5 Word-for-Word Scripts to Write Emails That Get Results

Ramit Sethi
By Ramit Sethi

CEO and New York Times Best Selling Author

How many emails do we send every year? THOUSANDS??

But what do we do? We simply write what we think. That’s like walking into an interview and simply “answering their questions.” If that’s your plan, you’ve already lost.

Top performers know that 80% of the work in an interview is done before you ever set foot in the room. The same is true of email: 80% of the work is done before you ever write the first sentence.

But nobody teaches us this! Who would teach us anyway? Who’s actually sat down and systematically studied how to reach busy people using email? How to get a group of friends to commit to doing something over a random Thursday message in their inbox?

Honestly, how many of us just write whatever email we want, then complain when people don’t respond?

Hi, Ramit Sethi here, of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I’ve spent years studying, testing and perfecting my private email techniques… and now I want to give them with you.

I’m talking about the ACTUAL emails that have:

  • Built lasting relationships with VIPs
  • Generated millions of dollars
  • Saved me thousands of hours
  • Broken through the toughest barriers busy people can put up
  • And lots more

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t wonder what words to say.

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