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Work Smarter, not Harder: The Best Tips from Jermaine Griggs

Tired of struggling to get everything done, and never being able to get ahead? Use these tips to work smarter instead of harder, the results will amaze you.

Ramit Sethi

About a year or two ago, I bought a $2,000 course on automation that blew me away. It was one of the most advanced courses I’ve ever purchased.

I got so interested that I ended up becoming friends with the founder, and I want to share some of what I learned about how to work smarter, not harder with you today.

Automation is a powerful tool you can use to create more freedom, flexibility, and fun in your day.

OTHER PEOPLE: “I need more time. I have a million things to do, and I have no idea how I’m going to get everything done.”

IWT READERS: “Wait a minute. What if I put repetitive and redundant tasks — like checking emails, paying my bills, or doing laundry — on autopilot…so instead of worrying about this stuff I could focus on the things I really love?”

I’ve shown you how to build an automation system for your finances and your inbox. Turns out, you can use this same principle of building automated systems in nearly every area of your life.

At a certain point, we can’t just “try harder” and hustle to get things done. The returns diminish over time. We have to work smarter — not just try harder — to get ahead.

I know, I know, we’ve all heard the eye-roll-inducing phrase “work smarter, not harder, blah…blah…blah” but let me show you some examples of how that actually works:

Try harder: “I’m going to TRY to spend less time answering emails.”
Work smarter: “I’m turning over ALL of my work emails to a Virtual Assistant.”

Try harder: “I’m going to TRY to exercise more this week.”
Work smarter: “I’m going to give my neighbor the keys to my car for a few days so I HAVE to walk to work.”

Try harder: “I’m going to TRY to stay off Facebook this month.”
Work smarter: “I’m going to remove all social media apps from my phone and set my web browser so I ALWAYS have to manually log into Facebook every single time.”

Note: These aren’t subtle differences. They’re complete mindset shifts that lead to dramatically different results.

It’s easy to easy to nod along and say, “Yeah, I know. Automation and working smarter really pays off. But what else do you have?”

Looking for tactics is a loser’s game. Winners put systems in place so they cannot fail.

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight, start a business, or spend more time with their families (distraction-free) knows all the tactics — all the information — they need to make a change.

Yet how many times do we see the same people, trying the same goal again and again and they’re always “buckling down this time”?

What’s that tell you? That there’s a lot more to success than just learning a few tactics.

You need systems that let you consistently get more done in less time so you can focus on the things you really enjoy.

How to work smarter — not harder — and get more out of life

The expert at building and automating these systems to work smarter, not harder, is Jermaine Griggs. He’s the founder of and

Jermaine Griggs, the expert on working smarter not harder

At 17-years old, while living in his grandma’s one-bedroom, inner-city apartment, Jermaine started an online business with a $70 investment. That business — began as a side hobby — eventually turned into a multi-million dollar company.

Today, he teaches hundreds of thousands of people around the world how to play and enjoy music by ear.

Because Jermaine started this business as a high school student and grew it while going to college full-time, he relied heavily on automation to run his business for him.

His drive to systematize his business and marketing evolved into a unique automation philosophy and set of strategies that he follows religiously to this day.

So I invited him to my studio for an exclusive 1-on-1 session to show us how to stop working harder and start working smarter in all areas of our lives.

Check out this exclusive extended 11-minute excerpt from our 80-minute chat:

Want to know what every single top performer I’ve interviewed in Brain Trust (including CEOs, athletes, and best-selling authors) ALL have in common? Simple. It’s habits. Successful people don’t just catch a lucky break and coast — they systematically identify and integrate winning habits into their lives, day in and day out, for years.

Ramit’s Brain Trust is now closed indefinitely. But before we closed the program, we extracted all the juiciest success habits from our guests and packaged them into a 7-part Ultimate Guide to Habits that you can read anytime, anywhere — absolutely free.


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