I got schooled

Ramit Sethi

If I were to ask you, “What’s one thing you wish you could make automatic in your life?” I’d be willing to bet that most people would say:

  • “I wish I could exercise regularly”
  • “I wish I could eat healthier”
  • “I wish I could ___”

What would yours be?

I want to help you pick one area of your life to make more systematic. This might be fitness, or staying in touch with the people you love, or ANYTHING. I’m going to show you an example from fitness, but you can apply this to anything in your life.

I’ve written about how I cracked the code on going to the gym using psychology and testing. Over time, I made it systematic — like brushing my teeth — and now I almost never miss a workout.

Here’s where I got schooled. A while back, my trainer and I were working on a pretty advanced workout plan: 2 brutal workouts on Monday — twice in one day — then I was supposed to do 2 again on Tues.

I texted my trainer Tuesday afternoon:

“Legs killing me, can we move to Wed night”

My trainer wrote back:

“Come in anyway, let’s do it.”

My trainer is a positive guy, so this text surprised me. I shook my head and hobbled to the gym. That evening, I had one of the best workouts of my life.

My takeaway: Sometimes, it takes someone to push you to the next level. I already push myself hard, but honestly, if I were training myself, I would have skipped the workout. His simple text made me say, “Screw it, I’m going to do it.”

I want to help you apply this to another area of your life. In the last couple weeks of 2015, I’m sharing some of the best advice I’ve received from world-class athletes, CEOs, authors, journalists, and more.

You’ve already read how to respond to brutal criticism and make a great first impression.

For the next segment in hitting the ground running in 2015, I excerpted one of my favorite interviews. I asked trainer and author John Romaniello why we don’t do what we claim we want to.


NOTE: This isn’t just about fitness. It’s about reaching the next level in anything you say you want to accomplish:

  • Becoming more productive at work
  • Spending more and more quality time with your family
  • Going from “dreaming” to “doing” in starting a business

When you have someone in your corner — someone who makes it impossible to fail and pushes you even further than you ever knew you could go — that’s when magic happens.

Check out the interview on pushing yourself to the next level.


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