The official handbook to 6-figure freelancing with zero experience

Ramit Sethi
By Ramit Sethi

CEO and New York Times Best Selling Author

How would you like to earn 6 figures a year, using the skills and knowledge you already have?

That’s what’s possible when you start ignoring 99% of advice out there. Advice like:

  • Print business cards!
  • Start networking!
  • Build a website and use SEO!

Let’s get real. None of that matters when you’re starting out. All you want to do is find a profitable idea and get your first 3 paying clients. Once you’ve done this, it’s easy to scale your business. You can find more clients, charge higher rates, and land monthly retainer gigs.

To help you get started, I want to give you my proven system that thousands of students have used to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month — for free.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 fears you MUST overcome if you want to make it as a 6-figure freelancer
  • How to become a highly sought after expert (Hint: It has nothing to do with credentials or degrees)
  • How to figure out if an idea is profitable before investing time and effort
  • The 6 parts to an email pitch that clients can’t refuse
  • The Briefcase Technique that’ll make potential clients choose you over anyone else
  • And much more!

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