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Deep psychology: Why people think our generation is doomed

Ramit Sethi

Too many people are convinced that millennials are lazy, entitled losers. This kind of nonsense gets said so often — “Oh, these millennial debt-ridden poor souls. They have no chance at a successful life. So sad.” — that it’s almost become axiomatic.
I don’t believe it for a second.
Look at this tweet I saw:

tweet about millenials

Do you agree? Notice how it’s so easy to agree and rail against the injustices that have been handed to us.
I actually think we have it BETTER than anyone in history. I decided to ask my 117,000+ Twitter followers what they think:

screenshot 2017 01 26 11 27 47

You gotta check out their responses.
What’s the psychology of all these fatalistic people who think millennials have it bad?
1. When you hear something repeated over and over, for many people it becomes the truth. If the media says how bad millennials have it — no matter how good we actually have it — people start to believe it.
Don’t. You have more opportunities for amazing careers, health, and relationships than ever before.
2. Negativity is contagious. Now, there are real reasons for gossip and complaining: It helps us maintain social bonds. It brings us together against a common enemy. But it can also get dark and depressing fast.
I remember once sitting down to eat lunch at work with a bunch of co-workers. We were talking about normal stuff, just the usual back and forth, when someone started complaining about some random annoyance with a vendor.
In less than 2 minutes, everyone at the table was complaining and rolling their eyes.
It’s like that song, Somebody That I Used To Know:

somebody that I used to know

Next time you find yourself complaining, notice who you’re hanging around. I’ll bet you $100 you have a pattern of complaining around certain people.
Also notice how GOOD it feels. I get it. But you can retrain that feeling to focus on positivity. This is something I’m working on myself.
For today, I want to share 3 awesome links with you:
1. The Twitter comments from above: “Why do millennials live in an amazing time?
2. One of my favorite videos of all time showing the behind-the-scenes footage of the Oscars. Watch the director’s sublime joy as he performs at the highest levels of his job. When you are amazing at what you do, you love what you do.
3. Redditor describes how he made the decision to quit social anxiety. Of course there are clinical illnesses, but for most of us in most situations, we make the choice to live the patterns we live. And you can change them.
You can change your body.
You can change your career.
You can change the time you wake up.
You can change how much money you make.
You can change how you treat your family.
You can change your personality.
You can change your relationship.
And you can do all of it now — no need to wait.

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