How to choose between two passions: Passion vs. practical

How to choose between two passions. One of our generation’s defining problems is TOO MANY OPTIONS. Our parents don’t get this. They’re like, “Go get a good job! They have really good benefits!” I once went home during college and a family friend was visiting. He worked at a very large consumer-packaged goods company and believed I was a lost soul who needed advice. Imagine my face when he gave me this advice:
“Ramit, you should join this company. You work here 30 years, you’ll have a MILLION DOLLARS when you retire!”
I looked at him in disbelief. A million? That’s it? 30 years from now? Like a good Indian son, I sat there quietly, spooning myself more keema and baingan bharta (white people, look it up). See, we don’t WANT to work at the same company for 30 years. But at the same time, we’re stuck choosing among 2, 3, sometimes 10 different ideas. What if we choose the wrong one and close all the other doors? I got a really good question from IWT reader Sean B. and suggested how I would approach it:
“I am stuck between two conflicting career paths. I already have an undergrad degree in film production, but I’m stuck outside of New York and LA in the Midwest with no film jobs. I’m getting disillusioned with the lack of career progress. I’m conflicted about pursuing a major passion of mine for most of my life: science. I keep thinking of going back to school for another degree in science, but can’t be specific beyond that. How can I choose which to follow?”
PREVIEW OF RAMIT’S SURPRISING ANSWER: I will not tell you to light a candle, put on a cashmere robe, and quietly chant affirmations. Instead, I WILL tell you how the classic myth we have of “thinking our way to clarity” — and how I would tackle this. I know, because I did exactly this when I graduated. If you have a bunch of ideas, and are wondering how to choose between two passions, you’ll want to watch this new video, released today. If you’re curious how this exact testing process works, you can get my free mini-course on finding a job you love. Btw, have you ever been stuck between two paths? How did you choose which was right? Leave a comment below.

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