Announcing the I Will Teach You To Be Rich forums

Ramit Sethi

I’ve been quietly hosting a private I Will Teach You To Be Rich discussion forum for a few months, and I figured I might as well release it publicly. If you’re looking for help with your specific money question, or want to see what money/entrepreneurship questions others are chatting about, check out the free experts at

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  1. Jeremy

    Good stuff!

    Although I have a problem. I just registered, but I was dumb and must have clicked on the born after 1995 button, and I received the COPPA email and can’t verify my registration because it thinks I’m under 13 and need to have my parents send in the form.

    Can someone over there change that, or delete the account so I can sign up again? Thanks!

  2. ekrabs

    Jeremy, you’ll most likely have to specify what alias you have used on that account so an admin can take a look at it.

    Not surprisingly, it appears that moderator level isn’t enough to modify other users’ accounts….

    By the way, congrats Ramit, on your forum! It seems to be really taking off lately!

  3. mamacita

    But what will become of the pirate?! Is he another victim of downsizing? Oh, where will it all end?

  4. Jeremy

    I signed up just as “Jeremy”. Without logging in I’m unable to contact mods or admins directly, so if this can be passed on to someone who could fix it, that would be great.