Announcing the “Earn Your First $1,000 On The Side” course

Ramit Sethi

[Edit]: The course is now closed but leave me your email address and I’ll let you know when we open it up again:

Today I’m thrilled to announce a totally new course called Earn Your First $1,000 On The Side.

The short version: An all-new course that I’ve been quietly developing for a year, which includes 16 super-specific lessons on finding a profitable idea, testing it, finding clients, pricing, marketing, all designed to help you earn $1,000 (and more) on the side — every month. Also includes hours of gorgeous HD video strategies and tactics, Master Classes from people like Tim Ferriss (4HWW) on specific topics like marketing, time management & productivity, and psychology. Course registration ends tomorrow — click to see course details.

Q: What’s surprised you so far?

A: “The level of polish, thought, and effort that goes into every aspect of it so far. It is seriously the best looking, most relevant material I have seen online.”
–Ned White, Earn1k preview member

The detailed version: For the last four years, the #1 requested topic on my site has been “how to earn money.” Yet I’ve resisted creating a course for you guys, because most of the “earn money” courses I see are sleazy SEO plays or worthless courses that give you the same information you could find on Google. ‘Pick a market! Make a business plan. Network a lot!’

Give me a break.

But last year, when I went on my book tour, I met my readers in Starbucks and Barnes & Nobles in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver…and all over. When I asked them what THEY wanted me to write about, they all said the same thing: how to earn more money.

I asked them what questions they wanted me to answer, and here were some of the most common:

  • “I already have a full-time job. Can I really earn $1,000 on the side without spending 60 hours/week?”
  • “I don’t know which skills could actually earn me money. How do I decide what to do?”
  • “What can you teach me that’s new? I already know the stuff on Google.”

Their questions were really surprising.

That’s when I started seriously thinking about building the single-best course on earning money anywhere. Not just high-level advice, but specific strategies and tactics to help you use your skills, find a market, and charge competitive rates for side income.

You saw the first 3 weeks of January with all-new posts on earning more money, niche-ing it down, getting in your customers’ heads, and using a step-by-step process to earn money on the side.

As we’ve worked on this course for the last year, I wish I could go back to all those cities and tell my readers:

  • You DON’T need to spend 60 hours/week to earn $1,000 on the side…
  • You DON’T need to set up a sophisticated website or become an SEO master…
  • You DON’T need to get 10,000 Twitter followers or set up a YouTube/Facebook/LinkedIn page…
  • You DON’T need to create an ebook or product to earn your first $1,000…
  • You DON’T need to become a legal expert on business licenses…

Instead, you need to spend the majority of your time GETTING PAYING CLIENTS. Amazing when you eliminate all the BS.

It’s not just about the money

When I asked readers why they wanted to earn more money, the biggest reason across the board was NOT just about the money.

Actually, the #1 reason I got from you was to be able to eventually leave your job and work for yourself or travel.

Knowing this, I focused on not only new tactics to earn more, but the psychology of your own barriers — the barriers that are keeping you in a “meh” job. Are you too busy? Not sure where to start? Nervous about investing thousands into an unproven idea? The Earn1k course breaks it down step-by-step.

All these barriers (and more) can be systematically tested and used to help grow your side income.

In fact, here’s what some people said about the the preview version of Earn1k, which contained just a fraction of what the full course contains.

“I don’t feel scammed! No offense Ramit, but I’ve been burned by empty promises from other online courses. Also, I feel like I’m being taught and pushed to act, rather than merely inspired. It’s completely different than my other experiences. At this place in my life when I’m feeling poised to make changes and earn more money, it would be self-sabotage not to do it.”

–R. Cree, Earn1k preview member

“I am surprised how much I have gotten out of it, honestly. I came in thinking I might pick up some tools and tricks that could be used in my current business or to start my next one, but now I want to try freelancing. I knew in the back of my head that I shouldn’t try to make everyone happy, but you really hammered ruthless niching enough that it finally clicked for me. More niche = more rare = more concentrated demand = higher $/hr.”

–Blake Wager, Earn1k preview member

“Ramit’s course has already completely changed my perspective from what *I* want to what the *customer* wants. Learning about marketing is icky (for me), but also painfully eye-opening. I’m seeing that I was a fool when I started this, thinking only about me and what I wanted to sell. Now I am seeing why my original plan would have flopped before it even started. And why so many others’ do as well.”

–Karen, Earn1k preview member

All new material that you won’t find on my blog

The full Earn 1K course contains all-new, step-by-step content. This isn’t the kind of material you can find by Googling “freelancer” or “earn more money” (try it, you’ll see). To create the single best course on the market, we…

  • Surveyed thousands of freelancers and full-time employees to see where the biggest barriers are
  • Assembled a team of top freelancers to help put the course together, including specific solutions for turning your idea into income, finding your first clients, setting your rates, and marketing yourself
  • Hired a videographer to produce professional-quality video for the course
  • We hired a transcription team, in case you prefer text
  • Hired audio editors and professional designers

You can’t find this material anywhere else. It’s an investment to help you earn your first $1,000 on the side — and remember, you can make that income over and over again.

What’s in the Earn1k course

Here’s how I put the course together:

All-new, super-specific material in hours of professional HD video. This isn’t some 50-page ebook. I hired a professional videographer and created hours of HD video to demonstrate a structured process to help you earn money, crush psychological roadblocks, and take the years of tactics I’ve been developing and apply them to your market. Perfect if you want to learn the material at your own pace. Transcribed for your convenience..

Group calls and private forums to keep you motivated and address your specific skills. Many of us want to be held accountable. We want to see how others are handling the roadblocks that inevitably come up. And when we get stuck, we want to know how to push through instead of getting stuck. The course includes weekly group calls (recorded if you can’t make it) with live Q&A

Ready-to-use, field-tested scripts that we’ve used to ramp up our own freelancing and consulting businesses. We deliver detailed, ready-to-go scripts that we’ve tested and refined over years of successful freelance work. Including:

  • Pitching via cold email, with real-world examples and followup scripts
  • Questions to ask your client to build trust and uncover hidden problems, overcome objections and speak to desires
  • Actual questionnaires used to get inside your customers’ heads and get a deep understanding of your clients’ business (I use this in my own business)
  • How to charge a firm price and handle price objections
  • Scripts with Key Convincer Phrases to use with your clients so they acknowledge your value and happily pay your fee (most people never use these)
  • Upselling & getting more work at the end of the engagement
  • How to end unprofitable engagements without burning bridges
  • The most effective way to follow up with clients that are slow to pay (or aren’t paying at all)
  • How to ask for referrals that will snowball your freelance business

Access to the private “Earn More Insider Sessions.I flew in my team of freelancers to San Francisco, where we got together to film private sessions that show you dozens of the best techniques we’ve created, tested, and engineered to help us earn significant amounts of income on the side

Master Classes from the best guest speakers on the planet. I assembled people who are master practitioners on specific topics — for pricing, marketing, identifying your customer, building a sales funnel, and time management — and convinced them to come together to teach you in private Master Classes

Powerful real-life case studies. Learn how people just like you are earning serious side income doing freelance project management, graphic design, software engineering, writing, Excel consulting, dog walking, professional room-organizing (really), and more. Comprehensive case studies where we ask them all the questions you want to — How much are you really making? What was the biggest waste of time? How’d you convince your customers to pay? Listen to them on the go or read the transcribed versions we’ve put together for you.

Office hours with me (Ramit) and my instructors. Private access to ask your questions and get specific answers — including how we’d write that pitch email or phrase your pricing increase. We’ll be here to make sure you have a helping hand in starting to earn money on the side

Inside stories that we’ve never revealed before. This isn’t some college textbook. We’ve added our own stories of ridiculous clients, tricks and techniques we’ve heard from other freelancers, and case studies on how others earn money on the side. Think of the best college class you ever had, where people wanted to be there.

Week-by-week course overview

Week 1

  • Learn the #1 biggest barrier you’ll face when starting, and then overcome it
  • How to pick the right field, even if you think you don’t have any skills
  • Psychological tactics to keep yourself highly motivated and even increase your performance
  • How to avoid what almost all new freelancers waste hours on – with ZERO results

Week 2

  • Learn the power of ‘No,’ to drive demand for your services higher than ever, while protecting your time and energy
  • How to instantly evaluate the demand for your service before ever spending time on marketing
  • The difference between creating a niche and specializing in one
  • How to use niche techniques to select a target market that’s irresistible to high-value clients

Week 3

  • Learn the 16 most effective emotional triggers that tap into your clients’ desire to buy
  • Why your ‘skills’ aren’t as important as you think
  • How to construct rock-solid deliverables so clients see your value – and get desperate for your services
  • The upsell techniques that land you bigger projects, partnership deals, and even full-time job offers

Week 4

  • Choosing your price without agonizing or hedging
  • How to get clients to gladly pay you more than they originally planned
  • Why clients WANT you to sell to them (and how to do it so it works)
  • Learn the one tactic to use so you never again say “I don’t know where to find clients!

Week 5

  • Instantly spot dead-end leads, and learn how to avoid them
  • The right (and wrong) way to pitch a new client
  • Email scripts to help you pitch clients in minutes, not hours
  • Develop trust and obliterate your clients’ hidden objections with specific, proven phrases

Week 6

  • Getting to the ‘Yes’ before even telling them your rate
  • How to close any sale
  • When NOT to close – even if your client is ready to buy
  • The “1-2 punch” and other powerful email techniques to get people to respond

Week 7

  • How to gain your client’s trust, so they reveal to you their hidden fears and desires
  • Exact lines you can use to overcome even the biggest client objections
  • How to turn one-time clients into lifelong business partners
  • Your Must-Dos for the end of every client engagement

Week 8

  • How to turn around problem clients
  • Tactics to flood your inbox with more referral business than you can handle
  • Optimize your system to get more business with less effort
  • When it’s time to ‘make the leap’ and start working for yourself!

Top tier spots are already sold out

Tier 1 of this course included everything I listed above, plus private coaching with I Will Teach You To Be Rich instructors. We sold out of this premier level within just 2 hours of our initial private launch. We’re getting close to selling all the seats for our Master Classes – featuring speakers like Tim Ferriss and Pamela Slim – as well.

When I created this product, I never imagined there would be this much demand, and this much positive response. It’s shown me that people are hungry to to learn how to effectively and efficiently earn money on the side, so that they can one day be independent and high-level freelancers that set their own terms.

What being a member means

I built my own course on this topic because I personally tried so many other popular ones only to find that they were more of the same old material that didn’t get me results.

I invested tens of thousands of dollars of my own money into developing this course, flying top-notch freelancers across the country to contribute their expertise, and putting together the best lessons anywhere. I only care about developing super high-quality material that you can’t find anywhere else.

This is premium, never-before-released material, and because we’re teaching you how to earn money, you can re-use the system over and over again. How much is it worth to learn how to increase your earning power, earn extra money whenever you want, and replicate your money-making month after month and year after year?

We give you lifetime access to the course material once you’ve joined as a member. Use it now to grow your business, and refer to it whenever you like.


Q: I don’t have an idea. Should I join?
A: That’s the point of the course — to help you find a PROFITABLE IDEA and implement it. In fact, if you had an idea, it probably sucks. In the course, we teach you how to rapidly test it to see what’s profitable and what’s not. You don’t already need an idea. It’s not about a magic idea — it’s about testing them.

Q: How much time do I need to do implement the course?
A: 5 hours/week minimum (2 to watch weekly course material, 3 to implement). Don’t kid yourself — the more time you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

Q: I’m really busy and this isn’t a good time for me. Can I do this later?
A: I’m not sure if/when I’ll offer this again, and if I do, it will be significantly more expensive. You get lifetime access to the course so you can check it out whenever you want.

Q: I don’t have enough money to join
A: Then you should not join, and focus on savings instead

“I was really convinced that I couldn’t afford to pay the full course (and I wasn’t even gonna try to) but now I’m really decided to get a spot in the course I will become a thief if I have to. You really made me think in value rather than in cost. That’s a lesson that I will remember all my life.”

–Vladimir S., Earn1k preview member

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Learn how to earn your first $1,000–and more–on the side. Check out the full details (course enrollment closes tomorrow, Friday 2/5).

Go here:

Do you know your actual earning potential?

Get started with the Earning Potential quiz. Get a custom report based on your unique strengths, and discover how to start making extra money — in as little as an hour.

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  1. Ben Harshaw

    Sounds like Ramit figured out how to earn some extra dollars on the side. IWTYTBR seems to be more of a product pitch platform now.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Ben, if you don’t want this, no prob.

      But I post multiple times/week here, for free, with all-new information you can’t find anywhere else, and I’ve done so for 5 years.

      This course includes stuff that will never, ever show up on this blog. I can do that because I spent a year and invested tens of thousands of my own dollars developing the course. And it is the best course on freelancing and earning money that you can find, anywhere. Period.

      If that interests you, cool. If not, I don’t mind. The blog will continue to have new articles.

  2. Joel

    Does poker playing count as a job “on the side?” I make at least $1k / month playing poker, but I’m not quite sure that qualifies, as I use my time to generate the extra income…

  3. jesse

    This site has turned into constant, tiresome self-promotion. (haha WOW. As I was typing my comment to complain about all the self-promotion here, I was interrupted by a pop-up asking me to join your newsletter so I can be marketed to even more. Nice racket you got going on.)

    Good luck teaching yourself to be rich, Ramit. I, however, am unsubscribing.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Sorry to see you go, Jesse.

      I think it’s more than fair to work on a new project for a year and launch it after a month of intensive, in-depth articles on earning more that you can’t find anywhere else.

      If you disagree, that’s no problem…but I agree, this isn’t the right site for you.

      For the other people who have been asking me to talk about earning more money for 4 years, this is for you. I hope to see you in the course.

  4. Russ

    I agree with Jesse and Ben. I’ll stay subscribed purely for the Money Diaries, but the constant self-promotion has laid waste to what was once a very interesting blog.

  5. Adam

    What a bizarre/angry set of reactions. I have saved thousands of dollars and thoroughly enjoyed this website since discovering it. Now Ramit decides to monetize his ideas and the losers and excuse makers pop out of the woodwork.

    I recommend you check your belief system. More than likely you view the world as us/them, wealth/lack, rich/poor, etc. There is a world of abundance all around us. Ramit making more money takes nothing away from you. Go claim your own fortune.

    • Ginger

      Well said!

    • David Dorval

      Yes. These are the exact types of folks that Ramit specifically says he doesn’t care to market to. They want “freebies” and shortcuts to success by quickly skimming through a google article for 5 minutes and expect to see major success immediately. They are completely missing the message that he is sending: no specific “trick” or tactic is ever going to work if you don’t recognize your own weakness and put an honest effort into changing your own behavioral patterns accordingly. I have accessed only his free material as of yet and, after only 2 weeks of really trying to apply his principles in daily interactions, I am already noticing positive changes in my life. I have never come across more helpful career advice in my life. Ramit is seriously legit. He spends every waking hour of his life constantly revising this stuff to make it even better. Haters gonna hate. Losers gonna keep losing. Winners are going to recognize their faults and overcome them.

  6. HB

    Keep it up Ramit. The course work looks great and I’m sure if someone implemented the coursework it would pay for itself.

    To the complaining folks – just hit ‘Next’!

  7. Russ

    “Now Ramit decides to monetize his ideas and the losers and excuse makers pop out of the woodwork.”

    I don’t care how much money Ramit makes, I’m just sad that the informative and interesting blog posts of old have been largely displaced by ads. And I’m not making excuses – I make enough money, and I have better things to do with my spare time than try to make more.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Thanks, Adam and HB. There is a lot more going on in the comments than simple “this site is too self-promotional” (especially since you can count the # of products I offer on 1 hand). I appreciate you pointing that out.

      The bottom line is the people who are willing to pay for value will join the hundreds of other people already in the Earn1k course. The people who aren’t ready (for legitimate reasons like not enough money, or just because they instinctively can’t imagine paying for self-development) won’t. 6 months from now, where will you be?

  8. Melani

    I am a bit shocked by the comments that this blog is all about promotion. Maybe I have been in the online marketing world for way too long but I would count yours as one of the least self-promoting out there. Every time I come here I find new content and can easily dig for some I never expected. You actually contribute new ideas to the field instead of it being a me too site with rehashed content every day.

    And dare I say this is not at all about rubbing your ego Ramit – it is simply a comment in appreciation of your contributions. Thank you.


  9. AD

    It seems that the complainers expect someone to either slave away tirelessly, giving everything away for free, or to spend their own time and money developing products they believe will help others, and then NOT promote it. Yeah, spending tens of thousands and year of your life to create a product, and then keeping it hush-hush is a brilliant strategy. Get real. This is Ramit’s business.

    There’s plenty on here that is free, so enjoy that and skip the rest if you have no interest in paying. Or, yeah, go ahead and leave. I love how people have to comment that they’re leaving before they go, though.

  10. Shaun McGowan

    Ramit just figured out how to earn some extra dollars on the side, I suggest you check your belief system and it’s up to you how you decide for your own fortune.

  11. Wes

    Seems that this has slowly evolved to the classic ‘freemium’ model: better “stuff” (in this case, financial information/advice) than you can get from a 100% free (no ads) source, but part of the deal is that you’ll be solicited to get into the paid services. Nothing wrong with that (ever use WinZip for more than 40 days?).
    I was making close to $1k/month on the side before all this hit, so I’ll continue to monitor the blog for other helpful information, and generally skip over the Earn1K posts. If people aren’t willing to do that filtering, I suppose they’ll be better served elsewhere.

  12. Jenn

    How many blog posts are pure promotion? Two? I didn’t bother looking because it’s so few. Ramit has given weeks of info free prior to saying ‘hey, check out my course if you are interested in more’. A couple blog posts offering his paid service is nothing to be up in arms about.

    Thanks for the free and valuable posts Ramit, and thanks for making a program that people can purchase if they want to go deeper. Keep up the great work.

  13. David

    What if I don’t have a marketable skill? I am still a college student after all.

    • Ramit Sethi

      David, great question. That’s exactly the point of this course.

      1. We help you identify your skills with what the market will pay for, and rapidly test to see if you can earn money doing it.
      2. Even if you had an idea, it would probably suck. Most do. We tear them all apart to test for profitability. (Examples of bad ideas: Selling to non-profits, students…or any other audience that (a) doesn’t know they have a problem and (b) doesn’t have the willingness to pay.)

      We walk through it, step by step, in the course.

  14. Zyon


    look man. I’m in college too and I really don’t know if this is the right thing to do, but I have weighed the costs and the only thing I will lose from this program is time if I don’t invest in myself now.

    Under week 1 you will see the bullet “How to pick the right field, even if you think you don’t have any skills”

    Take twenty minutes to think about it and if you haven’t made up your mind by that time then maybe it’s not right.

  15. Cat

    I don’t get the complaints about Ramit’s new product. Ramit doesn’t owe anyone free content for life. He needs to make money, just like his readers do.

    I’ve done something similar to Ramit on a smaller scale, and it was a great business move. If you don’t need the 1k content, skip it. But I’d recommend keeping an eye on Ramit’s product, because the model is a solid one and something we can learn from.

  16. MP

    There is nothing wrong with promoting a product with value. Ramit has every right to profit from his work. Isn’t that why people get patents and copyrights? When you go on a job interview, you are selling the value of what you will bring to that employer. If you aren’t earning compensation for your efforts, you are a volunteer, and this site is not about how to volunteer.
    I asked for and got a 20K raise a few years ago, so I can say from first hand experience that there is value in his content. I also wish I heard his assessment of non profits earlier, because that would have saved me a lot of time. In both cases, he was spot on correct.
    Sheer curiousity, I wonder how many of the people who complain about Ramit profiting from the course would spend the same amount of money on lottery tickets or slot machines, or the same amount of time dreaming of how they will spend their parents money or trying to marry a rich spouse instead of taking personal responsibility for their financial future.

  17. Russ

    @Jenn (#15)

    “How many blog posts are pure promotion? Two? I didn’t bother looking because it’s so few.”

    Perhaps you *should* bother looking. Let’s take a look at the front page as it stands right now.

    1) This article. Obviously a promotion.
    2) “The Briefcase Technique”. Plugs the $1k course in the description.
    3) “This week, I’m unveiling the new IWTY course to earn more money”. Another promotion.
    4) “Why do so many personal-finance sites focus on spending LESS?”. Plugs the $1K course in the first sentence.
    5) “Recap of the 3-week course on earning money”. Ends on yet another plug for the $1K course, with a classic pressure-sales technique (“if you haven’t signed up, we’re closing down soon!”).
    6) “Want to earn more money? How to find your first 3 paying clients”. Links to $1K site in the first sentence, and at least 4 more times during the article.

    OK, not all of these are pure promotion, but those that aren’t are thinly-veiled promo articles. And where’s the variety? Where are the interesting psychological posts about friends that can justify spending $21K going out, or reasons why people don’t save money, eat healthily and clean their garages – such as those linked under the “Ramit’s Favs” section? All the interesting stuff seems to have been supplanted by endless freelancer stuff, most of which seems to be designed to funnel into Ramit’s freelancer courses. Even the always-interesting Money Diaries seems at risk of being replaced with the far duller Freelance Diaries.

    I dunno, if that’s what people are telling Ramit they want then I don’t blame him for catering to it, but personally it’s pushing me away.

  18. Russ

    Oh, and to all the people saying “Ramit has the right to earn money”, NO-ONE IS DENYING THAT. Not one comment so far has said Ramit doesn’t have the right to earn money from his knowledge and skills. The objections are to the replacement of genuine and interesting content on this blog with self-promotion and pressure-selling.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Russ, thanks for your comments. Duly noted.

      The 10,000+ people who signed up to hear more about Earn1k disagree, and the record traffic in January because of the “earn more money” themed all-new posts seem to disagree, but whatever. You’re entitled to your opinion, and we’ve heard it.

      Now, we’re going to focus on the course. If anyone has questions about whether the course is right for you, or any questions about it at all, let me know. I’m around in the comments this afternoon.

  19. Kevin M

    Ramit, does the course start next week?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Kevin, yes. Course enrollment closes tomorrow (Friday), then the course starts Monday.

      It’s 8 weeks long. Master classes are once/week (recorded if you can’t make it).

      You have lifetime access to the course, so you can reference the material whenever you want. Hope to see you inside.

  20. Ian Rogers

    @ The people who complain. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ramit making some cash off of his website. “Self promotion” is something that we all do everyday. He is literally going to give us an in depth course on how to make an extra 12K per year and you just ramble on how it is going to make him money instead of you. I think he should be paid for his efforts…this is going to be the most legit course I’ve ever seen.

  21. JohnBoy

    Hi Ramit. I’ve followed the Earn 1K preview, and for some reason it seemed disingenuous. I finally put my finger on why. Iwillteachyoutoberich was all about how to avoid paying for things you don’t have to. Earn 1K is partially about how to persuade people to pay for things they don’t have to. I guess once you master the first skill, the second is a logical progression? This isn’t really a criticism of the course, just an observation.

    • Ramit Sethi

      JohnBoy, that’s an interesting observation, and I appreciate the comment.

      But I wouldn’t try to convince people to pay for things they don’t want. For example, in the case study of Andrew B. that I presented in the pre-launch material, he persuaded me to pay him $750/month to cook me food. That’s a lot of money, and I’m DELIGHTED to pay him each month.

      That’s the key of getting in customers’ heads: finding out what they really want, and being sure to identify people who are willing to pay. There should be no duplicity or trickery, but you should find people willing to pay for value. And as I’ve illustrated, when you’re the best in your field, or deeply understand your customers’ needs, you can charge a very high amount.

      I think one of the differences between iwillteachyoutoberich and other sites is, I encourage you to pay for value, rather than trying to deprive yourself of everything.

  22. AD

    @JohnBoy–IWTYTBR is not about avoiding paying for things–it’s about paying for things you value and saving on things you don’t. And Ramit has written about spending money many times as an investment in yourself…whether it’s through books or buying lunch for someone who can teach you something.

    Also, freelancing doesn’t mean you are persuading people to pay for things they don’t have to buy. That’s a backward way of seeing things. Freelancing is finding a way to solve someone’s problem so that they *want* to pay you–they don’t want to, or can’t, do it themselves.

    But like Ramit has said more than once in the comments, if it’s not for you, move along. His advice in the preview has already completely changed the way I’d approach my business, and as for freelancing in general, the money I’ve made on my own so far was like giving myself a 40% raise, at the time we were only getting 3% at my job. And my biggest client sought ME out, not the other way around.

  23. RJ

    Hey Ramit – I’ve also been keeping up with the Earn 1k preview and found it to be very valuable from a both a content and marketing/sales perspective.

    I’m curious as to what your thoughts are around productizing…I didn’t hear too much about that in the preview?

  24. bon

    Not sure about the master class on pricing.

    Obviously Ramit had a ton of response (“10,000+”) to learning about Earn1k, but only “hundreds” have joined. For the basic course — which appears to be 100% scalable (just access to content, no forums or other things which need management). Ramit, you should have been advised to get closer to a pricing sweet spot where you could maximize your profits through volume. Sure, you say you don’t want to “maximize volume” — you don’t want people who are not serious, but we’re talking about an entirely scalable product here with “level 3” — so why not expand the pie yourself and provide this content to those who may be serious but may not be able to pay $500? Sure you may get some less than serious people, but it would also maximize benefit to your “10,000+” community and your own revenue would be far greater.

    Sometimes we think that we need to charge a “premium” price for products to distinguish the brand, which makes perfect sense when marginal costs of each new customer are high. But you are applying market-skimming pricing to a totally scalable product with virtually no incremental cost. In the case of this course, I think your pricing for the levels 1 and 2 are good based on what you want the course to be — but I would re-think your pricing for offerings like level 3 in the future.

    Your pricing content in the course needs to cover cost and scalability, because in all of the free content/videos that I’ve seen so far — you keep talking about revenue (i.e. verbiage such as “Earn 1K — what will you do with $12,000 per year?”, when that is a revenue and not a profit or cash flow figure) but you haven’t touched cost, profit, or cash flow so far — I thought this would at least come out when vetting out peoples’ business ideas.

    Pricing is one of my favorite topics — so forgive me if I went off the deep end a bit!

  25. JW

    Looks great!

    Yes, there is some money being made here – 20x$3k + 150x$1.5k = $285k in Gross revenue for two of three options alone; however, there is a ton of time and money tied up in producing this product as well.

    Value: $1500 for an eight week course on essentially ‘how to be self-employed’. Isn’t being self-employed everyone’s dream?? And for only $1500??… So basically ask yourself, what’s it worth to be self-employed?

    I have my MBA in Entrepreneurship from a nationally ranked program (not Stanford) and we never had best-selling authors as guest speakers, we didn’t have guest experts teach specific topics, and we didn’t have real-world, real-life, fresh content provided either. AND we spent thousands on textbooks alone…

    I have spent years working on side projects while wearing the corporate handcuffs – I finally have 2 that are working well – one of which just started producing revenue. If I wasn’t so busy – I would def participate!!

    And all I can say to the naysayers: I wish something like this would have come out several years ago to help jump start my endeavors. And especially to anyone just graduated from college – invest in yourself – you won’t regret it!!


  26. Katrina

    bon – limited spots on the top two tiers is a natural extension of the personal time and attention devoted to them, obviously. I think there are a few reasons Ramit has time-limited the signups and kept the price at $500 for tier 3:
    1) time-limited sign-up = good pressure tactic. 😉
    2) dropping the price attracts customers who are price-focused instead of value-focused. While it might not be couth to say so, those customers are the worst kind to deal with. Ask anyone who works in sales, returns, or customer service.
    3) If you honestly can’t afford $500 for the course, you have other things that should be taking a higher priority in your life right now.
    4) He may just believe the information in the 3rd tier is actually worth $500. (And if you’re ramping up to $1k/mo within 3 or even 6 months, the course pays for itself really quick.)

    I signed up for tier 3. I wanted tier 2 but just don’t have the cash at the moment. And that’s okay, because even if I had the money for tier 2, my priorities for it would lie elsewhere. (Apparently my husband is supposed to get a say in the finances too. :P)

    Whether or not the course is worthwhile for me remains to be seen. I’ve canceled services I’ve purchased from Ramit before (it was quick and painless btw); I think he’s aware that most of us won’t hesitate to do it if we don’t immediately see $500 (or $1500 or $3000) worth of value in his course. This is not chump change for many of us — we’re paying for value, so we expect to receive it.

    • Rachel Ray

      Since it’s a lifetime subscription, that’s closed, can you give me access to it? I am willing to pay something, but, I don’t have much (approx. 24K annual income and 250K in debt)


  27. bon

    Hi Katrina,

    I’m not saying that the value isn’t there — I have no doubt the courses will have great content — and if I sign up it is going to be for tier two because I’m excited about the value and content I’ve seen in the past — but from a pricing strategy perspective — I’m just not excited by the way this has rolled out — so I’m not inclined to put much value in the pricing advice that may come with the course (but am hopeful!). Like I said above, pricing is one of the topics that interests me the most — I actually do consulting on pricing in the corporate world, and it may not be a big deal to others, but I think it’s fascinating 🙂

    When I say I’m not impressed, it is not from a customer’s perspective, but from the perspective of Ramit’s business itself. I’m sure Ramit does think the value of tier 3 is at least $500 — in fact I’m sure it is — but I believe he could make more money pricing it at more of a sweetspot where he could be getting volume & revenue. In addition to increased revenue (and because marginal costs are low, profit), he would have a higher number of devoted/committed/bought-in customers whom he can cross-sell/up-sell/and spread word of mouth goodwill in the future.

    Also, I would not (at all!) recommend dropping the price on the course — that’s why I said that I would re-think this for products in the future.

    Honestly, I think all the courses will be great — this is just one area where I see more potential!

  28. Suzie

    Ramit, I just wanted to say thanks for all the information you provided – for free – in your preview course. I’m one that needs to save up some spare cash, but if I had the money I would be on that course – and anybody who DOES have the cash should be on that course. I’ve learned great stuff already. I’m very jealous of the Tier 1 members :3

  29. elai

    Why don’t you turn this into something more stand alone after your done the course? Why limit your potential sales? The “line up at the club”/”time limited offer”/”your not going to ever be able to get this again, so buy now!” method of marketing can help with sales, but aren’t you kind of shooting yourself in the foot by letting it be only for a limited amount of customers? Not everyone needs the whip-cracker to get going and follow through 🙂

    • Ramit Sethi

      I love that you guys are dissecting my pricing and marketing. Keep it coming, especially if you have more suggestions. Special shout out to Bon, who’s obviously experienced in the pricing world.

  30. JW

    Although I see value in Option 2 and 3 (see my comments above) – you’re also forgetting another part of the pricing strategy…

    In particular w/ Option 3: I think everyone is wondering ‘why not charge $250 w/ hopes of getting one more than double that would’ve signed up for $500’, because hey – money is everything, right??

    You’re forgetting the X factor: dedication to your own cause. You are more likely to see success in this course if you are more self-motivated to see positive results. Although the skills you acquire would be the same, your ‘will’ increases if you spend $500, as opposed to $250.

    Just look above at the price-haters… Think about the expectations that people will have – charging $250 and doubling option 3 participants (if that would have been possible) would likely produce more revenue – but it’s also a guarantee to increase tylenol…

  31. HollyS

    I love the commentators who act all surprised when this has been in the works for weeks.

  32. Kevin M

    I took the plunge and joined today. What sealed it for me was the survey question about the last 3 things I’ve done to invest in myself. I realized I haven’t really challenged myself to learn anything new since college – other than crappy continuing education classes I take for my professional license. I just turned 35 yesterday and am excited by the prospect of earning some money on the side and eventually starting/running my own business on my terms.

    It just so happens we’re getting about a $500 refund on our state tax return this year, so rather than save it and earn 1% interest I’m going to invest in my biggest asset – my skills.

    The biggest surprise of the whole thing? My wife was completely supportive of me spending the money, with the caveat I follow through. I don’t want to let her, or myself down, so that is big motivation. Looking forward to Monday, Ramit.

  33. Nate

    The private forum option would be nice for option 3. Since Options 1,2 are limited membership I assume this choice was to limit members in the forum. Maybe a second forum for the option 3 members sans the “Offer your services” section?

    If one was already working through the materials of the 4HWW, would this course still be helpful? It sounds like this is much more of a how to than some of the ideas in the 4HWW, and this is solely for leveraging your skills that you can sell. As opposed to Tim’s setup automated income methods.

    • Ramit Sethi

      The funny thing is, some of my Tier 3 members didn’t like that I wasn’t offering a forum…so they set one of their own up!

      You can see what kind of people join the course.

      When you sign up, I’ll email you the link. (Tier 2 and Tier 1 people get access to a private, official members-only forum.)

  34. anon

    Hate to say the fricken obvious, but those of us who are university students dont even have $100 spare let alone what it would cost to join!

    Perhaps in the future Ramit, you’ll be able to accomodate?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Anon, the best thing to do would be to focus on savings for now.

  35. Steve O

    @ #3: It’s not freelance work, but it definitely can be a legit source of income if you’re disciplined. The trick is to find the right game(s) and strategy (i.e., how many tables) so you can consistently win but not be bored out of your mind for $15/hr.

  36. Rohit

    And then there’s tier 4 — the people who visit and buy his book. It’s obviously a lot different than the advice he’s giving in his course — but if $500 breaks the bank, then I honestly think one would be better off hitting the basics he’s been preaching in his free content.

    Personally I’m already at the 1k a month level and would rather see a product that really helps one scale to the 10, 20, or 50k a month level. 1k a month in cash doesn’t change my life in any huge meaningful way.

    Given that Ramit has done pbwiki, it’d be cool to get real, actionable suggestions like pitching to vcs / angels, scaling an operation to a global level…etc.,

    • Ramit Sethi

      Yeah, Rohit, I’ve been thinking about that…but the market is small and there’s tons of advice already out there. Btw, some of the people who made it into the Personal Coaching tier are at that level (or higher), so their goal is also to explode their revenues. We’ll let you know how it goes.

  37. Rob

    Hey Ramit,

    For a microsecond, I thought about intentionally overdrafting my account just to get your course, but soon thought the better of that. You’re right, I do need to learn to save better/more. Not often do people tell potential customers that they should probably focus on saving if they can’t afford it. Thank you.

    However, it sucks that once I complete your 6-week program in your book (which I only bought a couple weeks ago at B&N) and am eventually able to afford this earn1k course that it’ll be closed probably forever (or be more expensive later as you stated in the earn1k newsletter). Why punish those of us who DO see the value of your course but couldn’t sign up (save up) by some arbitrary date? I understand you have to get your course started next week, but damn. If only I had one more week.

    I could surf the web for some advice on earning money on the side but, as you have already stated, your course is like a billion times better than any of those.

    Oh well. Here’s to hoping I catch the next course if there is one.

  38. xmasy

    Ramit. Questions:

    RE: The image of the WAMU check on

    My concerns:
    1. It is a WAMU check. Wamu ceased to exist. Yes, you can still use that check because Chase has taken over but this only means that an individual is using it and not a corporation.
    2. Corporations do not hand write checks or use checks such as that. Which brings me to ask you, who is the individual paying you $16K? (and it looks like payment #2, which means he has paid u before). This individual is not using his corporation to pay u? But his personal check?
    Just asking to make sure its a legit check on not like other sites where ppl hold up checks from ‘Google’ for $36K

  39. xmasy

    And plus, he/she did not indicate an invoice number on the check. If this is a legit transaction, u would have invoiced them and the invoice number would be on the check. right?

    • Ramit Sethi

      It’s an LLC and the invoice was handled separately.

  40. bon

    Ramit can you email me/post the URL for the ‘unofficial’ Tier 3 forum? I ended up going for Tier 3 when I decided I would do the same thing (start a forum) but sounds like it has already been done!

    • Ramit Sethi

      Bon, you should get an email with the URL (as well as other info) this weekend or early next week.

  41. Quita

    HI Ramit. I will choose not to attack this site like so many others before me have. I like your advice and I try to use anything and everything that applies to my life. You have helped me out alot in the past and I will continue to go through your advice. I was wondering if there is anyway that we can get you to post more money diaries. They are always a nice change of pace in between the information. I have reevaluated my spending habits many times after reading about how others are saving or wasting their money.

  42. K00kyKelly

    I think what is actually going on with the angry commenters that they have a ‘I hate sales people’ psychological defense. Ramit is making them feel sold to, which causes them to shut down. They can’t evaluate the offer, they can’t seem to let it go… it just eats at them. Once the ‘I hate sales” thing is activated they start viewing all past actions as a ploy designed to suck them in. They’re upset that they got duped again and upset that they liked Ramit (a salesperson, how didn’t I see it before?).

    Even more proof of this is that they can’t give an actual reason they’re upset. Each reason is related to making them feel sold to: Ramit used to offer good content, this blog has become all about the next product, I guess Ramit found his side income, etc. I don’t think these people actually don’t want to pay for value, they just hate being sold to. Negotiation is their worst nightmare. They’d rather wander in a store for hours than ask the salespeople for help (and risk being sold to). Ramit’s personalization in his emails and his style of reaching out to the readers enhances the sense of betrayal when they realize they’re being sold to.

    Psych majors… is there a name for this?

  43. JRH

    Any way to accommodate AMEX? Haha…

  44. JW

    I think the folks that are angry have short attention spans and are unwilling to actually read the whole ‘ad’. And perception is reality – these folks already had a ‘car salesman’ viewpoint of any ‘sales pitch’ they see…

    But that creates an opportunity – next time you should create a short video providing the written information about your course. Maybe having two ways to deduce the ‘ad’ will make people feel less ‘sold’ to?!

  45. Daddy Paul

    Psychological tactics to keep yourself highly motivated and even increase your performance
    Sounds motivating.

  46. edie

    I was interested in this class. Last week, Ramit sent an email inviting everyone who was interested but not yet signed up to send him an email with our concerns, and a day or two later, I did. Never heard from him.


    • Ramit Sethi

      Edie, I replied to your email right after getting it, but somehow it didn’t go through. I’ll re-forward my response to you. Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know in the comments.

      Dan, I’m happy to recommend my video guy. If you have a specific project, email me the details and I’ll forward it along.

  47. Blue

    @Russ, @Quita, and other people who want to see more Money Diaries:

    I’ve got my money diary here.

    Since we’re already IWTYTBR-minded people, how ’bout some good old-fashioned “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…?”

    Would be happy to participate in that kind of sub-group if you all were interested.

  48. edie

    Hi Ramit,

    Thank you for your follow-up.


  49. Rachelle

    Hi Ramit,
    I purchased the tier 3 course last Sunday while attending the webcast. Any chance I could get the link to the unofficial tier 3 forum since I missed last Monday’s webcast?

    Thank you!

    • Ramit Sethi

      Yes, you should be getting an email momentarily.

  50. Finance

    Sometimes we think that we need to charge a “premium” price for products to distinguish the brand, which makes perfect sense when marginal costs of each new customer are high. But you are applying market-skimming pricing to a totally scalable product with virtually no incremental cost. In the case of this course, I think your pricing for the levels 1 and 2 are good based on what you want the course to be — but I would re-think your pricing for offerings like level 3 in the future.

  51. Justin

    Is anybody having issues with the support for Earn1K? I had issues when signing up, got charged multiple times, have no log-in information (didn’t get past the purchase screen) and the Earn1K support team is not getting back to me.

    All this hype about Earn1K, yet the support system for ensuring paying customers can access the content is broken.

    Ramit, help please?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Justin, I’ll email you directly. I’ve been monitoring your support requests, as well as my support team.

      Update: Justin, you should have an email from me in your inbox now.

  52. Daniel

    Hi Ramit,
    When is this course going to get started? I registered last week and got my receipt, but haven’t heard anything since then.

    Can I get the link to the unofficial tier 3 forum as well?


    • Ramit Sethi

      Daniel, I bet you the confirmation email got stuck in your spam folder. I’ll have our support team follow up with you.

  53. Daniel Abbott

    Hi Ramit,
    I checked my spam folder and didn’t miss any messages. I look forward to hearing from you support team. I’m snowed in with time on my hands and would love to get started.


  54. Jessica

    I have reached $1000 on the side by working 1 to 2 hrs a day. My goal is to replace my 9 to 5 income.

  55. Georgia McCrae

    Ramit, I thought you were OK and original, but now you’re just selling financial information, like all the rest of the gurus out there. Coming up next, the Ramit Sethi Richness world tour. Get your tickets while you can, only $5k a pop. Sheesh.

  56. Ramit Sethi

    You can be OK and original and still sell an occasional course at the same time.

    Remember, I invested tens of thousands of my own dollars into this course over the course of a year. You can’t get that kind of material for free because I wouldn’t invest if there wasn’t the possibility of ROI.

    If you simply want more and more free material, that’s fine. The blog is free. But if you want in-depth material and access to people you ordinarily couldn’t get access to, then I’ll make that available, too.

  57. Swaroop Murthy

    Hi Ramit,
    Big fan of your blog.
    Now, I wanted to ask why you insist on “freelancing” being the right way to go. My thinking is- If my income is dependent on TIME, like with a JOB or FREELANCING, then it’s very hard to get rich because there’s only so little of it to go around. If you could make your income dependent on something OTHER than time, things become easier.
    If I took my talents and made some PRODUCT out of it and it starts to SELL, then i have an ASSET- my income would depend on the value I create, not my time. For example.
    So again, why freelancing?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Swaroop, I answered your question in detail here, here, here, and most specifically here.

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    […] Earn1K Course. Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich launched his freelancing course last month for people who were interested in earning more money on the side. He promised premium content (charging a premium price – think four digits before the decimal), and I bought it. The result? There’s amazing content in the course alright. Freelancing is not necessarily an easy route, but it is supposedly faster than productizing and more rewarding  than getting a higher salary. Ramit provides information that will help a newbie (like myself) succeed faster than a normal freelancer — provided I have the initiative. He helps point out the best way to succeed (emphasizing the need to get inside your customer’s head) with worksheets, examples, and case studies to help you out. […]

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  60. خرید vpn

    Guys , I’m a webmaster myself . I know how hard it is for Ramit to spend time and money for developing this site and his business . So what’s the problem if he earns a little of that money back ? I simply didn’t like some of the comments above . I wish you good luck Ramit .

  61. Geoff

    Hoping this course gets re-offered soon. I’d really like to give it a try.

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