How to destroy psychological traps forever (plus a free gift)

Ramit Sethi

We’re going to talk about psychological traps today, including a new free ebook I created for you.

But first, I want to talk about how one of my favorite things to do is trap unsuspecting weirdos who email me angry things. I know the typical advice is “ignore those commenters,” but frankly, I love verbally crushing them.

These bagel-munching basement dwellers have no idea they’re being slowly led to their doom as I sip a cup of tea and calmly dispense with their dim, incoherent logic.

Angry emailer: RAMIT. You’re such a scammer. This is a rip-off. Your stuff should be free. I can find it online…etc etc etc.

Ramit: Really? Why do you think so? (Note: You have to give them a little rope so they can hang themselves)

Angry emailer: You’re just trying to make money off people’s unfortunate circumstances. Why not give everything away for free? If your stuff really worked, why WOULDN’T you want to give it to the max number of people? You’re obviously a scammer.

Ramit (so bored with this conversation that I’m ironing with one hand and doing a rubiks cube with another, all while I type at the same time): That’s interesting. Did you know 98% of my material is free? Have you used it yet? Most people can easily pay off $5,000 debt just using the free chapters from my book. I’d be happy to send you Chapter 1 from my book.

Angry emailer: Uh…well…I’ve been really busy. I’ve been meaning to do that. But seriously you should stop scamming and give all your courses away for free.

At this point, I declare victory and retire for a long evening of expensive cognacs and massages with a minimum of six hands on my body at all times. It is a difficult life.

You’ll notice that roughly 95% of the whiners who complain about my material being too expensive (1) cannot afford it because (2) they have not implemented any of my free material.

Could I ignore emails like this? OF COURSE.

Do I LOVE trapping morons like this? SO MUCH. It takes a perverse sort of pleasure for me to spend valuable time writing to nobodies on the internet…but I love it.

Ok, I meant to write to you about the psychological traps that affect us — NOT how I trap other people — but I just couldn’t resist.

See, we ALL have psychological traps that ensnare us and hold us captive. And they exist in ALL areas of your life, including personal and professional.

For example, “I need to figure it out” is a classic psychological trap. It sounds logical — of COURSE we need to read more, right? — but where does it end? How do we know when we’re figured out enough? When do we stop reading? Will we really ever feel confident enough to start investing…or start a business…or become a public speaker?

Or, in personal relationships, the idea of “I can do better,” a trap that causes Manhattan men to resist relationships with the power of a 5,000 horsepower engine.

Psychological traps are especially tricky because they sound so appealing. Who WOULDN’T want to maximize their relationship options? Who WOULDN’T want to do a little more homework before making a big change — especially if, like starting a business, you might end up failing and embarrassing yourself?

Are these valid excuses or just cop outs?

I’ve spent the last 10 years researching these psychological traps and I’ve found something that may surprise you:

  • Many of us fall victim to the same ones. It doesn’t matter how smart you are — all humans are susceptible to the same invisible scripts and psychological barriers. (Just like your intelligence doesn’t matter on your impressions of who’s physically attractive.)

  • Ironically, we each believe we’re the only ones experiencing these traps! Most of us don’t talk about our crippling invisible scripts because we don’t even know they exist! They’re called “invisible” for a reason. Because we don’t know, we don’t talk about them, so we’re each left feeling that we’re in this alone.

I wanted to shine some light on these invisible scripts to help you. And I chose to focus on invisible scripts around earning more.

I put together a free guide to help you immediately destroy these barriers and start earning more today. It’s called 5 Psychological Traps Holding you Back From Earning More (free download).


If you’ve thought about earning more, but you had a nagging barrier in the back of your head, this guide will help you deconstruct and demolish it.

This is not a woo-woo guide. I will not be leading you around a campfire to sing Kumbaya. If you want emotional support, get a therapist.

But I WILL show you how to confront and beat 5 of the most insidious psychological traps for earning money.

Note: This is not just about earning money. You can apply these insights to all kinds of psychological traps.

Click here to get your copy.

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