Best backhanded compliment of the year

The best backhanded compliments I ever received, plus tips on how to give a good sincere compliment and how to twist that into a truly funny backhanded compliment.

Ramit Sethi

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I LOVE backhanded compliments.

In fact, I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur. The very best ones require the perfect combination of wit, sincerity, and disdain to create a good piece of bittersweet praise. There is an art to giving a good compliment and it takes a special twist to make it a perfect backhanded compliment.


Some of my favorite backhanded compliments
How not to give a compliment
The art of observational compliments
How to give the perfect backhanded compliment
Complimentary action steps


Some of my favorite backhanded compliments

To deliver a truly stinging backhanded compliment you need to know someone really well. They have to accept the superficial, true part of the compliment and recognize the stinging subtext. My ex-girlfriends were especially good at them.

So when I got this backhanded compliment in my comment section a while back, l was floored:

Screen Shot 2017 05 02 at 8.35.59 AM
Pure art. I’m still smiling about it now.

I actually held a little contest for my readers after I read that “compliment”: What’s the BEST backhanded compliment you can give me? I asked them to put their answers in the comment section…

…and the results were HILARIOUS.

Here are a few of the best ones:

Screen Shot 2017 05 02 at 7.02.24 AM
Ouch. Solid burn, Sheridan.

Screen Shot 2017 05 02 at 7.02.36 AM
Ha! I bet he’d change his mind if he saw the site now.

Screen Shot 2017 05 02 at 7.02.14 AM
Subtle…yet oh so effective.

So today I’m going to tell you how to deliver a cutting backhanded compliment. But first, that requires a knowledge of the fundamentals. You can’t run before you jog, people.

So we have to start with what makes a “normal” sincere compliment work or fall flat.

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How NOT to give a compliment

Many people have a misconception that giving a compliment is as easy as saying:

  • “Nice watch.”
  • “I like your dress.”
  • “Cool car.”

…when this simply isn’t the case.

I don’t blame them, though — even I’ve been guilty of thinking this before.

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of screwing up before you learn that compliments like these are incredibly shallow — and when you give them, people can sense their vapidness and you just come across as insincere.

In his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie put it best:

“The difference between appreciation and flattery? That is simple. One is sincere and the other insincere. One comes from the heart out; the other from the teeth out. One is unselfish; the other selfish. One is universally admired; the other universally condemned.”

People aren’t stupid. They know a weak compliment (or “flattery” as Carnegie called it) when they hear it. They also know the value of a good authentic compliment and appreciate it.

I want you to think back to the last time you got a compliment that really made you smile. When was it?

Was it someone at work saying you did a great job at a presentation? Was it from a friend who you helped move?

Think about that compliment. Chances are, it was thoughtful, authentic, and it made you feel great.

A sincere compliment — like its backhanded cousin — is an art form. Once perfected, it can open the doors to a world of new relationships and connections that would not have otherwise happened.

The question then is “how?” How do you give a good compliment that’ll come across as sincere and meaningful?

The art of observational compliments

The observational compliment goes a step beyond “Nice dress” or “I like your tie” and shows the person you’re complimenting that they have EARNED your appreciation.

For example:

Bad compliment: “You’re the bravest and smartest person I’ve ever met. Teach me your ways!”

Observational compliment: “You know, you seem pretty adventurous. I know a lot of management consultants, but I don’t think any of them would go skydiving in their off time. That’s pretty cool.”

See the difference? On top of being weird and kind of creepy, the first one isn’t authentic and people will pick up on that.

The second one is much better — and it works for two reasons:

  1. People LOVE to hear about themselves. This is the reason things like the Myers-Briggs test and astrology are so popular.
  2. It shows that you’re LISTENING. People love to feel heard, and when you’re able to showcase that you were paying attention to what they were saying, they’re going to respond well to your compliment.

Giving a good compliment is actually pretty simple — though hard to master. All it takes is 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Ask thought-provoking questions and LISTEN

Like so many of our issues, the problem of how to give a good compliment starts with simple listening. When you’re speaking to someone, spend about 5 minutes building a solid foundation of rapport and listen to them.

The key here is asking really good thought-provoking questions that will open them up to you.

When I first discovered this years ago, it was a revelation to me. I remember going to a wedding and absolutely GRILLING an old friend with questions.

“What are you up to now? Where are you living? What kind of place? Is that an apartment or a house? How much is the rent? Blahblahblah.”

Eventually, someone else in our group commented, “Damn, are we at a job interview?” and everyone laughed. I thought to myself, “Man, I really miscalibrated that.”

I found myself guilty of TMQ [too many questions]. It’s a big problem.

Asking questions can be a great way to provide a springboard for active listening — and consequently, good compliments. But if you ask too many prying questions, you’re going to come off as just plain weird.

What you need to do, then, is ask a couple of really genuine questions — and then ADD to the conversation. If you’re having trouble coming up with questions, I wrote an entire post complete with scripts and situation-specific examples.

BONUS: If you really want to exercise your social muscle, check out my video on improving your social skills. It’s less than 30 minutes.

Step 2: Analyze their answers

When you watch people who are really socially skilled converse, they will ask a question, listen, and then make a statement based on that answer.

If you’re still confused, a solid rule of thumb is to ask 2-3 questions and then make a statement as well.

When you’re talking to someone, think to yourself, “Where can I add value? What connections can I draw between us?”

Take a look at the two examples below. Can you see why one is bad and the other one is good?

Bad example:

You: “Where are you from?”

Them: “Michigan.”

You: “How long have you been there?”

Them: “Two years.”

You: “Oh, do you like it?”

Them: “Yeah, I really like—”

You: “What brought you here?”

TERRIBLE. This conversation is entirely hypothetical and I’m still cringing in my seat. You’re not involving yourself in the conversation — and as a result, you’re not adding value. All this does is make you seem like someone who simply asks questions. Don’t do this.

Good example

You: “Where are you from?”

Them: “Michigan.”

You: “Oh, I’ve been to Michigan before. I actually grew up in Phoenix but live in Chicago — pretty close by.”

Them: “Oh, really? How long have you been there?”

BOOM. Now you’ve successfully engaged this other person and established a connection with them — all by sharing something simple about yourself.

Step 3: Give them an observational compliment

Once you’ve listened to them, you’re now prepared to give them an authentic compliment.

Here’s a great example of one:

You: “John, you seem a lot more thoughtful than most people I’ve met.”

Them: “Why’s that?”

You: “After talking with you, I noticed you really take the time to listen to what other people have to say.”

Notice how the “observational” part means that you OBSERVED something about them and responded with a genuine compliment.

And be honest with them. You don’t want to tell a ramrod-straight military general that you can tell he’s a sensitive soul. Likewise, you don’t want to tell a 9-5 office worker that you admire how adventurous they are (unless they ACTUALLY are).

How to give the perfect backhanded compliment

Ah, now the fun part! You got the basics down, so let’s analyze one of the backhanded compliments above: “I love how the design of the site itself is a lesson in saving money,” by Moshe.

He does everything right from the how to give compliments steps above:

1) Ask questions and listen: Moshe has read the site and my book. He knows I am all about saving money in smart ways.

2) Analyze their answers: By reading the posts, he knows I like to focus on big wins and automated savings. He also sees the old site design and it was a bit rough.

3) Give them an observational compliment: “The design of the site itself is a lesson in saving money.” Viewed without irony or sarcasm, this is a great compliment. However, Moshe used the optional fourth step of giving a compliment to twist this one into a backhanded compliment.

4) Add sarcasm or irony to change the compliment from positive to negative: Moshe has sarcastically twisted the meaning of his compliment from negative to positive by implying the site is ugly. This is the twist that all backhanded compliments have — a subtle change in context from positive to negative.

My favorite backhanded compliment ever follows these steps perfectly. Winston Churchill once said, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.”

This is a pretty sick burn. Churchill (if he actually said it) starts by observing that Americans are moral and helpful, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing,” and then adds a sarcastic twist, “after they have tried everything else.”

Complimentary action steps

Here’s what I want you to do after you read this article today:

Compliment ONE person you don’t know in an authentic way today.

Remember to listen, analyze, and then compliment. Once you do, observe how it makes both you and the person react.

Then, for fun:

Compliment ONE person you DO know in a backhanded way.

Be sure to tell me how you did with both attempts. I love hearing about the great work that my readers are doing on their self-development journey. After all, we all started somewhere.

Bonus: I remember I used to feel uncomfortable and out of place during social events too — but over time, I’ve developed hacks for confidence in new situations. I’ll show you exactly how I do it in these 3 short videos. Just enter your email for instant access.

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    “Smart, bold and practical” the books not bad too.

  119. Andrew

    @ramit lol, I’m laughing because, despite never being overweight, I dressed like that guy too.

    That comment from the judge really pissed me off though. Heh.

    Supposedly, one of Jack Nicholson’s favorite “ice breakers” is to lead off with:

    “You look incredible, when is the delivery?”

    Or something like that.

  120. Alan

    Ram It – Ramit. When I receive emails starting with Ramit I don’t believe You’ll ram it anywhere. Your so straight to the point.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Dear god. Alan please never come back to my site again

  121. Catherine

    At my wedding, talking with a guest at the reception (a friend from earlier days):

    “Catherine, I am SO glad you did not buy into that whole mindset of losing a lot of weight before your wedding!”

    (Granted, not skinny, a size 12… but, come on!)

  122. Cory

    Ramit, I’m a huge fan of your common sense approach to the family budget. I like how you take an intuitive process and break it down into plain language. The ideas you share are simple and straightforward, and avoid a lot of the complexity that the personal finance crowd tend to loathe.

  123. Catherine

    Okay, yes, I just read that article again and it had to be about Ramit and/or his book… but it’s too good to not share 🙂

  124. Efan

    Despite sounding like a get-rich-quick scheme peddled by the lowest-quality of late-night infomercial magnates, I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a delightful mixture of sparkling common sense, high-tech financial advice, and all the wit, charm, and grace one would expect from a newly-crowned personal finance guru.

  125. Kimmoy

    Congrats on becoming a NY Times best selling author but do I really have to debate the minutae of whether the odds of commenting and winning a $10 book is worth it or not? Oy!

  126. Erin Murtagh

    It makes perfect sense that someone who gave you a backhanded compliment would want a signed copy of your book.

  127. J.Z.

    That’s a great haircut! Did you cut it yourself?

  128. Marco

    Incredible! Your teachings are so assertive I’m convinced you really know what you’re talking about!

  129. Kevin

    Sethi’s IWTYTBR is the prequel to David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire. IWTYTBR is the Phantom Menace to the Automatic Millionaire’s Star Wars. IWTYTBR fills in the story line gaps and has the reader pondering the author’s motivation and choices in character development.

  130. riley

    Do you agree or do you not understand yet?

  131. Sunil

    can’t believe you recommend buying $4 lattes . . . what kind of a finance “guru” does that?

  132. Jocelyn

    Despite having little formal education in personal finances and economics, Ramit beautifully translates the often cryptic principles of managing money to cater to his college-aged peers with success that continues to astound.

  133. Marie

    “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” has taught me that anyone can achieve their dreams if they believe strongly enough in themselves.

  134. David

    By utilizing Social Networking and New Media, Ramit has filled the much needed niche of providing advice and ideas in ways their originators never thought possible.

  135. chuckarama

    I don’t know. The tone of this whole competition is a bit pitchy for me, but I like your energy. The whole Don Jonson shave thing is working for you. Keep doin what you do dawg, just watch the pitch.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Ha, this may be the least-pitchy thing I have ever done on this site

  136. Solomon

    I forget, what time zone were you in again? I see comments at 5:20am, crazy. Here are a couple:
    “Ramit keeps the poor…rich”
    “Ramit’s personal responses to people’s comments shows his commitment to refreshing his blog entries as if he’s reading as you type.”
    “IWTYTBR teaches STFUDF to all who LOL at his site.”
    On a side note: If the people who lack wit follow your finance advice as well as your advice to not come back to your site on a non-finance related matter, that could be depressing to them…but not as depressed because they first made $1,000 off your site by now.
    Another note: I already have your book in case I win, can I just get a signed copy of your next book instead? Thanks.

  137. rosa

    Dear Ramit, I’m a spanish speaking person from Spain (Europe)…your blog and all your free stuff ( videos, e mails, etcetera) are very useful….for learning and practising English. I really appreciate it. Thank you!!

    P.D: Do you speak Indian?

  138. Josh Moore

    Just because you’re qualified and I listen when you say I have psychological issues doesn’t mean you have sorted your need for attention and validation from others.

  139. Ab

    After reading some of these comments I completely see the value in your STFUDF methodology

    • Ramit Sethi

      God I know, I was even more right than I imagined

    • Ab

      Considering your average reader’s inability to craft a back-handed compliment, I’m impressed that you’ve been able to teach them about anything, to say nothing of a complex topic like personal finance.

      Okay, I’m done hating on your readers since that could be considered self-hate…

  140. Matteo

    I’ve always respected your work. The Indian community should be proud of you. Which tribe are you from?

  141. Karissa

    I really love your book, it’s my favorite bathroom reader.

  142. Jared

    Hi Ramit,

    Great job on the site! Keep working hard and I’m sure you’ll have some of your own readers — you know, ones that don’t click over here from Get Rich Slowly — in no time!


  143. Juan C

    Ramit’s site is so popular that its server goes down the moment you try to buy his awesome Earn1k course. His advice about having a proper backup plan in place was exceptionally useful to me.

  144. Dena Stern

    “The very best ones require a perfect combination of sarcasm, wit, bittersweet praise, and disdain. Women are especially good at them.”

    As a women, that was an excellent backhanded compliment. But do you really need a signed copy of your own book? 🙂

  145. LittleFreeBook

    Congrats! That’s one of the best competitions that you could ever have come up with … keep up the good work!

  146. jeremytech

    This blogs worthless flights of fancy never cease to amuse me.

  147. Blue

    Finance Dad’s comment still describes you best.

  148. Pollen

    No more amateurs stand up night at Ramit’s ever.

  149. Chris

    You and Jim Kramer give the best financial advice!

    • Ramit Sethi


  150. Adam

    This contest is so enticing that I almost want to look into who you are.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Love it

  151. Serena

    I mistook you for a psychic to have already written answers to the many questions I always wondered about.

  152. Jess

    Your book will do wonders for your career.

  153. Peter

    I’ll be glad to see your blog succeed.

  154. Peter

    All your blog needs now is a little wit, humor, and some original idea.

  155. David

    Ramit is not a narcissist, more of a know it all, but that is good because he is so smart and interesting; it has taken him far. If you’re a narcissist, it is only downhill for you, but if your like Ramit you only get smarter with age.

  156. Peter

    It’s so nice to see the caste system in India is forgiving.

  157. Nikhil

    I drank five lattes this morning. They were delicious.

  158. zoul

    Nice but, am I getting rich by reading all these articles by you?

  159. Brian

    To think I was going to tell you to rename the site to This is quite the contrary!

  160. Maddie

    I’ve never been more into an Indian dude

  161. Manish

    Honestly, I never thought one can make a profession out of selling pure wisdom. But, Ramit goes on to prove me wrong everytime i read his blogs. I’ve never got a chance to read the book. But something tells me that I might have it in me to start something, if done passionately.

  162. Tom

    At first I thought all these “friends” you help were fake, but then I realized you actually do have a life.

  163. david

    You must not be too busy if you went on vacation when you released Earn1K.

    shiioot, sounded so much better in my head at 1 AM.

    • Ramit Sethi

      no it really didn’t

  164. Jocelyn

    I’ll Teach You to be Rich is a book so full of common sense, every high school student should be required to study it.

  165. Brian

    The user generated content on this site is great.

  166. Paweł Kata

    Just looking at your logo doubles my investments 😉

  167. Greg McFarlane

    “Practical, worthwhile financial advice for a readership largely too dumb to understand what a backhanded compliment is.”

  168. Adam Taylor

    It is great to see Ramit developing some whit, at least now he is half way there.


    Ramit is an excellent reminder to me that those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.

  169. GM

    It speaks to the industriousness of a man when he finds for himself at work what he can not at home.

  170. Xianhang Zhang

    After reading this post, I’ve upgraded my opinion of you to relatively adequate.

  171. Mikko

    Great topic! How appropriate of you to ask for backhanded compliments.

  172. Elizabeth G.

    Ramit, I am sad to see how many of your readers don’t know a backhanded compliment from a lame insult. (This is neither). Funny idea though.

    • Ramit Sethi

      True, I want to fire half my readers after reading their dumb responses

  173. Cathy

    Second prize – two signed copies of I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

    • Ramit Sethi


    • Jen

      Hey Ramit, if I win, will you not sign my copy?

  174. Jyrki

    My brother and I set up a competition over which one of us is wealthier after the next ten years. As a start, I gave him a copy of your book.

  175. Jess

    I think it’s sweet that you’re still saving for a wedding.

    • Ramit Sethi


    • Trev


  176. Zain

    1. Read Ramit’s blog
    2. Take Earn1k course
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

    • mike

      You should really write for Southpark!

  177. Rich

    If your advice was as good as you say it is, then you wouldn’t have to waste your time making a living pimping a book and a blog.

    • Ramit Sethi

      that’s not a back-handed compliment. (please don’t) try again

  178. Lucy Siggs

    Darling, I’ve found the sweetest little website run from one of the Colonies on making money! Someone (so tasteful in a toga) says one doesn’t have to economise at all. There’s other stuff too.

  179. Will Handy

    Taj Mahal Badalandabad, you and IWTYTBR have seriously improved so much over the last few year since your early college days of learning about the “Great American Art of Muff Diving”

    p.s. Earn 1K has helped me more than I can put into words. Thanks!


  180. Alan

    If I won I would NEVER sell the book on ebay but if you could sign the book it would be even more valuable, no I mean special to me.

  181. Kate

    Ramit–the content this month on IWTYTBR is fantastic! You must have been working hard.

  182. Pishab

    I’m not laughing at you, just near you

  183. Lia

    Ramit could be really handsome if he concentrated more on his appearance.

  184. David

    Ramit, you always write so clearly and passionately. I can’t wait until you get to a topic that really affects my bottom line.

  185. Timothy

    Your comment was so good it almost deserves to be a featured post of its own.

  186. Andrew

    You’re really good at trying to be funny. From the looks of these comments, it’s rubbing off on people.

  187. Dan

    Your complimentary first chapter actually made me want to buy your book.

  188. Adrian

    Dear Ramit, your book has farther reach than you think: my decision making in poker games got far better after reading it.

  189. Baron

    i usually dislike sophomoric writing, but i enjoy reading your blog.

    i find the reader comments here to be just as insightful as any other personal finance blog.

  190. chuckarama

    Your ineffable ideas inspire me.

  191. Satvik

    To see a demonstration of Ramit’s success, one has to look no further than the popularity of his back-handed compliments contest.

  192. Satvik

    Actually, an even better measure of Ramit’s success is the exceptional quality of the responses in the contest. One can see not just the number of people following IWTBYR, but also their unusual intelligence and wit.

  193. Tommy T

    Don’t let Ramit’s narcissism and sardonic wit fool you, occasionally his posts are very close to accurate.

  194. Steve O

    are you honestly this surprised at your responses to asking people to be witty? or do you just love making fun of people of average intelligence?

    • Ramit Sethi


  195. TTTimo

    I thought I was a scrooge until I read all the money saving tips here.

  196. MBernard

    “Great minds think alike”, not today apparently Ramit.

  197. Matt

    IWTYTBR’s inclusion on the NYT Best Sellers list is proof positive that millions of people make terrible financial decisions and desperately need help.

  198. Lee

    I recommend your book to my clients who have a sense of humor and have tendencies themselves toward the crass and unrefined.

  199. Amy

    Reading your blog is a great way to kill time.

  200. Sophie

    I looooove to read your blog when I have nothing else to do!

  201. Alex

    The confidence with which you make your claims makes them that much more convincing.

  202. Sandra Beckwith

    You might be dumb, but you aren’t stupid.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Seriously Sandra, what is wrong with you. That is not a back-handed compliment

  203. Kate

    The comments on this post really showcase the caliber of readers you have, Ramit.

  204. Vijay

    A self-help guru evident by the success of his book sales.

  205. DanP

    “I think it’s sweet that you’re still saving for a wedding.”

    By far the best one so far.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Agreed, that was a really good one

  206. Ryan

    I was able to find a few people who graduated from my school and a medium hot daywalker to give your book rave reviews as well.

  207. Michele

    It’s nice to finally find a blog whose author doesn’t feel the need to prove they are smart.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Not bad

  208. Justin

    Ramit’s latest contest truly shows the quality of reader he draws to his site.

  209. James

    “I am sad knowing that I’m funnier than 95% of my readers. Sad, but it also feels right.”

    Your humor is the best thing about this site.

  210. Ram M

    When facing unpaid bills galore, don’t say damn it, say Ramit and check his site.

  211. Ram M

    i teach the poor to be rich.

  212. John

    Giving away a books for free . . . so THAT’S how the world’s greatest authors increase book sales!

  213. Wayne

    It’s really impressive that you have loyal readers given the picture of you on the iwillteachyoutoberich landing page.

  214. John

    The only thing that would make me happier than receiving a book that has been signed by Ramit Sethi would a piece of toilet paper that has been soiled by Chuck Norris.

  215. Wayne

    Ramit, your blog is surprisingly articulate. Indian guys are usually only good with numbers. Great work overcoming adversity.

    • Ramit Sethi

      That is actually true. Sadly I am bad at math

  216. Eric Bahn

    For a young guy with such limited career experience to date, you provide awesome advice for people starting their own businesses.

    • Eric Bahn

      PS: Douchebag. 🙂

  217. David Crandall

    It appears that there is an obvious need for!

    My favorite is by far the “Second prize” one, though.

    • Cathy


  218. Rod

    I almost save as much money from reading your blog, as I did when I switched to Geico.

  219. Rob

    I really like this idea Ramit, it shows you like to connect with your audience on a real level….I know I couldn’t get away with such a useful post.

  220. Richard

    Ramit Sethi produces advice worthy of his readership.

  221. Chris

    Not the typical highbrow stuff you’d expect from a Standford grad.

  222. Melvin

    “I’m not rich but I’m your fan anyway”

  223. Sean Connery

    Your mother’s a whore.

    Sorry, if 90% of these responses aren’t backhanded compliments anyway, we might as well have a little fun.

    • Ramit Sethi

      You make me sad

  224. Melvin

    You enriched my life with words!

  225. Nishant

    Seeing people getting crazy over your book prize, I should have read it before recycling it…:)

  226. Devin Reams

    I’m surprised you have hundreds of comments.

    • Ramit Sethi


  227. Ben

    I use half your blog tips half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of your blog half as well as you deserve.

  228. Ajit

    Ok, this is a good one: I’m scratching my head wondering why, when I google Ramit Sethi, the next word google suggests is “scam”

  229. Nishant

    i am breathless with anticipation for your next post… to read all the brilliant comments your beloved readership provides you….

  230. Jeremy

    You call this a finance blog? I’ve been scouring the site for months, just waiting for you to tell me to give up my Starbucks habit…

  231. mat

    not bad for a Gora.

  232. Alex karasyov

    Your book gave you a great fan club made of the financially challenged.

  233. Dan

    I know this isn’t a democracy, but 210 (Cathy) and 213 (Jess) get my vote(s). I won’t even try, lest I wind up sounding like 95% of the statements on here…

  234. Melvin

    I like curry… and Indian food too

  235. Nishant

    if i made a dollar for every great comment left on this post.. i’d barely have enough to buy a copy of i will teach you to be rich.

    k i m done!

  236. Melvin

    “It’s obvious, your readers don’t know what is a backhanded compliment”

  237. Jesse

    Ramit, you’ve done so much better than I expected. Your blog even compares fairly favorably to my own!

  238. Melvin

    “You are full of compliments”

  239. Jesse

    Also, I have to tell you how great it is to see how well you are doing in technology for someone with a psychology degree

  240. Nish

    You finally made me put my first comment.

  241. Tony

    Ramit, a master of social trends, is pioneering the field of financial advice made of 100% post-consumerist recycled material.

  242. Ron

    I didn’t know that reading from a script can save you so much money.

  243. Ed

    Just like Barack Obama’s current tenure your work seems to inspire great hope. You show all the cognitive hallmarks of someone who graduated in the top 95% of their class. Do your fellow classmates follow your financial advice or are they all as independently successful as you? It’s surprising how many Stanford graduates one sees in positions of influence.

  244. Jesse

    The amateurish writing does nothing to detract from the great information in “I will teach you to be rich”

    Poor Ramit is going to have a complex when this thread is over.

  245. jewell

    You’re blog is so funny and interesting, it’s easy to overlook how boring personal finance really is. 😉

  246. Dreamer

    I’ve loaned your book out to a lot of people, and I tell them the same thing every time: “Ignore the cover and the title, it’s the best book on money I’ve ever read.”

    It’s funny because it’s true. This book offers something for everyone. I loaned it to a friend with a toddler recently. They loved the advice and easy to follow action items, and the toddler loved the bright colors on the cover. The best part is, by the time she’s old enough to understand aesthetics, she’ll appreciate the book for the content.

  247. Josh Moore

    Kinda funny that there is so many people commenting at how lame some of the backhanded compliments are, but they aren’t willing to have a crack themselves.

    At least some of Ramit’s readers like to try the things he suggests, regardless of their results.

  248. Tony

    wow a free book? and to think i almost thought about buying a copy

  249. Juan C

    Reading your posts makes me a smarter person.

  250. Tony C

    your signature makes the book free right?

  251. Nikhil

    Hey Ramit, just out of curiosity, is this the highest number of comments you’ve had for a single post on iwillteach?

  252. Shah

    Ramit’s advice is really good. Almost on par with the recent advice from my financial planner to sell my stock because the market is tanking.

    Recent backhanded compliment given to me:

    B: “T–will you develop a client contact information list for us.”

    T: “Maybe–why me?”

    B: “Well you’re the leader in the field on this.”

    T: “In the field of client contact info?”

    B: “Absolutely.”

    T’s action: Immediatly changed email signature title to “Leader in the Field of Copy and Paste.”

  253. Marco

    Your book must be great! So many trying to nail this competition!

  254. David Ponder

    Ramit leads the way, demonstrating to his readers how to shake off the negative perception of a one sided lifestyle full of seemingly shallow pursuits.

  255. Dingo_Pug

    Ramit is to financial advice as Fox News is to journalism!

  256. Jay

    It’s very encouraging to see that your writing is accessible to this caliber of commentators.

  257. Patrick Dench

    This has absolutely nothing to do with finance and is completely frivolous, but at least it’s possible to get a good book out of it.

  258. Felix

    I could win a free copy of your book? Good thing I decided not to get it earlier!

  259. Brian Gerry

    Ramit is proof positive for his readers that financial success is achievable by anyone.

  260. Valerie

    I’ve never clicked through to your actual website before from my blog reader feed! Wow!

    (That is actually true, yes).

  261. Rick

    Finally! a meaningless post that can produce results for one lucky reader. Kudos – Ramit Sethi – Kudos!

  262. JPM

    It takes a lot of courage to give away your book for what it’s actually worth. I admire that.

  263. sheris

    I can’t wait to buy your book on the Kindle. Don’t want anyone to see what I’m reading on Caltrain.

  264. K Mac

    You don’t sweat much for a fat girl.

  265. KMac

    You appear to have tremendous untapped potential.

  266. Zain

    You certainly have a large followership. And to think, all it took was a bribe to bring them out in the open

  267. irene

    wow, you have a lot of acne.. but it looks really good on you

    • Ramit Sethi

      But…I really don’t

  268. DanP

    Ramit, you’re english is really good for a brown guy.

  269. anna

    the toga looks great: it really accentuates your shape.

    (additionally, I’m subscribing to this site via rss so I never have to read its comments again. not that mine is anything brilliant, but I physically recoiled when reading 70% of these.)

  270. T

    I’m glad you already warned us that replies to blog posts are not the right metric to pay attention to…

    But this is amusing!

  271. Ryan Gooler

    India is an amazing country. From tech support to personal finance, it seems that Indians are showing up everywhere and showing us exactly what to do.

  272. Adrian Childers

    Didn’t know so many people loved to hate Ramit

  273. Jerome

    Thank you for making us poor people feel right at home.

  274. Kathryn

    I stumbled on your site today….i’ve spent the last 5 1/2 hours reading articles then bought your book right after. If you were less of a jack ass and instead a little more professional, I would find your articles and book a lot easier to read.

    (let me know if you need my address, I’ll be waiting for my free book)

    • Peter

      Sheesh, Kathryn. That’s just a straight insult. It doesn’t qualify for the contest and you expect your book?

    • Ramit Sethi

      I’m pretty sure you didn’t win

  275. Peter

    Well, it seems to me that the one about the wedding is the best one so far. “It’s so nice to see you’re still saving for your wedding.” Bravo.

    I’d have liked to win but I already have the book anyways.

    • Lucy Siggs

      Snot fair! Ramit doesn’t clarify for how many weddings he is saving for!

  276. M.L

    Automation is a great idea but most people do not have money.

  277. Brian

    Reading is as great as listening to Nickelback!

    sorry that was low..

  278. Galephico

    Ramit, thanks for teaching me how to save on latte’s and coupon’s. I’ll be rich !

  279. Guillaume

    Given the number of comments, a lot of smart people saw an opportunity to win the book here. You really know how to attract your target Ramit.

  280. Ed

    Keep up the good work; reading this blog is the most fun I’ve had in a long long time.

  281. Pratik Stephen

    Ramit, I like how you’re totally comfortable with showing your true self in public, including that pesky (not so) little wise-guy inside of you!

    Life’s too short to be politically correct for all the stuck up / immature / “too mature for jokes” aka boring / overly sensitive folks who can’t take a joke!
    Ironically, its exactly these folks who inspire most “politically incorrect” jokes, and it’s often their reactions that make these jokes all the more fun! : )

  282. Pratik Stephen

    Your irreverent, cocky, and at times, downright childish sense of humor is the only reason I follow your blog!
    : )

  283. Pratik Stephen

    (edited the earlier comment)

    Your irreverent, cocky, and often childish sense of humor is the only reason I follow your blog!
    : )

  284. Christian Faller

    Those answers make me sad…

    However if you think about it, having a personal finance blog with at least 5% of readers that are financially literate AND funny at the same time is actually not bad at all. It easily tops the average of the American population.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Thanks, this actually makes me feel better

  285. CarolH

    Boy, next to the American Idol blog, this is my favorite!!

  286. David Ponder

    Ramit’s strength may be the fact that he can sell something without seeming like he’s selling something. Not unlike an inner city minister, Ramit promises huge financial windfalls to those who follow his ‘teachings’, all the while thriving on the incomes of his less fortunate ‘congregation’.

  287. Tim

    Ramit has an uncanny ability to break down complex personal finance topics into language a 5-year-old understands.

  288. Desi

    this is so retarded! there is one freaking sentence and everyone is looking in to it so deeply! unreal. Friends this is not how you make money in life….this is how you make Ramit make money!

    • Ramit Sethi

      When did everything become about making money?

  289. Andrew

    I highly recommend this blog if Suze Orman’s website is down.

  290. Desi


    Things became about making money, when..uh… you wrote a book about making money…oh yea its not about money its about being rich….bla bla. Sorry Ramit, I really liked your articles when it had actual content (people saving ‘x’ amount of money a year/month/etc doing so and so) then it all became about ‘paying’ for advice (earn1k, etc), and the articles/newsletters getting ridiculous like this one. Being a fellow Indian like yourself, I was excited about getting some real content, but now all I see is ass kissing from this retarded ‘Goras’. You know exactly what I mean 😉

  291. Jonathan

    Wow, didn’t realize making a backhanded compliment can be so…difficult. It’s like trying hard to come out as Andrew Carnegie when your voice sounds like Rocky Balboa.

  292. Michele

    Hey Ramit, the recent posts have been awesome. So much better than when I first started following your blog. Keep up the great job!

  293. De

    LOL! exactly my point. See Ramit, since I have opposed you, now you will be getting tons of backhanded compliments from your ‘loyal’ fans….even more now since my post. I have made others give you a lot more backhanded compliments then you would have every gotten, and thats in it self is the biggest backhanded compliment from me to you… I deserve the book 🙂

  294. RyneG

    I think the deadline is over but i would still like to take my stab by saying…

    I bet you could teach us so much more about backhanded comments if we enroll in your Earn1k program.

    • Ramit Sethi


    • Ramit Sethi

      Ok weirdos, I closed comments. I’ll let you know the winner soon.

  295. Tom Johnston

    You gave me a chuckle with this one, Ramit. Always crisp writing!