The Top 7 Mistakes Keeping You From Your Dream Job… And How To Fix Them

Ramit Sethi
By Ramit Sethi

CEO and New York Times Best Selling Author

Hi. Ramit Sethi here.

Most of the questions I get about finding a Dream Job are tactical and focused minor steps later in the Dream Job process.

I’m talking about questions like “How should I format my resume?” and “What should I say about my last job if I didn’t like it?”

These are good questions when you’re ready to create your resume or interview for a job, BUT most job seekers make so many mistakes before that point that they never get interviews and it doesn’t matter how flawless their resume is.

I’ve spent the better part of a decade mastering how to land a Dream Job. I tested the steps on myself and received job offers from top companies like Google and Intuit. And I’ve tested the steps on friends who’ve used my system to land their Dream Jobs and score $10,000 raises at the same time.

The system works. I’ve mapped out the exact steps you should take to figure out what your Dream Job is, find unadvertised jobs, make your network work for you, land job interviews, get job offers, and negotiate your benefits.

I’ve ALSO learned what steps you should AVOID at all costs. Mistakes so harmful I like to call them “Dream Job Killers.”

Unfortunately, these lessons aren’t common knowledge. I was reminded of that when I offered a full scholarship to my Dream Job Elite program and couldn’t pick one — not a single applicant — because they all shot themselves in the foot with one or more of these mistakes.

Over 250,000 people read my blog every month, and out of that pool, no one applying for the scholarship avoided the “Dream Job Killers”. I tell you this to point out how prevalent these mistakes are and how much of a leg up you’ll have once you learn to identify and avoid them.

That’s what this presentation is all about.

When you’re done watching it, you’ll be able to stop sabotaging your own job search efforts and start focusing on how to really fast-track your career.

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