2015: The Year of More

Ramit Sethi

2015: The Year of More

I used to think it was normal to wait in the car while your dad checked into a motel.

When I was a kid and our family would take a road trip, my Dad would tell us to stay in the car while he checked us into a motel. That’s because, to save money, he would get a motel room with 2 single beds — for a family of 6. Then once he got the key, we would quietly go into the room, avoiding the lobby.

When we got up there, my dad would make “the phone call.”

“Hi, this is room 324,” he would say. “Could you bring some more towels to our room?”

“Yes, sir. How many do you need? 1? 2?”

“How about 4? And if you can send 2 cots, that would be great.”

“Sir, this room is booked for double occupancy only. We cannot–”

Dad: “Thank you!”

HAHA! WE THOUGHT THIS WAS NORMAL. Only later did we realize how hilarious it was to squeeze 6 people into a room for 2. When we finally talked about this over dinner recently, he laughed so hard he almost cried. But without things like this (and little Ramit sleeping on a couch), it gets pretty expensive to take a family on a trip.

Who's that little player

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Other things I remember growing up:

  • We only ate out about once a month — when we had a coupon for the local pizza place
  • When we were at that pizza place, we would only ask my parents for 2 quarters to play video games. Anything more than that was too much
  • Our vacations were simple: road trips to visit our family in LA. That was it!

There weren’t extravagant meals or trips, but we all had a great childhood. I learned about spending on what’s important from them. My parents’ philosophy: “If it came down to school or sports, we’d always find a way to find the money.” Where do you think Conscious Spending came from?

All in all, I was a happy kid — but I had no idea that I was only seeing a sliver of the world.

Then something changed.

When I was in college, I got an interview at Microsoft. They flew me to Seattle, put me up at a swanky hotel, and effectively gave me an unlimited spending account while I was in town.

Microsoft does this for all candidates. They encourage you to rent a car, go to any restaurant, the Space Needle, museums, etc…and just send them the receipts. They’ll reimburse you because they want you to fall in love with the area. A few hundred bucks means nothing to them if they get the candidate they want.

I had no idea what to do with my unlimited budget, but man, I was excited. That night was the first time I’d ever ordered room service.

It felt like being in a movie. I could call downstairs without a care in the world and get WHATEVER I wanted. I decided to go all out and order an appetizer, a burger, and a drink. Total price was over $50 plus delivery fee and tip. 50 BUCKS FOR A BURGER!!

Who the hell were these people??

I couldn’t believe people did this.

All of a sudden, as the attendant wheeled the food into my room and whisked the metal tops away, I realized that there was an entire world all around me — a world of MORE — but I had no idea how it worked.

I had always thought about focusing on what I had and being happy with it. That’s just how I was raised.

But as I started looking around, I realized Banana Republic wasn’t the most luxurious place to buy clothes. (If you look at magazines, they have sweaters for $600 or even $3,000. Does anyone really buy those?)

I realized there were places to eat that cost 50x what I had paid for dinner. (What kind of restaurant could justify that?? Why would anyone pay that?)

Best sushi I've ever had

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Best sushi I’ve ever had. Chef’s table with Chef Ichimura at Brushstroke, NYC


I even realized that Microsoft had been focused on getting the best people, not on pinching pennies and trying to cut costs. (One great hire would more than make up for the expenses for 10 non-hires.)

I got curious. What was this world where price and cost wasn’t the first thing you thought about? How do you get into it?

Not just the “spending money” part, but about the psychology behind it: What kind of person can just decide to travel somewhere and book a last-minute flight? If you have that level of freedom and flexibility, what would you do with it?

I was happy with where I was, but I wanted to know about this invisible world.

Then, a few years ago, I moved to NYC. There’s no place like NYC for understanding the concept of “more” — more people, more jobs, more opportunities, more fun, more dating, more EVERYTHING.

I started to learn about things I had never been exposed to: custom suit makers who measure you in a suite at the Plaza (or come to your apartment or office)…personal trainers and nutritionists…and even concierge doctors who come to your house so you never have to wait in line.

What the hell?

As I really started to study this world, I discovered a ton of Invisible Scripts I never knew I had. For example, my first reaction to this world was to scoff and say, “WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!”

  • “Only snobs eat at expensive restaurants…I don’t need all that”
  • “Ugh, I would never buy a $500 coat. That’s so superficial.”
  • “Why would you pay someone to tell you how to decorate your apartment? Just get things you like.”

And yet, people DID pay money for these things. A lot.

Guess what? They’re not all snobs or elitist asses. I learned there are reasons OTHER THAN THE ACTUAL FOOD to go to a nice restaurant. I started to learn how the bizarre worlds of fashion and art work. Mostly, I learned how much I still had to learn.

What really pushed me forward was knowing that I didn’t understand the game being played around me. All I saw were people telling me NOT to want more — to be satisfied with what I had (and never want more). In fact, they’d point to people who spent money on things like amazing experiences or even an expensive coat…and call them stupid and superficial.

Go look at any site about money! They tell you that spending money on anything besides subsistence farming is a waste of money. They make you feel guilty about ever wanting more.

My take: People who spend that much money aren’t stupid. Neither are people who want more out of life.

I realized that most people want you to stay exactly where you are in life — and if you explicitly talk about how you want more, they get really uncomfortable.

This is why you see people telling you to “just be happy you have a job in this economy” if you talk about finding a Dream Job.

This is why if you tell your friends you want to lose weight (especially if you’re a woman), your friends will say, “Why? You don’t need to change. You look amazing!”

And this is why, if you tell your friends you’re staying in tonight to work on a project or study for a class you’re taking, what will they say? “Come on, man…it’s Friday. You can do that any time.”

But I also realized, ONCE YOU MADE IT, everyone loved it!

For example, people used to make fun of I Will Teach You To Be Rich when I started out. One guy said, “When are you going to get a real job?” Can you imagine how that feels when you’re starting something new and aren’t even sure it will ever work? I was already hating life since nobody read my site…and then to have comments like that?

But once IWT turned into a serious business, with hundreds of thousands of students, then the tune changed. My favorite phrase was, “It must be nice to work from home.” Yes, it is…and I also worked from home when I made $11,000 a year because I couldn’t afford an office. People don’t want to see the process. They only want to see the results.

They want you to cut back on everything. Spending, fun, everything — until some mythical day when you retire and you can sparingly enjoy a few things.

I wanted MORE. And I wasn’t going to wait 30 years to get it.

I started to change my mindset from “cutting back on everything” to something you’re familiar with: Spending extravagantly on the things I loved…as long as I cut mercilessly on the things I didn’t.

Spending EXTRAVAGANTLY. Not just money, but time and attention.

A personal trainer…a personal chef…beautiful clothes…traveling to Asia for a last-minute vacation with friends, or whatever a rich life is to you.

By the way, imagine the look on the face of most “money” experts upon hearing about spending time and money like this. The color would drain from their face, their eyes would skittishly shift from side to side, and they’d nervously stammer, “But…b…but….what about saving money????”

NOTE: Of course it’s important to save and build a solid financial infrastructure. That’s why I released my book before I ever wrote about earning more, negotiating salary, or starting a business. But unlike most other financial advice, I don’t believe in cutting costs on minutiae like lattes or medium Diet Cokes. I believe in Big Wins — and if you tackle those, you can live a Rich Life. Hundreds of thousands of my students have.

And that’s why this year I want to focus on MORE.

Welcome to the Year of More

This year, instead of cutting back on everything in life, we’re going to demand MORE of ourselves.

More fun. More success. More investing in ourselves to take us to the next level.

It could be insane once-in-a-lifetime events you go to this year:

I did not expect to ever get texts like this

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I never thought I’d get texts like this


Or it could be something much simpler.

2 weeks ago, I called my parents to ask what they were doing for Christmas. My mom said, “We’ll probably just stay here.” I asked why they didn’t come to NYC since we’re all out here.

She said, “Oh…well…it’s expensive to come at the last minute.”

I smiled. The next day, I sent them the tickets I’d booked for them to come to NYC.

ramit_nyc_parentsRamit, Mom, and Dad. NYC, December 2014


This is exactly what a Rich Life is for.

Price had nothing to do with it — the tickets could have been $4,000 each and I would have paid it. I just wanted my parents to be around all of us for Christmas, and I was fortunate enough to be able to make it happen.

See, wanting MORE isn’t just about buying nice coats or expensive dinners. A Rich Life can let you travel, spend time with your family, buy your time back (e.g., by hiring someone to clean your apartment), and accelerate your results (like with a personal trainer).

I’m not talking about spending money you don’t have. In fact, I don’t allow people with credit card debt to join my premium courses for just that reason — a decision that costs me over $2 million every year. I’m talking about breaking out of the normal, expected path so you can get MORE success, more results, and more out of life — guilt-free.

Whatever your definition of a Rich Life is, in 2015, I’ll help you get it.

Here, for example, are just a couple of IWT students who went after MORE instead of LESS:

MORE: Learning new skills


MORE: Choosing where you want to vacation


Now, a deeper question for you:

What if I had listened to all the people who wanted me to just be satisfied with where I was in life?

Shit, I would probably be an engineer wearing an ill-fitting Cisco t-shirt in Silicon Valley. Ramit Sethi, network engineer. UGH

Think about the subtle comments I got, like, “Don’t you need more experience for that?”

Or “Do people really make money doing that? Don’t you want a real job?”

If I’d followed what the world told me to do, I would be working an ordinary job. I’d probably be making decent money, but life is about more than money. Every day, I’d go to work on someone else’s schedule. Every day, I’d open up my email and answer emails from other people making demands on my time for things they wanted. Every Sunday night, I’d sigh.

If there’s one thing I never want to be, it’s average. WHO WANTS THAT SHIT?

Actually, the world wants us to be vanilla. They tell us to save as much money as possible right now so that one day, 40 years from now, we’ll magically be able to somehow enjoy it. They never realize that by creating a lifetime of deferred enjoyment, you never built up the muscle to know how to demand — and enjoy — more.

Yes, saving and investing are important. I’ve covered them for years and years in my material on personal finance. But as I’ve always said, money is only a small part of a Rich Life.

I think a lot of us feel this way. We’re made to feel guilty because we want more than 2.5 kids, a white-picket fence, and the so-called American Dream.

We WANT to go out and have amazing experiences — traveling, buying a round of drinks for our friends, and even splurging on ourselves once in a while. No, that doesn’t mean we’re greedy.

We WANT to look and feel amazing — No, that doesn’t make us superficial or shallow.

We WANT to live a Rich Life — building incredible relationships, eating at amazing restaurants, using systems and even hiring to help manage our lives, and focusing on the Big Wins of life. Not counting how many pennies we can save by disabling the oven light (yes, that’s a real tip from a money “expert”)!

Beware, though. When you tell people you want more, it doesn’t usually go over well.


Brainwashed into settling for less

Witness what happens when we decide we want more out of life. It’s not pretty because it’s not uncommon!







It’s no secret where reactions like this come from. Since childhood, we’ve been raised with dozens of invisible scripts that tell us NOT to want more.

They make us say things like, “I should just be happy where I am.” Here, these are from my own life:

I WAS TOLD: “Just focus on your education”
I HEARD: “You’re just a skinny Indian guy. Don’t worry about working out or building muscle…that’s not for guys like you. Just get good grades”

I WAS TOLD: “Be nice to girls and eventually you’ll be the kind of guy who they want to marry”
I HEARD: “So I have to wait for 10+ years until some girl decides to marry me?”

I WAS TOLD: “Get a good stable job and by the time you retire, you can have $1mm in your bank account”
I HEARD: “Wait 30 years and maybe, just maybe, I can go experience a few of the things I want? I don’t want to wait 30 years for that.”

Look around!

The media tells you that wanting more is ridiculous. Instead, we should…wait for it people…MAKE OUR TOILETS MORE EFFICIENT. I SHIT YOU NOT:


This is complete bullshit.

The media automatically takes the approach of (1) distracting you with minutiae like toilets because it generates clicks, and (2) making you feel guilty for ever wanting more.

And in a vague toilet-optimized stupor, they figure we’ll keep clicking on their websites and buying their magazines to inflate their ad revenues.


Do you know why most personal finance experts don’t write about earning more? They don’t know how.

More importantly and beyond money, most people have never been exposed to the world of more. If their whole life is lived in a scarcity mentality — where they’re just lucky to have this job, where there’s no way to be able to take 6 weeks off, where it seems impossible to start your own business — OF COURSE they’d advise everyone else to take the safe route.

It’s all they know.


Want more from life? Witness the deranged comments you’ll get

It’s easy to dismiss “more” as a luxury for someone else. When we read examples like these, we automatically think, “That’s nice for THEM, but that’s not me.”

Just like when I was a kid — getting room service wasn’t even something I considered. It wasn’t something “I did.”

Do you see how not wanting more can become part of your identity? How it can skew your perception of the world and what’s possible?

Let me show you what I mean.

“Hard work generally gets OTHER people rich…”



“I don’t think anyone has ever gotten rich without screwing other people out of their money”



“How could you want that when other people are starving?”

A guy asks, How can I buy a Lamborghini? Predictably, the respondents finger-waggingly tell him he SHOULDN’T want that.


If *I* made that much, I would totally live like this! Seriously bro!




How could they ever tell you anything other than “Keep your head down and be satisfied you’re even alive?” Cutting back is all they know.

The result of this drum-beating over and over again: We feel guilty for wanting more. ‘I guess I should just be happy with what I have. In fact, I don’t really want to go to Australia this year. It’s so frivolous…’

We end up feeling like shallow sell-outs for wanting more out of life. Guess what? It’s normal to want more and more out of life. In fact, you want more now than you wanted 10 years ago, and 10 years from now, you’ll want even more.

This is a truth that seems so obvious, yet is rarely acknowledged. You can tell whenever you hear a little phrase called the “Hedonic Treadmill.”


The truth: The Hedonic Treadmill is REAL

How many people have you heard saying, “When you get a raise, KEEP LIVING AT THE SAME LEVEL YOU WERE LIVING AT?”

Tons — in fact, most “personal finance experts” will tell you that. And while I agree with the sentiment of living beneath your means (which I do myself)…


If you suddenly got a $25,000 raise, would you honestly live exactly the same way you were living? Of course not.

So why do they continue to pretend that we’ll all want exactly the same thing for our whole lives?

In fact, it would be better to ACKNOWLEDGE that we’re going to want more, and proactively plan for it. This is the precise point I make when I talk about how delusional we are about our future weddings — and how to plan for reality.

As I’ve written for 10 years, if you get a big raise and get results like this, you should spend some of that on something you’ve always wanted. Yes, you should save more. Yes, you should invest more. But you should also enjoy what you’ve earned.

Btw, I’m no saint. I used to be as guilty of the finger pointing as anyone else. For example, I had a friend in college tell me he was going to move to NYC and live in the cheapest apartment he could find. When he got a high-paying banking job, he suddenly changed his mind and instead picked a luxury apartment in Manhattan.

I thought “Ha, what a hypocrite”…UNTIL I DID THE EXACT SAME THING.

Why shouldn’t he? He could afford it. He was hitting all his savings goals. This is why my post on how it’s OK to spend $5,000 on shoes was so controversial…but also resonated with millions of readers. The ones who decided to automate their savings and investments…and then demand MORE of themselves and of life.

My point: When you grow, your life changes. You wear different clothes. You live in different places. You even hang out with new people. Don’t deny it, acknowledge it.

As part of that, it’s NORMAL to want more.

Right now, you might be totally comfortable living in a cheap apartment with roommates…but you won’t be forever. Like 25-year-old Ramit, you might not see the point in buying a nice suit when you can get something for 1/5th the price. But if virtually every grown man says, “Buy one nice suit,” there’s probably something to it. In other words, admit you’re like everyone else — you’re not a special snowflake!

And I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about anything that helps you live a Rich Life.

The Hedonic Treadmill also means that in the future, you’re not going to want to keep doing the same thing you’re doing now. You’ll want to explore new places on vacation, to learn new skills, to meet new people. You’ll want to grow. You’ll want to live MORE.

Let others be satisfied with expecting less: less fun, less opportunity, less ability to invest in the things you love that will help you improve.



Mark Cuban wrote a memorable post where he described The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do:

“Bust your ass and get rich.

“Make a boatload of money. Pay your taxes. Lots of taxes. Hire people. Train people. Pay people. Spend money on rent, equipment, services. Pay more taxes.

“When you make a shitload of money. Do something positive with it. If you are smart enough to make it, you will be smart enough to know where to put it to work.

“I don’t care what anyone says. Being rich is a good thing. Not just in the obvious sense of benefiting you and your family, but in the broader sense. Profits are not a zero sum game. The more you make the more of a financial impact you can have.”

You have permission to want more.

Not just more money. More fun, more success, MORE.

As I’ve become more successful, so have IWT readers and IWT staff. Success is additive — the more of it you get, the more you can share with others.






Here’s an unconventional example of wanting more: Decide who you want to surround yourself with.

Years ago, I used to refer to myself as a “personal finance blogger.”

But I never refer to myself like that anymore. I hardly write about personal finance anymore (I shared my best material in my book, and now I’ve moved onto other areas of living a Rich Life).

There are some amazing personal finance bloggers. But in any community, there’s a certain type of thinking. And if I’d stayed in the personal-finance community, I’d be attending the same events, surrounding myself with people who primarily focus on affiliate revenue and writing about budgets and the latest credit card deal.

I didn’t want that. I wanted to move beyond that label.

Today, I run a business with dozens of world-class experts in psychology, design, technology, marketing, and customer service from my home office. We’ve helped millions of people live Rich Lives (see a few examples here and here).

And helping them allows me to do things like take a last-minute trip to Asia, travel to a friend’s bachelor party in Medellin, or fly my parents business-class across the world.

I can also volunteer my time helping people who aren’t as fortunate.

This means I’ve also expanded my definition of a Rich Life. I’ve moved beyond personal finance into fitness, entrepreneurship, and helping people find their dream jobs.

We’ll talk more about those areas — and new ones — this year.

This year, what do you want MORE of?

I’m staking a claim on demanding MORE instead of LESS.

If your focus is on cutting back, this site probably isn’t right for you.

But if you want more — more travel, more success, more opportunities, more fun — I can help.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to talk about what this kind of a Rich Life means, including specific examples of what it means to me (living in NYC and SF), as well as many IWT students.

We’ll also tackle the subtle psychological “scripts” that have been programmed into us since childhood.


Now, a question:

What does MORE mean to you? I’m not here to judge — in fact, if you tell me, “I want a $2,000 coat,” I’ll be thrilled to show you how to get it.

So maybe it’s a new piece of clothing. Maybe it’s the trip of a lifetime to Australia. Maybe it’s the ability to pay your parents’ debt off. You tell me!

Tell me 2 things (I read every comment):

  1. What does MORE mean to you?
  2. Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?

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  1. Karolina

    More for me would be a Hermes Kelly bag! And my own appartment.

    I think that many people want to both keep their cookie and eat it. I think they are affraid that if they spend money, they can’t get it back and then they think “at least with money you can buy anything – you still have a choice”. So they areaffraid of taking the leap.

    • SamB

      O, I love this point, because it’s so true! People forgot that not choosing is still a choice.

    • jeff

      I want to earn 10k a month and have more time for thungs I enjoy

    • Sandra

      More for me is owning my own business and home. Being able to travel when I want and where I want.

      The media plays a big role in shaping our thoughts, fear of the market crashing again. Saving for that dooms day.

    • Eduardo Velez

      Ramit you need to raise your expectations my friend. Why only settle for things that merely costs millions of dollars when there are billion and trillion dollar plays out there. Money is just a game, that those of us that understand how that illusion works reap the rewards. There have been times in my life when I was walking beneath the rain wearing peasants clothes yet caring millions $ in a suitcase. And there are people that show off their luxuries only to have them taken away because the debt was not paid. Your father is a good man Ramit, listen to his good counsel.

  2. Meagan

    More to me and means NEVER settling for mediocrity. i am always working to be the absolute best Meagan I can be. More to me means paying off every cent of my $20,000 student loan, the $10,000 credit card debt I racked up while in school and having $100,000 in savings so I can continue my education, share my gifts with the world, and support myself without having to work a traditional full time job. More means a 2014 silver convertible mustang, my own apartment, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. I love travel and have a huge list of places I will visit during my lifetime. More also means I will no longer be setteling for less in relationships. I work hard and I play hard, my man better be able to keep up with me.

    To be honest I have never understood the lack mentality. I am 26 and I have always had a positive abundant outlook on life. When I read allure or vogue magazine or watch vh1’s The Fabulous Life of filthy rich billionaires, or mtv’s cribs I see these things as proof that the lifestyle I want is in fact attainable. I know that other people don’t see these shows as inspiration but as rich people showing off. For me I am so thankful every single day that we are able to celebrate art, beauty, and fashion instead of fearing for our lives while war or famine threatens our existence.

    • Winifred

      “For me I am so thankful every single day that we are able to celebrate art, beauty, and fashion instead of fearing for our lives while war or famine threatens our existence.” You have a great perspective on life which will serve you well.

    • mellie

      I absolutely agree with your closing sentence. I would like to live in a world where more and more people had their basic needs met so we can all be able to enjoy art and not be worried about survival.

  3. Ankur

    Hi Ramit,
    MORE to me means FREEDOM…Freedom to choose how I want to live my life, what I want to do with my time and who I want to be with. So, all the money and fame that we earn in life, buys us more and more of this FREEDOM. This FREEDOM is what makes us feel richer and happier in life. The LESS of this FREEDOM, causes frustration, dissatisfaction and discontent…
    Therefore, in this year (2015) and all the years to come, I would like to FREE myself as much as possible…


    • Heidi Thompson

      I’m with you Ankur – freedom drives everything I do.

  4. Simon

    To me, MORE is being able to work anywhere and whenever I want. This year I will be quitting a very well paid job to start my own business from zero. I believe that money and time are interchangeable currencies and I would rather have a lot less money but a lot more time.

    I think so many people talk about LESS for a few reasons. The first is that wanting more is tainted by invisible scripts that we have linking morality and the desire for money. Wanting more is morally bad. Here is a bible quote that illustrates that:

    “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.” 1 Timothy 6:10

    Material wealth and spiritual wealth are often placed on the same continuum, so the more of one you have, the less you have of the other. No one wants to be considered spiritually bankrupt so we keep our desires for more to ourselves.

    Another reason is as you have stated in the blog post. Many people do not think they can achieve more, so in the quest to maximise their resources they turn to the only thing they think is possible – cutting down.

    And finally, there is simply the herd mentality. If everyone else is talking about LESS, then we feel uncomfortable talking about MORE because it goes against the trend, and we don’t like doing that.

    • Bill

      Simon, great points here! Love the idea of seeing material wealth and spiritual wealth on a continuum. I’ve never thought of it that way. Great insight!

    • Heidi Thompson

      I think there is something to thinking about what having less of something you don’t care about can do to give you more of something you care about. For me, having less stuff allows me to have more location independence and freedom.

  5. Pat

    I have finally reached my 25-year-old-me’s goal of being able to eat out everyday, if I wanted to (PS I am now 33). In fact by necessity my family and I do eat out much more often than eating in. I am very pleased that I have achieved this goal, amid the naysayers that you mentioned.

    Last year my tiny family went on our first hotel vacation all by ourselves (no parents!) and I loved it! So much, that not even two hours into the vacation I told my husband I wanted to do this every year. To me this symbolizes security and being able to enjoy what we worked for in the way that we all love. To me, this is the Rich Life, and I want more!

    In my experience, many people are so negative about wanting more because of jealousy. They do not want you to get ahead, because that means they are left behind! I lost what I thought were friends when I got promoted at work, because they got jealous instead of being happy for me. That experience taught me to evaluate people more closely. There is nothing at all wrong with wanting (and getting) more!

    • Gretchen

      What a succinct way of putting it. Thank you. I’ll remember this little nugget of truth.

  6. KY

    I definitely want a richer life. I no longer want buyers remorse associated with buying things i really love (usually because its overpriced). Thank you for the wake up call.

  7. Trevor

    More to me means greater reward for greater effort. I want to be able to apply myself, as fully as I wish and am capable of, and then a little more, and in return reap higher levels of revenue and respect because of my efforts. I want more clients, paying me a higher rate in return for a fantastic service, the likes of which they are unable to attain elsewhere even for more money.

    People talk about less because it is “easy” to achieve. Declaring you are going after more is bold and uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean it is risky. Everyone knows they can (or should) spend less on eating out, buying frivolously, etc. Stating that leaves very little room for argument therefore it is safe. But us, we know the excitement of going after more and the fulfillment that follows once more is achieved.

  8. Pat

    MORE means freedom…which to me means zero debt.

  9. Shundel

    More to means getting another home so me and my family can move out of the four bedroom one that we now share with nine people. More for me this year is moving closer to my job and not having a combined two to three hours of commuting to and from work. It’s being able to send my daughter to the ballet class that she’s dying to go to as she creates her own more. At four she knows and can do most of the ballet moves having never taken a class.
    And doing all of that while still finding the time and doing those things that we enjoy. Thank you for this article Ramit.

  10. Noemie

    What does MORE mean to you?
    – More to me means more health, more time, more wealth to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Having had cancer twice and being disabled (hello crutches) at age 24 puts things in perspective. I am starting my bachelor’s degree tomorrow and will be keeping my goals in mind to create the life and freedom I want.

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?
    – In Quebec we have a saying that goes like this: ”Né pour un petit pain”. Literally ”born for a small bread”. It is a very common attitude where people think they were not meant to be rich or earn more; because of where they live, who their parents were, where they went to school, etc. They focus on less because that’s what they’ve been told their entire life. They never questioned those assumptions because it’s uncomfortable. Once you reevaluate what you CAN ask of life and realize you CAN ask MORE, you have two options: do something about it or do nothing and continue complaining about taxes, fees, oil prices, food prices, rent prices, etc.

  11. Bill

    To me, MORE means more Freedom for my wife to purchase things without feeling guilty. MORE means more sunshine rather than this cloudy place in West Michigan. MORE means being able to help my best friend fund the expansion at his church. MORE means saying, “Let’s take the kids to Nicaragua this year for vacation because I want them to see Tikal. MORE means having a side business that is funding retirement and college and travel and giving.

    I believe that most people discuss LESS because (1) It’s easy! Saving $4.38/year because you removed the light from your stove feels like you are doing everything you possibly can to save. (2) They don’t know how to earn more so they can’t provide that information. They can unscrew a lightbulb, but they can’t negotiate a raise. (3) They continue to hawk tactics and when their previous ones don’t work, they can always come up with a new tactic. A system would make all their tactics irrelevant. Then what would they talk about? They are stuck. (4) Finally, guilt is a powerful emotion to play on. If they can keep you feeling guilty for spending money on lattes and dining out, then they can keep you coming to their site.

    In short, they don’t have solutions, only temporary fixes that don’t address the broader/deeper issues. Ramit, you give solutions. Looking forward to an AWESOME YEAR in 2015!!!

  12. Chris Johnson


    More means being in the top .5% in 3+ areas of your life.


    That’s More.

    • Mudassir Mustafa

      Spot on Chris….That’s all we all need i guess with FREEDOM! 🙂

  13. Rinaldy

    More means more opportunities—for travel (hanging out with friends all over the world), income, meeting people, luxury experiences, shopping, to educate myself, etc.

    People talk about less because by and large we’ve been educated to do so. The main script in America is get an education, go to college, get a decent job, start a family and retire. Things arise that take you off that path, and even if you can follow that path, it doesn’t equate to more it equates to less because you’re limiting yourself to a route that was written for you as opposed to deciding for yourself what you want in life and what is the best way to obtain it.

  14. Sam

    1) More for me means doing what I want, when I want. Many refer to this as freedom, but it goes beyond that. Living that rich life today as opposed to being boxed in by it in the future.

    2) I feel people tell you to want less because then it keeps you down with them. People tend to not want you leave them behind, even tho they say they want you to succeed. They may really want you to succeed, but subconsciously, they hold you down or back. It generally isn’t intentional, but also plays into what was mentioned above, who you choose to surround yourself with plays a large part in success. Success begets success.

  15. Robin

    More for me would be an entire remodel of our home. Top to bottom. New floors, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new bedrooms, new offices, new laundry room. And convert the garage to make it climate controlled and use the space to add one or two additional rooms to our house.

  16. Veronica

    The year of MORE! I like it.

    What does MORE mean to you? MORE this year will mean spending more on myself. Worse than buyer’s remorse, I have buyer’s PRE-morse, talking myself out of buying anything and everything. My New Year’s Resolution is to buy myself one thing that I WANT each month 🙂 I am also putting more money into my IRA account and paying more principal down on my student loans each month.

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE? I think you hit the nail on the head with the attitudes and invisible scripts we are raised hearing. You should be happy with what you have; just be grateful that you have a job at all etc. My brother once shared with me that he noticed these toxic thoughts developing and becoming stronger upon moving back in at my mother’s house. People focus on cutting minutiae instead of focusing on getting a raise.

    Perhaps it is also because there is more long-term internal work involved in getting a raise. It is a quick fix to cut out the little things (though for how long does that last and at what cost in quality of life?) and people like to focus on the quick fixes that they can control fairly easily instead of doing the longer, maybe more complicated work involved with getting a raise. I see this all the time at work. People like to feel in control, even if it’s over small, meaningless things.

    Thanks Ramit!

  17. Jesse

    My dad did the same, exact thing with our vacations. A single room with all 5 of us in it. Going through the side entrance and trying to make sure no one knew how many people were actually in the room.

    In my adult life with my kids, I’ve done everything possible not to emulate this behavior.

  18. Sungwon

    More means being decisive in “big win”-type life choices and actually being effective in order to level up to the new kind of experiences that would be available.

    Less is about staying in your comfort zone, avoiding decisions and responsibility, and being content with small pleasures.

  19. Susan

    More for me means being able grab my best friend (from another state) and flying wherever we want to go, whenever we want to go, in roomy seats (first class) and never having to worry about paying for any travel expenses when we get there.

  20. Jason

    I have a couple of things that fit into the “more” category.

    One would be to either get out of my corporate job which has turned so many of my colleagues into disenchanted “lifers” enslaved to a pension plan. Or if I were to stay at this job, then to challenge myself harder so as to stay engaged and not get infected with the “lifer” attitude.

    If I were to leave, then More for me would be to become self-employed and eventually an employer in my crappy city/province (which needs all the new business it can find) and to surround myself with creative, smart and challenging people.

    There’s no question – money comes with all of that, but that’s not the main driver anymore.

  21. Josh

    1) More means freedom. It means being able to think of something and move on it. I think systems play a big part in this. Being able to leverage our results in an automated way gives us the freedom to release those things from our front and centre and explore.

    2) There’s two main reasons people talk about less. Firstly, it’s safe. It’s not possible to fail at having less is it? It takes bravery to hope for more and then begin to puzzle your way through creating that more and you may fail at it. Secondly, I think it’s all many people have ever known. If you’re raised on thinking less then it’s a whole thing to identify the invisible scripts there and replace them with useful ones. It’s a place many people live their whole lives without going.

  22. Todd

    More? I want to spend more time with my family instead of spending my time doing stupid shit like playing games on my phone. I’m a grown man and I need to break through the barriers I’ve created for myself and get some real shit done.

    I want to buy my wife a nice watch, and I want the freedom again to buy that new shiny piece of technology that I used to have when I was single / no kids / lots of excess income.

    Why do people want less? It’s “easier” to reduce than to strive to get more.

  23. Linda

    This year, more would be being able to walk away from the day job to the home that is waiting for me in Montana. To have the freedom to do whatever the hell I wanted and when I wanted to do it – especially travel – and finding the work that resonates with me so much that I jump out of bed each day to go and do it.

    More would also be flying first class – every single time 🙂

  24. Bruce

    More means the freedom to invest in my family FIRST –working with two of my kids who need extensive daily therapy programs, helping my wife with the homeschool, and pouring into my wife’s life–and not having to fit all those things in as seconds around a “day job.”

    Many people talk about less, including myself, because the status quo, the environment, and our own experiences default to the negative, and it’s easier to just go along.

  25. YvonneW

    More means being able to focus on what matters most – living my ideals. Being fully present for my family, taking my 2 daughters on trips around the world, extracurricular activities for my kids without worry about cost, being able to afford the best school for my prodigious 7 yr old, living in our dream city, creating music with my husband, writing and inspiring others to live their ideals, building my coaching and facilitating biz for other idealistic professionals especially physicians, creating my own NGO to empower widows and orphans in living their dreams in Africa and Asia, having positive reciprocal friendships and hosting friends regularly, being of service to the world and honoring God with the many gifts and talents I have been given…

  26. NitaM

    For me, more means being able to afford living on my own without roommates, luxury linen bedding from Rough Linen ($800) and the ability to travel wherever I want.
    People don’t talk about more because they don’t believe they can have more. A lot of people push that you should be grateful you have the low paying job even if you hate it or know you can do better. They have lost their hope and sight of alternative possibilities.

  27. Lulu

    More for me would be more love in my life, more friends, more space, more ability to do what I want for a job.

    I think people talk about less as opposed to more because we live in a society where although we tell kids that they can do whatever they want and live the life they want to lead, it doesn’t actually happen in the real world. We tell them that you can’t do this. You can’t do that. You can’t be this. You can’t be that. You’re wrong. You’re stupid. You’re dumb for even thinking about this. As a result, we grew to be realists and minimizers because society won’t bark at us for doing that.

  28. Danielle

    Hey Ramit —

    What does MORE mean to you?

    MORE to me means more happiness — exponentially greater laughter, travel, time with family and friends, and dedication to my work and those goals I have set for my life. Finances help give me the “freedom” or ability to be able to do those things. More also means purchasing my own home — on my own- and creating the “more” experiences in that space.

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?

    Folks talk about less because its seen as crass to talk about how they have more. We always feel better when we are cheering for the underdog, so if you are the underdog with less than people feel like they can support you better. People care about less because they are afraid to be seen as the one going for more — like they care about superficial or goods rather than experiences. Isnt is a vicious circle?

    Thanks, D

  29. Jennifer Newcomb Marine

    More for me means being able to visit my daughter and her family once a month — and buying a house in Austin so I don’t have to stay with my parents when I visit (love ya, Mom and Dad, but…). More means taking a trip every few months with my fiance somewhere around the world, since I grew up in Europe and Asia and miss traveling to BIG places that are really different from the U.S. More means helping my kids and my family achieve their goals by providing education and resources they can’t afford themselves.

    People focus on less, because they think deprivation and exerting extreme willpower will help them achieve their more (which they are afraid to describe to anyone — because they feel guilty, sheepish and selfish about it).

    Taking ACTION to create a rich life means they will have to move out of their comfort zone, into confusion, learning new skills they don’t already have, and the disorientation of being in a pond with bigger fish who are supposedly “better” than them.

    Many people would rather just stick with things as they are even if they’re unhappy, because it’s scary to do otherwise. There’s a lot of risk and failure on the way to creating change.

  30. Ross

    My earnings in December 2014 were almost 70% higher than in January 2014. I’d like to continue that trend.

    What would that mean other than more money? Vacations; real ones, not just driving to the half-decent beaches staying at half-decent hotels. I’d even cover some expenses for friends if it meant we had a more enjoyable trip.

    Also, private kinder/elementary for my kids ($10k/yr) starting next school year. Because it’s worth it.

    People talk about less because they don’t know how to get more. And they fear the unknown.

  31. Candace

    More for me means being able to invest in more self help products, get more coaching, take professional tango lessons, and being able to travel on a whim.

    People talk about less b/c less is easier and we can easily see less for what it is b/c we are exposed to it. And also less is easier b/c if we fail we can get less but not more.

  32. Mark

    More is being able to pay for my parents to retire and travel business class to visit their kids whenever they want. Talking about less is easy, because it deals with what you already have created. People get scared or uncomfortable to talk about “more” because it’s usually unattainable – unless they change something. And there’s a lot of people who don’t want to or who are scared to change.

  33. Liston

    More is: When my 2 year old daughter says, “Don’t go to work” I can say “OK”. More free time with family and the ability to travel without impacting my earning ability.

    People talk about Less because wanting More means trying and possibly failing at new ventures (this has been true for me int he past). Less is safety, known quantity, and free of judgement. To me Less is normal, boring, and gross. I want More!

  34. April

    MORE means paying off my mortgage early, like within 10 years. It also means outfitting my house in designer furniture that I covet, like Eames chairs and Tolix stools. 😉 MORE means traveling somewhere outside the US once per year. It means affording an awesome bespoke suit for my husband and some designer number for me (although I will always keep a very well-edited closet!). It means helping my childhood friend’s daughter with college in a few years, if I can convince her to go. She’s in the CPS system and has had a very rough childhood. It means giving more to the nonprofits I already support.

    People discuss LESS because that’s all they know. No one in my family does the things I’ve mentioned above, or even travels as much as I do now. The people I grew up around who made a decent living hated their horrible jobs, worked 60 hours a week, and looked to retirement. So sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking other people can live these various kinds of rich lives, but it’s hard for me to imagine myself doing it too. Even though I already had a huge win–working for myself–I still think, “Can *I* really make six figures?”

  35. Kathleen

    More to me in 2015 is more love for myself first. Learning to say NO and how I feel. More is having more confidence to persue my goals. More is having everything I want and need. More to me is sleeping better and getting more exercise. More to me is eating healthier and buying quality healthy foods. More to me is letting go of people. They know who they are!!!
    A better 2015 begins with Love.

  36. Joshua

    Wow…This left me speechless.

    To me, MORE means three things: (1) working with top-tier clients through my service business as a premium consultant they respect and cannot wait to refer their friends to, (2) never again thinking twice about lifestyle costs like groceries, bills, snazzy clothes, and (3) jetting off to other countries for work-cations and exploring the sights guilt-free.

    Talking about LESS is, from my perspective, ridiculously easy. It’s a tactical hell of its own making. Which is easier to write an article about? How to find the lightbulb with the lowest wattage, or using skills you already have to earn an extra few thousands $$$ per month? In the most recent edition of the book “Words That Work”, author Frank Lutz writes that Americans are much more drawn to the phrase “financial security” than they are to “financial freedom”. Why? Because security is a number, as in, “Once we’ve reached X savings, then we don’t have to worry any more.” This perspective is all about the not’s (not worrying, not being in debt, not having to be responsible for your own earnings, etc.). It’s the Pioneer mentality versus the Settler mentality. Ramit’s peeps are driven to pioneer there way to leading Rich Lives despite what family and past friends and influencers may have said. But settlers, well…they SETTLE.

    Ramit, other IWT readers, and my fellow ZTL students, I commit to being a Pioneer of MORE in 2015.

  37. Jennifer

    Years ago when I worked at a meditation center I realized just how neurotic humans are about money. Here were all these people working on relaxing their minds, and it showed. People were kinder, more patient, laughed more, etc. UNTIL, it came time to pay for anything. It was an ongoing social experiment I was daily getting a front row observation seat to. Once the bills came in, people’s neuroticism around money busted right through all that meditation.

    This didn’t change my internal scripts about money enough, but it did plant a seed for me. It started a curiosity about money/wealth at least. My family has been (relatively) poor for multiple generations, and I thought if I worked hard (nose-to-the-grindstone) style, that I would do fine in life. Never mind that everyone in my family was hard working and yet still poor or barely nudging into middle class. It’s kind of crazy how difficult it is to see through these scripts particularly when the evidence is right in front of our face that it isn’t working. How could all of us from the next generation buy so readily into these scripts even as we saw the results? Some cognitive, unconscious gymnastics along the lines of, “well, my parents and aunts and uncles and grandparents and great-grandparents were all just some really unlucky people”.

    Ha! So yes, I followed the script, dug myself a nice hole of “living paycheck to paycheck” and debt. That seed that was planted inspired curiosity about wealth, but it takes a damn long time to pull it all apart and put it back together, and all the while, you’re on that script track. In the last couple of years, it’s all started to gel though, and I’m getting comfortable with wanting more. For me, that is first and foremost wanting to take care of my family (particularly helping my parents fix their crumbling home). This is selfish as much as it is altruistic. Of course I would like my hard-working parents to finally relax and enjoy retirement (they both still work full time). I would like to give them this gift. But I would also really like to be free of the stress and worry that is a constant plague in our family. THAT would be a HUGE shift.

  38. Jeff

    I want to do more fun things with my friends. I have close friends who have moved to Sydney Australia, Boulder Colorado, Austin Texas, San Francisco California, and I’ve never been to visit any of them. I’ve always been wary of the expense of travelling.

    I think we’re all told to do less because of an inherent fear of the loss. Psychologically, we’re more prone to protect what we have, than risk it for more. It’s harder for people to give up $100 than risk it for the chance to earn more. You’re exactly right when you say that everyone wants us to remain the same as we are. We’re comfortable that way, and the people around us are more comfortable as well. We’re safe with what we know we have around us. If someone changes, it’s unsettling because it’s new. It’s just easier to keep the status quo and not shake anything up.

  39. Courtney T.

    I want my own business, to pay for private tutors for my kids, and to pay off the mortgage on my home. Yes, I have a house. Yes, it makes me happy. All my life I wanted a house that was my house, my personal space, my place to raise a family, decorate how I choose, and my place to relax. Owning a home is part of my rich life.

    People talk about less because less feels attainable. More feels unattainable to most people because they don’t know how to challenge themselves the right way – they don’t know how to get to a life of more. Plus, most of us are surrounded by people chanting “less less LESS!” when we begin to mention more.

  40. Candice L Davis

    “More” means the ability to choose to do and have what I want to do and have for my family. It means taking my daughters into an actual bookstore and letting them buy whatever they want. It means the security of knowing that if my parents need help, I can provide it. It means saying “yes” to experiences that will open our minds and change our lives.

    People prefer to talk about “less” because, let’s face it, “less” always seems achievable. Anyone can find a brick to put in the toilet tank or only buy generic food products. “Less” is infinitely doable, while “more” requires us to do things most people think are impossible or limited to the lucky few.

    • Erin

      Less is not really “infinitely” doable, though. There is only so much one can reduce say, a grocery bill, or other things. But I get what you mean, people tend to think that is easier to save than to do more. I have been, and am still sometimes, guilty of this myself sometimes. Barriers are sometimes hard to break through.

  41. Phillip G

    1. My more is a bit of less: less debt. Kill the student loans, car note, and mortgage, then I can fill out both our 401(k)’s, IRA’s, and HSA, save on the side for rental properties, and enjoy the rest.
    2. It’s easy to talk about less because it’s the first step. When people cut down they can realize how rich they already are, making their immediate life better. Going for more comes next, and readers here are those who are ready for the next step.

    • Erin

      I really like how you say less is the first step. That is definitely true for a lot of things. I found that when I was counting the things that were good (or “blessings” as people say), that it definitely helped improve my mindset and positivity. And, what is the point of reaching for more if you can’t appreciate it when you get it? Great point!

  42. Sara

    ‘More’ for me is about enrichment, living on a higher level – participating in Life rather than being a spectator.
    People talk about less because they use their current circumstances to judge their future and yours , and cannot see how more could possibly come their way unless it is more of what they already have – usually trouble!

  43. Andrea

    Last year more for me was traveling for 5 months to Southeast Asia and New Zealand, and not worrying about getting a new job upon my return (which I did
    This year I’m focusing on spending more time working with interesting people in other industries – it’s exciting to see both friends and clients taking action based on my advice, and they’re getting results.

    Hiring a personal trainer and successfully getting into a gym habit 3x/week is one of the things I am most proud of myself from recent months. It’s a priority for me, and being able to pay for a personal trainer and go consistently is MORE for me this year.

  44. Sarah

    Brilliant article for January 2015, Ramit!
    I want to pay my car off. I bought it about a year ago, and I want it paid off. This alone would open up a nice chunk of change and eliminate one monthly bill payment.
    I also think people tell us (and themselves) to live with less because they don’t know how to live with more. Or perhaps they enjoy the punishment of saying no to a drink out, no to a more expensive shirt that fits properly, no to an afternoon latte. People stay mediocre because it’s comfortable to stay In that zone and not step out into the “what if”. Nope. Not me

  45. Eugenia

    1. Buying EVERYTHING off my Pinterest. All fashion, beauty, dream home items, art, and technology items. Omg I am salivating just thinking about it xoxox. I would consider myself so successful I feel floaty on a sea of clouds above earth.

    2. We are mass programmed to be content, dutiful, with the bru ha ha of someday life will improve while we make our bosses rich. Ugh! I made a company close to 600k in sales and I cleared 40k?!? What a joke. Parents and school trained us to be workers, not successful entrepreneurs. You have to read to enlighten yourself the heck out of this game. Cheers!

  46. Dayna

    1. In 2015 MORE means purchasing a home that we LOVE, with tons of space for the things we want, including entertaining and a rental unit. MORE means having the wedding we WANT rather than just the wedding we can AFFORD. It means sending my daughter to summer camp, attending my brother’s wedding with a vacation on the side, and having many small experiences throughout the year.

    But it also means being more: a stronger mother, a happier housekeeper, a better companion, a productive worker, a superb project manager, an astute learner. Upping my own game in every way.

    2. The ‘have less’ narrative is inherent in our human system. It started with the tribe mentality. No one had MORE than anyone else, and in fact, it could be cause for expulsion from the tribe if you were caught hoarding. Having (needing?) less & giving more was next to godliness, and over thousands of years we found ways to idolize those who do just that – Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Theresa to name a few. To want more is to go against the story that quite literally lives in our DNA, and many of us still feel that pang of guilt and fear of being ostracized that comes with wanting more than those around us.

  47. anhar

    To me more means to start earning much more than enough money to let free my old tired dad from his strict job, to help my socially rejected brother be financially stable and have the means to earn enough to get the permission from parents of the girl I love.

    More is also to be able to live life beyond average. Having enough money so that I can go to adventures without thinking of my life’s risk and my family’s income. I love riding a bike but since its dangerous in Bangladesh I can’t take the risk since family will be dependent on me soon.

    People talk about the less since most of them love security of money. They believe that money saved is money earned. Yes that is true but in the meantime they miss out on the fun at the ages they keep saving and saving. Their live goes by in the hope of someday retiring with a sufficient stable income whereas they forget that there is not guarantee of tomorrow. Today could be the last. Why not enjoy the moment?
    On the contrary they avoid talking about more since they believe to want more is to be ungrateful and dangerous.

    Wishing for more doesn’t mean it has to be at the cost of other’s welfare. The more you have the more you can help others with what you have. Create change in society since societies are mostly capitalistic and money is a big force use to create positive change.

  48. Nina

    More for me is all my bills paid off in advance, a new paid off car, at least one place to live paid off, college funded for my son, and 401k for me. Enough savings to get what I want need, being able to help others without expecting return, and being able to go search family and stay at the beach at least twice a year. Having comfortable clothes and shoes. Getting my son in the best school to help him develop his talents and confidence to use them and also being able to travel the world with him to help him learn better than any classroom. Finally with all that set up I want to live in Europe for 1-2 years with my boy before he hits teen years (he’s now 7) and travel while we are there!

  49. Javier

    MORE means for me, success with my online music-business, which I’m just starting, having the possibility to manage my time as I will. MORE well payed concerts with my trio, solo or duo… Thanks Ramit for your advises and lessons! (E1K)

  50. Jennifer

    To me more means freedom. To spend my time as I wish with friends and family, do meaningful work that I love and travel in comfort. It also means being able to spend a few months per year in Switzerland to be with our family there.

    As for the majority focusing on less, I think the root of it is that it’s easier. As you mentioned, there are millions of quick tips for reducing. It’s not as obvious how to get to more and it takes effort. Most people don’t want to put the time/effort into getting there, and may not see how it’s even possible.

  51. Rana

    1. I want a pied a terre in New York City and the ability to spend 1 week per month there.
    2. I want to build my dream home in AZ.

  52. Chris

    More is being able to book an all-inclusive trip for my family instead of talking about it longingly and being convinced it’ll never actually happen.

    People talk about less because that is what they are conditioned to believe will be the story of their life.

    This is, in my opinion, no more poignantly expressed than with the following life philosophy a coworker shared this morning:

    “Don’t focus on having what you want, focus on wanting what you have.”

    I wanted to pull my hair out. That is a philosophy to be used if you’ve just been knocked down until you get back on your feet, not something to live by. But so many do – because they can’t figure out or can’t see how to get more, so at a certain point they give up and accept that their life won’t be fulfilling, and they shrink their “wants” to match what they can get, and criticize anyone and anything outside of that circle.

    I’m guilty of this in my own life – when the news, your friends, politicians and your families are all try to condition you to have this opinion, it takes a serious effort just to rise above it, let alone look them in the eye as you potentially leave them behind. Many give up at that stage – it’s one of the things I struggle with. It’s hard to tell someone, through words or actions, that they are holding you back.

    I think about people who post in askreddit threads about “who knew a celeb before they made it?” And some of the people are just outright toxic and vicious – “He was awesome til he started getting movie roles, then he was only about cars and money and his career. We haven’t talked in years.” And then most other commenters agree that, yes, this famous person none of us know, that first guy may not even really know, is DEFINITELY a horrible, self-centered, elitist and insufferable ass and MONEY CHANGED HIM. And none of us never want to be like him (but we’d sure like the money anyway).

    You’ve talked about invisible scripts we’re programmed with, and that’s the biggest problem. And those scripts are so deep in our code now after 20, 25 years of adding more code on top of it, that changing the core script requires us to adjust or remove other scripts built on it or affected by it as well. It’s hard, and requires work and diligence. And part of the conditioning of LESS is that most of us suck at hard work and diligence. (If we didn’t, the self-help industry would probably be much smaller.)

    But you also never said it would be easy.

  53. Ryan V.

    For me, “more” means increasing the number of students I teach this year (I run an education company) by 2x-3x.

    We tend to talk about “less” because it’s easier than “more.” A basic assumption / invisible script is to live on a single income, i.e. salary, and assuming that is “fixed,” then the next thing to work on is to reduce expenses. But a key objective of IWT is to re-write this invisible script and enable readers to challenge this assumption by increasing income (through negotiation, charging higher prices, etc.) and creating new income streams (finding new clients, starting online businesses, etc.).

  54. Olivia G

    I want to buy back more time to work on establishing a business while in university, and get academic credit for it.
    I want more opportunities to develop as a 21st century adult outside of university borders, and receive academic credit for it.
    I want to be so valuable to my college that they have to convince me to stay by reducing my tuition, housing, meal plan, and pay me to pursue opportunities in the study abroad tradition.
    I want to get off the meal plan and/or change what the cafeteria serves.
    I want to book a flight and hotel for the driver who always helps me with my bags upon my return to college and works 12 hours a day driving because the desk job ruined his knees so that he can fulfill his dream of going to San Francisco.
    I want to say- Although I am a college student, I am Olivia. Because I am Olivia, I am rich, and can pay for those $13 insomnia cookies without batting an eye.

  55. Amy

    More for me would be having more time to spend with my son while also doing meaningful work and making money doing it! I feel like now that I have a nanny to pay, my time is even more important, and what I’m doing now just feels like I’m just counting down hours.

    I think it’s easier to want less. I keep trying to convince myself that that’s what I want, but as I read through the article I realized I do want more and its going to take some creativity, ambition, and commitment to make that happen! I’m hoping you can make 2015 the year I’ll do that.

  56. Nichole

    More to me means having more time to focus on my health, and my jewelry business. More means having the means to do whatever I want whenever I want.

    People have been so conditioned to downplay their accomplishments for fear of being judged. I got my college degree in 3 years and when I would mention the fact that I was graduating the year before most of my friends, they’d say “Well that’s nice, but you could have taken your time.” Yeah but then I’d be in the same boat as everyone else and I have NEVER wanted that for myself. I wanted to get in and get out. Simple as that. I have been trying to shake of this society kool aid for a few years now (and thank God I’m only 24) because it does not serve you to continually downplay yourself and your accomplishments. “Reach for the stars! But wait, no, come back we haven’t reached that galaxy yet.” No thank you.

  57. Tim

    Love this article Ramit. It really strikes a chord with what I want out of life. I don’t want to optimize my toilet or cut back on this or that. I want to live richly.

    More for me is about freedom. Freedom to spend more time with my family and not stuck behind a desk. Freedom to take off to the beach, the mountains or wherever.

    I want a car that I am not constantly worrying about breaking down and wondering which bill collector is calling now.

    Having the freedom to hire a personal trainer and getting this tired old body in the shape it should be in.

  58. ST

    MORE to me means I get to spend my money on great clothes, shoes, jewelry, skin and hair care products, cosmetics, and enjoy monthly spa treatments. It means I get a new mattress, bed-frame, and luxurious sheets, duvets, and pillows. It means I get to finally buy a tablet computer and large flat-screen TV. It means buying whatever books I want, and going to whichever seminars and workshops I want.

    The reason why I focus on LESS is because I am paying off a medical bill from an unexpected surgery last year, credit cards, and student loan debt. I don’t know how to get to the point where MORE means paying these debts AND having the luxuries I desire.

  59. John

    More for me is in presence and engagement… I want to be more present with myself and the few others that matter. I want to engage in MORE. I want more of the things that engage my heart, my mind,, my body, and my soul!

    Scarcity and fear are, in my opinion, why people stay focused on less. It’s easier for them to think that if they focus on less… where they are in life is a good place. They try to convince themselves that they have too much …. then, having less is not so scary. If they fail and get less… that’s OK.

    I like to turn dreams into goals… and achieve!

  60. Sharon

    First of all, thanks for the article 🙂

    More for me means unlimited options and complete liberty over those options with no financial hindrance. I believe in living in the present, I want to be able to do whatever it is I want to do at any given moment with immense comfort and liberty.

    I think that people talk about less because of deep subconscious influences. Feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem lead people into believing that they don’t deserve more or better, according to what better means for them. Poverty is a mindset, you can have millions of dollars but still feel undeserving. A mindset of abundance attracts abundance.

  61. cristina

    More to me:

    Earning enough money so my Husband doesn’t ever have to work overtime or can stay home with us

    Earning enough money that our family time expenses, whether vacations, really cool toys or speech therapy, don’t mean anything to our budget

  62. Nicole

    More to me means going for the experiences that resonate with me and not waiting, not second guessing, or caring if other people “get-it.” It’s a mindset. Being more of myself. Specifically, right now that means going for a 10-day Vipassana Meditation experience, and planning/saving for an international trip.

    So many people talk about less because more is scary. More means things change, people in our lives start seeing us differently, relationships change, we can’t hide and fake it anymore. More, rocks the boat, and forces us to look at ourselves and our lives at a deeper level. Less feels safer,even if it’s not in the long-run because the trade-off is our lives really.

  63. Shirley

    I want to be able to take 6 -3 week long vacations in a year. Have the wedding of my dreams involving an exotic location and a super hot bikini. I’ve been eyeing a Tesla that has my name written all over it, and have been dying to try out one of those ridiculously expensive meals sprinkled in edible gold. More to me means not just know that I can achieve, but following through all the way to the end and seeing the achievement accomplished.

  64. Iluska Ikeda

    More would be taking my kids on international vacations every year to see family in Japan and Brazil, and just in general to see the world as well. It would also mean going to more symphonies and ballet performances with my husband, and getting a studio of my own to paint and work.

  65. Pete

    To me, MORE would be having a personal chef to cook all of the meals for my family of 11. Yes, my wife and I have been married for 22 years and have 9 kids. We both know that a home cooked meal is the healthiest thing for all of us, but with a super hectic life, it’s difficult to plan a nutritious menu for the week, do all of the shopping (a lot of fresh vegetables don’t keep for an entire week which means multiple trips during that week), all of the food preparation, and cooking. It’s far too easy to order pizza (again), or cook up some frozen, pre-processed, food. Not only that, but neither my wife nor I especially like to cook. If I had MORE, I would outsource this so that we could not only ‘buy back that time’, but also be healthier for it.

    I think most people concentrate on LESS because on the surface, it seems easier and they are lulled into a sense of accomplishment when they are cutting back.

  66. SamB

    1.What does MORE mean to you? – MORE means a job that I love more, learning more, and getting more enjoyment out of my free time. Rewarding myself with more meaningful things, that add to my life, instead of eating it away in small increments until I feel like I have no time.

    2.Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE? – I think people have a mindset of failure around wanting more. I mean, everyone WANTS more, but they step on the hamster wheel and run in circles for a few years and imagine that their failure means that more just isn’t possible. And they fear what’s going on in this game we play; since they’re not playing, they think it sinister. They’d rather be on the wheel, feeling like they’re doing all they can, than challenge the whole system and face knowing that they’re not.

    Aesop said that when the fox couldn’t figure out a way to get the grapes that were out of his reach, he consoled himself by saying they were probably sour anyway, right? This is a variation on that theme. Imagine if the fox, while secretly, truly wishing he had those grapes, instead convinced himself he wanted less grapes than he actually had access to. Since he couldn’t get the grapes at the top, he only eats half of the low-hanging fruit, convinces himself it’s enough. And furthermore, anyone who spend time and energy trying to eat more must be a glutton.

  67. Phil

    1. More to me means not being trapped in a job I don’t enjoy. It means working hard to become an irreplaceable asset so that I have the option to decide my own career path.
    2. People talk about less because that’s what they know and that’s the easier path. It’s easier to focus on cutting costs by 10% than to learn to double your income in the next 5 years.

  68. Sukeina

    Hi Ramit,

    More to me means being debt free and having the ability to travel with my family internationally without incurring debt. I want to be able to buy expensive things (yes the $2000 coat or $5000 Tiffany bangle) without going into debt.

  69. ADB

    “MORE” to me looks a lot like it does to you, Ramit: living a rich life (travel, fitness, etc.) and not feeling guilty about it.

    What’s also interesting to me is the why behind the “LESS” and the guilt that is supposed to be associated with it. I’m proud of my humble beginnings but constantly feel the “LESS” mentality whispering in my ear (or is it just my mother?). How did you consciously identify your “LESS” invisible scripts and ultimately break through them? Do you have any word-for-word scripts that you used when talking to loved ones about your seemingly unconventional choices before you “made it” to the point of success that everyone loved?

  70. Kristin J

    MORE means more freedom to choose how I spend my time. MORE means the abundant means to choose where I spend that time. MORE means the fulfillment and satisfaction from knowing I’m making other people’s lives better while designing my own.

    MORE means stepping into my own, instead of hiding in fear.

    • Kristin J

      People talk about LESS because of the idea that there’s less shame and more humility and honor is being grateful for what you having and making it stretch. That isn’t a bad thing in itself, but do you really want to focus your precious time on managing your money, or would you rather have that time to contribute to the outside world?

    • Kristin J

      MORE would also mean having a home in multiple places, like Asheville and Philadelphia for starters

  71. Sarah

    More for me would be not having to drag myself to the bus stop at 7:00a.m. in -28C weather to get to work. I’m not a morning person and often don’t do much at work until 11 a.m. rolls around. What a waste of time. More is also more time for hobbies like crafting and music, which currently I have little energy for once the work day is done. People often talk about less because it’s the only thing they’ve every heard.

  72. Eric

    Great post! Good to be reminded of the fact that NOTHING in nature is supposed to stay the same. Everything changes. And yet we’re constantly told – and unfortunately, often tell others – to maintain the status quo. I have a ton of internal scripts centered around this: don’t change, don’t do anything different, be happy with where you are, etc. I certainly think that one should appreciate what one has; I certainly have SO much to be thankful for. But just because I’ve been blessed in many areas of life doesn’t mean that I need to not DO anything with my life – just the opposite! Great reminder – thank you.

    “More” to me means more security for my daughter (secure her financial future), more experiences (travel and get out of the daily routine more frequently), more challenges (explore things which excite and challenge me), more fun (take my immediate family on more trips, pay for my whole family including parents to go on a lavish Hawaii trip, more day trips to wine country with my wife, taking my daughter skiing, going for bike rides, etc), more health (spending time on my physical and mental well-being), more friends (reviving my atrophied social life), more help (helping those in need).

    Time to hustle!

  73. Caelan

    MORE means to me an expansion of vision. People talk about less because we are trained to make things happen with the resources we have available, instead of what you encourage us to do: determine what it takes to make something happen, and get what it takes.

  74. Nicholle

    Hi Ramit – LOVE this post, thank you.

    More for me in 2015 = more control over my own time, more travel overseas (heading back to Paris for my 30th birthday does seem pretty perfect), and more financial security (start investing, finally automate finances, after finally combining accounts with my husband of 5 years)

    Most people focus on less because of comfort and momentum… and because of the environments we are in. You talk about this all of the time and it’s true for any change, as you discussed, regardless of if it is loosing weight or starting a rock band.

    I read somewhere that if a crab tries to climb out of a bucket, all of the other crabs will pull that crab down, back into the bucket with them. There is an innate force acting to preserve the order of the group. (I think that was an article by Mark Manson but I can’t find it online…)

    As someone who’s broken out of my “crab bucket” I can tell you that the two things that helped me get where I am were reading and working with people that I wanted to be like. Reading showed me a world that I wanted to inhibit. Then I found jobs in industries and neighborhoods with people I wanted to fit in with, who wouldn’t be threatened by me growth, on the contrary, once I was a part of their group, the pulled me into their much nicer “crab buckets”.

    A lot of people look for the support or permission to change from their surroundings and don’t focus on changing their surroundings. (Like joining your Brain Trust group)

    Happy 2015 and THANKS again for declaring this the year of more. I’m looking forward to it!

  75. Em

    After years of focusing on less, I’m ready to change my life to working for more. Focusing on more will allow me to narrow my goals to what will allow more. Really, all the “more” I want points to one thing, more money. Specifically, though:

    1. I want more time to spend on singing, and more money to spend on buying music, accompanists, voice lessons and travel related to singing, whether to travel over several states to get a voice lesson or to give a recital (or sing at someone’s funeral) and clothes for performing.

    2. Travel. I want the ability to travel to see family and friends without worrying about cost. I want to spend a weekend or week in a cabin in the mountains or a cottage at the shore to outline/research a music program, or just re-energize so I can keep creating.

    This doesn’t just happen, so this means actively moving my “side business” out of the “thinking about it” and “research” stage (both of which are necessary, but can’t stay in those stages too long and make it happen) and into action. Thanks for your help so far, Ramit, and your ongoing into the future help. 2015 is full of possibilities, and I plan to take advantage like never before.

  76. C E

    More for me this year:

    1) Gathering enough money for a down payment on a property so I can pass something on to my child.
    2) Time – all I want is time for my child, my self and my friends. Less work, more fun!

  77. Patrick Millerd

    Never flying economy class again. Only business class … or even better first class! Apart from the service and comfort I’ve heard you meet some really interesting people in first class.

  78. Tanya

    I’d love to be able to get theater tickets without a second thought, and especially having the ability to buy two tickets so I can treat a friend to something they otherwise wouldn’t splurge on

  79. Rob Y

    MORE to me means more of the important and less of the trivial: supercharging my abilities so that I can contribute even more, even better, to the people and things I care about. It’s the mindset that I can always do better, to never settle for less than I have the ability to deliver when it comes to the things I care about.

    So many are talking about LESS instead of MORE because: that’s all that some people know and they haven’t learned any other way; or they’re mentally shying away from the realization that having MORE of the good things is actually within anybody’s reach…and what it says about them if they’re not taking the steps to pursue it.

    Thanks for another inspiring and practical post, Ramit!

  80. Akua S.

    More for me in 2015 means a divine turn around of every department of my life in my favour. More of God, more Grace, more mercy, more joy, more favour, more money, more from my relationships, more progress in my career, more success in my education, more inner and outer beauty, more of life. I am not holding back-launching out, removing the lid and breaking through in 2015.

    launching out, removing the lids and breakin

  81. Danielle

    More means being able to support myself and my partner in our businesses from home, travel to Mexico to get away from the Pacific Northwest drearies for a week in the spring, and earn enough so that we can easily afford my taking a year off for maternity leave, 2 years from now

  82. lluis o.

    More in 2015 for me means more discipline. More discipline will result in more big wins. More discipline for me will include giving more. Now that I have more time I need to use it better. This will help me to develop. The better I develop my being the more opportunities will present themselves.

    I feel I just need to be at my maximum potential to percieve, create and perform big wins over and over again.

  83. Ashley Scott

    Hey everyone,

    More for me translates to increased input: into my own life, social media, positive social change, etc. In other words, my voice would be heard.

    Everyone wants to feel like their contributions to the world are valid and have worth. That said, having the tools to make your own decisions, whether they’re financial or ones about the type of friends to spend time with, and determining your priorities is priceless because none of this can happen without already having that freedom. Freedom of choice.

    Obviously running your own life is not actually free; it comes at the cost of your energy and your time and sometimes even your money. So “more” also means money too, but not in the greedy “I want it all!!!” sense, but enough money to have that safety net and to comfortably explore the world around without worrying whether we’ll have enough to cover life’s operating costs (can you tell travel is definitely a priority for me?).

    Thank you so much for reading and I hope you work diligently toward your “more” in life. Go get em!

  84. Rommel

    More means freedom and not being tied to a desk. I have decided to quit from a very comfortable job this month to be free to try things my way. More money means not having to worry about the next meal, next bill, next …..

  85. Balázs

    More means to me, that I can have more time that I can spend with my family and friends, and enough money to support a growing lifestyle where I can afford coaches to faster my personal and professional improvement!

    I think, the Less can be the starting point of a life with More. But the “experts” don’t show (don’t want to, or don’t know) how to turn the Less not satisfying thins into More satisfying and excited things, where we can grow, and be more and more!

  86. Heather

    More means having options to fulfill your desires. I want to spend a month in Hawaii without having to worry about paying bills or expenses while enjoying myself in nature.

    I think people often talk about less is better b/c it’s propaganda to keep our minds small so we’re easily controlled to just get by with the scraps of life.

  87. Brian

    More to me is the ability to make an impact on other people’s lives through my time and finances. There is no greater feeling than being a part of something bigger than one’s self. Right now I do so by coaching youth basketball. I would like to be able to do so the same way Mark Cuban describes in his post of making a boatload of money and invest in people/entrepreneurship.

    People who don’t want more are scared and/or lazy. They are unwilling to step outside of their comfort zones and accept things the way their current situations dictate.

  88. H.M. Clarke

    Quiet simply my more is to have more time to write, and not feel guilty about neglecting family, day job, etc. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, what I really want is more time to devote to everything that I want to do. I would also like more freedom to buy more of my ‘collectables’.

    People who harp on about wanting ‘less’ seem to be people who have lost the will to try to be anything more than what they already are.

  89. Kelly

    I would love to have more time to spend doing things I want to such as traveling, working out, cooking and painting. I would love to own my own business and to be able to pay off my student loan debt. I’m over here working away at helping someone else achieve their dream and it’s time I did something to achieve mine.

  90. Alicia

    “More” absolutely means freedom. Freedom to do what I want, when I want; freedom from worry about paying for retirement. I’m not entirely sure how to get there, but I’ve started freelancing (at something I love) in addition to my day job (which provides stable income/benefits), so I think I’m on the right track.

  91. Scott Barlow

    More to me means to help 357 more people find exactly what they want in their careers and then make it happen.

    I have gotten a taste of what this is like (it’s amazing)

    I want the profit that comes from that to pay for a housekeeper, landscaping, and new car (in cash) for my wife.

    But more important than that I want to buy back time with my wife and 3 children (and time to help even more people the next year)

    Thanks Ramit (and team) for all you are doing! You guys rock!

  92. Jillian Schiavi

    More for me – paying off my credit cards, and then never EVER having to incur credit card debt again. Being financially stable enough to visit my friends and family all over the country, moving into a bigger apartment in the SF Bay area, and shopping for groceries at Whole Foods without feeling even remotely guilty about it. Those are just the stepping stones- more of more would be having another place in Brooklyn, traveling to Paris every year, flying my family out to California, buying a car, getting to work on design and illustration projects that actually mean something and matter to me and the world, pursuing an acting career, and making a difference in lifting up someone else’s dreams. Doing a second yoga teacher training in Bali. Paying off all my student loan debt in the next 5 years.

    I think so many people focus on doing less, cutting costs, because in some ways, that’s easier. There’s really not that much effort in looking at your expenses and saying, ‘I could do without that one,’ grabbing the eraser, and voila – there’s an extra $20 in your checking account. It takes much more mental and physical effort and belief to make more happen. And at the end of the day, people are lazy, they give excuses, they won’t go outside and run because it’s raining. Olympic athletes go outside and run when it’s snowing. When their legs hurt. When they don’t feel like it. Because they want more, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

    That’s the mindset I’m going into 2015 with – no matter what, getting outside my comfort zone, and taking the actionable steps to get to more. Because I believe I’m worthy of it, I deserve it, and I can be an example for other people to get there too.

    Thanks for this Ramit – you highlighted so much of what’s been on my mind already, and I’m excited to push even further and even faster.

    Jillian Schiavi

  93. Meera

    – 2 years ago I took the step of leaving my corporate job and working for myself, giving me a ton of extra freedom and flexibility. So MORE now means making more money so I can travel whenever I want without having to plan in advance to get the best deals.
    – People talk about LESS because they don’t have the balls to actually get MORE. They keep talking about less so that everyone else stays on their level. Ultimately, I think it boils down to jealousy of people who want and actually do get more.

  94. Ruth

    More means being able to fly with my kids to see my parents who live 2 states away more often than just once a year. More means my husband being able to take a week unpaid leave to come with us. More means not having to worry if we have money in the account to cover bills or whether I can afford a book for a preschool program. More means freedom to see the people I love without guilt.

    As to why we’re talking about more when others talk about less: more means hard work. Not impossible work, but hard work. We all fear not being enough, and so instead of reaching for more, we settle for the less that we know we can achieve without failure. My 2015 resolution is nothing more than to rid myself of fear of failure and go for it…. whatever IT is. I just spent 3x more money on supplies for a new craft business than I have made in the past 3 months, but it is an exercise in optimism. I know that I will sell the 10 scarves it will take to cover those costs. I refuse to be afraid of failure, or success, any longer.

  95. Porche

    To me, more means being able to take random trips to places I’ve never been and new experiences I’ve never done like a trip to South Africa or a European tour. Being able to have a personal trainer on payroll and setting my own work hours.

    I think people talk about less because we’ve been taught that being rich is out of our reach and only happens by some stroke of luck. Like rich people are greedy, cut throat and wasteful. Not too many people I know want to be associated with that. People like the benefits without the work.

  96. Jason

    More to me is being able to pay off my student loans, my partners loans, and take a cruise to Alaska to start with.

    My best guess why everyone talks about less is because they think they don’t deserve more. This goes deep enough to being turned into it’s a good thing to live less, like in stoicism. One thing that seems clear in human society, whether it’s modern America or hunter gatherers we always have enough to get by and spend time in leisure having fun. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at even the homeless guy on the street doesn’t beg 24 hours a day he spends time having what passes for “fun.”

    That probably doesn’t mean start living like a baller and go broke, but I think it lines up with a lot of what you talk about, Ramit.

  97. Kyle

    -Eat amazing food and not care about the bill
    -Travel the world with my wife and fly first class
    -Pay cash for a house
    -Take my parents on a cruise

    It seems to be easy to talk about Less because it is safe.
    At times, we have been trained to feel dirty about wanting more. Like there is something wrong. When everyone wants the more of reward rather than the less of sacrifice.

  98. Jeremy

    I want more peace of mind that I’ll have what I need in the future (financially), while still living for today with an abundance mindset and enjoying the things I cherish most (working for myself, tropical travel, nice restaurants, generous giving).

  99. Michelle

    More for me is being able to not work so much so that I can be totally with the people I love- I won’t have to be worrying about work when my kids ask me a question, when my husband wants to go on a date night or when my mom calls me on the phone. I won’t have to think about where my next paycheck is coming from, how I am going to pay the bills this month or how I will fulfill my promise of a vacation to my girls this year. And not only that but how can I have fun with them and not worry about the money we are spending even while on the vacation. Ii want to be able to take them wherever we want to go and totally relax and be free and just have an extravagant, fun, adventure! Not being stressed all the time and being able to buy my husband the motorcycle of his dreams and just being able to be less stressed and more emotionally there for my family and myself would be amazing!

  100. Noel Griffith

    I want simply to be appreciated for what I do. I want to be able to walk into a store and drop a couple of hundred dollars and not have to worry about it, and I want to be able to take my family on vacation because we haven’t done that for 20 years. Is that asking to much?

  101. Donna Freedman

    To me, “more” would mean not having to second-guess purchases. I’d just be able to buy four tickets to Philly for myself, my niece and her two kids, and then book a hotel room in NYC so the kids could get a glimpse of the larger world.
    I’d make larger donations to charity, pay off my daughter’s house and offer to cover the rest of a pal’s mortgage, get *good* seats to theater and concerts, and hire somebody to rebuild our back deck vs. trying to do it ourselves.
    Understand: I have a very good life already. But I’d be an idiot if I claimed that more money wouldn’t make a difference.
    The reason many people — including me — talk about “less” is that for some that’s what they have to work with right now, and maybe always. Someone with severe health issues who lives in an economically depressed area is unlikely to be able suddenly to pull in a seven-figure income. Even those with dreams and the ability to make those dreams happen should be able to live on less for the time being, in order to make those dreams happen.
    All of us should remember, however, that a too-intense focus on living with less can train us to think that’s all we will ever have, or maybe all we deserve. This pretty much precludes the chance to have more because we’re stuck in an impoverished mindset.
    You know me, Ramit: I’ve made a damned LIVING off telling people how to manage with less. But I want people to think in a positive way as well, i.e., that one day they can have more if they live intentionally and think about the (legitimate) ways they can seek abundance.

  102. Linsi

    MORE is an acknowledgement of what you value most right now. In the best cases, recognizing what you want more of is a way to set intentions and get what you want. Often, though, people externalize what they want and thereby give up control to some other force.

    LESS is a common topic because it’s formulaic and easy to control. You can spend/have/do LESS without much effort. But MORE requires stepping up, usually into unknown territory. It makes people accountable for what they want and what they need to do in order to have it.

    My MORE this year is travel. I created my business so that I would be able to work from anywhere, but I only put that to use when visiting family back home (which is not “travel” in my book). I have a list of places I want to see in 2015…and an even bigger wishlist.

  103. Colin

    €1 billion in 18 months

    • Ramit Sethi

      You are delusional

  104. Dawn

    1) ‘More’ means that I have a level of dissatisfaction, discontenment, that’s why I prefer using the word, create. More implies outcome, create means process more so than it does mean about outcome, and the word ‘create’ feels safer in terms of letting go of the control to the desired outcome. For me create is a journey whereas more is the destination. I’ve programmed myself, read: limited, to believe that if I enjoy the journey than I’ve lived a good life.

    2) Some believe more equals more work, maybe they can’t juggle it all. Maybe they feel they’re doing their best, and they want to be fully acknowedlged for what they do have before embarking on ‘more.’

    Maybe less is is safer in terms of their concept of spirtuality, maybe they can’t trust themselves with ‘more.’ What if more equals more problems and they go off the bandwagon. ‘More’ is a concept that needs to be clearly defined, only then they will know what they truly want and perhaps truly fearful of.

    Maybe ‘more’ to them means they are undeserving of it.

    Once they know that it has little to do with worthiness and as much as it has to do with you what you do with what you’ve got.

    Damn those were great questions!

  105. Balal

    More for me would to buy my mum a massive house on the beach. Move into a penthouse with my wife. Travel to 5 countries every year. Wear $5000 suits. Drive $100,000 cars. Learn to play guitar. Sky dive. Have six packs. And make one million dollars a year on automation.

  106. Ellie

    The things I want out of 2015 are:
    -2015 Jeep Wrangler. I’ve been driving my current car for 15 years and it’s going to be 20 yrs old in August. I want to be able to replace it with a well made, long lasting sexy new SUV. I already have some of the cash saved up. Now I need to make more money so I can buy it out right.
    -I also need to make some additional money to pay for half of a replacement truck for my father. He cannot afford to replace the truck he has (circa 1991 GMC), so my brother and I are going in together to buy him a mid-late nineties truck.
    Cannot do those two things on my salary alone, while still maintaining my regular savings goals.

  107. Sarrah

    To me personally, ‘More’ means not having to worry about money the way I do now. ‘More’ means not having to panic when rent is due, or scrambling to pay bills; it means being able to pay everything on time, every time. ‘More’ also means surprising my husband with a trip to somewhere exotic whenever I wanted.

    I think people spend a lot of time terrified of their potential. They see someone in their circle begin to inch ahead, and they rush to pull them back in place because seeing someone starting to realize their potential reminds them that they are denying their own. ‘Less’ is safe and easy because it is passive and requires no effort on the part of the person. ‘More’ demands that risks be taken and yields far greater rewards, if one can get past the amount of shade that will be thrown when friends see what you are up to.

  108. Pamela

    This year, more means having the time to pursue (and succeed in) my small business while paying off student loan (and other) debt without having to work a full-time job to pay these bills. More means having the ability to do what I want with my time, and not feel that I’m wasting it on the things that I don’t like doing. More means being able to travel and spend time with my friends and family – quality time – wherever that may be (Europe, the West Coast, etc.) More also means having a satisfying work environment, clients, colleagues, etc. More means being able to take care of myself and my family.

    I think that some people talk about less because they feel it will free them from wanting to achieve more. It allows people to stay the same, to stay in the box. If you talk about having less, you stay in your small box. If you talk about having more, that small box is suddenly too small.

  109. Michael Enquist

    My only -ism is “Cornucopianism” the philosophy that there is Plenty:

    Plenty of important work to do.
    Plenty of fun to be had.
    Plenty of friends and lovers to meet.
    Plenty of good ideas to improve my life.
    Plenty of time to devote to the things that matter.
    Plenty of money to earn.

    I learned this from a chap named R. Buckminster Fuller. One of his famous quotes is, “Pollution is just resources in the wrong place.”

    I adapted that to the idea that anything negative in my life just needs to be looked at in a different way to find the positive.

    If you agree, send me a note:


  110. Kate Bax

    1. I want a new car & I want to own a house instead of being upsidedown in my mortgage for my condo.
    2. People talk about less because it’s easier to cut down on the known (control) instead of adding from the unknown.

  111. A Certain Someone....

    I can’t say I exactly know what I want more of because I’m still figuring it out. There’s a reasoning for this: I come from a poor working class, small town, Christian Southern background where things like hard work, honesty, and living the simple life is honored and valued. Growing up, I always heard that money wasn’t everything and that there are more important things in life than money. I remember one time when I was in high school I told my mom I wanted to be the richest person on the face of this earth and her response: “There’s more to life then that. Don’t throw the good things in life away for money.”

    Why can’t I have both? I never understood people that say “I rather be poor and happy then rich and unhappy.” Well my ass has been poor and UNHAPPY for the past twenty-six years of my life and I’m done with it.

    It’s funny, the same people who are always saying that money isn’t everything are usually the same ones struggling to earn and keep money and sad that they can’t afford the things their hearts desire.

    I’m constantly surrounded by people who struggle day in and day out and hate it but constantly remind everybody that their happy. I’m constantly surrounded by people who tell me I should be happy to have any ol’ minimum wage job and some welfare on the side then nothing at all. I’m constantly surrounded by people who want more but are fine with less and complain about having less.

    I’m sick of it.

    Excuse me Ramit for bringing the “woe is me” train into town, but reading the post of yours really opened up something inside of me and I had to get this off my chest.

    I really thank you for this Ramit, I really do.

  112. Jack

    For me, more means getting more out of what I’m doing. I have the pieces in place (I work from home, consult on the side, and have started my own business) but now I have to figure out how to get each to the next level. This year I want to figure out how to be more valuable at my job, more exclusive as a consultant, and get more out of my side business.

    I think people talk about Less because less is easier. You take something away, and you’ve got less. You can’t just add $1000 extra each month to your paycheck, and people can’t believe they actually see the path to getting there.

  113. Shane

    More for me means, getting rid of my student loan, finish paying off college and living my life. Increasing my current rate for designing, have income coming in from different areas, have my own design company and other companies. Having my dream mansion, flying around the world with significant other/family/friends. Being able to help parents, send them on dream vacations, let them unwind. Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures. Owning exotic cars that I would actually drive :)….. Helping others when necessary. Improving my volleyball skills, drumming skills, swimming.

    People talk about less because they cannot comprehend what it is to have more. They are stuck in their own ways like rats on a glue trap. They cannot see beyond a certain distance, their mindset is solely focused on being content with where they are, also as you have mentioned, their socialization. I have been exposed to different cultures through the arts and that made me want more…. and more…and more……

  114. Eric

    1. To me, more means being able to quit my current teaching job and do what I love–writing, and helping people achieve their health and fitness goals online and in-person. It also means having more financial stability that allows me to travel for extended time (2-4 weeks at a time) a few times per year without constantly worrying about money or being tied down by a traditional 9-5.

    2. People are scared. People, like me, are fighting (or have long ago given in to) the script that says “be normal”, “do what you ‘should’ do”, and “freedom and getting what you want is for ‘those’ people.”

  115. Julie

    For me, MORE means the time and freedom to live my life the way I want. To wake up each morning excited as hell about the day and the work ahead of me. To learn something new each day. To contribute positively to society. To make other people’s lives better and richer and to make money doing it. To spoil my parents with vacations and epic meals. To drink tons of great wine.

    People talk about LESS because of fear and guilt. Fear because if they talk about MORE, then they might actually want more and it can be scary to want more, especially if you don’t know how to get more. And if you get more, there’s the fear of LOSING it. For some, it’s easier to aim for less than to take a chance and risk failing. Guilt because so many of us have been conditioned to believe that we’re greedy, superficial or ungrateful for wanting more. I blame my guilt on being raised Catholic.

  116. Carosa

    More for me looks like more health( I am healthy now and want to expand on my body performing optimally, good whole foods and rest and abundant energy and sharp mind, creativity, imagination and exploration every day), freedom, of time and abundant flowing funds from multiple sources so I don’t have a “job”. More family- time with my boyfriend, family and friends, make those last minute bookings to Pasadena or Oahu because I can. Live where I want, drive what I want, eat where I want, try new things, travel and enjoy beauty everyday.

    I think people talk about less because media has it we are an excessive society. Recently listened to a TED talk where a lady actually investigated if the factory workers of China really had it that bad. It was interesting bc western media portrays the Chinese as poor and hapless and that they are forced to work in factories to appease our insatiable diet of consumerism. What she found were people who were able to have social mobility etc and it wasn’t all bad. I share because there is an underlying feeling of guilt. Especially at the beginning of the year, to lose weight, get finances in order, to throw away excess… It’s v interesting.
    Thank you Ramit for ever expanding, growing and inspiring people to do the same.

  117. Ashala

    1. MORE to me means a home environment that really reflects me – really. Not the hand-me-down furniture that works (more or less) but, for example, the couch that’s long enough I can stretch out and nap in comfort (and in a color I like). MORE means an environment that’s peaceful.
    2. MORE also means paying off my student loans – all of them. No debt. Peace and ease in my finances. and
    3. creating the family vacation on Mom’s bucket-list – taking the three of us to St. Petersburg for two weeks, knowing that everything “back home” is handled, and that all there is for us to do is explore, discover, and enjoy the time with each other, making memories for our lifetimes.

  118. Brad

    More means not restricting your dreams->goals by the ‘group think’ that you have to conform to reality. You can create your own realities. The most stellar examples are the builders of the great pyramids, those that walked on the moon, et al. Set your goals high on what you want, reverse engineer what it’s going to take to succeed, and plan it out, never listening to any nay sayers along the way. And, be ruthless about achieving each step of the plan.

    There’s an old statement that people tend to always live beyond their means. The second statement is never spoken. That is ‘debt chains a person to that life, but, planning big is the path to paying for what you want’, or some such.

  119. Nia

    More means being able to divorce and get out of a bad relationship without losing my current lifestyle or needing to rely on child support or alimony. More means becoming my own success story.

    I think most people talk about having less because they’ve only known failure, struggle and scarcity. To them, life is just about getting by crummy paycheck to crummy paycheck.

  120. Athena Moberg

    MORE for me is generating enough revenue in my private coaching practice and speaking engagements for my husband to retire from the job he’s been at for 19 years… freeing him up to travel, play golf, and spend more time with family. Good for me, great for him : )

  121. Renee L

    To me, MORE means … abundance. Being willing to accept all that the Universe is willing to give if we ask, openly, and if we actually open our lives to it.

    I really don’t know why people focus on less, it simply doesn’t make sense. An austerity mindset simply doesn’t make sense — to me, at least. I’m guessing it’s out of fear (of asking for too much? of not being grateful enough if they want more of something?), or out of a belief that life is a positivity zero-sum game: To have more of X-good-thing then I must make do with less of Y-good-thing. While I believe that life *might* be a zero-sum game in some ways, I think the equation is different. For example, to have more X-good-thing I must have less Y-restricting-thing, e.g. to have More ____ I just have Less fear, shame, guilt, etc. Those things? I’m okay with having less of them, even if I’m focusing on the MORE half of things.

  122. Nathan

    “More” for me means more ability to improve the world around me.

    Up until the last couple of years I carried that invisible script of “Rich=bad=wasteful=snobbish=arrogant=etc.etc.etc.” I had been raised upper-middle class with an extremely anti-elitist bent. My mother, in particular, would say things like “I can’t buy myself that dress when there are so many people starving”. I made it my life goal to be a boots-on-the-ground worker, and turned my nose up at wealth attainment.

    In paramedic school, they pound into your brain “scene safety”, meaning that you can’t help anyone else if you get hurt or sick or worse. As a paramedic, I have been able to be with people from all walks of life during their worst moments. I have met the most amazing people, and I realized that I had the exact same prejudice against wealthy people that I *thought* they had for the non-wealthy. In fact, most of my wealthy patients turned out to be huge supporters of the arts, education, social programs, and all of those things that I also love and support. Many of them are the reason those programs exist in the first place

    The difference is that they are able to help MANY MORE of those programs through the gift of money. I, on the other hand, am limited by the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and I have to work, sleep, and care for my family, and I can only do so much with my person. My boots-to-the-ground approach is in infinitely more finite resource.

    And finally, I have also realized that there is nothing wrong with living comfortably. There is nothing wrong with a beautiful, comfortable home. Or being able to book a plane ticket at the last minute because a friend is depressed and could use some company. Or simply because I want to.

    So yeah, I’m ready.

  123. Alyssa Colosi

    More for me is time for camping! I love hiking mountains, climbing, and seeing beautiful sites. I don’t need more money for this, but I do need to make more per hour on my own so that I have time to spend it how I want.

    If I clearly work really hard to develop my own business, but it fails, I would be upset and everyone would know that I failed. But if I said “I’m content the way things are. I didn’t really want my business to be successful anyways” then I have an excuse when things don’t work out. With this mentality though, I would be pretty much destined to fail!

    So my advice to others is: Don’t be afraid to fail! Go all in! You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

  124. Shiri Dori-Hacohen

    I’ve opened myself to MORE in the past year, first of all, by finding definitions that fit me better. Instead of pining after my “passion” with endless frustrating advice, I found my own definition, which was a combination of advice in Cal Newport’s “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” and Margaret Lobenstine’s “The Renaissance Soul”. Instead of following trite networking advice, I used my connector instincts to improve other people’s lives along the lines of “Never Eat Alone” and Michael Ellsberg’s adding value paradigm.

    I got an accountability partner (the illustrious Chamika) and started demanding MORE of myself. In parallel to meeting my self-proclaimed targets for becoming a top performer in my PhD program (MORE results), I opened myself to new possibilities by putting myself out in the RBT world, posting more of my experiences — and getting insanely amazing responses. By simply showing up and being open about the process (craigslist penis effect, anyone?), I discovered that my words can have an enormous impact on others —and I LOVE IT.

    I started reaching out to more and more people that I felt were “out of my league” — as well as authors Margaret Lobenstine and Josh Kaufman (yes it still gives me thrills to think about this).

    Due to the insights I received throughout this year, and particularly one eye-opening moment, I realized that there was MORE out there for me: I could, and should, write a book: “B. The Best You: The Art and Science of Becoming a Better Version of Yourself”. My post on the same topic, “B. The Best You” ( ) got MORE responses than I could have ever imagined, and hit top stories on Medium.

    I invested MORE in myself by outsourcing ruthlessly, hiring a $400/hr productivity coach (my old me gasps — though it’s not outrageous at all, says my present me), and pushing myself to get MORE results at work while going to MORE events and planning for MORE results.

    All this in the year that I became a new mother and had MORE demands on my time and energy than ever before.

    People’s reactions — everywhere, all my non-IWT friends — have been: where do you find the time to do all this? To some, I explain outsourcing, to some I say focus, to some I mentioned my husband. And to some, I just shrug my shoulders: even if I explained, they wouldn’t understand.

  125. Steve Kobrin

    This is a great presentation, Ramit. I will answer the second question first.
    I think so many people talk about less because they do not associate with people who have more. Their parents, relatives, friends, teachers, and neighbors all have less, so they think that is normal.

    To answer your first question: I want more time so I can empower people to be all they can be and liberate the rich guy within!

  126. David V.

    1. MORE means more focus today. More focus today = my future becoming reality sooner than later = gaining real traction and more momentum with the online business I’m launching (thanks to ZTL). I love what I’m building. It’s still hard work but it’s what I know I should be doing (until I’m called to do even more).

    MORE also means thinking MUCH bigger. A year ago I would have thought leaving my current sales job would take forever or be impossible. But I know what I need to do now to live my dream job and be the entrepreneur I’m supposed to be. I believe in MORE once again. And it’s not just a pipe dream because I finally know how to get more.

    2. LESS is easy. MORE is discomfort. More of anything, even if it’s in your current comfy scope, is not a smooth ride. I gave Seth Godin’s YOUR TURN to many friends and only a handful may read it. I just hope to be able to share MORE with friends and family as Ramit (and Seth Godin, James Altucher) have shared with me.

    THANKS all around to the IWT community and to Ramit and to all those who have helped me do MORE.

  127. Lindi

    This year is a year of MORE for me as well. Doubling my coaching business and doubling my contribution to lives globally by supporting further education and awareness is a huge opportunity for me to grow and contribute in ways I would not have deemed possible even last year. I want more opportunities to speak to larger audiences. I want more opportunities to influence and transform lives through coaching. And I want more travel while doing so. More looks like a life of luxury and empowered choice to be free to live a life of unfettered opportunity and choice.

    As for why do most people talk about less, well my supposition is that most people choose from a place of the past. They choose from strategy. They evaluate what they should do or should feel that keeps them confined in a place of fear, scarcity, or ‘realistic expectations’ contexts. They don’t really allow themselves to figure out what would grow them the most or choose from places that might have more risk, more uncertainty, and likewise limits their rewards. They choose to stay on the ferris wheel rather than try something different. It’s just a version of insanity where people think that by variety (new job or new place) that they’ll actually be different.

  128. Sarah D

    More to me means paying off the rest of my student loans, $68,000, so that I am not bound to depending on a bi-weekly paycheck to ensure I make those payments. I like my job and I’ll probably stay here for a while (I got it after taking DJ!) but if I wanted to take a few extra months off for an extended maternity leave, I’d like to know that I wouldn’t have to worry about those monthly payments instead of just postponing them and racking up extra interest.

  129. Andrew McCann

    In just a few days I will be “celebrating” my 40th birthday. But instead of going on a week long trip to Northern California touring wineries with my friends and ending up in Tahoe for a weekend of skiing and catching a concert of one of my favorite bands in the world, I will be lucky to sip on a glass or two of 3 buck Chuck from Trader Joes while watching ski videos and snippets of concert footage.
    I had made a change in my career last summer in hopes of finally stepping out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle I have been living for way too long. But instead of starting my own business and being my own boss, I ran out of time and money and took a corporate job that actually pays less than I was making before.
    I’m tired and frustrated. This isn’t how I expected to be entering the next decade of my life. But with 2 kids and bills to pay, no capital and very little credit, I’m stuck on the treadmill and don’t see a way off unless a miracle happens. I don’t like my odds of winning the lottery and I don’t know of any rich distant relatives who are going to leave me a big chunk of change.
    Freedom from the rat race and the cycle of paycheck to paycheck is what I want. MORE is time to spend with my sons and give them the experiences I wish I could give them. MORE is getting out of debt and actually building a savings account that means I don’t have to worry about that one thing that could come and wipe me out.

  130. Shane

    More time with my family, more freedom to travel, more cash to trade for lavish goods and services. All in the name of helping others, showing others how to go from average today to amazing tomorrow!

  131. Lisa Milbrand

    More for me would be more travel with my daughters. We LOVE to travel, and have already taken our daughters to China, Antigua, Florida, Canada, and throughout the Northeast. We have a few other places on our “bucket list” of destinations before they leave the house: Norway, England, Hawaii, Japan—hoping we can make it to at least a few (maybe one this year!).

  132. Elina

    What does MORE mean to you?

    More for me means:
    1 – Paying for my mom and dad to go on vacation
    2 – Employing people for professional and personal – Employing people to do my laundry, clean my house, babysit my kids, take care of my garden, flowers and lawn, maintain my pool and hot tub.
    3 – Donating 100k a year to a charities and causes that I believe in and that positively make an impact in the world
    4 – Opportunities to purchase real estate and beat others in the market because I can pay in cash
    5 – Hiring a nutritionist, fitness and business coach
    6 – Ensuring that my child is in the best day care facility
    7 – Ensuring that my parents have the best health care and lifestyle into old-age
    8 – Ability to impact on a mass level in because money talks
    9 – Putting money into the hands of the right people whom will circulate it for the good of society
    10 – Being able to make purchasing decisions that aren’t necessarily the less expensive option ‘because’ that’s what I can afford, but are also of quality and are ethical and sustainable
    11 – Pampering myself and filling up my cup, so that I feel vibrant each day and hence can give more to the world

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?
    1 – Well, there needs to be a balance. Most people aren’t educated on how to spend money. Decades ago, credit cards were being pushed on 18 year old and at college orientations there would be credit card booths, without any financial literacy.
    2 – People don’t have systems in place, so people like David Bach Finish Rich Series and Suze Orman came out on the scene to teach people about the latte factor and “you can’t afford that.” People need to hear that message. In fact, both you and I were influenced by that mentality and it got us to where we are at today. Then, “going green” became popular. My family was a proponent of the “green” movement before it even had a name. I grew up knowing how to reuse, recycle and pinch pennies, like no one. And I still do. I value the “Millionnaire Next Door” mentality.
    3 – Then there are people who have the LIFE’S ABUNDANT mentality (that may lose sight of the fact that not all our resources on this earth are abundant).

    I jive with people who talk about getting more so that they can give more. More money can circulate, more people can be employed, more economies can improve, more lives can improve, etc. I shun away from people who talk and brag about their material riches (some of those people are shallow and try to prove their self-worth through material) and who are blindly supporting companies, brands and business that are unethical, or are somehow harming another community.

    Again, I don’t see anything wrong about both topics – talk about less AND more – because we need both.

  133. James

    1. More to me means that my time and appreciation of the moment should come first – money is secondary (or tertiary). For example: instead of spending hours scouring the internet for low cost airfare and finding some flight with 3 transfers just to save a few hundred dollars, why not just book the ticket for the flight that best fits MY schedule? Instead of spending an entire day finding the hotel that is “the right balance” between location and price, why not get the perfect location? In fact, the time spent getting from the worse location to where I want to be only compounds the amount of time spend doing mindless things I don’t want to do just to save money.

    2. I think people talk about less because they can’t actually comprehend more. As you said, there is a whole world of ‘more’ that so many of us don’t even know exists. I think an individual’s ability to think big is sorely lacking these days. It is a skill, along with visualizing success, that most people are horrible at. And, understandably, if you’re bad at something, you’re not going to want to do it. Unfortunately, people mistake their lack of ability to think MORE. Even worse, the constant barrage makes us good at thinking LESS. Instead of seeing MORE as a point to improve (queue your invisible scripts), we see thinking LESS as something we’re good at and use it as a crutch.

  134. Kris

    More to me is working for myself and doing something I love – not just something I can tolerate. I’m tired of accepting the idea that few people in this world get to do what they love as a job. Most people I know do not like their jobs and are looking forward to retirement – like they are prisoners marking off days until they get out.

    I believe it is all about the journey, not the destination. So why shouldn’t I be happy right now?

    Wonderful article. Great attitude to start 2015!

  135. Mike

    More to me means more income and more time. I make a great salary, but I work for a large corporation and feel like I’m working for the man. I want MORE of my time back to be able to make more money doing things I enjoy. With that more money I’d spend more time with my family to travel and have great experiences.

    Less is easily attainable, it’s realistic. Let’s be honest, no one is going to get MORE by sitting behind their desk from 8-5 following the “less” rules. The only way to get more is to think outside of the box and go after whatever you want MORE of.

  136. Tim Barber

    MORE, to me, means having options, flexibility, and fulfillment. It means working on something at which I am excellent, helping as many people as I can, and earning enough to both better my work and bless my friends and family. It means being able to take 4 weeks off in an emergency without having to notify anyone or ask politely.
    It means guilt-free spending and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that my SYSTEMS are keeping me on track toward my GOALS. To really know that I’m not missing anything, and that I’m right where I ought to be, going where I’ve already decided I want to go.

    People talk about LESS because all conventional wisdom caters to the lowest common denominator, people who never had drive or ambition, people with no concept of managing their own life, and people too complacent to test the idea that there might be more to life than what they’ve been told to do.

    It takes a LOT of support and a LOT of bravery to fight the current dragging you down the path of least resistance. IWT, as a community, provides that support, and Ramit provides the direction.

  137. Shannon

    I love this attitude and strive to have it myself along with my husband. Where I struggle is finding how my situation fits. I am a stay at home mom by choice and my husband and I like it that way. If I am never to start or run a business or have a job, how can I apply this and make it work? Should I convince my husband that I need to start my own business? He runs a home business LLC and would be concerned about all the many details of running a business I suspect but I feel to get on this band wagon, a person needs to start/run a business. Am I wrong?

  138. Elaine

    I’ve been pursuing a creative/freelancing career for about five months, after many years of traditional work and graduate school… and here’s what I’ve learned to do:
    1. Compete with myself. Make sure every product I put out is something I’m proud of. Not allowing insecurity to creep up by focusing on others careers.
    2. Being discriminating with my time and using it on the activities that have the biggest impact.
    3. Focusing on work first, implementing habits for the day in and day out grind. Not wasting any mental energy on “passion” or what to do with my life… Just do something well, and build up.
    4. Seek out advice and mentors. Just simply asking others for opportunity works, waiting to be asked, doesn’t.
    5. If you do all the above stuff, people notice and want to work more with you.

  139. Alan


    The traditional definition of “more” specific to material things, is a Kobayashi Maru as there is no ending. I was taught when I was younger that success means having options and that is what I read in your blog post. So more for me is two things – options when it comes to experiences for myself and those close to me and options on how I can give and contribute to those areas and causes that are important to me.

    Here is to a wonderful 2015!


  140. Nina

    1. More means visiting my family and friends more often. Nicer clothes, more time for hobbies. More naps in the afternoon ( every afternoon). Not hesitating quitting a job that is turning out to be a dead end.

    2. Same reason I felt sorry for myself about my job, we live in a culture where we are supposed to wait for others to provide opportunities and pay us our monthly wages. When promises where made and not kept, I felt victimized. I actually internalized this script going to law school. My parents had their own business while I was growing up, so I know deep down I don’t need anyone to hire me, or I could get a job with better prospects. Since being an employee in our society is the norm, it means more than exchanging your time for money. It also means you give away a lot of your mental power when you feel ” I can’t make money unless someone hires me”.
    You challenge that norm all the time by encouraging readers to take action towards their dreams, even if its a norm, it doesn’t mean its an absolute truth.
    Awesome post! I really needed to read this!

  141. Jenica

    1) Thanks for asking. For 2015, I will add MORE value in the lives of those I touch: my clients, my co-workers, my family/friends, and my non-profit affiliations. I will be more grateful, smart, and involved as I look for ways to create more for others. As I focus on this, I can help others be more confident and have more clarity, knowing it will be reciprocated and that the increase of money, freedom, whatever, will come, as it always does.

    2) People talk about LESS because it’s comfortable. It’s a hell of a lot easier to subtract from your existing life (don’t go to drinks with friends) and mope than it is to more fully add upon it (natural networking) and feel empowered.


  142. Mike Harris

    To me, more means freedom. It’s the freedom of being able to fly to Paris or London or Rio on a whim, of never having to say, “No, I can’t make it to XXX Restaurant” because it’s too expensive. It’s the freedom of not having to do ANY of my own laundry or cleaning, so I can spend more time with my family or doing other things I love. Most of all, it’s about the freedom to be WHERE I want, with WHO I want, doing WHAT I want.

    People talk about less because most people have mediocrity drilled into them from a young age by people who are uncomfortable with the idea of pursuing greatness or success. So many parents and teachers and other adults tell you that the road to happiness is to do what they’ve done – go to college, get a safe, secure job, and live paycheck to paycheck. Because you can’t hope to do any better than they’ve done.

  143. David

    more to me means being able to help my family,putting my two kids through a good college as well as teaching them how to get more out of life, I want to take them on vacations all around the world I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck more to me is being financially secure so if something goes wrong I don’t have to worry about the money being there,more to me is having the time to help other people as well. More to me is a dream most of us have and do not know how to get, I know I am destined for more just haven’t figured it out yet.

  144. Jorge

    MORE to me means absolute comfort, to have anything i want within reason that will help me grow. If it won’t make me a better person then i don’t need it. I want really have my eyes set on a nice $200 watch why buy a $2,000 watch that has an extra diamond when all I want is functionality/style. MORE means no need for plans a,b,c,d etc; I would rather live freely, without much consequence, again, within good reason.

  145. rukky kofi

    more to me means being able to see something i like and get it conveniently without worrying about the price on it’s tag. to me it means being able to see two coats that look just the same, one being $2000 and another $40 but picking the $2000 coat because it’s my moral obligation to spend the money i have otherwise it would just sit with me not doing anything. yep….that’s what more means to me.

  146. Natalie

    I had this exact epiphany a few weeks ago! I’m trying to get in better shape, and my first impulse was to get a membership at some dreary budget gym (the same one my parents go to) What I really wanted to do was take gymnastics and dance classes, but I balked at the price (about $300 a month). I got in the habit of not spending much money in high school/college, when my income was limited. Not to mention I love seeing my savings increase. But then I realized, I have a good job now, I could afford it, and it would make me happy, so why not? So I signed up for a bunch of dance and gymnastics and aerial classes. My new strategy is to spend money on stuff/experiences that I really want, and not spend money on stuff I don’t care about (so not going shopping just because I’m bored, for instance)

  147. Jess H.

    I’ve had great success with Ramit’s previous programs. First I started a successful consulting sideline (I’m now charging more than ten times my initial rate) and then I landed my dream job. Just a few months ago I won a very high-profile award in my field using some of Ramit’s techniques. So if this is the year of MORE, I’m on board.

    I just had a baby three weeks ago, so for me this year MORE is about family. It means having the time to adjust to having a child, while maintaining my financial and professional success. It means building systems that make childcare easy and pleasant. It means spending my money mindfully to achieve my family-related goals. My biggest challenge for this year of MORE will be coming up with metrics that reflect my happiness and not just externals; I have metrics in place like how much sleep I’m getting and when I’m able to go back to work, but my ultimate goal is to be happy as a parent and it’s hard to quantify. Any suggestions, Ramit?

    As for why people focus on less – I think it’s because “less” is easier to conceptualize. The universe of possibilities is limited to things you already have in your life that you could have less of, which is a pretty strong constraint. People think better with constraints! More, on the other hand, could mean literally anything. It takes a lot of imagination to picture a different life for oneself, and most people have been trained out of cultivating their imagination in this and in many other areas.

  148. Deuce Ellis

    Your energy and who you are is appreciated.

    More for me means being able to run my business as I desire, not by what my budget dictates.

    More for me means more time with more beautiful women, without worrying about overspending, or bills in the back of my mind (I shouldn’t be having fun, I should be working — nagging my thoughts)

    More means I can create at the highest level, never settling, or missing a meal in the process.

    More means I can print physical copies of the book I wrote, instead of just sending people to the eBook

    More means doing more performances OT and abroad b/c the upfront travel costs won’t scare me away from even attmepting it

    More means being able to produce my merchandise and sell it physically at concerts & events, not just online.

    More means buying rounds of drinks & not caring how much of the stash everyone enjoys, it’s about enjoyment.

  149. Tracey

    1. “More” to me is freedom, the freedom to pursue those things that matter most to me, the things that truly light me up, full force (vs. part-time).

    2. Why do I think there is so much talk of “less” rather than “more”? I think it has a lot to do with fear. It’s a lot easier (and safer) to “dial it back” than to dream big.

    Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for a great post Ramit!

  150. Sonia

    Right now, more means more free time. It will eventually mean more income and more free time, just not yet. It seems I spent most of 2014 surviving or putting out (or preventing) fires, so to me, more free time is worth millions. Free time to work read more, work on side projects, enjoy life, create art, even do nothing.

    Well, doing less trivial tasks, spending less time on the things that don’t really matter or yield much is the “less people” I’ve been hanging around with, as in The Power of Less (Leo Babauta) and Work the System (Sam Carpenter). That’s the less side of the equation I’m focusing on.

    Talking about less is the best argument for the status quo. People who refuse to change do have to contend with less. I do find I tend to censor myself around these people. Even though a big change I made does mean lower income for a while (it’s been building up), it has opened up my world to more. But people get focused on numbers. Complaining about how “less” the world seems to be right now is the easy thing to do.

  151. Dev

    MORE is being able to visit any brewery I want at any time (that they are open) because I’m in the mood. It means going to beer fests out of state when I feel like it. It means taking a 6-week trip to Europe to try beer and explore with my partner. It means buying an RV and travelling the country (and part of Canada) to try as much great beer, wonderful food, and see as many beautiful places as possible.

    I think that we are programmed for LESS because it keeps us complacent. It’s how we school our children: make them into drones now, it’s easier for them to be happy in their cubicles later. If we don’t believe we deserve MORE – and if we are actively angered by those who seek MORE – we stay in our place in society.

  152. Erik

    Hi Ramit,

    First time I read all the way through a epic post you created. Awesome content, thank you for taking your time to write it and share your views with the world.

    MORE for me would be: More traffic and activity on my blog (ergo: more freedom). MORE time to spend with my wife and new born.

    I agree on what most commenters give as a reason for people to settle for LESS: they might be lazy, don’t know they have it in them, don’t know where to start.

    Looking forward to your next post!


  153. Aaron

    For me, the answer is MORE results with LESS obstacles. I think it’s likely a process – maybe comes from applying knowledge in real time, making mistakes and iterating. Seems that’s how you make better decisions and your sense for things gets honed to a laser focus. I’d like help working on that so that all of the other “I wants” all become a matter of syntax. (So maybe I just want MORE optimization.) 😉

    But I’ve done some good stuff – learned to play music – and even did it professionally for a while, took massive risks, traveled the world, skipped college and started my own business, made money – lost a ton, had a child when the doctors said we wouldn’t be able to, lost 50 lbs. and stopped taking most of my meds, paid off most of my debts, learned discipline through martial arts, overcame abuse as a child, volunteer often even when it’s a huge pain in the ass. I have a ton of wonderful memories even if I have little to show materially. At this point, more is a matter of more I can leave behind for my wife, my son and selfishly, maybe my legacy – if that makes sense. I think that means taking smart action with the fewest obstacles.

    (By the way, that list of stuff above – I would have never taken stock of it if it wasn’t for ZTL. Thanks, Ramit.)

  154. Maeve

    Your post has primarily been about money but for me more is about is having time. Time for family; time for growth and experimentation; time for exploration and travel; time for living. (Cheesy, huh?). For me, this would mean discovering the path to earning more on the side and being able to attain more control over my life and how I spend my time. More importantly, to whom I dedicate my time. I’m certainly accustomed to hearing people tell me that I just have to stick with the day job when I express I’m unhappy there because that’s just how life is and that’s what everyone has to do but I don’t and won’t believe it. I accept that it will be a struggle to overcome other people’s opinions. Undoubtedly, their opinions will echo loudly in my mind any time I meet an obstacle but I know that I truly want to live an experientially rich life.

    I think people are simply unaware that this is an option. Like you as a child, it was the only thing you knew. I also believe fear of the unknown plays a significant role in the rejection of more. It’s unfamiliar territory with too many unanswered questions like how do I benefit, what are the consequence, and even the irrational, what’s the catch? I’ve been in the position myself and often still find myself there so I can’t blame them for this. Often we are simply unaware that by not taking/doing/spending MORE, we have made a choice as things normally remain the same. It appears as a lack of choice but it’s not, and that’s probably one of the most crucial oversights.

  155. Lisa Doucet

    MORE for me would simply be LESS worrying over finances.

    I enjoy reading you although I’ve ignored your correspondence for months… I’m ready to welcome you into my life 😀

  156. Mike

    More to me means 1. Starting my own business and getting out of the corporate rat race. 2. Paying off debt and paying for school and hockey camps for my three sons!

  157. Sonja

    MORE is the reflection of my FULFILLED POTENTIAL.

    LESS is GIVING UP RESPONSIBILITY for one’s life.

    We talk about MORE because we want OPTIONS. Other people talk about LESS because they don’t want to be responsible for creating those options for themselves. If they see people who they know want and do MORE, it disproves their belief that their lives are not up to them. Wanting and doing MORE disproves determinism. Wanting and doing MORE proves that each one of us is responsible for our own lives. Other people don’t want to believe that. Because that’s comfortable.

  158. daharis

    Hi Ramit:

    What I want more of in my life: is to travel the world, and taste as many unique dishes as possible; be able to live in New York City w/o any financial worries, pay off all of my parent’s debt, while repaying them for all of their love with traveling, a home, etc.

    MORE means I can give more to the world. It means I can give as much as possible w/o any financial stress. MORE means I get to experience the world more fully. Being able to taste anything we desire, be able to swim in any beach in anywhere in the world means MORE to me.

    I think most people don’t talk about wanting more because they feel they don’t deserve to have more, mostly conditioned in childhood or through exposure of our surroundings. Need to cut this energy out of my life though.

    Thanks for the awesomely, insightful post!

  159. Magnus

    1. More for me would be less time at the office. Free time to do what I feel like doing at the moment.

    More for me would be less fear for getting No as an answer and less regard for what people might think if I do or say this and that.

    An extra pair of skies also would be nice and maybe a trip to the alps.


  160. Tom

    1. What does MORE mean to you?

    Gaining more control over my life, my work, my fulfillment, and my emotions. And notable that I didn’t mention…RELATIONSHIPS as well.

    What this translates into work/action-wise is better learning how to deal with people in the corporate world, how businesses in which I provide service work as a whole, how to get myself to operate more optimally (e.g. having recently quit caffeine, and now looking to fully quit alcohol as well as other compulsive/self-destructive behaviors).

    What this means lifestyle-wise is that I can spend my money more effectively in ways that I enjoy. Going to shows (I live in Las Vegas, so…yeah), getting into hobbies where cost can be an issue (e.g. I keep finding myself interested in photography and so if I do that I’ll be able to work up to premium equipment).

    2. Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?

    Because the mainstream mindset believes that saving is good. The mindset of wealth is a very big paradigm shift, and you can’t shake someone’s paradigm like that, on say, Yahoo! News, I don’t think.

  161. julia

    1. To retire my parents
    2. Because everyone has seen LESS but very few have experienced MORE (and the world clearly lacks imagination)

  162. Tiffany Dawn

    For me, “more” means being able to invest in myself without worrying about the cost. For example, I just signed up for a music school that coaches you on your vocals, reading music, learning guitar or piano, taking you through the steps for writing your own songs & putting you in the studio to record every 6 weeks. This course costs $190/month which I would have freaked out about before, but now that seems like a small cost for such a big reward.

    I think people don’t want to talk/thing/work for “more” because failure can be very scary. Focusing on being happy with what you have takes away the need for risk & the potential to fail.

  163. Lina

    In some level on my life more mean to be greedy, selfish, fear, guilty and darkness but now more is expansion, openness, connection and give me the opportunity to live & taste the gorgeous differences in the life.

    In my point of view people talk about less because they scared from the unknown without realize the unknown could be good or bad they just stick and think of bad possibilities I don’t say be a positive faker but strong understand the good & bad possibility is a choice expand the awareness , they want to stay in the same level and hide because they think if they raising the ground will be shaking under them and back to level less than before, they think life need too much hard work to get into specific level and they must fight so they get tired & fail stares at Their guilty steps.

    Thank you ramit

  164. Jason

    More . . More to me means no more ‘settle for’. With the 20K raise I got in 2014, I moved from “so far below the poverty line that it was a decision whether to pay the electric bill/water bill/food for the house versus paying the mortgage” to “I pay all my bills every month, on time.” Granted, there is right now a true footrace between end of the month versus end of the money – but at least now the money is winning the race, even though it’s close. Mine is the only income in a household of four, and even though we’ve now gotten stable, still everything right now is ‘settle for’.

    I’ve looked through several of the above comments, and I appreciate where everyone is going, and I see in my minds eye where I want to be, where I want my family to be. “More” for me is the freedom to make decisions based on what I want to do, and not what needs to happen so that my proverbial “ship doesn’t sink”. This year, with this raise and promotion, is the first time this century that I’ve had vacation time – that I’ve actually been told to use or else I’d lose it. Granted, digging myself out of my financial hole meant that my time off was a ‘staycation’ as opposed to a vacation — but it was a great feeling to know that no longer was my time at work at an exact 1:1 ratio to my paycheck.

    I dunno if I’m a disoriented entrepreneur, or an employee frustrated by people who don’t care. I know where I am, I’ll not get to the “more” I see in my mind’s eye. I don’t want my invisible (and a few not-so-invisible) scripts to keep me at the “just getting by” stage.

  165. Anna

    More freedom to work anywhere in the world.
    More financial freedom to buy holidays, health treatments and things for my loved ones.. More freedom to channel finances into helping people less fortunate.

  166. Brian Sutich

    1) I want more to be that when I want something, I don’t have to worry about selling things, or not being able to buy them for me or my family. If I want to go out and buy a Playstation to relax, I want to be able to do that. If my kid wants to go to a hockey game, I want to do that. I want to do all these things without worrying I won’t be able to pay rent and more. I’m willing to work hard to meet this expectation of myself.

    2) I think folks get brainwashed into this way from childhood, and potential things they have learned from their parents, tv, magazines, books and more. It takes a while for people to see the light.

  167. Chelsea

    More to me means freedom to live the life I choose, and have the things that I want. More money, more experiences, more time.

    People talk about less because they don’t know how to get to more, myself included. I know I want more, I just haven’t figured out the strategy.

  168. Chris

    More means having christmas with my family. I worked the whole time this year and I don’t want that next year. I want to have more freedom of time.

    I think that people talk about less because less is safe. More is risky and trying to get it could result in failure.

  169. Lorette

    More for me is being able to buy what I want, when I want without feeling guilty about it. More for me is being able to enjoy life with my family and not an average life either. More for me is being able to help people without watching every penny. More for me is being able to take care of my mother who is getting up there in age and has so many health issues but still has to work so hard every day to make ends meet. More for me is to be able to surprise my other half with the car of his dreams! More for me is to be able to go to that fancy smancy bar with my girlfriends and being able to buy more than one drink, lol!

    2. People talk less out of fear. We are taught to fear what is MORE, all that life truly has to offer. We are taught to be satisfied with average. Well, I am not one of the followers of life. I choose MORE!!!

  170. Marti

    More defined:
    My husband, son and I spending a year to follow the Formula One circuit.
    My Mom living in a sweet cottage of her own, with all the shopping she wants to do
    A tutor for my son so he can continue his education while we travel
    I want to never open another piece of mail, junk or bill, because it’s taken care of
    I want to put a zillion little twinkle lights on a big ass Christmas tree and know I won’t have to take that tree down and remove the lights.
    I want to be so busy living a big life that I never know what’s on tv or viral on the Internet.
    I want to do this all with a big smile and a big heart.

  171. aNCA

    Hi Ramit,

    Great post! 2014 was for me a year of exploring the “more”. I’ve set some outcomes at the end of 2013 and worked on achieving them, having a theme for pretty much each month of the year. It was brilliant, it worked wonders and has definitely enabled me to get more; and I am doing the same this year!

    More = more £££, more confidence in my own projects, more work for myself, more travel, more personal development, more enjoyment, more time off, more sharing with my family and friends…

    People think about less because this is what they are surrounded by: family and friends who are “realistic” about things rather than optimistic, supportive and maybe visionary; media that focuses on all the bad and rarely on anything positive… People are comfortable and it’s easier to take what they can with the least amount of effort, rather than dreaming big and working for it…

  172. Andrew

    Your story about moving to NYC so perfectly mirrors my own eye-opening experience. I went from working second shift in a scaffolding yard in a rust belt town, to a luxury electronics company in Midtown, regularly visiting homes of the super affluent up and down Park Ave. The change in scenery was so insane that it made me dizzy sometimes. I couldn’t believe there was such a huge world I had never even thought to investigate before.

    I consider this to be the best move I’ve ever made. Not only did I have my entire perspective changed, but I got such a valuable crash course in joy vs happiness. You always assume growing up that more things = more happiness. But after a few years of this, meeting the people, seeing how their lives worked, I really came to understand this line well. An infinity pool in the Hamptons can certainly bring you joy; happiness is more elusive, more intangible. Happiness is in the process.

    MY idea of more? More life. More experience, good and bad. If I can experience just 1% of what the total sum of existence on earth can be, see 1% of it’s total surface, live within 1% of it’s life, listen to 1% of it’s music, try 1% of it’s food, experience 1% of it’s culture, I would be able to say I had a rich life beyond compare.

  173. Kelsey

    More=calm. More is having the means (financially, emotionally and physically) to not worry about things that are not important. It is to automate as many choices as possible to have greater resources to focus on the most essential parts of my life (family, travel, and starting my business).

    People focus on LESS because they fear change. Having more money, demanding more from life, requires a shift in thoughts, habits and ideals. “Change cannot occur until the pain of staying the same, outweighs the fear of change” and most people don’t find staying the same to be painful enough to face the fear of having to demolish their invisible scripts and advocate for themselves.

  174. Lori B

    More to me right now, at this moment being in complete control of my life. Being able to have both/and rather than either/or. Today having more means refurnishing my mom’s and my own home with whatever we like and without regard to price. Additionally, taking a private vacation with one of my favorite relatives and bringing my daughter to both Jamaica and Europe. Then leaving my daughter in Europe for at least one year and financing her means of living in a nice part of London while she achieves her goals. All this while still being able to save money and have my bills paid. More means that I do it all during 2015. And then being financially able to do it all again in 2016 and beyond if I want to.

    It’s very unsettling to talk about more for several reasons: One, because I never want to feel I’m somehow lacking gratitiude. Two, it’s hard to talk about more because NO ONE I know is talking about it. It’s like being in a secret club and I haven’t gotten the high sign yet because I have not encountered any members. Three, religious reasons. It’s so difficult to reconcile wanting so much more (because I want SOOO much more) with my spirituality. I feel like I’m going against scriptural teachings.

  175. Marcus

    More to me means income that is not geographically bound thus allowing me sustainable freedom of location. Freedom for me to travel and escape from my current cliche formula of get up, commute, work, commute, eat, sleep and repeat.

    Basically I want to know what it is like to have a holiday without having the dread of returning to my 9-5.

  176. lindsay

    More means being able to try new things! I love taking art/dance/everything classes, and I want to keep taking tons of classes. More means being able to improve the world in some way, both with my time and money.

    Right now, I feel like I’m in a place where I either have the time but no money, or the money but no time. More means having both the time and the money to do keep learning new, fun things and having great experiences.

    Based on what I have observed recently, people focus on “less” instead of “more” because either they don’t know they can have more or because it’s easier for them to keep going the path of “less”. Being able to have more requires working harder, which is really intimidating for some people. A lot of these are the same people that don’t like hearing advice because they’d rather be comfortable than happy.

  177. Claudia

    1. I want to travel more and to make more money to fund those travels. My goals this year is to travel once a month and to begin learning about personal investments.

    2. I think people talk about LESS because of fear. People fear lots of things: rejection, money, etc. People fear that if they want more and they don’t get it, that they might not know how to deal with it? Not sure.

  178. Nicolle

    Thanks Ramit for this post – I am looking forward to exploring MORE with you this year. Last year, i feel I did so well for myself and young family. I continued my degree (debt free), travelled to the US and to Asia, started french lessons with a tutor, we brought a 7 acre hobby farm and used investments to power our savings (a huge mind shift for me).
    I am looking forward to doing more of the same!
    As for the Less vs More? I think the spiritual/minimalist movement fuels a lot of it. I appreciate grey empty rooms, but I itch to fill it with a rug and books! I appreciate public transport and bike riding, but I too want a Mustang like another reader. I don’t want to feel I have to have less so others have equal or less as well… The book Atlas Shrugged changed my views on people in that regard.

  179. Carridactyl

    More is going from a “fine” and healthy weight and fitness level to sub-20% body fat and being able to do a dozen pull ups in one set. Also, to make enough money that I can fully replace my husband’s salary and he can quit a job he hates.

    People talk about less because, as others here have said, there is an element of jealousy or unwanted competition: as Morrissey crooned, “we hate it when our friends become successful.” People also parrot what they’ve always heard without questioning the traditional wisdom. They hear people talking about less and they think that’s all there is. So, they talk about less. Talking about more doesn’t even occur to them because it’s not within their mental world.

  180. Mimi

    My granddaughter turned me on to you. Really happy she did. i’ve been so content that only at the end of 2014 did i question why not want more? So i started upping my game for more and saw the possibilities. 2015 i want to reach more people with my message of health and longevity. Purchase 2 homes, one with the kitchen of my dreams so I can hold workshops there. Continue my international events while living luxuriously. Spend more time with family. Look better than ever. Make a larger impact.

  181. Von

    More is having unlimited options. The freedom to do whatever I want and to be whoever I want. To be able to explore and always try new things with the peace of mind of being able to do so comfortably.

    The discussion of less comes from fear. Being afraid of not having enough, self doubt, second guessing your real wants, fear of regret of making the wrong decision/mistakes. All of it stems from fear.

  182. Sam

    1. More is being financially independent and location dependent so that when my boyfriend leaves for grad school within the next two years and asks me to go with him, I can simply pick up and go. No burden on him. No burden to find new work. I’d be completely sustainable regardless of my location.

    2. I’m going to anger a lot of people not on this site and say it. I grew up Roman Catholic, and time and time again throughout my life I have constantly been told that having too much is a sin (and “too much” is very hard to judge when you don’t have a whole lot). I don’t think Roman Catholicism is the only religion that teaches that, but the unfortunate truth is that people are told to be happy with what they have right now instead of envying more. The people that get into the cycle of wanting more and forsaking everything–and everyone else– to get it really ruin the idea of a better life for the rest of us. We get lumped into that category :

  183. Khalid S

    The drive to want more of something we enjoy is primal. I want more sources of income without much more effort. It won’t get me more lattes or $5k shoes, but it will buy me peace of mind and the delusion of security. 😉

  184. Kay

    More means the freedom to do what I want and be who I want. A couple of years ago I made the decision to go against the grain and intern in Atlanta instead of New York. I was over the materialistic, rat race fashion scene of NYC and wanted to go to someplace that spoke to my soul. I was met with resistance every step of the way.

    -“You’re in fashion and live in NJ, why not intern in NYC? Where would you live? Do you even know anyone there? Wouldn’t it be smarter to…”
    – “Why should I take you on when I have plenty of local candidates?”
    – “You don’t have enough program credits to take an internship.” [An incorrect statement from my Career Services department. I fought and won that.]
    – “Yes, it’s open registration but you really should have registered for an internship earlier, now you need department approval.” [A slightly incorrect statement from the Registrar’s Office. I fought and won that.]
    – “Even though you have the amount available, we don’t traditionally award that much financial aid for just an internship.”[I pled my case and won that.]
    – “You need a faculty advisor from your department and they’re all off campus for summer, won’t check their faculty e-mail, I can’t give you their phone numbers and I won’t call on your behalf.” [I fought and…]
    – “No.” [The response I got from the only on-campus faculty member –a notoriously hard-ass, higher-up professor whose class I’d never taken.]
    – “Yes, but they might fight you on it. Adjuncts typically aren’t allowed to be advisors.” [The response I got after tracking down one of my first-year adjunct professors on Facebook and, after apologizing for using less-than-professional means of communication, asking her to be my advisor.]

    And finally:

    -“Gladly! Anybody who’s shown as much passion and dedication as you not only earned the exception but deserves it. Make us proud.” [The response I got from my Department Dean when I asked her for the final sign off, adjunct exception included. Not only did she sign it, she was in her office after hours waiting for me, because she’d heard about my efforts through the grapevine.]

    I encountered so many obstacles and had to face so many Invisible Scripts but when I finally pushed through my self-imposed limits, it was well worth it. I spent my entire summer living a life I’d only dreamed of before. I stayed in hotels I couldn’t afford before, I immersed myself in a slower culture and actually enjoyed it and I participated in community events that fulfilled me on a level I didn’t even know I was lacking.

    I think so many people talk about less because, simply put, less is safer. If you want less, do less, need less, there’s a good chance you’ll hurt less or lose less. When you’re determined to go through life with as little dings and scratches as possible, you learn to avoid the things that can cause them but you also give up the possibility of reaching the goals that lie just past those small obstacles.

  185. Donné

    To me, “more” would be similar to many other comments above, the ability to take my friends and family on trips without having to worry about the costs involved. Being able to phone them up, tell them to pack a carry on with clothes for the beach and meet me at the airport – then whisk them off somewhere they never dreamed of going.

    More would be able to travel and not have to worry about staying in budget hostels or people’s couches.
    More would be knowing that I could take care of someone’s healthcare bill if they couldn’t themselves.
    More would be going to Tokyo and getting a reso at the finest omakase in Tokyo and just being able to enjoy it and not worry about the price

  186. Kristina

    What does MORE mean to me? I’ve done “more”…2014 was a big year of tangible “more” – I completed a 1031 exchange of a SFH to a 4-plex, sold my home to buy one with twice the sqft, remodeled both, all with an infant in tow and working a corporate job. What I realized is “more” is fluid. It’s not about getting that one thing that will make my life better, but creating a way for me to consistently get more (not sure I’ve nailed it, but learning everyday). For 2015, I want to find a way to get more control over my time – less of a structured 9 to 5, and more meaningful time with family, friends, and colleagues. I want my efforts and impact to “matter” more.

    LESS is safe, less is practical, less is easy. I think deep down we all struggle with vulnerability on some level, and “less” helps protect us from the shame of potential or perceived failure. Wanting “more” and not getting it makes people feel shame, embarrassment, envy and despair – these aren’t exactly feelings that motivate greatness. For me, even in wanting “more”, I never shared these wants with others. As you said Ramit, it makes people uncomfortable, and I hated the thought of hearing the “I told you it wasn’t a good idea” or even the thought of people feeling sorry for me when something went wrong. I never wanted to look like I didn’t have my shit together, and it was easier to appear to want “less” like everyone else. I had to hire a life coach (also a goal in 2014) to help me stop fighting myself. I think most of us don’t want “less”, we are just anxious about what it feels like to want “more”.

  187. Zach

    World travel, buying nice house near ocean and being able to do fun things that I normally wouldn’t be able to do. Pick up and go somewhere at the drop of a hat and not have to plan and plan and plan and worry about $$$.

    People are scared to take risks because it costs money to make money and some people just want to play it safe. and some aren’t sure how to make more money or even have an idea for a business.

  188. Steve

    More to me used to be Ferrari’s, private jets, expensive clothes and the like. While I still have an appreciation for those things, all that changed when I had my baby boy this past August. My situation is unique in the sense that I have to be an absentee dad while my son lives in another state with is Mom and we aren’t together, but it sure hasn’t taken away the overwhelming sense of wanting to do anything and everything I can to take care of him and his future.

    So for me MORE in 2015 means continuing my successful side business (thanks to you, Ramit). Seeing my son for 3-4 weeks at a time; because I can. Take another two trips abroad. Throw my son the baddest 1st b day party ever…no excuses from long-distance relatives because I’m flying them in. Give back

  189. Sarah M

    MORE to me means more time using my skills to help others transform their lives. MORE to me means revolution and my contribution to it. If there’s going to be meaningful social change in my life time, this will come about when more people are empowered. The trick is that this power is in each one of us already.

    What I love about this blog and this community is that it is an empowered community – fear doesn’t crush the people that Ramit surrounds himself with.

    LESS is a symptom of feeling enslaved – feeling powerless before the destiny written and ‘shoulded’ to you by others. LESS is what you do when you don’t feel a sense of your own agency. LESS is fear.

    I want more MORE and less LESS in the world.

  190. Justin

    What does more mean to me?
    Travel to Japan, France, Dominican Republic, Peru, Spain: recreate my version of a Eurotrip.
    Flirt with women anywhere I go for fun similar to Don Juan. Learn sensual massage.
    Participate in a Salsa/Bachata Cruise ship dance party.
    Paying off debts, have the option to live alone in an bachelor pad, set up businesses that enables me to do that.
    Be able to pay off my Mom’s mortgage, spoil one of my older sisters that helped raised me when I was younger.
    Visit nudist beaches, do social experiments, and go to a Masquerade Ball in a luxurious hotel.

    People focus on Less because facing their willingness to be mediocre is painful. Focusing less makes it easier to blame everyone else except themselves. It is easier to accept old paradigms than to consciously change them.

  191. Dana

    I don’t think Simon meant that a continuum was a good way to think about it. When people just consider one verse in the Bible, they don’t get the whole picture. Consider this:

    Proverbs 10:4
    Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.


    2 Chronicles 1:11-12
    God said to Solomon, “Since this is your heart’s desire and you have not asked for wealth, riches or honor, nor for the death of your enemies, and since you have not asked for a long life but for wisdom and knowledge to govern my people over whom I have made you king, therefore wisdom and knowledge will be given you. And I will also give you wealth, riches and honor, such as no king who was before you ever had and none after you will have.”


    1 Samuel 2:7
    The LORD sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts.

    This point is, it’s not a continuum, it is all in how you think about wealth. You can be both spiritually wealthy and financially wealthy at the same time.

  192. Sissel

    1. I want MORE experiences with my family (children and husband). I want to take them out to eat and to travel more. I want MORE time to do the kind of work that I do best, and I want MORE of the value that I create to end up in my wallet. I want MORE nice clothes.

    2. I don’t think LESS is necassarily the opposite of MORE. Less stuff in my closet give me MORE time and space. But my parents tell me to do LESS and be LESS ambitious and I guess it’s because they have an idea of being average is the good life. My boss wants me to be LESS perfectionist. That might be because she want’s me to be more productive. Maybe its a good advice, but maybe productivity lies in quality and not in quantity.

  193. Bhiravi

    I love the theme of “MORE” for 2015. I’m a college student, and I’m just at that stage where I’m figuring out that there’s more out there. What you said about your family background really resonated with me. I come from a family that was super cost-conscious, and was surprised and delighted when I discovered that you can get to a point where price is a non-issue. I started reading your material recently, and I’ve started noticing that scarcity mentality all around me. I’ve been talking myself out of wanting more for years!

    To me, right now, “more” would be working to be financially better off, and setting myself up for a great job in the future. I’d love to have a side income to pay off student debt and supplement my usual budget. I’d also love to spend more time and money on leisure and outdoor activities– I love being outside, and I think it would hugely improve my happiness to be able to hike/ climb/ ski/ kayak more often. And I’ll also be working on honing my skills so I can land my dream internship, and eventually my dream job.

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your website, and I think what I’ve been learning from your work is really going to help me live a rich life this year. Thank you for sharing!

  194. Juan

    To me MORE means being able to by a 10k watch and being able to smile more

    Because some people, including myself, sometimes feel guilty about wanting more and we have like a chip installed in our brains, telling us that we should be grateful for what we have and that we should settle because things could be worse. I am not saying that is not good to be grateful but doing it all the time can be an obstacle to achieve other things. Also because we focus in te constant risks and negative aspects that wanting more may have. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about less.

  195. Kae

    More–that is the challenge. More time and more fun with my adult kids, sharing a few adventures here and there. More travel, not just to see kids, but do stuff I’m curious about–like maybe attending art workshops in scenic places under people known both for their own art and their teaching skills, or rivercruising Europe and seeing what there is to see, meeting new people, and enjoying the cuisine presented. More space to call my own, a landing place where I can play in the kitchen without upsetting other folks applecarts, have a studio work space to paint, a place to sleep, secure from troubles outside, space that allows for my critters, not burdening others. More in the way of maybe a romance that proves enduring, but no rush. More in that the costs of daily operations is not the dictation of how I manage most everything else. More in the liberty of enjoying my solitude or my time with others in balance. More productivity in time committed to writing or painting. More of an audience that enjoys the production–LOL! That might be the real key. (Maybe I’m a show off and don’t want to admit it.)

  196. Alex

    I like Ramit’s thrust with this article and living a rich life. I like the idea of more, but I don’t agree with splurging it on $4000 coats. Because with consumeristic stuff, it’s a rubbish idea.

    Firstly, you get diminishing returns of happiness from consumer goods. A second, third or tenth coat will not give you the satisfaction of the first. What’s more, it’ll be wasted because you won’t wear it much.

    Secondly, you get an emotional high from shopping, and spending what you never thought was achievable. But that euphoria only lasts for a little while.

    Thirdly, it’s selfish. Now I know Ramit is going to disagree and stick his knives into me here… so let me explain.

    In the US, you’re very happy to throw around money on $4000 coats like you’re the centre of the universe. On yourself. But as a nation you can’t afford a healthcare system that looks after everyone.

    Normal people who aren’t as intelligent, or born into as fortunate circumstances as the readers of this blog… they suffer. They get eaten up by the man, the system, the corporate grind.

    They get into debt for getting the basic needs met. Fast-food is aggressively marketed at them – so they get addicted and obese. They have to work 60 hours a week on the minimum wage to pay their bills. They can’t afford to have essential healthcare operations when they need them. Because of the aggressive policies of corporate-america and vehicle manufactures in the 50’s and before… you can’t live in most places without a car. This makes everywhere more polluted and makes everyone more sedentry.

    You say the US is the land of opportunity. And it is for people who are aware of these resources and have mentors. But there’s extreme poverty that it’s impossible to get out of – that many of you NEVER see. If you don’t believe me go to any major US city and get on public transport. I DARE YOU. It’ll open your eyes to the kinds of people who you’d prefer to ignore in your Lamborghini.

    I’m all for self-improvement. I’m all for having a rich life. I LOVE what Ramit does. The systems and processes are pure genius.

    But what about making society richer? What about caring about other people? What about taking the focus of ourselves and a new Lambourgini for a moment – and donating to a good cause like this life saving-operation for a girl I know:

    Seriously Ramit, I think the next step for you would be to apply the lessons, systems and processes you have to governments, civic planning and non-profits.

    • Judith Rosenberg

      Good points. I’ve ridden on public buses and I think the reason the U.S. has such poor public transportation is that as soon as they can afford to, most people get off the bus and buy a car. But a life of more can include both expensive coats/boats/cars (which could last years and provide a lot of pleasure) and donating to charities and Kickstarter campaigns. It’s difficult to be generous if you feel that you don’t have enough.

  197. Erin

    Another fabulous post, Ramit! Thanks for taking the guilt out of wanting success. After several years of reading your site, I’m pleased to report that I have used your tips to land my dream job, earn a little extra on the side, and make lots of new friends and connections. I’m leveraging this to enjoy a business class trip to Hong Kong and Europe this year.

    1. MORE – I’d like to hire a personal stylist to tell me what to wear… and then be able to afford what they recommend for me. Apparently there is more to style than well-fitting yoga pants, but so far, it has eluded me.

    2. LESS – There’s a saying, “Expect the worst – you won’t be disappointed.” If you set a goal of losing weight without setting up a process to make it happen, you’re doomed to failure. Similarly, if you set a goal of wanting MORE without knowing how you’ll get there, you’ll fall on your face. People settle for less because they don’t want to be humiliated and disappointed by failure. Their catchcry becomes, “Setting low personal standards and consistently failing to achieve them.” It is classic sour grapes.

  198. Garrett

    Before reading this article, I recently began training myself that whenever I find myself thinking “I wish I had that” or “I want that” more than once, to make the purchase or do the task. I did this because I found that if I repeatedly find myself wanting something, then it is probably worth having and capable of solving a problem in my life. This has helped tremendously and transitioned my stingy lifestyle to one of “If you want it, do it. If you don’t have the resources to obtain it, then get clever and figure out a way to make it happen.” I notice the benefits of this mindset in everything that I do. I am seizing opportunities I wasn’t before and love every second of it.

  199. Nick McCashin

    Hi Ramit,
    Firstly thank you very much for writing this article I enjoyed the read. I also used to wait in the car when we stayed over at a motel however no idea if it was to save money? More to me would be the ability to travel back to new zealand(my home country) from the Uk once or twice a year to spend quality time with my family and friends without worrying about where the money will come from and not being allowed to take time off. After reading your book, my conscious spending plan is set in motion and before long this will be a reality so once again thanks again. Cheers Nick

  200. Elizabeth

    More means being able to travel to Europe for winter every year, when it’s the height of summer in Australia. More means being able to schedule meetings in the US and know I can afford to pay for the airfares, accommodation, and the time away from on-the-ground work. And more means being able to fly over to Malaysia to visit my dad whenever I want to.

  201. Alex Santiago

    Ramit, I’ve got to say. This is by far my FAVORITE “2015” themed post and I love what you’re seeking to teach and embody this year.

    1. More means more fulfillment, freedom, personal growth & satisfaction, confidence, love, options, opportunities impact and contribution.

    2. Because MORE is scary, LESS is easy and comfortable. MORE takes work, pain, challenging obstacles. People don’t want to face the fact that they’re not WILLING to put in the sweat equity, hustle and time to invest in themselves in order to create a better life (filled with more 😉

  202. ES

    More to me would be to have the affluence, intuition, and network to surround myself with only those people, places, and things that spark my energy to do great things. This would include inspiration to create, invent, push my physical limits and challenge my intellect.
    One of my strongest internal cravings is to be able to actualize my full potential. With a network of the worlds best and greatest, I would have the best chance of being inspired, and finding a muse to guide my life journey.

    When people talk about “less” it seems like a canned response, something that was once said to the person saying it now to us without really digesting and understanding what is being said.

    When talking generically about “less” I agree with SISSEL who commented above, ” I don’t think LESS is necessarily the opposite of MORE.” Sometimes when hearing these two words people immediately think of quantity, but for the advice to be of value we must think of quality.

  203. Brigitte

    MORE now means something different to what it did a few years back……but then that always happens as we go through life experiences. Way back, a new designer handbag was ‘MORE’…..only to find that if someone else had a more expensive or prettier one, it took the shine off things real quick, and turned something that initially felt like ‘MORE’ into something that felt like ‘LESS’ in no time at all.
    Now the ‘MORE’ would include having more time to walk along the beach with the person I love and picking up pretty shells to take home and turn into something creative……….or talking to someone, really talking, and really listening, forming a connection, getting the emotional satisfaction of making other people feel better about themselves (and I am NOT talking about sucking up to people) by actually paying attention to them. Or being able to help out with time, advice, or just showing up for someone. Or creating a beautiful environment at home for myself and the people that live with me, or watch a funny movie that makes everyone laugh………….there is so much that can be ‘MORE’ that does not have the potential to make it feel like less in comparison to what other people have and do. But in addition to that, I would have a lot of fun if I won the lottery and found myself with money to spare, and I sometimes amuse myself with thoughts of what I would do and could do. It gives me an interesting insight into what is important to me.
    Why do people think they need to strive for ‘LESS’? Mental conditioning, I suppose. Everyone should be entitled to think that what they want out of life is ok, whether that be an expensive car and exotic holidays, or a lifestyle eschewing all worldly goods…….. and anything in between. I love seeing people achieve the kind of success they are looking for, and for most of us that means so many different things. It might even mean doing nothing much at all at times.

  204. niraj kumar yadav


    More for me means freedom & to do the things which I think is right to do for myself & my people or the people I don’t know as well.What if I would rather say I want a life or a lifestyle that a actor have full of joys & fame however I know I don’t want it cz somewhere I think they are also not free from socializing critizisation etc etc.Freedom is something that make you feel free to make decisions and you do it without being worrying about result and it gives you happiness cz its done with happiness and interest if not than at least there would be a satisfaction that ya I have done something I wanted to. Freedom is more so you can make your life large.


  205. Joy

    Like so many others here, more would mean paying off my (huge) student loans and my debt. It would also mean not having to consider going full-time at my current part-time job, as I also have a number of freelance gigs I would prefer to focus on. More would mean being able to buy a nice house in a desirable neighborhood, and not feel like we have to make the choice between a nice house OR a desirable neighborhood. More would mean finally being able to travel overseas with my husband so I can show him all the places I loved when I lived in Europe.

    I think we live in a culture of deprivation, which is why people emphasize skimping rather than earning more. It’s self limiting, and it’s a reflection of the limits that we’ve seen others around us place on themselves.

  206. Marina

    ‘More’ for me is a huge mindset shift. It’s not immediately thinking “No, no way” when an off-the-wall possibility strikes me. All of the ‘things’ and experiences – travel, etc – would flow out of that.

    Why is there so much ‘less’? First, because ‘less’ sells – scarcity keeps us tuned to the news and disengaged. Second, at least in the US, is because of the outrageous public policy and lack of safety net that keeps people feeling constantly on edge.

  207. Geenie

    I want to have the financial stability to be able to travel and do what I want to do when I want to do it. I also would love the resources to help, loved your well suggestion! I would totally do that!

  208. Vinicius

    Be friggin FINANTIALLY INDEPENDENT! I hate living off other’s people money! Even if it’s family money.

  209. Andrew

    More for me is having the ability to do more BBQ competitions. It’s something I really enjoy but I feel guilt spending money doing it.

    People focus on less out of fear. Once the money is spent it is gone. Some people find peace in excessive amounts stored in a 0.3% savings account as they clip coupons and deny themselves they enjoyment of not just surviving but living.

    I no longer want to survive. I want to live.

  210. zahid Sharif

    “MORE” means I don’t have to think for a second when I want do any action in life for myself or my family in terms of financial spendings.

    People talk about less all the time because of their comfort zone and boxed thinking approach. People brought up from nursery to university in a typical way of living a life which means only way to live is earn and pay bills. People have to come out from the paying bills box to understand “MORE”. Without thinking and dreaming “MORE” is not possible.

  211. D. Mer

    It would be being able to spend as much time as I desired with my girls (vacations , trips, shopping, etc.) and still bring home a six figure income. I have a tween and a toddler AND a new solo firm – fresh out of school. Gearing up for living MORE this year.

    Most people do not have the mindset of abundance. We live in our own circumstances and peek out only to see the negative. However, I strongly believe that we exist for what we CAN achieve, not for what we can’t.

  212. Bill C

    More to me means being able to afford services I would define as luxurious in my Scrooge mindset. I want to earn to afford weekly massages and a personal trainer for my wife and I guilt free.

  213. Carlos

    To me MORE means more FREEDOM. Free to do what I want, when I want, with who I want, and as many times as I want. My kids are getting to their teens and as a working parent, I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with them because of my job and making ends meet. It’s sad but, I inherited that from my parents. They never spent time with me because they were busy working for minimum wage as immigrant workers from Mexico. I also want to launch and online business (internet marketing, or local marketing agency) so I can eventually leave my job or add an additional income stream.

    I believe you hit the nail on the head when you said that people are programmed to think that if you want more, you’re considered ungrateful or greedy. That you are not satisfied with what you have. I also believe that people just don’t know how to go about getting MORE or asking for MORE. It’s like a secret. Plus I think jealousy plays a factor too. People get jealous of you and therefore try to keep you down at their level. That’s why you need new friends or need to surround yourself with like minded people. In my case, I want more, but I just don’t know how to go about it. My brain needs like a blueprint or something because if I don’t have clear cut instructions. I tend to over analyze things and therefore put roadblocks in front of myself. That ENDS this year.

  214. Sam

    MORE means not worrying about the 20 little things circulating my mind every day, 20 little errands that taken together seem expensive and therefore none of them get done. Also MORE means felling more human by doing all the things I’m prevented from doing because I have to worry more about a paltry salary every day.

    Talking about LESS feels right when you put yourself in the context of the rest of the world. It’s easier to feel that in a country where we have 5% of the population but we consume 25% of the resources. I’ve lived in several countries and been in different social strata, but the guilt is so intense here that it’s invaded my life for a long time. It gets easier to just assume that if we do LESS, more will somehow be available magically for the rest. This rather than aiming at MORE and using that more to help others–if-you-want.

  215. Sarah Jones

    Hi Ramit, YES! I love this.

    For me, living a rich life in 2015 includes…
    – creating my first product so I can start enjoying income and impact beyond the 1:1
    – enjoying the hell out of my new Equinox membership on SF’s Union Street
    – going out to play with my boyfriend and friends all around the city every weekend
    – creating my growing team, starting with my happy and smart assistant
    – connecting with the people in the world I admire and enjoy most to spark / deepen friendships

  216. Irena

    Hey Ramit,

    I believe experiences make you a richer person, not necessarily having things. So, to me MORE means having the freedom to have more experiences and having these in the best, most luxurious and comfortable way. For instance, I love travelling, so MORE would mean travelling only business class, staying in great hotels, going to the most beautiful locations. MORE would mean not necessarily accumulating a lot of stuff, but buying the best quality of what I need to buy. And MORE would mean not being able to do this for just myself, but to bring my family and friends along for the ride.

    Many people talk about LESS, because of society and society’s views of money. Money is seen as evil, the root of all problems in the world. Money supposedly divides (the rich getting richer, poor getting poorer). You’re considered greedy if you want more (money).
    Also , having MORE means doing a whole lot more, taking risks, getting out of your comfort zone, giving up things that that they don’t want to give up but that don’t serve them at all. Most people don’t want to do that, so they go for LESS.

  217. Tim Anthony Manuel

    That’s a really nice take on success and spending. I remember myself doing the same thing when I was growing up…and even until now. But this post made me realize that I need to give something back to my little old self. This may (or may not) in turn, make me more productive, a little more successful, and a little bit less of a procrastinator. Thanks Ramit!

  218. Emmet

    I want deeper and more meaningful relationships. I want to increase my net of friends and the quality of people I surround myself with. It’s who you hang out with that determines who you are. I want to have more control in determining myself and the biggest change I can make is building new friendships. I only wish I knew how!

    I think other people always talk about LESS because society influences us to think wanting more is being greedy and ungrateful. I also think they talk about less because people are ultimately afraid of failing. If they say they want more and can’t get it, then what will the people surrounding them think? I chiefly want to change my friends for that reason, and find people that will help me grow not hold me back.

  219. Gemma

    More means being able to home-school my children, own our own home, and take at least yearly international trips.
    People talk about less because failing, especially publicly, is shameful (thank you school system) and aiming to achieve less is less risky than aiming to achieve more.

  220. Amy

    MORE for me is living well and living generously. It’s getting a steam shower and taking more frequent trips to NYC.

    This may be controversial, but I also love LESS. I fell in love with less when I was living in Honduras as an adult. For seven months I never had a hot shower. I was always hot and my feet always hurt from walking every where. But at the end of the day I got good sleep. The few times in my life where I’ve been physically uncomfortable and really gone without, I have been a far more gracious receiver, and I’ve been able to appreciate the smallest convenience with total sincerity.

    I no longer know how to appreciate hot showers. Getting $100 no longer make me cry with gratitude. I associate “less” with delayed gratification, with going without, with (voluntary) discomfort, and I think there is real value there too.

  221. Tad

    More to me is the ability to take a month off (to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, ect) and not worry about Money. To be able to buy a camera, cloths and new computer or a car without blinking. More is Freedom.

  222. Luba

    More to me is to finally go to New York. (I hope it will be this year).To travel as much as possible and to be able to see my family more then once a year and to be able to treat my mum just because I can. And to finaly move to States as I always wanted to(I live in UK but original come from Ukraine).
    I want to live and not just exist!!!

  223. Manuj Goyal

    I love this post because it is so true. When you have the financial means to spend, you should spend. It is unnecessary and unwise to hoard money. Invest it, pump it into the economy, use it. To me, MORE means meeting new people, taking care of the people I love, and having new experiences. I have been through a ton in my life and the experiences are what make my life what it is today. I always seek to experience MORE and do MORE. I wanted to start a business, so I did. I wanted to go to college, so I worked my butt off and I did. I experienced the close-minded approach of money being something which should only be saved but I realized that money should be saved but it should also be spent. Spend it well, don’t waste it, but spend it.

    Many people hold the mindset of sticking to less because of their cultural backgrounds. Often parents tell their kids to save their money because that is what the parents are doing. But the reasons are different. The parents are saving because they want their kids to enjoy life and be able to go to college and get married. The kids don’t have to worry about that so they should be spending their money. Teach your kids how to save money but don’t stop them from spending it!

    You have to be careful but spending money is a good thing. Earn it, save some, invest some, spend some. It’s not that difficult to grasp and once you think deeply about it, you can easily see that Ramit is right.

  224. Simi


    I’m going to sound totally shallow here after all these nice “I want to pay off my student loans” and
    “I want to take care of my family goals,” but screw it.

    I want to drop $2300 on a hairstyle.

    I realized some time ago that I spend on average 10 hours a week on my hair.

    10 hours a week that could go to spending time with family and friends, pursuing my hobbies (running, playing piano, learning languages, and singing), or even working more so that I can fund a couple of vacations and house repairs for family members who really need it.

    I’ve been on the fence about getting a hairstyle called Sisterlocks ( for those who don’t know what it is) on my hair for the past year and a half. It would cost around $2300 for the first year–about 1/3rd of the cost to install the tiny locks in my hair, and the rest of the cost goes to doing the roots every 4-6 weeks.

    I’ve scoffed at it for the past two years, despite loving the look, because WHO SPENDS $2300 PER YEAR ON THEIR HAIR?***

    But if I spent even half of those 10 hours doing some extra work (or work on the side), I could easily earn 3-5 times that cost back this year. Easily.

    There is some time investment involved in this, but it’s much less than the time I currently spend on my hair right now. Probably about 5-8 times less.

    I know that those closest to me might think I’m absolutely ridiculous. But I’d rather spend the money than the time on my hair.

    Or I could do the time and money saving method I did a few years ago and just chop it all off…but that’s another story.

    ***Yes, I know that there are lots of people who spend way more than that on their hair every year. But your hotel story (in the beginning of this post) is my hotel story. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t “normal” until I read your post 20 minutes ago…so you get where I’m coming from.


    Less is easy and within our comfort zones. We think “more” is out of reach. What we have now may suck, but better the devil you know than the one you don’t, right?

    And even when we do get MORE, it seems to come with attachments. Like that feeling that you’re going to lose it all. Or that you’re going to alienate those who supported you when you had less. And why the heck do I deserve more, anyway, especially when other people are dealing with less?

  225. Kai

    More to me is truly following your bliss and living life to the fullest. I think people talking about LESS are perpetuating a fear-based method of living. What if we all just did whatever the f*** made us feel free and happy? Let’s do it!

  226. parul

    more to me would be all the leisure time in the world and enough money to travel the world, not in a budget conscious way, but in total luxury.

  227. Mike

    More means never having to do do anything half way. Why order bourbon off the rail when Maker’s Mark exists? Why order an appetizer when there’s a fat ribeye entree on the menu?

    People talk about less because they don’t know how to see past mediocrity. They only know how to take what’s given instead of creating what they want

  228. Danise

    More to me is to be debt free. I could do all kinds of things with the money I spend on debt. I could travel, do volunteer work and even remodel my house!

  229. Satya

    I’d like to buy the best quality food, take 6 (luxurious) trips to amazing locations every year, pay to re-locate my parents to Singapore, and buy nice things for my family and partner.

    I want more time to spend with the people who matter the most – and more resources to give them things they cannot or would not want to spend on themselves.

    I want total control and flexibility over how many hours I choose to work everyday and where I work from. I want to be location independent and choose where to work from every few months.

    I want to rent amazing apartments in the city where I choose to live – and be able to afford it without worrying about the money.

  230. Kerri Lowe

    More for me would be not having to think twice about buying tickets to any event in NYC and bring a friend as a gift. Theatre, music, lectures, whatever. I want to see what I want and give gifts freely. I’d also love to start investing in art.

    People go for less (and my family is definitely in this mindset) because they’re scared of being judged as extravagant. By their family, friends, whatever. Especially when you don’t come from money. Our families have to create this myth around us that less is better to feel good about their position in society. We take that in and live from it too.

  231. Emily Hicks-Rotella

    1. More this year for me is having enough money to have a family. My wife and I need fertility treatments that cost a lot for us. But having a family is worth every penny. More would be to have enough money to make this family come into existence.
    2. People want to talk about less because of fear. Fear of wanting something and the disappointment they will feel if they don’t get what they want. Fear of working hard for something, failing, and needing to persist until they achieve or get what they want.

  232. Harry

    1. More means moving out of parents’ house and living on my own.

    2. People talk about less cause they think doing less things gets you more money. At least that is what I was raised to believe.

  233. Veronica

    More means – easier choices and more freedom to make them.

    Why do people talk about less all the time?
    Because they don’t think they can get more.

  234. Chris

    I want more time. What this really means is that I want to be able to better prioritize my time so I can reach the goals I wanted to reach last year, this year. Like starting Zero to Launch….still sitting there on video #1. Ugh.

    • John Kyle

      Hey Chris! I’m right with you! I started Zero to Launch in March 2014 – and I’m still at Module 1. It’s never too late to get started, and the first module is so important to take some time on. Alright, fellow tortoise, I’ll see you at the finish line!

  235. Ann

    What does MORE mean to me?
    I’d like have more free time and more money. While “more” is subjective, I’d like to work 4-5 hours a day (4-5 days a week as I please) and enjoy the rest of the day with my family and people close to me. More money is also subjective, so, to me more money is about $20k a month. I’ve been thinking to open an online business, but I am completely lost and don’t know where to start. Please HELP!
    I have f about 15 hours free a week that I could devote to the online business, yet I have no idea…
    Any advice is appreciated, Ramit! Thanks in advance!

  236. Melanie

    I am 23 and working at my first full time job while saving money living at home in NJ. “More” means to me:

    1. My goal is to be completely self sufficient by the time I turn 25 in March 2016 (an apartment, car paid off in full, etc.)
    2. Healthy, clean eating and ample outdoor exercise
    3. Having enough free time/money to travel regularly and do cool sh*t

    Cheers to a great 2015!

  237. Lucas

    MORE for me means:
    1. Knowing that I’m using my talents to live a rich life – adding massive value to the world and receiving plenty in return
    2. Being able to rent my own place and afford my own car
    3. Setting aside time to create my own music every week.
    4. Building a solid, stable financial foundation (e.g., max out my Roth IRA and solo 401k each year)
    5. Knowing that I can pay for my parents’ retirement starting in 2020 and take it in my stride.

    People would rather talk about less than more because they believe life and its resources are a zero-sum game, a limited pie that’ll run out if they get too much of it.

    It seems easier to cut back because it’s right in front of us, but in the long run, it takes just as much energy as making (offering) more.

  238. Mingshi

    >>What does MORE mean to you?
    Living in one of the most expensive cities, it is my goal to have my own apartment instead of staying at my folk’s place. It is safe to stay for the moment because of my job search. I already quitted my job overseas and challenge myself to live in my hometown where everything will cost more (!) – so ideally I would also prefer more responsibility on my next job and better salary, and taking the risk to rent my own lodging, live healthy and have a social life.

    >>Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?
    With more power there must also come more responsibility? lol
    I fully understand because if one desires less, they put in less effort, making their lives easier. Now I think of challenging myself, so staying behind the safety net does not appeal to me. More importantly, with more it is a recognition to our achievements, and we will enjoy even more spending and not feel guilty of using what we earn. Just like when I was on holiday leave with a well-paid job, I wouldn’t mind where I stay or eat. But when I quitted that job and travelled for a bit, my spending became my greatest concern – does not make sense when I left out the work responsibility already and had a decent bank account left?!?

  239. Hanna

    More means freedom of choice and flexibility. I have learned to live with LESS but I realized that by always settling with less, I have also LESS impact on things around me.

    More money and resources mean MORE ways to drive positive change.

    Personally MORE would mean to me:

    1. Finally ending the living-out-of-suitcase-life and having an apartment on my own.
    2. Being in the position to be more generous in sharing – be it with friends, social causes etc.

  240. Datts

    ‘more ‘ for me is to be able to take my family for a world tour and to be able to spend as much as I can to make sure my kids also learn to earn more and enjoy the life.
    People consider these as day-dreams but don’t realize that people actually can achieve what they dream. They think of more but they talk and share less about it.

  241. Vester

    Hi i’ve been your Earn1K member – now striving to live my life my own way – from financial analyst to interior designer – now working on it

    To me, want more = having a condo in Singapore, and have the luxury to drive Mercedes SLK or Mazda 3 in a nation where only 10% of the people afford cars.

  242. Joshua

    1) well I just graduated college and have my 1st big boy job. I make $11hr and I have about 88k in student so to me living a rich life would mean being able to live in my own place save money and start investing and pay off my student loans in 4 years.

    2) I think it’s because we don’t realize we have the ability or option to increase how much we make. I certainly never heard about it before reading it from Ramit.

  243. Layne

    More means a much greater margin of time and money – I.e. freedom.
    People don’t talk about more because they have no idea how to get more. The ONLY thing most people think can earn you more money is more education… There’s plenty of evidence to the contrary. I returned to school simply for the love of learning and because I wanted to. I already began making a lot more money and my schooling (which I haven’t compleyed) has nothing to do with it.
    The last thing I would note about why people think ‘save’ instead of ‘get more’ is because making more can often mean taking risks (a huge trait of successful entrepreneurs) and most people aren’t comfortable taking on much risk. Unfortunately.

  244. Kristen V

    MORE is something I need this year. Although to catch up on this debt, I need to do a little less, I want MORE experiences. Today I told my roommate I want to do one thing each month that not everybody can say they’ve done. Like drive a bus, just to say I have and I am educated about driving a bus and can understand another person’s perspective. I want to do crazy, random things just because! What’s life about if you don’t live?

  245. Danny

    1.) MORE for me would be to purchase a luxury condo in the same complex as my work’s office, so I could literally walk to work in less than 2 minutes — eliminating my current 35-minute daily commute (My mom thinks this is crazy because I want to save time in the day in order to enjoy other things in life rather than be stuck in traffic road raging). Plus, have an amazing balcony view, and an overall modern place to live right near awesome bars and restaurants in Scottsdale.

    2.) I think more people are conditioned to think with limitations in their mind to have LESS and as to what they can accomplish and have in life based on the majority of people around them (lower / middle class).

  246. Adam Thomas

    1.More = No Debt | One Bedroom Loft in NYC | Passive Income to focus on gaining more still

    2. WE have been conditioned to not fly to high lest we get shot down.

  247. John Corcoran

    For me, “more” would mean taking 30 days off between mid-July of this summer and mid-August to be with my family, preferably at a rental cabin in Lake Tahoe. Even more than that would be six weeks or eight weeks.

  248. Matt Miller

    This was one of the best posts I’ve read from you yet. It made me excitement and validated my own beliefs.

    1) MORE would be able to pay my pareents debt off and get them back into a home or place they want to live and be able to pay for everything that I am working towards this year in 2015.


    “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” ~Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

    “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.” ~Pablo Picasso

    People stop seeing, dreaming, envisioning, picture and so they ultimately get beat down from believing in what can be/what they used to see. They become jaded, wounded and crippled and I get it. It’s hard to fight the negative current but it’s a trap, it’s a down right lie. WE MUST THINK, PLAN, DREAM, BELIEVE AND ULTIMATELY SEE WHAT WE WANT FOR OUR FUTURE or we will never have it. We must fight for our hearts. In the fight we must find our comrades who SEE IT/GET IT like you Ramit for support, tactical maneuvering so we don’t become overhelmed and exhausted along the way.

  249. Tonnishia

    More Wealth…. $1 millon dollars per month

  250. Dustin

    Hey Ramit!

    Personally, more for me would be to spend time with my family and friends whenever and wherever I want. I haven’t been able to do much of that for a lot of reasons coming together. My mom has to take care of the grandparents and work hard to help pay part of my Master’s program tuition. My sister and her husband live fairly comfortably but couldn’t always catch a break. My girlfriend loves me a lot and puts in some crazy hours and extra work shifts to continually afford living close to me. Everyone’s so busy about things that it’s difficult just to really sit down all together and spend time with each other, and that part about how you just bought tickets was inspiring. If I could somehow start up a system to get more money and make better use of my time to alleviate some of the stress they’re going through, that would mean a lot more to me.

    I also think that people talk about less while we’re talking about more because we’re making an effort to by constantly testing for ways to live a rich life. The other people see a system that’s kind of the easy way out; show up for 40 hours, get work done, go home and sleep. There’s something about putting all that trust away into some big company and be “babied” for the next 40 years or so that just appeared appealing to a lot of people. Having to live out and strike on our own is out in the unknown, and failure is something that many places don’t comfortably encourage. Talking about less is easier for some people because not knowing what is more and failing to reach out for more just appears to be crazy talk to them, and that’s why they’re stuck where they are.

    Thanks for another great post!

  251. Parul Sharma

    This is exactly what I was talking to my husband about. In India you are a rockstar if you save and save and save, we save quite a bit apart from retirement, tax saving investments we have saved enough to get rid of our home loan in 6 years instead of original 10. But this has a very big downside, we are in our late 20s earning well above average but we are still not comfortable spending on ourselves and for things we want to do. this year we are both challenging our though process… for me this year is all I have before I hit 30 and I am going to rock it!

  252. Nathaniel

    Hey Ramit,

    I loved the story about the budget vacation. And I was happy to see you emphasize that there’s more to life than money, and that by lifting oneself up, one thereby becomes more able to benefit others.

    For me, more means paying for nice Bar Mitzvah celebrations for each of my four youngest sons, with no difficulty or stress. For the eldest of our five boys, we just barely managed to pull it off; frequent repairs to our aging minivan kept eating at our savings, and we were already in the process of making large payments to pay off our credit cards. We’re pretty close to being debt-free, while still struggling to save, so a higher income would make it a lot easier.

    More also means fixing up all the things that need repair in our home, once and for all. We’ve gotten used to tolerating a level of disrepair, and we’re pretty sick of it by now.

    More means taking my family on a nice vacation this summer without worrying about time or money.

    More means taking more of Ramit’s classes.

    More means choosing what I want to work on when at my job, instead of being dictated that there’s no budget for me to stay on my current project.

    More means that this year I’ll tackle a fitness course, like yoga or something else that works.

  253. John Kyle

    1) MORE to me means spending as much time as I want in my dream home studio writing and recording songs and demos, and then having the freedom to go perform, around here (Sacramento), or on tour. So, the luxury to make MORE than “a living” as a music artist.

    Also, MORE means being free to teach others – I want to teach other people how to be “rich” music artists – to be “musicpreneurs.”

    MORE means being able to do the above and be able to give my wife and our three daughters the rich life they deserve.

    2) Why do so many people have a “scarcity mentality?” It’s because they view their situations as externally created, and see themselves as victims of forces beyond their control. They’ve made bad decisions and then use the bad consequences as proof that they need to retract in a protective manner, instead of expand in a beneficial one.

  254. carl

    1. Sex 2 to 4 times per week with amazing and interesting women
    2. Stop trading time fit money. Launch an online business aimed at bachelors/divorcee from 25 to 40 who can’t cook, are unfit, and lack swagger that will allow me to help while I to work and play from Thailand, India, St. Lucia
    3. Reading more businesses, self help, and philosophy- 3 books a week.
    4. Eat more fat and spicy food, 1600 calories of quality fat per day. High fat diet baby!
    5. More meditation. Meditate for 50 minutes per day
    6. Get stronger on 5×5 workout: bench 225 (at 170), squat 300 (at 240), deadlift 300 (at 240)

  255. Zeke

    More means a new Nissan GTR & telling my mother to stop working. In that order. I’ve hit some goals without realizing. I get to spend a good bit of time with my family. Very few responsibilities that tie me down. For that, I’m grateful.

    I think people tend to want more because it requires hard work. Most believe putting in their 45-50 hours a week are just fine. I’m the last person to knock someone if that is all they want out of life. Just get out the way of those that want a richer life. It’s easier to stay in your lane, then to play on the Autobahn.

  256. Heidi

    Hi Ramit,

    Thanks for getting me to think beyond the scripts I’ve been raised with.

    What does MORE look like to me?
    Living on my own in a well-decorated apartment that is close to work, instead of with a room-mate in a basement suite. Buying my parents a home so they don’t have to be anxious about shelter in their retirement. Being able to book tickets to a conference/event/workshop I want to attend when I learn about it, even if it’s across the world. Never having to say “I’d love to, but I can’t afford it right now.”

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?
    Less is familiar. Perhaps Less seems more manageable – after all, More isn’t something we’ve had experience with yet. And dreaming beyond our current situation can be unfamiliar.

  257. Seth

    Excellent Article.

    I want More.

    More material satisfaction. (Improved Income to facilitate buying what I want and not feeling guilty)
    More mental satisfaction. (More time spent on activities that I really want to be doing.)
    More Success. (see above)

  258. Delores

    Great article Ramit!

    1. More to me, means being totally tuned in. Tuned in to the people & opportunities around you. Like someone that has just come out of a coma, smelling the flowers and soaking up all the conversations around them. We are in such an auto-pilot mindset, we miss the success clues we are given daily.

    2. Most people are trained to only expect less because they are not totally tuned in. We’ve been taught that wanting more is bad and makes us greedy. There are so many opportunities we miss because we are afraid to speak up.

    I am making a 2015 intention of speaking up more, asking more questions to get more answers!

  259. Sukhpreet Singh

    More means having lots of money to help people that are less fortunate!!!

  260. Heather

    I want to have MORE friends who are creative entrepreneurs. Having a posse of like minded friends to brainstorm ideas and get coffee with would bring spice to my life! I’d be more energize and motivated if I was surrounded by people who were on the same page. (Kind of like your partners in crime; Tim Ferris & Derek Halpern!)

    Wanting less is simply a way to minimize disappointment & conform to expectations. Also, some people would rather reaffirm their beliefs then change their behavior. However, people who want to get the most out of this lifetime not only want more, but prepare themselves for obtaining it.

  261. Matt Miller

    Tonight I was using my Vitamix to make hummus (Yes, it was delicious), I was listening to Amanda Palmer’s audiobook version of The Art of Asking which is absolutely AMAZING. I was about to turn my Vitamix on when Neil Gamain said something very crucial to his wife Amanda. I re-listened to that minute of dialogue again and paused for a moment as I was reminded of what Ramit was sharing with all of us and asking us to think about in this post. Neil said “You can’t really ask for what you can’t really imagine. You can’t ask for what you don’t know.” It was really a powerful moment in the book and bringing his words into this conversation of why most people expect/see/seek less, I would mimic Neil’s words in that many of us have not tasted, been shown, felt, given, realized, actualized internally what it feels like to have more to be in a state of abundance. If they were to feel that state they would begin to see that more is available right now and that more can be theirs and that more is not bad in and of it’s self. But, for many of us we simply do not know what “more” feels like, we are not acquainted with her intimately.

    May the year of “more” be a year we show our family, our friends,others and yes, even ourselves, what it feels like, what it looks, how more acts like and what more is.

    • Kate

      Great share – i’m going to get that audio book! 🙂

  262. Sukhpreet Singh

    More to me means, having lots of money to help people that are less fortunate!!!

  263. Amit Patel

    More means that my family needs are taken care of and I can do whatever I want to do without having to worry about providing for my family. I have enough money so that I don’t have to work additional day for food, clothing, shelter, emergencies and vacation. Having done that more would mean the freedom to pursue my dreams. Building world class software products that would help people in some way. In helping people who have struggles in meeting basic needs of life even when they have the potential to do great. To inspire people with my own story and stories of successful people I come across so that more and more people live their dreams.

  264. Raghav

    To me more means, paying off my parents’ debt, being able to go on mountaineering expeditions every other year, living a life that is filled with beauty in all its forms.

    I believe people are afraid. Afraid of truly embracing their own authenticity and desires and not compromising.

  265. lmquan

    MORE is the freedom in my mind when I can do the job I want. Then the freedom of finance to get my own house, to buy things to people I love, to have true vacation….
    We’re talking about MORE instead of LESS because all people think that LESS is far easier than MORE. Besides that, their family and people who truly care about them don’t want they risk their life and career to get MORE.
    (sorry for my bad english)

  266. Kate

    More to me means, buying that designer handbag and coat that i’ve always wanted, more means paying off my student loan and small credit card bill earlier so that i’m completely debt free, more means being able to spend on what i want and put away some money for saving and investment. More means leaving my PT job to focus fully on my fitness business and always having enough money coming in to live comfortably and afford all the above! More means going on those last minute trips when i feel like it, more means paying for an amazing dinner in a top restaurant rather than usually expecting my boyfriend to do it! More means staying at top hotels sometimes and not staying with friends to save money – not having to fly and ridiculous times to get the cheapest flight price! More means getting my hair done when i feel like it; more means having money to invest in the business to make it even more successful and hiring people to help me make it grow and therefore also not having to juggle and do it all myself. More means being able to buy my own home, with amazing furniture and decor. More means being able to treat myself to regular beauty treatments and alternative therapies without feelings like i’m being extravagant! More means buying the products i want to buy and not going for the cheaper option. More means being able to buy friends and family the gifts i really want to buy them at Birthday’s and Christmas. Lastly, more means making and saving enough money so that I can spend some of my time giving back – through charity or helping others.

  267. ommkar

    MORE for me means DOING what I WANT..TODAY..not 9to5.. and SHARING WHAT I DISCOVER.. with my associates/affiliates… … How about you?

  268. Sean

    1) More to me means being able to do what I want (within limits). If I want to go out to a nice restaurant, I can do it. If I want to go on a weekend break, I can do it. If I want to go on a hot air balloon ride or snorkelling or whatever, I can do it. It’s about being able to do something fun without worrying about the financial aspect of it.

    2) Most people don’t feel like they are in control of their life or their finances and because of that they don’t understand that others are and have the freedom to do things that they want. Life is mostly about what you put in, and what you put in tends to have a pretty big impact of what you get back out. Sometimes it’s about being more efficient, sometimes it’s just about having a plan rather than just keeping on doing what hasn’t worked for you so far.

  269. tuseet jha

    More for me means a few things:

    1)the ability to spend money and not have to check my bank account afterwards to see if I overspent.
    2) To be able to travel wherever I want and whenever I want

  270. Nick M.

    Great article, very similar to how I grew up. Lower class, used clothes, always “on a budget”, couldn’t afford it, etc. I’ve worked on myself and have grown into middle management earning 250k/yr. More than triple what anyone in my family earns and I am continually looking for ways to earn more. My biggest desire is financial freedom which in turn will give me time freedom to pursue a non-profit type organization that I would love to start and secondly to build our dream house in a warm-scenic climate to host family events and pay the way those who need it.

  271. Antonio

    More in 2015 means time freedom for my family, New wardrobe, New baby, allowingmy wife to go back to school.Moretravel.

  272. Will

    1) More to me is philanthropy. I want enough to be able to spend lavishly on others and not worry about it. I want to be able to have someone come to me and say my car needs fixed and I pay for it, anonymously if possible. I want to spend my time helping others become better than their self-imposed limitations. Debt Freedom, Wealth, Strength, Fitness, Health, and Ability aren’t just for the disciplined but more for the Passionate. I know a lot of awesome, yet proud, people who are struggling to get things right the first time and I want to help them in their journey.

    2) Less is “safer”. Spend less, do less, give less. Keep it all to yourself and don’t have to deal with other problems. The lie is that more is just going to lead to stress, risk and failure. In reality in the pursuit of more you’ll get more. Even in failure you will still have accomplished more than if you had never tried.

  273. Sam K

    1) MORE means having a job that satifies and fulfills me. It also means having the financial freedom and stability to do the things that I want to do such as travel and buy things without worrying about how we are going to pay for this. MORE means not having to live paycheck to paycheck. With that financial freedom and stability, I will not have to feel trapped in a job because it makes the most money in our household and that it is how we can make ends meet.

    2) People talk about LESS because they think that’s the right and moral thing to do. They do not want to feel selfish or more importantly appear to be selfish. I think we live in a society where appearance is everything but we lose what is important to us because we think that is being selfish. I think we are talking about MORE because it is time for us to learn that it is okay to focus on what make us happy not what we should appear to be to other people.

  274. Maya

    I want more: time with my family (i.e. not being forced to work so much, such long hours). More outlets for my creativity. To finalize my creative projects and not watch in frustration as they wilt away because I’m too busy working for somebody else and filling a hole in the bank. I want to pay off ALL my debts and start saving: for a house of my own, for pension security, for the future of my children.
    When all that is in place, I want more fun time – vacations, culture, movies, art, time to read, learn, think.

    Why do people not want more: Fear of disappointment and a strong, deep belief that it is impossible to achieve, so better not want. Fear of success. Fear of standing out, of being different, thinking differently.

  275. Anand

    I want to be able to say, “Yes,” MORE often. I want to able to say yes to the vacations my family dreams of. I want the financial freedom to travel MORE.

    I think people keep talking about less because they assume that they have to live the way they were raised. We don’t realize that this is one of the few countries where upward mobility isn’t just possible, but with some effort can become probable. With that kind of mindset, the only path to go down is that of less.

    I look forward to MORE golden advice from you this year, Ramit.


  276. Tara

    More to me means being able to do what I want and not what I feel like have to do, eg being able to eat at a restaurant (making healthy choices of course) rather than cooking (I hate hate to cook).

    – I want more land: we currently live in 3/4 acres , I want at least 10.
    – I want more house: currently I have 4 bedrooms, I want 6.
    – I more of the right time free – not just free time but the right hours, the ones when my children are not at school, I can do what ever when they are at school and sleeping, I want to be available when they are available.
    – I want more money : to be debt free and be able to indulge in whims of fancy and interests rather than pay bills eg attend the Olympics and see Usain Bolt cross the finish line from inside the stadium (front row)

    What has kept ME from thinking MORE are the teachings that somehow living in lack is more holy, like having less money makes you more Godly.

  277. Valerie

    I want to be able to not feel stress and fear about money. I want to walk into a store and not have to look at the cost of every single item and then to stress over whether or not I can afford it. I want to take my two daughters (ages 16 and 13) to wonderful places around the world. I want to show them things they have never seen or experienced. I want to tell my mom that she can move into the retirement community she wants to move into and never worry about money again. I want to help those people who need help. I want to ADD to this world by making more, spending more, giving more, saving more, and enjoying MORE!
    I believe people focus on LESS for several reasons. The first reason is FEAR. People are afraid of wanting MORE and not getting it. People are afraid if failure. Better to not want something than to want it and fail at trying to get it. I fear that the way we are raising our kids these days we are going to end up with many more people who are afraid of failure. We don’t allow for our kids to fail these days. Everyone gets a trophy just because their name is on the roster. Not because their team was any good or because they worked hard. Kids expect to win and be successful just because. But, the real world is not like that. These kids are growing up having never failed. They are becoming adults who are now paralyzed by fear because they don’t know how to fail and they’ve never had practice falling and picking themselves up. This is why we have so many college graduates living in mom and dad’s basement, sleeping until noon, spending their days playing video games, and not going for MORE. They are afraid. People will focus on less out of fear of not ever reaching MORE.
    As I said, there are several reasons why people focus in less. Failure is just one if those reasons. As a clinical psychologist who works with a lot of kids, teens, young adults, I am aware (I see it every day) of how we are raising generations of kids who are growing up afraid to fall and being paralyzed by that fear. We NEED to take what you are teaching to the kids! If you ever want to talk about how to do this, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME! I would love to develop your message and package it for kids, for the schools, for parents. Let’s reach them before they internalize their scripts of focusing on LESS. Let’s raise generations of kids who WANT MORE. Not because they are spoiled and expect more to be handed to them but because they are SMART, DETERMINED, CREATIVE, and most importantly, because they AREN’T AFRAID OF MORE!!!!!

  278. Zack

    My biggest goal of “More” is to be able to travel once a month. This will take flexibility in what I do for income, some planning, and a Traveling savings account, but I think it is very actionable in the near future.

    People focus on less because it is much easier. Focusing on more takes more creativity, effort, and intentional action. Meanwhile, someone can buy a different brand of pasta that is on sale and feel like they saved money because it was discounted 19 cents. It is easy to keep going back to what you already know (saving money), rather than putting in the extra effort to earn more.

  279. Mark

    MORE for me in 2015 means LESS. It means I’m spending this year decluttering my life. I need to shed objects, tasks, relationships, among other things. I need to eliminate all of the things that are taking up my time and destroying my productivity and creativity. I spend too much time and effort on things that are not important to me. It’s time to hit the reset button on my life and focus on what matters most to me.

  280. Stefan

    Ramit, if you’re reading this I want to say that I laughed at the way you check into motels/hotels. I’m originally from Bulgaria and whenever we road trip somewhere, my father would do the same check-in routine. All of us (my mother and my 2 other siblings) would stay in the car while he checked out a room because some charge based on # of occupancy. Another thing we tried to do when we had a GPS (before we had smartphones) that could tell us numbers of hotels in the area was to call ahead of time. Hotels charge you more if you book a room on the spot because they know you’re desperate. Calling ahead of time, you’re in control of where you’re going to sleep.

    I’m a recent follower of yours since your podcast with Tim. You two inspire me. You said you read every comment.

  281. Simone Griffin

    1. To me, more means taking family vacations; working full-time for our family business and expanding our family business; buying my mom a house; having beautiful designer clothing and shoes; being able to travel any time, any where; having more like-minded, ambitious, smart, fun friends; attending more sporting events; another dog; and more FUN!

    2. Because people are scared or don’t realize that their negativity keeps them where they are. We all need to focus on abundance, health, and wealth, because we are meant to live a rich life.

  282. Quintina

    More to me means living the life you choose without limits. I would love to live in a fabulous house in a upscale neighborhood. Driving the best of best cars and trucks, traveling with my dream job, eating at nice 5 star restaurants, having a $5000 outfit on, having a personal assistant, and people working for me.
    People settle for less because they’re scared to dream big, they fear failure and success. I was told by a famous author “call those things that are not as though they were “.

  283. Carolina

    For me more:
    1. Do more of what I do and become a game changer in my business and my field
    2. Charge and charge more for what I do
    3. Do more, do it better, do what I do in a unique way
    4. Have my own apartment full of clothes, high heels, bags, design pieces and organic and deli food in the fridge
    5. Traveling 2 times a month by plain
    6. Reading and studying more so I have more and more interesting conversations with more interesting people

    Why less???
    A new age thing that sucks: if you have more it means more stress and more pressure. You have to learn to be detach and humble with less in order to be happy.

    Tnx Ramit more in 2015 the year of more. Live it!

  284. Ben

    Ramit, thanks for this post! It’s made me put re-reading IWTYTBR at the top of my list for this week, plus revisiting Earn1K. Your words have upset my life in so many ways that get me into arguments with friends and family (I think I win the arguments, but I’m sure they do, too).

    1) I think MORE means different things at different times. For me, this year, MORE means one thing only – location independence. My fiance and I decided we want to travel overseas for a few months, since it’s not as expensive as people pretend it is and we’re getting antsy in Southwest Michigan. I made the decision at the end of last year not to renew my lease so I have a deadline (August 1) and we announced to our families and friends so we have accountability. There’s some hard work ahead to make sure that the goal is reached, but it doesn’t really require much above what a lower middle-class job would offer, oddly enough. Nothing superhuman, just cognizant spending more than anything else.

    That is where I think the LESS part comes in, and where people get hung up. Yes, I’ll have to stop eating out as much or ordering pizza, but I can make the same $24 pizza for ~$6 at home. It means I’ll have to cancel my Audible membership, but I have a library card I should be using more anyway. These follow the invisible script that we’re fed, but it is in service to something greater – that’s where I think people are missing the reason for LESS. Skipping lattes and appetizers isn’t worth a thing if it doesn’t serve a greater goal, and self-righteous snobbery is not a goal (of which I’ve been guilty for a long time).

  285. Nathaniel Kinsey

    More is the life I want, the life I desire, and doing all the things I finally want to do. More means more time to take the start-up I work at from hundred thousand dollar business to a million and multimillion dollar business. More means having more time with my girlfriend and family. More means having a home in SF. And finally more means surrounding myself with more people who are like me, ambitious, driven, smart, passionate, fun, and adventurous!

    People talk about less because less is easy and they fear having more. It is easy to cut back on everything in your life. It’s easy to live in a small apartment, with a small cost of living. BUT it’s hard to want more and it is scary as hell to want more and fail to get more.

  286. George

    More for me would mean getting to travel multiple times a year, getting a place for just me and my fiance, performing across many venues, having a strong following of my music, and just basically being able to have a life as a working musician. A HUGE goal for me professionally would be to get a speaking and singing part for a major character in a feature-length Disney animated musical.

    Why do we talk about less? For me, what you mentioned about people starving resonates strongly. I guess I see financial wealth as a zero-sum game, and I’m not sure if that’s an invisible script or not (the people at Sustainable Human, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Venus Project make some very compelling arguments). Sure, we all want more out of life, and it’s important to look out for Number One, but how do we reconcile such extravagant indulgences if it’s based in a system that necessitates a huge swath of people elsewhere going without and not having enough for even the basic necessities of life, often due to no fault of their own, but due to huge, overarching systemic problems? Is my compassion for the impoverished and downtrodden an invisible script? Is it WRONG to feel compassion? Is there a way to achieve more for myself without losing my compassion for the plights of others, or wanting to help implement an economic model that would cause less suffering across the board? SHOULD I even work towards such a lofty goal if it means that every last human life on this planet is granted the same amount of equality and access as anyone else, given that such a structure may be detrimental to Earth’s limited resources?

  287. Brandon

    More to mean means more life experiences. I want to see awesome places and interact with people at fun events. Life is most enjoyable exploring and I’d like to do MORE exploring!

  288. Tiffaney

    Having more means being limitless. For example, if I wake up tomorrow and decide that I want a change of scenery, it’s having the ability to spend a week in Tahiti at the nicest resort there. Or the fact that I would love to turn my master bathroom into a $20,00 spa oasis in my home. Is it necessary, no, but do I deserve it HELL YES! Once we as a people understand that we were created to live an abundant life, we will be so much happier with accepting and demanding more.

    Although I grew up in an environment of lack, I found a way to build a mentality of more. I knew from an early age that there was a bigger and better world out there I just had to figure out how to tap into it.

    People are focused on talking about less because that is the norm and what is PC. We think “oh no I don’t dare to brag or say that I want to step outside of the box.” People are so focused on trying to be “normal” and dying to fit in that they don’t realize all of the death that they are doing inside.

  289. Cindy O

    More for me means, as you Ramit said, paying my parents’ debt off someday, getting into Harvard or Princeton after finishing in the university of my dreams (still not there, just in high school) and being able to buy a new cellphone whenever I wish to…. also maybe to keep on with my self-taught french and get on a out-of-place travel to France to practice my limited french e.e

    Many people talk about less because as you mentioned it’s what they are taught, is a psychology thing, if they grow up with something, is very certain they will stick up with such mentality meanwhile groing up until adulthood, unless, of course, something strucks them to realize they can have more.

    In my case, people – like my dad- say LESS to me as in university options because it is just a very expensive option and is out of the country (I live in Puerto Rico, so not really far anyway). As for the cellphone thing, well, I am just a student finishing high school owning an old Samsung Galaxy Grand which won’t receive any other android updates, but is still a smartphone, so my family members say it is totally ok to own that one because it’s totally into techonology and then tell me I am just a student without a real job (sometimes I work as waitress when called), so I am young for expensive stuff and such thing as a high tech smartphone would go better with a bussiness person. Btw, with that cellphone thingy, I just collected some money to buy in the next week maybe the Nexus 6 so the monthly bill will be less for my mother which pays it.

    People also talk about less because as they just see the world is having economy problems (I say world becaue every country is kinda having them), then they think automatically about limiting themselves for their own good and for all. The thing is that indeed they don’t take risks. If they don’t buy certain thing they want so much, then a store looses money, then is an economical impact to the store, then it can come with some effects as that store having to lower its employees salary or shutting down, which ta-dá! yes, it resumes to effing more the economy little by little 🙂 it all just adds up.

    We are talking more because we want, because being ambitous is not bad.
    And at least I want more because I want to have a good life, not in the future, but since now, being able to choose correct decisions and actions. I want more because I’m tired of seeing the people of my neighborhood and country just wanting less because they feel always limited, which ends up with every of those person in debt to the top of their heads and such.

    In resume, I want more because I know I can and will have more 🙂 And if you are reading this, Ramit, which maybe it isn’t true and is just another person that helps manage your business/live (as you previously mentioned), however, then : Hi.

  290. Lindsay

    More to me means being able to make the money to pay off my debt. Every cent of it. While doing that, I also want to save. More for me also means being able to take advantage of a great last minute travel deal (and therefore see more of the world) without worrying about being able to afford it.

    I think people focus on “less” because it’s easier. It’s super easy to skip a latte and tell yourself your doing something proactive. It also then makes it easier to blame something else when it doesn’t work. “I didn’t have lattes for an entire month and I’m still broke. It must be inflation!!!” or whatever the excuse might be. Wanting more, and proactively going out there and making more happen is hard. More to me means paying off my debt. Well, i’m going to need to come up with $20k to do that. That’s a hell of a lot harder than skipping a $6 latte. It’s not so much that people are lazy (although some are) but more that psychologically, people want to feel like they are doing everything they can possibly do, even when they aren’t. So skipping a latte and buying an efficient toilet WHILE remembering to turn down the heat to 65 degrees when you leave the house sounds a lot better than I asked my boss for a raise and I’m crossing my fingers that he gives it to me!

    Which leads me to my final thought (which is basically what you said in this article), people have a huge misconception about what “more” is. As you stated, more isn’t about being selfish and greedy. More isn’t about being passive and letting life happen to you (i,e letting your boss give you that raise). You have control over more. You can spend more on things you love and less on things you don’t. All of what you mentioned in the article is this misconception. People assume that skipping things and saving pennies are the way to save money because it’s logical. However, as you mention in your book, it will never save you enough to be worth it. And buying that latte and throwing the change in a wishing fountain isn’t going to break the bank.

  291. Kylie

    More is everything. I am on the cusp of a move from a small town where all my family is to a big city. Because I need more for myself and my business. More clients with higher budgets so I can do more of what I love, be more creative, work less and have time for all the enjoyments of life. Being able to hop on a sea plane for a 20 min flight home to visit my baby nephew and niece anytime I want. Building the commercial kitchen of my dreams not needing to worry about the expenses, that’s more!

    People talk about less because they are afraid, of failing, of putting themselves out there and of beleiveing in themselves.

  292. Arlene

    More means being able to take my son to school and also to pick him up after school. More
    means buying a home out in the country with at least 30 acres.

    I think people don’t talk about more because they don’t want you to become disappointed in the event that “more” does not occur. Instead, they tell you to be happy with what you have.

  293. Michelle

    I have to agree with the posters who said that more = freedom. I don’t know yet exactly what “more” I will want (or get) in this coming year; I just know I want it and will get it! The freedom to spend whatever, whenever. The freedom to buy a friend a random “I saw this and thought of you” present. The freedom to stay in bed until 9am if I so please. The freedom to send my kids to a ridiculously expensive alternative private school. Just FREEDOM!!
    I think that people are scared to admit they want more than what they have now. Most people likely feel that others will perceive them as “greedy” or “money hungry” or whatever other B.S. terms haters can come up with. Since most of society seems to have herd-thinking, anything against or above the norm is going to make that person ostracized by the group. Screw that! I no longer care if I come across as greedy…maybe I am…what’s it to you?? Go back to saving your toilet paper rolls to make wall decor…I’m going to buy that $3,000 floor mirror I want!

  294. Kate Nelson

    More…I want more money to pay off debt and finish the remodeling projects around my house. I also want to be able to book a small or sizable vacay time permitting.

    Why do people talk about less? They have been programmed to think that wanting less is somehow noble and a demonstration of being a responsible person. Wanting less is only beneficial if you see where you have accumulated too much of something (tangible or not) but I see it as backwards movement.

  295. Marlon

    More means not having to live paycheck-to-paycheck..that spending on something you love to have or to does not make you feel guilty just because it was not budgeted for..that spending time to be with family on mini-vacations does not depend on whether you can afford it or not.. that you have more time to spend with your family because you don’t have to work extra hours to get more money..that money cease to be an object when it comes to our little luxuries like a $200 jacket that you’ve been wanting to get your wife for her birthday or the latest game console for your son because he simply wants to get it..that you stop using the excuse of “teaching financial lessons” to your kids when in fact the only reason you cannot afford is that you do not have money to spend..that you realize that the best time to teach kids about money and the discipline to maintain it is when you have loads of it..

  296. Stephanie

    1) More: This year I want to start a business, make enough to quit my current job, and become self-employed.–I am grateful for my job (pays the bills), but I feel like I have the potential to do so much more than this. I am using my energy to do something mediocre, when I can be using my energy do something greater…something much MORE than this. I know that I have it in me.

    2) Why people are okay with LESS: Most people are afraid of failure ( I’ve been a victim of this). The “safe” route is the easiest route. Why not do something safe AND easy? I believe this is the average humans’ thought…and what keeps everyone at mediocre. Fear of failing and fear of having to harder.

  297. Laura

    What is more to me? I want to be able to save enough for an exciting fun-filled retirement, pay for all 3 of my kids’ college tuitions, and go on a fun vacation every year… to be able to save AND spend.

    Why do ppl talk about less vs more? Because it’s easier to see – it’s tangible. You can see something you need to cut out. You can’t physically see something more – it’s not there yet. It’s harder for people to grasp when it doesn’t exist, Taft takes imagination, creativity, motivation, and positive thinking. Negative views are so much easier to talk about and focus on.

  298. Erin

    I think this is such a relevant article because I always feel that there’s a fine line (in my life anyway) between being happy with what you have and wanting more. i.e. current job is lower paying but works for now while I a-decide what I want to do and b-pursue it, because I know I want more, just not what and need to reflect on it. But in the meantime, my basic needs and bills are met and savings is growing so those are good “be happy with what you have” things while I am reflecting on what exactly the MORE is that I want (in terms of job, education to get that job, etc.)….

    As for what would be more for me in other things:
    1. Being able to travel would be amazing. Locally, In the US, and anywhere else… All of it!
    2. Being able to go to the gym, or grocery store, or anything else I need to do when I want to, instead of missing classes because of work schedule, etc. Whether this is from working for myself or in some “lifestyle career” that offers more flexible schedule…

    The toilet thing made me laugh. I would make my toilet more efficient because it is in alignment with my values to work towards being more environmentally sound, but not because I think it would save me money. Saving money would be an added bonus though. But really? Turn off your oven light to save 30 cents a year? (I’m guessing here.) No thanks…

  299. Frin

    More is different today. For me. Today more would include $28,000 to send my beautiful daughter to rehab so she can have a chance to want more for herself. Most of all, more would be the peace of mind to live life on MY terms, MY timeline, My wants, MY desires, My wishes, and the ability to help other people see their wishes come true! MORE!

  300. Don

    MORE to me means being able to do what I value most, and do it when I want to. I was raised in a family of ten kids, and we never had enough–of anything. As I raised my four kids, and now looking at my two grandsons, I can see how the desire to dream rests firmly in our values for the contribution and the life I want to live. Both those things: contribution, and life lived. So MORE to me means being able to travel to India each year and teach Gandhi’s philosophy there; to fly to see my grandsons when I want to; to eat out whenever I want to, and buy good clothes that last; to dedicate more of my money to good food and a nice place to live that sustains and empowers me.

    Why do people talk about LESS, rather than MORE? I think because it’s an ongoing story in our culture, that holds us down. Even if one wants to live a simple life on a farm and raise a family there, the abundance that can come from that chosen life is so wonderful. We’ve come to believe that we need a ‘good job’, instead of that we can create tremendous value throughout our lives, contributing in all directions, and holding the values dear that mean the most to us. WE are the source of that value, and can have more and more of such meaning in our lives, if we’ll just give it a try.

  301. Lina

    More means more time and money to travel in new places
    I would like to visit the Us but I am not sure if I will make it by 2015
    Growing up in a normal urban family I was raised to feel content with average stuff and not going for more-maybe something to do with is called hybris in Greek –
    .now with you I think that it is not that bad to go for more -I will try to give it a shot !

  302. Akash Thakkar

    What does MORE mean to you?

    To me more is simple. It means more options. It means being able to pay off my student loan debt, and give my parents $5000 extra month without any issue or worry. It means being able to live in a $5MM home with my own personal sound-proofed music studio in the backyard. It means being able to take trips world-wide (first-class) and being able to stay in the nicest hotels. It means being able to buy the latest technology for both work and play without issue. It also means hanging around with the amazing people while cutting out those who aren’t on a similar path.

    More means being able to drive/travel only on my own terms and to be able to work from home 100% of the time. It means being able to spend massively without issue on the best self-development materials.

    It also means owning a maxed out Tesla P85D.

    It means being being able to have real financial impact on the world around me and being able to only work on what matters to me.

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?

    Perhaps because it’s so common nowadays to want less, that people feel more comfortable living that way. If people only knew what a comfort zone really was, they would be all too keen to jump out of it. It may also be because of the frontloading required to live the rich life. This may also deter people from really going for it.

    I remember when I told my Indian parents that I wanted to go to the absolute best music school in the world. They ran off, told all of our extended family, and had them call/email me to tell me to maybe go to a nice community college and to keep music as a hobby. Thankfully, that didn’t deter me and I ended up getting a fantastic education at the school and am having a great career.

  303. Heather

    Ramit- I don’t really remember when I signed up to get your emails. I am thinking it must have been 6 months or so ago. I hardly read them. Sometimes one or two will catch my eye and I will read a few paragraphs on my break and then I have to get back to work and I forget all about going back later. Then I see the next one and think: I will look at that later and never do………THIS ONE CAUGHT MY EYE!!! I read it all……..and am even commenting! :0) Some of my favorite things I read are “the four agreements” and Law of attraction books along with the power of emotions and positive thinking. I love psychology. I had a very rough childhood and it seemed to travel into my adulthood as well. I lost both my parents early and this last year I last everyone down to just my sister(whom I’m not close with) and an Aunt who is very ill. With the childhood I had I ALWAYS WANTED MORE!! After 4 years of putting all my emotional energy into a recovering drug addict(that falls off the wagon and is now in his 3rd time in rehab since I have known him. (this time is the ONLY time he seems really serious ) person and I lived together for a year and I let him destroy my life. I had to leave our beautiful Los Angeles, California apartment and move to Phoenix Dec 2014 with his grandmother in her home. Since then his mother has moved to Phoenix as well. His mother and I do not really like this city, as we are both very big WATER people. She dives and The beach cleanses me and clears my head. My exes father is a rich man and gives his son anything he wants. He’s spoiled to say the least. We have been broken up since March 2014 just for him to call me up in Oct and tell me I was the love of his life, and he wanted me to move in with him……. and turn around and dump me on Jan 1, 2015. YES NEW YEARS DAY! I guess he basically used me for someone to have during his 60 days in rehab. He is TOXIC to himself and others and especially me! The truth is, I hate that he gets to wake up everyday in beautiful Laguna Beach and I am here in Phoenix. I WANT MORE!! I want a great man in my life that I can trust! I want a man whos wealthy and business minded who can teach me the things he knows. Eventually I want a husband!9 A REAL FAMILY…wether that be him and I or kids, step kids) I want to have time to paint and own my own art gallery….And it be a successful hit…yet I know nothing about doing all of that or how to even go about it. I do have all these great ideas for it! I also want to own a home! I have never owned a home and I am turning 42 in March. I always want to drive a highline car! I want to write my book. I want to live on the beach in California! Preferably Laguna Beach or south Orange County or Malibu! I want my art gallery in Los Angeles! I want to be healthy and remain Spiritual(I am not religious) and I want to travel and enjoy my life. My contract just ended at work and to make a paycheck as fast as I can I’m taking the first job I looked at selling Car insurance. The base pay is horrific…but I just bought a car and need to ensure I make that payment. (and eat)Seems like I have spent my whole life chasing unknown dreams. I picked up and moved to California with nothing. Spent 7 years there just to have to leave bc this guy brought me to my knees. No job(worked for his father), No apartment when he left and lease was due on my car that month. ………..I have no direction on how to obtain my wants and desires. With the exception of praying to be guided in the right direction and for the miracles to present themselves………. Where do I start so that my life will DRASTICALLY CHANGE AND SOON!! I want out of here! Has anyone ever felt this way……?? First and foremost I realize I cannot even give one spec of interest to anyone with any addiction issues. It seems those people are everywhere. (not meaning to sound cold-hearted to people with addictions. I understand how hard of a disease it is to have. However, your blurb about changing the people you hang around was HUGE for me. Now what’s that next step…………steps???

  304. Sapphire

    More is a beach front house in NC with a 6-figure business to live there comfortably.

    Why people settle for less – fear is at the root of any excuse they generally give. Add to that self-imposed busy-ness and the desire to be comfortable.

    Yes, I appreciate the irony of my statements.

  305. Rick

    MORE and LESS are just 2 sides of the same coin. Ramit your comments are so true. I think your comments on RICH are on target. We all choose what RICH means to us but very few will turn the choices into actions that lead to results. What do I want more of?

    MORE quality life experiences
    MORE meaningful giving (time, personal resources, effort)
    MORE resources to achieve the 2 above

    Why do people talk about LESS instead of MORE? LESS is the easy way out. You’ll never lose or be disappointed. When MORE is spoken and chosen, choices for LESS are also made. MORE without action and effort is LESS. LESS without anything is still LESS.

  306. Eze

    more to me means to make enough money to buy good cars, marry wife, build house and travel out

  307. Eze

    some people talk about less because they dont have money to want more

  308. Kat

    More to me means having a very successful freelance career doing management for the arts where I travel frequently and well. No more living in a patron’s house or the cheapest AirBNB when I’m out of town! It also means working with different types of arts, live music, fashion, opera, etc. I’m already on my way there, but I am working on turning it into my Dream Job. It also means having a flexible schedule that allows me to spend time with my husband at home and while doing lots of traveling of our own in the US and abroad. Finally, it means doing all of that with a paid off house and savings goals that are met every month.

    As many of the posts here have stated, people don’t want more because getting to more takes too much work.

  309. Judith Rosenberg

    Enjoyed the post, Ramit.
    More equals more fun, that is, doing more of the things I enjoy, like writing, traveling, and dancing and doing new fun things, like finally going to Burning Man, learning French and becoming a dance instructor. More would also include fixing up my house and getting a Mulberry bag.
    In my experience, people are afraid of more, afraid of living larger, afraid of actually having the life they want, and since misery loves company, they discourage those around them from having and wanting more as well. When you step outside their comfort zone, whether it’s traveling overseas or having an active dating life, or doing something that isn’t their definition of “appropriate,” they feel threatened and react with discouraging comments and/or withdrawing their friendship.
    Life is too short to be content with less.

  310. Matt

    MORE means not having to worry about whether or not I can buy or eat something on a whim, or having to schedule such things around my paycheck and bill cycles.

    Maybe it’s a generational thing, accepting less. I can’t even hint to my parents that there’s no way in hell I’m staying at my current job until retirement. But I do look forward to telling them when I find a new one.

  311. Shivani

    I want more out of life in general adventure, friends, more opportunities moving away from my parents, being able to help people when they need it. Being able to buy whatever I want and not freaking out how I am going to pay the bill.

    I have been told for the past two years that oh we can’t afford this or you can’t afford this because of xyz or you should wear these hand me downs because u can’t buy what you want right now.

  312. Huey Morse

    Pete’s Rounds still take pleasure in enjoyment and the independence of a motorcycle, and has another way for you to play, as well as in some cases work. Utility vehicles were called by They’re and are available from your major names in the bike organization, like Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

  313. Jessica

    More? Payoff my only debt…$200,000 in student loans for an education that really never interested me but was safe. (By the way, the safe education everyone encouraged me to partake of has left me repeatedly living in homeless shelters. I take ownership of that though because I let everyone’s idea of what I should do determine what I did and clearly, that was a huge mistake on my part.) Purchase a large home on several acres of land, just because. Hire a personal chef and a maid because I hate cooking and cleaning, I rather spend t hat time with my kid. Hire a driver because I don’t enjoy driving and it would cut down on situations that could lead to road rage. Have an entirely custom made wardrobe because stopping at the cleaners for expensive alterations on so so clothes sucks.

    People are their own worst enemies. We get in our own way and let everybody else’s crap take over our minds and we replay their nonsense so much we take ownership of it…

    • Mark Kelly


      Hang in there girl! Have you looked at Ramit’s book? It outlines systems that you can use to start paying down that debt.

      Happy New Year, I wish the best for you!


  314. Margo

    More for me is about: Hiring a personal trainer so I learn to love strength training as much as yoga and cardio. Spending money on lessons to build myself up from a pure beginner to competent-enough that I can do certain things in public, like skiing or wakeboarding, that I didn’t have access to when I was a kid. Things that people who were born upper-middle class have always done – and take for granted.

    I think all the press about Less isn’t about holding other people back – it’s that the messages of Less are consistent across a pretty mass market audience, and are intellectually easy to both write and consume. Everyone can agree with “spend less on groceries” or “save money on travel.” You don’t need tons of imagination to write about one more way to save a few bucks on the grocery bill.

    On the other hand, More is intellectually challenging. More is a niche approach. My More and your More are different – even with something as specific as food – because perhaps one of us would spend it on all-organic, locally grown groceries and the other would spend it on hiring a personal chef to avoid buying groceries altogether. And we probably both think the *other person’s* more is a ridiculous extravagance. So the articles about More that appeal to me and to you are more time consuming to research and write, risk generating controversy or the dreaded “elitism” label, and appeal to a narrower audience which hurts advertising revenues. Why write about More when you can write about Less, and actually earn more from it?

    On a more person-to-person level, giving a friend advice to find cheaper rent, or cut back on subscriptions and services, is easy to give out and have a friend nod in agreement. No individualization is required there, so it’s emotionally lazy too. Talking about wanting More, and how to pursue More, with a friend requires a willingness to be vulnerable – exposing our own ambitions and priorities, subject to critique – that many of us don’t have with more than a couple of people. Plus, actually pursuing and achieving More requires some serious hustle. Most people don’t want to hustle and do the hard work to follow through.

  315. Erin

    “More” to me means the freedom to prioritize my values without money being a factor.

    • mark

      what do u mean?

      Can i put a little good-pressure on you and ask you to be more specific???

  316. CJ

    1. More to me means not having to question a convenience purchase (like getting a taxi after the bar instead of a bus), being able to give the people I love and myself the freedom to try new things without the barrier of “oh that’s too expensive” (especially my niece and uni), being able to outsource the tasks I don’t enjoy (laundry) so I can spend my time on what’s important and having piece of mind that my parents aren’t worrying about things in their retirement.

    I think we are being taught to have a scarcity mindset, so of course we focus on less rather than more, because more means we are taking from someone else. So if we hold onto what we have as tightly as possible, that’s the only way to drive our lives. Whereas to get more, you need to relax that grip and open yourself up and that’s a scary notion. It’s also hard work that may not work. No one can guarantee if I do X, I’ll earn more. But someone on the Internet has guaranteed if I take out a lightbulb or use 1 ply toilet paper, I can save £5 a year. People like a sure thing. There’s no risk involved.

  317. Cassie

    Thanks Ramit, a lengthy but completely engaging post. I loved the photo of you and your parents at Christmas time – a lovely gesture.

    This year, MORE means
    – Starting a business from square one and leaving my full-time job
    – Planning a holiday for however long I want – without having to ask for time off!
    – Paying for people to help me (clean and organise the house and landscape our section, a new/upgraded Crossfit membership, an architect to design a custom home for the future)
    – Investing in myself (business resources, upgrading my personal belongings to better quality items, and also time and money for hobbies).

    You have already covered most of the big points, but I think people talk about less because it’s EASY. As you say, a LOT of people haven’t done that or don’t know how, so they avoid it completely.
    I think it’s also still seen as selfish and greedy to want more than you currently have. The how-dare-you mentality when you are “far more fortunate than many others”.

    Definitely food for thought, and it helps to look at this year’s goals, and life in general with a more holistic view.

    Thanks again,
    Kindest regards,

  318. Alexandre

    Right now MORE means to leave my mental barriers behind. To go to the gym and feel comfortable about not being able to lift as much or run as fast, to work on a side project without the fear of failure or judgement and even be able to ride a scooter without worrying about accidents. I know you talk a lot about it, but it is easier said than done. After that it will mean hop on a plane and travel, even by myself, and not worry (too much) about money, work or even going alone.

    Most people talk about less because they don’t want to put in the work and risk failure. Most people (I’m in the group to a lesser extent) don’t really know how to deal with uncertainty and being uncomfortable. So we talk about less because less is comfortable. And certain. More is uncertain. And getting there is uncomfortable.

  319. Gabriel

    More for me would be to have the freedom to decide to travel, or buy something or do almost anything without thinking of how it would affect me and my current lifestyle. More for me is the freedom to decide and do anything that could bring me, and the people I care about, experiences of happiness.

    People are scared of leaving their comfort zones, they are conditioned into beliefs and act accordingly unwilling to step into the “unknown” something you’ve done successfully. Fear of failure and this unknown is crippling.

  320. Louise Konstantia

    1. I want to be able to get an appartment in town, to be able to pay back all the money I owe my parents. And to still be able to go out and have nice beers and eat out with my friends and my boyfriend. I want to be able to pay a round of drinks. Take my wallet out without thinking.

    2. People feel cluttered. I am guilty of wanting less things around me. Maybe we think less things = more money. It’s easier to subtract then to add. It’s harder to tell someone to do more when you can just tell them to take things away, cut back. Asking someone to work harder, try harder, push them-selves to their limit doesn’t really give you easy readers.

  321. Siobhan

    Ramit, I loved this post!

    1. “More” to me is about living a full and rich life. Like you say, it’s not about money in and of itself. It’s really about what money can buy. A lovely Christmas in NYC with your family last minute, the ability to go on an incredible trip with your family or friends and have an experience you won’t ever forget, more education, building a business, impacting people, creating jobs. The list is endless. More = living.

    2. I think we talk so much about less because that’s the mindset of our culture. We were raised with the notion that “money doesn’t grow on trees” so we can’t be frivolous and spend as we please. It comes from a “lack” mentality. We pick up those invisible scripts that you talk about. I’ve got two little kids who are 1 and 3 and we’ve started doing family movie nights on a Sunday. Some of these movies paint rich buys as bad guys and help to fuel this lack/less mindset.

    Interesting reading everyone’s comments here. Great post! Keep ’em coming!

  322. victoria

    1. Asking for more out of me… simple as that. Yes, the private jet would be a great idea (I need a faster method of transportation than a car where I can take my dogs with me after all), but if I don’t ask more of me first I’m not going to get there. So it’s all about MINDSET MINDSET MINDSET.

    How awesome would that be going to France with my dogs and family? Heck, I’d be thrilled to not have to drive from Houston to Albuquerque to see my brother and his family when we could just fly.

    2. Haters gonna hate. But really, like most everyone is saying above, we, the 99%, are conditioned to ask for less (you are absolutely right). The problem is that it’s so engrained into our brains that asking for more is like asking someone to jump off the top of a building… or at least that’s what it feels like to the limbic system… so it is safer to stay within your comfort zone where you don’t have to push yourself for more. From this point of view you would think mediocrity is human nature.

    p.s. So glad I opened this in my inbox when I did. Sometimes I don’t get to your emails right away, but it delivered the right message at the right time. Thanks!

  323. Fadzillah

    I want to be able to travel to places. This year, our family is planning for a trip to Turkey. I want to go along without loaning the money from anyone.

    I want to earn more and be able to open up a business. Currently I am an Art teacher. I hope I can use my skill and teach online. I have tried selling greeting cards online but I never went anywhere. I hope to expand in the creative area.

  324. Wes

    MORE to me means not having to stress about the order I pay bills to make sure I have as much money left as possible. MORE would be being able to take my sister on her dream vacation (and mine) to see the Lord of The Rings / Hobbit sets in New Zealand. MORE would be flying first class without guilt I am overspending because I am too tall for comfort in the coach seats.

    As for why people talk about doing less than more, I think it is built into us from a young age. “Work hard and pinch pennies and you too can have the ‘American Dream'”. Also cutting back seems like something you can control, where as making more and doing more seems a little less something we can control cause we are relying on others. So maybe it feels like something that we can do independent of other people. Just sort of how it seems to me.

  325. Ed

    I really had to think about this, but I think MORE for me this year would be the chance to tour around the UK and maybe Europe with my wife performing our puppet shows, but with no concern whether we were paid or not, because we are already taken care of, financially. That and a month long stay at a rental house in Folly Beach, SC.

    I know in my own case, the scarcity mentality is one of risk management. You have to have the barrier, cushion, or emergency fund “just in case.”

  326. jaso

    For me, it would be pulling people up. Traveling more and seeing more. More time to ponder and help. More time to read and cook from scratch.

  327. paulien

    What more means to me, is living the life surrounded by more things that I love. Not necessarily more items, but more good items that I really enjoy instead of crappy cheap versions. Filling my time with things that mean something to me, whether in work or personal stuff. Spending more time with people I want to have around me.
    The reason I had to think about this for two days before replying, is that this is somehow tied up with less as well. To do all of the more-things, I will have to spend less money now so I can pay of my debt and spend on the things I want; waste less time and work smarter on the things that matter so I can make more money.
    This goes back to more: if I put in more time, more effort, apply myself more, then this can be possible. Otherwise it cannot. This is what more then leads to: put more of myself into things, and more will eventually come out.
    Why people talk about less: it is clearer to see how to do this than how to get more. This may be one part of it. However at least in the christian culture here in my country, asking for more and wanting more is not good. Just be normal, like everyone. Don’t give anyone any reason to notice you, that is always best. Isn’t greed one of the cardinal sins? I think people confuse wanting more with being ruthless about acquiring more. Wanting more, working for it and then earning it is completely different from cheating or stealing, but that is not always the feeling people have about it.

  328. Mark Kelly

    Mark’s MORE list:

    more looking good and feeling good
    more fitness
    more outdoor adventures – the most beautiful and remote places on earth!
    more fun, more going out, more trips with friends and family
    more eating at restaurants
    more learning new skills and pursuing new hobbies
    more time to do WHATEVER
    more s*x ; p
    more nice clothes – and mroe hiring people to do my laundry and iron for me! (are you availble to hire for your amazing ironing abilities, Ramit??? hahaha ya right!)

    I think people talk about less because of guilt – because so many humans in the world are poor and we think that the world is zero sum. ie, “if we didn’t have to have so much then the poor people would have more”

    the way i see it is, if my friends and family had the opportunity to reach more success and have more in life i would seriously want that for them. so, why don’t we want that for ourselves???

  329. Anonymous

    – running my own investment firm
    – becoming a billionaire
    – Gulfstream Jet
    – at-least-300-foot-long superyacht to travel the world and work out of
    – a couple super cars
    – beachside mansions in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles

    • Anonymous

      oh I forgot to add – being in shape all-year round (and strong), maintaining sub-10% bodyfat and pretty good numbers on all my lifts

  330. Colleen

    For me, More means freedom to travel, money and time. I want to be able to go snowboarding in Banff for a couple weeks every year. Have a hot getaway or two every winter and be able to travel and see other countries and places that I want to go to – also buy my husband a Porsche Cayenne – his dream car.

    Why people talk about less: I think it’s what has been imprinted in our brains for our entire lives, we are taught to be happy to not want more and it’s what is familiar. It’s hard to change, it’s hard to step outside of your comfort zone, so it might cause fear – fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of change and putting it all on the line.

  331. Fernando

    Hi Ramit,

    I would like to give a little story about myself. My family and I came to to this country in 1981. Both my father and mother were a very hard worker. We did not have a lot, cramped in a 1 bd apartment. I started working when I was 11 at a gas station cleaning window for tips and ever since been working. I am happily married with 4 girls.

    MORE to me is never have to worry about anything. Being able to pay off my mortgage, all bills and debts. Being able to take my family to a vacation to where ever they want. Never again having to live paycheck to paycheck. I need guidance to how this would be possible…

  332. Josh

    I’m a coach. At least, I’ve started charging for my coaching.

    I would really love to pay for my $10,000 acting course that’s due in 2 months. I don’t want to get into debt (no way in hell am I going for student loans).. I just don’t know how to speed up what I’m already doing.


  333. Patrick

    More means
    – Hiring people to take on the tasks and projects that I am not interested
    – Spending more time with my children and feeling financially stable to have more if we want
    – Going on interesting vacations and not worrying about going back to work
    – Closing business and not feeling guilty
    – Skiing or other activities whenever I would like
    – Flying out to see family in Colorado so they can have more of a relationship with my children
    – Going/flying to personal growth events without feeling guilty or wondering where I will get the money

    We focus on less because there are little wins in the low hanging fruit and it takes little or no work to get to those little wins.

  334. Leslie

    I love this post! I have been reading IWT for awhile and never commented until now because this conversation of abundance needs to change in our society. I decided 2014 was going to be my year in wealth and abundance because when it boiled down to everything I wanted to do in my life and to make an impact, then this was number one thing I needed to do. I’ve spent years in self development world and stumbled on some amazing resources and systematically made big changes. So to answer your question:

    1. More – there are too many to list so the best way to sum it up is that my husband and I will 5x our HHI in the next 3 months. We own a bricks and mortar sustainable paint and plaster company that will eventually completely change the marketplace and have set up ourselves to do this.
    Once this is accomplished, I will be asking you how to get that $2k coat.

    2. Less – I believe it’s the subconscious programming we get from our parents, school, friends and society in general. You can’t be a good person and be rich at same time. You have to be the smartest person to get rich or if you spend extravagantly then you are being stupid. Great example was at a holiday party I was talking to my neighbors and told them I had a long trip at the grocery store (2 hrs! I have 3 kids and they were thankfully with the nanny) to get everything together for upcoming events. And they asked did I go to the local farmers market which is waaay cheaper than almost anything else close to us. No, I said I went to Whole Foods because it’s the only place I can go and get everything I needed in one stop. They literally rolled their eyes and laughed and said that’s so expensive! And I said yeah, but my time and stress level (the farmers mkt is a freaking zoo and you have to fight people the whole time – very stressful) was worth the extra money I paid. They didn’t get it….So I think sometimes we also keep ourselves small or wanting less just to fit in with those around us. (Oh but this didn’t affect me – hence my income goal above – 2015 is going to be my year of More as well!!)

  335. Ellen

    Hi Ramit,

    More to me means being able to (and dare to) book a flight to an overseas event where a friend is exhibiting his artwork (true fact), not worrying about a trip to an other continent, but just taking it, with that designer coat over my shoulders.

    But it’s easier to go for less: as you said, we tend to keep spending the same, even when we start earning more. So that overseas trip still seems outrageous to us, even if we *know* we can afford it. Same with the coat.
    What you write on your blog is a whole new story, one we’ve hardly ever heard, and I think it confronts us with a vey critical vieuw of what we have believed. A new, critical view that, for most people, might be difficult to grasp. I think that’s why people go back to their old beliefs about money, and go for the toilet solution.

    Happy new year!

  336. John

    I want more money and want to open my own relationship consulting firm. I want to assist people with their interpersonal relationships and help find their soulmate

  337. Kam C.

    More to me is being able to live the life that sounds absurd to most people. I want to put my children in private school, have great memorable experiences and be able to travel when I want to. I feel my time is limited because I have a 9-5 but I would like to eliminate it and be able to work from home and have the freedom to live the life I want.

  338. Gaveeta

    Dear Ramit
    1. I want more family – I would love to have at least 2 children. This is an important one for me as I have been having fertility treatments for the last 3 years. 2015 is the year for my babies.
    2. I want more flexibility in my private practice as a psychiatrist, that means I would like to decide on time , location, how much I charge, the types of treatment modalities I use( holistic health) and the format I help people by ( in person, Skype, group, on line, retreats)

  339. Michael


    To me, more means…

    1. More impact. Impressing people is fine, but I want to make an impact on people’s life. To me success is more about other people. If I do that, I feel good.

    2. More freedom. Sure money will help you buy nice stuff and there’s nothing wrong with that. But money also FACILITATES more experiences with friends and family.

    3. More fun travel. I travel a lot for work, but there’s so much of the world left to see. More foods, more cultures, more landmarks.


  340. Mauricio Morales

    Great article!

    More, to me, means tranquility. to wake up every morning and not thinking how I’m going to get the money for this or that. Means passive income beyond my expectative, to be able to buy what I want when I want it and not to have to tell myself, my girlfriend or son that we’ll buy it later or that they don’t need this or that. to be able to travel anywhere and to enter any place without looking at the price, to live with style and to help others and to invite anyone I want to a trip or a fancy hotel and to help stray animals everyday.

    Most people talk about less because they don’t know how to make more, because are lazy and conform with what they have o are given by any underpaid job or welfare. Also, for me, religion counts a lot on this. In my country, Colombia, we were told more a lot about that a rich can’t enter to heaven than the talent’s parable. We were told that rich are greedy, that money is dirty and we grew up with a saying: “pobre pero honrado” which means por but honest, as if one thing went against the other.

  341. Eboni

    First let me just say, the comment bar should be at the top of all these comments, damn! I had to scroll to the bottom just to write this. I almost didn’t, and although that makes little to no difference in your life, clearly people are commenting anyways, it’s an observation and a bit of constructive criticism for an already impeccable brand (if you call yourself that yet)

    Ok… more. I could go on until the end of time about the ‘more’ that I want but I’ll keep it immediate. More to me means living and working on my own terms. I have no qualms about working hard and making positive impacts on the world, I just wanna do it my own way. Doing the things I love and still being unbelievably successful is the dream, has aways been the dream. And success to me isn’t just about the money, it;s about the freedom.

    I don’t want some, I want it all.

    I love to design swimwear and am launching my first collection this spring, self branding is a big concept in the forefront right now.

    As well, my business partner and I are launching a website and blog inspired by yourself actually. I originally wanted to start a blog as an open forum for discussing life and inspiration, learning and growing as a community as I plough through my 20’s with little to no regard to ‘what I should be doing with my life.’ When I came across your concepts it expanded quickly into a self branding of it’s own, and even more quickly expanded to be monetized. My good friend was more than interested in the idea and we became partners in the venture. This will also be launching in the next 3 months.

    More to me equals freedom and the chance to help others. I want my life to make a difference to more than just my loved ones, I want it to impact the world, forever. I wonder if anyone feels differently about that, or if some/most are just too pussy to admit it… and even more afraid to go after it. I might not be where I want to be, but I work towards it everyday of my existence.

  342. Bobby

    Excellent article Ramit; One that outlines a perspective that resonates deeply with my own outlook on life.

    “More” to me means more freedom, which really means, creating more resources.

    In terms of what “more” freedom specifically means to me: I want to create multiple streams of passive income so that I can free myself of the modern equivalent of indentured labour that is selling one’s time.

    I want to throw myself into entrepreneurial projects that inspire me, so that I can free myself of the drudgery and compromise that so often comes with working for someone else.

    I want to immerse myself in beauty, art and ingenuity, so that I can be free of the mediocrity that the mass media forces down our throats on a daily basis.

    And finally, I want to create, and/or contribute significantly to organisations that aid and inspire others, so that I can be free of the invisible script that says “you don’t deserve more.”

  343. PamP

    More to me means living in Barcelona for part of the year…to have a rich lifestyle and not be attached to any particular location.

    I think most people have subconscious beliefs (or invisible scripts) that say that it’s wrong to want more, to do better than their parents and/or family; that people with money are greedy, overworked, evil; that suffering is noble; that living poorly shows more responsibility to the planet…and on and on…

  344. Elizabeth

    “More”, for me, is not having to worry about having enough money this year. I’d love to be able to take about 6 months off for maternity leave. I want to put a large down payment on a crappy but charming little house that we can renovate (by hiring others to do the work) into a stunning home that we can sell for a boatload in a few years when we move to a warmer city.

    I want to find a way to make a shitload of money by working from home, instead of cooking on my feet for endless hours. There’s got to be some way to do this.

  345. Casey

    1. More means being able to live where I want to live, send my kids to schools that ensure they have the best opportunities in the future, drive what I want to drive, and have my retirement investments on track for meeting my goals.

    2. I think that people talk about focusing on how to live with LESS instead of figuring out how to have MORE because it’s more comfortable to focus on getting by with less than it is to do the hard work to have more.

  346. Shanny

    More means being able to travel to Europe with family this summer while still saving huge chunks of money for a house downpayment – and not feeling guilty about spending the money to travel instead of saving it.

    Why do we talk about less? Guilt and fear. I certainly feel guilty for wanting and having more. In addition to saving for a house downpayment, we’re saving for a BIG, EXPENSIVE 10 year anniversary vacation and I have been mortified to share that with anyone out of fear that they will think it’s too excessive. I’m done with being afraid to want and have more!

  347. J Ronald Jenkins

    1. Being free of student loan debt. Moving into my own condominium in Los Angeles while making (directing, writing, staring in) major motion pictures and television shows. If you need a crew member for any of your videos, I can help!
    2. I have little idea, dude.

  348. Ashley

    For me more is being able to travel and buy the things I want without feeling guilty. And to answer the second question, its probably is because it turns into a guilt trip another invisible script.

  349. steve

    MORE experiences with family, friends that are rich, vibrant, educational, explorational, cultural, and with love.

    LESS “stuff”.

    MORE compassion, more purposefulness.

    LESS keeping up with the joneses, and subscribing to what society tells me I should be or live like.

    MORE quality of life, quality in life, quality about life.

    LESS walmart, LESS cheap, LESS TV.

    LESS is MORE.

  350. Mary Ellen

    MORE would be the wherewithal to finally make my parents’ move happen–hiring movers and estate sale folks to handle cleaning out their CA house and hiring any other logistical support they’d need to get settled into the UT house they’ve been wanting to retire to since 1998. Me being there to help and encourage them every step of the way.

    More for me would be going to Spain & Argentina with my husband to see the places he grew up and to see each one of my friends living in Europe right now–Belgium, France, Switzerland, India, Germany, Norway, Israel, Kazakhstan. And stop along the way to revisit England, Scotland, Wales, Turkey, and Thailand. I’d love to gather my best girlfriends for a week in Sedona basking in the sun on the red rocks, hiking, cooking for each other, staying up late sharing, and our in-person ritual of consuming inordinate amounts of pie.

    I think people focus on less–even when we’re trying to focus on more–because we’re so culturally ingrained with less, with lack, with the fear of losing what we have that it can be difficult to break free of those limits and envision wild expanses of MORE.

  351. Virginia

    Having more means being able to spend more time with my child instead of wasting it away at the office where I’m locked in for 9hrs a day whether there’s work to do or not.

    Having more means being able to spend 30k on nursery school without being told I’m making a mistake not investing the money elsewhere by relatives who throw around their financial weight and treat me like a dependent.

    Having more means being able to travel the world and spend real time with family, instead of just 1-2 weeks during most of the time I’m jetlagged.

    Having more means on whichever day I choose to relax and simply enjoy the world, my mind doesn’t have to linger on errands and tasks that need to get done.

    LESS is easier, cutting down on what you already have. With MORE, you actually have to get off the couch and work harder to get it.

  352. ritika

    What does MORE mean to you?
    -For me more is always stepping beyond my comfort zone.It can be as simple as taking time off to be on my own and as complex as diving into a professional arena which is alien to me. For me this year, more is all about working on myself. Grow personally and professionally.

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?
    -I can only state my pov here. I grew up in a Indian-middle class, protective family. My achievements till date has been compared to what my extended family and cousins have achieved. Like I am the only female engineer, who is still single and living abroad. As per my family, I have already surpassed the criteria to be successful and asking anything more is being considered equal to being ungrateful for everything i hold today. When I showed hunger for more, almost everyone i know scorned at me, including my exes. And somewhere along the line, I considered their approval as a validation for future life and i stopped asking for more.

  353. Joey B

    1) Confidence in myself to do and say the things I want without feeling judged or guilty.

    2) Multiple online, technology driven revenue streams to put financial stresses out of the picture.

  354. Gayle

    More means being able to send my husband all expenses paid on an Alaskan fishing trip with his father to celebrate his dad’s 70th birthday. More means being able to pay for private jet service (not interested in owning the jet, just being able to use the service). More means a new garage and a beautifully landscaped yard. More means never having to worry or stress about getting quality last minute child care again. More means a personal shopper and chef. More means never having to say, let’s wait until our tax return comes in to see what projects we can afford to do around the house this year. More means having the option to go anywhere in the world anytime I want.

    Why do people talk about LESS? I don’t know. Maybe it’s actually part of our DNA (not saying it’s not time or not possible to change that DNA), just wondering if it’s part of our generational and genetic history as a species back in the days when food, shelter, heat, safety were scarce. Perhaps were all subconciously carrying that old story around on some level. Guilty here of being caught in my own scripts about money, luxury, saving, etc. So appreciate my “more” awakening over the past couple years. Great post Ramit.

  355. bruce

    I like your more Ramit. Those things are more but they will help you live longer, healthier and happier. You earned the money. I like the way you spend it. More for me means, full time doing what I like, coaching people to be more successful in a medical career. It means working from my home office, phone and with skype. It means videos more professionally produced, a team of people helping me but initially it means having the time to do it all and not have other commitments that create income. More is more freedom to be creative. I accepted the FaceBook challenge

  356. Rick

    1. More time to do what I want, when I want without having to request vacation time while working on someone else’s clock/schedule. More freedom to enjoy the pleasures and experiences that a Rich Life can & will provide!

    2. As you said, it’s the invisible scripts that have been holding us back our entire lives! We’ve always heard those ‘It must be nice…’ comments. We just mutter to ourselves, bow our heads and continue on with our mundane lives. The majority of people are destined to maintain their status quo and never strive for more because we think aren’t good enough, smart enough, etc.

    If I ever hear another person say ‘When I win the lottery…’ I don’t think I’ll be able to restrain myself. 😉

  357. Folusho

    1. More to me means being financially stable enough to be free. Free to focus on what I consider to be more important things in my life, like God, my family, my friends. I want to be able to help my dad without a second thought. I want to be able to give a homeless person on the street a hand up. I want to be able to start the businesses and organizations me and my best friend have in our heads. I want to be able to go on vacation with my friends without having to blink or plan 2 years in advance. More to me means being able to live life beyond the basic food and shelter level; I want to make an impact on the world wherever I am.

    2. I think people talk about less because it’s all they know or have been shown. I know I can personally say that. Before I read this article, I didn’t even realize how my thinking about living “less” was engrained in me. For some they’re raised in situations where it’s how they survive (like mine); for others, it’s learned through society. In any case, it’s good to know that living “more” is not a bad thing, but instead it’s something to desire and is achievable.

    Thank you so much for this article. It really has made me realize some negative thinking habits I have and how to change them so I can be successful. Thanks!

  358. Resham

    1. MORE is owning a town home in Brooklyn, being able to travel 3 times a year for a month at a time of I wish to (being borderless as I like to call it), having enough influence so that people care about my opinions and quote me.

    2. To be honest, I have no clue why people talk about less because I never have understood them. Maybe it’s lack of faith in themselves, or fear. Maybe it’s buying into what everyone tells them is the way to live life. Maybe it’s actually how they prefer to see the world. Who knows, really? I’ve been convinced I’m going to have MORE and do MORE since I was a kid – when my family told me to be more realistic, I thought they were the crazy ones.

  359. Anzor

    Ever since I moved out of my parents house my dad is nagging about me throwing out money by paying rent. He wants me to move back.

    I want to buy my own apartment

  360. Zach

    1) I want to surround myself with more people who I admire.

    I read a fascinating piece about “4 types of love,” where the highest-level was “admiration based love.” I realize that I spend almost zero time around people I admire and want to become like. Ugh. : (

    I want MORE loving friends, MORE income, MORE clients paying me what I deserve, and – maybe most important – MORE doing work that matters and is ethical and makes a difference.

    2 ) Maybe some people feel guilty wanting more. I don’t know if that tells the whole story. Maybe the whole “luxury is bad” resonates more with you, coming from humble beginnings.

    For me, this invisible script resonates more:

    “Hard work generally makes OTHER people rich”

    Isn’t this true?

    Maybe in my experience now, working hard to make other people rich, it’s made me really reluctant to set out building a business where I can hand off the work to other people.

    E.g. “maybe I’ll start a podcast editing side business, where I can outsource editing on Elance.”

    Climbing the ladder, not addressing the bigger problem that it sucks being on the bottom rung editing podcasts (me, or some guy on Elance, or whoever). I don’t want to play that game where someone’s job has to suck.

    But…the Marc Cuban quote is interesting. Maybe this is just my experience.

    Admittedly, I want more freedom to cut ties with 3 main clients who, as you wrote, make my life this: “Every day, I’d open up my email and answer emails from other people making demands on my time for things THEY wanted.”

    Why become the one sending those emails?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  361. Beth

    Nice mention on Yahoo Finance today!

    • Optimal

      Superb find talk about parabolic progress!!

  362. Ethan

    Currently, more for me is more freedom. Freedom to work from, and whenever I want on something that really makes a positive impact on people.

    Why people think about less? I think it has a lot to do with modeling the people we know and associate with regularly as we grow up. The vast majority of people (I’m assuming) grew up with parents that did the 9-5 thing so that’s all they know. Our society pushes that agenda and thus reinforces those beliefs. Thinking about less in that situation is easier because we can SEE what got us to this point, and so we inherently know how we can back off and cut back to reduce.

  363. Pat

    I want more money, freedom and beauty in my life. I want to take my family on trips to experience other places, I want to finish renovating our house, and I want to buy my husband a car. I also want to model this for my teenagers. As an aside, Ramit, what is your stance on college these days? My son is a high school senior and not thrilled about going even though he is applying. If you had to make these choices now from both the parent and student perspective how would you approach it?

  364. Annette Williams

    MORE for me means the ability to be in control of how much I earn in a year; the ability to set my own schedule; the money to put my daughter in a Montessori school vs. a traditional school setting and put her in more than one extracurricular activity. MORE means being able to have more than the yearly trip to NYC or LA. MORE just means more money to do the things I want to without having to check my bank account to see if I can afford it.

    People talk about less because MORE is supposedly for the wealthy and wanting more is evil! I can see and sorta of understand why people say MORE is not “healthy.” Although I am not a Buddhist I lean more towards a Buddhist philosophy that happiness can not be found in material possessions, or in relationship but only in you. However, if you are happy with less(or what you’ve got) but you want MORE of whatever, then why not?! As long as you don’t let it corrupt your essence, I see nothing wrong with wanting more. People should teach happiness and striving for MORE versus striving for happiness with less. For me, it’s difficult to achieve happiness with settling for less than striving for happiness with more. I like to believe there is no limit on life. That being able to achieve my desires will bring me happiness, knowing I created the life I’ve always wanted. 😀

  365. Samosa

    MORE for me means being able to buy my dad a Tesla Model S and not think twice about it !!!!!

  366. Andres

    My Ultimate More:

    Earn enough to have wife stay home with kids.
    Have ability to buy plane tickets for family or ourselves to visit.
    Have enough to buy more experiences that most can’t (2 week trips to great places where friends are).

  367. Anastasia

    More for me would be always having the money on hand to book a last minute trip to Europe (where my family lives) and not have to worry about the cost. More means to just enjoy the things you want without your first look being at the price tag.

    I think more people look into less because it is easier. It is way less scary to cut out your daily cup of coffee than to venture out and try something new to make money.

  368. John

    More for me means being able to travel pretty much whenever I want without work getting in the way. Not because I don’t have to work, but because I can afford to travel and I can take my work on the road and do it all remotely.

    More means getting my own apartment, a virtual assistant, personal trainer, and in the long run also a nutritionist and personal chef. On top of that, it means being able to max out my IRA every year, even after buying the things I want.

  369. David

    To me more means:

    1. Become cash flow positive in six months time and have a profit of with new business by the end of the year.
    2. Create a new system to allow for my wife and I to spend an hour a day to continue holding and touching each other with a new infant
    3.Create a new system to allow for myself to spend 20 minutes a day to continue my mediation practice.
    4. Have the ability to hire a personal chef to cook healthy for my family this year

    I believe many people talk about less because it makes them feel more comfortable with the decisions they have made. It is easier to sit complacent and bitch about it, when everyone else is.

    • David

      I meant to quantify ..number one should read Become cash flow positive in six months time and have a profit of $100k with new business by the end of the year.

  370. Gwen

    I don’t talk about this usually, because most people think it’s really shallow.

    But to me, More means being able to spend as much money as I want on my body. Health stuff, cosmetic stuff, comfort stuff, whatever I want. Massages, expensive yoga classes, dental veneers, regular trips to the salon, whatever weirdo supplement I want to try, more frequent eye checks and expensive glasses or contacts, sauna time, maybe even a gorgeous tattoo by a talented artist, or a bit of surgery. I want to stock my bathroom with expensive little pots of lotion, get a facial every weekend, and not worry that I’m blowing tons of money on something frivolous. It’s not frivolous if it makes me feel comfortable, confident and attractive.

  371. Elizabeth

    MORE would be 1.) eliminating the debt I acquired living in NYC and 2.) hiring someone to clean my home, grocery shop, run errands etc – essentially buy back my time from domestic chores (obvi this can’t happen til the debt is GONE).
    I don’t know why people so often talk about less. I think a lot of people are afraid of truly claiming ownership and responsibility for mediocrity. It is more comfortable to say “oh wouldn’t that be nice” and act as if it is impossible than to say “i could do something to affect change but am too scared/lazy to take action”

  372. John

    More to me means not having to worry about my income. I’m a researcher by career and our incomes are usually severely limited. Having more would mean that I don’t have to worry about the $40-60k max I’ll ever make. Having more also means I’ll be able to pick the research opportunities I want without having to fear for income or other issues.

    I think the reason why people usually think ‘less’ is because historically the majority of humanity has been poor. And this idea (fear) that at any moment you can be poor again, living on the streets and starving subconsciously keeps people from wanting more. The focus is always on living on less, so that you can save money in case you end up on the streets.

  373. Thomas

    This is challenging for me. I’m here because I decided to do what you said in the email – to do each task – which today includes reading links, and by extension, I feel, to participate in writing the prompts.

    So I will. Ramit, I hope you are having a good day and thank you for challenging me.

    1) To me, more means being able to eat healthful food without freaking out about going into more debt because of my ridiculous student loans. It means finding someone to partner in life with at a place we both love, and to raise a family together. And it means going abroad to work with young people to help them learn conflict resolution skills.

    2) I believe most people talk about “less” rather than “more” because it’s heartbreaking to acknowledge that we have committed to less than what we have potential for, and because it hurts to step alone into fulfillment and leave the people we care about behind.

    Since you read every comment, Ramit, here’s something you may enjoy that seems to line up with your post:

    One day you finally knew
    what you had to do, and began,
    though the voices around you
    kept shouting
    their bad advice–
    though the whole house
    began to tremble
    and you felt the old tug
    at your ankles.
    “Mend my life!”
    each voice cried.
    But you didn’t stop.
    You knew what you had to do,
    though the wind pried
    with its stiff fingers
    at the very foundations,
    though their melancholy
    was terrible.
    It was already late
    enough, and a wild night,
    and the road full of fallen
    branches and stones.
    But little by little,
    as you left their voices behind,
    the stars began to burn
    through the sheets of clouds,
    and there was a new voice
    which you slowly
    recognized as your own,
    that kept you company
    as you strode deeper and deeper
    into the world,
    determined to do
    the only thing you could do–
    determined to save
    the only life you could save.

    – Mary Oliver, The Journey

  374. Tito Surek

    I want a 300,000 dollar Ferrari and a home in NYC and LA! : ) Oh and support my mom as she gets older.

  375. Kim

    More to me means:
    1) a multimillion dollar home in Orlando that I can live in during crappy winters
    2) a personal chef and maid service (My time is valuable)
    3) Traveling to Egypt and all over the world with my travel buddy
    4) Having custom made clothes
    5) Having the time to write my romance and mystery novels

    Why do so many people talk about LESS why we are here talking about MORE?

    Because they can’t wrap their minds around WHAT more is and HOW to get there. Remember, back in Psych 101 when they discussed Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs? I think most people are stuck on the first rung: Breathing, food, sex, water, homeostasis, excretion. And, they want OTHERS to be stuck there too.

  376. Ryan

    I want complete autonomy over how I spend my time, free from the constraints of monetary considerations…and I want to be able to help people with my (yet to be developed) consulting business. I want to feel as though I’m having a direct impact on people’s lives with my knowledge and expertise…as opposed to marking time in a job that I like but do not love.

  377. Eleanor

    MORE =
    1) become more connected and active internationally;
    2) purchase my dream apt in my dream city AND a dream house in my 2nd dream spot;
    3) host a party in my current city for friends abroad and pay all their expenses for the entire trip;
    4) buy an exquisitely made one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry or a painting from one of the high end galleries that I love;
    5) let more romance into my life.

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?
    Less =
    1) Facility: it is easier to tear down than to build;
    2) Competitiveness: criticizing those who want more makes them wrong & the critic right = it’s a powerful lure to seize a momentary sensation that feels like a “win”;
    3) Fear: More can be extremely scary as Barry Schwartz points out – what do you do when you must choose? Will you make the right choice?

  378. Seraphim

    Thinking big – I’d like to establish an independent foundation to pay the salaries, health care, and pensions for all the clergy for a 3-million member church, so they can focus on their ministry and not have to struggle day-to-day to make ends meet.

  379. Jason

    Wanting more to me would be to have a lifestyle in which I A) can spend my time as I please, B) never have to worry about finances, and C) learn how to help people who are truly in need but don’t know it (i.e. fat people walking around the grocery store with a cart full of soda and chocolate bars… that stuff drives me insane!)

    Ramit, thanks for showing us how to want more. It’s been amazing learning about how our internal scrips prevent us from going after what really matters to us.

  380. Alicia

    Wow! love this article. 2015 is totally the year that I want more. I’m not a greedy selfish person, and I do want MORE. Reading this I can now see why I feel so uncomfortable talking about more around people who are afraid to want more and want the same-same due to their mindsets.

  381. Shannon M

    MORE means having the freedom to pursue more interests and to have more choices.

    LESS is a familiar state; the status quo that others can relate to.

  382. Tony Jay

    Hey Ramit,

    To me MORE means LESS fear, more time, more choice, more fun, more influence, more connection with other people.

    People talk about LESS because they’re conditioned that way. It’s societal guilt over those less fortunate, but they get it the wrong way about right? The reality is that if you have more, you can do more. Wealth is a multiplier of your qualities, and if those qualities are good, then as you get more you become a greater force for good. Just check out Bill Gates.



  383. Matthew Smith

    MORE to me means to be able to buy a home for my family as opposed to just renting, to come home at the end of the day to “our home”

  384. Peter Manley

    Hey Ramit,

    To me, MORE means not living paycheck to paycheck. It means being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. It means allowing my mother and father to never have to worry about financial instability ever again, and to have the proper health care and treatment they need. It means a life full of experiences and fun.

    People are conditioned to expect less because of the same reason I was conditioned to expect less. I grew up poor. When you’re used to having less, you secretly want more but you’re always told that wanting more is selfish…but that’s because the people who are judging you for wanting more are people who are satisfied with less. To talk about wanting a mansion and a nice sports car was absurd, at least in my parents’ eyes.

  385. Megan Kudzia

    1) To me, MORE means the ability to focus on doing the things I want to do because I want to do them, with a lot less time spent worrying/planning because I can’t currently afford to do them. Things like buying a home, for instance. Having more would mean that, when I’m ready to commit to a location, I could skip ahead to actually looking at places, rather than spending an inordinate amount of time fretting that I can’t afford a home yet and planning for ways to make more/save more/whatever.
    2) I think for many of us, it feels virtuous to think about less. Maybe because it can seem easy to get swept up into thinking you need/deserve more of everything, without focusing on what YOU want and why.

  386. Simon


    1-MORE for me this year will be independance from my family, my own company my own appartment, and my own car… Then, freedom to experience MORE of the world!

    2- They speak of LESS to reflect a personal condition or barrier upon others, so there are no extraordinary people reflecting their failure.

  387. Marie

    More to me means working for myself and having a more flexible job. It also means traveling more often without feeling guilty that I’m spending too much money and being frivolous. And finally, it means helping my family do more of what they love too.

    • Marie

      Answer to question 2- I think people are afraid to pursue more because the pathway to more is less obvious. We have access to so much information about how to spend less money and less time doing supposedly frivolous things (I.e. Enjoying life), but how often do we get not only permission but directions on how to really make the most of life? And also, it just takes a lot of courage to go in the opposite direction of everyone else,
      Especially when there’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful.

  388. Matt

    More means lifting my Jeep, getting decent tires put on it, moving out of my parents’ house, getting closer to get my dream job (in the Dream Job Course right now), getting out of my current job, and making maybe $5k more a year to start.

  389. TUSHAR

    I want more this year. I want to have more money, $15, 000/mo and more friends and family to share it with.

  390. Anna Dodson

    This year I want to make more money. I want to find a flexible job where I will be greatly appreciated and highly compensated and I want to spend more time with my children. Also, I want to get a smile makeover

  391. Michael

    1. Complete autonomy over one’s own time, talents, and treasure.

    2. Because it’s more convenient to feel victimized by one’s own circumstances.

  392. Lauri

    More to me is being able to go where I want, when I want, with no buts to slow me down.

    People are conditioned to live with less now in the hope they will be able to gather enough to enjoy a little more before they die. You gave many great examples of how this is done. It works on most people, but not all of us.

  393. Saba

    What does MORE mean to you? More to me means having the freedom to decide how I want to spend my money because I have enough to not only cover what I need but also things that I want. Its also about being able to help out my parents and give back to them for everything that they have done for me.
    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE? People talk about less because its comfortable. It allows them to stay in their comfort zone and it is justified by I will only use what I need because so many others are living with less than what I have. At the end of the day the people who can make a difference for those that are less fortunate are the ones with power aka money. Having more allows you to make a greater impact – whether its within your own social circle ( friends, family, etc) or through giving back to society.

  394. Frank

    I want MORE. Two ways that this translates is more for my family, and more for me. Family comes first, so I want to be able to give them something great. For my wife, that means being able to live in a great place that she can be comfortable and happy in (we currently live abroad a little outside our comfort zone sacrificing from a good opportunity). For my daughter, it’s being able to spend time with her and put her in a setting that fosters her happiness. For my parents and siblings, it means more time with them. Living abroad doesn’t necessarily allow for that (no Skype doesn’t really count here). Now, pseudo-selfishly, I want to have money to travel, and the freedom that comes with a fat savings account. Right now, I’m feeling very chained to student loan debts that don’t seem to be going away any time soon. I’ve tried a few different tactics, but I’m the sole earner in the family so there’s not much left over at the end.

  395. Abigail

    More for me means being fully financially independant from my parents – even at 24 years old this is something I’m still fighting for. I want to be financially secure enough and earning it in a free enough way that not only will I have time to spend with my friends and family doing fun things, but that it can be my treat once in a while. This sounds small, but I mean big. I want to be buying my mom plane tickets to see her sisters on the other side of the country and my dad, that $100 bottle of wine.

  396. S M

    1. My parents got into business after my father’s retirement. It is taxing on them at this age since they have used up all their savings taking this risk. So I want to be able to help my parents live a good life with lots of money and peace of mind without being stressed out with issues at business.

    2. Many people talk about LESS because we have been conditioned to do so from our childhood and that is how our parents lived. Even I never gave MORE a thought until I read this article of yours.

  397. Caterwauling

    […] Currently Reading: “2015: The Year of More” […]

  398. Mark Ferguson

    Awesome article and attitude! I made $28,000 a year in 2006 and my goal is to make over a million in 2015. It was almost all done through attitude change. I stopped listening to the people who told me I couldnt be rich and it was not worth it to be rich. I started setting big goals, opening my mind up to opportunities and it was like a switch turned on. I bought a Lamborghini Diablo in 2014 as it is amazing. I bought my family our dream home in 2013. I keep starting new ventures and meeting new people. I started a blog that hit 170,000 views a month in less a year and a half. I talk a lot about real estate and attitude there. I have the same message; don’t be afraid to spend on things that make you happy and for be afraid to wAnt to be rich.

  399. Sandy

    #1 More, for me, means not having to think about money each time I have an impulse to do something. Most of my “somethings” are to let people know I appreciate them – I’ll see something that looks like so-and-so and want to get it for them, but I’m limited by my budget and I am SICK TO DEATH of that. Or to send my kids some money to help them out. But some of my impulses are to plan for a trip to the East Coast. To get out of debt. To see Italy. And I’m tired of my old scripts saying no. Mmm, and I love good food. Eating out at really good restaurants monthly would feel like more. And making enough money so my hubby can fiddle around on the farm to his heart’s content without feeling “less” would definitely be MORE.

    Went on my first trip to the East Coast this last summer and got to see Boston, NYC, and DC with my youngest daughter. Know why it happened? Because I said it would when she was 13 and decided to go back east to school (we are from rural Central Oregon). Right now I’m determined to get out of debt before taking any more big trips, but not having that money leaving my pocket every month would definitely feel like MORE.

    #2 I think we talk about less – especially as women! – because taking LESS is so socially applauded and lauded. Between growing up in the church and being a woman and a single mom and a homeschooling-stay-at-home-mom, budget and less and nothing and make-do were all the goal, the end, the achievement which we were all aspiring to. Do for others, etc… never examining that it’s really hard to do for others when all your energy is bent toward survival…

    I’m done with less. I want more. And your frank talk has me realizing that I am a risk-taker who has forgotten the exhilaration of stepping out. I’m being challenged, and I want to step up to it. Thanks for kicking my ass a bit.

  400. Weekend Favourites January 11 • Bloom Online

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  401. Michelle

    I want more of:

    Saying yes with no hesitation to purchasing something. Anything at all. More of just paying for something because I want it or need it or someone else wants it or needs it. That’s it. 🙂 Just more and more of saying yes without hesitation.

    Love your work Ramit! I grew up with Middle Eastern parents and your posts about your family always make me laugh because I suspect our parents were similar people. 🙂


  402. Vismita P

    This year, I want more of doing what I love. Things for the next six months:

    – create a masterpiece choreography.
    – create a glass painting which spans the wall of my room.
    – showcase a Kalaripayatt performance for my entire college.
    – get a super model body
    – cure skin problems
    – complete academic semester with 8.5 sgpa
    – improve relationship with my boyfriend
    – figure out about my dream job after I get a Computer Science degree and start working towards it.

  403. Deepak Soowamber

    1. More means freedom/ liberation. Being able to get on a plane and fly to Japan to have $3,000 sushi.

    2. It’s easier to talk about less. there are less expectations, and thus less effort. With less, our minds also fool us into thinking it equals less disappointment. Which can be quite safe and attractive

  404. Caroline

    1. MORE = more money, more opportunities, more knowledge , more writing. I want to make $100 more per week this year. I also want to get some freelancing gigs: I’m going to Europe later this year and plan to write some travel articles while there. Lastly, I’m working on my German (for Europe trip) and novel.

    2. I think it’s all about negativity. People would like to more, but they just don’t think it’s actually possible for them (or anyone else) to get it. They think they’re doing you a favor by giving you a reality check.

  405. Scott

    1) MORE means the ability to travel… a lot. I’m currently in Thailand, and the previous week, Italy, and love it. I’m happy with my current “home” in San Diego, but have had amazing experiences abroad. MORE to me means more travel.

    2) At the same token, I believe in a minimalist lifestyle. I truly dislike having extra things, it clutters my mind. For example, my girlfriend gave me an iPad for Christmas. I honestly hate it. She’s a sweetheart, but I really (really) dislike getting more things. Probably attributed to a culture shift of experiences > possessions, but that’s how I feel. I genuinely DO WANT LESS things… but I DO WANT MORE experiences.

    24, male

    What does MORE mean to you?
    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?

  406. Joshua Schock

    My “more” list is pretty loaded. I want to be debt free from my student loans. I want to not live paycheck to paycheck, hoping I can afford rent. I want a new car. I want to buy my mom her dream house. I want a nice suit. I want to create something that will help other people. I want a hell of a lot more than I have now.

  407. Joshua Schock

    And as for part 2, I come from a place where I felt like everyone around me was stuck. I grew up with a lot of dreamers. I always hear my friends talk about how they were going to move to California, and become this, and do that. But none of them initiate any of those plans. Hell, half of them don’t even have jobs and still live at home with no post high school education. They grew to accept the lifestyle they already have and are scared to take a chance and go out to get what they want. So when we talk about wanting more, I always hear the same comments. My favorite is “I don’t need money to make me happy. I don’t want a lot of money.”

  408. Ian

    I like this post because some friends and I were talking about New Year resolutions. I didn’t really have any definite ones, but my response was, “I want more.” I want to make more. I want to do more. I want to spend more. I want to love more. I want more of everything. I want more out of everything. This idea isn’t centered on purely physical or materialistic things. If anything, I want to have more experiences not just stuff.

    I think people talk about LESS because there is some idea of virtue in being able to “do more with less.” I know if have had situations like that. I’m pretty sure it “made me a better person” or I learned something but I want to totally flip that and instead of doing less with more I want to DO MORE WITH MORE!”

  409. Rodolfo

    1. MORE for me is an Ashton Martin DBS V12.

    2. Society is a complicated place. The main reason for the scarcity mindset so many people have is that there are people who have a lot of money that fears they will lose it if more people get more money. Probably the minority of the rich people are this way, but there are some very rich industries that profit from the common guy wanting less. First and foremost I think it is an inheritance from the 1929 crisis onward. Like I said, complicated.

    • Rodolfo

      P.S.: Count me in the Year of MORE! Ramit! Loved your participation in Chris Ducker’s New Business Show Podcast! Very informative and entertaining at the same time!

  410. ray mcardle

    More to me means being able to do what I do with the freedom of not even having been paid, has y bounced again?” Also Ramit, like you’ve said in blogs before, including this one if my memory serves me right, being able to give my children as many coins for the machines as I or they desire without worrying! All told, more to me means that money is just something that’s there and not to be stressed over.

    I think the ideas of not wanting more suit about 90% of the world’s population, given the fact that the majority of people will slide into the school/college/uni, then work (and you’d better be happy with what you get paid!), then retire with your savings and pension and be happy with what you have again mould. That’s why I think the majority of bloggers concentrate on pointing their attentions this way; they’ll have more of a chance of snaring a few through their affiliations, and that’s how they get paid. Call me cynical, but everybody’s got to eat lol! In reality, my belief is that only about 10% of people in the world truly want more, and the people that read your stuff are all within that bracket. Everybody else just thinks they’ll have more by making their paycheck stretch further.

  411. Kiran

    More for me means having a personal chef and a 2014 Chevy Corvette.

    People are uncomfortable with wanting more because people are generally uncomfortable with change. It’s like what Olivia Fox Cabane said in your interview about the tiger who was restricted to a 10-ft cage. Even when it was transferred to a bigger cage it continued to restrict itself to that smaller space. It’s hard change your ideas about yourself and what your life should be like.

  412. Allen Youdim

    I would have to more would be a side business that gives you the option to ditch your 9-5 whenever you want. As well as moving out of your parents basement with you student loans being automated through your virtual business and not the 9-5.

  413. Katie

    1. More means being able to visit a new country each year on vacation.
    2. I think people are scared of wanting more because it means they’d have to actually DO something outside-of-the-box to get it. We’re creatures of habit, we avoid risk, and we need social acceptance (we generally hate criticism too). Doing something totally different is a challenge and…we avoid challenge, we take the path of least resistance – it’s a survival skill that has worked for thousands of years, it’s in our DNA! That’s why I believe people settle for less, or “just enough” but not “more.”

  414. Gen Y Finance Guy

    I totally agree that most of the “Money Experts” out there spend way too much time on cutting expenses. You can only cut so much, and if you take all the joy you get from spending a little money, then what is it all for.

    Like you I believe in going after the big wins. And focus on cutting expenses that don’t bring joy to my life. This takes maybe 10% of my energy any given year. The rest is spent finding ways to increase my income to get MORE of the things that bring JOY to my life.

    Thanks for the post.

    Happy New Year!

  415. Kaie

    MORE for me means that I can :
    – fly into sunshine whenever I get overwhelmed with the dark and long Estonian winter – with my whole family
    – spend half of my time with what I enjoy (reading, self-improvement, advertising, gardening, sports, my son and my husband, long weekends to Europe, real-estate)
    – live a mortgage/lease free life
    – pamper (spend on) myself and my family without feeling guilty
    – support my family members
    – send my son to the best university so he can have the best possible kick-start to his adult life
    – help the ones who still have a chance – children

    Why do so many people talk about LESS, while we’re here talking about MORE?

    It is how they see the world i think. Some people see themselves as victims and they cannot understand others having different perception of life. You either think as a winner or as a loser. And whoever thinks different cannot stay on the same page with you on the long run, because you just do not share the same worldview. They either fly too high or drag you down and attempt to cut your wings in order for you to stay on the same level and not change the status quo. It is easier for them that way.
    Comfort zone (just plain lazy)
    Fear of losing a friend (because you might want to re-evaluate your friendship)
    Fear of being less than you (inferiority complex)
    Fear of you making a mistake and they will have to come to rescue (parents?).

    How about that

  416. Optimal

    MORE to ME is more ENERGY everyday, MORE discipline, MORE profits (I am talking CUBIC DOLLARS MAN!!!) from daytrading and 3 new business endeavors in motion in 2015. MORE original ideas daily!! MORE MASSIVE ACTION. More INVESTMENT in myself (invested thousands in 2014 more than ever before) and investing thousands in 2015 personal growth, nutrition, READING MORE and also getting MORE efficient with READING hence signed up for Photo Reading Deluxe Course Learning Strategies. Oh yeah and MORE WEIGHT GAIN, squeezing every MINUTE with focus and INTENSITY at the GYM….yes 2015 the YEAR OF MORE!!!

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  418. Bridget

    More to me means allowing myself to enjoy things. I too grew up poor. I was always worried about financial security. Now I have automatic savings of 15% to retirement, $ to car savings, $ to emergency funds. It’s time for me to lose the insecurity of financial stability and be able to enjoy my success and spend money on things I enjoy!

  419. Rodolfo Figueira

    For me MORE means:

    – Lots of 6-figures income streams;
    – Two vacations in a year flying in business class;
    – A BMW in my garage;

    I think people talks about less, and I included myself in that group, because of a fear “introjected” in us since childhood. And there are many reinforcements throughout our life that prevent us from questioning. Once recognized that fear, you must look for ways to decrease it. Until no more fear. Just MORE. That’s why we are here!

  420. alex

    I’d like bespoke clothing and shoes, fresh roses every day, and a packet of tim tams that never runs out.

  421. Ana

    Hey Ramit,

    I love your blog. You have another fan here in India. I am a single working woman living with my family. I work in an MNC as a software engineering team lead.

    This year I want more MONEY and DESCIPLINE:

    Yeh I know every one wants more money. For me it translates to:

    Saving aside more money to support my parents as they are now retired and I am the only child –> RESPONSIBILITY + SATISFACTION

    Spend more on Clothes, Restaurant, Movies –> FUN 🙂


    I really need it! I am not addicted to anything but I am very incosistent and lazy. I get up late so many times and a mess in keeping my clothes etc organized.

  422. Ana

    Biting my lips for the spelling mistake “DESCIPLINE”

    eeeks … this is how we create a bad first impression.. 🙁

  423. Erin

    1. More to me means being able to go out and do the things I enjoy without having anxiety over how much I am spending. It involves not having to say no to things because I don’t have enough money. I want to be able to travel, buy nice clothes, and enjoy dining out.

    2. I think people talk about less because it’s easier. It’s easy to find ways to cut back on spending, but to find ways to bring in more involves going outside of your comfort zone. It involves being different and pushing yourself to do things that other people aren’t doing. You blend in if you are living a mediocre life, but going after your dreams makes you stand out. You have to have the confidence to own that.

  424. Andrew Gray

    My definition of more:

    My $997,432.00 dream house on a 4 acre plot of breach land surrounded by an electric fence and gun turrets

    – I’ve got the floor plans and blue print, just need the land and $997,430.00. I’ll take out a mortgage for the remaining $2

    Absolute freedom:

    – The ability to wake up every morning and decide exactly what I want to do that day — take a cross-globe trip, buy stuff, spend the day with my kids, etc — Instead of slaving away in the cubicle farm for a 6 figure paycheck that I rarely get a chance to enjoy

    More time with my wife and Kids

    A White Ranger Rover Sport with all the extras

    A closet full of tailored suits

    A personal trainer, nutritionist, and chef 🙂

    A new state of the art prosthetic for my amputated leg that actually enhances athletic performance instead of limits it

    – I have such a low ceiling on squats and deadlift weights because of this damn leg and the potential to snap it in half as I go up in weights

    A luxury apartment in LA, San Francisco, DC, and NYC

    Ownership of a private island

    A personal on-call doctor

    I believe these things are attainable and plan to sign up for your Zero to Launch course tonight to begin working towards these goals.

  425. Repossession Software

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    other legal problems. Navigation menus are characteristically generated automatically based
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  426. Simeon

    I want to become a millionaire by the age of 30.
    I want to become a billionaire by the age of 40.
    I want better relationships and to hang out with more people by the end of 2015.
    I want to clear my inner world by the end of 2015.
    I want to keep investing into myself and then push the boundaries of the physical world and contribute back.

    I think that what holds us back is scarcity and victim mentality that is present in society in general. Also widely spread inability to take full responsibility and control over our results. That results in lack of management skills with money, calories intake, time, etc which leads to unhappy, guilt filled life.
    You see I’ve been always very very successful with ease in many areas of my life – that my parents and environment approved off – but once I’ve moved on my own and started to work toward financial abundance, which is not generally approved of and I’m programmed against, all of a sudden I hit external and internal blocks.

  427. Rosemary Preston

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  428. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    I want more out of my career. I know the path I want to take, but it’s met with many different obstacles. It’s not like I’m not willing to jump over them or knock them down, but they do make it challenging, and right now I’m not where I want to be financially. So I want more of that as well. It may sound like I’m not being specific, but I do have many papers out there with the specific details of what I want. 🙂

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  431. Mrs. Money Mustache

    I love posts like this, Ramit. I’m inspired to comment for a change…

    I feel like I have more than I ever need. My only issue with MORE is the environmental impact of what that means. For me, this is supremely important and I feel like most of us lead such a luxurious life of more and more stuff. Even some experiences seem very wasteful. For example, I notice that much of the habits of the wealthy have trickled down to those in debt. Manicures, pedicures, days at that spa… these are all the norm now. Kids are getting their toes done at the age of 3. It’s a world of extreme consumption out there and we’re teaching it to our next generation. Hey kids! Guess what we do when we’re feeling down? Go shopping! Get a pedicure!

    We didn’t grow up that way. I have an Indian father, so I know what you’re talking about. He’s very successful now and not “cheap” anymore, but I remember those days well. But those were also different days. Growing up with grit and hard work makes us who we are. I’m a parent, so I see this through different eyes now perhaps.

    I do agree with a lot of what you say in this article. Yes, I am so happy I can be generous with my money – I can donate, we fly our family to visit us as well, we have the freedom to do whatever we want. But, what I want to teach my son and what makes me happy are very different than $3,000 shoes and going to some all-inclusive resort. Yes, I want good quality things that help me in my life. But the excess after that is just wasteful. We have the money to give him everything, but I don’t think that’s going to help him much… do you?

    I agree that we should be different – better than average – yes! Don’t listen to conventional wisdom. See beyond and break through that barrier. Know that you can accomplish more, break the rules. Great advice. But, our definitions of MORE are different after that, which is okay. I’m just hoping to see a major shift in the way we consume, how we teach our kids, and what we value as a culture – going back to our roots of things we used to value that are lost, like the wisdom of the elderly, respecting nature and the land, friendships and family, community, etc… as I get older, I realize that these are the things that truly make a person happy.

    Anyway, I could go on and on. I should just go write a blog post…

  432. Charles

    “The media tells you that wanting more is ridiculous. Instead, we should…wait for it people…make our toilets more efficient. I SHIT you not:”

    I see what you did there. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Great post.


  433. Luke

    I want more for two main reasons:

    1. Pay my mum back for everything she’s done for me
    2. Take my girlfriend anywhere in the world on a date


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