Is it gaudy to post your own Amazon wishlist?

Ramit Sethi

Yes, it is totally unnecessary and gaudy. So here we go!!!!!!!!

What does Ramit want for Christmas?

Ramit’s Amazon wishlist.

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  1. Ben Casnocha

    And I thought I had a long wishlist!

  2. Kevin F

    Ramit, only 327 items in total? Surely you want more than just that.

  3. Chris Yeh

    I can loan you a number of these books, if you’re just looking to read them….

  4. Jeff Lindsay

    Wow, nice. I can’t say I’ll be getting any of those for you, but I definitely took a couple and added them to my list.

    Feel free to browse mine since it seems we have some shared interests:

    Isn’t there a social networking book recommendation service? I’d like that.

  5. vyacheslav kaushan

    with so long wishlist it’s time to open book store. btw. it was interesting to see. good luck!

  6. Diana

    Ramit, is your wishlist up to date? There doesn’t seem to be any books added past 2012.

  7. Allysa

    Hi. Check out this list: