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$10,000 giveaway for my 10-year anniversary

Ramit Sethi



You ever wake up, hungover, and think back to something you said the night before, and physically cringe?

Now imagine if that dumb thing you said was written publicly for all time. Here, I’ll show you below.

Ignore the ugly design and colors.

I actually WROTE THIS POST in 2004.

My idiotic post condemning 1-hour photo.

If you get a time machine, travel back in time 10 years, find your younger self, and bludgeon them to death…does that count as a crime?

Even though my early blog had many of the philosophical underpinnings I now write about — Big Wins, pairing psychology with behavior, etc — I 100% disagree with some of the things I wrote back then. This post was just a reactionary “That’s ridiculous!” post to a mere $12 charge.

It’s a reminder that it’s GOOD to change your opinion as you grow and learn more.

(BTW, here are 6 other lessons I learned in 10 years of running IWT.)

My take: If you want to spend $500 on jeans, or $2,000 on a weekend trip…YES! You can. I’ll show you how. This is a very different approach than feeling guilty about wanting to do anything…and being told that you have to cut back on everything until you’re 74 and retired.

That’s why I decided that for the final week of my anniversary celebration, I’m letting you create your own Rich Life.

In the past, I’ve given away trips, rent payments, gym memberships, and even a lifetime subscription to Netflix, but now YOU get to choose.

This time, for my 10-year Anniversary, I’m giving away $10,000 cash. You decide what to do with it.

  • Pay off your debt
  • Take your family on an exotic vacation
  • Invest in your business
  • Hire a housekeeper for years
  • Build a whole new wardrobe
  • Buy 1,000 copies of my book, then helplessly wonder what to do with the copies
  • Donate to charity
  • It’s up to you

This is a huge thank-you for the last 10 years of IWT.

Enter the contest here and leave a comment below telling me what you’d do with $10,000.

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  1. avatar
    Ben Miller

    Pay off the last bit of debt and plan a kid free vacation for the well deserving missus.

    Also, the facebook share link seems to be broken as of 9:26 Eastern.

  2. avatar

    What I would do:
    1) Pay off credit card debt – 8k
    2) Save/invest – 1k
    3) Put the rest toward our upcoming wedding and honeymoon to the Bahamas! – 1k
    4) Actually enjoy our honeymoon without worrying about cc debt!! – Priceless!

  3. avatar

    I’ve been saving have my bathroom and kitchen remodeled. An unexpected $10,000 should get me there.

  4. avatar

    I work full-time, am doing my MBA, and am planning my wedding. If I won $10K, I would:

    $1K – pay for a small, local honeymoon post-wedding
    $7K – hang onto it for our post-MBA trip to the UK (we went to Italy in 2012 after my fiancé completed his MBA)
    $2K – updating our wardrobes – both my fiancé and I are ambitious, and we’re aiming for promotions at our respective workplaces this year. We know we need to dress the part, but haven’t reached a level of savings yet to do the wardrobe overhaul.

  5. avatar
    Amy Durante

    I would use the money as a down payment on a house for me and my mom to live in together. All my life my mom and I have rented. We’ve never had the money to buy a house of our own. Her dream is to own a home before she dies, so that’s what I would do.

  6. avatar
    Trish T.

    I would use it to pay off my debt (8K) and invest the rest.

  7. avatar

    I would put it towards school loans. We’ve been trying to throw every penny we can towards them.

  8. avatar

    Half will go to a trip to Europe, the other half will help with a kitchen remodel.

  9. avatar
    ERic S. Mueller

    I would:
    – Get my children the XBox 1 they’ve been begging for.
    – Move into a better apartment and get some modest but new furniture (especially a new bed).
    – Pay off debt.

  10. avatar

    The first bit would be invested in my education by taking Ramit’s Earn 1K course (already done Dream Job and Zero to Launch).

    The rest would be invested back into my own business so that I can grow it even faster.

  11. avatar

    First, my husband and I would take our newborn to meet my husband’s grandfather (who was just diagnosed with lung cancer). Then I would use the rest to pay down debts.

  12. avatar

    Would pay down the rest of my student loan debt!

  13. avatar
    Nicole Nohilly

    i’d use this money to pay for my tuition, and maybe a nice dinner with my family.

  14. avatar

    I would donate $10,000 to an animal shelter.
    The woman who runs this shelter seems to think that money must be earned through long hours of hard work.
    I want her to know that just by taking a chance, just by asking, she could have the money she needs to run her shelter.
    So please, Ramit, give me a chance to make this donation to her.

  15. avatar
    Polachai Ernie Sakchalathorn

    Pay off debt, pay some more principle on my mortgage, take my wife and son on a trip of a lifetime to Europe.
    Ernie S.

  16. avatar

    I would pay off my CC debt and be one step closer to freedom…

  17. avatar

    Finally get enough for a downpayment on a house and little bit I will take to purchase the Earn1K! Reading about it for a long time, I am saving and saving but justneed a little bit more! This would definitely HELP!

  18. avatar

    Hi Ramit, I would like to enroll in your courses if I won 10K. If not, then I would have to wait for couple of years and that would be unfortunate for me.


  19. avatar
    Sacia Ashe

    I am a 12 year old entrepreneur and would use the money to grow my buisness. I would get supplies, market, all that jazz!

  20. avatar

    $2K – Ramit’s courses
    $1K – new wardrobe (am starting a new job soon)
    $2K – straight to my savings account
    $5K – invest

  21. avatar

    Winning this would really kick start and improve my chances of living my dream life. Travelling the world, earning money as a full time DJ/producer

  22. avatar

    I’d go on the Smithsonian Journeys tour of Antarctica.

  23. avatar

    I would pay off some debt, buy leather couches for my living room and take a trip!

  24. avatar

    One of my goals is to rent a Porsche 911 convertible for a weekend and drive around Lake Geneva in Switzerland. 5 star hotel as well, of course!

  25. avatar

    If I won I would put the money in a vacation fund and take about 3 nice vacations (maybe 4)

  26. avatar
    Barbara Plichta Loomis

    I would enroll in your courses!

  27. avatar

    I would travel the world for a long long time, not expending all the money in expensive hotels but in actually getting to different places (flights are so expensive sometimes…)

  28. avatar

    If I won the 10k I would would invest most of what is left over after taxes and use the rest to put a dent in my school loans.

  29. avatar

    That would be like a big boost to me. I would clear all my debt, invest in expanding my online business and reach out to more people, make people aware of awesome people like you and help my family to get financial freedom.

  30. avatar

    I would use half to invest in my business and I would use the other half (plus our savings) to take an AMAZING trip to Europe with my husband.

  31. avatar
    Mohammed Murzith


  32. avatar

    Do some traveling and put the rest away to invest in your courses next time they’re available.

  33. avatar

    I would quit my job and pay you in hopes of a mentor for starting my business

  34. avatar

    I’d pay off the last of my debt and buy my dad a watch. He’s given me a few over the years and it’s about time I give him one back.

  35. avatar

    Pay off my debts – boring but sensible, and it would give me such a feeling of satisfaction and relief!

  36. avatar

    Take my bride-to-be on a brilliant honeymoon!

  37. avatar

    I’d use less then half to start up my business. I’ve been working on establishing my own professional dance company that utilizes all the arts . (Contemporary ballet, gymnastics, exquisite costume design and special effects, high – end audio, live music and martial arts) I would invest the remainder into currency exchange in order to expand the money given. With an exponential growth of invested income, I will budget in not only health insurance but also metabolic testing for my professional dancers and staff to ensure they’re at the healthiest. …and the list goes on with projects and benefits for the organization and for lovers of the arts.

  38. avatar

    I would use the money to pay for for fiances and her sons visas so they could come and live with me in England.

  39. avatar

    I would use all of it towards paying off my student loans!

  40. avatar

    I would be able to finally finish paying off my husband’s hospital bills (almost 4 years from his stroke and we are so close to being done!)

    Then, with the rest I would take my daughter and my parents to Disneyland, like they were planning on taking us.

  41. avatar
    Sandie Drzewiecki

    I would pay off debt I’ve been carrying for far too long! I cannot even imagine what it would feel like to be debt free, But, I think it may feel like taking a great big breath after being held under water for too long!

  42. avatar

    I would just use it to take the Zero to launch cost. This is an investment. Learning things, like this giveaway that have I high conversion rate. 🙂 With all this things being learned, I could boost my project and be able to have the quality of life I am persuing. 🙂

  43. avatar

    10k would kill my sutendt loan debt. With a little left over for a shopping spree for some new clothes.

  44. avatar

    I would pay off part of my student loan debt!

  45. avatar

    Right to my student loans! $10000 off the principle would greatly reduce the amount I pay each month in interest! I would definitely be throwing some of the winnings into a nice vacation as well!

  46. avatar

    To have so much money would be a dream come true, first I would be able to marry my girlfriend, take her to Japan on a honeymoon and thank her for all that she has done for me over the years.
    After that I would study to become a better photographer than I already am. To work with my camera full time is a dream I’ve had since I’ve been a little boy, right now I just dont have the money to make these two dreams come true.

    And with the rest of the money I would visit my mother with a bouquet of flowers and say I love her, I heard four months ago that she had gotten cancer and I wish to see her at least once more before it’s too late. I haven’t seen her since I was two years old because she lives in another country.

    So that’s what I would do with $10,000 if I had that kind of money.

  47. avatar

    I would rebalance my portfolio and invest it.

  48. avatar

    My debt is thankfully almost all paid off. I’d go on a world vacation, I’ve never even left the North American continent, and it’s long overdue.

  49. avatar

    Tithe 10% to the poor.
    Enroll in Ramit’s dream job course.
    Visit my mom in Minnesota and then fly off to Israel for a vacation.
    Buy some nice clothes.
    With anything left over, take my friends out to eat!

  50. avatar

    Max out my Roth IRA for the year and use the rest for student loan debt.

  51. avatar

    1. A trip to Everest
    2. Earn 1k course
    3. Online Profits course
    4. Give 2×500$ to random guys on street
    5. 1 year Gym membership
    6. Start one more online business
    7. Go to Chinese language learning courses

  52. avatar

    I would pay $3,000 in state and federal taxes on the prize first off.

    Then I’d give 10%-20% of what was left to good causes, spend about $1,500 going to Germany, and put the rest in the stock market.

  53. avatar
    Gunilla Wachtel

    I would pay off credit cards so that we wouldn’t have so many bills each month. That way anything I do make with my business might not have to go straight to bills. If anything left, would try to re-invest it in something worthwhile for the business.

  54. avatar
    Marie Claire

    Pay off my student loans!!!!!

  55. avatar

    I’d pay down my mortgage

  56. avatar

    Kitchen remodel!

  57. avatar

    If I were to win the $10,000.00, I would put $8,800.00 in my 6 month rainy day fund, for times like right now when business is slow, and use $1,200 for the next Earn1K program. Part for security, part for investing in myself.

  58. avatar

    I’d put some toward debt and some toward helping my teenager get a more reliable set of wheels for work–her clunker costs more to maintain than she can earn at any part time job!

  59. avatar

    I’d invest half in myself and half in financial investments.

  60. avatar
    Natsaha W.

    I’d use this one of two ways…I’d either:

  61. avatar

    I would put half toward bills, and the other half toward a vacation!

  62. avatar

    High-altitude mountaineering is a pay-to-play game. If you’re going to attempt to climb Mount Everest you’re going to shell out a minimum of $30,000. Most western guiding companies charge around $65,000, and if you’re going all-out on a private expedition with an imported chef and constant access to Instagram, your trip might run as high as $100,000.

  63. avatar

    Give my sister 5k since she has been the primary caretaker for our mother so she could do something for herself.

    Spend 3k a portable oxygen system for my husband so he could travel more and be less house bound.

    Put remainder in savings.

  64. avatar
    Chris Fallon

    I would pay off lay school debt and invest in my law practice.

  65. avatar
    Kristopher S.

    I’d do nothing ala Office Space. Kidding, totally throwing that towards debt or coding bootcamp classes.

  66. avatar

    I would half towards student loans and half in savings.

  67. avatar

    half to help my parents financially, half for ashram retreat

  68. avatar
    Natasha W.

    I’d use this one of two ways. I’d either:

    1. Pay off one of my student loans. That much closer to forever being free of Sallie Mae!

    2. Put it towards a car. Sharing one car between 3 adults is no picnic.

    Thanks for the chance!

  69. avatar

    I would save our underwear it in my own account.

  70. avatar
    Kenny Hoang

    Invest in developing viral social media campaign #OneLovePush.

    -Social Media (Speciality Viral Media) Consulting: $3,500
    -Video Team (2-4 professionals): $4,500
    -Website Domain & Development: $1,000
    -Graphic Designer (1-2 professionals): $1,000

    Ramit’s IWTY giveaway of $10,000 would give us a great head-start! Additional revenue will have to be raised, and a crowd-funding campaign will be initiated by the 2nd week of September after our consulting phase has approved.

    OneLovePush* is a campaign that promotes love by addressing social injustice through viral social-media exposure and maximizes that momentum through tangible action (Including, but not limited to: Viral Media Exposure of Global Social Issues, Direct Action by supporters).

    *OneLovePush is inclusive of all social issues and social justice causes as a means to attain viral exposure to mass-media as well as highlight the connectedness of world injustice.

    Please visit our Facebook page and pass on your ideas! #OneLovePush is currently in development. Launch Date: TBA (2014) – Updated 25 August

    Inquiries: [email protected] [dot] com

  71. avatar
    Bennett Heitjan

    All for charity! I took care for two disabled kids in Germany. They could need the money, because they CANT work for money. I can work for money…so all the money would go to charity! Greets from Germany.

  72. avatar

    I think $10K would be a wonderful way to start the fund for my upcoming engagement that I’m not supposed to know about! 😉

    As hard as he’s been working to get me a ring, this would TRULY bring him to his knees!

  73. avatar

    Fly my wife to New York City for dinner and invest the rest in my new start up

  74. avatar

    1: Hire a top-notch business coach I’ve been dreaming of working with to take my growing biz to the next level!
    2: Save some for the future.
    3: Book our next trip!

  75. avatar

    Get out of debt, then save a small amount for the first vacation for me and my wife after 4 years.

  76. avatar

    Hey Ramit.

    I would spend all 10000 investing in my startup that I am going to be working with ztl. Getting started down my path to success will be more relaxing than any vacation, more fun than anything I could buy, and better for me than anything else.

    I’d probably buy a few copies of your book too though, I’ve got some friends that would benefit from it

  77. avatar

    If someone were to hand me $10,000, no strings attached, I would put it toward the “honeymoon” trip to Great Britain that my husband (of 5 years) and I are planning after I get done with grad school next December. We want to spend at least two weeks there, and are on track to save enough to do so, but $10,000 would mean getting to spend at least three weeks there, and being able to do whatever we want (eat at great restaurants, see a few shows in Stratford, stay at cute B&Bs instead of hostels) while we’re there without worrying about the cost, or putting more on our credit card than we can pay off at the end of the month.

  78. avatar
    Ryan B.

    I will pay off my remaining debt, so I can finally join an IWT course. Cheers.

  79. avatar

    I’d host a soccer tournament for the kids in my neighborhood, then throw an adult party. I’d fly to three cities in four days, and eat like eating was going out of style. Then, I’d prepay my rent for the next 8 months (since I’m quitting my job to take on the entrepreneur world – with help from Ramit and ZTL). What a week that would be.

  80. avatar

    I’d pay for the top doctor in the field I need who doesn’t take my insurance.
    And with what’s left over I’d take my best friend and climb Kilimanjaro (which I would at that point hopefully be able to do.) In high school before her first deployment, I promised I’d climb it with her when she came home. Three deployments and 8 years later and now neither of us can do it financially or physically.
    Lesson learned? If you promise someone to climb a mountain – book a flight and climb the thing right then while you can.

  81. avatar

    If I were to win this $10,000 I would:

    – Save $3,000
    – Make a $2,000 payment toward my car
    – Use $1,500 to pay off my minor credit card debt
    – Have $1,500 to make the upcoming move to the new town with a bit more ease
    – Have some fun with $1,000. I’ll buy the Birkenstocks (or any other material item(s)) I normally can’t justify
    – Use $1,000 to help someone (or two) I know in need, with a financial burden of their own

    Good luck everyone!

  82. avatar

    Do a race car driving experience. invest the remainder in my business, getting a new laptop.

  83. avatar
    Jeff V

    Our main car is getting old. I would buy a new car!

  84. avatar

    90% to my student loans and the rest to a weekend get away since my wife and I have not had one in 6 years since having kids

  85. avatar

    Pay off my last but of credit card debt, my last but of student loans, and sick away that last couple thousand for a new house down payment.

  86. avatar

    I would take my grandmother to London as it’s her wish to visit me here before she’ll become too old. (She lives in Sweden and is my only close relative I have)
    I would invest the rest of the money or make a business so that I from there can upgrade my wardrobe or buy a nice place to live and create a safe future.

    Kind regards,

  87. avatar
    Noah Gibbs

    I’d get rid of $10k of mortgage debt. My wife and I are counting down the last of our debt… And we’d love it to finally be cheap to live in California 🙂

  88. avatar

    I would gift most of the money to my parents so they can pay off the remaining ~8k in cc debt they have. Use $1k to take my boyfriend and I to a wonderful vacation in Cartagena, Colombia. Invest the remaining 1k.

  89. avatar
    JOe L.

    $4,500 to pay of one debt consolidation loan.
    $1,500 for smallest credit card
    $1,500 for savings
    $1,500 for home office/kitchen renovation projects (tools, materials)
    $1,000 for me! (replacing old shoes, clothes and maybe some art classes top the list)

  90. avatar

    I would invest this money in my new business Love Bites by Tanuja. My business is all about serving up healthy, delicious desserts to the world. I want to be a part of leading the change in the food revolution. I’d invest in social media strategy, trade shows, and kitchen/storage space. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  91. avatar

    I would pay down my debt so I could finally take one of your classes! I’ve wanted to sign up for one of your courses for a long time but at one point, in one of your e-mails or posts, you said not to take the course until debts had been paid down. I’ve been working on paying down my debts ever since then but I’ve still got a ways to go.

    I’m looking forward to taking your classes one day! $10,000 would get that day here so much sooner! 🙂

  92. avatar
    Ryan G

    I would start my business as best I can-what that is, I am still deciding upon.

  93. avatar

    I’d take the exciting approach and dump it all into a mutual fund that I’m using to save for a house. Not that sexy, but fairly practical…

  94. avatar

    Half would go to finish paying off my credit card debt. The remaining half would go toward funding my 6+-month mini-retirement hiking in Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

  95. avatar

    I would pay off some of my parents debt in a heartbeat.

  96. avatar

    1. Pay this year’s tuition for my daughter’s preschool.
    2. Buy some new clothes.
    3. Put some in savings

  97. avatar
    Laura Rini

    Clearly, I would use the $10k to process 833 sets of pictures in 1 hour increments.

    Or, maybe I’ll invest it in lost cost index funds and forget about it for a couple of decades.

    Thanks for your generosity, Ramit!

  98. avatar
    Kelly M.

    Pay off student loan debt!

  99. avatar

    I would invest 80% of it using Ramit’s advice. i would keep 20% for my family and I to enjoy.

  100. avatar

    I’d invest half into my business and put the other half towards a down payment.

  101. avatar

    I am going to invest in my business and use the 10K to go to conferences and fly to the cities of people I want to meet with just to meet with them. I live in San Francisco, but there are people in New York, Boston, LA etc. that I want to have coffee with and I don’t want the distance to keep me from capitalizing on meeting with them. This 10K will be my expense account to make these meetings happen and show people I am serious about moving my business forward (I have already started doing this, but the 10K will make it a lot easier)

  102. avatar

    I’d put half towards debt, use 25% towards more IWT courses, and then invest the remaining 25%.

  103. avatar

    This is a no brainer.

    My current monthly expenses are $3200. I’m making some supplemental income doing what I love that earns me around $1200. If you give me 10K, I figure I’d net about $6,500 after taxes. So I’d take $500 and buy a few new professional outfits/shoes because most of my clothes scream “Broke Ass Slob.” I’d take the other $6000 and divide into 3 chunks of $2000 to supplement my living expenses for three months. The time that got freed up from not having to hustle for that $2000 will get used to dive into developing my freelance career and actually activating the “Earn 1K” strategies I’m learning from you.

  104. avatar

    Fly to Florence, Italy and buy a closet full of custom Simone Abbarchi dress shirts.

  105. avatar

    I will be going on trip over seaseas for 6 months; invest the rest in my business; really need to re-brand and get some marketing consulations and a portion , if any left, will go to my bikram teacher training fund.

  106. avatar

    I’d use it to speed up my payoff of my ridiculous amount of student loans. I’m 1 year in to an 8-year payoff plan (down from the 25-year plan of minimum payments). $10,000 would certainly speed up the process!

  107. avatar
    Phillip G

    I know some of y’all won’t like this one, but I’d use $6k-$8k to buy a reliable used car and a nice road bike, sell my sports car, and then use the remaining money to pay down the balance on my house to kill PMI. This would cut my monthly outflows to the point that I can fill out my 401(k) and IRA accounts.

  108. avatar
    Tim Sherry

    I would help my girlfriend open her own pottery studio in the Pacific Northwest. This will be key for us leaving our lives in Texas and moving our lives out west

  109. avatar

    $4k – Pay off a high-interest loan
    $2k – Buff up my emergency fund by 10%
    $1k – Blow it on sprees and a fancy dinner with the wife
    $3k – Put in our family’s 2016 London Trip fund

    Wait… would I have to pay taxes on this? Whatever – convert to ratios and scale appropriately 🙂

  110. avatar

    What will I do with 10k?
    1. Put 6000 $ in saving
    2. Share and donate 1000$ to different needs.
    3. Spend 1000 $ on fun and pleasure.
    4. Use 2000$ for coaching I need to push myself with my business, or maybe take another course with you as the one I took really helped.
    Yes…. I am ready to win….:)

  111. avatar
    Chris R

    IWT has straightened out my financial future. I would use the money to help save the Elephants from poachers

  112. avatar

    I’d use the money to invest in my business.

  113. avatar

    I would pay down debt and donate a portion to charity.

  114. avatar

    Travel around the world fir 4 months and invest the remaining in my husband start up

  115. avatar

    I work full-time and care for my disabled parent. So I’d pay off A few months of bills and then invest the rest.

  116. avatar

    I once read a great tip about what to do when receiving a sudden windfall of money, which was to apply it to your life in thirds as follows. That way you can enjoy the money yet also be sensible about it.
    -Past ($3,333): Pay off credit card debt.
    -Present ($3,333): Go on an international vacation.
    -Future ($3,333): Hire a script consultant to give notes on my spec screenplay.

  117. avatar

    I would use the money to pay off a debt and start a business. I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school. Only thing stopping me is the money. This would be a blessing if I won. Thanks Ramit.

  118. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    I do not need the money myself, but I have a brother and three close friends all of whom are having a hard time getting jobs, despite having good skills in their chosen professions. I would use the 10,000 $ to buy each of them one of your “Find Your Dream Job” classes. It did wonders for me.

    Best Regards,

  119. avatar
    Jennifer Ho

    With the $10,000 I could wipe out my credit card debt and start saving money, big time.

  120. avatar

    One more step toward paying off the house!

  121. avatar

    I would invest a third of it in my own professional development (there are courses I would love to take, conferences that I could afford to attend, etc). The second third, I would put towards a bucket-list trip — skiing in New Zealand. And the last third, I would put into my investment portfolio!

  122. avatar
    Rick Escobar

    Pay-off some of the debt that it’s causing me stress.

    About a year ago, I bought the Earn1k program, took a chance at being my own boss, and started a new business. Unfortunately, I made a bad investment and things didn’t work out. I’m currently about $40,000 behind, and ready to close the business.

    Don’t get me wrong. I believe the program was invaluable and I do not blame it for my shortcomings. The long-term benefits from this program will greatly outweigh the 40K I’m about to lose. Things are working out well in my professional and personal life and I am turning things around, greatly because of this program. However, the incurred debt is causing me some stress and weighing on other goals that I have. The 10K will go a long way in helping me move past this, and continue moving forward.

  123. avatar

    Use the money to further my plans to realize my dream of travelling the world. I’m already saving but this would greatly help.

  124. avatar
    Chris L

    My parents worked hard all their lives in the small Canadian town where I grew up. About 6 years ago they started slowing down a bit and taking their first (in decades) winter vacations to Mexico. Then in early 2010 my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Luckily they found it very early. After surgery to remove half of a lung, complications and a year and half of building her strength back up, the cancer hasn’t returned.

    However, since then they have stopped travelling, and she works very hard with the worry that she might have to depend on her pension if she has health concerns later in life. My dad as well has started working very hard and always uses the phrase “catching up” and “falling behind”.

    I’d use the money to take them on a relaxing beach vacation and give them some peace of mind from their busy lives.

  125. avatar

    I would take half the money and put it in my investment account and the other half would be split evenly between my online business and a nice vacation.

  126. avatar

    I just started medical school and I will be in a lot of debt by the time I graduate ($200,000+). My loans are just enough to pay my expenses and my budget is really tight. $10,000 would give me some peace of mind and might allow me to indulge in some fun, like traveling.

  127. avatar

    If I won the $10,000 I would use half of it to pay off some debt and the other half would go towards taking my hubby on a trip to Scotland and Ireland.

  128. avatar

    In honor of Ramit’s 10 year anniversay and rueful memories of his blog post about one hour photo developing from 10 years prior, I don’t know if it counts for *my* rich life or not, but my mom has been bugging me to complete a wedding photo album for almost 7 years now, so I might have to use part of that $10,000 to get some photos developed one way or another for the album(s) or hire a photographer to document us as we are now as well to share with the relatives.

    The rest if any could be used toward home renovations/paying down underwater mortgage to allow us to sell the house and move to another that would be more to my husbands’ tastes as well as my own vs. still living in the house I bought before we were married.

  129. avatar

    $3k to emergency savings & investments
    $1k to charity
    Remainder to vacationing in Spain & Italy!!

  130. avatar

    I would Move. I would leave the depressed area I am in and get to one that is more aligned with who I am . Being in a bad location has an effect on oneself. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to move out.

  131. avatar
    Mike Hickey

    Here’s the breakdown of how I would spend it:

    Payoff Remaining CC Debt: ~$2,000
    Buy Engagement Ring without financing: ~$1,500 (Currently on layaway)
    Donate to Charity: $1,000
    Put in Savings to use for Wedding/Honeymoon: $3,000
    Put in Savings to use for starting my own business: $2,500

  132. avatar
    Katrina C.

    I swear this must be a sign. I just found a piece of property for $10k (real estate is REALLY cheap in my area) and I really want to purchase it. While it is mostly just a shell of a house it would be mine and something I could work on. Here’s to hoping…

  133. avatar

    What I’d do with 10k
    – Pay off credit card debt
    – Add 1k to our long term savings account
    – Join Zero to Launch with an up front payment next time it opens
    – buy my wife some Tiffany’s jewellery we’ve had on our shopping list
    – build a timber deck in our back yard

  134. avatar

    I will use this money to partially pay off credit card debt. The remaining amount will go to charity in support to my cousin who has cancer.

  135. avatar

    Would use some to pay off some debt (about half) then split the rest between a vacation and investing in myself (Savings and training/education) for the future because this is about living a rich life, not just a rich month.

    Thanks Ramit for this awesome opportunity!

    Here’s to a great 10 years and many more great IWT years to come!

  136. avatar

    I would help my son get healthier and back on his feet so that he can earn a living again.

  137. avatar

    I’d use the money to do something for my mother. She’s always been the most encouraging and supportive person in any of my endevers. I’d use the money for a year long mothers day.

  138. avatar

    I’d pay off the few lingering debts that we have then use the rest to help us buy or build a new house.

  139. avatar
    Susan M

    I would ride RAGRAI for team Livestrong covering the initial donation myself so any more fundraising would be a bonus to that organization. Add $1000 to my savings. The rest would payoff debt.

  140. avatar

    Student loan debt

  141. avatar
    Richa Jain

    Very simple, very clean – II’d use it to fund my expenses for the next 3 months, so that I dont have to do odd jobs, and can free up time and energy to actually complete ZTL and launch my own online course… 🙂

  142. avatar

    First, I’d sign up for your Dream Job course. I need help figuring out which way to go with my career since I’m not currently using the M.A. degree I worked so hard for.
    Then I would put the rest toward starting an independent IRA. I am nearing 30 and it’s recently started bothering me that I’ve got nothing put away for retirement, so it’s time to be proactive about it. (I am saving, btw!)
    Thanks for sponsoring / hosting this, Ramit!

  143. avatar
    Lena Marvin

    I’d max out my IRA, put three K towards my student loans, add some more buffer to my savings, and go to Japan this winter.

  144. avatar
    Lesley Myrick

    I’d use some of the money for a vacation next spring with my husband – maybe Europe? We’ve always wanted to go. The rest would go into savings to help us build up an emergency fund/down payment for a house.

  145. avatar

    Congrats Ramit! I’d use the money towards removing moisture and from my house. #healthconcerns

  146. avatar

    I would spend about 3K to update my kitchen from 1968 to today and then spend the rest to try my hand at different investing techniques.

  147. avatar

    I am happy to have no debt other than mortgage, so I would give the whole 10k away to charity.

  148. avatar

    Travel the world, take a course to further develop myself so I can live the independent life I want to have.

  149. avatar

    1. 1. Buy new uniforms for my son’s cross country team.
    2. Landscaping
    3. Hire a babysitter and take my wife on a trip to Europe

  150. avatar

    I would:

    1 – Help my parents generate a source of passive income , and any other assets that would let them finish paying off their mortgage, and any further liabilities.

    2 – I would invest as much as possible in furthering my education, so that I can learn the business, and vocational skills I need to build revenue for myself, and any family I might have – for the simple purpose of being able to generate projects, and businesses that are focused completely on making a difference, and helping people change their lives.

    3 – To further elaborate on my previous point, I would want to find a way to be as cross disciplinary as possible (ex: the way Ramit combines Psychology with Finance).

    4- Use the I Will Teach You To Be Rich frameworks to make sure my money is being used right, and to help kickstart everything.

    5 – Stay out of debt.

  151. avatar
    Hans sundquist

    Half would be put towards my personal entrepreneurial project and the other half would be given away.

  152. avatar

    I would use about $1k to go shopping, buy your ZTL course =), and put the rest to good use in my brokerage account.

  153. avatar
    Patty Delgado

    I would pay me rent for 9 months so we could be comfortable for a while!

  154. avatar

    Assuming i would have 7k after taxes I would put 3K towards my rainy day fund and the remaining 5K would go into my “Invest In Me” account and that money will be used for
    -taking people out for coffee / meals, informal meetings
    -traveling out of state to meet with people
    -courses / events

  155. avatar
    Monique Villalobos

    I will pay off debt, launch a web site for getting the families I know help with respite care for children and young adults with challenges. Launch a network party to find suitable qualified caregivers for their needs.


  156. avatar

    I would use the 10k on personal development and spontaneous rich life desires. Feel like hitting a new gym? Membership. Got a great book recommendation? Prime it. Cousin throwing a quick wedding in 3 weeks? Book the trip. See my wife’s favorite flowers? Have them delivered. Thinking about scuba diving? Take lessons. Hear of a neighbor having tough time? Buy them a cart of groceries.

  157. avatar
    AJ Kunsman

    First, I would put away 1/2 of the money towards my next season. I would then take 1/4 of the money to bring my family (who I haven’t seen in nearly 6 years) out for an expense-paid vacation. That last 1/4 would be used to pay off some smaller bills that have been hanging over my head so that my new job (which I just landed using Ramit’s techniques) – and its significantly increased income – can be put towards the important things in life and enjoying my life – living a rich life in so many facets!

  158. avatar

    ugh there are so many people here already! 🙂 j/k I am 50 years old and own two companies, starting a podcast and on three boards of directors. I am the mother of two teenagers almost in college and the main breadwinner in my family. I would use the money to pay off debt. I have more than i should.

  159. avatar

    Invest it!

  160. avatar

    Pay off CC debt
    Put aside some into savings account for car purchase when my current car dies
    Put rest into savings for a trip for my 30th birthday next year

  161. avatar

    Ways I would use it:
    1) Sponsor myself and 2 friends a trip to Universo Paralello party in Brazil.
    2) Extended trip through the States/Canda.
    3) Extended trip through parts of Europe I have not been to yet.
    4) Pay off more of my home loan.
    5) Add to my quit fund.

  162. avatar

    Taxes and pay off my highest-interest debt.

  163. avatar

    Pay off some debt, save towards wedding and honeymoon, a few house renovations and saving/investing the remainder.

  164. avatar

    Half into my IRA and the other half as follows:

    Soil for my garden bed: $250
    Replace windshield on truck so we can finally sell it an get a Subaru: $500
    Wood for a workbench in the garage: $300
    Fly my parents out to visit in February: $600
    New mattress and box spring: $1200
    Gutters: $200
    Fruit press for parents (they have many apples): $500
    Mini-fridge: $120
    Some stout tomato cages for future seasons: $200
    Case of wine: $120
    Tori Amos’ ‘Hey Jupiter’: $9
    Spare change to keep in the car for metered parking: $1
    Discretionary spending: $1000

  165. avatar

    Take a 3 month sabbatical to study Polynesian dancing, the history and music in a variety of countries. Part travel blog and part dance experience. I’d write about it and take a friend to film my studies. Mini-documentary to follow with some form of video class after for anyone else that wants to learn the basics. My dream would be to create enough of a splash and revenue stream to fund the next trip and repeat this once or twice a year with various styles of dance throughout the world.

  166. avatar

    My front lawn and backyard are a bit of an embarrassment. Although California is currently in a major drought, my lawn will be dead anyway. I don’t have a sprinkler system, and rarely take the time to water my lawn.

    If I won the 10K, I would spend it all on landscaping and adding an irrigation system to my front lawn and backyard. I’d finally have a cozy outside space to spend during the handful of sunny days we get in San Francisco. Hrm…perhaps I would also invest in a heat lamp.

  167. avatar

    I would put it towards paying off the fees for Ramit’s courses and the rest I will put towards getting my own flat so I can finally move out of my parent’s place and become independent.

  168. avatar

    I would want to invest in my photography business, and upcoming solo exhibition as well as being able to get to NYC and meet with clients which i haven’t been able to do lately, as i live in the middle of nowhere in Scotland.
    And also use some of it for living on, and to be able to keep producing creative work.

  169. avatar

    I would build two classrooms for 10.000$ together with the charity pencils of promise.

  170. avatar

    I would pay off my wife’s the CC debt and use the rest to buy plane tickets to a golf trip for me and a girls trip for my wife.

  171. avatar

    I would use it to write my job and go full time in my business and also take a killer vacation.

  172. avatar


  173. avatar

    I would pay off a serious chuck of some student loans or stop joking around about taking a vacation to a far away place and actually go to Bora Bora!!

  174. avatar
    Yeltsin Lima

    It seems like a lof of people have the same problem that I have. So this is what I will do:

    1– Pay my credit card (US$1500);
    2– Invest in long-term stock (US$1500);
    3– Invest in short-term stock (US$2000);
    4– Buy all your books
    5– Ask for personal advice from a guy named Ramit 😛 to change my life
    6– Invest in my education life.

  175. avatar

    With $10,000 I would take a vacation to an amazing location and then invest the rest in building my business so I can do that more often.

  176. avatar

    Pay off the remainder of my debt (5K), then invest the rest in my writing business.

  177. avatar

    3K – College Loans
    3K – New Timing Belt/Some love for my car
    2K – Next Summers Stateside Roadtrip
    1K – Photography equipment to document
    1K – Winter Clothes Investment Pieces

  178. avatar
    Rachel Sobeski

    I would put it up as a down payment for my grandparents house I’m trying to buy and could desperately use more cash for for repairs and down payment

  179. avatar

    1) pay off debt

    2) put the rest towards savings for a down payment on a house

  180. avatar

    My husband would love to build furniture and sell it but he doesn’t have the space or the right tools to get started. I would use the money so he can get the tools he needed and rent a space so he can get started on his side business.

  181. avatar

    Dream Job Course Material- Ramit Sethi,
    Pay off my undergrad debt

  182. avatar

    Easy, pay off some debt!

  183. avatar
    Nischal Shetty

    1) PAy off my sister’s college education.
    2)Pay of my credit card debt of Rs.95000 ($1600)
    3)Buy a really good health insurance for my MOM’s health
    4)Enroll for your Dream job course.
    5) Lend money to 2 of my friend to join your ‘Zero to Launch’ course , so that they can learn how to create a sustainable online business to support themselves and their family.
    6) Invest money in Social skills and self improvement courses.

  184. avatar

    My wife and I are only a few months away from paying off the last of her student loans, so I wouldn’t use it towards that. We’ve been working hard and saving diligently, so I think it would take away the “big win” feeling.
    I’d use it to:
    -Pad the savings account some more: $10K

    Trying to save up for a 2nd rental property, but need a bigger safety net first, so I’d honestly just put it all in savings.

  185. avatar

    I would pay for my niece’s school costs and pay for a new roof on my house. And, go for a nice steak dinner with my family!

  186. avatar

    The 10,000 would be a windfall so I would use half to celebrate life and have fun fun fun and the other half I would invest in school.

  187. avatar

    I would…

    1) 15% – Donate to a charity
    2) 15% – Save / Invest
    3) 70% – Hawaii with my wife & child


  188. avatar

    Honestly, laser eye surgery. It would relieve me of dry eyes, buying spare contacts, and stop carrying glasses with me on vacation or long trips. Then the rest would go to a vision correction free vacation for my wife and I, and some into savings.

  189. avatar

    $10,000 is a nice chunk I would use to pay down the principle on my student loans!

  190. avatar

    Finish off the debt payoff plan, make some charitable donations (probably Heifer International and a couple of medical research charities), and finally replace my horrible carpeting!

  191. avatar

    I would pay off the remainder of my car ($6.5k) and put the rest into long-term investments.

  192. avatar

    I would take my wife to a nice vacation she deserves!

  193. avatar

    Pay off debt

  194. avatar

    I am heavily in debt due to unfortunate family business circumstances that have haunted my household for 3 years now. I am still paying the price of MISTAKENLY putting my financial future in the hands of my in-laws who didn’t know how to properly run a company. I fight everyday working 2 jobs and my husband travels 200 miles a day working his just to make ends meet.
    I have been negotiating with various credit card companies to settle these debts – my husbands job actually is depends on doing so.
    The $10,000 would go towards settling one of these debts, and I could START getting a LITTLE sleep.

  195. avatar

    Having lived in different parts of the world growing up have allowed me perspectives that I don’t think I would have, had I just lived in one city for my entire life. For years, I lived in Dominican Republic, a third world country, and saw as well as experienced people struggling, going hungry, homeless who did not have many options but to work their ass off for a few grains of rice. This made me appreciate so much more the type of life I can live in the US.

    Conversely, I saw how hard people worked in D.R. People working multiple back-breaking jobs for years without end in sight, just to create a better life for their kids. So many Dominicans understand how to hustle, because without it they literally die.

    But even for the hard workers, the opportunities are not the same as what we have here in the US. Of course, you can create a good life in D.R., but here in the States, the opportunities are endless, yet many people don’t see that!

    I’ve learned many other things living in different parts of the US and experiencing Europe a couple of times.

    So what I’d like to do with the $10,000 is take my daughter and wife (who have never experienced these things) and travel to and live outside of the US for three months. I want them to learn (and remind myself) how other people live and see the good and not-so good things about our country.

  196. avatar

    Invest in tucows (NASDAQ: TCX). Growing business in TING this could go to the moon

  197. avatar

    I would pay off a nice chunk of my credit card debt!

  198. avatar

    I would go on a vacation to Europe, save $4k, and use the rest towards a down payment for a house.

  199. avatar
    Crystal Hammond

    I would take my pet sitting business on the road and start to open up new ones in each city that I wanted to live in.

  200. avatar

    Pay off some debt, and put the rest into my business.

  201. avatar

    Pay off credit card debt I racked up while starting my business.

  202. avatar
    ignacio hernandez

    I will use the 10K to pay for my:
    CC 3K
    School Loans 5K

    This will get my one step closer in being debt free.

  203. avatar
    Dave Messina

    Take that tour of Asia I’ve been putting off.

  204. avatar

    I would allocate about $2k for a combination of fun spending and helping with little, ongoing things – possibly moving expenses, getting the car checked out, fixing up the bikes.

    I would invest all of the rest. That would be a beautiful boost to my investments. 🙂

  205. avatar

    Cool giveaway. My two dream uses for the $10,000:
    1. Buy Find Your Dream Job for my son, who is a junior in college. He has huge upside potential but struggles with knowing how to pursue his dreams. This would help him immensely.
    2. The balance of the money would go to help pay off student loans so my two kids aren’t saddled with as much debt after college.

  206. avatar

    I would pay off debt and invest.

  207. avatar

    I’d split the money up. Half would be invested in my business, the other would be invested in myself and my wife and kids.

  208. avatar

    I would create a new product sharing how my fast-track method of visualization caused me to win $10,000. I would invest a portion of the winnings to get it off the ground.

  209. avatar

    I would usw The 10k to take my mum on a month-long trip to Hawai’i, hire a private investigator/ancestry pro to find her Hawaiian father whom she never got to meet (and any other relative there might be). I would take hula classes, start learning Hawai’ian and dig deeper than ever to find the courage and surf ho’okipa.

  210. avatar

    I would pay off 8000 in student loans
    Save 1000
    Pay off 1000 in Credit Card Debt

  211. avatar

    $1,000 – Nice clothes
    $2,000 – Ramit Satti Course
    $2,000 – Ski/outdoor gear
    $5,000 – trip to Thailand to learn how to Scuba Dive

  212. avatar
    AMar Sewnarine

    Save 10%, Invest 60%, and use the other 30% on a 1k business idea.

  213. avatar

    I would definitely use the money to purchase a couple copies of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” – one to keep, one to give away. I would also pay off my outstanding Credit Card Debt which is a major pain in my ass. Any remaining funds would be donated to charity, invested in my business and for traveling to exotic locations… and perhaps buying 2 seconds of Ramit’s time to give him a high-five. Oh the things you could do. Thanks Ramit!

  214. avatar

    5K to student loan debt
    1K to savings
    2K in the kids college fund
    2K for a family vacation to somewhere tropical complete with a NANNY!!! (oh dream of all dreams)

    Thanks for the chance to win, Ramit! Here’s to ten more years.

  215. avatar

    First, let me say Congratulations for reaching 10 years in business! As far as what I would do with the money, I would actually invest a wide majority into my business. This way I can learn how to turn that 10,000 into 100,000, then 500,000 and then eventually 1 million. (overtime). This way I can be financially free and be able to give back, help my family, and take trips and buy nice things whenever I feel like it.

  216. avatar

    I would pay off my car loan. Boom! No debt!

  217. avatar

    I am a single mom and my recently 16 year old daughter and I have to juggle sharing a vehicle. I would so get her a car and pay off debt with the rest. It would change my life.

  218. avatar

    Hi Ramit! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest for a chance to win 10k!
    If I win I will pay off my debt, open up a secured credit card account and a secured loan to rebuild my credit. And I would open up a new checking account and put enough money to cover my bills twice a month and set up auto draft accounts for bills and retirement accounts!
    Oh! And I’m sure I would splurge a little extra on my kiddos and hubby something special!
    Thanks again!

  219. avatar

    I would take my mom to Australia to fulfill her lifelong dream. She and my father took scuba lessons off the coast of California when they started dating. Sadly, he died when I was young. Ever since I was a kid, she’s talked about going to Australia to scuba dive. I would love to give her and be a part of this dream, while she is still in good health.

  220. avatar

    $1,000: Tithe
    $4,000 fly my medically fragile mother from the West Coast to Midwest to place her in a nursing home near me (this will happen whether I win the contest or not)
    $5,000 Take my first vacation since becoming single parent/breadwinner about ten years ago (just took the youngest to college last week!)

  221. avatar

    definitely buy a new used car

  222. avatar

    Pay off my schools loans with the highest interest (which isn’t much considering there are a lot of little loans…reading IWT now). The rest my mom gets to put toward fixing up her house. Deck is falling down and that is her zen spot, and she needs that more than I need a new car or surfboard.

    Would love to say vacation and all that good stuff, but IWT and 4HWW are showing me how to earn it and manage that on my own.

  223. avatar

    When I have an additional $10k, free to spend, (and I am on track, in another 6 months or so,) I will take my kids to California for the first time.

  224. avatar

    I will continue working toward gaining more voices to stop domestic violence. #unsilencetheviolence #voiceshavepower

  225. avatar
    Mike Sherman

    I would pay off the rest of my CC debt, put a month of expenses in Savings and then put the rest toward a vacation to Lake Tahoe over NYE.

  226. avatar

    Take your latest course when it opened up again.
    Use $1000 for fun
    Invest the rest.

  227. avatar

    I will put a down payment on a new vehicle and start a stock investment. Can’t wait!

  228. avatar

    Pay of CC debt and student loans. Take the money I’m spending every month on that and get some reliable transportation for my family.

  229. avatar

    This would be seed money to start my own business.

  230. avatar
    Lauren A.

    I would pay off my credit card debt $6K, and use the rest to fatten up my emergency fund.

  231. avatar

    Finish updating my kitchen!

  232. avatar

    Use the money to grow my business. I am currently with R+F. I believe in their products because I am also a user of them and they really do work. The thing is I don’t have a lot of money or time to invest in them because of my current “J-O-B”. I only get paid a set amount…not as much as I would like to earn for the amount of energy and effort that I put in…which is why I wish to grow my business with R+F.

    I would also set a small amount for a vacation. I wish to visit my son and his family in Virginia as I currently live in California….and while out in Virginia…also promote my business out there too. 🙂

  233. avatar

    1) Complete all the maintenance on my two old (paid off) cars to keep them running.
    2) Take the family to the east coast to visit their extended family they haven’t met before
    3) Use the rest as a buffer to start up my own business.

  234. avatar

    I currently work full-time, and would love the opportunity to join the Earn1K course and learn how to make smart, passive income the right way. My budget is tight at the moment, so I’ll pay off my debt, my rent in advance for a couple of months, and whatever is needed from my side to be a success story of the Earn1k course. $10000 (over R100 000 in South Africa) would be a life changer.

  235. avatar

    All toward tuition !

  236. avatar
    Maryam Choudhury

    I would pay off my credit card debt and invest the rest in my business.

  237. avatar

    Pay off debt!!

  238. avatar

    I would use the money to pay for my vacation to New Zealand in December and max out my retirement account for the year. If there is any left over, it’ll go in my savings account for a house downpayment.

  239. avatar

    Set up trust accounts for my kids.

  240. avatar

    I would use the money to open a music studio.

  241. avatar

    I’m launching my business and this will go directly into the launch. Thank you!

  242. avatar

    I would pay down my student loans. Whatever is left over would be used for a belated honeymoon that my husband and I couldn’t afford 3 years ago.

  243. avatar

    I’d pay off my car ($8K) and take a vacation with the rest.

  244. avatar

    I would love to take one of your classes (especially the Dream Job course) as soon as one opens up, pay back some debt I owe & put the rest in savings for a rainy day.

  245. avatar

    Hello Ramit,
    Well…let me say this is very generous of you. I would use this money to buy a house. I have three children and a wife and we currently rent and I
    would love to be a homeowner one day. This would certainly help. I am very intrigues by your program as I believe all knowledge as we know it
    comes from the East. That’s why I tend to give you more credibility than the plethora of others who claim to do the same thing. I have debt to
    pay off and will start your program when this is done. As you instructed.

  246. avatar

    If I will win I iwll invest all this money to open my iOS Apps Development business. I am working hard for this dream but It’s hard to win so many money at 18 years in Romania.

  247. avatar
    Vicky M.

    It would totally go into our wedding fund. I have been slowly saving up and this would definately provide a kick ass bump to speed things along. Thanks for the chance!

  248. avatar

    Half would be used for traveling to Hawaii every year for the next 3 years and half would be to invest in myself and take additional training courses.

  249. avatar

    I would take my mom to Switzerland and NYC, her top two places she’s always wanted to visit.

  250. avatar

    I’d do a few things:
    [+] Give some to my parents and my sister for her upcoming wedding
    [+] Put some towards my own upcoming wedding
    [+] Pay off short-term debt (car and fiancee’s student loans)
    [+] Invest in my online business
    [+] A short vacation and a nice dinner out for me and my fiancee

  251. avatar

    Pay off credit card debt so I don’t feel like I have that pendulum swinging at me like the scythe in Edgar Allan Poe’s story.

  252. avatar

    Hmmm $10 grand…

    $5k would go to the last of the debt (credit cards and student loans).
    The remainder? Honestly? A family vacation with my parents to say thank you for all the support they have given me these past several years. Nothing major, just something we can all go to.

  253. avatar
    Shawn Hansen

    It’s all about me! I’ve done all the things I “should have” done with my life over these 51 years. Got a good job, climbed the ladder a bit, saved money, stayed out of debt, funded my daughter’s education. Finally I decided I was done with all that. I quit my job as the IT Director in January 2014, sold my house, got certified to teach English as a Foreign Language and moved to Brazil! I’ve been in Florianopolis, Brazil for just over a month now. I would take the $10k and use it to continue to fund this international travelling lifestyle that I’ve begun. It’s amazing what you can live on when you let go of all the personal “trophies” (cars, houses, electronic gadgets, etc.).

  254. avatar

    I’d use it to invest in a product ive been thinking about… This would be the perfect amount!!

  255. avatar

    I would finish paying off my student loans, and then I’d be completely free of debt!

  256. avatar

    What I like to do is help other people realize their dreams. My father has a ministry to the homeless. I would like to use the $10,000 as seed money for a Tiny House village or a building conversion to provide homes for the homeless.

  257. avatar
    Anna T

    I would go on as many IWT courses to build skills and my own business.

  258. avatar

    I would invest $5K in my business and use the other $5K for a trip somewhere outside of the US.

  259. avatar

    I would create an LLC for my business Inspire House – Safe Spaces to Evolve. I would save a portion of the $10k toward marketing and first I would take one of your workshops and attempt to get some of your time via coaching virtual or in person.

  260. avatar
    Lindsey Hammonds

    I would pay off my debt, about $3k and save the rest for a “rainy day”. It would definitely build my my emergency fund!

  261. avatar

    If I were to win 10K I would pay off my credit card debt and invest a portion into my podcast and website so that I can take what I love to the next level. The remainder would help me spruce up my house so I can sell it and get a two family for me to start my new family and provide more space for my two sisters who I am raising.

  262. avatar

    I’d move back to NYC. I’m ok with screwing up my life but I’ve been afraid of screwing up my child’s life.

  263. avatar

    I would pay off our debt ($7) and use the rest to invest in my business by getting a coach

  264. avatar

    I’m moving from the States to Barcelona in October. If I won, I would pay off credit card debt, throw a few thousand at student loan debt and then use the rest to better enjoy my time in Europe by traveling to more of Europe than I currently plan on being able to see and experience more of the rich history and culture found there.
    I have never been to Europe but I spent a few years in Asia and it was an incredible, life changing experience to live and work abroad.

  265. avatar
    Lisa williams

    If I was lucky enough for it to be me then I would put the whole amount toward a charity that I am starting up in the uk called Wirral Community Meals which supports vulnerable elderly people by providing them with a solid nutritional meal each day and much sought after social contact. We are just starting up and have received the keys to our first second hand store last week. The cash injection would really enable us to get the project off the ground 🙂

  266. avatar
    Ryan Lisson

    I would use this amazing opportunity to pay off my credit card debt (~$3K) that I’ve been paying off, and use the remainder on a small chunk of my student loan debt ($30K) that my pre-Ramit self lazily racked up. Though I’ve made tremendous strides in paying it down, without my credit card debt I would have more money available to invest in myself using your premium courses.

  267. avatar

    I would spend the money as follow:

    $2000 would go paying for my ticket for the Invite only Awesomeness Fest. I have already secured my invite via telephonic interview and it’s just a matter of getting funds so I can attend. I was not able to attend the one in Thailand due to not having the funds the next one is in Mexico in November.
    $2000 would go towards, spending money, flights and accommodation for the above.

    Then I would spent $3500 and invest into my Internet marketing ventures.

    $1500 would go towards “paying it forward” find another social entrepreneur who has the ability, passion and drive to succeed and is simply lacking the funds to make his/her dream a reality. Ideally someone who also has desire not only to become wealthy but to make a difference in as many lives as possible.

    $1000 would towards fixing my car 🙂

  268. avatar

    I would put half into school and the other half would really help out my parents and I’d be able to finally start saving for a car.

  269. avatar

    Spend a little, save a little, invest a little, and pay a little debt.

    2.5k to highest interest rate student loan
    2.5k to my Roth IRA or a taxable investment
    2.5k to my savings ( I may even split this between long-term and short-term savings)
    2.5k to any wish list items (wardrobe, furniture, etc)

  270. avatar

    I would pay off all my debt as well as help my mother out. I would also work on getting my life back on track by going back to college, moving into my own place and staying there for more than a year.

  271. avatar

    I would pay off most of my student debt. I could then use the money that I’m usually using to pay off my loans to save for retirement or invest. It would make me feel so much better about my finances.

  272. avatar

    Sports massages for my partner and I to help us cope better with our disabilities, get out of the overdraft we got dropped into when I helped someone who ran off and never paid me back, a trip to the Northumberland Dark Sky Park where there is an astronomy course and can really see the stars, some for moving costs, savings, donations, a few books and treats, and maybe a writer’s course for my partner and I to get us back into the writing love that helped us meet but our health and parenthood have caused us to drift apart from.

  273. avatar
    Sophia Kamouyerou

    If I win $10,000 I will invest in recording and studio equipment so that I can start building my sound effects library and bettering myself as a recording/audio engineer. Audio equipment is very expensive so investing in that would probably take up most of the 10k, but if I have any cash left over, I will use it to pay off some of my college loans. 🙂

  274. avatar

    OMG… what wouldn’g I do???? I’ve been working 2 jobs since 1971 (yes, I’m outside Ramit’s target demographic). I’ve put myself through college (PhD abd, thank you very much). I would LOVE to finish the PhD, and 10K would certainly help, but in the meantime, 10K would help me launch my ZTL site in a way that I can’t right now. Just now I’ll be boot-strapping it. Beyond that, I would use the 10K to just enjoy the financial pressure relief for now. Thanks for the chance to dream for a while, Ramit.

  275. avatar

    Pay off my TINY bit of debt, and then finally take that vacation to Monaco!

  276. avatar

    I will be using this $10k to pay for cochlear implants for my newborn. Nothing like opening the ears of child to the sounds of the world

  277. avatar

    Payoff the just under $10k in cc debt and reapply what I spend monthly on cc back into the budget.

  278. avatar
    Scott Murphree-Roberts

    Here’s what I’d do with $10,000:
    – pay off my credit card debt (~3,000)
    – purchase Zero To Launch
    – put the rest on my mortgage

    P.S. Please pick me.

  279. avatar

    Build mini house in backyard and gear it up for training. Then get a couple of months of private instructions. Invest rest of it into kids accounts and Hawaiian trip for me and Wife. 🙂

  280. avatar

    Take some of your courses. Visit my girlfriend in San Diego. Tithe 10 percent to charity!

  281. avatar

    I would pay off my car and my American Express debt. The remaining money – which would be a little over $4k for me – would go to either design school, one of Ramit’s courses, my investment portfolio, my savings, or all of the above. 🙂

  282. avatar

    Invest in my business!

  283. avatar
    Courtney Z

    $3000 – pay of cc debt (almost done)
    $3000 invest in my photog business: Courtney Z Photography (shameless plug). Lenses are expensive yo!
    $3000 for house renos. Hello sliding glass door onto the patio!
    $1000 for a long weekend getaway for me and the hubs

  284. avatar

    I’d use the money for tuition, then use the tuition money I have set aside to sit pretty getting interest, invest a bit, and use the rest to get a pretty new car.

  285. avatar

    Set up my home studio, buy at least a new electric guitar and a new acoustic as well as a new amp, a microphone and a D. I. Box . Paying off my debts would also be a priority. Then maybe a trip of some kind with my girlfriend. Get my mom a nice gift and pay a few months rent in advance. Thanks!!

  286. avatar

    I’d buy some gum.

  287. avatar

    I would do what I typically do:

    I like to use the Top 10% to give back- any way I see fit but give away-charity-taking friends out, etc.

    1/3 to Savings (maybe boost my travel budget which I am shamelessly depleting in a month with a 2 week vaca)

    1/3 to debt-This would cover more than the last of my outstanding debt-$2400 in Student loans. Then, I would be officially debt free. so I would probably split the rest of this bundle about $800-between the other 3 buckets (giving, saving, spending)

    1/3 to spend shamelessly. Probably on a few pieces of furniture, some task rabbit services i dont want to do, and update the stereo in my car.

  288. avatar

    $10,000 would allow me to finish paying off my student loan, and then I would put the rest in my HSA in preparation for my son’s birth in November!

  289. avatar
    Amanda R

    I would pay $300 to my student loans. I would save $2000. I would then shop for a vacation to get a stamp in my passport. Whatever is left would go into my home.

  290. avatar

    1. Pay off minor CC debt
    2. Help friend
    3. Invest in personal businesses.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  291. avatar

    We would use the money to help us fulfill our dream of relocating to Denver.

  292. avatar
    Nicole W

    If I won the $10k I would
    1. Pay for someone to come fix a few things around the house
    2. Take a trip to Belgium for a beer tour
    3. Pay off my car loan

  293. avatar

    I would pay off a chunk of my student loans! (And pay for a plane ticket to Paris 🙂 )

  294. avatar

    1. Start college fund for our first baby coming in March 2015!!
    2. Donate to charity.
    3. Go to Disney World if there’s any leftover!

  295. avatar

    pay off debt

  296. avatar

    I would buy my kids new school uniform, give some away to charity and invest the rest into my business, I’ve been doing a business enterprise course at college as I’m 48 and have no qualifications, I can’t find employment, so I want to go self employed to give me a chance to be independent and self-supporting, be able to support my kids (I’m a single mum) and to help other people and give something back to the community. I might buy a caravan if I have enough, we need somewhere to live 🙂

  297. avatar

    I would pay off my last bit of credit card debt and then sign up for Ramit’s Earn 1k class… I know how he feels about credit card debt 🙂

  298. avatar

    If I won$10,000, I’d invest a third of it in my business. I’m a Professional Storyteller, and provide strategy consulting and performance coaching. The funds would be used to invest in marketing and business development – attending and hosting events. The remaining funds would be used to pay off debts.

  299. avatar
    Meghan C.

    1. Put 2k in savings
    2. Remainder to pay down debt.

    That would put me closer to paying off all my debt except mortgage. Then I could buy Zero to Launch and start my online business.

  300. avatar

    I would pay off the little bit of Credit Card debt I have left then use the rest to invest into the next opening of Zero to Launch

  301. avatar

    Update my wardrobe for sure!!!
    Start my non-profit, performing arts program for youth
    Re-launch my theatre company
    Dental Work

  302. avatar

    I would pay off student loans and credit card debt!

  303. avatar

    Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and take my parents back to my hometown of Angola, Africa to see our old house.


  304. avatar

    I would buy a new laptop, a referb from Woot! I have a bit of a problem with buying new computer toys. It has been too long without a new toy.
    The rest goes to fixing up my back yard that flooded last year. I am sick of working on it every weekend. Then I will have time to fixup my side project web site idea.

  305. avatar

    I would pay off the remaining loan on my car, take my family out to a nice dinner and finally start my own business

  306. avatar

    I’d spend it on hookers and blow… or pay off debt. It could really go either way with this one.

  307. avatar

    I’d use half of it to pay off my debt and the other half to help me move across the country!

  308. avatar

    Pay down debt. Not terribly exciting, but SO worth it.

  309. avatar

    Finish my education.

  310. avatar

    Great giveaway! I would put $10,000 towards the down payment of our next home 🙂

  311. avatar
    Mevonnie Biggins

    Here’s what I would do:
    1) Pay for six students to participate in the marching band this fall
    2) Take our first honeymoon with my loving husband
    3) Pay off remaining car note
    4) Place the remaining funds in a two-year CD

  312. avatar

    Honestly with $0k I would probably just put it on my student loan debt.

    However if I were to spend it on something fun, I’d probably buy several more pieces of Sonos gear for my house. A speaker for every bedroom, an amp and external speakers for the backyard, the soundbar for my upstairs TV.

  313. avatar

    No debt, thank god, but would totally use it towards my business, marketing, and one of your programs. xoxo

  314. avatar

    I pay almost 900 dollars a month on my student loan and I am getting so close to paying it off but it feels like it is taking forever. I would be able to pay it off next year with 10K!

  315. avatar

    Pay off old CC debt, replenish savings, and then and only then, tell my wife!

  316. avatar

    Put it into savings and pay off my student loans once I’ve finished school.

  317. avatar

    Take a worry free 10th anniversary trip
    Enroll in Zero to Launch
    Invest the rest in my plans from the ZtL course

  318. avatar

    Pay off some credit card debt so we can use those savings to pay off more debt and fix up our town house to get it ready to either sell or rent.

  319. avatar

    I’d put this towards paying for the Masters degree that I’m enrolling in this Fall 2014. Finally going back to university after 8 years!!

  320. avatar
    Derek S

    I would finally buy a ring and propose to my lovely girlfriend (who probably considers this long overdue..)

  321. avatar

    I would talk with my husband and we would do some combination of the following:
    -Use for vacation to see family
    -Invest in rental properties
    -Fund kids’ college accounts
    -Education savings
    -Throw it all in our joint savings and/or car fund

  322. avatar
    Kelli Martino

    I would invest some of it and use the rest to help start my own business on the side.

  323. avatar

    I would put all $10k towards my car loan. I didn’t have enough cash to buy a car, but needed one to get to my awesome new job. I’m trying to pay off this car in 1-yr, but would prefer paying it off sooner if possible.

  324. avatar

    I would probably use the money to take the family on a vacation to visit my wifes family in Mongolia. Second option: I would use to hire a sales guy and maybe a couple of interns to see if I can grow my business a little.

  325. avatar

    If I won $10,000 , I’d pay off my mom’s debt , take my nieces & little sister to disney world & invest the rest into my business , this money would be a true blessing!

  326. avatar
    Rita Webb

    Invest in my business!

  327. avatar

    Debt repayment…help my parents and maybe a little vacation 🙂

  328. avatar

    buy a schoolbus and build a motor-home out of it

  329. avatar

    $10k would allow me to pay off my student debts and finally start looking to do grown-up things like buying a house 🙂

  330. avatar

    Pay for your Zero To Launch program and put money toward buying a house.

  331. avatar

    I would fund my YouTube channel by getting the proper equipment to run my YouTube channel since I currently just use my smartphone as a camera. I will also use it to purchase products to review as well as giveaways.

  332. avatar

    I would use the money to help start my non-profit for homeless veterans in my area. This is very close to my heart as I was a homeless veteran just a short 2 years ago. All my fellow veterans deserve to know what benefits they are eligible for many have no idea. This money would go a long way in educating veterans on the benefits that are due them.

  333. avatar

    I just paid off my debt this year after following the advice in your book! So I would put $6000 in a long-term investment, put $2000 towards my wedding, use $1000 to fix up my car, and save $1000 for emergencies/savings.

  334. avatar

    Buy a school bus and make a motor home out of it

  335. avatar

    Pay off 8k of debt and save the rest for a rainy day!

  336. avatar

    I would use it to pay off our debt. I cannot wait to be debt free. We are working hard on that goal. Once we are paid off, I will be splitting our income between expenses, savings, and investments.

  337. avatar

    This would mostly have to go to the house down payment fund. The biggest part of my “rich life” is the security of owning, not renting, in the region where I have lived all my life. I’m proud of our savings progress but everything will help. I’m also looking forward to a huge pay increase in the future, since Ramit’s No-Nonsense Salary Negotiation course has changed the way I work and interact with my boss, and I’m kicking all the ass.

  338. avatar
    Anna Marie

    I’m putting it towards a down payment towards a home or my restaurant

  339. avatar

    I would put in my saving about and let it sit there for as long as I can. Bring recently unemployed I have s growing appreciation for a healthy emergency fund. Then once I’ve gotten over the “need to hoard” I’d gingerly spend some on establishing my E1K business. , pay off student loans, take a small vacation etc, all the usual.

  340. avatar

    I’d spend some of it to pay off debt and put the rest into savings. I’m trying to teach myself that it’s better to purposefully save for what I want, than to spend it and wonder where the money went.

  341. avatar

    Pay off bills, go on a much needed vacation

  342. avatar

    I’d use the money to buils my tiny house!

  343. avatar
    Tayo A.

    I would use the money to pay off the majority of my credit card and student loan debt. I’ve been unemployed in the Southern California area, but have not lost sight at keeping up with my bills. $10K and a job offer would put me back ahead of the game and be able to move forward with future plans (wedding, house purchase, etc.). I’ve already mapped out a plan to rid the debt, but the 10K would definitely help me achieve things much faster.

  344. avatar

    I would buy a motorcycle and screen Ramit’s face onto the gas tank.

  345. avatar
    Lynne P

    Takezero to launch or earn1k course.
    Pay off husband’s student loan.

  346. avatar
    Alex di Savoia

    $10k? I’d use it to travel aroybdvthe globe meeting thé reines/cultures/propos I’m genetically linked to abs film it in order to launch my DNA adventur tv series.

  347. avatar

    move from london to san francisco to attend a 12 week coding bootcamp course … and maybe enrol in your job course … both would be awesome! i believe in investing in your education which is why i follow you actually – thanks for the competition – great gift / prize!

  348. avatar

    I’d use itto pay for grad school!!

  349. avatar

    I would definitely invest in my brand new online business! (DREAM)

  350. avatar

    My immediate need is bookshelves. It would take some thought to strategically use the money. It’s enough to make a big difference, but not a life changer. Or is it … that could be the relocation money that never seems to add up to enough.

  351. avatar

    I would like to move from where I am currently living as it is not good for my sanity. I have had rough times over the last couple of years, a couple months back I tried moving to a different city to give myself a fresh start, it blew up in my face and cost me thousands of $ in the attempt, I had no choice but to move back to where I am living with family which was a last ditch option. I would like to move from here to the city to give myself a fair chance of some mental health coming back, as well as buy myself a new bed as the one I have is old, and very uncomfortable. The rest I would put into savings as I am very careful with money(I tend to get bear needs it seems)

  352. avatar

    I would pay off my credit card and then put the rest into a high interest e-savings account to go towards the island I want to buy in 10 years :D!

  353. avatar
    Jessica Saravia

    Id finish paying off my credit card bill

  354. avatar

    I would take my wife on a nice, kid free, vacation for our upcoming anniversary (10 years!). I would invest in Ramit’s Zero to Launch course the next time it opens, and I would pay off some outstanding debt (no more credit card debt!)

  355. avatar

    I’d use it to launch my business the right way — set up the systems I really want that will help me be efficient from the very beginning!

  356. avatar

    I will divide the money in four equal parts:

    First part, i will invest in my existing business to get it into a more solid shape than it is right now.

    Second, i will donate to the charity i support, to promote education to the underprivileged students in parts of India.

    third, i will use to fund my entrance exam and application fees for my Masters degree. Its even a bit expensive to apply for a masters in US or Canada, paying the fees is a different story.

    fourth, I will give away 500 dollars each to 5 people in this contest whose cause is more noble than mine, either way, they win 10k or not!

  357. avatar

    I’d use the money to invest in my new business I’m building through the Zero to Launch course

  358. avatar

    I’d add this to my House Fund! 🙂

  359. avatar

    I would pay down my car loan. On my way to being debt free!

  360. avatar

    Pay off 5k in debt
    Invest 1k in each of my three kids college fund
    Use the remaining 2k to invest in myself

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  361. avatar

    I would pay off my remaining debt, but an engagement ring and ask the love of my life to marry me. I would give some to my nan to help her live as she struggles and I would then invest the rest in setting up my own business.

  362. avatar

    Truthfully, I’d like to put that money somewhere where it will GROW. I’m a pretty generous guy and I’d like to be an Angel Investor. So after really taking Ramil’s course (comfortably) I would then pursue ways to grow the money and help others achieve their dreams.

  363. avatar

    If I won 10k
    I will invest 5k in my photography business
    Attend a workshop to better my skills
    Invest in better gear
    Do a test shoots to create my portfolio

    The rest of the 5k
    I’ll invest 3k in tech startups

    And I’ll invest 2k in
    Planning a trip to Rome, There’s a lot history there! History involving Art, Knowledge, wisdom and hardwork. Theres a lot to learn about Art and in art you learn about how they created or built each piece in there lies the amount of hardwork, the strength of understanding what they wanted to showcase to the world and the ability for them express their creativity which took time, reasearch and knowledge. Thats why I want to go rome! I’m a sponge and I want soak up knowledge.

  364. avatar

    1) Pay for my new ac unit before the interest kicks in
    2) Fix my husband’s car
    3) Buy some clothes for the family
    4) Put some in an investment account
    5) Put the rest in an emergency fund

  365. avatar

    I’d pay for our honeymoon, treat my parents as a thank you for all their help and support through some very tough times and invest in starting my first freelance business.

  366. avatar

    Pay off some debt and take a great trip!

  367. avatar

    9K – Pay off Highest Interest Student Loan
    1K – New bikes for me, the missus and our little dude

  368. avatar

    I would pay forward Ramit’s generosity by helping a family from my community that is in need. That would be part of the funds. The other part, I would use to take my wife and kids on a well deserved vacation and let my wife splurge on something that she genuinely wants. Best part is- I would not feel guilty about it.

    Good luck all! Thanks Ramit.

  369. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    $10K would allow me to pay off my car, fly home to spend time with my family and take a 2 month sabbatical (my work offers an unpaid sabbatical after 5 years of employment)!

    Thanks for being awesome!

  370. avatar

    Pay off my debt and help my parents invest in the bbq restaurant they’ve always dreamed of starting!

  371. avatar

    Pay off debt and then invest

  372. avatar
    Kayla B.

    As a ZTL student, putting $5,000 towards my business would be a huge deal.
    Then $3,000 would be spent taking my daughter to disney and $2,000 would be spent on a financial cushion.
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity Ramit!!!

  373. avatar

    1. Take my parents to Paris.
    2. Since we actually enjoy budget travel and have air miles, etc, I’d put some of what’s left into renovating a bathroom we’re working on.
    3. At least $1k to a friend who is raising her sister’s kids.

  374. avatar

    I would take your course so i could learn how to make my own 10000 hopefully every month.

  375. avatar

    First, I would buy $500 jeans. I didn’t even know those existed until you just mentioned them, so I’m curious what the big deal is. Then I’d plan a scuba/freediving trip somewhere I could swim with sharks (a life-long dream). That would only use less than half the money, so I’d use the rest to start a ‘home down payment’ savings.

  376. avatar

    I I would use the money when I’m visiting my brother who’s studying abroad in Seoul. The extra money would take an already awesome trip to the next level.

  377. avatar

    I would use 10K to pay off debt and enroll in the Earn1K course (guilt-free)!

  378. avatar
    Alex Kizito Nninda

    After reading Sethi’s book titled “I will teach you to be rich” 2 years ago (when I was 25 years old), I have no debts, not even a credit card to pay off and my investments are growing steadily. With $10,000, I’ll invest $4,000 in stocks and leave it (the money) there for about 20 years, invest $3,000 to expand my pine plantation to 4 acres and expand my passion fruit plantation using the remaining $2,000. Thanks to “I will teach you to be rich”.

  379. avatar
    Branden Williams

    I would use the money to seed a startup I am working on! Alternate revenue streams, FTW!

  380. avatar

    I would set aside $5,000 to invest (so that hopefully, when/if I need more money for a wedding and/or children, I’ll be a bit more set).

    Then I’d devote $1000 to fitness and health– a gym membership with a pool and a few PT appointments. (I have bad knees, so running/dancing/elliptical/biking/sports aren’t possible fitness options for me.)

    I’d devote $2000 to my acting career– headshots, classes.

    $1000 would go to my RothIRA.

    Last $1000 would go to my savings account as a rainy day fund.

  381. avatar

    I’d spend it on a print run of a card game I’m developing. I’m drawing the cards myself for playtesting at the next couple of conferences I’m going to, but when it comes to releasing it commercially, I want them to be pro quality – after all, cards can take a hell of a beating during play! And then I’d have two thousand decks of cards to wonder helplessly how to get them to potential clients… only kidding, I have plans for that. (They’re for storytelling, in case you’re wondering – I think the key to getting people to change is getting them to exercise their imaginations more, to see possibilities in the world, see how the status quo could be different – getting them making up crazy stories is my plan to change the world!).

    And yes, I’m totally crazy enthusiastic about this project. I’ll go back to drawing cards now. Eighty-three down, twelve to go!!

  382. avatar

    I would pay off my credit card debt (which is minimal) and finish up some home improvement projects. Then I’d bank the rest!

  383. avatar
    Ben Friedrich


    I would pay the taxes that the government would obviously take. 🙁


    A really nice steak dinner with someone I love.


    Pay down credit. Either card or car. On track to pay off all credit debt by next year, but this would definitely be a windfall to speed it up.


  384. avatar
    Amanda McCarter

    Pay off my credit card and invest in my business.

  385. avatar

    I’d quit my job tomorrow.

  386. avatar
    Adam S.

    Down payment on a remote piece of land.

  387. avatar

    Pay off some debt (cc, school loans)
    invest a chunk for my daughter’s future
    spend some part of it on a trip with my wife, daughter & I…building memories
    donate to 2 charitable causes I believe in

  388. avatar
    Manuela Sampaio

    Take a month off, studying Spanish.

  389. avatar

    Definitely invest into my business model!

  390. avatar

    Roll it into my amazon arbitrage business and turn it into an $18k a year income stream.

  391. avatar

    I would save half and spend the other half. Have been doing the same with any extra income that I’ve been getting (selling away an old gadget or receiving a bonus). When I was young I always envied my peers who could afford Crumpler bags, so I’d get one or two of those. I would also buy a ticket on Singapore Airlines to visit my friend who is studying in Harvard, and spend what is left of the US$5k on a nice hotel and good food.

  392. avatar
    Travis Fisher

    Pay down my house. Super boring on paper but it’s the next step in my super secret plan to take over the world. 😉

  393. avatar

    I would pay off my debt &use the rest to help finish off my bachelor’s degree!

  394. avatar
    sharon shafran

    i definitely would travel more and take my family too

  395. avatar

    Charity. Easy as that. I could do something for myself of course (buy my time back, invest, etc.) but would rather take free money and do the best thing I could with it; give it to a worthwhile cause. Probably the Hera Foundation since the climbing community works with them throughout the year.

  396. avatar
    Abigail (Bradshaw) Page

    I would spend it on classes to complete my design education, set up my home gym, and give $2000 to my local homeless shelter.

  397. avatar

    I would put some aside toward growing my business, pay off some debt, take a small vacation to Spain and donate a few hundred to my local church.

  398. avatar

    I’d use 5.000 to pay off some debts that are making me nervous, save the rest for the education of my two children and be very happy!

  399. avatar

    First would be another trip on the list, courtesy of Ramit. Then I would finish off the needed classes to be fully independent for my online business and use the left over to develop my film using the 1-hour photo service.

  400. avatar

    I would hire a dogsiter so that I can travel as a consultant and work in rural India / Nepal on poverty alleviation and preserving ecosystems for some weeks a year. I would pay my dentist´s bill at once …and hire a coach to get me back into consultancy business….the remaining money I would invest in a used car to avoid crowded public transport

  401. avatar

    Help pay off my moms medical bills and set money aside to help support my little brother

  402. avatar

    1. Take my son on a nice weekend trip somewhere.
    2. Buy season passes for my son and I for the local ski hill.
    3. Save the rest of the money for a down payment for a small townhouse for my son and I.


  403. avatar
    Mark Wilson

    Pay off my credit card and invest in my business.

  404. avatar

    Pay off debt and travel.

  405. avatar

    1 – pay off debt
    2 – Join ZTL
    3 – Donate rest to charity

  406. avatar
    Megan Goodell

    If I win this money, I will be taking care of 1/3 of my student loan debt which is forcing me to live at home with family as I can’t afford to live on my own yet. This would be such a huge help!

    Thanks for hosting this contest, Ramit. You are incredible. 🙂

  407. avatar

    Pay $5k on debt and $5k for an engagement ring.

  408. avatar

    I would use the winnings to help pay for my son’s college.

  409. avatar

    I would add it to my down payment on my very first property!

  410. avatar

    Pay for my grandma’s fees at her retirement home in France, to decrease the burden on my mom and her sisters.

    Plus take a pretty girl out to dinner 🙂

  411. avatar

    I would take an extra month of maternity leave (coming up in the spring) and pay off a $5K loan. And I might be able to squeeze in a small babymoon while I’m at it!

  412. avatar

    Pay off remaining debt and take my kids somewhere.

  413. avatar

    Buy software that is needed for my business.
    Fund licensing exams.
    Take another business course.
    Bank a chunk for those lean months.
    Treat Thom and I to a 2 week vacation, without the damn dogs!

  414. avatar

    Contribute toward our Downpayment Savings Account.

  415. avatar

    I’m making my first purchase order from a supplier on AliBaba. Instead of spending a measly $250 on this, I’ll place a much bigger order, ramping up profitability of this business much faster than ever possible myself! Right now I’m living in Thailand to keep costs low, while earning roughly a grand a month with my writing business…I need help!

  416. avatar
    Stephen Shade

    I would use the $10,000 to build walls for my kids bedrooms, so they can have a bedroom instead of living room with a bed in it.

  417. avatar

    Umm, obviously I am going to buy a new car! Oh wait, there’s only four zeros… in that case; I am going to buy a used car!

  418. avatar

    I would pay off my debts!

  419. avatar

    Hello Ramit,

    If I won the money, I would invest it my creative business, Butterfly + Bloom. I would also LOVE to take my daughter to Paris and I would use part of the money to do that!

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Have a beautiful day, Kathryn

  420. avatar

    1. Update my work wardrobe
    2. Send my parents on a well deserved trip
    3. Buy Ramit’s course

  421. avatar

    Here is what I would do with the $10,000 if I won:

    – I have no debt (thanks in part to you!), so I would put half into savings/investments and watch it grow;
    – I would use the other half to take a trip to Europe or the Caribbean (can’t decide!) or put towards a new car, since mine is getting to the point that repairs cost more than the value of the vehicle itself.

  422. avatar

    Pay off my car loan.

  423. avatar

    Over the past contests, I’ve thought about where I’d put the $1k if I won it. I took that break down and just applied my actual paychecks to it as well. I knew that while one person is going to win, statistically it won’t be me. That’s not a problem because it made me think what should my extra money actually go to to make me happier in general. I’ve been crossing things of the list (debt), and winning this would go into the spots left.
    1. Credit Card debt – Already paid off
    2. School loan debt – finally just paid off
    3. Emergency fund – 60% of the $10k (or whatever it is after taxes) would go there. It’s been building up, but I’d like to get a nice safe back up there.
    4. Vacation fund – 20% into a vacation fund.
    5. Side business – 20% on a side business I’ve be slowly working on.
    6. Dinner with close friends and family – <1%. It is nice to be with loved ones. I wouldn't it want it to be a celebration for winning because that's a weird kind of attention. I would just like to make up an excuse and take some of close friends and family out to have a good time. I don't want it to go down a cycle of over spending, so I just want to link the excess to one fun event.

  424. avatar

    I would use it to take a sweet vacation with my hubby and also help grow my new photography business! 🙂

  425. avatar
    Timothy Moser

    Invest it in my business. Because that will pay big for both me AND the world. I believe in what I do, so I want to give it all I can.

  426. avatar

    I’ve already paid off my debts and only have 4 mortgage payments left, so I would use part of the money to start a writing business, and invest the remaining balance.

  427. avatar
    Emily T.

    I am so close to paying off my debt (including car) thanks to advice like that found in the IWTY book. Should I be selected to receive the $10k, I would finish off that debt/car payments, go on a honeymoon, and buy a few new clothes. Most of the $$, however, would probably go towards investments. I am currently reading more on investing so that I’m ready once my debt is paid off (less than a year to go!). Thank you for this opportunity and for your great, conversational, advice!

  428. avatar

    I would be delighted to be able to pay off some of my debt which includes an unexpected tax levy two years ago.

  429. avatar

    Pay of fmy debt about 6K and put about 2k in RRSP’s and spend the rest on a new bike.

  430. avatar

    I’d use the $10,000 to finally knock out the last of my student loans and live a little richer every day after that with that loan payment in my pocket.

  431. avatar

    If I won the $10.000,I would like to invest for a new laptop design concept that could revolutionize the way people use laptops if I win the money

  432. avatar

    I’ll pay off my debt, and try and create a savings fund so that I never get back in the same state ever.

  433. avatar

    1. Pay off loan
    2. Invest in my business
    3. $500 3 day vacation
    4. Donate 10% to tithes
    5. Save 3,.000 for a rainy day

  434. avatar

    I’d invest in myself – Earn1K, improv classes, and childcare to start, to give me the framework to create a job for myself and to change my frame of mind to accept seemingly off-the-wall offers, and the time to do so.

    This would leave me energy to invest in my growing family through what I think is the best way to learn: travel.

  435. avatar
    Susan S

    I would pay off all my credit card debts 9.500 then i would go to my roof and cut all my cards up throw them in the air and scream thank god all mighty I’m free at last,… Then I will never ever have another credit card again in my life.

  436. avatar
    Betsy Fry

    I would spend the money on a redo of our honeymoon! Our original one was a disaster that included a hurricane, canceled flights and having to extend our trip in an incredibly dodgy hotel. For a do-over, I’d take my husband anywhere he wanted to go and do so before we have kids!

  437. avatar

    I would use $8K to pay off my credit card debt and the other $2K I would use to my two children on mini-vacations during this coming winter. Every year I promise that we’re going to spend the winter going skiing but it never happens. 🙁

  438. avatar

    I would take the money and invest it in myself.
    I would:
    a) Hire a 1 on 1 language tutor
    b) Hire someone to audit my programming and coach me to get better
    c) Hire someone to help me improve my writing
    d) Travel around the country to meet interesting people for lunch/coffee

    I’d probably also take my family for dinner, buy myself a weighted west for training and buy my complete Amazon wishlist of books (~100).

  439. avatar
    Simon Cave

    I would buy an airline ticket to come to see you Ramit and offer you a drink just to talk about how silly it’s to spend $12 to get your photos developed. I’m sure our discussion will worth more than 10K.

  440. avatar

    I would pay off my credit card debt and finally be able to do earn1k

  441. avatar

    I would use the 10k to pay off all my debt and use the rest to save for a down payment on my first house.

  442. avatar

    That’s just the right amount to payoff our RV loan and improve our monthly cash flow.

  443. avatar

    I’m freshly divorced after a 23 year marriage to a starving artist. I’ve never had a washer and dryer, furnace or dishwasher. I need to move by June. I need a down payment to a functioning house!

  444. avatar

    I’d take my boys to Paris and Barcelona before they leave me for college.

  445. avatar
    Jessica Haynes

    I would use the money to pay off some of our student loan debt.

  446. avatar

    I would pay off my CC debt, update my wardrobe (for my new job :D) and save and invest.

  447. avatar

    i would use the money to buy a Fluke Networks tool for my business, having this tool will give me an additional edge on getting more contracts, that pays more for getting a report on each line installed. These tools are upwards of 4500$. In the long run it would equal to additional income coming in. With the rest of the money I would pay off my car loan.

    Thank you

  448. avatar

    I would pay off my credit card debt. All accrued because my body is failing me. I’d also love to be able to start sending my mom money. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to help her financially.

  449. avatar

    If I were to win the $10K, I would pay off my last bit of credit card debt and then use the remainder to move my photography business out of my living room and into a studio space. $10K would be a great amount of “seed money” to make that happen.

  450. avatar

    The first half would go to paying off cc debt. The other half would go to taking my family to Cancun in 2015.

  451. avatar

    Allow my fiance to quit her terrible job worry free and pursue a career in the medical field.

  452. avatar
    Mark W.

    I would pay down my debt, beef up my emergency fund, and take my partner on a wonderful vacation to a ridiculously awesome location.

  453. avatar

    This is timely. My mother offered to let me move into her now – empty house (she moved into a nursing home at the beginning of the year) when I lost my job in June. Her house has been left in such a state of disrepair that really only the “We Buy Ugly Houses” people would buy it. But out of desperation at my lack of funds, and knowing I could no longer afford my rent, I agreed. I took out two thirds of my 401K to make the place habitable. This has now all been irrevocably spent. I was to move in in two weeks. Boxes packed, etc. My boyfriend and I did much of the work ourselves. Last night, she came to the conclusion that I was just out to use her for her money and revoked her offer. My mother is mentally ill, so I should have expected this. But I planned for the best.

    I asked my landlord if I could extend the current contract (due to expire October 1), and I never received a reply. So I’m up the proverbial creek.

    So, going back in time and bludgeoning yourself? I wish.

    All I can do now is move forward. With the money I can either pay rent elsewhere, or put a down payment on a small house.

    Of course, I am diligently searching for a new job.

  454. avatar
    Donna Freedman

    I’d fund my Roth IRA for this year and then use the rest to go visit my dad on the East Coast. (Moved back to Alaska and no inexpensive airfares exist to, well, anywhere.)

  455. avatar

    Pay off debt

  456. avatar

    It would all go into the business. New website, VA and the rest for personal development!

  457. avatar
    Chuck Carpenter

    1. Spend a good portion on our dream honeymoon to Bora Bora
    2. Take whatever is left to save for expenses that will come from my new business via Zero to Launch.

  458. avatar
    Jill DeCarly

    I’d pay for your course to earn an extra 1k/mo.
    I have to pay to fly my child back from monthly visitation—costs between $400-$900/mo. The course tuition and enrollment would kick me in the a$$ and help me get going. Hard to pay the course payment when I have to buy airline tickets each month–viscous circle.

  459. avatar

    Finally make the move to DC I have been dreaming of! And obviously invest the rest.

  460. avatar

    I would invest the money in my business and use the ROI to pay off debt. I’d then continue re-investing 80% of the ROI and pay myself the other 20%. Cashflow is king 🙂

  461. avatar

    I have been praying for $10,000 to pay off my $3k debt, leave the 9-5, & invest in land in Belize or Tulum to build an eco natural & ancient healing center for all (MY DREAM!).

  462. avatar
    Beth Anne

    Our son has a disability and is unable to walk so I’d start by buying him a safe little recreational vehicle that he could use to keep up with other kids on rougher terrain. He’s awesome with his wheelchair, but in the grass, it’s sad watching him try to keep up.
    Then, we’d pay for a month of intensive physical therapy at a world class facility. (They make more progress with kids there in a month than other therapists can do in years.)
    Then, I’d invest the rest into my business.

    What a great way to celebrate your anniversary, Ramit!

  463. avatar

    I love my old car, but dream of getting a newer one. I would put down a big payment on the car of my dreams.

  464. avatar

    Sans-kids vacation and invest.

  465. avatar

    I will be paying off credit card debt, updating my wardrobe, starting an emergency fund, investing and enrolling in The Landmark Forum.

  466. avatar

    If I won 10k I would use it to pay off debt , student loans, and save for a house.

  467. avatar
    Amber Conaway

    I would pay off all my debts and use the rest for a down payment on a house!

  468. avatar

    I would go with my partner on our dream European vacation to visit all of the great (and little) breweries in the UK, Belgium, Germany, and Czech Republic. I want to do this before attempting my Master Cicerone exam in 2016, and since my partner has never been to Europe, I want to share this awesome journey with him.

  469. avatar

    Nothing exciting, but definitely helpful! I’d pay off my cc debt, and plan a fun celebratory vacation at the end of this semester/my degree.

  470. avatar
    Francess Mendoza

    If I win $10,000.00, I will…
    -Save 10%

    – Buy 1000 copies of your books and give it away to random people.

    – Start paying off my debts.

    – Invest in gold.

    – Donate to a charity.

  471. avatar
    Rachel B

    I would help my fiancé (who will be my husband in 2 weeks) pay off his debt, and use the remainder to build up our emergency fund. Having no debt in our marriage is a top priority, and the sooner the better.

  472. avatar

    Put towards a down payment on a house/condo!

  473. avatar

    Save 5k.
    Pay off credit card debt.
    Enroll in Earn 1k.

  474. avatar

    I would take my family on a trip to Uruguay to visit my husband’s family (and introduce them to the newest little one)
    The remainder would go towards building our backyard deck, it would be nice not to have a door that opens to a large drop-off.

  475. avatar

    If I won $10k, I would invest it! Not my idea of fun but definitely something that needs to be done.

  476. avatar
    Michelle A.

    I would spend the $10,000 towards creating a photography studio in the first floor apartment:
    (Last month I paid off my credit card debt – I only have my mortgage payments on my 2 family home)
    -2,500.00 Taxes
    -1,000.00 charity
    -2,500.00 flooring
    -300.00 Paint walls/ceilings
    -2,000.00 bathroom – new flooring and replace vanity with pedestal sink (diy)
    -1,500.00 Pro Studio 2 Light Kit and 2 backdrops
    -200.00 towards a homecooked dinner for family and friends to celebrate my finished photography studio


  477. avatar

    1. Help tigers in need
    2. Develop a funky furniture item with a friend of mine who’s in need of a job

  478. avatar

    I would pay off debt and use the extra money I was paying toward the debt every month to sign up for Zero to Launch next time it opens up!

  479. avatar
    Francesca small

    Hi there,

    I would buy myself some time off work. I am currently trying to do the third year of my degree and work full time, I would have some time to finish and some GUILT FREE time with my two daughters. Even if only to go to the park or do the costal walk we keep talking about. 10000 would give me time (and pay off some debt!) xx

  480. avatar
    Mitchell J

    I would give it to my parents so I can help them pay off there bills and maybe we can fix a few things at there house.

  481. avatar

    The first thing I’d do is take my girlfriend out for a nice steak dinner.
    Paying off my CC debt of ~$3500
    Take the remainder and get two high interest student loans paid off.

  482. avatar

    I would use this money to help my family with expenses and debts.

  483. avatar

    Small cap gold and silver stocks out of Canada.

  484. avatar

    I would invest in your courses, pay off part of my college tuition, and invest in my online business and music career!

  485. avatar

    Hire a consultant to help me with my online business and a gymnastics coach.

  486. avatar
    Jen L.

    While I should put the $10k towards paying off my student loans, I’ll be honest; this money would be spent on my annual food budget, not because I’m a poor mom feeding a family on a modest income, but because I’m lazy gal who loathes everything to do with meal time other than feeding my face. I’m pretty sure my husband and I are single-handedly keeping a few neighborhood restaurants in business just because we hate grocery shopping and cooking so much. This money would be spent on either home delivery from a prepared meal service, personal chef, or dining out.

  487. avatar

    A little bit of everything: pay off debt, vacation, investment, push for personal private practice in counseling, donations… There’s a lot to do with $10,000!

  488. avatar

    I would fly to US and buy a Bike across america package. It would be nice to arrange some RBT meet ups on the route.

  489. avatar

    I would pay down denti earned as a single parent! New school clothes for the kids and lots and lots of groceries.

  490. avatar

    1) Pay of the last of my debt
    2) Find a cure for cats that change color. If not me, who will help them?
    3)Regret find the cat cure…start legit business

  491. avatar

    Hi Ramit, Long time reader of you blog and I have to say, I at times wonder whether you have a direct link to our heads – you break down concepts so easily ! And your advice on automation is pure gold. Here’s what I would do if I won $10K –
    1. Pay off about 4K worth of debt (car loan)
    2. save 2k in a high yield savings account
    3. set 1K as funny money I can use to invest in funds / bonds that I have researched. This is going to be on top of the regular automated investment, just to capitalise on any sudden dips in the market
    4. send 1k home to parents for them to splurge on. OR alternatively invest in low risk inflation protected securities for them. Something is better than nothing I guess.
    5. Use the other 2K as a learning expense. This equates to ~3 months of living expense for me, which means 3 months I can spend as an unpaid/ min wage intern in a company / companies I want to learn from and get my foot inside the door.

    A bit consevative, I know, but I feel it reflects my overall attitude in terms of money. Saving and investing in knowledge are top priorities if there is no debt to be taken care off.

    Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the contest !


  492. avatar

    Payoff my credit card debt.

  493. avatar
    Jennifer Volensky

    I would use most of the money to pay off debt and use the rest to celebrate winning by taking a trip for our 1 year anniversary since we could not afford a Honeymoon.

  494. avatar

    The 10K would get socked away for retirement.

  495. avatar

    If I were to win $10,000 what would I do?
    Well I have been so privileged to have the opportunity to travel around Europe this summer, but I’ve realized how much I’m thinking about me. All I’ve done is spend money on myself and don’t get me wrong traveling has been beyond amazing and I’m thankful everyday. However, when I get home all I want to do is think about others. So this is how I’d spend the $10,000. I’d spend it on people that really matter, donate to people or charities that truly have a use for it. I’d love to treat my parents to something special or pay them back for some the things they’ve helped me with in the past. I want to make a difference in this world and traveling has shown me that. My heart is called to help others and do things that make a positive difference. Of course there is some selfishness in the fact that whatever I didn’t spend I would save since I’ll be going back to no job. But then again I’d love to use it to invest in something or start some kind of business that is in the same scope of work like volunteering or providing services to people in need. In reality there are so many things one could do with that money, but if I’ve learned anything in my life it’s that the people in your life are what truly make it special and it’s important to reach out to others and show them how much you appreciate them just by doing little things. Anything helps, and that’s a true statement!

  496. avatar

    I’d replace the septic system in our new home (soon to be an exclusive B&B). A rich life is easier to manifest when the shit is out of sight and out of mind. 🙂

  497. avatar
    Justin Perry

    Here’s my break down for the 10K:

    1. $1,000 is going to Relay for Life by the American cancer society
    2. $6,000 is going into life cycle funds
    3. $2,000 is going into a online savings account so that I can use it towards my education

    Investing in others, investing my money, investing in myself! A triple feature brought to you by the education I received form Ramit’s fantastic teachings.

  498. avatar

    With $10k I would:
    -Invest $5k
    -Update my wardrobe $1k
    -Use $3k to pay off some debt
    -Have fun $1k. I’ve been working on seeing Badger games in every BigTen stadium. My goal was in reach until Nebraska, Rutgers, and Maryland came along.

  499. avatar

    I will use money on:

    – Doing a research in psychology (group studies, surveys etc.). I’m working on course focused on procrastination, behavioral psychology. I want to help people improve their lives by using inner facilities they already have.

    – Paying for domain, hosting, web-site support and other Internet-related stuff.

    – Buying my girl a dog. Childhood dream. Why not bring it to life?

    – Investing 10-15% of money in family retail business.

    – Buying myself new notebook or tablet. The one I’m writing this on is too old and a bit heavy. If you’re building an online business good laptop is a must, I hope you understand.

    And I want new sneakers. I will buy them myself, but if you’ll help it would be OK.

  500. avatar

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in February….$10K would put a nice dent in our trip expenses!

  501. avatar
    Matt G

    $10,000 is enough to buy a used hybrid, right? I’d do that. Fuel efficiency, man.

  502. avatar

    Get Lasik done on my eyes.
    Invest the rest.

  503. avatar

    I would hire a workspace buy all the machines I need and make the most beautiful bags I’ve ever made. and then sell them and make a big profit 🙂

  504. avatar

    First, I’d check a few things off of my purchasing list – which is long. Stuff I need that’s literally falling apart. New business shoes, a new belt. I’d renew my Consultant’s Visa to China so I can travel freely between HK & Shanghai. I’d plant out my roof garden so it can serve as a good example for the community. Then I’d organize some seminars on rooftop gardening.

    I’d send my parents a little bit. Pay off a chunk of my student debt, pay off my credit debt. I’d set up a non-profit and hire staff to raise awareness for mental health & lifesytle diseases.

    I’d budget a strong diet for the next few months, since I have been literally starving. I’d also have some time to work on my own company, which would then begin to generate some revenues and/or further investment by the time the 10,000 ran out.

    Basically, I’d use it to kickstart my business. And I’d reserve 5% equity in A-round financing for Ramit in all of my future ventures.

  505. avatar

    I would use $8,000 to pay off my student loan debt, since it will still take me 2 years, despite paying 51 percent of my pay check. I would then use another $1500 to contribute to my 401K. Then the final $500, I would use to register for a course that would help me get better and more competitive in my career.

  506. avatar

    With a $10K windfall, I’d put $5k towards student loan debt, $2k into my art business, $2k into my hubby’s business, and $1k into savings.

  507. avatar

    Pay off debt
    Put some in savings
    Invest in starting my own side business!

  508. avatar
    Mary Simons

    Invest half – spend the rest visiting the kiddos after not being able to see them for 3 years due to a move.

  509. avatar
    Wade Haye

    If I won $10,000 I’d pay off a couple bills/debts, get some equipment to further my blogging career, help a friend get some DJ equipment, get me and my family back our visas and visit relatives, and put some in savings.

  510. avatar

    With $10K, I would take a dream vacation to Nepal!

  511. avatar

    I’d use it to take your consulting course.

  512. avatar

    I’d use it all to buy BRK.B stock.

  513. avatar

    I would get myself into the training programs I’ve been dying for, starting with Zero To Launch. ($4K)

    I would build my core audience and content infrastructure. ($2K)

    I would do a small makeover on my website and wardrobe. ($2K)

    I would write and publish my first book. ($2K)

    I would help us become sustainable, faster. (priceless)

  514. avatar

    $9.99k on fulfilling my utility patent
    and 1 copy of your book

  515. avatar

    I would pay my credit card debt and finally be debt free

  516. avatar

    I would pay back my savings, make sure my kids education accounts were topped off, buy a nice outfit that actually fits, put some into RRSP, and plan our first family vacation that I’ve wanted to go on for years…

  517. avatar

    My head says pay off as much debt as I can with it, which would probably leave me with $20 for a case of cheap beer. My heart says buy the 600HP engine we want for the Hubs’ truck. *sigh* I would probably do the boooooooring thing and pay off stupid debt.

  518. avatar

    Currently unemployed so if I win the $10,000 I will use it to live on while I’m looking for a job.

  519. avatar

    If I won $10,000, first I’d try to understand how much is taken out for taxes 🙂 Then with the remainder of that money… I’d do the following:

    -Put $6K – $8K into my $30K of student loan debt (my goal is to have my $30K in student debt paid off by my 26th birthday… only 2 more years left to do that!)
    -Invest into one year of Ramit’s Brain Trust, to see if it’s worth the investment (I’ve got a lot of value from Zero to Launch so far)
    -Fly my parents out from Michigan to spend a week with me here in San Diego; take them out to an awesome dinner

  520. avatar

    I’d probably pay off some debt to get myself one step closer to putting myself back into debt. Because I want a new boat.

  521. avatar

    Pay last part of my debt, then invest the rest the smart way:
    a) grab a mac book pro to extend my skills (I’m an Android developer!)
    b) get earn1k!
    c) anything left: get some sweet gift for my wife! she’s still hanging on with me!

  522. avatar

    2 words – student loans

  523. avatar
    Crystal Matthew

    Invest in us:
    Pay off cc debt (obviously)

    Invest in my spouse:
    buy my husband a killer bass guitar

    Invest in me:
    upgrade my design software suite (finally!)

  524. avatar

    Pay off my credit cards. Being a stay at home mom is great but with no substantial money coming in I just need to get out from under it.

    Go and visit family in Hawaii!

  525. avatar
    Matt Becker

    I’ve spent the last 9 months starting my own business. We’ve been living on income I’ve been able to make here and there, but also our savings that was built over a number of years largely because I was lucky enough to stumble upon your automation post on the 4-hour-workweek about 6 years ago. I’m tempted to say that the $10,000 would simply increase our runway, but I don’t think that’s good enough. I would like to use some of it to invest back into your ZTL course, which I think would help me speed up my progress (not a kiss up, that’s something I genuinely want to do). As for the rest of it, well yeah, that would mostly help to lengthen the runway. Thanks!

  526. avatar
    Mike Carroll

    Invest in my business – $5k

    Pay off CC balance – $2k

    $1k into emergency savings fund.

    Take my partner out on a shopping spree / pamper day – $1k

    Mini-vaccay to New York 😉 – $1k

  527. avatar

    I would pay off my truck and then develop my bare backyard!

  528. avatar

    As one of the many people in this country who are buried in thousands of dollars in student loans, I would use the $10,000 to help pay off some of my $100,000 debt. Any help with these loans would be a miracle..seriously.

  529. avatar

    I would first put some into a savings acc.
    Use some for doing higher studies abroad.
    Travel a bit.
    Give my parents a nice trip somewhere of their choice.
    Update my wardrobe.

  530. avatar

    Well, first I’d make sure taxes were accounted for, so let’s just say I have $7,500 to work with. I’d put this all towards my side business and really being able to grow it in the way it needs to. Website creation and advertising/promotion is where 100% of the post-tax money would go. This money would put me a year ahead of my timeline.

  531. avatar

    I would invest mainly into my

    -business (finishing my website, various helpful softwares & tools, a professional designer to help with design work, consulting an expert with online marketing & launch strategy, social media)
    – a relaxing holiday trip within Europe for my parents & sister
    – a good set of decent outfits for business purposes
    – some 200-500 dollars to spend on my Indian friends (at least one good party or dinner)

  532. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Great contest. If I won $10,000, once the taxes were accounted for I would spend ~$2k on a new business professional wardrobe (I’m exiting academia and entering business) and the rest ~$5k towards a down payment as we are planning to buy our first home and save on housing costs vs renting.

  533. avatar
    Ravneet kaur

    1- 1000 for sponsoring a child’s basic education
    2- 1000 for your courses and ‘universe’ courses
    3- 1000 for books or any required thing needed in less funded schools (espc villages)
    4- 2000 to family
    5- 5000 to me ( trip or wardrobe change or new car or savings or solitaire )

  534. avatar

    Use it to pay for one of Ramit’s courses to learn how to make even more money.

  535. avatar

    Well, I’d start by paying off my car loan,
    getting subscriptions in a few of the programs I’ve been interested in, one costing over 5000$ just as an entry ticket to a conference…I want to build a program and a system and a life that works as you always communicate: freely and filled with what I want to be doing.

    So, as a start, getting that ball rolling would be a HUGE blessing…

  536. avatar

    50% I would use to pay off my student loan.
    The other 50% I would invest into my own little software project (I’m a software developer and am doing things like apps, websites & stuff).
    And as a thank you I would invest my time and skills for free as a gift for you and your readers and remove the annoying bugs from this input form, and move the form from the bottom of all comments to the top. Nobody is going to read all the comments anyway.

  537. avatar
    Stacey Horan

    I would u the money to get my top permanent liner for my dentures and for my bottom partial I still need. Then with the rest I would pay up some bills and take my son to niagra falls and marineland 🙂

  538. avatar

    I would pay of $5K in credit card debt, put $3k in savings (high interest), and put $2K toward one of our bucket list vacations (Machu Picchu or Italy!).

  539. avatar
    Ryan Gunteski

    1.) let you “keep” some when ZTL opens up again
    2.) Bootstrap the business we create in ZTL
    3.)Take my wife out to dinner in NYC to meet you, so she understands why I think you are so cool.

  540. avatar

    If I won, I’d use $7k to pay off my car loan and put the remaining on my credit card balance.

  541. avatar

    I would finish school, go on a long holiday somewhere nice and invest the rest into various business plans or into building up the platform for my novels, possibly hire someone to help with promotion. Anything I don’t need right away would go in a savings account.

  542. avatar

    What would I do with $10k, you ask?
    1 go buy your book
    2 take your online course
    3 pay off all cc debt
    4 use what I learned to start a business and pay of all my student loans
    5 once I am rich I will set up a fabulous lunch date with you and Tim Ferriss

  543. avatar

    What to do with $10,000. Decisions … decisions.

    I would use it for:

    1. One or two home improvement projects
    2. Invest in the stock market

  544. avatar

    Pay off student loans, buy a new bike, and go on vacation with my wife and son.

  545. avatar

    I would start my own 3D engineering business and buy the necessary equipment. Also I would like to give a special gift to my girlfriend and parents.

  546. avatar
    Kat Halushka

    Paying off my debt from the school years would be #1 on my list. Then I’d love to take one of your courses to develop a great business idea or grow current one. The rest would go to creating and growing the business + products. Getting myself out of 9 to 5 mind set!

  547. avatar

    II would use the moneyto fix my house; we badly need repairs and $10,000 would help so much. Thanks for the opportunity.

  548. avatar

    10% to the poor folk (eight of them) who sleep outside my building, and the two beggars I see daily on my way to work.

    30-40% to launch my EP in Lagos

    30% to cover my debt

    The rest to ZTL and getting some new fucking clothes.

    May the winner win LMAO!

  549. avatar
    Kimly Phamvan

    Half of it would go towards paying off the rest of my student loans and auto loan
    10% would go to charity
    10% would go towards a vacation (Argentina!)
    20% would be invested
    10% would be something immediately gratifying (a great dinner, new bike)

  550. avatar
    Gecille Paul Sasan

    I would buy a ticket to wherever Ramit is. I would love to spend time with the man who will teach me to be rich.

  551. avatar

    1. Invest in my business (materials)
    2. Save it (working on the house down payment)
    3. Save it for a trip to Europe…

  552. avatar

    1. I would pay off the credit card debt that I’m thisclose to paying off
    2. Book a trip to Hawaii
    3. Buy myself a 3D printer

  553. avatar

    I’d spend it all on a trip to the US to get in-person life coach training through Brooke Castillo. (Never traveled overseas before so everything will be a new experience!)

  554. avatar

    1. Brain Trust or Eark 1K
    2. Pay some debt
    3. Emergency Fund

  555. avatar

    I would do house repairs with the money; the roof and bathrooms are original and in bad need of repair. Thanks for the opportunity.

  556. avatar

    Donate it to charity. AOET in Uganda to be specific.

  557. avatar

    I would take a week contemplating the millions of ways I could spend the cash. Then, it would go to principal only. Not glamorous, but I get a weird thrill from spending windfalls wisely.

  558. avatar

    1. $7k towards a professional writing program I’ve been dying to take. The $900 beginners course through the same school got me so much closer to my writing goals so I know the longer in-depth course is worth it.
    2. $2.5k towards a graphic artist to illustrate a children’s story I wrote.
    3. $500 for a roundtrip flight from SF to NYC to visit dear friends.

  559. avatar
    karen kuntz

    I would move to a new location and use the money to to expand my business.

  560. avatar

    I would use it for: getting out of cc debt and the rest towards a down payment on a house.

  561. avatar
    Xin Yi

    I would go study for a diploma in fashion design and marketing then start a business selling lifestyle products/ services.

    Subscribe to weekly deliveries of locally-grown organic food for my family.

    Use the rest for a trip to London next with my buds to watch Benedict Cumberbatch act in Hamlet 🙂

  562. avatar

    Invest in myself. For me that means:
    1) Putting myself in place to achieve my goals (i.e. moving away from the country-side)
    2) Learning new methods to achieve goals (courses, networking, etc)

  563. avatar

    Since I think that major economic problems are looming on the horizon, I would use the money

    to buy precious metals and store them outside my country. That way I have money , if things turn bad.

  564. avatar

    1. My daughter will be 10 in September but she knows that I am unemployed and i cannot afford to give her a birthday party or buy her any special gifts. She offered me savings to use towards her birthday party. She has been saving to buy herself a cellphone.
    My shopping list would be to give my daughter the best birthday party she could ever wish for and to buy her a cellphone.
    My daughter is a diligent scholar and loves school and it shows in her school report card. I promised her that if she continues to produce good results over the next 2 or 3 years i will try my best to buy her a laptop. Right now she has to be satisfied with restrictive access to my laptop that is about 9 years old and does not work that well.
    My shopping list also include buying my daughter her own laptop.
    2. i will have plenty money left over to repay all my debt so i am able to
    3 register for every one of Ramit’s courses
    4 unlimited internet access so i can watch all the Ramit’s videos i never had enough data for

  565. avatar

    Just moved for my wife’s job and currently looking for my own, so…
    1-buy the dream job course
    2-use the rest towards a down payment to buy an income property

  566. avatar
    Scott G

    Absolutely, without a doubt, it would go to pay off one whole student loan. And it would be glorious to be one step closer to being completely debt free.

  567. avatar
    Yolanda Enoch

    I would eliminate two of my biggest energy drains in my life right now: working out and eating the right types of foods for my body transformation goals.

    1. Six months of personal training at the gym (3x per week).
    2. Six months of a personal chef cooking and delivering my meals (lunch, dinner, snacks)

    With the leftover money, I would purchase a membership to a co-working space. It has built-in opportunities to meet new people, practice my social skills, and make business connections.

    I’ve also been wanting this bag for over a year now, so I would definitely buy it.

  568. avatar

    Here is what I would do with $10,000 cash:

    $1,000 to an Emergency Fund
    $1,000 start and fund an Roth IRA through Charles Swab bank
    $1,000 for an online savings account (from your book the interest from there sounds so much better than the traditional bank I currently have for my savings account and I’ll be switching over to that one!)
    $1,000 New Computer to continue to build and grow my home-based online business and blog (my personal computer which I had for 3-5 years went kaput last year and I managed to find my mom’s old computer while we were going through her things and it turned on so I’ve been using that one. But it’s ancient and the screen calibration is way out of whack so it’s tough to work on my photos and I can’t edit the video footage that I have already shot and planned for many videos in the wings because it loads so slowly).
    $3,000 to pay for either Zero to Launch Course or Earn 1K courses to launch my Freelance Business and Blog Business (I don’t know exactly how much they cost each, but I remember one was $99/mo = $1,188/yr.)
    $1,000 put aside to establish LLC (later will change to official S-Corp) & Trademarks
    $1,800 to pay off Arizona Canine Academy Instructor Course Tuition
    $100 buy a case of water, two boxes of energy bars, and 5-10 (depending on where I can get them I could get them at roughly $5/ea +S&H) Total Money Makeover books to keep in my car and give to homeless people when I see them
    $100 personal spending money to reinvest in myself-whether that’s new personal development material like books, to put toward a conference, or workshop.

  569. avatar

    Having been unemployed for the last THREE years, (certainly not due to lack of trying, I might add) I unfortunately don’t have much choice in how I’d spend $10,000. And one little splurge, comparatively speaking, would be buying a bottle of my favorite perfume. Yeah, I know, pretty pathetic. Nevertheless, I hope I am selected!! I hope you have a great day!!

  570. avatar

    I am quitting my job of 18 years and moving across the country to Seattle. $10k would be a fabulous treat during my transition period.

  571. avatar
    Tomek Bartczak

    If I won, I would
    1. $5K towards my student loan.
    2. $2K towards investing in myself trhough training / seminars (Earn 1K is on the list!)
    3. $3K towards paying my family back what I owe them. (student loan part 2)

  572. avatar

    I would fund my new ZTL business, then use the rest on an African safari with my wonderful husband – without the 3 kids!

  573. avatar

    I’d use the $10,000 to go on a luxurious honeymoon with the missus. We have been putting off because my folks need financial assistance. I am saving up to do this anyway, but the going isn’t as fast as I’d like. 🙂

    If anything is left over, we’d throw a big-ass dinner party for our friends who helped me move countries and marry the love of my life.

  574. avatar

    $3500 set aside to pay for the additional federal and state income taxes for winning $10,000
    $2000 added to Vanguard mutual funds for long-term saving
    $1500 to future China vacation subsavings account
    $1500 added to Wife’s allowance which she can spend on whatever she wants
    $1500 added to my allowance (set $700 aside for new phone once current phone breaks, $159 for an Angel sensor, a number of other durable upgrades like new keyboard, new bicycle seat, tool roll, shorts, cutting board, etc. and buy some ebooks on my To-Read list that I can’t get at my library).

  575. avatar
    Munir Randall

    I would buy a pair of Seven for All Mankind Jeans. The rest of the money, I would save to help get me through the start-up period of getting my residential real estate business up and running.

  576. avatar

    If I won $10000, I would:
    -pay off debt (<$3K)
    -watch for cheap flights & take a trip ($3K)
    -spend the rest on self-improvement

  577. avatar
    Joel D

    I would like to use the $10,000 to:

    Buy a new digital camera

    Purchase a relatively decent to premium Cellphone.

    Take that vacation I’ve wanted to for the past 1.5 years.

    Take up gym membership to lose weight and get fit.

    Purchase a new Desktop computer.

    To subscribe to / purchases online courses / personal development material including those of IWT (Couldn’t do so earlier of the Dollar-Rupee exchange rate)

    Use at least some of the money in doing a Masters course

    Help out my family financially wherever I can.

  578. avatar

    Pay rent and pay for grad school

  579. avatar

    Pay off some student loans and invest the rest in all future IWT courses.

  580. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    I would like to firs thank you for this opportunity and I wish the best of luck to whoever wins this entry! What I would do with the money is to help pay for my older sister’s medical school tuition. My older sister has the biggest heart and she has taught me to be selfless. I really respect her and I really appreciate all the things she does for my family. She was my second mother and I would love to try to give something back to her. I still plan to help her regardless if I win or not, but obviously winning this competition would help a lot (=

    Thank you again Ramit!

  581. avatar

    Pay off a shit-ton of debt, open one of those fancy Schwab accounts you keep barking about, and go see the Miami Dolphins/New England Patriots game in style.

  582. avatar

    Definitely pay off debt. It wouldn’t get rid of all of it, but it would go a long way. I’ve used Ramit’a techniques already to land my dream job and dream salary. Have automated my bills, and once my debt is clear, start staving for my real 2 final dreams: the Earn 1k course so I can start my lecturing/consulting and save for my small farm.

  583. avatar

    Make my NY trip with my parents. It’s their dreams, also I love NY.

  584. avatar

    Wow! Thanks Ramit! If I win, I will put $5,000 towards my credit card debt. The other $5K will go towards a trip to South Africa.

  585. avatar

    I would pay off debt and visit relatives I have never been able to visit before.

  586. avatar

    I would invest that money into myself. I would use it to make more money.

  587. avatar

    Great contest!!! I would put half towards my LOC, and spend $5,000 to go to Spain for a month travelling and learning the local cuisine.

  588. avatar

    Oh man! The housekeeper I’d the best idea!

  589. avatar

    I would use half to pay off debt and the other to invest and generate more money

  590. avatar

    Travel across the world!

  591. avatar

    I would spend a good chunk of it on website redesign & marketing for my business. I’d spend the rest of it on a engagement ring for the love of my life : )

  592. avatar

    I’d use the 10k to buy a piece of land in the woods.

  593. avatar
    Jacques Botha

    I will follow my current money management system and divide the $10000 into

    55% Necessities (Debt)
    10% Education (Zero to Launch)
    10% Financial Freedom (Invest to create passive income)
    10% Play (Enjoy money)
    10% Long Term Savings for Spending (Saving to buy my next car cash)
    5 % Give (Donate to my favorite charity / cause)

  594. avatar

    I would pay off all my debts! Thanks for doing this!

  595. avatar

    If I win, it will help finance my upcoming Ph.D thesis, allow me to take my photography career on the next level and it would allow me to fulfill my dream of shooting pictures out of a helicopter while hovering over nighttime New York City.

  596. avatar

    Nice dinner, a new suit, and the rest would go into a retirement account.

  597. avatar

    Hi Ramit. Happy Anniversary to I Will Teach You to Be Rich. If i win the 10K i intend on taking a course from you, taking vocal lessons and perhaps a small trip.

  598. avatar

    If you so graciously picked me for the contest, I would definitely pay off all our debt, and then invest the rest into our new startup businesses. The 10k would really help getting a jump into our businesses and it would relieve some stress.

    Thank you so much!

  599. avatar

    I’d buy Zero to Launch course and invest the rest into my future business!

  600. avatar

    Pay off debt and invest the rest.

  601. avatar

    Pay of my debt and go travel the world.

  602. avatar

    I’d book a trip Maui form y family. Much needed R&R. thanks!

  603. avatar

    Hi Ramit! Here’s how I will spend 10K if I win them:
    1K to charity (10%)
    4K on a vacation with the kids
    5K on decorating the house and replacing some furniture.

    There are no debts or loans to be paid. Savings are up and running, so this win will be used to maximize enjoyment elements in life.

  604. avatar

    1: Investin index funds using DOLLAR COST AVERAGING (thanks ebook!)

    2: Pay taxes on it.

    3: Go through bikini car wash.
    3a: Repeat.

    Alt 3: Defer cost of moving 600 miles.

    4: Continue to grow investment.

  605. avatar
    Thomas Howard

    If selected I would use the money to take my son to the son rise program for children with autism. He is 11 and is severely autistic and non verbal. I want to get him better treatment but I cannot afford it.

  606. avatar

    with 10K, I’d put half of it in savings, and the other half towards health-related expenses, such as going to the gym.

  607. avatar

    I would definitely use it to help pay off my husband’s remaining school loans.

  608. avatar
    Chris Goodman

    Ramit… I am crippled with credit card debt and stuck in a dead end job. If I could pay off my debt, which is almost exactly 10,000 I could quit my job and focus full time on photography and videography, which I do now but can not sustain myself with my credit card bills. I feel that I truly have a lot to contribute to the world and and want to be successful so that I can pay it forward. If I win this 10,000 I will donate 10,000 to a charity of your choice once I make it back.

    I want to take your courses but know that you do not work with people in debt. This also is a hindrance in regards to unlocking my potential. I am the most motivated and positive person I can be and truly feel that the anxiety and stress related to my debt (which was all to purchase camera gear).

    Much respect and gratitude for the opportunity
    Chris Goodman

  609. avatar
    Liz Grant

    Debt gone, ticket home to Australia and time to set up my online business so I can work from my home in the country. I miss having Kangaroos in my back garden.

  610. avatar

    I would spend 1K on the Zero to Launch program, 2.5K visiting my best friend and her new baby in the Netherlands, 5K to pay off my car and a 1.5K as a small fund to get my new company, Cultivate Healthy, off the ground! OOOOOOO- pick me 🙂

  611. avatar

    Oh man! I would have the opportunity to pay off both credit cards, the rest of my car, sign up for you earn 1k course. Wow I’d be completely debt free and would be in the process of building my finances for the future. I’d even have some extra to take a trip to Sonoma and wine taste! Wow!

  612. avatar

    Pay off Debt
    put some into savings and/or and IRA
    Travel around Europe

  613. avatar

    I’m a student beginning studies in music, and I would use the money to pay for my education. I want to study 9th-11th century plainchant in order to shed light for further research as well as draw practical applications for the singing of chant in church and secular concert settings. I would like to raise an awareness and appreciation of this very beautiful treasure of Western art. I am also studying organ performance and would like to play organ for people, spreading beautiful and uplifting music by playing traditional pieces as well as composing new pieces.

    So far I’ve signed up for your Earn1K course to begin freelancing work to help pay for my tuition. $10,000 would definitely help.

  614. avatar

    I would pay off the last bit of my debt, finally leave the country for the first time EVER (I’ve been dying to go to Italy and Greece) and enroll in your Earn 1K course to help me start my own successful side business.

  615. avatar

    Pay off what little credit card debt we still have, enroll in Zero to Launch, and use the rest as a down payment on a house. If anything is left after that, it would go into savings/investments.

  616. avatar

    In the last two years I have cut my debt in half and purchased my first house. 90% of te money would go to the rest of my debt and the remaining 10% would go to rewarding myself for all the hard work I’ve done- a spa day and the first real vacation I’ve had in 4 years.

  617. avatar

    $5,000 to work
    $5,000 to play

  618. avatar

    Our family of five is ready to upgrade from our current three-bedroom house. Part of the money would be used to get our current house market-ready and the rest would go towards the new house.

  619. avatar

    I think I need to earmark some funds for a typing class!

  620. avatar

    Hi Ramit,
    I’d spend $5,000 on paying down student loan debt, $1,000 to beefing up my emergency fund, $1,500 on a fabulous vacation, and $2,500 on seed money for my craft business.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  621. avatar

    I would give it to my mother so she could spend it on a trip back home to Thailand.

  622. avatar

    I would pay off my debt. That’s it. It’s not sexy or fancy but it would be absolutely liberating to me.

  623. avatar
    Cristian N.

    10K is a lot of money ! I would invest some of it into my education. I want to become a programmer but at the moment I am making very slow progress (full time employee and all that). I am currently learning the basics of javascript and php and wordpress, all at the same time. It is hard. I would alse use some of the money as a safety net to make sure I do not starve and end up homeless while I am learning all this stuff. Also a good developer needs proper tools, and that translates into a new computer. And also a 3-4 day trip to Venice, Italy – one must always live a little.

  624. avatar

    There would be 0 doubt in my mind if I won this 10K.

    Since I’m fortunate enough not to have any debt right now I’d take 5K of this and get my side business off of the ground. Using it to develop a website and marketing material for a public leadership and speaking consulting group ran by myself. I plan to target all individuals but really focus on students still in school or very new to the workforce. I would offer private 1 on 1 sessions or group sessions. Since I work full time I would start private sessions in the evenings and weekends until I build up a good size base and then once the demand allows I would quit my current job which and begin doing this full-time.

    The other 5K I would use to put toward my savings for a down payment on a house that I’ve been trying to save for ever since I got all my debt squared away.

    Thanks & Gig’em!

  625. avatar
    Erika P.

    If I were to win $10,000 I would have more than enough money to move my daughter and I 1,700 miles to be back “home” with family. This is something I have been working toward for some time and the money would provide the opportunity to do this sooner and with more stability. The remaining money would be added to the emergency fund, or another savings account. Best and good luck to all. Thank you Ramit, for all you do.

  626. avatar

    Without a doubt, I would start by paying off my debt. I’m only in a couple thousand deep, at this point, so that won’t be a problem. After that, I’d build a new computer (which I would consider an investment, considering how heavily I’m getting into gaming journalism and podcasting). Once all that is taken care of, I’d take out whatever else is left of 5,000 and put it in savings for a rainy day (or once-in-a-lifetime chance) fund. With the remaining 5,000, I would invest in myself. I’ve been creating tabletop games from near-scratch with my brother since I was 4 years old, and I’ve been realizing lately that this is my niche. This is what I can do for the world. I know the communities, I know many gaming shop owners, I know how to balance the rules, I know how to tell a story that means something. I want to create and market a full tabletop game from scratch, and this money would absolutely get me a part of the way to making that a reality. It would give me the time off from work that I need to really focus on it, the freedom to meet with interested parties on their schedule, and access to the tools and materials I would need to smooth out the process.

    I’ve already begun, and I’ve brought some people I know with great knowledge and skill into the fold to help me with this. We’ve set down some basic ideas and have begun moving toward a solidified, balanced model that will be challenging and fun. We’re really excited to move forward with this, and will do so with or without this money. That being said, I could do a lot to speed up the process with the help of this money.

  627. avatar

    What the hell, this is a fun thought experiment if nothing else! I would basically spend it as if it were my income in my ideal Rich Life:

    Donate 10% of it to charity, as I would like to be able to donate 10% of all my future income to charity.
    Invest half of what’s left into my new business, as I’d like to be able to invest half of all my income back into my business.
    Spend most of the other half of what’s left on travelling, fun experiences for me and my dearest friends, health and fitness and a few really beautiful pieces of clothing/shoes for my wardrobe. You guessed it, this is what I would like to be able to do with the rest of my income!

    Whatever’s left would go on bills and rent etc. In my ideal world where I’m living my full rich life, I own my home outright, so ‘rent’ or a mortgage wouldn’t be a problem. But you’ve got to start somewhere, right? 😉

  628. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    After 35 years of making money for someone else, I am inspired. I’ve done the research, designed a web page and created business cards. Start up costs are higher than expected so I would use the 10k as a grant to finally launch my business.
    Thanks for the vision.

  629. avatar

    2000 – charity
    7000 – investment
    1000 – home improvements & something fun

  630. avatar
    David N.

    Use some of the money to pay off some of my pharmacy school debt ($240k+!), and use some of the other money to invest in myself and get to my goal of having a progressively growing passive income.

  631. avatar
    Jason Manion

    I’d use it to pay cash for my next semester of law school.

  632. avatar

    Pay off debt/medical bills.
    Be able to dream about an actual future.

  633. avatar
    courtney baxter

    -I’d pay off a third of my Sallie Mae loan (3K)
    -Put 3K to my Roth IRA
    – 3K in my locked emergency fun (which is currently empty)
    – 1K to celebrate and buy myself some new running shoes and a few beers (for me and some friends)

    Thanks for the opportunity Ramit + IWT

  634. avatar

    i would pay off my student loan and start saving for a down payment on a house. I am a single mother of special needs twins and have struggled with their health since they were born. I want to give them a house and want to start a business as well.

  635. avatar
    Monica B

    I never received the confirmation email, but received the landing page with the share information so I hope I am on the list. :/ I’m sure everyone has told you that the email links are broken by now…

    I would research and set aside the necessary money associated with publishing my book (my business). I would also pay off my credit cards, pay the deposits and rental fees for a new place to live (currently living with family), and possibly buy some furniture for my new place. I’d also take Earn 1K or Zero to Launch. I can’t decide. They both look great! Probably Earn 1K.

  636. avatar
    Sean Nash

    I would use the $10,000 to to move to my dream town and kick-start a Kombucha business. I would put a few thousand towards a small apartment then spend the rest on the remainder of my E1K tuition and Zero to Launch. I would probably still have some left over, and I would use that to hire an individual in the craft beer industry to help me with marketing and selling.

  637. avatar
    Genevieve Hathaway

    I would invest the money in my project creating a documentary film on women climbers in Iran and how they are bringing about greater gender equality in Iran through participating in adventure sports. It’s about changing perspectives and show some badass climber gals doing what they love.

  638. avatar

    Hey Ramit,

    I think you should read this. It might be kind of long but I am sure you will enjoy!

    If Ramit makes the RIGHT DECISION of awarding me the 10k I will:

    – Personally Skype Ramit to congratulate him on his success, tell him about my story of leaving everything behind in the US to adventure myself in Brazil to launch a digital business and ask for feedback and advice on my business endeavors. I would also ask him about what is the best way to use Zero to Launch on my business.
    Cost: U$0

    – Invest in myself and in my business, by joining the Zero to Launch program!
    Cost: U$ 2000

    – Immerse myself in Ramit’s program and give my best so that I can successfully get my business running, which I am sure I WILL!
    Cost: Dedication.

    – Invest in my business as I devour the content that Ramit shares on his valuable program Zero to Launch and shape my business according to the demands of my customers.
    Cost: I will only find out after I join Zero to Launch and my business is up and running. But I will make EVERY effort to make it happen as soon as I join the program.

    – In six to eight months from now I will fly Ramit to Rio (first class) to have some “caipirinhas” in Ipanema, show him my business operating and record a video sharing my story so that others can continue to see the value on Ramit’s advices and become inspired by my story!!!!! This will all be paid by the income generated from my business. BTW It will still be summer when you come, so there’s nothing like a “Caipirinha” and coconut water in the beaches of Rio.
    Cost: The chance of meeting Ramit and having a good time in Rio as my business continues to make money ☺

    There are two things that I am certain that Ramit enjoys: challenges, and writing long e-mails (which I make sure to read them entirely and always feel like I learned a new thing).

    So besides continuing to write long e-mails, and please keep doing so, ARE YOU READY for this challenge?

    I think you are….

    I’ll see you soon. BTW, I will send you my Skype ID once you e-mail me with the News.

    In the mean time, I am going to go make myself a cup of coffee and continue doing research for my business.

    See you soon!

    Pedro Sivero.

  639. avatar

    I would pay Off the little debt we have, and save the rest.

  640. avatar

    My wife and I have 3 young girls, and since their birth we have not been able to take a real vacation. I would love to take the whole family to Hawaii and enjoy nature and relax for a good 2 weeks.

  641. avatar

    1. Pay tax on it (… get your hands off my money you damn dirty Feds!)
    2. $1000 – Anniversary vacation (I can get a LOT done with one grand)
    3. $2000 – Self-improvement (courses/books/certifications)
    4. $4000 – “Time to take a shot at self-employment part time to see if I can make it full-time” fund

    Good luck to everyone! d-(^.^)-b

  642. avatar

    I would give it all to charity : ACF, dedicated to fighting hunger and child malnutrition. I know it would end up saving many lives.

  643. avatar

    I’d buyd a racing SUP board and put the rest in savings.

  644. avatar

    Some towards vacation in 2016 to SE Asia, big chunk towards investing and growing for a down payment, and a last little bit to spend on bettering myself – IWT courses for example.

  645. avatar

    Pay off my students debts and invest in business to make more money and eventually set up a charity

  646. avatar
    Tara G

    We would pay off debt, and then save the rest for potential fertility treatments, or so hubby can take paternity leave if we are lucky enough to get to that point.

  647. avatar

    Pay off the rest of that pesky student debt! Although I’ll likely be able to do that after completing the last few modules of ZTL and lauching my business anyways 😀

    After that I’d put a little towards charity and savings, then spend the rest on travelling the world sooner rather than later!

  648. avatar

    I would finish my basement, vastly increasing the livable space in–and enjoyment from–my home.

  649. avatar
    Andrea H.

    Carpooling has been fun and all but – I think it’s time I got a car for my roommate so she can drive herself to work! No more taking the monorail to work! That’s right – I said monorail…

  650. avatar

    It would go vor home improvements. I would like to say I would pay off all our debt, but we have a lot of DIY home improvements that we could get done with $10k which would make our home’s value increase greatly AND make it a great place for all our family to gather.

  651. avatar

    Put $10k on red, duh. Just kidding :). I had to think for a minute about what I would do with an extra $10k. I guess that means I’m doing pretty alright, even though that would be almost a 30% raise for me.

    1. Give $500 – $1,000 to charity.
    (I think if you land on a bunch of unexpected money and don’t pass at least some of it on to others, you’re kind of an asshole.)
    2. Max out my Roth IRA (which I just started thanks to you, Ramit).
    3. Help furnish my new apartment.
    4. Buy my little sister something nice.
    5. Create a 1-year guilt-free spending fund for going out with friends on the weekends.

  652. avatar

    Hey Ramit, I am one of your Earn1k + FinishersFormula students. $10,000 would be extremely helpful for my current plan of attack.

    To give you some context, back in highschool I was amazing. Yes, Amazing. You name it:

    – Trained for 10 years to earn my black belt
    – Gave martial arts instruction to groups of 20 to 30 students of all ages regularly
    – Choreographed fight skits for demonstrations in front of audiences up to 1,000 or more
    – Selected as an Ambassador for my cities sister city program, that allowed me to receive martial arts instruction in Japan.

    I accomplished this all while coping with crippling anxiety. Basically OCD.

    Now in my mid 20’s my life has fallen apart. The stress has eaten away at my health (Imagine extreme weight loss, palpitations, and vague memories of when my stomach could digest the delicacy that is fried chicken) to an unbelievable degree. But I’ve never given up, I’ve been systematically trying:

    – Counseling/Medication
    – Meditation
    – Spending time in nature
    – Logical analysis
    – Nutrition
    – Exercise
    – Etc, etc…

    Taking a systematic approach (yes, I’ve been learning from you my Indian surrogate father) I’ve discovered research on neuroplasticity and found my solution. I won’t go into the details, but I’ve found an approach that works extremely well. No medication required, woo hoo…

    Right now, I’m like Batman when Bane broke his spine. I’m broke in more ways than one and literally unable to earn money. Learning what I have from systematizing my goals, I am taking a step by step approach:

    1) Get healthy enough to earn money
    2) Start earning money
    3) Use money to feedback into getting healthier
    4) At peak health + consistent income, start project “Go back to school”

    $10,000 would be extremely helpful, it would not only be a buffer until I can start earning money on my own, it will help accelerate my progress towards health. Here is a breakdown of the current approach I will be using to get my health back.

    Free stuff:
    – Yoga training
    – Meditation
    – OCD Therapy
    – Spend time in nature
    – Self Massage (Mhm, not that kind though 🙁 )
    – Light Cardio

    Not Free Stuff (This is where the 10k would help accelerate my progress)
    – Organic Food
    – Personal Training
    – Massage
    – Supplements
    – Chiropractic
    One Time Payment
    – Pay off Debt
    – Filming Equipment for my side Business
    – Filming Editing Software for my side Business
    – High quality mattress so I can get better sleep
    – Payment for medically supervised water fasting

    If I don’t win, I have support from my parents, but obviously they can only afford so much. Plus, even if I don’t get the 10k, what else am I gonna do? Waste away? I’ve never been one to give up, I’ll keep trying to get healthier little by little. Thanks for your time my Indian surrogate father. Take care.

  653. avatar

    Pay off some of my student loan debt, open a Roth IRA, take a trip to japan or denmark or paris (or all, depending on how cheaply i can travel) and go on a delicious foods tour, put some aside for savings, use a small amount to open a credit card (which i still dont have and really need) to build up my credit.

  654. avatar

    I would take my wife to Scotland for our honeymoon and use the rest to experienctially learn the stock market.

  655. avatar
    Zoe Neill

    Only $10,000? Really? All tgese great opporyunities to get some outstanding returns on your $ 10,000 and you’re only planning on one winner? How about I negotiate instead for 50 winners? Just think of how good it will make you feel to get 50 of these start-ups off the ground, or fund all that debt repayment. Given your estimated worth now Ramit, a $500,000 giveaway would be more fitting. Now that’s a social experiment I’d like to see! Happy Anniversary!

  656. avatar

    I would invest in myself and take classes that Ramit offers. It is like returning 10k to him, but gain valuable education about IWT.

  657. avatar

    Welp, I’ve already paid off my debt (woo hoo!) so I’d spend some of it on Earn1K (I’m going to do the course anyway, that would just mean I could do it without any stress). I’d buy some new clothes, and I’d take my spouse on a holiday to the Bahamas. We’ve been planning it for years and never managed it …

    It would also help give me a bit of a cushion as I transition into my fulltime business 🙂

  658. avatar

    I would use it to take a 1 year leave from my desk job, go back to school and get a post-grad certificate in wireless telecommunication engineering.

  659. avatar

    I would use the money to pay off my debt and start saving for our house down payment.

  660. avatar

    I would use the money the send my 16 year old daughter to college.

  661. avatar

    I would
    Pay all my debt- 8.5k
    Family vacation (much needed)1k
    Finally be able to afford zero to launch program
    Balance toward new wardrobe from weight loss.

  662. avatar

    $1000: Send to an orphanage organization in sensitive parts of Asia that I have a relationship with
    $1000: Catch Ramit when he’s in NY and take him out to his restaurant of choice – or Per Se if he doesn’t have a preference.
    $8000 minus taxes: buy a few AWS machines and funnel the rest to my “future business fund” in Charles Schwab to invest immediately while I build out experimental software product ideas I have. Use and revisit what I learned in Earn1k to see this play out outside of my current job.
    $0: Tell everyone that Ramit Sethi is a really, really, really ridiculously good man.

  663. avatar

    Hi Ramit,
    I started an online business selling physical products and intending to sell info products as soon as posible.
    Given this, I would invest the $ 10,000 in my business:
    – 4000 in traininig and courses for me: copywriting, internet marketing
    – 3000 in promoting the business
    – 3000 in hiring an assistant (the payment for 6 months)
    That’s it.
    Cheers and Happy Anyversary!

  664. avatar

    Not enough to pay off my debt so $2000 to pay it forward- animal shelter or homeless charity or split $1000 each, $5000 towards rent for next 5 months or so rest invest in online business like Zero To Launch System OK I would also get Ramit something nice as a thank you present like translate the book(I will teach you to be rich) on my expense into Polish as I believe it would help a lot of people.

  665. avatar

    I would pay down my debt and then put the rest of my money into my retirement accounts that I haven’t been able to fund the way I’d like for a while.

  666. avatar

    I’d maximize my roth IRA for the year and put the rest towards my daughter’s college fund.

  667. avatar

    20% Retirement Investment
    20% Savings – house down payment, wedding
    20% Helping my mom move from her current situation
    20% Educational Development
    10% Charity::Water
    5% Wardrobe
    5% Vacation

    Somewhere in there I’d buy a toy for my cat…because why not.

  668. avatar

    I would either put the entirety of it on my partner’s student loan debt or put it towards a down payment on a house.

  669. avatar

    With ten grand, I would put it into my goal of helping Alaskans eat local. I train for ultra marathons while maintaining a local food diet. In doing so, I hope to show other Alaskans that they can also eat local.The money would go towards promoting the lifestyle, training and competition fees.

  670. avatar
    Justin Harmon

    Hi Ramit,

    I would use the money to buy a car for my family, get caught up on bills, invest the rest towards my business.

  671. avatar
    Jo Jo Fildi

    Hi Ramit,
    Wow!!! I hope I can do a give-away as epic as this one day. It’s funny because a lot of conversations in our house involve money ( in a good way ) how to budget, saving for things, and how money could help us create more opportunities for our family.

    I would squirrel a bit
    I would invest some in my online biz
    I would close my eyes and pick a place on the World map to go ( well, maybe not with my eyes closed, but you get the idea ) with my two daughters and husband.
    I would shamelessly suck up to Ramit by promising to buy a few copies of his book and sending them to some well deserving peeps.

    Sadly, I’m from the UK, but I still wanted to comment anyway 🙂

    Best of luck anyway!

  672. avatar
    Marc D

    If I had $10K I’d clear my credit card debt and then invest in myself with the earn 1k course so I can start focusing in on being paid more for my specific skills.

  673. avatar

    Pay off debt

  674. avatar

    I would use the $10,000 to become an extremely generous person. I would invest some of it so I could have returns on it and for years find other people to invest in and help them to become better people with the money.

  675. avatar

    I would take a long overdue vacation to recharge my batteries and my attitude as I’ve been feeling pretty burned out. I lost my long-term job a few years ago, and have been working a mediocre job since…need to get back the edge that I used to have 😉 Some would go towards savings, donate some, and some would go towards my mortgage.
    Thanks Ramit for all that you do!

  676. avatar

    I would donate $2,000 of it to a charity, put $2,000 of it into a personal brokerage account (why not make some of it earn me more $$$?), put $3,000 into starting to build a new wardrobe for myself, and use the last $3,000 to travel.

  677. avatar

    My husband and I had an amazing trip planned to go to Japan so I could participate in a research conference, with my travel and lodging covered. However, the conference and the trip were cancelled in the wake of the tragic 2011 earthquake and tsunami. We’ve always dreamed of going to Japan, but haven’t been able to make it happen. It would be amazing to have the opportunity to check this off our bucket list.

  678. avatar

    Buy a DeLorean

  679. avatar

    I would pay off debt with the $10,000.

  680. avatar

    I’d put a big portion into paying off my high interest credit debt.
    So my partner doesn’t have to pull from her retirement early.

  681. avatar
    Nicole O'Shea

    Pay off medical debt – $5,000
    Invest in my business – $3,000
    Visit my parents across the country – $800
    Put into savings – $1,200

  682. avatar

    I’m getting married in 26 days so I’d use some of it for our 10 road-trip honeymoon across the US and the rest would go to my business 🙂

  683. avatar
    Linda May Kallestein

    If I would win this amazing sum of money, I would:

    1. Volunteer for Mercy Ships (, Filmaid or a similiar charity for 2-3 months during 2015. As much as I can give of myself and my “know-how”that helps others, I am the one really benefiting from it.

    2. I’d give 2k to each of my talented sons: my 22 year old art student son towards something he would find artistically inspiring ( and the same to my 17 year old music school son towards either an instrument of his choice or a week in a recording studio with his band Möbius (!/Band/mobiusbandmusic)

    = being completely selfish for a change and would love every second of it!

    As gifts in return, I’d make a film from my trip, ask Elias to do a painting and Benjamin to do something musical for you 🙂

  684. avatar

    Give it to my duaghter to help fund her business startup

  685. avatar

    All 10k would go into investments/savings. Rock my Roth and EMER funds.

  686. avatar
    Jorn Trommelen

    Invest in mny nutrition business and b*tch smack obesity out of this world and making it sexy as hell in the process.

  687. avatar

    i would pay off my credit card bill. after that, a mini vacation (first in many years) and the rest in savings.

  688. avatar
    Omar Regalado

    1. I’d buy the Course “6 figure Consulting”.
    2. Express trip to the US to set up bank and merchant accounts for Online Business.
    3. Donate $1,000 to a local organization where I’m a volunteer.
    4. Save any remaining.

  689. avatar

    First of all,
    Happy Anniversary Ramit!! Your celebration is well deserved 🙂
    My only use for the money is pretty simple really..
    Given the 10K, I would spend it on financial / self-help books and take the rest of it to write and publish my own book targeted at a younger crowd. This last year I’ve seen so much growth in myself & I am only wishing I had ventured upon words such as yours at an earlier stage in my life where I had more time to apply what I learn. Helping younger generations attain this kind of vision is something on my dream to-do list…

  690. avatar

    Tithes and offering- $4,000
    Pay off some debts- $2,000
    Add to emergency funds-$500
    Buy a couple of Ramit’s books
    Plan a week long family vacation- $2,500
    Give my wife $500 for play
    put the rest in the business account

  691. avatar

    Like a lot of people on here, I would put this towards my student loans. Not all, though, just $8,000. The rest would go towards a long vacation.

  692. avatar

    happy Anniversary Ramit! Thanks for always sharing. I would use the winnings to reduce my federal tuition loans, take a trip to Vegas and take my mom to the Holy land Experience in Florida.

  693. avatar

    $7.5k — Pay off the rest of my auto loan and get some engine work done
    $1k — Donate to the wildlife sanctuary I used to volunteer at in my teens
    $1k — Open a Roth IRA
    $500 — Take a vacation! I haven’t had one in 2 years and would *love* to go camping without worrying about the lost income.

  694. avatar

    Hey Ramit,

    Everyone here for the most part has a vaild reason to want $10,000

    I on the other hand feel I would put the money to great use.

    My partner and I, Which you met just the other day at the Army America Dream Project.
    Are looking to create a business of unimaginable success as we have formed a new industry and our business model and game plan are rock solid 🙂

    The money would go towards a number of things

    Trademarking our Brand
    Building a unique website
    Moving me to city where we will be setting up shop
    Buying a small amount of needed gear – As the gear in our field is extremely pricey
    A new suit or two for a professional appearance
    And money to seek out,find and market to our clients

    I feel that the money you are so generously donating will help us towards a much better future.
    It would truly get us out of the gate with a running start

    Thank you for allowing me the chance to win.

    Tony G

  695. avatar

    I’d use the whole $10,000 to pay for advance training and education I need to take my private lending business to the next level.

  696. avatar

    10k? I’d buy the most beautiful roller skates on the planet.

    Really though, it’d be nice to take a vacation and put some towards my non-existent retirement.

  697. avatar

    My wife and I just moved and racked up a bit of temporary credit card debt. I’d pay that off. Then, either put the rest into investments, or pay up front for part of the car I’m about to buy.

  698. avatar
    Esmeralda Mendez

    Happy Anniversary Ramit.
    Thank you for this opportunity. I were fortunate to receive the $10,000 i would use a portion to take the extra $1000 a week program and place the rest towards the purchase of my family’s first home.

    Thank you for the opportunity and contest.

  699. avatar
    Alex Bodensieck

    I would most likely pay off student loan debt but a trip to the casino and subsequently paying off even more student loan debt sounds tempting as well.

  700. avatar

    You can’t possibly be reading all of these… but if you are… I could do all of the first three and then some with 10k. Easy. Thank you.

  701. avatar

    As a self-employed individual, I pretty much expect to earn what comes my way. However, dreaming of how I would spend $10K won may spur me to earning an additional 10K. Here it is:
    10% ($1K to charity)
    $1.5K to work on my new product idea (design, prototype)
    $5K toward a car
    $1.5K toward retirement
    $1K into my travel budget, 1/2 to see family and 1/2 toward a fun trip
    $1K toward singing

    Appreciate both the free info, as well as the info I’ve purchased, It is changing my life. Ramit.

  702. avatar

    1 – set some aside for taxes? Will taxes be due on this?
    2 – donate to and wounded warriors
    3 – spend some on developing my ZTL business (still in Mod 1)
    4 – weekend vacation somewhere fun with my husband
    5 – hire a stylist to help me buy a few new clothes ( I HATE shopping)

  703. avatar

    I would use the money to pay for my upcoming wedding and to pay down our student loans.

  704. avatar
    Stefan Jørgensen

    First I would pay my debt for my new apartment which is 130k
    Then I would use some money on starting my own business for health and nutrition.
    And the rest should just make my life sweeter 🙂

  705. avatar

    WIll use to enrol at Ramit’s courses!

    Dream Job & 1k!

  706. avatar

    Hurray! You know how to celebrate!
    If I received $10,000, I’d put half towards infrastructure for my business and half towards home improvement projects (including having a pro come organize my home office).

  707. avatar

    I would pay off some of my debts and make an important purchase for my mother that is long overdue.

  708. avatar

    This is super specific! It makes me wonder whether you have a list of things you want to have, ranked by importance and amount in a queue just waiting for a bonus or inheritance to appear. That’s awesome!

    For me, it is taxes and savings for a house down payment. The larger 10k amount automatically jumps me to the “big life purchases” category rather than the “little things I would like to have” list….as, of course, such lists do already exist….

  709. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Congrats on IWT’s reaching 10!

    If I won the $10k it would go towards reducing our debt burden and investing in my husband’s business, my professional qualifications, and our son’s education and sporting interests.

    Best wishes


    PS – the Enter Contest and Leave a Comment links in the email didn’t work. I got here via the 6 other lessons link.

  710. avatar

    I would pay off student loans and pay for an immersion program to learn a new language.

  711. avatar
    Aaron Barr

    What would I do with 10k dollars. Buy a plane ticket to where my friend lives across the country. He has cancer, and I don’t want to miss the chance to meet up with him before the time. Any left over after that would be to pay down some student loans, but really… I’d settle for just a chance to get there.

  712. avatar

    I would take half and pay off down debt. The other half I would take and start out on traveling and creating my own business/new life!

  713. avatar

    With $10k, I could afford living in New York City, afford Ramit’s IWT course, and put a portion of that into my savings account.

  714. avatar

    50% to something fun with my wife and 50% to either debt or house projects

  715. avatar

    I would use the money to get myself out of cc debt.

  716. avatar

    I would pay off my debt and then take my four best friends on vacation to Bora Bora.

  717. avatar

    I would spend half on student loans, and the other half in our investment account. We haven’t been prioritising those two payments and this would be a great jumpstart.

  718. avatar

    I would take my daughter to Disney World and Harry Potter Land. I never went as a child and I hope that I will be able to give her all the things I didn’t have or get to do.

  719. avatar

    We’re p[lanning to go to Italy for two weeks next year for vacation.. I would use this to pump the vacation volume up. Add a week or two to the trip and offer to bring the folks with us, cause we have awesome folks.

  720. avatar

    I’d use it towards by new business. Ever since I’ve started reading IWT and other books/resources recommended here, I’ve become a big fan of giving first in order to receive. With the business model that I chose for my high-end photography business, I’m not charging anything upfront. I want to create an awesome experience and produce gorgeous portraits for my clients which they simply won’t be able refuse — they’ll want to buy them and pay premium prices. This of course requires some funds to begin with — my production costs aren’t huge, but it’s still an expense, and it’d be great to have some extra funds 🙂

    Also, I might take a short trip somewhere — it’s been a while since I’ve taken a vacation!

  721. avatar

    Upon receiving this generous gift, I will pay off current debt. Apply the methods in I Will Teach You Be Rich. And I plan on attending school again so this would help a lot in my life. Thank you for setting this up, Ramit!

  722. avatar

    Laser eye surgery!

  723. avatar
    Abbey Moreno

    1. I would pay off my credit card debt, $2,000
    2. I would save $3,000 in my high interest savings account.
    3. Send $1,000 to my roth IRA.
    4. Invest $1000
    5. I would keep $1,000 in my checking for eating out and buying drinks
    6. Last, I would give my parents $2,000 because they deserve it.

  724. avatar

    Feed the debt monster first, and grow the rest by investing in myself and my children. Plus, I’d like a new pair of shoes.

  725. avatar

    If I were a US citizen, and could actually qualify for this competition, I would:
    $1,000 Give to charity
    $1,000 Replace my camera that got stolen yesterday
    $6,000 Bank it
    $2,000 Sign up to Zero to Launch

  726. avatar
    Ernst Riemer

    I would add it to my investment account and my plans for early retirement! 🙂

  727. avatar

    I would put it toward a trip to Africa for my 40th birthday and take as many people with me as I can.

  728. avatar

    My wife and I are planning to adopt, and $10,000 would be a a nice boost to our savings toward it.

  729. avatar

    I would put the money in a fund to be used for travel to see our daughter and for her to be able to travel home more often. She goes to medical school in Honolulu. Everyone thinks that’s cool and romantic (which it is), but the reality is that we miss each other terribly and it’s very expensive to fly there from the Midwest and vice versa.

  730. avatar
    Zach Pearson

    I would give $500 to charity, namely my st Jude heroes page:

    I would set up a long term investment account. $2500

    I would renovate a room in the house and have a bunch of people over for dinner – $3000

    I would take my wife on a nice date, maybe fly to another city for dinner. Leave a unbelievably huge tip for the waiter/waitress – $1500

    I would take my video camera around a large city and ask people what they would do right now if they were given $100. I would let them answer then give them $100 as long as it was moral, legal or ethical. – $1500

    I would put $1000 in the bank.

  731. avatar

    I live in Europe and would use 5K to take my wife and 2 kids on a vacation to Los Angeles. The rest would go into my ZTL businessplan.

  732. avatar
    Matt R

    I recently picked a book by this financial guy. His name I can never seem to remember, but it was something strange like “Ramen.”

    Anyway, he had all these outlandish ideas about what people should do with their money (believe it or not he said we actually CAN afford that Starbucks latte. What a nut job, right?) Everywhere I turned people said to me “this is complete and utter bullshit. Why would you ever listen to a guy named Ramen?” but the more I ignored them and followed his advice the more I found it actually worked.

    Long story short, if I received $10,000 I would follow his advice and it would go something like this:
    5% ($500) –> 401K

    Except I don’t have a 401K because I’m self-employed so I’d probably do:

    10% ($1000) –> Roth IRA
    5% ($500) –> Savings

    I’d use what I could to pay my bills (which falls somewhere around $700/month) and I’d probably blow the rest on a Hawaiian vacation full of beautiful women and pina coladas (according to the book this actually IS perfectly fine).

    Actually who am I kidding, I’d probably use it to take some time off and go film a documentary on environmental sustainability.

  733. avatar
    Joshua Lutz

    $5k toward debt.
    $1k toward savings.
    $1k toward product idea testing.
    $3k toward making the proven product a reality.

  734. avatar

    Sweet baby Jesus, this would help me get out of debt. With our household income slashed if half due to medical issues, this could really change our lives.

  735. avatar

    Dude, i´m a latino guy who’s fighting for what he wants in life and to show others how they can do the same, since I started doing it like 4 years ago i’ve been willing to help others in as many ways as possible for me, so, I would receive that money, and invest it in two main “subjects” happiness and self-improvement, let me explain,
    1. Happiness: that includes mostly, help my parents to get out of debt since $10.000 is a lot of money in my country, then I wouldn’t give away money to poor people but I’ll find a way to make them know that they are able to change their lifes as radical as they want, so maybe it would mean to invest part of the money in bringing someone for a talk or speech or to give them material that help them understand or you know give them a blissful experience and find someone else’s help to make it something countinous. That’s what happiness mostly means to me right know(change other’s lifes).
    2.Self-development: To acomplish my dreams I have to develop myself to the limits, so buying books, getting into seminars, having meetings with people that can teach me (wherever they are and as far as I can afford it with the $10.000) and yeah, invest in some little business but a potencial way to multiple the money so that I can keep on going.
    I guess there are more things I would do with the prize but that is mostly what i would do.
    Thanks for the opportunity, please keep going with your way man, you may have no idea of how you can change someone’s life; THANKS!

  736. avatar

    I would invest the money into my wife’s business. I have utilized many of the pointers provided in your various email distributions to improve her private instructional business. We moved it from our house to a retail location, have increased our customer base and now operate solely on word of mouth referrals. She currently has a year to two year waiting list. I am trying to get her onto another phase of her business by incorporating webinars/instructional sessions online via a subscription service model. I also have plans to offer instruction manuals and guides that outline her method to those wishing to incorporate into their teaching methods/studios. We have been doing this as funds are availabe, basically following the saying “do it now or never, death won’t pay for it.”

  737. avatar
    Emily Khan

    If I were to win $10,000 my initial instinct would be to hand it over to my single mother of 3 kids, to let her pay off medical bills for us. I have a chronic auto-immune disease, and that would help to pay off medication bills for myself, and my two younger brothers who are on medications of their own. However, because I’m currently studying as a pre-nursing student at a community college, I would probably save at least half of that to put towards my tuition when I eventually transfer into a nursing program at a university. Although it would be easy to hand over the money to my Mom, what happens when we run out? This way, I’m investing in not only my future, but also my families. My ultimate goal has always been to be able to support my mom, and my two little brothers once I graduate college. Putting that money towards my tuition, securing an education and a degree for myself, would help to provide for my family for the long run, versus for just a little while. Thank you for this opportunity, and keeping this giveaway open to people who come from all walks of life. On behalf of my family and I, we really appreciate the opportunity. Thanks again.

  738. avatar
    Leigh T

    I’d pay off my last bit of debt, join the “earn 1k” course and finally jump off on my online business!

  739. avatar

    This would be incredible!
    $1,000 tithing for my church.
    $1,000 into savings for a family trip to Europe when my children are older.
    $8,000 to buy a jeep to go off-roading in Moab, Utah.

  740. avatar

    If I won the prize then I would give a little to charity, put some towards savings/investments, and the rest of it would go towards paying off student loans.

  741. avatar
    Matt Tucker

    No debt, because I’ve had nightmares in which you berate me to the point of a psychotic break over it. So I’d invest the $10,000 because your point that carefully chosen investments – in myself and my future – can pay off in incredible ways. I’ve prototyped a business using Earn1K based on the things I learn from my day-job (which I got thanks to Dream Job) – now I’d like to invest in making that business more scalable. That way I’ll be able to live an even richer life – by traveling the world with my girlfriend without hurting my retirement accounts.

  742. avatar

    Wow, what a great giveaway!
    $1,000 for wedding travel expenses, $1,000 for a future vacation, $3,000 for yoga teacher training, $2500 for student debt, $1500 for savings, and the last $1,000 for FUN (Vegas, Jamaica, suggestions?).

    No lattes, I don’t drink coffee!

  743. avatar
    Lee Ponzio

    I’m in the midst of moving my family to Japan (from Australia) to launch my dream business and lifestyle. $10,000 sure would buy a lot of sushi until our hunt for seed capital is fruitful.

  744. avatar
    David C

    This would be amazing!

    $1000 tithing for my church
    $3000 toward credit card debt
    $1000 invest in my business
    $1000 for traveling
    $4000 toward savings

  745. avatar

    I will buy your course right away, and even win bigger by joining you.

  746. avatar

    I would donate $1000 to charity and then use the other $9000 to investin the restaurant I’d love to start.

  747. avatar

    Bank it as a buffer so I can quit my job/fire my boss and make my business my full-time career.

  748. avatar
    Dan Barry

    I would use $10k to pay down my partner’s and my debt. Not just to have less debt, but as an investment in our mental health. Our debt causes us considerable anxiety, and it’s always there like static in the background. In that sense, the gift would give us a considerable amount of peace and security!

  749. avatar

    I will say, I was incredibly intrigued by Zero to Launch, and I may invest in that in the next go round (and I was eating up your case studies). I’ve followed your material for the last two years – something I can hardly believe, and participated in your Earn1K course (an eye opener for me). But I want to say, THANK YOU for all the amazing free material – some people have no idea what is being handed to them without having to pay for any memberships.

    Alright, that being said – this is pretty easy (this is without considering the idea of joining Zero to Launch in one of it’s next releases) I have already set a goal for myself to visit Greece next year (it would be my first trip to Europe) so I would likely use 3-4g on that. I would invest a good 2g into my portfolio. If I have any CC debt I would pay that off (I have about $800 out there at the moment). I would put 1g into my emergency savings, I would put 2g into home improvement projects (though that is subject to change, I tend to constantly chip away at that). I would drop 1g into my son’s college savings and if any is leftover I would add that to my ‘fun savings’.

    If I got it today, I’d use some for my college tuition as well! Won’t need it next semester though 🙂

    Thanks again, Ramit

  750. avatar

    pay off debt and pay for one of your courses!

  751. avatar

    I would pay the year’s tuition for my daughter’s school, set some aside for my family’s sports and activities and use what is left to pay off a bill or loan.

  752. avatar

    $10 000 will pay for the diploma in complementary therapies. I will need more than that but having this would make this step possible. I desperately need a new profession as the “old” one is impossible to continue with three small kids.

    Many thanks!

  753. avatar

    I would take the course with The Art of Charm

  754. avatar

    I would use most of it to build my emergency fund, and the rest to invest(80%), pay off more of my mortgage (20%),

  755. avatar
    Gabriela Hernandez

    I would invest the money in starting a new business. My husband and I want to start a American – Fusion Style Restaurant in Spain but we are barely meeting ends meet and our safety fund is gone (we just emigrated a year ago).

    Those 10,000 would be put to work right away. That amount is very close to what we need.


    Good luck to us and happy 10 year anniversary!

  756. avatar
    Dominick G

    Hey Ramit! I would use the $10,000 to help my family. The past year has been very challenging for my mother, brother and myself. I have 7 credits left to complete to my degree but I don’t have the means to pay and finish. I don’t participate in contest such as these but something told me to enter. Thanks again Ramit

  757. avatar

    1. Pay off CC debt.
    2. Research most fitting IWT class & take it… (Self-investment)
    3. Invest a portion
    4. Treat myself to a personal trainer.

  758. avatar

    I would Travel and do some house renovations!

  759. avatar
    Andrew Dubats

    If I win this I will be paying off a small remainder of student loan debt, investing explicitly using your advice from IWTYTBR book, and putting the rest in my high interest online savings account.

  760. avatar

    Charity (20%) Paying off lingering last remnants of college debt (10%) and hopefully being able to use it to pay for ZTL (~20%) and use the remainder as capital for ideas generated in ZTL and/or investment.

  761. avatar

    I would hire a lawyer to take my ex-husband back to court for withholding my children from me during my custody time. I haven’t seen them in months 🙁

  762. avatar
    Angela Hanna

    I will be entering a nurse anesthetist program as of March of next year, which entails quitting my job for 27 months. Does this lack of cash flow make me sad? Not particularly, because I’ve been a diligent little budget diva. The $10k will, however, allow me to pay off my car so I can pocket that extra monthly payment (and still enjoy some cocktails with the girls).

  763. avatar
    Brandy Moore

    I will pay off my debt! Then, I will be that much closet to being able to take your zero to launch course!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  764. avatar
    David Hunter

    I’d be $10,000 closer to getting my Ferrari!

  765. avatar

    I would use the money in a number of different ways. First, I’d set most of it aside in college funds for my two children. Then I’d use the rest to pay for a second honeymoon- as my husband and I are coming up on 10 years of happy marriage.

  766. avatar

    I work from home and it’s not like I’ve been day dreaming about a scenario where I’m just handed a bucket of cash but since you asked Ramit, here is my breakdown.

    5K to upgrade my workspace (graphic designer + bookbinder, I make custom planners, journals and workbooks + amateur children’s author). My current workspace is hidden inside a bookshelf (ikea ivar section, I have four sections, tons of books).
    -$3,400 for custom Alienware desktop (DROOL! My poor computer is 5yrs old, crashes a lot and can’t handle multiple programs)
    -$945.95 for Wacom Cintiq 13HD (*swoon* I blame the Oatmeal for introducing me to it)
    -$338 for two go-cart white console tables from
    -$129 for one atomic yellow table lamp also from cb2 (It has a 15″ diameter so great for working at night, its cool and makes me feel all fancy)
    -$172 for a Papasan outdoor frame (made of metal and lasts longer) + Plush Plum cushion. (Because sometimes you just need a chair that cuddles you and makes everything feel right in the world. Plus excellent nook to read all my books)

    4K student loans
    -I’ve reduced my total debt by 26% in 2013 alone and 15% in 2014 from sales of my flagship seasonal planner. Would have been more but I had complications in my pregnancy this year that left me functional for about an hour a day for months at a time and so my whole 2014 launch was bungled and the season is over. 4K would reduce debt by an additional 15%. (IN YOUR FACE SALLIE MAE! You’re not the boss of me now)

    1K ‘investment’ account
    -For books. I’m a voracious reader and my reading wishlist has over 500 books and growing. Usually when reading and another book is mentioned I add it to the list. Book inception. Or RBT interviewee mentions a book that changed their lives so that gets added too.
    -CreativeMarket, deals, fonts (typography is my kryptonite), graphics or Appsumo deals that further my biz.

    I want to be able to get any of them without financial hardship, hostile spousal budget negotiations or mental angst so investment account it is. I’m pretty sure I have to pay taxes on this so I did not plan that in but I guess I can trim something, somewhere. If money was no object though the above is still my wishlist. Thank you. 🙂

  767. avatar
    Erin Ellis

    Wow! I would pay off my Best Buy card and put the rest towards our college savings fund. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  768. avatar
    Brad Draeger

    IF I were to win the $10k I would spend it continuing to develop my Zero to Launch business. I am still researching my target market and continuing to gather information. The money would help for testing ideas, publishing content, and paying for some help in the process from qualified individuals. Thanks for all the help you have provided. I started as an Earn1k student, read your book and now a student in Zero To Launch. I have made great strides and learned alot about business and myself in the process. I am a totally different person than I was 4 years ago.

  769. avatar

    I would use all $10k to start a day trading portfolio to improve my skills as a trader.

  770. avatar

    That’s a good question! I would pay off my remaining credit card debt ($4,000), buy 100 copies of IWTYTBR to give to some friends/family and local shelters ($889) to spread the wealth, get my hair done ($150), participate in a Ramit course, and use the rest to kick start my future businesses!

  771. avatar

    Invest in camera gear and take a photography trip!

  772. avatar
    Rakesh A

    I will use the winnings to take classes and learn new skills for online marketing, and grow my business.

    Great tips!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  773. avatar
    Deniz Olgac

    I’d move to New York from LA and move on with my modeling career in NYC.

  774. avatar

    I would say that 10k do not look like a huge amount of money for me. Of course it would not hurt to get it.

    The biggest problem is the taxes that will eat the big portion of it.

    Then I would not make a real difference for me. I have some spare cash that enough for the time been and Laing back my mortgage ahead of time already.
    So the only way I see to utilize this money is to pay it back as a fees for the courses. So I could see if they are really so good as it is stated.

  775. avatar

    I’ll take my family to The UK for Christmas where we’ll celebrate like Whovians! Travel to Cardiff to see the Doctor Who museum. Watch the Doctor Who Christmas special on BBC. Find the “TARDIS” in London along with all the sites we’ve learned from watching the show. Get souvenirs. My 2 little geeks (and their geeky parents) would have a blast!

  776. avatar

    I would wake up one day, book a flight to somewhere in Asia, stay there in a great place for a few days, go around the country and then would get back home. And repeat until it runs out. I guess it would take only one trip !

  777. avatar
    Joey Chang


  778. avatar

    Enroll in Zero to Launch. Ask for time off work to focus on course.

  779. avatar

    Thankfully I’ve managed to stay debt-free, so I would send 25% of the money to my mom so she can take a nice vacation or to help her pay for a new car, 15% to charity, 25% to a savings account, 25% to invest in my professional growth (Ramit’s courses, books, etc), and 10% for traveling and entertainment.

  780. avatar

    Am currently in college, Psychology major, getting some free money from scholarships but have some loans to pay the rest. I am aiming for a masters (at least) which will no doubt rack up some debt. My plan would be to set the money aside until I need to start payment, while likely paying the interest on the unsubsidized loan.

  781. avatar

    We are having our first child in a few weeks. Weekend babysitting and date nights 2x/month, for the first 2 years.

    Congrats on your 10-year anniversary!

  782. avatar

    Congrats on your 10-year anniversary Ramit!

    With $10K I would put $6K towards the remaining $12K on my student loan (my only debt), use another $2K to further invest in my stock trading education–that of which I’m currently a challenge student of Timothy Syke’s–and finally I would use the remaining $2K to plan a surprise trip to San Diego for my fiance!

    Thanks for offering this contest to your subscribers Ramit!


  783. avatar

    I would save $1000
    Spend $500 on a treat night out for my 2 kids (teenagers) and I
    Invest in some business coaching
    Get my car serviced and insured

  784. avatar

    I’d use part of it to enroll in Zero to Launch, and invest the rest towards my baby girl’s college, so that she too has the freedom to what she wants to instead of being a slave to the wage machine.

  785. avatar

    I would pay off my debt.

  786. avatar
    Josh T.

    Too Easy, Ramit.

    – $8K would go to paying off a portion of my student debt. My goal is to have ALL of my undergraduate student debt paid off by the time I finish graduate school (which, thanks to a full ride, I got for FREE)
    – $1K would go straight to savings and some of the investments you mention in your book.
    – $1K would go towards general college expenses and towards what I love more than anything in the world – supporting local restaurants.

  787. avatar

    $3,000 – open up a ROTH IRA
    $2,000 – into my savings account
    $3,000 – Buy my dream Vespa
    $1,000 – One month of rent for my beautiful studio in Portland, OR (fix cost)
    $300 – Cross off 2 fancy restaurants I’ve been dying to try in town
    $700 – Visit my sister in Miami for Thanksgiving

  788. avatar

    Pay off student loans!!

  789. avatar

    5835 will finish off my student loans,
    1200 on a replacement camera body and lense,
    1500 into my investments,
    1435 for a driving tour of the Rockies with my BF.

  790. avatar

    I would help my parents to pay of their mortgage giving them 8k
    Save 0.5k
    Invest 1k
    Guilt free spending 0.5k

  791. avatar

    I’m about to release a 7-song EP. I’d use $10,000 to hire an indie marketing strategist and run/monitor/tweak different PR/ad/marketing campaigns. I’d then put half of the money I would have spent on marketing towards touring expenses (i.e. food, gas, and merch) and the other half towards any further creative expenses (i.e. camera rentals for videos, music production, etc.).

  792. avatar
    Dean Smith

    Wow $10,000…………
    My wife and I are currently building a new house, it is going to be amazing to move in to a house we have designed ourselves and make it into our home.
    The list of items we need or want to buy for the new home is a decent size, and at this time we are working out the priorities so we can slowly accumulate the things we need. When the house is finished in a couple of months however, the home will be pretty sparse. So $10,000 could go a long way to ticking some things off the list!

    Ramit, nice one!

  793. avatar

    I would pay off some of my credit card debt and would actually be able to breathe again!

    I don’t need to win a lottery of over a million dollars. $10000 would get me to a comfortable place. 🙂

  794. avatar
    Nicholas Eich

    With 10,000 I would first tithe 10%. Next fix my up two vehicles. Then get current on my bills (a month behind on 2). After that set up an emergency fund (about $1000). Take my wife and 5 kids to something special like see a musical or science museum. Make a starter fund ($100) for a vacation to Ireland. With whats left over I’d pay off our tempurpedic bed and put the rest towards a signature loan.

  795. avatar
    Michael Maynor

    Jut reading these daily posting that Ramit posts is so motivating, as a winner I would resolve my 5k in medical debt and immediately purchase ZTL with any remainder going towords my startup and project development. I must commend Ramit on his success with IWT and I for one hope he continues to post more valuable tidbits of priceless information as I absorb the information my confidence grows and so does my knowledge that will be vital when I need it most. Congratulations Ramit on your 10 years of amazing and inspiring accomplishments. I hope your have many more 10 year celebrations to come….

  796. avatar

    I’d pay off some of my student loan debt!

  797. avatar

    I would put a down-payment on a travel trailer, and move into it to minimize on monthly cost-of-living, pay off all of my debt, then save to buy a house…in Australia.

  798. avatar

    Roth IRA!

  799. avatar

    I would use half to kill one student loan, then buy a few books off of my wishlist, and then perhaps get myself a really nice watch, although in all honesty, I’d probably get more excited about investing that last bit instead of getting the watch (good IWT conditioning!).

  800. avatar

    Go to a dream school.
    Buy Ramit Sethi’s course.

  801. avatar

    Travel and investing. Thank you for your generous giveaway and the opportunity to win.

  802. avatar

    I’d use part of the money to get a good photoshop program (they’re horribly expensive!), use part of it to get into Ramit’s classes while hiring an ASL interpreter. The rest will go into the startup business I’d set up with what I’ve learned from these classes.

  803. avatar
    miracle centre

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  804. avatar
    Shannon Teguh

    I joined Zero to Launch to give me a source of income for when I decide to quit being a full time nanny and start my own family. While takes off, it would be great to have a buffer of 10k to ease the worry of having enough money while raising a child. We could go to Germany next year for Oktoberfest to see our extended family in Munich without worrying about where the money is going to come from. We can get a bigger apartment without stressing that we won’t be able to make the rent. Having that extra money on hand would come in handy in so many ways.

  805. avatar
    Ben Sedlecky

    I would pay off the rest of our debt so that we have control of our income!

  806. avatar
    Daren Smith

    Pay off the last bit of debt, invest half of the rest in my company to increase our value to clients, and take a trip overseas with my wife for our (belated) 5 year anniversary.

  807. avatar

    Take whatever it costs to travel to where ever Ramit is, beg and plead with my surrogate Asian dad to let me take him out for a coffee (Yes Ramit! I’m buying, with the money I won from you) and relentlessly pepper him with questions for 20 minutes then use the remaining cash to implement the advice. If he wanted a consulting feeI guess the money would go on that.

  808. avatar
    Savannah | Primal Revolutions

    1) Pay off a random number of student loans. Let’s say $3,000.
    2) Invest $1k in something useful and meaningful.
    3) Keep doing my pay-what-you-can photo shoots, but being more comfortable and struggling less.
    4) $1k toward a vacation. Possibly a yoga retreat. Like, a real vacation. Not traveling to work my butt off.
    5) $1k-2k toward the most awesome web design I can imagine for a much-needed easier-to-navigate website.
    6) Whatever’s left can be emergency or fun funds. 😉

  809. avatar

    I would use the $10,000 dollars to quit my job, take my loving parents, sister, and her boyfriend on a trip to Mexico, and help me move to Orlando to pursue my dream of working for Disney.

  810. avatar

    Match your 10k with my own 10k to produce one of the short films I write in my free time but never seem to have time to make. In which I’d cast my kid brother (an undiscovered acting talent) in the lead role.

  811. avatar

    Take an improv course, pay my insurances in full, spend some on a great weekend trip to somewhere I haven’t been, and invest the rest!

  812. avatar

    If I win then I will be able to pay for my mother’s medical treatment.

  813. avatar
    Liz Elston

    With $10, 000 I would take my partner on a holiday to refresh and reload our life priorities. Then would use the remaining $8K to fun 6 weeks off work to make a short film to enter into competition. I’ve got a break in between contracts that would be perfect – but it’s hard to afford 6 weeks with no work!

    In other news – I used your strategies to get my current dream job, so thanks! Using them now to get to the next stage of creative/financial freedom!

  814. avatar

    3 years ago, I graduated from grad school with $75k in debt. Now I have only $13k left to pay off before I have $0 student loans. I would use the $10k to help me pay off the loans even sooner than my originally ambitious goal!

  815. avatar

    ADd it to my savings account so I can move to New Zealand!

  816. avatar

    Fly to New York (From Aus) and take you out for a beer.

  817. avatar

    I Would use the 10K to pay my student loan that it’s about 15k, so I’m able to pay the remaining 5k with my salary in less time that I expected

  818. avatar
    Rocio Gomez

    With $10,000 I would pay off my credit card debt – the entire balance. With the residual amount, I would hire a life coach (John Assaraf or Lisa Nichols) to help me with the transition of it all including keeping me on track to reach my goals.

  819. avatar

    Hi Ramit!

    If I win the 10,000 I will pay for my Master’s study at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and go on vacation with my mom to Bali. We have never been on vacation together because she has been working the pas 12 years without any vacation to provide for both of us and to pay for my study. So, she could use some sun, sea and beach =D

  820. avatar

    Pay off the last of my student debt…

  821. avatar

    I found your blog and book two years ago and in that time, I’ve:
    • Automated my finances
    • Asked for (and received!) a substantial raise
    • Created a six month emergency fund
    • Started to invest
    • Paid extra on my auto loan (my only debt) which will be paid off early
    • Taken my first vacation in ten years
    • Taken your FYFPI course
    • Set up my side business, which I am learning to grow

    All of these things I can handle on my own with my finances as they are now. What would I do with $10,000? I’d wait- and I’d relish the thought that when I find something worthy of pursuing that will make my spirit soar, I can use my newly found confidence from taking ACTION and make it happen.

  822. avatar

    I would use it to fund my wedding next year. If there is any left it will go towards travel!

  823. avatar


    $10,000 would allow me to pay off my remaining credit card debt and allow me to go to St. Lucia in July 2015 for a family reunion, rum distilleries and jungle zip lines included. The remainder would allow for a nice deposit into a mutual fund of sorts and a few bottles of Chairman’s Reserve for you.

  824. avatar

    I would use $5000 to pay off my debt and with the other $2000 I would get one of those cool Trip Tribe vacations where you go to an eco-chic yoga retreat in Nicaragua or Puerto Vallarta, and the other $3000 would go towards my nutrition coach certification and a down payment on a house. Boom! A little bit of responsibility and a little bit of fun.

  825. avatar
    Darren Collins

    Build a kick-ass home office and finish off the home renovations I’ve been doing! Truth be told, a good chunk would also be spent on tools, plants and materials to implement my permaculture design for my property.

  826. avatar

    If I were to win the $10,000 I would spend much of it on business training programs. I’m finishing nutrition school next spring & am getting lots of ideas as to what kind of business to launch and I’d love to invest in some formal training from a few experts! 🙂

  827. avatar

    Set up the remainder of a film music studio and take my family to Paris… or Costa