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Ramit Sethi
By Ramit Sethi

CEO and New York Times Best Selling Author

You purchased the book and you’ve started implementing changes on your journey to a rich life. Do you want to accelerate those changes? I’ve put together a list of amazing bonuses for IWT readers only! So I want to give you the following:

Make $1,000 in the Time You’d Spend Watching Netflix This Weekend
Most advice about making money on the side is horrible. I’ll show you how to come up with a freelance business idea and find clients that pay $50, $100, even $200 per hour for your skills and time.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise & Boosting Your Salary
Increasing your salary is the easiest and fastest way to make more money. Just a single raise can boost your salary by thousands of dollars. A one-time salary increase of $5,000 — properly invested — adds up to over $1,300,000 by the time you retire. It’s time to get paid what you’re worth.

The 3 Word-for-Word Scripts to Save $500+ Every Year
Using my tested scripts, thousands of readers have saved hundreds of dollars on useless fees that are keeping them from living a Rich Life. I’m giving away instant access to three of these scripts so you can optimize your cellphone plan, negotiate lower car insurance, and get refunds on bank overdraft charges.

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