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Gmail tricks: 4 inbox hacks I use to manage thousands of emails in under an hour (infographic)

The four Gmail tricks I use to manage thousands of emails per hour. I used to spend hours managing emails trying to get to inbox zero. Then I made this system.

Ramit Sethi

Today, I want to share a quick thing that immediately added hours back to my day: Changing how I wrote and responded to emails.

I used to spend hours managing emails. I had to schedule meetings, follow up with team members, network with interesting people, and taunt the trolls who emailed me.

It got really messy, really fast. And before I knew it, my entire day was gone.

So like the weirdo I am, I tested different approaches, and eventually, developed a system. Now, I can manage thousands of emails a day in less than an hour.

4 gmail hacks summed up for you in an infographic:


It took a while to lay this out and many, many cups of coffee. If you found it useful in any way, please share it using the links below.

The main things to remember about email productivity:

Use the Gmail shortcuts to quickly process email after email — start with compose, reply to all, forward, reply, next email, and mute.

Use apps to create a system for followups. Apps like Boomerang, Easilydo, and Sanebox are good ones to start. Google Calendar can also remind you of one-off tasks.

Pre-written scripts for emails you write a lot. Things like scheduling coffee meetings, reaching out to new people, email introductions, etc.

BTW, If you’re interested, I have an entire set of email scripts I use. I’ve used them to connect with VIPs, stay in touch with people, prevent time-wasting meetings, and much more. These scripts will save you dozens of hours of staring at a blank screen and wondering what to write. I tested them over the course of a couple years, so I know they work. Click here for details.

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    Drew Wallace

    Boomerang will change your life. Consulting/freelancing pro-tip: schedule email updates for clients late at night and early in the morning to create the impression you are working 24/7.

    I've also shamelessly scheduled weekend emails a few days in advance with the subject line "Just had a thought…"

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    Jay has changed my life with how I manage my inbox. It's a free Gmail extension with a bunch of what they "email power tools". My favorites ones are schedule emails to be sent later, snoozing an email to appear in your inbox later, and "snippets" for blocks of text that you use over and over again. Email tracking (seeing when the recipient has opened the email) is a nice bonus!

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    Great gmail gets so backed up..I definitely need to create folders. Great tip on the idea of using the apps..keep it coming

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    Inbox pause,