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If you’re in Mumbai, let me know

Ramit Sethi

I’m writing from Mumbai, India, and just wanted to post a quick note: If you’re in Mumbai and want to meet up, send me an email or post a comment here.

I’ll be going on the Dharavi slum tour tomorrow and then have some time this week to wander around and meet up.

The rest of my trip here has been awesome. I went to a wedding with ~500 people (it was like something off of MTV’s My Sweet 16, only classier). Indian people don’t let you stay hungry, so I ate more ghee-filled food than any normal man ever should. As for the shopping, I’ve roamed the markets in Delhi and Mumbai to negotiate with street merchants in broken Punjabi. And no, the wedding wasn’t mine.

I’ll be back in a week or so. Until then, there are more guest posts coming up.

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  1. avatar
    Parvinder Singh

    Dharavi Slum Tour ? This is very interesting. I didn’t knew that the biggest slum of Asia has now became a tourist spot. I checked out the website and was quite amazed to see all the various touring packages. Do let us know how was the tour in terms of coverage, information shared, etc

  2. avatar

    Do you feel weird going on a “slum tour”? There were a few stories recently about these type of tours becoming popular in Brazilian favelas. Regardless of whether the tour company is run mostly for charitable purposes, it seems like the concept is a little distasteful.

  3. avatar

    I find nothing distasteful (well, to a large degree) about slum tours – as long as the net benefit (increased awareness, more sensitivity towards the developing world, more passion put towards doing justice in this world) – outweighs the negatives (photo-snapping, mere ‘observation’ without action).

    I’ve not had the chance to go on one of these tours myself, but I personally feel that the increased awareness has a ‘net positive’ impact overall as a result of these tours.

    Much better to get these things out in the open, be it tours, photos, podcasts , blogs or aeriel shots – and let the world see and hear how easily 30% of its citizens are living.

  4. avatar
    Ramit Sethi

    David, I don’t feel weird about it at all. I checked out the site and love their mission and the way they’re approaching this (and donating $ to NGOs). In any case, I’d rather learn about something than pretend it doesn’t exist.

  5. avatar

    Too bad! I was there till Friday.

    I wish you would have said so earlier, I was in Delhi Bangalore and Mumbai since March 3rd.

    Maybe next time.

  6. avatar

    ps…let me know if you’re ever in Barcelona.

  7. avatar

    Hey Ramit, Any idea of visiting Bangalore.. ??

  8. avatar
    Ramit Sethi

    Dan, damn! Next time.

    Saravanan, no plans to visit right now…maybe next time.

    Btw I just got back from the tour and it was amazing.

  9. avatar

    Do you think anytime in the future would you ever consider doing a San Francisco meet up?

  10. avatar
    Paul Singh

    You were conversing in Punjabi? Awesome, once you get back to SF – all future conversations of ours are going to be in Punjabi, no exceptions.

    As a side note, I was in New Delhi and Punjab this weekend. Left you a VM but figured you’d be down south.

  11. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    This is Vishal Sagar. I stay in Pune (around 2 hrs from Mumbai) and work at Nvidia’s office there. I will be in Mumbai (@ BARC Chembur suburb) during this weekend (from Holi) at my parents place. I just want to meet you because I have been reading your articles for some time now and found them interesting.
    I would also like to know what you suggested to Michelle started getting rich. (Your blog on “How my friend used one email to start getting rich”) 🙂
    Will be happy to share more with you.


  12. avatar

    Hi Ramit,
    Nice to know that you are here. I am from Mumbai only.
    Let me know where can we meet.


  13. avatar
    Ramit Sethi

    Hi all,

    I’m back in San Francisco after my trip. It was great meeting up with some of you. For the rest, I’ll let you know next time I’m in India!

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