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Negotiation Techniques: How to save thousands in 1 phone call (Ramit’s free gift)

Negotiating well can save you thousands of dollars in minutes. Use these negotiation techniques (+exact scripts you can follow) to start saving money today.

Ramit Sethi

I have something really cool for you today. If you’re interested in cutting the bills you’re already paying and applying all the negotiation techniques you “should” be using, read on.

As most of you know, because I’m Indian, I was basically bred to negotiate.

As a kid, I learned how to bargain at Macy’s. I practiced on the streets of New Delhi with street vendors. And since then, I’ve negotiated with employees, car dealers, obstinate vendors, clients, and a few less savory characters that I’m not going to mention in an email that my mom reads.

I think back to the first time I negotiated. Did you ever feel nervous? I knew it had been done (from everyone telling me, “Just do it!!”) but I couldn’t shake the nervousness in the pit of my stomach.

But when I got what I wanted, it was a magical feeling. Now, I might save thousands of dollars on one negotiation with a vendor. Do you know what feels the best?

  1. Knowing that negotiation is a SKILL that I actively improved — meaning anyone can do it
  2. (This one is only relevant for guys) Knowing that I paid 50% less than other people…meaning I win

The truth is, learning to negotiate is one of 10 Big Wins that can change your life forever. Once you make it part of buying, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars — and get better service with these negotiation techniques . (NOTE: Don’t assume you have to negotiate EVERYTHING. As I’ve become more advanced, I don’t negotiate everything. I actually negotiate less! But for the big things, I’m relentless. This saves me cognitive overload and lets me focus on the Big Wins.)

What would you do with an extra $2,000/year? $5,000?

Isn’t it worth 10 minutes negotiating thousands…instead of reading about some way you can dilute Pine-Sol to save $0.30 a year?

Here’s how you can negotiate thousands of dollars:

image of first page of PDF with telephone negotiating scripts

I recorded my tested, proven word-for-word scripts to negotiate lower rates, eliminate late fees, and overcome customer-service objections. And to make it even easier, I compiled all of them into a new ebook.

These negotiation techniques are totally free for you. And even though I spent thousands of dollars to get this compiled, designed, and posted online, this is my gift to you.

All I ask is that you share the ebook, and tell me how much you saved.

Click here to get your copy


P.S. Click the link above to get this new compilation of negotiation scripts you can use today. Feel free to share this with friends, too.

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  1. avatar

    Thanks for the ebook Ramit.
    I used the scripts in the first few chapters in my book and I was able to lower the APR in both of my credit cards.

  2. avatar

    I meant YOUR book hhaha

  3. avatar

    Ramit you remind me of a typical indian who agrees of $100 to buy used iPad but negotiates it down moments before he pays.. really great stuff… your details are really extensive and tested..

  4. avatar

    I don’t think #2 is just for the guys. Personally(and I’m a lady) I love to win, at times I think I might be competitive to a fault.

  5. avatar

    I recently did this for our internet/home phone for my mom. Her special promotion had ended and it was a fortune $180. I used some of the phone scripts to try and get a deal equal to what they always offer new customers. They were willing to go down to $113, but they were offering new customers the same thing for $60. I told them I wanted that rate and used the phone scripts. The rep was very difficult. My husband googled this phenomena and found someone who had posted on twitter that the cable company only cares about new customers not loyal customers. The post said the cable company contacted them with the ability to offer a way better rate. We signed up for twitter in order to do this and IT WORKED! They messaged back via twitter and then called us at home. The guy initially offered us $113, but when I mentioned that the other company was offering the same service for $60 he offered $50!!!! for one year. It was amazing. Other people should try this.

  6. avatar

    As you point out, many people get focused on scrimping on “Pine-Sol” and without thinking about it miss much larger opportunities to increase their wealth (not to mention making themselves miserable fretting about every nickel they spend).

    I’m on my way over to download your ebook and learn. Thank you.

  7. avatar
    Mitch Sanders

    These all actually seem like pretty small wins compared to my college tuition. Do you have any ideas on how a negotiation on that might be approached? (I realize there’s probably no script on that. I’m willing to do my own work to figure it out but I can’t seem to figure out an angle besides becoming an alumnus first)

  8. avatar
    Sean Mysel

    Mitch, when I went to Columbia I couldn’t do much for tuition, but I negotiated fees. For instance they charged a $150 health fee per semester, I argued that I had health insurance and in reality I was saving them money since they would never have to process paperwork should I get sick or injured.

    With your tuition, my best suggestion is to get scholarships. I did some research and got a nice scholarship because my parents were postal workers. Apparently their scholarship rarely got applied for.

    Hope that helps.

  9. avatar
    Grace Williams

    With an extra $100 a month I would save $90 to pay off my student loans and save $10 for premium coffee from the local place I absolutely love (it’s about $3 a cup). I find I have better long term success with goals like paying down debt when I also have small luxuries too. I’ve done the math and my modest balance will only be delayed a few months by this, and I will be a caffeinated, happier person. And yes, it’s worth it to me to be able to splurge on smaller things like coffee, which I really enjoy.

  10. avatar

    Wow! Not only have I stumbled upon your blog just yesterday, but I’ve read the ebook and already this morning I’ve lowered my cell phone bill by $40. This is amazing, especially for a 25 year old who is drowning in bills and starting to gain financial stability.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. avatar

    Thanks for the tips as always Ramit! I hadn’t bothered to actually review my car insurance coverage, found out I was paying for ‘rental reimbursement’ coverage up to $100/day! What the hell would I be renting if I had an accident, an Escalade? Changed that to a normal number and brought my policy cost down by $180. Easy money in less than 10 minutes.

  12. avatar
    Find Gift Ideas

    Thanks for the idea !This ebook article will help me and younger generation people gaining a easy money.