Fascinating question about making $5 million in 10 years

Ramit Sethi

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this interesting question on Reddit:

If you had to make $5 million over the next 10 years, how would you do it? The answers were fascinating.

How people on Reddit would make $5 million

It’s amazing how quickly people turned down the dark alley of anguish and moral depravity. It’s like there are no legitimate ways to increase your income. Nope, you’ve got to sell your soul and become a corrupt politician or drug dealer.

Me in my NYC apartment

Why do we think this way?

I’ll share my thoughts tomorrow. But first, imagine you were in a similar, more realistic situation.

Let’s say you needed an extra $10,000 next month. Maybe you needed it to pay for an awesome once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia…or you wanted to cover a few months of living expenses while you looked for a different job.

If you had to get your hands on an extra $10,000, how would you get it?

Leave your answer in the comments below. I want to see if you can do any better than the people on Reddit.

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  1. Mark Hawley

    I would start courses on Udemy and write non-fiction books on Kindle.

    • Ikenna

      There are a few things that come to mind

      A. Reselling used cars in west Africa
      B. An online course on personal finance or Sales force
      C. Get into competitions for a number of things
      D. This will not make that much in the short term but list my apartment on Airbnb

    • Liz Johnson

      I agree with you Mark. Build a Kindle empire. Also, consider an Amazon FBA strategy

    • Brad B.

      Unfortunately this will not make you millions , but it can give you a financial boost to start something that could generate millions. Like real estate investing

  2. Austin

    Easy – helping people work 100% remotely in their current jobs. You keep adding value to your company and you keep your current salary + benefits, but you gain an extra 3-4 hours a day to:

    – Spend time with your family and loved ones
    – Start a business
    – Pick up a new hobby
    – Travel the world

    • Matt

      Austin – got any strategies for something that can provide this outcome to multiple entities/ companies? Can I help you do it?

  3. Ashton

    I actually DO need an extra $10,000 in a couple of months to pay living expenses while I go to school. My strategy is to create & sell an online course, something I’ve been working on for a while now. I hope to report back later with a success story. x

    • Rocky

      What kind of course? Have you done the marketing research that this is something people want?

      I see a lot of ‘course-makers’ who dump course after course and barely break even with time vs money. I’d love to see what you’re up to!

  4. alan

    HUSTLE ! buy 24 bottles of water for 4€ and sell one bottle for 1.50€ or buy other things cheap and sell it expensive hustle hustle hustle if you have enough money open a store a bar or whatever invest (forex) but keep hustling never stop

  5. Joe

    Sell an asset or some depreciating assets.

    • Joe

      Buying and selling

    • Tiffanee

      Yes! This would be my first go…

  6. Howard

    I would buy an adsense site that already was making a verified 1 to 2 grand per month and was not fully optimized. Then I would pay someone to optimize it and keep it optimized on a monthly basis.

    Then I would rinse and repeat.

    Looking forward to others’ comments.

    • mytarious

      How much would such a site cost initially to start and yearly to manage.
      Great Idea.

    • Mequea

      It’s actually not expensive to start a website. You could get your hands on a years worth of hosting for around $50 bucks if you choose the right hosting. you could also find a decent theme for your website for around $50 bucks. Unless it’s something crazy difficult it’s fairly easy to do a lot of the setting up yourself.

    • Joe

      How would this net you $10000 next month? It would actually cost you $20000+ as most websites on Flippa with that type of revenue sell for at least 12+ months income… and that assumes the seller is perfectly honest with his listing.

      The quickest way to $10k would be sales.

  7. Ioana

    I’ll get a loan from the bank or borrow money from a lot of friends. I was in a situation where I needed 2000 euro in 2 days. I had a friend who helped me giving this amount. It is good to have friends with financial possibilities around you.

    • Shaz

      I agree it would be common sense to get a loan, but there is no guarantee you’d get approved for $10000. The other more common sense option would be to ask for help from family, sell some asset, stock options, jewelry or something else that is of value

  8. Zuby

    Easy. I’d open my pop up shop for an entire month rather than my usual 7 to 10 day stint. It’s a lot of work but it would certainly bring in income around that region.

    I have no desire to do that all year round but certainly can and have done for up to 5 weeks at a time without days off.

  9. Anna

    I would continue reading all these comments until I found the most original suggestion within my skillset

    • Eric

      This is the most honest response on here. I’m wondering why if everyone has these ideas on how to make $10000 in the the next month, why don’t they just do them and have an extra $10000 in their pocket?

    • ingmar

      @ eric. why you think he gives this excercise?

    • Kasey

      Exactly! I agree with both Anna and Eric.

    • Rebecca

      Good answer!

    • Alexa

      This is an excellent tactic.

    • Richard

      Indeed it is an interesting question about why if everyone has these ideas on how to make $10k in the next month then why doesn’t everyone just go out there and do it?

      It’s somewhat similar to this dream I had of wanting to be a bus driver with a local transport operator. I want to know how it feels like commandeering such a large vehicle, how to use the various equipment on the bus and how it feels like seeing different people go up and down the bus you are driving.

      So I thought I’ll sign up to become a reserve bus driver.

      Then when I looked at the careers page on the website of a local transport operator, they said that all bus drivers need to undergo a full medical examination at a General Practitioner.
      Instantly, my mind thinks that it means getting poked by a needle for a blood test! And I get all horrified about it even though I have gone through blood tests several times before and within minutes of each, I come out feeling fine.

      If I needed the bus driver’s job as a source of earning a living, I wouldn’t even have seen that medical examination as being an obstacle. Instead, I would probably wonder if I could pass the bus driver vocational examination or something along those lines. However, because I don’t need the money from the job, all these other things start to jump out at me and make themselves known.

      One good thing about writing it out, like what Ramit encourages us to do, is that it gives us clarity. If I didn’t dig deeper, I wouldn’t have known why the words “medical examination” appeared so scary. It would just have existed as an emotion. But because I dug deeper I know that it is the needle I fear. And I can tell myself that I have done it many times before and come out ok.

      Kudos to all of us! Actually in our day job many of us are already doing things that requires lots of courage. We are doing public speaking (in front of the management), we are calling clients (who may be angry, scary and bossy) and we have a boss. We have survived through all of them. But that doesn’t mean that we no longer fear them. We just have a bigger reason not to listen to that fear when we are at work and wearing our work clothes in our office.

      However, when we are no longer in that office, no longer wearing our work clothes, instead we are at home in our T-shirt and pants considering the idea of earning some money on the side, the fears start to come out again. And we may be tempted to turn those ideas away at the first sign of fear. However, writing things down helps us see what exactly is it do we fear. And who knows, we may realize that the very thing we fear is something that we are doing regularly at our day job!

    • Sonny

      Thank you Richard for this great story. It helped me a lot.
      Have a nice day!

  10. Christian

    I would ask myself: What am I good at? AND
    What kind of Value could I offer to others which would result in 10,000 $?

    It’s not really the matter ‘what you do’, but who you do it for and WHY.
    The biggest Secret lies in ‘serving others to achieve their greatness’.

    • Jason

      so Christian, what would YOU do?

  11. Ghaz Zafar

    I would invest it straight into you. The free content alone is very valuable, imagine your secrets that we can unlock in all your courses. I would probably get more then 10K in little over a month judging by the testimonials from various courses. To apply it all is priceless in the long run. Of course this would not take a month which I just broke your rule just now xD. Also assuming the individual follows the steps the way you prescribed. The “Economy is bad” isn’t a viable crutch anymore, for the system was built to fail. Die trying.

  12. Jesse Gernigin

    I’d do one of two things. I’d reread Jay Abraham’s book and focus on increasing the value of my side hustle freelancing service (copywriting for websites) to increase my income to match the $10,000 gain. I also have set aside an emergency fund in both cash and bullion. I know you are against bullion but I like it as a long term cash in hand investment. If I need a thousand dollars I can cash in an ounce of gold. I know you pay a premium but the premium to get and out of a physical ounce of gold is about 7% less than a stock, bond or similar investment.

    • Anonnymoose

      Which Jay Abraham book?

  13. Nina

    I would set up a systematic way to teach Diet Free Life to children across America. It is the simplest way to undermine diabetes and obesity.

    • Rocky

      Interesting! How would you generate income from that? What does that look like?

    • Male Anak Niyur

      I would get a company to pay me $10,000 in exchange for my service to help them to make a clean profit of $50,000. There are many other ways to make $10,000 such as developing new how-to courses, conducting seminars and even selling high priced items.

  14. L

    I would build tons of membership sites in big niches and drive loads of relevant traffic to them

  15. Stephen Waugh

    I would code web pages and apps for others.

  16. AaronW

    $8000 into the best quality energy companies that have been beaten up by the downturn in oil prices. They WILL rebound.
    $2000 into ammunition. Election cycles make gun owners nervous and they start buying more than they need, driving up the price. I call it “an investment in copper and lead.”

  17. Joel Stolarski

    Have to make $10,000 in a month. $10,000/30= $333 a day. If I could answer this one, people would gladly pay good money for the method.

  18. Angela Liu

    If I wanted to start incrementally (focusing on the $10k/month): Resume consulting. Pretty lucrative consulting area as a whole– could end up in the hundreds’ just for a deep-dive edit. So, even if I were to be ultra-conservative and under-charge people at an average of 4 consultations per biz day totaling 250, that comes out to 5k a month. Be a bit less generous and charge closer to market rates– let’s say 5 per day at 500. Bam, 10k. Not time intensive either and can include creative variations like one-on-one interview coaching, LinkedIn and other social media consultation/re-branding, cover-letter consulting, etc.)

    Closely related: Blog giving free advice on aforementioned. Ideal if monetized but foremost goal is to lend credibility to professional/personal brand as an authority on subject matter.

    Recruiting. VERY lucrative if you have a tough enough hide.

    All three points easily interwoven.

    Bigger picture: How to scale recruiting/consulting biz? Becoming a ‘Ramit Singh’ ‘SME’ on..job hunting, etc.

    • Alexa

      I swear to God I thought I was reading my own writing in this post. This is exactly the business I’m in–I *just* came from a meeting with my web designer, talking about productizing my newsletter in this exact way.


      Great minds hang out in the Ramit comments, etc.

    • Riki

      Hi Angela,

      I like your idea and started a company ( about a year ago to help people write their resumes, cover letters, and find jobs. However, it’s proved somewhat difficult to find customers at the rate you describe (4 to 5 a day) even though I feel the service is exceptional. I believe this is because people are hesitant to give money to someone they don’t know. Would love your feedback.

      Best regards,


    • Brian

      Who’s Ramit Singh? 🙂

    • Jason

      @Riki, put a picture of yourself on your website. I immediately went to the About Us section and there was a bunch of copy and no picture. To me, this makes you less “connect-able” than someone who shows more personality.

  19. Charles H Green

    I’d hustle to come up with an incremental client or two for a speech or workshop.

  20. Ashley

    I would find as many freelance jobs as I could and work at home jobs to do on the side.

  21. Brian

    This is very simple for me. I’m a front-end developer/designer, so picking up side work is truly just a matter of hustle; the work is out there and in fact, as a freelancer I kept a roof over my wife and my head for a year and a half doing nothing but hustling.
    The biggest difference between then and now is two fold:
    First: I’d focus not only on project/client size but their capacity for ongoing value; i.e. How a $5,000 site build turns into a $300 month service and support contract for 2 years (total value of $7200, and more importantly, regular cash flow).
    Second: I’d focus my pitch to a very specific type of client, and cold call until I drop. Cold Call here doesn’t mean start with the call, it means call prospects who fit a profile of what I’m looking to work on. My experience is that 50 possible prospects (before research) yields 5 quality prospects, which yield 3 meetings, which eventually yields 1 full on project. That seems like a high hit rate but when you’ve got a good grasp of who you can get in front of and what kind of value you can bring to them, most of the time it comes down to if they like you and if their timing lines up.

    If you have a marketable skill, it’s usually pretty easy to get a side income up with it, if you’re willing to put in the work. Further, for design/development/client services of any kind, once referrals begin to come in, you’re usually going to be ok until you need to scale (i.e. hire a support person to take care of existing client sites, etc.).

    PS: Before I got to a place where I could turn away work, I did take any job, no matter how small/abusive. I only recommend doing this to get to a place where you can afford to stop doing this.

    • Manfred

      Dear Brian,

      Thank you for your wonderful sharing! You provide us with a living example of someone who is currently able to live at home without needing a job!

      I know your time is worth lots of money, but perhaps in the future you may want to explain things a bit more so that others understand and won’t end up saying that you don’t make sense. For example, some people may not understand “hustle”.

  22. Lillian Nalumansi

    I would use some of the money to buy electronic equipment for my intended media channel. Some of it would go towards hiring a small office and hiring a few staff to get us started.

  23. Lindsey

    Leverage my current network of artists and “online personalities”…people with large followings that aren’t capitalizing on their potential because they don’t know how. Help them develop products that create substantial value for their audience then monetize it!Take a percentage.

  24. Robert

    I would probably try to start investing in stocks.
    Or maybe start by own business somehow.

  25. Mark

    Sell my car and rely on public transport for a while, or get my bicycle out.

  26. mytarious

    I believe making that amount of money would in essence be affected by a individuals goals and daily habits directed toward his ultimate goal.He or she must have passion for the reasons behind going after such a goal. I would hustle multiple incomes and balance my savings checking and invest to build a desired discipline of wealth management.All the while taking risk in business ventures that match my values.By believing in revolutionary thoughts and ideas I assist the universe in creation.As you act as a perfect functioning gear in time and space you will be building machines that others would gladly pay for.When we as human individually grow and share we assist other to do the same.This in my opinion is the nature of business.It is easier to not believe than to believe and we who believe make dreams come true and connect humanity to its source.Praise the entrepreneur!

  27. Qasim

    I would call the bank and make a withdrawel

  28. Laura Truitt

    If I knew the answer to that, I wouldn’t need you, Ramit. But, if I thought it would work, I would use all my spare time to 1) Figure out the Teacher-Pay-Teacher market and needs. 2) Choose a part of the market which I could do consistently and develop product 3) Brand myself 4) Market like crazy 5) Get friends to buy first and help market 6) Replicate

  29. Kurt M.

    I have a portable Bobble Heads Entertainment business that you set up at events and make personal bobble heads for guests. If I needed to make $10,000 in a couple months I’d setup a site, advertise it as a way to make a few thousand dollars over a weekend, which we’ve done ourselves so I know it works, but I’d rather sell this business concept to others who could purchase our system, start their own business and we’d each make $10,000 over the next couple of months. My problem is where do I advertise or find a market for people who are looking to start their own portable business with a startup cost under $10,000.

  30. Gwynne Montgomery

    Sell eight of my one-day virtual intensives @ $1250 each.
    Book four of my one month SoulClicks intensives @ 2500 each
    Offer three in-person I come to you Vision Your Life intensives @ $4000 each

    $10,000 isn’t hard to make. At all 🙂

    • Mandi

      Agreed Qwynne. One of the more sensible suggestions here.

      I’d just go and get 1 client, find an way for them to finance full pay, and offer some crazy incentive that made it a no-brainer to pay all cash up front.

    • Male Anak Niyur

      Agree Gwynne.
      In actual fact you can make even more than $10,000 a month selling or promoting courses, either in-house or open to public or you can turn it into a million dollar income doing international seminars or conference.

      I have experienced it when we conduct Dr Edward de Bono programs and selling it at $1,380 per pax for a 2 days seminar and we managed to pull a crowd of 150 pax. So we make more than $200,000 from that alone seminar. If we were to do it every month, its going to be a lot of money and profits.

      Another practical way to make more than $10,000 is to become a an international trader, business consultant or negotiators and playing the game of using other people’s money. You just need to earn a commission, my friend, I am tellling you is a BIG MONEY business.

      I would like to add again that if you have a million dollar, making $10,000 is even easier but you need to be a smart investor or trader or businessmen.

      Thus, I would say its possible to make $10,000 or more whether it in a month’s time or ten months or a year.

  31. jared

    A penny saved is a penny earned. Who the devil would want a “once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia?” Visiting a former penal colony is not on my bucket list and, bingo, I’ve saved ten grand to be spent on something more useful.

    • Fee Burke

      Awwww Jared, you’re so mean you wouldn’t know WHAT was good value. What is on your bucket list? A domino fort?

  32. JJ

    First of all I’d cut some expenses. There are always places you can cut costs, especially if it’s temporary.

    Then, start selling the junk I don’t use or need in my house. Get rid of crap. Sell it on Facebook or eBay or Craigslist or whatever.

    Those two combined probably wouldn’t add up to ten grand unless you had a lot of gold jewelry or something, so after that I’d make up the difference offering a coaching or consulting program of some kind, and call everyone I knew to sell it.

    • Todd

      Yes. Lose my Comcast and hold a yard sale or sell things on Craigslist.

  33. Bryan Dangerous

    I would revisit older satisfied clients that have benefited from my custom high energy comedy juggling show in years past. Shows that they booked for one of their awards night galas or ending entertainment ceremony for a week long conference and get them to re-engage and book a new performance and or give me a referral to another company that might be looking for my special brand of entertainment.

    It would only take 2 as the show is a minimum of $5k each, which reminds me I have emails to write haha thanks Ramit!

  34. Whitney H

    Kickstarter campaign

    • Male Anak Niyur

      Hi Whitney,
      Email me your kickstarter campaign info at
      Thank you.

  35. Sara Jane

    First of all, I’d go sit somewhere quiet in nature and clear my mind, reflect – whether 30 minutes or over a couple of days. Then I go back through my client list (have my own biz) and take a long, hard look at their needs and ask questions: what are they doing now? how has their life changed? do they need information to start a new business? solve a problem? make more money? Brain storm. And then begin outlining and creating a plan to help clients on my dry erase board, and implement it. Pick up the phone, call them: and if I have to send them a personal email message. “What can I do for you today? What’s going on in your life?” And although this is pretty general, it could be modified to fit anyone, anywhere. If you have a list. Thanks Ramit, for sharing and asking the question. Because that’s what I did this a.m. and I’m already on my way to increasing my sales by $10k in the next 3 weeks. : )

    • Marie M.

      People’s comments can be so harsh, I thought yours was the one that made the more sense and was the most realistic. Keep up the good work!

  36. ingmar

    i would go ahead and make my webshop this week on selling stuf for your foreign girlfriend.

  37. Mike

    I honestly have no idea. I think I’d have to pass on this opportunity. I have no skills, interests, expertese, or anything else I could exchange value-for-value to get that $10,000. I really wish I had. I am probably the least knowledgeable, skillful or creative person you’ll ever meet! So sad because I’d love to have an extra $500 per month (nothing like $10,000) just to be able to travel more with my wife during our retirement.

    • Danielle

      This is the saddest thing ever! You can completely hustle $500 per month. If you don’t feel skilled at high-paying things, think smaller. Maybe you make great jams, maybe you love gardening and can offer some landscape design consulting, maybe you can start a blog about raising your income in retirement (here’s what works and what doesn’t sort of thing).

      Feel free to contact me if you want to chat about possibilities. I’d love to help you identify your skills and how you can market them!

  38. Jamie

    Find 3 people/families who want someone to cook 2 home cooked meals a day (within my area) and charge $55 or so for each meal. That’s a thousand shy of $10,000 but it’s close enough. If I really wanted that extra $1000, I’d just have to make an extra meal a day for someone else. Then I’d be making roughly $500 extra.

    So, yes. That’s how I’d avoid selling special brownies.

  39. Ryan

    I would absolutely love to get my additional $10K by simply implementing a system. I would ideally already have multiple revenue streams in-place, including consulting and online programs. Being able to help those in my market while still working from home to be with my family is my dream. At that point, some smart emails, proven sale funnels, and a couple additional calls to existing clients would help me close the gap. It’s probably why I joined ZTL and other courses in the first place!

  40. Tony

    I will invest in my gas and oil business to get the extra money

  41. Rogers Sampaio

    A well design theme on themeforest could give that amount, I am not sure if one month would be enough. I also need to resuscitate my site, and actually this is a very real world problem for me, may be with the right affiliate program I could do 10K a month…

  42. Luis

    Find a high profile (or at least high enough to afford 10k) that I can help, and send him a proposal for solving one of his problems. Probably would have to do some work for free first to prove efficiency and earn trust.

  43. Mike Storms

    I’d go into my existing client , and lead list and contact them for special offers. I would also create added value for them , so they would upgrade , and or purchase additional services.

  44. ML

    Borrow from others using the collateral of my income generating abilities…or my hard assets.

  45. Frank

    I would simply help people!


  46. Jack Turk

    I’d contact 3-5 top name info-marketers to see what high potential-value projects they are NOT currently getting done due to a lack of marketing/copy bandwidth – and offer to create a complete campaign soup-to-nuts for an awesome deal… squeeze page, lead gen emails, sales letter, follow up emails, upsell, etc.

  47. Aaron

    I’d sell 101 $97 ebooks, or maybe double that and pay someone else to write the book.

    • Veronica

      Have you done that successfully?

  48. Maria Quimpo

    SEO consulting, Amazon Private Label selling, and options trading. Already start, still far from the goal, but at least taking action!

  49. Lisa

    I could definitely use 10k next month! I am currently taking a UX design class intensive, I would work like mad to get skills and market the hell out of myself to get projects and do them!

  50. Rakesh Narang

    I would put up an ad for an internship in content writing and seo and get 10 interns.

    I will teach them about blogging and seo and make them work on 10 of new websites which will be owned by me.

    I will teach them content writing, outreach, seo, linkbuilding and, here comes the fantasy part:-

    Assuming each of the website makes $100 that month, I will flip all them on Flippa for 10x the monthly earnings i.e. 10*10*$100 = $10,000.

    That’s how I’ll do it.

  51. Jonathan

    I would try and write a small ebook on a subject I’m knowledgeable in and then sell that for a few dollars to a few thousand people. $2 x 5,000 people = profit??? I think the hardest part would be to get 5,000 people in a month especially if you don’t have any marketing skills but it seems possible to me.

    • Ing'pile

      I love this. Even if the book is crap, once 5k people bought it you have won.

  52. Eve

    1.Well, first of all, I can take a loan in the bank or borrow from a friend (but I don’t like to borrow money).

    2. More difficult pass, I can try to get some photo assignments (but to get 10000$ I will need more than a week about a month of very hard work -30% taxes) Realistically I can maximum get 5 000$

    3. In an ideal world, I would already have my online business with some subscription model and few courses which will bring me 10 000$. (But as per my research nobody interested in branding + photo school for entrepreneurs, and that what I know the best) . So unlikely as of now.

    So it seems my answer is: “no idea :)”

    • VEronica

      Theres a huge guy online who started with a photo site, gosh he’s huge like 6 figures ahmmm can’t think of his name- I wanna say he either now runs Copyblogger or some such site- and he’s an honest guy. Now he dev software and stuff for others to blog with….
      help me out folks what’s his name. EVE you need to be more positive-there is a way with your skill set.

    • Andrea

      Veronica – are you thinking of Darren Rowse? He’s quite inspiring.

    • Eve

      Thanks for your answers and support 🙂
      There are few huge people in the industry. Hope to be one of them one day, for sure 🙂
      Daren’s school DPS is big, but he known more by Problogger 🙂

  53. KJ

    That’s a superb question – As I am literally in that boat, actually needing more than 10k, I’m not too sure really; if I’m honest. I’m hoping that I can glean an idea or info on how to make that happen for me. After reviewing some of the responses and knowing how you help people, I know that it will become reality by putting those simple ideas into motion 🙂

  54. Kevin

    This is actually the easiest thing to do. It’s easier than brushing your teeth on a regular basis.
    1. You create a website that promises people they will get rich/be taught how to become rich.
    2. You charge anything you want for this even if it is scattered. Even when it’s junk. People will buy, because they have a dream to do better. They want that way money.
    3. With you lying to billions of people, millions of them will fall for your scan and pay you $47. You will get rich

    • KQ

      Agreed, not everyone is going to become rich with an Internet idea. Seems like selling a lie will get you there quicker.

  55. Howard

    Sell assets, borrow from friends or family, beg my parents, use credit cards, go to the free loan society, pledge salary against a loan, join über, start selling food or tutoring, my gosh there are so many kosher things to do to generate ten grand in a month.

  56. Linda

    I would sell- I would find something that I believe in, use or love, that is high margin and sell the hell out of it.

  57. Eliz.

    I read through the comments and wondered – if everyone has such great ideas to make money why aren’t they doing that? I have a realistic break down of how much my time is worth, so all projects I work on must bring in revenue. I also do work on spec and keep track of the hours because I allocate X amount of spec work to potential new client. Any new ideas that could realistically bring in money I explore with research and a feasibility plan of action. In my world there is no such thing as “If you could bring in an extra….” it more like “You will bring in an extra…..” Whatever you can conceive the mind will achieve”.

    • Fee Burke

      Thats exactely what I thought Eliz.

  58. Dean

    Similar to you Ramit, I am almost finished my website will be ready by March 1. I have a food friend at a data company. Long hard thoughts about what Im good at. The book and a second site on how to invest, build a portfolio for folks like me who didnt know where to start or how to put together a small business. I wont win the lottery, so work hard but work smart. D

  59. Dillon

    I’m glad you brought this up Ramit. I was challenged in one of my early american history classes on just this. Essentially half the class believed the rich keep getting richer and the poor get more poor because of the rich.

    In a valiant effort to make my case my teacher asked me to write a paper providing a concept that would work. I did, they lost lol.

    I put the paper on my blog to share with my readers at

    Would love any feedback or ideas on it 🙂

  60. Rob Breedlove

    I would create an amazing web training for dentists on “How to treat your patient’s sleep apnea problem without charging the patient.” At the end of the training I would offer to help them do it for $1,500 in a 6 Webinar series.
    I would team up with 2-3 local dental labs to have them market it to their dental lists. I would also advertise to my 1,500 dentists on Linkedin I am connected to.
    My goal would be to have 150 dentists register for the training and half of them come to the web training and 10% buy = $10,500

    Then I would contact individually all who registered for the course and ask them why they didn’t buy. I would offer them a done for you program where I do the work for them at a rate of $10,000 with a goal to have 2% sign up.

    • Carolyn

      Rob, I’m a dentist, so I had to comment. You’re talking about going through Medicaire, right? Or through other medical insurance. Personally, I’d want the patient somewhat invested in the process, I’m not sure “free” care is the best idea. I recently went through training for diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. I’ve learned since that there’s a host of other factors affecting whether a person has a good night’s sleep or not, and I’d love to work with you on putting together a comprehensive report doctors can provide their patients to improve sleep quality. This would be added value for the patients, and would make therapy more effective because not only is the airway issue corrected but the patient is educated on everything they need to know to achieve healthy, restorative sleep. Better results, happier patients, more referrals, and so on.

  61. LM

    I couldn’t think of a realistic way for me to make $10,000 in a month outside of some type of business-y, financial, top corporate work, but if I had to, I’d buckle down, start a blog or YouTube account based on my interests and hope it’d take off from there. *shrugs*

  62. Laurel

    I am a Designer/Remodeler currently working out of an office that is great but is small change compared to the abilities and designs I produce. On my off time I am working big time on my branding, website, and etc. All I need is to close one job within the next month and the profit will be $10K+. Great motivation!!! 😉

  63. Quirkney

    I know I can design and complete two WordPress sites in a week. (Selling them is the hard part for me, not my strong suit)

    So I’d just have to sell and create eight sites at $1,250 each.

    Now I’m here wondering why I have yet to do this…

  64. Aaron

    I would sell a bottle of unicorn tears to startup founders.

  65. Ali

    Surprisingly, the first thing that came to mind was buying up or finding free old shitty furniture, fixing it up, and reselling it on Craigslist for a fair price where it’s good for me but cheaper than your typical “vintage” furniture pieces go for. I’d have to quit my regular job for a month, but I could make it happen I think!

  66. Brian Kessler

    Ramit, I am kicking around the idea of purchasing three or four all inclusive vacation package to somewhere like the Bahamas or Cancuun and holding a weekly raffle for each one of the packages. Not sure exactly how much each raffle ticket would run but probably in the realm of $50-100. I would make the offer available first to friends and family and then open it up to the general public by running a Facebook or Adwords campaign.

    Of course this is assuming that this option is legal considering that proceeds are for personal gain and not a non-profit.

    Going forward, I would continue this strategy to earn enough to fund my dream of opening my own gym.

  67. Yvette

    Sell covered calls & naked puts.

    • Yvette

      Selling options on my current portfolio probably wouldn’t pull in 10k in a month, but it’s a start.

  68. Amber Butler

    Launch our next album with a crowdfunding campaign offering the recording along with other bundles like branded merch, unique art and private house concerts. We raised $4500 the last time we tried this in 2014. Our audience has grown since then so $10,000+ is not an unattainable goal!

  69. Veronica

    First I’m gonna be honest and say “I don’t clearly know or I’d be doing it.” But I love the challenge, I would scale up some of what I am already doing- BUT IT WOULD TAKE LONGER THAN MONTH.
    1. I currently manage website (content wise) so I’d farm that out to indie writers via sites like Upwork etc. giving me MORE TIME.
    2. Turn to my other gig, webiste I SEO’d, that is ranking now (after years in competitive market,) hire indie contractors to do the work the website advertises (for corp clients.) And manage both gigs and grow them.
    3. Then I’d work on scaling both- getting gov contracts (for the second biz,) as I’m in a group that is being encouraged to be in small biz (as we are vastly underrepresented.)
    Actually this is mid to long term plan. I literally think (once I pass 1 year mark to qualify for a program) one contract alone could produce that in a month.
    Oh and take your course perhaps.

  70. Charli

    If I had to make it and really only had a month to do so, I could do it by tutoring high level math and SAT tutoring (from which I have retired). At $100/hour, this is 100 hours of tutoring. Taking one day off per week (30 days – 5 days = 25 working days), I would have to work an average of 4 hours per day.

  71. Elie

    I’d do real estate building sales. If you can’t make 5 million in 10 years selling buildings in Manhattan, you’re doing something wrong. Of course I’d have to figure out how to survive during the lean times, but that wasn’t the question.

  72. Sarah

    Going to give myself a little rope here, assume I need this $10,000 by March 15th.

    That’s 29 days.

    Rounding up slightly, I need to bank $344.85 every day for the next 29 days,

    That’s £238.86 in my currency. Factor in tax at 20%, that bumps up to £298.57, so £300/day. Divide by 8 hours a day (coz I gotta sleep and eat) – £37.50 per hour.

    * I’m a distributor for a company that gives me a 25% commission. Sell £150 worth of products/hour
    * I’m a sexual health and wellness coach. Sell coaching hours at £80/hr, so would need 4 clients a day
    * Organize a 3 week workshop series using materials I have already created. Charge £60 for the series and get 15 people to sign up. That would cover 3 of 29 days.
    * Get my ebook on Amazon and promote the ever living daylights out of it. Priced at £3.95, Amazon takes their cut so let’s say 60% of that sale price comes to me, so £2.37. Sell 16 an hour.

    Ok… so those things each on their own would ignore the fact that my engine will take a little time to get going. So I would do it like this –

    * Find 14 clients. Sign them up to a 1 month package, and spread ’em out two per day. Get people to sign up by saying there are 15 slots only available at this one time low rate, they can lock it in for life by signing up for this month, and the next clients will be at my new rates (£160/day)
    * Sell 20 ebooks average per day (£47.40)
    * Sell £400 worth of products average per day that I distribute, stoke demand by offering a big prize to one person placing a £50+ order over the next 29 days and write off the prize cost against taxes (£100)
    * Run the 3 week workshop, 15 attendees at £60 each (£31/day), Write off room cost and materials against taxes

    Daily total – £338.40 (so there’s some safety built in if something falls short).

    I would be exhausted at the end of this, but it could be done.

  73. Rowan

    Since I work prepping people for business school, hit up all the companies within 200mi who encourage their employees to get MBAs/Masters of Finance and set up a retainer for GMAT Prep/application prep/interview prep/public speaking courses. It’s a hustle to get a £1000 retainer for 10, but putting the retainer up to £2000 up-front and £500/mo afterward, say, would halve the work. More if I could squeeze it. No money invested except dry cleaning and a bit of gas/train tickets.

  74. Suzi

    Become a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, finish earning my tax practice credentials, earn an Excel MS certification and launch my own business!

    • Renee

      I need a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, ha imagine that!

  75. Agostinho Junior

    I would build stuff using gigs. Pay 5 bucks do design a logo, 5 to build a website, 5 for a video with a nice voice over, 5 for illustrations and so on… Then put the pieces together and sell an awesome product.

  76. Renee

    Sell stock options

  77. Agostinho Junior

    Create an online tutoring platform from students to students. First I would go out and meet the students that need help and the students that can help and work as an intermediary. The end game of course would be an uber like system for tutoring, where students could make money on the stuff they’re good at (at least in school).

  78. Meagan

    Well, when I was in college, I had the opportunity to study opera in Italy with staff from the Met. I was taking 24 credit hours, and that didn’t include rehearsals, practice, or my weekend church job. With limited availability, I knew adding a second job wouldn’t get me the money in time, so I sent out an email to every person on the planet. In the email I shared my hopes, goals, and dreams, and how this opportunity would further my career goals. In exchange for a donation, I promised to hold a concert once I returned so people could see a tangible outcome. It worked, and I raised all the money I needed!

    Now, I wouldn’t suggest doing that for just anything, but in the arts world, fundraising is pretty common, so my method just so happened to work.

    And, of course, the best thing to do to generate more income is to start an online business with Zero to Launch. 😉

  79. David

    Launch a local digital marketing agency instead of just freelancing.

  80. J.

    I love this question. And, really, we should be thinking like this all the time. Trying to make ten grand in a month is not a pie-in-the-sky proposition.

    As for me: I’m currently working to productize my consulting work (which earns me about $1,500 per month) into a $1,000 deliverable product. My goal is to sell 5 per month by June, then 10 per month by December. Though if I went into full overdrive right now, I could probably try to sell 10 by next month to earn $10,000 right away.

  81. Noah

    Interesting how few people seem to be paying attention to “need it next month.”

    I’d start consulting more on the side. It’s exhausting, but there are some ways to make new opportunities happen by the hour. I’d see a lot less of my family for awhile, but $10k isn’t crazy at $150/hr. I’d basically be working an extra 15 hours/week for that month. It’d suck, but it’d be doable.

    (Consulting doing what? I’m a coder. Web site work or DevOps, likely.)

  82. Meaghan

    Assuming my plan is to visit Australia and not to quit my job:

    1. Use IWTYTBR’s Dream Job material to negotiate a raise, targeting $10k+.
    2. Re-prioritize my activities outside of work to allow more dedicated time for a side job
    3. Use IWTYTBR’s Earn1K material to fill in the gaps with freelancing – ex. cat sitting for folks in my area ($15-$20/day per cat), tutoring ($50+/hour), project management services ($60+/hour)

    Thanks for the reminder that we can take control of what & how we earn, Ramit! This exercise made me think more deeply about how I could position myself for a $10k raise, if needed (annnnd now I’ll be reaching out to my manager about a raise within the next month).


  83. Kelly Osborne

    I’m a seamstress, I’d make as many things from my current sewing stash and sell them. I might also try and throw a costumed ball or event to necessitate the need for new costumes I could sell.

  84. Dave

    I would quit being a bitch and finally pursue my dreams. I would login to Zero to Launch again for the first time in almost 2 years to brush up on all of the skills and knowledge I hid behind my convenient but pitiful corporate paycheck. I would believe in myself like I once did back in High School. I have so many opportunities in front of me, I just need to take them.

  85. Tracy

    I would work on getting speaking engagements, host a few of my own and presell my book which is not finished. If there was enough time, I would put together and sell some online videos that I could later package into a larger more expensive program. I would also focus on getting high end clients for my new programs. My field is adult sex education and hypnosis with a specialization in both sexual dysfunction and enhancement. I also created an Art of Female Orgasm workshop so I believe that while my topic is risque it is also fun, exciting and people need good information from a reputable source. Ok, if things were really desperate, I might also do a gofundme project related to my book and workshop and a hypnogasm hypnosis show (just kidding).

  86. Jason

    I actually was in a spot about 7 years ago when we closed my wife’s business, our income was down by 40% and we needed $10,000 in 1-2 months to pay off some big bills…

    We looked around the house and found items we no longer needed and no longer brought us joy. We sold them on EBay and had a few garage sales (old computer parts, collectible sports items, old clothes, sporting goods, etc). We had no idea how much we would get, just that it would clean up our lives and get us extra money.

    In 2 months we earned an extra $15,000. Then we ran out of stuff to sell, so we started going to garage sales, auctions, flea markets and bought more stuff to sell.

    We now have a thriving business selling vintage home decor online.

  87. Tara

    To come up with that much money that fast…….I’d solicit Sony Go Pro…..offer a video diary of the trip & everything the destination has to offer, my true thoughts & experiences in my adventure if they would fund the trip

  88. Targoon

    I would make it by value investibg in stock market

  89. Kathleen

    I would create a detailed curriculum for a training program in data science, probability, and critical thinking skills – geared toward middle-school kids. I would run the program as an intensive weekend training over 4 weekends. There would be field trips and fun stuff too – and the kids would each complete a project with data involving their personal interests.

    To recruit students, I would call everyone I know in town who has kids or who knows people that have kids. I would meet the parents personally to describe the program, and describe what the students will take away. I live in Boulder, CO, which is full of rich parents who value technical ability. I would meet the prospective students too, to get them excited and make sure they were actually interested.

    I would recruit 20 students, and I’d get 3 of my smart friends to help run the program. If I charged $800 tuition, I could pay my friends $2000 each, and still come out with $10,000.

    I could put the whole thing together in a month and have the $10,000 in hand. Of course then I’d have to actually carry it out for the next 4 weekends, so it’s maybe a 2-month proposition.

    It would probably be a lot of fun!

  90. Patricia Delfin

    I would create a conscious product line – either online or brick and mortar. But give guilt-free product options where I can generate money for me and others.

  91. Poole

    I’d open a game room!!! Would need at least 25k to start though…😧😧😧

  92. Josh

    I’d probably copy (Farnam Street Blog), which is not only one of the best businesses I can think of but it’s also one worthy of emulation. Highly recommended.

    Guy must pull in $1m + a year and it’s all soft sell, substance over entertainment, and high value add.

    • Shane


      A friend of mine pointed me to your comment. I’m the person behind the scenes for the site you mention. I appreciate you saying nice things about how we go about creating and capturing value.

      I just wanted to comment on something — The notion that you can build an incredible and loyal audience in only a few weeks or months is not real for most people.

      I spent years building Farnam Street before ever asking people for anything. And that wasn’t all upward trajectory.

      My transition echoes Ramit’s in many ways — struggling to charge people money, delivering something different than other people, and ensuring the value proposition is real. (I’ve had a bit of a rougher challenge because I’m trying to build the business around “Farnam Street” and not my name. If you’re starting out, it’s easier to build trust by using your name. )

      That’s the key thing for any online content-based business right now — recognizing that readers have easy choices and you’re just an opportunity cost.

      Take Farnam Street for example. We have thousands of weekly readers that you’d know by name — Four Star Generals, Championship NFL Coaches, best-selling authors, elected officials, Multiple Fortune 50 CEOs, etc.

      The most valuable thing any of those people can give Farnam Street is time — they have a very high opportunity cost. These people trade money for time all the time.

      That means I need to really understand why they are reading Farnam Street and what they are trying to walk away with. … It means substance over entertainment — They are not reading FS to laugh, they are reading to explore themselves, make better decisions, and see things that other people don’t. Why? Because that gives them a leg up in life. It helps them maintain or enhance themselves and and they want in life.

      The funny thing is this knowledge is available to most people .. but very few of us are willing to take the leap.

      If you’re interested in a free weekly digest that will make you smarter, check it out.

  93. Darwin leonardo

    1 – create a Facebook group with a niche theme. (Restaurant owners)

    2- advertise the group to a specific target group. (Restaurant owners)

    3- get at least 5,000 members to that group via advertising.

    4-find out what their single biggest issue is in their business.

    5- create a product to solve that issue. (Ebook) (website) (app) (Facebook ads guide)

    6- get at least 500 of those members to pay $20.00 for the product.
    7- ride my horse into the sunset with my $10,000 and an email list which I can up sell other more expensive products.

    8-why haven’t I done that yet? You tell me….

  94. C F

    I’ve sort of done this while consulting. One gig hardly gave me 30hr/wk, so I found more clients and charged them similar rates. If I needed an extra 10k right away (next month), I could find another client and charge higher rates (e.g. 20hr/wk @ $125/hr)

  95. Garrett Daun

    I’d spend an extra hour or so each day to reach out to a few my best clients to step up their efforts into an Elite Training package.

  96. Eric

    I would flip houses or cars. These kinds of assets can be bought cheaply at auction, and I know tons of people who could fix whatever’s wrong. I would partner with people who know how to get things done, in exchange for a cut.

  97. Debbi Sanzo-Davs

    The way to 10k in a month is promoting something you feel passionately about and brings value to those who are giving you the 10k. Nothing sleezy and calculated. You need to believe in what you are selling.
    My answer lies in memberships to my organization -The New Self-Health Movement. I created it to give health coaches a platform and confidence to seek out and help the growing numbers of people interested in improving their health/wellbeing.
    Assisting the Health Coach in growing their business, giving them a community and confidence to provide a much needed service to the public. In addition I envsion the NSHM giving back to global causes and helping those who do not have the resources or ability to help themselves.

    This has been my passion for the past 3 years. Following a 30 year airline career, exhausted I sought and regained my own health, lost over 70lbs, ultimately becoming a health coach.

    I am making my way to creating a membership site. I currently host health coach book launches, retreats and now want to turn my attention to building the online part of the equation – annual memberships and EXCELLENT content.

    That is where I need Ramit and “Zero to Launch”.My next piece to the puzzle.

    Timing is everything and I am almost ready!
    Until then I am a sponge and read everything Ramit sends. Participated in “20X your Potential” last week. It was awesome.

    However if I were faced with needing that 10k immediately, like next month, although not ready and would probably have many moments of doubt I would do my best , probably not sleep much and jump on it.

    I sense With Ramit’s help it wont be long now! 2016!

  98. Curtis

    Find someone who is actually doing it and copy them, no bs. Assuming it’s something I could duplicate.

    • cam

      …and you identify their flaws and use it as your usp and then advertise in the same places they do.

  99. Ralph

    Did it last fall. Needed 10k for windows for my paid for house. First step, got a 60k home equity line of credit with 0 interest rate for 5 months.

    Second, call my credit card issuer, get a new card with a 10k limit and 0 interest rate for 15 months.

    Pay for windows with credit card.

    Get roommate in empty bedroom paying enough to make the credit card payment.

    Done, and with 60k available if I should need it.

  100. Hannah

    A lot of people seem to be attempting to create shortcuts to passive income, I think that’s really dumb. $10K in passive income per month is a $5M dollar business easily. You can’t get from 0-$5M in a single month. However, $10K in active income is much more doable, but it has to be extra income, so I can’t just say, I will work my job.

    For me, I would take all my vacation time for the next month (thereby giving me time to devote to this), and I would purchase in cash one of the several hot real estate deals in my area that would be good candidates for a flip. A single month is a very tight turnaround for a buy, fix and sell, but it could possibly be done. I don’t know of a single other business that you could start from scratch and make $10K out of the gate.

    I’ve started some consulting on the side, and unless I quit my job, I would have a hard time getting that past $3-4K per month even without first building a great business model.

  101. Priya B

    – Ask for a raise at my current job
    – Generate new business for my company as to increase commission
    – Take up a side job after work hours like as an Uber driver

  102. Derrick

    I’d sell the stuff in my house I no longer use. Take a loan out for the remainder. Be real people, you aren’t staring a business and clearing (net) 10k in 30 days.

  103. Reyna

    Launch a commercial / medical product that I have invented and under the process of patenting.

  104. Jonathan M

    If I had to make $10,000 next month:

    The only way I know how to do it is through real estate. I own a couple of rental properties currently and could contact a handful of full time flippers, wholesalers, landlords, developers, real estate agents, loan officers, hard money lenders, and private lenders if I need to. I’d contact all of them and attend every real estate meetup in my area. I’d find out how to do targeted marketing so I could locate distressed property in my area. I’d partner up with another investor, find a private lender or hard money lender, and target an up and coming area near where I live. I’d make an offer on a property once I locate a favorable deal and get it under contract, and secure the financing through a private or hard money lender. I’d rehab the property and sell it for a profit. I’d get other properties under contract but quickly flip those to other investors for a quick turnaround, since the turnaround for a full rehab could take anywhere from 3 – 6 months.

    It’s not easy to do this, especially in a 1 month time frame, but it is possible.

    Another option would be for me to find a web development contract. I am a front end web developer that specializes in javascript, css, and javascript technologies like nodejs and reactjs. Contracting gigs pay more than full time gigs due to their inherent instability and less overhead for the person hiring the contractor, so if you play it right, it can be quite lucrative. My plan was due to do this anyway once I gain more experience but if I absolutely had to for some reason, I could try to get an $80/hour contracting position by reaching out to my network and doing some of the dreamjob steps. That would equal over $12,000 a month gross if you work 40 hours a week.

  105. pete

    Sell Adequan, Legend and Gastroguard to all the extremely wealthy millionaire equine people in Wellington Florida at the Winter circuit who are all seeking a deal on pharmaceuticals.

  106. Benjamin

    Couple of ways to be honest,… I wouldn’t use all of them to fund a dream trip to Australia –
    1) Sell a few belongings to monetize them for ready cash
    2) Take a loan / credit card
    3) Moonlight along with my regular job for 30 days to finish 1 project – I can do some pretty bad ass stuff in the marine industry and I know people in the market who will think $10000 is a deal to pay for the work I do at my regular job.

  107. Mike

    I’d make the $10k while making my customers’ lives more kick-ass and making the world a better place to be at the same time: I’d set up an extra Permaculture Design Certificate course. I could fill a 10 student course any time at $1,200/ student. Easy peasy.

    By the way, I hate you Ramit, because you’re soooo freakin’ right all the time. Seriously, would you stop being a stereotype of everybody’s super-smart Asian friend? 🙂 Your material on finding product ideas has totally changed the way I work as a businessman and activist.

    This weekend I VOLUNTEERED MY TIME AND MONEY to put on an all-day course on self-reliance (for weird white people like me) for $25/person. By the way, we sold out in a couple weeks and ended up with a huge waitlist of people who were angry because they didn’t get in. First strike. Then the farm I was volunteering at rescheduled last-minute because of they couldn’t find somebody to plow their parking lot, and I GOT A BUNCH OF NASTY EMAIL from people! Because I volunteered my time (instead of charging $400 like usual,) the farm didn’t value it, and the customers didn’t care that I was volunteering, they only knew they paid for something and they weren’t happy with MY BUSINESS for not delivering.

    If I had charged what I was worth, I STILL would have been doing good, in fact, I could have brought in MORE money for the farm and everybody would have been happier.

    Never again….

  108. Rigel

    I’m an electrical contractor with a really nice website. Some of the interior designers and even GC’s I work for have shitty, outdated sites because they don’t care/don’t realize/don’t know who to go to for results. I could charge them about $3500 (I assume) to totally modernize their site, adding better pictures and new layout (probably just a squarespace site). I don’t actually do the work, my friends do, but I have the trust of the people I’ve done work for because my work quality is high and I’m honest in my pricing, so I can get away with charging a lot for a site that will significantly increase their ability to attract new clients, especially since they have no net-savvy. It’d be an easy sell, and paying my friends $500 each for the photographer/photo editor and SS designer would be plenty. I’d only need to sell this website upgrade to four people. The only reason I haven’t done this is that I worry I overestimate the benefit they’d receive from this, and that it would put a strain on our existing work relationships. Most of their current clients are old white people living in the Upper East Side, so I don’t know for certain that they would even be able to adapt to clientele who make decisions based on website appearance over word-of-mouth (their current advertising format).

    It’s a tough call. I’d rather sell my assets, but I only own 2 motorcycles, so that’s around $4500 if I sell in mid March. Before that I would have to just hustle, electrical work on the side, all cash. 37.5 hours each week at $40/hour would come out to $6000, so that totals $10500, leaving $500 in wiggle room.

    My illegal choice is just transporting cigarettes from Virginia to NYC. Nothing crazy going on here.

  109. Taylor

    A) Create an in-person / digital based personalized health protocol program (dietary choices, strength training, detox protocols, etc) charge $400 per month, with a 3 month minimum contract. Get 10 people to sign up, BOOM – $12,000.

    B) Create an online program offering Detox and Cleansing Protocols marketing as “Spring Cleaning”, make sure to create a “community” where people doing the program can write in to and communicate with each other. Charge $197, get 50 customers. Post in FB groups, write a few articles on MindBodyGreen, host local workshops in my area.

  110. Mil

    At this point, long-term profitability and moving towards my dreams would suffer if my life depended on an extra $10,000 next month. I am booked for 3-4 months at a rate of close to $100.00 an hour. So I would quit quoting new projects, quit building new processesam, quit everything that didn’t actually result in billable hours, quit my social life, and throw another 30+ hrs a week into work for the next month. It would be brutal and un-sustainable, but if my life depended on it?

  111. Tay

    Most of these answers really annoy me, as I’m sure they do Ramit.

    Here’s what I AM ACTUALLY DOING to make $10,000 by next month.

    1. I made a list of all the things I am good and enjoy at and used Ramit’s free demand matrix to test for profitable ideas. I ended up with “rehabilitating aggressive dogs.”

    2. I asked all my friends if they ever had or knew a dog with aggressive behavior issues. I asked them more about their experience, getting to understand the frustrations, the invisible scripts and struggles. I asked what their ideal dog ownership would be like. I asked about their expectations before the dog and the reality of the struggle after. Received 18 responses.

    3. I created a list of tactics that users could do in a few minutes each day to help their dog. I turned them into a downloadable PDF.

    4. I wrote a short kindle book outlining the simple reason why ALL dogs aggress, and why using the 10 tactics from the PDF actually removes the cause of the problem. The book is free. The copy and meta info on the Amazon listing is excellent.The average download rate for free kindle books is 1000 per day, but we’ll see.

    5. I will be publishing this book tomorrow. I am at the 2-week point since I began this process. Inside the book are several suggestions to download the list of simple, but fast-working tactics. The link is to a leadpage where they trade their email for access. The average conversion is about 8-12% for non-fiction books that are read (only about a third downloaded are actually consumed).

    6. I have a few emails ready as well. As people start seeing results (if done correctly, it will be in a matter of days) trust will be built and I have a sales email in the works asking for a pre-sell to save their seat in a premium video course to be launched within the next 90 days.
    I would need 100 sales of $100 to make my goal. Run the math, and if I can get 20% to buy, it will take about 2 weeks to build my qualified list.

    7. While monitoring this, I am setting up small, free weekly workshops in the community for those with aggressive dogs. I have application forms ready for the end, after I’ve discussed with everyone their problems, where they want to be, and if I can help. Everyone who doesn’t apply for a consultation package for $1000 (I only need 10 clients) from me gets directed to my free book. Maybe my cheaper course will be a more viable option.

    I want to note that I have never been a consultant, I just believe I can help people who struggled like I did and who can trust the extensive research I did which resulted in a simple, tested, and helpful system. I don’t even have my website built yet, just a domain name and some lead pages.

    $10,000 in a month, bring it on.

    • Jeffrey

      I am curious and have been thinking about this for months. How did this work out for you?

  112. Fatjon

    I would use them to start trading and with the money I would win I would help the poor people and everybody who need money too like me

  113. Paul J. Brosnan

    I would sell a few of my shares. I already have generally enough money to live comfortably but if I crashed my car or my house got flooded I would sell a share or two to get back afloat.

  114. Tim

    Solve a marketing, efficiency, or sales problem for one company or business. Show them the problem, convey the cost of not fixing it. Show them how you will fix it for no cost, while simultaneously identifying more significant problems that you have the solution. Agree on a contract that returns no less than 10k/monthly, payable in advance (tactfully reminding them that you have already added value to their business).

  115. ESI

    1. Sell something (like a car)
    2. Borrow it
    3. Write and publish an ebook
    4. Ask you. 😉

  116. G

    In a month? Starting from scratch… No way. If you want to work your way up to $10,000 you can do it in a couple of months. I would sell online. Buy merchandise for way less and do research on what is selling and what isn’t and price accordingly. (You have to do the numbers first). Then you upload and sell. It’s a good way of making enough money, all you need to do is work hard. Now, once you have it down, you can get those $10,000 a month. But it is work, obviously. The amount of work you put in is proportional to the amount you’ll get back if you do it right. Once you have that money you can invest on more for your business and grow it. There are several ways to do it. But in all honesty, if you don’t know how to or you don’t have someone to guide you, it is really hard to get there. Especially if the people around you have never done this.

  117. Michael

    A finance professor once said this in class: “The secret to succeeding in finance is being in between a lot of money.”

    With that in mind, I’d find a large business deal between disparate members of my network to broker, and take a Finder’s fee cut.

  118. Nilson

    If its really that urgent, for the next month, I would sell leadership and business consultancy or act as a leadership coach. I would reach the market and my network for clients.

  119. Ryan

    I’m turning 30 and I did model out how much money I would need to make over the next decade in order to be financially secure by 40. I based it on what I learned from IWT, also Tony Robbin’s “Money Master the Game” and “The Millionaire Next Door.” My takeaways were:

    1) It’s difficult to generate large amounts of money (like $5M) via an earned income, i.e. a job, unless you have both a high income job and can sustain a super high savings rate (like 50% of post-tax income). Ironically, if you have a high income job you’re likely living in a high cost area and/or living a high cost lifestyle, so it’s difficult to save that much.

    2) You must have a combination of both a high savings rate and a strong ROI on your savings (like 15%+ annualized ROI) in order to generate that level of wealth.

    3) It’s also difficult and risky to generate that kind of ROI through public markets, i.e. stocks, bonds, real estate.

    4) The ideal setup is to own a small but high-growth business where you can pay yourself a decent amount (probably not very high) but you have the personal flexibility to control your living expenses, sustain a high savings rate (probably not super high), and invest the savings into your business and/or start or invest into other high-growth small businesses.

    5) This type of small business would most likely be a high-income professional service (independent lawyers especially taw lawyers, accountants and other financial services professionals, doctors) or an online business.

    6) Even if the online business doesn’t generate a huge amount of income, if it gives you the flexibility to control your expenses, then you can increase your savings rate. And if you can successfully start one small online business, then you could attempt to create multiple “cash-flow generating assets.”

    7) Not everyone can run a business. But a big takeaway from Millionaire Next Door was, the lessons that you learn from entrepreneurship — learning how to create value and be paid for it, to be lean and cut expenses, and the courage to get started — are the lessons you must learn in order to generate wealth.

  120. Dustin

    I would invest every waking hour into a solid network marketing business, reaching out to 100 plus people per day to join the business or become a customer. I would give them a simple, repeatable model to expand their network and build their own teams, thus multiplying the network of recruits/ customers.

    This level of effort would likely produce around $3000-$5000 in a month in total revenue with a company that has a strong comp plan. Not $10k, you say. True. But it would create a residual income that would turn into $10k over the following months, plus some. This is the best way to legally get it done.

  121. Pamela

    Real estate-that’s all I have anyway-I would flip my home and buy another one -only if I really needed the money-
    Maybe start a business online-something-hummmmmmmmmm

  122. Arctic

    Easy, First I would evaluate what resources I have on hand, Second I would look at my skills and what I could bring to the table, Third I would see what combinations of above would pay the best and what the time lines to get them earning are as well as start up costs if any, Fourth profit.

    For example I’ll tell you what I’m doing now getting to that mystic 10k bracket, First I have my normal day job I enjoy which brings in about 4500 of that to start with, Second I build computers and sell them from my home as that is a talent of mine and the area I live is pretty rural, I don’t have a webpage yet but I’m still saving to have a professional one done up as I’m horrible at making them, But even from my home by word of mouth in an area with few computer shops (read none) I make about 1200 a month profit even after putting aside 35% for taxes.

    Next I have my pickup which though not uncommon at all around here is a good tool, I advertise moving services trash hauling and I take any and all scrap metal, junk cars and old appliances and computers I can find on days I’m not working, this adds about 1k a month after the usual 35% taxes.

    And lastly I took several gun classes back in a big city before moving to this area rangeing from maintance to mods to concealed carry to basic long range rifle tactics (in English how to hit a target), this community doesn’t have a dedicated gunsmith or anyone to teach them these skills and the nearest places to learn are 5 to 6 hours away so I offer those services and classes after getting my license’s and there ya go, 3k per month after taxes.

    My average per month is right between 5k on a bad month and 13k on a good one, tends to average out around 8k give or take, granted its a lot of work but to get making money without the internet and webpages usually is, plus it helps set me up long term to open my own company.

    • Mark Hallam

      Hey Arctic,

      I live in a small town and would love to learn to put computers together for people. What is the best way to go about doing that? Do you include service with that or stick strictly to sales?

      How much are you looking to spend on a website?

  123. Roman Navarro

    I would create an online business that teaches people who think they can’t play guitar and show them that they can create music. They don’t even need to know a thing about music theory to play well.

  124. John Buehler

    IMHO I think that the task of earning an extra 10K this month is a far more difficult task that that of earning an extra 5 million in the next 10 years. This issue is one of ramp up time and sustainability. Given the brief timeframe, you would need to focus on the use of your existing assets, the skills you have and the items that you control. If you happen to have a website with a few million daily visitors, then the task shouldn’t be too terribly difficult. Lacking that however, most people would have to be a bit more hard working.

    Personally I would lean on my skill as a software developer in a very specific field and reach out to a fairly large network of sales agents and hunt down some custom applications work. With a bit of luck, a lot of long days and sound planning I could do it.

    That said, it would de-value my long term goals. Even if you can charge a very high hourly rate (whatever you consider high, for sake of argument $500 per hour) you are limited on return. And the higher that rate, the smaller the audience. Audience is key. Touch more people, make more money.

    I rarely comment on things like this, but this one sparked my interest. While I am not focused on the short term, I am currently leveraging the short term to provide funding for the long term. A 5 million dollar 10 year goal is conservatively achievable, but not without sacrifice. “Passive income” isn’t passive, chances are that is you have some form of passive income you have already bled for it. I know that is the case for mine.

    Hard work, determination and ruthless follow through work.

    Best of luck to you all.
    (except those who wanted to be Porn Stars, Thieves and Drug Dealers. I have no words for you)

  125. Mark

    I live in Australia so don’t need it…

  126. Kate

    Hey Ramit!

    Great post.

    If I were to make $10,000 in the next month I would create online courses and content that encouraged women to love themselves and boost their self esteem – de-bunking the media, social media and psychological reasons behind why we get blind-sided to hate ourselves and make bad decisions.

    If I could help just 10 women to not sleep with that horrible guy, stop using the world ‘i fucked up’ and help them learn to look to look at themselves in the mirror with pride not shame I’d feel like my skills would be used for what they were meant to be used for.

    Do you think i should create video or written content to execute this?


    • Richard

      Wow Kate your idea is brilliant!

      You are answering a need that a lot of women have. Therefore you will have a lot of potential customers who would pay you for the value you bring to them.

      However, god forbid, if you end up with no customers, you would still have benefitted yourself because your research and the creation of the products would internalize in you the reasons why you should not hate yourself. You would benefit even if others don’t have the wisdom to see past the dollars and cents.

      I think that you should create both videos and written material if possible.

      Videos add a personal touch. And written content may sometimes be mis-interpreted. Therefore, for difficult and touchy subjects you may want to accompany your written content with videos so that the women can hear your tone of voice and see your facial expressions and feel assured that you mean well.

      All the best!

    • Tim

      My wife had the same idea. She started a website, wrote an ebook and tried other conventional forms of advertising (Facebook, flyers, word of mouth etc). Nothing worked. She ended up with two clients after a year of work. It seems like most young women don’t really think they need help.

  127. Michael

    I would ask for help wherever I could, but this would not get me $100 let alone $10,000. I would try to focus on my strengths in music instruction, and push for more students. Perhaps work on improving curriculum to help streamline and students see more visible results. Maybe try to compete with the hundreds or thousands of people on youtube and make video lessons. I would try to find events to volunteer my services at (of course that would mean no payout) to build a bigger presence in my community. I could perform at various locations in the area for tips or beer, for sure. None of these things would earn me $10,000 in a month. Most of these things would earn something meager that could build over a long period of time. I am thinking that the idea behind this kind of question is basically “If you can think up a way to do it, then why aren’t you doing it?”, or somewhere in that ballpark though.

    • Andrew

      Dear Michael,

      It’s brilliant that you are a music instructor! I know many music instructors that only have 1 student per lesson though. If you are one of them, how about considering what an additional student (or 2 additional students) can do to add value to the lesson?

      Then you would also be training them to speak in musical terms when giving comments about another person’s performance.

      If you do make video lessons, you can tell your existing students about it! The videos would feel special to them because they know you in person!

      And if you don’t get many subscribers the first week, don’t give up! You would be surprised how much a difference in sound quality or a different angle or simply keeping the video camera steady can help viewers! So continue to experiment around!

    • Alex M

      Hi Michael,

      I love that you’re a music instructor and that volunteering comes to mind when you talk about expanding your presence. As a performer, you maybe able to partner with non-profits or community organizations to participate in fundraising type events where you are paid from some of the proceeds. This has been successful for support local artist in my community.

      The other side of the performance aspect can be to host recitals and performances multiple times a year with admission. Upgrade the event by providing tables, a catered meal, and awards and you can increase the ticket price – of course, knowing the demographic you cater to and their means. People love to go to events where they get awards and will bring family and friends. Food also increases the perceived value of the event often at a fraction of the cost.

      Don’t have enough students? Partner with other music instructors in the area, maybe with different instrument specialties. Share the profit. The more participants and the bigger the crowd, the more to go around. Plus, you build goodwill and your own reputation as the organizer.

      Good luck!

  128. Erna

    I am currently working for a private label home fragrance (candle, diffuser, fine perfume) manufacturer who does turnkey design, R&D, production, QC and distribution. When you scored an order from a large brand (can’t say the names) for all of their hundreds to thousands stores, each PO for the year could be $500k-2M. If you land 5-6 brands, you get yourself $5M in 1-2 years at most (from the time you meet them, to them paying you). Once you have the POs, you can get funding from banks, and with tight cash flow planning, you don’t have to tight up your own cash for very long because you only purchase what the customer needs you to produce. I said 5-6 brands because you also need to consider your own overhead and people’s salaries. I’ve been in this fragrance industry for almost 15 years, and this is no joke. We could learn from this business model too if you are not in fragrance industry. If you can minimize your investment risks by securing the orders before you invest your cash, like online business (could be selling entertainment tickets or services), and plug this business into a large channel of consumers, you could get that $5M in probably less than 10 years.

    • Bob

      Thank you Erna for your wonderful sharing!

      I think people like you should share more often! People need to know that earning more money is not an evil or wrong thing and that earning more money is very easy and logical once you develop the skills or in the case of the fragrance business, once you develop the system to do it!

      In fact, in your company’s case, imagine if someone suddenly comes along and proposes a challenge. For the next year, earn just enough to cover cost and $50k extra. No more.
      Now that would be hard! Firstly, your existing customers may not want to buy after such a limit is imposed because they can only buy a small number of fragrance products (before your company ends up earning more than the $50k limit).

  129. R

    Flip a house. It is not something I have ever done before, but I have been learning about it, and it is the only way I know to legitimately earn $10K or more after expenses.

  130. Mark Brown

    These posts are always interesting to me because so many people comment and say “easy, I’d just do … ” But no one ever actually does what they say. Why wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you like an extra $10k next month? The answer is people don’t execute because it’s NOT easy. If it was everyone would do it, the economy would be fixed, world hunger would end, and the unicorns would make a glorious return across a bridge made out of rainbows.

    Short answer: this is a misnomer ‘get rich quick’ question, it’s not that it CAN’T be done. It’s that when it does happen it’s not the norm, it’s the exception.

    For people who mention Kindle, this is a nice idea. BUT you need to write a book (takes time), market the book (takes more time), and then build a readership (even more time). Doing that all in a month? Not likely. Not impossible, but not likely. If you are saying “I’d just write and release 2 books to my already established readership of 5,000 people, then I’d have $10k by next month,” GTFO that’s not the point of the topic. You’re already an established success with a readership that has taken a lot more than a month to build. (I’m not knocking you, I’m happy for your success! But it didn’t happen in a month.)

    Flipping real estate is also a cool idea, but takes skill, knowledge, hard work, luck, seed money, and practice, all of which take time (more than a month) to develop. As with before, if you could walk into a housing market with $100 in your pocket and walk out with $10k a month later without the aforementioned requirements, everyone would do it. If you’re an established real estate broker who has years of experience, and success, GTFO this post isn’t for you. (Congratulations on your success, but it didn’t happen in a month.)

    Small business? Same story. Market research, hitting the right timing, setting it all up, marketing, getting the product/service right. This all takes more than a month; takes practice, and knowledge built from failing numerous times. If you have a 10,000 name-long list of loyal customer-subscribers and then tell me you’re going to “start a new business” to make $10k in the next month, GTFO, this post isn’t for you either. Your business isn’t new, it’s an extension of the foundation you’ve already built. (Again, congratulations on your success, but it didn’t happen in a month.)

    Stock market? Just put your money in an envelope and mail it to Wall Street, if you’re lucky you’ll misspell the address and the money will be ‘returned to sender’ by the post office.

    I think you get my point by now. Of the people posting here, how many have actually had success with their plan…in a month? How many have even tried it? I’m not saying you won’t be successful. Try, fail, try again, fail again, re-think, re-map, fail a few more times, then get it right eventually. That’s success in the norm. And it’ll take you more than a month, but it’ll probably be worth it.

    • Richard

      Dear Mark,

      If you call yourself a skeptic, you need to be more skeptical. You need to be skeptical enough to consider the possibility that your perspective may not be the only one that exist. And your perspective certainly is not a helpful one.

      If you call yourself a realist, you need to be more realistic. You need to accept more of reality into your mind. The part of reality that is helpful, the part of reality that works. And certainly, the part of reality that is positive.

      I certainly hope you don’t speak to your kids the way you communicated in this comment.

      Firstly, I would say that you are not wrong. You are right. Because if you turn to face a wall and after that I ask you to tell me about the world in front of you, you would be right to say that the world in front of you is a wall. You can turn around and face the horizon behind you at any time if you want to. There are many people waiting for you there!

      You know a lot. But the stuff that you know is only of value if you complement it with other side. The stuff that you know, when added together with the stuff that works, is more than the sum of its parts. However, the stuff that you know, by itself, only leads to feelings of doom.

      When you were young, you probably told your parents that you wanted to become an astronaut an inventor like Thomas Edison. Statistically speaking, you are reaching for a needle in the haystack. But I believed your parents still said to you, “Bravo, my son, I believe you can do it!” In your world, at that time, it was just you working towards becoming an astronaut.
      What is a financial planner? As a child you probably didn’t know. What is an insurance agent? You certainly didn’t know that back then. And what is a taxi driver? Hey young children may not even understand the concept of a taxi yet!
      But they feel energized when thinking of themselves flying towards the moon or flying towards the Sun.

      Then primary school came and you didn’t want to go to school because it was painful. There was homework, teachers told you to sit down and behave. Teachers told you to keep quiet. To add insult to injury, mum and dad was not around. It was a horrifying experience! So you come home and tell mum that you won’t go to school tomorrow.
      And mum told you that you need to go to school to become an astronaut.
      And you think, ok, if school can make me an astronaut, maybe I will try going to school tomorrow. The weeks flew by and you made friends, your teachers showed their humorous side. You joined a sports club. And hey you even got a best friend at school! You started going to school because you now feel energized when thinking about playing with the other kids, you feel happy thinking about the next story your teacher would tell and you feel great about seeing your best friend again tomorrow!
      And then sixth grade came and your teacher asks you: What do you want to be when you grow up?
      And you may have forgotten about becoming an astronaut, because you say, “I don’t know, maybe a teacher!”

      Just because we grow five foot taller and speak in complete sentences now doesn’t mean the child in us has disappeared.

      What is Cost-Per-Action? Some people don’t know. What is a copywriter? Some people may not know that either. But everyone knows that earning $10k is a good thing. And everyone starts off thinking about the sense of satisfaction of earning money. The methods come later. The desire to serve comes later. And certainly, the perfect solution that you, Mr Mark Brown expects, comes later.

      What you are doing is telling the child that people born in this neighbourhood won’t become an astronaut even before the child has started primary school! And you may have plenty of past statistics to back up your claim.

      But no way will the child step into primary school after hearing you say that.

      And by the way, although no one in this neighbourhood has become an astronaut yet, there are already 10 people working for NASA. Did you know that? Or did you feel satisfied and stop searching once you had enough evidence to prove that this is a hopeless world?

      A skeptic? Nah.
      A realist? How real can one be facing a wall? Nah.

  131. Sim Campbell

    I would provide a solution to a problem people are desperately willing to pay for. It doesn’t matter what it is – as long as there’s a need for it. If the need is big enough, you will find people willing to fork out all they can for it. Ramit has shown this time and time again.

    Find a market -> Test the idea -> See if it resonates -> Pitch it -> Get testimonials/social proof -> Profit.

  132. Adam

    Spend 1 week writing and editing an amazing guest post that provides direct value to a relatively wide niche. Get the copy exactly right based on a deep understanding of the audience and their needs/burning pains and a willingness to pay.

    Spend 3 weeks hustling to get a guest post (with an allowable CTA and link to my site) with someone who speaks to my niche and has a large following. Shooting for the stars, let’s say Tim Ferriss since he has done guest posts in the past and has a huge following. Probably 2/3 of this 3-week block is dedicated to finding a project my target host (Tim) needs done and then doing it for him and sending the results his way.

    Spend 0.5 weeks throwing up a simple landing page that describes the same needs and burning pains as my post and includes a “buy” button for my $99 course solving those burning pains. Don’t actually build the product yet, that can wait. Inform buyers it’s a presale and offer them a freebie guide for waiting or a full refund if they don’t want to wait.

    With a (totally made up) audience for that guest post on the 4HWW blog of 1million and a 0.2% click through to my site, I’ll call it a 0.01% conversion rate to purchase, that’s 100 sales at $99, close enough to $10K.

    I’m not an expert on conversion rates but I think that’s conservative enough for this random comments section post. The crux of the whole thing is getting seen by a large audience within your niche and with pay certainty. In 1 months time, it’s easier to piggy-back on someone already killing it. Long-term use his same strategy to capture emails on your landing page and build your own audience with consistently good content.

    • Adam

      I didn’t even do my own math right…above would lead to $20K 🙂 Either way, you get the idea…

    • Anson

      Dear Adam,

      i see that you have got a good frame work laid there. That’s brilliant!

      And please, if you are really that crazy about not wanting to earn more than $10k, you can always donate the rest to charity!

      And please don’t define your maths capabilities and potential based on what you write there. That’s just stupid. Seriously.

  133. Tyler

    Buying and reselling, such as ecommerce or used cars

  134. Happy Camper

    I would throw a party. An event like a workshop can net $1000-2000 depending on content, but a 1000-person party can easily net $10,000, even on a super-accessible $20 ticket. A conference which combines professional and social events can net even more.

    I am actually doing this 5-6 times next month, in different cities across the country. It’s super easy. The fun part isn’t even the money — that’s pretty guaranteed — it’s watching the sales patterns as we adjust prices and promotions.

    I’m a little bored, actually. Does anyone else want to do this? I’m happy to teach or consult. 😉

    • Stephanie

      I’m actually planning something similar to this right now! I would love to speak with you about it!

  135. Alvin

    Creating an online course and books for kids and their parents to learn programming together.
    Each chapter will be self contained and be sold in a series.

  136. Stephen

    Many of the business ideas are not guaranteed to raise the exact amount of $10,000 in the required timeframe. However, if forced in a crush a personal loan would be a safe and legal way to get the required cash in time. In the mail for example, I receive many offers for personal loans from companies due to having good credit. If others had similar good credit, this could be one option.
    Basically, use the leverage of other people’s money. If the amount is increased though, it’s easy to see where this strategy has its limits.

    Otherwise, one option, with enough time would be to wholesale a property as the fees for one wholesale deal are about 5k on the low end. Question is if you could pull off the deal in time, and had enough time to do it.

    Perhaps another option is to resell goods. If you are able to purchase items on the cheap such as at an auction, or estate sale, and then find the right market online or through collector related sites, you might be able to buy and sell items at a profit until you reach 10k.

    • Stephen

      You could also see what items you have personally that could be sold as well and add that to a combination of the above posts. You might also see about some freelance work to supplement the other strategies. I.e 5k loan, sell 2k personal goods, 2k extra side freelance income, resell 1k in items.

  137. Walter

    Jaja! this is a good one!
    – trading with options if you know what your are doing
    – garage sales for you and neightbors for a fee
    – pull a digital marketing seminar for SME´s
    – rent my brother jaja.

  138. Jim

    I will simply ask: “Ramit! I don’t know how to earn an extra $10,000 by next month…Will you please help by showing me how I can do this?”

  139. Tyler

    We own and run a res/com cleaning outfit, so it would come down to sales and workforce. A 10k gain would nearly double our current revenue, but that type of growth is certainly not impossible at our size. We’re shooting for yearly at those numbers, but it could be done.

  140. Scott

    $10k in a month is surprisingly easy. The way I see it, you’ve got a couple of options. Try to sell lots of low priced things to lots of people. Or sell a few high priced things to just a few people.

    I would create the concept for a high priced (yet solving a very specific problem) course or service, for an extremely specific group of people – priced at anywhere from $2.5k-$20k. Then I would add an element of real scarcity to it (ie. only working with 2 people), and the go out and locate my specific group of people and start offering it to them.

    Once I have sold in enough courses to make the $10k, I would focus on creating the complete course. Once that is done, I have a product that can be delivered continuously.

    If I get the problem/market correct, this is a pretty easy sell. If I don’t – rinse and repeat with new problem or market.

    How do I know that would work? I’ve already done it.

  141. Gary Sanchez

    I would try two approaches:
    1) Offer a marketing class for $500 a person I’d need to sell 20 seats;
    2) Create a conference on a controversial topic (such as Privacy or What’s in Your Food?) and sell tickets for $50 each – I’d need to sell 200 tickets. There are 3 million people in San Diego County. I’d need to attract 0.0067% of the population.

  142. Richard

    Dear Ramit, thank you for giving me this opportunity to brainstorm and really think about it with some expectation that it could happen.

    To earn an $10k next month I could:
    1. Go to the old folks home and teach them how to use computers. I could charge a fee for it. To get $10k, I would need to teach

    10 students at $1000 each or
    50 students at $200 each or
    200 students at $50 each or
    1000 students at $10 each

    The problem is that if I want to compete with other computer schools by price then I would really have to keep my fees very low. Even $200 per person may be out of question. But if I keep my fees very low, I would then have to teach many many students and I am not even sure if there are that many students amongst the elderly population there who would be willing to spend on a computing course.

    Or I could learn from you, Ramit. I could teach it for free. I could give several free introductory courses. And I suppose that the old folks would be very curious and would want to at least come and see what I teach. After that, I could offer a 2-day specialized step-by-step guided training for those old folks who have always dreamed of starting their own website or starting their own blog or creating their own mobile app or programming their own basic program. I could charge these premium courses at $1000 each and teach them to 10 students.
    However, the problem with teaching the free introductory courses is the cost of renting the computer laboratories would initially have to be covered by me. Or maybe I could get the old folks home to sponsor. Or better still, maybe the old folks home already has a computer lab that they are willing to let me use for free since I am doing a service.

    There is also another possibility if I teach it for free. Because, chances are, the old folks are going to want to give back in some way if I do a good job. They may even want to accompany me on a trip for my family fully sponsored by them! This probability is not totally unthinkable, however, it is not healthy to depend on such things coming true especially when time is limited.

    2a. I could also go and consult Multi-Level-Marketing top performers about this goal that I have to earn $10k in the next month. I know there are many people who are doing things wrongly in the MLM industry but I personally have benefitted from using some products bought from MLM companies. So I believe there are still many of them doing a good job with a good cause. It is somewhat like the statement where someone told a pastor “I love your Christ but not your Christians.”.
    There could be a chance that they would be excited to help me because of the novelty of the situation and also I believe they would get some commissions from any sales I make as well.

    2b. While writing the point about consulting top performers in MLM companies, I realize that I could also consult other types of companies. Companies that would benefit when I benefit. For example freelance companies who earn a commission for each transaction or something like that. I could e-mail them saying that I need to earn $10k in the next month and ask them how their platform could help me achieve that. Some of them may not even bother replying. But out of those that do, I could see which one has an action plan that I am more willing to take.

  143. Gary Sanchez

    and I plan to try this when I move to a new city in 2 weeks – I’ll walk into 50-100 small businesses and offer to solve any marketing problem they have for $500 (and also have a menu of 3-5 tasks I would do for them for $500 – easy stuff like set up a Facebook page, set up a Facebook ad campaign, set up an email marketing system on Mailchimp and create a process for them, – then sell them a retainer package to write and send emails once a week for $1500 a month)

  144. peter

    It’s 1% close to possibility which is through archiving dreams. I have no much ideas of how i would raise that much back at my country. I would host Ed sheeran or any other celebrity with my small upcoming event organising company or hold an interview then share the experience on my YouTube channel for views which will earn me extra on add

  145. Jukka

    Check what is currently one of the most sought after roles companies are looking for (sw developers, etc.). Figure out a company that is struggling it its recruitment, but obviously is an interesting place to work for. Headhunt a perfect match candidate from another company and convince that you’ve found his/her dream job. Introduce the candidate, arrange an interview and charge your 10k headhunting fee.

  146. Mrinal Seth

    I would make some kind of digital product, price it at about $100 and try to make 100 sales in that one month. The product would be based on my strengths/skills that I already have. So maybe a WordPress theme (although $100 might be too expensive for a basic theme – it would probably have to be a more advanced theme – and it would take a while to build and test), or a set of icons, fonts (although fonts take a while to make as well), logo templates, and other graphic elements, grouped together in a bundle.

    Or I could put together an online video course to teach people some of the skills that I have. So, for example, I could teach people how to build their own WordPress theme, or how to design their own icons, fonts, logos, etc. I could charge maybe $200 and try to get 50 people to sign up.

    OR I could do both! I could create those products, record my screen while I’m doing it, and record my voice explaining the process step-by-step. Then I could sell those products AND package the videos together to create a course (so possibly reaching $20,000 in total).

    The only thing I’m not sure about is how I would build a big enough audience to make that many sales in such a short time… I mean, I do already know that I would need to do loads of research, get to know my audience, find where they hang out, figure out what their biggest pain points are, and make sure I am addressing their pains directly. But it seems like a lot to do in one month.

  147. J C. Raymond

    Dear Ramit,
    I am fortunate in that, if I needed $10,000, I would withdraw it from the bank, or write a check. To get five million in the next two years, I would do as Ramit Sethi does—help people earn money, and solve their problems, which is what I plan to do with my book.
    For example, my book has a chapter on health, and fitness—from watching your videos, I see something that can make your body, and others, work more efficiently; however, I cannot teach you, until I teach myself well enough to make a video to teach others. When I make the video, I will offer it to you, and others on a Web site—so much to do, but so little time to do them.
    I wish that I had time to make friends with you, because your videos and emails make me think of you as a personal friend—please keep sending them to me.
    Your friend,
    (J) C. Raymond
    P.S. I tried to read your book, but could not, because I found it too hard to read—I think that you did not have someone help you to write it, because it reads much the way you speak, which entertains many people, including me; however, I wanted to read the book for facts that I could apply to my life, and business—I could not get the facts that I sought from your conversational style, which tends to go off on tangents—my brain thinks, and takes in facts, lineally.
    I suggest that your book might teach readers, better, if you hired a ghost writer with business experience to rewrite it, or show you how to write for readers like me.

  148. Lg

    I recently started a new job, so I could just save from my salary until I hit the target. I have a lot of ideas for making money on the side (writing articles for newspapers and helping clients market and edit their websites, I can make a few extra thousands if I do enough of it, I already have plenty of potential clients. I also have a book I’m trying to write) but I come home from work so drained and tired that all I can do is lie on the couch and try to recover enough energy to make dinner. Hopefully I will adjust better to my new schedule soon.

  149. Chris

    Sell my mother-in-law 🙂

  150. Domonique

    If I needed to make an extra $10k in the next month, I would continue freelancing on Upwork. Of course I’d have to hustle harder than I already am and raise my rates, but it could be done. I’ve already invested in some courses to help me strengthen my skills in Web Dev and Copywriting, so I can provide more value and charge more. Now, I just need a few more long-term clients and I’m set!

  151. Andrea

    Get my health in check first. Health is a precursor to wealth. I’ll then start a small business to help my family too. $10,000 is a lot in my country.

    • Richard

      Dear Andrea,

      I do agree with you that health is extremely important. If your health is troubling you right now, yes, please find ways to improve the situation.

      However, I understand that sometimes, dealing with our own problems can be rather painful. That’s why we sometimes procrastinate in solving our own problems and end up trying to solve other people’s problems! If you are someone like that, you are in good company! But of course, if you ever catch yourself doing that, just make sure that you are kind to the other person you’re speaking to!

      So, here is a very difficult question for you, over the past month, what have you done to improve your health? And how much time and effort have you spent on improving your health? How much of it is done with a positive outlook? And how much of it is spent in fear and worry (which may result in obsessing over methods that do not work, and hence spinning your wheels)?

      If you realize that you didn’t have very helpful answers to the questions in the previous paragraph, I would suggest getting some help. Outsourcing the task of researching on methods to improve health to a friend or family member. They don’t feel the pain in their body so they can do the research with a calmer mind.

      And spend your current time thinking about money instead! Because money could be more fun to think about than health.

      And rejoice in every step of progress along the way. If you feel less pain, say thank you to God. Better if you can leverage on the joy and start saying thank you to people around you for every thing they do for you (no matter how small they may seem). However I understand that sometimes changing your social habits can feel very intimidating. So to start by saying thank you to God is a good idea.

      May you be well and happy!

  152. Alexa

    I’d do exactly what I already plan on doing, to be honest.

    I write a weekly newsletter called #entrylevelboss that helps people get hired better, faster, stronger in the year 2016 (and beyond, naturally).

    I take all my swell copywriting, marketing, and freelancer knowledge–and apply it to cover letters, resumes, introductions, networking, and every aspect of getting your foot in the door. Consider it career advice that doesn’t suck.

    I’m building up a product base around this knowledge, which I’ll be building into a $500K/year business over the next few years. At least.

    While $500K a year already gets me to that number in ten years, I suppose I could also factor in additional gains from investments over the next decade–just to be on the safe side, eh?

  153. Franklin O.

    I inadvertently deleted this three times so I’m just typing a synopsis. It’s fairly easy to make $10,000 in a month.

    1) public domain to find free media and literature and repackage as a sellable product. Preferably three pricing levels with absurd value per level. Sell a $100 package 100 times. Offer lower tier ($50, $20) when prospect can’t foot the $100.

    2) Create a training course. There are plenty of niche materials online available with private label rights, editing rights, etc. Sell for $100. Sell 100.

    3) mlm. Not the most recommended, but there are mlms that offer ridiculous recruiting bonuses. Join one with high bonus rates for recruiting and services. Make a spreadsheet of every contact you have, including email and social media. Prospect. If you push hard enough to ruin most relationships, you’ll get enough or nearly enough recruits and sell quite a bit of product.

    4) not reliable, but find a scratcher with great winning odds and prizes. Look online for stats. If the top prizes are (mostly) still available, pour all of your money into purchasing as many tickets you can (in multiples of six) and wish for the best.

    5) Does your state have a high paying second chance lottery? No need to buy tickets, just empty the trash bins of every ticket retailer. If they won’t let you, then figure out where they dump their trash and dumpster dive.

    6) Also a gamble, but you could learn card counting and go to a casino. Black Jack is your best bet. If you’re winning a lot, lose on occasion to make it seem like luck.

  154. Jordan

    Exactly the same thing I want to do whether I make $5M or just enough to live on: buy, renovate, and sell/rent out homes.

  155. Adriana

    I’d go for personal chef position for some rich vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free person that doesn’t want to cook and bake for themselves.
    Other than that I’d sell my photographs. I could reach fancy restaurants and people who decorate their homes and propose to them to use my macro photographs of flowers and food, printed on canvas or metal.
    It seems like a lot of work for one month but if I were extra motivated I could also write for money on Upwork, taking more for every new order.
    And I’d optimized the Shutterstock sets and blog about creative life to sell like crazy.
    I could also make a course on how to earn money as a creative and sell it.
    And my savings would do the rest, in a dream world.

    • Gideon

      Dear Adriana,

      I always admire people who are master of the kitchen and can fill their tummies up with good food whenever they want to!

      And your post reminds me of one of the interviews that Ramit has done with someone who offers VIP tour service for people. A tour where they do not have to queue, where they get the best seats etc.
      Yes, such a tour does cost a lot. However there was one crucial point mentioned by the CEO in that post. It’s that nobody wants to feel like they are being bribed.

      Therefore they need to sell the idea to the theme park operators, sell the goal to the Hollywood gatekeepers, sell the dream to private land owners.

      So in your case, your idea is good. But you may want to remark to the restaurant owners that a painting of a waterfall (or anything you want to draw) would be a good addition to their wall etc. Then see if they agree with you. If they do, you can go home and then take out your drawing of a waterfall and offer to help them pin it up.

      So the idea is to sell the idea of the beauty as the first step. Then deal with the cashflow in the second step.

  156. Clarence Harre

    I did that kind of. It took me a bit under a year, but I managed to go from no job and no money to having enough to finance my Youth Exchange. The goal was $10 000 but I managed to get $14 500. I worked three jobs on the side of high school and did a major fundraising campaign in joint with my local Rotary Club. They helped finance advertising in the papers, and my friends who work on the radio spread the word that way. The biggest gain would be doing lots of BBQ’s, especially on Saturdays because of soccer.

  157. Alex M

    Hmm… extra $10k in a month?

    I would spend the first week visiting / calling on friends that are small business owner in the area with revenue of $500k-$2MM per year. I would offer to help them increase their revenue by 10-20% or more. Find 3-5 that would take me up on the offer. Sit down and do a 90-minute discovery session with them to diagnosis their business (maybe more time).

    Second week, do research and analysis on business, the industry, verticals and evaluate JV opportunities using Up/Down/Sideways framework. Send a proposal to the prospective client for growing their business with projections, comps, scope of work, schedule timeline and pricing packages. Packages would range from 100% – 20% of the projected profit to be realized within the year upfront with different residual percentages on the backend.

    Third week, present and negotiate terms and conditions to secure at least one of the coaching / consulting project. If necessary conduct more due diligence, research and revise proposal.

    Week 4, finalize contract and receive payment of at least $10k for project upfront cost / deposit / retainer for services. Research and begin contacting potential JV partners for company and structure similar deal / agreement with other organizations using the resources and leverage of the first agreement. All parties profit and you get at least $10k within the month.

    I’ve been able to secure small engagements, but the turnaround on these types of deals and contracts tend to drag out longer than one month.

    Mid-size companies tend to made decisions faster as they’re still limited in the command chain, and they have the capacity to scale already in place which makes them ideal for these types of projects.

    But as deals get larger there’s normally more due diligence done by all parties which really drags out the process, too.

    • Nicholas

      Dear Alex,

      Thank you for your wonderful sharing!

      Indeed, you remind us of the importance of having friends that are entrepreneurs. And that could mean reaching out to different people outside of office hours if we’re working in office and spending most of our time with co-workers.

      I trust that you know the small challenge inherent in your action plan though. It is that business owners may not be so happy to dig out their own mistakes. So definitely, it does help if they already think of you as a nice friendly guy, a non-judgmental guy and a helpful guy! And the process of digging out the company’s inefficiencies have to be done with great care for the owner’s feelings.

      But once you are sincere in wanting to offer help, and to be diplomatic in doing it, I am sure many business owners would be thankful to have people like you around! Because many of them could be spending too much time in their business that they haven’t spent much time working on their business.

    • Alex M

      Thanks for your reply Nicholas.

      I definitely agree that when you work with business owners, you have to be sensitive with their egos and work with them to see things objectively. That’s an excellent point and is often one of the most difficult challenges in doing consulting work.

      I also want to point out that while I have developed a network of entrepreneurial friends over the years, I’ve been able to approach business owners of restaurants, stores and even gyms that I frequent.

      I would challenge people interested in helping businesses with this framework, that they start with the places they love the most and are already an advocate for. This makes it easy to sell their features and benefits to others when you already are a raving fan.

      A young man that I mentored straight out of college, no experience was able to help one restaurant make more money by creating a promotional punch-card and placing them in stores and makes about $500 a month from the residual agreement.

  158. Michael Gatti

    I would work 2 hours of OT per day for a week that would give me an extra three thousand. I would then take that three thousand and bet it all on myself in a Mario Cart 64 competition which I undoubtedly would win. #YoshiJustShellSmackedYou

  159. Matt

    Earning an extra 10k in a few months from scratch requires hard work. It’s time start thinking about a second job or moonlighting. Setting up a passive income stream won’t solve your problem because it takes more than a few months to build a site and get traction.

  160. Steve

    I’ll Pay 10,000 to anyone that produces 400 qualified leads for my commercial insurance business. I’ll pay that every month you do it, and will continue to pay using the same multiplier for any amount of leads you produce.

    • Brenda

      What constitutes a qualified lead Steve?

  161. Daniel

    I would probably play the game bigger or better.

    Maybe you’ve heard of it. I start out with something small like a paper clip and go door to door asking to trade for something slightly bigger or better than my item. I will get a lot of no’s and a few yes’s.

    I will keep going very day until the item is to big to carry door to door. From there I will post it on craigslist for trade, and continue trading until the item is worth roughly $10k and post it for sale.

    Time period: 1-6 months.

    Daily quota: 5 houses a day

    Monday – Thursday in the evening. (nobody is home on the weekends or during the day).

    and… BOOM!!!! $10k made playing a game!!!

  162. Dan

    I don’t think I could get 10K next month, but I think I could get 10K a month in 12-18 months.

    I would do costing for small private physician clinics – perhaps 5-10 docs at most. I would charge them for me to spend a day or two at most looking at their billing and financial accounts and help them figure out what’s most profitable, what’s losing them money, and what they can do to maintain their independence and simplify their practice, if need be. 2 clinics a week, 8 hours per clinic, at $160 an hour, grosses 10K.

  163. Damon LuVisi

    The only way I could do it is if I had a huge spike in the amount of freelance work for my sound business and quit my regular job.

    I would then have to hire help as my sound business is purely service based, thus its major limitation to upscaling. Sometimes I wonder if it is even possible to make that much with a service based business when you don’t have over 10 years experience in the field.

  164. June

    I’ve heard that crowd funding has been good for various people.

  165. Brian

    I would relentlessly market my key product (AloeVender) through every possible venue.

  166. Gemma

    46 massage treatments per week would get me over the line. But that would burn me out and I have only one client for that business so far.

    I could conceivably start a resume/cover letter writing business but I’d face the same start-up climb and my experience building a business consists of one abandoned project with one dedicated client.

    In summary I’m not at a point where I could make $10,000 in a month. I don’t have the business building experience nor a honed service or product to offer nor a client list. I’m focused at the moment at getting a job in sales as I want the accountability of co-workers while I learn ‘hustle’ and challenge my ingrained beliefs in lack of self-efficacy.

  167. Sarah

    Some background: I’m a single mother of a 13-month old, currently on unpaid leave with a month before returning to work. I’m full on every day from 6am – 8pm every day, with an hour at lunchtime.

    First I considered whether I could do this without freelancing. I was recently approached by a headhunter who wants to put me forward as the only candidate for a role earning at least $36,000 more than I currently do. However I have a 3 month notice period. While I could be cheeky and ask for a lump sum up front, the amount I suspect the new company would be prepared to offer would at best match the $27,000 I would have to pay back in enhanced maternity pay for quitting my existing job too soon.

    So – freelancing. Like everyone else I have publishing ambitions but, while I have notes for a book, the time it would take me to produce it would probably exceed the month’s time I have here, let alone the time to market it and earn $10,000 in 2 days or something ridiculous (I don’t have an online following – as yet).

    My most marketable skills therefore would be my top-tier academic and professional background. To earn $333 a day, I’d probably pitch myself as a 1:1 exam coach to 16 / 18 year-olds sitting exams in a few months, offering to work unsociable hours (which would suit me as well as them); and to expand my range of opportunities I’d offer this service online too. There’s a fee-paying girls’ school very close by so I could probably start at the school gate there, while obviously looking for forums etc online to market my services. I’d have to charge quite a lot per hour, and hire a babysitter to look after baby during weekends so I could work through the days there, but with my qualifications and CV I expect people would be prepared to pay! 😀

  168. Daniel

    That is one of the reasons i am here

  169. Tara

    To make $10,000 in a month I’d start selling what ever I could legally. I’d also ask family if needed.

    I could get into drug making, since it’s so huge where I live, but I know how that ends and I’m not jail bird material.

    My preferred method of making money would be to do it remotely, but I haven’t come up with a good idea for that yet.

  170. Rocky

    Pay off all my study loans, and take care my hospital bill New Year.

  171. Gonzalo

    I would do something to earn 690 USD a month that could be replicated and I would add one client a month for 10 years.

    Consistency will give you 5,009,400 in 10 years.

    If you cannot create a recurring product for 690 USD a month you can do it with a 69USD a month and you need to get 10 new clients every month for 10 years

    If 69 USD is too much you can do something for 23 USD and you can get 30 clients every month for 10 years.

    Whatever you choose will work as long as you always keep growing.

  172. Sunny

    Sell some silverware, paintings, etc., to raise at least $2500, then day trade.

  173. Tammy

    I would create an online business that helped other women with their daily struggles or helped others change their cognitive, faulty beliefs. This business would grow and get me speaking engagements around the world.

  174. Dan

    I would go onto my travel savings account…. What kind of question is this?

  175. Jessica Nazarali

    I would implement my sales funnel strategy that I teach in It Girl Entrepreneur course and watch the money tree grow.

  176. Janelle

    Step 1, sell one of our cars to get capital. Although I do t think we could get 10k from it, we could probably get at least 7k. Then, because ideally this would be sustainable and we only have so many cars we can sell, use the money to commence step 2.

    Step 2: go to upwork, purchase a ghostwritten series of ebooks in several genres, get some software or apps created, etc using the money from the car sale. Try to diversify as much as possible so I don’t have all my eggs in one basket, but ideally have enough to saturate a few markets.
    Step 3: resell my upwork purchases on Amazon kindle, via a webpage, Facebook, etc- however I could get them marketed the fastest. I like to think you could get some good sales of ebooks and apps with a concentrated effort. Might take a little longer than a month but I think it could work.

    Now I’m tempted to do it- my husband would kill me if I sold the car though- so the slow pace is gonna have to be enough for now.

  177. Hasan Alpakin

    I would spend it for holiday. best thing that makes me feel better..

  178. kym

    I loved reading these answers. There are also a lot of questions like this on Quora and the answers are usually quite good. The first thing I would think of is to sell something of value – then hustle the rest. The hardest part for me has always been my limiting thought process when it comes to larger sums of money (which I am learning to get around). It’s like a huge road block that says “oh no – that’s wayyyyy too much”.

  179. Thomas L.

    Computer consulting. And it might take 2-3 months, after expenses.