He gave up…but still made $1,200 for 4 hours work

Ramit Sethi

The honest truth is, not every Earn1K student finishes my course.

Even though I designed it as an 8-week course to force you to take action.

    • Some become too busy with new clients
    • Some ask for a refund before even seeing the material
    • Some get busy or distracted with life
    • Others just aren’t that commited yet

And that’s totally okay. It’s why I offer a 60-day refund, full guarantee.

Some people have written to me and complained that I only highlight superstars. So today, I wanted to tell you a story about a student who didn’t take my course that seriously. He didn’t even finish it! But his story is worth hearing.

Joaquin is a 30-something engineer that lives in Puerto Rico. He was getting stressed out whenever he watched an Earn1K lesson, so he put it aside. He wasn’t disciplined enough to follow through.

Yet soon after he quit the course, he earned $1,200 for a four hour speaking engagement.

Huh? How did that happen?

Here’s the story.

I make $120,000, but…

Ten years into his career, things were going pretty well for Joaquin. He was earning $120,000 a year as a project manager in Puerto Rico – but it wasn’t what he wanted. “Working on my own has been on my mind since forever. I want to be by myself, not working for someone else for the rest of my life.”

But like many of my students, Joaquin was worried about stability. “We’re going through a recession, going through hard times, sometimes the answer is building something on the side.”

He found this site, read a few posts, and signed up for my free newsletter. When the course opened up, he decided to join. “I was sold by the blog posts. Ramit had already built that confidence and my trust towards him through other channels.”

Joaquin would read case studies like this one. “It just provides proof and facts of people that have done this and been successful. That’s why I signed up.”

But soon after signing up, he realized the pressure of taking on too much was making him anxious every time he engaged with the material. “I wasn’t too disciplined. I wanted to be self-dependent on financials and stability and not on someone else, but when you are still working for someone else your mental bandwidth is only so much. I felt like I was going over my bandwidth.”

“It wasn’t that I didn’t believe it would work, it’s just that I was recently married and at work things were crazy.”

So he put the materials aside.

I earned $1,200 in four hours

Even though Earn1K was on hold, Joaquin kept reading this site. “That’s where I found the courage to do the speaking gigs. Ramit’s teachings have taught me you’ve got to have this ‘yeah, I can do it’ attitude if you want to get somewhere. That’s what I’ve gained from reading his stuff.”

So he took his interest in life coaching, combined it with project management expertise, and offered a free seminar at a professional institute. “It was kind of to test the waters”, said Joaquin, “and to build some good will. Plus I just love public speaking and putting ideas out there to see what happens”. Soon after, the institute’s management reached out to him, “are you interested in giving a working session at our annual meeting in November?”

Result: $1,200 for four hours of work.

“I signed up for Earn1K, then I got the money back with the four hour gig. You are going to spend your money on this, and you will get it back.”

Building the life you want…

Now Joaquin is back in Earn1K.

“At the beginning of the year I decided what I wanted to use the program for was to build an online shop – ‘art at the intersection of meaning and productivity’.” He’s selling canvas images, called Neuron Igniters, with sayings like ‘humans are not resources’.

“Before Earn1K I tried to be everything to everyone and wasn’t getting anywhere. Earn1K has really helped me narrow down the target market.” Now, Joaquin has set a goal to earn $1,000. He will sell to individuals first, “the kind of people that like to get shit done” and then move on to target organizations. Earn1K is helping him build his dream business on his own schedule.

On his first crack at Earn1K, Joaquin realized that he was too busy to give Earn1K the attention he needed to. So he set the lessons aside and waited for things to cool off a little at work and home. That’s why Earn1K comes with lifetime access. With his second attempt, Joaquin is on the way to building the life he has always wanted.

“I’m really happy about doing my own thing”, he added, “that has been on my mind since forever.”

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  1. Desi Doll

    Hi Ramit, I bought your book! I’m in credit card debt so I can’t do Dream Job or Earn 1K, but at least I can support you in this small way 🙂

  2. Mike

    “Result: $1,200 for four hours of work.”

    “I signed up for Earn1K, then I got the money back with the four hour gig.”

    These two statements do not agree with one another, unless he spent no time whatsoever preparing for a 4 hour presentation, or if you don’t consider preparing to put on a training session ‘work.’

    Misleading post title and statement.

    • Aaa

      Stop being so butthurt.

  3. A-ron

    A lot of folks may dismiss this as luck. I did at first, but thinking about it more, he did something very small (gave a free seminar) that turned into a gig.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked someone for something or did something for someone for free that turned into something positive. I just never thought of how big things start, as very small actions. Happenstance is for chumps. Do something!

    Now I’m going to go meditate on how this helps the credibility of Earn 1K.

  4. Justin

    I took the first round of Earn1k, over two years ago now. I was not a superstar student, however, I’ve slowly built a successful business over the past two years. This year I’ll be making right around what I was in my engineering job (that I hated) where I was working when I took Earn1k.

    I now get to pick the projects that I work on with customers that I really enjoy working with. Not only that, but I work half of the time to make the same amount of money and am sooooo much happier.

    Yes, it took a lot of work to get to the point where I’m at now, but unless you’re willing to make some sacrifices (like paying for the course and working on the side), then you’re life is not going to change.

    Feel free to contact me if you are on the fence about joining one of Ramit’s courses. His material is fantastic, and can change your life.

  5. MadAppr

    “But soon after signing up, he realized the pressure of taking on too much was making him anxious every time he engaged with the material.” – this is why I am glad I started my business right out of college, once you get stuck in the 9 – 5 grind it can be very difficult to find a way out. You need to be able to bring yourself to sacrifice the false sense of security that working for someone else gives you.

  6. Bill

    This might be just the kick I needed to schedule some free seminars I got the idea for running last year.

    P.S. Good work Joaquin!

  7. James

    Hey, probably Ramit, and just letting you know, the sign up link does not work on the mobile version of the site.

  8. Prescott Paulin

    Stop complaining. Ramit’s advice doubled my salary. Now I am traveling full time in SE Asia. Put it to use and you will see results.

  9. SA

    I also didn’t complete the 8 week course when I bought it last year.:( In January my dad got diagnosed with Cancer. Suddenly he was going to be out of work for a few months. Needing to help the family, I went back, studied the course like I crammed for my tests in college and took pieces of it(using the scripts and briefcase method) and was able to secure $4,000 in contracts in less than a month.It’s amazing how we sell ourselves on the fact that we “can’t do it” when what we really mean is I”I don’t want to put in the effort. All that changes when life really doesn’t give you options.Thanks Ramit!

  10. Timothy Moser

    I was in college when I bought Earn1K; I couldn’t really afford it, so I dropped out and got my money back. I proceeded to make around $5000 in less than two years by tutoring a couple of hours a week (I might have done more, but I was balancing it with a heavy academic load). It was worth it just to find out that I had marketable skills that could earn me good money. So it’s true: Even though you aren’t getting the full value unless you do the whole program, you can still see great benefits without doing the whole thing.

  11. Ft. Lauderdale CPA

    There are many things that cannot be taught in a classroom setting. Somethings you simply learn through experience and in the line of fire.

  12. Kevin Ashwe

    Determination is the first step to making money,if you only wish to be rich you may just keep wishing but if you want to begin seeing tangible results you must be desirous and determined to get to the top financially

  13. EM

    Does this really work? I want to try it, but I’m skeptical.