Entrepreneur = insecure

Ramit Sethi

Insecurity is fascinating.

We hide it.

We beat ourselves up for it.

And to top it off, it seems like we’re the only ones who ever feel it.

And yet: It’s the times we feel most insecure that we grow the most.

Take my friend Noah Kagan.

He’s founded two multimillion-dollar businesses. And he lives an amazing life eating tacos in Austin, snowboarding in Vail, and working from his laptop in Mexico. (Sign me up!)

But what’s most interesting isn’t his success. It’s how he got there.

After getting an amazing job as employee #30 at Facebook, he faced one of the most difficult periods of his career.

If the average person felt that way at work, they’d probably quit.

But for top performers, it’s rocket fuel.

Because of the insecurity he felt at Facebook, Noah pushed himself harder than ever.

He became an amazing marketer. And because of that, he was able to get an even better job (#4 at less than a year later.

Then, just nine months after starting at, Noah finally used that fuel to turn his side hustle into a lucrative full-time business. And ever since he’s worked for himself, living a life most people can only dream about.

So let’s talk about you. What is it you’re insecure about? And how can you use that to propel yourself to the next level?

Tell me in a comment below. I’ll read every reply.

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  1. Clinton Franklin

    I feel insecure about pursuing my passion of mentoring others to achieve more in life because I believe I have underachieved. My lack of experience prevents me from attempting to get the experience. So I feel stuck putting in 8 hours in a day job that doesn’t fulfill me and because of a couple past failures, I lack the courage to take big risks.

    • Kyle Nelson

      I feel you there Clinton. It feel hard to take big risks when we are very aware of our failures. We see “successful” people around us constantly achieving more and more…and then we feel shitty because we wonder “why the hell can’t I do that?”

    • Mimi Ghosh

      I feel *exactly* the same as you, Clinton. When I was younger, I was a star student, popular, and unstoppable. Peers and ‘adults’ all were awed by my drive and passion. I got shit done. Then, my family problems and consequently health problems hit in my early 20’s, I fell in to a deep depression for many, many years and struggled through graduate school in a field that I don’t even want to stay in anymore!

      I lost my entire 20’s to depression, underachieving, and self-doubt. So, now I feel like I am far, far behind all of the people I grew up with and went to school with. All of them are successful, passionate contributors to society, while I’m still struggling to find a day job that I can stand. I feel insecure in every possible way. I’m not sure if I’m good enough at anything to turn it into a side gig, much less turn it in to a successful business. I also don’t have the knowledge to build a business on my own.


      Exactly what Mimi said. To a T.

    • Ale The Social Us

      Oh boy, I feel sometimes like you do, finding the true path on life is one’s goals, just… budget yourself and try it out! and if it doesn’t work, you can always go back to working as you are now, right?

    • Carly

      My greatest Insecurity is trying to be my best for my clients, building this business (which is now close to six figures), but also trying to manage a 3&4 y/o toddlers, with special needs, with my own disabilities, and not feeling like enough, even though the business is building. That is the elephant in the room at times.

    • Mike McRitchie

      I'm insecure about my crazy telecom industry day job. I'm over 50 and in the last 8 years I've lived in 8 places (homes, apartments, extended stay hotels) and worked for 5 companies, been through 2 mergers, had 9 bosses in 6 years at the current company.

      Needless to say, stability is only based on my skills, connections, and ability to deliver.

      But I always hedge my bets. So I started a blog as a side hustle, then leveraged that into writing resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and copywriting for telecom businesses.

      Now I'm adding $2k-$4k a month to my personal cash inflow… And having fun doing it.

      I also know I can transition it into my retirement business… Because why retire if I can have fun, help people and get paid well to do it… On my terms.

      Love your insights, Ramit!

    • Katrina Kriess

      I think I'm the queen of insecurities when it comes to career stuff. I'm not growing at work. I feel I can't apply for other jobs as I don't have the skills required to do a proper job. Plus I'd like to change careers to a different industry but I'll have to go back to school and I have a newborn, a pre-schooler and financial commitments so I must stay at my current job. Let's just say the list is long. On the plus side I have wonderful colleagues.

    • oleg doroginskii

      hi Ramit. thank your motivation blocks .im broke now .I had a shop but the war started and I left my country . I live in Cyprus from Ukraina now. I want to make money on the internetbut I do not know how to start.

    • Haamid

      I work for a high profile gaming company where I am surrounded by smart data orientated people. i am data orientated but not as much as the team. I also have a very creative mind so they got me to focus on that area but now its like they have me doing all the admin jobs for creative and data people and feel my skillset is decreasing.

  2. Carmen

    This is a good discussion to have! I’ve noticed a current trend where people love to brag about how they aren’t insecure, they got their life, blah, blah, blah!

    Oh shut up and shut the front door of your big mouth while you’re at it!

    We all have insecurities! From the mediocre to the top performer but as you stated, it’s the top performer who takes advantage of it.

    Anyway, my biggest insecurities involve my weight loss and freelancing capabilities.

    For years I just couldn’t believe I could lose weight or make more money on the side. Let me tell you, fifty eleven excuses I had: “I’m just a big girl. I love food. I’ll never be slim.” and “I’m not that smart to make money. I don’t have skills, experience. Who would hire me?”

    On and on for five plus years (Yes, five plus years).

    What changed it for me was the uncomfortable feeling the insecurity was creating in me and how I wasn’t getting any real results while life (and people in it) just passed me by. Of course, reading your material helped me along as well.

    Anyway, one thing I’ve come to learn is that if you want to build confidence in yourself is by actually DOING something; tackling that small win. For a moment, I was too focused on big wins and when I would try to achieve them, I would fail miserably and it would put me back into square one of insecurity.

    So, achieving that first $100 from freelancing and that first 10lbs from weight loss gave me ten times the security in me that I can actually do this way better than trying to focus on a $10,000 pay check, an 100lb weight loss, or trying to think the insecurity away with positivity (Yeah, I use to try to do that…).

    I still got A LOT of work to do related to those two insecurities but I can say the approach I’m using now is doing good by me way better than my old approaches.

    • Allie

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe that getting good/better at anything requires actually DOING them.

    • Amy Dummann

      I’m insecure about setting up meetings because I’m 24 hour chronic pain and I don’t know when my bad days or really bad days are going to be and in sick of cancelling at the last minute.

    • Alice

      I couldn’t agree with you more in the fact that overcoming insecurity starts by facing small challenges so we get confident enough that we get stronger to beat the big ones. I’m not always aware of this. But I’ll try to remember… Every big victory is made out of small ones. 🙂

    • Senzo

      For me I once at that situetion of insercure but now I am in right track

  3. Cynthia Henry

    I am very insecure about becoming a real estate investor. I don’t have a lot of money and a lot of people that say you don’t need money to invest is lying. You do need some money. I was involved in a local REIA and got some of my money stolen and I lost confidence in my ability. I know that I can do this. I have got to get my game plan back. I am also looking at how I can get my mobile massage business going as well. I am trying to get multiple streams of income going. Any advice would be great.

  4. Jessica

    I’m a top real estate agent in my field. I feel like even though I am doing well for the amount of time I’ve been in it, that I am just not enough. I have tons of bills to keep up with advertising and it just feels like a rat race. This topic resonates with me because it is this insecurity that fuels me to improve and master what is important. I do want to focus on making my expertise in real estate into a passive income stream but I don’t feel like I know/have the resources/have what it takes to do what I should to get started.

  5. Ian

    It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’m apparently quite insecure about criticism from people whom I respect. I say “apparently,” because I don’t feel insecure — the thought of criticism in the abstract doesn’t scare me, and helpful criticism from people who are really good at my job sounds like something I’d be lucky to receive. It means I can get better, and they cared enough to bother. Yet when I get criticism on my creative work, which is an essential part of my job, I find that it is almost impossible to read the notes and try to make the changes. It can take weeks or months — basically it takes as long as I have time to procrastinate. If I can get away with dropping the project I’d rather do that. If I can’t, finally going through the criticism takes a huge amount of mental energy, treats for myself, doing it late at night, watching something to distract myself, reading them out loud to a friend, or any number of other ways I might trick my brain to do it.

    Given how essential taking this criticism is in my industry (which I’ve only been in for a couple years), it’s a serious problem and one I don’t feel like I can admit without hurting my career (though procrastinating isn’t helping much either). It’s something I don’t know how to get past, frankly. Yuck.

    • Julie

      I do the same thing whenever I go out of my comfort zone. Like if I sent an email that might have something I’m uncomfortable with in the response, I’ll either not read it or make my fiancé read it first.

    • Eliza

      Hi Ian,
      I feel your pain, having studied in a creative field. I just finished reading “Mindset” by Carol Dweck and I thought it addressed this issue brilliantly. The premise of the book is that with the right mindset, human potential can be stretched far beyond what we imagine and success in any field isn’t reliant on talent. The growth mindset changes the way you view failure, criticism and how you approach problems. Instead of these being negatives that demonstrate a lack of ability, they are learning opportunities that provide the motivation to keep working to improve in your chosen area.

  6. Matt M

    I’m insecure about making real commitments. Insecure about reaching out to potential mentors, partners, advisers, or employees. Insecure about finding investors, raising capital, or even investing my own capital into building my ideas. Even when I have an idea and a plan that I am confident about.

    This is why most of the ventures I’ve explored up to this point have been very low-risk-low-reward type ventures. Not to say those sorts of things cannot be useful or fun. However, I also recognize they are the low percentage play to achieve the type of success I want.

    Every time I have an idea for something big, I back out as soon as it reaches the phase where it has to become “real” so to speak.

    Bottom line: I don’t trust myself to execute when things get hard. The worst part is it is not even illogical. My self perception is based on a history of taking the easy road and giving up or re-routing when things got too hard or uncomfortable. I don’t have credibility, with myself, to execute when it matters, and now I am finding it hard to build that credibility.

    Nowadays I believe in taking the hard road. I believe that struggle and obstacles are the very thing that enables us to differentiate ourselves by being the few who are willing to do what it takes to go further than anybody else. In many areas of my life where I possess momentum or self-trust I have totally adopted a mindset of appreciation for challenge and even taking a perverse sort of pleasure in seeking out the hardest thing I can challenge myself against in the knowledge that defeating that challenge will make me better.

    However, in other very important areas of my life I seem to lack the credibility with myself to charge into battle like that. I still believe that when it gets hard I am going to turn tail and run and so, in those areas, I am afraid to make the commitments necessary to network, learn from, and work with the people whom I need to in order to turn those ideas and dreams into realities.

    I am insecure about making commitments to the people who matter, because I do not trust myself to follow through.

    • Asri Septarizky

      This resonates me so much! I also face the very same problem. Now every time I’m offered big commitments, I’ll be silent and let others to take it because I just can’t trust myself (yet), for me because of my past failures.

      I still don’t know how to overcome it. I keep telling myself, “This time you can do it. You fucked up the last time and now is the time to prove that you’ve learnt from it, that you’re not stupid enough to repeat your big mistakes.” But still, I can’t trust myself yet.

  7. Lisa Sims

    I am insucure about being an entrepreneur because I know what Money make I wanna hit but I don’t have a steady plan on how.

  8. Liz

    What do I not lack confidence in is the real question. I’ve been out of work for years, and I’ve been trying to find a new position with little success. Of course it’s hard, but looking over my resume, it’s lacking. I didn’t get to finish my degree, which while not necessary, is a sore spot for me and I want to finish it as soon as I can.

    So I decided to try to build up my coding skills, and I start struggling with it because I start thinking I suck at it and I’ll never be good with Java again to get job offers. It would help that I practice more, but I start avoiding it because I feel like a failure doing it and spending hours over a problem that I would write 40 odd lines to figure out, when the best solution is only 4 lines (this just happened Sunday).

    I want to do so many things, too, and I’m paralyzed by the fear of being terrible that I don’t do anything. I have this part time work at home thing that sucks, and I have to get over feeling terrible about being terrible and work towards being good again.

    I have a 2 month long class in game design coming up and I’m excited for it, and I’ve been practicing coding again. I’m broadening my job search, but slowly because I have a few restrictions to what I can do.

    • Claire

      Hey, just wanted to say, the fact that you learned HOW to turn 40 lines into 4 already puts you ahead of the crowd. Learning to code requires a certain type of logic, and it takes time to build that up. The people who don't try get better, who stick to their 40 lines, those are the people who fail. It sounds like you are on the right path!

      Game design will be grand! If you like games, check out Habitica, it might help you track your progress and grow faster 🙂 It also helps you feel like you're moving forward and gaining things.

      Keep at it!

  9. Geo

    I feel most insecure about my age, debt, and family responsibilities. I’m 56 and would like to begin to transition out of my current job into a writing career. Unfortunately, (and fortunately) I am experiencing the “golden handcuff” phenomenon. I need my present salary and bonus to provide my wife and young (15, 13,10 years old) boys with a comfortable lifestyle. I have begun a blog as a creative outlet and am working on lowering my obligations. do you have any insight into strategies to quell my paranoia?

    • Marijka

      I challenge you to re-think your “golden handcuff” mentality. You said you need your present salary and bonus to provide your wife and young boys with a comfortable lifestyle. How comfortable is one really when one is dealing with debt?

      An alternative approach would be to tell yourself you need the salary and bonus primarily, to eliminate the debt. Then downsize your family’s lifestyle temporarily in order to eliminate the debt.

      Don’t view this choice as failure but rather a proactive approach instead – you are taking control of your finances. Eliminating the debt should help to quell your anxiety/paranoia. This will enable you to re-focus your energy toward taking the first step to starting your writing career.

      I made the extreme decision to sell my house and most of my possessions in order to move closer to my goal, despite knowing that my goal would take some time to achieve. I faced a lot of resistance from friends and family as they were the ones more uncomfortable with that choice than I was. It wasn’t an easy decision but once I did it I felt great and am much freer to move in the direction of my goal. No regrets and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

      Taking that first step makes the ones that follow that much easier to take. Think of it as a variation of the foot-in-the-door technique, however, rather than someone applying it to you, you apply it to yourself.

      We always have a choice in life. We may not always like it but it’s always there.

  10. Alex

    I’m insecure about my ability to communicate with strangers. I don’t like my voice or like and I have a hard time understanding other people.

    I should (and have been trying to) improve my speaking skills by learning rhetorical figures. I use acting techniques​ to help connect with people and I’ve been reading books about persuasion.

    But I’m still very weak in these areas and it’s tough to both think up ideas and try them out because of the related anxiety.

    After reading this post, it’s a good reminder that there might be some cool opportunities in my weaknesses. By confronting my fear I just might find a great business idea or side hustle. Great post as usual, Ramit!

    • Amanda

      Good for you! I have the same issues and found that jumping into situations that force you to interact are the most helpful.

  11. Musa

    I’m a medical student, and every day I’m reminded how much I still don’t know and how much I have to learn. Every ward round or tutorial, the students are told that we still need to study more, and that we’re not doing enough. It’s exhausting, and a lot of people recoil from all the criticism. It’s difficult, but I did realise that it motivates me to be better, and to go back and do better the next time.

    On another note, since I’m still a student, I feel somewhat insecure about how to deal with older adults on a business level. I don’t feel like I’ll be taken seriously because of my age.

    • Heather

      I feel the same. I'm an engineering consultant and I'm constantly insecure that I don't know enough, especially because my job is to be an expert! I work alongside engineers with decades more experience than I have, so I know it's not reasonable to expect to have seen everything they've seen by this point in my career, but my negative self-talk is like "You suck because you don't know that." It's a struggle to instead think positively, like "What's important is that I know how and where to find the answers, even if I don't know yet."

  12. Dani

    Hey Ramit – Loved the post. I am insecure about the fact that I only feel truly fulfilled, happy and excited about life when I am challenged like that or I am the underdog. All of my life, I have been drawn to being a little fish in a big pond. When I start to grow and the pond shrinks, I get a massive itch to find another. I take on huge challenges and when I somewhat “master” them, I move on. Wondering if I am missing out on lifelong expertise makes me somewhat insecure. But I also love the variety of my life and live with no regrets.

    • Amanda

      I feel like I have this same mentality!

  13. Joey

    It’s hilarious that this article comes up today, when I am having one of those insecure days. My expectations of this week were huge Sunday night. I had 4-5 clients floating out there, waiting to hear back from them, on top of the 3-4 clients I had been waiting to hear back from the week before. A huge amount of money that is just an email or phone call away. This could be the biggest week of my new business!

    Haven’t heard back from a couple, one wants to push it out until May (which is great, but it’s not right now), and that’s when the insecurity starts setting in.

    Was my pitch bad? Were my examples of work shitty? Who are the next prospects and are those going to work out better than these?

    Keep in mind, I haven’t even heard “no” yet, it’s only Wednesday, and I am NEVER out of ideas on how to find new clients and new routes to get them. I am just being a little b****.

    When I am insecure, like I am today, it all centers around me being good enough. By the end of the day I will have worked out, gotten a ton a s*** done, and feel way better. But right now, it’s “f***. Am I going to be able to pull this off?”

  14. Rob

    I’m insecure about knowing what I’m actually good at. I struggle most of the times to know if I can perform at my best or am just going about just doing things and not being really productive.

  15. Adri

    Biggest insecurity is to become rich. I fear I’ll be different and won’t have time for any of the activities I do now. That everything will be so stressful that I’ll get anxiety and become sick.

  16. Xavier Curia

    I feel insecure about starting my own business, but unlike in the past, my fears are not stopping me this time.

  17. Rin

    I quit my job. Starting May 1st, I have to make money with my own business. Insecure? Hell yeah.
    But I’m also looking forward to it. – Thanks for this post, Ramit. It makes me a little less scared.

  18. Talia Koren

    I’m incredibly insecure about being on camera.

    I so badly want to start creating video content for the two blogs I run WITHOUT pouring hours into perfecting my image with tons of makeup, perfect lighting and doing my hair.

    Lately, I’ve been working to overcome this insecurity by sucking it up and talking to the camera every night after finishing work every day for the last 2 weeks. I’m not ready to publish anything, but at least I’m not stuck on the “how” anymore… I’m just doing it.

    Why this is so important to me: I want to make my content more dynamic and I know my personality will show more if I can add video to my material.

  19. Bella

    I’m a fan of Ramit but I sense some B.S. here or something misleading from “Because of the insecurity he felt at Facebook, Noah pushed himself harder than ever. …He became an amazing marketer. And because of that, he was able to get an even better job (#4 at less than a year later.”

    Noah got fired from Facebook. I’m also not sure #4 at Mint is better than #30 at Facebook. It’s a whole different game. What’s remarkable about Noah is that he was able to get back up and created his own success in his own terms.

  20. Igor

    My insecurity is about knowing what I would like to achieve as a career or more, what I’m actually good at. Maybe because of thinking to much in the long term, like, “ok, I achieved that, and now what?” In the meanwhile I’m stuck in a random job just to have some income.

  21. Bassem

    Financial security is what makes me insecure , people will tell me worst case scenario go get a job if eveyyhing fail .. that would be true if the economy of my country was strong and you can find jobs very eaisly. Basicly if you have a job and a good financial situation you are a lucky one. Especially if you are getting engaged snd starting a family this is what im most insecure about I keep asking question what if money dont comes in etc. Besides no cofounder yet yo share the burden and to complement my skills set which means less probabilty of success.

  22. Erica

    I have felt insecure every single day since taking my #dreamjob and increasing my salary by 214% I learn something new every day. It’s put my ZTL on hold – as I’ve got so much to handle.

  23. Chris

    Ramit, I’ve started a business, I’m doing really well with it but I want to do better. I feel insecure about “am I the best”, “do I know enough”, etc..I also want to start some off shoot businesses related to what I do, online, etc…I feel insecure about my abilities there, “can I do it”, “can I create the presence I need to attract the client base”, thoughts like that. Sometimes I think it goes back to the simple question of insecurity that has popped up it’s head throughout my life, “Am I good enough?”….Not sure how I can use that to propel me yet. I think one way is to let it propel me to strive to grow and improve every day..

  24. Matt

    My insecurity comes from my fear that I’ll never find true happiness. I grew up in the trappings of wealth and wasn’t happy then. I overcame my shyness to date many beautiful women and wasn’t happy with that either. The thing that makes me happy is my Buddhist practice of developing virtue, concentration, and discernment but I’ve let my career and my social life slide as I’ve been pursuing that so there is the insecurity around taking a less taken path and being unsure of whether it will lead my to the lasting happiness that doesn’t harm anyone that I seek.

  25. Kevin

    I feel insecure about managing groups of people. I can lead people but I am a bad administrator and small details of administrivia. I am a program/project manager but am more of a program/project leader. The management part isn’t up to par, which is a clear and present chink in my armor, but my track record of program/project success is undisputed. I feel like I deliver value that can be monetized but the missing piece will damage the long-term viability of my offering.

  26. Colin

    I am insecure when working with my bosses. They are highly respected research doctors, and I don’t want to look stupid in front of them. As a result, I end up double checking a lot of my work that needs to be approved by them to minimize errors. I also try to read up on their research projects and understand them to the best of my current ability. The goal is to use my insecurity to be more than just “not stupid” and impress them with my ability/drive, so that they would be willing to give a recommendation for my graduate studies. Ironically, my fear of embarrassment is helping me improve my future.

  27. Adam

    I’ve been though exactly what your guest went through. Worked for a startup in Chicago, where I felt totally outmatched every day. I was switched into a software developer role I had never done before and found myself regularly apologizing for my (perceived) inadequacy. This came back in a performance review that changed my work approach forever. Being around such smart people really can fuel better work in a way you don’t always see until far later.

    My current insecurities are about learning to manage. Just got a new job where I now manage a team I was once a part of. It’s a very different feeling managing those who once were your peers and friends. The relationship changes and you have to learn to navigate around relationships to provide valuable, unbiased feedback. I think there is always the nagging fear of being perceived as incompetent, being compared to the previous manager (she was amazing), or ending up as Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss – directionless and overbearing.

  28. Ann

    All journeys start with that first step, and stepping into an environment that keeps one stimulated cannot be any more difficult than dealing with the stress of day-in-day-out frustration. Being a better person requires better surroundings, not just mediocre. Thanks for the push of realization for this today. I am starting now, being the person I want to be around! Alive and stressed, that is only because I can do more, which of course leads to better attitude, which leads to more opportunities, etc. It is difficult to keep reminding myself, so I am posting a quote or two today, so start clearing out what doesn’t seem to add much.

  29. Jennifer Francis

    Hmmm it’s pretty painful to admit insecurities, so there’s a lot of resistance going on in me right now.

    Let’s see, I’m insecure that my insecurity will show. If you want to be known as a “thought leader”, I would want to only demonstrate resilience, strength. As the face of a movement, who would want to follow the person who quakes in their boots?

    I’m also nervous that I will appear like I don’t know wtf I’m talking about, and so ensues a downward spiral of embarrassment and nervousness, which make me appear even less like I know what I’m talking about, which makes me so horrified that I turn into a complete blubbering wreck… and this whole mess results in absolute and total ruination of my life :)…

    When you write it out actually, it kind of makes me laugh at how the mind jumps immediately to the absolute catastrophic worst case scenario. Self-preservation at its best. No wonder greatness is achieved by so few people.

    • Kriss Judd

      “…who would want to follow the person who quakes in their boots?”

      I’ve found over the years that the person who ADMITS to quaking in their boots is EXACTLY the person others want to follow. Otherwise, you risk coming across as insincere at best, and totally fake at worst. If you want to be known as a thought leader, show the process you’ve gone through, the progress you’ve made. Show that you can lead yourself first, before you try to lead others.

      Transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability are three of your biggest assets in drawing people to you and your movement.

  30. Moi

    This is going to sound so neurotic (it is) but I think everyone hates me. Everyone. Even my best friends. And so when my boss gives me a great review or positive feedback or praise, I look for the lie. If I get a nice message, my first reading is to think it is sarcastic. I second-guess everyone and everything in a very destructive way and even though I am aware of this pattern and have identified its source (growing up with an alcoholic, always looking for bottles…etc etc ) I have never managed to override the programme. It’s not fun and quite exhausting to always have to think my way out of this automatic habit and I know it doesn’t serve me if I’m looking to advance my career. Oh. I also think I look like a gargoyle. I am still identified with my self-image from my teens when I was a big blob. Again, I know this but how to change it? 🙈

    • Amanda

      I can definitely relate to this! The paranoia is real 😰

    • #AskGranny

      Embrace ur image in the distorted mirror room, dear.
      — Critic each image as much as u want.
      — Show grimaces to make ur Self distorted even more.
      Have all the fun of the world by bullying these imgs.

      Then, after u get tired/bored to bully ur dearest Self,
      check out that Self in an ordinary mirror by smiling
      to that img of who u meet in there!

      Might u suddenly will realize, that ur reflect
      isn’t tad bad after all, eh? Could u kiss it?–Do then!

      Might u suddenly will feel a pity for that innocent
      yet ill-offensive reflect u are so dedicate-bullying
      non-stop, huh?

      Talk to ur reflect, what u gonna do straight
      forward to challenge Self in a positive way?

      Imagine that ur monstrous gargoyle will eat
      u alive if u don’t revise ur approach to ur
      dearest Self in…say, 21 minute from now?

      Hey, why not to get out of that lovely gargoyle just
      for a few minutes at least koz there’s lots more exciting
      live outside?!– Then prolonge that “free-time out
      of ur gargoyle-sque prison” for few minutes longer, eh?

      Worry not, ur gargoyle-monstrous hostage holder
      will always be there where u leave her, so, take ur
      time to jump up–on the trampoline if u can access
      one or just jump up standing on the grass or
      a sand outside?

      HINT: jumping up will help u realize how
      brighter world is when u are smiling!

      Because this action straightens the back–
      try to jump up being curbed! LOL–ur chin also
      gets up instantly, and smile trains ur four muscles
      responsible for it just in one second after all!

      No, the world won’t disappear, and u will
      safely land on the grass/sand over and over again.

      Then-again, ur gargoyle-prison will still there!

      No, ur body won’t fall apart either!

      BUT, of course, u certainly will clearly know
      ur weakest organs after jumping up which
      will require more devoted training onward. :-p

      Go and DO IT, then update about ur success!

      Je vous embrasse tendrement !

  31. Jared Ackerman

    I’m insecure about quitting my overseas contracting job and going full time into real estate. I wonder if I’ll miss out on time with wife and our families of I commit to building the actual pieces I currently have.
    I don’t want to fall on my fave but I just want my brain to realize that it’s supposed to be an adventure and not a set number that you must attain to be free.

  32. Sharon

    Not so much insecure as a tremendous fear of failure…I am aware that if I don’t even TRY I’ll never know if I will succeed. I have a really bad habit of self-sabotaging that I am working through. I know what I need to do, start doing it and then it hits: what am I doing? Is this right? Do I even know what I’m talking about? What if I’m wrong? Let me try this way and BAM!…train wreck…

  33. Martin

    I feel insecure because on Monday I quit my job in pursuit of becoming a full-time free lance writer and right now I’m panicking every single minute as I don’t know if it was the right decision. My girlfriend constantly tells me to calm down but I’m a nervous wreck because I don’t know if I’ll be able to support her and our daughter, I don’t know if we’ll be financially stable. I feel like I should ask my boss for my job back but I also feel this wouldn’t be the right decision.

  34. AP

    I am really afraid and insecure because I have problems to sell my artworks in watercolor, I want to teach to people too, but FB ads… to much money put with no results…. I really think that I can’t have clients!!

  35. Baldy

    I’m insecure about getting back into practice as a Chiropractor. After a prison escapade and losing my license, I now have an underpaying (except for amazing benefits) but safe gov’t job.
    It’s not very challenging, and I know I can do better in the world by helping others where their pain and injuries.
    But my insecurity lies in all the what-if’s of re-starting a business: Who will come to see me? Will my record deter people? Can I even GET my license back?
    All the doubt simply keeps me at my desk at work plugging along, not going anywhere.

    • Mark

      Do it!
      Get some help because it is a hard road rebuilding a shattered life after prison and lots of people want ex-offenders to eke out a miserable half life for ever.

      My ex-offender clients say that all they really need is 1. Somebody that believes in them and 2. Somebody to give them a bit of structure around building a business.

  36. Josh

    I’m insecure that I don’t match up to other mechanical engineers, and because I’ve been through a few layoffs in the past, it worries me I’ll just be part of another layoff. I also feel like maybe I don’t have the ability to be a top performer. Also insecure that I won’t find the right woman and get married. Gosh I sound like a whiny b*tch!

  37. Tanner

    Im insecure about putting my ideas and thoughts out there in the world, mainly with groups of people that i just met. I worry about what people think and if they’ll accept me or not. Having said that lately i have been doing a rejection challenge where every couple of days i ask something rediculous of a stranger I dont know in order get rejected and then get over that fear of rejection… it is definitely working lol. Most people dont reject you either, even if you ask for free shit.

  38. justin thomas

    I’m worried that my skill set and knowledge isn’t “Good enough.” I actually refer friends to jobs that have been offered to me because I disqualify myself from them. Instead of just saying “Yes” and pushing myself to be good enough.

  39. Polina

    Ramit, I took your DJ course, and did secure a dream job. Or, at least, as close to it as I can imagine. I work as an IT PM at the second largest telecom in my country, on a project that is going to quite literally revolutionize telecom industry here. I get to do the kind of work I like to do – coordinate shit and tell people what to do – but… I am the youngest employee across the entire project. While it definitely is cool, THE PRESSURE. At first, I was insecure about not getting what the whole thing is about. Then, on the day of my first presentation, I nearly quit by 11 am, I was so insecure about being taken seriously. Today, I’m insecure about my communication skills. This job puts me out of my comfort zone every day. And, most of all, I am insecure about my ability to build a life where I have control of my time. But I won’t know what I want until I try it, so I keep trying.

  40. Abiola

    I feel insecure about my financial future. I am looking for a way to escape this financial insecurity.

  41. HeyThere

    I’m insecure because I really don’t fit any niche, anywhere, and I’ve tried a lot. I’ve even checked with psych professionals that I don’t have a personality disorder, just in case it’s me. Apparently different is good, but it doesn’t feel that way to me and I need to earn. And time is ticking.

  42. Renee

    I am an interior designer who is a newly-turned painter. I got a degree in interior design, and I am a self-taught painter. In trying to turn my painting into a full-time gig, I feel most insecure up against those artists who have fine arts degrees and who have a life-long experience in painting. It drives me to learn as much as I can and to learn from their experiences.

  43. Maria

    I’m insecure about so many things…
    I’m insecure about my skills and then I compare myself to 15-year-old Korean kids who are way more advanced than I am and then feel even more insecure about the pace of my improvement. I feel like I’m going so slow and I’m failing at life and instead of doing it quick and getting it over with I’m just sort of keeping my head just barely above the water when in reality I should have sunk to the bottom long ago.
    So I guess I’m insecure about everything lol. My skill level relative to my age relative to my current achievements and to my future potential.

    I’m so dramatic ja..

  44. Tony

    I have a billion dollar idea but I am insecure because it is a combination of two industries about which I am clueless. Also, I can think up a thousand ways to make it bigger with more value-adding features, but I am having trouble coming up with a MVP. Also, I have a good job that I like with benefits, and a wife, and a mortgage, and kids who will be in college soon. Taking a leap at this point seems like suicide.

  45. Nikhil Saluja

    My name is Nikhil Saluja.. I stay in delhi .. I work in a restuarant as a manager .. yet I end up blowing all the money I make .. and I have done digital marketing course from an institute in delhi , but been able to do any thing with it .. as I m not good in writing any of the blogs and forget what to do next .. I m 100% sure I can be a billionaire .. but I don’t have any saving till date working for 7years now and not been able to start any thing online ..

  46. MamaRed

    Oh lord have mercy…where to start? Truly, where to start!?!?!?!?!? And that’s coming from someone who has been at this thing I do forever and a day. I’d say my biggest thang is figuring out how to share what I do for clients without talking for 1400 hours or having to give a ton of examples. I need a succinct way to “put it” when I’m not around to provide customize examples. The short version is that I know how to design back end processes that save time and money. But when I tell people that, they don’t get it and I fall back on my whining (embarrassing) and thinking I have to do a whole bunch more thinking…again. So, there ya go! The timing on this was exquisite by the way…you helped me help a client while I was walking through this myself (oh, there’s the other one…I’m a hypocrite if I tell others how to do things I’ve screwed up).

  47. Michael

    I’m insecure with cold calling to drum up prospects/leads for my business; no clue why. I have done it before, I know nothing bad is going to happen…yet when it’s time to sit down and cold call businesses my “lizard brain” sends me into a flight response and I start making excuses “Tomorrow, is better.” “No one likes calls on Mondays.” “It’s Friday and almost the weekend, no one wants to talk now” etc. etc.

    I KNOW when I get over this I will be great at sales, I have that potential…just right now I’m struggling hard and I’m not sure out to get out of it.

    • Chelsi

      I can totally relate to you, Michael. Sales is my BIGGEST insecurity. It's the only reason that keeps me from being an entrepreneur. Ramit's methods of talking to people has really helped me, but I have a long way to go.

      As they say, if you're scared, it's probably where you're supposed to be.

  48. Adelly Josefina

    I think part of the problem with insecurity comes from our expectations. We always place a bar and hope to push ourselves up and over, you know? It’s a great feeling if we grab onto something that can help us push our limits… like a coach gives us strong support until we reach our goal -Love your work Ramit- 🙂 The problem comes when we grab onto our insecurities likes its a Gold medal in and of itself and/or do a Gollum on it “My precious”. We really are not our insecurities <3 That said, I have my own, some I feed more than others. And, thanks for the short video excerpt!!! My biggest takeway was watching you two talk with such confidence. #love

  49. Raven

    I’ve been super insecure lately.

    I’m a 20 year old (I can already hear your laughter, I know, I’m young Vienna will wait for me and all that, I’ve heard it all before) in the middle of North Carolina who wants to be both a part-time freelance Artist, Illustrator, and Designer this year (actually, this month) and at some point this year, a full-time Artist and Illustrator at a firm or studio (and if that were in California, I think I’d be beyond overjoyed).

    I’m ready to work hard for it, but I’m insecure because I’m not even sure where to start (especially given the area I’m in), which is made worse by the fact that I’m too creatively stubborn to get really specific about who I’m going to pitch to (I want to have a variety of challenges and tasks in the same field). I should also add that I think, especially in these fields, your work and work ethic are way more important than a degree (that being said, I’m actually not going to art college until I already have some experience with a small studio and can afford to go to my dream college, where I’m only going because I specifically want the experience at that particular school anyway).

    People have expressed that I’m a talented, but more than that, very uniquely stylized artist and creative in general, but I don’t know how that’s going to help me pitch myself for jobs that often require certain styles, formats, etc.

    I’m not totally just sitting on my hands and whining about it, though. I’m working hard to make a A+ portfolio, and making a solid plan to set up informational meetings with creative directors of small studios both in CA and in NC (in case CA isn’t a possibility right now).

    So yeah. Kind of insecure because I want to do all of this, and I still need to ensure I do what I need to in order to pay off a small lump of debt (less than 4k). I also do have a solid part-time job, BTW. It pays for my lovely Hyundai Accent.

    Wow. I really just put myself out there. *shurg*.

    P.S., I know, my website is mediocre at best right now. Part of what I want to get done in the next month is update it.

    • Amanda

      You sound amazing! You are definitely going down the right path it sounds. And you also seem very proactive and are taking good calculated measures to head towards your goals. This sounds like the perfect time to keep your eye on the prize, but don’t forget to smell the roses (:

      P.S. Your website looks amazing!

    • #AskGranny

      Sell ur art via instagram, first off, koz it’s free to start.
      Then-again, all real-life appreciations of ur talent
      won’t get unnoticed anyway!

      To get more exposure maybe open the artist-stores
      on threadless, as it’s free as well?

      The expand it even more via FB, Twitter, Snapchat,
      Plag etc.

      Then maybe also add a shopify store with
      a printful service and why ignore Amazon
      after all too?

      Ur talent deserves be seen and appreciated, dear.
      Go ahead, Do It NOW!

      many big warm hugs and blessings to u.

    • Raven Vinnie

      Thanks for the kind comments, guys. It REALLY makes my day! 😀

  50. Melissa

    I’m getting ready to reveal a design that has clearly shown high demand and I’ve also invested a lot into prototyping and designing it in a way that no one else has thought to design it. But I’m extremely insecure about whether or not it’ll be the “right” choice. I’m terrified that the final design won’t get the same nearly viral excitement as my prototype designs. I’m terrified the “real pros” will see flaws in my construction. I wake up with nightmares thinking that everything I’ve done will be a mistake and that everyone is watching and waiting for me to fail.

    Even so, I’m still moving forward because I see this as a great opportunity to shake things up in several different circles. I knew it was going to be a challenge and it’s the main reason why most people never wanted to touch it, which is why I felt like I needed to do it. In a way, I feel like my insecurity is a reminder that what I’m doing is important, which is why it’s so scary. But in order to get through it, I feel like I also need to learn to rely on others more to manage the stress.

    • #AskGranny

      Launch a deep survey in ur targeted market and u will
      discover very quickly, what exactly will work
      as is or there’s a need to adjust ur offer after all!

      Brainstorm up to seven deep questions besides
      asking for their age bracket and a genre as such.

      HINT: refer to the best book this matter “ASK”
      by Ryan Levesque, indispensably, too.

  51. Liz

    I’m insecure about promoting my services – something everybody needs but no one “wants”. And now I am so broke that I feel like a fraud even offering to teach what I teach.
    I am a 51 year old chartered accountant in Australia. I left the comfortable pay cheque because we only served the wealthy and I could see that every day businesses were being left in the dark about accounting and tax – things they need to understand to be in control in their businesses.
    I have developed a 21 day on line program for business owners that will give them a “functional literacy of accounting and tax” it includes 4 hrs of one to one mentoring and group sessions as well. The outcomes are confidence etc … Valuable but Intangible and I can’t comfortably say that my program saved my clients $xxxx … The change does lead to a lifetime of savings though.
    I crowd funded for a successful pilot but now I can’t seem to get any traction and my focus on that program has distracted me from other income producing activities – I know I am getting in my own way but I can’t seem to break the resistance and depression.

    • #AskGranny

      May i suggest to publish a book, nah, that tiny one
      of 10 pages alike, first off?–this will instantly make
      from u a best positioned reference specialist.

      Publish the Udemy or else online schooling
      version of ur course, as well!

      I would be going much deeper beyond the tax-threat, of course.
      When the wealthy sharks knows how to protect their financial future, else ordinary folks are in the dark this matter, obviously.

      We all are threaten by challenges of market-downs, tax-expansion, variable interests
      when in debt, securing their retirement etc.

      Educate ur folks why is important to have a best life assurance or insurance, too.

      How to be a mortgage-or a car-debt-free relatively quickly while prospering at the
      same time?

      Why the fixed indexed annuities probably
      would be much better to go after, after all,
      and why they are important to every working
      person, their income amplifier including even more…

      I could easily go on and on, but by meeting the
      expectation of ur targets to stay wise-safe
      when all the economics are changing like a wind, would be ur best bet am sure.

  52. Lea

    This hits home, because the insecurity portion of having my own business is something I struggle with every day, yet it also drives me to find ways to get over each every hurdle that makes me feel that way.

    I have been in business for myself for 5 years next month (unbelievable!), and I KNOW I am really good at what I do and KNOW I have a lot to offer clients. Where I find myself the most insecure is actually letting clients know how great I am, and really finding the ways to sell my services to them. This lends to the insecurities of actually running a business. Am I making the rights steps/choices? Do I actually know what the right steps/choices I should be making?

    This drives me to read as much as I can about business (as I’m in the creative field and managing a business is beyond me), attend conferences and just LEARN. You can only go so far with the actual services you offer to people, but you also must know HOW to offer those services, as well.

  53. richard

    i am insecure about the company i started in my first year in school, ever since then i have not actually gotten a single client and am in my final year at school, am jut scared, i don’t know what i will be facing outside school.

  54. Benjamin Davis @ From cents to retirement

    I felt insecure when I developed CFS – the chronic fatigue syndrome – and thought I could not work / make money to live off. I started to develop ways to escape the rat race.

  55. Tammy

    Fear of failure. Fear of trying and not succeeding.

    • #AskGranny

      Never ever fear of failure koz it’s the wisest of
      wizards, Tammy.

      Fail quickly and move onward even faster.

      Nothing wrong with it at all!

      It’s a real-life schooling, u know?

  56. Kyle Nelson

    My biggest insecurity right now is my age. I recently partnered with an executive coach who came from a massive fortune 100 company in my area. I was incredibly lucky to even meet her, but now I get to work with her on a daily basis and she is pushing me to even greater heights. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor…so why am I insecure?

    It’s the level I am playing at now. She believes I can work with some of the biggest companies, executives, and managers in the state…this freaks me the hell out. Mainly because this is one of the first times I’ve ever played at this level before, and I am nervous I will screw up this opportunity. She knows I am young, but she trusts my experience…I just hope I can bring that trust into results.

    • Kriss Judd

      I have accomplished a great deal based solely on somebody else’s belief in me. If she didn’t think you could deliver, would she give you the opportunity she’s giving you?

  57. AA

    I feel insecure about my future. What if I don’t make more next year than I make this year? What if I am really did not do my best to get my goals? What if despite my best efforts I still do not get where I want to be? What if I will never make more than I make now? What if I do this and not get what I want? What if? What ifs!!!!

    OK, pizza pie the what ifs!!! I’m showing it who’s boss! I’m going to buy a website or an app in within two weeks, enter a writing competition to win $2000+, open an IRA account from the money I saved up on a car but not ending up to spend because I got an awesome connection/friend who got me an awesome deal… I had so many what ifs, I slew them all, took the best risk I could and ended up winning… of course, I had to be blessed too.

  58. Rusty

    I am insecure about my ability to make a good living from work I actually enjoy. I’ve never had a job I’ve truly liked; in fact, a good portion of my time after college has been mired in depression and anxiety. Freelance is surely the way I want to go, but my relative disinterest in traditionally lucrative pursuits makes me nervous. This is compounded by my creative/artistic proclivities, which make me feel even more useless in a culture that seems to devalue unique artistic perspectives.

  59. Vanessa Silva

    I feel insecure about discovering my true passion. I just wake up everyday without knowing what could possible thing could make me happy and don’t get the chance to even try something new because before trying I’m already thinking that is not the ONE thing that will be my “passion”

  60. Eric

    My insecurity comes from having zero marketable skills or talents. I’ve been at the same company and department for almost nine years, different positions but until recently the same responsibilities. I’ve wanted to quit and look elsewhere or start my own business, but definitely fee like either would be a massive failure.

    I’m 41, have no idea what I’m good at or even an idea of what I want to do career-wise and feel like I am failing at life.

  61. Nathan

    Today, I had the final interview for a job I have been working on for the past 3 weeks.

    I’m 21y/o, and recently married, and moved across the country away from all of our friends and family.

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the job, and I am tired of being told I’m not good enough. I’m insecure about my abilities, and knowing if I’m good enough.

  62. Stef Rzysko

    Right, I rewrote this about ten times because I hadn’t really said what my biggest insecurity was out loud.

    I achieved great grades at school, and at University. I have been promoted in every job I ever had regardless of whether I wanted to be there or not. Everyone around me, my friends, my family and especially my parents, thought it was no big deal when I announced “I’m going to quit, and work for myself!” They were so used to me rising to the challenges in the past, there was no words of warning, no advice, they simply just ‘expected’ me to succeed once again.

    My greatest insecurity is that, now I am working for myself – I am not being that reliable high achiever that they all thought I was, and their perception of me will be shattered, and that I would have somehow failed them!

    Pretty deep for a post comment – sorry bout that!

    • Amanda

      Love how deep you got! I share the same insecurity. You obviously trust in yourself and are your own biggest cheerleader to get where you are. Perhaps finding a mentor/advice giver would be good? Someone to look up to instead of you being the person looked up to. Sometimes that 3 year old inside of us still needs to be comforted.

  63. Robert

    I am insecure about mostly being financially stable (and not spending like crazy just because I have a credit card) and just earning enough money. Even though I’m in college, my friend is a YouTuber and doesn’t even have a college diploma and is making more money than me. I want my own business but I have absolutely no ideas. I even watched the Zero-To-Launch program up to the third video and I’m still lost.

  64. Virginia

    You ask me what I am insecure about…that question nails it straight on the head…it tore at my gut when I read it! I have been successful in my own right, but somehow I fell off my previous path. Now, I am a waitress in a dying business and every day I want to quit…but the mediocrity of having ‘something’ shrouds my self doubt into some veigue semblance of worthiness. I so scared to leap…to let go. The deeper essence of my failure to find my own sucessful career is a incessant ‘fear of failure’…so why even start, right? It’s a vicious cycle of desire and fear…I see it for what it is, I am realistic, but it keeps me trapped in the mediocrity that I have created. I am an invisible talent in the wash of survival and the spin of necessities of day-to-day living with my thriving passions drowning in my own unconscious…screaming to be released and expressed!

    • Amanda

      You are very expressive and know how to really capture the feelings in a moment. I could practically feel your words. Are you a writer?

    • #AskGranny

      Embrace ur fear as ur best enemy, Virginia.
      Employ it as ur personal Angel-Guardian
      and write down, what u have to lose even more
      if u chose to give up ur much brighter future?

      Publish a book, or a survivalist-journal koz
      u aren’t alone, u know?

      Take a tiny step to free ur Self out of
      ur inner prison, dear.
      U’re pretty much alive, so kick it hard onward!

  65. Michael


    My biggest insecurity revolves around approval; whether or not someone I meet will find me, and my work, worthy. I know this is ego-driven but I find it’s one of the more difficult paradigms to shake, particularly as I’ve progressed into the upper echelons of adulthood.

    When I was in college, there was a saying in our fraternity: Zero F*cks Given. This was a testament to our personality both as individual members and as an organization. We committed to being ourselves and upholding our values no matter what anyone else thought.

    Somewhere along the line, maybe during my time in Corporate America, moving to a completely new city, or perhaps when I started my own consulting company, I grew more and more attached to outside approval. The social pressures of success drive a parasitic anxiety inside of me.

    The root cause seems to be that of comparison. I’ve started to implement a pattern-interrupt process so I can give less f*cks but this is indeed a deep-seated habit.

    • #AskGranny

      Why not to middle-finger-salute ur that
      parasitic-anxiety, Michael? LOL

      U don’t need anyone’s permission to succeed!
      Be bold and make ur day, eh?

  66. Karl

    I’ve been an freelancer for over 15 years. 5 years ago, I took a full-time job for which I had to “retire” from many of my freelancer accounts. And the new job worked–for about 3 years, when a market reverse forced me to reduce my commitment from full-time to 25%. Talk about a major shock. It’s taken me 18 months to recover my income base, because I had overcommitted to a single project.

    This episode impressed on me the definition of “job security” for a freelancer: multiple clients, and wide diversity in project content. Yes, I have to work hard to keep delivering solid value over an array of clients, attract new clients, and constantly propose new projects. But I am sharper, faster, and stronger for it. And that is how I keep my income base stable and my top line growing.

    Staying diverse is the best strategy for the full-time freelancer!

  67. Nina

    After being Diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and suffered from postpartum depression i had enough and decided to change myself instead of waiting for others to help me. Im more confident in who i am but im still insecure about going over the edge and starting my own company. I have an idea and all I have to do is fill out paperwork and learn a little more about taxing and the administrative side.

    Im worried about not being a role model for my son and I procastinate waay too much. However i cant just live my life doing nothing and just taking order while blaming others for the ‘jobsituation’, i gotta show my son that you can change your life and break a bad cycle. Im coming from a family that rather stress out and whine about everything.
    its been a hard time breaking that habit. So yes im insecure about starting a new chapter in my life but i guess ‘ no pain, NO gain’ eh… 😉

    Thanks Ramit for everything.

    • Amanda

      You have a really great attitude! I have a daughter as well and have some demons of my own that prevent me from achieving more. You seem to smile through the pain, and I believe you will achieve great things soon enough.

    • Nina

      Thank you Amanda and its great hearing about others moms aswell. I think we both can do great things in order lives and create the life we want instead of the life others are pushing us to live. 😊

  68. Charlie

    Oh man I struggle with imposter syndrome sometimes. People are paying me to build WordPress websites for them, and even though they rave about my design and I get tons of referrals, I feel like I don’t deserve it because I’m not a programmer and I’m just one or two steps away from not knowing what to do next…

  69. Lina Fedorova


    I’m most insecure about the the fact that the skills I could have acquired, I didn’t. I wasted a lot of time in high school doing everything, but what I should have been doing: studying, writing essays, practicing piano, etc. I had many opportunities to network myself, to build on my my technological skills, to be more creative in my art classes, to exploit my writing capabilities, but I didn’t. I feel that if I had, I’d be a lot farther in the world right now, and it bugs me. I’m aware of the fact that we are all on our own separate journeys, but I think I really messed up here.

  70. J C.

    Cheers, Ramit,
    I have concerns about my health, and that I might die, soon, without finishing what I want to do, which pushes me to try to finish my work, quickly—and, I worry about succeeding too well, so I plan to use a pseudonym, and take other evasive action to avoid losing my privacy, and my freedom of movement.

  71. Matt Connor

    I feel insecure about if I can and how long it will take to make enough money to replace my current salary and benefits. I want to be a professional speaker and coach. I feel like I am on the edge looking over and wondering when to jump! I have a junior and freshman in high school, so college is right around the corner. My thoughts go from “don’t take the risk, stay with the day job and play it safe until the kids are done with school” to “I think if I just focused on becoming a speaker and coach for a week or two, this could really take off!” I am insecure about being good enough and about moving from speaking and coaching for free to getting paid to do it. It is really scary shit.

  72. Tomas

    I am 21 years old, recently dropped college and sometiems confused about life.

    Quite often I feel insecure about my future. To be specific I still don’t know what to do professionally and it makes me anxious. I used to study software engineering but I feel like it might not be the best and most natural for me. I would rather stay at home all day and mess around, but I cannot because I need to do something to make money and prevent myself to become on broke and homeless (which freaks me the most).

    Right now I work as a programmer in small start-up company (for 2 weeks, it is my first job in my life). The first day was quite stressful then I calmed down, but my instinct is not very sure about it. Especially if I keep checking watch like every half an hour (not sure if this is ok) and not feeling passionate in any way. I keep telling myself I should stay and try longer, it might just be the initial punch in face and after few weeks it may be awesome.

    To summarize this I mostly feel like I have nothing to offer to humanity and it makes me feel like I can be abandoned and became homeless with no help. Not very likely but that’s what my brain comes with.

  73. Chrisa Assis

    I am in ZTL and ready to make my product! It has been a year of ups and downs–psychologically speaking because when I sit down and think about this despite my insecurities I’ve only had gains during this time.
    One of my followers set a workshop for me in a local tango school, which gave my list 12 more subscribers. Two other readers asked for a private lessons, another follower asked for a special workshop. But I still feel insecure! haha
    I am about to make my first product and I feel very insecure to do so…though a few people have given me great feedback and good ideas on that product…
    I don’t know I guess the insecurity never leaves us…?

  74. Nicole

    I’m a Licensed Clinically Social Worker on the verge of starting a private practice. I’m insecure about choose a speciality/focus population (besides Anxiety management which I’ve taught for years in groups). I want to feel secure knowing I’m an expert but noticing I’m keeping myself small. I want to be secure in my expertise in 3 areas. Not just one.

  75. jk

    I’m insecure about being enough. I got myself into college prep school, was the first to go to college despite being bullied and teased, both at home and at school. I worked a shit ton of jobs, then got myself into college and have always kept going. But the crowd I want to be a part of, as opposed to the crowd I grew up with is vastly different. I’ve always had to take care of myself, so I have a natural knack of finding solutions where there seemingly ‘shouldn’t’ be one. I’ve restructured teams in a matter of months, when they assume it’ll take a year or two. I can read people like children’s book, but taking the next step to get into a higher position or a management role, I feel like I would be a fake, an outsider still. I want a higher position and I know I am more than qualified for it, but the social aspect is what throws me off. I can’t relate to the social life that the majority of the people around me have, and really it’s because I don’t care about the things they care about. Canada Goose jacket? Who gives a flying fuck!? My North Face from last year is just fine! But I feel like because I’m not drinking the cool-aid or have perfected being a socialite, I’ll never get ahead, and I don’t know how to get over that.

  76. Jose


  77. Petula

    I wonder if I’ll be good enough, smart enough, where people will want to listen to whatever I have to say. At the same time, I have to work at setting good boundaries because I can be overly eager to please and get people to like me so they will listen to me or think I’m smart. Do I really know what I’m talking about? Will people even listen to me? I want to help, that I believe is my mission in this life, to help others. But do I have the ability to do it well? What am I missing?

  78. Damilola Onakoya

    Maybe for some people it’s not the right thing to do, but I think I did the right thing, am a professional website designer and a digital marketer, I worked with a firm that really choked me up to the point that I felt my skills was shredding off, I love my skills and really needed to do something better so I had to quit.

    Now am working on my own though things are a bit slow but I know it’s a phase. There are times I had felt very insecure, it’s one very hard thing to fight but the reality is everyone gets to feel that insecure but what you do with that feeling when it shows up determines where you go from there

  79. Ashlee Lipkind

    This will probably sound strange but I feel like I don’t know how to be an adult. I still get flustered and forget things. I can’t remember people’s names even long after I should. I still have no idea what I want to do professionally or have a real retirement plan. I feel like at 36 I should have my life figured out. I still watch cartoons and laugh when it’s not appropriate. I love to play and dance and be silly. I talk out loud to my dogs all the time. I don’t own a suit or read the newspaper. But I keep thinking one day I will feel like a grown up.

    • Candice

      I know how you feel Ashlee – sometimes I feel like a 12-year-old that gets a monthly paycheck and knows how to drive. I think we are all still learning. May as well think, “well, f*** it” (and to hell what anyone else thinks) and just get on with doing whatever makes you feel happy.

  80. PeterW.

    I feel insecure about saying “no” to requests/obligations/tasks that are not aligned with my “internal compass” (ie. the personal road map that is focused on what is most important and meaningful to oneself). It seems to be rooted in the need for belonging and instant gratification – and ultimately the need to connect with others around me. I kick ass at prioritizing in the professional world – am consistently a top performer – but struggle when it comes to the personal realm. Relationships are everything in the consulting and investment business and these issues can become a barrier to establishing strong connections so overcoming this insecurity is a must.

  81. Pedro

    I’m insecure about not being recognized by other specialists in my field (Craft Beer) as a specialist myself. This insecurity has served as motivation to overcome quite a few challenges such as landing an enviable job in the industry, participating in competitions, speaking in public, getting international certifications etc.

    Specifically about starting a business, I’m sure about my ability to properly deliver useful content, but insecure about who my audience is (or should be), and wheter they’ll be interested or willing to pay for it. I’m insecure about putting in a lot of time and effort into a business idea and finding out it was all in vain.

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on a subject which most of us would rather avoid discussing!

  82. Glen Padua

    I plan to quit my full-time job to pursue freelancing and blogging to enable me to live like a new age entrepreneur. I dream of a 4-hour workweek like Tim Ferris.

    I’m a self-taught web designer/developer based in India (yes not everyone here is part of a cheap IT workforce) and I’m sure I can get this to work. But there’s always these insecurities at the back of my mind because I still gotta pay off my student loan and what not. I do have a roadmap all charted out but sometimes I’m hesitant to take the plunge. I’ve already applied for my resignation but there’s still, what developers call – impostor syndrome, at the back of my mind. I’m confident about my skills and yet I’m not.

    Is this weird?

  83. Arka Das

    Hey Ramit, what a timely post for my career. Thanks a ton. I work as a content writer in a digital firm. So, there is no brainer what my insecurities are. It’s a combination of biggest fear of a writer and a marketer. As a writer, I feel that my piece are not enough resonating to my target audience. And the fear of the consequence of not wooing my target audience through a compelling copy is the insecurity that my marketing soul has to face.

    Any suggestion to cow down the ghosts instead of growth hacks is highly appreciated.

  84. Samyak

    I am insecure about my own self,I was bullied in my childhood.And because of that there is something stuck in my subconscious mind that i am not good enough.I have really fantastic business ideas and i am redy to put all the hardwork….but whenever i take some action i feel insecure ,i feel that i am not good enough and there are millions of people more capable than me.

  85. Thomas L.

    I am insecure about my ability to do things in a timely manner and about my commitment to my self-improvement and self-employment.

  86. Deidre

    Failure. Yes, I know Ramit – that sucks.

  87. Linda

    I am a South African girl with big dreams and no plan of action. I spend most of my days at work achieving my bosses goals and not paying enough attention to my own goals. I do a lot dreaming because I do believe I am destined for great things but with every dream I attempt to chase, I get cold feet and start thinking who am I fooling I am going to get bored of this and neglect whatever goal I have. I wish I had a life coach or someone to help me be accountable and at least help me find motivation to search for a better life than the one I am currently living. I spend a lot of time reading American books about success but always get discouraged because I believe that is too far out of my reach.

  88. Jaffer

    I have tried all that I had read on the internet like hosting the site and affiliate program to e-commerce site all of them failed. I have also tried traditional way of business, And have burnt a lot. I have a passion for food Industries and I am specialized in Supply Chain and Logistics and procurement needs some advice.

  89. Vadim Kulikov

    Ramit, I am a postdoctoral reseacher in mathematics and cognitive science. I have 5 academic degrees (incl. PhD in math & masters in CogSci). As an academic I have only had *part time jobs*, the one I have now ends in 2018 and my monthly salary is < €3800 which is heavily taxed (I am in Finland). Additionally I started dating a girl I am truly in love with whose father earns 300k/year as a pilot (which intimidates me). I am trying to grow my own site (, but so far the revenue is 0. I feel insecure about my future finances, about being able to provide my girlfriend and myself with the lifestyle we deserve and even and most importantly about getting the type of job I love (like my current job).

    • Vadim Kulikov

      Sorry I meant fixed-term, not part time

    • #AskGranny

      But… but… but…
      Vadim, u DO have a best mentor available
      to u ya for free–go and ask for the training
      from ur future dad-in-law?
      Then apply that to ur own praxes, eh?

      The result certainly will be more than
      just surprising!

  90. Kompase

    I’ve always loved cooking,and I can say that I can cook really well but ever since I desired to start my cooking I often wonder if I’m good enough or do I even know that much about food. So yes I do get insecure and that holds me back in starting my blog.

  91. Laura

    I live abroad, in a country with a very challenging language for non-native speakers, and I have been working with a language tutor weekly for almost a year. I can read pretty well at this point, but I am really intimidated when I try to speak the language. Even though logically I know I won’t improve without more speaking and listening and messing up, I am afraid of failure.


    I want to be great by helping people in achieving their dreams.I am an electrical engineer in a manufacturing industry and in part-time I am doing a networking marketing business through which I help people to be healthy, wealthy and happy. It is not that I don’t like my job but I want to do work that benefits society, I feel insecure in talking to stranger people about my business, I loose my motivation early,

  93. suman das

    Hello Ramit ,
    Its great to read all your post .
    I personally feel insecure on my decision of doing business as i have started in 2014 and till date i have achieved 20% on what i thought would be .
    I will continue with my ventures but i loose my motivation on a regular basis .

  94. Ivone

    Hello Ramit ,

    It’s great to read all your posts. 🙂

    My biggest insecurity right now it that I am about to launch a new online business.

    However, the topic of the business is about Finance, Living your Dream Life and creating an awareness how your habits will keep you eternally a slave to the job that you hate the most.

    My insecurity is all about the fact that this topic has already been discussed to death (in my opinion) so how do I present it differently to the way it has already been done?

    I don’t believe that I have a new innovative way of seeing things so unfortunately I don’t feel “original”.

    The reason however that I am so passionate about this topic and am willing to try and see how many lives I can touch with my program is because of the following reason:

    Like I mentioned before, I believe that this topic has been discussed to death, BUT why then are we not all living richer lives? Why are so many of us still on the hamster wheel doing the same things day in and day out and expecting different results? Why are we becoming poorer than ever? Why if we know all this info are so many people still living in debt. Why have all the previous story’s people have read not “ACTUALLY” had the necessary snow ball effect it promises?

    So, this is why I want to try and see if I can make a difference.

    But its scary. What happens if I fail in my launch… Oh the horror 🙂


  95. Natalya Rietmuller

    I’m insecure about my writing for my content. I’ve had very positive feedback about my academic writing , yet I don’t have a lot of experience with writing online content or persuasion emails. But as my hacker profile correctly stated, I’m working on that. It’s in the mind set. I guess that is another insecurity, maintaining that mind set of success to drive me and realizing that my dreams of success are not going to happen overnight. This realization is making me keep focused on the dream goal, and trying to keep a structured approach to each part of my long term online business development.

  96. Kevin

    I am insecure with the young ones in my profession (IT). Most companies would love to get them since they are most cost-effective and are easier to control.

  97. Ashley Hoseney

    Thanks for all of the great material Ramit. It keeps me focused (ZTL student in immersion)I’m insecure about being able to actually give people the results they want. I’ve learned so much in the last 6 months with researching habits, willpower, psychology, and fitness, but I still question my ability to help other people. This is mostly because I’m still learning myself and haven’t reached the results I want. As long as a keep pushing and working at it, I will get there.

  98. Cassidy

    I am terribly insecure about people thinking I’m dumb. Because of this insecurity, I overcompensate by being something probably at least just as bad- the know-it-all. It’s become more obvious to me now since I’m back in a school setting after 8 years. I’m studying Spanish and living/traveling in Latin America. Going back to school has made me become aware of this behavior and I cringe when I look back. I’m like an anxious little school girl. I try to answer all the questions first, so eager to please the teacher and quick to make sure everyone else knows that I know…. ugh. It’s so annoying. While this seems silly, my awareness of this behavior has made me realize something else. Being that annoying girl in the front row isn’t the worst consequence of this insecurity. I’ve avoided networking with smart, successful people because of my fear of not measuring up. I was a young business owner after college and I had many successful clients who were more than willing to give me advice and mentor me and I avoided utilizing their help. I’m was so afraid of looking stupid that I avoided interactions with people who were a lot smarter than me and certainly more successful. This should have been a good thing! I should have been excited that smart, successful people liked me enough to want to help me. If I could find a way to convince myself that I’m smart rather than trying to convince everyone else around me, I think I would not only irritate less people in my Spanish class but my business networking skills would improve as well. I think being okay with not being the smartest person in the room will help me interact more with people that I can learn from.

  99. Carol-Anne

    My insecurity lies in my empty wallet to start something and my weight(dont want people to look at me because I am overweight. I have all the time (24/7) but don’t know what to do with it.

    • #AskGranny

      Tame ur inner monster which nags u to
      snack/binge all the time?

      Imagine it as a separate beast who needs
      rather more love than a meal?

      Start to shower ur Self with love every time
      u stand under the shower itself?

      Compliment ur that beast while looking
      in the mirror?

      Every time that inner beast starts to nag
      u to get some meal, express how much u
      love it, and will be loving infinitely more
      when it freed u from its prison, eh?

      Oh, ya, jump up indispensably too.
      Coz this kind of binge-beasts dislike
      badly the connection of neurons
      between ur mind and heart, btw!

      Also, order ur trial-dose of curcumin>95%
      from with black pepper billes.
      The late u will need to mill on ur own to have
      a best activator of cucumin-power over
      these inner beasts by 2000%.

      It’s scie-proven already, and yep,
      it works instantly indeed!

      Mix all the quantity of curcumin>95% u get
      with an appropriate amount of milled
      bl.pepper in a way, that
      5000 mg of curcumin>95% has added
      minimum 36 mg of black pepper.
      It’s a teaspoon!

      HINT: if ur stomach accepts a bl.pepper
      as such, dare to even triple its dose to
      empower even more the magic of curcumin>95%!

      Make a paste by adding some water,
      smoothie, juice, yogurt, or oil–if constipated!–
      chew it as slow as u can, then gulp in.

      HINT: the taste+odor+texture are very
      specific indeed. Thus, it’s up to u to
      chew it with ur closed nose OR to
      make it more liquid & drink it up at once…

      Chewing slowly provides a definitely
      faster result koz avoids ur stomach-acids!

      Intake the mix every time u catch urself
      opening a door of ur fridge!

      BUT remember to feed urself three
      times a day at least with a nice meal
      anyway, OK?

      Outcome: ur overweight will melt off
      effortlessly koz ur inner binge-beast will
      give up on u and so, u will be free again!
      BUT u have to get some spandex-underwear
      to tight over ur skin, otherwise it will stay lose as ur fat will simply disappear…

      Remember: u always may apply for a
      crowdfunding to collect some funds,
      first off.

      Develop a strategy, start its implementation
      with a new moon, remove ur rear-mirror
      to unstuck ur Self forever!

      Upward and onward, Carol-Anne!
      U deserve lots of admiration already.

      Start to train ur both minds, get some
      free courses on Udemy, read over Ramit’s
      generously shared expertise from anywhere
      u can find it, make it a clean-start-up
      because it’s a Spring after all!

      The Nature is about to resurrect, and so
      urself are ready for ur renaissance, of course, too!

      Zillion of blessings to u & urs, dear.

  100. #AskGranny

    So, when whatever insecurity shows to me its teeth,
    am tossing it down as my step upward even higher.

    Remember the parable about a donkey, who stuck
    in the well?–Donkey got out koz his humans decided to
    bury him alive! Yep, he tossed underneath every shovel
    of earth humans were throwing over…

    Thus, by visualizing any insecurity as a challenge,
    which keeps me fit-alive-n-kicking onward, never
    failed to achieve what i need as a best outcome
    humanly possible! :v:

  101. Shelley

    This made me realize I am currently in a situation where I don’t have the opportunity to be insecure and grow.

  102. Cathy

    I’m insecure about the new career path I’ve chosen as an (unstarving) artist, starting from scratch with a new creative business after giving up cushy corporate pay and opting out of the rat race. I know I’m not as talented or experienced as many artists out there but it lit a fire under my ass to prove that I can leverage my hybrid experience and still succeed. It’s hard to keep that mindset at all times especially when I put myself out there but this article is a good boost of motivation.

  103. allie

    My biggest insecurity has always been having very low self-confidence and not believing in myself. Over the years, through Ramit’s materials and other’s, I have learned how to combat and boost my confidence, but overall I still suffer from it. It has definitely prevented me from going farther than I’d like in my career and now, I am finally realizing that I DO WANT to do something about it. Now it’s just a matter of taking action and not being stuck in “analysis paralysis” mode.

  104. Shaun

    Here is the thing, i have multiple gifts and talents, I play most instruments, draw, paint, build, tattoo, cook, and have many inventions one that I patented ( fist faze ) ive started dream business with big name bands with my family when I was younger. Attempting to carrie it forward in my 30s with a rehursal band space then a desert business. Now in making furniture peaces all while holding down a shity job as a finish contractor at a modular home place. Im not happy at all. I feel like ive lost my luster for life. My insucerity is that im surrounded by younger, more modern and hungry artist and people, to the point that im ready to go back to school at 40. All I am is my tallents, and a God fearing man.

  105. Chad Haskell

    I’m afraid to sell my business and move on to the next thing because I haven’t figured out what the next thing is. I’m done with my current business. It’s grown all I’m willing to give. Selling it won’t be anywhere close to securing my future. I’m just scared to move on to an unknown so I feel trapped.

  106. Sonu

    I feel insecure about my inability to lead. I’m such an emotional creature and I am working on being a more objective individual at work.

  107. Robin

    I’m in my dream job at a non-profit, but I’m insecure about how I regularly get overwhelmed and behind. Our staff is tiny (just me in the Development Dept), and I don’t have help, so I need to improve my skills at prioritizing and being an effective executive. I give it my all, work long hours, but need better management skills for myself to turn tasks and email responses around faster.

  108. Willie Trotter

    I’am insecure about starting an affiliate marketing business that I can make a living from in my retirement. Bought some courses before but their seemed to always be something left out of the course. One course I bought didn’t include how to build a relationship with your list through your emails. A little discouraged at this point. Don’t want to get into the cycle of buying course after course. Thanks for the post.

  109. Debendra swain

    This is always interesting to see new thoughts from this page. In my view, I always feel myself as an entrepreneur and wish to create opportunities for others with starting my own venture. Because of this, I do not able to concentrate on the 8hrs day schedule, by which I feel unsecured.

  110. Make Wealth Simple

    Inspiring snippet and how I feel right now on a day-to-day basis. I switched jobs not long ago to a very demanding industry and surrounded by excellent people. Learning so much, but can’t help to feel so dumb at times. I literally have days where I think I’m getting fired soon. But I know I’m growing and things will get better…

  111. Jose

    I feel insecure about cold calling and getting rejected my previous businesses failed for that reason.
    I have a new business now one year old and made it to getting very few paid customers but not enough to were I want to be.
    It’s a proven business, Ive done a lot of research and I know I can market it and do the work but my fears of getting rejected holds me back. Or when I know I should be out canvassing (taking the aggressive approach) doing my marketing I procrastinate and find things to fix at home. Or make excuses to spend time with family instead.
    Little by little I’m talking steps forwards

  112. Manuel Schulze

    I feel very insecure about where do I wanna go. I have a lot of things I like. I would say there is even more than one thing I would love to do as a full-time job. I was going to school, now I’m studying. I will finish my master degree in two years. It’s okay to work as an iOS developer at a big company then.

    However, okay is not enough for me. I love to teach people and to mentor others. I would love to start a blog and making money out of it. Help others with their finances. But there are a lot of struggles, like:

    ‘Is this possible?’, ‘Do I really want to focus on becoming a blogger and create an online business rather than focussing on improving my software developer skills?’, ‘What happens if I end up being just an “okay” developer and have no online business at all?’, ‘Is it possible for me to write in English even if I’m not native speaking?’, ‘Can I cover important concepts and learn about them like 401(k) even if I don’t live in the USA?’, ‘Am I creative enough?’, ‘If I fail I will get stuck in both options for a long time.’

    Anyway, I try to see my master degree as an opportunity for getting some subscribers with my blog and start building my online business. This gives me the 2 more years to decide if I can go after my passion and my goal.

  113. Anastasia

    I am currently learning how to make money from blogging. I write about how to deal with difficult emotions and situations for people that want self-help. I don’t have my website up and running yet so all my articles are posted on I feel insecure about appearing incompetent, everyday I try and make sure I know all that I possibly can so I don’t have fatal failures. Of course, it’s unreal to be prepared for everything. But, my three major things that give me a lot of insecurity are html/css coding, being an exceptional writer and knowing my way around legal issues dealing with writing.

    All my fuel for my passion has been running on 0% budget and all of my learning comes from heavy research which I constantly narrow down until I find the information I need. This is all time consuming, I often feel overwhelmed and like I’m not making any substantial progress. I’ve broken down all I need to get done in small steps, but it’s so frustratingly slow!

  114. Jeremy Carter

    I feel insecure about starting my next business. I had partners in my last business and it went really well. I don't have partners in my new business and I wonder if I'll be able to figure out how to market it correctly, if I'll be speaking the right message to my niche market and if people will buy from me this time around. Finding the right partners is hard, but working on my own has proven even more difficult. It's forced me to find good support and to be more transparent about where I am.

  115. Karen

    I'm a good administrator and achiever, but I'm insecure about whether or not I can actually lead. I'm interviewing for a position this week that I know I am qualified for – in fact, my area of expertise is quite small and I'm 99% sure I'm the best candidate they'll have – but with the company's current projects an their projection to expand by 40% in the next year, I'll be required to hire, direct and oversee a small team, something I haven't had to do before. I think I can do it – I won't really have any other choice – but it's the area I'm most nervous about. I'm outgoing and social but really, most of the time I'd rather buckle down and work all night and do it all myself, rather than make sure someone else is doing it properly.

  116. Maggie

    Noah's story resonated with me so much. I'm an English major at a company that's 90% engineers and scientists and I feel like the trained monkey who's good at Scrabble. I'm insecure about my "soft skills" compared to their "hard skills." I know on a rational level I'm a good writer, but my irrational side falls prey to the fear that the skills I bring to the table are perceived as "cute."

    I've also been really insecure recently about feeling like a tryhard. I'm in a post-grad program that operates under the "you get out of it what you put into it" philosophy, and I'm gung ho to go ALL IN. I'm really enjoying the program and finding immense value in it! But it's easy to feel like the teacher's pet when everyone else in your group is like, let's do the minimum to just get this done. I want to give it my all! Does that make me insufferable and over eager?

  117. Malaika

    This is so intriguing! Can’t help but recall your post "Please… stop writing about how “vulnerable” you are“. Interestingly, the narrative changes completely when you ask about the potential benefits of insecurities. This puts you in a position of power rather than being a passive snow flake….

  118. D'Angelo R. Woods

    Looking dumb in front of a group of people.

    I spent 10 years of my life—from age 7 to 17–on stage performing in front of hundreds of people. Often times in sequins and costume (Olan Mills loved me).

    The fear and insecurity of looking silly by missing a line or stumbling on a dance move made me a professional at practicing and mastering my lines, even when it was lip synced.

  119. Chase Musser

    I feel insecure about going out on my own. There's a part of me that feels safe where I am, but I know it's keeping me from greater happiness and growth. I'm insecure that people will say "who the f*#k are you and what do you know?".

  120. Brandon

    I think a lot of it is a lack of confidence. You meander through school, where everything is already planned and set for you and you're told to follow the path and success will come. Then you graduate and can't even get a "safe" job in the field you majored in (like teaching). You see people your age buying homes or new cars and doing cool things and you think that somehow you're falling behind. Maybe you get have some financial issues because of student debt or credit cards or whatever, and then you have take jobs you hate just to have a steady income coming in to support yourself and your family.

    I know I feel this way a lot. I have some ideas about business that I just KNOW will be a success.

    The problem is, I don't have any confidence that I am the person who could pull it off.

    What makes me think I can do this? I don't have the experience. I don't have the money to fund it. I don't have the background. I don't have whatever prerequisite might be needed.

    So instead, you continue to do the "safe" thing, even though it's never been safe and it'll never make you happy and it'll never pay off in the wrong.

    And it's all because I don't have the belief in myself.

    It's Holy Hell on my mental well being.

  121. Bryan Summers

    I feel insecure that I'm the dumbest person in the room. I just started a new job. I'm a bit older. I'm learning a brand new industry. I'm insecure and it sucks.

    I feel like I've wasted my life. But no more.

  122. Ole Kristensen

    Good evening Ramit Sethi

    I am insecure about talking to clients at my current day-job. When my colleagues and I are working in the garden I often double down on the work and leave the talking to my colleagues instead; which sometimes makes me ignore the client. My head is so entrenched in making a 100% perfect completion of what I am tasked to do; that I never really bargain, or even just strike up conversation, with the client or my managers. Somehow there is a block in my mind for saying something wrong to a client – and therefor the fear of getting fired.

    Thoughts or advice?

    Kindly – Ole Kristensen

  123. Melissa

    For most of my adult life I've held positions with mainly an administrative function. I have 20 years in procurement, 10 in office management and accounting. I did everything the "right" way to advance in my career but it never went the way it should. I feel like I was always comfortable, always knew "everything" in my last position. Well, I was promised a promotion and they gave it to someone else who had zero experience but marketed himself better than I ever could. My hard work didn't pay off. I was always interested in a different position within my company. A field position that was manual labor that allowed extensive amounts of travel. I applied, got the position and now I am the newbie with no clue. It's scary to be in that position after having so much knowledge. However, the more I travel and the more I learn I am starting to understand it. Some days are scary and frustrating. Others I am confused. I really like this challenge though and the travel. I work on a commercial boat and just one perk I get to have just this week is calling port in Hawaii. Yes we may have to work but I get to spend 4 days in Hawaii and get paid for it.

  124. Drea

    I'm insecure about my goal to help people. I've been through a lot and I want to use that to become a motivational speaker and a mentor for young girls but everyone sees me as a victim. I own up to my struggles and I'm thankful for them because they've made me into a warrior but no one else sees me that way and I feel they never will.

  125. Jeffrey

    I'm 51 coasting in a dead-end job and miserable, but was too lazy to keep up in my field. Now I feel way behind and overwhelmed about how to change or catch-up. I believe it's possible, but just don't know where to start.

  126. Vasco

    I feel I really have potential products/services and many ideas in me. I am insecure because 1. I can’t seem to figure out how to articulate them in a tangible way and 2. If I leave everything now, I don’t know how long it will take me to get to the same income.
    I love what you and your copies are mega cool. Thank you

  127. Michael

    I am insecure that I am not any good at anything. I have always been middle of the pack in school, etc. Now it is like I am in the big leagues dealing with VPs, AVPs, CFO's (and all the other executive and C-suites). My insecurity is in the fact that I do not know how I took the steps to get here and that I cannot recreate them.

  128. Keeley

    I’m insecure about how to make the field of mental healthcare lucrative. Everyone says I’m doing well, but I’m at the point- after less than 6 months of opening our doors- that I’m unable to give my staff benefits. I constantly try to think of realistic ways that I can generate additional revenue, but it is difficult and most of our revenue comes from health insurance. I’m insecure about living up to my own expectations.

  129. Mark

    Your story of Noah resonated with my feelings when joining the Navy as a rather wet and immature teenager surrounded by very confident people. Tough training, but I wanted it enough to get through it and go on to fly off ships. I now realise just how thin a veneer confidence actually is. .Better to be a humble leader than a bullying bull shitter (there plenty of evidence for this, eg the book Good to Great)

    Despite achieving many successes I still suffer insecurities and procrastination but holding a vision in my head of the people I want to help does get me through it. That and placing bets I can afford to lose. Yes you should fear catastrophic failure, but little setbacks make you stronger. I know this, but cannot always get myself to believe it..

  130. Paige

    I’m insecure about the fact that I don’t have much money for startup. So much so that I have put off opening my business banking account for a couple months. I’ve been saying I need to do more research to make sure I have everything right for the programs and software I want to use and then putting it off. But guess what (and I decided this week but I love this post and thought I should share)? Tomorrow I am going to own it. I’m walking into the bank on my day off to put down a tiny deposit for my business checking and apply for a business credit card and just start doing. Who cares if they think I’ll make it with my measely deposit? There’s never going to be a perfect time and I’m starting a business because I want more than what my current 9-5 offers and I know there is more and I am beyond qualified.

  131. james

    The biggest insecurity I face right now is imposter syndrome; I managed to switch careers into the financial field (private equity), but I feel like everyone else on the team has a hard skill to offer, while I don't. I feel like I'm going to be "found out" at some point.

  132. Brady Mills

    I've got a job that has been difficult but pretty stable as a CIO of an organization, government related. It's been reliable, not big money, not enough to be comfortable and fully support my family. I have a very small side gig, selling a product or two on Amazon. Frankly, I'm probably afraid to take the risk to give up what I have and make the leap into my own full time gig. But I want to do something different and exciting. Also, I'm not sure if my current side gig is the direction for me yet.

  133. Mark

    Great article
    Sometimes I feel invincible and other times insecure. My feeling is determined by my view of my last important piece of work, and I judge too harshly. I’m so over it but the funny thing is that it gives me fuel to keep learning and getting better. I have found that you can reduce your suffering in accepting yourself and accepting that not everyone will like you and doing your best and laughing at yourself. So liberating

  134. Steve

    I'm probably the poster boy for insecurity. And I'm sure I'll get laughed at, but F-it! 23 mos ago I started a business on the side while working my FT job. So far I have generated an additional $237k and I'm at a crossroads of leaving the day job to go all-in on my business. I spent the entire months of May – Sept worrying myself that I will fail and creating anxiety daily – from the time I wake up, til the time I fall asleep. We're talking stomach turning/tingling down my arm anxiety.

    My girlfriend, friends, family all think I'm crazy and keep telling me to focus on the wins I've had and not the losses. So, I did two things…checked into therapy to have an unbiased party help me talk it out; then hired a coach in my business industry to help me fine tune and correct all the things I've been doing wrong. The anxiety went away and I'm doing all the things my coach has outlined for me.

    I have set a target date of next May to make my move and I'm simply stashing the money away to provide the "security" for me to build my business and not have to worry about paying my bills and supporting my Son. While I'm a ways off from Ramit's friend, I have setup a business to work anywhere from a laptop and a phone. I'll be relocating from CA to ID next May to be with my 4-year old boy and take him all over the world.

    I share this not to brag but to hopefully inspire those on the fence like I was. The way I see it, you can choose to let your fears get the best of you, or take action and put together a gameplan and do something about it. I admit, if I didn't have my Son I'd probably still be content with the day job, but I've got a little guy counting on me and I'll do whatever it takes to provide opportunity for him.

  135. Joe M

    Ramit, this one really hits home hard. Insecurity has been a personal war for me. My greatest battle is a recurring feeling of a lack of value. I went through a tough relationship and had my company implode all at the same time. I let my identity get tied to the success or failure of that business and it's been a tough road back. I'm now doing what I love and am passionate about but have a hard time hitting the send button at times due to the fear of failure. I've tried to isolate it down to the root and have learned an incredible amount about myself in the process, but I'm rebuilding. Taking a lesson from your book, I've stopped comparing my success to others and have taken small steps at a time to get back to the path to kicking ass my own way.

  136. Alixandrea Corvyn

    It's definitely Impostor Syndrome here. I honestly don't believe I know enough, am smart enough, am going to be successful enough to make a really good living out of my passions. I've been struggling to support myself as a singing teacher and pro musician for four years. I'd love to make a success out of both, but just don't believe in myself enough to do so.

  137. Ally

    Firstly, I’d like to say I have no idea what compelled me to write a common which is rare for me, but I guess seeing other people struggle with the same problems makes me feel less alone.
    I’ve read a lot of the comments from other people here, and while some of them make me want to scream “yes I battled that let me help you overcome it too,” the voice in my head gives me a reality check telling me that I still deeply struggle with these things and the biggest insecurity of mine is the fact I struggle so much while I’m seen as a “do-er” by others. I get a tenuous feeling of accomplishment when people believe I am who I say I am, but it quickly fades when I realise that I’m always talking about my big ideas, but I do little to nothing to accomplish them. Many of my achievements to date were accidental, or due to “going with the flow,” so I feel insecure that I don’t have the capability I like people to believe I have.
    I’ve looked at Ramit’s Mental Mastery a thousand times and actually tried hard to save for it (as you can tell from that statement I don’t make much money) but even that feels far away. I’d love to have a mentor who could tell me exactly how to achieve the things I want to achieve (for instance become a freelance writer so I can work from home with my injury) but at the same time, my pride wants to me to do it alone which is ridiculous, and if I do it alone I feel I’ll have learned more from the experience.
    I’ve lost track of whatever I’m saying in this comment so point is:
    I feel insecure about always saying and never doing, choosing to veg out instead of just taking that one simple step toward my goals because I’ve digested too much information and awoke the insecurity beast about my capability, and most of all, I feel like a fraud for portraying myself as a person who gets things done.

  138. Cody

    This is probably going to sound really ridiculous, but… I'm insecure about my side business only making $20k a year in revenue. I have friends who make way more, like six figures, with their side businesses, and still have day jobs. I don't even really know what I'd do with the extra money besides retire sooner, or maybe take some trips with my family, but it still bugs me. I want to have the freedom that a larger revenue side business would provide me, but I'm afraid that if I build it larger than it is now, I'll just end up having two jobs.

  139. Jessica

    I’m afraid of filming my fitness videos. And I love making videos but this feels different. I’m not perfect-even though by societies standards I’m now “skinny”-I lost 119lbs by my own creation yet-is that enough? I’m stretch marks and extra skin…which I’m fine with. But then I go back to the videos. What if they aren’t good enough? What if I’m crazy and none of this is going to be helpful? Who am I to think women want to lose weight with my help? Sigh…that’s my fears. But I begin filming this week.

    • Jessica

      Good luck with your videos! I'll be rooting for you!

    • Ally

      Believe me, if you lost 119lb by your own dedication, women all over the world will want to know what you know! More than that, women will feel more comfortable about themselves when they see somebody who looks like them is successful, confident in her skin, and shared their same goal. You have more than just knowledge to impart on people, you have the experience! You know what they’re going through more than any skinny mini who has been physically fit their whole life. Those women have their own market, and you’ll have yours.
      Good luck with everything!

  140. Jessica

    I'm in debt, trying to launch two business, and only have a vague idea of what I'm doing.

    I would love to take a business class or even educate myself a little more about this. Which costs money I don't have. Maybe I am just not checking out the right books from the library?

  141. Erika

    I am a single mom in my early 30’s, have been on my own since I was 16, do not have a college degree and earn a six-figure salary. I have been with the same company for almost all of my working life and have worked my way up to a position I enjoy (you know, given I am working 40-hours at a company that isn't mine and am doing a job that does not speak to my soul on any level). I would love to have more flexibility with my schedule and even venture off on my own. My insecure thought process looks like this:

    I'd love to work for myself and be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world, but could I even market my own one-man show? I'm probably too quiet and reserved. Besides, what would that even be? What other skill sets do I have? Who do I think I am? I have a good gig and am at the top of the pack in what I currently do. Maybe I can teach my daughter differently and live vicariously though her. <goes back to punching the clock>

    That said, I am afraid to give up the life I have worked so hard to build. While I don't fear losing my job, I really don't know who I am without it.

  142. KatieP

    I am 29 years old. I technically have a college degree, but I'm not actually qualified for any type of skilled work. Right now, two part time jobs, one in food service and the other in logistics, are the best I can do. From here, the logical next step is trade school to get some actual, marketable job skills. If that goes well (which is a big 'if'), then I can think about going back to a four-year school and doing an undergraduate degree properly. Before any of that, though, there are a lot of study and life skills that I'll need to learn and master. And before I can do any of that, I have to finish cleaning up my current mess. At the same time, I'm trying to get a side hustle off the ground, while I clearly have no skills and no value proposition to offer. Why am I even doing this?

  143. Jason

    I feel insecure about myself. I feel like I am always on the outside. Tolerated because I am here, but not as interesting as some may be. I was born with a clef lip and I always wonder how much it affects people. I want to be financially successful, but I am socially timid and do not know where to start. Also, I am starting to get older (52) and do not have any retirement savings. I really need to get going with something.

  144. Gretchen Williams

    A few years ago I took the big step of selling my business and relocating a thousand miles away from my life in order to get married. Within a few weeks it became apparent that my new husband was profoundly mentally ill. We did not get medical care for him owing to his religion. I stayed with him for three years, enabling him to keep his job and his young teen daughter. During that period I was often frightened and isolated. I gained 40 pounds and a lot of my long hair fell out. When I finally left and returned to my home state, I was sad for about six months. But when I began to recover I discovered that I was stronger than I had ever been. I quit apologizing for anything. I found I was no longer concerned about pleasing anyone. I adopted the thought that other peoples' opinion of me was none of my business. I became super self-determined and have remained so.

  145. Jesse

    I feel insecure about my ability to make good judgement about people I hire.

    More than once, I've hired people for our small business (I'm the co-founder) who've been at least incompetent and, at worst, destructive, to the organization, and I was either naive or ignorant to the red flags. My lack of management skills prevented me not only from saying what needed to be said, but in the past, doing what needed to be done.

    I am a more effective manager and leader now, because I've learned, but the experiences have left me second-guessing myself about all kinds of decisions, both personal and professional.

  146. Ali

    I feel insecure about asking people money for my help or skills I can provide them. Also feel insecure about talking to people and potential customers just because of fear of coming across awkward in conversations. How to start them and specially close them.

  147. Nishtha Gehija

    I feel insecure about me being accepted as an entrepreneur in the industry. I have fire and passion and hunger, and can change people with my words, yet when it comes to making the sale, I feel like a dumb

  148. Remi

    I’m insecure about getting a team together.

  149. Michael Lowry

    I am insecure about the prospect of starting a medical device testing business. I know I have some experience and I've been in a laboratory environment for 6 years plus am building a lab here at my new start up job. I have a plan on how this can work. I was also an earn 1K student and I feel that many of the principles (most of them) apply to what I want to do but but I feel my true ambition to start the brick and mortar bussiness is holding me a bit. Yet, I think I have some insight from the Earn1k material to minimize startup cost such as renting space in another laboratory to minimize overhead and renting/leasing testing equipment instead of buying it. But this type of work is typically full time and would need staff sooner than later. I'm not secure about how I can start that while at my day job. Also, conflicts of interest and agreements are an issue with my employer because it may be considered the same field. For now I can grow my experience and get this lab running, then maybe go work for a lab for a while to get the direct experience. But I am not sure and I am insecure about what I should do.

  150. Jill

    I feel insecure about starting a consulting business. I have been working on a business idea to consult, coach and run online courses for my field. I have been researching and reading everything I can find on all aspects of the plan. However, my insecurities kick and make me worry about when to launch the website and if I have enough to launch it, and what if I don't get clients etc.

  151. Lene

    I feel insecure about my skills. I train people training their puppies and I train dogs. Done for 3 years all thanks to my son, who pushed – and pushes – me to do what I love. He's a wizard in digital marketing and a big fan of yours and so I've become one too 🙂
    I hold off-line courses, making around 1K a month. Also, I have a blog with 2K followers. The plan is to – in time – sell online courses.
    My full-time job is a manager in a bank and I feel sure that I'll be asked to take another job in a month or two. Not a better one, just another. If I refuse, I'll be let off with 6 months pay. The perfect time to do more about my dog training business, right… However, I'm afraid I'm not clever enough to grow my business and afraid to put too much pressure on my son to help me. Also, there are many great trainers out there and even if I'm a good trainer, I'm insecure about if I'm good enough to make it online, I'm 53 and Danish – so neither English nor IT is my native language 🙂

  152. Rohan Bhardwaj

    I feel insecure about burning myself out my doing dumb things at my workplace

  153. Devon Larson

    Insecurity for me had seemed like a thing of the past. I'd gotten a great ladder position at work (meaning every year I go up a grade, assuming I do my job well); I've got a great partner; I cook meals from scratch every night; I separate my recycling; hell, I got a fancy cat from a breeder. Everything was incredible.

    Then I signed up for ZTL, and I've been on an emotional rollercoaster of insecurity ever since. On the one hand, it's been easy to determine what I'm good at/how people introduce me; on the other hand, the feminist in me has been utterly disgusted and struggling to come to terms with it. There's been wave after wave of insecurity not only about acknowledging that what I'm good at is stereotypical "women's work" like cooking, cleaning, organizing, and administrative work, but also about accepting that anyone out there could possibly value this stuff.

    I've been following Ramit for several years now, taken a couple of courses, incorporated so much of what he teaches, but the hardest lesson yet for me has been to own my self, to be able to acknowledge out loud what I'm good at to the extent needed to build a business around it. If I'm not actively feeling insecure and anxious about asking people about food, then I'm projecting and working myself up about burning out of my friends, family, and coworkers with all the questions I'm gonna be asking them. There's a bit of imposter syndrome because while I may be a good cook, I'm always following recipes, not creating my own. I am making progress, but it feels like a snail's pace.