How to stay laser-focused — Noah Kagan interview

Ramit Sethi

Yesterday, I shared Noah Kagan’s insight about how some of our biggest periods of growth can come from the most challenging periods in our life.


October’s RBT guest, Noah Kagan from


I’ve known Noah for over ten years now (before I started my blog) and he’s one of the few people I turn to when I’m really stuck on certain problems, both on a personal and business level.

It takes a special kind of person to be brutally honest to yourself and to others. Think about it — most of us WAKE UP and lie to ourselves! “Yeah, I’ll go to the gym…later…” or “I should really clean my apartment later…”

We already know we’re not going to do it as we’re saying it to ourselves!

So when you find someone who’s honest with themselves — and can help you be honest with yourself — there’s a lot to learn.

For example, after being fired from Facebook and quitting his jobs at Intel and Mint, Noah used these setbacks to his advantage — he was able to clearly identify what mistakes he had made, discover what he REALLY wanted out of life, and become laser-focused on his main goals. How many people would be able to admit they deserved to be fired?

The result: he created not one, but two multi-million dollar businesses. His advice also helped my book become a New York Times bestseller.

Noah taught me how to focus my efforts and use brutal honesty to rapidly accelerate my success. And if he can help me, I know he can help you.

So I flew him to my NYC studio for an exclusive 1-on-1 talk to us about the power of focus and being honest with yourself.

In our session:
1. We discuss how to hone our focus and why it’s important to never take your eyes off your long-term goals

2. We go into detail about all of life’s little distractions and why we have to say “NO” to most things in order to accelerate our path to success.

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