my favorite resources, as it really gets at the meat of the issue with high quality content, instead of that common style of barely researched, “I just need to hit my article quota” style of writing fluff I see so much these days.

    Much of what I’ve learned has been focused on career– how to negotiate, how to set yourself up for raises. Perhaps the biggest lesson has been seeing my value through other people’s eyes, and building up my ability to raise that value–both for others to see, and within myself. Dress well, speak well, communicate better, all the things that most people just let slide. I don’t have to choke on humble pie.

    I love that your writing is actually actionable. It’s not wishy-washy vague statements that no one ever acts on. It’s direct and real.

    Wishing you a bunch of birthdays in the future!

  136. Jessi Mendoza

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    IWT has taught me beyond personal finance and living a rich life. I have tapped into the mentality of a top performer and how to create value.

    I always knew there was a game being played around me with many people having amazing jobs and opportunities while I was “stuck” in the same loop. You have taught me that it is possible. Just have to do a few key things correctly and put in most of the work beforehand in order to get extraordinary results! You’re awesome Ramit!

  137. Krizia

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Thanks for always sending your crazy emails. But most of all, thank you for ALWAYS reminding me that I can live my life in my own terms.

    Keep doing what you do! stay amazing!
    from Krizia of the Philippines.

  138. Aaron Benitez

    Happy birthday from sunny Mexico, Ramit! Big fans here, me and my team at my consulting firm. We love the way you inspire your audience and how you keep surprising us with your ideas, courses, design, CTAs, and more. ¡Pásala genial! (“Have a good one!”)

  139. Alan

    The teachers in my life who have made a difference, living and dead, are always near the surface of my mind. They constitute the personal advisory panel.

    You, my dear teacher, are on that panel. Following your work since 2011, you have taught me many of the skills whereby I earn my income.

    You have taught not only from your content, but from the example of your public life these past years. Being the same age as you, it has been important to track and root for a contemporary, and to watch a career and life blossom in real-time. It has inspired me to greater clarity and action.

    Thank you for living what you teach; for teaching even as you grow and life adds more and more to your plate in accordance with that growth. Thanks for your vulnerability and allowing your audience to partake in your life as an anecdotal teaching tool. Thank you for such stunning content, and products that have changed my life.

    May this year in your life be the best one yet. Today and through this birthday weekend, may you be among the people you love most.

  140. Alex

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    1) The focus on good systems instead of raw willpower to change behaviors has helped me write a 1st draft of a novel and establish a morning routine.
    2) The video on the brief case strategy has helped me negotiate more confidently with clients and with employers
    3) The video on social skills has made parties and random get togethers so much more fun, and I come away from those engagements feeling connected and so much more socially competent. In the past two years, I ended up doing a TEDx talk and four other speaking engagements in front of 100+ audiences.
    4) I actually started a small business using my ability to listen and distill themes of a conversation and draw them, and I got my first 3 paying customers back in November 2015. I’ve been slowly growing the business on the side in 2016.
    5) I’ve really enjoyed coffee dates (your Brain Trust Video w/Ben Casnocha) and after years of doing them, I may be able to switch out of working in education and into a Tech company as a Software Product Manager with absolutely no actual programming background.

    Life is better for me because IWT exists and it comes to my inbox and I always open and read it.


  141. Kamil

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    you are one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I came across. You made me change the way I thought about many things, including success and the ways of achieving it. Thanks to you I also understood that copywriting is an art. I got much more systematized, took action and with help of ZTL I am just about to record my first online program.



  142. Carol Kramer

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    Best Wishes and many, many happy returns to you!

    thank you for continuing to inspire, encourage and motivate (those willing to listen) simply by not being afraid to “call a Spade a Spade” and telling it like it is!

    You’re words from your e-mail, “meeting people where they are, giving them a vision for the future, and moving them a little in the right direction” perfectly reflect my ideas about what it means to help people. Thank you so much for saying it more clearly than I could before (I know; ending a sentence with a preposition, ugh!).

    My version would be, “meeting people where they are, inspiring them to believe in their own vision for the future and nudging them along toward action, because thoughts are empty; actions tell the Truth.”

  143. John Chung

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT and your emails have helped me to take action instead of just thinking about change. Knowledge is good but if it’s not followed by actions it’s useless.

    Thanks for helping us live a richer life!

  144. Florence Bivens

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    From the 1st day I discovered your writings ~ and that’s been ages ago (Remember when I called you a “cheeky Indian”? and another Twitter fellow questioned me about that… told him, you had called yourself that. I bought your “I’ll teach you to be rich” book, devoured it, applied as much as I could… and I have you, in part, to thank for where I am in life today! I ‘graze’ over all you write.. munching all around the fields. Best Wishes for your Best Birthday yet!! … and for many, many more. ‘Tis said “he who collects the most.. Lives the longest!”

  145. Blaine

    IWT has helped me change my approach to life. I am trying to be more proactive when it comes to my life, instead of reacting to circumstances around me.

    Thank you for all the great content, and I hope you have a great day.

  146. Katie Smith

    Hi Ramit,

    IWT has helped me in realizing that I CAN be an entrepreneur and have an amazing business. Before I signed up for Zero to Launch (and came across IWT), I thought I could never do the things I love and make money. But now I see you (and others in the IWT and ZTL communities) building these incredible business and helping people. And now I have a tangible example of “that could be me!” I love making videos and want to teach people how to make them, but never thought that could be a business. And now I see it can be! Thank you! And Happy Birthday!

  147. Alissa

    I just found you a couple weeks ago. I ordered the book, listen to the podcasts and am amazed! Have a happy birthday, mine is tomorrow! I am taking small steps and have automated my finances so far. Thank you for the tips and I am ready to make this year a GREAT one!

  148. v

    Birthday celebration is best, when people around you, celebrate that you came to their lives . So a very happy birthday !!

    With IWT, I negotiated my salary raise,most importantly, the courage your videos, blog give. Love the simplicity in content. Now also taking care of my diet.

  149. Barbie Steele

    First of all, a very happy birthday to you, Ramit!

    I first came upon IWT three months ago.

    I had just left my abusive boyfriend and was living in a travel trailer.
    With a leaking roof.
    In my ex-husband’s driveway.

    I had been sending out blanket resumes with no response, when I came across one of your blog posts on writing the perfect resume. I was hooked.

    Every day for the last three months I have read at least one of your posts. It doesn’t matter if you’re discussing DJ, 1K, or cooking. I read them all.

    I took a chance and replied to a blind ad using some of your copy writing tips. Not only did I get the interview, but because I used the briefcase technique, I met the owner of the company THAT DAY, and was hired the next.

    I am now employed.
    Living in a very nice two bedroom apartment (with a view!)

    Thank you so much, Ramit. You gave me the tools, encouragement, and (at times) the kick in the ass I needed.

    PS: This was just from your FREE material! I can’t wait to find out how much better my life will be once I can finally join a paid course!

  150. Annette Orban

    I’m a full-time caregiver for my 94-year-old mom, and thanks to you I automated the finances! This has freed up a few hours a month to work on my new business. Thank you, Ramit!

  151. Kimmer

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I’ve only been reading your daily emails for a couple months now. But in the crazy world we all live in I find that I LIKE spending the time to read what you have to say. Your message changes every day. You make me think. I LOVE that about you. So, thank you for that.

    And have a joyous National Bomb Pop Day!

  152. Tarek

    I landed my dream job that came with a 61% raise …based on your free material alone. I’m not even enrolled in the Dream Job course!

    Your emails are the only ones I look forward to receiving and reading. Those and the blog posts have opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about the subtleties of human psychology. Now I’m using this knowledge to start a side business as a ZTL and Accelerator student, and I have no doubt that I will succeed.

  153. Maya

    Happy birthday, young guru! Starting with your finance book and up to Dream Job and now Fitelligent…have great job in new location that I wanted with a great net worth and now a dream house, and personal looks and confidence better at 37 than anytime in my life! I’ve had other help but your material and principles have always either led the way or kept the way clear. Please have kids of your own and write a course on that too before mine grow up. 🙂

  154. Grayson

    IWT has helped me better understand how the world operates from a psychological perspective and adjust my own psychology to be more effective in everything I do. No big wins yet, but I’m working towards them. Thanks for all your help, and Happy Birthday Ramit.

  155. Ohita Afeisume

    Dear Ramit
    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for being so generous to share.

  156. Michael Byrne

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    You have been a positive influence on my life and happiness, and I thank you for that.

  157. Matt Werner

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    I am not freelancing. I’m not running my own online business. I’m not writing a blog, or generating content. But I think intentionally, every day, about whether I’m living a rich life. The answer is usually “yes,” but your courses, and your emails have given me what I need for the days that the answer is “no.” Whenever I feel like I want to change something, I have the tools to be honest with myself about what it is, and think about which levers to move to change it. If I feel like I want more disposable income, I know it’s within my reach. If I don’t feel like I’m performing well enough in my job, I know how to dissect that so that I can step it up. Constantly considering which parts of my life are exactly where I want them and which need a tweak has improved how I feel about my “everyday” immeasurably. Thanks for all your help, and I hope to be reading you for years to come.

  158. Diara

    When I discovered you 3 years ago I was a frugalista and I resisted getting interested in you. But your name kept coming back associated with people I deeply admire. At some point I finally realized it was silly not learning from you just because you don’t chastise people for buying latte.
    Oh boy, what did I miss. You’ve helped me be ok with wanting things and paying for things. I’m tired of penny pinching and downsizing my dreams. It’s hard because I was brought up in the mentality of “Why pay for it if you can do it yourself” but it’s not exactly a rich belief so I’d better let go of it.

  159. heather

    Happy Birthday!

    Your lessons are quick and not full of BS. It puts things in a different prospective to help us see things from a different view point. I’ve really enjoyed your content and looking forward to learning more.

  160. Lindsey Patin

    You’ve helped me get multiple Dream Jobs, and even re-define what my Dream Job is–so much more than I would have initially thought.

    Also, looking at invisible scripts and attacking them has truly changed my life and how I see myself.

    Your material is really life-changing–I’ve read many books from people you’ve interviewed too, and introduced me to some amazing people and their material (notably, Mark Divine).

    Happy Birthday!

  161. Sam Cooper

    I was going to write about how IWT has helped me become a better writer, given me a strategy for achieving greater empathy with my customers, and opened me up to new experiences. But those are small potatoes. IWT has changed my life. It’s helped me clarify my vision of my past, present, and future. Thanks in no small part to the insights I have gleaned from reading your posts and the CTA modules, I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Thank you, Ramit. Happy birthday 🙂

  162. Lôbo

    ITW is a great found!
    I’ve been following for a few months, and it is really helping me with my personal growth, and actually taking steps to create the lifestyle I want to have.
    It has lots of valuable content, and it’s one of my few subscriptions with always worth reading messages.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

  163. Chris

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    My top three results since finding IWT:

    1. Demolished invisible scripts so that I could join the dating website where I met my wife.
    2. Gained the skills and mindset to leave a reasonable job but one which had no future. Now I have my own consultancy delivering significantly more value to clients and on many more levels than I could ever have achieved before. And I earn more in two days than I used to take home in a month.
    3. A lifestyle where I can take ten days out at short notice two weeks ago to go and take care of my Dad when he went through an operation and be around to get him the emergency care he needed when he had a significant post-op complication. Also the negotiating skills to be able to deal with his health insurance company!

    There are many more and I’m sure there’ll be many more to come. Thank you very, very much.

    Have a great birthday!

  164. René Vidal

    “Authenticity” is a great concept, though rather gross when used in conversation. “Real deal” is much better. IWT is teaching me that true excellence will always weed out 98% of the population.

  165. Kirsta

    What I’ve learned from IWT?! Lawdy:
    how to talk to credit card companies (when I carried a balance) to make THEM work for ME;
    how to ask for what I’m worth when interviewing for new positions;
    how to make myself invaluable within the work place so that I’m the go-to chick;
    how to craft a Rich Life that mirrors MY values & happy places. I love travel, live music & nights out – so I think nothing of flying to a different country to see a band I love;
    it’s ok to want to be better than ordinary;
    it’s ok to cut the people out of your life that don’t want you to change for the better;
    aaaaand so much more.

  166. Ali

    Happy birthday! Today is my 4 year anniversary with my hubby so it’s a good day! 🙂
    Anyway IWT has been transformational and inspiring for me. Your newsletters are one of the few that I actually make time to read the whole thing and not skip one. As a result of IWTs great content I am much closer to being out of debt (and motivated to stay on track), I have a good spending plan in place and am motivated to keep growing my business to be top notch not just average. thanks and happy birthday!

  167. Ramakrishna Reddy

    Happy Bthday Ramit! Super cool Indian dude doing great things.

    You busted my limiting thought that Indian’s do not fit in ‘the zone’ in online market place! You truly Rock and inspire many like me.

    Your emails keep inspiring me. I’ve written five books and in middle of my first launch. I think somewhere reading your book and following you has inspired me.

    I’ll surely connect with you one day. You truly Rock!

    Happy Birthday

    – Ramakrishna Reddy

  168. Isaac

    Happy Birhtday Ramit!

    My takeaway is the NRN on the emails (it works magic) and…that you shouldn’t state to be like the average…if you don’t want to.

  169. Lucy

    Congratulations Rami.I wish you a life enriched with health, love and fun. I am very thankful for receiving your snippets of wisdom. They help to maintain my dreams alive. And to believe that someday I will have a stable life economically.

  170. Oyun

    Happy Birthday , Ramit 🙂

    Thank you so much for being there for us to make life simpler <3

  171. Dan

    Hey Ramit – Happy Birthday!

    I got your book a few years ago and implemented a bunch of your recommendations like keeping a call log when you talk to banks, credit card companies etc. The one that has made the biggest impact for me was the recommendation to separate short term savings into different accounts. I was already using ING (now Tangerine in Canada) and I didn’t know you could open up to 5 accounts. So I did that, gave the accounts some fun names and since then I’ve managed to save up for a trip to Germany last year for Oktoberfest and save up for my wedding which took place a few weeks back.

    But those are just the surface level, tangible results of implementing your strategies. Psychologically, after I created those short term savings accounts, and automated them, I didn’t feel as guilty about spending money on daily indulgences. I knew in the back of my mind that my long-term savings are accumulating, my short term goals would be fulfilled, all automated so the rest is meant for guilt-free spending, for living. This also helped me be more patient with bigger purchases. For example I have what I call my “Electronics Fund” because I like to get a new smartphone every year or two (without a contract) and other gadgets. Each month $75 goes into the Electronics Fund, so when I want a new gadget, I see if I there’s enough money in the fund to buy it and if there is I get it right away, guilt free. If not, I’m fine with waiting until there is.

    Thanks for all the great material you create and share with the world. Happy Birthday!

  172. Suzanne

    Ramit, I love IWT, your e-mails, videos & advice have been a tremendous inspiration to me as I navigate my career. I’ve negotiated salary increases during a downturn economy, I’m now part of the bonus structure in my company and have shared your videos on negotiation with my family, friends & coworkers. Just love what you do.
    Happy Birthday!

  173. Tiago

    IWT taught me to focus on the big wins, taught me to pay attention to the words that people use and what exactly are they trying to ask/say, taught me in what to focus in order to build an online business, and some other things. Even though I learnt a lot from reading your emails and free material, your ZTL program is amazing!

  174. Marilou

    To a life filled with more great wisdom to share, happy birthday Ramit! Your emails and especially your book had impacted my life to structure in a way beyond my thoughts can contend, owning my life and believing it could be better every single day. Your straightforward thought and knowledge put into action is a seed of faith.

  175. Aaron

    IWT has given me a lot of courage to leave the military and pursue a civilian job. The Dream Job program has de-mystified interviews and resumes, and given me the freedom to leave the highly insular world of the Army where leaving before 20 years of service is The Greatest Sin.

    There’s a dozen other benefits but that’s the biggest one. TAKE MY MONEY, RAMIT

  176. Maresa

    Happy birthday, Ramit! You’ve helped myself and my husband immensely. Using the dream job course, I went from working my ass off to try to get ahead in retail hell to landing a full-time gig with full salary and benefits. My husband was able to switch fields entirely (from music non-profit to a data analyst at a financial institution!) using dream job material as well. He nailed his interview as an external hire….Long story short: we’re living a rich life. Two years later he’s roughly tripled his salary, and I’m able to be a SAHM.

    Thank you!

  177. mazharoddin

    Happy B’day Ramit…Have fun!!.
    Your book “ultimate-guide-to-remarkable-content.pdf” really helped me a lot, Thanks.

  178. Seann Jackson

    Ramit – have an awesome day and fantastic new year! Birthdays are our own personal new year, so celebrate and enjoy!

    I still have to dive into ZTL (I’ve stumbled in Phase 1). But the thing that’s inspiring is your authenticity. It’s becoming a rarity to find people who are authentic. Your sincerity is inspiring and part of what keeps drawing others to you.

    Thanks for being authentic and make sure to do something fun today!

  179. Todd

    Happy Birthday, your information has been working great, thank you.

  180. Jeremy

    Ramit, After a decade of being overweight, your Project Forge program helped me take control of my eating and motivated me to exercise and take care of myself. Your program gave me a mental toolkit to do what i thought was impossible. Now I’m at a normal weight with good cholesterol and am continuing to get more fit. Thank you! Happy birthday and may God grant you many happy years.

  181. Onedeige

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

    I haven’t taken any courses yet but I love your IWT posts and emails. You have helped me make huge changes (for me) in my financial and interpersonal areas of my life. Even the launch of your Fitelligent program has changed the way I think about and approach healthy eating and cooking. The information I’ve received through you, your book, websites and emails is invaluable.
    I plan to take some courses in the near future, but until then thank you for all you are doing.

    Best Wishes,

  182. Paul

    Happy birthday Ramit. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the e-mails that change my day.
    You have definitely been a source of inspiration and you will continue to be for a long time I hope.


  183. owolabi

    Happy birthday ramith. Your materials has me going. Thanks for always sharing.

  184. Josh

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Your Dream Job course improved my negotiation skills, which is a huge reason why my confidence has been so much higher at my job. The feeling that I stood up for myself and how I’m worth what I’m earning. It’s a great reminder to myself to not accept mediocrity, in general.

  185. Cait Campbell

    Hey Ramit,

    Hope you have an awesome birthday!

    I stumbled upon your content by accident one day when I was looking for tips on being a better negotiator. Watching your stuff and reading your content ended up helping me get a 5K raise within the same month, and has helped me increase my rate since then or make better decisions on what to put my time, money, and energy towards.

  186. Margaret L.

    Happy Birthday to you, Ramit!
    From teaching me about index funds when I was 23 to helping me write emails that got the attention of CEOs all over the country, IWT has shaped the way I view mentorship and self-development. Thank you for creating systems that enrich my life in so many ways.

  187. Chris

    Ramit – happy birthday. I actually picked up your book because Mister Money Mustache was outspoken against some of your philosophies. I enjoy his blog and thought that he’d appreciate that I put the work in to formulate my own opinion.

    I read the book in nearly one sitting and have recommended it to quite a few others. I find myself quoting you in regards to just starting. My favorite quote (paraphrasing) is: “doing something is better than doing nothing.”

    Essentially what I got from that and continue to get is that despite the decision I want to make, it may not ever be perfect. Inaction isn’t an option.

    Thanks and I truly hope you celebrate you today!

  188. sowjanya Manacha

    Happy Birthday Ramit. I have been getting your emails since a few years and am on RBT. They are informative, interesting, make me smile often and in my face too ( which I like ).
    Thank you for what you do and I try and apply many of what you teach in your free stuff in life and it almost always pays off

  189. Susan Treadwell

    “Everyone has something they know they should do, but they’re not doing it.” I work with high school students, and if they could take-to-heart this concise thought, they’d surpass their wildest dreams. It can relate to an overall vision for their future, or simply a matter of committing to excellence in their academic life. Happy Birthday, Ramit!

  190. Dave Kuchenbecker

    IWT has made me think a lot more about the invisible game being played around me. I think a lot more about what people I work with say compared to what they really mean, and it has helped me navigate a number of tricky situations.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

  191. Miguel

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I always enjoy your emails and teaching style. Excellent information. I’m currently using your post on finding an idea and things are looking really good. When you think about things that are easy to you, you think it’s also easy for everyone else so wrong it’s an eye opener.

    Thank you for all you do.

  192. Bridget

    Your work has taught me to stop dreaming and just DO something to get started. You remind me that my life obeys the laws of physics: objects at rest stay at rest; objects in motion stay in motion until acted on by a force. And I can be that force in my own life.

    Thanks and happy birthday!

  193. Wendy

    Happy birthday Ramit! You’ve inspired me to push through my fears and take action on creating an amazing life. Thank you for continuing to put so much energy and effort into IWT!

  194. Henry

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I love the “real hard truth” type of information to give to us and it’s really inspired me and taught me so much. The biggest thing I’ve learned is the demand matrix and it led me away from pursuing a business that was going to be a labor of love (with little to no foreseeable profit). If I hadn’t learned this from you I may have been wallowing in a business that could’ve wasted years of my life. So huge thank you to you and what you offer!

    Best wishes!

  195. Kevin Emswiler

    Happy Birthday!

    The best thing I learned from your material is the psychology behind motivation. Once you have a better understanding of how to motivate yourself, it’s life changing.

  196. Ted

    A couple of years ago I had to leave a company that I’d been with for over 20 years because a new contract had been awarded to someone else. The new company was told to keep all of the people currently working, so that gave me some leverage. When asked how much I wanted to stay in my old position, I gave them a number 30% over what I had been making. They immediately countered with a “mere” 25% increase, which I “reluctantly” accepted. Even thinking that something like that was possible is entirely due to reading and learning from IWT.

    I also try to pass along your advice to ask the extra question and to dig deeper than the surface to understand. I mentor some middle and high school kids for a technology curriculum and parents are often surprised at the interaction between the kids and I. I’ll ask what they should do at certain points, and the kids will respond with an answer. Right or wrong, my next question is “why?” Knowing how to do something is good, knowing what makes it the right choice is better. The kids get it, and have started to ask each other the same questions as they work among themselves.

  197. Frank

    Happy birthday, Ramit! Your emails are my continuing education in psychology, and your example has been a role model for growth throughout the years. Oh, and your book helped me not go broke in my early 20s.

    Thanks for everything!

  198. Martha

    Many happy returns of the day, Ramit!

    I enjoy reading your emails and appreciate your tough love stance (and your sense of humor). I’m frequently reminded of the importance of taking the time to think about and plan for what I really want, then to get off my butt to do what it takes to make those goals a reality.

    Thanks for your generosity.

  199. Gabor

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I am still struggling with the decision making to join ZTL although I have been reading IWT mails for years. Not easy to with all the excuses, they seem so valid at the time. Slowly but surely I am going to build them down.

    I love the enthusiasm behind IWT and the proff that a million dollar business can be built on helping others thrive. I gat inspired to do something similar, even if it is not on this scale.

    • Gabor

      Oh my, sorry for the couple of mistyping! Should have checked it before sending…

  200. Katie

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy birthday! I’ve been reading IWT since about Jan. 2010 and I remember very clearly the first time I clicked on the link: I Will Teach You to Be Rich. What a claim! Exactly what I was looking for though I thought at the time it would be a quick fix tip list or something.

    The most valuable thing you have taught me is personal responsibility, whether it be for my successes or my failures. When you wrote (last year?) that if people haven’t made money from your free material, *they* are the problem, it made me stop and think. That is still the #1 thing I am working on changing.

    I am so grateful for your work and the changes it has led to in my life and in my mindset: everything seems possible now, if you’re willing o put in the work, and if I decide that something is not worth the work to me, I don’t have to feel guilty, I just let it go. #successtriggers

    Thank you for everything & all the best for the coming year,


  201. Samantha Attard

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    What has IWT taught me!? Oh man. The most recent lesson has been in investing and getting my finances in order. I took your Creative Live class and it was exactly the push I needed to get over my feeling that I wasn’t “ready” to save or invest and to just get started. It took me 3 weeks to finish the course: I would watch during my lunch breaks every day and I can honestly say I looked forward to it every day. As a result, I’m now putting $300 /month into savings and investment. I know it’s going to be so much easier to increase from there.

    I’ve also learned to take a completely different view to how I pitch clients and frame my business. I didn’t ever do the Pay Certainty technique and I was focusing on a hopeless market. Ever since I’ve pivoted towards a market that does pass the Pay Certainty technique, I have less stress and way more people booking initial consultations and hiring me.

    I am slowly getting over I, I, I syndrome and it’s making my business so much more rewarding (and profitable). This mindset shift is a huge win and I greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for all you do!’


  202. Shaezan

    IWT has taught me that there is a person out there called Ramit Sethi, whose style, wit and insight we love to consume.

    Reading the IWT stuff over the years, a nebulous world of knowledge took on a structure and the navigating through it became more manageable.

    Every email makes me want to get smarter, work harder, dig deeper and improve every aspect of my life under my control, the most important one was growing out of a scarcity mindset.

    Thanks Ramit, my life is definitely richer for having come across your material.

    Happy Birthday man.

  203. Annie Hawkins

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I did How to Talk to Anybody, and since then I have enjoyed being able to start conversations with people I’ve just met, or to compliment someone on the street who looks great without feeling like a weirdo,

    Also, I took your course on followup back in December, and since then I have been going to the gym at least 3 times a week (after not going for 2 years ) and have lost a couple of inches along with reducing the pain I was in from arthritis.

    These are just two of the many things I have learned through you. Thank you again.

  204. Alexander Rinehart

    Hi Ramit,

    I bought your Success Triggers product as well as Email templates some time back and I recently logged back in and I was surprised at how many of the insights I had internalized and how helpful they have been. With that said, I also saw that in the comments/question portions of the course, that I still was holding on to some of the same fears and while it was cringe-worthy to know that the same fears were haunting me, it also reminded me of how far I have come.

    Insights off the top of my head: Things are figure-out-able, it wasn’t a failure – just a test, “what if I were perfect?”, “Once I learn it, I’ll know it forever”, being brutally honest with yourself, the BJ Fogg stuff of starting ridiculously small and focusing on triggers not motivation, worrying about bigger picture wins and earning more as opposed to cutting lattes and researching which high interest savings account can I eek out another .25%…book buying rule…..

    Your ideas have really infiltrated who I am and how I approach my life…a heartfelt thanks to you.

  205. Sergio Abbud

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your teachings are what inspired me to begin a life of being above average and to be outstanding. The first time I started with personal development was with you and I thank you for that. I also really enjoy your interviews in Brain Trust and how you surround yourself with very interesting people from many different backgrounds. It has been impressive to watch you grow your business and I am excited to continue to learn from you and see where this journey takes us both.

  206. Sonja

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    I truely hope you had an amazing day.

    Thank you so much for the perspective you have given me.
    Thank you for ZTL which I am still working on, slowly progressing, but moving forward.
    Most of all you have opened the door to the online business world for me. And this has changed my whole view on how I can live my life. It not only affects myself, but also tremendously the people around me, because I realized that it’s about them and not me.


  207. Rosalind

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Here’s wishing you many happy returns.

    Thank you for guiding us in your own unique way. I subscribe to your definition of a rich life. It’s something that I’m working towards.

    You have inspired me to be calm about moving at my own pace because you have given us proven systems that we can trust and follow.

    Your ZTL and CTA student

  208. Katelyn Horn

    Happy birthday Ramit! IWT has been a great resource for both me and my husband through some of the toughest years of our lives. For me in particular your work has contributed to my resolve not to give into the overwhelm that so easily comes with moving across the country, having and caring for tiny humans, and managing limited resources. In particular, you’ve taught me too think beyond the typical self-labels like “I’m introverted” or “I’m just not cut out for X.” I’m not doing everything I want right now, I’ve joined ZTL and am in the process of building personal systems that will enable me to enjoy my life at home caring for my children rather than feel trapped by it.

  209. Jake


    Happy birthday! The greatest thing you’ve taught me is that how you frame anything will dictate the results you get. I used your psych hacks to give a friend wedding ring advice last night because his girlfriend wants a 3 ct. ring (she’s 25..) I basically said, “if you frame it right it’s a win-win. If you frame it wrong, you lose”.

    You’re a great mentor when it comes to figuring out what the other person in a conversation is really thinking.

    Make this the best year yet.

  210. Kenneth Dale

    Hello Ramit!

    Earn1K has been going so far so good. I have already learned 2 very important things: how to niche down and understand who I am selling to and who I am NOT selling to. The second thing I learned was how to design deliverables and how to be thinking way ahead in my deliverable curve. Sometimes the upselling provides more profit than the main project, and I have had projects where I just gave up after the main project!

    Have a good one

  211. Rob

    IWT has helped me get two dream jobs with significant salary increases both times. And most recently helped me lose 10 lbs (and counting) in six weeks..

  212. Cory Huff

    Happy Birthday Ramit! You helped me by letting me guest post on your blog a few years ago. That drove, and still drives, a ton of traffic to my site.

    Beyond that, your constant, public striving to be better is an inspiration. I hope you do something you enjoy this week.

  213. egi

    Hi Ramit!

    Just red your newsletter on my mail, then what a coincidence!

    Today you are birthday!

    Happy birthday and always be blessed! enjoy your journey and surrounded by happiness in life!

    Thanks for inspired me a lot with your blog, i’m on my way to learn on how to be better by writing.

    GBU. cheers!

  214. Karthik

    Happy Birthday Ramit. I have taken two of your courses. But, your free materials have helped me the most. They helped increase my earning potential by 50% . Power of habits and incremental steps to change your life has been a great revelation

  215. Malia

    Happy birthday Ramit! -^,..,^- hope you have a blast!

    I love the fact that IWT has given me the kind of direction I had been searching for to start up a business. It’s widened my perspective on both people and business and made me see some opportinities that I had never before seen. While the business I wanted to start up may not be what I had originally planned, it’s THAT much better for the fact that it has taken a new direction. -^,..,^- Thank you kind sir (that’s right! I called you ‘kind sir’. I know you are under the harshness! o,..,^).

  216. Kristin

    This was a lovely email to receive, thank you and happy birthday! I love how much IWT cultivates empathy and creativity. Reading your material is a good reminder that helps me stay appreciative and focused.

  217. Dave Berry

    I’ve been an email subscriber and blog reader for over a year now, a lot of your posts/emails have helped me with my career, social life and other areas (I’m a programmer so I tend to be anti-social at times). A really big area where it has helped me is with my family. My wife has noticed I listen better, I do things differently (in a better way). My wife and I are a lot closer, and closer to our two wonderful daughters.
    My relationship with my brother has been toxic all my life, ALL my life! With the help of what I read on IWT and other entrepreneur blogs I apply to dealing with him and it is improving more than I thought it would. He has stopped asking for money every two to three weeks and is now realizing that he needs to take care of his family and get his affairs in order. Not every encounter with him is good, but it is improving.

    After a long time of planning, thought and actions I’m moving forward with ZTL and letting another area of my life improve.

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I will have a protein shake in your honor today!

  218. Nelson Burgos

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    I feel like it my birthday instead, passing me this great read always giving…thanks.
    I’ve been working on and still working on weakness; I’m a networker so allot of time
    is spend learning and research. So reading your note today really touch base.
    One of my goals is to better people lives with what they want. Just like you are doing each day!

  219. gil

    Happy Birthday, Senor!

  220. Alysia

    Happpyyyyyyy Birthday!

    Your material inspired me to quit chugging along in the field that I got my degree in after I lost interest in it and helped me get a job that I’m passionate about!

    I’ve also shared your material with friends who have used your persuasion tactics to negotiate raises and lower prices on things like rent.

  221. Tim Woosley

    I’ve been following you for roughly 10 years or more. I’ve always enjoyed your information even though sometimes I just collected it and sat on it.

    A couple of years ago I purchased your Zero to Launch program. I decided I should stop collecting information and start acting on it!

    I now have my own website generating traffic and now feels like I am truly on the path to living a rich life!

    Thanks Ramit for all that you have done and I wish you a very happy birthday! Rock on brother!

  222. Eric

    Hey, Ramit,

    Happy birthday.

    IWT has fundamentally, changed my life. I’ve used your material to:
    -Find and land my Dream Job and negotiate a higher salary
    -Build a small side income that I can turn on/off whenever I want
    -Learn how to cook and eat healthily
    -Sell better (my day job)

    But most of all, change my psychology so I no longer thing like a loser and limit myself, but have confidence I can achieve anything.

  223. Marlene

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT has inspired me. I think that’s what made it such a big success; most successful endeavors are backed by a person who does not understand what fear is, or had the courage to push through it, and has a strong drive and passion to help others. You have helped color people’s perceptions and set a wavelength that people strive for. Specifically your messages have helped me believe that I have value to give, all the way to creating my own side business with the help of your business advice, pricing strategies and copywriting tactics.

    Have a great day!

  224. Jennifer Schlueter

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag from Germany, Ramit!

    IWT has made a change in my attitude towards money.
    1. I can have all the money I want.
    2. Having lots of money isn’t a bad thing.
    3. Work with credit.

    It has also pushed me to create my online business and to just do things today, not tomorrow.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  225. Nadia Ayala-Lopez

    I have always thought big but IWT got me to act on what I was thinking. I have saved a big chunk of an emergency fund on a small grad student salary, have been exercising every day, tried new things- signed up to volunteer as a crisis counselor, networked with successful people in my field, learned to cook, started my own blog, written amazing emails and the list just keeps going. Thanks Ramit!

  226. Jill

    World of Wonders has helped me up my game in a lot of ways. It has taught me about the psychology of myself as well as my potential clients. It has clearly stated things that seemed like common sense, but that had always remained in my unconscious and helped me to utilize them in a way I wouldn’t have been able to without IWT.

  227. Alexis

    Happy 34th birthday Ramit! IWT has given me valuable lessons in both personal and business finance. I am a CPA and have likely learned more real life solutions to my clients’ pains than I learned in 6 years of school. Thank you.

  228. Don

    You’re awesome practical advise and step by step instructions are amazing . All the interviews you do are absolutely fantastic and has helped so much . You’re talk on corner stone habits has transformed my life and has made me into a much much more productive person . Please keep doing what you’re doing and best of luck .


  229. Giyen

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    While others are speaking in platitudes and are more preoccupied with showing you how they hang with celebrities and other charlatans, you are providing tangible advice and real-life strategies/tactics to improve your life. Since I’ve started reading your content, I’ve stopped “following my bliss,” defined what a rich life means to me started to implement systems to get me there. Thank you my Surrogate Asian Father!

  230. Ruth

    After all these years, I think my biggest takeaway is still the 80% principle – as in, 80% done is better than 0%. I have had many projects languishing in my life (sister’s wedding album for one), that I finally just got DONE once I understood this principle. Helped with my relationships and that euphoric feeling of accomplishing what I agreed to do. Thanks.

  231. Jorge


    I hope you´re enjoying your day 🙂
    I´ve been reading IWT for abut year and a half, and I really love the plain language you use. You´ve inspired me to get to do a few things with my lifestyle, and fiind out a topic on which I could help other people out.

    Congratulations for the web and all the infoproducts, and THANK YOU very much for sharing tons of valuable information!!

    Pure life!!

  232. Rukhs

    Keep on sending them out to me….Ramit…I’m slowly building up my confidence in making the jump…meanwhile, I enjoy reading your wit, honesty and boldness. Happy Birthday!

  233. Jesse Spittel

    Happy Birthday!! I actually just discovered your book when I finished finals in May. I felt like I needed to get my financial life in order and simply learn how to begin managing my money before I graduate (I am currently entering my senior year in college). I ended up reading it in 3 weeks on the light rail to and from my internship. I thank you for your simple language and direction you give in the book. I looked forward to checking off the chapter “objectives” weekly. You helped me understand what I need to know as a 20something, and I am graciously passing the great news on to all my friends. Thank you!!

  234. Laura

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    Your content has helped me fine-tune my finances (and for the most part I had that shizz down), allow myself to spend my play money with less guilt (“how my friend spends $21K a year on going out” is an awesome mindset read), quit whining about inconsequential things (my surrogate Asian father would be disgusted!), and actually start taking action instead of miring myself with ever more research. Boom! Amazing stuff. I share it often with my friends who are capable of processing it/taking action.

    Thank you so much and have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  235. Amber Summers

    I’ve learned to truly LISTEN to what people are saying they want.

  236. Joshua

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Taking action is one of the best advice I’ve heard from you. Wishing you best on your business and career. Be awesome!

  237. Terri Trespicio

    It goes without saying that you have not just inspired but influenced the way I think about online products, yes, but also about business. Namely, my own. I’m launching a big program in the fall thanks to your insight and clear, actionable steps. Thanks also, and this is not a small thing– for being a real person and not some total douche. I think you’re funny and real and direct — all the things I like in a person, not just a leader or thinker or some such. Being able to be simple, clear, straightforward–that’s underrated. And you’ve done that with gusto. See you in october!

  238. Juan

    Happy Birthady!!

    It helped me to improve my performance in job interviews, despite, I haven’t been able to buy any of your courses. And how to start conversations in a much better way.

    Bes regards

  239. Steve

    I taught myself to swim. That was way beyond I started receiving all these fire-me-the-fuck-up emails. I could do every stroke with consummate precision and style. Boy, you should see my strokes. Sweeeet. But there’s was one problem. I couldn’t swim the butterfly stroke. Now, every swimmer knows the butterfly says ‘am the man, bitches’. Yet for all my grace and smoothness I couldn’t boss a stroke. Then along came these emails. The email that got me was one where some former seal talked about doing 1000 pushups a day. He said” do one more. That’s it. One more.” So ni went to the pool and fucking did one butterfly stroke. Of course I was pathetic. Then I did another. And another. Three days later I was doing the fly 50 meters nonstop. Today am pure evil out in a pool. I glide,I kick and I FLY. All because of one email. So jow that I already proved the concept of “one more, just one godamn more don’t think I can be stopped. That has been your gift to me. Have a happy brithday.

  240. Robbie

    Happy bday man. I was surprised to hear your 34. Less than a month younger than me. My first reaction was to actually get jealous that you’ve accomplished so much more than me with your business and you’re younger. But luckily I’ve been using your awesome content to grow my business and I haven’t felt this inspired in years. Copywriting was one of those huge things I was missing and I really appreciate the Call To Action course. Awesome stuff! HBD

  241. Lee

    IWT has been great for me for a variety of reasons.

    But you personally Ramit, despite having millions of readers and emails, were accessible and responsive when I was in a tough situation. I’m incredibly grateful to know you.

  242. Brian

    First thing that I can think of is the talk you did with Chase Jarvis a few years ago. I was taken in, and I started taking a page of notes. I learned the body language and an abundance mindset that you seemed to exude, and applied those lessons to get an important internship.

    Moreover, your IWT book is the ONLY book that I’ve ever gifted someone else (my sister).

    I love the way you use psychology (generally thought to be a useless field) to actually impact our everyday lives. Your emails and material are an inspiration to my own online business. It taught me that high-quality material that has the other person in mind (what they want (humor, stories, compassion) + what they need) is the best way to leave the competition in the dust. Most important, doing so helps them–as well as me–feel richer (in the abundance sense) and freer. I have a folder full of screenshots of praises and testimonials on my computer!

    Reading and applying the wisdom of big names like you in the personal development space changed my life; it almost feels unfair.

    Thanks and happy birthday.

  243. Griff Neilson

    Happy B-Day Ramit! Even though I don’t know you personally I feel like we are brothers. Your ZTL course has given me a new hope for my future and I can’t thank you enough for it. Keep being who you are because we all love it! We love your bold and passionate approach because it helps us unleash our passion as well. I appreciate the time and quality that you that you invest into your products. You are a true and gifted craftsman and thought leader. Enjoy your B-Day my friend! 🙂

  244. Cecilia

    I haven’t bought any of the courses but I read all the free stuff. IWT taught me to think bigger in life – I was all about saving money, cooking my own food and packing my lunches, choosing the cheapest (and inconvenient) options. Now that I’ve learned Ramit’s definition of a “rich life”, I’m inspired to work even harder to get that raise and paycheck, so I have the means to spend a little extra on “convenience”. Thank you and happy birthday!

  245. Shadé Shakur

    Happy happy birthday! I’m a new fan and forever fan. Looking forward to better…for the both of us!

  246. Leilani

    Hau’oli La Hanau, Ramit!

    You’re AWESOME, real, blunt and to the damn point in all your discussions. I love it!!
    Your materials are straight forward, hilarious, encouraging and sometimes, I find myself jealous of envy for having a boring life.

    I’m very grateful for you and your awesome team!

  247. Daniel Welsch

    I definitely enjoy reading your emails and articles. I got a ton of ideas for blogging and email from your first podcast with Tim Ferriss. That was brilliant. And I like the systems idea from your book. Thanks a lot Ramit and happy birthday!

  248. Ashley

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I can’t thank you enough for the way you’ve changed mine and other people’s mindsets on how to approach life.

  249. Chris

    IWT has taught me to never stop experimenting, even when the majority of experiments don’t work. That’s difficult when I have to weigh conserving my mental energy through routines and habits against expending mental energy to try something new to possibly find a better way of doing something. I went through dreamjob and finisher’s formula. At the end of the course I expected to be Superman, but the courses changed me in smaller ways. Continuous, small changes are the legacy of taking your courses for me.

  250. Erica

    Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been a reader (and student) for many years. My biggest benefit has been the psychological shift of challenging the status quo. Just because everyone does something one way, doesn’t mean I have too. Flipping this script has allowed me to grow and believe in many possibilities for myself and my future. I’m working through that one big “should do” also.

  251. Adam

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    IWT has given me a strong foundation step in forcing me to ask myself tougher questions about what I actually want (not necessarily what I say/think I want), and given me the insight to be able to say no to certain opportunities that looked interesting but took me away from where I want to be rather than towards it.

    Next is building on that foundation, clarifying the actions that will get me to that life, and then walking the path.


  252. Devang Singhal

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT has helped me see things from a new perspective. Helped me discover a new side of my interests. The content you deliver is
    1. Amazing and helpful/practical
    2. Easy to apply.

    Thank you so much for helping us with great advice and free content.

  253. Tim

    Happy Bday! Your book has given me a practical approach to budgeting and finance management. I occasionally lecture to college students about practice management and recommend your book. Your emails keep me honest about myself and what I need to do. Your bday email talked about things we know we should do but aren’t doing. I bought Zero to Launch because I want to start a side business and I know I should be working on it, but I haven’t. So thanks for the reminder.

  254. Carolyn

    Happy Birthday! Recently, you said it would be better to implement what you read in one book than to read 20 books and that really clicked with me. I’ve heard it before in other ways, but really, I have plenty of knowledge, I just need to create value for people with it rather than being stuck in learning mode. I’ve been taking one step at a time actually implementing what I read until I go on to the next article or book chapter, etc… I feel this is helping me make more progress with creating an online course and coaching plan.
    As a side note, I’m really enjoying the growth lab articles. Thanks for all you give.

  255. Liz

    I think the most immediate way that IWT helped me is by exposing me to a lot of great psychological principles I had never realized. To provide a real, concrete example – I’ve recently started cutting my calories, tracking macros, and I hired a trainer and when I tell this to people I keep hearing criticism of how little it seems like I’m eating and how people think I’m just naturally better eat eating healthy then they are and how they could never do what I’m doing. And fuck taking advice from those people ever again. Man walked on the moon and tamed horses, and you’re telling me you can’t replace trans fats with monounsaturated? I understand and respect our friendship but have marked you as someone not to let influence me again.

    So the long and the short, thank you for providing really valuable information about invisible scripts and who to listen to and take advice from. I hope to meet you for a cheat day beer someday.

  256. Karen Kuntz

    Happy Birthday Ramit! I love that IWT helps to keep me on track with what I want to accomplish in life. I love the unabashed serving for excellence in everything that you do and how you encourage that in others!!!I love getting e-mail from you because it will always make me think!

    You are a blessing in this world, Happy Birthday! 🙂

  257. Bryce

    Ramit- First off, Happy Birthday. At 34 years young I hope you are incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished in your life. The thing I have enjoyed most from reading your site all these years is this: you’ve given me the gift of seeing what is possible in the online space. Without you and a small few others, I never would have imagined that I could own an online business for myself. Sometimes just seeing someone else do it is all you need to get your imagination going. Thank you for the inspiration.

  258. JC

    Happy Birthday Ramit, thanks to great copy, I nominated a team for an award and they went to win the national prize! Thanks that I don’t have to be mediocre anymore. Be blessed.

  259. Marcin

    Hey Ramit,
    Happy birthday and all the best to you!

    Now just don’t get me started on the briefcase technique. One: last year I landed 10% pay rise where average was 2-3%. Now I’m getting at it again to grab a promotion 🙂

    Thanks to you I’ve started (2 years ago!) managing my personal budget like a pro. My wife now does that too!

    I also resigned from buying a flat. No need for another anchor.

    Even though I’m not confident yet to start online business, the free material gives me advantage. Let’s just don’t mention copyrighting week (and the shiny new updated CV), shall we?

  260. Deana Duquesne

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for cutting through the noise of my too-busy everyday, & giving me the impetus to accomplish the Truly Important things.

  261. Jeanne Watson

    Happy birthday,

    After reading your emails I have learned not to put down any plans of my 21 year old ambitious daughter. She does not want to be “vanilla” and without reading your thoughts there are many things she has done that I would have questioned and recommended she not try. Instead I have encouraged her & she has thanked me for that.

    Also, I love your sense of humor!!

  262. Talia Koren

    IWT/Zero To Launch has put me on track to doing what people ALWAYS told me my entire life I should be pursuing and never listened (something entrepreneurial and creative).

    And the IWT book has completely changed my life in terms of how I think about and manage my money. I went from being a shopaholic drowning in spend-guilt to being completely in control of my finances. Just six months after reading the book, I’ve been able to build a solid emergency fund, open an IRA and generate steady side income through freelancing.

    I feel like I owe so much of my recent success in work & life to Ramit & the IWT team.

  263. Denis Busch

    I wish you a very happy birthday Ramit. All the best!

    Before I discovered IWT I didn’t even know what a top performer is. I didn’t know what being above average means. I didn’t know that it was ok to want MORE. To be BETTER. To live an AWESOME live! Thanks to you I know now.

    When I have to mention one thing you helped me with, it’s that:
    “Don’t rely on motivation and willpower. Build systems that virtually guarantee your success. Make it impossible to fail!”

    Everytime I want to change/improve something big (i.e. finally lose that damn weight)I build a system that helps me achieve my goals. This is one of the most important things I learnt in my whole live.

    Thank you for that Ramit. And for a lot more

  264. Apostol

    ZTL really made me understand what marketing, sales and business is all about. Thanks Ramit and continue helping people become the best version of themselves 🙂

  265. Ricardo

    Feliz cumpleaños Ramito!

    Your lessons have not only been invaluable, they have been inspiring as well. I have learned a lot from the free material and I am soon to join the Zero to Launch family. Once again, congratulations Ramit!

    Festina lente

  266. Christopher

    Happy Birthday Ramit,
    The way you connect personally with blog and courses is very inspiering! Love your way to aproach things and build courses. I’m learning alot, thanks for that.

  267. Sean

    Happy birthday Ramit! IWT has helped me organise my finances, get new jobs, and get raises once I was in those jobs. It’s been great and my family and I are now tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars better off thanks to you and the site.

  268. Anne-Marie Gosser

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Your writings sometimes create paradigm shifts for me, encourage me and always are enjoyed!

    Thank you for sharing yourself.

  269. Kristine

    Happy birthday Ramit! Recently I really embraced your whole live a rich life by spending money on the things that really matter to you and cutting out what doesn’t matter. Case and point. Just moved into a new luxury apartment with free wifi, gym and rooftop terrace where I can cook and have people over for dinner. A bit of a stretch income wise, but it is where I most want to put my money.

  270. Prateek

    Happy B’day Ramit!!
    You are one of the most sensible people I know.Wish I had your tenacity & mindful ness))

    Ps: you look perfect, would love to see you acting!!

  271. Liz

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    You’ve taught me to see delays and rationales and evasions for what they are – fear-based excuses. And they’re okay to have, we all have them, but a spade is a spade is a spade…

    Thank you! I enjoy you!

    Be well – Liz

  272. Ashtar Paniagua

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Lessons learned from your emails, books, courses, and the RBT community have all helped me in many ways – most notably in helping me secure a job that requires a college degree (before I even graduated), and increased my hourly wage 71%. There is still so much I need to do and sometimes I am discouraged, but I know I am going to use your advice to work on habit change and make things happenfor myself.

    Thank you Ramit!

  273. Carrie

    IWT has impacted me in so many ways.
    I’ve learned to not settle. It’s ok to be better, or even be the best.
    I’ve learned and successfully used the briefcase technique and the steps to getting a raise. The 6-9 months of prep work was well worth the outcome!
    I learned it’s ok to want a ‘Rich Life’ and that it can mean many things.
    Most important was the lesson: If it takes less than 5 minutes, just do it and get it done with!

  274. Jose D

    Hello Ramit!! Have a great day and a new excellent year!!

    You deserve it after all those really helpfull advices that you give.
    Your crude style and the way you refer to life is awesome; I have learned to look deeper and that we can get everything we want; It is just great to realize that.
    I have been doing my best to control my finances because of you.
    I haver learned that all is connected and the way you lead to personality as a very very important thing helped me to look forward and become the the best I can (I am on it).

    Thanks for all of it. Enjoy

  275. Steve

    Welcome to year 34, Ramit!
    IWT reminds and reaffirms me of things have known/I know, and provides new information about leading a richer, fuller life. It complements my ContextInternational courses, books by Ruiz and Brown and others. IWT delves into the psychology of why/why not which helps me better understand me.
    It has led me to greater acceptance of me and where I am, and am going.
    Thanks, and HaPpY bIrThDaY!

  276. Mike

    Happy Birthdqy Ramit. You have made a positive difference is so many people’s lives. You and you parents should be proud that if something terrible were to happen to you tomorrow (not trying to put any voodoo on you) you have already accomplished so much more than most. Not only in what you’ve done for yourself, but in what you’ve taught others. Enjoy the day!

  277. Stuart Campbell

    Happy Birthday!

    ZTL has so far been awesome. I’ve learned so much already and I know that this is going somewhere if I just keep at it. Could be life-changing!

  278. Ionescu Alexandru

    Happy birthday, Ramit! You weird Indian dude, you! 🙂 you say it funnier. IWT was a game changer for me and it all started this year when I realized I just bought a home and have to pay monthly rates of half of my salary for lots of years to come, not enjoying any vacations and cutting off on everything. I had my 1 year negotiation coming at the end of January. Then, I suddenly found a YouTube video about a briefcase technique from a weird Indian dude. This was the shht! It maked so much sense I started to read all your pots about negotiation, interviews and so on. I applied your free material right away and refused the first raise they gave me and told them I am not rushing to get this raise, we can think about it, they can evaluate me again in a few months when the financial “freeze” in the company passes. I applied all your free advice with confidence and keep calm. After 3-4 months of “briefcase techniques ” they gave up, they knew then they were talking to a top performer who has everything prepared and all the aces in his sleeve. They gave me exactly the top number I requested. I saw then the real power of learning the game beeing played around you and started my first IWT course, second, third and fourth. I would invest everything (time, money, whatever it takes) to truly learn to live my rich life and stop complaining about how I cannot live it because x y z. Thank you, Ramit and team!

  279. Cee

    Happy birthday Ramit! I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday because you’re an amazingly inspiring person!

    I just joined your listserv earlier this year but I have already learned such an incredible amount from your endless pool of wisdom. I won’t ever be able to thank you enough!

  280. Petal

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    This post was stellar. I appreciate your continuing commitment to excellence in all the material you deliver to me (and by extension your readership) and the way you tell it as it is. Wish you many more happy birthdays.

  281. Jeff

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Biggest lesson I learned from you was to invest in myself. Put out the $$ if I want to get ahead like I would for any electronics, food or anything else. Earn 1K helped me a lot and through all your emails etc I was able to network to my dream job!

    Thank you and enjoy the born day!


  282. Sushil

    Wish you a very happy B’day Ramit.

    I haven’t taken any of your courses neither have read most of your articles But since the day I’ve subscribed for your emails, I read everything in it and biggest change that i feel immediately is the change in my motivation & energy level. It inspires me.

    Thanks for everything and posting awesome things. !

  283. Antonio

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!!!
    Let me take a moment today to thank you for all your teaching. You and your team have helped me understand psychology – not only the concepts, but also the application of these concepts when figuring out behaviors and the ways to deal with them.
    You’re also a genius at using systems, setting strategies, doing research and so forth – all of which I am currently learning from you too.
    Happy Birthday, man!
    Thank you for doing all you do for us!

  284. Chad Edwards

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You’ve been teaching me how to write copy in ‘Call to Action’ – I’m 5 weeks in and I love seeing what makes the difference between a pretty good blog post and a remarkable one.


  285. Tiia

    Happy birthday!

    I’ve been reading IWT for about a year now and I must say everytime I get this boost of confidence when I’ve finished reading. For a while I feel proud even. I don’t why that is, but I like it. So thank you times a million!

  286. Sam

    Ramit, happy birthday! Your stuff has helped me see more clearly what kind of life I want, and more importantly, how I can create that life. Love your stuff man. All the best.

  287. John Gannon

    Happy Birthday. Learned a ton about copywriting and marketing from reading what you share. Also inspired me to up my game and launch my own paid courses/communities. Looking forward to seeing what you launch in the next decade.

  288. Spencer Grabski

    Dear Ramit,

    First and foremost let me say Happy Birthday. It’s a day to celebrate! Its also a day that all too easily can get overlooked as just another day in the week. But I will tell you that you’ve really helped a lot of people improve their lives, especially mine. And for that I want to thank you and I hope that some day I will have the opportunity to help you celebrate your birthday.

  289. Amit Patel

    Happy Birthday, have a great day and year ahead.

    I like reading every email and blog post you share. And then download all the free guides. ZTL and CTL are on my list of to join for future.

    Your credit card debt rule prevents me from buying ZTL yet. But with your free advice and your book, I am inching towards clearing my debt. My goal is to be completely debt free, credit card or mortgage or personal loan. Make everything Zero.

    Reading your book and applying your Scrooge strategy has been the biggest help to me. Finance was the weakest link in my life and I am improving in that area.

    The second area I am getting help is in building my website or blog whatever we can call it. It is too small at present to be called either.

    Your free guides help me a lot in this area. I download all your free guides and learn from them as much as I can.

    My ultimate goal is to become a writer and speaker. You CTL guide, post, and all your emails are helping me in that direction.

    The third thing your blog is helping me is to understand about my past failures. I started a business with my friends in 1997 that I finally quit in 2008 without zero profit. More time was lost than money. After reading your blogs I have started thinking in that direction.

    Your blogs and emails have changed my thinking. That is the biggest help. Since I joined in 2014, I have learnt so much from everything you share that I don’t need to read any other thing in Blogging, Business or Finance.

    Thank you, again for everything you have put out there. For all the free things you keep sharing. And best of luck for IWT and GrowthLabs in general.

    Amit Patel

  290. Nahyan Chowdhury

    Hey Ramit, wishing you a great year ahead!

    Major lesson from IWT:

    It carved my mindset on starting a career and its development. I used the material to enter my first and second job doing marketing and sales for tech companies, and now my third job. And crazily enough, my third job now is as a Job Developer.

    It’s a different group from who you speak to, I work with youth facing barriers to employment and consult small businesses on hiring youth and leveraging government grants (in Toronto), but the foundation is the same. With the 100-200 people I work with in a year, if there’s anything beneficia I share with them (and help a chunk of them get and keep jobs), it’s connected to what I’ve learned from you.

    I am a high performer here, a team player, and have lists of clients and employers I’ve been able to help.

    For that, and in their behalf, thank you.


  291. Anna

    I learned enough from Call to Action to get a copywriting job. It’s a dream job, Ramit! And I’m learning streamlined cooking skills through Fitelligent Food. 🙂

  292. Emily Calle

    Reading IWT has gotten me to notice more of the hidden scripts I use. I also find myself calling BS on my own excuses a lot more often — in your voice!

    Happy birthday!

  293. John

    In 2 years I’ve almost tripled my salary and my wife was able to stay home after giving birth to our first child because of the lessons I learned in Dream Job. The financial benefits went beyond our bank account and have allowed us to focus more on our growing family. I can’t thank you enough, Ramit.

  294. Mark

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Your lessons have inspired me to do what I used to love as a kid, but growing up saw as a minor thing: negotiating on small prices. It is a great exercise for the “big game” and I am loving it as much as I did when I was twelve years old. I am (re-)reading your book and using the scripts. Also I am building my business as if it is a new one, using de zero to launch framework. Let you know what my results are in a couple of months. Keep up the good work!

  295. Jonathan

    Happy birthday Ramit,

    I’m happy to say that I’ve used what I’ve learned from IWT to:

    * Obtain two jobs over 3 years, increasing my salary by 50%
    * Discover a love of copywriting which has made my every day communication so much better
    * Begin working on my side business
    * Move it from freelancing, making £30,000
    * Towards a product, that’s not quite there yet but getting there
    * Lose ~6kg in ~6 months

    and that’s not saying anything about all the great interviews I’ve watched, along with all the great nuggets I’ve gleaned from them.

  296. Julia Wojnar

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    There are so many things I could say about the effect that IWT has had on my life – from showing me how to think about personal finance to inspiring me to start my own business. But more than all of that, it has introduced me to a community of like-minded “top performers” who agree that being ambitious is cool and are constantly working towards living richer lives together. Thank you for all you do, IWT has truly changed my life as I know it has also done for so many others.

  297. Florjan Bartol

    Happy birthday.

    Because of IWT:

    – I managed to get into a great company where I’ve been successful and have learned a ton,
    – I improved my communication and people skills greatly (through How to talk to anyone),
    – I started going to the gym (never did any sports before) and kept at it for almost two years now (even though IWT-FIT ended – it became a habit!). It did wonders for my confidence, and it’s actually fun! As a bonus, I also started eating better and often cooking for myself.
    – in general, I learned a lot – for example better productivity and conquering my psychological obstacles. I learned the power of a habit and how to create one (right now I’m building a habit of reading books daily).
    – aaand I’ve also learned a thing or two about money management 🙂

    So thanks, and keep it up!

  298. Alina

    Hi Ramit,

    I don’t usually comment on your posts but I thought you might enjoy reading that this year, I’ve specifically used your natural networking tips to help me get in touch with two high-level clients. They now contribute to 75% of my business.

    I’m currently going through your zero to launch course and am looking forward to reporting even greater accomplishments in time for your next birthday.

    Thanks for the amazing work and happy birthday!

  299. J

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    Your material have been indispensable to changing a number of lifestyle habits:
    + Waking up earlier.
    + Eating better foods.
    + Saving some money.
    These little wins have really freed my attention to focus my perspective on bigger opportunities.

    All the best in the year to come,
    Jordan A.

  300. Kin

    Hope you’re having a ball Ramit – happy birthday!

    The main way IWT has helped me is in understanding the difference in mentality between average and top performers. The best free material I have come across in the last year or so:
    1. Your interview with Cal Newport was incredibly insightful. This was a big breakthrough for me.
    2. Your link to the Tony Robbins video – I immediately resonated with what he said. Currently reading his book “Awaken the giant within”. This is one of the finest books I have ever come across and I’m going to be studying it for the next few months.

    Have a great week!

  301. Lucy

    In terms of concrete results, I’ve improved my performance in job interviews. This is from the free stuff, I haven’t done DJ yet. I never stood much of a chance in an interview when I had to beat stiff competition. I rewatched your social skills video the night before a job interview, and in the interview, I concentrated on building rapport. I had ‘Make it about them’ ringing in my head. Usually I would worry, how can I stand out? What if they ask about that gap? Anyway, it worked. And then I did it again, the next time, and it worked again. A lot of people know this stuff at 18 years old, but I didn’t, so thank you for that.
    In terms of more nebulous stuff, just making me much more aware of where I’ve been going wrong and how to rectify it.

  302. Melissa

    I hope you have a great birthday! I always enjoy reading your work — eloquently positioned at the intersection of classic advice, fresh perspectives, and relevant insights. Keep up the great works!

  303. Eva

    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for giving me more structure for my day and more food for thought for my mind.

  304. James McKernan

    Hi Ramit,

    your book and blog and courses (DJ) have made me realise what holds me back and others- our mental barriers. It’s not about the economy, my parents, my friends, the job market- blah blah blah. It’s what’s inside me and how I interact with the world and how inchisento view things and position myself.

    THANK YOU! You have changed my life.

  305. Sarah Jones

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Thank you for building and growing IWT.

    From that fateful moment I joined Zero To Launch two Aprils ago to now, your work has influenced me and tremendously contributed to the fulfilling success I enjoy today — and as a ripple effect, the success that my team and our clients and even my boyfriend and friends enjoy… all through the way you helped me start my online business back in the day.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  306. Shannon

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Celebrate it for a week!

    3 main lessons:
    1. There is a different way to live.
    I initially heard about you from the blog Get Rich Slowly long ago, which is funny. I was frugal even to the point of not buying medicine bc tech I could live without it…While I did save a ton, I also missed out on life. I now have a balanced view and spend money on what matters to me. More than just finances my life has become rich.

    2. Invest in yourself and think of your audience.
    Its better to working on the right things. Trust the system right?What can I learn from someone, even if it’s not related? I put time in and while excuses did come up I eventually got around them. I always liked self-improvement, but your material has added fuel to my fire!

    3. Your courses fascinated me. You’ve been a big influence on me transitioning careers to User Experience. I got a job using Dream Job naturally.

    I actually have a long list of what I got out of IWT material, but I’m sure you have enough to read. Enjoy all the comments. 🙂 Thank you for putting your work out into the world.

  307. Julien

    Happy Birthday Ramit! IWT has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Without question, the value I have got from IWT outweighs every other resource I’ve learned from. While the figures speak for themselves (5x my salary and 5 promotions in 2 and half years thanks to Dream Job, 3x my rate with Earn1K, Started a profitable side business in weeks with the help of CTA and ZTL), the true value has come from meeting like minded people.

    I have a vast network of friends who get my why. Who call me out when I’m bullshitting and who have grown immensely thanks to IWT’s material. It’s been one hell of a journey so far, and we’re only just getting started.

  308. Sandy

    Your work inspired me to become an author something I had always wanted to do. Keep up the Great work and have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!

  309. Doppler

    Ramit, all the best.

    What I learned with your blog is that I am not alone, that there’s people like me, more advanced, and willing to help. That options exists, and if they don’t, we can create them.

    Thank you

  310. Merissa

    Happy Birthday Ramit! iWT has offered great success mindset tips. I loved the PDF about determining whether there is a market for your idea. I love the knife skills video. Thank you!

  311. Ariella

    Happy belated birthday Rammmiiitttt!
    I used to accept good with bad in negotiations and feel shy about asking what I think fare. This was 3 years ago before I’ve met you virtually. Now I actually enjoy negotiation and feel comfortable with making unreasonable demands with straight face.
    Thank you 🙂

  312. Olivia


    I’m new to your site (I started reading about a week ago and since then I’ve been devouring your content), but it’s already changed my perspective on what I can do. You even inspired me to start my own website. That’s something I never imagined I would do. So, thanks for showing me how much potential I have. 🙂

    I hope you have another blessed year.

  313. Mary Robinson

    I have a full-time job but I do cakes on the side everyone telling me how good I am but I don’t think so all though I when to school and learn cake Decorating and sense I am reading your blog I really thinking of opening my own business but I don’t know were to start and I am afraid and even though I writing to you a have two wedding cake for July so that keeps me up at night

  314. Mic

    Happy bday Ramit! IWT is in my opinion the best blog on the interwebs hands down. Been reading for years and not one email has been ‘fluff’ I’ll definitely be registering to one of the many useful courses you pump out this year.

    Thanks for everything and look forward to seeing you and the team raise it to another level bro

    Cheers from Sydney!

  315. Dillon

    I was about to go to Colombia as a list college grad not shure how to get a job. Then ramitt inspired me with dream job to start cultivating relationships and find the life im really looking for.

  316. John Orian

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    I love the stuff you put out. I’m 63 now and regularly forward your emails to my 3 sons as a advice they should be paying attention to if they want to have a great life.

    I’m bringing to life this year. Its purpose if to encourage each of us to embrace our roles as creators and to create with a sense of playfulness, joy and wonder. We aim to encourage and support Boomers to start ventures that create meaningful outcomes in the world.

    The content you put out very much supports the kind of thinking I want Boomer Venturers to embody.

    Thank you.

  317. Ian Rich

    A toast to you, Ramit!

    One thing I’ve noticed about the effective teachers in my life is how they become a strong voice in my head that will pop up – even years after I’ve seen them – and comment on what I’m thinking/doing. I am exceedingly blessed to have my Surrogate Asian Father in here to keep me honest about the self-talk and scripts I’m running, and to keep pushing me towards the top.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  318. Jaimee

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Goodness where do I begin.

    IWT has changed my life – from your free material, videos and links to other high performers and their work all the way through to your courses, IWT has become a way of life for me.

    Key changes IWT have supported me in making are: changing my mindset and identifying some hidden triggers that were still at work in my life; addressing some serious health issues that were literally physically preventing me from making change because I was so exhausted all the time; changing jobs three times and increasing my income by over $100k and identifying my dream job.

    I’ve also looked into launching an online business and met amazing people and expanded my networks all the result of using the IWT email scripts.

    IWT has changed my life. Thank you Ramit – have an incredible day.

  319. Holly Cole-Havens

    Reading this on vacation with my two kids in Bali…they’re sleeping but I almost woke them with my gasps as I read your email. I love how much you put yourself into the world. Keep going for it.

  320. Ellen Rohr

    Happy birthday!!

    Love your philosophy and simple approach to sound financial stewardship! Whooohooo! Thank you!!

    Money buy options. You are expanding freedom, my friend!!

    xo$ Ellen

  321. H

    Your knife-skills video inspired me to make small changes in my kitchen. That one thing that keeps me up at night is menu planning and prepping for a meal. Major ups to your 8 week fitillegent course.


  322. James Michael Taylor

    Ramit, dude, happy birthday and thank you for all that you do. IWT taught me that it’s okay to live a Rich Life, that working hard AND smart is the key to that life, and that it’s not just okay but ideal to be real. I could have gone down a long road of hyperbole and “tricks” and BS and been just another internet huckster, but you showed through your integrity and honesty that you can just create real value and tell the truth about it and be wildly successful. You have absolutely changed my life and the life experience of my family and friends.

  323. thesassyredhead

    Ramit – Happy Birthday. I discovered IWT quite recently via and then a week later Tim Ferriss put out the podcast with you teaching negotiation. Pushed all my buttons, opened up awareness about beliefs and hangups i have been working on since.

    So far my biggest take aways are: mapping out my calendar each evening for the next day. it still blows up on me frequently, but it gives me a baseline. And the inspiration to keep focused on my dreams. Not to let the demon voices in my head dissuade me.

    thank you.

  324. Linda

    Happy Birthday!! I have learned about myself and others. I have applied many of the processes at my work and in my life to great success. Thank you for continuing to send the e-mails.

  325. Kalena

    IWT has been a motivator to keep on going.

  326. Anna

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Thank you for your sense of humor, practicality and desire to help people. I was recently laid off and have been trying to figure out what direction to go next since I had become dissatisfied in that job, anyway (had outgrown it). There is a lot of pressure to continue down the same career path for a variety of reasons, but thanks for the reminder that there are other options that are more fulfilling…

  327. Lourdes Galindo

    Hi! Congratulations for your birthday! Send you a lot of hugs and my best wishes.
    Thank you for this post of the things you’ve learned, I really love it and it was really helpful to me, you make me remind that I not here to be average and I shouldn’t be afraid to be extraordinary.

    Thank you so much!

  328. Esmeralda

    It’s almost a year since I came across your Ama on reddit and in that year I went from a job I was beginning to hate to a much better job that paid better and taught me more. Your psychological tactics helped me with self confidence issues. I still have a very long way to go, but thank you for helping me take the first step.

  329. Tristan Donofrio


    Hard to believe we’re the same age! If I could only chose one email list to subscribe to it would be yours.

    Love the science you’re dropping on a daily basis. It’s been eye opening. I haven’t applied as much as I’ve learned yet and that is something I think about everyday.

  330. Austin

    Sweet baby Jesus, Ramit – that email was the most genuine thing I’ve read all month.

    Thank you, and happy birthday.

    I’ve been reading your emails for 3 years.

    Year 1) working a real estate job right out of college. Trying not to drop kick my monitor and my boss in a one-two Kung fu KO…every day

    Year 2) quit job, traveled to 24 countries. Devoured copywriting books, classes, self development stuff. Made lifelong friends I cherish and partied all over the globe.

    Year 3) started freelance copywriting. Lived at home with my parents for 3 months to save, and build my business. Now I’m bringing in $3-4K/month, moving to San Diego, and just raised my rates from $20 to $40/hr.

    And because I can a cheap, stubborn bastard, I did it all without buying one of your courses…

    But I’ve got a feeling that will change soon.

    your emails were little fuel packets that kept the flame burning and reminded me not to be average throughout all 3 years.

    Muchisimo Gracias,

  331. Elise Potter

    Hope you have an amazing birthday Ramit!

    IWT has inspired me to pay off my debts, start saving through compound interest & to invest in myself through ZTL to start my own business. I’ve learnt amazing lessons in business & psychology through your work & for an awesome bonus – you’re hilarious & make me laugh. 😊 Thank you Ramit!

  332. Kyaw Thura

    Happy birthday Ramit,

    Your books has taught me how to control my money both effectively and efficiently.

    Thank you for all the sharing.

    Best regards,

  333. Ryan Cina

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I mostly appreciate the lessons on how to get the invite to the right company with the right people. The IWT lessons have showed me a different way, a less traveled but better journey. I’m perhaps taking this journey at a slower pace than most; it’s what’s right for me based on my experience and current situation. I know when my current journey is complete that there will be another to start soon thereafter. It’s the hope, no it’s the knowledge, that I will plan my journey. Thank you and hope you got everything you wanted for your birthday.

  334. rebecca edwards

    I stopped hoping things would get better. I now work to make them better.
    I started my own business selling homemade blankets and quilts. I am constantly reading and learning ways to grow and increase my business as well as how to leverage my time and products to grow in the future.

  335. Elena

    💕Happy Birthday💕
    💕You Very Handsome Ramit💕
    Stay that way.
    You taught me, the importance of paying attention to detail. A small habit change here, a few words of power over there, and a great impact is made. You also have provided me with a very different perception of wealth. I dont make any money any more, but i am wealthier than i ever have been, and i am wealtheir than too many. Aside from spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical beauty, and health, i have objects of quality and luxery. I live glamorously despite obtaining my life supplies and materials through being given. Everything from the materials i use in order to make my cremes for my hair, skin, n nails;to the fabric i wear and decorate my home with..its all been gifted to me for the most part, but its amazing how comfortable i feel just by being surrounded by colors, textures, scents and lighting that makes me feel wonderful and invigorated. When i have monetary wealth, ima be poppin. How do i know? Because ive already achieved such contentment and personal fulfillment with what i currently have, however little that may be

  336. cr

    Happy Birthday Ramit. Hope u get to celebrate many more. I have enjoyed reading your emails. I have used your recommendations and have improved in my way of thinking. Thank You very much.
    Keep up the great work and continue motivating others.

  337. Tim

    IWT has shown me that anything is possible, hell, anything is probable. And for that I am grateful. Happy birthday Ramit

  338. Nancy

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I broke a nasty hygienic habit thanks to your help.

    Warning: what I’m going to share is really gross, but I promise you’ll appreciate the end result.

    I developed acne around 13 (I’m 32 now). I was a nerd growing up and the kids were always mean and they made fun of me.

    It got worse when I got my first pimples.

    I distinctly remember having a big pimple in 8th grade and the boys being really, really mean about it. Later that day my mom helped me to squeeze it out.

    The next day, no one said anything.

    So I learned to squeeze my pimples in an effort to get rid of them and get the mean kids to leave me alone.

    In addition, when I would ask my mom to take me to a dermatologist to get my skin some help, she shrugged it off as just a teenage thing and promised that my skin would clear. Also that’s what all the teen magazines said too.

    I used to squeeze my pimples and touch my face all the time – at the computer, any time I was in front of a mirror. The touching my face part was particularly bad because I would do it while working at my computer often unconsciously, which only made the resulting acne worse and a never ending pattern.

    This went well into my 20s when my skin was supposedly supposed to be clear. The same habits, the same acne.

    My husband was the first person ever to point out to me that I was touching my face and lovingly called me out on it every time he saw me do it. Except it was so unconscious that I did it all the time and didn’t notice it when he wasn’t around.

    He proposed to be on my 30th birthday. I woke up to the fact that I was 30, still had acne, and I was totally over it.

    I decided to take responsibility and go see a beauty therapist and a dermatologist (finally).

    But that’s not the contribution you made to me.

    In one of your ebooks or articles, you mentioned how you developed the habit of going to the gym regularly. How you didn’t like to get out of bed or something because your gym clothes were far away (I may be misquoting). That you changed your habit by putting your gym clothes next to your bed so you would step on them when you got out of bed, and then just started going to the gym.

    I took what you shared and asked myself how I could adapt the same idea to subsconsciously break my nasty skin touching pattern, especially when I was in front of my computer.

    I came up with the brilliant idea of getting some cleaning gloves and wearing them while working.

    I found some cheap thin cotton gloves in the cleaning aisle of the supermarket. I bought them and started wearing them at my computer.

    When I was wearing them and typing, whenever I reached for my face I would become consciously aware that I was touching my face. I immediately stopped.

    I wore these gloves for a week at my computer. Eventually I wouldn’t bring my hands anywhere near my face.

    I broke my nasty habit.

    And my skin is finally clear! For the first time ever.

    It doesn’t mean I don’t ever get a zit every once in a while. But my skin looks way, way better than it ever has.

    And I don’t touch my face unconsciously anymore.

    So thank you so much Ramit. The way you shared about breaking bad habits and building new empowering ones have had that effect on my life.

  339. KE

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    I started with IWT in early 2009 and your work has been a crucial part of my life – academic, career, and personal – ever since. If I boil it down to an easy-to-read comment that isn’t the outlines of my memoir, I’d say IWT taught me how to build systems to get things done. You got to me when years of teachers, counselors, therapists, and pleading loved ones couldn’t. I just didn’t get how to break things into smaller pieces, let alone repeatable actions. Only a few years ago I could not have imagined having the full, healthy, independent life I enjoy today. It’s really so cool and I’m forever grateful to you for being you.

    Thank you, Ramit!

  340. Claudia

    Happy Bday Ramit!!! 👏🏼🎉
    I love your IWT & all your material! You teach from experience & it’s simple, concise!!

  341. Janice

    I stalled in the Immersion phase of zero to launch, then experienced some personal challenges and find myself a full time caregiver for a family member. I shelved ZTL, with some relief, to be honest.
    But, I love your emails because I’m still thinking and wondering and growing. Maybe I’ll break through the mental barriers and tackle ZTL again some day.

  342. Phil

    I’ve learned that I never have to worry because I can “turn it on” whenever I want. If I need more money, I can start a business. If I want to learn how to cook, easy peasy. If I get fired, I can find a great job relatively quickly.

    Most of the obstacles I encounter can be overcome easily… and I’m capable of 10x more than that!

    Thanks Ramit

  343. Brittany

    Happy birthday!

    I apologize for questioning your food venture the other day in an email reply. That was my first time replying after reading for so long, every single email. I was wrong for that because I’ve gotten sooo much value from you.

    You’ve helped me grow from a small mindset to a bigger, more luxurious, mindset. I’ve also become a better writer. I can crank out a blog post in under an hour now (used to take 4).

    I wish you the best of luck and much success in your coming years Ramit!


  344. Greg Harmon

    Listen to what you say and think and dont allow defeating behavior to enter your life.

  345. Yasmin

    Thanks for your birthday wisdom Ramit! I really liked #2, to be confident & proud of who you are.
    I took your advice and negotiated 10% off my phone contract – it’s not a lot, butit also only took 2 minutes. It made me wonder what else I could be missing out on just because I was afraid to ask. My next ‘ask’ saved me $650, so thank you for the push!

  346. Maggie

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    Have been following your site for a few weeks now and sometimes they’re a bit long haha but mostly I enjoy the gems you share: they’re relevant to me and great reminders for life in general not just for finances. Have an awesome rest of the week! Maggie

  347. Nigel

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    You have helped me get a raise (10K), venture into working for myself (got 3 potential clients) and starting my own business.

    If anything, you’ve shown me that it’s ok to demand more of myself and be compassionate enough when I don’t. Now I am paving the way to be the benchmark for top performers in my company.

    Thank you again for all that you do.

    Happy birthday!

  348. Tiffany

    Hey, Ramit – I know you’ve evolved WAAAAY beyond personal finance, but as I’m sure you know, repairing financial damage can take years. The most amazing way IWT has helped me is to go from ZERO credit (meaning, no cards, no credit score, no NOTHING) to having two really solid credit cards, with different banks. I started with $900 in secured credit between the two banks/cards, and now, just 3 1/2 years later, I have them sending me letters that say “Great news! Because of your excellent history with Our Credit Card Company, we are delighted to inform you that we have increased the credit limit on your account!” I didn’t ask this time, they just gave it to me (although I DO ask, every six to nine months like clockwork, based on your book) and today, I have almost $30 K in unsecured credit.
    I can say without any doubt at all, that this ONLY happened because I read your book, realized my thoughts that ‘credit is bad, run your life on cash’ was really hurting me, and most important, swallowed my dumb pride, gritted my teeth as I asked someone 20 years younger than me for a $300 secured credit card, and TOOK ACTION.
    I put in the long slow work of keeping my balances below 30% and paying them off in full every chance I could.
    BAM! Credit score just single digits away from 800 in 3.5 years.

  349. Daisy

    Happy birthday, Ramit! I enjoyed reading your lessons learned. I’ll probably start reflecting in that way every year.

    So… IWT has taught me to think big and to override fear and negative scripts. It’s showed me if I do the work and the process even during the challenging moments, I can go much farther than I ever have before. And that mindset? The courses that show me how to get there? Those are invaluable.

  350. Valerie

    I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! Since the early days of reading your blog and book, you’ve inspired me so much – regarding automating everything, paying off all my debt, and focusing on what’s most important. Wishing you all the best on your birthday and always.

  351. Ben

    Well I have to say, the lessons from this blog have helped me to see richness in making the big-win decisions and not stressing over the minor squabbles, the richness of thinking clearly and opening my mind to my broken scripts, and the richness of seeking for high quality in all areas of our life. We do deserve the best, because we seek it and want it for
    others when their ready.

    Among my favorites were being exposed to Captology and behavior design.

  352. Jacqui Pretty

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Since I started following you in 2011 I’ve negotiated a 60% raise, started a freelance business on the side, quit my job and grown it to a 6-figure business that’s served over 100 clients and am now working on my first online course, so a big thank you 🙂

  353. Florina Eden

    Ramit, your work is entertaining, inspiring, and educational. I enjoy it! Happy Birthday!

  354. Bonnie

    Happy birthday Ramit. Thank you for the content you put out. When I get one of your emails, I save it for reading before going to sleep, when I can take the time to really ponder it. I know it’ll give me some tough truths and realistic inspiration that keep me going. I’ve gone a long way in my entrepreneurial journey and I feel much of it comes from you.

  355. Natalie Gelman

    Happy Happy! I’ve only been following your blog and posts for a few months – found you through Erin Stutland who I LOVE.

    IWTYTBR and your posts inspire me often. And you explain it so simply. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about going through the slog and doing the work on a project that is tedious because thats often what I’m doing as I make an album and it feels incredibly daunting at times. What keeps me from getting overwhelmed by the workload is that same A-F principle. And sometimes just an A-C or A-B focus. Just looking at what the next decision is and taking each baby step.

    You rock! Thanks Ramit!

  356. Camille

    Happy BDay Ramit!

    In 34 years you not only found your purpose, you’ve been living it out. And helping millions of others do the same, or get closer to that, in the process.

    Even if most won’t take the full action on everything they ever wanted to do, you showed them what’s possible and pushed them to do smaller-scale things that they would never have otherwise done. And for those people, that’s huge.

    I’m not one of those people. I’m all in.

    I thought I’d be on the corporate track just like my parents were for the rest of my life. Entrepreneur? Hell no, that sounds like a lot of work. Besides what would I do as my business? I’m not techie.

    But I am good at offline dating. And now, people pay me for it. I’m even trademarking the phrase 😉

    I’m no longer in corporate after quitting to go full time with my business – and I never, ever want to go back to it.

    I credit myself for taking action, but I credit you for giving me the roadmap and showing me what was possible – and exactly how to do it. So, thank you. Because now I’m living the dream I didn’t even know I had. Working on my passion (human connection), helping people, and creating something amazing from absolutely nothing.

    And someday, a yacht and a private island. Baby steps.

    I hope you look back on these 34 years and feel beyond fulfilled knowing how many people’s lives you’ve changed. You’ve literally led thousands of people to generate more positive + productive energy in the world. That’s incredible.

    Cheers to you,


  357. Christine

    Happy birthday Ramit! Reading IWT emails has validated how I think and my experiences in life/business/career/etc. Thanks for sharing what’s really going on inside our minds. It’s nice to be constantly reminded I’m not the only one 🙂

  358. Caroline

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    All of your work and lessons have been a true inspiration! My business revenue has tripled over the past year and I never thought that would be possible, now I do. Thank you for all that you do!

  359. Justin

    Always makes me think outside the box

  360. Jennifer

    YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST! Everything has already been said – just another THANK YOU and happy birthday.

  361. Daniela

    Happy long weekend (close) birthday! After paying ridiculous sums to another on-line “expert,” I happened to notice on Facebook that his head sales guy “Liked” your business. I wondered, “What’s that all about?” So I discovered IWT and for the last few months I’ve been reading your emails and taking your courses which have (1) given me insight into better copy, (2) provided nuggets that have made my business more robust, and (3) introduced me to others from whom I’ve learned a bunch. Happy birthday.

  362. Liz

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Thank you so much for all the super helpful content you’ve created for us over the years, both free and paid. You’re an inspiration, and I especially love how you challenge me to think and perform in new ways. Thanks so much again!


  363. Jennifer Morris

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    Thank you for the inspiration and insight. You have helped me see the world in a new light, and hopefully, I’ve been able to pass it on to a few along the way. I applied just a few techniques and voila! Greater return for time spent. I recommend you more than any other, and enjoy reading your emails.

  364. Benard Makaa

    Happy belated birthday, Ramit

    I have always enjoyed reading your emails and blog posts. They have a personal touch and have impacted my growth.

    Thank you.

  365. Roman

    First of all, Happy B’day Ramit!

    Thanks to You I got a 20% raise, I used the brief-case technique and it went really well. Boss had no words to say. Jaw on the floor, no talking at all, just listening to me. That was amazing!

    Then I started to look for a business on the side. I have the idea already, and started to work on that.

    And many many more that I use in my day to day life.
    Big thanks again and have a nice one!

    PS. You gonna hear about me soon, Ramit.

  366. Ross

    Thank you for reminding me just about every morning to think BIGGER. Well, technically, think and act bigger. You empower us eager people – and everyone needs a little push.

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

  367. Upendra Yadav

    Happy Birthday Sir,

    I have been reading your blogs for years. Initially I knew nothing, even i don’t know how to start and where to start. I learned lot of things from you. Your words are like potential energy for me and I converted them into kinetic energy in my blogging carrier. I’m still learning from you and hoping for more. Your posts are full of motivation, inspiration and energetic. I recently started my website and I’m working on it.

    Thanx for your kindness.

    Upendra Yadav

  368. Alina

    Happy birthday!!! You make my days better with each email! You show me hat i can do more, all of the time.

  369. Judy

    Ifirst saw you on you tube when i was searching for any subject to do with interviews and i listened and thought wow what great insight this guy has. you do come across as arrogant sometimes and cursing which i dont like, but never the less there is something of importance you are saying and i guess i am where i am because of the lack of knowledge i didnt have regarding interviews and so on. I am picking alot of tips from you and i recently saw your comment on yahoo on how to answer to the question of how much pay you want for the position you are applying for. iwas impressed and will definitely use those lines.

    Happy belated birthday.

  370. Caitrin

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    10 months ago I realized that my version of a Rich Life was moving to Germany to be closer to my boyfriend, now husband. That included a significant step down in career, putting my German learning on fast forward, and starting a new life here. Absolutely worth it! I couldn’t be happier. I’ve already had a promotion in my first job here, and am interviewing for a new one.

    I also find it pretty hilarious when my husband sees advertisements and makes comments about how little they make him want to buy something. I think he now expects my reply of ‘Well maybe you’re not the target market, who do you think they WANT to sell to?’

  371. Nankinga Jane Frances

    thanks Ramit indeed i have been in a sorrowful life for years but with your msgs I have faced the truth
    I can not blame myself anymore
    No More worries
    keep inspiring us please
    Happy born day friend.

  372. Nicole

    Happy birthday Ramit !
    Have a great day and year ahead!
    And thank you for your emails.

  373. Krystian

    I’ve learnt that making small steps and a little courage can CHANGE A WHOLE LOT! Thanks to you and Tim Ferriss I’ve started an awesome journey that I’m getting very passionte about.

    Happy B-day!

    Krystian (your Polish fan)

  374. Cyprien Rusu

    Happy Birthday, Ramit 🙂

    I have to say that your courses changed my life…and I mean it.
    Since I joined ZeroToLaunch last year, I learnt an incredible amount of things, but I also acted on those things to become better everyday. Your course motivated me to read books again and since last year, I read more business books than ever in my life (more than 100). I met incredible people through your braintrust program…I started to learn copywriting and I started my own online business. Because of your book, I started to invest and I started to learn finance and investing as well. I would never have imagined that I could have done so many things in 1 year without the constant motivation and support from you and your team of incredible people.
    Now I just recommend you to as many people as I can around me, because I know how much your courses and support is effective.


  375. Julian

    Happy birthday!I find your writing in IWT to be super positive and it contains nuggets of useful down to earth insight and hard hitting advice. I would like to escape the rat race and leave my job but I still need to be educating myself on how to achieve this goal, your content is really motivating and inspiring, proof that this goal is possible. Keep up the good work!

  376. Nishtha Gehija

    Hi Ramit!
    Wish you a very happy birthday!!
    I am exactly 9 years younger than you, and I still “think of” launching my business. I will get back to you within 7 days, to tell you my progress.
    Do keep an eye on your mails.

  377. Kim L

    IWT started off teaching me how easy it is to save money incrementally and without thought. My parents never even taught me that! Secondly, I’m learning that all the “why am I doing this?” thoughts I have sitting at my corporate desk or in stupid meetings at work are OKAY and VALID. I know that I can make this change, and IWT lifts me back up time after time! Cheers.

  378. Nathan Jacobs

    Happy belated birthday Ramit!

    Not going to lie, but I felt a little bit sick when you said you were 34 – I turned 34 on Tuesday so you’re just two days younger than me, but our lives couldn’t be further apart!

    I thought we were similar ages, but not as close as that. Boy, I’ve got some catching up to do!

    For me, the biggest thing I’ve learnt from ZTL is the importance of front loading the work and taking a logical and methodical approach to an idea.

    I had (many) ideas prior to joining ZTL and I was working on one in particular, but I hit pause because I knew I’d join the course the next time it opened up, and I’m glad I did so. I had jump straight into product creation without validating my idea or finding an audience, and consequent to joining the course I’ve since written off that idea as it didn’t prove viable according to the matrix of the Game Plan.

    I trust the system fully, just need to trust myself to follow through and complete the thing – I’m revisiting Success Triggers and reading some books to develop my inner psychology and find that finisher’s formula.

    One honest bit of feedback, for me personally I would prefer it if the other sections / modules didn’t unlock until I was ready for them – I’ve just received the “Congratulation on finishing ZTL” email, when in reality I’m still at module 1. If you could work in a more interactive work flow, that would be uber cool.

    Anyway, have a great birthday weekend, and thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into ZTL.


  379. Vin

    Happy birthday Ramit,
    I have been getting your emails for a few years now and I have enjoyed some of the articles which I can relate to (online business), I have not committed to your courses as yet because I tried to connect with your site a few times and I believe because I am in the UK, it might have caused some disconnect for whatever reason… (For instance; your free PDF offer just came up on my screen and I filled in my name and email then I got “server not found” and now the offer has disappeared)
    So I just learn what I can from your emails hoping one day to put some of your lessons into effect.
    My situation is very complicated and that is why i have not committed to ZTL, as I do not subscribe to the ‘one fits all’ marketing strategy.
    However I do like your style of being different from the rest and passing some of your knowledge & experience on to your readers.
    I can see why you are successful!
    Hoping one day I can join ZTL and achieve similar success.
    Again very best wishes on your special day!

  380. kavita kapoor

    Happy Birthday Ramit, my best gift to me on your birthday is reading this mail and deciding that I must read all your mails that you send me ever so often, because it is not the most talented that succeed but the most relentless. Your relentlessness has me inspired. Happy Birthday once more. I do appreciate the value you are creating, now to apply it,

  381. Jason Swan

    Hey Ramit,

    Your emails to my inbox have inspired me, week after week. They have slowly chipped away at the conditioning that I chose to accept as a child that says, ‘no you can’t.’

    Day by day, email by email, you’ve given me the gifts of possibility and a truer sense of self-worth. They have been immeasurably helpful to me.

    Thank you!

  382. Anthony Cugnetto

    IWT has changed me in so many ways, that I wouldn’t be able to name them all. It has probably changed me in ways I’m not even aware of.

    It is what first got me fascinated with the psychology of why people do the things they do. Previously I would have just gone about my day to day business in a world of my own, but now I seek to understand rather than impart my own knowledge.

    Thanks Ramit!

  383. Kathy Scott

    IWT has gotten me on the path to personal wealth in so many ways. I am almost there with no personal debt and working toward wealth independence. I share your book and other resources with anyone who will listen. Have you read Grant Cardone’s material? You should he is awesome too!
    Thank you,

  384. Vicent

    Happy Birthday Ramit
    During the years I have been reading you, my life and my way of understanding it have changed a lot. It is very interesting how a decade full of experiences, make our viewpoints change (especially if you have a big transition like the one I had to live, from success to bankrupcy to recorvery). And very curious how completely different experiences, can lead to the same though transitions. Thank you for being there reminding me that I was not a crazy man in a lonely island of thought, I did need that in the lowest moments and you helped.

  385. Nayan

    I took your Dream job course and I did not listen to your key advice look at several dream companies. I listed five but focused on two. I did everything I could to get in to these companies. I called key people that I wanted to those companies every week, I attended events to meet execs, I studied each company to the point of knowing their organizational charts, I embarrassed my self by being to needy in front of company execs. Through all that, after 6 months I realized that I have to open my vision. So applied to my third company and I got an interview and job acceptance into the field of my choice. I realized through this whole process my 1 and 2 choice companies were not all that special. In fact, the company I got into will prepare me much better for my goals. Thank you, the money I paid for dream job was well worth it. I have a network now and a new job.

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

  386. Racheal

    Happy Belated Birthday Ramit,

    I hope it rocked.

    I have learnt a lot here, the most important is to cut the shit, to be honest with myself and to act accordingly to what I now know, because that’s the only way I will get better.

    Thank you for that.

  387. Shalaka Kulkarni

    Happy Birthday Ramit! Stumbling upon your website and getting zero to launch course has been a turning point in my life. Thanks for making it happen. I am more of a doer now than a dreamer.

  388. Rami

    Happy Birthday, Ramit.

    I had been a top performer as a child and young adult and somewhere along the way, lost my confidence to take myself to the next level up. IWT helped me in changing my mind set, notably:

    1) to own my top performing capabilities,
    20 craft my narrative for a job search that helped me land my dream job and triple my salary,
    3) the importance of using systems in fitness
    4) the importance of habits
    5) and how to move from D to C.

    I expect that when my personal circumstances permit, IWT will be there to help me in creating my own business.

    For the moment, my life is pretty rich already, I’m not complaining.

  389. Amanda Moser

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    “I’m not the kind of person that exercises everyday.” You helped me figure out that doesn’t have to be the script anymore. An idea as simple as doing 10 minutes of exercise whenever I have to clean my cat’s litter box has completely changed my perspective. Thank you!

  390. Björn Blomgren

    Happy B-day Ramit!

    IWT has helped me in so many ways. The #1 being the lesson that it’s on me. (Nobody’s gonna save me like in a Disney movie). It’s up to me to take action and become more productive, front load the work and all that.

    It sounds simple now but it’s been a huge change and I’ve stopped blaming other people (even just thinking about it) when I can change my own effort. It’s liberating!

  391. D

    Hey Ramit, Hope you had a Happy BD. Sometimes your messages hit me so deeply that I can help but take action. Thanks for helping me get off the couch and for finally committing to something! Still have a long way to go, but I know your brand of in-your-face motivation along with insightful wisdom will keep me engaged along the way. If you haven’t already, maybe you can shave off that beard as a BD gift to yourself. It takes away from that knowing sparkle you have in your eyes.

    • D

      Meant can’t help but take action

  392. Kash

    Happy Birthday Ramit !!

    Your material is awesome and life changing. I have learned many great concepts within six months from you. Now, I spend at least one hour of time every day reading your articles and free tools. Thanks for all of these.

  393. Lesesa Morojele

    Though I have not yet joined any of IWT programs yet, I enjoy your newsletters; I regard this platform as one of the best business opportunities which I also equate to a great PRACTICAL IN ACTION BUSINESS SCHOOL. I have made up my mind that hopefully by the year 2017 I must join in any of the IWT programms.

    To me Dollar/Rand exchange is no longer an issue compared to what is offered when enrolling; I used to fear about the future as in how will I provide for my loved ones. I would say do anything to get on board and become a student; happy belated birthday Ramit and enjoy it. Website ref no 265052366

  394. Nikhil

    Hey Ramit!
    First of all, really sneaky way of getting so many birthday wishes, man!
    Second, I’m writing today because I have immensely enjoyed the one sided conversation that we have, and wanted to turn it into mostly one sided.
    The benefits have been many.
    I get a top notch email campaign, often with breakup of hows and whys of it. As a marketer, the info is amazing. Yours is perhaps the only campaign whose mailers I have regularly read for multiple years. Singlehandedly validates value based content and marketing.
    I have enjoyed knowing you through your mails and site. The snarky humor.. you are a good conversationalist.
    Perhaps the only thing I have actually applied verbatim, is the Briefcase Technique. Really good. I have enjoyed better relationships with whatever clients I used it with.
    Thanks to your conversations, now when I meet a person or think of a business, I think about the value I am creating.
    There are more things that I can add here, but work beckons, and I’ll be off at this point.
    Oh, and have a very happy birthday!

  395. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    I’ve had the ‘entrepreneurial’ dream for a while, but no great idea. I’ve glanced through your emails, as my schedule allowed, hoping for the idea to come. Now it has, I just launched my business, the previous paycheque supplier found out I was considering opening a competing business, so he cut me off and granted me 24/7 to do just that. Now I re-reading your emails so I can prepare my emails with convincing words, and for some way to have more income streams.
    Thanks for sharing,

  396. Krystal

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Cheers to us June-Cancer bdays! 🙂

    Great read as always. Your writings help keep me on track, remind me of important things I didn´t know I forgot, and give me faith that there are other good, well-intended people like yourself in the world. Thank you.

  397. Amar Delon

    Happy birthday Ramit. Made me first 7 figure earning (in my local currency) after trying to make money online for 17 years almost. Did it with your programme in 6 to 7 months.

    Hope you have many more birthdays and discover better ways to grow and live rich!

  398. Bob

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    IWT has given me a lot…during my last job search I joined Dream Job….and got a new job based on the techniques I learned there…and I negotiated a bump in salary from the first offer, something I wouldn’t have done before Dream Job.

    Thanks for the work you do!

  399. Corey

    Yo Ramit,

    Happy Birthday!
    First off thanks for even creating IWT because it has influenced me in numerous ways and I know it has changed thousands of other peoples lives. The main takeaway I got from your material on the blog and your book is that systems make succeeding a whole lot easier. It has worked from my personal finances all the way to what clothes I am going to wear the next day. Its all about being “good enough” and moving onto getting the bigger wins.

  400. Anna Klimczuk

    Ramit, happy, happy birthday!
    Wishing you deep understanding into human behavior and getting your message out to many more people.

    Every time I have a hurdle to overcome in business (and more recently in life, in general), I turn to your work. You continue to help me understand why people do the things they do and where I’m stopping myself.

    Cheers to past growth and double cheers to more growth in the future!

  401. Bill Montgomery

    You certainly seem to be honest and caring. I say that because you refuse to sell programs to people in debt and what you discuss seems like it is from the heart.

    I learn from just reading your emails and I am if the age where some people think they have seen and done it all and either don’t want to learn or feel they’re somehow above it.

    It is my birthday next week. Seventy-one! Going to keep trucking. I climb a mountain every weekend.

    Happy Birthday!


  402. Nathaniel Wyckoff

    IWT’s course on salary negotiation helped me to prepare my performance development paperwork. I learned viable advice on time management, overcoming emotional/psychological barriers to getting things done, and money management. Overall, the content has encouraged me to have a success mentality, and taught me that there are ways to achieve things if I’m willing to find the right material learn, to do the necessary work, and to seek out the right advice.

  403. Fadzillah

    Dear Ramit,
    One thing that I have changed since reading your articles is keeping tab on my personal finance. I was really bad in managing my salary but after reading your how to earn RM1k, I told myself ifi don’t do this I will be broke in the future. It is all a matter of what do you want and moving on to that. Many happy returns of the day.

  404. Willie

    Happy (belated) birthday, Ramit!
    IWT gave me a different outlook on not only personal finance, but self-perception and goal setting. Before reading IWTYTBR, I sort of floated through my financial situation without critically examining anything on a more long-term basis. I set up a conscious spending plan several years ago and have been tweaking it and using it to help me get more things that I want while cutting costs on the ones I don’t care about. You’re awesome!

  405. Katrina

    Happy belated bday Ramit! Your writings and courses have pushed me to think about the WHY I (and people) do the things that they do. Diving deeper than just the surface-level inner talk or the “offhand” comment that someone makes and figure out the intention behind it has been really powerful for analyzing myself and others. All the best this year ahead!

  406. Andy

    First, Happy Birthday! (mine was actually just a few days ago as well). As for what I’ve learned… well, IWT has taught me about making critical choices, and re-examine what’s really important. It’s also allowed me to ask what’s holding me back- I have some answers, but I’m still not 100% certain. The current answer is along the lines of “student debt that I need to pay back, but currently don’t have the most reliable amount of income”.

  407. Chrisa

    I am a day late I know but I didn’t really know what to write after: Happy Birthday!!!
    Sooo I hope you had a fabulous day and you will have an amazing year ahead!
    I was very reluctant starting IWT and Zero to launch I almost didn’t register but Ramit I am very happy I did! I realized that I can do some much more if I put the work and my mind to it..! This might seem obvious but the transition between thinking I can do more and actually doing more took a while.
    Because of ZTL I now know why! Many times we say I need to do more but we don’t even know where to start and wrong decisions make us loose our path and strength! I learnt that from ZTL as well as how to prioritize and how to stay focused!
    Thank you and my best of wishes to you!

  408. Tom

    IWTYTBR (the book) helped me automate my savings.

    So great.

  409. Tyler

    I’ve learned to automate my finances, calendar activities, my meals, how I handle personal and work email, how I think about my daily coffee (I used to hate spending the $2/day but now it’s such a low cost after negotiating other expenses), my approach to learning, and also how I speak with employers and friends

  410. Robin

    I happened to receive this for my own birthday from a person that I really respect. This was very good.

  411. Sonia Parisi

    Happy birthday from Australia! IWT is helping me take more risks in my career – but by bit 😊

  412. Sarah Martin

    A belated message, I did want to chime in and say that I am glad that you were born, Ramit.

    For the last several years that I have been on your email list, I’d have to say that the single biggest impact you’ve had on me is to help me internalize a belief in myself, and that so much more is possible when I own the fact that I am a high achiever. Chronic self doubt was something I struggled with throughout my early career. Not the case any longer, and your regular emails are a huge part of that change in my thinking. I’m a ZTL student and I love learning from you. Here’s to a great 34!

  413. Eusebio

    Happy birthday and over 100 years of life !
    For example, like Bernando LaPallo :

    IWT taught me that even if I move slow and have many throwbacks, I can keep going and DO what it’s proven to work.

  414. DA

    Happy belated birthday. One thing I continually learn from life in general…hesitate not.

  415. Alison

    You have really influenced my mindset – in thinking about living a rich life and in thinking big, not small. I love your content, I love reading your emails, I love your courses. You have done some amazing stuff on IWT and I am so glad to “know” you. Thanks for your amazing content which has broadened my perspective in so many areas of my life. Happy Birthday!

  416. Reinhardt Cagara

    Happy Belated Birthday, Ramit!

    IWT helped me take control of my life by showing me that we can create systems to learn the things that most people deem to be something you are born with.
    I was able to pay off my $20K+ of debt after only a year of working through automating my finances.
    And now I am working on building systems now to organize my focus in life.

  417. Monali

    Happy Birthday Ramit!
    IWT has helped me realize I need to focus on accomplishing a few big wins and on maintaining a tripod of stability. Before I started following IWT I was trying to accomplish lots of different goals and not really making progress on the ones that were most important to me.

  418. Greta Hartman

    IWT has broadened my horizons, and given me access to think about things in new ways. I like the scope and variety of what is offered and when I have gone to meet-ups, everyone has been interested in supporting who is there. The openness to different perspectives and trying things is refreshing. I’ve taken steps toward a business and more responsibility for moving (any direction is better than none). I’ve always liked to learn and explore, IWT has been a great resource. Happy Birthday Ramit

  419. Gemma

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    Buying and applying Earn1K helped me identify that I had PTSD so I could go and get treated. Your course was so applicable and well researched that when my initial attempts at creating a business proved far more difficult than you warned I knew for certain I was facing more internal resistance than was normal. I haven’t Earned1K yet but the help you convinced me to go get has improved my life immeasurably.

    Plus I now consider each possible use of my time from a cost/benefit perspective rather than whether the activity is ‘normal’.

  420. Amit Pethkar

    Have a great birthday and amazing year ahead!

    Your writing connects! It touches upon deeper issues of bringing in a change and helping people grow.Keep writing and helping….all the best!

  421. Julie

    Happy birthday Ramit! IWT has helped me a lot. You remind me of one of my best friends, with your no nonsense, no excuses approach. It helps me stay honest with myself. You have answered so many relatable questions on your site and in your emails. The debt calculator tool is genius. And I’ve seen where you’ve said your goal is to make your free content better than everyone else’s paid stuff — you’ve succeeded at that. I get tons of emails every day and end up deleting most of them; but I look forward to reading yours and make it a point to do so.

  422. Jared Center

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    IWT has taught me about personal finance simply and effectively which not only allowed me to automate my own finances but clearly explain to others the fundamentals as well.

    It has also taught me principles that I use every day such as:
    -“try it, you can’t break it”
    -“view improvement and failure as experiments
    -“always strive to be a top performer”

    and so many more

    Thanks so much for all you do Ramit. Take some time for yourself this weekend to enjoy it and reflect on the legacy you’re leaving.


  423. John Garvens

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    IWT has helped me completely turn around my financial life, break through significant mental barriers, and improve the quality of my life overall. I would not be where I am today without IWT. Keep up the great work.

  424. Laurel

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    IWTY has taught me that…

    Actions are more important than Abilities.
    Habits are more important than crazy Tactics.
    Increasing income is more important than spending less.

    IWTY has also taught me that…

    I can do 1,000 pushups.
    I can build a following while I’m still in school.
    I can give away free info to create trust and loyalty.
    I can meet people’s needs by asking good questions.
    I can Earn 1K on the side with talents I already have.
    I can pay off my debt pretty fast with some focus.
    I can join ZTL when that’s done!

  425. Jenny

    This site (and this guy) are full of mindlessly simplistic ideas and the books have click-bait titles that suggest they have content when they don’t – if you’re an adult with a brain that is. No wonder he self-publishes, and the other weird thing is that he’s connected to all these other people with similarly simplistic, second rate self-help ideas who endlessly promote each other to give you the illusion people find his product worthwhile. It’s all quick-fix, trite, naive crap that a 4 year old would come up with. “Stick to a calendar”? For godsake does this count as genuine advice or a revelation? It’s mindlessly inflexible too – if you need this advice to get your life under control (and even worse if it works) then you’re an idiot. It’s also inconsistent with his other bit of advice: “Trying new things” – bit difficult if you don’t allow your schedule to be interruped!.

    There are a lot of self-help books and ideas out there: this author (and his weird closed-loop network of other self-help amateurs who use vanity-presses to self-publish) are not making them, so go do some serious research if you genuinely want to solve the problems the click-bait titles suggest. The books are cheap for a reason: they’re not very good and haven’t been published by a genunine publisher (who I’m sure ran a mile when the scripts were sent in!), and if they had a sale rate of over 100 copies (most bought by family and friends), I’d be amazed.

  426. Jenny

    PS. Ramit, if you’re going create phony testimonials to your self-published books in your birthday wishes blog, try to make the realistic. At the moment they stick out like dogs-balls as completely phony – they’re that badly written and way too unsubtle. If you’re going to do this dishonest, greedy, unethical deed, tone them down a little. But hey, there’s an idea for your next book: how to write phony testimonials on your blog and get away with it. Hint: be a bit more subtle (something Indian/Pakistani American people are not known for, as opposed to the American trait of “in-your-face self-promotion” and “money-over-ethics-every-time” at which they excel!).

    PPS. I notice your collaborator Charlie Hoehn hasn’t stooped to this level of phony self-promotion through fake testimonials quite so badly on his blog – I put that down to his cultural background, and because he seems all-round less rapacious than you when it comes to building your businesses.

  427. Jenny

    PPPS. Just saw the name of this website: “I will teach you to be rich”. Subtle as a sledgehammer. Even in America, this kind of brazen, unsubtle materialism looks ridiculous (but is very Indian/Pakistani I might add).

  428. Jenny

    PPPPS. Is there anyone out there still who hasn’t realised ‘New York Times Bestseller List’ is just a list of book that have been sold? You could be book #2223 in sales, and still be on the list. It’s a ridiculous and completely meaningless bit of self-promotion used by authors who don’t sell many books. The only testimonial worth anything is the books ranking eg. “#22 on the New York Times Bestseller List”, but people like Ramit don’t publish that number, instead relying on people’s gullibility to think they’re more important and influential than they really are. And with a suite of grade school assignment suggestions on how to improve your life, I don’t think a publisher will change its mind and pick his books up either.

  429. Camilo S Oliveira

    IWT has helped me to be comfortable in hustling for more, looking for help, being honest with myself and that are no shortcuts and the hard work still needs to be done and done well.

    Being a reader for years, I really enjoy having your content available to read and study.

  430. Amber L

    IWT has challenged me to expect more from myself & give more of me, to me. I appreciate that!

  431. Tom

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    When I was in college, I always wanted more out of life. I read book after book, but I never knew what to do.

    When I finally bought your book — as an audio book — everything changed. I listened to it everyday as I walked to class. It made me laugh, but it also made me realize what was possible. I took action, setting up new bank accounts, and getting a credit card.

    You really made a positive impact on my life. Thanks.

  432. C

    Happy belated birthday, Ramit! IWT has challenged me to hate status quo and keep trying new things. I started reading IWT when it was mostly about personal finance and kept reading ever since. 🙂

  433. Beneteau

    Happy Birthday Mister !

  434. Danny Ludovina

    Hi Ramit,

    Your posts have shared valuable insight and have helped me make steps towards a more profound way of living… or “Rich Lifestyle” 😉
    I’m happy that you care enough to share your perspective to those all across the web who are interested in gaining more out of life.

    Happy Birthday from Madrid!
    (P.S. I know of a few great Spanish professors out here that may be able to help you out.)

  435. Sandy

    Ramit, Happy Birthday!

    I love IWT and use many of your thoughts and materials when I talk to my high school freshmen during college/career prep. So that’s super cool, not what they usually hear, and I love it. Thank you for all that work that you share so freely.

    But more than that, YOU and your no-nonsense, no BS approach to conversations has blessed the hell out of me. See, this is the Year Of My Voice. I’m 45 years old in a few days and have finally embraced my way of speaking instead of constantly trying to nice-it-up for everyone else. Finally, I’m ok with being seen as a bitch for speaking clearly and concisely. I’m kind, generous, and I care deeply about people. If I say something badly, I’ll apologize – but I’m no longer constantly assuming that I’ve got to edit every freaking word that comes out of my mouth.

    Thanks for helping me (by being such a great you) be more ME.

  436. Gregory

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    You’ve helped teach me how to navigate the career world, personal finance, and life much better than I ever could’ve on my own!

  437. Akash

    Happy Birthday!

    Your courses have taught me that I CAN be more and do more without needing to be sleazy, or work 100+ hour work weeks and sacrifice my physical and mental health to get things done.

    You’ve also subtly taught me that Indian people don’t need to be doctors and engineers.

  438. Dave

    I signed up for ZTL, entranced by the idea of a flexible schedule. There was a lot of fear. Will this work for me? Or will it be another dream that I pursue for a month and quit? My rational brain was convinced that ‘yes this will work if I stick to it. If I can’t make this work, it’s not a fault with the product or with the idea. It’s a fault with my execution… the same fault that’s plagued most of my projects in my professional life.’

    I started the program full of energy and ideas. I hit some setbacks and quit. Ok, it’s time to slay this beast once and for all. I started reading more of Ramits emails, watching videos, listening to podcasts. I signed up for Finisher’s Formula. I read the books Drive, Willpower, and The Power of Habit in quick succession. I did BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits mini-course to… get this… make sure I put the towel on the rack after I shower. That’s how it started. When I started to view my whole life as a series of triggers, routines, and rewards, I was able to steer myself much more easily. I read ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ and negotiated a 15% raise and a promotion, along with streamlining and improving other parts of my life.

    A year later, I’ve circled back to ZTL, and I’m much more ‘calm and methodical’ not only with ZTL, but everything. Happy birthday, and thank you.

  439. Kalai

    Hi Ramit,

    I am always looking for an opportunity to buy your Zero-to-Launch and Dream Jobs courses. I also love your short courses especially on copy writing. I constantly dream that I could work with you and your team one day because I love the work that you do. Your blogs and articles as well recommendations have helped me widen my boundaries and look at things differently. I will always be indebted to you for that.

  440. Dermot

    I think differently about thing now, there are a world of possibilities out there whereas before i resigned myself to live the ‘normal’ life.

  441. Scott

    Happy Belated Birthday Ramit.

    IWT has helped me accomplish the following so far:

    1- Secured a 25% raise with present company from your Guide to Getting a Raise.

    2-Automated banking and got the basics of investing and realized the beauty of Index Funds from IWT Book. This freed up a lot of time as I had previously allocated too much time to study stocks when Index funds and some basic annual re-balancing was good enough for me.

    3- I wrote a book for the company I’m presently with. I started the project on the down low in my off time and once I had the first draft complete I presented it to the president of the company. She loved it. With what I’ve learned from IWT material ( Briefcase technique, Negotiation tips) I was able to secure a 50/50 Royalty!

    This was huge for me. I still remember the 1st sale, It was such an amazing feeling. Taking an idea, and turning it into a income generating product. Opened my eyes to what is possible with vision and action.

    So those are my 3 IWT wins at the moment.



  442. Grace

    Happy birthday, Ramit. It’s been 2 years since I picked up your book and I can easily say it is one of the best things I ever had Amazon sent to my house. Your writing is witty and informative and that’s what keeps me coming back to your blog.

  443. eli white

    How ramit has helped me is this;

    – things taught by ramit are things shared in other places, other books. but he helps you take action by relating those principles to you personally and really elaborating and giving examples of how it can be applied in our day to day life. those specific examples is what makes it click with me.

    – he just gets you to the truth god damn it. no sugar coating. and that level of ‘lets just get to the damn truth’ helps you awaken to the bullshit lies you’ve been telling yourself all this time.

    – he doesnt talk down to people. he talks to people. it is shown in his artivles n work. our bullshit radar is so advanced that we as the audience can smell this within a distance.

    – i love how he gives away these tips that help you solve a problem. he makes you think theyre tips but theyre more than that n help u solve the problem at the core.

    – thank you so much ramit. you’ve impacted me in so many ways. 🙂 xx

  444. Kylie

    Happy Belated Birthday Ramit. I have learned particularly how to get people notice my CV with the compelling headline. I reckon this should be (one of) my new online businesses – the Headliner! Thank you. Kylie

  445. Kees

    Happy birthday Ramit (yes I can still say it 🙂
    Your work is giving me hands and feet to my desire to live an intentional life with focus.
    Thanks for that.
    (P.S. it’s time to open ZTL…)

  446. Jared

    Hey Ramit,

    It took me a little to gather all my thoughts, because i have such a great appreciation for you and IWT in general.

    The biggest thing you’ve done for me is that you’ve given me confidence and shown me that I CAN create my own business. It was incredible reading your sales pages/free material, etc. because you were right with me the whole time, answering my questions and fears.

    And just your way of doing business is amazing! You’re a great example of Jay Abraham’s “Strategy of Preeminence.”

    Another thing is your commitment to your students. The free content really is “better than most people’s paid material.” And I’ve gotten several personal responses from you in my emails. You truly care about all of us.

    I’m now enrolled in Call to Action and it is absolutely amazing! I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to hundreds of “internet gurus” but i still open and read every one of your emails, and your still my favorite.

    Thanks for everything!

  447. Claudia Castro

    IWT has been the best hand holding course I’ve ever seen. You literally have to be completely unmotivated and unwilling to not get anything out of this well thought out and planned program for those who need the guidance to beak out of their monotony. Thanks Ramit! Can’t make meeting you in NYC this fall but I know I will soon – just to personally thank you! ~ Claudia

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

  448. Devon

    I insisted on doing my separation and divorce on my own terms, meaning living on my own with no roommate to share costs with and not pursuing any kind of monetary compensation from the ex. I was making $40k as a secretary living in DC (a.k.a. nothing at all). But I had a goal to pay my credit card in full every month, save enough to pay off the first of my student loans (a huge contention between me and the ex, who said I wouldn’t be able to do any of it on my own, much less in one year), and to then pay in cash for a two-week trip to Hawaii after the whole thing was done. I didn’t read every article on the blog, I didn’t read every chapter of the IWTY book, Hell, I signed up for the Earn1k course and didn’t even get through all the lessons, but from the fraction of information I did read about and learn, I set up a pretty successful catering business. I paid off that first loan the week after the divorce was finalized and left for Hawaii three weeks after that. IWTY has definitively changed my life, and I am going back through those Earn1k lessons now to see just how much better I can make the business.

    Thanks, Ramit, and happy birthday.

  449. Ava

    Thank you for your refreshing honesty over the years. You always seem to say the very things we need to hear but are either too scared to say or trying to be ‘politically’ correct.

    I have been reading IWT materials for the last 3years and it has changed my perception of life and business.

    Your words have encouraged me to set up side gigs, create a blog and generally seek to live a rich and fulfilling life.

    It’s really weird that somehow, I’ve stuck with you this long.

    Thanks again to Ramit and the IWT team.

    Here is to a beautiful year for you. Happy birthday!


  450. Balal Naeem

    Happy birthday Ramit! Hope you had a great day!

    IWT has changed the way I think about pretty much everything about life. I think I have become more compassionate towards people who don’t understand me or who are not on the same page about something as I am. I used to just dismiss people as idiots if they justified eating meat and dairy even after being provided loads of evidence that it’s not good for your health. But I understand now why we do that. We are emotional beings, we get scared that we will have to quit something we like so much and have eaten our whole lives. That’s just one example how I have changed.

  451. Katya Seberson

    Ramit, happy belated dude! I say pivotal moment a lot. Thank you for that phrase. I am a huge fan and aspiring to grow eyebrows that match yours in thickness! But seriously, you and Tim are the reason I have a biz. Thank you!

  452. Jenni Juhl

    Remit, I am new to your site but I have heard your work for quite some time on podcast I’ve listened to. Thank you for sharing your insight! I love this post! Number 2 is my favorite! It hits home with me when I think about how I want to raise my girls! It is so important to be reminded that it’s ok and wonderful to be proud of who we are and to reach for the highest in ourselves. When we do that not only do we grow but we set wonderful examples to our kids…..that is something that I am extremely proud of!

  453. Catharine Hay

    IWT has kept me inspired. I like that it is not about the traditional ways of thinking about making money and, even, about life. At the age of 60, I’ve learned quite a few things, but there are always new things to learn. Your emails always provide me with something new to ponder or I revisit some old ways of thinking. Keep up the good work because one day you will be my age and be able to look back on everything you’ve accomplished and everyone you’ve influenced, and at the rate you’re going, I expect that will be quite a lot.

  454. Paul

    Better late than never lol! Happy B-lated birthday Ramit. I have learned so much about personal finance and getting the ball moving in the direction that I want that It’s impacted the things I think about and the opportunities that I consider in my life. I never feel like I can’t do something anymore, its more like…”How do I get there??” or “How do I make this happen in my future?? I feel like I learn so much from you and I want to apply all of it and get it down pat to be the best version of myself I can be. I hope you had an amazing birthday and best of wishes

  455. Pab

    Happy belated birthday! Bravo and Congrats on all the great content…