3 quick surveys

Ramit Sethi

I’m collecting thoughts on a few new projects. Can you spare a couple minutes to fill out a quick survey? (Choose all that apply.)

If you’re interested in saving money on your rent, please click here:

If you have an unconventional story/tip about finding a job, click here:

If you’d like help with finding a better job (interviewing tips, etc), click here:


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  1. Carlton Lemley

    I explained this concept to a coworker earlier this week. He got extremely frustrated and started rambling about how the government just wanted his money and he wasn’t going to give it to them. Over and over he repeated the phrase “It’s the principle of the thing”. I’m learning that this phrase is code for “I know I’m freaking out about something stupid; but I’m not ready to admit it.”

  2. NotCathy

    I am interesting to fill out the survey form about saving money on your rent.. I am excited to have some fun in this survey questions.. 🙂