The Truth About Following Your Passion…

Ramit Sethi
By Ramit Sethi

CEO and New York Times Best Selling Author

It is truly amazing how bad most career advice is.

I can say this because me and my team spent 18 months doing career research before creating Find Your Dream Job.

In true I Will Teach You To Be Rich style, we have an extraordinarily rigorous process for studying advice: We buy every course, product, and book. We study them intensely, keeping blind notes and comparing them. We build iterative models and frameworks, relentlessly test them, and in some cases rip them up and start again (in early 2011, we spent 4 months and tens of thousands of dollars on one approach because we’d missed something subtle — only to have to throw it all away). By the time you ever see a course from me, it has been quietly vetted by tens of thousands of people.

After all this research, what I found was seriously disheartening. Especially when it was advice about “following your passion.”

Here’s a good example of some of the horrible — yet incredibly common — career advice we found:

Take the “Advice Test”

It sounds logical to find your passion using self-examination, but here’s a simple test you can use to vet advice. Ask yourself: Has that worked for me?

Just like “keep a budget” sounds logical for money — but doesn’t work — looking inward is only a small part of the puzzle. On its own, it doesn’t work. If self-examination was all that stood between people and their Dream Job, wouldn’t more people love their job?

The Secret to Finding Your Passion

Most of us operate with the Invisible Script that we’re waiting for our passion to somehow materialize. That’s why we use code words like “I need to find…” and “I really want to…” instead of the words that top performers use: “I’m so excited about ___” and “I don’t know if this is what I’ll do forever, but right now I’m learning a ton.”

I have a different view of passion. It’s a messy, circuitous process. You have to dig through cobwebs and explore a kaleidoscope of patterns, getting your hands dirty in the process of discovery. It’s like shopping at Ross.

Compare this to the dainty idea most of us have of waiting under a parasol for the rain clouds to clear and a ray of passion to warm our bodies. Not gonna happen.

From the top performers I’ve studied, they know 3 powerful things that give them an entirely new approach to passion and their careers. An approach that unlocks the joy that’s missing more most people’s careers.

I want to show you what top performers know about passion — for free — and give you a simple action step you can take today to find your passion.

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