3 things I’m reading

Ramit Sethi

Quick post. I wanted to share 3 quick tidbits that I thought you’d enjoy today. Nothing to sell. Just some of my favorite things I’ve stumbled across recently.

1. What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out? These are awesome/horrifying/fascinating. Perfect for Christmas

2. The merchants of average. Every time I get an email with someone telling me, “Ramit, I like your stuff but please don’t curse” or “Ramit, please don’t insult your readers…you can be a lot nicer,” I think of this post. The world wants us to be vanilla, and the world pushes us to be average. How can you use this in the new year?

3. Just-released interview with Pat Flynn: I talked to Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income Podcast about the psychology of pricing, marketing, and dealing with negative people.

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  2. Kristi Helvig

    The merchants of average thing is so true—and Seth Godin is brilliant. I had people want to take the cursing out of my book and make it more ‘vanilla’, but was fortunate enough to find an amazing NY publisher who embraced my book as it was: ‘vanilla with jalapenos and a shot of whiskey.’ I think the most valuable thing a person can offer the world is their own unique perspective which is why I love this blog. Happy Holidays, Ramit!

    • thomas

      Kristi so true, I will check out your book too. Good for you, keep sticking by your guns, go with your intuitions and have a great 2014!

      To think you can, will create a force that can, writers don’t get this quote by Marden!

      Merry Christmas from Kobe, japan.

  3. Reddit_Jerk

    “First thing I thought when I read the cumbox thread was ‘Wow, this is perfect for the holidays.'”

    -Said No One Ever, until today

  4. Adam Daniels

    The interviews were inspirational. After checking out the Pat Flynn interview I decided to take another crack at my “muse” site, and Ramit’s comments from the Jay Abraham interview made me reconsider thinking about what my customers really want. Final thought, I appreciate the reflections on pricing and how difficult and fearful it was to start earning money through your sites. Now that I’m going through the growth pains of starting something myself, these interviews mean so much more to me.

  5. Yanni Raz

    This list was amazing! The sleep article is a must read for everyone, hopefully more will be written about this in the future and how to sleep properly in modern society to be most at your optimum state of mind during the day. Also the Reddit thread was mind blowing! Must read! Thanks for sharing, you always post great stuff.

  6. Chris

    Ramit, thanks for introducing me to Abraham. Will check him out right now!

    Oh, and yeah! Cursing is nice…You and Gary Vaynerchuk are the living examples that cursing makes you more legit and attractive, as long as you know how to use it.
    Happy Holidays man!

  7. Mel @ brokeGIRLrich

    I definitely have social jet lag. When left to my own devices, my body is wide awake till 2 or 3 and then wants to get up between 9 and 10. Unfortunately, society doesn’t seem to want to roll with this plan. :oP I’m glad there’s a legit scientific term I can fall back on now.