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Great podcast: How to make money without a job

Ramit Sethi

Steve Pavlina is one of my favorite bloggers–he lives what he says, his articles are long and thoughtful, and he mocks people who think conventionally yet expect unconventional results.

Here’s one of my favorites: A podcast called How to make money without a job

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  1. avatar

    This guy’s intro sounds like a pitch for a pyramid scheme!

  2. avatar

    Excellent. Steve really has it straight.

    Although I still work a “real” job, more than half my income comes from passive/alternative incomes.

    Life is dandy since I don’t stress about money anymore.

  3. avatar
    Jesus Pina

    Hey Katie without the intention of being inflammatory here, dig deeper into this guy’s website like you call it and you’ll see he’s anything but a pyramid schemer.

    I also think that you are totally missing the point since the idea here is to put out an example of something that as much as it is talked about is rarely done only by a handful of people.

    To live off of passing income is possible and he is a living proof of it. Just my two cents.

  4. avatar
    Jesus Pina

    Sorry meant to say passive instead of passing

  5. avatar
    Jimbo jones

    I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet but I thought this little bit of incongruity was amusing.

    He first says that he’s gone broke before and it’s no big deal then goes on to say how if you have your income coming through a variety of sources if one goes bad you still have the safety net from the other sources. So, if this system works so well why did this guy go broke? I’ve never gone broke and don’t derive my income from multiple sources.

    This kind of stuff is par for the course for these snake oil salesmen.

  6. avatar
    Jimbo Jones

    So let me get this straight – this guy is getting rich by selling ads on his website that purportedly teaches us how to make money? Hmmm so I guess I should start a high traffic website that teaches people that they can make money with a high traffic website…

  7. avatar
    Michael G. Richard

    I enjoy about 85% of what Steve writes, which is a pretty good batting average. He certainly takes personal growth seriously and it is motivating to read about his process (read the Polyphasic Sleep series of posts, if you haven’t).

  8. avatar

    The fact that he graduated with a double major in three semester scares me. But I did try his method for becoming an early riser (if you are not a morning person) and it actually works. Woohoo!

  9. avatar

    Does anyone know if this guy is a follower of David Wolfe? His intro page came off a little Avocado. But he has me curious.

    Ramit, what’s your take on the “power of intention?”

  10. avatar

    jeez – you nned some training on web design, pal.

  11. avatar
    Matt Henderson

    Wow. We all seem to run AdSense these days, but his site seems to overdo it a bit.

  12. avatar

    A friend of mine once told me that the surest way to make money is to bet on human vanity. I would now add indolence and greed. These are the exact reasons why publications like this podcast or are published anywhere else than comedy central. The chain of arguments on this mp3 is so weak that it would be an insult to my intelligence and a waste of time to debate them.

    Keep your minds working and your ears away from evagelists. They always want to sell something.

    Also check out this article on another collegue of these guys here:

  13. avatar

    Sorry i should have been more clear. The guy does have great ideas and I totally buy into the idea that not all your income needs to come from a “job” (or any of it, in his case). It’s just that…the first 5mn almost lost me due to the shocking similarity in pitch to a pyramid scheme (which I was so recently assaulted by…I’m jumpy). Anyway, point taken, I’ll post the whole long comment next time

  14. avatar

    Ramit, thanks for the link to this site. Sounds really cool to me. I just added it to my favorites.


  15. avatar

    He repeats the same nebulous fluff for the first few minutes without any specific examples to illustrate. “Follow your passion” does not constitute a business model.

    The catch is that the skills you need to leverage take a lot of time and effort (and sometimes expense) to develop to the point that you can turn them into passive income streams. This guy’s argument also depends on a high degree of internet proficiency. Save yourself trouble and start an Ebay store or go into internet porn.

    I agree with Dennis (above), but this Reed guy seems to spend an inordinate amount of time and effort debunking Kiyosaki.

  16. avatar

    I want my 16 minutes back. And the time it takes to post this response.