Get your credit card’s annual fee waived

A reader named Becky emailed me yesterday to let me know she got her credit card fees waived thanks to one of my email scripts:

Just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to get my $95 annual credit card fee waived tonight. I remembered reading one of your previous entries about asking your bank (or credit card company) nicely for these types of things. I just got an AMEX and I asked if they’d waive my fee the first year…I think for $95, the 1 minute I spent on hold was worth it.

Of course, most people shouldn’t even pay an annual fee on their credit card. But if you spend enough to justify it, you can often get it waived by using the same principles I use when negotiating my bank overdraft fees.

The average annual credit card fee was $149. Getting that fee waived puts that money right back into your pocket. This is one of the easiest things you can do to save a few bucks.

Use These Scripts to Get Credit Card Fees Waived

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