Finally, I cooked eggs right

Ramit Sethi

Well, I finally did it.

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This might be my greatest accomplishment of 2016

Sometimes I think the internet makes us feel bad about ourselves. If you’re not “hustling” and doing yoga and scaling a bazillion-dollar business, it feels like you’re not good enough.

But I think wins come in all sizes — big wins and small.

I feel good about my eggs. It took me over a year to get good. I don’t really care how many people made fun of me for those eggs (trust me, I know how horrible they look). I’m a little slower than other people at learning to cook, but I’m happy that I kept going and figured out how to make eggs.

Success came in the form of patience disguised as an egg.

I think about the business decisions I make now, the big ones. I never could have imagined making them years ago. And in truth, I wouldn’t have been able to make them — I wasn’t ready then. But it took baby steps to make them, to get to the level where I earned the right to make bigger decisions.

What are you proud of? It doesn’t have to be making a million dollars.

Is it spending time with your family last week? Or welcoming a friend who needed a place to stay? Or working hard on your business over the weekend?

Let me know in a comment below. I’m curious.


  1. Jeff Callahan

    Two things:

    1. I’m proud of being featured in Inc. (Thanks ZTL!)

    2. I’m proud that every day someone listens to my podcast.

    It feels like I’m making a difference in people’s lives. 🙂

  2. Andrea

    Honestly? The big accomplishment of 2016 was getting our three cats to get along . It took 18 months, a thousand strategies and research, and dental surgery and maturity for one of the cats, but it happened. We can now leave them alone together during the day. My life is 2000 times better now that I don’t have to always wonder where they are and how to keep them separate.

    I also became a certified scuba diver in 2016 and dove the Great Barrier Reef. Cat peace is a more visceral victory for me, though.

  3. Carmen

    Congrats on the eggs, Ramit.

    My self-pride goal also involves cooking as well. Since my mom has been on bed rest for the past month due to a fall that involved fracturing her fibula, I have had to take over the home and a multitude of responsibilities, including cooking.

    In the beginning, it was a heavy workload and I had to learn to do a few things differently but, after a month going into two months, it’s a piece of cake.

    I seriously enjoy it.

    My mom is seriously impressed with my cooking and wants to make sure I will continue to do it even after she completely heals, lol. Besides, she deserves it. She’s done enough work already.

    I still HATE washing dishes tho.

    What did you use for your pan? Any cooking spray or oil? I usually use PAM or bacon grease (Yes, bacon grease) when I do my eggs and it helps cut back on the left over mess in the pan.

  4. Saige Irlacher

    Great job, I’d eat those eggs! I’m laughing because I sent a picture to my mom this weekend that said, “My first successful omelet!” And it was beautiful. My omelette attempts have always ended in scrambled eggs. I finally asked my mom, “Will you teach me?” because her omelettes are amazing. And now my omelettes are amazing 🙂

  5. Kate

    My biggest accomplishment last weekend was spending quality time with my kids and then finalizing a data analysis for my PhD dissertation while they slept Saturday night.

  6. Adam

    Our nearly 2 year journey to being debt free is almost finished. The monthly bills have become… booring. In the beginning it looked insurmountable. Now I imagine the next 6-7 months will fly by compared to the first 14.

  7. Michele

    I just landed a volunteer position at our new community MakerSpace! I get to go in every Friday for 4 hours and help facilitate a space where people can come use major power tools for woodworking, metalworking, ceramics, textiles, and technology. This is a huge community builder and incredible opportunity to learn how to build and create with new mediums. Also going to connect local artisans and unique handmade pieces to install into my interior design client’s homes…bring back design as an art, help build community relationships, fuel small businesses!!! YESSS!!!!

  8. Chelsea Short

    I’m not a big fan of eggs, but I’m glad you accomplished cooking them to your liking!

    I personally am proud of all the mistakes that I’ve made throughout the year.

    It was a year of rejection and learning to take it like a G. I think it makes you stronger and less fearful of taking a risk.

    I can live with trying and failing. It will teach me more.

  9. Alejandro

    Hi Ramit,

    Lately I have been commited to meditating. I tried it for a while and

  10. Katie

    1. I’m making my final car payment in a matter of days. YES! $258.50 a month I can throw towards something else now.

    2. The growth my partner and I have experienced in the past year. This weekend we reflected on the last year and we both saw how much we’ve grown as a couple – and how we finally have figured out how to communicate with each other. If we could get through the past year, we can get through anything that pops up down the road. I’m no longer afraid and it’s really freeing.

  11. Matt

    I’m proud that the vacation/holiday I took last week for Thanksgiving was completely debt free due to some diligent savings over the past few months.

  12. Andrea

    I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished this year. Accepting a challenging position and nailing it. I am working next to some of the brightest minds on the planet. It’s invigorating. I never thought I would be accepted but they are so kind and in turn allow me to be my weird self that turns out to be pretty bright too. My journey has led me to have more confidence in myself and my abilities. These next months will be practicing on how to accept compliments on my work yet stay humble. I’m really happy for you and your egg-complisment. 😉

  13. Megan

    My greatest accomplishment is figuring out that I have a wealth of information that doesn’t come naturally for others.

    For 2017 – the goal is to figure out how to monetize that information. 🙂

  14. Gexabel

    My biggest achievements are being able to pay off most of my debt. And thanks to your program I could almost say I’m debt free and I’m in charge of my life and my money. Keep up the good work, I’ve learned so much from it, please keep sending the positive messages.

  15. Pamela

    Honestly – finally taking medication for my postpartum anxiety. It’s made my life 1000% better. Aside from that, I’m proud of being the best mom I can, of being a good wife (though I could improve there, lol!), and my work for a non profit. I’m proud and happy for the life I’ve built for myself and my family.

  16. Derek S

    I love eggs, and fancy myself fairly good at making them. And I have to say, yours look pretty good there, Ramit. I’d definitely partake. =)

    1. I’m proud my wife and I were able to take time to spend the Harvest holiday together, doing modest food and enjoying a couple of movies and time sharing and bonding.

    2. I was then able to take 2 days to drive down to visit my living-alone brother over 250 miles away, spend quality time with him, and also help him with building his budding online business from what I’ve learned. We’re the last of our immediate family, and bonding with him is important to us both.

    This year has been full of challenges, and starting a new business is a worthy one – we’re making progress and I’m proud of him for stepping WAY out of his comfort zone!

  17. Amy

    I’m proud of my craft show sales last weekend, because I really busted my ass getting products made, spiffing up my display (which I struggle with, all the time–everybody is better than me at display), and, AND, I HIRED an assistant for both days! I really think it all came together and made a big difference–I made a lot of money last weekend.

  18. Jeffrey Thomas

    Carmen and Ramit, I’m very happy that in 2016, I learned how to cook eggs that don’t stick to the pan. After throwing out a scratched teflon pan, I knew there had to be a way to use the steel pans that humanity has had for a long time.

    I’m thrilled that you’re interested in the secret. Here it is, and it’s changed my life in 2016.

    Heat a normal steel/aluminum pan on the stovetop with nothing in it. Get it really hot, so a sprinkle of water will sizzle off.

    Then add your oil or butter and heat that up, swirling it around to cover all the areas the food might touch.

    Once the oil is shimmering hot (but not smoking), lower the heat to your preferred cooking temp and add the food.

    Give the food a moment to rest before stirring, and then cook like normal.

    This makes normal pans more non-stick than the teflon I had been using before! I love to share this tip with anyone who will listen (or read it).

    I also took ZTL and I’m proud of my work there. It’s been a great 2016.

  19. Lyle Foxman

    Having the courage to start over again. I fell into the wantrepreneur trap, too many gurus, emails and time spent chasing the $ that was never going to be caught because of lack of passion and heart. In June I dropped it all and went back to art and painting. Maybe I didn’t do it the first time because I was young and the internet was just starting and lack of marketing skills and confidence. It’s been almost 10 years since I stopped painting and I learned a lot about marketing over the past few years and hope to use this new skill set and start again. I just did a live portrait painting demo and very proud. Follow my new journeys on Instagram

  20. Allison

    Coming from a troubled home and a bad past I finally got my shit together and was able to make a place for myself on my schools deans list. It wasn’t easy and I had to make sacrifices but I made my family proud.

  21. Amy

    I used to be homeless and now I am a multi-millionaire.

    For me, the thing I am proudest of, is that I have a close relationship with my kids.

  22. James M.

    Successfully guiding my son while he acquired his first lawn mowing job before his 15th birthday – which I had told him that he should begin earning money outside the home by the time he is 15.

  23. Polina

    1) I am really proud of changing – AND STAYING WITH – my diet.
    2) I am awfully proud of having learned to speak English fluently within five years.
    3) Last but not least, proud to be joining the DJ. I tend to avoid commitment and this was a big step for me.

  24. RC

    Reading your material, Ramit, I was inspired to get off my ass and actually make a dollar as a producer rather than spend one as a consumer. I had a small product idea for 3 years (I have the gmail convos with my brother to prove it) and last September I launched. Since then I have hit that Earn $1k threshold per month and exceeded it. I have applied nearly every aspect of business that I had only read about and tried to relate to that you describe in your emails. Things like cheap customers (you don’t want them), setting a price, sticking to it, then increasing it, standing out in a crowded market, and offering a tangential product that doubled sales. I took less than 10% of those profits and invested in myself and my Rich Life for Forefront 2016 and was paid back in dividends not measured in dollars. Here’s to keeping the momentum going in 2017 and may it be filled with perfect eggs and finely pressed shirts.

  25. Enver N

    When I managed to make an accurate copycat of the sauce which my local pub uses, after a lot of trial and error. Now I can save pounds – in terms of money and weight. 🙂

  26. Auke

    Visiting my grandparents with my wife. I had seen them during family gatherings but I have a big family. So I wanted to visit them personally for a few years now. Last month we did. It was great to talk with them like that.

  27. Mimie

    Back in 2011, I decided to get more diligent with working out and getting stronger. I have tracked every single workout since August 16, 2011 and I’m proud of how many more reps, sets, squats, push-ups, jumps and kilometres I can do now compared to 5+ years ago. 2016 has been my personal best. All accomplished through tiny steps and persistence.

    I am also proud of making the decision to leave the corporate world and start my own coaching business to teach other women how to be stronger and live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks ZTL!

  28. Alejandro Jesus

    Somewhere in 2016 I started to meditate. I used to do 10 minute guided sessions with an app. At first these sessions seemed eternal and the effects on my calmness were hit or miss, which led me to do it even less. At this point I was seing very little change so I stopped for a couple of months. Then I saw Tim Ferriss recommend a book called Joy on Demand and it talked about meditation as a tool for attaining happiness. So I read the book and it explained meditation in simple practical terms, without the spiritual guru bulshit. I started doing longer meditation sessions (20 min+) and the effects on my calmness and joy have been great. Now I do it everyday!

  29. LeeSun

    I’m proud that I am persevering as a music producer and singer songwriter, investing monthly to develop my music., despite being unfunded, unsigned, unknown.

    I’m proud that if you google my name, just my first name (!!!), google will bring up a box of links to some of my songs, as I am officially recognized by google as a musical artist. Just my first name! That is cool.

    I am proud that I am single parenting a very happy little boy, as well as running 3 businesses.

    I’m proud of the growing recognition of my music, and am excited about breaking through to a much larger audience in the near future!

    I’m proud that I’ve stopped waiting around for the right (romantic) partner to turn up in order to have another child, and am now pregnant via a donor, and am expecting a healthy baby in April 2017.

    And proud of so many other things too, but those are the first things that come to mind 🙂

    And proud of y’all posting on here for the things you’re proud of.


  30. Dan Lunderville

    I’m finally able to bake a good crusty loaf of sourdough bread from scratch. I spent a week creating sourdough starter and then, after many tries, turned that into bread that looks like it came from the local bakery. Being able to take flour, water, and salt and turn it into something that I can use to feed my family and friends is incredibility satisfying.

  31. Tim Swearingen

    I am proud of the fact that I actually enjoyed Black Friday shopping. Like most men I’d rather do something besides shop. The time with my children and wife was really fun because we planned the time in such a way that all could have a good time. That started by hearing what people didn’t like about Black Friday shopping and working around those things. (I actually bought some clothes too)

  32. Ted Wurfel

    I’m proud that I held firm and made my son learn to drive stick as opposed to trading his car for an auto (I know first world problems). We discussed how small efforts, repeated regularly over a period of time create success. Currently trying to instill the same lesson w son number 2 and learning to ride a bicycle.

  33. R.

    Earlier this year I created a new job for myself within my current department at work basically by expressing interest and asking for it. (after staying for several years in my previous job.)

  34. Dan

    I’m proud of finally starting the blog I’d thought about for 2 years and posting weekly for 6 months.

  35. Kiran

    I’m proud of how my new portfolio website is looking. I’m still requesting feedback from a few different types of professionals, but it makes me look like I offer a premium service, which I do.

  36. Mayuri

    I’m proud of keeping my interests alive even while working at a job that takes up a lot of my time, as much as I love it! I have been taking time out to take music lessons, keep up my reading and a mini fitness routine 🙂

  37. Kristi Boyce

    You can’t just send an email like this without telling us your egg secrets. 🍳

    A similar accomplishment for me was learning how to brew damn good French press coffee at home. I reap the benefits every morning.

  38. Patricia Ortigoza

    Congrats on the eggs. Trust me, I know how it feels. So be proud. I think I am most.proud of the fact I have started to bike to work. GOT rid of all the fears, insecurity that come with doing something new and just jumped to it

  39. Oweibia

    Am proud of my little beginning and I know I’ll be even more proud as I get bigger

  40. Kenneth Dale

    I’m proud that I am starting to honor the commitments I make with myself.

    This is one step closer for me to become a mechanical robot. If I become a mechanical robot I am able to become a productivity machine, which is what I aspire to.

    I am not being sarcastic. Friends tell me “Stop setting so many rules for yourself… No TV? No this and that? No watching funny cat videos on YouTube? You are becoming a mechanical robot!”

    And I reply with “That’s precisely my goal. Thanks for the motivation. Now I want to take it a step further.”

    Thanks Ramit.

  41. Kris

    Well, mine will never be eggs! But I’m spending an hour a day on building my blog. It may never make me rich, but it will make me happy!

  42. Alex

    My biggest accomplishement of 2016 was to be able to write again. With a pen. In my hand. In January it seemed like an impossible thing. Trials have been painful. It was long to be able to even write a couple letters but I kept going and now I can journal every day. Next year’s goal is to able to walk again. It sure isn’t the things I would have dreamed to accomplish before I got sick but I got to come back to a more normal life one step at a time and for now ? I’m rocking it.

  43. Carolynn

    My 93-year old grandmother recently fell again. This time, she broke her collarbone. When she got out of the hospital, she obviously couldn’t go home by herself, so she’s been staying with me. Normally that’d be impossible, but because I got my dream job this year and can work from a home office, it’s been fairly easy to take care of her. It’s meant the world to me that I can do that for her.

  44. Saatche Díaz

    I’d say I am proud to have been of service to a good friend of mine, who is now trekking in God-knows where to find his “inner dragon”. But am also proud to have finally finished one short story, out of the many I have started.

  45. Duane Becker

    I get what you’re talking about, not being able to make those decisions until you learn more. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Case in point, I recently started teaching and have definitely made some mistakes as a beginner. Last week I went back to the beginning and re-taught part of my course after having a lot of poor lab reports turned in to me. The reports showed lack of comprehension, so I took part of the responsibility and re-taught the material in a different way. And then I gave them the option to re submit them after I gave them feedback. Without exception, they took the offer. Have a great day 😆

  46. Dlang Ferguson

    I hired a coach! I started when I was 16 trying to help artist get seen through events, and launch a fashion career. I gained valuable experience on my own and in college. Now, I need next level implementation, planning, strategy, so taking the jump to get expertise coaching. Looking forward to sharing the experience with you.

  47. Mebee yodahe

    Im proud of my diligence and positive outlook on life even though im going through a time of instabilty and uncertainty.

  48. Susan Kuhn

    I am proud of making a comment on LinkedIn in a discussion that had an undercurrent of racism, intolerance, and defensiveness. My comment was about a similar experience in childhood (it did not happen to me but was a common occurrence). I thought a lot about how to enter this discussion in a way that did not expand the flames flying. I succeeded; I received a reply that was nonattacking from someone who disagreed with me.

    I am writing a book on how to exist in a conflict-filled environment, about the territory between keeping your mouth shut and lashing back. This is a small victory in threading that needle.

  49. Racheal

    Paid off debt three years ago. Then, from what I learned doing that, made a plan to pay off the medical bills I incurred this year on time and interest free. 2 more payments to go! And enjoyed life at the same time. Learned a lot from you by the way.

  50. Kelly

    I am proud of my relationship with my teenage sons. They are kind to the core to their mom. We laugh together daily and share our lives.

  51. Hésli

    I’m proud of that I started my blog. I took me 2 and half weeks that I should really risk and start making videos for it. I was really afraid of leting people see my face on a video, I thought I wasn’t Good enough. Maybe I am not, but it doesn’t matter.

    I am also posting videos everyday even on the weekends and this makes me work everyday.

    Also proud of the 56 people in my email list. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. How I learned with you some weeks ago in the Hell Week challenge I set a crazy goal. My goal is to reach 5000 people on my email list by the end of this year.

    Yeah, I know it’s impossible. But that’s the Idea.

  52. Cody Weber

    I’m proud of finally taking the leap to start my own business. I left the corporate world of commodities trading to be a best buy sales manager, then left that to be a personal trainer (independent contractor), then they transitioned us to employees and it didn’t go well, so a few months in my wife and i launched both an in-person business and an online business.

    Side Note: i was SO CLOSE to getting ZTL… but my experiences with other coaches that I paid to help me start an online business kept me from ‘wasting my money’ again (words from wifey). I paid a guy $5K and then another guy $1.3K to help me, and appreciated the programs, but there’s just so much to learn and i started from scratch, so i had to learn a lot of things before even really being able to do much of anything of what the 5K program was asking me to do… then by the time i got the 1.3K program it was pretty much a repeat of the 5K. So really what I need now is a kick in the ass to continue to implement. sorry that side note was so long!

  53. Peter

    I am proud that I learned how to lift weights properly. I am naturally uncoordinated and failed multiple times until I found a proper Starting Strength coach, which required an hour drive each way at 5am and paying more per month than my membership per year, to get the basics. My form is not perfect but it was more than worth the money and time. Heck, one of my goals is to improve my finances so I can attend that gym fulltime.

  54. #AskGranny

    S.O.S, seems i’m somehow retarded or what:
    despite succeeding with everything and anything,
    still unable to figure out how to remove the egg
    yolk from scrambled eggs???? S.O.S!
    [Joking if someone don’t get this]

  55. Wayne

    I’m most proud of using my calendar to schedule everything and sticking to it (Family time, Reading, etc…). This is a HUGE win for me.

  56. Maria Killam

    It’s so fun that you would write this kind of post about eggs. So simple and makes you human 🙂
    Love your blog Ramit, your writing is always so inspiring and relatable.
    A win for me is learning photography and photoshop in the last 2 years. It’s really transformed my photos on the blog and I’m so happy that I know how to do it now!
    Great post as always!

  57. Tiffany Munn

    I’m proud that I’ve grown my editing business to where I mostly don’t have to look for clients anymore; they come to me. I’m also proud that I invested in myself by buying a critique for my own manuscript from a NY Times Bestselling author and that I’m now almost done with the revisions on my novel.

  58. hema

    I am proud of working out of my comfort zone. I always wanted to dedicate my time to raise my toddler son with complete care that he should get. By doing that in one hand and working out to get some productive time to learn new things which helps me grow my career is a challenge for me. I am proud that I am able to see failures that I come across as steps. This process is making me feel alive and happy.

  59. Jane

    I’m super proud that this year I’ve managed to save the maximum amount ($18K) into my 401K. This is the first year I’ve ever been able to max out a 401K, and it’s mostly due to doubling my income over the past few years thanks to Ramit’s material!

    I’m also proud that I’ve started to develop a habit of working out. I’ve been consistently going to the gym 1-2 times a week for the past year, and though I would like to go more, I know that being consistent and going at all is a milestone in itself.

  60. Rob

    Losing 10 pounds thanks to Project Burn!

  61. Anthony Greene

    I’m very, very, very proud of my wife. She is 5 months pregnant, and we are in the midst of launching a number of e-commerce businesses. She is not a “hustler” by nature, and has a pretty well-paying job as a teacher. However, as her belly has grown, so has her drive for wanting to take control of our future, especially for our daughter’s sake. It’s not just maternal instinct, but she has transformed as a person to a degree that she is 1,000,000% more optimistic and has become a wizard doing our back office work to drive our business. She is pushing herself in ways that I have not seen in the 5 years that we have been together, and she has finally taken all of the great advice about business to heart and put it into practice. This is not a personal victory, but I feel victorious observing her, and cannot be prouder of another person.

  62. John

    I am proud that I started a website and a blog this year subject is about personal finance from my perspective. It’s about my journey and having to go through life repeating the quote “Why didn’t somebody tell me that?” Almost all of my life. I grew up in the projects very low income mother on welfare with not a lot of opportunities when I was young. Any thing I gained in life I literally had to work for which helped me to become a little hustler (not meant in a negative way). I shoveled walks, raked leaves, shined shoes, and folded and delivered news papers and did many other things to earn a little cash. The cash was not so much for me but to help my mother and 6 other siblings to survive. The blog I write and currently make no money on talks about some the things I learned along the way things that I feel are vitally important for other to know. Especially those who come from the environment I came from and think there is no way out. To learn more I suggest you read my about page on and perhaps some of my post they will take you on the journey I’ve been through.

  63. Samantha

    I drew a mug! My first one was awful, but I did it again, and again (literally, 3 times lol). But the third one is so much better than the first! So, I’m proud of not giving up even when I sucked.

  64. Rick Holtman

    I am most proud of my children. I have five ranging in age of 3-16 yrs. I get the most joy from their accomplishments.

  65. Lea

    Staying with mom while she was dying, holding her hand… Being her company through months of awful disease. Being strong for all of us.
    … and at same time having a newborn and another kid to care for.
    I don’t know how I managed it, but I did.

  66. Barbara Clark

    I paid off a credit card so one day I can take one of your courses. In the mean time I recommend you to anyone who will listen

  67. Sarah

    Haha, I admire the challenge of cooking perfect eggs! I’ve watched the video of Jacques Pepin making an omelette so many times but mine will never match up. He is an egg magician!

    This week I was able to help a friend who is going through a tough time (divorce, being independent for the time since she was a teenager) by purchasing a laptop for her to use for homework. She’s been staying late at work after her shifts end to try to use the work computer for homework and driving home while exhausted. I want to see her achieve her goals and thought this would be a way I could help. I’m so proud of her for trying to create a new life for herself.

    I’m also proud of myself for putting in 5 years of effort into my freelance work and growing my income to nearly 50% of my day job income. I might be able to make the switch to full-time freelance next year.

  68. warren

    Made $11,500 over the last 2 months from just referrals on the side with marketing consulting. I haven’t even launched my site yet.

    Again my site isn’t finished but I put it below anyway.

  69. JP Courneya

    Recently we had the first inspection of the facility where we make the snacks we sell here in Baltimore, Outlier Snacks. We passed the inspection and it felt huge! It was a blip in time and maybe even trivial but I felt amazing knowing we were doing things right and the inspector gave us a nod and approval to keep on cooking. This success just stokes the fire, one little victory.

  70. Grace

    On a whim I applied for the Copywriter job at IWT and after submitting three rounds of writing samples I was kindly told “thanks, but no thanks.” Even though I didn’t make the final cut for this dream job, I am tickled with the outcome. It was an AWESOME confidence boost and I know that I will kick the mundane administrative assistant job that I have been stuck in sometime soon and enjoy a challenging, more fruitful career. 🙂

  71. Tarah

    What I am most proud of is my son. We don’t get to spend that much time together, since I have to work full-time, but he is growing and developing so quickly! He’s not quite 3 and can already say 4 syllable words and full sentences that just blow my mind sometimes. I am so very proud of him

  72. Lauri Mackey

    I’m proud that I wrote the Table of Contents for my new book and began Chapter 1 yesterday. Small wins are the building blocks of anything large I have created.

  73. Alan Cassinelli

    I’m proud of the work and home improvement projects I’ve done to make my house feel like my home

  74. Camilla

    I finally had the courage to try to make homemade sauerkraut!! And it’s bubbeling away in my kitchen…fermenting and making wonderful food that will nourish my body and keep my digestive system happy. Sometimes I go over and just look at it…Feeling ridicously proud that I finally made myself do it…after having thought about it for over a year! So…can totally relate to your eggs;)

  75. Kathy

    Finally overcoming my soda and fast food addiction. It took a few months of perseverance with some set backs.

  76. Brendan

    Ramit – have you tried cooking eggs sous vide? My favorite is 63-degree C. I quit smoking last month. Never looking back!

  77. Marek

    Ramit, I like your marketing approach. You show you are the same as we. You do mistakes, and want help. And then you can help in other areas. this feels like Reciprocity effect as per Cialdinni principles. Good try, but I am still not buying your products. I am learning already from you:)

  78. Eva

    Yes, in fact, practically everything about the internet makes me feel uncomfortable and incapable. So, I feel pretty good about having managed to build a website: I probably am on the blacklist now of Squarespace’s customer service for being an annoying client but am used to that in the internet arena;) I even managed one line of coding (obviously they took me by the hand)!
    Coming from someone who had to google ‘what is a Google document’, this is quite nice.
    It took me long to get all info, copy and contacts, whose input I needed, together but it’s a first step.

    It also feels good that I finally found a good freelancer who will help me more with the positioning and research.
    And that I had a nice live event last week with quite some women who were very enthusiastic. A week later, one lady came back with her husband and bought 3 jewels!
    Congrats on the egg journey:)

  79. Phil

    I spent the last week working on and finalising my business plan, including projected financials for the next 2 years. It is good to finish, and on reading your article, to realise that I will be making bigger decisions over the coming years

  80. James Fischer

    Yeah, no. I’ve made an omelet several times a week for the last three years in the quest for egg perfection. Not sure what you have there.

    If you need any pointers, let me know.

  81. William

    I’m proud of having lived in 5 countries, in 3 continents, and speaking 3 languages perfectly.

    However, companies don’t value those assets as much as it should. Today you’re just supposed to be expert in some small field to be indispensable and fit properly as a cog in this huge global machine.

    Having lived abroad gives you vision, open and flexible mind, more ideas, knowledge and creativity. You become more practical and more determined. And I’m proud of having those, even if they do not fit or aren’t valued within most organizations.

  82. Sam

    My most recent, proudest accomplishment is not giving up exercise even on the busiest of days. Because it keeps me sane! And happy. So over Thanakgiving break I managed to squeeze in 15 minutes of movement- yoga, weights (at home), or walking. I used to throw in the towel and give up on busy days of I didn’t have an hour. An all or nothing attitude prevented me from being content. Sure, it’s not ideal, but the repetition cemented in my mind that even the smallest of actions is an effort well made in the long haul.

  83. James Wallace


    Great job on your accomplishment with eggs! Just a word of advice from this peanut gallery—a good cast iron skillet is the original non-stick! I don’t go anywhere near teflon or any other “non-stick” chemically treated cooking apparatus, but I’ve never had any luck cooking eggs nicely in stainless steel either!

  84. Tammy U

    Well done with the eggs! :D. I launched my first online course on Friday and am most proud of the fact that I learned and understand the basic mechanics of the key moving parts of such a launch! What a feat! Now, to tweak and improve!

  85. Connie

    Your eggs are totally looking like a 5 star brunch dish! 2016 proudest moment, creating a Marketing Director position at a company that didn’t have one. Then took their business from zero to 5 million in a year! Funny thing is I had no idea what a Marketing Director really does but with a little bit of faith & courage to dip my toes into the ocean, it was a success.

  86. Brian

    I’m immensely proud of the third product I created for my audience.

    It’s a 220-page self-study guide for a particular exam that I worked on for a year and is a comprehensive guide distilled from the past 3+ years of experience (studying, researching, talking to others taking the exam, writing about it, etc.).

    I’m proud that I get to make a real difference in people’s lives. I just heard today that someone killed himself because he failed this exam. I could be preventing things like that.

    And let’s be honest… it’s good for my ego to have people praise me and credit me for their success. It keeps me going.

  87. Tyler

    I’m proud of in 2016 so far:
    – Changing the way I ate the last 7 months to loose 28 pounds (and kept most of my strength).
    – Being a better communicator and conversationalist with people through daily routine and effort
    – Reducing the amount of things I need to focus on daily
    – Actually following my calendar schedule
    – Setting up a daily checklist of things I MUST DO daily to keep my self accountable and to my mentor.

  88. Mer

    I am proud that all my hard work is finally paying off. In 2016 I have finished my AA in Business Managament, Completed a Project Management Certification, gotten a promotion at work (which I love!), gotten a promotion in the Army, and am about to celebrate my one year anniversary of owning a home.

    I have also been pushing really hard in my own business with my business partner and we are seeing success there as well.

    It’s been a crazy year of accomplishment, and I can’t wait for the next one!

  89. Tim

    I am so proud of not eating sugar. It is little but it is also huge.

    I got sober years ago and when I quit drinking I started drinking soda and eating chocolate. I feel like at the time I needed to do it but over the years and after reading about how toxic sugar is I knew I had to completely remove it from my life.

    I know that there is sugar in some foods like peanut butter but I can honestly say that I haven’t touched a soda or candy or ice cream or any artificial sugar in months. I legit feel like a completely different person.

  90. Vishnu

    I was proud of being a part of our school reunion last weekend and writing a blog post about it. Also, I started my workout this week after a long pause. So, lots to be happy and proud about!

  91. Devin Tracy

    I’m Proud of my new free course I just put together (not even accessible on my site yet!). It was a lot of work in, and the few people that have gone through it have given it amazing reviews! 🙂

  92. Ellenesse

    I ate a whole mango this morning for breakfast!

    I just finalized my vacay (mountain and sea, baby!). And I’m able to pay for two.

    Feeling awesome!

  93. Justin

    I’m proud of taking care of my laundry within hours of coming home from the laundromat, instead of letting my clothes (albeit clean clothes) stay in my hamper for days after a visit to the laundromat. This happened several days ago 😀

  94. Cara

    I’m proud of myself for opening up to this new person in my life. At first I barely talked to them. Turns out our perspectives on life are really similar and I’ve never met someone who is so brutally themself to me, but I love it. It’s been a good day:)

  95. Virginia

    Am a modern African designer and a health consultant n I use natural products to assist manage conditions and maintain good health.
    Am proud of myself for finally getting serious with my baby businesses. Ave had the feeling that they’d lay off at some point but was a fair of starting out coz I was afraid to start. I got the nudge I needed and now I realize not everybody is going to like the idea, but so what if they don’t. If everyone was the same then this world would be hella boring!!!

    Ave stopped being scared and now am out doing me and whoever is open to the idea is the person I concentrate on.

  96. Edwin

    I’m proud to have finally started coaching and therapy to move away from my accustomed habits and behaviors. To have started this proves that I can change myself and can embrace help, something I didn’t do enough before.

  97. Catherine Matovu

    I proud of taking the decision to fulfill /do the things I have always wanted to. Spend 15 minutes each day with my daughter talking spirituality – what to do if someone hurts you, does it matter if you don’t get 90%+ on your test scores, what does it mean to love people, what does creation speak about its creator? etc. During these conversations her self esteem grows, she is more inquisitive and takes the time to meditate. She now writes notes of her thoughts during the day and keeps them for us to read in the evening. She is seven. Enrolling and working on a course I never ‘had’ the time to do.

  98. Michael Allen

    I spend the weekend organising recipes for my catering startup

  99. Mary

    I love ensuring every party is well orgamused and all is having fun.
    I realize that I find peace in seeing every where organized and clean . Kitchen. Bathrooms. Living space. Outdoor. Gutters and all.

    This is not my line normally but give me joy. I don’t know how to turn this to a profit venture.

    It’s so away from my work and training as an optometrist

  100. Jackie R

    I’m proud of being able to buy dinner for my parents and siblings. It feels like a small thing, but being finacially sound enough to pay for THEIR meals as well as my own on iccasion is so happy making, since i soent every year unable to do more than offer to pay my share of the meal.

  101. pamela

    i am proud that i taught my 1 year old son to respect a book, pen and paper, now he reads when you give him a book or when he gets one without tearing it, and he scribbles if you give him a paper and pen. #proudmum#

  102. Dominik

    Proud to Double my effective time i work on my side business By getting Up at 4:45 and putting in 3h of work before going to my Main Hustle. The other perks of that Change: more motivated as I have the Feeling ive already done something valuable! More awake in the Office. Get more done (No distractions at 5) and less guilt when I get home und spend time with my Girl or Friends or Go Lift weights or for the occasional gaming session. In fact i can use this as my personal rewards System. (Short Term rewards (Shopping etc.) work extremely well for me)

  103. Frank

    I am proud of beeing in charge of my life 😉
    My band (company 1) is running great, playing international shows and my agency (company 2) recently got a very big client.

  104. Amora

    I am proud of having volunteered for a TEDx event in a city close by. I went in there with no expectations whatsoever. I thought well I am just going to be at the reception probably handing out name tags. And, I actually was. But then, I got to attend the TEDx event. Well, most of it anyway. And, I made some friends there with the other volunteers and also made some important contacts. It really helped me feel much better about living abroad so far away from home and also helped me get a different perspective on studying psychology which is one of the things I want to do someday. It made me feel like there is a different life outside of my work place and that I dont have to live inside a bubble and think that just because I dont speak the local language of this country, my life is not going to be awesome here!

  105. Scott Schirmer

    Tomorrow I will have completed a 4 year apprentiship for my new trade in construction after making a decision to start over at the age of 35 years old. But by accomplishing this it gave me the confidence to start over yet again (while continuing in my trade) to go back to school to become a health coach and start my own side hustle. That’s how I wound up on your site and hope to take one of your courses to help make this possible

  106. R.E

    <Is it spending time with your family last week? Or welcoming a friend who needed a place to stay? Or working hard on your business over the weekend?

    Achievements from the past month that I am proud of, and I could not have done 1 year ago:
    – making changes at home: getting a pet, decluttering
    – hosting a friend that needed a place to stay in the evening, while not giving up on the course I wanted to take on the same day. I made it work.
    – speaking for the first time in a professional conference in front of 150 people.

  107. JV

    Not sure that “proud” is the operative word here, but I’ve lost my fear of death. To my mind, any sense of freedom and success is illusory if we fear death.

  108. AC

    At age 28, I’m most proud of managing to stick to my art all be it a bit slow but for 20 years I’ve kept drawing/painting. Self taught, ironically as my mental barriers begin to fall my art skills seem to flourish without my doing much to improve them.

  109. Elis

    Mannn… i looked back today and i realized how much work i got done on my personal business this year. I am SO proud of that! Better yet, is that all customers seemed really pleased with the work 🙂

  110. Renita

    I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve “kept going” in business and in my personal life, even though it’s been tough. One roadblock after another. Car troubles. Meager funds. And other things. It’s been a FIGHT to keep my spirits up! I just made up my mind to keep fighting… to keep enhancing the customer experience for the customers I DO have.

  111. Caroline

    I asked a question during a seminar with about 100 People

  112. James Mohr

    I’m very proud that I started to spend money where it counts most to me instead of being penny pinching when I don’t need to be that way all the time now that I have started my career and have saved money for quite awhile.

  113. Samia Perkins

    I am proud that I brought a meal to a coworker who was sick this week. I had made some soup over the weekend, and when he texted me that he was sick, I asked if I could bring him some. So I did. I felt good that I was helping someone feel just a little bit better.

  114. Robyn

    So you know, Ramit, the thing that I am most proud of for my daughter, who worked hard for an audition, got accepted into an amazing school and crowd-funded to get there, isn’t all As or her first leading role but late night talks with her roommate that start seriously, move through tears and end in laughter.

  115. Austin

    Swallowing my pride, getting back to basics and starting to put my family first

  116. Kathleen

    What’s important right now: I am 72. I joined a wealth creation membership “club”. I have a BA in poetry writing (and published), a Master of Divinity (and I am a priest), and a doctorate in psychology (and I am working as a psychologist).
    I.E., all of which is to say I am not a “techi” at all.
    But I am hanging in here through thick and thin to get a website up so i can monetize a blog. I am not Werner Von Braun and websites are “rocket science” to me.
    But I will get this done. And I will make money.

  117. Christian

    What I really like to do bro other than hustling and earning some money is, I like doing some martial arts training rather than going to the gym. What makes me feels like being in a martial arts ain’t about building body, but building a strength to grind more than a bully can, more than a bastard can. What I feel when I’m grinding is that I’m able to outwork em through my hustle, my strength, my passion, my commitment which I finally implemented toward my job like I said before. Beside that, I like to lay down on the internet, browsing for issues to be criticized. I join a movement called Change.Org, which is an online community which we can criticize to a case, inviting everyone to make change from a case or news, where every our criticisms will be sent to our president. Because I live in Indonesia, all our criticisms will be send to our president. This criticisms builds a passion for me to be a freelance writer (which helps client to do the work) another from being a salesperson who hustle and feel strong.

  118. Frema

    1. Shifting out of my comfort zone by asking for support, leads and payment. 2. Making an effort to be more social when I was feeling my most introverted.

  119. Samuel McCarthy

    I will be the proudest person if I see the business I started in serving it customers day in and out.till then the way thanks for all the post.

  120. Riya Sharma

    Im proud of my diligence and positive outlook on life even though im going through a time of instabilty and uncertainty.
    Great work

  121. S. Ramos

    I’m proud of my abilities to “stick with it”, I guess my “stick-with-it-ness” . There’s so much to be Thankful for! Even the ability to realize your happiness.. It’s all a blessing!

  122. Patricia Oliva

    I’m proud of getting a job at the second best Department of Geography in the US, living and working abroad during the last four years, becoming fluent in English (I’m from Spain). This job pushed me out of my comfort zone. I worked really hard to become proficient at programming and be at the same level as my colleagues. I am very proud of having contributed to the development of the new generation of satellite-based operational products.

  123. Anam Tahir

    haha that was funny but so close to reality. You’re so right, the internet with all the gazillionaires and teenage millionaires, does make me feel like crap, worthless, dumped on this Earth for nothing. But this one was so human. Well my biggest accomplishment for the year 2016 was to start making my own videos. I am one heck of a camera shy person. I still suck at making videos. My accent isn’t good. I only have my Android mobile phone camera. But it feels like a victory to me as I stepped out of my comfort zone and started making them.

  124. Natasha Sharma

    I love this post! It’s the simplest of things in a day that pretty much add up to have the most impact to how we feel. Taking pride in little accomplishments each day is worth more than ignoring them in favor of the obvious ones that come along once in awhile.

  125. Taide Rodríguez Gabarrón

    I pass long time with my family. I’m tray to write a wondenful novel. I’m working about it.

  126. Jacqui

    One of my happy things is when one of my adult children call me and tell me how they have learned something that has made them grow.
    It let’s me know that I must have made a good impression for them.
    As a parent, being proud of my children’s growths makes me smile with joy.

  127. Souad

    I am proud of myself in so many ways, may be I am not making millions like you or I learned how to coke my eggs since young age, but let me tell you yes I came so far and I am proud of myself

  128. Vanessa

    Since 2014, I’ve been running one half marathon every year. Up until today, I finished every time but I never hit the finishing time that I set myself while training for it. This year I didn’t make any comprimises but deligiantly stuck to training plan til the final competition day. And the result was that I finished even 2 minutes earlier than I thought I ever would. This achievement definitely made my day and will certainly motivate me further on.

  129. M.W

    Love the analogy! I am proud of myself that I continue to push myself to achieve new goals everyday, have gotten into much better shape then I had been in the past, and having a positive outlook on everything and having a great support system.

  130. Billy

    I am proud of myself of being happier and doing things with joy instead of seeing things as chores – even things I beforehand didn’t like to do.

  131. Jinyu

    Great job on the eggs! I’m most proud of quitting my job this year. I was really miserable and have been thinking about quitting for a while but never took the leap until two months ago. The hardest part wasn’t what I was going to do afterwards. It was giving up the prestige and the comfortable lifestyle from the pay. I’m so glad I did!

  132. Marilyn

    What am I proud of this year? That I made going outside a priority with my 3 yo and baby. I have an Instagram feed full of park, nature walk and beach visits.

  133. Fritz Chery

    I love these type of posts where we can share with each other. It makes us more thankful about the little things. I am proud of the person that God has made me to be. I’m proud of all the trials that have made me stronger. I’m learning to just cherish everything!