How do you know if anyone will pay you?

Ramit Sethi

I gotta say, this week has been interesting.

Over the last few years, I’ve read thousands of posts on how to find clients and start a side business.

After a while…ZzZZzzz

That’s why I decided to do something new: put my money where my mouth is. I set aside $1,000 for the best pitch that comes into my inbox this week — anything that can help me on a personal, business, ANY level.

Along the way, I want to teach you how to make a better pitch so you can turn your existing skills into side income.

Hint: You can use these pitching skills in business, your personal life, even your intimate relationships.

Isn’t this more fun than yet another yawn fest of “5 things you must do to earn more?”

So, here we go.

Earlier this week, I covered how we all have skills that people will pay for. I also showed before/after pitches in Wednesday’s email.

There’s just one pesky problem…


Nobody wants to spend tons of time working on a business idea if nobody’s actually going to pay for it.

You guys know someone who excitedly started some cockamamie business idea, set up a website/business cards/twitter account…only to hear crickets 7 months later?

WRONG! I will never let that happen to you.

Instead, use a simple method to quickly tell if your potential customers will ever really pay: It’s called the Pay Certainty Technique, so you can be certain that they’ll pay.

Here’s the video — straight from my Earn1K course. (The full course opens up next week.)

Check it out:

Learn how in this 4:06 video.


Do you notice how, together, we’re all learning to (1) take our existing skills, (2) pitch them in a genuine and authentic way, and (3) help people? If we have that authentic conversation with the right people, they’re delighted to pay.

This contest is closed. I’m no longer reviewing pitches, but thanks to all who participated!

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