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We’re donating $25,000 to help people during coronavirus

Ramit Sethi

Short post today to let everyone know I Will Teach You To Be Rich is matching donations to help people in need — up to $25,000.

Donate to make sure people have enough food to eat during coronavirus.

A few weeks ago, I told you that in times like this, we have to acknowledge reality, make a plan, and move.

Here’s my plan.

Step 1 was taking care of my family.

Step 2 was taking care of our employees by announcing a $1,000 coronavirus stipend.

Step 3 was taking care of our customers by announcing a 2-month grace period on payments if they needed help.

Step 4 was taking care of our subscribers by launching a nightly Fireside Chat series, completely free.

Step 5 is what I’m announcing today: A $25,000 match to help people in need during coronavirus. Hell, we’ll donate $25,000 regardless — but I want to tap into the IWT community to maximize our donations to help.

I announced this donation to the IWT team yesterday. Here’s what I told them:

“I’m extremely proud of every one of you. During the last few weeks, with massive changes in the world, every one of you has been a complete professional. You stayed calm, you adapted, and showed the world what kind of team we’ve built.

I always wanted to build a company that reflected my values. Look at us on this video call today — I never wanted to work in an office under fluorescent lights. So we have the flexibility to work from home.

I wanted to build a community of amazing customers so every one of us — you, me, our support team — is happy to interact with them. We’ve done that. We have the best community and customers in the world.

And I always told people 3 things about money:

First, money is a small but important part of living a Rich Life. At IWT, we show people how to save and earn money, but it’s rare for someone to show them how to spend it.

Second, a Rich Life is lived outside the spreadsheet. The point of saving and earning is not to count it in Excel — it’s to use it to create a Rich Life. And when there are people in need, that’s the time to deploy your capital.

Third, I always told people, when I’m successful, I’m bringing everyone with me. In this situation, we get to do exactly that.

Because of the work that each of you has contributed to IWT, we’ve built a healthy, profitable business. Now we get to deploy our skills and capital to help people who need it. We get to bring as many people as we can with us.

Today, I’m announcing a $25,000 donation to help people during coronavirus.

As always, I’m proud to work with the best team in the world.”

Here’s the donation link. There are millions of people who will need help — starting with food. Please join us in helping them.

Once you donate by this Friday, please forward your donation receipt to, and we’ll match your donation up to $25,000.

This is part of our Rich Lives and we hope you join us.


P.S. Please forward your receipts by this Friday, April 10th. And when you write in, please let me know why you donated and what it means to be part of the IWT community. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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    It's people like you and companies like yours in times like these that really matter. It saddens me that big companies with the capital to go explore space won't do anything to help the local community where they do business. I donated $10 i know its not much but that's literally half of everything i have right now. I may be poor at the moment but you just never know one day circumstances could change. I will keep an eye on companies like yours to do business with and support.

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    Jonathan Kamps

    Hello Ramit,

    I have a personal request…

    I have been studying The Intelligent Investor & Security Analyst 2nd edition by Benjamin Graham and taking courses on BAWS (Breaking into Wall Street / Mergers & Acquisitions) to understand financial modeling more and I have yet to find anyone who invests based on the 2 books mentioned above. True "value investing" based on their methodology. I know there are value funds, etc out there, but they are not managed to the same level of standard as imposed by Graham. Do you know anyone personally that is involved in the field of investments or stock market, who invests based on those 2 books I mentioned above? I have asked every firm locally (Richmond, IN) and anyone I know in this field, and they are basically "sales people" who work for firms. No one knows anything about analyzing companies, and those who do are usually Charter Analysts, but they are only providing the info, and don't know of the 2 books I mentioned above either. I am basically looking for someone who knows both.. one who can analyze financials and invests based on value investment from the 2 books mentioned. I realize this is kind of long, but I have read your book 2x and applied many of the principles you wrote about. I am asking as a long shot, but if you know anyone who is kind of enough to guide me to a book to study or read, or someone's contact that would be wonderful. I am willing to take the time to do the work, but I don't have anyone or anything to help guide me. I am doing this on my own, which is good, but I really need guidance.

    Thank you

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