How to get Robert Greene’s entire book collection, free

Ramit Sethi

Let’s talk about power.

In any conversation, there’s a power dynamic. For example, if I call someone for advice, I’m in the subordinate position. I work around the other person’s schedule. I go to meet him at his office. I listen for 75%+ of the conversation instead of running my mouth. And when someone comes to me for advice, that power dynamic is flipped.

Notice that power makes a lot of people uncomfortable. They pretend it doesn’t exist rather than acknowledge that it’s a real, true thing. Or they believe anyone using power is evil — similar to how some people believe wealth is evil. This is not true.

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I’ve spent a lot of time learning what power really is. Having power doesn’t mean you’re going to turn into some scepter-wielding villain.

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In fact, you can use power in the simplest of situations:

  • When your bank is trying to stick you with a ridiculous overcharge fee
  • When someone continues to speak over you in a meeting
  • When your children won’t listen after you’ve calmly explained the rules

And it’s something you can master.

I get it — it’s much more pleasant to believe we’re all peaceful lovers who should sing people to sleep with our angelic voices and only exist to help others.

That may be true. I want to help people, too. But it won’t do you any good if nobody can hear you.

Power gives you impact. Like most everything else, it can be a great thing — but it all depends on how you use it. Or, for most people, if you know how to use it at all.

To help, I want to introduce you to the man who can show you how be more assertive, master the game being played around you, and use power to make a difference.

I’m talking about Robert Greene — the bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, Mastery, The Art of Seduction, to name a few.

He’s studied history’s most influential people and found the common denominators and hidden threads that made each of them so successful.

You can learn an astronomical amount about human psychology by studying the greats.
Because all of his books are on my “must read” list, I’m giving away free copies of his entire collection to 10 people.


If you’ve ever felt like you could make a difference “if only people would listen,” Robert Greene can help give you the soft skills you need to finally be heard.

Thanks to everyone that entered the contest!

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  1. Jack

    Thanks for this Ramit, I have just entered.

    Also do you use any particular software to run these competitions or can link to any blog posts regarding this?

    I am sure it will be of great help to your readers.

  2. Carmen

    Very good material. I personally enjoyed The Art of Seduction the most.

  3. Amanda

    I’ve only read the 50th Law and loved the audacious tone. I used to be (slightly) turned off by the idea of manipulating people, but this book reframed it for me as “control or be controlled.” It totally coincides with the realisation that “there’s a game being played around you that you don’t know about.” People who are socially intelligent get what they want, and they understand the tough truth that hard work alone is not enough.

  4. Winfried

    All five books are on my amazon wishlist, and the only reason I have not yet read them is the pile of books that I am working through at the moment.

    Mastery was the one that stood out for me initially mainly because it is a subject that I relate to and am obsessive about. However Power would be a far more helpful read for me, and so would The 50th Law (which I didnt know about till now – looks promising) as those are more likely to enable me to get better at the stuff that I am not so good at. I am really looking forward to that one…

    Thanks Ramit for the chance to get them into my bedside stack in one go!


  5. nayar ali

    Hey Ramit,
    Great competition.
    Just applied.
    And promoted.
    Everywhere! hehe

    P.S Reading through your archives is interesting, I’m working on some of my own projects from the inspiration.


  6. George

    i love this idea Ramit. and i think the favourite will be ‘The art of seduction’ but it’s hard to decide.

  7. Asmeeta

    I’ve only recently started reading Power and when I decided to purchase the book, I was initially a little unsure about some of the laws as its not the conventional advice given to you, but after beginning it, I think it’s one of the best books I’m reading and essential if you want to be successful..or I should say have power in today’s world.
    Thanks for the idea of sharing more of Robert Greene !