Irrational but good things to buy

Ramit Sethi

2 things that (I think) are worth spending money on: the irrational things that make no financial sense, but you love, and anything that gives you the potential to make more money. Read on for more…

These are the things that you love, the ones you can’t resist. Your friends might wonder why you spend so much on them, but they make you feel good.

Maybe it’s a massage once a month, or eating out with your friends every Friday. My weakness is hot salsa and good pens. Yeah, I know.

But they make me so happy.

There are also the things that cost a lot, but can potentially make you way more money. I spent $65 on business cards a couple years ago, but I didn’t flinch. Why? Because if I gave them out and landed one job, it would be worth it. If you buy a $200 dinner and potentially land a $50,000 project, it was worth it.

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  1. Hemal

    I agree.

    At times, I fight with myself about buying something that I love but makes no financial sense.

    As in point: Cars

    I love fast, sporty cars which tends to be impratical and expensive. Nonetheless, I enjoy seeing, driving and reading about them.

    Just recently I have been wanting to purchased a like-new used car, but I keep going back and saying, “no don’t do it..its money down the drain”. However, I feel that as long as I am saving some money, have money for rent, food, etc., why not?

    I always feel bad when I spend on big items, but feel bad if I don’t buy them (even though I know I can afford them)….catch22

    What do you guys feel…Save, save, save, but remember to splurge here and there?

  2. Dave Kaminski

    Yes and no Hemal, cars aren’t one of those little things you spend money on occasionally. My weaknesses are clothes and japanese food, but I spend according to my needs etc. also, these things can be shared e.g.: a dinner out or a trip to neiman marcus/savers. A car is kinda a big impulse buy

  3. andy fox

    $65 for business cards isnt that expensive I dont think. I guess it depends on how many you got. This is key information that has been left out. If you spent $65 on 15 business cards then you really splurged, if you spent $65 on 2500 cards you got a great deal, and varying degrees of spluring/great deal in between

  4. ElfWord

    Of course, the key to the second one is being smart about what’s likely to make you money, and how much of a return you’ll get. $65 for business cards that will get you even a $32,000/year job is a good return. $100 on higher-quality photo framing and decorations for a gallery when you’ll only make $200 if you sell all your photos is not.

  5. srudolph

    All this puts me in mind of something William Morris said —
    “Have nothing that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

  6. ES

    Does a $3,000 watch qualify?

    You can about it here