Here’s the first sneak preview of the I Will Teach You To Be Rich book (16 pages)

Ramit Sethi

I spent the last two years of my life wanting to kill myself for deciding to write a book. Honestly, if you’re ever thinking of writing a book, just do yourself a favor: Call all your friends and tell them to go screw themselves, break up with your significant other, and take $50,000 in potential earnings and throw it in a fire that you seeded with the tendons from your writing hand. Just save the middleman!!!

But now that I’m done with the writing part of the book process, I thought I’d let you guys know what the book is about, and why I think you should care. Because, if I did my job right, the 9 chapters in the book should help you define a strategy for getting rich, give you a rich set of tactics to automate, negotiate, and grow your money, and help you build a system where you spend about 1 hour/week reviewing your money flow. It’s the system I use every day, in extreme detail.

Excerpt of the book
I spent about 4 months working on the structure of the book so it flowed just right. It’s 9 chapters in total, with 6 weeks of tactics to get your financial system created and optimized. Nearly all of the book is all-new content.

Here’s the full introduction of the book:

And the table of contents:

The challenge
So, guys, this book comes out in late March / early April. I don’t want to be plugging it every day until then, because you would leave, I would cry, and this blog would become a graveyard of delightful (yet deserted) personal-finance advice. Imagine tumbleweeds blowing over compound-interest graphics and asset-allocation pie charts, and me sobbing in the background. That’s sad.

But I also want to tell you, hopefully without sounding arrogant, that this book is the best thing I’ve ever written. It’s not a random hodgepodge of posts from this blog. I don’t spend 50 pages defining terms that nobody cares about or giving you the same tired old tips. It’s a tactical 6-week program to get you rich, whether you’re a complete beginner or already at the intermediate level.

I’m really excited to see what a community like iwillteachyoutoberich can do with this book.

Announcing the pre-launch community
It would be easy to write yet another personal-finance book, telling people to save their money, invest for the long term, blah blah blah.

I think that would suck.

Who wants to buy one of 1,000 other books on money? Especially since we have one of the best online communities in the world on this site. I want to tap into that to make this more than just a book.

If you take the risk of pre-ordering my book, I want to reward you as much as I can. For the first 300 people who do, I’m inviting you to a private community before the book launches, which will get you the core book chapters before anyone else, bonus content, discussions, live chats, and more. Here’s how the pre-launch community works:

  • The first few 300 people who pre-order I Will Teach You To Be Rich and forward their receipt to will be invited to join a private, exclusive community. You’ll get the URL and a password within a few days of signing up
  • You’ll receive a new chapter from the book by PDF, each week, before anyone else. By the time the 6th PDF rolls around, you should be getting the book in the mail with the last 3 chapters
  • This is about more than just getting the content early — it’s about joining a community of other people who are committed to getting rich. You’ll join 300 other iwillteachyoutoberich readers who will share their questions, tips, and tactics for how they optimized their money. I’ll be there too, answering questions and offering you step-by-step advice

This is the pioneer class of a book community. You guys know the ~$10 pre-order cost is an intentional barrier I’m putting up — and I’m willing to bet it results in a super high-quality, committed group of people who are willing to invest in getting rich.

I’d like to invite you to join the community. This current economic crisis means more and more people are making frightened choices about their money, but it’s still eminently possible to get rich by investing in yourself. If you’re interested (or if you’re thinking of getting my book anyway, you might as well do it now and get private access), send your receipt to by this Saturday, 2/21. We’ll let the first 300 people in, and that’ll be that.


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So that’s my pitch. Now, back to blogging.

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  1. Ben

    Tip #1, “Save money by not buying shoes”

  2. JB

    Okay okay, I pre-ordered it. The whole “first 300 people join the online community” thing definitely motivated me to buy the book right now (I knew I would anyways, just a matter of time). Looking forward to reading it!

  3. Todd

    Will there be a Kindle version available?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Not sure, but I’ll check with my publisher. Thanks for asking, Todd.

      Yep, there will be a Kindle version. From my publisher: “They have the files and the book has already been approved. It typically takes 6 weeks or so for them to get the Kindle version up and running.”

  4. stephanie

    I’ve already started streamlining my finances the way you suggest – they were pretty close to being the way you recommend anyway, but this gave me the motivation to take the last few steps. I’m excited to see what all the community has to offer!

  5. Lesley

    Will Canadians be able to pre-order your book from

    • Ramit Sethi

      Lesley, sure, it’s available on right now.

  6. RT Wolf

    Good work! Best of luck!

  7. Trent

    I’m in my early-mid 20’s (24 in April, just graduating college) and I started looking at this blog a little while ago. I’ve gone through all the old posts and learned some key tips on how to cut my own spending (especially at the bars) and reorganize my finances. I look forward to reading this book because when the introduction laid out the “six week strategy,” it piqued my curiosity as to what that entails. The most motivating and persuasive part of the introduction has to be the Dumb Dan and Smart Sally investment chart. I don’t want to be a Dumb Dan, especially with these college loans looming overhead.

    I look forward to being further taught how to be rich, and will continue to be a faithful reader of this blog. Keep up the good work!

  8. Mark

    Great work Ramit! This book looks like it could be one of the essential reads for this year.

  9. Wes

    So … how do we know if we’re in the private community?

  10. Ryan Waldron

    If I had never heard of the blog, I wouldn’t be inclined to buy the book. Why?

    because you are bare foot on the cover. This makes me (and many other people) uncomfortable. You might want to considee that.

  11. David J


    I have been following your blog for a little over a year now and I just want to say I have really enjoyed reading your posts and have taken a lot from your advice. I admire you most for your entrepreneurial spirit and practicality, and consider you a good role model for the younger generation.

    I am buying your book because I believe you write very meaningful lessons and look forward to the insight, and also because I want to show appreciation and support your efforts. Thanks and good luck with your future endeavors.


  12. Battra92

    I will check it out in the book store before I decide to buy. I’m just not sure how I would feel holding a book about PF whose cover features a guy in a pink shirt and no shoes.

    I also want to check it out to make sure it’s not one big plate of Copy Pasta like most blog books are. I know everyone says their book is original but a lot of people don’t realize what was already covered before.

  13. Ramit Sethi

    Sounds good. Like I said, the vast majority of the book is all-new content.

  14. 444

    HA! Hardee harr… I’m laughing that someone mentioned a pink shirt in addition to no shoes.

    My husband wears a pink shirt. Want to make something of it? He’s one of those guys you don’t say anything about the pink shirt to (the kind of guy who makes the motorcycle gang guys scatter when they see him coming.)

    All right – I was also amused by the bare feet and wanted to exclaim, “For BEEPs sake, put some shoes on!”

    Didn’t notice the pink shirt.

    But now I get to say that I was so disappointed to hear no accent. Somehow I was expecting that. (I am giving away the fact that I have heretofore been too lazy to click on any videos.) Ramit, would you please put on an accent, just for me, next time? Who cares about shoes but how about an accent.

    I did buy the book… you just caught me in a, “Oh, I guess I should reward him for all the work he’s done getting me to read his site now and then,” mood. Am I too old, though? I keep seeing 20s this, 20-something that, 30’s old fogeys… Let’s not be ageist. I’m 43. Will I get kicked out now?

  15. Ramit Sethi

    Ok, if this reaches the best-seller list, I’ll do a video with an Indian accent.

    And there’s no ageism! It’s geared towards people in their 20s and 30s, but the advice is applicable to everyone — you just adjust a few things (like asset allocation) for your own situation. I show you how in the book.

  16. 444

    “if this reaches the best-seller list, I’ll do a video with an Indian accent.”

    I’m saving this page. Screenshot, maybe. I will hold you to it! LOL! This is going to be great! :oD

  17. Toni

    I preordered and I can’t wait to get your book. I started to set up my own system to keep track of everything but I made a goal saying I would buy at least one book on finances this year. Therefore, this is that book.

    What’s up with the barefoot comments? I personally love being barefoot and the photo made me smile.

  18. Chuck

    I was just getting ready to order the book and….WHAM, noticed that it’s for people between 20 and 35…which I ain’t.

    That sucks.

    NOTE: This was a joke. 😉

  19. stefanie

    @444 – racist much? are you serious about the accent comment?

    Ramit – your barefooted-ness would make me want to buy the book even more, though in all likelihood i’ll get it from the library instead.

  20. stefanie

    wait, i take that back, i don’t think i’ll get it at the library either, because when i went to look at your introduction and read that you decided to be fatphobic and use fat people as a joke through which you compare money management, any chance of desiring to read this book evaporated. i’m so sorry that you felt the need to do this in our already fat-hating society, to pick on any group of oppressed people to further your point is just sad.

  21. Ramit Sethi

    Stefanie, sorry you won’t be getting the book.

    Chuck and Toni, you guys are awesome : )

  22. Kate

    I can’t speak for others, but the bare feet gave me a chuckle because they seemed kind of cheeky and cute. Also, I’m a diehard barefooter myself, so that may have prejudiced me more in favour of them…

  23. Steven

    As a fellow “indian” i can totally appreciate the pink shirt with no shoes on. Like a staple in the indian culture.

  24. Michael

    There’s a great quote from Woody Allen that says that, ’80 percent of success is just showing up’. I’ve found that in most things that I’m successful in this statement has been true. Yet for investing, I’m definitely getting slowed down by all the exotic strategies people suggest. I like how the book starts by reminding us that something simple consistently is probably better that what most people do. I can’t wait to read more.

  25. mike

    Ramit, I know you are probably holding back, possibly in order to sell as many books as possible… but I gotta ask:

    What crawled up “stefanie’s” butt and died?

    First off, what’s racist about anything 444 said? Expecting to hear an accent based on one’s ethnicity may be a form of bias, but the word “racism” implies evil will or intent. 444 didn’t imply anything negative about hearing an “Indian accent”.

    And as for the book’s comparison of gaining weight after college to financial management – right off the bat you exclude people with medical issues. For the rest of us, weight gain and money management are BOTH things that WE must take personal control of in our lives. People who gain weight after college because of diet and exercise neglect (again excluding those with medical conditions) are solely to blame for the excess weight.

    People need to lighten up… (pun intended)

    • Ramit Sethi


  26. Danielle

    Sounds like you have a great book there! I thought I had learned my lesson buying non-fiction books for my little brother, but this subject matter might make me try again…

  27. Danielle

    I went back and read the comments here and am seriously disappointed in my fellow blog readers!

    Pink shirt, no shoes, no accent, accusing Ramit of sizeism… any of these things would prevent you from buying a book that might help you? If you thought you already knew anything Ramit could teach you that would be one thing, but if not how many more roadblocks can you put in front of yourself?

    I am 5’8, 190 lbs and considered obese or very overweight by most charts and BMI measurements. I took no offense at all to his comparison AND think it is a perfect analogy. Both physical fitness and fiscal fitness are strongly tied to our emotions and both have a very simple formula which everyone knows will help (barring medical conditions which he already excused from his example).

    To be physically fit consistently exercise and then burn more calories than you consume.

    To be fiscally fit consistently save and then spend less than you earn.

    The devil is in the details, and overcoming our deep set emotions about food, exercise, money, investing, spending… to achieve what we want is what it is all about! I hope this book does that!

  28. Ramit Sethi

    Danielle, what an awesome perspective. Right on — thanks for the excellent comment.

  29. Carol

    Hey Ramit,

    Was it 300 and/or by 2/21? Will you give notice when the 300 have been reached and the community is “closed”? Got a little confused there, and hey, if I can get something for free with my book, then by all means, I want in! I don’t have a problem not spending money (I can make a meal out of 1/2 can of carrots and some pretzels), I just want to get smarter at investing what little I do have. Even if I’m out of the “age range”!
    Pink shirt, no shoes…wow, what the hell does that have to do with anything?! Rock on Danielle!

  30. Toni

    I second the let us know when you get to 300, if the limit is actually 300. That was one of the reasons I preordered so soon, to get into the secret club with the secret handshake.

    There is so no age range. All that matters is that we all want to be rich.

  31. Happiness Is Better

    Looks like I have another book on my list of books to read. It sounds like you are sharing your system. As an engineer, I like systems. I look forward to reading it!

  32. saleem

    Was just skimming the opening media chapter of your book (in the pdf preview), and thought of another weird thing that happens a lot in news: how economy stories talk about reasonable personal decisions as bad for the economy.

    Check out this story on Japanese savers in the NYT:

    In it, you hear about all these clever things folks here do to save cash, but the angle is “why Japan’s economy is tanking.”

    Same as how Christmas spending going down is shown as ‘bad economic news’ rather than ‘kind of reasonable behaviour.’

    I’m not sure how to fix this, since, for example, the above story might be right in the ‘macro’ sense. But it seems odd to treat people conserving water, not buying things they don’t need, etc., as a “sad” story, right?

  33. Nikc

    It’s Sunday, been looking for my chapter in the mail…

    I hope overweight people look at the comparison as realistic and not actually pretend like its ideal to be overweight. Size-ism, thats a freakin word nowadays? Please…

    Gotta say, what a great marketing approach, I love the fact that I can order a book and start reading (practically) right away. Also like the chapter per week segmentation, that will more than likely get me to read the entire book rather than read half and put it away forever.

  34. saleem

    Oops, that Japanese frugality NYT story url is:

  35. Mike E

    Preordered, even though its Sunday. Even if I don’t make the cut, I am already glad I ordered 🙂 I have already shown this blog to several of my friends, maybe I can get them to read the book too.

  36. 444

    er…ahem… if that particular poster is still reading – not that it’s good to encourage this type of exchange… (and thanks for those who took up for me)

    I was just being funny, but funny to one is not funny to all, granted. I laugh at myself all the time for any number of irreverent reasons and find that the deadly-seriousness of societal-correctness at every moment is stifling. I trusted Ramit knew this. I assume he had no chip on his shoulder. He seems like a very cool guy.

    And I don’t give a rip about feet… I have on men’s socks and men’s slippers right now because it is BLEEPing cold but otherwise I’d be barefoot and maybe even clipping my toenails, maybe even on the cover of my own book if I ever write one, and with some sort of accent or other, as well (hmm… I wonder if that poster presumed I don’t have one of my own… Doesn’t everyone have some degree of one variety or another? )

    So when will the dern book get here? I need me some bathtub reading. Oh yeah – nothing wrong with any color shirt, but how about NO shirt next book? (Not me… I meant Ramit.)

    • Ramit Sethi

      Are you hitting on me?

  37. Sunil

    Hey Ramit,
    I have been following your blog for couple of months now and I really enjoyed reading your posts. There has been lot of takeaways from your blog which has helped me track my expenditure and save more.
    I am eagerly waiting to read your book. I am from Bangalore, India and would like to know when will it be available here. I tried to pre-order the book, but the cost of shipping is more than cost of the book!!

  38. Shiva


    Nice Cover. Love the “bare foot” Desi touch 😉

    Like someone else asked, can you let us know how you determine that the 300 limit has reached ? Or let me guess, you will keep that a “secret” so more and more people sign up ?!

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  40. franh46

    I couldn’t believe some of the comments here! Racism, weightism? Lighten up, girl and don’t look for evil intentions where none exist.

    Ramit, I loved reading the introduction. I have stayed away from financial advice books because they are so dry, humorless and frankly, over my head a lot of times. You may be aiming at the younger set, but you reached me and I am 62 years old!! I have preordered two copies of your book – one for each of my grown kids, who are in your target age, but I intend to read it also. Thanks for finally putting something out there that is not only enjoyable to read, but helpful to the rest of us poor slobs who don’t understand all of the financial jargon! (Tongue in cheek on that last bit, please don’t accuse me of slobism).

  41. franh46

    I forgot to add, I found out about your book at Money Saving Guide. That’s also a great website that covers many, many topics and suggestions on how to save money on everything from food to books.

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