Announcing the I Will Teach You To Be Rich Boot Camp

Ramit Sethi

Over the last week, you’ve seen examples of people using my strategies to:

  • Negotiate an $8,000 salary increase + 50% more equity
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars
  • Learn more using entrepreneurship
  • Travel around the world, and
  • Automate their money so they don’t worry about day-to-day finances

Today I’m announcing the I Will Teach You To Be Rich Boot Camp to take ACTION.


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The Manifest Destiny Problem: “More is Better”
Have you noticed how lots of people always want more and more information, but rarely implement what they already have? A couple years ago, I started realizing how lots of personal-finance readers were constantly asking for more and more information — more blog posts, more book reviews, more financial magazines — but would often just READ, not take action.

To put it bluntly, I have lots of friends who read blog post after blog post, but have STILL not automated their money, started investing, or even put together an aggressive plan to pay off debt.


I’ve done the same with fitness books and SAT books, so I know that the solution isn’t “more,” but actually using what you have.

And it takes acknowledging that there are profound barriers between reading and DOING. The Boot Camp is designed to crush those barriers and force you to take action on your finances in just 6 weeks.

For example, I have a very successful friend who’s been overpaying for health insurance by a few hundred dollars for months. Why? Because he has to fax in one form….and he doesn’t have a fax machine. It’s a barrier that’s costed him thousands of unnecessary dollars. And while it’s easy to dismiss him as lazy — which he’s not — look inwards: There are things we “know” you need to do, but we still don’t do them.

Hit the gym? Clean the garage. Automate finances.

Instead, we look for more and more information as if that’ll solve it. This is the Manifest Destiny problem that we all have. “What’s the newest tip? Did that blog update? What are the 21 Ways I Should ____???”

The truth is that while the strategies and tactics matter, the point is not reading — it’s getting off our asses and implementing them.

About the Boot Camp
The I Will Teach You To Be Rich Boot Camp is a 6-week program that will help you automate your finances, pick the right accounts, begin investing, create a bulletproof plan to crush debt, and let you automate the day-to-day so you can focus on the things you REALLY care about:

  • Traveling
  • Spending money, guilt-free, on the things you love
  • Hanging out with friends and family
  • Earning more
  • Focusing on getting out of the rat race

Each week, you’ll get material on credit cards, picking the right accounts, negotiation, investing, automation, and more. You’ll get lots of material from my book, so how is this Boot Camp different than simply reading my (or any) personal-finance book?

1. Live & personal Q&A from me each week. In addition to the weekly curriculum, I’ll be doing live webcasts each week, answering your SPECIFIC questions on money, debt, automation, and more.

2. Not just money — entrepreneurship and psychology. Each week, I’ll give a mini-talk on an entrepreneurial topic like “Managing Virtual Assistants” or “Productivity for Entrepreneurs.” I’ll cover psychological techniques and barriers and show how to apply them to YOUR situation.

3. Guest speakers on entrepreneurship. I’ve invited guest speakers like Charlie Hoehn (Recession Proof Graduate author), Pamela Slim, and Penelope Trunk to talk about topics like marketing, pricing, finding your dream job, and more. You’ll get 1 hour with each of them, live, on a webcast where you can ask questions and get specific answers.

4. A community of other people who are investing in themselves. We’ve put together a private community site where you’ll be able to exchange the best techniques you’ve used, which techniques to AVOID, and how you’ve paid off debt, earned more, automated, started side businesses, and more. Imagine a close-knit group of community members where you can ask personal questions and get meaningful answers. A group where everyone wants to be there — and support each other.

The most important difference in all of this is ACTION. Not only will you read, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of other people who believe in paying for value and investing in themselves to automate their finances.

Here’s why the Boot Camp is worth it: Beyond forcing you to take action, if you optimize even one $20/month subscription, you’ll more than pay for the program. If you discover one leak in your financial system, you’ll probably get positive ROI that very day. And if you discover one psychological technique, automation tactic, or entrepreneurial idea to apply to your finances or life, it would be well worth it. Just ONE.

Now, obviously this isn’t right for everyone. If you’ve read my book, taken the advice, fully automated your finances, cut costs, began earning more, optimized spending, and handled day-to-day finances and relationship issues, then you can probably skip this. Or if you’ve done it on your own, that’s excellent — congratulations.

But if you could use some help to take action — to get a little nudge of help, to meet other people in your situation who have invested in themselves — then the Boot Camp will help you kickstart your finances in 6 weeks. If you think you could benefit from new psychological techniques and guest speakers on entrepreneurship, I’d love to have you.

That’s because this won’t be passive. It’s ACTIVE: I’ll email you each week with course material. I’ll be on your ass to get it done. And I’ll constantly show you how others are succeeding by taking strategic shortcuts, working smart, and leveraging others’ winning techniques.


6 weeks of work for a lifetime of automation.

Three questions to ask yourself

  • We spend money on movies, going out, subscriptions…when was the last time you invested in yourself?
  • If you knew you could try this out as a trial, would you? Good news: I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It’s OK if this Boot Camp isn’t the right fit for you, but I encourage you to make a plan to meaningfully take your finances to the next level before the end of the year. Whether it’s this or something else, please get it done and start 2010 off fresh. And you can’t just put it off: No decision is a decision

I’ve written up details, along with the specific curriculum, guest speakers, price, and an easy way to sign up here:

Join the Boot Camp:

Registration closes on Friday, November 6th, and since this price is for the pioneer class only, next time I run this, the price will at least double.


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  1. Bill

    I thought it was hilarious how you said Tom Ricks saved $695 a year by cancelling magazine subscriptions. At the going average of $15 a year thats over 40 magazine subscriptions – sounds like my dad. I think magazines are a good buy and you pay for value, they give a lot of content for less than 20 bucks a year.

  2. Ramit Sethi

    Ha, good catch. Actually, seriously thank you for catching that…Tom made a typo and later corrected it in a post, but I forgot to amend the box. We’re changing that now. The correct amount is $55.95.

    Btw, in general I agree. I get a ton of value out of magazines but I read every one I’m subscribed to (The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and a couple others). But it’s easy to get stuck on a subscription and not use it, as I have with other more expensive subscription services. If he wasn’t using the magazines, I think it’s great that he canceled them and redirected the cash elsewhere.

    Thanks again, Bill.

  3. Simon


    It looks like your signup page is insecure. I’m not comfortable setting up an account where I have to specify an email, user name, and password unless it’s over https. Can you please install an SSL certificate?


    • Ramit Sethi

      Hey Simon, to be honest, I probably won’t get to this since we’re focusing on the launch and curriculum. I understand your concern but hope it’s not a deal-breaker.

  4. Tyler F

    I am embarrassed to say that I signed up and never noticed the non-https. I’m not all that concerned about a username/password not being https, but did I put my credit card info in on a page that was not secure? I’m so used to ordering from major sites that I didn’t even think to look.

    • Ramit Sethi

      The actual check-out page (where you enter your credit card) is https. The non-https part is just for selecting your private-community login/password.

  5. Oleg Mokhov

    Hey Ramit,

    Many people are inherently lazy. They know something is important but will put off doing it unless the fire was lit under their butt.

    A virtual bootcamp, with strict deadlines and actionable steps, is a perfect way for someone to self-whip themselves into shape. It’s like a gym membership: they know they paid a few hundred bucks for it, so they feel compelled to go work out in order to get their money’s worth.

    Except this gym also enforces a daily/weekly goal system, to where you need to achieve x result or else get left behind at the next step. The perfect psychological fire-under-the-butt-lighter.

    When you know you have 2 days to get something done before moving onto the next step, you’ll be more likely to GET IT DONE. Unlike an abstract to-do of “set up automated personal finance system in the near future.”

    This Bootcamp looks like it’ll greatly help those that need some ass-kicking to finally get some essential stuff done. Congratulations on creating it and all the best with it,

  6. jon q

    You say there is a 30 day guarantee. What is the guarantee? If I don’t save more than the cost do I get a full refund ( like your scrooge strategy?). Could you please elaborate.

    • Ramit Sethi

      You get a refund within 30 days if you ask for a refund. I trust you guys to respect the policy so it’s really that simple.

  7. Tina

    I may have missed this somewhere, but is this something that I can get any time in the future? I’d like to put it on my wish list for Christmas so someone else can spend the $200 to help me with my finances 🙂

    • Ramit Sethi

      Registration closes Friday.

      “Llifetime”: Imagine the Boot Camp like a college class (’09). You’ll be able to continue chatting / sharing with your class once the Boot Camp is done, but you won’t be able to join other classes. This is basically a way of extending the learning beyond me-to-you so you can continue discussions with the group of others you meet over the next 6 weeks.

  8. David

    Does the “Lifetime Subscription” mean that we would get access to the bootcamps you run in the future?

  9. Claire at Saving Money Plan

    The Lifetime seems well worth it given Ramit’s propensity to provide highly useful info that still makes me laugh.

  10. bon

    Hey Ramit,

    I’d love to do this if it was focused just on entrepreneurship — I really am all set when it comes to automating/saving/investments etc. But can’t get off my butt to start a business (which is what I really want to do). Would you consider a “entrepreneurship-only” track down the line? Or would you recommend other good resources for this?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Yeah, I’d consider something entrepreneurship-focused down the line. Thanks for asking.

  11. Charissa Cowart

    Hey Ramit!

    I subscribe to your newsletter and love how you are so down to earth! It’s great! I’m excited that you are launching the bootcamp! I hope you plan to post success stories from some of those going through the bootcamp! Will be great to read 🙂

  12. Stacy Greer

    Would this benefit me if I’m needing help due to my small business being incredibly slow (no income in 2 weeks) and my husband got a 20% pay cut so now we have to figure out what to do and how to pay all of our bills and debt? I dont’ know if this seems to apply?

  13. Kibrika

    My barrier (first for buying your book) is that I’m afraid practical advice won’t apply to here where I live (Latvia). The banks here all seem to have petty fees and there are other things that I suspect are US specific. I’m not sure what I’m trying to ask or say, though.

  14. susan Alexander

    Ramit ~ I want to do the boot camp but I am unfamiliar with how on-line programs like this work. I looked quickly for the answers to my questions but didn’t find them. Sorry if they already appear somewhere and I missed them. Here’s what I’d like to know:

    1) Does some sort of “class” take place each day that registrants log onto and watch, real time?

    2) What is the boot camp’s schedule, and what if you miss part of it? Can you watch when you have time?

    3) Are there written materials provided that outline/summarize the boot camp’s content? If not, then is there to refer to later (besides one’s notes).

    As you can see from my questions, I really can’t envision exactly what this boot camp is or how it’s presented because I’ve never seen or done anything like it before. I’m very interested, though, so I hope you’ll either try to explain these things or tell me where on your site I can find the information I’m seeking.

    Many thanks, Ramit. I hope to be a part of it, because I really need the info and I’d like to have it from you because I love how you explain things.


    • Ramit Sethi

      Susan, we send out material early each week, I do a live webcast on Tuesday (you log into a private site and watch/interact), then we have a guest speaker on Thursdays to discuss entrepreneurship. Time TBD. Video is recorded in case you can’t make it.

      Hope to see you inside.

  15. Brian Armstrong

    Hi Ramit, do you have an affiliate program for this? I’ve seen some others post about it. Might be a good fit for my blog readers as well. Thanks!

  16. Simon

    Can you email out the Bootcamp members the updated URL for the members log in page? The link emailed with the “Membership Information” directs to a dead link. I logged in Monday night but don’t have the URL handy.

  17. Tina

    No Excuses. This single mom of 3 is in! I have not received the email to update my profile though.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Great to hear it, everybody. If you’re a member, look for an email from me later today.

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