I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a #1 Amazon bestseller

Ramit Sethi

Yesterday, my new book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

#1 on Amazon -- beat Twilight

When I found out, I was doing a live, 8-hour webcast with 1,000+ people on it. For maybe the first time in my life, I was speechless. Then I started yelling. A lot.


We also got I Will Teach You To Be Rich to #3 on B&N, and give away a bunch of Kindles and savings accounts.

Here’s what other people are saying about the book:

So, guys — first of all, thank you. I really appreciate the fact that you’re willing to pay for value and get started optimizing your finances. As for the Amazon ranking and all that, I didn’t do that — you did. The significance of skyrocketing up the charts has less to do with me than with us, collectively, helping more and more people automate their money, pay off debt and earn more, negotiate like an Indian, and most importantly, get rich.

You’ll notice people asking questions like, “What was the trick to get to #1? What email service do you use? Can u teach me about user loops?”

Tactics matter, but my answer to their questions is deeply unsatisfying because it involves focusing on the long term: Pick big wins. Focus on helping people before you try to make money. Plan ahead. And most importantly, money itself is only a small, infinitesimally small part of a life’s goal.

Do you know my favorite part of yesterday? I called my mom and dad, live on a video webcast with 1,000+ people watching, to tell them about being #1 on Amazon. Imagine how they felt.

Now that’s rich.

Thanks, guys.

The book is at Amazon and B&N.

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  1. Jun Loayza

    Wow Ramit, all I can say is congratulations and that you are awesome! You are a true inspiration to every young entrepreneur and I hope to be able to accomplish what you have been able to do.

    I’m working hard my friend. Expect to see big things from me as well this 09!

    – Jun Loayza

  2. Suresh kumar Rajendran

    You deserve it Ramit! continue your good work.

  3. liv

    congrats Ramit! keep yelling! 🙂

  4. Jonathan Radande

    Congratulations on the success of the book. This book is awesome. It’s not boring like the other personal finance books and it gives good practical advice that you can implement immediately.

    Thanks for the information.

  5. Matt

    I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and picked up the book just to support a blogger I read daily. Thanks.

  6. Matt


    I guess I am just waiting for the book to arrive to I can determine if it really contains as much information as I require to hopefully attain my goal of monetary sustainance.

    I will be sure to let you know my thoughts when I am done, but finally must say bask in your glory, money is indeed only a small part of life and it`s truly the small things (or big things), such as achieving #1 Book on Amazon, that really make live worth living.


  7. Lisa DiMona

    I love this about your parents. Yes, that is rich. I can’t wait for you to get out there talking more about what is rich.

  8. theodore scott

    what happened to the rate this article feature?

  9. Nikc

    The real winners in the end are the people who decided to buy the book, because it really is a quality product.

  10. Tracy Simmons

    Ramit, Congrats!

    I wanted to tell you something: So many book reviewers are saying that this book is primarily targeting a younger audience, those in their twenties. They often state that people older than that probably wouldn’t like the book, etc. Well, I’m approaching 50, and I’m going to get your book. Here’s why: You put a few chapters out there for people to read to get a feel for the book, what type of information is in it, etc., and I loved it! I learned things I did not know, and frankly, I needed someone to be that specific about some of the issues you’re dealing with. Plus, I love your sense of humor and the way the book moves very quickly yet thoroughly through the material.

    I’m pretty good with handling my finances. No debt other than a small mortgage. But still there was so much I learned just from the sample chapters you put out there.

    So, I just wanted to say this to debunk the “myth” of people thinking your book is only for those in their twenties! You can tell them from an “old person” that it just isn’t so!

  11. Dave King

    Congratulations on the book’s success so far! I am a newcommer to the blog and I expect great things so far from what I see/read. I was wondering with the kindle and mint savings contest how these prizes will be rewarded?

  12. Ryan Geist

    Congrats again, Ramit! I should be receiving the book tomorrow – I can’t wait to read it.

    You executed your marketing campaign beautifully to find yourself at #1 yesterday. I don’t just mean the promotion you ran, I mean over the last few years. You created a devout following of people who trust you and are willing to tell their friends about you. I think its testament to the hard work, dedication and trust required to create a truly effective word-of-mouth marketing campaign. I see the same style, and the same success with PBWiki. You get it, man. And I’m glad you make yourself available to teach, because I love learning from you.

    Enjoy your success, and stay focused. I know you will.


  13. Online Banks Blog


    I went to Barnes & Noble today and bought your book. I love seeing bloggers publishing books!!


  14. Nanda

    Congrats again Ramit! I believe in paying for value, so I bought your book yesterday. I spent waaay too much time on Live Chat with your other viewers and loved it when you spoke to your family – made my day. I am a faithful reader of your blog and have been for quite some time. It is amazing to me how many others feel the same way I do. Enjoy this success – cant wait to see what else you do 🙂
    – Nan

  15. Budgets are Sexy

    Congrats my man! On chapter 3 right now and my A.D.D. isn’t taking over 😉 A personal finance book that’s “Interesting”?! Imagine that. Good work boss.

  16. Cuauhtémoc

    thanks man, your tips are great, but it will be
    great if you give tips for young people like me (i´m 18)
    beceause i want to start my financial life with the right
    foot, jeje.

    Saludos desde Mexico!

    PS. sorry for my bad english.

  17. sara

    I bought the book today at a Books a Million in downtown Chicago. The shelf was nearly empty where your book should have been – I got the last copy.

    I’m really excited to read it!

  18. Darin

    Congrats on all the success Ramit! It’s nice to see good people, such as yourself, rewarded for all their hard work.

  19. chuckiesd

    Congratulation. It really awesome. Nor easy to be a bestseller for sure. i msut take a look of the book. Congratulations again buddy

  20. Kushal Pisavadia

    Well done Ramit! I regularly read the blog and am always impressed by the information/advice you’re giving out. Will get round to buying it once I graduate.

    Keep up the great work.

  21. Nate @ Money Young

    Offering free stuff doesn’t hurt book sales either.

    Congrats Ramit.


  22. BJ Fogg

    This was a big day for me as well . . . watching you in action — and watching your book climb up the rankings.

    You threw off my entire schedule for the day! But it was well worth it.

    Huge congrats!

    –BJ Fogg

  23. Michael Versaci

    Well done, Ramit. Congratulations. I pre-ordered the book and am looking forward to reading it. Cheers!

  24. slick

    dude ramit, you are amazing but please change your picture on the top right. it makes you look like a gigantic douchenozzle and i know you are not. thanks!

  25. Supergork

    Congratulations! You rule Ramit.

  26. kadavy

    Ramit, you are one hardcore badass. Congratulations!

    P.S. I’m studying your every move.

  27. Cathy

    Very awesome! Congrats, Ramit!

  28. Austin

    Today when I walked down the finance section in Barnes and Noble I stuck your book out just a little bit more than all the rest. Love it. 😉

  29. Scott

    You deserve all of the accolades the others and the Amazon ranking have bestowed upon you. I look forward to getting my copy soon and finally achieving fiscal sanity and perhaps something to help my entrepreneurial aspirations.

  30. Eliot

    Been reading for a few weeks now, and I love the fresh approach you have to money management. Congrats on hitting #1 at Amazon in your category!

  31. Jose

    Congratulations Ramit, I’ve been reading your website for almost a year now and it has been always useful and fun to read…now I’m just waiting for my book…

  32. Juliet

    Congratulations Ramit! I will be sure to get my hands on your book soon!

  33. Coop

    Congrats Ramit. I’ve ordered your book and look forward to reading and applying your teachings.

  34. BadskiBlog

    I bought the book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I like the point you made about being rich, when you were talking about calling your parents. I’ve written on my blog about that very concept. So many people get caught up in earning more and more money, yet they don’t have any goals or what they value in life in their sights. What’s the point if you aren’t living the life you want to live? Congratulations!

  35. Jay Liew

    Hi Ramit! First of all, congrats! 🙂 I’m a long time follower of your blog, love your advice. For the most part, I’m already doing all the basics .. but I bought the book anyways to cheer you on – from an entrepreneur to another.

    Warmest regards,

    Jay Liew

    P.s. I did notice the overwhelming dumb/troll questions during the live video chat. Maybe it’s time try give something like Google Moderator a shot? 😉 Apparently the White House now uses it too.

  36. topseekrit

    Congrats Ramit! I’m proud of you and frankly all the people who will not only read but APPLY what they’ve read!

  37. Emily

    How many books did you end up selling on Monday? Your promotion was excellent. Had me buying a book I hadn’t even heard of… and that I’m super excited to read.


  38. Dave

    so the book i ordered Monday night just arrived at my door. kick ass shipping B&N wow

  39. Ramit Sethi

    Guys — thanks for the comments! A couple updates: Amazon has received the books and will be shipping again starting today. Also, As a couple commenters pointed out, in all the hoopla I did forget to give away one $1,000 check. I’ve been a little swamped with hundreds of emails, tweets, interviews, etc, so I will be giving it away in the next 48 hours. Some of the very same comments got a little heated, so I deleted them (including one of my own). Stay tuned for the final giveaway in the next couple of days. You can check out the book press at and

  40. Ramit Sethi

    Thanks for the patience. I’ve now updated this page with the final winner of the savings-account giveaway. The final winner is Robby Hipp.

  41. Kimber Chin

    BIG congrats Ramit!
    You’ve paid your dues.
    You deserve this success!

  42. Jason Clements

    Very excited to read your book (got the heads-up from TFerriss). I am here to say how super happy I am with customer service. Using the principles of “asking”, I shot an email to Amazon cust serv to see if I could get your book for the new low price of $7.67 (because I ordered it the day you were giving away kindles and cash for $10 and change.) Here’s the email I just got back:

    “Hello from

    Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on the item “I Will Teach You To Be Rich “. I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us. Unfortunately, we do not have a post-order price guarantee.

    I’ve reviewed your order and see that your items haven’t shipped yet.

    Since this item has not yet shipped, I have adjusted the price to reflect the current discounted price, $7.67. This is the price you will be charged when the order ships.

    On the date of shipment, you should receive an e-mail message confirming the date, contents, and method of your shipment.

    Please understand that I’m issuing this refund because of the exceptional circumstances, and I’m doing this for you against our standard policy.

    Thanks again for shopping at”

    Good Job, Amazon ! !

  43. Nathan R.

    Okay I’ll bite, just how rich are you?

    Is this the same lessons I’ve read a dozen times before, or are these new (proven) teaching?

  44. Jonathan

    I remember when I first started reading this blog years ago. I never thought that you might be a bestselling author one day. Congrats! I’m happy for your accomplishment.

  45. BeyondBeerMoney


    You’re a great example of the ways in which learning about and practicing ways to “be rich” really have the most meaning.

    Sitting around shuffling dollar bills and counting your earnings? Not a happy, rich life.

    Engaging millions of people by starting a conversation about something you’re passionate about? True wealth!

  46. wedward

    FYI – FWIW – B&N had the book buried in the wrong section in my local store,and for kicks I check for it in every store I hit. None have it featured on any shelf (new hits, #1’s, etc.) even in the finance section featured sections (Woodland Hills, Calabasas and Borders too). You would think they’d be watching the Amazon rank and pushing it out to ride the wave – but I guess there’s still too many old thinkers there in the biz.. Anyway – I had to scour the store for my first copy and sent 2 more to family. Go Ramit!

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