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How much are McCain, Clinton, and Obama worth? (Hint: Between $1m and $40m)

Ramit Sethi

I found these on CNN Money and thought they were interesting. For more details (plus an analysis of each candidate’s portfolio), click the images.

Interesting: McCain’s net worth is about 40 times higher than Obama’s.

Much of the Clintons’ net worth comes from Bill Clinton’s speaking fees, which average $150,000 per talk. (More details in another article: “On one particularly good day in Canada, Clinton made $475,000 for two speeches, more than double his annual salary as president.” Note: The article also says only 20% of his speeches “were for personal income.”)

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    I’m not actually arguing this, since I know next to nothing about the candidate’s business careers, but McCain is 25 years older than Obama. Allow Obama his $1mil salary and compound the interest on his investments and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him having a net worth of $40 mil when he’s 71.

    I’d say Hillary’s net worth is a little different. Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed, but it’s hard to calculate what it means when your husband is bringing in that kind of dough…and oh yeah, he was the President.

    Then again, I’d say it’s hard to calculate anything from the little slice of data I’ve seen. Besides the fact that they’re all much richer than I am, that is!

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    You have to account for spousal income, which most of these parties hide very carefully. Combined, the Clintons have earned $108M the last eight years, giving $10 to charity and being taxed on ~$30M. That should leave at least $60M from the couple for the last 8 years income alone! As for McCain, his wife is filthy rich. They keep assets custodied separetely so John can keep his nose clean, but she is worth considerably more than he (her family is a principal owner of Anheuser-Busch, makers of Budweiser).

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    John Simpson

    I agree with the spousal comment. You could also do a blog on earning potential, based on today’s economy and climate. At least I land somewhere in the middle of the candidates. 😉

    – John

  5. avatar

    The main difference between the three that strikes me is their ages. 71…60…46. Wow.

    I also take all the net worth data with more than a few grains of salt. There’s very little chance any of that is close to accurate – or that their financial situations stay the same for long. Spousal income/assets is a huge factor (not to mention assets in the kids’ names/trusts). Plus lots of cash/income is undoubtedly sheltered from public view via trusts and corporations.

  6. avatar

    I m sure because of age the net worth varies.

    As old as McCain is, Im figured he was worth more

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    gl konz

    For the three politicos above, I think one thing stands out…they weren’t born into rich families. They grew up in families with a strong work ethic and they committed themselves to doing what they love to do. They weren’t focused on how much they had in their bank accounts. Rather, they did (and continue to do) what they love to do. Do what you love, do it with a passion, and success will be achieved.

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    interesting to see that hillary clinton thinks like me a little. Screw retirement accounts…..load up ur money now and have a nice cash reserve

  9. avatar

    Yeah, ok, McCain is 25 years older and has accumulated more money over that time. Thats the point. He actually used to be a pretty down to earth politician 15-20 years ago. But obviously, more money has changed his philosophy and reorganized his priorities.

    Obama will be the only chance we have to save a suffering lower and middle class! Please don’t screw this up America!

  10. avatar

    Cindy McCain and her family do not own Anheuser-Busch. They own a beer distributorship.

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    Lew Hillary who has been in public service alll of her life, be worth over $30,000,000?

  12. avatar

    How can we forget about Democratic presidential candidate Ethel Kennedy, her net worth is far much bigger than any listed candidate

  13. avatar

    Dirty politicians. They hide money and use overseas banks. They do not practise what they portray to us.

  14. avatar

    “in public service, all of her life,” doesn’t seem to take note of the millilons, she’s gained
    UNDER THE TABLE. Lying, for whatever group you please, obviously, has its rewards.

  15. avatar

    Hillary Clinton is worth much more. The nature of her worth in “alternative investments” is what is dubious. Come on, 250k does not buy you access to hedge funds. It most definitely does not buy you access to private parties with Jeffrey Epstein.